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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 13, 1886, Image 8

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1 I.
' u
I in
in I
LoaisTlllf , r-w Orleans and Texas IV j
in KS.ct Nc.Tnbr g. in.
r'ADl MAIL. bouih. Worth.
Mamvk A 4:00 p.n 11 :00 a.m
Lula.... D S:4np.u 8:4' a.m
(eland .... C :4.S p.m &:! a.m
Vieksnurg ...-P l.ula.m 2:n a.m
Harris.ii K... J: a.m 12:1 a.m
Kihal F. 5:2Sa.ro :3i p.m
Baton Hour 6:21 a.m R:2 p.m
few Orl.ans H. 8:3U p.m 6:JU p.m
" KXFRKtS. ""Uoyth. North.
Memphia . H:0 a.m 6:00 p a
Lola. 12 :ttno'n 2: p.m
Lland... .- - S: P.m 11:10 a.m
Vicktbun- - 7:15 p.m 7:Wa,m
A With all llnai enuring Alemphii.
B-Wilh M. N. W K. B. for flelena.
0 tor Ureenville and lluntinglon, and all
Arkansas points.
D With V. M. and V,, S. A P. Rallroadit.
X-With N.. J. k C. 11. K. for laths and
Jackson. ,
F For Feints on tha Branch.
O With itameri Inr Bayou Sara,
fl With railroad! diverging for Florida and
Coast poinU.
Pullman lioffet Weeping Carton all trains.
J Ad. 11. BDWAROS, V. P.andU iM.
X. Dl KKK, Ueneral Bup'L
A. J.KNAI'r, ii. V. A.
Miaalaslppl aad TMFul
nail train iari daily at 4:4s p.m.) ar
rival at Did a.m. Local f ranch! I.avel at
6:4V a.m.: a rir at 4:30 p.m. Freight
traini Not. 5 and run trt-weekly. Mo. 6
laiiri Aleuphli Monday, Wejnoiday nod
Aaarit7,Rtrlaa;aldand nt-
rilai. rraitii leave M. and T. depot m fol
ows: Me. 4, mail and agpress leaves daily
at ll:S'a.m.Ko. I,irll endeipresi arm re
at It. X p.m. I No. 66, t Louti preii
avat daily at 6:0) p.m.: No. 65, St.lLcuil
x press arrival at 8 :56 a. in .
Hernia ita and Utile) Hovik Traini
innva a (oentral itandard t'me):
Kin. 1 imtii dii' t olio p.m.i arrival at
1:65 p.m. no. Jlenea at 4:60 a.m. in -rivei
at 1:50 a.m.i No. 8 (freight) lacvrr
Hop4Id dally. ."cent Eacdiy, CiCO
a.ra.t arrlvM at 7:10 p.m.
.'ueapB, Oblo d BontBwa.
rav-Oalne move ai follow! i No. 6 (fait
Ho daily) I nvai at 11 iSO a.m. No. 1 leavei
ml 11:40 P.m. "Ullv. bt. Lonii fait liue
laavei daily at 6:.'t o.m. No. 7 (laat lis
daily) air ve at 1:J0 p.m. Mall and ai
rm arrival 1ally at 3:15 a.m. tit. Louil
laatlina arrival daily 9:06 a m.
mpkli and 4Jhrl)oi Tralr
bov ioiii ihroua espraii loava.
Sauyai ":Wp.. ar til and llreei laavei
allyat;lt Pomarr'll aoooomodr
tioa leavef daily, napi finnday, at 4 AO
p.m. Thronik eipreei aTlvel daily at 6.25
a. m. Mail and exproil a"rl dally al 4 65
S.m. Bomerville aooomn oda'.ion arrivce
aily.aioept Sandty, al I ,ioa.m,
ellla and Maahvllla Traini
movi jf ,l'"t Fat mail arrival daily at
4:88 a.m. I leai at 10:10 p.m. I mail leavd
daily at 9:uuan. i-owniville aoocmn(
datlon leavamaily, nfi Baaday, at 6:00
B.m.l mail arrival daily at 5:00 p.m.
rownivilla accommodation arrival lally
an liosday, at .40 a.m. (itandard
Mf.i . BlrmlBRham aad allita.
tle-Oollv Sprint ltut Traini move a
followit No. 1 loavai Memi.hli daily at 4:03
p.m., arrival at Holly Hi.rlnn at 6:30 p.m.)
tJo. llaavai Holly eprinti daily at 9:00
a.m., arrival at Momphli at 11 :15 a.m. t No.
6 leavei Memphii dally at 7:30 p.m., arrival
t Holly tiprioii at 11 :59 p.m. I No. 6 leavei
Ilolly Bprini-i daily at 3:30 a.m., arrival at
Mempbll at:W a.m.
WirvTflrD7o7rFibraary 13, 18S6. 1
1 o'clook a m. I
Obicrver, Memphii, Tann.i
Indications fur Memphis and vicin
ity : Slightly warmer fair weather, red
aun, blue criWpnt.
lor Tmntutt and the Ohio Valley:
Cloudy wtathrr and Ux'al rain, followed
by fair weather; trindl generally toulh
vetttrly ; falling barometer; dightly colder
weather in the vicinity of l'ittthurg; ilow
ly riting temperature in Uie remaining
portiont the district.
H tiifralo;leal Bport.
UwrHTR, Tiki., February 12, 1HF6.
TTmT (Bar. Thor. Wind. Wather.
TrfWi.m.. .W7 32.3 W. " Clondy.
ll:HOa.m..!.'Hi.OI6 32 H N.W. Cloudy.
8:00 p.m. ,i.Wl .V.6 W. I.iarbt fnow.
7:00 p.m.. J9.W1 37 4 W. Cloudy.
10:fr WW 37.0 S.W. lllnmlv.
Maaanum linieralur, M.0,
Minimum temperature, ii.V,
Kalnlall, anappraoiablo.
All obnrvatioui are takea on 75 meridian
time, whieh U on hour "altar than local
Motion day in the Circuit Court.
Ohancery ta'.ea cf real estate to
day. Rabbit are $1 a dcien and quails
$1 25. The game market is dull.
The sale ol MBts for the Silver
King begin to-day fit Mulfortl's.
Lotla is coming. Nothing more
is needed to fill the Theater beyoud
the bare announcement.
A permit was itumed yesterday to
Wigen A Co. to builtl a cotton shed, to
coBttllOO.onCouit street, extiiided.
ServicftH preparatory to the com
munion will tie held in Lauderdale
Street Church at 4 o'clock this iitter
no)n. At 11 o'clock this morning Mr.
Hayford will give a Bible reading at
Court Street Church on the subject of
Tc-aight Ford's Opera Company
-will close its engagement witi the
Three Muk Clunk and the second and
hett act ol the Mikado.
Messrs. Kford and Towner will
hold a service lor the colored people
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock at the
Bel9 street Baptist church.
In the Tiobate Court yesterday
commiseloners were appointsd to set
aside a vent's allowance to the
widow of Patrick O'Connor, deceased,
and she was formally made guardian
of his minor heirs.
There is trouble again between the
city and Memphis City Railway Com
pany. Berst. Kunho a and a detach
ment o! police were sent out on Jeffer
son Btrettyeetarday where the force of
the litter company were at work and
arrettsd Rupt Shippey, the charge
against him on the docket being sim
ply mifdemranor, though it is under
stood to bo tearing tip the street with
out a i erniit.
The tienoral Committee of the
Coart Wrejt meetings is callad to
meet Kt 12 o'clock today (Saturday).
There will be no eervicw to-niaht. At
11 o'clock Snr.day Messrs. Sayford and
Towner wilt conduit a eerviie for the
colored people. At o:M o'clock p.m,
and at 7:30 o'clock p m.they will con
duct gnernl services at Court Street
Church. "Oveiilw meetings will be
conducted iu tie First Bnptiot church.
Mr. and Mrs. Towner will sing at both
The committee in charge of the
Woman's Kxcbatge yesterday were
Mm. A. 0. Kcowlton and Mrs. B. F.
Hallr-r. Anions the visitors were Mrs.
W.H. Kennedey, Mrs. K. J. Wendel,
Mrs. Una. Jo:, firs. l. XNewtom,
Mrs. Ben Itiucliam. S. Lehmna. A. J.
Jia-tin, Charle l't, J. B.Johnson,
Holly Springs; J. H.Shenherd, Joseph
Craig, wiU nl child. S. M. Castle,
Miss Moilie Clarke. Mies Ioes John-
eon, Oopa; JI's C. O. Huntington,
Mies tl'y.ibuth Ffcils, A. W. Sewsom,
J. K. Haer, T. J. Litl.am and wife,
Win, llnrderpon, J. 11. Malone, b. j.
Wiephard, J. B. Wson, V. Messick,
Vf. V. Wilson, F. T.KJmondspn, Mrs.
Joseph Brnre, Mrs. W. II. Howard,
Mrs. M. K. Cor away, John Overton,
jr., A. J. McCa'lom, J. M.Kdwards, L.
M.Iak., city; Albert Pnegs, Thomas
I). Kidrevlge, Georir E. Rndisill. L B
ha. ..u, Mia. Z M. EiLen, Cjhier Kiie,
A. O. Treadwell and Eldridge Wright.
Cntia. Kaisaaof this city was seen
txlay going among his friends, all
wreathed in smiles and in the best of
hnruor. The cause of this was ascer
ta'ned to be the advent of a new ar
rival in his household a girl.
Ford'a Opera Compaaf.
The Mikado was repeatad at the
Memphis Thca'er last nigbt by this
comptny to a fashionable and we'l
pleaael audience. At the matinee to
day Gilbert A Sullivan's Prinrtu Ida
will be produced, and to night The
Three flack lloal.
Tbe Nllirrr Kin-.
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednes
day evenings and Wedneadav matinee
the sterling melodrama, The Silcer
King, will be presented by Frank C.
Bangs and a superior company, in
cluding Miss Grace Thome, Miss Gail
Forrest, James Vincent, Frank Day
ton, Samuel Verney and some twenty
Fat Woinea'i t'aavrBtloa.
The attendance at tbe people's hour
ly resort was very large yesterday.
Dnring the afternoon the audiences
weie composed, as usual, of those who
do rot care to mingle in the evening
crowds. Voting on behalf of the most
popular fat lady goes on briskly, and
as it closes to-night there will be some
lively work. On tbe last canvass last
night Miss Anna Bell of St. Louis
("Sweet Sixteen") was found slightly
ahead. Miss Gertie l'lath had pasted
Mme. de Beranger and Kva lfandright
is second Instead of first. To-day's
work will tell the whole story
and show who Is the most
popular tut laJy. Those who
are interested in animal curiosities
will take a wondering glance at the
mule with the corkscrew hoof. At
1U o'clock this morning the ba'li will
be crowded with yonng Memphir, as
it is the children's matinee. Those
who have seen the little fjlka
here on one of thene occasions
say that it is almoit as amusing as the
entertainment to see the gieeeome
youngsters enjoying themselves. This
is the latt day of the regular conven
tion ef the fat ladies, for Prof. Wal
lace, the clever bird imitator, and
other stage features. Ladies and
others who wish to avoid the crowd
should visit tbe Museum from 1 to
6 p.m.
Will there be such an oppor
tunity for
To buy Clothing and Hat), as
there ft now at
Come to-day and see for yourselves.
We open to day our Spring Im
portations of
French Percale Nhlrt Waists.
Beautiful Styles and Moderate
Last day of Valentine and Japan
ese Novelty fieiee.
And it stimulates and promoted the
growth of the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring Ertvmnts are tha
best .
' Fine Watch repairing at Mnlford's.
Leaky roar repaired by Robarh
cV Sou, iiO and 1M Heala street.
Fire I Fire I Fire!
We have bousht from the hits fire
nf Henry Peres 200 majolica pitchers,
"99 sets knives and forks, spoons, ami
alt kinds of hard and qneenaware, fur
niture, chairs, Hint wilt bo sola at very
low lik'iires. Also all kinds beating
and cooking stoves for sain cheap, at
bam it aia i ,
Aunt and Cmralsioo Merohulit,
4W to 413 bhulby itreot.
Oriler Metfalaat 1I ulford'".
Uet Hailed A LaKaainraloio te
your p-lamblng.
Prcsed TuftKivs at 12 cents at
Kirk Allen A Co. 'a.
Advlee t SIvtliert.
Mrs. Winslow's Sooth in ir Svrop
should always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
1- ..I. tl.o liltlo
awakes as ''bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste, it sootnea
the child, softens the gnms, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates tbe
bowels, and is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
Monogram UuiikIoh; ItI ulfortl.
Old ild and ullvir Inken a enah
at Moirord'a, 801 Mala.
A DruKKlNfs Mory.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. Y., writoa us: "I have
fjr the I n?t ten vears sold several
groes of Dr. William Hall's Bal.-irn for
the Lungs. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I,
have never hoard a customer speak of
it but to praise ita virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
cough, with the happiest effects. I
have used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready for
Prompt attention le (la work ar
dent by Hnbarbetdon. Telephones
Solid Silverw are at Mulfortl's
Dvclns and C'leauluK.
Indies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Lonis Keigel,f8 Jefferson street, Mem.
phis, Tenn. Goods received by expreas.
Oa la Ktledae Laa-omaralno for
your rionibloa; and Una-rittlDB".
Uncle a a xloll.
W. H. BfNOn AM Maiumi.
EuroiMian plan. lCnlarvad and refurniihad.
l'ricei aopordim toiiaa and loca
tion o rooma.
E L Horrii. Tna J C Martin, Tern
John Kami. Mo (leoKCorlir. Ill
J HDriv.r. Ark Chai Muti, Mich
MrvJII Walker, Tenn J A v.are, ArB
J 1) Klliborry. Ark II b Kiln. La
KJMeani, III Jo Turney, Tenn
H 11 1) liyron. Tcnn H W MoOuirk, Mini
Tboi Price, Mini AT Chapman, NV
IS K Kurker, Ark 1 '1 Cojuitt, Tonn
A Wvnn, Ark J W Little, Ky
M K Jay, Tenn T F I'Btterinn, Tens
J W llutcheron, Mill J T Bain. Mini
J T Kdiar if. Ark R Caropbil) if, Mo
J J A Mardwell, Mo J O Hodge Aw, Mill
a. Hollivan.Ark J 8 McCormao, Mil
h P Cooper. Tenn M Cooper. lnn
T K Maxwell. Mill J W Lewii, Ua
K K Ittaeh, Wo II J Carpertcr, Ttnn
I J Morfe, Ti l K C Field, Miti
J H Lanier, Ark.
The Mew tuayoaa.
Ratel, 2 50 to 64 per day, according to loca
tion of roomi.
R II Pteveni. NY A Moore. N Y
W K Moore, Tenn F Ilunn, Tenn
CCKn.pp, Mo W II Hudlow. Mm
A W O'Neal, Tenn J H WiUon A. Ark
M E Spine. NY J 8 Keenan, N Y
B C llednei, Mich L L Carlton Aw, Ark
O II Ruium, Mu UWJomi, K;
Thou Kiln, Tenn H M Ja-kion, Ky
W K Luudy, V W C cchwab, Mo
Leon (lam, Pa Frank Ii.irJ, Pa
K T Murri., Mix! B C Hodgei Aw, Mo
J W Iiutc)union,Miii J L Burrow, 111
J Mook, Tuna Rov A W Lainar.Tenn
J (1 Reed, Tenn J Wall, Man
J C Neely Tenn J N Partridge, N Y
M W lilivor, Mo O Johnrou, N' Y
W W Luke, Tenn L Tcbw, Kn
W II Swain, Ohio J M freitidg. Mill
J K Ktinron, Mill J N Hoikini, Ky
J B Ilillhouse, Tenn T D Morrill, Tcnn
L Minor, Ky 11 J Abel. Ind
J R Wade, Ky J Temidetun, Tenn
K " linker, Tenn W R Newton, N Y
1 W I'umill, NY U W Klliott, N X
J P Fuller. NY ARtilade, Md
Wlliy. Mi"i L J Ilarrii, Mini
C B Smith, Mi" J B Holmes, Mm '
a A Weill, Ark.
Feabedy JUotel.
(f. B. (1 ALLOWAY A C0........PrpriToa
Rate! $2 50 and 13 per day, according t
ail and location of room Hpecial
rate! made.
M Balding, Mo J X Joyoer, Ohio
h 11 Pholpa, Ind R A tlrier, Tenn
L J Kllio, Ark A M Ketchen, Tenn
W Hhvtt. Pa M Newburgor, Ky
E II Mnilb. Md M Buromori. Mini
MraW Webb, Ala L C Allen Aw, Ala .
MriWilaonAla T J Poicock, Tenn
Mii 1 i'eacock.Tenn E W Hall Aw, (la
A llomtininn, Mo 1' M .lobmon, Md
JAUiuith.NY HBKraui, NY
W F Anuitrong, N YT II Houier, SC.
C J Hnuier, Md R 8 Iron, Tenn
Mill B Iron, Tenn E RoMmon, La
J K Cordray, La J H Munford, N Y
BAFeldumn, V (1 D Mark ham, Mo
J (1 Uolloway, Tenn I) McKemi A w, Mill
B I) Oallaher, NY W CurtiJ, Mo -J
E Hall. Mo B Murtm, Tonn
W 0 (londwin, Tenn J P McDonald. Tcnn
W A Kinkeail, Ohio () E Morriion Aw.N Y
8 J Parker, Colo C K Htone. Mo
J Kdrnoiiion, Mo T M Marinail. Kai
C V Roynnldl, Kl J McDonald, Kai
L, While. Kai 8 R llusby. Tenn
L Wright, Va A Wright. Va
J C Cunningham, Ind F Coigrove.NY
li Knucker, N It HI) hhellon. Tens
J A Crofford, Tenn I) II Hraith, Tenn
KB Owen. Tenn P A (liven, Tenn
A W Kotubuin, Tenn S B Phelpi, Ind
II Oppenneimer.TenoM Maxim, Mini
N J hpeyer, Ky C Conkiing, N Y -A
A Hreer, Mo T N Marihall, Ky"
U W Rndd, Pa A K Kati, Ark. .
Dally' European Hotel.
Corner ot Adamiand Main street!. Roomi
OOo, 75c ind Jl per day; American Plan,
12 per day.
Flr.t-ctaei Reataurant in the Hotel.
J. M. DUFFY tlOyn with Peabody Hotel),
Jncnh Cnvne. Ind T J Brogan. city
(1 1, Smith, Mill
K J ewanaen, city
J r uoyna, city
Zeb Nolen, oity
Jame Purccll, Ark
H Mcllom, 111
J DuHoy, Ark
J 8 Hill, Tenn
W II Dana, N Y
Y Kcurni, Mo
J It k'ina. Ttnn
W U Hell, Tonn
B Ethoridge, oity
JT Kllii.Tenn
WH Nolilo. Miss .
J M Cullrenth, Tenn
E M Daly, Tenn
A R Fudge, Mo
0 II Long, Ky
J Hunt, Tenn
J W Vincent, Mich
A J inceiit, Alien
11 W Humphrey, Tonn
t'larendou Uolel.
' Ratei 12 ror day.
Miw P M Bourn, (la J W McLaughlin, Va
T II llatchut, Tonn C M Km, Toon
1 Wine, III J Burrir, Tenn
8 I) Pmlny, Ui'i O Johnion, N Y
It L Ptteron,Tenn J W Apperion. Tenn
J M (lurrant, Tcnn A A Cochran, Tenn
T M Murfhiill, Kai Dr 8 II Lowts, (la
Dr K 0 0 Hurv. Ua J W Whitehead, Mm
M Winfrey, Mii J L Ron, Tonn
M C Uikion, Ten A C Kmorion, La.
Mulford, Jeweler, 201 Main, so
loclU orders from the country.
Tbe rJltnatloB) at St. Lonl.
St. Louis, February 12. The gorge
in the river here still holds fast, al
though the water continues to rise.
The mercury sunk below the freezing
point last night, which tightened the
ice some, but the temperature moder
ated aain to-day and a break-up is
expected at any monies, t. About 4 p.m.
a large cake of ice broke looee on
the eafct side cf the rivar and followed
the current which has set across the
river from that aide to the Missouri
shore. It struck tha steamer City cf
Vicksburg, lying at the Icot of Chest
nut street, and knocked a hole in ber
side, but ber pumps have kept ber
alloar, und efforts are being
made to stop the leak. ' Pass
ing down, the ice struck barge
No. 40 of the Mississippi Valley
Transportation Company, and sunk
her. It also pushed the little steamer
Gen. Meade twenty feot up tbe river
bank and shoved the towboat A. J.
Baker and two coal flats out on shore,,
but they can probably be got into the
waler again. The large wharf-boat of
the Mississippi Valley Transposition
Company, which was atove-ln yes
terday, sunk to-day, and two
steam fire engines have been
sent down to pump her
out if possible. They are now at
work on her. The condition of things
in the harbor is quite crit'.ca), and con
siderable apprehension is felt among
steamboat owners that a good deal cf
damage will be done when the gorge
gives way and the ice commences to
move. All steamers and other craft
have steam up ready to take any pos
sible advantage that offers when the
gorge lets go, and all ether property in
the harbor is being carefully watched.
Klver Telegram.
K.Hdi iim Fnhmarv 12. Nisht
Arrived and departed: li. S. Hayes
and barges, M. iouis.
PiTTsnuRn, February 12. rigbt
River 7 feet 10 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather cool, rainiDg all dav.
r.,r-iKvTrO..Febrnarvl2 Nieht
T;a, risinir with "l fpt 8 inches on
the gauge. Weather cooler, drizzling
T AilfOVtt T at Fehrnarr 12. Nicht
UJ l' v liikwj J t
-piririutno- with 7 feet 11 inches in the
canal and 6 feet 9 inches on the falls.
Business dull. Weather cloudy ana
cooler. Arrived: U. r. bhenck, ta
cinuati. Evansvillk, February 12. Night
River rising, with lfl feet 5 inch on
the gauge. Weather colder; thermom
eter 36 to 35. No Ice in the river to
hurt. Departed : Golden Rula, 1 p.m.,
and James W. Gaff, 5 p.m, both for
Cincinnati. Packets all late by fog.
In eat oftisk beadichr, hillnvneri, tor
pidliver, dyfpepfi and eoetiveneai, "Da
C. UcLabb's Cblkbiatbd Lin Pills"
never Uil to give relief, for both lexe and
a they ar prompt with regard tovn
th molt delicate conititutioni. Nonageon
in without the ilinatur of " Fleming
Broi.,Pittibunh,Pa "
Mkuss. FLgmga Baos.i
Dii Bias I have uKd your Dr. C. Mo
Lase'i Liver Pilli for a great many yean,
and find them the but p Hi I can get hold
of. I a thorn a! a preventive of lick and
nervout headache. 1 hey are the b it reme
dy loan get. I remain a! ver, youri, etc,
a. u. Mcdonald.
Bend ni 25 eenti, and w will lend yon by
return mail a box of the genuine Dr. C. Mo
Lane'i Celebrated Liver Pill and eight
hindaom card. Over fifty million box
bar been tued by the reopl of the V. S.
What bettor certificate oould they hare?
FLEMINfl BROS.. Pittibnrg. Pa.
Airrlit ror Hemplil", Venn.
The New York Week y Star
The Memphis Weekly Appeal
will be farnlbed to sabnerlbera at
1 SO per year. The STAR la pub
lished In Dally, Nnnday and Weekly
edit Ion, by Win. Dorabclnter. Tbe
Weekly la a fliat-elaaa alxteen-pase
"Empreii of Bong," containing 63 vocal
pieea, 50c, by mail 65o.
"Song Snuveoir, 'oontainingSO vooal piece!,
6tio, by mail 65c.
"Piano Souvenir," sontainlng 60 initru-
mental pieces, 50o, by mail H5o.
'Folio of Music," containing 80 initrumont
al piecei, COc, by mail 66o.
"Excelsior Method for the Organ," con
taining complete 'Instruction!, beside
over 1U0 vocal arrii instrumental pieces,
bound in boards. Price 11. postpaid.
"Coe's Method for the Violin, ' the latest
and moit progressive inatractor pub
lished, having all necessary instruction,
and UK) 'elections, such ai "When the
Robin! Neit Again," "I'll Await My
Love," "Dancing in the Barn," "Little
Dnrling Drosin of Me." "Peek-a Boo,"
"Some Day." Price 75c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Muiic Rolli, Cases, Wrap
per!, Spring-Back Folios, in New De
ligm of Leather and Plush.
380 Main St., Memphis.
Sol Agents for Chickering, Ilardman and
New England Pianos.
agj ,r mm? y wa N llp. llluHtrat'd OuUIok 1W6
'3- -;.- -:.-iV SoAHt everprintet, now rtwdy,
T.f" 4 repreamte over Mew, OriKI-
nnl Htyleeor (rnoa x.lhrnry
Desks, Tablai, Chairs,
Book Cases, tounnes.
latter Prene. Cabinets
Ladies' 7acy Desks, Ao
JTineMt Good aad Lowmit
Prtcee Ounranted. Catalog
nw. Po1aa 4e. lie poetale.
Trustee's Male.
BY virtue of a trust deed exeouted to me
a trustee by E. M.Apperson and Susan
B. Apperion, bii wife, recorded in record
bfok A 2, page 4(W, in the Circuit Conrt
CVrk'i and Recorder's office of Crittenden
county, Arkansas, to secure certain indebt
edneis therein mentioned, default baring
been made in said deed ol trust, I will, at tbe
request of the beneficiary in said trust deed,
February IS, MM,
within legal hours, on the premifes, offer for
sale, at publie outcry, for c h, to the high
est bidder, the following property described
In said trust deed, to-wit, to plantation!
known ai Wnke and Berkley plantations,
situated In Crittenden county, Arkansas,
about nine miles below Memphis, being as
follows, to-wit: All ol section W, T 6, N R9
K, 03 10-100 acres i W H N W M icotion W, t
t, N K E, (M aoreii h fr H section 20, T 6,
N R 9 E, 2l0 acres : N W fr section 30, T ti,
N RUE, t5 38-100 acres: part of Spanish
(Irani No, 2373. TH, N R 9 K, m "2-10O acres :
NEHiection 25, T fi. N R9H. lrtl aorti; N
NB M section 31, T 6, N R 9 E, B0 acres :
NW V. section 31,Tii, N K 9 K, 160 acres: SW
H section 30, T 6. N R 9 E. ItiO aores : K M
section 25. T 6, N R 8 K, lou aorci ; N aec-
.hi tr h K U U V Q.HI -..-a- . W 1Z
25, T 6, N R 8 E, !t20 acres: SE fr lection
30, T 6, N R 9 E, 66 acres : tr leotion 29 T 6,
N R9 E, 12 across part of Spanish (irant
No. 2373, T 6, N R 9 E, 194 aores in all con
taining twenty-eight hundred and oighty
two and 10-100 acres, together with all im
provement! thereon and all appurtnaaeei
thereunto belonging. The luitv of redemp
tion and right to dower and homestead
waived. ... , ,
Also at laid time and place, and on said
terms, will sell the following personal prop
erty, lituate and now on laid plantation!,
to-wit: Forty-ieven mules, forty-one head of
eattle, four hogs, being all the mules,. cattle
and hogs on said plantations. Alio, a full
and complete assortment ol farming inapl-
mTitl believed to be good, though I sell
and warrant only ai trustee,
bale to commence at 12 o'clock.
W. M. bNKED, Trnete.
A book of 100 pages.
The boat boo, lor
nndve. tisestooon
nasfpiipora and estimatci o thocostoi aa
vhiI's n. The advertiser who wajita toipend
i,,. o lar. flndi in it the Information he r
nuiie.while for him who, will inveit on
hui.ured thousand dollar! In advertising, a
heiLO II indicatod which will "jeet his
every requin ment, or can b nwd to do so
by ilight chanue' easily arrived at br eorre
ipond.nce. One hundred and fiftr-three
edition! have been issued, boot, pitraid,
to any address lor ten cents- Ai'i'lj to UhO.
VERTISING BUREAU.lOSprueeit. (Print.
In House Square . New York
IiiMoIveiit Notice.
No. &!97 R- 7. Stat of Tennesf ee, Shelby
county. Office ol County Court Clerk, Mem
phis, Tenn., January SO, lHSB-To John
Loague, I'utllo Administrator, and as
luch Administrator ol .th eitat ut A.
Younr, dcco.sd: f ..
HAvinu iuggeie ua
Ute of A. Young, deaeased, you are
hereby ordored to givo n"'? T"lSr
ment in sum newspar.r Kublished within
ine said State, and also at the Oourt-Hous
door ot Sholby eouty, tor all i.rsoni having
claim, against iawl estate, to appear aud file
r! ...o...ii..i..l in th. manner i-
seribed Hy law, on or eerore tne i aaj oi
MayVlHiW, and aay claim o filed on or b
tore iaiu day, or before, an appropnati. of
th. fundi of iallestat ii mde, ihall be fw
ver barred, both In law smd equity. W""
cess my hand, at otfic. this 30th day al Jan
aary, n p CUIjLEIr, ci,,rk.
By Louis Kettmann, Deputy Clerk..
Notioe ii hereby given as required by th
above order. January SUV 1IW.
JOHN LOAOVft, Administrator.
PARTIK9 ar warned agaii'st trading for
or cashing our cheek, No. 1B4. drawn on
Mercantile Rank, for I1S0. payable to order
ofJM..nJ.W,.li.i A yoRRKST&co
Memphii, Tenn., FeUrnary 8, Ittto.
ft r
.HSi '1
CST The firm of GOODBAR & CO. tai been dissolved, and we lave reorganized our interest in tbe Wholef ale Boot
and thos Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Lsve, .'ate of Warren, Loved Co., St. Lciis, Mo., end Mr. J. C.
Callicott, ot CV.daa-.er, Miss., nnder the style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends f-r their ' P0?
in the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. ' A. B. ".yRl; . U"
o-u J. H. GOODBAK.
A. B. ClOOnnAK, l.H UOODB1R, W. K. 1 OWE, J. C. CAIXtrOTT
Late of Goodbar A Co., Memphii. Lata of Qoodbar A t o., Memphii. Late of Warren, Lor k Co., St. Louis. Late of Cold water. Mm.
367 1' 369 Main
We are cow receiving a large and Entirely New St'fkof Eastern and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at kSock liotfom Prices,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines cf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of wbi.ih we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Bolts.
Brady & Sbortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Sho;a.
T. M. Harris & Co.'s Philadelphia made Children's Shoes.
Als, L. W. Nute & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoss
tbe best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar & Cx
We are the ocly house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Pittmsnn & Co. line of LidifV and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSlOM Goods EXCLU
MVFXY. under the Factorv Branrlp.
Battle of the Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
" Ing Toolish Female Frolic.
Wiltl War. Dlioopg lVonien
Exasperated, Excited Endeavor
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
nover kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to ick me,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh! you mean thing!
My husband never gave me as much
as a cross word in his life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never camo home intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I ean prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, he buys his
clothes at the Mkfit Parlors, 202
Second street.
Mrs Testy And so does mine.
He says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for the entire wiater.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for 1:2 was
worth M0( and the suit he paid $20
for could not have been made td sell
for less than 135.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; but I guess we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the Misfit Parlors. Gracious! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misfit Par
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains thore for rich, and poor, for
it sells tho finest of custom-made'
clothing at prices which do not often
represent tho cost price of clothing.
You get Satts, Overcoat and rants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present stock of fide
merchant tailors misfits is elegant
Overcoats and Suit thai we sold
orieinally for one-half of their actual
valuo, we are now selliiw below
cost to enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stock of custom-mad
garments which we will
receivelfrom our agents at the open-,
ing of the spring season. If you de
sire to soouro a oencins bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to gwve us a call.
Clothing Parlora
222 Second St.,.MempMs,
Opp. Court Square.
Eey Re'mombor, alt alterations- to
insuro a perfect fit cheerfully and
promptly made, without additianal
charge, by a first-oliss tailor.
Cwe- Open. Evening; nntll o'clock,
Hntnrdaya until U.
r . . J J 1 u t.' mwm 4 m m n.
mlslan and taliluB TarUe, Mnllclrra'
Harowan, , ----
aaelauarnlor Hotel! and H eiidearei,ar
naia .iirri, .ui.-- - -appliu
always on hand. Uepair'DoeaUy
T rL... 1fttA
rpHE tockholdor of thi fh-ix
I al.. V.iaK rtAtt.
H lirmcD wniia)aj aiiv awiw
fid thftt the annornl ltiion bf Byen Iir-
. . .v will n. hAln
lore, ao .rv. MiaauBuii)7..i ii
at th office of the company, No. 10 Madison
street, on T'jKsD AY, February , 1S. be
tWMU thehcurs ot 12 m, and 2 p.m.
H. M. NBKLY, President.
Job Iohssos, Secretary.
and IS Gayoso Streets,
ds maae by any competing marxet.
market of the fol
We also control
own brands, viz:
Goodbar, Love
WAV cuim mMjm aiuui till vv If iiifjiupiiioy m i uui
We have a most complete slock ef Cntlery, Guns, Shelf and Plantation
Hardware, which we offer to the trade at rock-bottom prices.
J. BAR, W. L. CLARK and J. II. UOOUBAR, was dinsolved January 1, 18Wi by mutual j
consent, A. B. Uooibar and J. IT Soodbar having sold their entir Interest in the asseU 'J
to J. M. Ooodbar and W, L. Clark. J M. OOOtiB R. I ?
A. ti. ouiiinn.
Mfmpris, Tnn., January 14, 1R85i , , ,,I-Ttt0-,?DJ?B,4
lT Relerring to the above notice of dissolution, J. M. Ooodbar and W. 1. Clark negtn
inform tbeir friends and customers that, as successors, they will continue tbe Wholesale
Boot and Shoe Business, at tbe old stand, 3W Main street, under the old firm name ot
GOODBAR1 A CO., having admitted as partners R.J. Carrington and O. Jones from and
alter January 1, 18S0. Those indebted' to theold linn will make settlement wiihu
uOODUAft a CO.
Jsntes SI. Ooodbar Win. L. Clark
X3oitaVIisl3.ecS 1800.1
319 Main Street,
Madison Street, Near Cotton Exchange and Theatt
Ratesf $2 Per 30-el
Slratwra for ttoim Coal, la largo
1. m. PATTEKoif
SKfr Telephone t
BBTA-XjIallJaiLJ 10U.
Iternberg1 &
336 Front St. Cor. Union, Memphis. Tenn.
Henry Clews & Co.
13 A 15 Broad St., Sew Tork.
S par eeat. Inter! Paid om Dcpoill
"VRDERS zcutd on all th Eichangea
yy tor BTOcaa, uonwB, wai, vui tua
I Fstbolbcii for Cash or on Margin.
Memphis, Tcnn.
Custom-Made Boots and Shoes for tha
on as liberal terms as can
following Specialties under oar
& Co.'s Men's Grained Calf
TOM-MADE Bals, Batton and Congress.
Gnolbar, Love 4 Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goidbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE,
Flexible Polish and Button 13 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the best se"
lected Caracoa Kid ttid Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather, Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in evorv resrwpt.
W. h. VLAKK. L
Eogeae Jl. Carrlnaroa I Frank O. Jone
Memphis,. Teniu
WORSE n. rx.
. hi
Tinuora Ui
I ail mm Ma w.
Lamp Stack.
Coal Oil,
:l AGENTS WM. 6.
'I Fisher Ranges
Illustrated Catalogu
Mailed J! re.
257 Main Si
rf emptiifi. '
or ftmall qiaajitltloa. flllpal r
& CO., 19Q Jefferson
Young & Brotlie
Booksellers and Stationer
S IS Main St., Memphis, T
WlablDg Rrtlra from Baal
W OoTer war t-ailra
1 1

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