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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 13, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton Closed Stead;, Xiddlioir 8
lCc; Sales, 2150 Bales Firmer
Money in good demaid at 8 per cent.
Local securities firm and advancing.
The cot oa market was firmer yester
day and closed at the Exchange steady.
Ealee, 2150 bales; receipt, 1771 bales;
stock, 139,810 tales. At New York
spots closed firm, middling 91-16c;
futures firm and 4 to 6 points higher.
At New Ohaas spots closed steady,
middling 8 9-16c ; futures barely steady
and 4 to 7 points higher, February, 8 06
8.68c bid. Liverpool spots were quiet,
and unchanged, futures firm and l-64d
higher; February, 4 5G-64J. Receipts
at all United States ports yester
day were 15,558 bale?, against 9982
same time last year.
Provisions and breadstuff un
changed. Potatoes end apples 25c
higher. '
One thousand three hundred and
ten sks bran, 18 pkgs butter, 11 pkgi
bacon, 3621 bu corn, 27 ska coffee, 3
cars, cotton-seed; 410 sks cotton seed,
180 brls cottoa-Beed oil, 337 pkgs dry
jroooa, id pEB egg3, 1US2 brls dour,
SjO bales hay, 42 pk?s batj, 187 hd
lions, 41 bd ca'tle, 109 hd horses and
mules, 203 pkgs lard, 62,000 ft lum
ber, 106 pkgs liquor, 95 brli molasses,
250 kegs nails, 4000 bu niti, 460 brls
potatoes, 90 brls pork, 68 brls sugar
and 44 pkgs tobacco.
American Fi., Wi. Northern P. tfd. fn'i
B. ,0 B. A N..H.P. N. Y. C. 4 St. L., .
Canada I'ac., 60. N.Y.C.W.L., ,,, V.-'I.
Canal riouih., 41'. C. N. W li':.
Central Pacitic. 4J'i. '. N. W. p!d. 1.
Cheapeake it O-.ll.N. Y. Central, ldi-...
C. AO. lt .U, . Ohio Central, IS.
C.AO. lid .fj. 14'4'. Ohio A Mi. , V
Chicago k Alton, 142J.IJ. 4 Miss. ,fj.
C. A A. pfd, 1M. Ontario A West.. 3.
0., 11. 4 y.. Ui. Oregon NaT., UHV.
C.,fct. L 4N.O., Oregon Irani.. :L-T.
C., t. L. 4 P., 1 H- Oreaon Imp.,
C, Su 1.. 4 P., p.. U.Faoilie Mail. 57.
C.S.AC., 33. l'anama. wt.
C. 4C.. 55. Peoria, D. A K..2U..
Del. 4 Hud.. 1(T;J. Pitt'burg. U.
Iel.. L. V., 13 . Pullman P. C, 135.
ieo. x mo u., 1. Kesnng. Zl'i.
Itnckjiiand, 12SV
St. L 4 8. If., 22.
St L.JrS.K. p, 4H.
St.L AS. F. 1st p 102.
C. M. 4 St. P.,S4'i.
C. M. 4 St. P. p. lit!4
St. P.M. M.,117.
Bl. r. A "uiaba. 4iv
Sales, 5003
Day before.
7 1 M
7 11-lti
. 8 Mt5
. 9-10
Kri. TV
Krie plj , 56.
East X enn., 3.
Kant Tenn. pfj.. ti.
Port Wasne, 143
Hannibal 4 St. Jo,
H. 4 at. J pfd,
Harlem, 216.
Houston 4 I., S2
llliuoa Cen., l:i'.)-;
ft. P. 4 O. pld, 1U3,.
Junius tn., i.v.--. lexas racinc, 1.1.5a
Jnd. B. k W..2t'i. Voion Pacific. M1.
Kansas 4 T , SiS IJ. 8. Express, tvi'i
Lake K. 4 W., W., St. u. 4 P.. yi.
Lake Shore, Wi.
Lou. 4 Nath , 4ii',.
Lou. 4 N. A , 3a.
M. 4 C, lat ptd.
M. 4C. 2d pid,
Mem 4 Char., 35.
.Mich. Central. 74.
Min. 4 St. L., W4.
W..SI. L. A V. n. iA':.
W. A F. Kx , 123.
W. U.Tel., 74.
Colorado Cel.
Iren Silrcr, 24U.
Ontario, 2U.
Uulckm! ver, 6.
'MadiHon St, Meinnlils, Tenn.,
M-CorrfKpondeiiee tollclted. InTor
. iiintloa cbctfally furniabed.-vu
Money In g-od dfimand at 8 per
cent. 'J'he Cleariog-Housu report is as
Clenrinird. Bnlanceff.
Fr day, Fh. 12 t l'JI.irjs 87 SH.lyi :'S
1'hus inr thil ok... 1,827,IV 'M 27'S,47tl t
riLe time laft week l,t:t2.1fl H 4nl,5'0 17
Cor. timo 1SV l,47r,'JI.!) 71 :WS,K.i1 43
. Cr. time 1,117.975 61 273.152 lil
liuvina. Selling
Hew York aisht on all polnu. 'dia Huera
New England demand. )(lis
New Knuland liKtit...... V, die
New Urleana dil par
In the first column wo cire the prire bid,
and in the second the price anted.
Bank of Commerce... ..........147 41'0
Firat National ; 135 (iM0
Oerman Bunk. ......
State National "I'tt (4140
Union 4 Plantor ..147 ial49
Mercantile XJ) gufi
Home . (ta fin
Bluff City .-. Itm ...
Peoples ... CO H US
l'l,iutjr...... IDI miirj
Phurnii .. !8 (5(1 hi
. .jteuifhie City Ida aius
Vatiderbill Iti (O 19
l!?rni)'lo Imi ,
Ar'iriitiun 2") (4 ...
."". .. O 25
Tonno"fee eertifloatea, Dand K....
'Ion !:: warranta, aeries C Wi (i t
llhy ijounty bonds 1iH (lw)
IStielSy County warranta 98 m tt
1 ixiUK-Untrict 4, b'a . ttyt Mi
Tuxint.-Diiitrict6'a ....100 CiW
' MciuphisStoraKe Compress Co 1U7 (311(1
Meuiphis Una Company atock H4 d? 65!
Memphis Uaa Company bonds .....liMi9 ...
Memphis WatnrCo. bonds 9(1 f4 ...
PanBUorOil Works o) 5)
City Oil Works 45
Pioneer Cotton-Mills .. (a, :
American Cotton Oil trust 20 (9 21
Memphis City Railway Bonds luu (aiui
NkwYokk, February 12. Money on
call easy at U2 per cent. Piime
mercantile paper, i'a 5 per cent. Ster
linfj exchange dnll but firm at 487J
ior 60 days and 489 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds quitt
' but rery strong. Slate bom's dull and
st aady. Total t ales of railroad bo ids
were $3,112,000. West Shore guaran
teed were most active, transactions
amounting to f 102,000. Trices stio ig.
but pa ns in moot ctses fractional
except in early dealings.
Slocks tic ki were alternately act
ive, strong, dull and weak. Opening
prices showed decided advances for
the most act ve stocks, farming from ,
to 1 per cent., the latter f r Delaware
and Hudson. Lackawanna said up
and Lonisvi'le and Nasnvillaj, Im
mediately after t le opening the mar
ket became weak and declined frac
tions to over 1 per cent, during the
forenoon. The active stocks t&
yielded more tbai 1 per cent, were
liackawanua, Delaware and Hudson,
Lake Snore, Missouri Pacific, North
ern Taciflo preferred and Unioa Pa
cific. Tne lowest prices were about
noon, folbwed by a small rally, then a
dull, heavy market until after 1
o'clock, when there was sudden rise
in coal stocks and Erie, later followed
by slow decline and a sport of act:vity
in the last fifteen minutes, carrying
prices in many caea to the best
figures of the day. The market closed
strong. The result of the day's opera
tions are an advance f'T the moet'act
tive stocks ol fractional amounts, ex
cept Delaware and Hudson, which
is up H, and Reading 2, jtad a
decline for the loesattve snares and
Erie of J to f The conspicuous feat
' tire of the day's opera'ions wan the
remarkable activity of Philadelphia
and Reading, with sales of 39,645
shares. This advance is an enigma to
1 ne street. Various reasons are as
eigned, among them the report that
uowen had nnally agreed t work 1
wito the syndica'a m reorganizing the
company. Erie led fie list in activ
ity, and showed decide! et.ength ego
heavy salep.
The total sales of stock to day were
40:S,625 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna aod W'ettirn 61,275, Il
aware and Hudson 9S53, Erie 86,375,
Lake Shore m,4H0, Louisville and
Nashville 56(i3, Hew Jersey Centia'
25,040, New York Ceotral 5000, Pacific
Mail 6195, Heading 3!.G45, St, Paul
43,820, Unioi Paiiie 11135, Wettsrn
Union 10 725, Noithern Pacific pre
ferred 11,715, Oregon Transcontinental
12300. The cloiiog quotations were as
foil 3 we:
V. 6. 8s, 100V.. New 4.
New 4), li::.V Pacific 6t of 1895, VXli
C. P. firoU. 114. T. P. land erants, mi
r.rie reconaa, kj;,. i . r. mo u. iv., w.
Le'b k Wilket., 1I0U.1I. p ru. 116.
Luuiriana eon., S4. II . land rrant', 1U6,
II. V. a. fund. 122.
Virginia 6a, 4:i.
Va.con., ei m.c., 52.
Va.con. del., 12.
M. k et. L. pfd, 4W. Quickailver pfd, 21.
Missouri Pao., 110a. iSoulb Pacific,
Mobile (I., 14'a. Botro, IS.
MoiruJt K ,offd, 136.
New Oklkans, Li., February 12
New York sight exchange, $160 pre
London, February 12. Cinsols, 100
11-10 for bath money tnd the account.
United States bonds 1132. ex-
coupons: Atlantic and Great Western
firsts, 3sJ; Atlantic a ad Great Western
second?, 11.
Paris, February 12. Three percent,
rentes 81 f 40j f jr the account.
Naw Oelkans, La., February 12.
Clearings of the banks, $1,42,071.
St. Locib, Mo., February 12. Bank
clearings, $2,2;3.353; balances, $487,
101. Baltimobb:, February 12 Bank
rl 'Brings, $1,710,512; balances, $202,
874. Fuila Delphi a, Pa., February 12.
Bank clearings, 18,033,707 00: bal
ances, $808.0)8 32.
Nkw Yobk, February 12. Clearing
bouse statement: Exchanges, $123,
273, 673 j bu'anues, 5,140,8,'!3
Boston, February 12 Clearing
house statement: Excbungee. ! 2,693 -108;
balances, $1,481,057. Morny 1J
per cent. Exchange oa New York,
par to 5 cents premium.
quiet, and closed cteady.
. Te?terda
Ordinary .. 7 M
Wood ordinary 7 11-16
Low midiliDf ... t 1-lii
Middling . x s (.
Uood middlioc l'1.
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed barely
tt d v and 4 to 7 points higher. Sales,
30,000 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows, as compared with yes
terday :
February...... 8 n; 4 n.t'.s
March. . 8 iV,
April..... 8.74 4 8 7r.
May.... 8.S7.I 8
Juoe....... .... V.l'l 4 9 02
July , 9.124 8 I t
August . .17 9 IS
September 8 tx'.a 8
October............. 8.7oa 8 72
November......... H (Vi ft o7
lecember m. 8.67 8.ti9
lone. iKee'u.l Price. IbUxsk.
Dy before.
8. til bid.
8.5S4 .W
8 i-1- 4 S.tH
8 M 8.HI
8 W 8.97
US 4 9.(19
.l(l. .ll
8 HI 4 8.S2
8 W 4 8 ttf
8 l.l 4 8 2
N Urleant
Norfolk ...
New lork
Bostm .....
Bt. LouiaJ
Dull. '
2 tt'4 'H IMS
S.7;t; 8 11-1(1
1.2A 8 H-lii
2.27H 8 9-lrt
l.MW H'i
4n'.' fhJ
1.57H, 8 13-16
(i7l 9 Mi!
f't 9'a
: S"I
2W! 85,
steady; XXX, $3(M l.V. fHmily,$3 25
(5'3 35 ; extra, $3 604 75. Wheat doll,
unsettled tnd lower; market opened
ay and ,5Jc lower and soli down
1c more, suon rallied to the opening
figures, however, and c'ojvd steady a,
price JJc lower than yesierdav ; No.
2 red, raah, tWc; February, !K)j2;
March, SMljc; May. 03 y4( closing
at03Jc. Cjrn (airly active, firm and
higher, closing steady : No. 2 mixed,
ait), 34JGj3."3 bid; February, 34;c
bid ; March, iil'tfje, tl.ieing at 35Js;
May, 37j(337t(i'381e, closing at 37J
37Jj bid. Oats firm and higher; No.
2 mixed, cash, 29c; Februarv, 2!)jc
bid; March, 30Jc; May. 32c. Rye, COc
aeked. Barley doll and w-ak; Amer
ican, 6075c; Canada. 80(,i 5c. Hay
steady; timothy, Ill(iil3 60: prairie,
$07 75. Flaxseed, $1 CO. Bran, 64c
at mill ; 65c on east track. Corn meal
active and firm, $1 85100. Receipts
Flour, 3000 brls; wheat, 26,iKH) bu;
corn, 104,000 bu; oats, 19,000 bu; rye,
rtrt I . .... . .... ' J
iuu(i ou ; nariey, uuu du. Mupments
Flour, 7000 brls; wheat, 5000 bu;
corn, 13,000 bn; oate, 6000 bu; rye,
tone; ra'ley, 1001 bn.
Afttmiion Hoard. Wheat irregular?
near futures c easier; more deferred
futures a shade btt:er. Corn aud oats
Total receipt at ports, this day, l:isn,..l.VR,i8
Total receipu at ports, this dty. lsi 9.4S2
K'taatU.8. ports, 1
7 days
Exporta to Urea'
Hec'ta since Sept.
1UT..784; S,0!8 104.017
1,014, 7(!i:
ft'i,8Ktl (17.012
The local market opened quiet, and
closed steady; middling 8 !l hi-. Sales,
2150 hales, including 0(K) bales Thurs
day evening, of which 1230 were to ex
porters, and 900 to spin tiers.
Yeatarda. Day before.
i s-io
U ood Ordinary
Low Middling
Middling; ...
Oood Middlinir
Middling fair
Btaina and tinges
7 11-Ki
8 3-15
8 9-1(3
Mkmphi8. February 12
Stock, September 1, 1885... l..H2
Reoeived to-day ,771
Received previously 402.5UU
Shipped to-dy., 7yd
Shipped previously 32'i,ltt7
Burnt, etc
liume oonaumption lodato 325,8.'3
Stock, running account 1:!9,8I0
Thni far thia week .'. ii v-,
Thus far last ween . 7,'(it7
Binoe Soptember 1st M. 404,271
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.... 2(9
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 41(j
Louisville and Nashville Railroad 12u
Memphis and Little IWk, Railroad. 7
C, 0. and S. W. R. R 4'j
Louisville, N. O k T. R. R Dy
Kansas City.Springfielil and M. R.R. H4
Memphis, Selwa and Brunaw'k R.R. lift
Steamers M M f,:i4
Wagons and other sources....... 25
Thus far this week
Thus far last week .
Siuoe .September 1st .....
'4.:il2.K, 4 24K.4Vl'l.!lVl.:(l'l
f oreign eporu...jZ,7 ijyW". 2.iM,e.ll2,7:. d
Increase in reoeikts ibis year l4,428
Liverpool spots at noon were uuoted
quiet and unchanged. Sales, H'XX) bale.',
of which 7000 were American. Re
ceipts, 11,000 titles, of which 10.SJ0
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 3-1GJ; god
ordinary, 4 0-10 J; low middling, 4hl;
good middling. .5 3-10d; middling
uplands, 4 l10d : 0 leans, 5 1-10 1.
Manchester cloths firm, denund
light, yarns dull, holders pressing
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet; February, ; February
March, 4 6VC4J; March-April, 4 &0
(ill; April-May, 4 57 641; Mav-June,
4 69-04d; June-July, 4 62-01(4 (H Old ;
July-Augutt, 4 B3-04f,4 64 Old; Au-gu-.t-Septembor,
5 2 Old.
At 2 l m. : Liverpool . futures were
quiet; February, 4 55 0 U buyers; Fb-
ruary-MKrcu, 4 oo-o4il buyers; March
April, 4 50 011 sellers; April-May,
4 57 041 buyers; May-June, 4 59 041
va'ue; June July, 4 62U4d tellers;
July-August, 5'l ia!ue; August Sep
tsmber, 5 2 O ld buyera.
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
firm; February, 4 5(1 04d sel'ers;
Feb.nary-March. 4 Sti-tild sellers;
March-April, 4 5i-34d buyers; Airil
Mav, '4 58 till sel.erB; May-June,
4 ti0 61d sellirs; June-July, 4 62 Old
buyers;-July-August, 5 lOld sellurs;
Aiinii8t-Hptember, 5 3-Gld sellers.
Liverpool weekly Bta'eaiont,for the
week ended February 12, 1S30:
Chicago, 111., February 12. Trade
was slow and dragging, in wheat to
day, speculation not being enlivened
by news such as to move prices strong
ly in either direction. '1 ho raiigs for
May delivery was 84JS5, witn very
little tarding at either extreme, c od
ing for the day exactly midway. It
was shown that fie available wheat
and Hour supply wai about 1,500,000,
less than one year ao, and
that stocks of whiat here were
400,0r0 bushels leas than one year ago.
This, together with rumors that sev
eral ships were lrnling wheat both at
New York and at Bsltiniore. brva lit
tle firmer toie to the market, ;. May ad
vancing to the top figures for the day.
Cables, however, were reported weak
and specultt'oa light, and tie ma'ket
ruled very dull it the close. A brisk
export demand for corn was reported,
and the mnrket ruled very firm with
at tive tradings, May advancing to 41c,
but cloning in the afternoon snmewhat
lower. Oate ruled very etrongthrou-h-oat,
with a liberal acrnice in prices
ior an me ueuveries. taeti
fl fiOQl 70; asparagus, fj 60 4;
green corn, fll 35; green peas, Jl
(o223: cove oysters, lu'.l weight, Mb,
K)l 10; cove oysters, full weight,
2 lb, ft 7-Vil 85; cjre oy-ters, lwlit
weight, 1-lb, 6c; cove oysters, liht
weight, 21i, fl; conHensed milk
Crown, JVJ0; Kjg!e,J7 75; rjniss $0.
Baltimobb, Md .February 12. Cof
fee easier; Kio cirgoee, ordinary to
fair, 7J(8(!.
New Orleans, February 12. Cof
fee quiet steady; sutar Bteady ; mola
sees dull, nomirn'.
New Yobk, February 12 Ccflee
options steady and moderately active;
sales, 19,751 . bigs ; Febrnary, 6c;
March, 6 65c; April and May, 6 65c;
jQly,6 70c; Augost, 6jc; September,
6 80: October, 6.80c. hogar quiet; re
fined quiet.
Apples Apples, $2 b0&2 75 from
store; 2(i?2 25 per car-load from levee.
or depot. Dried apples, 3ojtc per
pound from store. Dned peacliee, 3jj)
4c from store.
Vegetables Onions. $2 75ri3 2.5
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoes Irish, northern, J2 60..A2 75,
packed; car-loads from levee or depot.
iJ 00 per barrel. Cabbatre, 9ojllc
per next, tvrout, Drls, o(i)tt: ball
brls, $2 753 25. Garlic, 40t)60c per
Fhpit Oranges, Linisiana. none:
Florida, none; Messina, 4(i4 60
per box. Lemons, $IQi)4 5J per
box. Bananas, 50c 10i per bunch.
Cocoannte, Jl per 100. Feanuta
Virginia, 6i7c; Tennessee, farm
er's stock, 2j(a)3c; recleaned, 3
4jc; roaste, 2 j higher; shelled, 10c.
Almonds, 18(a)l0c. Cheetnute green
12J(Sl5c; dry, none.
Kaihins Ixjndon layers, f3 60; lay
ers, t2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 60(34.
Pickles In iar. Dints. flOc;.onarte.
$160; halt gallons, $2 60; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrele,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mix
ed, $6.
Pecans Texas, 810o for small to
medium, 1014o for large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,
15c; Uronoblea, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Uidkr Miseonri,I(r)7 0 per barre
t tl aa n-ilfa
in strong demaid. Flour quiet and rp.Yil 5, 7 TnZu ili
nnchange.l. A law lots were taken ir. -ulua y '"ba
for locrl jobbers, bnt ttere was no "feJV-ffie s Mro.'n -ra
export buaiuen.' Whe.t fl vtua'ed ,,AU. ,Vpe. ; tl"bT
within its law, closinir at nhont hf?' ' . k"'.
. ... . aouu uraiiHiiu, 9-v:Oi urenseu luiaevs.
im. lsNi,
- S2r,H2:i
Weekly sales
Of which Ameri
can ...
Inoiud. for export
Includ. tor apecu
Forwarded from
shin s aula....
Total stock
Of. which Ameri
can ,
Week's receipts.
Ol which Ameri
Total roo'ptssinco
oeptiinber 1st ..
Of which Amen
Actual week's export-
Stock allrat
Of which American
50,000 31,000 52,090
41, M0
3.400 3.SJ0 3,300
4.5,000 87.000 94,000
1.4IS.100 1,972,900 1,874,500
1,232,7(0 1,573,400,1,407,700
248.0001 314 00
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad,
bouiarille anl Nashville Kiilroad....
Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W.K.U
Steamers south
417 I
100 !
Totnl .,.....,, 7( ,,
lKll.12, 188(1. II I R lRT.
ekcbivku. This Last This Last
Year. Year. Year. Year.
! Mem.AChar. 1.2.V! 1,121 lil.ul.il 7r..4.j
Miss. & Tenn 1,01 . 0:i 50.14SI 41 :u:t
-'l ''1 W 41,018!
Mom.iLu.lt 4l(i l,8rt 6.4,801 ii,,K4l
C.O.JtS.w. 145 ski ai ofiu o-.'V7.i I
...N.0.AT. KB fi.(l !,4f.l lliaw
K.C.b.i M. l.;,0 ail . 15,812 17,7
M. B. k A... 225 4,2S3 '
Miss. Kiyer.. 1.1RS 1,0(4 77,2 SolKS
W hite River. 81 217 10,(1(1 U,M
Ark K..(tntl
rivers, 17W; 453 2U 8,0 2 4.1C4
Wagons and
oth.aourcoa 150 s. ISO 50,670 30,875
Total . 6,12.5 7,197 401,271 !vu',W
Vwi. 12, 1886. BRR 1st.
Thil Last Thia Last
Year. Year. Year. Year.
Mem.AChar. 2.011 J.1S0 58,4761 41 S71
Miss A Tenn 1,(M l.lmi 17,537 315(4
L. N.O. 8. 677 2,972 til 5:17 ' 67,458
C..0.4S W 412 66,868 4 l.iH
L..N.0.4T. 130 1,693 36,733 1ST.07J
Mem.,B. JtA 103 lu,7tu ."i.!.!
Steam, north COO 3,869 55,5(17 46,.1ilj
Bteam.aouth. 175 1,515 18,522 27,125
Total 6Jtl 13,ar 32),l 2V),0:a
New York spots opened mady, and
closed firm. Sales, 558 bales. Quo
tations were as follows :
3ood ordinary. ....
Low middling -
Good middling...
Middling fair
Fair..... ....,
6 7-1(1
7 13-16
9 1-16
. 9 7-16
10 1-16
10 11-16
Day Before.
6 7-16
. 7 13-16
9 l-IB
B 7-'6
10 l-t!6
10 11-16
Day rtefora.
.00- 9.02
9.IIIH ....
9.22 'I 9.K.
9 32 4 9 i)
9.3H 0.4O
9.47liJ 9.4K
9.24'S 9.2l
9.07 9.08
9.014 9.(M
Missouri 6i. l'jVi.
j St. Jo-eph, 120.
ift.P.AS. CMsM, 128,
lenn. oa, old, Oi.
'. lenn. 6s, new, 57.
, Adams Bxpress, 1(5. Nashville k C, 47.
i Allegheny Central, -N.J.Centrnl, 62.
j Alton a t. H.. Xorfo k k W. pfd.27.
A, m i.a., na, hi. Aorthern fte.,
New York futures opened quie, and
closed firm and 4 to 0 points higher.
Sales, 145,000 bates. The closing quota
tions were as follows, as compared with
Febrnary .C4'4 9.07
March 9(WiS( 9.00
April .... . ls 9.19
May. 9.28 9.29
June 9.3a
July . 0.44 4 9.4.5
August 9.M '4 9.52
September 9.2 9.31
Ootober . 9.11(4 9.H
November 9.0 a 9. 10
The following is the cotton com
parative etttement for the weekend
ing Friday, February 12, ISSli: Net re
ceipts at all United States ports dur
ing the week. 105,786 bale ; same week
last year. (18,618 bales. Total receipt
toaaie, i.dii.oij baiee; same date last
year, 4252,411 bales. Exports for
I be week, 104.733 bales: eame week
last year, 83,206 bales. Total exports
to thia date, 2 697.433 bales; same
date lat year, 2.950.S03 bales. Stock
at all United States porta, 1,014,702
bales ; same time last year, 336 002
balea. Stock at all interior towns,
228 086 bales; same time last vear,
145 980 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
(130,000 bales; same time laet year,
001,000 bales. Stock of American
afloat for Great Britain, 239,000 bales;
lame time last year, 248,000.
The Ne w Orleans spot market opened
Weekly cotton leport: Sal softlie
week, 50,000 bales ; American 41.OC0;
speculators tcok 3400 and exporters
took 2400; forwarded from ships' side
to spinners, 10,700; a tdal expoit,
4800; total importf, 53,000; American,
43,000; to al stock, 030,100; American,
473,000; total ntioat, 277.000: Ameri-
can, 239,0
The following is the record of the
bids aid oflre tit tue Cull Uou-d o! the
Merctnot,' Excbuiije yeitmlay :
No. 2, white, spot, 40c bid; Febru
ary, ne o. t. D:d ; March., 41 Jo o. t. bid
April, 4.1', o. t. bid: May, 45c o. t. bid
47c aeked ; No. 2, February, 3741 o. t,
Diet; April, Ms o. t. bid; Way, 4lMc o,
I. UiU.
No. 2, spot, 32c o. t. bid ; February,
S2c o. t. bid ; March, SOc asked ; May,
February. $15 60 asked: MVch.
$15 bid, $15 50 inked; May, $15 50
Sput. $1 90 bid, $2 10 asked : Febrn
ary. $1 95 bid, 2 05 asked; March.
$1 9- bid, $2 10 asked; April, $2 05
bid, $2 30 asked ; May, $2 20 bid, $2 35
Cobs Vhite, 47c; mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c : mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store,85c; prime.
otaouc; prairie, ooc; round lota from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
io rA. ! An
fto mj , prairie, J3.
Oats White, 38c ; mixed, 37c, from
store. Konnd lota from levee on
track white, sacked, 35 Jc; mixed,
sacKea, ct 0.
Oatmkal In half-barrels, $3 50 from
Cornmb At, Standard, $2 10 2 20;
pearl. $3g3 25 from store; 6o
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Flour From store, double ext'a,
: triple extra, ; family, 4
4 25; choice. $4 2.V34 50: fane v. St 75
5; extra fancy, $5 25(J5 75; patento,
08 25; round lots from levee or
track, 10c cheaper; cr lot? choice,
$18(a4 05; family, $3 60 375; fancy,
$4 30450; extra fancy, $4 75i5;
patents, $5 25035 69.
Beam From store, 85o per cwt;
round lota from levee, $15 per ton.
BiSANS-Navy,$2 25; medium, 2.
liica-Louisiana, 4A5Jo; Carolina,
6 i c.
Hominy and Grits From store,
$2 753. '
Cbackkd Wheat In half-barrels,
$4 from fctore.
Crackers Soda, -extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c; lemon cream crack.
era, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 71c: sinerer snar. pitra .
6c; finger snaps, treble extra, e ; as
sorted jutubles, 9c.
New Orleans, La., Febrnary 12.
Flour dull and nominal. Corn dull,
weak and lower, 4(i47c. 0ta quiet
and unchanged. Cornmeal lower.
$2 20. Hay steady.
'Kansas City, Mo., February 12.
Wheat strong; cash, 733 bid, 74o
ssked; March, 75(5 asked; May, 78Jc
bid, 79J asked. Com atealy; cash,
293 bid, 29fc aaked; March, 30c
May, S2c. Oata So qnoUtiona.
Et. Locm, Mo., February 12. Flour
reliruary. tjQ!)7!l2e, closed
79 7-IOj: Marct', 7UhC"-81c, timed at
79 13-16j; Mut, SljOHoJc, closed at
8.5c; June, KUjlStl 13-16c,' closed at
80fe; No. -i spring, 7UJtiiK2c; No. 3
fprmg, 7ljc. Com puces advanced
il'i Bid closed n higher t' :n ves-u-riJiiy;
cash, 370i)38i:; Ftbruarv, :Xl
3"Jc, closed at37cj March, 371(.i':i7; j,
closed at 37Bc; May, 4()J41c, clu ed at
40 13 IOj. Oats st-o"!ger; cash, 3(1 3;
February, SUijcj March, 2!i7 2iJ-,
closed at 20jc; May, 32i(.i;13.(:, closed
VXiZ 11-IUj. Kye tttnly; No. 2,59 j.
Barley nominal ; No. 2, 00c Flaxiced
earner; JNo. 1, SI 12. Receipts iionr.
7000 brls; wheat, 17.000 bu j co.-n, 2lti,.
000 bu; oate, 131.000 bu; rye, 3000 bu;
nanny, i,uoj nu. ftniprnentfl-r lour,
10,000 brlB; wheat, 28,000 bu; corn,
92,000 bu; oate, 117,000 bu; rye, 2000
bu; barley, 36,000 bu.
yiytrnioo Board. Wheat quiet mil
unchanged. Corn Jo bwer. OalB 1c
BtiTTKR Creamery, 38(li)40i3; dairy,
17(i)2)c; bulterine, 14(u16t; country,
12(a)18e, according to condition,
CiiKKsa Prime flits, 78o; New
York factory, 8a; full cream, lli(.i)ll;
Mess 1"ork Old, $10 75U per
barrel; new, $U7o12 per barrel;
ii(rr-curod ham, packed, 9l(5)10c;
breakfast bacon 8!f9c: clear rib ba-
con, 686Jc.
Bulk Pork Clear sides, 6(6Jc;
clear rib sidee, BJ(5'(c; long clear, b
5Jc; shmihlurs, 4(u)4Jc.
Lard Tierc ; s,6 3(tMl jc ; lial f-barrel ,
6jc: kegs. CJc; buckete, 7(i)7c; half
buckets, 7Ki7jc; 601b tins, 6jHJc;
LO Ib tine,68(ic;10-tb tins, B,f)7c;
6-lb tins, 7(74c; 3-lb tins, ltc;
choice kettle, tierces, 77jc.
Frksh Meats Beef ijood Kannas
City steers, heavy, 8n; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, 6J3; unuton, 7c;
lambs, 8jc; pork, 6c.
Pios-r-Ber Br.'s, 83JP60; ha'f-brls,
$3(J(J3 25.
Nkw Orleanc, La., February 12
Hog pro lnctu d (lil and drooninir. Pirk.
1102. LarI, rf fined, 5.9itVic. Bulk i
mata sbojl lure, 3 9Jc; lung clear,
5 55a; clear rib, 6.05c. Boa shonl
ders,4Ji5; lo g e'ear. 6.35c; clear rib,
0.4.')c. Hams, i)g.9jc.
Cincinnati, O , February 12. Pork
quiet; firm at $11 25. Lard firmer at
tun. Jtsulk meats firmer, unchanged
Bacon Bteady, uncbaoged. Butter dull
uncnanged, firmer, 17(Vi)20c. Chees
q'liet, unchanged.
St. Louis, Mo.. Februarv 12 Pro.
visions very dull but gnprally Bteady,
Pork, $11 25. Lard, 5 Oj&Gc. Bulk
meats, loose loL?, long clear, 6.45c
short rib, 5 65j; short clear, 6.75c
boxed lots, unchanged. Bacon
long clear, 5ito6.90c; short ribs.
Oc. short clear. 0.15f.?,6.20c. Hm
steady, 8 60U 60c. Batter stf uly and
uucuaugeu. cggs l tc
Chicago, III., February 12. Mess
pork fiirly active and firmer, prices
i uiii i oe Diener: casn. zu infill ir-
March. $11 1511 20, closed tt $11 17i
U 20; May. $11 25A11 40. cloeed at
n oioii a, jard quiet bnt firm
cash. 6.10(3ic: March. 61faa.l5c
May, 6. 22' (i)61 c. Boxed meats steadv :
dry salttd shonlderu, 3.954c; short
ros aes. o.OO i OO2: short e nar dns
v.-earner j, zoiajzjc; dairy, 14W20C,
Egg, 20Q20i.
Afternoon Board. Pork 21a hiirhar.
Lujd unchanged.
SCBrt e, IL'.lo to 14c per pound.
Fimi :lackerel liall-barrels. No. 1
$130(..4 75; No. 2, $3 5'J(o3 75; No.
3, $2 751; 10 lb kit. Nr.. J, 80a; No.
2, 70j; 15-lb, No. 3, 60c. Dry her
rings, family, 25a per box.
C a ms Venison, whole, 3 Si5 ; ead
dlee, (;i8c; bear.O'nBo; wildturkevn,
50(1)750 ; ducks, l 50(32 50; squirro'ls,
7:c; quails, 75c?l; prairie chickens,
5: (Mine fijh, 6(81;.
Edos-Weak, 24ta2:ic.
t'ir4t.-SKKI. 4IL, l.tr.
Seed Delivered at depot and
wharf. $8 per ton : on bank of rivwr
(f. o. b. bo.,t), $0; wagon nt mills $8.
Meal Prime f. o. b., $15 ptr ton.
Less than car-load lotr, $15 50. From
atore, 90c sack. Cake Nominal ; $16
per ton. Oil In car-load lots, nritni.
crude C. S. oil, 22()2c; prime summer
yellow, 25J;l.27c; oil" summer yellow,
2-ift)2ilo ; miners'. 27(n.'10a : choice cook
ing summer yellow, 28(n)30c.
New Orleans, La., February 12.
Coltoa-Botd product quiet and weak.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. 1 606; rye, $1 76(0 ; domes
tic, 90cl 50.
tST.Lt)Uir,Mo.,February 12 Whieky,
$1 10.
CiiM-4o,Ii,L.,Februarj 12. Whisky
itsnty, f 1 10.
Cincinnati, O., February 12.
Whieky t3ady,$l 10; sales of 1010 bar
rels of llnisbwd goods on this basis.
Baooino Jute, 9llc; flax, 10(u
lOJc, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
(i)l 25.
Naiiji $2 50(i72 75.
toAL-OiL Prime white, whole.ialo
lots, 15c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., February 12. Petro
leum steady; s.w., 110, 8jc.
nHHt:n a n is ni:i.r.t,
lIoR9K4 (iood drivinif, $125rt?i20:
good saddle, $1 4(i"33X) ; p.ugs, $35(;)80;
good raaree, SHo(')140.
MtLKS 14 to l J110r4130; 15 to
151, $I25U0; 154 to 16, $UO0j)175,
Supply email ; demand moderate.
MTZAt1kH4 LatAtlSlU
IUI8 i)AV.
White River ..lSntcT, i p.m.
Arkansas. liiver.K. W. Coli, i p.n..
friars Point. ....CoiHuwt, S p.m.
Arkansas City. Kati Auma, i p.m.
Ofceola Drax Anaaa, 5 p.m.
liptonfille ..Uaroao, ,1 p.m.
jlrrtW. Coahoma, Friars Point; K.
W. Cole, Arkansas Kiver; Guiding
Slur, New Orluns; Dean Adams, Os-
Drparturrt. Oniding Stu, Cincin
nati ; Ohio, Cincinnati ; Uayoso, lip.
tonville; Dean Adams, Ojceola; Coa
homa, Friars Point
BcuU in l orUDe Smet and E. W.
Boatt Dn (.p.-Bene M already.
Hrrelpaa VrafrnlMy.
Dtui At'a-ns 13 l.s cotton, 15
sks reed, 99 sks turnips and 0 pkgs
Uauno 1 hale cot'ot, 8 birs seed-
cotton, 826 eks corn, 78 bales btraw
and 112 hd slock.
E. W. Cole (brought out of Arkan
sks river) -742 bales eolton, 191 ks
seed aud 42 pkiti sundries.
Cruhoma H7 bnl-s cotton, 3 bgs
seed-cotton, 204 oks seed, 3 hd stot K,
83 sks com and 4 pkgs sundries.
(iuiding Stir 60 bls siUAr, 208
brls mo'a we, 2iH) brls cernnnt, 14 bgs
seed-colt jn aud 10 empty hhds.
FUTI'KK Buvt:ii i:iKi.
The CliarWa Morgan is the next (.
line packet due np lor Cincinnati.
Tue Leo Line packets Monday eveu
ing are CutLoma ir Friars Point and
Dean Adams for Osceola.
Tue Oayovi, Capt. W. P. Hall, U the
racktt Monday evening for Hale's
Point, Tilt )uvi l and all way blad
ing. The big Helena, Capt. Alf Oristom,
Is the next regular ticket fur Nov
Orleans, leayiDg here next Wed
nesday. .
The Kula A dam a. Cant. Mark 11
tvlieek, is the United Sta tru I
picket Mon(';( evening at 5 o'clock
lor Helens, A r Kansas City rnd all nay
1 Hidings. W.C. Blanker has charge
of her olhVe.
Tiik E W. Cole, Capt. Ed Nowlsnd,
:s t!ie packet this evening ,t o'clock
lor all pou t 1 111 Arkitima. river, going
through to Pine Bin II". Jamon N.
Thomtinqn ia in her 1 llije, a-bintud b'y
Kufus Foster.
The IVNmet, Capt. Milt Ii. Hurry,
is th packet this evening a'. 5 o'clock
for all points on While .river, grjlng
through to Newport and niakii.g ioi
ned ous wil packets from upper
White and B'mk rivers. Albert Mc
Uhee has charge 0! Ihe cllise, niBisted
by Hugh Smith.
; k. v. coji:,
r.-i rowlao1 . ...master.
ill leave SATI'HDAY. rob. Utn, at6 p.m.
for frmabt or pa-saue apnl t No. SMadi
aon atroet, orio II. C. LOWh, Aient.
I HnsuiMUN, nr F.'lui aou iiiau
1 ItUtl Oa.'..., I PiuiaM a ninn.ii.
For Helena. (Jlerdale, Frlara Point abj ail
War Lanilima titMBsr
C oalioma, rgj
T. CI afett taster Platt ttfcoue. ...
.U?.V," loTe en ererr MoSUAV,
WKDNmDAV and KRIDAY. at 8 e'olock,
Fjr RanJolpi. Paltoa. OaoeoJa and War
Laadiaaa Steamer
J. B. Cooper, muter..... W. Mmitheri.srarfc
I"" orery MiKUAY, W Kln:MAf
andcttlOAVat S p.m. The beats of this
line reserve the rlht to paaj all landing
lhe."n'n marrfiem nnaate, OQue, No.4
M,4i.n JAMfsLKij, ,!!,.,,
The St.FrancIa RUer Trsn4rtaUo
Coa Tine tMe-W beel '. 8. Mail :Wmer
Rete Macready, .-
O. K. Joplln muter.
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, the Cat-OtT, and
Intermediate landiuaa on tit. Kranoia rirer.
lue eaptain leiorrca the riaht t- past tl
landinvi be daema unsafe JAS. LRK, ,lt
inn..n.H... ri(i v. 4 M.l..nn .i,
McmplilsA White HtTerrkU
it. m. mail
X. C. Postal, mailer I 0. M.-osUI.oler
Olriiton, lKrra.ll Kin IT, rtria Are,
ntnala.JarhMinDeriaiid Hr-ttrr.
at S p.m. Thronih rate to ail points.
Fro cat o..nalne.l to " Memphis and WetN
nar Oaoket Ci ffiiunt" n b inr warded
pruuir-ix- 11. t. ia)Yi n, Atent,
Tlmho-e Nn. RfL
For Oaoeola, llalea Point Uarntherartlle.
(iajoso Tli.tmllle The Be aleamer
W.rt Hall master I J. 1. TnlioTrT,
win iokvo en annto. an.i an way polnu.
" ' " rSt or o .are ennl on hnard
.Vrinplils and Vlcksbnrg PncJietCom-pnuy-U.
S.M11II Llae.
M. R.'h.el...aatr W.C. Blanttrlert
For Helena, Conoordia, Terrene and Arkan
aaat'ity I lie eletant paaaengcr steamer
. Leavea Memphis
i. ., rpaerrlnr the right Iwp isa all landing
thoeaplan uuirileom unBale. For nneral
tnt..rination apply at n'tloe, No, 4 Madiroo
"Ireet. K. WAI.WOKTI1, Agent.
HHIM PA WW. ln..'r i-i.ti T.lepVAne UK.
KN:ilAI. nLWN.
IiiMiNKHj fair.
Weather loudy and cold.
The Ie line's parktti arrived end
departed on time yeet;rday with ftir
The D. C. Fogel, with 3 bnrgs of
slaves, piflned dnu yebtsn'ay fr.rNew
ltKCKirTflhy river yeeter dny CM lmlB
of cotton, 25 tnjrs seed cot!oa and 4!)3
sacks seed.
Tiik tlvor here il inda 14 feetS tenths
on the gauge, a fall of 2 tenths in the
last 24 ho um.
The Ohio depvt id yeptnrday even
ing fur Cincinnati with Hoi k idea of
cetton aud a good lot ol miscellaneous
The Unyobo ' pait d yesterday f
ternoon f r Tiptonville, with a good
ehowing of frivp.lit and will be bn k in
time to leave Monday evening.
The (iuidirg Hlar, from New Or
leans, pttoBed up yesterday morning at
2 o'clock tor Cincinr.it'i. (She dis
charged here 672 packages of miHcel
Uneous freight.
Tub K. W. Ci.V, f om Arkansas
river, brought in f ir this port 453 bales
of net oa, 104 ru kg of seed, and 42
packages of sundries, fhe reshipped
at Terrene 2HI ba'es ol (o ton, and re
turns this evenirg at the usual hour.
Orrrcs Pminal HgaviCg, 1. S. A.. 1
Mum-Hie, Tan., February 12, 1 p.m. f
The following liHcrvtiorrs are taken
at all stations mimed at "1 nieridian time,
whi'Jiisoiio hour fuller than Memphis tune.
Soap I23 50 per case.
Coffee Common, 7j8Jc; ordi
nary, HgUJc; pirne Kio, lOfllc:
choice to fancy, Ul(S,12k: old eov-
ernment, 23r)25e'; Ceylon, 20c.
buqab .hMtern yellow, l7Jc;
pnre w. c. wnite. ej(n7c: on whit.
00jc; yellow clarifled. (Jlf3!3i:
ooen kettle, SJOJc, refined A, 71
iic: granulated. 71c: Dowdored. 81c:
cur loai, ric.
(salt Jl 20fdil 30 Der barre : sacks.
fine, $1 50: coarse. $1 10: Dockets.
bleached. 2j(A7c: car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molackku Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c ; prime to choice. 4a55c :
syrnp, 254sc; common to fair, 26
33c : prime to choice. 3.y140c.
Candiks Sticks, ad sues, in boxes,
pails and barrels. 7(S81c.
Caudles Fttll weight, 10jllc.
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27Q
JOc; other grades and styles, 2565c.
KuaH Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Kjlph'e, $10 23 per case; It It., $9 60.
Canned Goods, mto. Prices per
doien: PineapnlesSl 35(ai5;peaches,
2-lb, standard, $1 35f50; seconds,
tl 1S1 2i; tomatoes, 2-lb, aUndard
1 10; 31b, $1 35; strawberries,
$14031 60; raspberries, $1 15)1 26;
blackberries, $ll 15: areeogagea,
fl00l 75; pears, f22 25; plnmr,
Cattle Choice to extra corn fed.fmo
to 1050 lbs., 4Ci4Jc; gom), 3j("vle.
(Jrass choice, 3 j:iic: good, 3H3Jc;
fair to medium, 2j(j2jc; common,
Hoos Choice, 3j4c; good, 3J5
ilje; common, 3(o)oic
Sheep Choice, Sj4c; medium, 3
3 jc; common, $11 50.
. CiNciNMATi, O., February 12. Hogs
quiet; common and liirht. 3 25t4;
pattking and butchers', $4(n)4 40. Ite
ceipta, 1130. head; shipment?, 110
Chicago, III., February 12 The
Provert' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 5000 head ; shipments, 15C0
head; market strong: shipping steere,
030 t 1200 pounds, fi 70(5)6 76;
atockera and feeders. (2 50(aH 30;
cows, bulls and mixed, $1 50(i3 75;
bulk, $2;0315. Hogs receipts, 10,
000 head ; shipments, 0000 head ; mar
ket stronger; rough and mixed, $3 00
4 10; packing and shipping 4 10fi)
4 15; light, $3 00(44 10; skips, l 50(4
3 80. 8heep receipts, 3000 head;
shipments, 1000 head ; market it ariy ;
natives, 12(44 75; Texans, f 1 7(nj3 50;
lambs, f 4(i').
'Kansas City, Mo., Febrnary 12.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cat
tle receipts, 6 head; shipment,
rooe; active and 10c higher; export
ers, f 5 10565 ;!o; good to choice ship
pinir, $4 t0(45 ; common to medium.
fldiil 50; stockers and feeders, S3 75
(d)3 80 ; cows, 12.25&3 30. Hogs re
ceipts, 5til2 head; shipments, 27JJ0
bead; active and a shade higher: eood
to choice, $4(44 15; common tl me
dium, $3 60a3 80. Sheep receipts,
l..4 head: shipments, OOShtit I ; ito t
ti choice steady; common weak ; good
to choice, $3 25C43 75 ; common to me
dium, J'-'feii
New Yobe, February 12. The
continued rainy wea'.her has been
agaiubt tbe-demand. Agents sti'.I re
port a very fair business. The iobbins
trade gives more signs of activity, and
with a clearing sky improved business
is adt.cipa'ed by all markets.
low waler
Cincinnati ...
Ilavenport. .
Frt (Smith. .
La erosse ....
Leavenw'th ,
Little Hook .
Louisville. ...
9lllltilw. ,
Nashville ....
New Orlo'na..!
Pittsburg .
tit. Louis..
HI. Paul....
PirmnuRQ, Febrnary 12. Noon
River 7 feet on the gauge and rising.
Weather mild and lu'ny.
Cincinnati, Ftbrnary 12. Noon
River rising, with 10 feet 8 inches on
the gauge. Weather cloudy and cold.
Cairo, February 12. Noon River
23 feet 0 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather cloudy and cold. Arrived :
Tort Kids and barges, New Orleans, 0
Evanhvii.u, February 12. Noon
River rising, with 1U feet 2 inches on
the gange. Weather rained hard nil
night. Fog delayed all night. Depart
ed: James 11. Willinrin and W. W.
O'Neill with t iwsof empties, 10 a.m.
WuEBi.iMi. Febrnary 12. Noon
River 0 fet (i inches on the gauge and
rieiug. Weuiber cold and cloudy.
Louihville, Febrnary 12. Noon
River rising with 7 feet 0 inches in
tbe canal and 5 feet 4 inches on the
falls, liueinene fair. Weather cloudy
ind colder. Departed: U. P. fthenck,
Now Orlnana. locals nn time.
M iMuphiH, W bile & niaci ttiur Packet
For Helena, Indian Pay, Rl. Charles, CW-
eiinon, ue vain num. Dea Aro, Auguiu,
Jaokvonport, llatesrillo, Powhattao and
l'ooahontas. The new aud elegant aide
wheol paasensor atenmnr . ,
Milt llarr masior,
Will lonve KVEHY HATL HUA Y at & e'oloek
p.m. Thrnuiih rales to all point. Freight
oonalgned In Milt llarrr Lino, Memphis, wilt
he promptly InraaM-d. 0. It. HUSSKLL,
Agont. Telephone IS17. Oftiee 11 Ma lison at,
.Ik;mH 11 KwaKSI.IV. Piwuenirer Avent.
No. .Ui(J, IIP Channery Court of Shelby
conn tr-Slate nt Tennessee, for uvi, etc.,
rs. VI. K Hurler et al. i and Nu. lrKid, K.r
Citjr of Memph a vs. F. W. Fruaor et al.!
and No. l.HII, H.U.-C'lty of Memphia v.
O V. Fraaerotal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree fur
sale, entered In Ihe above oause on the
Hth Uay of November, IKK."), M. B. M, page Ita,
1 will sell, at'publio auetinn, to the hiahest
bidder, in Iron! of (ho Clerk and Master'!
offi -e, nourthiiu'e ol bliolby county, ATati
phis, Tenn. i on
Nnlnrilnjr, I'rlirnary a. 11,
within legal hours, tne lollowlna danarlhad
property, aitua'e I in Memphis, fcnelby oouu
ty.Tenu., to-wit r
Lot 1(1, bionk Ku altuated at the aortliwest
Intersection ol lleala and Keennd alieeta,
fronting W.'i feet on the north aide el Beale
street and running haek wilh the wo"t line
of rleeonil slreet l.'iJ feet. Hold as urnperty
ol 0. W. Iflmonds, O. W. Fraaer and ethera.
Also, tuts 17 and Irl, blook Jft, balut'aaahS
division, eanh iruntlng 2& feeton the east
side of Al 'In street, loth ward, by a depth of
h!i feet. Hold as propti ly ol Anna hi Lamb
and othera.
Also, lots 21 and 22, block .IA, Raint'a auh
division, Kllh ward I lot 'U frnntina (10 (eat
on the eat ildo of Mi. in atreet, and lot 21
fronting 2 fee oti the east aide ol Main
el me t and running haek 4(1 fot.
Terms ol bale-On a rredlt tlx months;
purchaaer exeeutingnoloa withaeourity; lica
reta iled nml redeuiptliin harrod, XhlaJun-
uury a;, im.
, 8 I. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
1 .1. M. llru.llcy, Deputy Clerk and Master.
J . Ilitniploi), aoliriior. ,at
OF ,
IS K A 1a KftlTAT;.
No. Him, It. (R)-Chanoery Pourt of Fholby
couiity Male of T eDiiens e 'or ue, etn,, va.
W. K- Butler et imiiI No. 1473, H.D.
Cilr ol Mompliia v . IM. McNeill etal.
BY virtue ol an interionutory deoree for
sain, enterod in the above oause on the
lllhdayo May, 1H.1I, and rnewed Deeeiu
ber ii.la'., M.ll. 60, page 471, 1 will sail, at
pulio aui'tion, to the highest bidder, in
front ol thr Clerk nndMnster'a ofilne, court
house of Hhelb county, Memphis, Tenn., oa
Maturdny, t'rbruary 80, lte,
within legal hours, the following deteribeo)
4iroi erty.situatod in Momphis, bnelbveoua
tv, Tenn., to-wit: Beginning on the east
side of the first alley east nt Third street at
lis intersection with the south fide of Jeffer
son street; thence east w th south line of
Jetloraon str-et lirfV, lest; thenoe south 148 H,
feet to an alley; thenoe west with north aide
or snid alley .'!, leet to the Irst alley east
of Third street; thenoe wilh said alley 14S',
feet to'lbe beginning Fold al the I roper tv
of I'. tl. ateattt and Martha Hod.e.
lenna of bale On a credit of 7 months;
note with security ; Ilea retained and re
demption barred. Tbia January itj lrwl.
S. I McDOVTGLL, Clerk and Muster.
Ity I. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk k Muter.
J. W. Hampton, Solicitor.
Mon-ltcnident Notice.
)0t, R.D.-In the Chaneery 7ourt of
To all who are aufTering from the errora and
ndiscretioni of youth, nervoua weakness.
early deeay, lose of manhood, eto., I will
end a recipe that will ear yon, FREB Of
CUAROB. This great remedy wu dla;over-
i by a missionary In Sooth America. Send
elf-addreaed envelope to tbe Rev. J.iaira
Iimajt, Station D, Mt Tark (Alt.
Mon-ltesldeut .Notice.
No. ai(T). R.D.-Io Ihe Chinoe'y Court of
ovelby eounty, Tenn. Slate ol 'i'eunea
ste vs. W. K. Putler et al.
it apearing frnn tbe bill wh!rh is swum
to in this euse that the defennant. Kamiiel
T. Atkinson, ia a non-rrsidant of the Hiate
of Teniissoe, and Ibst Ibe names and resi-dcni-e
ol tbe helre of Charlea Wells and Kaie
Wells, def-eased, ae unknown and cannot ba
ascertained upon diligent iniiniry the said
heirs being made defeodanU hereto because
of their interest ia lot 1, block 38, Main
street, Memphis, which tbia proceeding
seeks, to sell for unpaid tas thereuu :
It is therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at Ihe courthouse
of hbelbv county, in Memphis, Term., en or
before tbe fir it Mondii in March, lttM, and
Plead, answer or demur to complainant's
hill, or the same will be taken fur con
fessed aa, to them and ret fur hearing eg
rarte; and that a copy of thla order be pub
ished onee a week, for lour aucceasive
weeka, In the Memphis Appeal. Thia nh
day of January, lkxri. A opy attest:
8. i. M. IiOWKlL, Clerk and Master.
By II. V. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
J. W. Hampton, ol, for eompln'l. aat
Hbelby ooiii.ty.Tenn. John Johnson vs.
It appearing Iron hill sworn In In M
cause that the defendants, M. M. Buck k
Co , are residents of bt. Loula. St.te at Mia.
eouri.and i.on-rasidenlaof the State ol Ten-
newee: and it lurther appearing that said '
drlvndanta are Indebted to complainant in
the sum ol $11101X1, due oy open account, and
n ttarh men t having been issued and returned,
levi d on the nn party of det'endat Is ;
It la theiefore ordered, Th t Ihev mske
their appeai-auce he'eiu, at the courthouse
oi Slielb county, in Memphis, Tonn., on or
belure fie firt i ondjy in March, Kvi, and
Clead, answer or demur to complainant'
ill, or the aaina will be taken for confessed
ns to them and ret for hearing eg parte; aad
that a copy of mis order be published once
a week, lor four su-cessive veeks. in the
Memphis Appeal, ihis It.nh Uay of Juo
uury, A copy-attcit:
I. M: D'lWKLL, Clerk and Master.
Ity II V. W.ilh. Deputy Clerk and Master.
John D. Martin, Sul. for compI'Dt. aat
eraoua seeking Oovernment Km
plovment in any ol tbe departments at
Washington, or any other potiiione under
the (Government, I will srnd lull leatruotione
aa to how to prnceiMl to obtain the aame,
and Hluk t'ornia of Apitllratlon on
receipt ol One Dollar. Au.ireiMi JOHN
l hi' HUM. h-IW ttM. K..rn
'on-Kelocut Jiutfce.
No. 6VW), R.D.-In the Chancery Court or
f h-lby cou-ity, Tenn.-Mary Ney va. M.
H. Cruger et si
It apoearing from SherirT'a return in thi
cuse th it the defendant, M. It. Cruger. i
nut lo be fond in his county:
It ia therefore ordered. That he make b
appearance herein, at tbe courthouse. I
Shoiby county, in Meinphie, Iron., on orb-,
fore the 6rit Monday in March, lHHti. , n(
plead, aniwer or demur to complainant'
bill, or ikeiame will be Uken lor ooolossc.;
as to him and st for hearing ex parte; a k
that a copy of thia order be pub lnhedja.i,
a week, for four successive weeks, iu. t a
Momphis Appeal. 'IhiskiHh darof J.nuuiv
lbaO. A copy attsst: -
8. I. Mt BOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By a, f. VYalah. Deputy Clerk and Matrk
Tylur k CarroU,Sola. (or compl'nL.

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