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rnblicBdlldlnm Constrocted la Ten
esse The Vlckulmr.-aoi Me
ridian Bailroad.
Iooursfoxdixci or tbi irriu. I
AVariiinuton, February 15. Before
the mijournnient of the Senate liwt
Faring the Committee on Public Build
ing's were directed to have compiled a
tutement showing ull tho airopria
tions injulo by the government on ac
count of public buildings. The work
han been completed, and from it your
rorrenpondent has taken the following
of local interest to Tennessee:
Jockgon court-lmuHe unl pontolUee,
amount appropriated, (J0,0(K; Knox
ville, Jfil.415 111; Memphis court
house and poKteffice, $tiL0.i00; Marine
HoHpiUil, $76,000; Naxhville, 1548,500.
The (Vimmittce on Military A flairs
have under consideration a hill pro
viding for the construction of a mac
adamised road from the city of Mem
pliin to the National Cemetery, near
that city. It recites that the cemetery
is extremely difficult of access at all
seasons of the year, and almost iintxiH
sible of approach during the winter
and spring months by reason of the
bad condition of the roads, and that
the county of Shelby baa subscribed
$iKXX) to assist in the improvement of
sonic one of tho roads leading thereto,
and the citizens in the neighborhood
propone to subscribe a similar sum. It
is proposed, therefore, that the Secre
tary of War Iks authorized to construct
a gisKl and durable turnpike road from
the city to the cemetery, over such
road and along such route as he mey
deem proper; and he may, at his dis
cretion, accept such subscriptions as
ho may be offered, either by private
individuals or Shelby county, and for
the purpose an appropriation of $50,
K0 is allowed.
The committee have already ngreod
non a measure allowing $10,000 for
the construction of a gravel road from
the city of Natchez, Miss., to the Na
tional Cemetery near that place.
Another Tennessee- city, Knoxville,
asks forf4000 for the construction of a
macadamized road along the east side
of the National (Vmetervat that point.
This the committee also has under
The Committee on War Claims re
ported favorably the bill, or rather a
new bill "which more cleiirly embod
ies the principle upon which they
think the settlement should le made
with the railroad company," directing
the Quartermaster-! iencrid to settle
with the McMinnvilleand Manchester
Itailroad Company. This new bill
directs a settlement upon the follow
ing basis: Itailroad iron taken by tho
annv, $2.'H,S.S0; chairs, $7200; spikes,
fciiiOO; switches, floOOj total, f'W,
KKO, which sum shall bo allowed the
company. From this amount there is
to be deducted the sum owing to the
United States by the 'company, which
is evidenced bv a judgment of the
United States Circuit Court at Nash
ville. The balance is to be paid to
the Nashville and Chattanooga Kail
road Company, in its bonds now held
by the United States fop material pur
chased of the government since the
In response to the request of the
Secretary of War for information as
to tho obstructions to navigation by
bridges in the waters of the Tennessee
district, Maj. King says:
"In considering the question as to
whether any given structure is an ob
struction to navigation within the
meaning of the act of Congress, it
seems proper to take note of tho fact
that most, if not all, of the bridges
have been built under State laws,
while Congress either approved or
was silent on the subject, and this
fact, in view of the decision of the
Supreme Court, to the effect that Con
gress fn'ing silent State action must
be held legal, would seem to call for a
very conservative course in regard to
recommending the removal or altera
tion of bridges, except in cases where
the extent of the inconvenience or ob
struction to navigation is so great as to
leave no douht as to the justice and
necessity for decisive action. "If the
bridges were merely projected, instead'
of being actual structures, it is not
probable that more than half a dozen
on the list would be approved without
some modification of plan or location."
Maj. King recommends ' that the
owners of all bridges on the Cumber
land and Tennessee rivers having
draws less than 125 feet clear width,
be formally notified that the bridges
are obstructions, and that in case of
rebuilding or entensive repairs, they
will lie required to make the necessary
provisions for free and safe navigation.
In the list referred to above the en
gineer notices two bridges on tho Ten
nessee river, five on the Cumberland
river, and one each on the Red, Duck.
Clinchi, Iliawussee, French Broad and
Holston rivers.
Tho Vicksburg and Meridian Hail
road Company of Mississippi ask the
Committee on Claims to recommend
that there be refunded to them the
amount collected from the company
in 18ti5-So as internal revenue tax on
its bonded debt.
Under the provisions of the bill
passed by the Semite increasing the
annual appropriation for arming the
militia to $(100,000, the State of Ten
nessee will be entiUod to a credit each
year of $15,980 88 to draw :npon .for
arms and camp equipage.
The Committee on Finance recom
mend that William J. Smith, formerly
Surveyor of Customs at Memphis, be
.allowed $2004 IK) on aneount of the
defalcation of N. 1). Smith., Deputy
The Committee on War Claims have
:a bill to pay John T. (iatesof Bledsoe
county, $2202 for horses and forage
used by the army of the United States
during the war.
The siime committee have rejected
the claim of Kane C. Hutchison for
f 47,050 for services rendered and ex
h'hsob incurred in the military iMTvice
of the United States during the "war.
The service performed were s a
"scout" in the secret service of (the
government The committee nay Uiat
"a careful examination of the facts of
this cawe irresistibly produces convic
tion in the mind that the claim in un
founded. A Very Misawg Prshlbltloa Twa
Edarailoaal Crater.
h'KA. Mkw., February 1(1. Your
Corinth eorrospondhn, "Corrigenda,"
in his article of the llJth instant perpe
trates a libel on luka when he says or
intimate that whisky is sold here.
This is a prohibition town, ami none
the worse for it, tiod knows. A few
dirty beer saloons are here, to 1m sun1,
but what whisky is drank here is
brought in on the sly. We have a few
si ireheads here, such' an your Corinth
correspondent, who rant loudly and
are unscrupulousin their assertions,
hut the fact remains, all the same, we
have a decent town so long as we
k.M'p whisky out. I am not for le
t'liding Corinth; "Prohibitionist" will (
attend to that. But I say this much,
that if "Corrigenda's" statements
alwut Corinth are as far short of the
truth as the fretting of whisky in luka
and the receipts of cotton in Burns
ville, then the whole of his statements
must go for nothing. It is a well
known fact to all who know the two
places that there is no comparison,
as Corinth receives in one month
more cotton than the town of Burns
ville in the whole season.
Our town is known abroad as an
educational point, having a large nor
mal school, patronized largely b our
own and sister States. We cannot af
ford to be misrepresented in this mat
ter. H-
Amonntlnc lo a Talal r ,41V0O0
Ib Public Pocket la lep
aud Very Full.
Wahiiisoton, February 1)1. lst
week the Senate pawed twenty-nine
bills appropriating 4,4 15,000 for the
construction of public buildings in
various parts of the country. Alto
together there have been 148 such
bills introduced in this Congress, call
ing for an aggregate appropriation of
about J2(,(KKi,000. The appropriation
for each public building is made by if
sHcial act. If then; were one gen
eral appropriation bill for such pur
jHises, while it might not. prevent
waste any more than does the -River
and Harbor bill, it would at least at
tract the attention of the country.
Under the present system large sums
are yearly voted for "public buildings
in small' villages, while the govern
ment is denied such structures where
thev are most needed. The following
is tfie list of appropriations:
Appro- P. Q . Ppu
PlaCe, prtntinn. ?-ip(f . Intion
Camden, N J.... IKXMMU t 28.0M 4 1, WW
Annapolis. Md lOo.OOO 7,721 fi.ti!2
Norfolk. V 2SO,t0 43,3K) 22,(KI0
Ilunttrille, Al . 100 0O0 6,101 4,977
Worcester, M-i ztO.OOU Rti 0K7 18,291
Fort Suiiita, Ark. ... 150,1X0 8,874 3,m
Monro, La ... 100 000 3,415 2,070
Mom City, la .. 100,0i0 28,6'5 10,000
Jacksonville, Fla 151,000 37,3 10,100
Pueblo, Col 150,000 Jl.tiM 3,217
(Ireenville, 8. 0 fO,0 7.804 ,lrt)
Oshknsb, Win 100 000 20,01.3 15.748
Vicknburi, Miss lOO.OoO I7,4i3 11 814
Portland, Ore moOU rY,:(l7 18,0o0
Fortran M- nroe.Va. 15.00) 3,M)i 525
Houston, Trx 75,000 33,000 10,513
Lancater. l'a . 10 ,00) S3 rt!2 26,000
Pawtuoket, R.I. ...... II 0,000 .l,301 m,l4K)
Fort Scott. Ks.Mdl). 50.000 16,'JIO 6,372
Wiflhila, Kas (addl). 50.000 21,211 4,011
Newport, Ky 100.(00 8,flR 20.4tt
Opolous.s, L 60.000 2,702 1,676
Hudson, N.V 50,000 12.9.4 8.670
Wilmington, N.C.... 2K),0i0 20,615 17,31
Peyton, 0 l.'O.OOO 66,186 38.000
Z.neeville, 0 150,000 22 46V 18,113
San Antonio, Tex 2 0,000 32,fK2 20, on
Dover, N. 11 ino.UOO ll.fiN 11,687
Augusta, Oa 200,l00 31.767 21, Wt
Houlton, Me 50,000 3,969 6,000
S.illwater, Minn 76.000 13,930 9,055
Springfield. Mass 156 000 73,770 31,000
Abhison, Kar 100.PUO 2', 417 15,105
Petersburg, VeUddl) 50,(00 17,793 21 656
Kan Francisc (site). S'O.dOO 50 303 23:t,iMI
Montpelier, VL 125,000 11,28 6,817
ToUl $1,540,000
Some- of these appropriations are
additions to others ipreviously made.
For Petersburg, Va., $113,000 had al
ready been appropriated, thus bring
ing the total up to i 163,000. Portland,
Ore., now has a postollioe building,
and Norfolk, Va., has a t'.'20,(K)0
building. In' the House bills are
pending for a public building in Ope
lousas, La., which has ItiTii inhabi
tants; Monroe, La., with 2000 inhabi
tants; Asheville, N. C, with '2CM in
habitants; Komco, Mich., with Ki20
inhabitantH; SUiusville, N. C, with
1002 inhabitants, and numerous other
such villages. The House committee
has recommended an addition to the
appropriation for the Rochester build
ing, thus bringing the total for that
city up toOO.OOO ;
Six Uvea I.ont and a JTamber of
Olbara Danp;eroaal7 Iojnred.
Point Pleasant, W. Va February
17. The passenger train on the Ohio
Central road due here from Charleston
at 5 o'clock last evening was wrecked
at Ten-mile trestle, a. few minutes
before tJiat hour. One coach jumped
the track and ran into the Kanawha,
the others narrowly escaping follow
ing. There is no "telegraph office at
the scene of the disaster, but word was
brought from there at a late hour last
night which makes the accident a very
bad one. It is reported that six pas
sengers in the coach which went over
tho bank were unable to escape and
were drowned, and that another pas
senger nniTicd Klkins was instantly
killed. Fight others are wounded,
among them being J. W. Dent of
Parkersburg, Dr. F. S. Roush of Ma
son countv, ami the Hon. Kdward
Zohn of this place, United States Mar
shal for this distaiet. The latter is
very dangerously hurt. It is feared
that fuller details will increase the
loss of li(e.
Daniel Searles of Hurricane Sta
tion, Putnam county, W. Va., had
gone to the front platform, and when
the coach went down he was caught
in some way, and either drowned or
killed. His' body was got out this
morning and sent home. Ed Sehen of
this place had a leg sprained and
bruised, Wuit is dojng well; ioorge
Brown, cut in the face and head, not
seriously; Pr. L. F. Roush of New
Haven, "W. Va., slightly cut by jump
ing through a window ; W. 1. Dent of
Parkersburg, slightly cut in the head
and legs and somewhat bruised by a
stone falling on him as the car turned
over; E. S. Bright of Brighton, W.
Va., and O. L. Wilson road master,
jumped off the rear end of the coach
as it went over, escaping with nothing
more serio-js than ducking in ice
cold water.
Htgro Ron Over and Killed ay a
Bnilroad Train.
Covinotox, Tens., February 17.
Train No. 10, east-bound, ran over Ar
teipns McCallsm, cutting both legs off
near the body, last night, one mile
north of this place, causing alnt in
stant death MoCallum had evidently
gone to sleep on the track in an in
toxicated state. He was industrious
and honest. He leaves a wife.
Drives ta Desperation by Want
aad aMsfTerlna.
New Youk, February 17. Alexan
der Geier, aged forty years, was ar
rested here bulav, w hile climbing over
the East river bridge promenade. His
purpose was to commit suicide by
jumping from the structure. He said
that he wanted to die because of his
inability to provide for his wife ami
four children, who ranged from three
weeks to eight yearn of age. They
lievd at No. 17K Essex street. An offi
cer who went there to investigate found
the prisoner's wife and their little
ones crowded in a small room in the
rear of the building. They had eaten
nothing for two days.
Coughs and Hoarsk-ness. The irri
tation whiih induces coughing im
mediately relieved by m-e of "Browi't
BroncJiUil Trochei." Sold ' only in
Tbe Reese Tracm for Maklnr Sterl
and th New Phosphate That
Ri salts From IU
IcouKsroxDisci or tbi rriL.I
Birmingham, Ala., Ala., February
15. Tho meeting here last week of
individual and corporation holders of
coal lands in the N arrior basin was an
attempt to place the property in slnie
to command a market. It seems
none of the holdings are in sufficient
nrea to justify purchase for practical
milling, although they aggregate 2"mI,
000 acres. Capt. Josenh F. Johnston,
president of one of the banks here,
whilom chairman of the State I Vino
cratic Executive Committee, and a
forceful man in all enterprises in
which he may liecome interested,
originated the" plan of solidifying
these coal properties in corporation
control so 'as to justify mining capital
in taking hold of them, and throwing
thus a greater supply of coal on the
market. There is a manifest jealousy
of the increase of political influence
growing up in this manufacturing sec
tion of the State felt by the old cotton
plantation licit. The Montgomery
Adcirtimr, which holds itself out as the
organ of the IVmocracy of the Stiite,
rushed breathless into an attack a col
umn and a half double-leaded editorial
against this proposition of the coal
land proprietors. There was nothing
in the move itself more than ordinary
business, and nothing to excite the.
rertimr except the js-nding campaign
for State otficers, and the growing vote
anl influence of the manufacturing in-terests-in
this part of the State. This
" heartless corporation of coal men"
was only a peg to hang an argument on.
The approach of the time when
Memphis and Birmingham will be
united by an air line railroad, means a
great ileal in the solid solid character
of Birmingham real estate investment
The Klyton I-nnd Company is wiling
from fl'OOO to $i000 jer diem in valua
ble lots, while private speculators buy
more than they sell. The Elyton Land
Company grows rich by selling its
property at reduced rates on long
time, It pays enormous dividends.
Starting out 'with somo 1 100,000. in
vested in land, it has Sold more than
half the hind, while the other half is
worth $5,000,000, and tho original
has been paid back in dividends at
least four times over. It is very lib
eral to its venders, both in prices and
terms for payment".
Mr, Reese, tho inventor of the Basic
process of making steel from iron ores
heavily charged with phosphorus, as
ours ate, explains that tho lime used be
comes impregnated with the phospho
rus by the elimination of the latter.
The lime then appears as a highly
valuable phosphate, suitable for fer
tilization of lands. He claims that the
value of this phosphate alone will be
about 17 per ton of steel ingots. Bir
mingham, therefore, is destined to de
velop an unexpected industry of large
proportions in this fertilizer. The
older plantations of the Mississippi
Valley need this assistance already.
The daily papers are both urging
the Alabama Congressmen to move to
place the proceeds of the sales of
1,000,000 acres of government mineral
hinds, the last the government owns
in the State, in the hands of the State
to establish here a great polytechnic
school. There is a large white farm
ing imputation in different parts of the
Stute which ought to be educated in
the industrial arts and offered the po
sitions in manufactures certain to
spring up in the mineral region.which
otherwise foreign labor must fill.
A Maimed llrakeman Geta Judg
ment Aaalaat a Hallway
Piii.vc'eton, Ind., February 17. In
the ease of Win. Gayton vs. The
Evnnsville and Terre Haute railway,
brought hero from Evansville on a
change of venne the jury has ren
dered a verdict for the plaintiff and
awarded damages of $.508:!. The case
lias been in the courts for four years,
and has attracted much interest. The
facts are these: (iayton was a brake
1111111 on a special train coming south,
which collided with a freight train,
(iayton was wetlged in between the
tender and caboose, but succeeded in
prying himself out. He was badly
injured and bleeding profusely, but
romembered that the south-bound
passenger train was due in five min
utes. He gathered himself up, tied
his handkerchief around his mangled
hand anil with a red flag staggered up
the track to warn tho approaching
train. Twice he fell, exhausted and
weak, hut with indomitable pluck he
rose each time and reached a trestle
500 yards from the collision, just as
the passenger train came up, thus
preventing a serious loss of life. His
signal was seen, and then tho brave
fellow fainted and remained uncon
scious for two days. He finally re
covered, but a cripple for life. Ho
presented the physician's bill to the
railroad company, but payment was
refused. Suit "was then instituted
for $10,000 damages, and after several
changes of venue and other delay, th
trial came off with the result as stated.
Mtibs, Fl., September 20, 1882.
Flchiho Baoa.
It affordi ma pleasure to utnre yon that
after mini Dr. 0. McLene'e Celebrated Liver
Pilla lor mora than tweoty yean In my fara
llj, that I reirard then aa beina anperior to
any I have ever aaed or have leen naed. I
have sot had them constantly, and had to
try otheri, and I have tried a good variety,
hat I have never bad any to act 10 promptly,
profitably, and nicoly aa M-Lne'i. I have
used hem on myeeff, wife and children,
with the most aratifyinf reiulU. For chil
dren, having used tbein 00 my own with iuch
eaay and happy effect, I would recommend
them to one and all. These pilla do tbe
work do it promptly, do it wall, and leave
no ill effect! behind. A" a bile remover, ai
a liver corrector, as a forerunner preparing
the system tor quinine, there ii no ill or
medicine equal to Dr. 0. MoLane'i Cele
brated Liver fills. I expeot to nse them ae
lone as I live, II they eontinue aa ood aa
th.y have been in the past. Your' truly,
Paator of M. E. Clinreb. Sooth Myers Sta
tion, Tempa Diatriot, Florida Conference.
A VOID t OttXTKRFEITM! Sand ns 2Sc,
-- and we will send you by return mail a
box of the genuine Dr. 0. MoLane'i Cele
brated L ver Pills and eight handsome cards.
Over fifty million boxes have been used by
the people of the U. S. What better certifi
cate eould they have?
FLEMING BROS.. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Don't bay any McLane's Pills unless they
are made by Flmio Baoa , Pittsburgh, Pa.
Tbe counterfeits are made in St. Louis, Mo.
We roraiaHV
your CI at tfiehett Mfrteftty
lo u Cot IxauMratre
and Cleat.
Wi hire sold uiinliisa
el4e, and in amy taee a
hAtfir iiri,lVtV
Hudata.IL T.
prraoua seeking Government Km
tiloyment in any of the departmenta at
Vasbington, or any other positions under
the Government, I will send I nil instruction!
as to how to ivh!mmI to obtain the same,
and Blank lormsef aipllllu nn
receipt nt One Dollar. All. it-ftp JOHN
1, ollibil, .Loelt'box MM, Ctvoave).
f f TO DAT.J
g QamatMe at le W
I I etaes Striatal. "
I I Hriaalybyeae
a . Irani CKmiImI Aa .
V OUwIiinaUir" jyi
Scrofula of Lunss Re
lieved. I am now forty-nine yean old, and have
suffered for the last fifteen yean with a long
trouble. Several members of the family en
my mother! side of the houre had died with
consumption, and the doctors were all
agreed in their opinion that I had consump
tion also. I had all the distressing symp
toms ot that terrible diseate. 1 have spent
thousands of dollars to arrest the march ot
this disease; I have employed all of the
usual nieibods, not only in my own eate,
but in the treatment of other members of
my family, but temporary relief was all
that I obtained. I was unfit for any manual
labor for seve al years, liy chance 1 re 111 e
into possession of a pamphlet on ' Blood
and rikin Diseases," from ihe ofiice of Swilt
Specihc Co., Atlanta, Ha. A friend recom
mended the use of t-wilt'l Specific, rlaimicg
that he himself had brei ireatly benefited
by its nse in 10 me lung trouliles. I resolved
to try it. About lour years ago 1 commenced
to take 8. S. S. according to uirections. I
found it an invigorating tonic, and have used
about fifty bottles. The re-ults are most re
markable. My cough has lett tua, luy
strength hat returned, and I weigh sixty
pounds more than 1 ever did in my life. U
haa been three years since 1 stopped the
use of the medicine, but I have bad no re
turn of the disease, and there are no pains
or weakness felt in sir lungs. I do the hard
est kind of mechaaical work, and feel aa
well aa I ever felt lince I was a boy. '!' ese,
I know, are wondorful 'atementi to make,
but 1 am boneit when I say that I owe my
existence and health to-day to Swift's fili
cide. It is the only medicine that brought
me any permanent relief I do nut say that
Switt'i Speoiho will do this in every oase,
but must positively affirm that it haa done
this much for me, and I would be recreate
to the duty 1 owe to suffering humanity if I
failed to bear this cheerlul testimony to the
merits of this wonderful medicine. I am
well known in the city of Montgomery, and
can refer to some of the best 'itiiens in the
city. T. J. HOLT.
Montgomery, Ala., June 25, 1KH5.
Swift'e SpeciDo is entirely vegetable.
Treatise on Blood and Sktn Diseaset mailed
Th Swift Sricinc Co.,
Drawer 8, Atlanta, Oa,
Cur Bilksuwms. DvPCPSiA.TonpiD Live ,
8iok Headache, Malaria, Indigestion. 8ot'w
Stomach, Bad Bseatm, Vehtioo, DvsENTfiV,
Ask for MILK BEANS-TakenoHuh;tltute. Malll
lo any adilnwa, Mow In ..Umin Hold h Jlnuwlel
and Mwllrlne Dealers everywhere. Circulars .
J. y. SMITH a. CO. bfroi. Sr. Lom.eW"
A Valuable Paten?
Panjy'e (Horn) Coin and Pea Plan,
lev i
aAVINQ perfected my invention, I wish
o plitce it before the public, especially
m .rufaoturera. Aa a nrn Planter, 1 1 1" a
perfect ui east openi the drill, diitributei
the seed aoei.rateiy, nnimered, and coven
the same, thereby one man performing ihe
work of three. lho have been used in
this section tor over a dotrn years with per
fect satisfaction. Can give respoi sible tosti
inonials. ddress y
JOHN 11. DANCT.Danoyville,
Havwooil countv. Tom.
DioaTAnd numeiYMlB
nf aaMMiri ifee-ILHem. b&lV
Hlnif lha akillltd chr
Mini Ann. rmiilt frrjll
youtiiful indUonuon
ARaoioalOuri for
loo f raa IndulmnOaV of
over brain work. Avoir
the irapotukin of DRiaa
ttouf mMdlM wi lhc
troubltt. Ort out Fm
Kt tud Ituni tmporunl
UcU befbr takius &
me nt eltrwhere. Imkt
CUHKD thouiaiMU, doat
not Interfera vub tUo
ilun to buitowM, or oun
nt.nor tnoonwnlfiagtui
Organic Weakness,
InYounn A Middle
Aged Men.
Tebtid for over 8ix
Years by use in many
Thousand Osta.
tiny WAT. fWiKted oo
clemtflo mraKal
Rporlflo influBDMi la nH
without delay.
ursl ftjnctrotisof tha doj
man orfTAnitm li iMtorwii.
I h aolmatinc aUoianU
of life, which nava btwa
warted are ci van baclutuia
One Month, fSOOi
'i wo eaontna, - o.uog
XnreeatonUia, 7.0o
Iful.nd rapidly jrminboti
trrnfTtb aad nuaifft0i
hhfl DtMfntboeoiDMCbaar
IWKKI3 Kcmtui vwSI f
BOOW N. Tenth St.. BT. LOTTI9. MO.
nil DTURED PERSursai NOta I
Not a l
a W 1 Aflk fortormaoronr A'
1 Atinllnnce.
InHolreut JVolice.
No. KI97 K 7.-fitateof Tennes'ee, Shelby
county. Office of County Court Clerk, Mem
phis, Tenn., January 30, 186-To John
Loague, Publio Administrator, and at
such Administrator ol .the estate of A.
Younr, deceased:
HAVINli suggeted the insolvency of the
estate of A. Voung, deneased, you are
hereby ordered to give notice, by advertise
ment in some newspaper published within
the said State, and also at the Court-liouse
door ol Shelby county, for all persons having
olaima against said estate, to appear and die
the same, authenticated in the manner pre
scribed by law, on or before the Sd day of
May, 18M, and any claim not Sled on or be
fore said day, or before an appropriation of
the fundi of said estate is made, shall be for
ever barred, both In law and equity. Wit
ness my hand, at office, this 30th day of Jan
uary, 1806. n b CDtlEN c,erk
By Louis Kettmann, Deputy Clerk.
Notice is hereby given as required by the
above order. January 30. lKHo.
JOHN LOAUUK, Administrator.
Agent! far Memwritw. Testa.
TYIsERPESK ino.-7-tg"
r-riw-. ir NMp. Illoiitrat'd Catalog 1B
finest eter prlnteH. now rewlr,
L repnuontti over WO New, Oriel-
l .nal Blrleeo Offioe A Library
f 1 Deski, Tables, Cbairt,
tt iCi ' Jrf Book Cues, Lounges,
If -ci ""I letter Presses, Cabinet!
I Ladle.' Fancy Deikt,
s ' 3 Flowtt Oooda aod ltveat
1 -- fl prloM)uaranUiel. Catalog
-a i nasi tna PQ.U,. jp. na pg.iala,
WANTm AQENTd.Men and Women.
BIBLE " Introduction by Kav. J. II. Vin
cent. D.D. One agent has sold M in a town
of 671 peoples one 73 in a village ol 794; one
new agent eo in 10 days; one ''d in 4 succes
sive weeks; one 40 in 3 days at two ditlerent
times. Experience not necessary Address
CAHKI.LACO. (L't'd),
40 TlearKo.n arel. fiMfa-a-o.
St. Agnes Academy.
DAY the Mof February. Terms-f7ri.
tM.lv ) and 1100, acimrding to tho are and
class of the pupil. For further particnlnrs
m m m
I 2 i
f I
i lip !
pply to the l.ndy Mine rinr. e -n
U srwlsSMiiiilie1sWli"i inl
Jaaaea tleeabar
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Establisb-ed 1863.
C5ott;o:o. 3FaiO"to3TS
25G Jind 258 Front
Fulmer.Thoi iitoD gGp
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers.
No. 306 Trent Streot Memphlt, Tenn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K.GOD WIN, Pres't. J.M.tiOUlMUAK, Vlce-PrcsX ('.II. BAISiE,Canhler.
Boerd or Dlrootor.
D. T. PORTER. . J. M. HOODBAU) J. R. 00Wnf,
W. 8. BRUCK. M.tJAyiN, J. W. KALI .H.
irl Depoellory of the Ntate) of Teiineaaee. Tranearfa a Urneral Baaklni
Ba.ineaa anil erleea Speeilal Atlenllon In illenlli'
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 11 Union Street, : : !fleiiiliK, TWs
If. 0. PKARCK.
B!LO.Peapoe & Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'ts
ietsoa Warehanae Woe. HH and (. Halan aiwt.
Blind llrldloH,
Trace t haliin,
MlnKlo TrcoH,
Doable Trccfa.
Curry CombH,
A Complete Line of the above iioodn at Lowest Prlcea.
O". T.LaPRADE cfis OO
301 and 303 Main Street, Mcinphl, Tenn.
W. A. GA.GE & GO.
Cotton JBeEtotors,
No. SOO Front Street. : Memphis, Tenn.
-H1II pay Good Prlceti for MOTEN, GIN FALLN and
TRASHY COtTON ot all denerlptlonM. Send for Circular
and Price Paid.
75 Vance Street, Memphis. Tenn.
OilS C&3 3STeEtT7-aEtl aStODTOS
Ofllcp, 349 Front Street, MomphlH, Tenn.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompaiw,
3vt xxjVEt.vt7k::ei xa.
HrVHf Tlllf Q DTTAICriTr I omeeaad Bollllef Works, A l Calea
ilLIiilll ilia Jill All V XI, lseaxtaidIeetaoae,eor..HalBet Aeilii
S. ROESCHiiR, Aeent, Memnhii, Tenn.
lalel la 1M3, S9O,0OO Barrelc.......alea el Heraphla Braaek, 100,000 Beet
MtUms tes srtO.OtMl Barrels.
H. daTla.
Joha .alllvaa.
TFholesale Grocers, Cotton Pnctor
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Llempliis, Tenn,
ilr.;i. M. RAINKY devotee his whole time to tho welching anil sa'e f all Cotton entrusted
lo our charge. Colteu Warehouse, 'Ji Wiubington street.
I Was. JL. riark tageae J. fJarrlaieTaOei I Fgaah L leae.
3aati tnlollaalaocl lOOO. I
St., Memphis, Tenn.
Lap I.lnka,
Lap Itliitpi,
Ilepalr Lin kit,
Coll on Jlopp,
Hoi-mb lirnHiif h.
rnoa. Clark.
K. J. Clara
No. MM. R. D.'-Cbaaeery Court af Rhelby
eoai t Ctale of Tenneesee tor lie own nse,
etc., va. Catherine Hors-aa el ai.
BY virtue ot an tnterlorutorr aleeree lor
sale entered In the above cause on the
tth dai c Denemb r, lwv", M. B. 60, paae
M. I will sell t public auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o tbe Clerk and Matter e
oftoe, oourthouse ol bhe by eountj, Menv
lhi, Tean.( on
Halarda, If are h , IMS,
within leral hours, the followlne de
lroi ertr, situated in hhelbr count, lei
tee, lo-wit: ....
I.d A. hlnk 10. F W Fraith's sobdlvl-
slon, bv lSo feet on the west side of Or
leans street, southwest corner of alley a rth
of St. I'aul street. Bold aa property of M.
K. Myers.
Lot -M, block 1A, east tide ol Tblrd street,
W feet south ofGroieie street, 24 by 1UW
feet. Sold as uroi otty tf Tboina, Nagle.
Lot :m. block III. eaet side of 1'hird street.
10th ward, 'U bv IUS fe t, the north line be
inc 74 feet south ol iteurma street. Bold at
iroierty i-f Ihnmaa Na.le
Lot 1H, block 1, fronting 114 feet on the east
side of Water street, rVt I'iokerina, and
luuiina bar rl feet. Bold ae property ol
the Oriental Powder Co..
Lot H. Polk's subdivision. M by lTOfettoa
south side of tleoriia street, the west lne be
InaJHUfoet east o( Orleans street. 6old aa
pMiertv of J. W. Purnell.
Lot 40, block II. eaat side of fieoond street.
24 by im feet, M leet north of Alabama
atreet, loth w.rd.
Lot 41, block II, ea t tide nf Keoond street,
24 by ItK), 72 feetunrih of Alabama.
Lot 42. block II, east aide of 8ound street.
24 by lit) feet, linh ward.
Lot 43, block 11, east side of rteoond street,
24 bv tiki feet.
Lol 44, block 11. eaat rile of Seesnd street,
24 bv Ml f.ct. hold aa property of baiauel
bcheililer and others.
Lot !. block 17, north tide of Carolina
street, bv 1U) Iret, It) feet east of fourth
street, gold aa rroprrty of Thomas Nelson.
Lot 21, block 17, north tide of Car linn
street, Jf by Ml feet, tf fee' east of Fourth
steot. Hold aa nrm ertv ol Thomas Nelson.
Lot 2", block 14, south side of Breadway.
iS by 17U leet, 26 fret east of allay eaat of
Third street, 10th ward.
Terms ol Sale On a rrrdit of six months :
note with security bearing interest required!
lien retained, redemption barred. Thus Feb
ruary 1, lxi.
S. I. MuDOWELL, Clerk and Master
My J. M. liradley, Iienuty Clerk k Master.
Y . 11 & C. W. lloUkell, Molicitors.
TriiMtee'et Nate.
BY virtue of a trnst deed eienuted to me
as truntet by K. M. Apperson and Susan
11. Apperson, kia wife, recorded in record
la"k A 2, pane 4(l.t, in the Circuit Court
CVrk't and heenrdor't office ot Crittenden
county, Arkansas, to secure certain indebt
edness therein mentioned, default havinc
been mado in said deed ol trust, I will, it the
request ol the beneficiary In s.ld trust deed,
Febrnary I si, lN,
within Iraal hours, on the proml el, offer lor
sale, at pulille oulory, fur curb, to the hiih
ent bidder, the followiim property detrribed
in said triitl deed, tn wit, the plantation!
known aaV,n.keand Derkley plantations,
situated in Cntlendin county, Arkansas,
about nine miles below Memphis, beine aa
follows, to-witi All ol section 111, Til, KB 0
K, b3 111-Ml acret : W NW trotion 'J), T
I, N K I K. W acres; - Ir '4 sect ion Dl, T A,
N K K, 2t0 acres i NV Ir V, section Stl, T ,
N II li, in W 100 acres; part of Spanish
Urant No, 2:173. Tfl N K K, ! Ki-lUUecrea:
N K ' . section 2f. T6. N 11 V V., Ml seres; a
S Nit H section :il, T 0, N R M K, 0 acres:
NW section 31, T . N 9 K.liWaores; 8W
trctUin 30, T li, N KD K. 1"U acret i rJH
section 2fi. T 6, N K 8 K, l' acres; N K aeo
tinn 2rt. T il.N KIK. rt.1l acres ; W H lection
2Ti, T li, N K K, .VJU acres; tilt Ir tectlna.
30, T II, N K K. 66 acres Ir section 2D. T 6.
SHU K, 12 acres; part ofrpanith (Irani
o. 2:173, T 6, fi K 9 E. ilM acres In all con
taining tnonty-eifht hundred and olihty
two and 10-MI acres, liuretlier with all im
provemcnts thereon and all appurtenanoet
thereunto belonging. The equity of redemp
tion and right to dower and homestead
waived. , , ,
Also at said time and place, and on talil
terms, will tell Ihe following porsonal prop
erty, situate and now tin sai l ylaolntlonl.
tn-w it : Kurt seven mules, forty-one head 0
ouilU', lour hois, boing all the uioles, cattle
ami hogs on said i.lnnta'lonl Also, a full
and complete assortment ol farming Imple
ment t.
Title believed to be good, though I iel
and warrant only aa trustee.
Bulo to comuience at 12 o'clock.
W. M. bNh K 1). Trustee.
year, at Court Place, now at
a roi.nr HmiM i toniir ewniM pajaUaaaaaiae
... iuumIuI, at hU orMUu. win ". .
permatorrliM and ImpoUaoy,
u tut rfinli f iif buM la youih, wnal mn w Ms
.ur ym, or Hbr oauom, ftna pmtfiH Mwn.vif
.l..n. k A ra.m.1. Dlnniii mi UUhL Dohwdv UH trill'
itU'Mia, riiniHOlOB rWOaa aena - ""wnj i rsmirr.
OotifimU.a f ui, Itoia of kiwi fumwr, Ac rmdr1
aiii Imiwoitiir r onhaiipT, r tborMtttilt mp4 pmmm,
iwn-i. SYPHILIS 9"l
'l,l'"lr frnw IU iitKia; CrOBOZTDBAe
GLEET. Atriotur, OraiUUs, rula, i ttiUkrv
ill n U.I iillinf prtfH JIiwhI aioklj tannL
It U o-U .(letttl tbikl hy alalu vtw pa Dpt-1 ftUsMitM-a
WifcMrttv.n olM of itiMatwa. kbI IthUm UvwubiI tftna-
oqulrMfr-att.IlL rhrtfrikMhMVtMa.. fkCeffUa
rvniniuruil M-rfnn to iaf ft he) U ( Inownaifini u
lit tin ciij to- le-Mln-tit, modiilDM mi Im aw. Brtvul
tail by Bull or titrvM aaywUora.
;nro Unarattta la 4Ui vavtM
ut ia ifMatn r Hv IKkBr it m9 nnm.
or W0 pmm, r atW-M, roann MWd, ftr thitif
mi oiuu, HbimH bo reui br U, AtldraM fti abo
'mao bejun tVma A. U. to t T. k. auidi, Ito i T
No. 32W, R. (0) Chancery Conrt of Shelby
county Htate of Tenocete,, for uie.eto.,.
v.Win. K. Duller etal.
BY virtue of an Interlocutory decree for
ale, entered in the above cause on the
Bill day of November, Into, minute book AO,
page VI, I will tell, at publio auction, to the
highest bidder, la front of the Clerk and
Matter's office, court-house of bhelby coun
ty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Natarda-, r.brnary IM, 1KH6.
within legal hour,, the following described1
proierty, situated In Memphis, bhelby ooun
ty, Tenn., to-wlti
Lot No. 10, oountry lot 470, beginning at
the Intersection of tbe etinth tide of Market
street with toe east side of the alley running '
north and south betw en and para lol to
Third and Fourth streets; Ihence south with
the eaat line of said all y 20 feet, more or
less, to another alley parallel to Market
ireet; thence eaat with t e north line of
aid last named alley l48'i feet; tbence
north 2111 feat, more er less, to the south line
of Msrket t'reet; thence west with said
street I4H4 feet to the b ginning, laid lot
being known as the Titus homestead.
Termi of Sale On a credit el x monthtr
rurchaaer to execute note with security;
ien retained and redemption barred.
This J-nuary id, 1HH4.
8. 1. MnOOWKLL, Clerk and Matter.
By I. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
J. W. Hampton, auliPi'or.
No. SOT, R-ChanceryConrt'of Shelby Coun
ty btate nt lenncasoe for it. wn use,
etc., vs. Uabe Juduh et si., and to. 3W
). titute ol Tennoa ee vs. W. li. Duller
et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
lale entered in the above cause on the
2nth day ol November, Ikn'i, M. 1). Ml, page
21o, I will tell, at publio auction, to tbe biun
est bidder, in front ol the Clerk and Mas
trr'l otiice. courthouse ol Btolby cvunly,
Memphis, Tenn,, on
MatHt-day. t'ebraary SO, 1HN6.
within legal hours, the lollowmg described
IToperty, titunted in Khelov ronoly, Tenn.t
wit: Part ol loU )7 and -H, fionting
20 17-1WT feet on the north si lo of Washing
ton street by a d-pthol 6e le t. the east line
b ingbHVi leet westot Second trt-et. Sold
as i roper'y of Wm. and barnh Flynn.
Part ot 35, welt ti'ia ot Third street,
fron'ing H feet, ard running b. ck HrISi
leet. said lot being on the northwest corner
of Thud street and the alley brlween Adamt
and Washington atrerte. rol l as property of
James W. Richardson and others.
Terms oi Bale On a credit ol aiz nunthss
note bearing interest with tecurity rrquired J.
lien retained, redemption barred. Thu Jan-r
nary 21, lami.
a. I. McDOWKLI., CTerk aad Vaster.
ByJ.M Hradiey.l)putv i :rk and Matter..
V. II. & U. W. Beiskell and J. W.llainp
ton. Solicitor..
Pennyroyal Pills.
. "('HIIHKN1 kRts Eaaal.lRII
The Original ami stly Itranlae,
bale and always Ke'iuhle. llewareol aerli-
Imitations. Indi'peuil to III KM.
A your ISragaiat tor ltrheler'
mil . and take no other, or inclose 4
fstanipt) to us for particulars m i.nrrsa by
vi urn m nil. -. I'araK. Clil
rhetier I hemlral
HailUim tiqu.ir, hllsMla., -.
Tkib IS supplied by (1KO. C. OouUWIM
i I
Wboleeale AKrenU, Baalata, Haaa.

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