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Cotton Closed ()aiet,lddlln? 8 9 lCc;
Sales, 1500 Bale Firmer
1 Money in good demand at 8 pet cenl.
Local securities firm and advancing.
The cot'oa market was firmer yester
day and closed at the Exchange quiet.
Eater, 1500 bales; receipt?, 141:! bales;
stock, 13S.S65 tales. At New York
spots closed quiet, middling 9 1-lGc;
futures steady and 5 to 7 points higher.
At New Orleans tpots closed steadier,
middling S 9-ltie ; futures steady'aod 3
to 6 points higher, February, 8.60c bid.
Liverpool spots were du'l in buyers'
favor; futures steady and unchanged;
February, 4 55-61 J. Racelpts a' all
'United States ports yesterday were
15,070 balep, againtt 11,55S same time
last year.
In general trale nothing new is re
ported. Provisions and breadstuff un
changed. IMPOSTS.
Two hundred and ninety sks bran,
26 pkgs butter, 15 pkgs bacon, 478 pkgs
bco s and shoee, 6 00 bu corn, 52 pkgs
cheese, 667 sks coffee, 2 tars' cotton
seed, 2651 Eks cotton-seed, 150 brls
cotlon-seed oil, 47 pkgs dry goods, oil
pk?s eggs, 9J6 brls flour, 874 Ijales hay,
hi pkgs bu'fl, 21 hd cat tie, 100 hd
horses and mules. 161,000 ft lumber,
10,060 bu oat and 55 pkgs tobacco.
0 Madison St., Memphis, Teun.,
. a-l'orrespoinleuce solicited. Iaror
niatioa cheerfully farulnbcd.-m
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing-House report is as
Clearings. Balances.
Thursday, Feb. 11. I If.'.iIH til fc,2ol 3
Thus larthis week... 1,0H,1M 37 231.23 27
Same time Inst week 1 u'X.Ml S5 25
Cor. time lsitt 1.244.(ina 1st 21,450 02
Cor. time 1S84 1,11)8,856 to 2W.3H5 51
Buvinq. Selling,
New York sieht on all points..' lis X piem
New England demand.. ......... die ......
New England sight...... sM dii ......
New Orleans . H dig par
In the first column we five the price bid,
and in the second tue price eased.
Bank of Commerce ....MX.WG
First National 1H5 1140
German Bank ....
State National . :Tf 140
Union k Planters 147 (9149
Meroantile .130 135
.Home 9 60
Bluff City 100 ...
Peoples . CO 9 85
Planters...... .....10 (i105
Phoenix .. 8 HM
Memphis City Wi H
Vanderbilt .. 16 19
Hernando 100 0 ...
Arlington - ....... - ( -
Faotors........ - 20 0 25
Tennessee certi6cates. Sand E.... mH ffT
' Tennessee warrants, series C - 9S 98
Shelby County bonds . -1(4 Mllti
Shelby County warrants - 93 f 99
Taxing-Distriet 4, 6's vl4 i)2K
Taxing-District 's 100 (SIOO'4
Memphis Storage Compress Co......l07 3110
Memphis Has Company stock.. ... M tf) So'i
Memphis CJas Company bonds ......HMH'4 ...
Memphis WatorCo. bonds 9t ( ...
Hanauer Oil Works f 50
City Oil Works , 9 45
Pioneer Cotton-Mills (9 35
. American Cotton Oil trusts 20 (4 21
Memphis City Railway Bonds -...llkl (S1U2
New York, February 11. Money on
call easy at 1J2 per cent. Frime
mercantile paper, 45 per cent. Ster
ling exchange dull but tteady at 437
for 60 days and 4S'J lor demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
quiet but firm. State bonds were dull
and steady. The sales of railway
bonds were chiffly for investment,
and aggregated $3,000,0f 0, with mod
erate advances. A net able exception
wee the development of decided
wtaknesa f)r Texssand Pacific Rio?,
coupon in tbe last hour selling down
frcm 55 to 53. at which they closed,
against 55J yesterday.
Stocks sticks were much less act
ive to-day. The coal stocks suddenly
assumed a second pi ice in the deal
ings, while Kria rarue to the front
with transactions of 7(5,200 sharea. St.
Paul was second with 68,600 share?,
and Lacfcawannii, which is only a half
stock, came third with 53.4C0 shares.
Contrary togeneial expectations, tbe
market in the early dealings was
etiong, but the advances, as a rule,
were only fractional. Later there was
an alternately upward and downward
movement within a moderate range,
until in the lat hour, when prices
were again heavy, but the closing quo
tations show a net advance for near!)
everything on the list, ranging from
email fractions to over 1 per cent.
Lackawanna and Erie preferred are
each up 1, and St. Paul and Manitoba
each 1. Wettern Union is down J,
Louisville and Nashville J, and North
ern Pacific preferred lower. There
was special activity in Milwaukee,
Lake Shore and Western, which, with
eales of 3100 eharer, made a net gain
of 2. Tbe maiket closed about steady
for most of the list, but weak for the
grangers and coal stocks.
Tbe total sales of stock to day were
362,554 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Weetwn 53,378, Del
aware and Hudson 11,722, Erie 76,200,
Kansas and Texas 5535, Lake Shore
20,5iiS, Louisville and Nashville 10,015,
Northwestern 12.S42, New Jersey Cen
tral 27,850, New York Central 3'..)0,
St. Paul 63,605, Union Paiific 582J,
Western Union 17.955, Nothern Pa
cific preferred 5TO5, Oregon Transcon
tinental 4030. Closing quotations:
V. S. 3s. lntvVi. New U,1V!M.
New 4!-i, 112Jri. . Pacific 6s of m, 126.
C. P. firsts, 114. T. P. land grants. 40?4
Erie second?, 9o'i. T. P. Rio U. div., 53.
Le'h k Wilkes., 110'i.U. P. firsts, 115.
Louisiana cons., S4. U. V. land grant, 106.
Missouri 6s, V. V. P. s. fund. L!l
St. Jo-eiih, Vl. Virginia 6s, 43.
. ft.P.A S. C. ls. 128. Va.con., ex-m.n.,52.
Tenn. 's, old, f Va.con. del., Xla.
'Tenn. 6s, new, j.
Adami Exprosii, 115. Nashville C, 47.
Alleirheny Central, -N.J. Central, 54k'.
Alton i T. II.. 40. Norfolk k W. pf1.27
A. l. it., pld, vi. iertnern rae.t ii.'-v
A. M 1.. VL.
American Ex.. lOo'.i.
Northern P. nfd. 59V;.
0.T il '1.
B., C. R. A N..60.
Canada Pac.,65.
Canala South., 44 '4.
J(. Y. U. 4 St. Li., t.
N.Y.C.4St.L.,p. l'JJ,
u. a a. w.,
Central facinc. 2'
i . J. w. p'u
Cheupeake A 0.,Uii. N. Y. Central. 106.
C.AO. 1st pfd,'20. tlhio Central, IS. .
U.iO. 2d ptil, U'i- unto i MISS., i-t.
Chicsgo Alton, 142H0. A .Miss, pfd, Ktf.
C. A A. pfd, 1M. Ontario A West.,
C, B. A Vi-, l.'W'-i. Oregon NaT., Wi.
C St. L AN.O., Oregon Trans.. Sii.
., Ct. L. A P., U. Oregon Imp., ZiX.
C, Si. L. A P., p.. 34. Pacific Mail, 57!.
C..S. AC..34. Panama, 98.
C. t C, Peoria, D. A It., 21.
Del. A Hud., 104. Pittsburg, 143.
Del.. L. A W., W'i. Pullman P. C, 136.
lan. A Kio ti., IT.1,. Rending,
Krle. 2. Rock Island. 1?
Erie pld., S7H. K. L A 8. F.. Zl'i.
East Tenn., 31. St.L.A S.F. p, 4i.
Fast Tenn. f I., 7. St.L AS.F.Ut p 1"2.
Fort nt, 147. C. M. A rt. P., i'41,.
llannihal A St. Jo,- C. M. A St. P. p. lii 14
11. A tit. Jo pfd,- M. P. M. A M.. II '.
Marlam. 21. 6t. P. A Omaha. 4n'4.
Houston A I., !B H. V. A O. jitd, 10.' 4.
Illinois Cen., 1W. Texaa Pacific. 12'.
Ind. B. A W., W,. 1 nion Pacitic, 52' .
Kansas A T , 31. V. S. Express. 63'..
Lake K. A W.. 1?J. St. b. A P., W;.
Luke boe. W.,St. L. A P. i, lv..
Lou. A Na-h , 4tl. W. A F. Ex.. 1.'3.
I.ou. A N. A..3J. W. U. Tel., 73'
M. A C, 1st ptd. Colorado Cal.
.V. A C. 21 pfd, llnmstk, 1
tlein A Char., 35. Iron Silver, 2tO.
Mich. Central, 74. Ontsrio.29.
Min. A St. L-, 18. Ouicksilver, S.
M. A St. L. pfd. 47. ijuirksiiter pfd, 21.
Missouri Pac., 111'-. South Pacific,
Mobile A ., 15S- Sntro, IS.
Morris A K.,offd, 138.
London, February 11. Consols, 1C0
9-10 for both money and the arcount ,
United States bonds, 4t, 127. Bullion
In the Bank of England increased
350,312 during the past wek. The
proportion of the Bank of England's
reserve to liability is 47 J per cent.
Paris, February 11. Three percent,
rentes 81f 45c for the account. The
weekly statement of the Bnk cf
France shows an increase of 6,32!i.000f
gold, and a deer me of 954,000f 8.1 vet.
Boston, February 11. Exchanges,
113,070,108 ; balances, $1,660,370.
New .Oblianb, La., February 11.
Clearings of the banks, $1,804,013.
Baltimokk, February 11 Bank
clearings, $2,0OI,93(j; balanced, $280,
054. New York, February 11. Ex
changes, $130,t72,235 ; ta'arjees, $5,
967,211. Chicago, III, February 11. To
day's asociated bank clearings were
Philadilpbia, Pa., February 11.
Bank clearings, $3,539,050; balances,
6t, Louis, Mo., February 11. Bank
clearings, $2,304,479; balances, $500,
703 ; exchange on New Voik firmer, 50
75c pre mi urn.
The local market opened quiet, and
clofed quiet; middling, 8 9-10c. Sales,
1550 bales, including 200 bales Wednes
day evening, of which 1100 were to ex
porters, and 450 to spinners.
Yesterday. Day before.
..... 7 3-16 "iK
Good Ordinary ,
Low Middling ,
Good Middling
Middling Fair...
Dusty i
Stains and tinges
7 11-16
Mkhfhi. February 11, 1886.
Stosk, September 1, 1885... 1,393
Received to-day 1.443
Keceired previously 4tl,bV7
Shipped to-day 772
Shipped previously 321, 2.V)
Burnt, eto
Homo consumption to date
6took, running account... 18,865
Thus far this week........... 4,354
Thus fur last week.... ........ 6,108
Since September lit.... JmjO
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.... 4C3
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 213
Louisville and Nashville Railroad.... M
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad. loo
C.,0. andS.W.R. R 45
Louisville, N. 0. A T. R. R 17
Kansas City, Springfield and M. R.R. 77
Stoamors 432
Wagons and other sources... .. 25
Total... - U43
Thus far this week -.... 5,524
Tbus far last week . .... 8,;iol
Since September 1st 325,027
Memphis and Charleston Railroad... 319
Mississippi and Toonessee Railroad. 400
Ckesapeake, Ohio and S. W.R.R 53
Total 772
New York spots opened weak, and
closed quiet. Sales, 145 bales. Quo
tations were as follows:
Yesteri-y. Day Before.
Ordinary 6 7-16 6 7-16
Good ordinary. 7 13-16 7 13-16
Low middling 8 8
Middling . 9 1-16 9 MS
Good middling .. 9 7-16 9 7-16
Middling fair 10 1-16 10 1-16
Fair ."..10 11-16 10 11-16
New York futures opened quiet and
Steady, and closed itiady and 5 to 7
points higher. Sales, 120,900 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows, as
CDuipared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Day Tloforo.
February 9.00 4 9.02 8.93 a 8.95
March 9-.IH4 8.WI4 9.00
April ........ . 9.1. 9 089 9.H9
May. 9.22'H 9.23 1S1I 9.19
June 9 S2-8J 9.33 9.27(H 9.2S
July. 9.3!ia9.0 9.34-1 9. 35
August..... 9.47ef 9.48 9.42 4 9.41
Septoraber. 9.24 9.26 9.'.' 9.21
October 9.07 4 9.08 9.00c4 9.01
November 9.019 9.06 8.98J 9.0J
The New Orleans spot market opened
weak, and closed ttsadier. Sales, 4750
Yesterday Day before
Ordinary 7 1-16 7 116
Good ordinary 7 11-16 7 11-16
Low middling. 8 1-16 8 1-16
Middling S 9 16 8 9-16
Good middling . '.;'.
The New Orleans future market
opened steady and closed Etnady,
and 3 to 6 points higher. Sales, 40,300
biles. The closing quotations were as
follows, as compared with yesterday :
Yesterday. Dny before.
February 8.60 bid. 8.5'ai 8.56
March 8.58 ? 8.59 8.52li 8 53
April.- 8.68 4 8.69 8.624 8.61
May 8.52(9 8.83 8.78 8 79
June 8 96 8.97 fl.91J 8.92
July -. 9 08'4 9.09 9.03i 9.01
August 9.104 9.11 9.0v4 9.07
September 8.81(4 8.82 8.7"4 8.78
October 8.644 8 66 8.614 8.K2
November..... 8.6I14 8.62 8.67 4 8.68
December 8.616 8.64 8.583 8.59
lone. IKeo'ts. i'rice. stock,
8 11-16
8 9-16-8
N Orleans
6. 18:
1 366,012
8 9-16
Char ston
1,479 8'f4U-16
i 13-16
New York
9 1-16
St. Louis..
Augusta ..
Total receipts at ports, this day, 18S6....15.970
ToUl receipts at ports, this day, 1885 ..11,558
1886. I 1885.
R'taaUJ.S. norts.
6 day I 90,218; 08,636
Exports to Great
Britain 62.964'
Stock 1,010,1:111
tlec u aince sept. ..,..
1st !l,7,32il 4,238,476 4.187,839
Foreign export8...2,7tS,2nl;2,93'.',:t3"2,716,552
Increase in receipts this year 58,844
Liverpool spots at noon were quo') 1
dull in buyers' favor. Sales, 8000 bales,
of which 0600 were American. Re
ceipts, 7000 bales, cf which 4500
were American.
At noon : Ordinary, 4 3-lCd ; good
ordinary, 4 9-10d; low; middling, 4 id;
good middling, 5 3-10d; middling
uplands, 4 15-16d; Orlrans, 5 1-16J.
At 2 p.m.: Quotations unchanged
except on middling Orleans, which
was marked down 1-ltii to 51.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull at decline ; February, 4 54 64 d ;
February-March, 4 55-64(34 64 64d;
March-April, 4 65-54d ; April-May, 4
55-64d; Mav-Jnne, 4 58-64d; Junef
July,4 60-j4d; July-August, 4 63-64fS)
4 62-64d; Angust-September, S 1-64.1.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool inturea were
quiet and steady; February, 4 54-64d
buyers ; February-March, 4 54-t4d buy
ers; March-April, 4 55-C4d sellers;
April-May, 4 50-ti4d buvers; May
June, 4 58 641 buyers; June-July, 4
60-t4d buyers; Ju'.y-August, 4 62-titd
buyers; August-Septeulber,. 5 1 64d
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady; February, 4 55-641 sellers;
February-March, 4 55-6 Id sellers;
March-April, 4 55-54d sellers; Arril
Mv, 4 56 64d buyers; May-Junv,
4 58 64d buyers; June-Julv, 4 60-Old
buyers; July-August, 4 t3 Old sellers;
August-September, 5 1-Old value.
The following is the record of the
bids aud otters at the Call Board of tbe
Merchant)' Exchange yesterday:
' roast.
No. 2, white, spot, 40c o. t. bid ; Feb
ruary, 40Jc bid, 43c asked : March, 41c
bid ; April, 43'. 0. t. bid ; May, 45c 0. t.
bid, 47c a3ked ; No. 2, spot, 37 Jc o. t.
bid; March, 37 tc bid; April, 40c 0. t.
bid ; May, 42c bid.
No 2, white, spot, 33Jc bid; Febru
ary, 33 Jc bid ; March, 36c asked ; April,
34c bid; May, 34 jc bid; No. 2, spot,
33c 0. t. bid; February, 23c bid, 34c
niked; March, 33c bid; April, 31c bid;
May, 30c asked.
February, $15 60 asked; March,
$15 50 asked; May, $15 50 asked.
Spot. $1 93 bid, $2 10 asked ; Febrtt
ary. $1 05 bid, 12 10 asked; April,
$2 25 asked; May, $2 20 bid, $2 35
Cobs White, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c; mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lota from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, $3.
Oats White, 38c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lota from levee on
track white, sacked, 35 Jc; mixed,
sacked, 34 Jc.
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $3 50 from
Cornmbal Standard, $2 102 20;
pearl, $33 25 from store; 5c
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Floor From store, double exta,
; triple extra, ; family, HCi,
4 25; choice, $1 25 I 50; fancy, $4 75
5; extra tancy, $5 255 75 ; patents,
Sti6 25; round lots from levee or
track, 10c cheaper; car lots choice,
$3 85(3H 05 ; family, $3 603)3 75 ; fancy,
$4 304 50; extra fancy, $4 755;
patents, $5 255 00.
Bran From store, 85c per cwt;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
Beans Navy,$2 25; medium, $2.
Kice Louisiana, 4j5Jc; Carolina,
Hominy and Grits From "store,
$2 753.
Cracked Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 from tore.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
treble extra, 5c; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7o; ginger snaps, extra,
6c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c ; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., February 11.
Wheat higher; cash, 72Jo bid, 73ijc
asked; March, 73c bid, 74c asked;
May, 79io. Corn steady; cash, 29c
bid, Wjc asked; March, 30c bid, SO c
asked; May, 32c. Oats No quota
tions. St. Louis, Mo., February 11. Flour
steady; XXX, $3 10(33 20; family,
$3 303 40;extia,$3705 50. Wheat
dull and unsettled; the market opened
c lower, but soon advanced c, fell
off again Jc, rallied Jc and closed about
tbe dime as yesterday ; No. 2 red, cash,
90Jc ; February, DOJc bid ; March, 91 jc ;
May, 9494c, closing at 94o bid.
Corn higher, but very dull ; the mar
ket advanced early and ruled strong
during the morning, but later eased
off and closed iJc above yesterday;
No. 2 mixed, cash, 34J3."c; Febru
ary, 34I35Jc. closing at 34 Jc; March,
35J3".jc, closing at 35Jo; May, 373
37 jc, closing at 37i& Oats very dull,
higher; No. 2 mixed, cash, 292Ujc;
March, 30 c asked; May, 31 ;o bid.
Rye, 59c bid. Barley dull and un
changed. Hay firm ; timothy, $11 25
14 ; prairie, $6 50S. Flaxseed atcady,
$106. Bran nominally lirm; 6 to bid
at mill; 65c on east track. Cornmeal
H 85W1 90. Receipt Flour, 2000
brls; wheat, 13,000 bu; corn, 145,000
bu; oatfl, 18,000 bu; ryo, none; bar
ley, 81X10 bu. Shipments Flour, 7000
brls; wheat, cone; corn, 30,000 bu;
or.ta, 11,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley,
200J bn.
AfUnuxm Bmrd. Whet a 6hade
easier. Corn Jo higher. Oata ul
changed. Chicago, III, February 11. There
was active trading in all the specu
lative pits to day, and prices ruled ten
erallv firmer, though wheat closod for
the day easier and abo it ;c lower than
yesterday. The amount f wheat on
ocean passage disclosed an increase of
900,000 busheU, when a decrease bnl
been looked for. Inconsequence May
delivery began at 65Je. The warm
and rainy weather prevailing through
out the winter wheat belt was deemed
rather ominous for the crop, especially
in view of tbe possibility of a sudden
freeze, and tended to stiilen price?.
May advanced under good buying to
85jc, which wan the top figure for the
day, dropped off to 85 A, rallied several
times, closing at 85c bid in the latest
trading in the afternoon. There was
a strong demand for cash corn, and
the May option in consequence ad
vanced to 40 jc, but dropped off again,
closing at yesterday's figures. Oats
ruled firm throughout, closing a shade
higher. Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat prices kept within a range
of Jc, amrcloaed jc lower than yester
day, bales ranired: February, 79 j
80c, closed at 79Jc; March. 79i80Jc,
closed at 80c; May, 8585ijc, closed at
85 3-16c;No. 2 spring, 79J82c; No.
3 spring, 71 Jc Corn 11 rmer; cash, 36
38c; February, 86 j37c, closed at
36ic; March, 37374c, closed at 37c;
May, 40J40jo, closed at 40 9 16c.
Oats firm; cash, 30c; February, 285
29'Jc, closed at 29Jc; March, 292itjc,
closed at 29 316c; May, 32(53.Jc,
closed at 32 l-10c. Rye etc ady ; No. 2,
59c. Barley nominal ; No. 2, 60c. Flax
seed firmer; No. 1, $1 12. Receipts
Flonr, 2000 brls; wheat, 23.000 bu;
corn, 158.0C0 bujoats, 138,000 bu; rye,
4000 bu; barley. 50,000 bu. Shipments
Flour, 12,000 brls; wheat, 28,000 bu;
corn, 111,000 bu ; oats, 145,000 bu ; rye,
5000 bu ; barley, 30,000 bu.
AJUnioo Board. Wheat easier, 1
o lower; May closed at 85c. Corn un
changed. Oats Jc higher.
Butt ee Creamery, 3840c; dairy,
1725c; batterine, 1416c; country,
12i18c, according to condition.
Cueesi Prime flits, 78c: New
York factory, 8c ; full cream, 11 J12c ;
Y. A., 11 J 12c
Mem Fork Old, $10 7511 per
barrel ; new, $11 7612 per barrel ;
ngar-curwd bams, packed, 9J10c;
breakfast bacon 89c ; clear rib ba
con, 66ic.
Bulk. Pork Clear aides, 66Jc;
clear rib side, Sift-V; long clear, 6j
(J-5jc; shoulders, 4, l ijc.
Lard TierceK.OJ; 1 1 Jc ; half-barrela,
6Jc; keg. 6c; buck.-ui, 77Je; half-bm-kets,
77o; 5o lb tins, 6KiH:!c;
20-lb tin,6.56ic; 10-lb tin?, 6j7Jc;
5-tb tins, 77Jc; 3- tins, 7J7ic;
choice kettle. tiercei. 7iT7Jc.
Fkesfi Meats Beettiood Kansias
City steers, heavy, Sc; liht, 7(j,7c;
row, and heifer3, t.je; mutton, 7c;
lambs, SJc: pi'k, 6r.
Pir.s-KEKT Br's, 8 J :? 50 ; half-brls,
$3c;f3 25.
St. Loris, Mo., February 11. Pro
visions dull. roik,JU25. Lard, 5 95
Ode. Bulk meats, loose lot, long clear,
5c; short rib, 5c; short clear, 5jc;
boxed lots, lung clear, 5.40c: Bhort
ribs, 5Jc; short clear, 5.60. Bacon
long clear, 6i5.9tk' ; short ribs, 6.05c ;
short clear, 6.15c. Hams steady, 8)
llc. Butter very quiet but steady;
crtamery, 2530c; dairy, 1624c
Eggs steady, 17c.
Cincinnati. O.. February 11. Pork
dull, $11 12U 25. Lard weaker uad
lower, tic. Bulk meats steady; shoul
ders, 4jc; short rib, 5o.00c. Bacon
easier; shoulders, 5c; short rib, 6jc;
shoit cltar, 6 40c. Butter heavy;
Northwestern extra ere aaiery, 3536c;
good to prime creamery," 2oV30a;
choice dairy roll, 1215c. Eggs steady,
IS;. Cheese steady ; prime to choice
Ohio factory, 9J10c.
Chicaoo, III., February 11. Mess
pork ttrong early, 5u higher, declined
12ic, closing at inside fiirures; cash.
$11 0')U 10; February and March,
ill C711 17 J, closed at $11 07J
11 10; May, $11 27J11 40, closed at
f il o I 2 - WV 14qiM TOJ 1 VOOUl
0.07jr' 8.10c ; March, 6 07 j4ijc, closed
a 0 076.10c; May, 6.200c, closed
6 20.6.22c. Boxed meats firm; dry
salted shoulders, 3 94c; sbor ib
sidee, 5.425.45c; short clear sides,
6i5.80c. Butter weak; creamery, 26
(a 32c; dairy, 1620c. Eggs wak, 20j
Soap $2 103 50 per case.
Cofkes Common, 858ic; ordi
nary, 99Jc; prime Ko, HX3llc;
choice to fancy, ll12jc; old gov
ernment, 2325c; Ceylon, 20c.
Sugar Eastern yeliow, 617Jc;
pure w. c. white, fii7c; off white,
0i6jc; yellow clarilled, 6j6ja;
one" kettle, 5jtc, re lined A, 7 J
71c ; granulated, 71c; powdered, 81c;
cut loaf, 81c.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; p.icketa,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molasmrs Louisiana, common to
fair, 23 27c ; prime to choice, 4055c ;
syrup, 2540c: common to fair, 25
33c; prime tocnoice, 35 40c.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7iSJs.
Candles Full weight, 10Jllc.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27
30c; other grades and styles, 2585c.
SnuQ Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R., $9 60.
Canned Goods, etc. Prices per
dozen : Pineapples $1 35 1 65 ;peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 351 60; seconds,
11 15l 2; tomatoes, 2-lb, standard,
90c $1 ; 3-lb, $1 101 20 ; strawberries,
$1301 40; raspberries, $1 151 25;
blackberries, $11 15: greengages,
$1601 75; pears, $22 25; plums,
$1 601 70; asparagus, $2 604;
green corn, $11 35; green peas, $1
225; cove oysters, full weight, 1-lb,
$1101 15; cove oysters, full weijiht,
2-lb, $1 901 95; cove oysters, light
weight, "1-lb, 65c; cove oysters, light
weight, 2-lb. $110; condensed milk
Crown, $5 90; Eagle, $7 75; Swiss $8.
New Yohk, February 11. Coflee
options shade lower; Rio, spot,
6 80c; sales, 19,750 bBgs; February,
6i0,S0c; March-April, 6 656.70c;
May, 0.70c; June, 6.706Jc; August,
6.80c; September, 0.70 6. 80c; January-February,
6.95c. Sugar dull and
nominal; fair to good rellning quoted
at5c; refined quiet; extra, 525Jc;
white refined, 6J(3J5 11-lOc; yellow,
4 13-105c; off A, 6il5 13-163; stand
ard A, 6 11-1 63; granu'nted, 6ic. Mo
laeses dull, 50 test, 23c. Rice firm and
in fair demand.
Atples Apples, $2 252 50 from
store; $22 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 34o per
pound from store. Dried peachee, 3
4c from store.
Vegetables Onions, $2 753 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoes Irish, northern, $2 252 50,
packed ; car-loads from levee or depot,
$22 25 per barrel. Cabbage, 9llc
per head. Krout, brls, $-r0; half
brls, $2 753 25. Garlic, 4000c per
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, $33 60 per box, LemonH,
$3 504 per box. Bananas, 50c
1(H per bunch, (.'ocoannlp, $4
per Jl 00, Peanuts Virginia, 6
7c; Tennesaep, farmer's stock, 2c;
recleaned, 3J4 jc ; roasted, 2 Jc higher ;
shelled, 10c. Almonds, 1826c. Chest
nutsgreen, 12J15c; dry, none.
Raisins London layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
Pickles In jar, pints, 90c; quarts,
$150; half gallons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mix
ed, $6.
Pecans Texas, 58Jc for small to
medium, 10 14c for largo; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,
15c; Urenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, $77 tO per barre
and $44 25 per half-barrel ; Kentucky
barrels, $6 607; Kentucky half-barrels,
$4. Vinegar, U16c per gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per dozen, $8
12; eeeser$34; ducks, $3; chickens,
gooa demand, $-3; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 12 c to 14c per pound.
Fish Mackerel half-barrels. No. L
$4 304 75; No. 2, $3 503 75 ; No.
3,$2 753;10-lbkit, No. 1 80c; No.
2, 70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 60c. Dry her
rings, family, 30c per box.
Game Venison, whole, 35c; sad
dles, 68c; bear, 68c; wild turkeys,
5075c ; ducks, $1 602 50; squirrels,
75c; quails. 75c$l ; prairie chickens,
$5: game fisb,0(a)8c.
Eoos Wesk, 24ffl25c.
Seed Delivered at depot and
wharf, $8 per ton; on bank of river
(f. 0. b. boat), $6 ; wagon at mills, $8.
Meal Prime f. 0. b., $15 per ton.
Less than car-load lots, $15 50. From
store, 00c sack. Cake Nominal ; $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C S. oil, 222:lc ; prime summer
yellow, 2527c; off-summer yellow,
2526c; miners', 2730c; choice cook
ing summer yellow. 2830c.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; rye, $1 750; domes
tic, 90cl 50
Baooino Jute, 9Jllc; flax, 10
101c, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
1 25.
Nail8-$2 502 75.
petroleum market. -
Coal-Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, 15c per gallon.
Cleveland, 0., February 11. Petro
lsatn steady; s.w., 110s, 8Jc.
Pittjbubo, PA.,Febrnary 11. Petrc-
$11 274U 30. Lard eay; cash
lenm active and somewhat excited;
National Transit certificate opened at
7tc and cloeed at 7tijc; bight;Bt price,
77Jc; lowett, 75c.
HonsKi Good driving, $12.V7 2"0;
good saddle, $14tV7'.300; plugs, $35 SO;
good mares, $S")( i 140.
Mules 14 tJ 1 $110(5)1:50; 15 to
15, $115(1 140; ir, to 16, $140175.
Supply small; demand moderate.
Cattle Choit-e to extra corn fed. 900
to 1050 lbs., 44'e; feood, 3(f4c.
Grass choice, 3sjc: irood, 3(a31c;
fair to medium, -i J2c ; common,
Hoos Choice, 3i4c; Rood, 3
Sc; common, 33u.
Sheep Choice, Q4c; medium, 3
3Jc ; common, $1 1 60.
Cincinnati, O., February 11. Hog
steady; common and light, $3 24;
packing and butchers', $44 40. Re
ceipts, 2400 head; shipments, 674
Kansas City. Mo., February 11.
The Live Slock Indicator reports: Cat
tlereceipts, 890 head; shipments, 531
head; shippers slow, weak and a shade
lower; butchers' steady ; stackers and
feeders linn and active; exporters, $5
5 20; good to choice shipping, $4 60
190; common to medium, $2 60
3 75 ; cows, $23 20. Horb receipts,
K153 head; shipments, 878 head; gco 1
5c higher; others tteady; good to
choice, $3 S')4 ; common to medium,
$3 603 80. Sheep receipts, 7765
head ; shipments, "MS head; steady;
good to choice, $:1 25(23 75 ; common to
medium, $2 50 3.
Chicaoo, III., February 11. The
Drortri Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 6000 bend; shipments, 1900
head; market steady; shipping steers,
0M) ti 1500 pounds, $3 505 75;
stock ers and feeders. $2 404 30;
cows, bulls and mixed, $1 75(43 75;
bulk, $2 603. Hogs receipts, 20,
000 head ; shipments, 80(H) head ; mar
ket stiong and a shade higher; rough
and mixed, 3 70 4 05; packing and
shipping, $4 054 50; light, $3 50
4 20; skips, $2 003 60. Sheep re
ceipts, 3000 head ; shipments, 600
head; market fteadv; natives, $2
4 90; Texaus, $1 6003 75; lambs,
$3 7505 25.
New Yohk, February 11. A very
severo tain-dorm checked somewhat
both the demand of gnodr, and a light
business is the general report.
For IJplenn, l"ln Hliiir, anil nil Way
l.aiKllnvn on Arkmidtta Hlvtr Str.
I'M Nowland mator.
Will leave iSATUUKA V, Fob. liith, atf
lor freiithl or iiiusuk" "I'l'l t No. 3 Madi
son street, orto il. C. LOWK, Aient.
Tnll T-lehne Nn. K.
Memphis and ( liu lnnull racket t o.
Str. OHIO, aBv
M. M. Pem, mnster, WTi!uitft3L
Will loara THIS DAY, Fob. Uth, at S ..m.
For lroiahtor passu ire aiily to C. 1). hl'S
SB.LL. Acant.No. U Madison at. Telethon
No. 2-.I7. .ItillN OAHK. HxiMinr Aient.
Moiiil,riHr Fuiot huh aisiuiii
and OMieola PiMikol Ooiupnny.
for Halana. Ulendala, Vriars Point and all
Way Landlnis Utaanior
Coahoma, r.jlQ
B. 1, Claott ...mastar I Piatt HbouM...oiri
Will UkT as aboT on trarr MuNtJAV,
WKDNEJJDAYand FKIDAi'.at 6o'olock,
For Kandolnh, Fulton. Oieaola and War
Landlnis Btaamar
LH. Cooper, master.... J. W. Hmlthart.gUrk
avas asovarr MOMUAY, WKDNtoUAV
and FKIDA-r at 5 p.m. lb boats of this
Una rasarva tht right to iiasi alt landings
the naptatn lnayileem nnsaTe, Offlos, No. 4
Ma.Usnn.t JAM KH l,K,K, J.,Nnn't.
The St. Frauds Klver Transportation
Co.'s Tine Bld.-W heel I'. 8. Mali;Btm.i
Rene Macready, r-
n 1 i.it
at S o'clock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, and
intermediate landings on bt. Kranals river.
The oaptuin raserres the rlaht to tiasivl
landiniis he dsems unsafe. JAH. LEK, Jt
KtVni-!nnrUn ttm. Vn. 4 MnHl.nn !
Meiniiliis& White ltivor VU.it
ctd ruiriACAur . rr
Villi. VIIIUIMIvJAt If ,
u, O. Foital.marter I C. M.lf i sUI....ol.rl
UtitreiMlon, lnvnkl Blnir, Ilea Are,
LAuarimta, Jflteniorl anil Nonruy.
ate p.m. Tnronah rates to all points.
Kre idt eonnlnne,l to "Mempliis and Wnlts
mr facket Oitniiany" win beforwarded
promiitly. n. u. LOWE, Aifent,
N . S M idlsnn . Tolenhnfe No. S.
Kit (isoaoIb, Hales l'olnt. Usruthsiivllla,
ijuyono pt Ti(nnvil)o Tho nw stpnner
W. P. Uall master I J. I). Fuller elork,
will leave as abore, ami til way noints.
pm. Fnr f ruln-ht rr r isrre mii'W en hntrti
Xeuiplila and Vlcksbnrg I'ucltet t'oni-pany-U.ti.MuIl
M. R. Chek...masur I W. V. Blanker. ..clefs.
For Helena, Doncordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elerant passenrer iteamer
Leaves Memphis
p.m.. reservini therluht to pass all landlnss
the CHplain maydeoin unsafe. For aaneral
Information apply at office, No, 4 Madison
street. K. WALWOKTU. Aient.
IDHV OAKR. Ps'r Arent. Telephone
Mempbls.WhlteJf Black Klver Packet
For Helena, Indian Day, St. Charles, Clar
endon, DeValli BlurT, l)es Are, AuxnsU,
Jacksonnort, llatetrille. Fowbaltan and
Pocahontas. The new and elegant side
wheel passenrer steamer
Milt Harry master,
Will leave EVERY SATURDAY at 6 o'clock
p.m. Through rates to all points. Freight
eonsigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
be prom Ptly lorwaMad. C. II. KCSHKLL,
Agent. Telephone W. Office VI Madison sU
.Ikmkr B. Franilik. Pitssetmer Avent.
-XLi.. -SHU---
AH Hart loon Nlreof . Jfcsnnbla, Ten.
A FULL stock of Wooden and Metallle
Cui and Caskets, Burial Kobes, etc.,
always oa naad. Orders by Telegraph or Tel
eobone Fronmtly a'tpd.d in.
A book of 100 puges.
ibe best booa for
nadrei tiser to con-
all, be be e'peri
noedlor otherwiie.
eontaina lists ol
sewtpaper. and estimates o the oestof ad
vertising. The advertiser whowante to lend
one dollar, finds in it tbe Information he re
quires, while for kirn who will invest one
hutdred thousand dollars In advertising, a
s-beiue Is Indicated which will meet his
every requirement, or can be made to do so
k. .li.ht ehaniret easily errived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and fifly-three
editions have been Issue.!. Sent, postpaid.
any adiressinr ten oents. dppiy to uiu,
,'F.RTISIND BUREAU. 10 surueeaL. (Print
log House Square:, New York.
Tiptonvllle -.HiToao, 1.' m.
friars Point. ...Ci'iHOKA, A p.m.
Osceola Dux A Dana, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati.. Ohio, S p.m.
White River 1iSut, 5 p.m.
Arkansas Uiver.E. W. Cm, 5 p.m.
Arrival. K! Ailuais, Arkansas
City; ChickiMw, Whita river; Kn
quirer, Ct lUaJ; (iayoeo, Tipton
Villa. Dtyarturtt. Kgte Adams, Arkansas
City; Chickaa. White rivur: En-
quirer, Cat IslauJ.
hcaU in J on. clno and Uayoso.
i'io.i Ihu lknm.Venn Adams.
Boait Ihtt Cotlioniii, Uuiding
Shir, E. W.Cole and Kuquirer.
Kvrclpla Treivrdaj.
Emiuirer 7 sks seed and 58 sks
Kate Adams 251 biles cotton, stf
bags ated-cotton, 1219 Bks seed and 77
pkvs snndries.
Cbickaaw (brouiflit out o( White
river) 131 bales cotton, 1 horse and 'J'.'
pkgs sundries.
Tut Dean Adams, CxL Ilenry
Cooper, is the racket this evening at
6 o clock t)i Osceoln and the upper
bends. Wra. Suiither is in her ollice.
Tut Crnhoma, Cspt. Thos. CUegett,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
(or Helena, Friars Point and nil vny
landings. Will A eh ford is in her ol
lice. Tn Oayoeo, Cspt. W. P. Hull, hav
ing been unavoidably detained by bad
weather and f)g, will leave to day at
12 o'clock for Hales Point, Tint in
ville nnd all; way landings. Jesse P.
Walt is In her otlice.
Tm E. W. Cole, Capt. EU Nowland,
is the packet to-morrow evening at 6
o'clock tor all points on Ark am in
river, voing through to Pine HlulT.
James N. Thompson is in her ollice,
insisted by litfus Foster.
Tm Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is the
packet this evening at 6 o'clock (or
Cairo, Louisville, Cincinnati and all
way landings. Harry I'rottir and
Harry Best are her clerks. '1 lie Ohio
will give cheap rates to all points
North and Euat.
Tin DoSinet. Capt. Milt K. Harrv.
is the ruskot to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock (or ell points on White river,
going through to Newport and making
connection with packets (or ripper
White and Black rivers. Albert Mo
(J hoe aud Hugh fSmitli are her clarks.
Ebsinkms quiet.
Wiathkr cloudy and rains.
Plknty o( mud on the levee.
Tm Eo(uirer wan and out yeetor
day. Tub river here stands 13 fettonthe
gauge; ft dill cf 4 tenths
Hkcbipts by liver yesterday, 372
Dales Ol cotton, .1 bags seed-cctton and
12JU sacks of seed.
The ChlokiiMW arrived late Wednes
day night from White river und re
turned last evening.
On account of (og and prersure of
bnsinees me uayoso did not arrive in
time to leave yeitenlav evening, bat
will leave tday at 12 o'clock.
Tub big Helena, from this port, ar
rived at New Orleans Tuesday with
:i;)(i5 bales of cotton, 11331 sacks of oil
cake and U2ti sacks of cotton-seed.
Tna Kate Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 261
bales of cotton, 37 hags cf seed-cotton,
121!) sacks and 77 packages of snn
dries, and cleared again last evening
with a good trip,
8t. IiOuis Htpublican: "The attack
on the Ice in the harbor by the tugs
has been highly successful, and there
is now a clear channel between the
ice and the west bfrlK ol the river
along the line of the leveo, from the
bridge to the foot of Hycamore street,
and extending ont fully 300 feet. In
their struggle with the ice the tugs
met with but feeble resistance, the ico
being so rotted as to brr ak oil in great
Holds at each attack upon it, and curl
ing up like so much cardboard."
, Mamnk Journal: The river sUam
boatmen sutler more annoyances from
pttty impositions than any ether c'lwa
t f those engajjod in water tronapnria
tlon. Tho wharfage tax is a big steal
rather than nn imposition, which In
that cms is a word that does not carry
with it emphasis enough. The moat
txaspi rating petly impoflition, yet ag
gregating in number and f retiiency a
very heavy tax upon river steamboats,
la that tlitifl of demands made upon
vesnolfl for imaginary services by the
colored roustabouts or boat hands
through the United States Commis
slonorH, whose fees are dependent upon
the eui'ceea of tbe claims agaiiiBt ves
sels. The Ethiopian, of course, lias
nothing to pay for costs if the cane goes
againBt him, bo the commissioner llmls
it agreeable to give judgment against
the brats. This is invariably done.
Therefore .river steamers are at the
mercy of their co'ored crewi", who,
upon the slightest pretext, or none at
all, jut-t as it suits their whims, lly to a
comuiissioner's cilice and enter suit.
It is safe to say that out of 6000 raiea
brought against steamers not mors
than one is just; vet most all of the
remainder are decided ajainst the posr
vessel owner. There Is a remedy for
this if the Bnflerers will write and ap
peal to Congress for the enactment of
a new law that will protect them. Un
less tbey do act in concert on the mat
ter, they may expect to have the sable
hned denizens and the impecunious
commissioners pounce down upon
them until time is no more.
Orrif FionAt. Biavici, U. 8. A., 1
MrMPHis, Tuns., February 11, 1 p.m.)
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75" meridian time,
which Is one hour faster than Memphis time.
low water
lllse. Fall.
1 3
1 2
3 2
.'!"!! t"
...... ...... .. .... .......
4 5
....... ....... ....... ......
1 9
Cincinnati ...
Davenport. .
Fort biuitn. .
tja i.ruB. ....
Leavonw'th .
Little Kock
Louisville. ..
11 em tile.
Nashville ...
New (Jrle'ns
Omaha ..
Pittsburg ...
6t. Louis
til. Paul
Sbrereport ..
Vicknbur ...
PiTTBBUBG, February 11. Noon
River 4 feet 2 Inchea on the gauge and
rising. Weather clear and mild.
Wbiklimo, February 11. Nosn
River 6 feet 1 inch on the gauge and
rising. Weather cloudy and pleasant.
Evassviu-b, February 11. Noon
River stationary, with 13 feet 5 inchea
oa the gauire. Weather rpinau nigh
and this morning. Ice .nearly all gone.
Cincinnati, February 11. Noon
River rising, with 15 feet on the gauge.
Weather clear and warmer; tLermom- 1
eter Arrived : Paris C.Brown, New
LoomviLLB, Febrnary 11. Noon
River (ailing, with 7 feet 2 inches in
the canal and 5 feet on the falls. Busi
ties.) fair. Weather cloudy and mild.
Departed: Buckeye State and Mary
llu.ia'oa, Cincinnati.
Cairo, Fobrnary 11. Noon River
21 feet on the'gaugeand rising. Weath
er cold and raining. Arrived: Golden
Kale, New Orleans, 8 p.m. Departed:
CioKlen Rule, Cincinnati, 9 p.m.; Jos.
W. Gaff, Cincinnati. 11 p.m.
No. MW, It. D. Chancery Conrt of Shelby
County State 01 Tennessee for its owa
use, etc., vs. Margaret Kice et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cause on the
i'llh day Bf December, liWS, M. lj. 50. pan
Ml, I will sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder. In front of the Clerk and
Master's office, conrt honse of Shelby Coun
ty, Memphis, Tenn., tm
haiarday, Harris 6, llS,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, Tenn..
Lot bloekl, A. Wright's subdivision,
ThxI'iT', feet, south side of Ueorgia street, W
feet west of Wright avenue.
Lot M, block 1, A. Vi'right'a subdivision,
:10xi,')T feet, south side of tleorgia strci.t, ;tO
li'et weit of Wright avenue, hold as proper
ty of Margaret Rice and others.
Lot X2, block '2, A. Wright's subdivision,
fronting 11 T-ln feet on south side of Ge.fuia
street, southwest oorner of LaKose street
and running soutbeastwardly with LaKos
street 1,11.2 leet; thence west M7.A teet to an
alloy; thence with the east side uf said alley
In" leet to tleorgia street, bold as property;
of Ullen iShurpe.
Lot :v, block 11, east side of Second street,
Fort Pickering, ililuu f..t, llo foot north et
Jackson street.
Lot ;al. block 13, east side of Second street.
Tenth Ward, illsluu feat. Sold as property
ol Mattie hi. Lawrance "ml others.
Pari of lot 12, block 30, fronting 14 feet oa
west side of alley east of iSiilh street, Fort
Pickering, and running back went S7'a feet,
being north ol tbo east p,irt of lot I t, block .10.
Part of lot I I, block :V. being the eart ST
feet of said lot, fronting tW feet on west side
of alley eii-t of (Sixth street.
Lot 14. block 31), uorthsast corner of Jaek
si n and Sixth street, Tonth Ward, :i7.lxl3T
feet. Hold as property of Anthouy W. Made
and tho unknown heirs ol Charles fhilmott.
Lot H, block I", south side of Carolina
strvst, Nixl.VI feet, IM'. fret east of Ninth,
street, hold as proportyot Frod W. Krisor.
Part of block 37, southwest cornor ut Cir
line and Main stroli, HOxl27S. feet, tiold as
proKTIy ol 1). J. Miarpe and others,
Lot it, block lit, west siil. of Fourth street.
Fort Pickering, ilixll.'S loot.
Lot HI, block 1", went eiilo of Fourth street.
Fort l'l.'ki riliii. -IxllJ', I'oeU twld as prop
orty of Joseph 1'nte.
Lot 2:1, J. M. Tale lubilivision. Mxl'vl feet,
east side of Wilkcrsim ttreet, M feet north of
tleorgia stroot, Tenth Ward.
Lot II, block li, west side of Fourth street.
Fort Pickering, "4 lest north ol Curolina
street, IMxllJ loot, told as property of
Jo'eph Tato.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;
note bearing interest, with good security,
rtwuired; lien retained; redemption barred.
'ibis February 1, His.
8. 1. MnDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
lly J. M. llradlev, Ueunty O. and M.
F. II. Jl O. W. lleiskell, solicitors. '
No. IHVl, R-ChanoeryOourt of Shelby eoun
ty .state of lenne.-seefor Us own use, eto..
vs. John ll.Tlghe etai.
By virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale entered In the above oause on the
Zlh day ol November, lftei, M. 11. fit), past
2 in, I will sell, at publloauction, to the high
est bidder, in front ol the Clerk and Master's
otlice. Courthouse of bhelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn.. on
Matarsinir, Febrnary 90, lasts,
within legal hours, the following described
proi erty, situated in Bhelby county, Tenn..
Lots 11 and 13 Vollenllne subdivision, north
andadloining HUhl and McFarland: lot 11
being m by VM' feet. Lot 13 being VTi't by
feet. Hold as property of John It.
Tlghe, 0. t. Adderandolhers.
Lots 7, , 11, 12, 13, 17 and 27, north side ef
Vollentlnc avenue. Lot 27 containing 22 1-5
acres. Lots 7, 8, 13 and 17 being 1?;? by
2WS feet each.
A certain tract on the northwest corner of
Vollenllne and Walking avenueai Begin
ning at a stake on the north boundary line
ol the MM-eere Kice grant and southeuit cor
ner of the Vollentine traeti thenea noarly
norm witn me dividing line ol I. A. I'iw
rnna and Vollentine tract 13 ehainaM) links
to a stake in said line) thenee west
chalns2tl links i thence south and parallel
witn siiiu dividing line u cnainss; links to
m stake in said John Kice'c north linet
thenoe east with said line to the begin
ning, containing 9 67-lKI aores. HoloV as
property of 8. M. Ward aud P. 11. Ilryson.
Lot 11 Crockett subdivision, beginnings
northeast oorner of the Italeigh plankrond
and Lewis streott thenoe cant along the
It u I e i it li road lilSfeeli thence north 4 7-10
feet to the northeast corner of lot lit thence
I IIS feet west to the cast line of Lewis street:
thence couth 476 leet on east line of Lewis
slroot to the beginning. Hold as property of
fciinion and Tobius Wolf ami Win. Whiltnker.
Lts;M. 3!S and Hi), Weukley's sublivislon,
north side of an avenue 1 feet wide, load
ing lroni tho west side of Hooond street to
waterworks on the east bank of Wolf river,
beginning at a point 420 feet west of Second
rtrooti thence norih with the west line of a
one-acre lot sold by Kitsgibbon to Margaret
liunnon, 2ID lovt to 111. nortbwost corner of
said one-acre loti thence oast to the south
west corner of iinotherorie-iicre lot hereto
fore 'lil to said Miirgnret l'niinon ; thonoo
nnriliweiitwarilly with the west lino of said
lot 148 foet. mora or less, to the sul!i line
of W. A. Uirkford's lot; thonce westwiirdly
with llicklord's line to the northeast corner
of lot '2; thonre southwardlv with the cult
line of said lot to tbo north line of tho ave
nue llrst mentioned; thenco eustwardly to
the beginning, containing I 77-IKI acres.
(Mild as the property uf Alury and Fruncil
ran oi lot iu, uroct.Mt s sutniiviiion, ooi
K . , . l - .. .:. ... . I. . i,..i..:k
42,'i feet, on the north side ol the Haloiit
road, east and ailjoiniil lot 11. boll as tin
iirooertv of Murv T. Stnil.
Terms ol bale On a rrdit of six nionthsf
note With security, bearing interest Iront
date, rciuircd; lien retained, redemption
This January IS, lHmi.
b. 1. McUOW KL1 Clerk and MssUr.
Dy J. M. llradloy, Deputy C. and M.
F. II. AO W. lleiskell. Solicitors.
Non-Kesldont Notice,
No. 32119(71). R D.-In the Chancery Court
of bbclbyCounty.Tenn. blate ol Tennes
see vs. W. K. llutleret al.
It a peering from the bill which Is sworn
to In this cause that the defendants, 11 B.
Claflin Jt Coin ps n are residents uf New
York) that Mrs, Margaret Uivons and
livens,ber husband, are renidenU ol Cali
fornia! that Mrs. Mary Ann K sough und
Keough, her husband, are residents of Ire
lend: that J. K. Cnalmers and Kebarca
Chalmers, his wife, and James T. Doyle are
residents of Missinaiui'l: that Frsnk t'rayer
and Floience tY)(rfli,i wife, and Theodore
Herksnn, are rc,iule-fs of Louisiana; that
Mrs. Mtria P. 1'kliiiAikry residentof Wiscon
sin ; that J.M. llrfnklty is a renident of
Mississippi : fmten niis Villi's is a resident
of the blaflr-s.f Ifc-Burkv: aJTd John II.
rmltn a lenVThrtate of Ohio; ano
that all ol siitfd t'tiAieWrtf nomrefldects oi
the btate of Xetfnisea.UABd it aniiearim
r . , i m . 1 i . . i i . i . .
iruui cu.ria . seia n.rc ui mat uniunn.uwi,
I). A. liarrell. U. 0. Mills, J. li. Nelson,
George Cooper, Arthur Merriman, Ei:en F.
Hurley, J. 11. VVssson, James t'urran, K. A.
Capdeville, Thomas U, Anderson, Annie
Walker, are not lobe lound in bis county:
It is therefore ordered. That thev make
their appearance herein, at the courthouse o(
Bhelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or be
fore the first Monday in March, l.W, and
tleadt answer or demur to complainants'
ill, or tbe same will be taken lor confessed
as to them and set for hearing ex parte; and
that a copy of this order be published onoe
a week for four sueesslve weeks in the Mem
phis Appeal. This 27th day ol January, lvai.
A copy Attest :
d. I. .V.-DO WELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and'Masur.
.1. W. Hampton, Sol, fiirmianl'nta. 'ri
riontHT Mill Stot'kliolilera
ONK of the Stockholders having filed a
I rotes! against the ssleof the Pioneer
Mill property, as advertised to lake place
February 4th, ssid sale wag declared otf.
At a subsequent meeting of tbe Directory
the President was ' instructed to call a
M'KCIAL MKETlNli or the Stockholders
f , r the pumoseofeonsidcriugthoiirotiri.tr
of selling the Mill property or Hxmg upon
some other course of action, which will ca
ble as to liquidate our present indtbtedness.
A Sl'KCUL MEKTINU ol the btockhold
ers is therefore celled for the above named
purpose, to be held at the office of the P he
nix Fire and Marine Insurance Company,
Mo. 10 Madison street, SAItttDAV, Febru
ary 13tb, at 3 p.m.
v. u. vuatto.fi. rreiiqeut.

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