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VOl.. XLVI NO. 40.
- M liivV
Tfir latest statement of Mr. Glad
stone's wrMM as .to Ireland includes
an Irish Parliament with diminished
apprwnUtion at Westminster. Mr.
ln.Lrt.rie relies on his power to con
Tinee tlio lCnglish peoplo that no
thor solution in available, lie will
aige that an Irwh Parliament existed
for centuries without causing separa
tion, and will olIW guarantee making
oryUiinj? look safe. A large body of
Liberals will support the project.
A stoso the hills introdoeed in the
House yosterJay was one by Mr. Mc
reary uf Kentucky, providing that all
eoiu now in the treasury not held fur
MHumplion junHcs, be applied to the
liquidation of the .ri'sblic debt, and
thai the ouinaguof mi rer dollars be con
tinued ad nt present required by law.
There oin bo no objection to paying
IT the ink rest-bearinf? debt, but the
ontimwd coinao of silver is a fatal
bliimler in legislation. The bill oiujlit
Ot to i1WS.
At tiik meeting of Englishmen and
Scotchmen in London a few days an,
to form a "Homo Kule Association"
to assist the causo of Irish home rule,
Lord Ashburnham took the chair.
Lord (flifton, the son of the Earl of
IXtrnley, spoke of "that great states
man whom I am proud to call a near
tfclatiim, my cousin, Mr. rurncll. The
Irish leader is a cousin of Iinl Darn
ley and lrd Clifton. The laftcr's
words are remarkable at a time like
the present, h.ivs Mr. Justin McCarthy,
but they would have been more time
ly a year or two atM, when Mr. Pariudl
was fitrujqrlingat the head of an almost
hopeless minority.
Cot., lha.vrdtf Dcncan, who lias
nevt r been a safe guide in anything,
has in soma way secured the Asso
ciated Tress as a vehicle by which to
reach the public car with a charge
against the negro that is as baseless
and unjust as anything well could be.
He iloes not give a single figure or fact
to .sustain hiri'allcgation that the negro
has not made any progress. The facts
re all of them the other way. The
negro has, by availing himself of edu
cation, blotted out 30 per cent, of the
illiteracy that weighted him when the
war closed, and everywhere through
out the South has proved himself a
patient, faithful, steady worker. Col.
Duncan should learn that one" of the
greatest reforms instituted since the
war is the substitution of facts for as
sertion. Words have no value save as
they express or sustain facts as they
tell the. trntb.
Wk understand it is proposed by
the, State Democratic Committee to
urnmgtt it it lhAtK.Vi. Jiiti' l.
to the State Convention to nominate
Supreme Court Judges slvdl also serve
as delegatus to the Gubernatorial Con
vention. Wo protest that it has no
authority to make any such arrange
ment;' that it has no authority or
power to do otherwise than follow the
wise precedents of the party, and call
two distinctive conventions. The com
mittee is an exeeutivo body, and has
no right to attempt a change of pro
cedure in anything allecting tho party
or its purposes. When the conven
tions which it is empowered to call
have, assembled they can alter, amend
or abolish the custom, but the com
mittee can do neither. It must not
usurp power nor lend itself to any
thing that is in conflict with the un
written law of the Ifiicnitie party.
AVb havo many times suggested the
name of Justice Coleman for impor
tant offices but as often have been dis
appointed by his positive declination,
his Hat refusal to serve the peojde in
any other capacity than that in which
he has cllected so much good for the
county. Hut this has not discouraged
us. We have deferred to the
reasons that ruled the 'Squire
nnil have surrendered cherished
purposes in the public interest. We
propose to-day to put him in nomina
tion for Coroner, believing that he is
the only member of the County Court
who can in that position meet the
wishes of all classes of the people, anil
the only one who can carry a large
majority of the court, We respectfully
suggest him to the magistrates for the
place, and we urge upon him to per
mit tho use of his name for urgent
public reasons that he cannot disre
gard. Mr. Coleman must serve as
C-oroner. The peojde this time insist
that be shall, and will not take "no"
for answer.
Tun officers and directors of the
Young Men's Christian Association
were much chagrined by the charge
made by a correspondent in Sunday's
A ppeal that discrimination had been
made by tho librarian on account of
tho clothes or personal apjiearance of
visitors. The fact is, the association's
rooms havo for some weeks been made
a rcndewTons by tramjw, who even
' wont so far as to force an entranco
at nigfH and turned them into
sleeping apartments. " This of course
could not bo permitted ; indeed, tho
chief of police gave tho officers notice
Uiat it would have to be stopped, or
he would' interpose the power of tho
law to prevent it. It is difficult often
to discriminate, and the two persons
our correspondent complained of may
have boon rejected because their
personal appearance was against them
because they looked like the
class of characters who had made them
selves objectionable. The association
is engaged in a mission work, and its
offiocrsand directors are earnestly pur
suing that work, but they cannot be
expected to make a lodging-house of
their rooms for tramps, and if mistakes
are made it is easy to have them reme
died on application to rresmem vruig,
who is a fair and a just man.
Cottoi Betornt rtha Drpirtaeat
of AfrlciIUre-ihe Talephoie
8-lU-Ihe SUrer Fight.
tsrMi.il. to m aptiA.1
Wasdimotok, February 15. Solic-itor-General
(Joodo stutea to-day that
nothing has yet leen decided as to
whero the suit will be brought to test
the validity of the Bell Telephone
patents. The government counsel
nave not taken that question under
consideration, and will not until the
papers in the case are prepared and
the suit is ready to be instituted.
Commissioner Montgomery directs the
attention of Congress to tlio fact that
there is at present no statute empow
ering or directing the Attorney -(jen-erney-Cr-Tnl
to institute1 proced
ings in tho name 5f the United States
or otherwise to cancel or annul a
patent which may have been fraudu
lently or unwisely or inadvertently
followed by the bankruptcy bill or the
bill to admit Washington Territory, in
the Senate, and' the Kits John I'orter
hill in the House, Will probably con
sumo the greater portion of this
week in Congress.
JohnS. McDonald and II. T. Walker
and wife of Montgomery, Ala. Kx
(iov. Urown arrived to-day at the Uiggs
The Mfnsnro Inlrodnffrt In (he
Itoavtv The Main J'olnia.
Washington, February 15. Mr.
Morrison's tarill" bill was "introduced
in the House to-dav. Mr. Morrison
savs tho bill will effect an estimated
reduction of jai,OiK),000 in the revenue
from customs, based on the revenue
uf last vear. The greatest reduction
on anv-imo article is in the ca.sO of
sugar, where the new duty will result
in a decrease of 10,000,000 in the re
cemts. The additions to the free list
will involve a loss of i,r,50),000, and
tho reductions made bv the bill on
other articles about S',0W,000. Added
to the free list are lumber, timber,
wood (unmanufactured), laths, shin-
l'Ics. salt. hemi, lute, iron, sulphur,
lead and copper ores, and coal. 15e
sides these there are many articles of
less consequence to the revenue, such
us ootatoes. hav. corn, bristles, bees
wax, dye-woods, unmanufactured
earths, undressed stone for building
purposes, acorns and dandelion. The
bill provides that from and after July
1,1H80, the following rates of duty
shall take effect: Wood (manufac
tured) for each side planed or
finished, .50 cents per 1000
feet, board measure; cotton
thread, yarn warps, or warp yarn,
valued itt from 25 cents to $1 jer
pound, 8 cents to 3( cents jer pound,
according to quality; when valued
at over $1 jicr pound, 40 cr cent,
ad valorem. The principal reduction
pu cotton cloths are in the coarser
material."' .TiSi.ti.', -iroa' iu pigs, 2w$it
kentledge, spiegeleiseu, wrought and
east scrap iron and scrap steel, one
fonrth of one cent per pound. Iron
railway bars weighing more than
twenty-fivo pounds to tho yard,
12 o0 isir ton; steel railway
bars and railway bar mado in
lart of steel, weighing more than
twenty-five pounds to the yard, flli 60
lcr ton ; iron or steel T rails, weighing
not over twenty-live pounds to the
yard, and iron or steel flat rails,
punched, S 15 per ton. There is a
slight reduction on bar and rolled iron,
iron beams, girders, etc. There is
also some reduction on lead and cop
lcr. Suttar on all sugar W) jcr
cent, .of the several duties and
rates of duty now imposed on
said sugar, inoperative as to sugars
from countries laying export duties.
Wools and woolens Wools of the
third class, such as donskols, native
South American, Cordova, Valparaiso,
native Smvrna, and including all such
wools of like character as have been
heretofore usually imported into the
United Suites from Turkey, C recce,
Egypt, Smyrna and elsewhere, 2 8-10
cents er nund. Woolen cloths,
woolen shawls and all manufactures of
wool of every description, made wholly
or in part of wool, not specially ciiu-
. i ; i i .1.: . .. .
mention or provuieo or m una ;u i,
valued at not exceeding 80 cents jier
pound, -'." cents jier jiound and :S0 per
centum ad valorem. Fiannels, blan
kets, hats of wool, knit (mods and all
goods made on knitting frames, bal-
mora s. woolen aim worsted yarns.
and all manufactures of every descrip
tion, composed wholly or in part of
worsted, the hair ot the Aijiaca goat,
or other animals, except hiich as are
comjiosed in Jart of wool, not Be
cially enumerated or jirovided for in
this act, valued at not exceeding :0
cents jor jsmnd, 8 cents er liound ;
above :W) cents and not exceeding 40
cents, 10 cents jer jound ; above 40 and
not exceeding 00 cents, 10 cents jer
pound above 00 and not exceeding 80
cents, 20 cents per' pound, and in ad
dition thernto, ujum all the above
named articles, IJ5 jier centum ad va
lorem. Women's and children's dress
goods, coat linings, Italian cloths and
goods of like description, composed in
jmrt of wool, worsted, the hair of tho
alajiaca goat, or other animals, valued
at not exceeding 20 cents per square
yard, and in addition thereto 30 per
centum ad valorem ; valued at above
20 cents ier souarc vard, 7 cents per
squaroyard and 35 per centum ad va
lorem; if composed wholly of wool
worsted,' the hair of the alapaca goat
or other animals or mixtures of them,
8 cents jer square yard, and 35 per
centum ad valorem ; bntall such goods
with selvedges mado wholly or in part
of other materials, introduced for the
purpose of changing the classification,
Bhall bo dutiable at 8 cents
per equaro yard, and 35 per
cent, ad valorem ; provided that all
such goods weighing over four ounces
per square yard shall pay a duty of
35 cents per pound and 35 per cent, ad
valorem. Slight but general reduc
tions run through the wool schedule,
and have also been made in the cases
of flax, linen and hemp, window glass,
plate glass of high quality, earthen
ware, glassware and china, where the
duty is believed to be excessive. The
duty on rice, marble, castor beans and
a few chemicals ia also slightly re
duced. '
Bcaewed la tktt Haa CmmH
Washington, February 15. The
silver fight was renewed in tho House
Committee on Coinage, Weight and
Measures Unlay. A bill entitled "An
act to maintain the purity of silver
and gold" was introduced as a sulsti-
tute lor all other tuns on uio suyer
question. It provides that as the hum
of the United States is (dodged to the
restoration ol silver on an equality
ith gold, that tho I'resnlcnt 1h au
thorised to make treaties with foreign
powere to open their mints to the free
coiiiagq of silver, etc., and apjxint
commissioners to conduct the in-got ia
tiona. After a warm discussion tho
bill was defeated by a vote of 9 to 4.
Those voting in the affirmative were
Messrs. James, Ucinpuill, liockweii
and Scott. Those voting in tho nega
tive wero Messrs. llland, Ijuiham,
Keymour, Norwood, McOrary, ly-
num, Utile, reuon ana runrr.
Mr. Hemphill, in order to test the
sense of the committee, and at the
some time disclaiming sympathy lor
tho object of tho bill, moved tojrvport
favorably Itepresentutive lteagan's
bill to provide tor the free and un
limited coinage of silver! The motion
was lost yeas, 4 ; nays, 8. 1'Jie votes
in the affirmative were cist by Messrs.
Ijinham, McCrcary, Itynum and
Wand ; and those, in tho negative by
Messrs. Seymour, llemjihill, Nor
wood, Scott, James, ltockwcll, Little
and Fuller.
lU'prescntative l'.vnnm then moved
to report adversely Representative
Wait's bill to suspend until further
legislative action so much of the act
of February 2S, 1S7H, as orovides for
the coinagedf standard silver dollars.
Mr. Hvnum's motion was lost yeas,
li; nays, (1. Those voting in the af
firmative were Messrs. liinhain, Nor
wood. McCrcary, r.ynum. Fuller and
island; those voting in the negative
were Messrs Seymour, Hemphill,
Scott, J.lmes, Korkwcll and Little.
Representative Fuller of Colar.ulo was
not jircscnt.
lleprescntalive James then .moved
to report adversely a bill introduced
by i; preseiit:itie" llland this morn
ing, entitled "A bill for the free coin
age of silver, and other purposes." It
provides that holders of silver bullion
shall be entitled to have it coined
upon like terms with gold, and that
Kilver dollars so coined shall be legal
tender, etc. It also provides for the
repeal of tho act authorizing the pur
chase of silver bullion, to be coined
monthlv into standard sjlvcr dollars.
Mr. James's motion to report the bill
adversely was carried - yeas, 7 ; nays,
5. The detailed vote was as follows:
Yens Sovniour, Hemphill, Norwood,
Soott, .la'mes, Rockwell and Little.
Navs Uuvpain, .McCrcary, r.ynum,
Fuller and Bland. Uiirosentative
James will make tho majority report,
and Kcnrcscntative Bland will make
the minority reimrt recommending
the jiassage of the bill.
The fipvrlnl Rrtnrm of the Depart
urul vf Agriculture.
Washington, February 15. The
special cotton returns of tho Dejiart-
ment of Agriculture estimate the cot
ton remainiiiu' on vlantations on the
1st of February, the jirojiortion of lint
to seed, the .o'ualitv, average date of
close of nickimr. and the price of cot
ton-seed. The average date of closing
Varies from November 2oth to lecin
ber 11th. but averau'es for the cotton
belt about nine days later than last
yenr, Florida closing November 25th,
,)h'wl thv South Carolina 30th,
NoYiTiTtirolma'l Vceiuber 2d, Virginia'
and Texas .'Id, Arkansas 4th, Missis
sippi 8th, Ixniisiana and Ten
nessee Kith. Tho quality is
jioorer than last year on
the Atlantic coast, with much discol
ored and trashy fiber! The staple is
shorter than usual, evcejit in favored
locations west of the Mississippi, and
the vield of lint which should average
at least 32 per cent., is only about 31
jer cent., from Virginia to Alabama
and Tennessee. It is 32 jcr cent, in
Mississijipi, and about 32 to 32 j in
States went of the .Mississijpi.
The quantity on the plantations
February 1st, iqparcntly about one
sixth of the crop, live-sixth having
gone forward, appearing at the ports
about February 5th. The iereeiit:ige
of the crop marketed is as follows:
Virginia and North Carolina,'S2; South
Carolina, 81; tieorgia, 85; Florida, 87;
Alabama, 81; Mississipjii and Louisi
ana, Ki ; Texas, Arkansas andTeiiues
sie, 83? General average nearly 83.
The indications thus point to a crop
approximating the November esti
mates of 'yield per acre, which looked
to a product of about 0,500,1X10 bales.
Komlnntlons l onflrinrd.
Washington, February
15. The
Senate, in executive session, lhurs
day, the 10th instant, continued a
large number of nominations, but de
termined not to notify the President
'or make them jmblic " until after the
following executive session, in order
to give nn ojmortunity for reconsidera
tion. The confirmations made to-day
are still under the injunction of
secrecy. .
Denlh of a Wrll-Kuown Joarnu!Ut.
Washington, February 15. A cable
gram from Paris was received here
yesterday, announcing the death in
that city of Hr. W. K. Johnston, well
known as tho American jihysician and
tho Paris corresjsindent of the New
York Time. Dr. Johnston had uumy
friends in this city, to one of whom
the cablegram came. He was a native
of Ohio, and would have been sixty
three yearn old on Tuesday next.
The Trery Hnrplai.
Wasiiinoton. Februarv 15. The
Secrehiry of the Treasury ,to-day sent
to il. Morrison chairman of the
Committee on Ways and Means, a
communication in reply to a letter
from that committee asking his opin
ion on a projiosed joint resolution de
claring the jayment of the surplus in
the treasury in excess oi iuu,
000.000 on the oublic debt. In
his rejdy the Secretary quotes the
language of tho resolution, and after
nointim? out the dangers ol such a law,
concludes as follows : "It would seem
to follow as a business proposition
that if the government is to maintain
ita credit in the sense of being ore-
Dared to meet all just demands
which are imnoHHible of ascer
tainment in advance, there should
ho a reasonable sum laid by or
kejt at hand for that purpose.
"My son. when you go to the city
get you a bicycle, some tight pants,
some tooth-tuck shoe and a slender
cane, but witii all your gettings don't
fail to get a bottle ol Salvation Oil, for
nnde vou Know) eoetn oeiore a
full."' '
LmtraoKa'a Dei-fume. Eden is.
Lnndborir'a Derfume. Alnine Violet,
Lnndbors'i perfume, Lily of the
Lnndbors'i perfume, MarchalNlel
litfresUuf FeUre la Connection
With tbe Lonfioa Biots-Tho So
cLIUt Federation.
Lnmvis. February 15. Thoeoniiino-
ncss of the laborers demand for land to
cultivate, is being put to a practical
tt in Kent. A liumlier of landlords
in that county are letting half acre
plots to laborers at a minimal rental.
The experiment will bo watched with
interest by the friends and ojqionents
of Mr. Collings's scheme for relieving
the distress of tho oor.
are promised uf the hearing Wednes
day, before Justice Ingham, of llynd-
man, Hums, l.n.iiiquon ami imams,
who havo beiii summoned to an
swer charges oi inciting u run, run-
tenmt of Kiw. etc., during the disor
ders in Imdon lust week. Mr. Glad
stone, Mr. Chamberlain and Mr.
Henry ISroadhurst have bion suh
jienaed by tho si heinists, and the ex
amination of these gentlemen will be
watched by all juirlies with interest.
The. Social Democratic Federation has
issued u manifesto convening a meet
ing for Sunday to demand that the gov
ernment begin work on public im
i rovenients in order to give employ
ment to workingmcn now idle, and that
the wa'jes jiaid lie sufficient to insure
n healthy sust nance. The manifesto
apjieals to woTkingmen to assist in
maintaining older and explains the
objects of the f. -deration. It concludes
as follows: "Let thcgovcrningclasses
face the inovit ible downfall ot decay
ing civiliAatior without hypocrisy or
panic. I'pon ilicm rests the responsi
bility fir the J :'.ci 'fnl issue of the hist
great class striK'-deof our time."
Tic London Chamber of Commerce
has called a conference on the silver
question for Jhe 22d instant. The
jiriuciiial Chai ibers of Commerce will
send delegates;
The Cabined In 1.1 a meeting to-day.
The session lasted four liotirs. Mr.
John Morley, tho new Chief Secretary
for Ireland, wfs resent. The princi
pal subject under disetiss'ncb was the
Irish (pn-stioi4
A 1'itifri'iviTivi; I'litsrK on I'liiNctav.
The Iliichi0 of Coniutueht is en
ceinte. The accouchement will take
jiluec next month.
has sent a do tation of JC500 to the
Mansion llo'He relief fund for the un
nnjiloved. The fund now amounts
to l.'iiVXK).
sin niAiu.rj dm. kb
has decided to Jiersevere in the policy
of silence in regard to the v'ry serious
disclosures made at the recent trial.
He has decided to make no explana
tion of his ojinduet to the Chelsea
electors. It i yertain that he will not
receive a ltltce in Mr. Gladstone's
cabinet. I
A disjmtctt from Cairo says that
refugees rop-V that the n bellion in
Kordol'an lrf"assfmiing large .limen-
aadden Bmlli or Well-Haown
Rniliond Han-Nolr.
N'Asnviu.r., Tknn., February 15.
Ollie Beard, the captain and short stop
.- .i x. ,i ..:o.. ii I. ..II ..
oi me asiniii.- iwiiMn vim., ,.-.
indicted to-dav in the Criminal Court
forjieriury, H developed that when
he took a license to go into me saioon
business he took an oath not to allow
any gambling to be carried on on the
jircniises, and that last Sunday after
noon a game of scven-up was jilayed
in his saloon in bis presence.
seeretarv and treasurer of the Nash
ville, ('hallanoogii and St. unus rail
wav, died at 5 o'clock this morning.
Mai. Bnuisford.has been in had health
for some mouths, but yesterday ap
jii'iired unusually well, lie attended
church, and after dinner started to go
to Vanderliilt University, lie nan
reached the corner of Sju-me and
Deinonbruin streets when he was at
tacked bv a headache. He returned
home, but required assistance m
reaching the house. I'rs. I lake and
Atchison were summoned, unit they
jironiiiinci'd his illness tho result of
apoplexy, causing uralysis of the
brain. 3laj. lirunsioro iingereo mini
0 O ClOCK U11S Uiorillllg, w lieu in- i -
TIIK CiOl.ll nriU'K SWINIll.KI!.
The trial of Heliliessv. the gohl
brick swindler, was re-set to-day lor
next Monday.
A Terj Kureemiral Prolrwtwl Meet-
lnK-Hirfcne nnil Deittb.
r.itowNsvii.t.E. Tknm.. February 15.
A lirotracted meeting was begun yes
terday by Pastor Wilson in the Metho
dist church. Mr. Freeman preached
at night. The Itev. Hr. A. K. Wintield,
litor of tho j1raM JWiWimw, i.nue
ltock. Ark., will be here next rrnlay
to assist in conducting the meeting.
The wife of Col. H. C. Cage, who re
cently moved hero from Memohis,
died last night. She bad been sick for
a long time. She was a most estimable
Christian lady, and nor ileum nas
caused sincere grief among ber many
friends here.
Mrs. M. T. Bond, widow of the late
James Bond, sr., is quite 111 with pneu
monia. Her condition is considered
critical. A. w. cnAHDi.tss.
At Liverpool jrenterrlar whojit wm
unchanecd, and corn firm, with good
Ttv r..f(.rpnp In onr tleirraDhic col-
nnins it will bo neon that the Agri
cultural Bureau cHtimatwt tho cotton
cron at 6,500,000 bales.
Tits: following if) tho total vimblo
pupply as oompned by the New York
Products Exchanite: AVheat, 53,55,
170: corn, 8,191 ,40 bushel
Cixwino prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, $11 20;
lard, ti.20t: ; clear rib sides, 5o ; corn,
401caHked: wheat, 84 lc bid; oata,
32ic bid.
Report of the Grain Elevator yea
t,lnv .Wheat, none received or
withdrawn: in store. 3405 bushels.
rrn received. 2095 bushels; with
drawn, 12! bushels; in store, 33,226
bushels. Oate received, 32V.iDuHtteis;
withdrawn, 41(1" bushels; in store,
47,724 bushels.
VisiToits on 'Change ytwterday : It.
A. lYeadwell, Jai kson, Tenn. j It. M.
Wright, Saulshury, Tenn.; SkuiucI
Kalen, it. T. Ingram, Bolivar; K. U.
Kei'ler, M. IKmaldMm, Coiu-ordia,
Miss.; J. S. CarlcUm, Siirdis; K C.
Field, Bolivar ciinnty, Miss.; IVlonl
Burtto, New Orleans; U. M.
Smith, Wittshurg, Ark.; Miss
Alice Hcnslcy, Noshvillo; Miss
KaU Tbomjwon, T. tl. Hewlett,
Huutsville, AIil; lin l4iwenelson,
Kansas City; A. T. Morton, Chicago;
It. H. Ijiwri'iuv, K'ew Ytirk ; Chas. M.
Hunt, G. B. Smith, Oinada; YA. M.
Gehel, Horn Lake; Dr. It. T. AN-r-nathv,
Tnsouinbiu; G. IVnn, Danville,
Vu. ;'l. M. Howes, St. Uiuis; Hiss
lluttie Kcil, Brownsville; Mrs. S. l.
Sjiicer, 11. Karsner, Miss.
Tui following ra the total net re
ceipts at all the porta aince Septembt r
1, 1885:
Part .ill.. I 'ortt. Bain.
Oloi.tun BH.iva.H.wton tdV-itt
New Orlraaf J,4.tl,;:il:Nriinrt Kwi
Mbilo ilf,-.i; riiil.lrli.bi '.,'2U
(Uvanimh .Tl,i;.l. pl l'oint 17.i,'.a
lmrl.lon..M 4lii.:W7'llrani.ilrk His
Wilmington. M,t'M I'nt tlor.l K.'.'W
Norfolk 4:i.VVJi IVnriir.lk 1H.TH7
ltnltiiiiore..... 4H,Wi ludiantiU. ...... "Si
N.-w York .Vi.tCil .
ToUl 1,311,543
Tiir. AMinTi; ir tiik pro-i-i.ioriiu:Ti:TH
Mo Mnja Ibe Nii ri)pu. I'.ml,il
He Ulv- Ills Bviwon Hnrrfor
In l'lnln Ludiiuiiii,
Isricui. TO THK ArrKAL.I
TiiAYiai, Mo., Kcbriurv 15.- . Since
the Congressional race is U'ginuiug to
take shape, tl" opinion of influential
politicians on tho subject might he of
interest to your renders.
Your correspondent had the pleas
ure of meeting ('apt. W. M. Forrest,
en route for Kansas Citv, and found
him to bo quite decided upon this
question. Like his distinguished
father, he iiosscwcs asirong and vigor
ous intellee, a sound mid practical
judgment, is open and ' frank in
the expression of his opinions, and
seems to understand tho character of
congressional timber that will success
fully cope' w ilh the illustrious Taylor.
"Taylor can be. bent, provided that the
convention makes no mistake," and
he added that he was decidixlly of the
opinion that James Phelan w:is the
most nv.idiilile innn. I asked him 1 il
reasons for his opinion. lie said:
"Well, Mr. Phelan is a man of universal
popularitv-a man of wonderful en
ergy, a sound Democrat, with a eon
sist'ent record, and a man of tine judg
ment and spotless integrity, lie is in
line with the great majority of Un
people and statesmen of the day on
such questions as the improvement of
the Mississipjii river, the coinage of
silver, the jirotcrtivo tarill' and
the educational bill, and nil
other questions uU'ecting the
public welfare. He has labored
tor years with ceaseless energy and
upon high and honorable grounds for
the success of his party, und made for
himself a lodgment in tbe hearts and
gratitude of his people which can not
and will not be forgotten. In 1'helan
are combined the elements of a brnve,
fearless, scholarly gentleman, and I'll
tell you, if . nouiinatod, will be
elected." The Kansas City road to this
jioint is in asjilcnilid condition. Within
the short spine of two years, under
the able management of Superintend
ent Sullivan, every obstacle has been
overcome, and to-day it ranks as one
of the smoothest and safest roads in
the South. The hotel here is one of
best in the country. It is kejit by
Mrs, L. M. Arnold, sister of the splen
did proprietress of Walnut Hidge.
1 ' BHD FOX.
l'AltKI ItlK IT.
lliey llaarnnfe Iba Amplest nnd
Itliiet siaUafnclary Aeioinno-
UHout--Niicua Asaurctl.
lacgrtAL to rnn arrl..l
Jackhon, Tknn., Kt'linntry ."i. I inn
iiiitlKiriwil hy tho iiiiiyoraniliilileriin'li
of the city uf ,I:u Imiiii', nml by it public
uii-itfiiiK ( citiwim helil m the llth
instant, tu kiw tlmt iimplc mvoiiiiii'i
tllitinii ill lintels, lKi:irdinn nml I'rivnte
Ikiiisch, will lie provided lit fnim ?l to
$1 fill per day for nil who may attend
the Interstate Ajri i-n 1 1 urii I and In
iltiMtriiil Convention to convene 1n this
city on the 24th, 2fth nml 2lith of Ibis
month. (.'iitiiiiiilteoH have la-en U
poiiiteil, euibniciiiK many of otir la-st
people, to look after the 'details of the
convention, provide for all expenses
incidental thereto, and to have spe
cially in mind the comfort and pk-iisnre
of all visitors. A number of our la t-ter-to-do
people will entertain In-e
of eharp., and with the penuine-
old-tiine Southern hospitality. We will
endeavor to have coiniuitU-es meet all
trains cotnini; into tbe eily on the 2:id
and 2 It b, some miles out, and asHr,.'!!
homes en route, thus avoiding einliar-rariHim-ut.nnd
ilelays to quests on ar
rival, i'urtiim f nun" Memphis and vi-
inity should arrive m Jackson on tlie
2:(d, if iiossibU-, as the convention will
lie culled to order at iuociocb a. in.
on the 21th.
Tlie Illinois Central nnd the Molnle
and Ohio railroads publish' a rate of
one cent tier mile ench wuy from all
stations on their lines to Jackson.
Tickets on sale on the 23d, 24th, !Wth
nnd 20th, und gisnl rettirnin"; on
March 1st.
The Memphis and Charleston road
makes a one-fare round trip rate from
nil rxiints in Tennessee to Umntti,
(irand Junction and Memphis; tickets
on side the Z'td and 24th, and good re-
ttirniiiir to and including March 1st.
Mr. Mitchell of the Chesupeake,
Ohio and HotithwcsU-rn roatl writes
tlmt he will ninke a low rate from
noint between Memphis and Padu
cah inclusive, with date of sale td
time to corrwiiond with connectinR
lint. Col. C. P. Atmore, general
passenKer agent of the Louisville and
Nanhville road, writes mo under date
of Fehruarv 8th: "We will arrange
for the sale of excursion ticket
on the same basis of the lines
winning- through Jackson." This line
will sell on date to correspond with
tlie Illinois Central and Mobilo and
Ohio, from all principal stations in
Tennessee, and from special points in
Kentucky. All other roa.ls in inter
est are co-operating. Inclosed find
programme, which will probably bo
amended. I hoje you will publish
nntim the nnrt with reference to the
butter exhibit. Tho people of Jack
son join me in a special invitation to
the pre8 to be representod.
Assistant Comtnlrsloner.
TOUNO In thit city. February IS, lftw). 6.
H. Yoosa, fJ forlrttven y.iri. (Do.
Botio of fuatnl will bt c trend
ORKKN-At Rl.ntl PlinUtlnn,' La., on
th. Stbil.yof F.brn.r.litM, nil p.m.. Mr.
SR Uiiii, wilt olL. B. tlmi, lU of
thi. eily.
6h. iu mtnr or Calrnry Choral ,
tirtd th Ufa of a ChrlntiMi, a deroUJ l o
ana Bioth.r, and did at the rip old at
Mir.nty yaan, a(Ur a rutraetad Uloen.
Bar ramaiat reit In a handiom tomb, abo
ground, In St. Juhn't Epliropal Charch
yatd. 6ba wu f illnwad to htr taut reitint
plaoa ht her many bow mado friendi, and
bar many friends at Kewh.i. tier old home,
will be remind d of the eieellenrei other
lite hy thi. .nlnmn.iint f Iit H.wtli .
Low Rates ta New Or eans
A I HKTi:it.
TUB L., N. 0 Hid T. and M. ant T. Ryu.
will mil on Tu.it -y, 1Mb, and ilij of
February. Hnund-'i'np Ti-liH" to Now Or
leans for aw OU rooil f, r 13 ilny. Kvory
one wi-hin to ee the Kxnotit on thoula
patronise there liuoi und liikn s.lvtinUne ot
Uieea se.olal ra'ei. A J.kN AI'l',
Uenrral Paxenvr Auent
I... N. 0. amtT. ami M. n.t T. w.
Tru.tec'ii Kule.
IK and t'y virtu, of a enrt On lTie.t deed ex
ri'utrd by a lie ami J.r. Hunt on (lie
24th dny of rrbruary anil r.-ounleil the
liih.Uy of Mn.ri-h, lHSITin book 1.5. rage
Ml, tUiiri ofllre of Shelby comity, Ten
nettfee. lite not threin not having bcrn
p ill at uirturi, 1 will warned to nr 1 1 lor
rash, at piib io outcry, to the hinbert biJ.lnr.
in front ef my ollire, tin. Hi Mediaim s.rcei,
MempliiH, Tenoesree, on
Ihur.clKT, H.rrh I, ISNfl,
the follow ng dxunrilicd r.'iil nUte, situate
snd boini In ril elbv eoun'y, Ttitinesi.ee, and
more ..riiiulrly desrru.a ' "a follow. : to
ing tUen.rn half ol a 4o7!n-iire traH of
land near Witho Drpot, enid f"tcrn hulf
tlui dex'i idi it i HeKiim nn at a ntuke in tho
north I ne f sa'il tro.-1 , tlm norili- nut rorm r
of lli't 'n it res off to (liiny II I'van-t
tbruoe ea t H polt a to a siukii, tbe uorl'i
eiv.t Oornur of iii'il tt ,ho ; tbon..) souih 2r.'l
,oles to tbu aoiUlio.'tHt o.trnor ol fiiid irm't. ;
thence wert with louih lino of s.iiil tiautltll
l'o!os ti a stiiko, th souo oist cortio-ofa
tow t nt ai iirlloll.il rv.imj llirnui'm rib
ixilcs to Hie b xiiin n . nina: siiii.o tru t
tot ni'iirl to Mk.S.iI in VI. Hunt, by parill ion
ilceil, ri'i'iirili'd bonk I'M t.a(i4'il', lUisto-'s
otlioe of boltlyoounty, Teuiimt.ee, to whioh
rt'lori'in'o iii bi'rn made.
Ibis liiml will be sold as a whole or in
several IrnlF, as n ay appear most iidviin-
tikuuus on tiio u ty sii'n
I.. II. Mi .'.ltHM. Truntro.
Morran & McKarinn Aitorii".
III J'l E IVHOl I'H i;
Excliaiigo National Hank
KORFOI K, A , tVb. la, 1SS0.
IDKOI'tlBAt.S will he received nt this olilca
. until Sntur.Uv, MarnH 'il. lvnl, r.ir tlio
t,urcbas. uf the hxreiitaltor munt ioncil proti-
crty tu ita nitirety, anil ao tor picron or
parcels of tlie S'tnie roicreiioe udiiu naa io
Sosoriptlve linte of said prnportv wliloh
luttf. abillnir terms of .iile. will be ftirnisb.nl
upon appli. anoii to tlio uniii riumJ, Tlio
right to rejcot any and all bids is loivrvcd:
Theexterslve and valuable property lo
cated In Norlolk and J rt'inuulli, a.,
known as tne "rlcshoard t'otlon Uouiprots
Company of Norfolk. Va.," ooriaistina of:
1. Tliern.a, whirh, among otberprlv
llnges, aiilhorites the storage of ention and
otlior merohnndire, and the iesus ol ncjiiti
hln rt.iit..ls l.brcCer.
Z. lie suiiar, won ii oonisi oi mire or
first-class linprovei eotton oonipresses; two
il) steaiu lugs three M transportation
harees. All the sdiuntits aroessary to a well
equipped establishment of this oharaoter.
Its Are proof warehouses, seven (71 in niniv
bar, of eanaelly for storugs of 21, 0(0 boles
unnompressed eotton.
Its four til frame warehouses (metal roofs)
eipaolty, many ttiousanas tune oi loriiu
rm. t.lt etn.
Its wharves snd dorks, wlilnh afTord ample
room for berthiug at the same time ten m a
going, steaiu or sailing veisels. Tbo are ol
tltit erareliou.e and dook ptorerty in l'nrt-
mouth is aho'ittlH acios, ti go1 her with all it
o her prr-i"" , whioh la tally desoobed In
the listenuuve Mcmil t". - ,- '.,
WM. II PKTWHS. n. reiver.
Trv Zcllner's
'Rt.LNRR'S sla' Mhoew, in all styles, are tha bast In the oltf.
T y KLLNKtt'S 3 sjesilM'llio., In all shapes and styles, are the nob-
y iltlinuBll.'' i..., ,k linli.rf Hiatus.
hie t and
'.KM.N Klt'rt
somest, shapoliosl
rSeud your order, or ooine '1 oI FINB m0T9,
.-Illut.tratcil Calnli.g'ie.
a. ii. iu:nnKHt.
G.H.Herbers Do.
o.rWliolossftlo Only.-6o
try Goods, Notions
Not. 328-329 M-dn Street Mcmphli. Txixu J
wSlOo sT.otr I to ih.tradaonoB th ort f.Terabl. fcsrm.. Ow k'
la-rhliiththos. .fan ark.t la th. Cnlu4 BtoU. SpeeiaJ J J o Ct
a uc
And Commission MerchanlSy
JTow. 84 nnd 3Q Madtwon Street. Mcmpitf
r. tCjVDDKJi.
W. r.
C0045C3 IT-t Cgt. gegiM.!
Meiers p. Co
A New Departure.
1 Life Pcllcy Which Will Hallsfy
Ererykody. HoIlardeAMmeCoa
tlKUsuu Cbrapest Llbrl
rtllcj Ytt tauod.
Non Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Less Than in
Any Order or Society.
Cadi Als January 1, W rM17.8
Cah Surplcs January 1, S.l5.KM M
Clulms Paid in 1SSS m.Olt OS
Total Claims Paid In 22 years 8.H5.U' Oft
No. ol Life Polioiea written to data, 44,100.
All Claims paid Immediately on receipt o
aatisfactory proof.
ror lurtlier inlormatton apply to
Marx & Bcnsdorf,
111 Mii1Iii SlriM'l. Irfenmlilsi.
rpilK I 'M0 Oa-oso Oil Htockwlll be sold
1. M.lv, irlirv lllili. Ht 14 .,
southwe.t oorner Main and M.mIi. n streets.
ItKNIlI lie tl'i'i AkClll.
"Kmpresi of Mong," containing til vocal
ple. es. Mo, hf mall lV.
"Song H 'uvenir, 'containing 511 yoool pieces.
Wkj, by mail wo.
"Piano Kouveuir," containing CO inetra-
uinntnl iieces,n0c, by mail tWc.
Tolio of M ukio c.n.t.ii n in DO instrument
al pinoec, oc, by mail (io.
"Ex -elsior .Method It.r the Organ," eon
tuining ooinplete Instructions, besidea .
over lis) vocal atrU iustrtiinontal piocesB
bound in boards. Price 11, pnstimid.
"Coo's Method for the Violin, ' the latest
and iitost progressive instractor pub
lished, having all necessary instructions,
nnd IU0 seleotlons, such as "When the
Hobtns Nest Again," "I'll Await My
Love," "Dancing in the llarn, Llttla
larllng Dream of Me," "Peek-a Uoo,"
"tioiuo Day." Price 7'c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Music Hulls, Cases, Wrap
pers, H, ring-Hack Folios, in New De
signs of Leather and l'lush.
aso Mala fit., Slonipliln.
Sola Agents for Chickering, llarduiaa and
New Kogland Pianos.
l)It. He L. L18KI,
I'lijhlclan, SurifNiu and Accoucheur,
3i:i KioUn Ntreotv Nour.Hnlon.
Telenhnie Nn. M.
English Walkingrasl Shoes
best in tho United States,
lloya' Nliovsj are the best that an niade.
Chllilrrn'a Nliot will save yoo money.
l.asllaa'dlsuranskd Mlppera are Hie hand
and most stylish, and are cheaper than any
ZKLI.NKR'S ' l.asllea' Kid llaltosi Sthoeel
with silk worried bntt n boles, are the groatost bar
gains yen have aver seen.
BOO XsO.-a.iCM o i iax.a,
Pen Vrce on Ai'pllcstlonraq
uu iiu

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