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How "Hey rcplnrrd the Ship an
Almoi-t Batcbcred tLe En
tire Crew.
"Saw Yokk, February 15. A cottp
jmDileiit of the Tribune Bonds the fol
lowing; Rttiry of the mutiny on the
Jenu'riotrt Hliip Frank N. Thayer, from
St. Ht'lona: The following is a luin,
unvarnished Ktiitcment of the tragedy
11 the Frank N. Thayer, February 21,
J-1 and 4th, about 700 miles soutliwutt
ut thin )laee, all of the all'uir having
Immmi gleaned from eyp-witnessesin an
inTowtigation ju.4 nu'do by the I'niu d
UtaU Consul, James A. Macknight.at
tliin plaixv However incomprehensi-
"bio or iiii-rvdible tlio story may seem,
. ... 4....4f....., i,f 41...
u is uiu unaiiiiiiuim ktuuiij i tnu
eitjiUin and his wife and of the four
teen Hcanien who survived and
reached liere early on the morning of
tho 1 1th in an open boat. The Frank
.Thayer was a fine wooden ship of
1000 ton, built in 1878 ut Newbury
port, Mann., hailing from the port of
Hottton, wnere ner principal owuera
ire. Hhe nailed from Manilla for JNew
V...I- N.wi.i.ilu.r 1 IHftY with a full
tuvo-of hemp, valued at $250,000, and
with a crew of twenty-two men, in
cluding two Manilla Indians mid two
Chinamen. Tlio only Americans were
the captain, Uobert h.. Clarke of Long
Island, and the mato and second
mate, Holme and Davis. The others
were (.icrniitf 8 and Scandinavians. A
few days after leaving Manilla one of
tlio Indians complained of sickness,
but when tlio captain decided that he
needivl physic and offered him a doso
f suits he made a wry face and ro
:....i...f it ilium uiliii'li tint rmitain took
up a rope and gave him a cut or two
ver the shoulders, arid after this per
suasion lie took the salts. Abso
lutely nothing occurred ill connection
with the Indians, that is remembered
by any of the survivors from that time
until midnight on January 2d. A few
minutes Hfter midnight, January I'd,
apt. C'larko was aroused from h is sleep,
by some ono calling, "Capt. Clarke,
-.. m.irki" llulf Kleen. and in
his night clothes, he ran up the after
ompanion-way, and when he reached
tlio top, received a blow with a knife
n the top of his head. Ho saw that
one of the Indians was his assailant,
and began to light him as best ho
.....1.1 ;il, liiu niiknil hands, but the
n.,j,y.. t,riutiiil liini so close that he
was obliged to back down the steps. The
V , . i .i... n:., ...........I
capuun uau sirucK me ruuiau wm i.w
blows in the face, and prevented him
f.,n ml-iniy liin thrusts with effect.
but as the two reached the bottom of
the steps, grappling wiui em-u umi-i,
ii, ,..,t,i'm uIhioimI in the blood and
fell. The Indian then plunged his
knife into his victim's leftside, and
ran up the steps,
The captain's wife was aroused by
his fall, ami in a moment saw him en
tcr her room covered with blood. He
mere Iv said that he was hurt, and
. ..... i it illicit If -a.-..,, n rovolvor. TO-
ill IIJJ1IU "- ,
4 j,- 4 Im Annr Ihwiillod to the
I Mnlnno. tellinc him
to' shut tho upper door of the com-
1 can t sir, sum iiu.
oiit'i i' ;ni I ia-tened vith lock, ropes
and limbers braetil against the bulwark-,.
I'm men iistdo were un
doubtedly demoralized and panic-
stricken bv the wtow of bloo.1 they
had witnessed in tho
inniitv tiiiniites. Those
woumh-d thought they were dying,
and the others seem te have boon en
tirely bewildered. V. Nlinn.lt was
the first one stabbed by the Indians
after they wounded the matin, lie
was walking on the Halt-deck near
them, and when he saw one of the In
dians come up the steps from the main
deck .he asked him what he wanted.
He pretended not to understand, and
walked on toward where the unites
were sitting, anil tho other Indian
came tin the steps utmost immedi
ately. The mates seemed to pay no
attention to their present's, bnt con
tinued their conversation, the first
mate giving directions as to the work
that w as to be dono by the early
morning watch. Tho action of the
Indians was quick as lightning, and
Schmidt had no idea they had hurt
tue mules uniu
uttered :l veil and leaped over theside.
TliehsirkV were ::lvt:. the vessel nnd.
no doubt, took him for what he was
worth, liy 11 o'clock the thirties were
ronvn" throttsrh the decks, nnd the
. i i..;,. t.,iv i l-.en w.is not a moment
i t,. ,- if In- would take the chance ot
n uu "ii,- i - - .
saving them oy means oi me uouiw.
Already every sail and mast was
burned. Onlv a scanty supply of pro
visions and "2H) gallons w ater were
pot into the larger ot tlio two noais
that were launched, llie inree men
who had charge of the smaller boat,
swamped it nndertheliows of the ship
with a cask of water, and all hands
were packed into the other boat,
seven hundred miles from the nearest
speck of land, and that land a small
island which is often missed by good
mariners who are in search of it. Capt.
Clarke had the good fortune to sight
the island at 3 o'clock p.m., Sunday,
January 11th. I have sought in vain
for the motive which impelled the In
dians tocommit thishorriblo butchery.
If they had any more tangible than a
savage thirst for blmwl it remains hid
den in the realms of conjecture.
Thf Kli;p Islanl Itallnxd Bill He-coafdderfti-Jui'g
Fee Allowed.
r,- F n KrC! ET?3 ?f !
Having made the cabin and the
forecastle , secure on tho outside,
butchered' the carpenter lJoothke, and
tho man on the lookout, Antonie
Serein, tho Indians now had the decks
to themselves, the only other iK'rson
alive there being the Chinese cook.
Ah Say, w ho was in mortal terror, ami
as useless as a kitten. They forced
him to cook for them, and he says
that they put a lot of matches in tho
coffee with tho hope of isiisoning
them. They warned him to stay in
bin galley if he wanted to live an
other minute, and while one prowled
about the forecastle the other lingered
nt.tho windows and doors of thecabin,
no doubt hoping and expecting at
every moment to get some token that
tho captain was dead. Ah Sam, the
steward, had run away and locked
himself in his room, when he saw the
captain's wounds, and it was only by
tho threats that he was prevailed upon
to lend Mrs. Clarke the slightest uid.
Thus passed the dreary hours from 1
o'clock until daybreak, and on that
dismal Sunday tliero was scarcely any
change. The captain lingered be
tween life and death. He knew noth
!ii s vet nliout tho fate of his crew.
but he cuesscd riL'htlv that his mate
jiiimi 'l imn i"in ni Tin ooiiol
that every one who escaped from that
shin owes his life, tinder tho benefi
cence ol 1'roviilenee, to tne laiunui
?liLtke All ilnvlont?
ono of tlio Indians, probably the very
ono who attacked the captain,
was heard about tho captain s
u-imlowa liv thn inmates, and was seen
by tho man in the rigging listening
for the dying captain s groans, or a
..... f...,, 4lwi rtnnf ivifi, nr fhili! tlult.
1.1 J IIIV JV. ...... ......
would indicate that ho .was gone. Had
, . i i i i. -
no died every soui wouki nuvu jici-
iiimri for t leiissassinscoii u men olive
entered tho cabin with impunity,
seeureil the fire-nrmsaud killed otl tho
rest of the men in detail. 1 ho sails
which were set during all the time,
were alternately filled and (lapping
l..fwltr nu tin nnhle sliin wound
round and round, a helpless and aim
less thing. The night came on at
hut. and it was an ago of doubt, un-
,i,.,.,.rl'iml v i rent 1 anil KUIIerillL' 10
those unhappy mariners. Monday
morning, January 4th, dawned at last,
but no relief came; no sound or word
f Ilium from the crew. Mrs. Clarke
had succeeded in stopping the How it
1.1... wl fr.Mi-i Iw.r loiuliimd's -wounds bv
stuffing cotton-batting into the gashes
. I . t 1 1 f....n .....1 1... nn.LUllwr
Jobm at nclH.
Cincinnati, O., Febniary 15.
.nwrrliniirv Dcenn took nluco
night at Music liau. it. was ane clos
ing night of the meeting of Sam Jones
and Sam Small. The services were to
begin at 7 ::$0. At (J o'clock, when tho
(li)iu were opened, over ooiw pcopie
were pressing lor admission, ami av
1:0T every seat in tho hall was tilken.
Then the stage was packed until peo-
. .1 . 4 n ltn
le, aiuong uieui nuiiicii uu mo
' ...l., LNirlir fhntiftmml tunoln
Iliuiv vi;v. ....... j ..... ,
were packed in tho house. Tho Odeon
. . . ' . , i i -ii u ii
adjoining was aiso p'Kei iun. mnau
preached there. At 7 o'clock, when
Ir. Joyco mailo his way on the stage,
lio uuiil hn hail entered with creat dlt-
ii..nitv tViHt tlio front of the hall was
parked with people vainly trying to
enter, and that the streew lor tureo
He wufl sure 2',()(H) people had tned to
Vifl.m niimitnu
said there were 30,(XX) unable to get in.
Ten minutes later Sam Jones appeared
and said a policeman had told him
there were 40,000 peoplo in and about
Music Hull. Jones preached to an at-
4..,itii' nmlinnen. lie POPS home to
morrow to rest, and in two weeks be
gins preaching in Chicago.
A Prince WH Divorce
Rome, February 13. Homan gossip
, ii . r ,l..l ..-Li. .1, iu
iiiininn.u'iiv. "I can t sir.
i. u'l.u iiuU-eil the enntain
II T tijv . .i .
iim.'.l l..l ll,A.n " CI il Mil.
mores puuieoo'ij ini-.v, . puiiuiin viuwi. e, , , .
i -i..i rMort-n flimi shut and ;,, lilu lu.inl nnd fiiep. find bv nresslli
loim. vxii't. v.... ..w ...... . ...... .... . . t
i . 4i... ....i.; lw.r lmwhi-ifT tn the tin, lum, tMiolf iiit.o it4 ii iii'i. and
1UCKCU uu- v.v. r, - in v i..' ..
approaching coinpanion-way.audwciu bandaging tlio wound in ins icu sine
through the forecabin to shut the doors
l lin., nntn t in ha t deck. As neoia
so ho "found bis second mate, Davis,
Ivimr ilp'li 1 :it tins door of inn
imlll, u ........ -- -
t th( outside doors, liniiressed
bv the vagueness and uncertainty
of the danger of which had fallen upon
,.... Viim mill his charL'O. ' As he re-
untiml tie! after-cabin he heard a
man at the door. It was a sliding
panel, so he shoved it hack a short
distance and saw a white man, C. J.
ii t-; .i,o,m, uliimlinrr in the nassacre.
He covered the man with his revolver
i i ,,1,1 nrlmt lw wnntd there.
Illlll LI'-UI1UW ..... ..
The man cried, "lhdo me, Captain,
hide me." But tho captain was not
.-...'uuni-n. I mill (lemaniieu wnui nu
...'...t.wi' if vn lieloiiceil to the murder
ers etc.'; but the man only repeated,
"Hide me, hide me." Fuihng rapidly
t f Mnoil from his wounds.
and fearing to trust the man, as ho
rn oeeonnt. of himself, the
Cantain told him to go away, and
again shnt and locked the door, llen-.i-;,.iar.n
Mien entered the bath-room,
tint ill mr of which onened upon the
companion-way, and locked himself
in -Ho hml scarcely done so when
ho. had rotrcht
ed traced him to bis hidinK-1'0 and
i ;n4noo him to niton the door.
nn;j i'j 'i
upon the stops, and Hendnckson Raw
him stab Malonc, tho man at the
...l i n.l (lit-nw liim nvi'rhoard. A
WllbTI, ...... -
moment afU'.r-the death moan and the
. . .11 1.,, 1 1 1 ii
strugglO OI iuaioiio wuie ii"i;';
....;.. i,n lmlinnH nmimhed in one
of the cabin windows, and ono said to
the other, "Go in." Tho fellow was
i.n in nhi.ir wlinn tlm Cantain fired
two shota in rapid succession, putting
mem to nignt wuu u vunc ii
.. I raaa nn tl.fir linn. lie then
shut and fastened the shutters of the
cabin windows and lashed tho outside
f.,o Mm f!lnrU iiw becan to
dross the wounds of her husband as ho
sat braced in a corner whence he
rnlil eommand the doors and
windows with his revolver
head and face were
anil from the gash in his left side, just
OelOW tnO HOB, Ilie lowei nmu ui iim
i..fi ..-..(rn.linr. Who shall dc-
seribo Uio sensations of that captain
mul h a wile at mat areaa nour i iiiu
tn her mother.
dumb with fear, and the poor wife, a
fragile and timid woman under ordi-
nirv pinnmiitiinpra. il i ri eted her best
ortorta, with coolness and deliberation,
to tho stoppage of the bleeding which
he knew would soon end her hus-
l.anH'a lifa Whilo fhov VPTR thllS OC
uaiiu o v . ii ..a.v v
cupied they were entirely ignorant as
to who was engaged in the mutiny,
. .ml Vnov not nr what instant tho
nbin door would be forced and the
murder completed. Meantimo tho In
dians had beendoimr i?orv work above.
The mate. Holmes, was dying in the
f'A mpn lmvini? fallen
nwtn Kim anil tho ao.nnl mntn nt. nnM!
st tho opening of the fray. Mr. Holies
nau niwieiiis wwy uj mo micwwuv
stead of the cabin, because the Indians
l... .1 nnA Innrnrd fhn lflffor SinA A
UAti i"'u ivnmu . ' ' - - I
wounded man always has a keen sense
of danger. He had fallen on the floor
of the forecastle when he entered, and
had become nnconsious almost imme
diately, only telling the men around
1.;,., ffiut ina nf tho Indians had cut
him all to nieces. A sortie was made
K., ui nf thn nn.n armed with capstan
k' J 17, a. ' ' w.w " .
bars, but the only result was that four
of the party were stabbed almost to
death, and the other two had escaped,
.,n tn thn hath-ronm. the other to the
minor riseinc. It was about 12:30
o clock when the doors of the forecas
ts were suddenly closed from the
laimiri. v l e lemin to suner lnienseiv
after the first excitement ot the tray
was over, but he kept his w ill and de
termination actively employed ' and
though lie had neither food, drink,
.. .in', ii. r Kt imnlantx since simper
time on Saturday, felt a shade better
Monday morning. . ine capuun, u
the first night, learned from llendrick-
o,.,. tii.it tlm in. linns were mo oniv
culprits. The captain now ieltstronger
tl, hn una mul determined to TIlUKe
., ,l..u....r,.l,i ,.(!',, rt tn iliulllil.'O till' In
ilians. lint on Sunday nigin me ua
siissins had
if nf thn fire cabin, a
f.., .t f,.nL-nnl nf thn skvlieht. thev
l- " w ,,.. '. j --o- "' , v
glared a heavy door on edc, laHlung
IT. I 1HI III I I I tl IMMIlr 111111111.
iav rtliinfl n wiilo two-inch DiU'h
)iue plank and finished off the breast
work witn tne oei anu junuo nm
the murdered carpenter's room. They
nriiwt II rill ,il with fine shnrn harpoon
and several javelins, made by lashing
knives to me enus oi runs u;u a-vi
long. They were worried by the shots
from tlie skVligtu, aim prepared u.
lw,r-.,.,..ii thi. timt nersnn who ventured
there. They divined that all was not
well with their game, and they were
sioing to plav their hist desperato
r .. ,1, . i: 1... 41...
card. llcndriCKSon. oirecieu 111 uiu
r-iintji n. kent un such a lusilade at
...,....., - ,.
their preasiw oms mui no ununy
inj.av thi.m ami fnrceii them to seeK
shelter along the sides of the cabins
before they Had a cliance 10 nun meir
Una luring t hroiipn ine capiu.
wiiero no knew mey weresuinuniK, on
hit one and wounded nun so uaoiy
th.it he veiled and ran to tho lorward
nurt nf tlm nliin. where he first put a
1. , , .1 il..... .......4
ii lank ovcrnoaru ami iuuu
f.:..,.,u Tl
Uinim-ii. iw r
cut the upper door of the companion
way open w un a Drummj. uvuni n.
son climbed up through the skylight
r. n. nn.nn iiu'n mill iiiiiiaii nu.
UVII. . Blllli . . w T. . . j - -
o ,lic.,,inr,l nnhoilv knew Wllltll-
er. Then the men broke out of
the castle. In the tumult of the
moment, while the men were acting
likn tiikniacs. or half-drunken wretches
wakened from sleep, smoke was-soen
issuing from tho attcr-tiatcn, wnere
ti.n m.iini L-iirn alm'n nml it was some
Uiu umvi 1 .
minutes before the captain could get
tho men to go into the hatcn wnn re
volvers to kin. or capture me iinunu
whom all knew to be tlie lncenuiary
u iiniirv Wilson and Hen
drickson led the way and all tho others
n-hnn'nroilh li lollnwea. 1)1 I UKintTH
the decks was already filled witn
smoke, and the Indian, nourisning ins
him. , ui in " , - .
imii of hemn. throuch which their
bullets could not reach him. They
...i,.i,t,..i v untied witn me
ni'iu iiimiii.". '.i '
smoke until they say they thought
they had killed the Indian, so mev
tho deck and began with
a will to
pioht Tns FIRM
Hut. alas! there were only eight men
besides the Chinamen (who .were
strictly useless) able to wont, ine
captain says that, however their ear
lier conduct is judged, it cannot be
denied that they did all that they pos
sibly could then to subdue tho fire.
But all in vain. The breeze was blo w
ing fresh, and the flames spread rapid-
. n ' . . 1 1 Tl. ..nr
ly. xue rest is soon toiu. ine cap
tain irot the men fairly to work and
they had taken the hose into the
'tween decks ny me nun,
leading on to the .main decks.
lie found tlie nre raging, anu me meu
told him that w hile they were in the
4 ,i..i.a tlm QaGaiuiin nnd incen-
L V, l . ll 11 1 1 . " " "
diary had gone out through the hatch.
An oay compieieo me Hwrj im iud
information that when he came up he
is full ol a princely scanuui which i
making a sensation at me aucan
and tiuirinul. Tho Princess Conraga,
t ho vounst ami iascinating who o
Prince Ferrante (Jonzaga, has lin-
nlored the Pone to annul her ruar-
r ... . .. i
Hup ims hnmi. it S(Hms. lias
i'i.,i,.,l lu.r well. Indeed, if ru
mors are true, tlio noneymoon was
hardly over when he began to neglect
his spouse. Neglect was followed by
violence, and one day tlie Trim-ess,
4i...l nf lYintmniiiiv. Tuicked una low
elothes and iewels in a valise and left
. . t , .'! . .1.1...
her pi'Jace witn ner maid, cue neu to
Vienna, where she soon became one
f the belles ot tue Austrian court
The Prince, takimr tilings philono
. 1 . ; . . . 1 1 1 v o.iiiirht I'limfnrt in farmm
us estate. A public scandal migni
imvi been averted had not the fair
niiuin'iiv f'lllnn in love w ith an AllS'
trian Archduke, whom she hopes to
,.-..,l if the Ynt ieiin wi II belli her. I he
Princess bases her appeal on nn al-
i. I irreim nntv in the luarnaL'i
ceremony, but it is whispered she has
other ariruments in reserve if this
4'hlenao NodrtllnU.
r'..M.m T.i IVhrimrv l."v T ie
Kru.;,ii;iia hel.ln meetincr at the or
i-.irth Tiirni'r llnll) vesterdav. about
200 People being. present. The meet
ing was called to order by Oscar
Vi.'l.i. u-hn imnnniieeil tlult the ob
ject was to consider tho bread riots in
Ixindon. Among tlie speakers was
Samuel Felden, who said that the
Ixindon riots were due to oppression
of the wealthy aristocracy. The speak-"
.l....l.....l ...n44r.M u-nni inut na hllil
here, and vehemently cnlled upon his
bearers to rise and pillage Michigan
avenue. Hesolutions were adopted
that it was hunger, want of work and
,.iibiiilii.iau thnt ln.l ti thn riots in
Ijondon; that the revolutionary spirit
.f il.n uimi una au'ilkemxl in the OOOr
classes; that the accumulated wealth
of the world should be divided ; mat
the nicotine sympathized witn tue
rariciALTOTBi ArrL I
Jmkson, Miss., February Sm
if.. Hills passed: For the relief of
W. II. Harvey and C5. T. Turner, with
amendments extending the timo for
the sale of land for delinquent taxes
for in Wilkinson county; amend
ing thn act of 1884 relating to out
standing school warrants in Uwreneo
county; to denno mwuu lenre in
MurMhull eountv: to amend the char
ter of Charleston ; to amend the char
ter of Shubuta; to moorjHiraie ttarris
ton, Jefferson county; regaling the
law authoring ine saiem inpiors in
Myle;to pmliibit the sale of liquors
in ll.irriHiifl Tallahatchie county : to
authorize tho transfer of certain court
house funds in tHialioma county to
4i... ....... ..inn fimil of thecotnitv: to
lllll ii'iinu'"' J '
amend the law us to delinquent taxes.
Hills introduced ana reierrcu :
i... ii- i2:......,t.,n Tn iiifiirrinniti
ly mr. iini'Mi..'.. - "!
the TniM-lo Improvement C-tiniiuiny.
Hy Mr. liuliy: 10 iin-iironin.i inti
Ntirmal College in lauderdale county,
The Senate reconsidered the resolu
tion providing for -the election ot
superintendent of the penitentiary on
tlio ltith instant, and asked tlie House
to name another day tor said election.
it;n witmihieed and referred: To
prevent the unlawful cutting and pur
chasing of hoop-poles in Kemiier
... ..,... tn nutiihlish the Scoobu 110
itmtitj , . ."" -- -
fence agricultural district; to comjicn
snU" W. T. Kush, late bin-rill of Kem
per county; to prevent tne nine 01
liquors at Chapman Church, Kemper
county; for the relict ot .lolin r;. nan
of .lasjier; to nx tne ume m nun h
officer-elect may file his bond; to
amend the law relative to salaries of
county superintendents oi education,
to extend the CIVII jurimiicuoii m iun
tices of the peace ; Ui amend the law
as to sheriffs in cerUiin ciises; to secure
cosU in criminal cases w hen report is
4 r..,m.i
..j ., .......if
Tlm In M on 11 O sun eei 01 mi.' mui
i ci.:.. I .,1 ..... I 1 ! 1 1 1 r, :n I were (lis
antl illl mil,,'. - - -
..neil ut leiiL'th and recommitted to
a special committee of nine.
f ,., Kill t,t UllliU' It 'I'M (II IU
Judge J. W. 0. Watson for defending
tho railroad supervisors cases passed
HXTow 33xttox- House.
Whl4l.n Retail Itnttur a ("poc'iIIt. a4 nHrM rat tfttnyet th iimm.
Bett Creaiuory, 2e per lb. Xo. 3 tronuerj', 85 per lb.
Irtlrj, II!, 11, 10, IS, 20 uud 22c pt'r II.
So. fH reont Nlrcft. lpplle PmIoHIm. Tlph M.
mi) niivini
UUU, UilililUJ
86L -
- t . rwi
256 and 258 Front Ht. Jiompins, i onn.
ler.i floratoi
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 306 Front Street Memphln. Tenn.
Illicit DillHry rimlnrea.
lanimir. Tn THI APP11L.I
IVliruarv 15. The
,.,,ll.it,,r received otlicial in
i i: 4.i.,u .f tliee.'iiilureof an il
liriiiuii"ii k.-uij . v.. -
licit distillery near the Alabama line,
(lie lllli instant.
Ill ;iiuuiwi"i"'Vi " 4 i
i... m- ii Kui-.m (lenntv collector ol
11Y II. . . .".', I l
4i,,. wlvil, tivisiiin. nnd a posse. Jl
till: ...... , ,
was located in a mountainous region,
..ml the descent wits made tlu-roon
..limit .liivlii-ht. The moonshiners es
caped, leaving the fires still Imrningin
, It l.i.l.w Miiiuissilile to
meir uv. u.. " n
remove the material seized, it was an
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K.0OWlN,Pre8'U J. M. U00D1UK, Vlce-Pres't. C.ll.lUISE.CaBhler.
Board of Dlraotor
P. T. PORTER, M- "UJiAft,
W. 8. llRVCK, M-iJAXi.Ni
ii Wxi "v-Jfi1 1'fcpRON. R. T. COOPKU.
if.: !uiN A-VANl
R. J. I)1,ACK
ii v Miiviriry.
ruM n
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
ll TUnlon Street, : : Meniplil, Tenv
No. MT4. R. D. Osneory Cr.nrt of Ptitlbf
ooulIt Sum of Tnne!.e lor iUOn 1H
ei., . Catherine Huririn t l.
HV virtu of a interlocutorj Stct tor
1 entered in th tboro eo on th
24th dm Peoomb-r, M. B. 60, !
ot. I will will t public atioi, to thy hmh.
ot bidder, in front o the Clerk end MulM I
office, eoarthoaie of Bhe br eoantr, 4tem
ihis, Tenn., on
Batarriiiy. Mrb , 1M,
within lel honu. the followint deioribed
prunrty, i;uUd in Bhelbjr count, Xennee-
,eL,otl,,,"bl'k 10. F. W. Builth'e ubdWI
lon, 4SS b If ft o of J!T
Iren itreet, (outhwett corner of nller n ri
of St. I'eul tueet. Bold e ftopett of H.
Lotlolork 111, eaet ilde ef TMrd itreet.
M feet eonih of Ueorrie nireet, 24 br IU
Let. S.il.1 u property of TnomM NMle.
1 . t :u blork 1, ewtilde of Third etreet.
10 h rd, 24 b lUS feet, the north line i be
i 74 vet loath oi Oeorcin etieet, oola
prutwrtr l inomee neiie.
Lot is, hioek 1, rronune jeej n
idnf Weter itreet, K.rt fiokerins, end
luoill beck 0 feet. Bold M property ot
tbe wrienul Powder Co..
Lot M, folk inMnimon.oiiDr iimi
oath Hide of Heor ji meet, the mil l;ne be
ln All leet et ol Orleene itree. bold u
pronert of J. W. Pornt.ll, ...
Lot 40. block II. cut md of Second itet,
14 by Kli feel, W tnet north ef AUbeme
treet, IUIS wr. ...
i ... ii .. .1 .1.1. a KMAAn.I itreet.
14 by HU.72 feet north of Aljheme.
Lot 4'.', block 11, eeet iiae 01 oeooua uni.
24 by lu leet, 10th ward.
lt:t. hlii.,1. u. eutaideof Seound itreet.
14 by KM feet. , , . . , .
Lot 44, block II, eM eiue oi peoona iiroew
24 br KO feel. Sold M Hourly of bam net
Brheihlerendothera. . ., . ,,
i ... ... k.. k I? 4I. .1.1. nf CTIirnllB
UU. OIlM I 4,, , w. ' .-. -
treet, iJ. by 100 feet, 60 feet eaet nf rourtks
treet. Mold el propetxy oi inooiiui .
Lot 21, blo-k 17, norin iiae oi ' "J '"!,
Itreet. Bold property ol Thfinee Nelaoaj.
Lot Si, OIOCI 14, lontD e.ue ui --
by 170 teet, 25 feet eaat of alley tail ef
Third alreet, 10th ward.
Terroa ol Bale-On a oredit of riz menUu;
note with tesorlty bearini internet required 1
lien reUlned, redetULtion barred. IhieFeb-
"""b. 1. MflDOWKLL, Clerk and Maater
11 r J. M. Bradley, ltoruty Clerk A Maator.
y. 11 4 Q. W. lloikell. Solioitora.
TrnrUe'- Nwlo.
BT tlrlue of a trnat deed eieouted to ma
aa truatee by E. M. Apiieraon and Buaan
1). Apperaon, kii wife, locorded in record
tkiok A 2, page 4W, in the Circuit Court
Plork' and heeorder'e office ol Critlendew
county, Arkanaaa, to aecure oerUIn indebt
edoeia therein montioned, default . havint
been made In laid deed ot truat, 1 will, at tha
reuaoat of the benettoiary in uid truat deed.
"a rvbrnnrr 1, IHHB,
within leiral honri, on the premi e", offer for
ale, at publle onlory, for caaii. to t "'
eat bidder, Hit followlnf property doT bed
tn aald truat deed, to-wlt. the plantaliona
known aa Wjneke and Borkley pliintutiona,
ituated in Crittenden oeuiily, Arkanaa.
bout nine mile below Meiu.hi, beine
followa, to-wlt: All of aeclion 19. To, K R
K, Rivl 10-KXI acrea ; W N W !d wotiotl 20, T
fj H 0 K, m Pr.(i i N W f r h oUon 3u, f tt.
HmntlSoUlTa.TJ, N K 8 iB. Wl o2-l(X)acrea
H&'i aection 26, T . N H II B. ltW aoren
NK W aection :il.T8,N KK.ellaoreii
if W aection SI, T B, N 9 K.lbtt aore.j 8W
W aei-tion SO. T 0. N K 'IB. , Hi aereii B B W
aoctlnn &HNKIK, 1W aorea ; N Mo
tion 2, T , N H 8 K. 3iW acroa ! W H eot on
25. T B, N B 8 B, -J) acrea i HB fr lection
SO, T , N R K. 66 oroa 1 tr leetlon W, T 6.
N HI K, 12 ecreai putt of t-oih Orant
No. 2S73. T d M H I B. ll aoree-in al con
tnininc twenty-eight hundred and o fhty-
. I in litfS (..tF.tlinv w.lh ell in.
IWII Kill, iw-iw ."."I ....... .
provoiucnta tharoon and all appurtenanoo
tion and right to dowor aud botueatoad
"".'r.0"-.. ..IJ .1 I .n eld
rtiau in pnni . i hi u nun
tiirm, will tiull the following nerei.nal prop
erty, annate ana now uu eain piiui
to-wlt: Korty ivn inumn. i"r. ;
chUIc, lour hok-. bain all the ntulos, cattle
. . ,. .. ...I. I l.nl.l .in, AIh... a full
on d rouipleta aiiorlmout ot fariuin. Iuiple-
"'nile bollereit to be food, though I l
nil w.rrunt only a truktae.
bale to iwmmence at iao cione.
Van-, yen" at 37 Court Place, now at
;IH JlarkotSt
"ct. Third and F
. . ..J I....II, nu.llflM nhtllM Uld UM
- ''". r.j..L..i,ii n;.r
a. Fearee & Co. rr
Cotton Factors & Commission lilerch'ts,
n.. . .tw.newt; Vatitral Fnitt Flaror.
Vanilb, Umon. Onnps, Almond, Koe. ew
fli-vor La delicately and naturally ut the InuU
niurr DMiriun POWDER CO..
rnivn wi'ii.i - - - . . ,
rmeaco. ST. LOUIS,
....,.tii-rriaai and ImvolenoT,
" nih akewtatal ataiwaww. la Mka
l Um twwUll OI ll-ii
Colton Wr-ltoaiM-Kol. M nnil 00. Vnlan Wt rimt.
Lonilon mob; tlult the pri'Hont HyHtom
in tint bo aholiHlieij ; ami that the work-
. . 1 .1 .itt-iu mitur n.uiiirinui iiniiir iiih
111 II . llVnnV n IIIU.U mirnmuiv a.aa.e .
banner rainodby tho riotcrainLoiulon.
A Bloody Vonilcttit-An Tny Do In
St. ruTKUsmma, Fobnuiry 15. A
ulrnni.ii trnirivlv is rctiortod from tliO
fniifiiiuna 14'liora till. vnill'ttll flolir-
iHlu-H as v'i)?orouHly aa in Comica. Two
sworn iocs, uigo iciuiru nuuwui uiiu
Ki.uuikn Diirtui'liiii Sichwli. mot in
r.litiri'li nn n fiti Ihv lntilv. Tchnrti
Shwih Hipped up toDrtrtwliiacliwili
Ill (V 7t V mi" aw rva. .v -V I
jUartHi inrt replied wun equui poiuu-
IieKH, HLUUUUlg II in VllVUlJ -it. lire o.iv.
4;.,... in tlm DiwlAnuin Tlin virtim
1(1 1 I 1; 111 illV MIUt'lllVlH
ruHhcd toward the door, chased by his
:i ...i. 1... (...,.,.1 1,:.,.U,.W fuK.
UMH1111UI1I.I W null nu muiiu iiiu.nuii
' ... .. ... . . .. 1.
to lace witn tlio iiuuts (ton, who,
drawine a revolver, hrcu at tho uigi-
tive. but aociiicntallv hit his own
foil..., I hn hvutnnili.rM lillllino' in 1110
,iaiuip,ila mnlnQ ft il lr.U'Pll
11 ii v . a 111 n 1" ..... .' v i. v ....... . . . . .
U'lmn tlio onn want ilnwn that pven-
inc nine dead bodies cumbered tlio
pavement. .
Damage by the flood at Brockton,
Tl.,r.i-'t"rcw M ion Vi.lirnnrv Ui. A
careful estimate places the damage by
.1... ll,,...l i tl.in ,.il,r nt tTrilHM) 1111,1
lilt! I1IFWI4 111 ii.ira vii ... -
tinrulO u-ill Vin nopiliiil to nut tllfl
ntriu.ta nnd liriilirpn in pood condition.
Tlie water is suDsunnL', dui mere ih a
nrnunni't. fif tho ice in CJroHH and How
ard's nonds breaking up, in which
case the result would be worse than
Viae, irot tinotl fl.lt. Tho WHrlf of Fft-
' ' 1 1 fwin. 41. n
moving woiiivii wuu U1111U11.-11 H.I41 1110
nath oi the tloort in txiats ana car-
rinuva wnu continued all last niirht.
Tl,., linti'la and nnvprnl nillilin halls
are filled with these unfortunates, and
tho city supplies them with food.
Work in snsnended in many flooded
factories. Railroad communication is
entirely shut off.
The Foetal Revenae.
"Wasiiinotox. February 15. Tho
Tl.;.,! Aaaiutant-Pnutrn nt or-fip n i.rnl
has received special reports from thirty
1 I! . ill .. C Ln ........1...
showing the increase in the revenue
of the l'ostoffice Department on first
class matter for the month of January,
IKHil. oh comnared with January.
18S tn have been $S3.909. TilO ner
cent. ' increaso was 6.26. The offices
showing the largest increase were New
YnrW ''17d! (hicaL'o. Jl.ri.28i): Rt.
Louis. $888; Cincinnati, $714 : Cleve-
lond i-l7fl- Dutmit. S;U11S: Kansas
Pitv' RllTKt 8t. Paul. S28H5: Minne-
anolis. $1492; and Toledo, f 1019. The
following otiices showed a decrease as
mnntinniwl liflnw RHltimorp. Vil5r
San Francisco, $3334; I'ittsburg,$2H13;
. . . 1. . 1 i. . 1 . , : 1 1
ew uneans, Haoo; auu iuwijuat;c,
IMP Link,
Lap ItlnK.
Itopalr Links,
Cotton Itopf,
SAvift's Specific
Ii nature'i own remedy, made from roou
gathered from the foreiti of Georgia. The
method by whioh it ii mde wai obuined by
a half-breed from the Creek Indiana who ln
k.kit.. . ...t.in anrtlon of Georgia, whioh
iumuiuuii.i.11 - - -
tlera, and thui the formula hai been handed
down to the preaent day. The aDove out roj
.....1. iii. m.ihnil of manufacture twenty
yean ago. by Mr. C. T. Swift, one of the
preaent proprietor!. Tha aemena naa oeea
j..n. 1 ...in., nntlt a 1100.000 lab
oratory Ii now neeeaaary to mpply the trade.
A foreign demand hai been ereatea, ana en
larged faoilltiei will be nooeiauy to meet It.
Thli great
Vegetable Mood Purl iter
Cancer, Catarrh, Scrofula,
Eczema, Ulcers, Rheuma
tismand Blood Taint,
hereditary, or otherwise, without the use r
Meroury or Potaah. '
B0011 on "Contagloui Blood Poiion and
on "Blood and Blin Dtaaaaoi," malled'free.
For lale by all druggiiti.
N. Y.. 157 W. 23d St. Drawer 3, AUanta.ua.
Collars. Trace ClinlnH.
Blind llrhlles, llanieH,
llackbandH, Single Trees,
we .n lartnliltt TrtMH.
Jlltuimiiuani ,
A Complete Line of tUc above Hooda at Towettt rrlceii.
01 and 03 Main Street, Memplil'e lenn.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
i, er Mhar o.u, and pnjinlna eii W"f
iillli:liran BOTlaallfcMn .-
,iuTirni.iil. Ulinr lhS vmmm '7.l-"r;
ii.i iMiai, ruoviwuo K, a i" 1 '""H
tor...'.! Z.., l4TVf Maael l-;.
..rrl.ii.llHi)t'roronh.tjir, era lamaklt ana aw-
Will Tim....wll ITMI HW PW... UWU. MWHf
fjl l l'T etrlnturn. OlVltlli., Ctiltv U aWWlW,
Tui.i.liiurinrt?lill alo.l ni.
H Wi will'.VKD. Hi.i . I'll J ni.i - "'I ; '
lo . Mrum oUui .( dlMew. ant w-ilwi """ffl"
tilt, aniulna arret akllL a-lijaljUtui lu.wlt Hilt ti;
rt,,mm!i.l p.r..t. u my ear. We lo''a t
(Iiii-ea Utuaravnteea la avu xummm
"Sj,?ullSR5.It, m 'm It-. .Mtart
OUtriat rtuuuU. ul tirrtiQultut tuv.il ttaUatitti.
of 100 atattv amt w. any edfM, MiNatfj nrld,forOnrtf
twio. ton two A. at. W, P. M. S-n,l.rt.ltr "
ICo. SO Front Street, t Memplilw, Tenn.
...ar . W waT Via V r CI M4rl
nrin Ppum far NflliiH. Ulil fillip "
Ub WW 111 UJ am ---v- I
T-ii.iiv i nTTiiiv a! nil denvrlDlloDH. Sena for Circular
I tMimuu a -
TVr T7X7- PKj1i. Jr.
75 Vance Street, Memplils, lenn.
No. fi!i1i R- (0) (Thancery Conrt of Bhelbf
oounty otato or iennoaaee, tur m,
111 u II.. .Ia. .1 .1
Lt Tirtue'ol an interlooutorr deoroe for
t . I 1 Ik. .Iiiih nana, nn the
6tb day of NuTomber, Wf, minute book (W,
linna VI, I will loll, ta pooiio w "j
liiglieat ll.lder, lo lront of the Clerk and
Maater'i omoe, eourt-nouaooi poeiuy -ty,
Memphli, Tenn.. on
Hatardny. F-brnnry to, IftM,
within legal hourf, the following deaorlbed
nroierty, altuated In Memphlft bhelby ooun
ty. Tenn., to-wlti ,..,. 4
Lot no. Hi, oountry 101 aiu, pOB,,...
the interjection of the tonlh ide of Market
itreet with the eait aide of the alloy running
. 1 I -. u . U L.-..n .nit tlnrnllnl tO
norm tna awuiu vw.n.ww - , . .
Third and Fourth itreeta ; thenoe aouth witn
the eaat line of laid allty JOJ foot, more or
leaa, to another alley parallel to Market
troett theaoe eait with tne north line of
a d aav namea auey wn iw V ,"
.1 . I 1. Ik. mnll lint
norm aw iew mine r r:- ,3
of Market .'reet! thenoe weet with aald
treet 14H' feet to the b-ginnlng, aald lot
being known aa the Titna homeatoad.
Termi ot Bale n a orean oi
1 4.. - nn. wllJi aeADBltyt
1 11 1 11 UM.I .11 col. hu.w - 1
ten retained and redemption barred.
XBH January i, 1. . .
B. I. McUyVYBljlj, uiera n ron..
De & in 1; uu n aouut vioi -
'a I U llwaaillakW. UtADutV 0. AOtl M.
. W. Ilninnton. oltoltor.
nnFW-niim fy r.nMPAMY
UIILUU Ull 1 1 1.1.1 UUIMI mill
Manhood Restored
ItEu KiiT Faaa. A tiotlm of yoothlnl imnrmianoe
i .in.a lleDev. nerrooa iMOlinr, uun.
n. Hnaitianonra! aalmpaamaanaotealf-oare.
"ttilrh he will eerd FRKB to hla f.Uow-tron.rnni.
Addel Sjff ilkiaClliattiamBt-Jiew lora,
,r.;'A ig ; J
(S3 MfMllaon BtWHSt. Memphli,
AJf ULL itock of Wooden and Metalllo
Oal and Caeketl, ilnrlal Robei. ete.,
alwayaon Hand, vrueraoy teivaiepuw,
ephone rrempuy atwuiaeu w.
Ho. 82M, E-Chnory Oourttof Bhtbf Coo n
iTe.r 0-bo Jdi t U and I No. 3Jtf4
iV), But of Tenneaie ti. W. K. Butler
et al.
-t)Y ylrtue of an InUrloeutory aeoree lor
1 gjltajai Oatl vO I VU lea ejiav pun 1 v www
2th day ot November, 1HK5, M. B. 60, part
m.t 1 1 II .1 L.IU ...arlrtei flA the. Illfrho
kUO, 1 Wilt Mill -V puuiiu wvii
t bidder, in front ot tho Clerk and Ma
tor'i office, oenrthooM ol Skolbr ooantf.
Memphis. Tenn., on
utgiMiri. Vghraa.rr BO. IMC
. on lT.ino fn.t nn the north lid of Wainlng-
tonaUeet byadepmoioe leea, loe e-T
b IngfWS feet weatet Beoond atreet. Bold
fart .oi nn, "
fronuon 4H nd running baok 14H
feet, laid lot Doing on me "-
m ra-i A ike 1 1 aaev KaalT aMaMktl A (I aVml
end WefhinBtoo treete. told M proper- ot
Jemei n. ntouraioo -nu vuiwii
Oils db 3XTaELTra,l iStoiroE!
Ofllce, 349 Front Street, Memphis, lenn.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,1
avar-w-r.-a-anr A TTTTMHI. '
T1 - - - W mw
a A . n4tlt- wtetka. ) IlailatH
S. ROESCHl-R, Agent, Memphl, xenn.
lOO.wOO Keep
Tholevale Orocera, Cotton Jrctor
And Commission Merchants.
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tcie,
... aa ear are. VVflllBAI.
John nlllvaat.
ruoat. Clr.
H. Jl. Olart
amel n . luoaai-uawn iuu wuw. .n.K.,
Tnrma ol Hale unaoreuitoi
noU bearing intareet lt''ri"iKi
Hen reUlned, redemption barred. Xhn Jan-
nary .-luliwi. ... . ... ....
b. I. MOUVIt wlll'l warm -"l?"--By
J.M Bradloy.Deputy Clerk and M"
v a n. W. Helak&li and W. ilama
ton. fiolinitor.
Pennyroyal Pills.
ti,, orlslaal ! Oaalw ematlaw.
A your W1"J"S
("mP.) to u, for P""'""".
rnara mull. r r 11
ekier liel'l'' ,-.
MAIS meal.-- HV"V-1- v-.rriVlnf
inppuea oy av.v,vv..
eaieannavM... . I I HAUe

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