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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 12, 1886, Image 8

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XolTUU,Sf w Orleans tad T im R'j
In V VmmKr 29. lfffl.
-'Abl MAIL.
4:00 p. B 11:10 e-m
5:ii p. ml e:4 e.m
:. p.nl &:30 a.m
1 :U a.ni 2:UJ a. m
2:42 e.D 13: W a.m
J.-2S a.m :30 p.m
6:21 a.m 8:M p.m
9:30 p.m 5:) p.m
laland C
Viokbnr. D
Harrison K
Salon Koui;. .. . ') -
Jiew Orloani -U
South. I North.
5:00 p m
2:V p.m
U:Ht a.m
7 :3 a. in
Leland J:J V-m
Vick.buri I JjW Pj
A-Wlth all ineinurin Mmph .
B-With M. A N. W. K.R. lor Helena.
0 far Greenville and UunUniton, (Bd all
l-W:,hkV?"Ti"d V,. S. A P. Railroad.
JB-YVitb N.. J. A C. R- it. fur fetches and
T-For Foinu on the Branch.
J With iteamin lor Uayou Sara
H With railroids diverging for Honda and
Coast point!.
Pullman Ilut Sleeping Carson a 1 traini.
J VS. M. KUWaHDS. V. F.andU iM.
M. HI KKE, Oeneral bup't.
A. J KAAi-f. U. F. A.
Mlaalealppl aad TenneBBee.-Fat
nail train leavel daily at 4:41 p.m.: ar
Tivei at :V a.m. Local freiht Ui at
6:4(1 a.m.: a ri at. 4:311 P.m. ire'gbt
traini Nog. 6 and 6 run trl-weekly. No. 6
leavel Uemphii Monday, Neineiday and
Haaiai VtiJ ,Sprln0eld and Mem-
Iikse - rrain Uave M. and I. dipot ai fol
dii ! So. 4, wail and eipresi leavel daily
at 11131a.m.; No. I, mail andeipreii errhes
at 3 31 p.m.; No. te, ttt Loon .ura.i
aval daily at 6:01) p.m.) Ne. ai, St.lLouil
axpress arrive! at 11:56 a.m.
ti ila and Llttl Roefc-Tralni
tttv, an fo"m (eantril itandard tlma):
No. 1 i.arif dil elBiilS p.m.) arrival at
9-5S p.m.' o. 3 leei at 4:50 a.m. I a; -rival
at l:M e.u.i No. B (freight) leaves
Bvpatcld daily. evcept tsndi y, a'. 6:00
a.m.: arrival at 7:10 p.m.
Oheeapaake, Ohio sad Ronlhwul.
rn rrain, mora ai follow: No. 8 (fait
Una dally) liarii at 11:30 a.m. No. leavel
at 11:40 p.m. lallv. bt. Lonii fait Una
leavel daily at 6:30 p.m. No. 7 (Ult ima
daily) emvei at 1:30 p.m. Mall and ex
nreM arrival daily at 3:15 a.m. St. Louli
fait lina arrival daily 9:06 a m.
xnphli aud tifcarleaton Trail g
evei fol'owi: Through aipraii laavai
3 any at ":211p.m. y all aDd aipreii laavai
aily at 0:10 .m. Pomarvill mommodf
tion laavai daily, e oem Sunday, at 4 30
p.m. Through exprisi a-rlvi da-'y at :;S
a.m. Mail atd exrross e-rlv-i dally at 4 55
S.m. Womerville aoooait oda'.lon arrival
aily, aieant Sunday, el 8:.'e.-i.
Laa)illlt and Naahallla Train I
bhviii f il'n: ant mall arrival daily at
4 :36 a.m. I Ita'ai atR':10 p.m. i mail liavct
dally at S:uua.n. 'wnivilla ccommi
olatloa laavn uaily. az Mpt Sjnday, at i :00
f.m.: mall arrival laily at 6:00 p.m.
rowniv'ilo aceomaodatiuo arrival laily.
r-vnarl Ssaday, at d:40 a.m. (Itandard
Urmritti . Blrmlnatvam and Allan-
tlr-flollv tiivino ttouta Traini mova ai
fbllowi: No. 1 laavai Matnphil daily at 4:00
p.m.. arrival at Holly Hnrmia at 6:30 p.m.:
No. 2 laavai Holly Snrinii dally at VM
a.m., arrival at Mamphii at II :15 a.m. I No.
' 6 Iravai Mamphii daily at 7 :30 p.m., arrival
at Holly Hprinii at 11 :59 p.m. : No. 6 leave!
Holly bnrinti daily at 3:30 a.m., arrive at
matnphil at H:-. a.m.
; WiKiMNQTO, D. C February 13-1 a.m.
Indication! for Memphis and vicin
ity: Fafr weather ; stationary, followed
by slowly rising temperatures; blue
crescent, red star, followed by red bud.
For Tenntwe and the Ohio Vallfy:
Cloudy wtathrr and local raini; cohltr
waiher in (lit eiulern portion; tlowly rit
ing ttmjxratiire in the mlern portion;
viindi generally tMting to northwett and
Hotroroioartcal Report.
Miumia, Tink., February 11, 1SK6.
Tlma. I Bar. Thar. Wind. 'Weather.
7:00 a.m.. 2B.W1 W.S N.W. Cloudy.
11:00 a.m. .I'W.W :i 3 N.W. Linht rain.
3:llp.m..t1.W0l 3M.0 N.W. Cloudy. '
7:00 p.m.. (MM 37 8 W. Clouily.
10:00 p.m..!30.Oi7i W. Cloudy.
Maximum temixratura, 48.,
Minimum temperature, jo.:i.
Ralntall, 1 Ur.
All ukwrvatiuni are taken on 75 meridian
tlma, which ii one hour lailar than local
Mikado to-night.
Grand jury meets to-day.
Memphis walked nway with a'i the
contracts for the Bald Knob branch.
The air was white with snow for
hlf an hour at 11 o'clock last night.
The rain has not been bard enough
-io t!C I!''4;0 in a way of cleanpg ioe
: atreets.
George Jones and Mallle M. P.ate
uian, Anderson Hull and Lulla Dow
dy were licensed to marry yesterday.
A negro man named Naeby dropped
dead at 4:30 yesterday afternoon in
Madden's store, in the Waldran block.
An icqnest van held by Justice Flem
ing. The glove contest between Galla
gher and Cummins, announced for t
night at tbe People's Theater, will not
take place owing to the absence tt
Tbe npgro Nelson, accused of hav
ing attempted to outrage several white
women, vwu released by President
Hidden yesterday, as he coal J not bo
positively identilled,
No one has yet been appointed to
fill the vacancy emit 3d by Capt. Raja,
of Fire Company No. 2. Julius Yen
turinl is acting captain, but no ap
pointment Lai been made.
Mr. A. Hilzleld met with a pain
ful accident yesterday. B(epping out
of his buggy, he caught his foot in the
wheel and fell on to the sidewalk,
causing a break in the mall bone of
bis right leg, just above the ankle. Dr.
McGee bandit ted the foot, aud says
bis patient will be out shortly.
A small houae occupied by Mrs.
Sarah Mackliu, colored, as a grocery,
and situated kt 410 Beale street, be
yond the Charleston railway crossing,
was totally destroyed by lire shortly
afier 3 o'clock yesterday morning. The
loss is supposed to ne somewhere near
$10C0, more or less. The muddy
itreets checked the speed of tbe fire
men, who labored haid to get there,
but who failed to reach the scene in
time to save anything of much value.
The services at the Cumberland
l'remyterun cimrrh, under the direc
tion of Mr. Sayford, assisted by Mr,
ami Mrs. Towner, continue to draw
crowds of people, among whom are
fjund numerous recruits tager to
embrace the gospel. The services
will be continued throughout the
wee uany at 11 o'clock a.m. and 7:30
o'clock p.m. Mr. Sayfoid is an elo
quent aud pleasing preacher, and will
icjiaya a utu'ing.
The committee in cl argaof the
Woman's Exchange yesterday were
Mrs. W. U. Reward, Mrs. E. 8. Ham
mond and Mrs. L, J. Scarborough.
Among the visitors were: J. Ii. Pep
per, L. H. Ettss, W. B. Ulissnn, W. 8.
Flippin, Chss. E. Pat, A. J. McCal
lum, Lee B. Koiden, Mies SuBie Shel
by, T. D. Eldridtie, J. II. Smith, 8.
Lehmao, J. B. llciekeil, J, H. Shep
herd, A. J. Shepherd, Minor Merri
wether, the Rev. A. W. Lamar, tbe
Kav. II. A. Jones. Rha Gary, II. C'ary,
E. II. Dorion, J. J. Murphy, A. W.
Newsom, G. E. Rudisill, J. M. Ed
wards, Mrs. C. A. Miller, L. 8. Lake,
Henry Clark,
A Ualtiuaarc Librarian Shooca Vlux-ai-lf
Tbraaca tka Hfarl.
Baltimore, Ms., February 8. Mr.
John K. Randall, librarian of the Mer
cantile Library of tbia city, committed
suicide tbis morning at Lis toirdinn
bouM No. 1009 North Charles street, a
fashionable quarter of the city, by
shcoiint: himself through the heart
with a bullet from Smith & Wesson
revolver. It is plain that the suicide
was caused by blighted uSeition, al
though the fact that his father, Dr.Buj
tin lUndall.of the United States Army,
bad been in the insane atylum for
years, leads many to believe that there
is a touch cf hereditary insanity in
the case. Mr, Randall for'nearly ten
years win engaged to a young 'aiy of
Annapolis, who was recognized as a
belle in that city, and who about six
months ago jilted him. Aihoittime
since the i uolic annanceonent of her
enlist ment to an ctlicer cf the Nuval
Academy was made. 1 bis preyed on
bis mind, and undoubtedly led to his
tuicide. He killed himeif while in
bed, with all his clothes on, though he
till bared bis Wast so that be could
reach his hf n-t.
On bis table beside bis bed lay a
copv ol Victor Hugo's Shakespeare
in French, Between the leaves lay
several ehetti o! paper, with notes
and t ranslations of the be ok. The
):nt parsgntph of comment was dated
"2-7 W," indicating that Mr.
Randall bad been at work on the
translation yesterday. lie was at bis
post at tbe library during the dsy yes
terday nod also during the evening.
Mr. Randall was native of Anna
polis, but bad resided in Baltimore a
.number of years. He was graduated
it St. Johns Uollege, ana was
a member of the bar. He was about
thirty-two years old. He had a law
cilice on Vt. Paul street, but never
cared particularly for the practice
cf law, but wai devoted to the study
of literature. He was a man of wide
reading aud scholarly tastes, which
led him into the study cf almost every
branch of btarature. He was a great
collector of old books, and the library
which he had gathered together had
in it many rare aud curious volumes.
His fondness f or collecting curiosities,
however, did not end with books.
Every species of bric-a-brac, pictures,
and, above all, Crf arras of every de
scription, had an interest for him.
A singular coincidence is that at 11
o'clock to-day a dispatch was received
at the Mercantile Library, addressed
to Mr. Randall, announcing tbe death
of his father in tbe Government Hos
pital at Washington. The father, Dr.
Burton Randall, had been au army
surgron since 1832. He was retired
in 1808, and hid been in tbe asylum
ever since.
Lee B. Rogkrs of the Vicksburg
Commercial Herald in the city.
J. Hirscu and son of Greenville,
Miia., were in the city yettarday.
Mb. and Mrs. Jake Hiwchkr cf
Paducab, are in tbe c'ty on their bridal
Lci'is Waldaner of Greenville,
Miss., is here on a visit to bis fiancee,
Mies Johl.
Hknby Dreyfus and bride of Green
ville, who have been spending a few
days bere pleasantly, left lust night
for New Orleans.
N. Coker, Tennessee; M. J. Harrif,
Texas ; E. J. Peggott, Chicago ; J. F.
Carey, Kt. Louis; C. 8. Dabble, Green
ville, Miss.; Cbas. It. Groomes, Nash
ville, Tenn.; C. 8. OifTey and wife, 8U
Louis; T. II. Dickson, Jackson, Miss.;
A. P. Powell and Umily, Newborn,
Tenn. ; Mr. and Mrs. Heisher, Paducab,
Ky.; E. W. Condon, Texas; 8. 8.
ISuerod, Covington, Tenn. ; O. 8. Dib
ble, Greenville, Miss., and N. 8. Shot
well, Missouri, are at Duffy's Hotel.
t'lrenlt Conn-Pierce, Judge.
Jury calendar for to-day : No, 8764,
on trial; 7111, 8. P. Clendenine vs
Memphis and Charleston Railroad
Company j 7115, Margaret Do'.an, ad-miniit-ntni,
vs Louisville and Nash
ville Railtoad Company ; 7477,aDr. A.
L. Klmbiough vs Mrs. M. J. Labeeque ;
7797, Samuel Funk and wife vs W. II.
Herron ; 7877. W. II. Hoeg vs O. P,
Melstef, adm'inMrator; U3i, Horace
E. Andrews vs G. W. Smith & Co.;
8012, W. II. Fleming vs Taylor Aber
nathy ; 8150, L. Fritz vs L. DemarcbJ.
At Liverpool yesterday wheat was
firm, demand improving; corn lirm
with fair demand.
Closinu prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, fll 221;
lard, 0.20c; clear no sides, oooc;
corn, 4UC uiu; wneac twe diujchj,
A telegram was received here from
New Orleans yesterday, announcing
the failure of Charles AGilbeit Green.
prominent exporters of cotton-seed
produt ti from that city and Savannah
during the past ten years.
Report of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
none; in store, 5505 bushels. Corn
received. 1008 bushels; withdrawn,
1192 bushels; in store, 31,457 bushels.
Oats received, 0377 bushels; with
drawn, 10,028 bushels; in store, 47,771
Visitors on 'Change yesterday : Clar
ice Washinuton. California: G. W.
Simpson, Stewart, Tenn. ; W. M. Price,
Mount Adams, Ark.; E. R. Shelton,
Covington; H. De Fenelon, Mississip
pi; M. Bnggs, 1'ittauurg, ra.; h. a.
Deesoo, S. Ii. Shelton, U. D. Fenelon,
8. T. Hlaen.
There was a firmer feeling at the
Cotton Exchange yetterday.intluenced
bv a steadier tone at New York and
Liverpool. The bears took alarm and
ran to cover, while a few sanguine
bulla losded up some more. The
events of the next few days will be
watched with interest.
ington is a candidate for Circuit Court
Judge, and 1b cot a' candidate for
Chancellor. Judge Livingstone of
Brownsville can bold that position ai
long as he desires to. He baa given
the utmost satisfaction to tbe people
and the bar, and is beloved by n! who
know him for sterling qualities of
bead and heart, and for the manly
and dignified course of his life. He
is a credit to the State.
A Bed-Ridden Djapeptlo 'ared.
G. F. Haight of Westtield, Chautau
qua county, New York, writes May
7, 1883: "Six years ago I was dying
of dyspepsia. My stomach and diges
tive organs were in a horrible state. I
feared consumption of the bowels,
which were dreadfully conttipated. I
was bed-ridden for many months;
finu'ly bought six boxes of Brand
reth'e Tills. When I had finished
taking tbem I was a well man. Took
live the tirM. mirht: ran down to one
Dill, then sd attain to five, alter
Lcaarla'a 1 heater.
The riralrt of Pentance, aa inter
preted by.Ford a Comic Opera Com
pany, deserved a larger audience than
that which fa, before them last night
and warmly applauded familiar and
favorite numbers. Meesri. Armaud
and Carl berg appeared to bettsr ad
vantage than in anything they have
done here, while Mr. Walter West
gave indications that bis voice baa not
altogether departed. Miss Blanche
Chapman, as utual, wai excellent, and
shared the honors of tbe evening
with Miss Ray Samuels, who, be
side t being an admirable actress,
is the possessor if a very fair con
tialto. The little Inly who is known
to every one as the "Lam Turn" in
the Mikado, and who was billed as
"Luel'n Duer," gave evidence last
night that she possesses a voice that
lacks nothing but culture and develop
nient to win its possessor n conspicu
ous p'ace in tier profession. Miss
Camineyer was, as heretofore, con
scientious and painstaking, throwing
into a minor part all the grace, vivacity
and skillful by-plays that distinguishes
her in parts of prominence. Mr. Den
ham made an I ideal "Gen.
Stanley," and - gave another proof
of bis apparent'? boundless
versatility. It was diffijult to
identify hi in as tbe same actor who is
so ludicrously funny in the Mikado and
Black (7ca,and so truculently vicious
as the crcoked-back "King Gamma"
in the 7'n'ncfsi Jii. To-night the Mi
kado will be repeated, altogether tbe
best thiDg in the Ford Csmpany's re-
Certoire, and one that does not stale
y re petit ion.
4'rokbj'a Dime If neenna.
The result of tbe balloting at Cros
by's Dime Museum over the cham
pionship of the first "Memphis Fat
Women's Convent ion" was as follows,
the count being made nn Ao Wednes
day night: Mies Eva Htmrighr, No.
7, has 1131 votes; Miss Anna Bell, No.
3, has 1094; Mme. De Beranger, No.
2, has 980 votes. Nos. 10 and 4 are
close np to the latter. Tbe gold and
ruby champion medal is made by
Byrd, tbe city jeweler, and is hand
some. The visitor is cot alone at
tracted by tbe fat delegates. In the
upper animal hall is the curi
ous litt'e ' Mexican mule, born
with horns on it i fe9t in
dead of hotfj. These horns curve
and twist in. the moat fantastic way,
and this peculiarity, coupled with his
buffalo Lair and mule-like shape and
ears, merit the remark of a leading
Court-House cllicial, who said, after
viewing the animal: "Well, there are
strange things in foreign lands, but
you don't need to take a trip abroad
to see tbe strangest I ever looked tt."
THe stage show and other curios make
this week's bill of fire at tbe Dime
Museum a clever one. Saturday is
"School-Children's Day," .and Monday
next begins the "fast type-setting
"The Silver KIde."
Commencing Monday evening,
February 15tb, the favorite play The
Silver King will commence an engage
ment of three nights and a matinee.
Frank O. Bangs will again be seen as
"The Silver King," together with a
company cf unusual excellence and
all the new scenery painted by Quinn
of New York during the past summer
for the New York Theotar's produc
tion ol the play.
We want to make things to inter
esting to day that the ladies will
be a traded. Tbia bad weather
bai a tendency t breed melan
choly, and we wish to divert atten
tion from that which caatiot be
avoided by offering a few
Which cannot be resisted. First,
we don't want any valentines or
Japanese goods for Mikado favors
on band this evening. We want
to sell them to day,
All fancy Valentines and Japan
ese fancy articles will be soli at
ball Uie marked price,
And so on throughout tbe list.
3o will buy gents' all linen t oi
ls rs.
25c will buy the beat ribbed hoso.
$1 00 will buy ladies' silk hose.
48 j will buy the beet lisle hose.
Shirts, all styles, made to order.
Memphis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
Ruiwcn A Son, tinners have removed
to 20 and 22 Beale street.
MbmphisSiainkd Glass Works, 230
Third street. Call and see.
China gilded and fired by Mrs. Liz
zie Fant, Holly Springs, Miss.
J. II. Lowrey, M.D., Homeopathiit,
318 Main street; telephone U81.
One carload of mules, at wholesale,
at a big drive. 55 Union street.
J. L. 1IALL. .
The finest and best selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
prices. 1 A. BAILEY A CO,
Miss Carrie M. Keating can b
found every day at E. Witzmann &
Co.'s, 223 Second street, from 4 to '
o'clock p.m.
Fine lot of young Farm Mules just
arrived at 305 Second street, Ro' r
Johnston's Stables, three doora nutiU
of Monroe street.
C. D. Smith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, Lat deciJed to bcate per
maneutlv in Memphis. He treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, sheep,
swine and i-oirs. Calls, day or night,
answered promptly. Oalce at Jones
& Co.'s stable, 01 Monroe street; tele
phone 402. Residence, Fransioli
House; telephone 32.
Mulford. Jeweler. 234 Main, so-
locits orders from the country.
Leaky reef (mired t Rubach
A Hon, ao and it'A lleale alreei.
Uo to RalledE Laaomaralno for
yonr Plnmblna: and Uaa-I'lttlna;.
Order Medals at XnlfordV.
Flrcl Fire! Fire!
Wehavebouaht from the late fire
of Henry Teres 200 majolica pitchers.
209 sets knives and ioiks, spoons, anu
all kinds of bard aud queeuawsre, fur
niture, chairs, that will be sold at very
low figures. AIbo a'l kinds beating
and cooking atoves for sale chean,at
Afint and Commission Merchant.
o9 to tl3heioy street.
Monogram Bangles at Mul ford's.
KuWrlbe for the "Appenl."
The Xew iiayaM.
Ratal, 12 50 to H per day, aceordinf to loca
tion of ruomi.
E T McGmy. Mill O M Kofneranti, Ark
KPKiee, Ark E C ll.irn.r, Ark
L E Wriful, Iron John June. Tenn
K K Calk nor. La J Sebultr., Ky
M R I'enney, Mo A I MeVickrr. Mo
OBranor.Ala 6 Coojoor, N Y
W r' Banner, Tenn . J P Gibion, Ala
J A Montgomery, A. a J A liruton. Tenn
II ISe-kcr, .Mo E L Lunt, N Y
110 York, Pa E L Kinhrouzh, Mo
K U Maluiie, Pa .Mn A It Freeman, Kal
M Pointer, Hi" J Carr. N It
A E Tucker, Mid W T McCracken, Ohio
J Matbew. Bolton W I) Medne, Mi, I
A J Arnii.tronK,Teon W B Edrinzton, Ark
B II Hurt, Ky 8 M Jacknon, Ky
C 11 Koote, Mo MI) Harirent. Mo
TKKrew. Mo W W Shelby A w.Mili
Mill fbelliy. Mi I B F Kaainer, Kv
T l'errott, Mii K M t-hepard, Ky
A Mclireior, Mo J Stewart, l'a
C E Stewart, Pa S C Johnson, Mail
.1 II McKlveen. Tenn J M Kobinion, Mill
I II Stewart, Mo C U Johnron, rity
F Hawkinn, ciiy T W Iiavant, oily
8 Iundee, ri'.y F E Blood, III
K Finer,, III J A (iuilio, 111,
WE.loiei.NT T Lawieuee, hy
E C Fool, Ky W Williamr, Mich.
Peabady Hotel.
C. B. OALLOWAY AC0 PaorantToas
Ratei 12 fiO and Ii per day, according ta
lisa and location of room Special
ratea made
W CDennin.N Y
P Lewii. Ark
C L Emle'ton, Ark
Hoyd, III
E i (M. ratlin. Misl
11 Ii (1 lam. lunn
C It llrown, Tenn
T N Ward, Tenn
0 X (iraham, Fa
A Roier, Mo
Mr limnworth, N Y
L 1 Le ifi. Ark
W O Muoli.rd, Mo
A V liart. N Y
8 8 Peatliroya. N Y
t! R Morr .w, Tenn
8 II Meyer. N Y
J 11 Jarnavin Af, Mill
D J Brown, N Y
L B Vallinnt, Mo
. T Con.niriB, Mist
B 8 Crane, N Y
VY It Dick. Mii
H M (iarni, Ark
R M (Jaigli y. Tenn
J Walls, Mie
I) 3 Jaeobi, I'a
8 R elicit. .n, Tenn
1 11 Smith. Tenn
J H Ayer, Mo
J 11 Si-ate, Tenn
M 1) Ilowurd, Mo
11 II Mutlock.Tenn
W 11 Kice, MiM
F birhard, Mies
W J Kobinion, Ky
J II f'otton, Tenn
A B Trea lwell.Tenn
W S Ooodwyn, Tenn
L Lehman, Tenn
J L Watt, Tenn
.1 Oryill, Tenn
W C l'ullen, Tenn
11 Oow.lenn.
M T l'vu, Mai
V K Weed. N Y
TC White, Mo
M II Aueker. Fa
A Ilaiell. Pa
J M Brown, N V
8 Bohkim, Ohio
C M Hooking N Y
K F Miller, Mill
J 6woie, Ohio
F K Hasting, Ark
UJ Weil, N Y
II 8 Etiell, Ohio
B C Adums. ir. Mill
J A liieks, Mill
I F W i n. Ark
J P Coyne, Mip
J D Oalesby, Mili
1 jionovan, .io
L HartiiHii. Mn
.1 A Crofford, Tenn
J Burke, Mis
E lumbers, Ohio
J W Koitlil.y, Tenn
L h Bond, lean
U V Txtuin, Tenn
J Brown, N Y
J Vui-cnro, Ark
J II McKavitt, Tenn
T II Phillips, Tenn
T A (loodwyn, Tenn
E Lehman, Tenn
J W (ioodbar, Tenn
J Vaecaro, Ark
E Matoo, Tenn
K 11 Vance, Tenn
iaatoB'a Hotel.
W. II. BINGHAM Maxigzi.
European plan. Enlarged and refurnished.
Prices aocordinz to liie and loca
tion of rnomi.
J II Perkim, Tenn J O Ktern, Ark
W II Halliburton, Ark.I E Smith, Ark
w It Miei.srU, Ark r L Steele, Mo
T ) Femuson, Mm
H (I Barnes. Ohio
J 8 Richardson, La
E C Held, Misi
W Boiwell, La
W Noyer, Misi
8 L Davis, Mill
J It Fallin. Mir -J
B Franklin, Mo
II A Tatum, Tenn
W B Clarke, MiM
A II Crawford. Kiver
R 11 listen. Misi
J RBtt't.Ky
R F Collins, Tenn
J B Sitni, Tenn
J L Parker, Wia
w i' Lnwier, Al
E M Kindcl AI, Tenn
B C Lanier, Ala
A O Kiffel. La
8 Noyer. Miss
J C Pane, Misi
D H Smith. Miki
F Jones, Misi
J A bangnon, III
R M Leech, Tenn
K Woodward. La
W E Hazen. Tenn
P P Peac. Ky
J A Paine, Ark
W B Taylor, N C
J A Tapnan, Ark
J I) Fuller, Tenn
W it lingf, lenn
J T Rorcoe, Tenn.
DnOy'a EaroDean Hotel.
Corner of Adams and Main streets. Roomi
ouo, 75c and tl per day; American Plan,
12 per day.
First-claii Restaurant in the Hotel.
J.M.Dl'FFYUOyn with Feabody Hotel),
Jnmos Percell, Ark Montague, Tenn
W Mess, Tonn M .1 Hirris, Tex
K 8 PeKKott, 111 M Larnhovan. Tenn
J T Carry, Mo C 8 Dabble, Mis
A J McLendon, Tenn Chas R (Iroouies, Tenn
P M Morris. S Kl Co II T Walla. Ark
R tieaa-an. Kv
N 8 pliotweli, Mo
C 6 Coffey Aw, Mo
Jnmes Witt, Mill
N Coker, Tenn
A P Powell Af, Tenn
J (1 Beoton. Ark
E Urillin, Mis
C 8 Dibble, Misi
A E Muir, city
T 11 Dicksnn, Misi
II J Morgan, ritv
W II Forrest, Tenn
Mr Heisher Aw, Ky
E J rjwanson, c ty
E W Cong-don, Tex
A J McLihdon, fit
Aim Wallace. Ala
r U Armsteal, B - Co
(1 W Huarpbrevi, Ez Jnmos A Orr, Misi
W L Dana, N J R W Buford, Misi
1' C Buford, Misi.
Solid Silverware at Xalford'ff.
Oct Kalledge 4 Laaoniaralna to do
ynr Plamblng;.
Old gold and silver
at Mulford'u.
taken as cah
Prompt attention te lln work or
deraby UnstchANon. TelepbneM9
Fine Watch repairing at Jlalford's.
Hie Hit nation at Nt. Lonla.
St. Louis, February 11. River still
rising slowly, the guage marking 20
feet 3 inches, but there is no heavy
swtll coming from above, and it is
hoped the ice will move out quietly.
A break np is expected at any mo
ment, and all steamers bavo steam up,
and everything is ready for thestatt.
So fir but little damage has been done.
River Telegrama.
NEwOnLBANs.February 11. Night
Arrived : Charles Morgan, Cincinnati.
Departed: Helena, Memphis.
Pittsiiur", February 11. Night
River 4 feet 0 inches on thegiuge and
falling. Weather cloudy and wa'm.
Whkeuno, W. Va February 11.
Night River 6 feet 0 inches on the
gauge ana rising, weeiaer ciouay.
Cincinnati,0., February 11 Night
River rising, with 15 feet 4 inches on
the gauge. Weather cloudy and rain
ing. Cairo, February 11. Niht-River
21 feet 2 inches on the gauge and ris
ing. Weather clondy and cold. No
arrivals or departures,
Evanbvilik, February 11. Night
River stationsry, with 13 feet 5 inches
on the pauge. Weather rained all
day, fogify this eirpning ; thermometer
48 to SO0. Very little ice running. The
packets are all late.
LomsviLiE, February 11. Night
River etationary, with 7 feet 2 inches in
the canal and 5 leeton the falls. Bus
iness good. Weather clondy and rain
ing. Arrived: Granite S;ate and U.
P. Shenck, Cincinnati ; Buckeye State,
Memphis; Mary Houston, New Or
leans. The New York Weekly Star
The MemphisWeekly Appeal
will be raralahrd la eaberrtbrre at
1 00 prr year. Tho BTAB la pob
liahcd In Dally, Snnday and Weekly
..n,inn hv wna. Dorsnrlmer. Tbe
Weekly la a Oiat-claaa alxleen-paae
i.rMin, .aakini Government hm
..i ... - - - Af ,k. dnitartinenta at
Washington, or any other P"i;l,n under
the Government, I -ill send lull Inetructioni
aa to how to pioeeed to obtain the lame,
and Blank f orma or Appll"""'' S
On. Tnll.r. AdaiTM JOHN
D. UUKUH, Lock.boz Mkb. Cbico
B35The firm of GOODBAR & CO. la been dissolved, and we lave reorgaulzed onr interest in tbe Wholerale Boot
and Shot Buainesp, in connection with Mr. W.E.Love, lata of Warren, Love & Co., et. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Coldwar, Miss., nndur the style of and firm name given below. We thank oar friends fjr their patrontga
in tbe pzat and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBAR
Lata of Good iar A Co., Mamphii. Lata of Uoodbar A Co., Memphii. Lata of Warren. Love k Co., St. Louis. Lata of Coldwater, Mils..
3G7 k 309 Main
We are roar receiving a large and Eii'lrc-ly Xcw Ntck of Eastnrn and
Spring Trade of lbSti, which wa oiler at o k Itotioui I'ricOM,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines cf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whhh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
. George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Bo Ms.
Brady & Stortell's Eoys', Youths', Mieses' and Children's
Solar Tip Sho;s.
T. M. Harris &. Co.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Als, L. W. Nute & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow SLo.'s
the best Erogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar & Cj.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmmn & Co line of Lidies' and
Missps' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVF.LYnnder the Fcorv Brands.
Battle of the Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic.
Wilt! War U hoops Women
Exasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty "Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to kiok me,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My husband never gave me as much
as a cross word in his life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never came home intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, he buys his
clothes at the Misfit Parlors, 2C2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so does mine.
He says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for the entire winter.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for $:2 was
worth $40, and the suit he paid $20
for cou'.d "not have been made to sell
for less than $35.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
eaid anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I guess we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the MUfit Parlors. Gracious! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors aro a real blessiDg. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not often
represent the cost price of clothing.
You get Suits, Overcoats and Pants
there for half price. 4
X.B. Our present stock of fine
merchant tailors misfits in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that we sold
originally for one-half of their actual
vnliift. we aro now SELLING BELOW
cost to enable us to make room for
the largo and handsome stock of custom-made
GARMENTS which WO Will
receive'.from our agents at tho open
ing of the spring season. If you de
sire to secure a genuine bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
272 Second St., Memphis,
Opi. Court Squares
Sk- Remomber, all alterations to
insure a peneci ui ouucuuoj
promptly made, without additional
charge, by a first-class tailor.
lrpa Evenlna-s n" -.
Nnnrlaa onll 11.
Imrnrten and dealen In ,""lAm;
nlilon and Fltiln Tackle, "'r"
Hardware, kleelrle Bell, and An
nnnelaioiw lor Hotels and Reiidences.aia
Main atreet, Scmphla, Tenn. ilectrio
tuppliei alwayi on hand. Repainn- neatly
done. --
Mkuphi. Iik.i February 8, 18W.
TUK itockholdon of the a-li 1
anraare 1'oinpany are hereby nott-
i i .i....i. n t.n lliree
ton, to serve the enjuing year, will be neia
at the office of the company. No. 10 Madisoa
itreet. on TUESDAY. February . latto. be
tween the hours n m. ana z p.m.
11. M. Nh.LY,l'reiidenti
Jobm Jobrsok, Secretary, .
1 rv X. "S. ... L
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
ne male Dy any competing market.
market of the fol
We also control
310 and 313 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Stoves, Tinware
IIAJIEN. N coiDms,
We have a most Complete stock of Cutlery, Guns, Shelf and Plantation
Hardware, which we offer to the trade at rock-bottom prices.
BAR, W. L. CLARK and J. II. GOOuBAR, wai dimolved January 1, 18R6, by mutual
consent, A. B. Wnolbar and J. II. Goodbar baring acid tbeir entire intaroit in the assets
to J. AI. Goodbar and W. L. Clark. J. M. GOODB4.R.
Mkvphis, Tink., January 14, 1886. J. It. GOODBAR.
tr Referring to the above notice of dissolution, J. M. Goodbar and W.L.Clark beg to
Inform their friends and customers that, as successors, they will continue the Wholesale
Hoot and Shoe Business, at the old stand, 819 Main street, under the old firm name of
GOODBAR k GO., having admitted aa partners E. J. Carrinftton and F. G. Jones from and
after January 1, 1886, loose indebted to theold firm will make settlement with us.
Jnrae M. Goodbnr I
L. ClnrW I
itatollslied 1BQO.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
I--. ozAKraxrils co.
lWw1in n ,1 -j inalin- ii
,, m "
- jiiiiui p
Madison Street, ear Cotton Exchange acd Theater
Onlera for tlila Coal, In Iarae
T Telenbotie W1.
33fi Front St., Cor. Union. Memphis, Tenn.
Henry Clews & Co.
13 & 15 Broai St., Sew York.
S per rent. Intereat Paid on Depoalt
ORDERS executed on all the Kxchaniiei
forStocaa. Bonds, Grais, CottoH and
FsrBQLica for Caib or oa Margin.
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for the
on aa liberal terms as can
the following Specialties -under our
own brands, viz:
Goodbnr, Love & Co.'s Men's Groined Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Ba!s, Button and Congress.
Gnolbar, Live & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bie, Button and Congress.
Goidbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Butt in f J 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' S3 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lecteif Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect e alii fact ion
in evrv reanect.
Eng - ene J. Carrlng;on Frank O. Jonoa
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil.
1 Fierier Rannps.
sPi ; ;.' . : -
I -uimirawa . vi-io.uee
1. Jr-" Mailed Free.
Per IDctv-
or email qnantllle, fllled by
A CJO., 190 JeHerson st.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
S IS Main St., Momphi, T?nu
WlahlBg lo Retire from BaalneM
We Oiler oir l.uiire

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