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The National Women's Suffrage As
sociatlon Another Bond Call
Educational Bill.
iBricTiiTitiii tmti.l
AVAKiriNUToN, (Au'bruarv 17. It ix
S pwrally bolievt .here tfmt Kt-ivtary
' II -n - ..-II
siuiiiuug will lewuu a run jor ihmmi,
000 :l r cent. bond, about tlie end
jl tin; month, to mature April Int.
The meeting of the Women Sulfrst
Vint's (JonveDtion UhIhv, in eighteenth
annual (tension, yean the lar-Nt ever
licl.l by the aswK-iution. Much inter
est w.'ih manifested in the priK-eedinn.
Jirs. r.li.uhrtri Avery Meriwether, for
merly of Alemphirt, but now of ISt.
.Louis, huh unions the HpeukerK.
'anotiieb eihti-atioxai. urn.
Ainonir the. bill introdin-ed in the
Senate to-dtiy w;w one bv Jv-nator
Jlnrrill, which provides for t lie eKtab
.lixhiuent, of au educational fund by
netting apart each year the receipt'
from the Mile of public lands over und
above the expenses of the Land Of
ficii, together with one-hulf the
jirnount re:eived from railroad companies-
under tho provision, of tJie Thur
man act, Mich fund to be niortioncd
by the Heveral States nnd Territories!
ami the District of Columbia upon the
basis of population lietweeu the ajres
f live and twenty years, and the in
terest on the sum apportioned to each
-State and Territory to bo paid to its
proper oflicer each year for education
al purposes.
The BelHllona Iielween the l'rcal
deal and lUa Mt-naip.
Wasiiinoton, February 17.. About
twenty Iteptiblicau Senators met in
caucus this morning.
RfSenator ldltnunds submitted a reso
lution from the Judiciary Committee
embodying the views of ihe .Republi
can memlerH resjiecting the rights of
the Senate to information from the
bends of executive departments,
The resolution was approved and it
wan decided that it shall be offered in
open session of the Senate.
The resolutions are Utree in num
ber. The first declares that the action
of the Attorney-General in refiinin to
furnish information when called for
by the Kenate, no matter what his
motive may have beeitpSas reprehen
sible. Tho second declares that where
the Senate has called or may call upon
heads of department for information
regarding removals from ottiee and the
inlormation is not furnished as re
quested, the. Senate will not .confirm
the appointee. The third condemns
the disregard of the law which requires
that in selection for ottice, preference
be given to honorably discharged
Union soldiers and sailors.
It is understood that the resolutions
will be formally laid liefore the Judi
ciary Committee at its next meeting,
with a view to Inuiw ithem reported
to the Senate immediately thereafter.
Filet Day of the KUbteeuth Animal
AVasuinoton, February 17. The
eighteenth annual Washington Con
vention of the National Women's
Sutfrage Association began this morn
ing. Seventeen States and Territories
were represented. There was a large
attendance, and much interest was
manifested. To-day's sessions were pre
sided over by Susan B. Anthony, who,
on taking the chair, announced that
President Klizalieth Gadr Stanton was
ill at her home and would not be able
to attend the convention.
May Wright Sewallof Indiana read
the report of the Executive .Commit
tee, and wan followed by Elizabeth
Avery Meriwether of Missouri with a
paper on "Uncompromising Oppo
nents." Elizabeth Cady Stanton was re
elected president, and Susan B. An
thony, Matilda Joslyn Gage and
J'hoebe W. Cousins, vice-presidents at
large for the ensuing year-
Jt was announced that the Judiciary
'Committee of the House will give
representatives of the convention a
hearing on the 21st instant, and also,
that petitions from the National Asso
ciation nnd many local mid State or
ganizations have liccn sunt to mem
bers of Congress praying for the pass
age of a sixteenth niiicmb.iic.iit to tlie
.constitution. No eil'ort toward gen
eral iK'tition work has been made.
At the evening session a paper on
"Woman Huffrage and the Labor -Quett-f
ion," waa read by Clara li. Colby of
The Rev. Rush B. Shippen read a
paper. on "The Advance of Women,"
iind'wan followed by Ada C- t'weet of
Oncago in an address on "Woman's
Adjourned until to-morrow.
Tsse Conflict Between the Police
AeUbarltlet and C ity Cost ell.
Umoial to nx a.rriaL.1
('uaxtanoooa, Tknn., February 17.
The conflict of authority betweeu
the Police Commission ani City Coun
cil reached a crisis to-day by'the nj
pointnient of the clerk aiid master as
receiver to .take charge' of the police
fluids of the city and pay the police
on the warrant of the commission.
The trouble between the two bodies
has been,in progress three months.
The Police Commission is a Demo
cratic body appointed bv the Gov
ernor. The City Council fs Republi
can, elected by'the people.. The City
Council required the commission to
fiubmit pay-rolls before appropriations
would be made to pay the police.
This they refused to do", and merely
drew their warrants, which the
treasurer declined to pay. Mandamus
suits were filed and applied, and dur
ing that litigation nearly three months
iassed and the police received no pay.
To-day Chancellor Nixon granted the
application of the commission for a re
ceiver to take charge of the police
funds and pay the police, and en
joined the City Council from with
holding any funds for the pav of the
police, and also enjoined the Hrst Na
tional Bank, where the City Treasurer
deposits, from honoring his draft for
jlice funds. It is thought that the
litigation will result in the final, over
throw of the present city charter.
Pork FrtcMnic la the Wt.
Cincinnati, February 17. The Cin
cinnati rrice Current will say to-morrow
that the number of hogs packed
in tho West last week is 210,000,
aiminst 205,000 fortliu preceding week.
JUe total to date since November 1st,
is fl,005,000, against 8,095,000 last year.
The movement at the principal iwjints
since November 1st, is as follows;
Chicago, 2,31."),000; Kansas Citv, 616,
0tH; St. 1iuia, 336,000; Cincinnati,
3.12,000; Milwaukee, 318,000; Indian
ajMilis, 274,(XK); Cedar Rapids, la.,
Ot);rt. Joseph, Mo., 131,000: Louis
ville, lii.OOO; Clevcltu.d, 71,000.
The Han. H. J. I.lvlat.loa a CasMll
.lata far Re-E'eelleB ae ('ban
FflUr .
IsrtcuL to tbi irriAL.1
Baow Nsvii.tE, Tens., February 17.
The Hon. H.J. Livingston has" uoeii
ssiken of frequently by the press and
bar as a candidate for Judge of the
Supreme Court. I am reliably in
formed that he is not and will not be
a candidate for Judge of the Supremo
Court, but that he is a candidate for
re-election to the position of ( hnnccl
lor of the Tenth Cham-fry Division
This puts the ipit-stion at rest He is
mt a -ainlidate for Supreme Court
Judge, but a canilidate lor re-
elertMii to the pi mi i mn of Chancel
lor, and be will be re-elected to the
jmsition he has so worthily filled for
the last thirteen yftuv. He isa Dem
ocrat ot the olden times, an honest,
sober, painstaking judge, and has the
well earned reputation of being one of
the most learned chancellors in the
State. In Memphis, where he has
often presided by interchanges with
Chancellor McDowell, he is deservedly
popular, ami this bar is anxious to see
tiim retained in his iiosition. No la-t
ier select ion can be made than he,
and the pontile of the K-nth Chancery
division will do well iu aecuring the
services of so learned and impartial a
judge, lie is pre-eminently piahlied
for the iiosition. His judicial and
private lite is pure.
Colorado Silver onvtnllon.
Dexvkh, Com., Febrnary .17. The
Colorado Silver Convention met here
this morning with l.V delegates pres
ent, representing ever- county in the
State. Resolutions n pre adopted in
structing the organisation created by
this convention to neccpt no com
promise upon the free and unlimited
coinage of silver upon on equality with
gold, inviting tho citizens of the State
to hold their Congressmen to strict
accountability for the.i- action upon
the silver question, and pledging
themselves to vote for no man unless
pledged to free and unlimited coinage
of silver.
The Hlnueapolla floar Market-
Minneapolis, Minx., February 17.
In its review of tho flour production
in its issue of February l!th, the
Korthwulnn MiUrr will say: There was
a considerable decrease in the flour
production last week, duo to less steam
jiower used, all the mills except ono
depending on water. Fifteen mills
registered an output, but some ran
only a day or two. Tho total output
was N,oou Darren, averaging l.ioo bar
rels daily, against H!,4o4 barrels the
preceding week and K2,500 barrels the
corresponding time in Sh .
'Mr. Watterson Improving;,
Iu-isvn.i.K, Ky., FebruHsy ITj At 0
0 clock Air. Watterson's svmptoms
were favorable, and his condition wits
somewhat improved.
ImUt Mr. Watterson was not so
well at 10 o'clock to-night. His mind
was very active to-dav, and he talked
too much in spite of all that could be
done. His physicians report his tem
perature at 1011", pulse, 110; respira
tion 22. This is not as good as was
hoped for, and occasioned fresh appre
hensions. Mr. Patterson is still in
great 'danger, and the resumption of
brain activity is not regarded as favor
able. Polyframlala Convicted.
Salt Lakk, Utah, February 17.
Thos. Birmingham and Jan. Remcn,
convicted of unlawful cohabitation,
weresentenced in the District Court
t o- lay to six months' imprisonment
and to pay lines of $300 each. A brain
H. Caiinontook tho witness' stand
when his i-nse was called. Upon being
asked whether two women were his
wives and whether ho had lived with
them, ho replied: "They are, thank
God. I have lived with them as
charged." He was convicted. Henry
Dunmoody pleaded guilty. He prom
ised obedience to the law, ami sen
tence was suspended.
Picking 1'p the Oeverament Boat
Sr. Louis, Mo., February 17. Maj.
Ernst, Government Engineer, re
ceived advices this afternoon that the
steamer Humphreys liad been found
near Ste. Genevieve, Mo. She is lying
in shoal water, ami in not believed to
be very badly injured. The Osceola
will probably reach here to-night, and
will render what assistance she can.
There are still a number of barges and
other craft belonging to the fleet miss
ing, but the bulk of the property has
been recovered and is mow in safe
Hanged by a Hob.
Monroe, La., February 37. George
Robinson, colored, charged with hav
ing shot and killed Millard F. Parker
of this city on the night of .the 11th of
last December, was takes from the
parish jail last night by a farty of 100
men and hanged near the scene of the
The Narraslna la Tronble.
New Oiu.eass, La., February 17.
P. K. Sarrazin & Co., cigar and to
bacco manufacturers, have brought
suit against their creditors praying for
a respite of six, twelve and eighteen
months. Their assets are tl5S,000and
their liabilities $120,000.
The Cotton Trade Looking Tp.
Avousta, Ga., February 17- The
cotton goods trade is lookimr
Stocks arc exhausted, and all factories
in and near Augusta are running to
their full capacity. The mills are
working at a smalt margin of profit
for the first time in three years.
Taenlt Dudley Cored.
New Yohk, February 17. Counsel
for Mrs. Ysoult Dudley, who shot
O'Dohavan Rossa a year ago, is au
thority for the statement that she is
cured, that a certificate to that effect
will lie sent to the Stale Superintend
ent of Lunacy, who will take her be
fore a Supreme iiurt Judge and oIh
tain an order for her release from the
insane asylum.
John B. CJotiKh Very Low.
Philadelphia, Pa., February 17.
John B. Gough's condition at mid
night is reported by his physician as
very ov.
ArrKRa thorough trial of Tongaline,
I add my testimony to its great efficacy
aa a remedy in rheumatism anil neu
ralgia, and can heartily recommend it
in the above diseases.
A. U, MOsS, Jl.D., Uke ChwlM, La.
Report the Ship Island Railroad
Penitentiary Lease Bills and
Jackson, Miss., February 17. Sr-a-
alf. Hills introduced and referred:.
By Mr. Seal: To prevent trosass on
By Mr. Reynolds: Empowering su
jier visors of Monroe to pay the chan
cerv clerk for servicea as county
Bv -Mr. Binford: For the relief of
tax assessors.
By Mr. Dodds: In relation to the
limitation of actions.
BV Mr. Whitney: For the relief of
-Nathan ISnnklev of f ranklin.
jiv Mr. Dean: To amend the law in
relation to corporations and other aa-
By Mr.sBiichanan : To prohibiten
sale of pistols and pistol cartridges.
By Mr. Ycrger: For the payment of
a deputy circuit clerk in aslungtoii
during terms of court, and for compen
sation of thel lrcuit Clerk of ashing'
ton for services in certain criminal
cases. i
A bill introduced by Mr. Sykus, al
lowing the widow of the Hon. J, D
Vert nor, Into Senator, to draw his sal
ary and mileage as a member for lsso.
A bill by Mr. Yorger to more ellect-
uullv secure the collection of the ad
valorem tax levied and assessed by the
Board of Mississippi Ix'veo Commis
This being the day act apart for
memorial services in honor of the
Hon. J. D. Vertner, late Senator from
Claiborne county, the committee here
tofore appointed to arrange for the
same reported a series of resolutions
respecting the deceased.
'lone lung and feeling eulogies of the
life, character and virtues of the dead
Senator were spoken in eloquent tcrma
by Senators Sykes, terger, Whitney,
Luse, Austin, Guvton, Gayles, Morris,
Burkitt, Boothe, Boyd, Harvey, Ham-
ilton of Holmes, Walker, Koynolds,
Simonton, Ross and Gage.
Among the resolutions adopted was
one setting opart a memorial page in
the Semite journal with suitable in
scription to the memory of the de
The resolutions were unanimously
adopted by a rising vote. Thereupon
the Senate adjourned in respect to the
memory of the deceased.
- IIOt'HK.
Bills passed: Senate bills, providing
for the apM)intment of a stenographer
for the Seventh Judicial District; au
thorizing the widow of the late Sena
tor Vertner to draw his salary and
mileage; to ineorporate Como, in Pa
nola county.
A majority report of a special com
mittee, rccouiuiciidiiiff a eubstilute for
the bill providing for the louse of the
penitentiary to the Gulf and Ship Is
land ltailroad Company, wassubmitted.
There was alsoa minority rejMirt there
on. The majority report was adopted,
and the bill made the special
order for to-morrow night. Said
bill proyidos that in consideration
of the lease tho company shall pay to
the State 175,000 of its first mortgage
bonds; that they shall have all the
expense accruing in the support of the
prisoners and the general conduct of
the penitentiary ; that one-half of all
able-bodied convicts shall bo kept at
work on the road until its completion,
and tho balance may he sub-leased on
nnv liii blic works. Work is to bpirin
at both ends of the road within sixty
days after the passage of the act, and
to continue until completed, the lease
not to continue longer than January
J, 18IL'.
the memorial services
provided for in the House this day
were nostnoned until Wednesday
next. Adjourned.
lariciiL to tbi irrnL.I
Jackson, Miss., February 17. Mr.
D. M. Reed and Miss F-lla Wiggins.
both of this city, wero united in
matrimony this afternoon by the Rev.
C. G. Andrews.
At Liven tool yesterday American
wheat was steady with fair demand.
holders offering moderately. Corn
firm, fair demand.
Mr. Savforp, the scholarly and elo
quent revivalist, was a visitor on
'Change yesterday, and appeared much
interested in the "boards.
Closino price's of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork, $11 17j;
lard, (.171c; clear rib shies. 5.00c;
corn, 41 jc bid; wheat, 84J: ; oats, XW
The exports of cotton this week to
Great Britain and the continent are
(V5,!W1 bales, against 33,070 baU-a same
time last year, and 70,160 bales same
week in ism.
Rkfort of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Wheat received, none; withdrawn, ftOS
bushels; in store, .'1057 hushels. Corn
received, none; withdrawn, 120 bush
els ; in store. 3K022 bushels. Oals re
ceived, 131HI bushels; withdrawn, 4210
bushels; in store, 47,287 bushels.
In the cargo of the 'steamer Chicka
saw yesterday were 250 packages of
canned goods shipped by the Searcy
rruit lacking Company of Searcy,
Ark., for sale in this city. This is said
to be the first consignment from the
same source ever received here.
The New York Pout in its review
says: future deliveries, after exhili-
lting hardly any chanin; at the first
call, and subsdquently a partial de
cline of 1-100, were carried by an im
proved demand 4-100 beyond yester
day's closing quotations. A fraction
of the advance was lost, and at the
tnird call June brought ll.ZHc and July
J).:5oc. Futures closed steady at 3-100
to 4-100 higher than yesterday.
The feeling at the Cotton ExehanL'o
was unsettled yesterday, neither bulls
nor bears seeming to have faith in the
strength of their respective positions.
The bears, however, are somewhat in
the majority, and talk boldly of a fur
ther decline in the value of tho staple.
in me meantime, uotn sides are acting
with great caution, and eagerly await
ing developments.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday : J.
II. Proudtit, Collierville. Tenn.:T. B.
Phillips, Brownsville; J. 15. O'Brien.
J. N. O'Neil, Natchez, Miss.; Gus
Strauss, Lonoke; H. M. Say ford, New
ton, Mass. ; E. S, Chipley, Little Rock ;
W. W. Perkins, C.C. Germany, Miss.;
Sil. Cans, Little Wock; W. E. Graven,
Sterling, Ark.; D.J. Hynemaii, Cor
inth, Miss.; Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Town
er, Nortbtield, Mass.; S. Schelly, Port
Gibson, Miss. ; Mrs. J. S. Merccer, Miss
M. Gilliam, Dancyvillp'.
The "commercial travelers" of sev
eral large business houses in New
York now follotv advance agents, ho
go over their routes Bnd make ap
pointments for them. This results in
in the saving of no much time, both to
merchants and "drummers," and of
fers such opportunities for the trans
action of a greater volume of business,
that "advance agents" are likely to
multiply. Whit tho increase in tlieir
liumlM-r the business of the traveling
men will be greatly systematized.
Hill Introduced In the Leglitlntnre
to Faellltale a Hetlleiuenl.
Richmond, Va., February 17. In
the Senate to-day the bill prepared by
Lieut. -Gov. Massey was introduced by
Senator Winglicld, to facilitate the set
tlement of the public debt of the
Strife. A lengthy preamble 'gives the
history of the debt, theapMirfioiiinent
of oiie-thiril to West Virginia, the rea
sons that impelled the General As
sembly to pass the Riddleberger bill,
and the .equities of the whole case.
The bill authorizes the Governor to
appoint three citiehs of Virginia as a
board of commissioners to confer with
the bondholders and to acquaint them
with the material and financial condi
tion of Virginia, nnd .explain the
facts which makefile settlement under
the Uiildleberger act, just and equita
ble, nnd its acceptance by them neces
sary for the protection of their inter
ests. The commissioners are empow
ered to take steps to adjust with West
Virginia a just proportion of the State
debt as it existed prior to Jaiiury 1,
l.Stil, to be borne by West Virginia
and not by Virginia. "The bill further
provides that the amounts secured to
lie paid by West Virginia shall be di
vided prorata among the holders of
West irginia certilicahw which have
been issued under the different acts of
the General Assembly of Virginia, or
which may be issucj before January
1, 18S7.
A Kef ro Deaverado Shot and Killed
by OOieera,
Mason, Tenn., February 17. Prince
Waddy, colored, traveling under dif
ferent names, was killed bvthe sheriff
of Tipton county, T. .1 J Tavlor, and
two deputies, three niili-B nlmve this
place. Tho negro was wanted in Da
vidson county for burglary, und in
Tipton for grand larceny. The otlicers
chased him all last night, and caught
him this morning at the point men
tioned. He made a desperate resist
ance w ith a razor, compelling the otli
cers to shoot him. Tlie Coroner's jury
rendered a verdict of justifiable homi
Fine Bealdeane Burned fen-care free
Trimmer Killed.
Brownsville, Tenn., February 1". -Yesterday
afternoon, while Bill Potter,
colored, was topping trees for Mr.
Henry iNolan, near town, a large limb
fell on him, killing him instantly.
Mr. Richard Mann's residence, nenr
Rudolph, was burned last night. I-oss
about joOtlu; not insured.
Newark, N. J February 17. The
Jersey City water-works at Belleville
are horning
New York, February 17. -Tho fund
for the widow of lien. Hancock
amounts to 125,505.
Toledo, O., February 17. The
Polish Catholic church burned this
evening. It is supposed tho lire was
of incendiary origin as this was the
church where the riots of a year ago
Cluuleston, S. C, February 17.-The
National Lancers of Huston arrived
here at 2 o'clock to-day. The train
was boarded at a station fifteen miles
outside of the city by a delegation
from Charleston, wlio extended them
a warm welcome.
Chicago, February 17. Tho Na
tional Committee of the Postmasters'
Association- at a mwtiiu to-dav. de
cided to bold the next national con
vention of the third and fourth class
postmasters in this city on tho second
Wednesday in June, 1HN7.
New Orleans. La.. February 17.
The brakeuien's strike on the Morgan
railroad lias caused a complete cessa
tion of work in every part of the Mor
gan possessions in Algiers. No freight
trains go out, and the laborers will
neither discharge nor load steamships
at the wliorf.
New Orleans. La.. February 17.
The coal wheelers of the Grand Ijike
Coal Company, which supplies the
Gulf, Colorado und Santa l e railroad
with coal, which is transported to
Galveston in barges, and also fur
nishes coal to, the Morgan steamers,
struck work to-day.
Houston, Tex., February 17. The
brakemen on the third division of the
Southern Pacific railroad quit work
here to-day in sympathy with the
striking brakemen at New Orleans.
They make the same denuuids as the
Gretna strikers, and have sent word to
the latter to hold out.
Richmond, Va., February 17. At a
conference of tho business men of
Richmond, the Knights of Labor and
TyiMigraphieal Union No. 90, held last
night, after some discussion a resolu
tion was adopted to endeavor to have
an act passed by the General Assem
bly to require all differences lietwoen
employes and employers tola- submit
ted to arbitration.
Tne Elatat-Boar Law at ttt. Lonla.
St. Lot' is, Mo., February 17. The
Bricklayers' Union held a meeting to
night and decided to put the eight
hour system into effect May 1st.
"Men should be what they seem,"
and if they are suffering tortures with
toothache they should not try to smile
and look cool and handsome. How
much wiser to ease the pain witli a
bottle of Salvation Oil, which can be
bought for 25 cents.
Direct Irani factory to Pnrehaa
' era, ant ing 20 per rent. Write
Monte, rickcns & Co., Memphis
Charges and Specifications Presented
by the Memphis Mlul.tcrs
A Bitter Fight.
Israelii, to thi irriAL.I
Ijorisvn.i.K, Kv., February 17.-The
trial of the Rev. Messrs. Converse, cd
itors of the Chrixtixn (V.rivr, Wgntl
in earnest la-fore the Ionisville Pres
bytery this morning. Teiitv-five
different sxvilications an- made by
the Rev. Messrs. Daniel, Hoggs and
Martin of Memphis. These spceitiea
tions were printed and a copy given
to each member present. The paper
oH-iis thus:
"In the name of the Presbyterian
Church in the United States, it is
hereby charged that F. B. Converse
and T. K. Converse, editors of tho
Chrintitin fVimrivruml members of the
Presbytery of Lmisville, deliberately,
wilfully anil knowingly in many part io-
lars, and at sundry times, violated the
ninth commandment as it is authori
tatively expounded in the larger and
shorter Catechism, of our church."
The first specification savs that "said
Converse & Converse did wickedly,
.1 i .i... i ! . . ii- f
occciiiuuy ami siaiioerousiv puoiisn in
the C'inWam Olwrnr, September 'M,
1SH5, that there had been made, by
certain friends of the Key. Dr. James
Woodrow, 'a threat of schism.' and
that there existed among them a 'plan
of disruption;' n 'scheme,' in which
sundry ot the aforesaid friends of Dr.
Woodrow were 'ixirticipants,' at the
Fame time intimating that such
'threat,' 'plan' or 'scheme' had ls-en
devised or was favorably I'litcrtauicd
by certain persons in South Carolina."
The third charges them with "falsely
and deceit fully denying in the Mem
phis Ari-EALof (K-toher2tith that their
paper has for years borne a bad rcpu-
lauou ior veracity.
The other charges are similar to
Tin fight promises to be long and
bitter. Both sides will contest every
In the afternoon additional charges
were made by Dr. Daniel, one of
which was t tint the Converses had
obtained money from the Preshytertan
Mutual Assurance fund in violation
of the rules of the company, by con
cealing the physical condition of the
applicant for benefits from the same;
also, of slandering members of tho
A heated discussion arose over the
(mention of admitting these additional
charges. Filially a special committee
to decide was appointed, mid it was
wrestling with tho question at V
o clock to-night.
1)1 EI.
MnCAHTHY-WadneidH. Pnhrnar 17.
iHstt, Maky MflCiRTHY, iluiihtirof Vlorenna
r. and .liiiD.iu Mouarlliy, itgea three j ari.
Funeral will tako placa thii (TllURBDAY)
afternoon at 2 :30 o'clock, from the reildence,
No. Second itreet. Yricndt and acqualnt-
anoei of the family Invited te attend.
GUION-The friend, of Lci'T Vanoi
Uciok, and of the family, are Intlted to at
tend her funeral from ber late residence, 2U9
Lauderdale itreet, this (THUHHDAY) morn
inn at 1 1 o'clock. Carrlairea at realdenre.
"TITH a view to a change of bueiaeM, I
VV have concluded to eloe oat my entire
A I' T. Thettook include the choicest
onde (Knrelin and VonoHic) known lo Ihe
trado. The good. mut be anltt inside nf SO
DAYS, if M einle. eTliUM8 CA8U.
JO 11 LILLY, S22 Front Si.
Elm wood Remoter j'.
Ornca or Ei.hwood Okmktkrt, I
38 Union street. February 17, into f
AN KbKOnoN will be held at the office
. of the Treaaarer of aaid Company, 9H
Union itreet, on
First Mortar la March (1st), 1880,
from 10" a.m. to 3 p.m., for TIIIIKB TR1I8
TKKH to aerye nix year.. Any owner of lot
containing not leee tban three hundred
iuare feet of around it elialble fur the office
and i a qualified voter. There are N.ne
Trunteea in eaid Company, divided in three
claiMe, each elaaa arvln aiz yeara, and
.lections are to be held DiennWMy, via : On
fint Monday in March, 1&6, 18HH, 18U0, and
o on. Lot ownor are requested to read
paa-ea 20,21 and H2 Kim wood llona for fuller
information. JOS. LKNOW, Freeident.
Notice of Dissolution.
T11K firm of R. E. LKK k CO., ernnpoied
of H. K. Lee and John Held, hae thil
day been dienolved by metual oonaent, Mr.
John Held retiring from the buaineiM. Ihe
buiineaa of laid firm will be eontinued
under the lame name by Mr. R. K Lee,
who nneceedeto the net, and aitumea all
liabilities and it authorised to eollect all
debt due (aid lati firm. .
Memehie, Feb. 17. 18B8 R. K. LKK.
TITRRK will be a meeting; of the Builders,
Manufacturer of and I'eulen in Iluild
Ing Materiel., at 7M Second itreet, FRI I) Alf
ArTKRNOON, February 19th, at 3 o'clock,
for the purpone of ealabliihine; a Builder
and Trader' Exchange. Al. encased in
ttiie line , of banner are invited to be prea
ent. J. W. X. 11R0WNK,
Temporary Secretary and Treasurer.
No. 5291, R. D. Chancery Court of fihelby
County titat of Tennessee vs. W. A. Col
lier at al.
BV virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
sale, enured in the above cause on the
12th day of January, lHo, M. B. Si, page 3D,
I will sell,' at public auction, to the hihet
hlfld.r. in front of the Clerk and Mauler's
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, lenn , on
Matnrday, Maret IS, 1SS,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated mlhhelby county, lenn.,
to-wit; , ....,,
i be west part oi ioi2y, rronongzi ieeuvs
Inches on the north sido ol Madiron street,
northeaet corner of alley eastol Main street,
and rnnnina hack HVa feet. Bold as prop
erty ol II. L. Ilrinkley and other.
Lot bKi and part of 6VI, in lot 479, fronting
no feet en tne norm siue oi uourt street ana
ruuniitg back HH', feet la depth, bold as
property of same parties.
Terms ol Bale On a credit of six months,
note bearing interest, with renurity, re
quired; lien retain-d; redemption barred.
This February 17. 1H.S6.;
H. 1. MnUOWbLL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy 0. and M.
i'. 11. C, W, lleUk.il, toll, 10
Medical & Surgical Institute
Dri. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Dv I'FRM ANKNTLY lnrtted in MEM
1'IIIH, ThNN., and have opened a
Bedical and Sureicul Institute
In the UuyoNO IFotel,
Kntrance on Main street, Firt Floor, Kir-t
Ilnortnthe Risht. where we will trest M'l
KNTIKICALlY the (o'h.wln dirou.ee i All
Diseases peculiar to Women: ulxo, treat
Kh'uuiaiiu, Neuraliritt, hi-itic, Liver and
Kidne l)io,.ei, such as I'lminic Cuitailpa
lion, Dilioueness, Hick llea'laches. Itectal
Uiseaseii, suoh ai l'iles, Pisaure ol the Kec-
um, Pietulaln Anu. Ulood )meare. such
Hynhll s, Krrofula, White Mnalling. Vene
rcsl 1)1 eae. such as Uonorrh.a. Imio
Innce, Htrility and Norvouf and Sexutl De
bility. Iienc of the Kra, Kar and Throat.
Op. urn and M-rphlneUabi s cured with
out Miir-rina ne dotMution Irnm liuin's.
CANUfidl, LltOI'sV and CATA1UUI are
cured by us,
iY I'nro .Staiiiiiu-rliif; by an Art
no Mcdicliio or IoHlruinentv nxed.
We Extmet t'uno.ri with a Vcfc-i-lu-ble
l'lantor, without, pprformliiir any
surgical operation and without mnrh
We treat Stricture hv Kleotrntvaia. whlidi
IspainUiM; Oonsuuintion, Asthma and lis
eitMso the Heart, Dyspepsia and ail Ker
voul Dieoaaes All Hkm Diaeascs, such at
Kcacma, Tatter, hltc, treated.
ear Corn apoodonoe soliolled.
OMII'K MOIIHM-rroin a.m. lo 1
p.ni , ril fraui a .m lo n am.
Low Rates to New Or eans
rpilK I.., N. 0 and T. and M. an I T. Hya.
win sell on TuoKlaya, lnth anil ?M of
February, Honnd-Trip Tinketa tn New (Ir
leant lor ttoO-sood fir l.tduvr. Kvarv
one wi'hiug tn aeo the Kipotit on ahuuld
patronise theae liuoe and lake advnntage ol
these spocinl ru'ea. A.J, KNtlT,
Oeneral I'aaaetiser Airent
1. , N 0. anil I' and M. and T. H.
- lis..K'SlH l ANOiTOi'i-invf'.iwit'v-rT lm
I hav. this day are.d kfltli " j '
for the tab- of my entire s'ook nf Wrousht
sumo to Uksrfloet Muroh I, laHH. In retiring fro'U tlio busluess tn this city, I desire to re
turn thanks to my Ineiids and customers for their lib.rnl patronage daring a period of
twenty years, land also to asaure them that the business will be turned over to reliable
and responsible parties whom 1 have known intunai.lv for many years. I can safelv assure
my friends and ouitouiers that their orders,
care and atlention, and 1 ask lor your continued
Referring lo above very flattering notice, we take pleasure In announcing the following or
taniation and management lor thii additional Jepiirlnient the same, to take effect Marsh
, lMstl:
M. A. MVLHTIOKB, I'reeldeaf. H. A. TATVN, See'y mm4 TresM.
The Livermore Foundry & Machine Co.
IfiMMol 1 118 Mil
220 ami 22N Seond Street, MemphlN, Tenn.,
Dealers in BIB, HAMIs 4ND HOOP IKON, Boiler. Flrebed and Skeet Iron, Nuts,
Washers, Klvets, Nails, lleavy liardware and
n-etxilirocci Supplies-
In connection with our Foaadry and Machine Drpanmeat, lfU) to 174 Adams street,
we believe we are in the best position to supply any an J all demands lor every character or
Wrought or Cist Ironwork. Machinarv. Heavy Hardware and Hallway Huoullae. Your
orders scliciled, and we prouiia. oor best attention.
Try Zcllner's English Walklngfast Shoes
ZKLIiNER'P 3 Usnls' Mhoew, In all styles, are the belt In the olty.
ZKLLNKH'S to Msia' aiaiaee, in all ahapsa and styles, are the nob
ble t and beat In the United States.
l iTn. :lV "oniesl
M. sCaTI sir-TT-yS .T'W 'a
aerBend your orders or come and exam'ne
aisrlllastrated Catalogues Sent
Dry Goods , Jojons, Clothing
Not. 320-338 Main Street Memphis. Tenn.
' ' . uimk n w ..! w ... hhvwuu vuw u."-. ....Haul, ji iub. vf VIlVa Will napSTS
favorably with tho of any market in the Untied btates. Special Inducements to Cash
nnmniini o
,11. uuyuiii m
And Commission Merchants
Non. 34 and 36 Jfndlson Slreet, Tlempl.ts.
tows te. Co
A New Departure.
A Life rollcj Which Will Satl8f
Everybodj. Mo Bnrde nsome Con
ditions. Cheapest Liberal
Tollry Ttt toned.
Non-Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Less Than in
Any Order or Society.
Carh Assets January 1, H,417,(8 90
Caih Surplus January 1, 1KS6 2,(W,St8 00
Claima Paid in 1W KHU12 OS
Total Claims Tail In ! years 8,15,12(1 0
No. ol Life Policies written tu date, tt.ftOO.
All Claims paid Immediately on receipt o
SHliafaotory proof.
tor lurtner iniurniation apply to
Marx & Be nsdorf,
lit MmlUoii Mrool, Mrnmlilw.
"Empress of Bona," containlni 03 vocal
pi."., tD, by mail Afic.
a I.V.rlT ''.....l.lnln. -aa.I nl.AA..
oiK-. bv mail (VSo.
"Piano Houvenir." contalnlns 60 Instra-
montal pieces, .ale, by mail iv0.
'Folio ot IHuslo,' conlaininf SU instrument
al idecea. Mkf. bv mail lVa.
"Eicelaior Method for the Orsan," enn-
tainlnir complete Instructions, besides
over Hal vocal and instrumental ttieona.
bound in boards. Price II, postpaid.
and moat proareaeive Instructor pub
lished, havina all nsccssarr inatructions,
and llaj ael.ctiona, auoh as "When the
Koblna Neat Aaain," "I'll Await My
I.ove," r'Dancina in the Darn," "LltUe
Darllnr Dream of Me." "Peek-a Boo,"
"Some Day." Price 75c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Music Rolls. Cases, Wrap
pers, Mi rmi-liaoK Vollos, in new IM
sima ot Leather and Plush.
asu itlalu Si., Mr ui phla.
Sole Agent for Ohlckerina, Ilardmao and
Naw Knalnnd rlanos.
l'hyNlclan, Surgeon and Acconchenr,
313 Main NlrtclAear Union.
Teletihona Vn M.
Iron. Nnl. Waahera and Ilcavv Hardware, the
under the new management, will have the best
Boy a1 ftho. are the best that are made.
t'lilldrea'a Nkoes will save you money.
Ladlee she aad Hppere are the hand-
rt 1 Ta. I I
., ibapeliaatand moat stylish, and are cheaper than any
oioers oi eiuai graue
ZELLNER'8 l.iMllea' Kid Hnttea Rhoea
with silk worsted butt n holes, are the greatest bar
gains yeu have ever seen.
their grand aatnrtmontof FINB BOOTS,
Free on Application. -
a.svnsiw9. m ssi,v.
i . i iti

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