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A Sail and Dominating Confession
Taat a Saloon or Two Is KectE
sarj to Prosperity.
laroD!"i or TBt ArriiL. I
Cobinth, Miss., February 13. "Pro
hibition," yonr to.-responiieLt oi the
8:h, eeeai to be a posthumous humor
ist, or a jolly prevaricator. It ia
tt-angs that he has nit been em
ployed as the advance a;ent of pnch
" truth-tellers as "Ga'.h" and "Eli Per
kins." "Prohibitiou" soys: "The inti
mation t'.at the anti-prohibition peti
tion. was 'tampered' i:li a". Jackson
two years eg i ia an old thruibare
elander which no informed ami ie
npoctible perron here believes, etc."
I eay candidly, without lear of con
tradiction, thht whoever " l'rohibi
tion " is, be tttt js what ia not bo.
There are just as many recipectahle
anti-prohibitiouisls ai there are "pro
hi';" perhaps more so.
Your correspondent Bays tl u': t!i9
whisky ptt tiop sent to the LeyX-lf ture
was so imperfect and unfair that it
killed itself. ' 8irne. Did it never
occur to the minds of many tha1; tiiat
petition was sent to Jackson in the
care and its interests to be lcoked
after by a "distinRnis'ied" lawyer f f
Corinth? Did the Legiektare ei
down upn the lawyer or the petition?
Bcho answerr, the lawyer.
For the repeal of this odious five
mile law a' majority of the Ux-payera
have signed. I only auk "Prohibition"
to examine the aherill's books and
prove tha falty of his own state
menu Not only that, but I state that
a majority of toe business men afk
for the repeal of the law, and repeat it.
Of the irot ignorant and misin
formed men, commend me to "Pro
hib." He Bays there are only two
sale oris within a radius of fifty miles
of Corinth. "hai?, where is tby
blush" when tbon used to inuibe?
Ue knows that whi ky ao be ob
tained within fifty miles of Corinth
at Pocahontas, MiddHtm, Grand
Junction, Lagrange, falisbury, Hick
ory Valley, in Tennewee, and Mar
eerum, Cherokee, i'ride'a Station,
Newport, Cbickivaiv, in Alabama, and
Iuka, Michigan City, Falknor, in Mia
aissifpi, numbering in all thirty bo
looas where the "tt'iff" can be ob
tained within fifty miles of the grave
yard Cerinth. To quote his own.
worue, "it is snaiiow nonsense about
trade leaving Corinth." (Jive us a
saloon or two and the trade will mott
ceitiinly ccme t ack. The old cry of
"abort cotton oops" has been raised,
but BarnBVille, with a top lation of
nly300, with a taloon, ban received
more bales of cutton than our dead
town without a sa!o in.
Speakipg of empty store house'',
your writer must surely be gravely
mistaken or sever walked our btrettj.
We have by actual count fifteen empty
Store houses und as many vat ant
dwellings. Even the hogs, roaming at
will, sleep in aims oi these vacant
As to whether this county has saved
$25,000 by this law, I can only say
that the largest dolinquent tiz-litt
published iu tha Mate comes from
Alcorn county. I would mott respet t
fully ask of "Prohib" where the sav
ing comes in.
As regards emigration to the West,
I still adhere to my former remark,
that the people are becoming diagusted
with the affair and are emigrating to
the Weit. He fays some colored peo
ple have toiie West. From authentic
sources I If arn that 218 colored fimi
lies mitkitig a 10 al of 611 have
'VoneWeat." Even such Pobib:
tioristj as Will Morgan, Kichard Bur
nett and others have emigrated since
they have killed the town not taking
into consideration numerous other
white families tba', have-emigrated to
Arkansas and Texas. -
To pay any further attention to this
nonenity who signs himself "Prohibi
tion" would b useless and supeifiu
ous, eo by-by "Pro."
Our usually quiet little town is all
lorn up by the publication of the tol
lowing in Friday's Herald, the author
of which is Dr. N. C. Steele, chairman
of the Alcorn county Prohibition com
mittee. The wonder ol the (own is
that the editor' of the Herald allowed
it to appear in his columns:
"A favorite argument with the col
ored sifters fr not gigning against
whisky is: We never fo'.ch it here;
it was here when we come: it will be
here" when we die; dwlo we aint
gwine to have nothing to do with put
ting it out tior keeping it out. Socra
tes and Aristo lo would sit at their feet
to learn logic. What was the logic of
the dozen while ladies that would not
sign ?"
Following tha above, this same
Steele approached a negro named Dil
worthoind aekfd him if he could se
cure him a half pint of liquor, giving
him 25 cents to purchase, auprtosably,
the same; also presenting him with 25
cents for his trouble. The darky got
it, and immediately Dr. Steele swore
nut an affidavit charging I'ompey
Evans with the same. A jury, con
sisting of Messrs. Joe Ijams,- O. W.
Graham, Joe Boone, Frank Burnett,
Joe Potta and Thomas Woodward were
selected, and a verdict of "not guilty"
wai rendered, for the jury doubted
whether Dr. Steele or the negro Dil
w oi th wanted it. Such is prohibition
in Corinth. cokhigknda.
Formerly Attorney for the Poatsnaa-
ter-Ueneral, on the Telephone
. ttt-antlnl.
Mr. A. A. Freeman, an earnest Re
publican and a prominent lawyer of
Washington, formerly attorney of the
Patent Department under the Aithur
administration, writes ti a friend in
Middle Tennessee about the telephone
hubbub as follows: The recent great
'''telephone Bcandl" is a fair f ample of
the "much uo about nothing" style cf
modern tense tious. Divested of the
.glare and tinsel with which it is
adorned it aaionnts to just this: With
in the last year a number of inventions
lor aliened improvements in the art of
telephoning have been patented.
Among others a system styled by the
inventor the Pan-Electric was patented
by a citizen of your tite named
Eogers. At the very threshold of his
enterprise Rogers found himself con
fronted by oae cf the most pow
erful corporations in the country
the Bell Telephone Company. Rogers
had neither I me nor fortune to back
him in the unt qua! light. He sought
aid. He distributed his stock among
men who cool J a d him. He enlinted
the Hod. Casey Young, Senator Har
ris, Senator (now Attorney-Genera')
Garland and others.
How much thue gentlemen pave
for the stock, or whether" they gave
anything, is a matter of which 1 know
nothing and care a great deal lefs.
Rogers bad a perfect right to dispone
if the stock in any manner he raw
proper; and as no legislation on the
ulject was either probable or possi
ble, these gentlemen had aa much
right to own it as to own shares in a
mnuicturiDg company or a ruine.
1 bey had at'ained their eminent posi
tions by virtue of superior talents.
Tbey bad a perfect right to invest
taeir talents ai.d their repotitions in
an enterprieajwhich they believed to
be hrnedt and profitable. The me
chanic works for the highest ralary he
can get ; the preacher hears the voice
of Providence in the call that oQts
the highest ea'ary; the physician
charges the administrator all that the
undertaker tai lft hirn able to pay.
Ofu ltfce professions the lawyer is
about the only man who works from
fmrely philanthropic motives. Serious
y, there ia not a thing in this "great
telephone scandal" that amounts to a
hill of beans. I am Bot, aa you know,
in ayii ru'by with the administration,
of which Messrs Garland and Limar
are members, but I do think that the
attacks being made upon them by the
ncwtipapt-rs in the interest of the Bell
Telephone Company are unfair,
to my the least of them. But
I antic'pite, for I have r.o'.told you
the coiinittiou sustained by the last
Darned gentlemen to the "gnat scan
dal." No one pretends in the Attorn sy
Gdneral or the .Secretary of the In
terior has done any wrong, and yet a
moit frantic hue and cry has been
rained aaiuet t'leee gentlemen by the
puid organs ( f the Brll Company. I
have n t a paititle of interest in the
content, as I do cot own a cent of stock
in any company. 1 have no party in
terest in the success c f this adminixtia
tion, as I believe its professions cf re
form are a mere sham, but I have and
hope 1 st u'l always retain a profound
coii tempt f r any effort to tarnish the
reputation of any man, whether in or
oat of i ftice.
SAYFOItl) AND T0WNli.lt.
Cireat Interest Mnnlfwited In Tbelr
Meetlnnn-NrrrlCM to Be
Ilelit To-Dajr.
The meetings at the Couit street
Presbyterian church during the past
week, under the direction of Messrs.
Sayford and Towner, have been very
successful and much good has resulted
for the cense of Christianity. Com
mencing with a largi) audience last
Monday, each succeeding meeting
showed an improvement, until the
church was hanily able to hold the
people whe Hocked to hear them.
Messrs. Say'ord and Towner have
made a lasting impression on Mem
phis, and the result of their labors
will be folt long alter t'ney have de
patted. Below will be found the ap
poiLtmects for to-day's services.
Services To-Dnj hi the Itrnlo Ntieet
llnpl.nl t'haicu.
To ths Editors of the Appeal :
You will pleat e continue notice in
the religious of your paper that Messrs.
Ha) ford and Towner will hold a service
for the colored people Sunday morn
ing ttll o'clock at the Beale Street
Baptist church and oblige, yours, re
spectfully, T. KIGrtTINGALE, Pastor.
Conrt Htreet Meeting.
There will be services at 3:30 o'clock
p.m. and 7 :30 p.m. bv Messrs. Sayford
and Towner. Ove fiiw meetings at
First Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs.
Towner will sing at both churches.
The General Committee will meet
immediately after the afternoon ser
vice in the pastor's study. .
neOnltlona In MoudVa Bible,
To the Editors of the Appeal :
The fallowing "Definitions" were
written on a fly-leaf of Mr. Moody's
Bible by a lady in England. Many
persons who heard him read them
will be g'al to copy them into their
Juti'ificitiion. A cl aoge of state, new
(tanding before God.
Jifmniance. A chauge of mind, new
mind about Gcd.
Jtetignalion. Change of nature, new
heart from God.
Conversion. Change of l.fe, new life
for God.
Adoption. Change of family, new
relationship toward Gol.
ikincl'Jication. Change of service,
separation unto Go l.
Olorijicaiion. Change of place, new
condition with God.
Mortuary Beport.
Mortality report for the week end
ing Saturday, February 13, 18SG, at
6 o'clock p.m.:
Cause Death.
K It Luiiib...-
W It Api
1P Lynch
t.J Flttnnery...
M Dawson
J Kiin'lolrh ...
.1 MrKiDiiey...
V Will, am...
J Coopor
A JoDffl
IC W Martin...
.in ale
cirrhosis liver.
tyihold (ever,
consumption .
con a, brain,
ool ed
cot'ed exposure.
col eit pneumonia,
col'ed pneumonia,
col'f dicroup.
ool'edheart disease.
ool'ed'hert disease,
col'ed tall.
col'ed senile debility,
ool'ed congestion,
col'ed, lin mUtis.
ool 'ed albuminuria.
col'ediconR. 'Cereb.
col'ed consamption.
col'ed consumption
oot'ed consumptien.
col'ed old age.
col'ed pneumonia,
col'eillgen. dflbility.
J Nubit
M Mobj
R Vortor
tb t ucker
J Caldwell ...
A Wright...
(i Anderson.
Minnie ..
M Fowler
A Thom&s ..
K Person
II H .rri
11 Cm ton
L Jenkins
tDied in hospital.
Distribution by Wards First, 3;
Second, 0; Third, 1; Fourth, 1;
Fifth,2;Sixtb, 4; Seventh, 3; Eighth,
1; Ninth, 1; Tenth, 3. City Hospital,
7. Still born, 0. Whito, 6. Colored.
20. Total. 26
Q. 6. GRAVES. M.D.. Secretary.
The BoaiMlalin.
Rosadalis is a sovereign remedy for
all dioeasfs of the bloid. It has no
equal for the cun of all nervous dis
orders. Read this certificate: I would
like to bear testimony to the meiite of
Rosadalis, by faying that some eight
years ago I was totally proit'ated and
could get no relief from our family
physician, bnt after taking one bottle
of Rosulalis I became entirely restored
to health. I now weigh 175 pounds,
but when I first to-k yonr medicine I
weighed only 130. I cheerfully recom
mend it to ail, and especially to those
alllio'ed with nervous debility.
MRS. A. A. MARON. Baltimore, Md.
Henry Walterwon'N Condition Be
rlona. Looisvillb, Kv, February 13. Mr.
Henry Watterson is worse to-day, and
his physicians and f. lends are very ap
prehensive. He has been in a stupor
all day. His physicians will hold a
consultation to-night.
Dklicatb Hinpnsm of eithr
sex radically cured. Send 10 cents in
(tamps for book. Address World's Dis
pensary Medical Association, Buffalo,
' FatKl Affray,
Augusta, Abk, February 13. In
Cotton Plant this morning Oacar Con
way shot and killed Sam Ware. Both
are merchants. Conway surrendered.
the se a rr.
The Invitation to Yixit the w Or
leans Exp ttdtlnn Accepted by
the House.
J vkhon, Mikk., February 13. Snnf
Hills introduced and rcii-nvd :
By Mr. Iickon: To change the
time for holding the Chancery Court
of l-awreiu-e.
l'v Mr. Packwood : Titremedy some
of tlic eviln oeeiirririi; hvtlie burning
of records in l'ike and l.ineolil eotiu
ties. ly Mr. I'reiihain : Incorporating
the .Natchez CompivsM and Warehouse
By Mr. I'illard: liu-nrporatiiig the
New York. Mexican ami Texas Air
I.ine ltailroad Conipany.
By Mr. Buchanan: To permit
chancellor to take on Miliuiiwinii ami
decide ranged in vacation.
By Mr. Root he: To amend the law
in rt'lation to hlieritr fees.
By Mr. Harvey: To prohibit the
sale of liquors at Bethel church, Clai
borne count v.
By Mr. W'alker (for Mr. Whitnevt:
To create :tn additional jut-th-o'n dis
trict in Supervisors' Itwtriet No. 1,
Franklin county.
By Mr. I .use: Supplemental to the
net passed this session incorporating
the .Memphis. Birniiuv'hani and At
lantic Railroad Coninany.
By Mr. Yergcr: To provide for the
erection of two school-houses in Green
ville. By Mr. Casey: To anu'inl the law
declaring what shall be a lawful fence
in Slmrkev count v.
By Mr. "Walker: For the relief of
A. ljoeb'ci Co. and Concorliitt. citizens
of Meridian.
1 louse bills passed by the S-uate:
To declare w hat shall be a lawful fence
in Washington county, with amend
ment ; to incorporate the town of Troy ;
to incorporate the Citizens' Building
and lyoan Association of YickKlmrg;
to uiiiend the law making it unlawful
for sheep to roam at liuyc in Hinds
nml Madison ; to provide) for the pay
ment of a debt due Robert Bradley by
the State; to incorporate: a street rail
way in (irecnville; to aut horizo super
visors of Clay to hold monthly meet
ings; for the relief of 1. J. Moselcy of
Panola; for the relief of Mrs. M. K.
Wesson of Lincoln; to prohibit the
sale of intoxicating liquors each at
Taylortowu, l'ike county, und at Ack
ormnn, Choctaw county.
Bills of incorporation were passed as
follows: Y'icKsburg Water-works;
town of Hamburg; amending charter
of Holly Springs; simcndingehiirter of
Clarksdalo ; imicndingchartcrof Sciin
tobia; incorporating l'land, in Wash
ington county, with amendment.
The Senate adopted a resolution to
hold afternoon bessions, commencing
next week.
There were 102 bills introduced in
the House to-day, all of a purely local
or private character, not one of gener
al interest, and about one-half of them
passed without being referred.
The House, by resolution, accepted
the invitation to visit the North, Cen
tral and South American Exposition
at New Orleans, and lixed Friday, the
l!th instant, for going. It also av
coptcd an invitation to visit Yicks
lmrg to-morrow.
Arrival of the Korilirrn Capltallsta
Hallroad accident.
RirtMiMiiiAM, Ai.a., February 13.
Messrs. liiman, Armour and others,
tho expected capitalists from the
North, arrived hero from Nashville on
their special train at 8 o'clock this
morning. They lirst visited the won
derful Morris iron ore inines,down the
Birmingham Mineral, and upon their
return drove about tho city. - At 1
o'clock they left for Montgomery.
They seemed very favorably Impressed
with what they saw hereabout.
Nearly all of' tho south-bound Queen
lUid Crescent passenger train went into
a ditch at Coaling, forty miles below
here, at 1 :30 o'clock last night. Con
ductor Hammond, one of the sleeping
car conductors, braketnan and three
passengers, whose names have not
been ascertained, were hurt, none
badly. The rolling stock was badly
broken up. A broken rail was the
The new fire insurance company,
capitalized at Jl'OO.lXMI, has organized,
taking the name of the Iron and Oak
Cities Insurance Company, in compli
ment to Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.
Tbe Aaelarnee of ArchbUhop Par.
cerTa Ealnte Looked Up,
Cincinnati, O., February 13. John
B. Manuix, a lawyer, and until re
cently assignee of the estate of Arch
bishop I'urcell, deceased, was urrcsted
this afternoon on warranto sworn to
by Peter Dwyer, a creditor of the
Archbishop, in which charges aro
mado of embezzling $310,0110 of tho
estate, and peajtiry in making false
slateinents in the Probate Court in
connection with his report. Mr. Man
nix was taken before a magistrate,
who rcuuirod bail in the wim of $1 10,
000, and this not being furnished, tho
prisoner wiw lodged in the county
jail. Sometime ago an examination
info Mr. Mannix's management of the
all'airH of tbe Archbishop's estate re
vealed the fact that a large sum had
been lost in the purchase" of stock
which afterwards depreciated in price.
Mr. Mannix "was removed from his
position by the Probate Court at tho
conclusion of this examination. His
hearing is set for next Wednesday.
Will Be Invetlgaletl.
Ioi'isvil.l.K, Kv., February 13. The
publication in a local and Cincinnati
papers charging f hat Senator Bales of
Warren county lived openly with his
negro mistresa ut Frankfort, Ky.,
caused that Senator to demand an in
vestigation to-day. The Senate U
pointcd an Investigating Committee.
Brown's Bronchial Troches for
conahs and colds: "There is nothing
tj he compared with t'.iem "
REV. 0. 1). WATklSfi. Walton, Ind.
Aa Tbejr Cannot Poaalblr
make a porou platter having nnything like
tbe mcdicitiAl gua 'tio of lieneon'i, the
camp follower! uf tlie haranceutieal pro
fession produce tone ot wortbleis pltert,
and give them ntmcs whirh reftetnblo in
rirint thtt of the genuine, and, when eare
osiijr (rotten, iounii like it. Vor eitmple.
Cheap John druKg'Sti wi,l ojer rou trnh
rarioiilr sty'ed ' Cnppicum," " Capicin,'1
M Cpioine," or " Curuc n," piaster, pre
fwed sometimes with tbe nume " Lenton'a"
or "Burton." We earneatly rautun the
puMi" avainit the whole tribpot thim. They
are boutely uselea aa remedial for dia
ese lo be turo th-r are chenp, hut Main
muliTt ia cheuper and jut aa cHinacinua.
Ark for Bnnn'a, watch the apellinr, and
look for tli " Three Senla " trmle-uiark and
the word "Qupciue " which it cut in the
center of Ike geDuiue.
rrti..n-. wtii ti:..H..i rvartl to heahJi.
N A ;u:'m'):.ij, L.aio or A Into.
fines s.:kk;s pqxclr co..
CHIcacoj s.ii.iouiri
Predioted Defeat loth Banner with
The "Kins rice" cf a Monop
oly Aspiring Co.
Said that the people,' after being enred
would demand their money bark, and any
ttrm adoptint the rale would fail.
But pinning our fuith to the L'nivenal
Honesty of manhood and womanhood, with
an abiding- faith in our oft-proved remedy
we continued tofluntour banner with "N
Cure I Mo Part" thereon, with unpre.e
dented retulta.
We anthorUe mcrohanU doalinc In
"Uulnn't Pionoer Blood Kenewer" to refund
the money if it doci not cure all Blood and
Hkin Difeniei, Rheumiitlsm, Blood Poiton,
Glandular Swellinxr, Scrofula, Malaria and
Female Complaints.
A Perfect Spring Medicine.
Esany on Blood aud Skin Diaeaaea mailed
1 SXZ-,
. r Banal n '
Dlt. D. 8. J01LS0.N'8
No. 17 Jefferson Slrfrd,
(Botween Main ami Front.) MEMPHIS.
iK-tRbliuhed in lfWO.1 ,
DR. JOHNSON i acknowloilfied by all iar
ties hitorpHtnl n by far the moot uo
ocuiful rhysiciun in tbotroiiimcntof private
or Fneret disoanos. Quick, permanent cures
Bunranteed in every cn.e. male or fntntle.
Keoent oaflon vf Uonnrrhe and tSyphllii
cured in a f w (jiiyn without tho ute of mcr
nury, chaoire uf diet or hindrance from
businoKc Second ry Hyihili. the last ven
tive cradicnteii withoutthe une of mercury.
Involunsnry loa of romen stopped in a short
time. iSuiTerer from ira potency or losi of
lexnal powers restored to tree vitior in a fow
vteoks. Viriims uf nelf-ahune and excessive
venery, cufferinp from peruintorrhca and
lofl of phypicnl hliI uiontal power. iiNSdily
and ierinnnently cured. lattirular atten
tion paid to the lin canes ot V oinon and
euref uarantocd. Piles and old soreo cured
without the nne of cnuHicor the knife. A1
oonsultationn ftrictly conBdential. Medicine-
pent by oxpruua to nil parts of the
nti'WcrkinKinen cured at half the usual
rto. Oil tee hours from H o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. H. J0HNM)N, M.l.
J. F. 1I0LST&B11O.,
(buccssborh to a. u. uoi.t a into.)
sao Mao bt., wEMriiis.
A FULL and complete atock of Wood nd
Jatallio Caaoa and Carketa, Cloth-Cor-eri)d
Cuskuts and Burial Kohea alwayann
hand. anrOrdera by teleirrauh promptly
- - rr'7r'':
65 HaHllaon Hlreifit. Jlrrnnbl. Tenn.
A FULL atock of Wooden and Metallit
Caaea and Caaketa. Burial Hobea, etc.,
alwayavn nand. Orderany Telegraph or Tel
ephone Promptly attnnded to
No. 6. R. D. Chancery Conrt of Shelby
ooutty tte of Xnnneaaee for ita own nae,
etc., va. Catherine Hornan et al.
BY rirtue of an Interlorutory decree lor
aale entered in the above cavae on the
24th da; Dceem b r, lhtvi, M. 11. 5U, pace
61)6, 1 will aell t public auction, to the hiiiu
eat bidder, in front o tbe Clerk and Master a
oflioe, courtbouae oi She by county, Mem
phia, Tenn., on
Nnlnrlay, Hanh , ISS6,
within letral houra, the following deacribed
prui erty, situated in Shelby county, Xentea
aoe, to-wit:
Lot HI, block 10, F W gmlth'a aubdivl
alon, ISV4 by I V) feet on the weal aide ol Or
ieana atreet, aouthwert corner of alley n rth
of Ht. Haul atreet. tiold aa property of M.
F. Myeri.
Lot i, block 1. eaat aide of Third atreet.
SO feet aouth of Oeoraia atreet, 24 by Ui'i
feet. Sold aa property of Thomas Naila.
Lot 'MK bloi-k In, eaat aide of Tbird atreet,
1Uthward,24b I12feet, the north line be
ioar 74 leet aouth ol (leoricia atreet. bold aa
property of I homaa Nagle
Lot 18, block 1, fronting ti foet on the eaat
aide of Water atreet, Fort IMckarinit, and
rnnnina: back 60 feet. Bold aa property ol
tbe Oriental Powder Co.
Lot 1.1, Polk'a auhdivialon, Wl by 170 feet on
aouth aide of (Jeoraia atreet, the westl'ne be
ing J00 leet eaat of Urleana atreet. Sold ai
property of J. W. Purnell.
Lot 40, block 11 . eaat aide of Second atreet,
24 by 100 feet, W feet north of Alabama
atreet, 10th wrd.
Lot 41, block 11, ea't aide of Feoond atreet,
U by liaj. 72 feet north of Alabama.
Lot42, block II. eaat aide of Second atreet,
24 by 110 feet, loth ward.
Lot 43, block 11, eaat side of Second atreet,
24 by 101 feet.
Lot 44, block 11. eaat side of Seond atreet.
24 by 100 feet. Sold aa property of baoiuel
bi-heihlrrand others.
Lot 22. block 17, north side of Carolina
street, '& by 100 feet, .'II feet eaat of Fourth
atreet. Sold aa property of Thoinaa Nelron.
Lot 21, blo-k 17, north aide of C.ir lina
street, 25 by 100 ft, W fee' eaat of Fourth
Street. Hold as property ot Thomaa Neien.
Lot 1f, block 14, aouth aide of Broadway,
2i by 170 foot, 2i feet eart of alley eaat of
Third itreet, loth ward.
Terma uf Palo On a credit of aix m intha;
not with security bearing interest required ;
lien retained, redemution barred. Ihia Feb
ruary 1. lssti. .
8. I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Maater
By J. M. Itradlcy. l'eruty Clerk & Maater.
tf. II. & C, W. lioUkell, bolkitore.
1mm m
lore mm
W Ps.e UaV II
Funeral Directors,
New Butter House,
Wholeaaleand Retail Trotter a 8pee'altT, and prices eat lo meet the imee.
IJoiat Cremuorj , 2S er lb. Wo, 2 Oouiiior), 25? ?r lb.
Oalrj, 11. 11, IOS
front Ntrtwt. )ppflte)
Ro. 2H4
Establistied 186E).
ill 1DU
25G and 2f8 Front
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 300 Front Street Memphis-, Tenn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. It. HOUWlS.Pres'U J. M.GOOIHUIJ, VUe-l'rPH't. C.1I. KAISE,fhli r.
Z3oxd of Dlrcotoin.
D. T. PORTER, J. M. (lOOmiAR. J. R. 001) WIN,
F. M. NKLSoJl, T. M. SIMS W. P. I)1JN AVAN'l
aarA UMaltury of lha Nlnla of Tenncaee. 1riiicl a M fulfil Itatiklna
Raainnii and alyea Mnrflal Ailtitoii In VIIkIIi-.kw
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocsrs,
No. 11 IT n I on Hlreel, : : 52mibf1iI1j, TVr
Cotton Factors & Commission Klerch'ts,
Ilettoa Warehanae-Voa. HH ami an, llnlnn Ntrewl.
Tfiice ,'liMiiiM,
Millie Tri'i'M,
Double Tret'H,
Itllnd Ilrldlos
Curry Combat, llorMB ItruHlicN.
A Complete I,lne of the above J ! h ut I.oweatt I'rU-rn.
J". T- TLmGlJHi. JL JbJ d53 OO
301 and SOU Main Nlrect, Itleiuplilo, Trim.
Cotton Factors,
No. 30O Front ftt.reet, t Mciuphl, Tkn,
tS-Hill pay Good PrlceH Tor MOTEN, tilfi FA M.N and
TICAS1IY COITO of all tleHcrlptlonM. Mend for Clrenlur
and IriHM I'ald.
3ST. "V- SPSBRS, OT jr.
75 Vance Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Oils tSb "JSTgl-xtelL Stores
Ofllce, 34'J Front Street, MemphiH, Tenn.
Jos.Schlitz Brewing Gompar,
HfPHITfTITC TtTT ICair 1 OlUca and Botllluar Worka, n In Tnlan
iliXiilli JllO lillAil lulle ) Urpolancll!nvnae,tMii'.nalnAn.-ii, at
S. ROESCHLR. Afrent, Memphis, Tenn.
alea la 1888, M,tH Rarrolb Nairn af If anaphla Branrn, 104,NHi ie
aalaa In la., 8n0,HH Brrrli-
, Savlaa.
Jobn m. IMilllTan.
ESE. Orai'Wir3" 5 CO,
Wholesale ttrocers, Cotton Facton
And Commissicn Klercfiants,
232 and 234 Front SL, Oemphis, lew.
Mr. I. N. BAISEY devotea his wholo time to the woinhin and aa'e of all Cotton ent.-u'ted
tu our cuargo. CAUa Waroiwnw, K) WaeliinKlon street.
SO Hi d 22v por lb.
rMitolUi. Tflrphe
hone OX'i.
St.. Memphis, Tonn.
a fl
? 't.
I.np 1. 1 ilk at,
I.a, IIIiikm,
Jtepalr filukn.
Cotton I(of,
riaoa. Claiai.
H. J. Clara
Eonntzo Bro?
120 Broadway, New YcrkJ
DEPOSIT aconnnts reefWed fromMak
r. njerchanla and other, a od lUUr
at allowed oo balaneea.
Aitvanoea made to eorreaponnenta en a
nr.ivMd liuainnaa naiier or uttier food oolUUrm
Lettera of ereuit iraued. Clie-Iioea naaeJ
(lovornment bonda anU oilier eeuntia
on, hi and anid eo eimraiaatai.
Slrmpllla, Birmingham aad Allan
tie 'llallraad Kalenalon.
Ornra ov 1
Mlurnls. 1Iibwih;hm and ATi Atrm'.
Kaii.X'.D I'oaraair, 1
Mavrica, TkSN.. Jan. M, IHfli.
SKAI.IUI PUOCOSALH addreaed lo 0m
andrraiKlied and endoraiid onlliroat
aide of the enrolie "TUN Will," ail; s
received at this otlioe uulil UJu'cioon in. on
Monday. 1'rbraary 1 IKS,
for the Graduation, Maaonry, IlriJp!n(rj
Treat:ea and C'ruaa-Ties lor that imrtoflhej
Memphia, Uirinmst aio and Atlantic Kail-j
ri.adlvinK betwoau the Illinois Oijlral aad:
the Mobile and Ohio Hailrad... hoiua aboali
riity I.IHI, inilea in Innath I'nilili a aad 'pea-i
itioationa cm he aorn at this oOire, whertaf
printed forma of tender can be obtainoa.l
i iteira-tora nre rciurainu iu ix-.r ii nimu
that umdora will nut be oona-ilTcd uulewa
mttdo atrirtiy in aceordnuoe with the prtnted
Intuit. Thia eomi;:iiijr reiervea the riiht ia,
rcjeul any or an inia.
R. 11. IKMI'LK, Chief Knnlner,
riilt mlthireJMujldiuf .
o. MM, R.-Chaneery Court of Nhelhy
eiorty-Sliite o Tcnneasre for its ova I
.... P IVInr... .() J
IjV riitue ot an interlocutory deorea for'
f anii-, enrnrt"i in trie anove eauae on uta
i.ld da cl November, f, M . 11. At. pac
2.M, 1 will soil, at public auction, to thahiKa
eat bidder. In front o tbe (Merit and Mat
ter's olUoe, oourlhouea ol bht-lby cinnly
Monii'hia, Tenu., on
HnlurdHy, t'vlirnary 20, Ihnn,
within lo ' hours, tha followinc deaerihetl.
Iirei'erty, aitin.ird In Mrmiihia, Shelby
nounly, Tenrea-e, t -wlt : 1'art of block k.
onuntry lot ISH, Ml feet front by Sll) fret Deep,
ea-t aide ot Third aireet, Ml leet aouth of laa
aouth hr.e of rvuntrr lot riedd aa liroa
ertyof 1'. M. Winters and others.
Terms ot Sale (In a eredit ot aix month: 1
note with aer-uiitr boarine; interest r .jutted;
lien retained; redouiulion barred. Tin' J-n.
lli lKrl
' IS.'r. McPOWUM-.OIerk and Maater.
Ily J. M. llradley, l"pu'y 0. and M.
. H () W. Ilniakell.aola.
TriiMKHt'aj Nale.
BY virtue of a truatf eed exeoutod (e ma
aa trtiNt4-e hy li. M. ApperaiHi and Kueaa .
11. Apimrr-on, hia tufe, recordul in reoora
b.ok A , imue ID.', in th. Cirruit Court I
(TVrrk a and hecordur s oOko ut trittonden
county, Arknntas, to aerure certain indrbt-I
euoea therein inctitinneil, ilolnnlt narlac
been mado in aaid tlerd ol tmat, I will, at tha
reiuet of tuu bencllourjr In tiwl uruktaeea,
rrkrnnry 18, 1SHO,
within Irani houra, on the proml ea, offer far
aole, at fulilio oulcry, fur oarb, to the hiith-ei-t
biddor, the followinf iromwty del. rite4
In aaid truU derd, to it, the lantatinua
known aaWjn.keand llorkley ilai,laliona,
aituotod in Crittendi'n county, Arkaiaiaa,
all ut oilio miles helow Memphis, li.rnt aa
Inllow, to-wil : All o aecliim 111, T 6, N R
K, Biyl lil-Wti acroaj W NV H acolion at. T
li. )i K ) K, taiucrea; (r 4 se lion It,
NltdK, aili acrea : NW fr ), aoclion ii, T ,
W K V I',, ir M-nai acrea; imri oi noamea
. 1 ll.'-.I 'II . U 1, It ti- ..: I'. I IIU1 Vi
lrani ino, ai.i. in ll l n r, w 'i.-iiarnm:
NKM feolion IB.TH. N H W K, livi acrra; N
'. .S i-: ' aeot'on :1,T6, N II V K, Nl at-raa ;
Vk Faction HI. T tl. N n 9 K. liO noroa ; KW
4 aaction :m, T ti, N li 'J IC, lit) avro ; Hli
n-i-tion '., T A, N HI K, liHI acrca i N K soe
I11.1, .'il, T 6, N H 8 10, 8al acrca : V section
, T , N II H K, Ol acrea; SK Ir noctioa
:m, T il, N K tt li. M acrea 1 Ir aeclion W. T A.
N KH K, 12 ncrea; part of Hpanifh (Irani
No. 173, T tl, N 111 K, I III acre. In a'l oon
hiliiing Iwenty-eiaht Hundred and oiahty
two and lit-liar acrca, loitelher wdh all im
t rovenicnla thurnon und all appurtenance
thereunto helnnBinv. Theeituiiv ofr.dmna-t-on
and right to dower and Loutealoael
AIpo at aaid time and place, ana an saiat
tortus, will aell the followniR peraonal prop
erty, aituate and Dow on aait planlations,
lo-wit: Forty b -miii inulc, lorly-one bead a
ciilllc. four hoira. beinr all the wnloa. ealtl.
ami hoa-a on said plantations. Alao, a lull
and eompleta aacortmeul ol laruiiag luiple-
uiple- tf
I sal
Title heller ed to be food, though
and warrayit only aa truatee.
bale to ouuinieoce at 12 o'clock.
W. M. bNKKl, Truiilca.
For ij years at 57 Court Place, now at
1 rxiillrt, rfiinnwl .nit Innllr Willi" yklMOM ia4 laa
fASES. a m
lSprmatorrliea nd Inipntency,, .
U H' rtMsrrit of lf-tivi Il jvmh, nTTMi tlVf m.
.(km yvvri, or uttidr oku-, uhI pr.xiitai k inw
WHIK .flp.-iai: NervmlaOOaa, IStBitn.l Klt--ll48,.
41 ma lit rtren.Hl-. Plutlimaa) of Ullll, l'lfllvt V' W tlfa
n:lnW, PlIlll.iSWOCl Kaytj jtVMnli.ll ((.I'lal.H Of '.flU1,
..iifi.o of Ia ot HkNnl lo, Ao.. mvVi1g -
DuitUiiti ImiifiM-T or nnhMTj-. s.r tliar.ithti ul pviM
vnir, .tuiW. SYPHILIS p-u'-'f hw
,r- rttaii-att iS,mu.. ).-.( Gonorrhntt,
Ol-KtT, H'rkiiiro, (httkiUa, Hhi.i. KufUNfH
i'm." in iuilir wtidlMNiwi ulrbt '!,
U t arir-.'VailIll Ihil lhf tHB f laafa pnN1 ttaWlltfcJs
tvrailn litmi ol J I '!, iu nt(n th vX
tll.T. Ff)iilri irrrwlallll. PhjMnii knuiii ibta fawlufuiax
f. .iii.wrrl wra.ipn to tuj jr. W hctt U tr iu.t.Tt-.
.r-.lLUif.altr f? tresiliiicnl, tnMdHtttKkiai trMtvt iritmaf4p
tii hniJt by tuavl I or nrm uy wLr.
O.-.ref. Guaranteed iu 11 Cfme
. ....-nluU uisj ,Mfaiial1 or trf IfHtaV fraa) fli llMrtWL
I'tuVcVj ntOaWLIaataM alili OUmapUydflOOa aJIrlLUf fJi tall Una .
'VIM rc8, otit to njr frW-M, trcuiXt pea V-rt, for t9rat1
sn 1 'miIa, H bou id bn raafl h A'lilrr.t
''(Jar l(.ufi frutfc l A. U. t T. M. BtUttUyt, mr T
It i: A I. "E T A T 12
Nc. ttifl, R. (-Ohanwr Court of Shelby -ouuiifr-Htjiti
of Tnnniiieot l r ue .' -t
( W m. K. Uuier t al.
HY virtue ol nn int)rhontnrr decree for
in ir, nnterod in th Imv Htinfl on th
6lh of Nuveniber 18, minuta boob f0,
imire W, I will 10II at nitHr wu-r itiri. lo the
hiKtiaxt bi'filar, In front ot t' f'lerk and
Mru-'f rn oflio. ouft houo of M-iy ovun
tjr, Mriiiihiri, Xenn.toa
Nnlnrdny, rebrnnrjr -?), tHh
within lentil hmirtlie followi- i; lenorihed
roi trty.mtUHiod iu Manshift, blmltijr cou
Wi Tenn., to-wit:
Lot No. H). connlrv' lot 47", 1 t'Kinninr at
tha intlr',tion ot (ho couth hiU" l Market
tret wid) t ie -,it nilo ot the all"-,' rU'tnin
north hikI souti hftW'On an I i htiIoI to
Third ami K.mrth Htrcotn; tlin- uth witb
theeimt lina it tut il a l y'io) I'vt. ninrnor
)!". to anntlior nllry t1 1 1 t .Mi.rkft
ft.rmit; tl liiioe oust with tor 'lt line f
aii'l lnt h lined ally Uyt tn-;: thenoe
north U et. nice WtA, tn r!n ' ul line
ot Mtirki'f a rem; tlnuica t u.th anid
rtrcet H-! i tVm tr thu b eu :v , mid Jot
beinif known aa tbi Titu lm : it.
itTiimof Sul iJii k ivfil.i ( i inontha;
riurnhattnr to execute nu'o mi:!, -r'itilty;
leu rrtainnd inn r 'i'uitmn i ,rru 1.
Tha J nunrv -'. IHii,
S. I. .MrllOWKLL, Clerk u-,4 M -ter..
By t. Urrtdley. I'e.mty 1". an t M.
WUHiiiit'in olti.itor.
NV 52?, R-Chancery Coun'ol Sh-nly Ccm
r. -State ot ieonnee for tin wn pw,
e o., vi. (it, be Juti.b et al.. -iu I .o.,Tr
I-). State of Ten uos 'ee v.-. W . J i: utter
et nl.
1Y rirtue of an Interlocut.-y d-ree fw
lata entereit in tbe ahuvo M'e n the
lit'th Uy ot November, IHn"), M. n0,
f will eel I at public aiuti. the b ia: la
et-t bi(t(ler, in front ol tbe i'rk ind Vae
ir'n nttire, courthouse ol aSLtlly couh4p .
Meiuphia, Tenn. on
Snliinlny, February ito. Je.
withm U'kriil h"ur, the toltownii ..v ribed '
rierty, -ntuaiP'l in Mielt.v i - :f :i r . trim..
U-.tit: 'rt ot U t ani ( i-rtinic
Hit 17-lno IViit on the north m ft o' ishinjf
ti.n itieft by a J-pthot M e-t, !', p.ist line
b intOS ', 1 we-tot Seoon't t. 8Jd
aji it tr'y "I Win. anil Lttm1' Iiviu.
'ri nl 37 we't fi-ie oi Itnivt atreet,
frunnpir feet, fad runni'v: b , ek 14
tt'ft. mi l Nit be ntton the nortli .. . rr.er
ot I'h'fj ut rert and the alkv be( wgtn A tstae
and Wa h.ncii n itreete. ."old a w lefty
Jhm.u V. Kn hardion nnl ohr.
Tonne nt S ,lo-On a cre.ii'. of m x nntha;
note bfurinit interest withaveority rf juircd;
lieu runiPti, ruiiemptiou barrel. 'u Jtua
ury 21.
. 1. MrPOVrKIX, Herk and Mnr.
ByJ.M ltr; l!ey.Ietuty Cterk n i ,V"fr. .
Y. U. i C. W. Uaifktdl ejiti J i Jt eU.
ton, cfoiicUorA.

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