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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 14, 1886, Image 9

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nmcE A.D m)mi
Cotton Closed Stadj, Mlddlluj $
9 10c; Sale, Is 00 Bales-Firmer
Feel uj.
Money io good deniaid at 8 pet cent.
. Local Mcuritittj firm and advancing.
The cot'on market was firmer yeter
day and closed at the Exchange steady.
Sulee, 1700 bales; receipt?, 883 bales;
stock. 138,851 Vales. At New York
snots cloeed quiet and " firm, mid
tUitg a 1-lGc; futures firm and 1 to 4
points higher, February, 9.079 08c.
At New Oi If ana spots closed quiet and
firm, middling 8 9-16e; futures ettaiy
and 1 to 3 points higher, February, 8 09
08.7Oci Liverpool spots were quiet,
and uncharged ; futures dull and 1-C4d
lower, February, 4 55 64d. Receipts
at all United States porta yester
day were 16,941 bale", tgaintl (549
same time last year.
Comparing the cloaiDg prices of
spot cct'oa yesterday with these of
the Saturday preceding, there is a de
dine of Jc in New York, l-10c in New
Oileanp, and s in this market. Liv
erpool spots are unchanged, except for
middling Orleans, which is down
1-ltfl to 5d. Futures during the same
period were unchanged in Mew York,
4 points higher in New Orleans, and
1-1'Jd lower in Liverpool. No change
ia the general marktt Mesa pork
continues firm at $10 7511 for old,
and $11 75012 for new.
J'light hundred and forty sks bran, 2
brliJieanp, 22 pkgs butter, 35 pkgt ba
ton, 481 pkgs bcota and shoes, 1000 bu
corn, 3 pkgs cheese, 31 sks coffee, 30
ska cotton-seed, 24 pkgs dry goode, 11
plus eggs, 1033 brla flour, 573 bales
hay, 11 pkgs La's, 49 hd ca'tle, 84 hd
horses and mules, 437 pkgs lard, 28,
500 ft lumber, 25 pkgs liquor?, 44 br la
molasses, 4800 bu oaU, 202 brls pota
tom, 100 brlB pork, 100 brls sugar and
407 pkgs tobacco.
i Madison St., Memphis, Tcnn.,
,ir-('orreiipudt nee soliolled. Infor
mation cheerfnlly raralahet,-t
Money in good demand at 8 per
cent. The Ulouring-llouse report is as
1 (Jlearmtrn. Balance'.
5 Salurdar, Feb. 13 t l'.3Hi .Ti &,iVy, lit
Saturday, Feb. 13 .
Total tbia week
Total last week...
Car. time WSS.
Cet. time im
in FVi.i ....
1,875,W1 ( 476,Wrt(iO
l,7.'8,:4:i 13 464.575 15
1,331, Of. 97 319.OT lti
Buying. Selling.
New Tork ihton all poioU-1 ciii piem
Mew England domand. ..t dii
New Kogland uitit...... dii ......
New Orleau.....-...........i. dii par
lu the 6rit column we aire the priea bid,
and in tbo second the price asked.
Bank of Commarea. .. ..147'1 V)
Pit Natlnnikl 1 lal4H
;'ierman Bank - M&m
State National .. "ll &140
f union fiantora
9 8.)
9 ...
a ...
Home M
Dluff City .
Planter8...., ...
... W
Pbnix. m
alewiihiii Oity Vri
Vanderbilt....... 16
llernando 100
- -linfrton....HM .. 25
Kttn 20
ie.fee eertificntea. Bind E.... fvtVa) K7M
lessee warrania, aeries C ! ('4 98
tr county bonds it mm
')T County warranU HI WW
inir-District 4. o'a - VI' i
ini-LiiKtrtot is .....() cuiou;,
imphts atorae e Com presn to 1M7 Mill)
inphis (4as Company stock. .... 14 tsft'.J
jmpbii (4a Company bonds A.K ...
Memphis Water Co. bonds '."S ...
1 tlanauorOil Works 50
City Oil Works . 9 45
JPioneer Cotton-MilU C4 35
American Cotton Oil trusts ......... 20 (4 21
1 Mempbil City iUilwny Lends liJ dtlM
Naw York, February i;i Money on
call easy at 1J'J pur cent. Prime
niercantile paper, 4S6 per cent. Ster
ling exchange doll but steady at 487
for 60 days and 4814 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and firm. Ut6 bonds were dull
and steady. Railroad bond transac
tions were Iiukp, ea'es aecregating
3,738,000, but the increased 'buainens
showed greater activity in the Krie
seconds and funded 5s. There was
also considerable trading in West
Shore guaranteed 4a and Texas Pucitlc
issues. The market w 48 very strong,
showing generally decided gains. The
sales for tho week amounted to 19,
ii17,090, a decrease fom last week of
The bank fUtemant issued to-day
shows the following changes: Loans,
increaee, 15,235,800; specie, increase,
$1 .041 ,0'J0; legal tenders, increase, SI,
875,000; deposits, increase, $5,515,900;
circulation, decrease, 120,400; reserve,
decrease, S545,57u. The banks now
hold $35,263,993 ic exoees of the 25
par cent. rnle.
Stocks Htocka vtert comparatively
-quiet with only slight fluctuation)
until about 1 o'clock. The coal stocks,
however, were somewhat feverish and
showed a little more strength. After
I o'clock there was a very decided in
crease in buttinegtr, the coal stocks
leading, and prices advanced in many
caea over 1 per cent. The highest
prices et the day were generally made
about 2 o'clock. During the last hour
there was an irregular movement with
some disposition to weakness, but the
market closed steady to firm and gen
erally higher thaji last evening. Dela
ware and Uudsnn is np 1J, Central of
New Jersey 2J, Lackawanna, Manito
ba, Omaha common and Reading, each
12; Northwestern 1, Northern Pacific
.preferred 1, and the remainder of the
list fractional amounts. Erie recov
ered the remainder of yesterday's loasj
wwuu . . J , , II I l Ttui U-
vanning from 56 to o!'J. There was
attain some talk o! rate-cutting in the
West, which was not confirmed. Com
paring prictt) this evenin? with the
closing figures of a week ago, nearly T
verytning on the active list is higher.
Delaware and Hudson shows a gain of
13J, Central of Kew Jersey 9J, Lacka
wanna 8J, Reading Cj, Xoilhwettern
and Krie each 21, Paul 2, Mani
toba 2, and otheis less than 2 percent
The total sales of stock to-day were
451,000 shares, including Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western 90,345, Del
aware'aud Hudson 25,375, Erie 43,410,
Kansas and Texas 5500, Lake Shore
26570, liOoiBviile and Nashville 84,
Northwestern 15,275,New Jersey Cen
titil 46,760, New York Central 7030,
PaeiSc Mail 3310. Rea l:ne 76.900, St.
Paul 33,2th), Paul and Oaiaba 7C00,
Union Pacific 5813. Wetrn Union
M, Northern Pacific preferred Co'Jj,
Ofgon Transcontinental 5300.
, Tiit palfS lor t'.e week a-nmnted to
2,743,577 shares, a decree from the
preceding week of SS.IIS shares. The
closing quotations were as follows:
V. S. . V&i. New 4. liVi
W 4;,S, I'aClliC OS ot 1W, IJS'-i
0. P. Brsts. 114. T. P. land grants. 4"! ,
Krie seconds, VS. T. P. Kio U. dv., M.
Le'h 4 Wilkes., 111".P. P firsts. 1lt'.
Louisiana con., 84. II 4 . Un.l grant , M.
MiMuuri , liwS. ' fund, Ui.
St. Joeph, l'JO. VirgiuUos, ii.
tit.P.Jr S. 0. 1st", 12S. Va.cnn., ei-m.c, M.
Tcnn. 6), old, 57. Va.coa. del., li.
Tenn. lis, new, 57.
Idtm Eit-ress, lib. Nashvills k C, 47.
Alleitli-jny Central, N.J. Central, &4V
Altoo 4 T. U.. 41. Norfo k A W. pfd.27.
A. 4 T. II.. pfd. t. Northern I'tc.LV,.
Ameri.-su fc., llUJv Northern P. pfd, fi.
B. ,J K.4N..63. K. Y.C. A St. L.. t.
Canada Pae., M'i. N.Y.C.i-it.L , p. 20.
rnalaSoutli.,44'. C. N. W 1)1.
Cent al Pacific. 43. C. N. W. p,d. KS
Cbenpeake &.0.,11.N. Y. Central. li'T.',.
4). AO. 1ft pfd, aiH- Ohio Central, IK.
C. 40. -Mi'fi, 14. ObioA Mm . 24S.
'Cbiea iAltin,140;il. 4 Mi. pfd, !'.;.
C. 4 A. pfd, 1M). Ontario 4 West , l'X
C, B. 4 l:w7. Oreton Nar., la!',.
C, St. L 4 N.O., - Oregon 1 ran..
C, "t. L 4 P., 1 . Oreaon Imp., Xl',.
C, Si. L. 4 P., p., 34.Paoifle M.nl, 57.
C.,8. 4C..34. Panama, 8.
C. 4 C. V. Peoria, I). 4 I., 21
Utl. 4 Hud.. lOK'i. Pitttburf. 14.1.
Del., L. A W., l:ti. Pullman P. C, 1.
Hen. 4 Rio (I., 17. Heading, 2TVH.
Krie. Hock Iiand, 129";.
Krie pfd , .')'.? bt. L. 4 8. V., a -4.
Kaat fenn., 3'. St.L.4 H.P. p, 4tit.
KaatTenn. pfJ.,CS. Ht.L. AS.F.M p lit!!;.
KortWne, 14S. 0. M. 4 St. P.,!'i
llannibal 4 St. Jo, C. M. 4 bt. P. p. 124.
11. 4 St. Jo pfd, ht. P. M. 4 M., llS'I.
Harlem, 217. Bt. P. 4 Omaha, 41.
Houston 4 r., M l-t. r. 4 O. ptd, KH.
Illino'i Cen., U.
Texaa PaeiGo, VI'-,.
l;nion Pacifie, 5J'i.
U.S. xprao, '!';.
W.,St- b. 4P.,.
W.,8t. L. 4 P. p. 1.
W. A P. Kx., liiS.
w.u. i.,h-
Colorado Cual. 24.
Iron Silver, 240.
ina. u. ., a.
Kansas 4 T. . 3i3i.
LakeB. 4 W., 14i.
Lake Shore, 19
Lou. 4 Nash ,4I4.
Loa. 4 N. A., 3j&
M. 4 C, 1st rfd,
M.4C. 2d cfd,
Mem 4 Char., 36.
Mioh. Central. K.
Min. 4 St. L., Vi.
M.Ar-t. L. nfdMK.
Missnuri Pas., lllta
Mobile 4 II.,
Morris 4 K.,offd, 1.T6.
Ontario. 2).
OuickiiWer, 6.
(juiekiilrer pfd, tl.
South Paeifio,
bnu-o, It).
'hitra diridend.
London, February 13. Ojneols, 100J
for both money and the account.
United States bonds 4 114. The
amount of bu l.on withdrawn from the
Bank of England on balance to-day is
jU'.HIuO. Bar silver, 46jd per ounce.
Pabip, February 13. Three percent
rentes 81f 60c for the account.
Nbw Oulbakb, La., February 13.
Clearings of the banks, $1,572,501.
Baltimore, February 13 Bank
clearings, $2,712,000; balances, $370,
311. Nkw York, February 13. Ex
changes, $105,905,435; balances, $),
217,216. Philadelphia, Pa., February 13.
Bank clearings, $7,903,383; balances,
St. Loom, Mo., February 13. Bank
clearings, $2,119,034; for the week,
$14,782,346; balances, $172,293; for
the week, $3,02i,6.)l.
Boston, February 13. Exchanges,
$11,118,697; bu'ances, 11,179,550.
Money 1 per cent. Exchanges for
tne week, $77,496 183 ; balances f8,5C0,
096; for the corresponding week in
1885, exchanges, $58,243,357 ; ba ancee,
The local market opened steady, and
closed steady ; middling, 8 9-10c. Sales,
iou Dales, including 3UU bales Fri
day evening, of which 500 were to ex
porters, and 1200 to spinners.
- Yesterday. Day before.
, 7 3-l
. 7 11-18
, N 3-lii
Wood Ordinary
Low Middling
Good Middling1
Middling Fair...'..
Dusty ...
Stains and times
Minm-8. February 13, m.
Stock, September 1, 1883...
Keceirea to-aay
Received previously .
Shipped to-day
Shipixd previously
Burnt, eto
Home consumption to date
Stock, ronninr aocoant...
Thus far this week.........
Thus iar last week
Since September 1st
. 4iV,2Vt
Memphis ana Charleston Rnllroad
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad....
Mom . hi- and Little Rock Railroad.
C O. andS. W. R. R
Louisville. N. 0.4 T. R. K..
Kansas City.Sprinirneld and M. U.K.
Memphis, Solma and Brunsw'k U.K.
Steamers n
Waitons and other sources ..
Total.! DS!
Thus far this week l,i72
Tnus far last week 9f:
Since Septomber 1st a. 327,?.
Chesaiieakc. Ohio and S. W.H.K.
Memphis, Sdmaand Brunswick R,H.
Steamers north
New York spots opened etaadr, and
cloeed quiet and firm. Sales, 161 biles.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesteri-y. Day Do.fnre.
Ordinary 6 7-1S 6 7-lfi
Good ordinary. 7 1:1-16 7 1:4-16
Low middling. tfii
Middling .... 9 1-Hi 9 1-16
Good middling.... 9 7-lii 9 7-lti
Middlinf fair .10 1-1" 10 1-lfi
Fair...- !. 10 U-lii 10 11-lti
New York futures opened steitdy.and
closed firm and 1 to 4 points higher.
Sales, 101,600 bale. The closing quota
tions were as follows.as compared with
yesterday :
February 9.!7 9.U9
March 9.1t 9.11
April 9.194 9.20
May. 9.2JMt9.:)
June 9 39-w 9.40
July...- 9.4Vi 9.47
August 9..V'.-i 9.4
September 9..'a 9.:i
October 9.1; 9.14
November 9.104 9.12
Day Before.
9.04' 9.07
P.UHfl 9.119
184 9.19
9.2S 4 9.29
9.4414 9.4S
9.51 '4 .'2
9.29 9.:il
V.11'4 9.1.1
9.0S9 9.10
The New Orleans spot market opened
quiet, and closed quiet and firm.
balee, 2000 bales.
Ordinary 7 1-lti
Day before
7 1 lfi
7 11-1H
8 1-lti
8 9-1B
Good ordinary -.7 11-lii
Low middling. 8 1-1
Middling .... 9 lti
tiood middling 9'
The New Orleana future
opened barelr steady, and
steady and 1 to 3 points higher, bales,
22,100 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows, as compared with yes
terday: Yesterday.
February.,....... 8.iw 8.70
March S.64 n 8.6r
April 8.74 A 8.7r.
May 8 7(4 8.88
l)y before.
8 S.iiS
.akt 8.8i
8.74 4 8.7"
8.874 8.SS
.01 4 9 12
9.12:4 9.14
9.17 4 9 18
8.8M 8 88
8.7"4 8.72
8 tXi4 8 i7
8.b7"4 8.o9
June....... .. 9 111 9.U2
luly 9.12 44 9.111
August 9.1Vi4 .16
Seitember 9.S74 9.85
tctober ... 9.71 -4 9.72
November ..... 9. G7 4 9.i'9
December - 9.nt3 9.70
IJverpool spots at noon were quoted
quiet and unchanged. Bales, 7000 bales,
of which 6100 were American. Re
ceipts, 20,000 bales, of which 16.3C0
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4rU6d;good
ordinary, 4 9-16d; low mtadling. 4jd;
good middling, 5 3-lGd ; - middling
uplands, 4 15-16d; Orleans, 5 1-16J.
At 12;15 p.m.: Liverpool futares
were quiet; February, ; Foruarv-
March, 4 50 64 J; March-Anril, 4 57-
ti4il; Anril-May, ; Mnv Jnne, 4 60-
ti4J; June-July, 4 62-6 Id; Jniv-Au-
gut, ; Aucutt-September, 5 3 61d.
At 1 pm.: Liverpool f attires wnre
dull and l-64d lower; Febtuarv, 4 55
C4d bnyero; February-Mrcb, 4 65-64 d
buyers; March-April, 4 50-4S4J se'.lfrs;
April-May, 4 57-6 41 buyers; May
June, 4"59 64J buyors; Juue-Ju y.
4 61-64d buyers; July-August, 51
value; August-Septsoibor, b 3 64d
PII.TPnRT HynijiTKKIOR makkkts.
Koj'is. l'rioe.
N Orlcanf
Norlolk ...
1,-ili 8 lM'i
4,ivttj: 8 9-16
741! 8 9-lf
2.IW9' 8 9-16
1.2i 8U
:i72' f
1.47 4. 8 13-W
2MI 9
99, 9 1-13
3.KMI 9',
929' 9'4
4-:4 -i
Mli It'. j
8, .'till
QiA Kiria
New YorkjQrA-Kirm
lioston ....
St. Louis..
Augusta ..!
Total receipts at ports, this day, 1 )'' ....111, 941
Total receipts at porta, this day. 1S8& . 9,549
R'tsatU.S. ports J
1 day
Eiprta to Oreat
Uecu s.nce Sept.
Foreiiru exports...
'4.329,S31 4.2rv8,0O7 4.4,in
2,i;J7 4M,2,9o l.tvi-l 2.7tiJ,4tW
Inoreaiie in reoeibt this rear 71,313
Recsipts this week 49,897
Same week in lwu 4,81 1
Sam week in lbu4... . -U.Jbl
Increase compared with 1 W.,
Increase compared with 1881...
Fhipments this week
Same week in 188i ,
bam week in 18-4
Increase eompareil withl88i.,
Decrease compared with 1S8I
Stock this week
Sam week in 18HS
Sam week in 18.-t
Increase compared with W 198,071
Increase compared with 1884 186,047
Reeolpts front plantations, 188fi 90,887
Keceipta from plautntions, 1SMf . 52,87t
Keoeipta Iroui plantations, ISM 91,515
Receipts from plantations, 1884 129,342
The New York Financutl Chronicle of
Feb r nary 13th gives the following tig
urea: Total visible supply, 3,015,990
bales, against 2.905.719 in 1885. These
figures indicate an increase of cotton in
Bight of 1 10,271 bnles, as com pared with
the same date in 1885, and a decrease
of 383,463 bales as compared with same
date in 1884.
Comparative statement of crt'on
ruarke.ed and in sight February 12th:
18S0. 188.). 1881.
Net r'pts at ports
to Feb. 5th 4,312,886 4,2IS.4.-8 4,209,3t3
mont Doc. 31... rJX,6'2 47,3S1 425,470
Eft'dS'th'n con-
'pt'n Dec. 31. KH.OOO 144,000 150,000
Ara't m'ketcd.5,057,548 4,8i'8,l42 4,784,819
Interior slocks in
excoss Sept. 1. 424,2Vfi 2:18,830 218,913
Ain't In light 5,495.814 5.107.1572 5,003,732
The fdllowing is the record of the
bids' and offers at the Call Board ! tUo
Merchant' Exchange yestarday :
No. 2, white, spot, 40c bid ; Febru
ary, 41c bid, 42c asked ; March, 42c
bid; April, 43o bid: May, 43c bid;
No. 2, spot, 37c bid ; February, 37c bid ;
March, 38Jc o, t. ; April, 41c bid; May,
41c bid, 44 3 asked.
No. 2, spot, 32Jc bid.33c asked;
February, 13c o. t. bid; March, 33c o.
t. bid.
February, $14 50 bid; March, $15 50
asked; April, 115 50 asked; May, $14
bid, $15 asked.
Spot, $1 95 bid ; February, $1 95 lid ;
March, $2 bid, $2 10 asked; April,
$2 10 bid ; May, $2 2" bid, $2 30 asked.
Corn White, 47c ; mixed, 40c, from
store; from levee or depot, white,
44c ; mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store,S5c; prime,
7580c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, $8.
Oats White, 38s; mixed, 37c, from
store. Round lots irom levee on
track white, sacked, 3Mc; mixed,
sacked, 34 c.
Oatmual In half-barrels, $3 50 from
CotasMKAf, Standard, $2 10(2 20;
pearl, $3vi3 25 from store; 5c
cheaper from mill, levee or track.
Flour From store, double exta,
: triple extra, ; family, t4
4 25; choice, $4 2-54 50; fancy, $1 75
5; extra lancy, $5 25(t5 75 ; patents,
j6C)6 25; r6und lots from levee or
track, 10c cheaper; car lot choice,
$3 85fi(4 05 ; family, $3 60J3 75 ; fancy,
$4 304 50; extra fancv, $t 75(5;
patents, $5 25(5)5 60.
Bran From store, S5c per cwt;
round lots from levee, 15 per ton.
Beans Navy, $2 25; medium, $2.
Rick Louisiana, 4j(iyfijc; Carolina,
Hominy and Grits From store,
$2 753.
Cracked Whkat In half-barrels,
$4 from store.
Ck ackers Soda, extra, 4Jc; sotla,
treble extra, 5e ; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 jo; ginger snaps, extra,
5c ; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c ; as
sorted jumbles, 9c.
Kansas City, Mo., February 13.
Wheat steady; cash, 731b bid, 74 Jc
asked ; March, 73c ; May,'79J c. Corn
steady; cash, 29 bid, 'Mie asked;
March, 29: c: May. 31 Jc bid. 32caekec.
Oats No quotations.
St. Louis, Mo., February 13. Flour
dull; XXX, $3S3 15; family, $3 25
3 35 ; extra, $3 504 75. Wheat ex
tremely dull and prices nbont un
changed. The market opened easy,
but soon recovered, and alter fluctuat
ing slightly closed at about yester
day's figures; No. 2 rod. cash, JOjc;
March, lc; May, !)3j4nfJ4c, closing
at 033(3)9324!. C)rn very quiet and
trading principally in May delivery.
The market opened weak, but rallied
and closed steady at yesterday's fig
ures; No. 2 mixed, ca?h, 34jf'3.vc;
February, 34 bid; March, 34 J5Jc,
closing at 3-jJj; May,361(536;c,ciosing
at 36c. Oau very quiet and barely
steady; No. 2 mixed, cash, 29c bid;
February, 29 jc asked; March, 31c
asked; May, 31 Jc. Rye nominally,
59j. Barley steady; American, 60y)
7.5c; Canada. KOOVJjc. llav firm;
timothy, $11(7;13 (40; prairie, $C7 75.
Flaxseed steady, $1 06. Bran firm, 64c
atlmill; 65c on east track. Corn meal
active and firm, $1 8-V.l 90, Receipts
Flour, 2000 brls; wheat, 8000 bu;
corn, 136,000 bu; oats, 13,000 bu; rye,
1000 bu; barley. 6000 bu. Shipments
Flour, 6000 brls; wheat, none; corn,
2 i.OOO bu; oata,3000ba; rye, none;
barley, 1000 bu.
Cuicago, III., February 13. To
day's session on 'Change was the unfit
spiritless witnessed in many months.
The fluctuation in the price of wheat
was exactly I of a cent, the May
option ranging between 84,80C,
..... it. a
iVi.i 4"i
wiih only a very few sa!s t either
ex'.rerue. The cables gave no encour
ailment to the bulls, while the po-isi-bilities
of the vjreather made t'le bears
chiry about extending their lines.
The estimates as t the decrease in
the visible supply varied from 500,000
t 1,000,00) btiBhels. Daring the en
tire week prices of May llupinated
within a ranye cf lc, sellin,- at SU'.)
85jc and closing to-day tl the fame
prices as one we-k Trading iu
corn was not eo n;tive as yswienUy,
butva'ues ruled (irtu through mt, cl s
ing a Bt.ale higher than yi-Hterc'uv.
Oats remained firm, and also
closed fractionally higher. Flour
steady aud unchanged. Whdat ruled
quiet and etfady. Iales ranged:
February, 79i'Sl79jf!, cloned at
79:: March, 7t3(;Snlc, ilwed at
79;(i80e; Mav, Slisr-la, closed at
65 i-16n; Jntie, 8K,f 86!iu, cloeed at
865 " No. 2 spring, 7yJt' 82c; No. 3
spring, 71 c. Corn fiinmr, about Jc
higher; cash, 37J38Jc; February,
37l37js, closed at 37Jr; March, 37(a)
37Jc, closed at S7Jc; May, 4iJll-l6(ii)
40 1516c, clo4ed at 403o. Oils firm
and in good demand; cash, 30:;
February and March, LNJLUjc,
cloeed at 29Jc; May, 321( 32jo. chwed
at 32-Jc. Rye quiet; No. 2, 59.:.
Barley dull; No. 2, 60c. Flaxaeed
steady; No. 1. $1 12j.
BiTTTBR Creamery, ESJTjlOc; dairy,
17(325e; butterine, 1416ii; country,
12J(18c, according to condi:ion.
Ciiiesb Prime fUts, 7(Sc; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 11 jl2c;
Y.A., 11-K412C
Mkxs 1-okk Old, $10 75(11 per
barrel; new, $11 7512 per barrel;
ngar-cured hams, paokad, 9(u)10c;
breakfast bacon 8J9c; clear rib ba
con, 6J(ic.
Bolk Pork Clear sides, 6(3)6 Je;
clear rib sides, 6 (oi'lc ; long clear, 6 j
fijc; shoulders, 4(2Ac.
Labd Tiercea.rj J(o6ic ; half-barrels,
6Jc; kegs, 6jc; buckets, 77lc; halt
buckets, 7K"ic; 60-lb tins, (UpUiic;
20-lb tins,63icj 10-tb tins, 6(7J;
6-lb tins, 7(71 c; 3-lb line, 7i(7Jc
choice kettle, tierces, 7(5)7 Jc.
F'rhsh Meats Beef Wood Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7()7jc;
cows and heifers, CJc ; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8jc; pork, 6c.
1'ios fkkt Brls, 8f0 JO; half-brls,
$33 25.
St. Louis, Mo., February 13. Pro
visions very quiet and about steady.
Pork, $11 25. Lard, 6c. Bulk meats
loose lots, 5.45c; short ribs, 5 55c;
short clear, 5.70c; boxed lots, Ion
elm, 5.90; short ribs, 6c; short clear,
6Jc. Bacon long clear, 5.9Jc; short
ribs, 0.05(i 6 12 j; short clear, 6 20.
Butter quiet ; creamery, 24(ii,30c ; dairy,
10('!24c. Eggs tirm, 1718c.
Cincinnati, O., February 13. Pork
dull; regular, $11 25; extra heavy,
$11 50. Lard quiet at 6c. Buik
meats quiet and easier; shoulders,
4Jc; short rib, 5.57Jc, Bacon barely
steady; shoulder?, 4i4Jc; sho:t rib,
5.956o; short clear, 8.106.15 But
ter dull and unchanged. Sugar steady,
quiet and unchanged. Flugs stronger
atl9j. Cheee steady j Ohio I wUry,
Chicago, III., February 13 Mess
pork qnoted at 10Qi)12c lower; cash,
$11 1011 15; February and March,
$1110011 17J, closed at $11 10
11 12J; May. $11 27-Jll 42J, closed
at $11 27411 30. Lard steady ; cash,
6c; February and March, 6 100)Jc;
May, 6.200Jc, cloaed at 0.20W6.22i3.
Boxed meats steady ; dry salted shoul
ders, 3.954c ; short rib ".sides, 6.50(i)
5.55c ; short clear' sides', 5 80 5.85c.
Butter creamery, 2632c; dairy, H
20c. Eggs, 20Q20j.
Soap-$23 50 per case.
CoKfm Common, 7i8Jc; ordi
nary, 99c; prime Rio, 10llc;
choice to fancy, llj12jc; old gov
ernment, 23()25c ; Ceylon, 20c.
Suqar Eastern yellow, A71c;
pnre w. c. white, 6J(ii7c; ofl' white,
6(S)6jc; yellow clarified, 6j6jo;
open kettle, 5(5)tc, refined A, 7Jf
7c; granulated, 71c ; powdered, 8Jo;
cut loaf, 8Je.
Salt $1 201 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; pickets,
bleached, 27c; car-loads from levee
or depot. 5c cheaper.
Moi.ASHHt Iiouisiana, common to
fair, 2327c; prime to choice, 46(55c;
syrup, 2b40c; common to fair, 25
33c ; prime to choice, 35($ I0c.
Candiks Sticks, all sites, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7J'iKjn.
Cakdlks Full weight, 101 lc.
Toiuioo Common, 11-incb, 27(
30c; olher grades and styles, 25S5c.
Snufl Garrett's, $10 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; K. It., $9 50,
Uannbd uoods, itc. 1'ricea per
dozen : Pineapples $1 35itl 65 jpeacliea,
21b, standard, $1 35 1 50; seconds,
41 15(j.l 25; tomatoes, 2-ib, standard,
il 10; 3-lb, $1 35; strawberries,
$14l)l 60; raspberries, $1 15(il 25;
blackberries, $1(54 15; greengages,
$1 60!51 75 : pears, $2(i.2 25 ; plums,
$1 ti0(ci)l 70; asparagus, $2 6()r-i l ;
green corn, $ld 3.5; green peas, $1
(62 25; cove oysters, full weight, 1-lb,
$11 10; cove oysters, full weight,
2-lh, $1 75(1 95; 'cove oysters, light
weight, 1-lb, 65c; cove oysters, light
weight, 2-lb, $1 ; condensed milk
Crown, $5 !0; Fjigle, $7 75; Swiss. $0.
Nxw York, February 13, Coffee
spot fair Rio quiet and steady at 8jc;
options quiet and steady; sales, 12,000
bags; March, 6.60(5)6 65e; May, (i.Wc;
June, C.65c; July, 6 70c; August, 6ic;
September, ft 80 ; October, 6.80c. Sugar
firmer and quiet; fair to good refining
5i(y5J:; refined steady; granulated,
OJc. Molasses quiet.
Applet Apples, $2 50t?.2 75 from
store; $2(5)2 25 per car-lead from levee
or depot. lried apples, 34c per
ponnd from store. Juried peaches, 'Maj
4c from store.
Vio-rrABL" Onions, $2 75(5,3 25
per car-load, from levee or depot. Po
tatoesIrish, northern, $2 50f5i2 75,
packed; car-loads from levee or depot,
$2 50 per barrel. Cabbage, $4 50 per
crate. Kront, brls, $Hi) 50 ; hall brls, i
$2 75(5)3. Garlic, 40(50c per 100.
Fruit Oranges, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $4(5H 50
Cer box. Lemons, $lfc4 50 per
ox. Banana, 50c 108 ier bunch.
Cocoanute, $4 ppr 100. Peanuts
Virginia, t2)7c; Tennessee, farm
er's stock, 2Af3c; reileaned, 3jfij
4jc; roasted, 2jc. higher; shelied, UK;.
A'lmomls, 18(a0c. Chestnute green
12i(;)l5c; drv, none.
Raisins London layers, $.3 50; lay
era, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 50(S;4.
Picklss In jars, pintR, !K)c; quarts,
$154); half gallons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mix
ed, $6.
Pkcans Texas, Stjf-lOc for small to
medium, 1014c for' large; Arkansas,
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples,
15c; Grenoblee, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cidkr Missouri, $77 CO per barrel
and $14 50 per half-barrel. Vinegar,
ll(5)16c per gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per dozen, $9(5)
12 ; geese, $3734 ; ducks, $3; chickens,
good demand, $2(5)3-, dressed turkeys,
scarce, 10c to 12c per pound.
Fish Mackerel half-barrels. No. 1,
$4 3-V4 75; No. 2, $3 5lf.3 75; No.
3, $2 7o(5.-l; 10-lb kit. No. 1, S0c; No.
2, 70c; 15-lb, No. 3, liOc. Dry her
rinirs. family, 25c per lox.
Uaji Venison, whole, 37?; sad
dles, 6(8c; bear,6f58i:; wild turkeys,
50i75c; ducks, $1 50(5)2 51); squirrels,
7"c; quaile. 75c(-n$l ; prairie chickens,
$5: game fish, 6i So.
Euos Weak, 2lia"2"o.
ruri!4l-'4.KO. Oil, Kle.
Skkd Delivered at depot and
wharf, $8 per ton; on bank of river
(f. o. b. bont), $6; wagon at mills $8.
Mkal Prime f. o. b., $15 per ton.
Less than cu load lot. $!5 50. From
store, 90c sack. Cakk Nominal ; $16
perton. Oil In cai-load lots, prime,
crtle C. S. oil, 22(.f,2:io; prime summer
yellow, 2. J'i27s ; oirsutniiier yellow,
2"(52i;c; niiners',27(530fl; choice cook
ing summer yellow, 2S(-)30c.
CoAL-Ourrime white, wholesale
lots, 15c per gallon.
Clkveland, O., February 13. Petro
leum quiet; s.W., 110, 8Jc.
FiT-WBraa, PA.,Febrnary 13. Petro
lenm dull but fitm; Na'ional Transit
certificates opened at 77je and closed
at 77c; highest price, 77 jc; lowed,
76 ic
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $1 60:5)6; rye, $1 75(5)6; domes
tic, 90c(5vf 1 50.
STjJouis,Mo.,February 13 Whisky,
CuiiAtio.lLU.Februarj 13 Whisky
itealy, $1 16.
Cincinnati, O., February 13.
Whisky ftady,$l 10; sales of 850 bar
rels o finished goods on this basis.
Baqq i no J ute, 9Jllc; flax, 10(5)
10tc, according to weight. Ties, $1 20
(51 25.
Nails-$2 45(5)2 70.
iior4kn amis hulk.
HoR9W4 (iood driving, $125(n)2')0;
good saddle, $14(V5i300; plugs, $35(5)80;
good mares, $85(4 140.
Mplbs 14) to 15, $110(5)130; 15 to
15J, $125(5)140; 15J to 16, $140(o)175.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
I.IVK NI't('K.
Our lttarki't bus lii'cii ttit't and
steady, with the demand for good
btili hers' cuttle e(tiitl to lite supply.
We imte stuiie improvement-! fur
feedei-H and HfnckerM, with the ViirdN
rather bare of the Rime at present.
Our liny market luix been rallier dull
for the past week with a full supply.
Choice bit muttons have been in lc
inaiiil, with very few nlli-ringx.
Cattle Good to choice corn fed
butcher stecrH, 4J(" 'i'c; medium to
good, Idi l'c; common to good, 3(M
3i)c. l'eeilctx Arkansas and Missis
sippi steers, 2(5 2 c. y -yrift
lloos- t lioiee Imtcliers, ll jf.i Ic
dilim to good butchers', :ij((i :Uo ;
; me-
mini and roii;h lot', 3('i .'lc
Sm:i:i'- Choice extra heavy mutton,
4(5' -lie; gnoil mutton, :ijf:!le.
Cincinnati, O., February 13. Hoot
firm; common and light, $3 65(5)4 10;
packing and butchers', $125(5)4 45. Re
ceipts, 7000 head; shipments, 1000
CmtAoo, III, February 13. The
DroeoV Jourwil reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 800 bend ; shipments, 500 head ;
market steady ; shipping steers, 9)0 tj
1500 pounds, $3 60(5)5 75; stockers and
feeders, $2 25(5)4 35 ; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 8)(.i4; bulk, $2 75(5)3. Hogs
receipts, OtiOO head; shipments, 6090
head; market stronger; rough and
mixed, $3 80(54 15; packing and ship
ping, $4 15(5)4 50; light, $3 00(5)4 20;
skips, $2'.I0(')3 60. Sheep receipts, 300
head; market Ftiady; natives, $3(5)
4 76; Texans, $2(3 50: lambs, $4(5)
5 60.
Kansas City, Mo., February 13.
The Lire SukL IwlicaUir reports: Cat
tlereceipts, 772 head; shipments,
coue; active and firm; export
ers, 1 1 HK.") ..i; good to choice ship
ping, $4 60(5)5; common to medium,
$1(5)4 50; Blockers and feeders, $3
(5)3 80 ; cows, $2 25(5)3 30. Hogs re-
Seipts, 3717 head; shipments, 1653
ead; choice a shade higher, and
medium and common steady; goad
to choice, $4(5)4 15; common to me
dium, $3 60t5)3 95. Sheep receipts,
425 head; shipments, none ; quiet ; good
to choice, $.'K5)3 50; couiniou to me
dium, $2(.i)2 76. 4
Nkw Yohit, Febroary 13. There has
been but a moderate trade, as usual on
Saturday, but all claws of staple cti!
ton goods are firmer. Agents have
advanced Salmon Falls sllesia J
There is more doing in the way of
autumn woolens, ami orders are being
placed fairly free.
Triistee's Sale.
BY virtue of a trust deol neoutod to urn.
as trustee, by K. M. Appersiin and
husun 11. Ainiorsiin, his wile, reronlou in
rerunl hook A t2), paire 4Hti, In the Circuit
Court Cli-rk's and Recorder s office of Crit-t-mien
county. Arkansas, t serure rerttin
initelitodness ttinnii-M mentioned. defHultLnv
inn been made in ryid'tru't deed, I will, at
the request of lb t)rs tfii-iiiry in laid trust
deed, on the
191 h liny ol I"brniirj, 1NS6,
within l"mil hours at the ronrthnnse door,
in Memphis, Khelb eo inty, Tennessee, oAer
for tele, Ht rublii- tutsry, for cttsh, to the
biyhest bidder, thv following property de
scribed in said trnst deed, lo-wit:
Plunuiiion known as ynoke and Berkely
plui'e, situate in CrilMnuen rounlv, Arkun
sr, nbout nine miles below Memphis, beius;
a" follows, to-witt All of section 1H, T n,
N K, it E, y'l.l('cres; Wjj NW or sec. ai,
T f', N It, K K, HU aereH; P frl nr Mction au,
T6. N K, OK, 2i Mm: fJW frl qr section
'MX. T , N K, 6 K, Sf'.'4) acres : part of ripun
ish rirsnt No. 2.47:4, Hl.tU ncres; NK ur sec
tion 'li, 1 C, N K, f E, Hi acres; N XN K qr
section SI, To, N K, K, seres ; 74 W ,,r
section 1, T S. NR.t K.ltki seres; 8W ur
section :4i, T(i, N K. V K, ltm acres: 8K qr sec
tion 'ii, T6.N 11, K, lMi acres ; N S section
'40, T 6, N R, K. :l acres : W half action
I rl, N K. K K, H'JO a-rest fraclionil ir sec
tion T t. N H. V K, y seres; frsetilinal
section 2H, T 6, N K, E, 1.' acres; 8 irfrf W
Spanish tinint No. !f7:t, T 6. N H. 8 K, (N
acres, in all rontainintt Mu.ln acres, tor-ether
with all improvements tbereon and
all appurtenances Iberiunlo beloniini. The
ciiuity of redcuirtion and rivht to (lower and
homestead waived.
Also, the folio wins tract of land situate in
Crittenden county, Arkansas, and known as
the liurititt place. bein the east half of HK
ir of section &, 14, N K, k K, 4) aore.s: south
half of Nil Mr section '-Mt, T 4, N K," E, SO
ttres; UK ur section 31.T4, N H.vK.lou
acres: all ot fractional section ', T4. N K,
h E, :t.'2.i'i8 acres; the south half of lection 11),
T 4. N K, K, W M acres; NW fractional
iir of section XI, X 4, N K, 8 E, 144.it acres,
being the 1KV original aTes, and alsi 12U)
accretions thereto, together with all im
provement thereon an-l all appurtenances
IKnrcunio belonsinit. Tne euuity of re
dsinption and right to dower and homestead
wAived. J nid p'antation is situated on tlse
Mississippi river, abou 2& milei lielow Mem
phis. Also, at said time and place, on said terms,
I will sell the following irsnnal proi-erty,
situate on said Wynokeand ilerkeles planta
tion, to wit: 47 mule', 41 head of cattle,
4 hots, a full and complete set and assort
ment of wairons, plows, mowers, gears and
farmingtmpiemenu. It being all tne mules,
cattle, nogs, gear and farming implements
on said plan'utlon. Title believed to be
good, though 1 sell only as trustee.
jle to commence it 12 o'clock.
W. M . S N K K 1. Trustee.
Adniini-itratrix's Notlte.
THE undersigned having uualifieil s ad
lninia tratriz of Philip baser, deceased,
hereby notifies all debtors to come forward
and settle, and all creditors to present their
bills, properly probated. All goods held
for charges must be removed by th 21st ol
Itecember, 1SH6.
Boots, Khoes, Tools, S&ow-Caaei and Fixt
ures lor sale at less than epst,
Ada'ri of Philip Bauer, JO Jetlertoa ti.
friars Point..-.Coioa, i p.m.
Arkansas City.KTg Adihs, 5 p.m.
utceoia .....uiAX aoamj, 5 p.m.
Tipton ville... 11 ifoso, & p.m.
t FrancisRiver Rexi MmDr, S p.m.
Arkansas luvcr.Joa rartsa, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati ()Rsirs Stats,,') p. m. -
White River...CH;c siw, ft p.m.
Arrivatu Kene Macreudy.St.Francis
iVMirfurci. E. W. Cole, Arkansas
river; DeSmet, Whits liver; Emjuirer,
Cat lalund.
ij'cifi in i'orf. ltene facready.
Boat Due Down. D,aa Adams,
li.iyoso and Granite Stale.
lioatt Dut ip. Coahoma, Ka'e
Adams, Knquirer and Joe Peters.
Korrlpfa Yralenlny.
Uene Macready ( brought out of St.
Francis river) 1S7 bales cottoa, 22
bigs seed cct .on, ska seed and 8
pkgs sundries.
Tus ChaMes Morgan is the next
0. Line packet due up for Cincinnati.
Thk Chickasaw, Capt. K. C. Postal,
is the Wednesday packet for White
Tin Rene Mncready, Capt. O. K,
Joplin, goes out Tuesday evening for
Su Francis river.
t Thb big Helens, Capt. Alf. Umnom,
is the next regular packet for New
Orleans, leaving bore Wednesday
Tin Dean Adams, Capt. Henry
Ocoper, is the packet Monday evening
at 6 o'cleck for Osceola and the upper
bends. William Siulther is in her
Til a Coahoma, Capt Thomas Clag
gett, is the packet Monday evening at
5 o'clock for Helena, Friars Point and
all way landings. Will Ashford is in
Tux Gayoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, is
tbt packet Monday evening at 6
o'olock for Hales Point, Tiptonville
anil all wav landings. Jessie P. Walt
is in her ollice.
Thk Joe refers, Capt. E. B. Smith,
is the packet Tuesday evening at 5
o'clock for all points on Arkansas
river, going through to Pine Blull".
Cbai. Mussulman is in her cilice.
Thk Kate Adams, Capt. Mark 11.
Cheek, is the I'uited States mail packet
Monday evening at 5 o'clock for Hel
ena, Arkansas City and all way land
ings. W. O. Ulanker has charge cf
her ollice, assisted by Iw Price, Mor
ris Uans and J. O. Wycnfl. ZZ
Iub Granite Stale, Capt J. A. Lind
say, is the packet Tuesday evening at
5 o'clock for Cairo, Louisville, Cin
cinnati aud all way landings on the
Ohio river. Don A. Marrs lias charge
cf her ollice. The Granite Slate will
give cheap rates to all points North
and Kaat.
BceiNKJM quiet.
Wkathkh clear and pleasant.
Landing in good shape for business.
Tub Enquirer departed last evening
for Cat Island.
Tub E. W. Cole departod last even
ing for Arkansas river with a good
trip. " i "
Tub river here Btands 15 feet and 0
tenths on the gauge, a rise of 8 tenths
in the laot 24 hours.
Kkckiith by river yesterday, 64
bales of cot'on, 22 bags of teed-cottin
and tioti sacks of seed.
Tub PeSinet cleared last evening for
White river with a good trip of freight
anil a lair list of people.
Tiik river men of St. Louis are ap
prehensive of grout damage t ohip
ping when the ice breaks.
GiiiiK-PxiiocHAT: The river men
look for m open river out to Cairo by
next Tnestlay. It is said on pretty re
liable authority that Harry Prather,
a son of Co!. Hrif Piather, will take
the freight management of the Anchor
Line March la.
Tub Isnne Macreaiiy arrived from
St Francis river with 1)4 bales of cot
ton, 22 bags of seed-cotton, (166 sacks
ol Beed aud 1H packages tf sundries
for this place, and reshipned at the
mouth of St. Francis river 73 bales for
New Orleans, and returns Tuesday
Nrw Oulkans 1'icwjnnt: Inspectors
O'lteill' andj Youuhlood yesterdry
revoked the license of George It. Mc
Lean, formerly pilot on the I'pper
ltend river steamer Cumberland. Pi
lot Jeff Hicks is now on the Helena,
in place of Hichard Cox, resigned. Pi
lot S. Hymer was buried at New Or
leans Thursday and all Hags of the coast
packets were at half-mast in his honor.
('iNriNNATl Timei'Suir, 12th instant:
"There is no ice of consequence in the
river and all the packets are again on
the track. The tow boat Mab, valued
at $ 000, was snnk by the ice at Ginnd
Tower, 111., yesterday. The new vaa
fuel device, which has been exhibited
on the Sonoma (or the past five days,
is pronounced complete success by
steainboatmen who have displayed an
active interest in its workings. Manu
facturers are inrtted to witness Its op
erations." Cap i. John W. Allby is now en
gaged in building a new dredge-boat
upon a new design invented by him
self. She may be seen at the loot of
Gayoso street, where the work of con
struction is going on. She will be
named for John Gaston, our popular
fellow-citizen, and will be ready for a
trial trip in abont three weeks. Much
interest is manifested in river circles
with respect to the boat, and the
marines will doubtless congregate in
force when she raises steam.
Okiic Piogsi HitttTK. 0. S. A., 1
Mtsrsn, Tkhs., February IS, 1 p.m. f
The following observations are taken
at all stations n a mod at 75 meridian time,
which is one honr faster than Memphis time.
A bore
low water
Cincinnati ...
liavenport. .
Fort Smith. .
i .
urn mwRt ..i.
Learenw'th .
Little Koclt .
Lonisrille. M.
Memuhlw. .
Nashville ....
New Wrle'ns..;
Pittsburg ...
Bt. Louis
Kt. Paul
Khrereport ..
Vickshurg ...
EvAHsviixm, February 13. Noon
River rising, with 18 feet on the gauge.
Arrived: Gmnite State.
Pittsbobo, February 13. Noon
River lti leet on the gauge and rising.
Weather cloudy and eold. Uoagy ica
WiiitcLttio, February 18. Noon
Kivr r 18 feet 6 inches on the tutuge and
rising. Weather cold and rainy. The
river is fall of ice.
Lodisviixb, February 13. Noon
River rising witti 9 feet i inches
the canal and 7 f-et 3 inches on the
falls. . Business fair. Weather clondy
and cool.
Cairo, Kubruarv J3. Noon River
:!f) leet ' inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and mild. Ice in the
Mississippi began running eat very
heavy bsc night, but did no damage
here. At lielrrir t, Mo., it broke I :ose
seven of the Va'ley barges and dam
aged the Iron Mountain incline con-siilfrsblv.
Memphis aud Clnciaaatl Packet Co.
CjJmiiite Mtnlc. r-
A.J. Ilndey master.
Will leave TuKtiUAY, Feb. le'th. at I p.m.
For Ireighter naasage apply to 0. B. KU8
SKLL. Agent, No. 12 Madison St. Telephone)
No. 21. JOHN 04KK. Pas.eneer Arenl.
Far Hrlesnt, Plsie BlnV. Bad all Wmj
I ontllaaa wst Arkassau tver fltr.
Joe lotcrnv .ZSt.
K. II. Smith, master, tSSmtZL
Will leave Tl) KSUA Y. Fefc. Mth. at fp.rn
For freight er pa-sage appl r Ho. tt Ma4i
son street, orio II. U. LOW B, Agent.
Call Tel.phooe Kn. M.
MaeM. nlM,vrlNrk INs ssss assu MiSMe.ssia
asstl Oarxmla F arise 4 4am pan y .
For Helena, Ulendale, Friars Point and all
"' Landings ht earn or
H. T. Ulaaettmastex I Piatt Rh
Will leave as above on every MUffUAY.
W KPN KHPAY and FRIDAY, at t o'olook.
Tit Randolph, Fulton. Oeneolg, and Way
Landltsi Steamer
J. H. Cooper, master.J. W. rjmithere.ilerk
Leaves as every MONDAY, W KDMtclM Y
and FRIDAY at ft p.m. The boau of tab
line reserve the right to pass all landing
thotaniain may deem unsafe. UBoe. No. 4
MHl.nw . .4AMKK ,KK. Ja .Hno'l.
The St. Francis River Trunspertatkei
Co.'s Vine Hide-W heel IT. 8. Mall J4ttne
Reie Macready. r.nr
O. K. Joplin -.master.
at 6 o'elook, for Marianna, the Cut-Off, and
Intermedla.'e landings oo bt. Franoia river.
The captain teierves the right lo pass tl
landings ha deems nnsafe. JAB. LKK, J-
M,,rwlTt4 llSUa. No. 4 Msdi.on St.
McnihiH& Whito ltlrtrPkUV
,17. 8. MAIL LINE.
X. 0. loslal..maiUr I O. M.l-oslel.-oWtk
Olarsinlota, Doealia HIisfT, Axe An,
; AoKiiala, Jarkeonporl awMi rtstarn.
at ft p.m. Through rate ft all points.
Fre ight consigned U " Memphis and W Bits
niver 1'aoket Ot mpany" will b forwarded
promptly. a. tl LOW 8, Agent,
N -v 4 M-.dl.on si. Telenhoee No. SI.
For Osceola, Hale Point. Caruthersvllle,
Uayosn and Tiptonville The mow steamer
W. P. Hall master I J. D. Foil
will leave as above, and all way point,
ri m Pov Iretrht or na.sas-e annl v an Hoard .
Memphis and Vlcksbnrg Packet Cora
pany U. S. Mall Line.
M. R. 4!heek ...master I W. ti. Bla
For Helena, Couoordia, Terrene aad Arkan
sas City The elegant pasaenejw steamer
Leave Memphis
p.m., reserving the right to pas all landless
the captain may deem unsafe. For general
information apply el otice. No, 4 Madisea
street, it. WALWORTU. Agent.
JOHN rARB, Pass'r A
Memphl8,Whlte Black Elver racket
For Helena, Indian Bay, Bt. Charles, Clar
endon, DeValls Ulnff, De Aro, Augusta.
Jaeksonport, llatesville, Pewhattan and
Pocahonta. Th new and elegant aide
wheel paasenger steamer
Mill II arrv , . ............. mas tor,
Will leave KVKRY SATURDAY at ft o'clock
p.m. Thrnuch rates to all point. Freight
consigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
be promptly lorwarHed. C. B. RUS8KLU
Agent. Telephone 227. OSe li Madlaoa sU
Jsxxe 14 Ksisii.is, Passenrer AsenL
in: at i:htatjl
No. Mfll, R.-Chsncery Court of Hholbyeonn-ty-
Htate of Tennessee for it own aee, at.,
vs. John Overton, Jr., et al.
BY Ttrtne ol an Interlocutory decree for
sal entered in ths alve eaaae en the
2.1.1 day ol Novembec, 1W4A, M. 1). SO, pan
1 will tell at publis auction, to the high
est bidder, in front of I he Clerk aad Master's
ollice, courthouse oi (Shelby eeuuty, Mem
phis, Tenn., en
Hatnrdnjr, February lie, IHH6,
within legal hours, th following described
proierty, situated la bbelby eoanty, Tenn ,
Lot Vi, block t, Donaldson subdivision,
fronting 40 by 212 feet on the west side o f
Dean avenue, 2li feet south of lieorgia street.
Lot I t. block 14, west side of Dean avenue,
40 hv 211 feet, adjoining lot ID on th south.
Bold as property of W. T. Donaldson.
Lot 14, block 31, Fert Pickering, fronting
ff leet on tbe north side of Alabama street.
northwest corner ot giltn and Alokatne, iy
a depth of Ml feel, bold as property of P.
Winters. '
Lot tl, block , Fort Piekering, fronting I
feet en tbe north side ef Alabama street by
a depth el IK'S ll being 28 reet west osT
Second street.
Lot 7, block (, fronting 29 tee oa the aortta
side of Alabama . treet, lutb ward, and run
nin back 11H feet, said lot adjoining lott
on the wt.
Lot 11, block 8, north aide ef Alabama .
street, 10th ward, 23 by 16 feet, being 160
foel west of Second street. Held a property
of 11. K. Andrews and other.
Lots 27 and 21, block 12. Fort Piekering.
fronting 64) feet on the south side o Alabama
street by a depth ef InU leet. hid f th
property of il. A. U. Yarbra aad P. M. WtB-
Ta't half ef lot . block , F. W. Smiths'
ubdivision. fronting .10 leet oa tho north,
side ot HI. Paul street 3U feet weat of tiosloa
street and rnnning back 146 feet. Held at
property of Mary L. Htill and H.nry Ryan.
Lot lb, block II, fronting 2S feet oa th
north side of Carolina site, t 29 leet east of
alley east of iecoo4 street, and running back
140 feet.
Lot 20, block 9, fronting 2ft feet oa tr
north side of Carolina street, aad running
back lWleet.
Lot 21, bloekt,frontirgZ"i feeton the n.rth
side ef Carolina street, northeast oorner of
alley eat of Beef nd street, 10th wart, and
running back 1(0 .feet, bold as property of
L. B. Baton.
Lot 28, block ft, Fort Pickering. 25 by lWi
feet north aide ol Jackson street Ml feet east
of Washington street. Sold a property of
J.B. r-haw, W. C. Folkesetal.
Lot (, block 4, rorl i-ickerinr, fronting 25
feet oa the sooth side of Broadway street,
southeast corner olalley east of Front street.
10th ward, by a depth of U6H leet. Bold a
property of P. M. " In era.
Lot 4, block . Fort Pickering, 24 by 100
feet on the west side of 1 bird treet, 74 (set
south of Ueorgia street, loth ward.
Lot ft, block 9. fronting 24 by ItA) feet en Us
west side of Third street, lUla ward, south,
and adjoining lot 4.
Lot ft. block , Fert Pickering. 14 by M feet,
west side of Seoond street.
Terms of Bale-On a eredit of si I months!
Bote bearing interest.wtlh security .required;
Ilea retained, redemption barred. Thi Jaa
b!I. MeDOWKLL, Orrk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Master,
V. H. k C. W. Heiskeil, tiolicilor.
St. Agnes Aeademy.
Ulenea HOI
.- lAI IO Ol 01 rmorumrj. i.rwi-fi...
inn. tun an HOD. aecordin te the age aad
I iZ . . . m . rA
lass ef th papil. For farther particular
pply t- te Ladtr Sapsmt.

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