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LolsTllle,Hew Orleans aid Texas B'j
In Effect Imnkr 22. 188S.
Vab. MAlL.
liaUin Ior....H
jiew Qrl.ana 11..
tz r.'.c'
... K
Xeaahti. .
I.Ul... .
v mtf -
Boat a.
4:M B.ni
&: .a
: p.m
1KI0 a.m
t a a.a
5:28 a.aa
8:21 a.m
9:30 p. id
:4U .ni
3:4. p.m
1:16 p.m
11 rOO a.m
1:M ft. a
6:20 a.m
:S a.m
12:1s a m
: p.m
1:12 p.m
6:30 p.m
1:00 p aa
2:45 p.m
11:10 a. in
1:30 .m
i-WKV .11 linai .nUrini Memph's.
B-Wilh H. A N. W R.R. lor Helena.
C tor Ureeoville and lluntington, and all
Ariaeaea puinla. ... .
n-W.ib V. A M. and V., 8. k P. Railroads.
K-WitbN.,J. AC. R K. (ur Aatchei and
F For l'o ata on the Tirsncn.
a With ateam.ra lor llarou hare.
Wi(b railroads divert in for Florida and
'nail ruiinll i r -j
Kl.anin Caraon all trains.
EDWAKD.S, V. P. andU aM.
Coaat K) i ii la
M. lil MKK, Uenrral feup t.
A. J. KM ArPH. r. A.
Hla.lalpil w soaanMeee. Fart
mail train earee dnilr al 4:45 p.m.i ar
rirei at :45 a.m. Local frembt learei at
to. 4" a.tn.t a ri" at i:M n.m. Fraight
trains Not. & and 6 run trl-weekly. No. 6
l.a.ta elesuphii Monday, Wojieaday and
0eass lit aBd iJltlc Boek-Tratai
Aa;ol"a (central itandard lima)
k. '-al.j'T i 5 :io p.na.i arrives at
Tin. 1 laatia . r q.Tti at 4 :G0 a m . i at
: .' NO. - a (fj.1,1,,) afai
rival at liW a.m.i Io. ' a.tt
Eopeoeld sally. VP Budwi7. V'1
i arrives at T:10 p.m
'jtjsaaak, tkl -d ",tDW,7";
raWralaa nan M follow! : No. (fait
inTdallrl I at 11 ;S0 a.m. No. 1 I..T.S
at WV.S: ..It. fat. Tool. fart lla.
f...ia daili at 6:30 a.m. So. 7 ll.it lino
daily) airnes at 1 :u p.m. Mali ana oi-
fait lina '" daily 9:06 a m.
Bf hls wb4 C leersaaaV-Tralr a
. .apress laavo.
fjor oWli larees-y-i...
-rla.il Tat Ortna.m. f iftfalliH.
dalljatlilO ..m. Koawy'lU aoeommedr
tioa Ihtm daily, t orp Sunday, at 4 jn
J,a- Tkjnh aipraw a-riai daily at 5
m Mail anll)lBTl"oll, 66
I'm Bomwyll!" aMomnodaMon arriroi
Slnl ....... Hnndar. ai 8 in a.m.
. . ... nr.. I..
- . . .naa
4:a...il"'V'"!l" P.
mail laavd
. : . ..... i ....imiiii. acaonmif-
i . ttinnlncbam and Atmai-
followa: No. I laay.a M.mi.hla dally at 4:00
.m.. arrlTOi at Holly hiirmga ai ow p.-
inil at i :i a.m. i
Jfp.'i laaral llolly Srrtn.i dj'ly at :C0
i ...i... . M.m.,V.ii t 1:15 a.m. I No.
S liti M.iBphla daily at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at Holly SprlBM at 11:69 v.m.i No. 6 laavaa
Holly Hprlnia dally at 3:30 a.m.. arrival at
MomiikU at H: a.m.
WiBlOTOK, l.
C.Fabruary 14. 1WI6.
1 o'clock B.Ul.
mMtnc will b larger than arer be
fore in ita fcirtory. and the rarea
rood M any ever held in the United
State. All the mott noted horsed in
the country are entered.
The fallowing leave for Nashville
penitentiary to-night: OeorgeGiaham,
p'lit larceny, two years; Charles
Howard, petit larceny, one year; Jess
Soain, petit larceny, two years; Albeit
Hicks, honsebrcakinfr, four years;
Prince Jobnaon, awault to murder,
five Tears; Tom Jackaon, ssnault to
ro order, three years; Wra. Moroaa,
larceny, three years; T. W. Oat, lar
ceny, two years.
Chief Davis received a letter yes
tfrc'ay from Mayor D an of Kenatobia,
Mine., saying that two horses, be
lieved to bave been stolen, bad been
taken np by the authorities there.
Oo is a hay hone, four years old, fif
teen bands high, two bind feet white,
ilazi face, white nnderlip, and the
other is a bay mare, ten ytars old, fif
teen and a balf bands high, small exar
on right side of face just above the
note, slight gray collar and saddle
The Carpenters' and Joiners'
Union had a meeting lait night at the
Knights of Labor Hall. Invitations
were sent out t3 several gentlemen ti
iddress the meeting on the subject o!
nmanization among fforkingmen. Mr.
Iluoaou, editor of the Record, who was
not present, was to bave opened. Ilia
place was taken by Mr. James Phelan,
who was next on the list. He was
followed by Mr. Joseph Pickering, Mr.
J. O. Ho-k, Mr. George A. Silvers, Mr.
Oliver Yaughan and ethers.
The bat'fbftll season will open in a
few weeks with exhibition games be
tween the Southern League clubs and
the leading club of the National
Ltogae and American Association.
These games will not only prove very
Interesting and exciting to the lovers
of the spurt, but will be anxiously
'ched by the Southern people wi
viftW oi ;nrC ld? I the
strength of their local teams. Nearly
all the One players in toe country win
tikepaitlnthe games with their re
spective clubs.
At a very late hour last r.ignt tne
count on the voting lor delegates in
the Fat Women's uonvenuonai m-.
Dime Museum was concluded. jt1m
Eva HanrUht.awho was No. 7 yA tke
contest, received the most voegi fout
Dy a very muaiii uioj.", one re
ceived 2631 votes gettirahandfome
gold medal, with lou; ubies. No. 4,
who was tuins uci ,ib nam, came sec
ond, with 258!i Tote", getting a band
some go'd medal. No. 3, Miss Anna
Bell, received -'W9 and no. Mine.
Beran oe'. received 21580 votes. No. 0
oftme nut with 1805 ballots and Nog.
1, 'J and 5 came next. The contest
was hotly, yet iitlrly, decided.
Sbaiirvar. Ilamrhii. Tenn :
Indications for Memphis and vicin
lt; Fulr. odJer weatser. blue cres-
Cent, red enn.
'ulU Havn (oanlaa.
WiKHiauTOH, 1). C, Fabroary IS. 18SS.
HI o clock p.m.
Olurrar. Mamnbla, Tonn.i
Hoist cold wave signal ; a slight cold
vava anDioichine: Umpeiatire will
fill fiom 15 to 20 in nt xt twentyfoui
to thirty-two hours at Northern ata
tioni.and in forty-eight hours at Bontk
ern stations.
IIAEUN, Chief Blinal Offioer.
Atrnaaoryi , ,
D. X. Hum'!, Obaarvar In Cbaraw.
I or TVtmwmm mud the Ohio VaOry
Generally fair Htalhtr; variable uiindi,
generally ihyfting to northweiUrly ; coldtr
walher in the wrilmt and toulhem por-
lmi,iMnairr n the northern and eailern
portion, ullvntd during ifvnday by
slightly colder venih r.
MxtmtroioKlcal afavart.
MaarnM, Tail., February IS, 18f
pi m
I Thar.
41 2
6r. 3
67 6
63 0
B K.
8 K.
( leudy.
H Matiuum tanixratara. f9.6,
MIniainm tarauaratnra, 33.0.
N.mCJI. o OA.
All obaaryalioni art taken on 75 meridian
Una, wbieh la one, hour (alter than loaal
Valentine's diiy.
A iaw pttihtiot snow still remain
in shady corners,
The Ecrectic Club meets at the
Olara Cenway luatitute tomorrow
With crmio valert'nes at 10 cents
a peck, Juvenile humanity was in its
glory yesterday.
Mr. Oeo-se II. Riopelle did rot
join the Ford oueia troupe as itutsd
as the season elates in Baltimore.
The Amateur AthUtio Assocla
iion gives its regnlar monthly enter
- Uunmenl Wednesday evening uexU
Tbe will of Mary M. McKenney
was admitted to probate yesterday
with w. h. farnegher as executor.
The services at the First Beptlst
churr.n this evening will be an "over
. flow meeting," so in the fa lest sense
pait of the meeting at the Court Street
Fortune' Whtel, by Alex. Mires
Slund, and A Jloute Divided Againit
Jtmf, by Mrs. Oupbant, with all the
At Liverpool yesterday American
wheat was unchanged. Corn firm,
with fair demand.
A wixl xnowa cotton bnyer (aid
yetterday: "I have been boying rot
ton for sixteen years, and this is the
chilliest February I ever saw."
Closing prices for May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, $11 27).
Lard, 6 2'Jc. Cltar rib sides. 5.05c.
Corn, 40J3 bid. Wheat, 85c bid.
Oats, 32&
The New York Pott, in its cotton re
view, says future deliveries operred
3-1 00c to 4100c lower, and closed Feb
ruary 3-lOOc, March 2-100cand balance
M00ct3 2-lOOc higher than yesterday.
Retort of Grain Klevator yesterday :
Wheat received, I'M bushels; with
drawn, 2100 btwhe's; Id
bushels. Corn received, 0004 bushels;
withdrawn, 3319 bushels; in store, 32,
742 bushels. Oats received, J12
bushels; withdrawn, 6108 bushels; in
store, 47,717 bvwbela.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday : T.
H. Dickson, Jackroa, Mis. ; L. A.
Down", Cave Citv, Ky. j Malison Car
ver, Mita Alice W.Thacott, Miss Kate
Wil Jm, Brownsville; J. N. Pulliam,
Drinden; Mrs. J. L. Webster, Mrs. 8.
A. Whitford, Mrs. Schuler, Mrs. W.
V. Weaver, Elizabeth, N. J.; II, (J,
Latting, jr., Qrenads, Miss.
Tn New York Commercial Bulletin
states that the cotton market closed
Thursday "with an incrcaied Bonti
tbat the market had taken a start for
a better position. The 'sentime'
however, hh near an could ha ...l!
ered, was about the princ'' tjtgj. u
the foreign advices sup- .")
tts!i .Vbv'r nS
enrnurairl- fog is by no means
encourag' chances for sup-
f ir ppai.nt!y about as good as
.r some timrlpMt,and in addition to
the easy jyiblio accounts fiom the
South the piivate itforrrat on fur:h(
tends to, confirm tbe belief that the
desire realise is being stimulated by
incr'asing financial necessities among
holders of the cotton. The dealings iu
pots were unimportant and quota
tions remained as before, witn psasiDiy
a slightly sU udier feeling ruling among
holders o! desirable parcels."
Lew Hat tea tat Hew Orlcaaia ! Be-tatrai.
The Louiaville. New Orleans and
Texas and Mississippi and Tennessee
1 ;,l II . J M t.L'i
railways vui sen on jnoouaja w u
and 22d) and Tuesdsys (16. h and 23d)
of February round trip tickets to New
Orleans for 9 50, good for fifteen
ays. Every one wishing to see the
Exposition should patronizs these
lines, and tike advantage of these
special rates. a. j. kvapp.
General Paiaeqaer Aaent,
L., N. 0..AT. and M. k I. Rail wan.
I'Bdellvered Telegrams.
List of undelivered telegrams re
mainina; at the Weatern Union TelecTaph
Ullioe, New Cotton Kiohanae Baildins, oor-
Eer Madiaon and berond itroeti. Offioe
aar (r ro 10:30 v'oJotk a.m.. and from
o"" fc.U.l
Frank It'Milnr, R P Lflonc?!
VII Kllii. ' O W (l.yer i Ctf, 2
J M llrlnkley A Co. Wm Bankard,
Ike Miow41, L A Hcarhroairh k Co,
H O Barnei, Jamee 6 M anally,
W N VTilkenoa k Co.H II rihanki A Co,
8 Manafielil k Co, H W Jonra k Co,
Van Vleat k Co, HpM'bt k Walter,
Mr Cbai C'arrnr, Dvaiarnel, U k ft.
It J wood 4 On, s N w Mpeen, jr,
t3-The firm of GOODBAR 4 CO. fca been dissolved, and we have reorganised oor interest in the Wholet ale Hoot
and Sbos Bnlnese, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love A Co., St. Louis, Mo., and Mr. J. C.
Callicott, of Coldwa'er, Miss., under the style of and firm name given below. We ttauk our friends f ir their patronage
in the past aad hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBA..
r o J. H. GOODBAR.
w k. iove, t. e.
Lata of Warren. Lore k Co., Bt. Louis.
a. b. eooDBia.
Lata of Qoodbar A Co.. Mempbil
Lata of Qoodbar k I o., Memphia.
, eALiiicwrr,
Uale ol uoldwatar, Hut.
3G7 & 3G9 Main anil 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tcnii.
We era
ion receiving a
Spring Trade
large and Eutrcly Hw Stak ol Eaetern and Cuetom-Made Boots and Slices for ta
of 18S6, which ws offer at I$o-k Uottom Prleois on as liberal terms as can
D8 Cia je uy any gtjmpuuiiK uiuaci.
Ilnih fotait A Co, Joe CoBen,
i iSuhlita lirowin
I 1 .1 -. ir.
. U WOIl' ID,
1 Arnold A Co,
oKlveen, A A Co,
i B Turner,
J K Hpeod,
OLFicklin, ,
Mcl'benwa k Co .
rnwina Co, T a Darant, t
WACo, B A Frrdra n
Wra 11 M ay auotuu
N J'at.
VrPorret A Co,
I u Parker,
' PeraeACo,
Porter A Maori.
i H Ma:kii,
CJoo X Ford.
late papers, at Mantford a. Open until
lo clock
Members of Memphis Lodsi
Knights cf Honor, are rt quested to at
tend me lunerai ol the late rt Hope
which ocenra at 2;3J this af.ernoon
from Ht. 1 trick church.
County warnnts amounting
4500 for clerk, i t orney-ceneial. con
etablee, Bhtrifl and nugisna es for fes
will oe reaoy lor iielivery by Chair-
wan oiaugmer on iuest uy.
The recnlgr monthly meeting:
the Women's Chri t an Automation
will be ht It at 2"3J Man street. Mon
day mornir", Feniry 15lb, tl 10
o'clock. A full a t m aice is desired.
Licensee to n ft ry were issued yes
terday to U. L. Lucey and Georgie
Sniith, J. C. Byiom and Mary A. Ter
ry, Uu Arnold a :d Temple Powel,
Willis Utiles and Mary Miller, Isaac
Goldberg aod Amelia Cohen.
"William" is buck again with Dr.
Zierman, and is as (ilk lent as ever as
superintendent ot the baths. He is
.faithful and a tmive, and serves tie
doctor's paiients or customers always
with saiisUction. William is black
diamond of (be purest wit r, and liis
baths are always of pure, clean w.tir.
The Anil t mr AihletiA Aaronia-
tion will give its ntxt regular lnoi.t.ily:
rmcn ati ment ou I tie 17iu Ins ant.
Athlitus will be the fiaure of the
evecire, atier which dancing will fol
low. All oi mi tern, active and sbso
clhte, with their lady fiiende, a e ln
viltd. Tlie ixwhi will begin
p:omptly 8:3(ioM)k.
A repte(ei,U'ive rf tbe ArriAL.
wl O WPS M'Miii"! d ; ti t -idav tf glKIice
t tli I'ht y loks f the Mnniihie
Jockey Ciu!, (!o s ru,t hteitate to ia
tht.t tLe ariuy tf 11, tu at the tpriun
Gen. Lucius Polk passed through
the city yesterday.
Pet is FiTzaKBAi.D. send address to
your sister, Thorndyke, Mass.
Db. Laiki repoi tithe condition of
S. ltoe-icber very Uvonoie, according
to tbe circumetinces.
I this notice Is seen bv George Par
ker, toba:co priaser, formerly of May
fleld, Ky., he will pltaie call at No. 5J
AiadUOO tireei as ioju u pussiuie.
Tin Kbv. Dr. ratterron will receive
all members of Grace parish and those
interested, at the residence of Capt.
Ca'nee, 309 Linden street, Tuesday,
February Ktn, from o to v o cioca
Koyitib Thurman, who Is t3 be
married to Miss Jennie Keid on the
1 8th IntUnt. is a son of Capt. J. U.
Thurman of Norfolk, Desoto county,
M s., and not a son el Judge inur-
man of Ripley. Tenn.. as '.be Nashville
American erroneously reporiea.
Mkh. Judoz R. J. Morqah has been
dangerously jll for tbe last week, but
Is repotted some better to-day. Her
brotutr, cot. lorn Don oi unatia
nooga, and her sisters, Mrs. Julius
Brown of Atlanta, Mrs. Melton ana
Miss Fort rf Cnattanooga, and Mis
Knisbt of Florida, bave all arrived at
her bedside.
Euoaxa G. Kbemeb. one of the
most oiomlsinx vounn men born and
reared in Memphis, i now practicing
law in New Yoik City, and has his
cilice at 213 Btoadway. A man of
very decided ability, a close student,
urged by a reasonable ambition to
succeed. Mr. Kremer is destined to
make bis mark at the bar. The Ar
pbal has faith in his future.
Pbominrnt arrivals at the New Gay
oso llo el: T. C. Leake, vice-presi
dent of the Memi hi"-, Birmingham aad
A'ltntic railroad: Maj. U. II. Temple,
chief engineer of the Mempbis, air-
m ni nm and Atlantic riilroad:UII
ver Johnson of the Silver King Com
pany, Ksmnel L. Tuck of New York,
E. 8. Van Arsdale of New York. C.
JolinBon of New York, Paul M. Howes
of St. Louis, Fred Straues cf O.ncin
ua i. Mrs. II. Hutchitoa of St. Paul
and Mrs. T. B. Campbell of SU Paul
Vickruuro fMisa.) Commercial Iler
a(f,13th: "'A private telegram received
yesterday from Hhreveport Drougnt
the sad intelliirence of the dea.h in
that citv at 4 o'clock yesterday morn
ins of !rs. Herman Loebe. Tbe de
ceased was a sitter of Mrs. Meyer Bo-
denbeira and Mr. Henry Picard, of
this city. Mrs. Loebe was formerly
Miss Tillle P card, who was a great
favorite in this city. Her death will be
sad news to many in this city." Mr?
lebe was also sister of Mr. N
Pirard. commercial editor of tbeAP'
pbal, and bad many friends in this
city, who will regret to hearcf her
Wi call attention it the card In to
day's issue of G. II. Herbees Co.,
firm composed of G. II. llerbers and
Louis Ketimann. They continue th
bneinees of the firms of llerbers
Frick and Cloth V Kettmann as suc
cessors. Mr. G. II. llerbers is well
known to onr busiueBS men as an act
ive nartner for a lona time cf the firm
of Cloth A Kmtniann aad latteilrof
Hurbers & Frick. Mr. Louis Kett
mnnn. the iunior partner, is the son
r f te la'e Henry Kettmann of Cloth
A Koitmann. end is fivorahly known
to a ruaioritv of tbe citizens of Mem
phis as the efficient arid atlable depu
ty County Court clerk under Hush B,
Cul en. With la'se experience, aoipi
capital, and cloee attention t business,
which is their mct'.o, they cannot fa I
to achieve the success they deserve,
Like their predecessor, they will do
an eiclusivelv wholesale business I
stoueriep. liquors, ttc, and sell to
dealers ooly
Old BT Irl i-nd allvrr taken ta raali
t M tilford", S94 Sail,
UetH'lier hii1 Tttiiuage.
The sermons of Boecher and Tal
n'are are now a regu'ar fe at iro of Th
iS'uNo'ny Time. Mihscription price
f 1 tO per ear nv rro 1.
Urt HnilrOato A- .aoinnilno ludo
your llniiiiner
Mnlr.nit, Jeweler, '-'.t Xlt'm, so
lncits urderit fnnii tin- coiintr.
"Tbe Silver Hlna."
The intensely Interesting melo--inia,
The 6tVtvT A'tnff, with the
famous- actor. Frank C. Bang, will
st ain be seen in Memphis at Letibrie's
Thiatsr f ir a shoit season cf three
ishts and a matinee, commencing
Monday evening, February 151b. The
nlav and star are too well known in
Memphis V3 require exienaea not.ee,
but a word about the supporting com
pany and the scenery. The company
a in every wsv a super or one. dubs
Grace Thorne, the daughter of the
late Charles R. Thorne, jr., of the
Union Square Theater, is the "JSellle
Denver" of this production. Last
season Mies xnorne was toe leaumg
lady of the Boston Tmater company
James Vincent, Samuel Verney, Frank
TUvtnn and Dustan i1 am nam are still
with the company. Mr. Horace Vin
ton and Miss Uaii forrest as tne
"Holder" and his wife are valuable ad
ditions. Mr. Vinton was U itding man
of the New York cast of Lighlt o' Ixm-
don. The scenery is tbe same need at
Wal ack'a and tbe Urand Upera-uouee,
New York, and ia much finer than
that used here last season. The en
oairement is expected to be a flue one.
as the play and tbe people are popular
in our city.
At the Memphis Theater Thursday
night Lotta begins an engsgament of
two nishts and a Saturday matinee,
and crowded bouses are alaoott sure to
be tbe rule. Ot Mile. Nitouche, to be
given Thursday night, the Chlcaso
Herald says: "Fiolicsome Lotta in her
comparatively new play mioucne, ti
Mcvicker s. has been trie issuing at
traction ; and it is gratifying to know
that the real artiste, no matter wnai
may be said, has after all the power to
attract. It is auite the thing with
certain ages and classes to suggest that
Lottibasbeea long enough on tne
boards, but it would be pleasant to
know where another Lotta is to be
found. Her theater this week has
been packed, her audiences have gone
away delighted, and her second week's
work bids filr t) be even better than
the first. And this she has secured in
epite of othor attractions more or lees
novel and interesting. No less than
six other the atars have been her com
pi titors, and there is notanytwe ol
them who would not be willing t
trade their box receipts for hers,
Nitouche has boen no great a snccess
that for the first few nights of the
coming week Lt'a will repeat it."
t- otteUlmai to Charles Troglio,
fArtof HOwert side of Main, street,
ner Wincbettsr, zo:jioa leti ior
A. J. Harris, County i rustee, to J.
G. Handwerker. lot 83, 73x14 feet.
west tide Third street, Chelsea, for
$4 88.
E. O. Kodgera to J. H. Malone, trut-
Asa rs etiiraB Jnhn A rm i at Aui ami H
C. Watson in tho turn of S230, lots 41,
42 and 43, Fiippln s subdivisiou.
Lot 11, block C2, Dixon subdivisioa,
70x150 feet, east side of Porter street,
to John Donnelly. 1100.
Lot 9, block G2, to John Grehan,
110. -
Lot 10, to Joan uretiaD, u.
Lot 19. to John Grehan, f J8-'.
Lot 20, to John Grehan, $19G.
Lot 13, t3 Tbeo. Raed, 190.
Lot 14, to Theo. Kued, f 1C0.
Lot 17, to Theo. Reed, $10.r.
Lot 18. to Theo. Heed. S125.
Lot at southwest corner Orleans and
Georgia, 40x100 feet, to M. Gavin,
Lot 3h, oa plan city ot Me-iipms, to
John Brennan. 3200.
Li -t 41, on plan City ot Memphis, to
M. Gavin, f 1000.
Lot 100x1 0 feet, north side Talbot
street, between Main and Shelby, to
J. M. Farrioston. S120U
Lot 7. country lot 5:4, west side
Manassas streat, 50x214 feet, to J. V
McKeon, $403;
. t. rvnr ttotuf ti in this market of tb fol-
lowing lines rf CUirOM-MAUt!. urcojs, in oiviui.juwo
warrant to give perfect satislaction
Brady & Shortell's Eoya', Youths', Misses atd Childrea s
Solar lip SLo :b. .. , , c.
T. M. Harris suo. s rauaatipiiui uijuo -
Als', L. W. Nule & Co.'8 Kip Brogans and Plow bboss-
the beet Browns made in the United eutKS-nereKJiuro
handled by G oJbar & Ca. ... v i
We are the only houe in thij Market handling the cele
brated. K.ippendorf, liUp''irf?
M t' K in I inal and I Jail uuoiuiu uiujo
RIVELY. nndw the Factory Brands.
We also control the following Spacialtiea under out
own brande, viz:
Goodfcar, Love A Co.'s Men's. Grained Calf Ctte-TOM-MADE
Bala, Bolton and Congress.
GooJbar, Ive A Co.'s Men's N.K. Cdlf CUSTOM
MADE Bala, Button and Congress.
Gosdbar, Love A Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
' Our Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the teat se
lected Ouraooa Kid and Tampice Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex-.ble Inner Soles
aid we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in every rfsnwt
Battle of tho Petticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow-
ins Foolish Female Frolic
Wild War Whoops Uouicn
310 and 312 Fiont Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Crosby's lalme aanaenna.
The changed bill for this week at
this family reEort can safely appeal to
the public on many merits, ana to
those who have enjoyed the fat wom
en's convention it is safe to say they
can still further find amusement in
diopping into the outer curio hall, and
congratulating the winners as they Bit
on their decorated cnairs. xuey
will wtar the champions' medals, and
the first medl will go to Mies Eva
Hautight, Gertie Piatt or Anna Hen.
In the type-setting cortstt there will
be six local entries, a.l tbe flower of
Momnhla fact oomnoeitirs. aad they
will compete for a champion's medal,
emblematic of the championship rf
the city and State. They will follow i
the style of the tourney of Chicago, in
which Barnes and JMCUtinn, meciu.i.
pious of the world, entered iu;o a ,
friendly competitive contest. TI.)
full particulars of their contest w
telegraphed by the AstoJatid lVu
all over the world, showing the inter
est taken In the matjh. All othor
features it the show will he new.
Towns; Mea'a Hebrew Aaaoclntion.
At the Young men's Hobrew Ass4
elation Hall to-night a drama iu three
acts entitled My Jirother't Keeper, will
be presented with the following cast;
lliohel Allen. Bortha. J. llo.e
Holf.r llonto3.....-.Miii lioithaO. Untnon
Uraoe IW-nton ....Mii Floronoa P. Sel a
Charlai Uenton Mr A. 11. Oreancwald
Uivhuid Carnei lolork)....Mr. Leon 8on6oid
M tihew A en (olerk) Mr. Juliua fjoaiis
Job Ljton Isorapa)..... Mr. Juliua llotch.ua
Abe U -nloo Mr. Chaa. Darn
Louii Daaii Stag Director.
The entertainment will conclude
with a hop.
TaluiAiO Sermons,
Undoubtedly Talmsge is the grand
est pulpit oia'or in America. His ser
mons are now a regular foature of T.e
AunWiy Tiwifi. The subscription price
to The Tune is $1 61) per yi ar by mail.
Telephone tlaberllner for Bnaaace
t hrrka
Fine Watch repairing nt Mulford's.
io Knllcrtge ak l.ataotnnraino for
your Plmnhlnar ataid elHB-ritllDW.
Mo ii ox ram I!uii;ten; 9Iulforl
lromp nt.-oiain to l rk or
al rra bj IttiUTtiA aon, l lcj,lionfM)
Shibts. all stvles. made to order,
Memphis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
Sbk O.tsnheimer A Schwartz's local
Memphis Stained Glass Works, 266
Third street Call and see.
J. 11. Lowrby, M.D., ILpmeopathu t
318 Main street; telephone
Central Nursery, No. 09 Market
street, Is the nearest place in the city
lor plants and cutnowers.
Sydney J. Wilson, teacher of Eng
lish lit tia'.ure. For particulars ad
dress him at 389 Mam street.
A plan of Grace church sittings baa
been prepared and seleciio as ol pews
will be begun after morning service
t day.
Miss Carrie M. K bating can be
found every day at E. Witzmann
Co.'s, 223 Second street, from 4 to
o'clock p.m.
Don't wait until race week before
you think of having your vehicles re
paired and painted. Now is1 the time
to get ready and good job at Lilly Car
riage Comuay.
Tub Herbal Chill Cure, the bst
tonio and anti-periodio known. A eertain
aiu inre onre lor oliilli. Price tl per bot
tle. Ben itamii for circulars. Any ref
erenre aixon. Addreaf John C. Kuoker.
lirnobbera. Va.
O. D. Smith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, hai decided to locate per
manently in Memphis. He treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, sheep,
swine and dogs. Calls, day or night,
answered promptly. Office at Jones
A Co.'s stable, Ol Monroe strett; tele
phone 4tl,'. Residence, rrantuoii
House; telephone 32.
Parties wishing to purchase goad
woik stock for less money than they
imagine they can be bought, will find
it to their interest to visit my stable,
No. 68, 70, 72 and 74 Monree street.
Capt. Hargroves has some fine mules
and is offering them very cheap. "H.
J. Carruthers is sellirg some good
farm and fancy mares worth the mon
ey. W. B. Hardy and Robert Hardy
sny no man shall or can sell mules
cheaper than they do. Should you
fail to buy from either ot those parties
then try me. I have all sorts, sites
and ages and will sell and guarantee
what we represent Come and look
before you buy. J. h manor.
Order Medals at Ululford'st.
triasnerated. Exoited EndeaTors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
thatmy husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kickod over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Arc you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told & falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stovo than to kick me,
like I heard a oertain woman's bus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Obi you moan thing!
My husband never gave me as much
ns cross word in bis lile.
Mrs. Crusty No, and 1 suppose
he never came home intoxicated.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, he buys his
nlntbea at the Misfit Parlors, 2G2
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so does mine
He says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for the entire winter.
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. He said
the overcoat he got there for w:Z was
worth $40, and the suit he paid $20
for.oouldjiot have been made to sell
for less than $A.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all my fault; tut I guess we d been
ouarrelibg yet if it hadn't been for
tVift Misfit Parlors. Oraoiousl what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Tosty Yes, the Misht 1'ar-
lorsare a real blessing. 1 here are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-mado
clothing at prices which Jo not often
represent the cost prioe of clothing.
You cot Suits. Overcoats and 1'ants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present stock of fine
merchant tailors misfit,s in elegant
Overcoats and Suits that wo sold
originally for one-half of their aotual
value, we are now belling below
cobt to enable ub te make room for
the large and handsome stock of ccs-
receive from our agents at the open
ing of tho spring season. If you de
sire to secure a genuine bargain
in a suit or overcoat it will pay
you to give us a call.
Stoves, Tinware
We have a moBt complete stock cf Cutlery, Guns, Sheirand riantation
Hardware, which we offer to the trade at rock-boltom prices.
Dissolution HXTotioo-
r in- if row nv neannia Jk .. com imi.hui) u .1. Al.
L BAR, W. L. CLARK and J. U. GOOoBAB, wai disaolved January 1,
Junnarr 1. 1836. by mutual
consent, A. B.Goolbarand J. II. Goodbar bavins sold their entire inwreii in tne assets
to i. M. Goodbar and W. L. Clark. J- . OOODD I A R.
Mkwphis, Tes., January 14, 1886. .fiSf ft..,.
-iui..rrln to th. abnva notice of d ssolut on. J. M.Goodbax and W. b. Clark beg u
Inform their friendi and customer that, as sneoeasors, thoy will oontinue the Wboleaale
Boot end Shoo Buiineis. at the old stand, 319 Main street, under toe eld firm same ol
UOUDBAR k CO.. having admitted as partners K. J. Carrington and Y- G. Jones from nod
alter January 1, 1880. Tbosa indebted to theo.'d arm will make sotUemont with ns.
James H . Qoodbar Wm. L. Clark Ean J. Carrlnsrton I rrn w. "
IXFIaa ra.tllaxeci. IOQO.1
Attention, Ilamciueul
A. Swind. horse-choer. 93 Union
street, makes a specialty tf the befit
work, auch as fhojina race horsen
plating, etc. tiatisfaction jjuaranteed
iu an cases, leiepuooe ioj.
TFlrpbonc UabrrllDB for HngniMt
Seb Otienhcimer A Schwarta's local.
Tile FloorluR
la hnonmino faphionable. It is dura
ble and pretty, and adds grf ally to tbe
attractiveness c-f.well sppointid honses
Th t In tl inririfr reront v pnt in the.
barber-ship of the i'abody noiei dm
attracted a ureal deal of favorable com
ment, and there nits oeen conBinern
ble ioquiry for the Memphis head-
nnartor. (,r tlior tilinff. Mr. T. J.
(iiaham, No. S 18 Fi oat street,, is the
paity who fnrnithed this material. All
varieties of the very best quality can
be obtained of Ulna at moat reasona
ble rates.
TrloBtinaie liaberllna; for Flonr
l.inVj inula r-i-xiril br Knhirli
k p,.i, so uil Ul II . Hie alrrri.i
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
31?"- cfi3 OO.
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
Fisher Ranges,
Illustrated Catalogues
. Wailed tree.
BsWsW-r'" a, --. Mani ;rk. ... aa- I . a
r -fnAn i257 Main sr.
Madison Street, IS oar Cotton Exchange and I neater
27i Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
teB" Remember, all alterations to
insure a perfect fit cheerfully and
rrnwnilv iiiiide. without additional
oluiriro. bv a first-class tailor.
mr open Kvenlniaei aintU o'eloeat.
Nntntxlaiya until 11.
Rate, $2 Per 33 o, v.
Orders ror thin Coal, 1 large or sum 1 qunii!iilp. lillvd by
- at k. a. bT aaa-a A
I. W.-patt15Kwji tfc i u., ivv deiicrson si.
rr T.l'ph"".
o .
g. schmidt & son, Sternberg & fSon
Solid .Silverware nt Muirortrn
Skb Ot enheimer & Pchwarli's local
Flrcl Fire! Flrel
Wa hftvn houpht from t'ie Iftts fire
r.t viBiir. P.rpa "00 mpi ilica pitchers
20J sets knives en J f nk, epoonp, and
all kinds of bird and o leeiisware, mr
niture, chairs, tl iu wilt h sold at very
lOW ngllrcS. Aim) ni hiuub uru, n
and cojking stoves for .M chmi, at
Agent and Commij on Mi-rebuilt,
41 f to al rheibr street.
T-l.bon Hnerrbaii f,ir;illolt r
StB O.teuheiuit r & cchWdria's local.
imrorters and dealers In ". ";
nliland f laklss Tsr K BslldaB
Hsnlware, ilirle Be.U land As
annelalarlor Hotels and Beaidene.aa
Mialn alawt, Meiiill, Jenta tleotrio j
aumiliaaalwaTS on hand. RepairD neatly
done -
WANTED La7s'ti?dc"Wi
B1KLK " introduction br Rev. J H. n
n n. On. a. nt has aold hS in a town
c rri ,1r! nn. 7S in a vilUne oi ,14; one
new aii.nt 85 in l'ldays; ono in i succes
sive wei-kas one 40 in .i days at two dinirent
i,m Ciimri.nc. not rti w'n" larei
i fASSV.1,1. A (.' ' V'.il.
4il De.rnor.i a'rfct. ri.-cseo.
3l.fi Front St., Cor. Union. Memphis. Tenn.
Siibsrrlba for the "Jlpiioal.'
Boiler Works.
SHE. St cCKTIIY,rropr',
140, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in ;r! South, and the cniy cnx;lete
fiiM.r and 6'-i -Trnc Wur'ui ;n thocux.
MareriMli rrra of rior flnli. Iroaj.
work ol a-.ery irxt Ipiloi.. Sincia!
AtLeaticn fiveu wpiauta ion work.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
3 IS Main St., SfriiiiahitsTcnii
Wlxhlne tn Tt.tlr- Irona Ilu.lur
H'e Olfi r i nr l.iiiir

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