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rTJ1lr"W"Tr gta rsrxi.
Tbe Charging sod Incomparable ,
and Hfr ma Coniwlr Company.
Thuriday end Friday Nia-bt. .
.......I M'LLE N Tornm
Faturday Vat-nee a Ml'SETTK
li'iTXA introduciug New bonis and l'' tl.
Matinee pi Let ram as at night, l'er
formnncewill begin at 1:30 p. in.
February 2". '.4-JAMH
February 2,V21 27-AXMK PIXLKY.
Crosby's Dime Museum
244 Main St., Xenipbi.
..ole Proprietor
Commencing- MOSOlt, Febrnarj IS
Type Setting Contest!
For the Diamond Champion Badge.
Fat Convention Beauties
On" PlmeTo
SETTER A Hack and whit letter dog,
with brown bend. A liberal reward for
bin return to 66 8t. Martin street.
TYARMS Several Una formi in Arkansas
J? and Mia.'i..iipi on very eaiy terms and
low primer. Address
M, .1. MARTIN. Memphis, Tenn.
IP the nartvwho haa in hii concision a
J. CHILD'S BRACE tor the body, which waa ;
banded bun on tue coroerni vanco ana mnia
etreeu, will return it to 620 Main street, he
will be lihcrn W rewarded.
HORSE From my plaoe on Sunday last,
lame blnc horse, about fifteen bands
high, limpl a little in right bind toot, it be
ing a little larger than the other Will pay
a liberal rewurd on delivery to me, on
MoLemor. avenue. .,. w. Ti0,Av.
MR. DUD KN The blacltamith, if wanted
immediately by O. a Parson, 17 Front.
First-o'ass wheclwrightjind first-ci.si horte
ihcor wanted.
.LAW, i, urine and Cotnuierciiil Notary
Public, Coiuioifsioner ot feeds and U.
Commissioner, at the old office, No. 3 Madi
son street. i.'OLLKcTlUNS A ePECIALTY.
..YOKE Wishing the lervicea of Tnpp'a
Bund should apply at 74 VANCE ST.
dOU.UUU Bank will sell at PUBUO
AUCTION, to the highest b dde r. for ch,
at aoutbnest corner of Main end M ulison
treeta, on Wednesday, Mirch In. IMti, at 12
m.,!" many ot M.OtiO Pioneer Mill Mort
gaae Bonds and pust-duo Coupons as muy be
neocraary 'o piy the debt for which they lire
pledged- The'e Bonds are due Novo i ber 1.
S1'4, and uto in denomination! of !C0 and
tKHW, and have aemi-annual oiuponi at
tached, at the rate of fi per oent. per annum.
HINOLES (CYPRESS! tl 60 and $2 1
per t'ouaand.
pieces; a bargain at
310 Main street, opposite jjabedy Uotel.
DIANOS AT FIRST COST Call "thia week
if you want a bargain.
K. i
310 Main itree', uppoaite Peahody Uotel.
Doing a good bustneia. Apply to
JOHN ALLEN. Pickena, Ml".
thing tor conl or Seed t oxea.
K IV. ItUUUn. mr, ,vv ma u bi.
OUSE On Walnut atree', just south ol
Vance. t.ot over mitcer. noni. nvyif
JAOh-At F. A.Jones A Co. 'a, 61 Monro
street, one black Jack, five fears o'.d.and
a goea .... .
"A T NB.WPoR'1 NEWS, VA.-1000 loU.500
J.JL. iteiwaieriro i. . leevueop. rwiuu
iutormation address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Le lington street, BaltimoreMd.
ZiO oash. or payuble September 15, 1HS6,
with good security. .,..
Huleiah P ka. Ihi miles from' Brick Church,
Chelsea; 9 acres No. 1 land, house 0 rooms,
servants' housoi, stables, barns, cribs, dairy
house, well and cistern; also, 300 bushels
corn, hay and fodder, seed potatoes, turnips,
asparagus beds, hot beds and sash, agricul
tural implements, houaehold and kitchen
furniture, cows, calves, horses, mules,
wagons and Uarnesi. Apply on nr,n''',"j.
HORSE A sale, reliable family buggy
hoiae one well known to thecitisens
of Memphis. Apply at the liverT atable of
Memphis: 1W0 acres, of which about 3W
elearod and very rich land. A bargain can
be .toured by applicaUon
'PlSNClJtoBMI BiAUk UHihXll! lUATfcft
He eedwM " and all '" to the
10 B EST c'h pr'cc paid for old and new
FKA lll Kits. J. Jl. WiVlll tl, i .MID.
TWO R0OMS-(0ne furrihed), without
beard, in pmate fnmily, by a gentleman
and wiie, with three children ; deaireaplnce
whore we will led na much as possible at
home, and where children will bo no objec
tion; must have plenty of lawn space for
chiidren to exercise in ; prompt pay, best o
references required and given. Address at
, noe, FI.O HI OA, Corinth. Miss.
InVERYBODY To call and see the co'e
Li brated Oypsy Clairvoyant, st 177 Third
street, near Poplar
WHITE OIRL-That would make her
self uselul in a grocer stole. Apply ut
eorner of Calhoun and Mia-isaipp' avenue.
MEN Two responsible men to aoliolt or
ders; will pay esperiencad men ti to $3
a day; new men $1 to Si a day. American
Artiati' Association, 21 West Court street.
PARTNER With tr'H0 eap'tal, to I
intere t in a well established
i take an
buiinees an energetic, level-headed young
man preferred. Addreai P., Appeal onVe.
C100D COOK-White or colored, well 'ec
X O' mende, at h7 Poplar st , up-atair
LADY AGENTS For Mn. Campbell's
New "Tilter" a Titter. Bustle, Hoop
skirt and Underskirt combined. IIooi s can
be remove! aod skirt laondried. Adjusta
ble to any siie. .Ve.y fashionable, and sells
for ti to every well-dressed lady as toon as
shown. Agents double their money. Alao,
a full line of now famishing goods for ladies
andohildren. Address, with stson,
4S4 West Randolph St., Chicago. 111.
FEATHERS Ten thousand pounds, old
or now. by SAMUEL UARAY, Agent
and Commission Merohant, 4u9 Shelby st.
Send lor price-list.
T ADY AO ENTS Actually clear lift daily
with my wonderful New Patent Rubber
llnd rgartnent lor females. One lady sold 50
fitsttwohours. MRS. G. LITTLE,
Lock-box 413, Chicago, III.
AN ACTIVE MAN-(Oreoutof etnp'oy.
ment) to beain on moderate salary and
work himself up, representing, in hi own
locality, an old etaMishod house. Referen
ces exchanged. AM. MANUFACTURING
HOUSE. 14 Barclay street, N. Y.
AOBNTS In every section of the country
for two New Books, juat ready. SpactAt,
'Tsaugtoroen of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. Stato experience, age
and territory wanted. CSSELL A CO.
(limited), 822 Brondway, N. 1., and 40 Dear--born
street. Chicago.
SALESMEN In everv State in the ion
to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING establishment having several
SrgcIAi.Tiga thatare popular and easy sell
- ing. Can he handled alone or in connecti- n
with othor goods. Addre's THE WM. B.
TRAVELING and Cl'y Salesmen, regu
larly employed by wholesale houses, to
-carry one-half ounce sample (on commis
sion) of new article in use in all business
house. No samples will b sent unless ap-
nlicant 'ends card of house renrerented by
him. U. W. Stevens, 365 North Clark St.,
Chicago. III.
-1 if Mh.N Young and old, to bring
1UUU their Old Clothes to Roienatein i
Bro. and hay them renovated. liaia
-sad 16 Jeflenoa.
Hlteii Cattle !
This Day, Thursday. Feb. 18,
At the Union Stock Yard,
Wbfch are within ar access of the tertnl-
nul of th. liluo Street Cart.
The nwnert will offer for ia e, AT PUBLIC
AUCTION, the bl.ioceol thoiplendid herd,
eontUtiaj in all tf
Inoluding aoine of the choiceit
Cows, Bulls and Calves.
aarSele to commence pnneinall at
11 o'clock n. us -
Theie Cat'.le are all Registered in the North
Amerioan liolatein Registry and Cattle
Breeder.' Aai'eiLion. Partial in want of
Strictly FTat-elaiT Aniinal! should not fail
to avail thtmielveaof tbin opportunity.
Surviving partners of W. L Archibald A Co.
F)R City Property, 6 small Farm., 5 mile.
Iroio city, Old Raleigh road; will sell on
lone time. Address P. K., 32 Madiaon t.
2 WHITE COWS-flne with rope around
bead. 15 reward for t"' ir return to R.
H. BARTON, near Curve, Hen andu roal.
BROWN MARE Ml'LE About ten yean
old: longhair. Strayed on night of l)e
ceinb r 2ith. from Benieatnwn. Liberal re
ward tor her return to W. U. KELLY.
OuM Desirable futn-shed room, with
board, at 7a Madison atre t.
CI 00D ROOMS With board; day boarder!
T accommodated; tran.ienta alao eo
clilted, at 306 Second .tract.
BOARD-With excellent room,
' NICK Roomi, furnished or unfurnished,
1 with or without board, at 1:17 Madiaon at.
TWO largo unfurnished rooraa, with or
witheut board, at tft Madison street, cor
ner Third.
QT. JAMES HOL'SE-Cor. Second and Ad
O amiaU, Room and board 16 per week;
dnvricrd, CI SO.
OOM Nicely furnished front, private
latum ; geiitlemejpreJwrreo!ii(mroe.
ORNISHED Rooraa for gents and light
housekeeping, at llii Uourt uroet.
PART or A HOUSE-ln afirst-clais neUh
borhood.conv nient to businoa; a fam
ily preferred. Terms, d:'5 per month. Ad
dress 1.. Appeal ofli'e.
2 -STORY I rick Residence, 8. W. corner
Second and Exchange st.; in first-dual
repair; eight rooms. Apply on premises.
j itreet, corner Washington : 6 rooms and
good itore for business; rent cheap. Apply
lo KD BTAt'ri, 221 Waahington st.
PLANTATION C nuining 4C0 acrri of
cle red and in Arkansas, opposite
Randolpb.Tenn. Will lea'e on extroiuely
lowurmi. Apply to, J. W. HAYS. .
o ret I ados. it. Alton s o
00MS Nicely furnished frnnt roomi, at
ACRES Five miles out Poplar
ei reet luati. r . iv i on .imimwi, p..
ROOMj En suite. Lee Block, third floor
. a i xt j Xl...l:.. -
iront. Al'l'iy m nw. i wuib.m f
der Tennessee Club on South Court St.,
and four offices on Second street opposite the
Cotton Exchange. Apply to
J. L. HOOPLOK, 38 Madiaon at.
(Jung, Ammunition, FlnDlng Tackle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
884 Main Street, Hempbl", Tenia;
Manufacturing and Repairing of Gtint a
Speoialty. a-Telephone No. m
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer in
Onn. Fiahlna; Tftrtkle nnd Kporta,
inea's Sinupliew ajer Special attention
112 Wain M..ltfcmnlitM,Tcnn
Importers and dealors In dniia, Ammn
tililon and I'lMilnsr Tackle, Balldrra'
Hardenre, lelrlo Bella and Au
nanclsilaralor Hotels and Residences, S48
Main atree t, Jleinphla, Tend. Electric
supplies always on hand. Repairni neatly
xcliange National Bank
NORFOLK, TA lb. 16, 1 ).
PR0P0SAL9 will be received at this office
until Saturday, March 27. 1HHS, for the
purchase of tha hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entiroty, and also for pieces or
Sarcels of the same reference being had to
escriptive lists uf laid property which
lists, stating terms of sale, will be furnished
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to reject any end all bids is icerved:
Vti :
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as the "Seaboatd Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk. Va.." cunai.-ting of:
1. I he run'';, which, among other prir
ilegea, authorirea the storage of cotton and
other merchandise, and the issue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
2. Its pi nil, which consists of thiee (3)
flrst-clasa improved cotton coinpressea: two
CI) steam tuva; three (3) transportation
bargee. All the adjuncts necessary to a well
equipped establishment of thta character.
Its fire proof warehouses, seven (7) in num
ber, of capacity for atorag of il.UO bales
nnoompresaed cotton.
Its four (4) frame warehouses (metal roofs)
cipacity, man thousands tons of fertili
1: rs, salt, etc.
Its wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at the same time ten sea
going, steam or sailing vessel.. The area of
the warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth ii about aeies, together with all ita
o her property, which i fully described ia
the lists above referred to.
WM. 11. PKXERS, Receiver.
Colnmbas Joins the Half League
The ritffon MiooUug- Match
Postponed Birds Scarce.
, Uncial, to the arriAi.l
Atlanta, Ga., February 17. The
Schedule Committee cf the Southern
League fi Dished their me ting here to
day with geeminu eatisfiction to all the
clubs. The Mem phis team opens the
season in Macon April 15ih, and play
their first championship games at
home with the Macon club, commenc
ing May 8th. Memphis closes the
awn at home with the Macon club
September 15th.
I'olnmbna Jolaa tbe Waif Leacsie.
The manager of tbe Columbus Base
ball Club has written the folljwing
letter to Msrnjer Kelly of the new
Mobiles: "Your f tvor of recent date
received and noted. While it will be
impossible (or us t) be represented at
tbe meeting at New Orleans in person,
we are very ftvoinble to the f nmation
of the Uuif Leaxue, and would ask
you to represent us. Columbus will
come in. We would aleo eupgwt alst
ot cities to form tbe leaxue for your
consideration, lay New Orleans1, Mo
bile, Selma, Birmingham and Colum
bus. This will give us a better circuit
than the Southern League has, and it
will be much shorter, and I think will
pay equally as wtll. We
cannot expect a town of 20,000 or 40,
000 inhabitants to euppo;t a club as
well as a town of three times that
A Shooting Matru Mlaaea Fire.
TheshootiDg irutch which was to
have taken place in this city February
24tb, between Cttpt. Andy Meade rs
and ii. A. Penrose tf San Antonio,
Tex., has been postponed, owing t)
the inability to procure birds. CapU
Meadera stated to a reporter that the
match would come oil, although the
exact date coul 1 net be given ; just as
scon as the birds could be procured.
The rules are 100 live.pigeous attbiity
Tarda rise, with the privilege of shoot
ieg from one or both barrels. The
stakes are $250 a side.
11 mull or the Hale at the I'ulou
Mock-1 arla Yehtrtwlny.
The sale of llr lstein rn'.tle at the
I'nion Stock-Yards yesterday by W.L.
Archibald & Co. of Oxbrd was well
attended, ttie average price paid tor
heifers being $174, and for calves $100.
Fo'lowing is a complete list of pur
chasers: 42. "Marianne," Capt F. 8. Brown,
Pittsburg, Pa., $300.
106. "(Jelbrig," 8. It. Busby, Wood
stock, Tenn., $100.
102. "Zwrlkop,"8. R. Busby, $200.
23. "Rolla,'8. R Busby, $180.
142. "Darky," 8. K. Busby, $175.
12. "Grietke." 8. K. Bnsby, $160.
70 "Debblee," 6. K. Busby, $175.
100. "Totje," F. 8. Brown, $255.
80. F. 8. Brown, $180.
102. "Lochein," cu'f, F. 8. Brown,
21. "Caiolina." F. 8. Brown, $150.
91. "Jetjie," calf, F. 8. Brown, $10J.
143 "Nellie," F. 8. Brown, $170.
68. "Rocklje," calf, F. 8. Brown,
II. "Troukje," calf, F. S. Brown,
18. "Antje." calf, J. D. Adams, $100.
185. "Leij,1' calf, F. Trimble, Mem-
plii, $135.
187. "Bleske II," F. Kimble, Mem
phis, $100.
75. "Adelar," J. A. Taylor, Mem
phis, $155.
112. "Nelllje II," calf, J. A. Taylor,
Memphis, $115.
131. "Trijatje II." E. C. Read, Ful
ton. Ky., $150.
192. "lone," E. C. R?ad, Ky., $200.
100. "Mamie T.," heifer, Gen. Chal
mers, Sardis, Mips., $150.
62. "Hartie," calf, F. 8. Brown,
$100. .
19. "Emma," calf, F. 8. Brown,
181. "Groot." F. 8. Brown, $200.
71. "Eva," F. 8. Brown, $.'25.
85. "Koba," calf, J. D. Adams,
Little Rok, $130.
179. "Cordye," J. D. Adams, Little
Rock, $lfi.
12.). "Groom II," talf, J. D. Adams,
Little Rock, $100.
i 97. "Jettie," calf, J. D. Adams, Lit
tle Rock, $100, 1
83. "Janike," Henry Dillon, New
burn, Tenn., $150.
145. "Neuskje," calf, Henry Dillon,
Newbum, Tenn., $90.
170. "Dezwarte II." H. Tarkes, jr.,
Dyersburg, Tenn., $155.
144. "Nico," bull cRlf, H. Parkes, jr.,
Dyereburg, Tenn., $135.
199. "Janoje II," calf, E. V. Jamee,
Hot Springs, $100.
1. lleiier, two years old, T. H. Mil
burn, Memphip, $170.
59. "Rouerdje II," calf, John Coch
ran, Memphis, $115.
93 "Pieter," bull calf, J. W. Boyd,
Falt6n. Ky., $110.
19i. "Jelle," G.W.Robinson, Stack
ton, Ala,, $155.
c6. "Hamke," calf, G. W.RDbineoa,
Stockton. Ala., $100.
167. "Debbes II," calf, G. W. Rob.
inson, Stockton. Ala., $100.
35. "Marska," calf, M. Van Zint,
Foit Worth, Tex., $105.
5. "Pietje," calf, M. Van Zmt, Fort
Worth, Tex., $100.
III. "Betje II," calf, M. Van Zant,
Fort Worth, Tex., $100.
178. "Dezwart II," calf, L. A. Dar
nell, Cave City, Ky., $90.
140. "Heldereche," calf, L. A. Dar
nell, Cave City, Ky.,$!K).
Two additional calves, L. A. Darnell,
Cave City, Ky., $180.
Fifteen calves told by private sale,
Total sales, J8550.
IIoiMteln Ext'Hetnent.
S. G. Armentrout, agent at Oxford,
Ala., far P. G. Bash of Mobile, Ala ,
testifies that he has used Buchanan's
(Juinine Horse, Cattle and Poultry
Tonic very successfully with Jersey
cattle, and if given in time it will pre
vent diseases. You can't afford to
take the risk. Get a supply of the
Tonic at W. N. Wilkerson & Co.'s, 334
Main street, to protect your cattle.
Lukdbobo'b perfume, Eden is.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg'a perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg'a perfume, Marchal Niel
A Card.
To the Voters of the Fifth Civil District, com
prising tbe First, Second, Third and Eighth
War la and Big Spring:
At the earnest request of many good
and tiue friends I have concluded to
become candidate for tbe cilice of
magistrate for this district, promising,
if elected, to be ever ready to work for
tie best interests of the county and for
good and honest government in gen
MiMrats, February IT, 188A.
COJaFOSITOKS' coxtest.
Van Blbfcer Bllll LellwC-The Krere
la Detail Aa Iniereallna;
The attendance at the Dime
Museum, where tbe' type-setting cou
test is going on, grews larger as it r ar
rows down. The typographic fraterni
ty is naturally thoroughly interested,
and "the fourraneut" is the subject
of conversation from morning to niuht.
"Few perrons consider the distance
compositor's hand t-avels in setting
column of the Aitial," obeerved
the old typo to the reporter. "You
see, there's near 4000 ems in a column. L
Bo, supposing ttie tl. stance irom tne
case to the composing stick held in
the left hand, which is at least eigh
teen inches, the distance traveled by
the right triad is nearly a mile and a
"Do yon mean that the comp's right
hand travels ten miles in setting one
parnot tbe Api'ial?"
"Yer, sir, and taking misses into
consideration, eleven miles would be
nearer the exact figure."
The result of the afternoon session
yesterday was as loilows:
K. t fVm.
Timc. A'ms Stt. I'orri'f.ff.
Vn llibber ..2..SH2 a.M'J
Drake .2,:ut U.iU
Mnyliold 2,:IH 2,2
Holmes U..S14 2.214
Sheets 2.270 2.W5
Van Bibber made the first stickftill
in eighteen minutes. Holmes is work
ing under considerable disadvantage.
He is suffering from a severe tuld,
which necessarily interrupts his work.
Mr. Drake feels tliut he is better lor a
long time contest than for a short ses
sion of one hour and a ball. "I could
beat him (meaning Van Bibber) in n
ten-hour contest," said he last even
ing, "and I guess he knows it."
The afternoon record shows that
Van Bibber set 130 ems more than at
Tuebday evening's session. He is sur
prised at his own success, but mod
estly claims that there are thousands
of printers who could do as well it
they were put t) the trial,
The evening sessioj was an espe
cial, y interesting one. The boys were
in gord working trim, and seemed
more ascuatouud to their strange sur
roundings. The toatest commenced at 7:45
o'clock p.m. Mr. Shea's tilled tne
first stick in six oen minutes. Drake
f jrged ahead in line ttv It), and aotuully
won first place f r the evening. Al
though the Sunday Timet man is Btill
several hundred ahead on the gross
ems won, it is now strongly sur
mised that Drake will yet wipe out
Van Bibber's score.
Following is the score for the even
ing: JVel Km,
Tiamr, AW &'(. Vvrrtrtt-d.
Drako 2,42ft 2,27ft
Van Bibber 2fi& 2,ir0
MayBold - 2, 2,2)0
lloltnoi 2,:K) 2.2iK)
Sheats i.2,250 2,075
. As will be seen from tbe foregoing
Van Bibber lost his lead on correcting.
Holmes is doing well and keeping close
to Ma; field, .lite total number of ems
set by each contestant up to the close
of last evening's session is as follows:
JVnmc. " Emt
Van Dibber - 4,782
Drake 4.ftt
Mnyliold ., 4 ,Vl4
llolmoi - 4,414
SheaU 4,120
Mayfleld is dangerously near Drake,
and as a sporting man would say, ' It's
auy body's game yet." Even the last
on the list need not be out of the race
for second place. To-day's contest will
be of intense interest.
Dr. Janes or Hcttensle Elected
Medical Noperlnlendenl ol
The Board of Building Commission
ers for the West Tennessee ItiBane
Hospital, composed of Messrs. A. W.
Brockway, J. R. Godwin and Austin
Miller, met at the Mercantile Bank at
10 o'clock a.m , February 17th. After
a careful consideration of the claims
of the different applicants for medical
superintendent r.f construction the
boird elected Dr. J. B. Jones of Mc
Kettle. All the gentlemen applying
were so highly recommended by their
brethren in the profession and other
that the board had great difficulty in
reaching a decision. The committee
will meet at Bolivar February 25th
and consult with competing a-chitects
and examine their plans.
Shirts, all 'styles, made to order.
Memphis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
J. H. LowkkY, M.D., Homaopathiit,
318 Main street; telephone 981.
Mies Lucib W. Raines, teacher of
clocu'ion, Pulsar te system. Address
No. S7(J Poplar street
Ckntral Ndbsery, No. 99 Market
street, is the nearest place in the city
for plants and cnt flowers.
Sydney J. Wilson, teacher of Eng
lish lit stature. For particulars ad
dress him at 389 Main street.
The finest and beet selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
prices. i. a. bailey a co.
Miss Cakbi M. Keating can be
found every day at E. Witzmann fc
Co.'s, 223 Second street, from 4 to 5
o'clock p.m.
The Desoto Oil Company is prepared
to fill orders for the highest grades of
finished fertilizers and fertilizing ma
terials. Ik this notice is seen by George Par
ker, a tobacco prizer, formerly of May
field, Ky., he will please call at No. 6J
Madiron itreet as coin as possible.
Thi Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonic and anti-periodic known. A certain
and suie cure for ohilla. Price II per bot
tle. K.nal .tami I for circulars. Any ref
erence gixen. Addreii John 0. Kucker,
Lynehoerg. Va.
Tue most efficacious stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Sie
gbrt & Sons. Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine article.
The steamer Enquirer will leave
fiom the fxt of Court street Thursday
morning at 10 o'clock, carrying free cf
charge all pn"ties wishing to attend the
sale of the Wynoke & Burkley place
and pertonal property thereon.
W. N. Wiikerion 4 Co., 334 Main
street, take pleasure in announcing ts
the trade and public generally that
they are now ptepared to 611 all orders
promptly for the celebrated Buchan
an's Quinine Horse, Cattle and Poultry
Tonic and Spanish Lightning Relief.
Manufactured by Bucltaran Medicine
Company, formerly of Okolona, Miss.
C. D. Smith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, bas decided to locate per
manently in Memphis. He treata all
diseaeee of horses, mnles, cattle, sheep,
swine and oga. Calls, day oi night,
answered promptly. Office at Jones
& Co.'s stable, 61 Monroe street; tele
phone 462. Residence, Franeioli
House; telephone 32.
The Effort or Ser-t. Kunholi to
Ojiell a Disturbance and
Its KfMllt.
About 7 o'clock yesterday evening a
drunken row occurred tt the Pan lie
House, 210 Main street, which re
sulted in the piobably fatal shooting
of A. 8. Walsh, whose condition at
midnight was so critical that very lit
tle hope is entertained of his recovery.
At tbe hour named the noise ot a dis
turbance in trie saloon gathered a
curious crowd about the door cf the
place, but nor one seemed to think it
his business to interfere, and when a
tew minutes afterward a pistol was
fired in the place, tbe crowd was aug
mented to several hundred excited
people. The noise of the ehot was al
most immediately followed by t'le
crash ot glass aud SergU Kunholi,
grappledwitbCooley,tumbled through
the doors and out upon the pave
ment. About this time a second
shot was heard, and Constable Gar
vey, with Turnkey Hker, put in an
appearance. They immediately went
t the assistance of tbe t ttrueant, aud
in a little while succeeded in arresting
a man nao.ed Frank 11. Cooley, wiin
whom he waa engaged, and another
named R, N. Brantley, who had been
interfering with the otlicer. Three
others who were engaged In the row
were looked for, but could not be
found. Brantley nod Cooley were
lodged in the stat ion-bouse, and it
was fully a quaitar of an hour before
it was known that any one had been
Bhot. Inquiry was at once it a le, and
Walsh was found at No. 40 Washing
ton streot, sbbt through the left lung,
tbe ball ranging upward, and passing
ont of the kit shoulder. As Hergt.
Kunholz entered the room Walsh re
marked: "Hint is the man who shot
me, I believe, but 1 don't think he in
tended it."
When questioned fuither he raid be
could not be euro who shot him, but
d d not b'atjio the sergeant for having
drawn his pistil when he did. His
trotlie-, L. M. Walsh,' who was a wit
ness to the affair, said he wtti sur
prised t ut Kunho'z waited us long as
he did before diuwing his pistol.
. Sergeant Knnbo'z, who waa seen by
an Appeal reporter Bbort'y after the
difficulty occurred, made the f illowitig
statement :
"A little before 7 o'clock, Frost, wh j
keeps the Pacific Mouse, called me in
as I was passing to suppress a row
which he said was brewing in his
saloon. I went in at once, and found
a crowd of live men, one of them, a
powerful young fellow 'named Cooley,
being especially violent. I walked
up to him and told him he would have
tD be quiet, or 1 would have to arrest
him. lie grabbed me by the collar,
tearing it, as yoa see, and I grappled
with nim, but he was tio stioag for
me, and 1 found I could do nothing
with him. Three cr four of the crowd
encouraged Cooley, who became more
violent every moment and re
fdsed to listen to rent on. I
called on the ciowd to aid mo, but
cone of them seemed disposed to do
so, and "Squire' Millard finally said
he would help. The moment he
caught hold of Ccoley Brantley struck
him a tounding blow, nearly knock
ing him to the tlcor. Tbe excitement
in the raloon was very great at the
time, and I found that I must take
some decisive action. I told Brantley
if he would agree to take Cooley to
the Station-House I would turn him
over to him. Brantley said "All
right. " and 1 had no sooner released
the man than he sprang at me, peel
ing the skin from the side of my face
and kicking me in tbe stomach. 1
B.nppled with him again, and Millard
again came to my assistance, but was
the second time knocked down by
Brsntley. Expecting every moment
to be killed, I retreated a step or two
and drew my pistol with the Intention
of shooting Cooley, but the crowd
jumped at me and the
ball lodged in the wall. Cooley
immediately sprang at me, grasping
my pistol by the barrel. We crashed
through the glass doors and out on
the pavement, and my pistol Hew out
of my band. Another shot was im
mediately fired. Garvin and Baker
came up juat then, and we took
charge of Cooley and Brantley. As we
were starting away Mr. Lacev, who
keeps the stable next door to the Station-House,
picked up my pfstol fiom
the sidewalk and handed it to me, I
gave it at once to Capt. O'Haver, aud
only one chain ber of the five bad been
diechatged, so it was plain some one
else had fired the second shot. It was
fully fifteen minut'g el erwaid before
we knew that any oie had been shot."
The sergeant's statement is corrob
orated by a number ot witnesses, the
general opinion being that Brantley ,in
trying to shoot Kunholz, shot Walsh
instead. Several pistols were flashed
during the row and one was afterward
found with an empty barrel by De
tective Pryde on the tloor of the sa
loon. The ball fired by Kunho'z was
found imbedded in tbe wall. Tbe
wounded man ia unmarried, about
twenty-six yea's of age and rather
reckless. Knnholi is a careful officer
and bas tbe confidence of his su
periors. montIily esTertaijiment
Oflbe Amateur athletic aaaorlallun
at Their Kooaaa.
The splendid looms cf the Amateur
Athletic Association in the Sneed &
Bethel block were a blaze of light and
beauty last night, when the usual
monthly enter'ainment was given.
The athletic exercises, which came
first, were participated in by
Messrs. M. H. McDowell, B. M.
Brown, D. J. Shriver (down), Harry
Damman, A. J. Warwick, C. G. My
ers, James B. Jones, B. Winter and
Q. Murrell. Dancing followed. The
ladies present were Mrs. J. L. Cocke,
Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Beardley, Mrs. K.
E. Meacbam, Mrs, J. K. Speed,
Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. T. H. Chilton,
Mrs. Stark, Mrs. Fanabee, Misses
Jones, Saundeis of. Kentucky, Hunt,
Randolph, Fontaine, Lombard, Strat
tin, Brown, Semines, Mitchell,
French, Humes, Trader, Gto3venor,
Gregory. Matthews, Spicer, Proudtlt,
Rees, Bruce. Treadwell, Wilkerson,
Sneed, McBtth, Gazzam, Neely, Estes,
Thompfon, Hensley, Kennedy and
many others.
The effervescent, acrobatic Lotta
begins an engagement to-night at tbe
Memphis Theater in Mile. Nitouche.
The advance sale is large, and crowJ
vi houses will be the rule at each per
formance. DaudrntT
And it stimulates and promotes the
mrowth of the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring SxtranU are. tha
TUB LOSS a) ABOI r 10.00O-l9rR-Aat'K
Narrow larane f rum a Werlona
t'onllaatraitua-A II le !n a
Fire was discovered ti'iout 5 o'clock
y t'rday evening at Z tit's taw-mill,
in North Memphis, aud iu a few mo
ments the establishment was in a l'aht
hind. All of the fire steamers in the
city responded to the alarm, aa it came
from the center of the saw-mill dis
trict. For awhile the danger to the
surrounding ptopeity waa veiy great,
but it was with the utmost exeition,
confined to the building in which it
origica'.ed and ti the lumber pile in
the yard immediately a i joining.
The machinery and the build
ing, which was a twostorv
frame, was worth about $16,0)0
and the lumber about $5000. The
insurance was alout JtiOOO, placed in
New Orleans. Tha cause tf the fire
is unknown, but it is believed to have
originated over the boiler. The book
keeper says that the engineer came
into the office to get a drink of wat r,
and as he was in the act of leaving
some one in the next yard yelled fire,
and rushing ont he found the mill in
a light bin?. The books and papers
were saved. The office was damaged
to the extent of $10 or $50.
The property is in litigation, Mr. II.
L. Guion being receiver and L. U.
Eaton carrying on the business under
orders of court;
Coilon llurued.
Yesterday, about neon, a truck con
taining eleven bales cf cotton drove
into Arbuckle it Richardson's shed,
140 Washington street, and the clerk,
discoveiing that it wai on lire, ordered
the driver to haul the coi.uh out.
He declined, unhitched the mules,
and left the truck i tsnding. The fire
win cotuinuniratid to a pile of cottoa
close by, and there mi,: I t have been a
serious fire except for the piompt ac
tion of the .Fire Department. The
damaje was not very great.
The cotton is believed to have
caught lire from a locomotive, aa one
passed the truck on Washington
Rtrett just before it drove iuta the
Boiler Works.
SHEA & MCCARTHY, l'ropr'n,
140, lJ'i, 144 Front, Memphis.
in tha Month, and tha omy complete
Boiler and Rieet-lrnn Works in the city.
Manufaclaren uf heavy nlnte iron,
worn of every Jenlllun. Special
atCAntlew eivee e mlenta-inn work.
Jons Ovihtok, Ja.
Real Estate Dealers
.V UltOKKRfa).
Office, 204 Second Street.
a. B. Vow. aVeeasna anal Vonra,
Taxes Paid, Keats Collected, etc., in
No. MO, R.D.-Chancory Court of Welby
county Utalt of 'J'enuessua vi. T. 11. Car
ion et iu.
BY virtue ol an Interlocutory decree for
ale entered in the above cause on tha
4th day of January, lHHtl, M. II. fil, page 4, 1
will tell, at public, auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of tho Clerk and Master's
utliso, coartbuuse of Shelby couuty, Mem
phia.Tcon., on
NMurtlaj, Marrh 13, 1N,
within legal hours, the following described
property, lltualed in Shelby oeunty, Ten
nessee, to-wit:
South half of lot 1, Prater I subdivision,
40 feet front by IftU feet deep, on tho west
side ol Lauderdule Itreet 86 feet north of
ifraser itreot.
North half of lot 2.11 fron Ing 37'n leet
on the weat aide of biith itreet, 117 V. loot
Uorlhl ol HsrTurani streot, I'th ward, and
running back 14HM feat, bold as property of
limine and John Cacey.
P.irt of country lot 4iW; .'W feat front on
south aide of Auction street, emt of and ad
ieu ing bayou Uayolo, by a depth of 140 feet,
0th aard.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months;
note with security bearing interest required ;
lien retained: redumption buried. This
February I", iHHrt.
B. I. MubOvVKLL. Clerk nnd Master.
fly J. M. Ilrsdley, Deputy !lerk A Master.
F. 11. AC. W.Uoiikell, Hull. t
"chancery sale
Ok" x
No. WI7. M!W, R. I). Chancery Court of
Hhelby county Stale ol Tonneasee rs.
Samuel Kulwell etal. and Flank Lallyetal.
BY virtue of Interlocutory decrees lor
sale, entered In the above consolidated
nausea on the 4th day ol January, lHHCi, M. K.
61, paged, and November 2!, INtl, M. U. 60,
page 24 1,1 will tell, at public action, to the
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Muster's ollice, courthouse of Shelby eounty,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Natnrdar, Marrh 13, lu.
within legal hours, the following doacribed
property, aituated in Shelby county, Tonnes
see, tn-wit: , , ,
Lot I, bcglnnlug where the south aide or
tbe roadbed ol the Loaisville and Nasnvillo
railroad croaaes the west side of the Dig
Crock load: thence aouth 1V west with the
weat aide of tbe H'g Creek road 17S feet to
Concord street extended ; thence north 7UJ
west HI'-, foet with Concord itreet: thence
north IU" east HVi feet to the south side of
said railroad ; thence south 7W east with the
railroad 164 feet to the beginning.
Lot .'(, beginning on the north side of the
Old Raleigh road at the Junot.on ol the south
side of Concord street extended with tha
north lide of the Raleigh mad ; thenre loath
64 'west with the north tide of the Kaleigh
road 312 leet to a atake: thence ioutho.r
weat Va leet to a stake in tbe north side or
the road ; thence north iilS west feet to
Concord street thence ruuth 7a eaitJXV,
feet to the beginning.
Lot 6, beginning at the mouth of Quail
bayou on the north line of Concord street
extended; thenoe south 7U east UK', feet to
a atake on aaat bank of Quail bayou : thance
notth Wli'J osst lri.1 feet to the aouth side of
the railroad: thence north 71' writ with the
south aide of the railroad 240 feci to the east
bank of llayou Oayosn; thence aouth 14' east
with the bayou i HI feet to the beginning. .
Lot a. fronting lo0 leet on the nortn Una of
Concord street extended lill 1 4 leet weit uf the
Dig Creek read, and running back to the
Louisville and Nashville railroad on which
it fronts 'M feet. ' . . ..
Lot 6, fronting 19'.?,; feet on the north line
of Concord itreet exlend.d 181 ' leet east ot
bayou (layoio, and running hack to the
Louisville and Nashville Ituilroad, on which
it tronta ISO leet.
Lot 4, beginning on the nortn aide of John
son avenue ll'-i or I II feet east of alley eaat
of bayou tJayosot thence east, with roal 60
feet: thence north 2i W 27iS foet to Con
cord itreet'extended ; thence weatwardwith
the itreet to alley; thenoe S 3'V K to a pole t
lMHeet from Johnson avenue; thence east
ward parallel with aaid avenue lix'.leel;
thenos Hi)!-. K l'0 feet to the beginning.
Terms ot bale tin a credit of aix mouths;
note bearing interest with lecurity required;
lien retained: redemption barred. Thta
February 17, lWI
8. I MnDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
I',y J. M. Uradley, Deputy Clerk A Matter.
F. II. A 0. W Hel.kell, Hnla
Thll I1KLT or Ke
generi- tor is made e x-
preaaly lor tbe eure
ol degeneration of
tha generative or
gan. There la no
mistake a boo thi.in
strument lha ooa-
nuoua stream of
KLM.TRIC1TY r-er-meatius
through tha
parts nmr restore
them to healthy action. Do not oonlound
thii with Kleotrle Belts advertised to cure
all llli from head to toe. It i. for tha ON K
peoifto purpose. For circulars giving full
nformatiion, address Cheerer Klectric Bait
Co., Kti Wasniai tea street, Chloa , 111.
r p r oval rta.il JX
VMtoTf7riI" w
. '' '''' i
Absolutely Pure.
Thii powder never rurlei. A Barrel of
purity, strength and whol'-.omene... More
economical than tha ordinary kinds, and
rannot bo sold in competition wi.h tha
multitude ol low test, ahorl weight alua or
phosphate powders. 1IH only aenas, Rot 'U
fUamii Pnwnea Co.. Hat Wall et..NewY 'k.
Humphreys1 1
Veterinary Specifics
Cunt I)tMMua ot
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
In oho for over 20 yeiirs by Farmers.
Stockbreeders, Ilorso It. K. Au.
Usod by U. 8. Covornmont.
Mounted on Rollers A Book Mailed Free.
Humphreys' Med. Co.. 1O0 Pulton St.. N.
Tlio only aiicceaahll reinraty for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
stut l'rotratioii, Irom over-work or oilier cauiwa.
(I oir vial, orft Vlnh
t liir'D vial powder, for SV
r.oi ii e v i mii
ut 1
Vim) o.i reoeiliiox
uiue ai.. a. x.
llvwilirr,v' Sii-llrlwtt., I
Trustee's Sale.
UNDER and h virtue ot two trust deodg
executed by I). L, Fergu on and 11. C.
llaiiipson to the undersigned aa truateos, on
January 4. 1KK4, and May II. IHrfi, rosiect
ivnly, and duly recorded iu the otlnu of lha
Clerk of tho Circuit Court of Mississippi
county. Ark., in Hucurd Hook 111, paaea 4.12,
etc., ami Heoord lionk of Trust Deeila, vol.
A, pages 27.ri, etc., do'auit in the payment of
the Indebtedness thereby aecured having
been made, at the request of the heni'llman.s
(heroin, wo will, ai such trusted, on
Wrslneatlajr, March 10, 1NHO,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
na "Nodena," In Mississippi county, Ark.,
and being on the Miaaiaipiii river, proceed,
to sell to the higho t hiuder, lor cash, tha
tollowlng personal property, to-wit: Four
4 horse wagons, eight two-horte wagma,
aev.uty-one uiuloi, lix leta wagon harnesa,
seven iota harueia, one 40-horse power en
aine and holler, two HO-aaw Milburn doubla
roller gina and g'n standa, two feeders and
oondenaera, one Coulman cotton press, una
grist-mill with appurtenance!, belting,
shafting and pulleys, three horses, twit
colts, one mule colt, four mares, four sets of
gear; also, all plows, scrapers, hies, axes
and all other farming utenaili and imple
ments; and also, all cattle, stuck hogs, and
other mulea and itoi'k, and all crops of corn,
cotton, cotton-seed, hay, fodder and other
products now on or belonging to the planta
tions known aa "Nodena," the 'Kllis
place" and the "Lanier place" In laid
county, run and operated by aaid Ferguson
A llaiupaun dnring tho year lsafi. And
under aaid deed, on
Nalnrtfay, March HO, lasts.
In front of tho court-house door in Oaceo'a,
Mlssiaaiiiiii county. Ark., we will sell to tha
bighfat bidder, lor caah. tho following de
scribed real eatato. nitmoly. all being in said
county and Statct Tha dentation known,
aa the "Kllli place" at Fergoion A llamp
aon's Landing In Hand 46, Misaisaippi river,
and described aa follow! ; VV sec. i:i, 37
sores out of K sec 24. and part W S tec.
24, H of sec. T, and K H V see. 26. In
township 11 north, range 10 ea t. Alio, NK
Haee. i, li0 acres, WH NK H loo. 11. 71
acrea, in township 11 north, range 10 east;
snd the B fr of NW fr H son. a (south of
Little river) in township 13 north, ranges
oast, containing H.K7 acres. Alio. H Ir of
SK fr Vt aeo. 2.1, (east of hayou), township 16
north, range 10 east. ). 19 acres, Alao, lha
N fr H of sec 10 (weitof liar Lake) contain
ing 20-1UO of an acre; and tho bK Hot NW
' of sec 16, both in township 11 north,
range 10 east, tha last described containing
40 flerea.
Said sale! wilt begin at the time and place
stilled, and will continue from day today
until completed. Ail riabts of redemption
and exemption! are waived. Sate absolute.
Terms cash. 1. II. I'OSTOM,
1 Trustees.
.,. , .. .rj.a.,t-i -
JtL J..in-rvi.f.1" w , . e.,r j
.-.3V - ,,Wsc2
AH Hswllaon Street. Alemnhla, Tenn.
A FULL stock of Wooden and M.talllo
Casts and.Caskets. Uurial Kobe., .to.,
always on oand. Orders by Telegraph or Tel-
iihnne Promntly attended li.
Trustee's Sale.
BY virtue of a trust deed executed to me.
as truitae. by K. M. Apier.on and
Suaan ). Api arson, his wife, recorded ia
record book A (2), page 4IS), in the Circuit
Court Clerk's and Recorder's office of Crit
tenden county, Arkansas, to secure certain
indebtedness therein mentioned. default Lav
ing been made in said truat deed, I will, at
the request of the cl uViary In laid trust
deed, on the
leih flay ol rsarnary, 1HHS,
within legal hours at the courthouse door,
in Memphis. Shelb eo inly, Tennessee, offer
lor sale, at public sultry, fur cash, to tha
highest bidder, th following property de
scribed in said trust deed, to-wit:
Plantation known as leynoke and Berkely
place, situate in Crittenden county, Arkan
sas, about nine in ilea below Memphis, being
aa follows, to-wit t All of lection 19, T ti,
N K, 9 E, 6ti).r1i acreai W W N VV ur sec. 20,
14, NRiV K, 80 aerea; 8 frl .jr aection 20.
Tit, N It, 9 K. 210 acres; NW frl or section
T f), N R, tf K, acrei; part of Span
ish firant No. 2:171, 2S1.62 acres; NK qr lec
tion 26, T 6, N R, 9 E, 1 acre. ; N X N K nr
section 31, TO, N R. 9 K. HO acres; NW qr
ection 31, T n. N R, 9 K, 160 acres; SV gr
section 30, Til, N R, 9 K. 160 acres; bliqrseo
tion 26, T 6, N R, It E . Ilk) acres : N S. section
M, T 8, N R. S H. ;) acres : W half ection
26.TA.N R, 8 K, :lJO acres I fractional i;r sec
tion Ik), Tii. N R. 9 K.&riaoree; fractional
seution T6, N K, 9 K, 12acres; S part of
Spanish Urant No. 2.(73, T ii. N R, E, 194
acre) in all containing 2KS2 10 acres, to
gether with all improvements thereon and
all appurtenances tnereunto belonging. The
equity of redemption and right to dower and
homestead waived.
Alao, the following tract cf land situate in
Crittenden eounty, Arkansas, and kno.nas
the llurgilt plaoe, being the east half of be.
qrof section 30, 14, N R,8 K. W) acres: smith
half of Na qr section M, T 4. N K,S, W
acrei; JiK qr lection 31. T4. NB.8K.lcO
acres: all ol fractional section 2K, T4, N R.
8 E, 392.68 acres i the aouth half of lection 20.
T 4, N H, 8 K, 182 84 acres; NW Iractional
qr of section :12, T 4. N R. 8 K, 144.21 aerea.
being the 1039 original acres, and also 120U
accretions thereto, together with all Im
provements thereon and all appurtenance!
thereunto belonging. The equity of re
demption and right to dower and homestead
KIA .t.antjitiiin i. .ituated on tha
Mississippi river, about 25 mile, below Mem f
,.tti. e
Also, at said time and place, on laid term!,
T oi ..it the following personal property,
n Wvnnk.,nil Herkele. menta
tion, to-wit; 47 mules, 41 head of eatlle,
4 rjoSS, a mil anu oiiiapi.i, w uu m.,...--
ment of wagons, plows, mowers, gears ms
r.rmln. implements. It being all the mules
cattle, nogs, gear and farming implemente
on said plantation. Title believed to b
good, inouga 1 sell oniy as trn.ieo.
Sale to commence at U o'cloik.
W . M. SN KBD. Trastow
&i SPECIFIC No. 28

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