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An Amendment to the Eaatla Keso
latioa DipcDttlon on the
Educatloiial Bill.
WAsnijir.TON, February 11. iuuse.
Mr. Keed Me offered resclution
modifying tue oider miking the Fid
John i'oitor bill continuing special
order from tday ODtil next Thurs
day, so ui to provide that tbe bili shall
not be considered until ui.er the eeo
ond moruicg hour on each day.
Mr. Randall Pa , endeavored to
have tbe order fuituer amended, eo
that the previous question should be
ordered on Tuesday instead of Thurs
day, but he was unsuccessful, and Mr.
Heed's resolution was adopted.
Mr. Bingham Fa J asked leave to
introduce a bill granting pension of
Jl'lRX) pr annum to the widow of lion.
W. 8. Hancock, but Mr. Bch N. Y.j
nlr. Wellborn Tex , from the Com
mitteeon Indian Affairs, reported the
Indian appropriation bill, and it was
referred to the coinoiiUee of tbe
Mr. Rogers rArk., from the Com
mittee on the Judiciary, reported a
bill conferring civil jurisdiction in
certain cases ariuing in the Indian
TerrOry on United Htutes courts
which exorcise crimitul jurisdiction
over tbe Territory. limine calendar.
Mr. K. B.Taylor, from the name
committee, reported bill to extend
the laws of the United fc'Utes over
ceituin unorganized territory south of
the Niu'.e of Kansas, llouae cal
endar. In the second morning hour Mr.
. Adams 111., on behalf of the Com
mittee on Banking and Currency,
called up the bill to enable national
banking associations to increase their
capital stock, and to change their
names or location. - The bill passed
yeas, 125; nayp, 120. Mr. Adams en
tered a motion to reconsider and to
lay that motion on the table, but the
morning hour hiiviag expired final
nction win not taVon.
The House then, at 2 o'clock, went
into committee of the; whole, Mr.
Nprinner 111. in tbe chair, on the
Fil John i'orier bill.
Ihe debate was opened by Mr
Haynes of New Hampshire in nop
port oi tne bill. The strongest pmu
dice which he bad ever entertained
had been against 1 orter, but it bad
disappeared when he proceeded to
examine the case. He did not share
in the estimate of l'opo entertained
by many of Foiter's friends, but ha
believed that if any other of l'ope'a
Koiioiius nau ueun in rorier a place
and had ait;d as 1'orter had acted
there wonld never have been a court
martial, and uo Union general of that
campaign would have sullured for
more than twenty years a atlirtna
worse than death. It had been l'or-
ter s disrespectful and inexcusable al
lusions to Fone that had singled bim
out as an object ol euspicion and an
object of revenge. Porter had been
one rr the growlora, and hie punish'
meet bad been out of all proportion
to his otTtmse. Beth Lincoln and
Grant, at one time, had equally be
lieved in the justice of the Foitsr
sentence, but be to whom the oppor
tunity nau Deen Riven lor a calm,
uinnsseinnaie review tl the case
had ptoclaimed the injustice of
tne verdict, and become the earnest
champion of Porter's cause, and he
was. a noia man who dared Impugn
me military judgment or U.S. Uraat,
If IJncolnhad lived he (Mr. Haynes)
uwjieveu iuai Lincoln and Urant
would have stood together in a de
mand lofjustice to Fits John Foitsr.
Mr. (Steele Ind. toik the floor m
opposition to the bill, and premised
his speech with the remark, "What in
thunder are we here for; why are we
discussing Fila John I'orter?" and
spoke for some time in opposition to
the bill, during which be was ee vet ill
times Interrupted by Mr. Bragg, going
over tbe same atguments heretofore
UBed against Porter, and after dwelling'
with a great minnt'io of detail upon
i the military operations ut the '.7th of
. August, Mr. Steele concluded his
speech as follows: "If we have wars
hereafter they will be for a common
count ry. Let us not say by our action
.that we wnut any man tf Fortor's
kind t j command when the countiy's
eafoty is in danger. Lit us say to
our sons and our sons' sone,
'Whon you receive an order obev it,
though at the cost of your life. Let
us suy to our eons and our Bona' sons:
' Kven without an order, if you hear
the call of battle move ou to the suc
cor of your companions, whether you
like your commanding ollicer or not."
Mr. Brag inquired whether it was
not ni grave a blunder on the part of a
euoordinnta ctlieer to precipitate an
action bt f ire the lines were fonu d
and the preparations for battle made
as it was for him not to engage in
Mr. riteelo-We had a line of battle,
and the numbers left on the Held at
teit that it was n grmt line of battle,
and the gectleiuaa fjr whom you
speak did not make a recomiolseance
to inform himself whether or not ho
would be aMe to succor his comrades.
Mr. Braiig-I Hud that thow who
were not there know very much more
about it than those who were.
Mr. Steele In reply to that I have
rt.a.1 the reports of as distinguished
soldiers as ever did battle for any
cause, who were there.
The comm t:ee then rose and the
House adjourned.
Tbe Hrnnle.
In the SeDii'o to-day, after the dia
pofiii of loutine morning business,
Senator Edaiuuds said that in one im
portant committee of the Senate had
to go to .New York to-day, and other
o tant commit:ees had consider
able woik to do, he believed the pub
lic business would he best subserved
by a hi j iiirnment cf t'.ie Seru'.e from
'his afternoon t Monday. He there
Vre moved that when the Senate ad
jjunml to-day it be till Monday.
Agreed to. '
mon ? U'.r,le,1 ersulmitt3d an amend
ment to the huatis resolution of in
quiry reading the refusal of the As
2 .!' ".,1,CMUr''r at ew Orleans to
issue ailvw rei tubal in exchange for
silver dollars. The amendment directs
, &teV,t? on to inquire
-also into the loss cf money alleged to
have occurred in connection with the
, fT,8llw certilicatw for ail
.SerXinH.' Umendlll0nt 0r"
-nd nrUjr.be7' bi!ls were introiuced
and referred, amoag them one by
inn r,f tl, " . toe com
ing ol the ChinesH tr. ik. ituj
. St tes, and
nrohiliiiino tu;.
.KlWnlln ii ... . 1 '
rflir- 1 01 diplomatic and
rn..iPvrnJ,Ke8' At the request of
tUble I6'1 the biU a' UiJ 00
.1 ne uoie iur the present.
Proceeding to the calendar the Ben
ate 1 took np bilU in their order. Some
bills for private relief having been
.disposed of, the bui to regulate the
promotion of West Pokt graduates
was reached.
On this some discussion aioie. Sen
ator Sewell, in reply to an inquiry cf
Senator Plumb, said this was the first
year for a longtime when there would
be more lieutenatti graduated fiom
the West Point Academy than there
would be vacancies Tn the arm v.
Altar considerable debate the bill
was passed as reported from the com
At 2 o'clock tbe ed'jcttional bill was
laid before the Senate and Senator
Mo-gan took tbe floor on it.
ine diip, tienanr Morgan said, was
bid to create ollice and elaborate th
machinery cf the government. It
was a bill to fax the honest, ba
working man in order.to educate the
children of the drunken, loafing vaga
Dona wno would not work for tin fam
Fy. If from the 00.000.000 Dermis in
the United SUtes were to be deducted
11 the deadheads, dead-beats and non
producers, there would be about 20,-
uw.uw leu, wno would have to pay
the taxes to carry out the provisions
of tbis bill. Tbe bill itself would be
equivalent to a tax of 13 per capita on
those tax-payers, and by the time a'l
tbe otlicers were appointed for the ad
ministration of this scheme of benevo
lence, and all the clerki anrolnted
that would be necessary to invrstigate
tbe account of the thirty-eight States
nn ten lerritories allected by this
bill, it would be fmnd that the tax
per capita would be $10 instead c f 1.1
ii uuiiea oiaies nenators were men
who p.owed fields or worked smithar.
ies, and paid tries out of the swett of
tneir brow, Senator Morgan could
have more respect for them when
voting away the money of man
to educate the children of another,
The nonflHtti'mnnl ornnn.l In. h t.m
Mr. Morgan continued, was said tube
found in the "general we fare" clause
ol the pn amble to the constitution
The application of that clause simply
meartthat you could pull down the
man that got up by bis own exeitiona
in oroer to put np a drunken loafer
that would not exert himself. The
beat people in the United States to
day were those who in the backwoods,
in tbe fear of Ood and having respect
for the good order and the mom's of
socittv, bad brought up around their
own looutoois and beaitbatones hon-
Mr ainnaaa .11',' . 1
l -i"-iiu, uiugnui mu launiui eons
ana daughters, senator Morgan char
acterizad Mr. lilair e idea as one in
volving me right ol Uonaresa t j edu
cnte the children of the several Stat 38
witbout the consent of the States.
Senator B'air iuterpoied to fay that
he regarded tbe primary duty of edu-
cauou 14 rest 03 tue parent, but inas
much as education was imiiBpenable
o tue exitisnce 01 iree government.
if the parent, whether from inability
or disinclination, failed in the per
formance of tbe duty, that duty fell to
the States, and in our republic, if the
oiaio proper and tue parent -both
failed, then it became the duty of the
republ c to educate tbe child since the
child would be a citizen, not only of
11 ri i 1 1 . 1 w , . . . .
1 us citte out 01 tue united State,
una, however, was a power that
should be exercised only ia tbe latt
resort r
Senator Call asked Senator Morgan
if he denied the right of the United
States to make 11 donation (0 a States
ior any purpose?
Senator Morgan replied that be
could conceive of such a case.
Senator Call "Without the consent
oi tne mate t '
Rena'or Morgan "Scarcely."
In referring to the act of 1 Sin din.
trlbutlog among tbe States the sur
plus money in the Treasury of tbe
uenerai uovernment, Senatjr Moisau
said it wui an important precedent.
Senator George Did not Kenn'nr
cuiooun vote lor tbe bill 7
eenator Morgan Oh. I do nnt
know: and with tbe greatett nossible
respect fot the memory cf Senn'or
Calhoun, I do not care. Senator Cal
houn baa neither mvconecience nor mv
honor to care lor. Senator Calhoun
voted on bo:h sides of manv otiea-
tious tbe tariff, internal improve
ment, various importaH constitutions,
and voted sincerely every time.
Senator George That makes us very
comfortable here.
Senator Morsan I know It W
If you take one side you can fel com
fortable, and if I take the other I can
fuel comfortable, because SenatAr fll.
houn voted both ways. It is a de
lightful thing to have a political ances
tor to whose sacred memory every
man can refer all his sina anil trans
Senator Morgan continued at lunirth
and drew a brcai distinction between
moneys derived from taxation and
moneys deiived from the sale of pub
lic landp. which couHtitutvl a trntr far
all the people of the United States, and
maintained that if the money was to
be given to the States, it should come
irom the proceeds of these lands.
At this noint Senator Morgan vl.-1.1u.!
ior an executive sesaion. uter wh ch
. r- J
the beuate adjourned uutil Monday,
lu the Comiutllee-Itooin.
Messrs. Pllhburv and Chine nomi.
nated, respectively, to be internal rev.
enue collectors of tbe Eastern Dis
trict cf Massachusetts and the Dis
trict ol Maine, were heard this morn'
ing by the Senate Committee on Fi'
nance in their own defense. They
explained their connection with the
so-called Garcelon controversy, and
declared that the subsequent action
01 the State authorities was a vindi
cation of their course.
Representative Cole cf Maryland
addressed the House Committee on
Railways and Canals to-day in support
of the bill making an appropriation
for the survey of tbe Delaware and
Cheeapeake Canal. Representative
Murphy also explained the utility
from a military point of view of the
proposed Hennepin Canal as affording
a means of water communication
with tbe Rock Island, Arizona.
The House Committee on Banking
anu currency to-day iiscussed Mr.
Reagan's bill pioviding for the issue
of ailver certificates corresponding in
denomination to the United States
notes. The object of the bill is to
provide for the issue of $1 and 12 cer
tificates. Several changes of an un
important character were suggested
and discussed. The sentiment cf the
committee seemed to be strongly in
favor of the passage of a measure of
the natare nf Mr. Reagan'a bill, but
co final action was taken at to day 'a
A Nr FnlMllr Inrct by Rail.
rMd TrU,
Ismrulto tbb ArraAL.t
Bouvab, TaNM., February 11. Yes
terday negro named Austin Brad
ford, while attempting to beard a
freight train going south, for the pur
pose of stealing a ride, fell benrath
the wheels, and one thigh was crushed
and the other leg badly lacerated, lie
will probably die.
TambllBB Walla,
Pitthu-rg, Pa., February 11. The
front wail of the Kevatone Brewing
Company's building, in course of erec
tion on tbe South bide, fell oat shortly
before noon, crushing Frank koudera
to death and injuring another work
man, but not dangerously. The
damage to the building waa fOOOO.
Bills Introduced in Both Houses
Routine Bohluess in the House
and Senate.
lariciiL to tbb Arrr.ii.1
Jacksok, Miss., February 11. Sen
ate. The Senate, by rising vote,
unanimously adopted the following,
offered by Mr. Lose, one of the I'resi-
Wbebcab. It has rjleaaed God to call
from tbe people of our couctry one of
tne noDieet and greatest of their heroes
and statesmen, and tbe people of Mis
sissippi have learned to hve him and
honor hia character; and whereas,
they have once called for him with
tbe united voice of their State fo be
President of tbe United States, and
desire to impress and preserve the
memory cf bisviitues and to place
them upon the records of our State,
that coming generations may know
and cherish them ; therefore,
JUiolvtd by tlie Senate (the House of
Representatives concurring), That it
is the sense tf this Legislature that in
the death of Gen. W. S. Hancock the
fteople of America have lest one who
n times that tried men was a hero in
war, magnanimous in conquest and
wise in peace.
liciclved, That we io:n in common
condolence with the people of our
country at the dispensation of Provi
dence which takes from us tbis great
and good man, and tender to bis fam
ily our sympathy as men nod as rep
rexentatives of Mississippi.
lUtolved, That these Droceedinea be
entered on the journals cf tbe two
bouses of tbis Legislature, and that
bia excellency, the Governor of Mis
sissippi, be requested to tiansmit a copy
thereof to tbe family of the distin
guished dead.
Messrs. Luse. Powell. Morris and
Simonton delivered eloquent and
feeling eulogies.
The resolution was conenrred in hv
the House.
Bills passed: House hill authorizing
the Yaajo-Mississippi Levee Commis
sioners to pay ior certain work done:
to repeal section 4 of act appioved
March 14. 1884. to renulata sale of
awamp lands; fo repeal the act f 1884
incorporating tbe British and Missis
sippi alley freehold Land and Mor,
gage Company, limited; to create ua
additional justice of the peace nod
constable in Distrnt 4. Washinirtoi
county; for relief cf P. V. Lett-sr. late
aueriu 01 raaoia; to encourage agri.
- V . . r. , . ' .
culture (this bill authorise loans cf
money not exceeding $500,000 to anv
one perton, to be used for agricultural
pursuits, without taxation on tbe
loans; ; to incorporata Durant Acade
my; to amend the rhaiUrr f thntnvn
cf Como; to authorize the levy and
collection of a tax in the city of Jack
eon fo tny for an iron bridge: tr
amend the code as to license obtained
irooi tax-collector after license
granted under the law.
llllls introduced and referred:
By Mr. Morris: Ta tiemut nrlnnlad
and disabled persons from a privilege
tax for hawking and peddling.
JJy Mr. Casey: To amend an act to
ascertain indebtedness of liquidating
leveedistritt; also, a bill fo provide
for funding warrants of Insaquena
cy Mr. Austin : Amendintr and ns
tending the section of the code which
exempts maimed Confederate soldiers
trora privilege tax ; also, to incorporate
Beech Springs Camp-Grounds. ,
uy Air. ii'jcbaoan : Repealing the
present -cuarter of Brandon and re-
chartering the same.
By Mr. Bocthe: To amend the law
re.utive to sales of Dersonaltv:
amend the law in relation to deposi
tions in Chancery Courts; to amend
tne law in relation to receivers.
liy Mr. lerger: Authorizing the
onsolidation of the Louisville. New
Orleans and Texas Railroad Company
wiiu iue iuempuis and iew urieans
Railroad and Laves Comnanv: tn au
thorize the supervisors of Washington
to pay for registration in 1879.
liy Mr. Dillard: For the rellif of
W. C. Trigg & Co.
By Mr. Dodds: To provide artifl
clal legs to maimed and disabled Coa
fedeinte soldiers of Mississippi.
Bv Mr. kemo: Authnrizlno Dm
sale or lease of the poor-house lot in
Marshall county.
Mr. Morris oflered a ref olution com
memoia'ive of the life and services of
the late Hon.John I). Freeman, which
was unanimously adopted, whereupon
the Senate adjourned in resnect to
tne memory of tbe deceased,
Bills passed: Allowing extra com
peusation to Chancery clerks of Junk.
son, HarriBon, Hancock, Marion, Perry
and Green counties; to create a Board
ol lilot Commissioners for Natchez
harbor; resolutions appointing next
ednesday for holding memorial Berv
ices for members of the Legislature
wno nave died emee 1881; to repeal
tue charter of the town of Panola ; to
amend tbe law relative to abends qual-
living 101a commissioners; to bub
flythecouiti of Smith county with
Mississippi Reports; to Amend the
aw relative to exempt prowertv.
The bill to facilitate tbe construc
tion of the Gulf and Ship Island rail
road, and substitute therefor, was
made the special order for Monday
The bill to abolish the Railroad
Commission, etc., was made the
special order for Tuesday next.
Jarkaon Kotes;
The retrains cf the late Senator
Yertner reached here at 1 :40 o'clock
this morning, and were received by
me joint committee 01 tue two
houses, who left with them at 7
o'clock a.m. for'Toit Gibson, via
Yicksburg, where they took a special
train for their dett 'nation.
The Maeonio Grand Lodee con
cluded its labors at late hour t
night, after dispatching much busi
ness. Some tlbOO was saved to the
Grand Lodge by the reduction of mile
age allowed to members to 8 cents per
mile. The stand cllicets were dnlv
Mrs. Mornncy, S:ate librarian, gave
a magnificent concert last night, com
plimentary to the Legislature. The
amateur musical talent of tbis and
neighboring cities, and some from
other cities, was bronght into requisi
tion. Tbe selections were sll ren
dered in first-class itvle and the ocra.
sion wat in t ere ting and entertaining.
Mrqalrm Maui for Ihe Kci,
one r
aainei jaruine'a Baal.
Chicago. III.. February 11. At tha
Epif copal Church of the Ascenaicn
yesterday a eolemn requiem raw fcr
the repose of the late Father Jardine'a
ami wa i celebrated. About 120 poJ
pie weie present, the majority being
young ladies. The Kev. E. A. Lam
bee waa the celebrant, and ha wore a
girded alb, black stole and black
chasuble, on tha ba:k of which waa a
cross in black velvet bordered with
White. Tbe action of Mr. Larrabee i
the matter is the following out of the
example set by the Rev. Farher De
matters, rector cf St. Jfebn's Epiecopal
church, Leavenworth, Kas., a few
weeks ago, and also tbe cours of
rauier Ki'chie in Aew York. Bo'.
Bishop alof Kaisis and Bishop
Potter of Jew York protested against
these masses, holding there wai no
such service as a "requiem mass" pro-
l urea m tne ooox 01 prayer or sug
gested by any rubric or in nay w ay
left to the diecretionarv one of the
clergy. Bishop McLaren of Illinois is
at present in tbe .Bermudas. The
Church of tbe Ascension has always
been considered as extremely ritualist
in lis tendencies, anu lias had trouble
with tbe bishop on several occasions
wniie "father" Ritchie was its rector,
Since the latter went to New York
father Larrabee has been tbe rector,
but it is claimed that tbe church is
even "higher" now than formeily.
tbe Barm Likely la Accra From
lis Haanlrtcture.
Chicago, III., February 11 The
secretary of the National Butter,
uueese and Jbgg Association has is
sued a circular to coutty, Sta'.e and
national Legislatures and the people
generally in regard to tue dairy inter
ests of the country and the ha-m like
ly to accrue to it fion the manufacture
of what the circular calls "fraudulent
imitations cf butter." Tbe circular
gives a detailed statement c f the value
of tbe dairy product of tbe country.
according to the last United States
census. Ihe figures include the value
cf bultsr and cheese manufactured
annually, the value of milk consumed
in other wayr, the value'of milch cows
and the money inves'ed in dairy ap
paratus and machinery. To these fig
ures is added 25 per cent, increaae for
tne last six years, which is a low esu
mate, and tbe ntals now devoted to
dairy purposes the ciicular nuts at
13,053,503,474. This vast industry is
disturbed, embarrassed and threat
ened with destruction, the circular
fays, by "a stupendous fraud which
employs a few thousand men, with a
plant not exceeding J-VOOO0O
and turning out about 00, Ck 0,000
pounds of product, worth in money
(supposing it to be wholesome f od)
not tn exceed 12 cents a pound, $7,-
ouu.uou." une wuoie evil is declared
to lie in the ''fraudulent fa e" of th s
product, which "noboiy wants fo eat.
and nobody calls for." The circular
closes with an appeal for legia'ation to
suppress imitations of c'airy products
mac are Lot f o:d t) tne consumer un
der their proper names.
A Yoi'No Girton girl played the part
01 "raiias Atoenic" in a representa
tion of the Eumenides of sKtchyla
given net long ago at tue English
Cambridge. Her soft-voiced pronun
ciation of the Greek lines is taid to
have been admnable. and her per-
roaation of the "clear-eyed goddess"
very good and euective.
Mas. Aknib Jknnbhs Millsb las be
come interested in dress reform, and
is at present busied, in getting up
bouse, street and reception drisses
whicbare designed to be at once haaltb.
ful, beautiful and artistic. Mrs. Mille
means to prepare a lecture on tbe
subject, to be illustrated on the plat
form by the various dresses.
,Th Iotva Slate Medical Reporter, a
regular monthly journal of medicine
and surgery, has added to its editorial
staff Dr. Jennie McCowen of Daven
port. She is (0 have chn'ge of a de
partment devoted to "Medico-Legal
Questions and Neurology." Tbe as
signment, by a medical journal, of
such subjects to a woman marks
another advance.
Thk Lawrence American fays: "The
ladies are getting on in Chili. It is
announced that a young lady named
Amelia Venegas has passed a brilliant
examination in dentistry before the
University Commission, and acorre
sponding diploma has ben awarded
her. The new republics, like the new
States cf our own'country, are far less
timid than the old in the matter cf
conferring honors."
Mrs. Thomas of Philadelphia re
potted at a meeting of the bee-keepers
in Trenton, latt month, that she had
obtained an avi-rage of 150 pounds of
honey from twenty colonies, or a total
crop of 3000 pounds. This was ex
tatted honey, for which she received
25c per poand, netting her J37 60 per
hive. She cleared last year $1000
from h?r poultry-yard, and runs a
twenty acre farm besides.
SiiiKi.sy Dahk (Mrs. Susan D. Power!
cot onlv writes nraclical anil niitnr-
taining books on household and wani-
lary topics, but alBo. the Index t ave.
keens her own house unaided, gaidena
enthusiastically, writes pungent edi
torials for the Boston Saturday Kvtn
ina Gazette, the New York Je il and
hxprett and Outing; and this winter,
as an avocation from regular journal
istic work, is translating an Italian
enlc, a French work on art and an
Hungariaa novel.
Is the care of insane women Iowa
early put herself ou record. As early
as 1873 (when but one other State had
taken such a step Massachusetts, in
1870), a woman physician was added
ti the medical staff of the Iowa Hos
pital for Incline, and since that time
six ditlerent women have served in
our two State hospitals. The present
incumbent. Dr. E. Amelia Sherman, is
of good ability, both in' general profes
sional work and in this specialty.
Walter Bksant, in his anti-it Oman's
rights burleeque. The Jitrolt of Mnu
draws an imaginary picture of women
aitting in Parliament, and represents
the dignity of that august body as
utterly destroyed by tbe fierceness of
feminine Quarrels. But even he did
not venture to describe quite such a
scene as took place in the Ohio Senate
this week, when the Fres:dent of the
Senate tore the roll in pieces and flung
it on the floor, amid riot and confu
Db. Lucy C. Waiti of Chicago hr a
lately been admitted to the University
at ienna on equal terms with the
male student 1. She is taking a specie 1
course in children s diseases, and at
tending the clinicj of Dr. Hen, which
re raid' to be tbe nnest in the won?.
Dr. Waits has also been admitted to
the special course in Gyoivco'.ogiral
Surgery and Obstetric under Dr. Carl
Brauo, Count von Fernwald. The ex
aminations, which take place every
two weeks, are written in German,
making it quite dillicut for an Amer
ican. Larap-fnalo. Hrarkeita, El , for Ap-
proacocs eat Jaeaitpaiie, lea.
TaRisrnv DrrARTVixT.
OrrKa or tai tiiriavtsiso Architict,
6. )
1 ebruary 2, lbeo.
Sealed nronosali will be received at this
Rice until i p.m. on Ihe 1!J day of Febru
ary, l&sii, fnrsupplyof, et tbe Cuatom-Houae.
etc., Memphis, Tenn.: Six (Al fqonre Baa
Lamp-Poau and two U Siiie-l-isht BrackeU,
aimiler, reapeclively, to plama No. 4M and
4ivi, J. L. Mtfti'a Caulocue. 11. The posts
d kraekets to be aet id plaoe, with lamps.
(lobes and eonnections complete, and to be)
painted three coats to harmonise with frnce.
IHaisna most accompany proposals.
te reject as
eet any or all bida reaerved.
M. K. lihLL, uprvisiai ArchiUot.
Swift's Specific
If nature'! own rtmctly, mada from rooti
fathered from the foretti of Ueorjia. The
method by which it ii midttu obtained by
a half-breed from the Creek Indiana who in
habited a certain portion of Georgia, which
wai communicated te one of the early set
tler!, and thai the formula hai been banded
down to the preient day. The above cut rep
rerenti the method of manufacture twenty
yean ago, by Mr. C. T. Swift, one of tbe
present proprietor!. The demand baa been
gradually inoreating, until a $!00,0u0 lab
oratory ii now neceiaary to lupply the trade.
A foreign demand haa been created, and en
la rued facilities will be neceisiry to meet it.
Tbii great
Vegetable Blood Purl Her
Cancer, Catarrh, Scrofula,
Eczema, Ulcers, Rheuma
tism and Blood Taint,
hereditary, or otherwise, without the use tr
Mercury or Potash.
Book! on "Contagious Blood Poison" and
on "Blood and Skin Diseases," mailedffree.
For sale by all druggists.
N. T., 157 W. 23d St. Drawer 3, Atlanta. Oa.
A Common Cold
Is often tho beginning of serious affec
tions of tho Throat, Bronchial Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefore, tho importance of
ciu-ly and effective treatment cunnot bo
overestimated. Aycr's Cherry Fcetorul
may always bo relied upon for tho speedy
euro of a Cold or Cough.
Lnst January I vns attacked with
acvero Cold, which, hv neirltct and fre
quent exposures, became worse, liiiiilly
Settling on iny llins. A terrible colli
boou followed, neeomnanied hv naiiis
Ilio chest, from which 1 sutlered Intensely
After trying various remedies, without
obtninlng relief, I commenced tukui
Aycr's Cherry l'ectoral, and was
Speedily Cured.
I ani satisfied that this remedy saved my
1110. juo. weusici, I'awiucaei, it. 1.
I contracted a severe cold, which sud
denly developed into l'lieiimonin, present
Inir danircroiis and ohstinato Miiihtoins
Jly physician at once ordered the uso of
Avcr's Cherrv Pectoral. His instruction!
wero followed, and the result was a raplii
and permanent cure. II. biuipsuu
Itogers I'ralrle, I ex as,
Two vears ago I suffered from a sevens
Cold which settled on my Lungs. I con
sulted various physleinus, mid took tho
medicines they prescribed, but received
only temporary relief. A frieud induced
110 to try Ayer's Cherrv l'ectoral. After
taking two bottles of this medicine I was
cured, hinee then i liavu given the 1 ec-
toral to my culldreu, ana consider It
The Best Remedy
for Colds, Coughs, and all Throat and
Lung diseases, over Used In my family.
KoOurt vunucrpool, Jicuuvuic, 1 a.
Somo time, ago I took a slight Cold,
Which, being neglected, grew worse, and
-tiled on my lungs. I had a hacking
nilfh, and was very weak. Those who
knew 1110 best considered my lifo to bo
in great danger. I continued to suffer
until I commenced using Aver s Cucrr
l'ectoral. Less than one bottle of this val
uuble medicine cured me. and I feel that
owe tho preservation of my hie to its
curative powers. Mrs. Ann Lockwoou
Akron, Iicw York.
Avcr's Cherrv Tcctoral Is considered
here, the one great remedy for all diseases
of tho throat and lungs, and is muro
in demand than any oilier medicine of its
class. l. 1. l.oocru, JUifuoiia, Ark.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
IVoared by Pr. .7. C. AyprkCo., I-owoll, Miaa.
fold by Druggiau. l'rlce l; six buttles, ti,
Thomson's Hotel
I.., K. O. A T. Railroad.
Clarksdale, Mississippi.
Trains stop 15 minutes for meala.
Breakfiu', itoine North 7:H
Dinner, noma t-outh t'.-'il
Dinner, going; Ninth 1:11
supper, going nutn 7 i;
The hotel is near the L..N. O. andT. Rat'
touil Depot. The only hotel in town. Travel
ers, c ' bourdors and familins will find fie
best of acoooitnodations. The rooms are
oo nfortable, wt plenty of beddinir. The
tableland service Is ir t class, lermi rea
"0I" w'.'R. THOMSON k CO., rroprletc-..
n MAralS - A . .
Heuapbla, Blrmlnichaiu and Allan'
IICRallroad Kztenaloa.
MKarillS, BlRMISIiHAM ASO Atiahtic
Mimphis, Tgxx., Jan. 30, m. J
SEALED PROPOSALS addresed to the
undersigned and endorsed on the out-
aido of the envelope Ib.MhIl. will be
received at this ollice until Ulu'clook ui. on
Heads, 1'cbrnary IS, 1SS6,
for the Graduation. Masonry. Bridging.
Trestles and Croas-Tiea for that part of the
.Memphis, liirmingnam ana Atlantic riail-
road lying between the Illinois (Antral and
the .Mobile and Ohio Railronds. being about
sixty 00 miles in length. 1'rofWea and anec
itioationa can be seen at this office, where
printed forms of tender ean be obtained.
Contractors are requested to bear in mind
that tenders will not be cons'dered unleaa
made strictly in accordance with the printed
orma. 1 his company reserves tbe right to
reject any or all bids.
it. it. ir.it'L.b, iniei bncineer.
Cotton Exchanre Building.
A Valuable Patent
Daaajy'a (Borae) lotn and Pea Plan
Ira. HAVING perfected my Invention. I wish
to place it befora the public, especially
m.nntaoturera. Aa a fnrn Planter, it ia a
perfect ra eaasopeaf tha drill, diatrlbatee
the seed acevraeeiy, anmiered, and eevers
the tame, thereby one man performing the
work of three. The? hare been naed ia
this aectinn tor ever a doien years with per
fect satisfaction. Can give reapoiaible teeti -monlala.
JOHN ii. DANCT.Daaeyrllle.
Uaywood county, lean.
O 5? r I
s iuw iymf nil a
pq k 5
1. 1. UBABAH. Free, w, Bt. WIIKEBIO.T. V.-Prew. K.
No. 39 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
23oo.rrl of
C. C. ORATt AM. Pr.irln( Trntn Oil Pn
W. I). BKTHEL, Pre.'t State National Bank
W.F. TAYLOR, of W.F.Taylrr 4 Co.
8 NOW DEN, Director in 11" k Commerce.
8. P. READ. Caahier Union St Plantera Bank
IStliUIN. Jg., Overton 3t Wrotvf nor
Ah. V. UJJBVA, UI A. tf. DlBCK S VO. ,
UT Anthoriieit to do a General Banking Business, Receive Deposits and Pay Interest there
on, Lliacount Paper, act as Truatee. Adtuiniatrator, Eiecutor or Uuardian. etc, Receiver
lor Individuals, Corporations and LITIGANTS. Alao, have a Safe Deposit Vault, wherein
valuables ol all kinds are to be safely kent. Savlutja eeprelallv aollclled.
ihs Business to commence February 1. IBaS.
lllbkl I UI8 I
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
S9G-S9S Front St., Memphla, Tenn.
Cotton Factors, Commission merchants,
ilo. U WQMth JWaln U..IU. IionU.
A-ifDSEW STEWART, New Orleana'. ANDREW D. G WYNNE, Mempliw
STEHT, mW i CO.,
WholesaleGrocers, Cot, Factors
Siecessora to F0BTEB, TAILOR A C0a
Cotton Factors
wn. ano front strv.tt. t . MrMPWTs. tuwh
Cotton Factors,
Liberal Advances Bf atle ou ConMlgnniciilsi.
Grain IDealers
Anl Commission Merchants, liar, Corn Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil-Meal,
Li ni , Cement, Floater, Bonding and Fire lirick. Etc.
Cor. Front and Union. 1
Newlr Constrncted and Elaborately Furnished, Con
taining 225 Iarge and Elegant Room
-The Bouse has Perfeot Veatilatlon and Natural Light, Bteam-heatinf , Eleetrle Belli,
and two 01 Hale's Elevators. All street-ears pass Main street entrance.
BATES 92.50 to M per dajr, according to sis. and eleiallon of rooms. Special
reto.tn CommerHal TrTler. AHnndunt snrrlT of PURE CISTERN AT7D WELL WATER
Cottou Factors & Commission Merchants
Removed to 334 Front St..
1.0 11 13 HA.NAUttt,
ssr Deposits received in sums of I and upward, and interest allowed on same Semi
annually. B ul
sr We bar and sell local Investment Bonds and Securities generally, rev Iaim .-I
trn.tAMB. an.l tn M.ar.l .iwnl. an ln.n.i.1 kntin... u . V . '
saent .- .
W We issue drafts, in sums to suit purchasers, on all parts of Europe.
a-e-Wehav. eooiniiiodioua Vault for the deposit oitaluables, which is at the nrvl. f
our cuatomers, 'ra of . bars;.
V. P. HADDEX, President.
L. D. MULL1NB. of late J. R. Godwin ft Co.
otton Factors &Com mission Llerchanto
No. 1 noTrrd'8 Bow, Cor. rront and Union, Hemphla,
t. BLACK. C'aab'r.
W- N- WILKERSON. W. K. Wilkerson A Co
T. H, ALLEM of T. H. Allen di Co.
f lnDnLrFJ&K4YSR' F?y,er ScnW.
i-.K; OOt' W. Preaident Mercant le Bank.
W. A. WILMAMSON.V.-P. Union 4 P. B'k
I llllEsa VJ UUI
Howard's How. Memphis.
Cor. Fnion. Memphis, Tenfi.
PAyj? p- HADDEX.
'"""'"i" saie ana reaponsib.a
. EWD. GOLDSMITH, Tice-President.
KATIIAX, Cashier.
JA8. Y0K08. Ut 0 j. CeWweU ft C

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