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. " .1 - . ' V- , ' -i- ) f " ' '
'.'- ' ?... i'r 1
-3 y
Cotton Closed Easy; Middling: S SMCc;
Sales 1S00 Baleu-Other Mar
Lets Cuehaazed.
iloncy I'onLinut's in fair iK-iiiuml ut
I ht rent., but gool coinnieri-ial u
kt Ls easily jiUti-ed at Hint fimiiv.
la-itl hoc u ri ties utt-ady. The cotton
market remain weuk, and'Cartur are
unpolled to make I'onccHNioiiH in or
der to cHVet nali-s. OlfcringH were
quite liberal, but buyers and sellers
wore aljout Jc apart. Tho decline of
1-1 1 1 in the price of middling at
Liverpool bad no perceptible efl'ect on
the market in view of the faet that
New York did not rewind to the de
cline, hut advanced 2 to 4 points on
future deliveries. Sales, 1800 bales;
receipt, 15)70 bales; stock, 1:8,84H
bales. At New York sts cloned
quiet, middling 9 l-10cj futures quiet,
February 8.94($8.!hi. At New Orleans
Mito closed weak and irregular, mid
dling 8Jc; futures dull but steady at 1
to 2 points advance, February 8.."xie
bid. At Liverpool spot were dull iu
buyers' favor and 1-lfld lower for mid
dling, which closed ut 4 Jd ; futures
quiet ami steady and -(4d lower,
February 4 6i!d value. Ueeeipts at nil
United 8taU'8 ports yesterday, Li.'il'S
bales, against 0480 bales same time
last year. No change in the general
market. Provisions and breadstuff
atoadv at quotations Kggs scarce at
5tc. '
Seven brls apples, 2H0 sks bran L'"
brls beans and peas, I'd pkgs butter,
32 pkgs bacon, 500 pkgs boots and
hoes, 2(i(; bu corn, :l pkgs cheese,
.'! rars cotton-seed, 64!) sks cotton
eed, 110 bdls cotton ties, (1 pkgs dry
goods, ti pkgs eggs, 2.'5:tO brls (lour, 640
bales hay, 22 pkgs hats, 10.1 lid hogs,
:!0 hd cattle, 51 hd horses and mules,
i:!0 pkgs lard,()S,(KK) It lumber, .8 pkgs
liquors, 22o brls meal, !i4 brls molasses,
4"(l kgs nails, OSo.j bu oats, 285 brls
onions, 772 brls potatoes, It cars pork
Hides, 25 brls sugar, and 170 pkgs to
bacco. JOHN X,. NOltTON
8 Madison St., Memphis, Toon.,
rCormponOriicc aollclted. IoTor
nintloa cheerfully faraInbel.-
Money in good demand nt 8 percent
The Clearing-House, report isas follows:
Clearing. Balances.
Wednesday, Feb. 17.1 226,949 77
Thus far Ihit week... RIS.043 ft!
Rauietiinelnstwerk. H4:),5VJ 7rt
Cr. time 1HH5 743. (7 11
Cur. time 1884 677,210 7 J
t 77.7.W l
228.7SJ IS
17S.021 31
147,721 :
112,742 H)
He Tork tight on all point.. V
pie in
Mew England demand di
new &ngiaod i(rDt..............' uis
New Urleana dil
la the flnt column we give the price bid,
and in the secund the price aaied.
Bank of Commerce.... 147Vi t"0
First National IMS Ml 40
German Bank....... lKi&isHM
State National .-13S (9140
Union A Planter! - .......H7 149
Mercantile 130 (9135
Home .. (9 60
Bluff City 1(10 a ...
Peoples. .... ...u 80 85
Planter .....101 mm
Phoenix . 98 mm
UomphisCity .. 1(12 aH05
Vanderbilt . 16 19
Hernando . 100 & ...
Arlington.... 2i (9 ...
Faotor.... 20 & 25
Tennessee certificate. D and B.... t-Vim 87S
Tennessee warrants, series 0...
hQelby County bonds M Hv
Hholby Couaty warrants
Taiint-Uistriot 4,
Taxini-Distriot 6's .
Memphis torae Compress Co...
Memphis (las Company stook.M
Memphis (las Company bonds...
Memphis Wale't'o. bonds
Hanauer Oil Works
City Oil Works
Pioneer Cotton-Mills
American Cotton Oil trusts ....
Meiupbis City Kailwav Bonds ..
Nkt Yokk, February 1
on calj ruled easv at Uffil
...104 MHO
... 98 in 99
i v; 4
...Kw ml
...107 111)
... 84 5 tbVt
...1Ha ...
... 96 4 ...
( S I
CJ 45
( X
... 20 cl 21
-.lUU (ojlltf
7. Money
per cent.,
until near the close, when the de
mand became active and advanced to
4, closing strong at II per cent. Primp
mercantile paper, 4"). Sterling ex
change dull, but steady and un
changed. lionds Government bonds were
dull and steady. State bonds were dull
but strong. J tail road bonds continue
very active, the sales to-day aggre
gating br,20K,000. There was very heavy
speculation in Krie second consols,
and the funded Tw, moderate activity
in several other issues, including
Hocking Valley firsts, Canadian South
ern seconds, and Fort Worth and Den
ver tirsts; prices generally show fur
ther advances, although the gains are
not as conspicuous as yesterday. The
Krie second consols made a further ad
vance in the morning of 4J,but yielded
in the afternoon and closed at 102 J,
while the same ex-June coupon sold
from 80 to 88J, and .closed at 87J.
Other gain's include Chicago, Burling
ton and Quincy 7s, 2ji; Bock Island
coupon (is, 2, and St. Paul M. and M.,
7.s. 2.
Stocks Stocks were comparatively
dull. There was a steady opening, anil
in the early dealings a Hinall advance.
From that time until J p.m. the
movement wits up and down, al
though quite irregular as to individual
Htix-ks, and the market closed on one
of the dccliiM s at near the lowest fig
ures of the day for many of the usu
ally active stocks. None of the stocks
were conspicuously active. Iickawan
na and Frie were the most active,
(ircat weakness was developed late in
the day in leading and Jersey Cen
tral, the former declining from .'ITi to
2:! ami Jersey Central from
5 1 3 to ").'!. Jjickawiinua also
yielded from l::." tol:;2j,and Dela
ware and Hudson from 107 to KKiJ-.
Western Union remiiined comparative
ly steady until late in the day, when it
jtlso sold off over J ler cent. The gen
tual list, while heavy, suffered only
small fractions in the afternoon's
break. The result of the day's ocra
tions is a loss as compared with last
evening of H ti :J per cent., with an
exceptional decline of H in New Jer
Boy Central and Manitoba and 1 J in
j'acitic Mail. The. stock last men
tioned was pressed for side iu the
afternoon bv parties who were under
stood to be long of the stock. The ex--eptions
to the general rule are slight
gains lor Northern Pacific common,
Texas and Pacific aud Western Union.
There was an advance in Milwaukee,
Ijike Shore anl Western from 5kA to
('!, but it closed at (H, a net gain of 1 .
The market closed gtMierally linn, al
though somewhat irregular.
The total sides of stocks to-day were
3:!7,8'.H) shares, including Canadian
Southern, U'S); Central Pacific, IS,.
!t2S; Helawart', Laekuwauna and
Western, 44.473; IVIaware and Hul
son, NVi ; Krie, 30,:!23; ljike Shore,
ls,!i0; loui.sille and Nashville, 12,-,
473; Northwestern, I4.0S0; Xew Jer
scy Central; 1S.023; Ohio and Missis
sippi, :17."0; Pacitic Mail,2S,si5; Keud
ing, 10,3s.; ; St. Paul, 24,111; Union
Pacific, (iSOO; Wabash Pacific, :tlHi!;
WcsUtii Union, 11,020; Northern Pa
cific preferred, 10,1:17; Oregon and
Transcontinental, 7210. Closing quo
tations :
U. S. 8. lOO'i. New4,
New 4!y, 1M7.. - I'aoiac t of ls5, 12t;,
C. P. firaU, 115. T. P. land grants, 41U
Krie feoonds, 102. T. P. Hio (1. dir., &3.
Le'hA Wilke.,lH. U. P firxtn,
Louisiana oons., 84. U V. Und rant',lW.
Misvouri 6i, 10J. V. P. s. fund, 122-,'i.
M. Jo-eph, 121. Virginia tis, 43.
Ht.P.4 8. C. lsl',128. Va.eon., ei-n.e., 50.
Tenn. 6, old, 57. Va.ooo. del., 12.
Xenn. tie, new, 67.
tdami Eipreis, 145, Nashville A C., 47.
Allegheny Central, -N.J. Central. &W.
Alton A (' 11.. 40. Norfo k A W. pt.T,2SJ
A. k T. H., pfd. 90. Northern l'ao., 27 '4 .
Ameriean Ex., 105. Northern P. pld, Wi
B. .U B. A N.,05. N. V. C. 4 St. L., '-4
Canada Pao., 62. N.Y.C.iSt.L., p. 19!,.
Caen la South., 4I7,. C. A N. W., Hi.
Central Pacilio, 41 '-J. ('.AN. W. p d. 140.
Chexpeake A 0.,11.N. Y. Central. l(i.
C. AO. 1st pfi, 20. Ohio Centnl, Vi.
C.AO. 2d .fd, 13. Oleo k Miss , 2.V.
C'hiniKO AAItnn.141. U. A Miss, pld, H21-;.
C. A A. pfd, Iff. Ontario A Went.,
C, B. A y.. 1'f.'1. Oregon NaT., 102.
C.Bt. L A-N.O.. Oregon Trana.. 3J.
C, ct. L. A P., f.iii. Oregon Imp., 28.
C.8.. L. A P.,p.,32Ji.Peifio Mail, 56H.
fl , 8. A C. , 35. Panama. 98.
C. A C. 50V4. Peoria, 0. A K., 21.
Dfl. A Hud., lfrt'i. Piltiborg. 149.
Del., L. A W., 1:VS'. Pullman P. 0., 135X.
Den. A Rio G., 17,',. Reading, it',.
Krie, 28 i. Kock Island. 130.
Krie pld . 60 Bt. L A 8. F., 22.
Kast fenn., 3'. St L. AS F. p,4'..
FastTenn. ifd.,6i. St.L AS.F.lstp lia.
I'ortWatne, 148. 0. M. A St. P., 94S.
Hannibal A St. Jo, C. M. A bt. P. p. 12V.1
II, A St. Jo pfd, bt. P. M.A M.,117.
Harlem, 217. St. P. A Omaha. 41.
Houston A T., 3J. St. P. A 0. pld, 105.
lliino'S Cen., 139 Texas Paoil'o, IS1.
Ind. B. A W.. mi. t'nion l'uoilin. 5I.
Kansas AT, 30vH. V. 8. Express, 01.
Lake K. A W., 14. St. ti. A P., 10M.
Lake Shore, W.,St. L. A P. p, W4.
Lou. A N. A.. 38. W.U.Tel.. 72
LDa,snua,ii. n , a t . nx., lm.
M.AC. ,1st pld, Colorado Coal. 24.
M. A C 2J pfd, Hom'sUke, 20.
Mem A Char., 35. Iron Silver, 240.
Mich. Central, 7rt. Ontario, 29.
Min. A St. L., Wi. Quicksilver, 7.
M. A bt. L. pfd, 49. Quicksilver pfd, 23.
Missouri Pao., UUJiJ. South Pacific,
Mobile A ()., 1!. butro, 19.
Morris A E.,offd,136.
Inikn, February 17. (ionsols
lol 5-Ki for both money and the ac.
count. Par silver, 4iiid per ounce.
The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the 1 tank of Kngland on balance
to-day is 1700.
Pahis, February 17. Three per
cent, rentes, 82f. 17 jo. for the account.
BANK Cl.tAHI.yos.
New Yohk, Ftdiruary 17. Kx
cltanges, 12.'!,330,701 ; balances, 3,
I , 1 2.
Pai.timouk, Mil, February 17.--Hank
clearinijs, tl,l)3!l,l 1 1 ; balances,
O'moAiio, Ii.i.., February 17. The
associated bank clearings to-day were
Pmi.ADKi.PuiA, Pa., February 17.
Pank clearings, 1 1,04:1,840; bitlances,
1 1, 345,2(17.
St. Ixu is, Mo., February 17. Hank
clearings, t2,201,(23; balances, $412,
143. Kxchauge on New York, 31k
lremium. Poston, Mass., February 17. Kx
changes,$12,H!H),:t08; balances,! 1.40S,
!03; money, 1J per cent. Kxchauge
on New York, 5(i;Sc premium.
The local market opened easy, and
closed easy; middling, 8 9-ltle. "Sales,
1800 hales, including (100 Tuesday
evening, of which 830 were to ex
porters, and 930 to spinners.
. Yesterday. Day Itefore.
Ordinary 7 3-10 7 3 10
(ioodOrdinary -7 11-16 7 11-10
Low Middling 8 3-10. 8 3-10
Middling 8 9-16 8 9 16
Good Middling 9'i
Middling fair ! 9'J
Fair . Nom. Nom.
Dusty ......... TiWi r!iK',
Stains and tinges ...... Vygiill V,Mi
Mmpbis. February 17, 1S86.
Stock, September 1, 1885... 1,392
Reoeived to-day 1 970
Received previously 408,008 471,370
Rhlnnjiil fn.d 1 HIVI
Shipped previously 330,724
Burnt, eto .
Ilome consumption to date 3.12,521
Stook, running aeoount 131,810
Thus far thin week 5,707
Thus fnrliutweeg 2,911
Since September 1st 4ii.(,978
Memphis and Charleston Railroad 428
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 3u:l
Louisville and Nashville Railroad.... lio
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad. 2V)
C, O. and S. W. R. K 48
I,.. N. O. and Texas Railroad 107
Kansas City, Springfield and M. R.R. 116
Memphis, Sol ma and Brunsw'k R.R. -')
Steamors 571
Waxons and other sources... .. 25
ToUl 1,970
Thus far this week ... 6.701
Tnus far last week w.. 4,754
Siaoe September 1st ... 332,524
Wemphis and Charleston Railroad... 4 5
Mississippi and Toonessee Railroad. 474
Louisville and Nashville Railroad X
Chesapeake. Ohio and S. W.K.K 401
Louisville. N. 0. A T. R. R... 50
Memphis, Solinaand Brunswick R,R. 4
Total 1,800
New York soots opened easy, and
closed quiet. Sales, :10 bales. Quo
tations were as follows:
6 7-16
7 13-16
9 1-16
. 9 7-16
..1 10 1-16
10 1116
Day Before
6 7-lfi
7 13-16
9 1-16
9 7-10
10 1-1H
10 11-10
Good ordinary.. .
bow middling ...
Good middling
Middling fair...
New York futures oiicned easv. and
closed quiet and 2 to 4 points higher.
Sales, 80,000 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows, as compared
with yesterday :
Yesterday. Day Before.
February 8.94 4 8 96 8.90 4 8.V2
March 8.99.4 9.00 8.97r4
April .... U9s lr.10 9.06(4 9.07
May. 9.19 4 9.itv4 .....
June 9.29 4 9 2x4 9.26
July. 9.34 9.37 9.32 4 9.31
August 9.42(4 9.41 9.3'i4 9.39
September ....'. 9.21 9.21 9.1S 4 9.19
October 9.lilr4 9.0i 9.01 4 9.02
November 8.98i 8.99 8.96 4 8.97
The New Orleans sit market omMii'd
easy, and closed weak and irregular.
Sales, 1730 bales.
Yesterday Day Before.
Ordinary .............. 7 7
Good ordinary 7i 7s
Low middling a H
Middling -M V.
Good middling 9 6-16 9 5-16
The New Orleans future market
opened barely steady, and closed dull
hut steady, and I to - tioints higher.
Salt's, 22KK) bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows, as compared
with vesteniav:
Yesterday. Day Before.
February.......... 8 56 bid. 8.564 8.58
March . 8.51(4 8.52 8 51(4 8.52
April ... 8.61 8 RS
May 8.74'4 8.75
8 6l 4 8.62
8 72 4 8.73
Jan 8.87.4 8 KH
July 8.98 4 8.99
8.86 8.87
8 97(4 8.98
9.00 4 9.01
8.734 8.74
8 .61 4 8 62
8.57 4 8.58
8. 1.69
August ..... 9.01 '4 .JM
September 8.75 4 8.76
October 8.64 8 63
November....... I 58 4 8.5J
Deoember (4 .
lone. Keo'u. Price. Sloes.
Dull. 2.3'' 8 11-16 V.,?-il
full. 5.8 1 8', :".7I
Quiet. 492 8', 4K.!ni,8
Quiet. 1,7"0 8 9-16 S'l.lsS
Qui"t. l,ll 8 9-16 .S,4irj
St-ady. 121, I1'; .4S1
Quiet. 1,114 8' 32,-'io
Nominal 307 9 3I.99
Quiet I 9 1-16 2112 210
Quiet. 318 9"; 6.3U)
Dull. 38 9l 21, 'Oi
Quid. 7VI 8 9-16 letP,201
Diall. 2(i2 k1,
N OrleauK
.Mobile ...
Char'stou ,
New lork
ll'istcn ....
St. Louis.1
Augusta .
ToUl receipU at ports, this day, 18....13.528
Total receipts at poru. this Uv. 1SS5... (,4n0
K'UatU.S. poru,
5 dTS....
Experts to Great
71.4.9 38.1101 41,4?
liriuin I 3.(v37j 19,749 61.861
Block il.ttii.aki 850,220 973.962
Kee'ta sine Sept. I I
1st 4.3S1.R314,28.79S 4.250,815
Foreign exporti'...2,9',92l 2,98i.;oi 2.8 .yw
Increase in reeeihts this year 97,040
I.iverMM)l spots at ihmiii were quoteil
dull iu buyers' favor, Sales, SO00
bales, of which 7000 were American.
Kcecipts, 141,000 bales, all of which
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 :!-1Im1 ; good
ordinary, 4 9-10d; low middling, 4 jd ;
gisxl middling, 3 ll-ltid; middling
ujilamls, 4 13-IOd; Orleans, 3d.
At 2i).iu. the price of middling had
declined l-llid to 4;d for middling up
lands, and 4 13-1 1 id for middling ( ir
leans. Other grades unchanged.
77i' jirirt art git; it in ;x ;i(V timl Gillm,
tlntr: 4 03 ni turn 4 rj:i0l.., inf 5 01
un it im 5 1-04
At noon: Liverpool futures wcro
steady at decline; I'ebruarv-March,
4 32,1; March-April, 4 3:1.4 32,1;
April-May, 4 34,1; May-June, 4,30d ;
June-July, 4 3Sd; July-August,
4 01,1; August-Se)tember, 4 (:!d. '
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
dull; l'eliruarv,432lscllers; February
March, 4 321 sellers; March-April,
April, 4 32,1 buyers; April-May, 4 34,1
sellers; May-June, 4 .Vi,i value; June
July, 4 3Sd Value; July-Augu.-,t, 4 Old
sellers; August-September, 4 ti:td
At 3 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
quiet ami steady and 1-04,1 lower than
the day before ; February, 4 32,1 value ;
Februiirv-Marcli, 4 32,1 Value; March
April, 432,1 value; April-May, 4 34,1
buyers; Mav-Juno, 4 30,1 buyers;
June-July, 4 oNd buyers; July-August,
4 01,1 buyers; August-September, 3d
The following is the record of the
bids and oll'ers at the Call Hoard of the
Merchiint.s' F.xchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 41 c bid; Febru
ary, 41J(ijMi, 4:c asked; March, 42c
bill; ApruT 44 S o o. t. bid; May, 43c
bid, 40c asked; No. 2, spot, :7ijo o. t.
bid; March, :10c o. t. bid ; April, !Kc
bid ; May, 42Jc hid.
No. 2, white, spot, :!4c bid; March,
:14c bid; No. 2, spot, Xlc bid; Febru
ary, ::!Jc o. t. bid ; March, IWJc o. t.
bid; May, :4Jc bid, :0c asked.
llltA x.
Spot, 114.30 bid; March, $15 23
asked; April, $13 3(1 asked; Mav, 300
sacks sold at 14 !H).
Spot, $2 10 asked ; February, $2 13
asked; March, $2 20 asked"; April,
2 15 bid, $2 25 asked ; May, $2 20
bid, $2 271 ked.
Coits AVbite, 47o ; mixed, 40c, from
(tore; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c.
1 1 y Choice, from store, S3e ; prime,
"ofMHik-; prairie, .30c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, $15; prime,
.i:i 50; nraine, IN.
Oats White, IlSe; mixed, :!7c, from
store. Pound lots from levee on track
white, sacked, :i3Jc ; mixed, sacked,
.14 Ac.
Oatmeai. In Half-barrels, SI 30 from
Corsmka i Standard, $2 106'2 20;
pearl, t'Mntf 25 from store ; 5c cheaper
from mill, levee or track.
Fi.oi it From store, double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, 25;
choice, $4 25f;4 50; fancy, $,175(5)5;
extra fancv, $5 25(,iy 75; patents,
i 25; round lots from levee or t nick, 10c
cheaper; car lotschoice, $.1 KtOf-i 05;
family, $1 00(".1 75; fancy, $4 :i(kV4 50;
extra" fancy, $4 75(j5; jiatcnts, $.5 25
(1.5 lit).
HitAN From store, K5c per cwt. ;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
ItKANs Navy, jf2 25; medium, $2.
Hick Louisfana, 4A(i 5Ac; Carolina,
IIomisy and till its From store,
S2 75(:S.
Chackhi) AVhkat Iu half-barrels,
$4 from store.
( ii tcKKits Soda, extra, 4Ac; soda,
treble extra, 5e; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
trelde extra, 7 Ac; ginger snaps, extra'
5c; ginger slurp's, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, He.
Kansas Citv, Mo.. February 17,
Wheat quiet; casli,7lijc bid; March,
72c bid, 72jo inked; May, 78c. Corn
steady ; cash, 2S)c bid, 20 J- asked;
March, 29c bid, 29 5 c a dud; May, 31 Jc
bid, 31 Jo asked. Oati no qaotaiona.
1- jw Ohlkans, La., February 17.
Flour quiet but steady; choice, $4 40;
fancy, $4 70; extra Uncy, $55 10;
Minneaita and winter wheat patents,
$.3 50. C)tn, 47(ii48c. 0ts quiet, 39
((i;40c. Corn meal Bteady, $2 15. Hay
quiet, $1719.
St. Loi'ia, Mo., February 17. Flour
quiet and unchanged. Wheat firmer,
but very quiet; the market opened
raiier and declined Jc, but afterward
strengthened and closed e higher
than yesterday; No. 2 red, cash, UOjc;
February, 00 Jc; March, 90 Jc bid;
May, t-2i',"3Ac, closing at 03 Jc. Corn
very quiet, but higher and firm, clos
ing lJc over yesterday ; No 2 mixed,
cajh, 3630o; Febrmi'y, 35 i35;c,
closirig at 35j352c: March, b5.c bid ;
May, 3737ic, closing at 37 is. Oats
fir ,n, with trading confined to the May
options: No. 2 mixed, cad, 2'Jj(5:t0c
bid; February, SOjc bid; March, 38 jc
nominal; Mav, 32c. Rye scarce and
higher, 01c bid. Barley quiet and un
changed. Hay dull and easy; timo
thy, $11 23(3,13 50; piairie, $d 60
8 50. Flaxseed steady, $103; Bran
unsettled; 6c at mill, 06c on ca t
track. Commeal firm, $1 831 00.
Receipts Flour, 1000 brls; wha,
0000 bu; corn, 66,000 bu; oate, 13,000
bu; rye, 200O bu; bailey, 3t'00 bu.
Shipments Flour, 7000 brls; wheat,
2000 bu; corn, 9000 bu; ca'r, lOOObu;
rye, none; barley, none.
Afternoon Board. f in at firm and
J(o)tro higher. Corn easy and jc
nigner. Oats ca,y and shade lower.
Chicago, III., February 17. Wheat
begin with a weak fueling to day, bat
turned strong on good local and out
side bnying, May delivery rallying
from S3;c, the starting price, to fc4c,
fell off again to S4Jc bat closed on the
regular board at S4)c. The cables
quoted a firmer feeling in foreign mar
kets with an improved continental de
mand, while California wai quoted 6c
higher. The receipts were again very
small, with shipments a little larger,
which added a little to the improved
tone. In the afternoon May advanced
ti 84i on pood buying, and closed at
81 11-ltic. The temper was spun quite
strong in corn and the bnyiDj was ou
more liberal scale than has been
witnessed in many weeks. Buyin:
orders were plentiful from the ouUi Je
and an active specula'ive trads wa in
progress ill day. May advanced to
41 Jj, and closed at the euteidn lieu re
in the latest trading. Oils likewise
ruled strorg, May aivaiiciDg to 33c
a-d closing t 33 1 1-10.:. Flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat opened esy,
idle lower, rallied lluc
tiuted and rose i'lc hiiflier
than yeftrdiv. Sales landed: Fb
rnary, 7C"i'ie. closed at 7;ijc;
March, 78 j i('JJ.!, tbved at 7!5j; Msv,
E3I(S-.81Je. cloned at 84Ac; June, 85
farSOlc, cloed at 661 s; No 2 spring,
7'.)J(!iSlJc; No. 3 spring, 71Jc. Corn
aUiva-and strong, closing Jj higher;
cash, 38c; February, 37(.i)Li8 closed
at 3Sj; March, 37g 5;tsic, cloaod at
SSc: May, 41(a)41jo, closed at 41,c.
Oat strong and ijc higher; cash,
3Vroic; February, 30j; March, 3i)c;
May, 32j33Jc, cl-sed at 33 l-10c.
Rye steady; No. 2, 59c. Barley nom
inal. Flaxeed firm; No. 1, $112.
Receipts Flour, 20,000 brls; wheat.
25,003 bu ; corn, 285,000 bu ; oats. 103,
000 bn: rye, SOOObu; barley, 02 00 J
bu. ShiDroents Flour, 10,000 bu;
wheat. .19,000 bu; (rn, 21'J.OOO bu;
oats, 145,000 bu; rye, 9000 bu; bar
ley, 14,000 bu.
Afternoon Boird Wheat closed
strong; May, 84 11-10c. Corn and
oats unchanged.
Iu'ttku - Creamery, :S(.iM0c; dairy,
I7(" 25c; butterino, 14( 10c; country,
12A('i lSc, according to condition.
Ciikksk 1'rime tints, 7("Sc; New
York factory, Sc; full cream, llj(d 12c;
Y. A., 1 1 loi 12c.
Mkss 1'oitK -Old, $10 750- 11 per bar
rel ; new, $11 75(.iM2 per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, UAoclOc; break
fast bacon, SjOi Oc; clear rib Imcon, Oj
ltil.K 1'oiiK ('Icar sides, Oorojc;
clear rib sides, 5J("'c; long clear, 5,i'
5;c; shoulders, 40' 41c.
l.Alin Tierces, Oj0Ac; half-barrels,
Ojc; kegs, (ije) buckets, 771c;
half-buckets, 7ft7.Je; 30-lb tins, 01(S
tije; 20-lb tins, OiSGiOje ; 10-lh tins, 0;Qj)
7Jc; 5-lb tins, 771c; 3-lb tins, 74(5
7je; choice kettle, tierces, 7(,i7c.
Fkksii Mkts Beef (iood Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7Vi)7Ac;
cows and heifers, Ojc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8lc; pork, Oc.
l'liiS-KKi-T-llrls, $S 30;lialf-brls
$.!(,. 1 25.
Nkw Orleans, La , February 17.
Hog product! unsettled but generu'ly
lower. Fork, $11 60. Lii'd, 5 OJo.
Bulk moats slioulderp. 3jc; long
clear. 6jc; clear ribs, 5 00c. lUcon
shouldHrs, 41r; long claar, 0.'5c; clear
ribs, 0.45c. Hams, 9lJc.
St. Louis, Mo., February 17. Pro
visiora quiet and easier. Fork, $11 121
($11 25. Lard, 5 00c. Bulk meu'e looje
lots, long t l Bar, 5.45c; short nbt( 5.55c;
short clear. 6.70c; boxed lots un
changed. Bacoo unchanged. Hams
steady, 81(Vi)ll Jc. .Butter 6teaJy and
unchanged. Kgga firm, 19o.
Cincinnati, O , February 17. Pork
quiet, $11 25. Lard dull, 0j. Bulk
uieats weaker; shoulders, 4;; Bhoit
rib, 5 55c. Bacoa easy; shoulders,
4Jc; short rib, OJo; short clear, 0.40c.
Baiter quiet and unchanged. Sugar
steady and unchanged. Kft?s quiet,
22(()2Jc. Cheese dull and unchanged.
Chicago, III., February 17. Mess
pork opeued 57c lower, rallied 10()
12 jc, receded 2j(J5c, and closed
steady; cash, $10 OVii)ll: March,
$10 t3ll, closed at $10 ll.')10 97);
May, $11 17J()11 20, closed at $11 15
11 17. Lard quiet and steady; cash,
e.O.'J(0.05c; March, 6 02J0 07jc,
closed at 0.036 07Jj; May, 6.17 jc.
Boxed meats steady; dry salted
shoulders, 3.934c; short rib sides,
6.43()6Jc; short clear sides, 5 80
(S)5 85c. Butter steady; creamery, 25
(J32c; dairy, 1423c. Kggs, 2D(J21c.
SnAr-$2(rtt.1 50 per case.
C01TKR Common, 7(5J8Jc; ordi
nary, !l!lc; prime Uio, I0llc;
choice to fancy, 1 1 A(iiM2Jc; old govern
ment, 2.125c"; Ceylon, 20c.
SniAB Fjistcru yellow, Gj C .7J ;
pure w. c.'white, 0J""7e; oil' white, OS
(oOjc; yellow clarified, oA.(r)02c ; open
kettle, 5jfii,0lc; refined A, 7J7ic;
granulated, 7Jc; jiowdcred, 8Je; cut
loaf, SJc.
Salt $1 20(,iil .Kl per barrel ; sacks,
line, $1 50; coarse, $1 11); pockets,
bleached, 2i'(5)7c; car-loads, from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Moi.sks Iiuisianii, common (o
fair, 23((i)27c; nrimeto choice, 4(i:o55c;
yrup, 25(310,", comnioii to fair, 25(ii
..!' ; prune to clmice, In 1 10c.
Caniiiks Slicks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7jSc.
Cam.i.ks-I'uII weight, I0(llc.
Toiiacco Coninion, 11-inch, 27(,i)
.10e; other grades and styles, 27i(jS3e.
Snnir (iarrett's, $10 S5 per case;
lialph's, $10 25 per case; H. K., $!l 50.
Canxkii (iisins, 1rc. Prices per
dozen: l'ineapples.f 1 :."(.j 1 Ii5;ieaches,
2-lb, sUndard, $1 aofajfTK); seconds,
$1 15(,i I 25; tomatoes, 2-lb staiulai'd,
$1 10; 3-lb, $1 ,15; strawberries, $1 40'a)
1 00; lusplierries, $1 151 25; black
berries, 15; greengages, $1 IW&
175; pears, $2(32 23; plums, $1 tUV")
1 70; asparagus, $2 00 4; green corn,
$l(3i :!5;irreen jieas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1 -lis 1";
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75(3)
1 93c; cove oysters, light weight, l-ll,
03c; cove oysters, lightweight, 2-lb,
$1 ; condensed milk Crown, $5 IK);
Fugle, $7 75; Swiss, $0.
Baltimore, Md., February 17. Cof
fee steady; Rio cargoes, ordinary to
fair, 7 Jc.
IlAVANA.Februa'v 17. Sugar weak ;
centrifugal, pclariza'.ion, 90, $3 07Jc
gold per quintal.
New Yobk, February 17. Coffee
spot fair Rio dull, 818c; sales, 8500
bars; February, (ijo; March, 6.65
0 70:; June, 0.70c; October, 6 80c.
Sufardull and weak; refined dull;
confectioners' A, 6Jc; standard A, 6()
6 1-10j; granulated, 6J Molaases
dull; sales at 22c for 50 teat. Rice
Naw Orikans, La., Februarv 17.
Coffee quiet and weak; Rio, 6i91c
llice steady, 35Jc. Sugar steady,
with fair den and; open kettle,
choice, 5 1-1 0c; prime, 4jc; fully fair,
4i(n)4 13 16c; inferior, 2(253c; centri
fugal, oil white t choice white, 6JC4
6 3 16c; cboxe yellow clarified, (K5
6 1-16c; prime yellow clarified, SJCj)
5 15-16c; off yellow clarified, 5jc; sec
onds, 4j(!!5Jc. Molaves dull and
nominal; open kettle, good prime, 25
(;27c; prime, 2022c; fir,
Louisiana centrifugals, prime to strict
ly prime, 1020c; common to good
common, 130
Ai'i'i.KS Apples, $2 2-'(i2 50 from
store; $2(32 25 pT car-load from levee
or depot. I tried apples, :l((i4' per
Kjund from store. I'ried js'iu bes, 3(S
4c from store.
Potatoes Potatoes, $2 25(3 2 50 from
store, $2(i 2 25 jht car-load from levee
or dejxit.
Veoetahi.f.s Onions, $2 733 25
from store; $2 00(j,2 S3 fmra leveo or
dejK)t. Cabbage, $4 tat xr crat.
Kniut, luirrels, JO-SO.si; half-burrids,
$2 75(a;;i. (iarlic, 4(k7ii'kic per Iiki.
Fm it. Oranges. Iiii.i; , none;
Florida, none; Messina. i..i4 3l per
Ikx. Ia'Iiious, $ I .'.,( r lMx.
BauauiLx, 50c PKI ht bunch. C,s oa
nuts, $4 ht liK. I'eanuts - Virginia,
0l7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 2r.r
3c; ret leaned. VAt.i I lc; roasted, 2Ac
higher; sliellcl, 10c. Abuonds, lsi)
20c. Chestnuts - green, I2j(,rtl.5c; dry,
1!isis London layers, $3 30; lay
ers. $2 75; Caliiornia', ; lmiH-rial,
Pii'Ki.rs- In jars, pints, !KV'; ipiarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 ."si; callous,
$175; loose, barn 4s, $0; balf-blirrels,
$.1 30; mixed, barrels, $10 ,"m; mixed,
Pkcans Texas,, Sf.T.lO,- (,,r Hiimll to
medium, 10(i14c for large; Arkansas,
Wai.m-ts- French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
(iri'iiobles, 15c. Fillierts, 12c.
Ciiikk Missouri, $7(ft7 50 per barrel
and $4(;i.4 30 jht half-barrel. Vinegar,
1 l(,i 10c per gallon.
Poci.TiiY-Turkeys, per dozen, $SJ
12; geese, J:t(,i!4; ducks, 3; chickens,
good ilemand, $2(1.1; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 12((tU:te per jioun, I.
Fisir Mackertd, lialf-barrels, No. 1,
$4 :',or4 75; No. 2, $.150(.,:l 75; No. 3,
$2 75fr3; 10-lh kit, No. 1, S0c; No. 2,
(K' ; 15-lh, No. (UVi-. lry herrings,
family, 25c per box.
Oamk Venison, whole, 3(i$.V; sad
dles, OMSc; hear, lifnW; wild turkeys,
30(' 75c; ducks, l 30C)2 .30; squirrels,
75c; quails, 75c(efl ; prairie chickens,
$5; game fish, 0(,ASc.
Funs Finn, 24c.
Si:ki - Delivered lit depot mid wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
bont(, $0; wagon at mills, $8. Mkai,
Prime f. o. b., 15 per ton. U'ss than
car-load lots, $15 .30. From store, tKV
per sack. Cakk Nominal ; $10 per
ton. On,-In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 22(,i23e; prime sum
mer yellow, 20!(i!27c; oll'-siimmer yel
low, 25((il20c; miners', 27(ii30c; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2S(d10c.
Nkw Oiii.kans, La., February 17.
Cotton-sccd products in fair demand;
prime crude oil, 2lJ(tj22c; summer
vellow, 27(a28c; coke and tneal, 19J
Itvoiiisn Jute, OJf-i lle; llax, 1 0(3)
H)Jc, aecordiiig to weight. Ties, $l 20
Oj)l 25.
Nuw(-'2 45(32 70.
Com, Oii.-Priine white, wholesale
loin, 1 5c per gallon.
Ci.EVKi.AND, Februai'V l". Petro
leum llnu; s. w., HO", sje.
PiTTsm no, Pa., February 17. Pe
troleum active, firm ami higher: Na
tional Transit certificates opened at
70jc and closed at 81 Ac; highest price
SI je; lowest, 70;e.
WlllHUT, WINKS), 1.I41UOKN, KT).
Wuirky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $1 00(3)0; rye, $17&('0; domes
tic, 90c$ I 50.
Sr. In is, February 17. Whisky,
$1 10.
CuicAiio, February '17. Whisky
steady, $1 JO. .
Nkw Oiii.kans, February 17. Whis
ky steady, $ll 25.
Cincinnati, February 17. Whisky
steady, 1 10. Sales of finished goods
on tins basis, 800 Parrels.
llousiis (Iood driving, $I25(7250 ;
good saddle, $140100; plugs, $35( 80;
good mares, 85(i)l40.
Mm.i-.s-14. to 15, $llXo110; 15 to
15 J, $125140; 15. J to 1 0, $ 1 4(Kc 1 75.
Supply small; demand moderate.
Cattlb Oood to choice corn fed
butcher steers, 4j("V!j" medium to
good, 4(n4e; common to good, 'M")
3jc. Feeders - A rkansaa and Missis
sippi steers. 2(nl.2ie.
1 loos Choice butchers, 3j(nVlc; me
dium to good butchers , :irni3Jc; com
mon ami rough lot", 3(,, 3Jc.
Siiukp Choice extra heavy mutton,
4(,i;41c; good mutton, 3J(,i):!Jc.
Cincinnati, 0., February 17. Hos
firm : common and light, $3 35(3)4 20;
packing and butchers', $4 10v,)4 65,
Receipts, 2204 head; shipment), 19J
KAnsAs City, Mo., February 17.
The Lice Slock Indicator reports: Cut
tle Receipt, 2106 head; shipments,
1074 heal; (low and 10c lower, except
for t tickers and feeders, which are
firm; exporters, $5 l()(j5 30; good to
choice shipping, $4 00(Vu5; common to
insdinm, $l('i)4 50; Blockers and feed
ers, $3(a4 ; cows, $2 40W3 30. Hogt
Recent', 7704 head; shipments, 2233
head; slow and 10c lower, closing
weak; gnod to choice, $1 05((i,4 10;
common to medium, $3 (!()(n;3 00.
Sheep Receipt), i;f12 head; ship
ments, 127 hi ad; steady; good to
choice, $2 8(V(ij3 60 ; common to me
dium, 12(2)2 75.
Ciiicaoo, 111, February 17. The
Drovtr' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 7800 head; shipments, 2100
head ; markot slow and 10c lower ; the
general market closed weak; shipping
steers, 0)0 to 1500 pounds, $3 50(i)5;
(tickers and feeders, $2 60C$4 30;
cows, bulla and mixed, $160(o3 75;
bulk, l 50(3 0. Hogs, receipt 1,
21,000 bead; shipments, 1500 head:
market slow and 5c lower; roughs and
mixed, $3 70()4 05; packing and ship
ping, $4 05C)4 45; light, $3O04 1O;
skips, $2 75(')4 10. Sheep receipts,
3200 head; shipments, 1000 bead;
market brisk and firmer; natives, $2(4
6 40; Texans, $.(i)4 ; lambs, $4)5 25.
Naw York, February 17. There
has been an improved inquiry for
new styles of autumn woolens, and
through the placing of orders a good
business has been laid out by the
many buyers present. For cctton
goods a steady inquiry has prevailed,
but with the production and receipts
interrupted by the fl ods prompt de
liveries by agents are ret trie ted to the
supplies in store. Agents have ad
vanced Ohio checks to 8Jc; also,
Palmer fancy and Kverett bine and
brown denims Jc, and orders for the
latter accepted at value only. The
tone of the market gains strength
every day:
To all who arc ioflerini from tha errors and
Indiscretions of youth, nerrous weakness,
early deoajr, loss of manhood, eto., I will
end a recipe that will ear yoa, FREB OF
CI1AH0E. This rreet remedy was differ
ed by a missionary in South America. Send
self-addressed envelope to the Rer. J ira
T. Ishs, Station D, Kti0 York (At.
Cure Guaranteed
1 h? i:iHttro(anlvHnlr HiM'iiMrT licit
kr l.lfH'trofanlvHntr HiM'iiMrT i-rii utm
nmitlve Curr Inr NrruuH OclMlttv lo
" V iKortVrHknftM I'rrnmlurpOIH Arrw
c. Ac, ft ftti uu huwKrtl iaul If evrnr lu-
trll doei noi iren prate ft in-uulna Ktertrto
fnttive 1 urrinr rrr uux i'Imih i
01 1
A f
current, I'rioe rNiurd to PA. Viiih rU
ttt full mionnt paid if it dii not m&ke ft
mmplli cnn. B"led particular! tM-nt irrm.
Kl.wriKIO liFLT ArtKNCy. comer Vlt-
M.fttvllilll r. ija 1 n. a , w mt-i risr
hmm vfUiDft mud HtU HtrvMit. Brook trn. H. Y.
TUI.4, l)AV.
Arkansas City.. Kata Adivs, 5 p.m.
TiptonTille. . -...) Ti)i, 5 p.m.
Friars Point...Coi Bm, .S p.m.
Vickshura rCiTT or Vimsai , 6 p.m.
New Orleans Thih.Siuciilik'k, 12 m.
Osceola Dii;Auj, t p.m.
Cincinnati ...Cms. Miiucax, 10 a.m.
Cincinnati ......UuriiitTt Stt, 5 p.m.
New Orlesns .l)ii II Hi , S p.m.
New Orleans CirrurST. Liiuik, 9 p.m.
White River Pa.Harr, 5 p.m.
Arkansas Klrer.li. W. Con, 6 p.m.
Arriralt. Coahoma, Friars Point;
Chickasaw, Whit river ; Dean Adams,
Departure. Coahoma, Friars Point;
Chickasaw, White river; Dtan Adams,
Oscfola; Granite State, Cincinnati.
Jfotil wi Port Uayoso.
iiiiaf Dut Down. Huckeye Ftate.
idxifit Due ). Kate Adams and
Big Helena.
RtMWIpla Teelorday.
Chickasaw 145 ta'ee cotton, 250
cava canned goods and 42 pkgs sun
dries. Dean Adams 101 bales cotton, 40
bags seed-cotton, KU sks corn and 2d
pkgs sundries.
Coahoma 288 bales cotton, 5 bags
seed-cotton, 4(1 sks seed, 1 horse and
20 pkgs Bundrieji.
Tin K W. Cole, Capt. Ed Nowland,
is the Saturday packet for all points on
Arkansas river.
Tin DeSmet, Capt, Milt U. Harry, Is
the Saturday packet for all points on
White and Black rivers.
The City of Ht. Louis, Capt. James
0. Meal, will pass down b'a.urday
evening for New Urleana.
The 0. Line steamer Thos. Sherlock,
Capt. S. C. Mclntyro, will pass down
to-morrow at 12 o'clock fjr New Or
leans. The Lee Line packets to-morrow
evoning are the Coahoma for Friars
Point and the Dean Adams for Os
ceola. The City of Vicksburg.Capt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet to
mormw evening for Yivksburgand the
The Oajow, Capt. W. P. Hall, Is
the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
f ir Hales Point, Tiptonville and all
way landings Jease P. Walt is in
her office.
TbkO. Line steamer Charles Mor
gan, Capt. U. Wash Thompson, will
pes up to-morrow morning at 10
o'clock for t'inclnr'a'l and all interme
diate points on the Ohio river. Chas,
Church ls in her office.
The Big Helena. Cant. Aft Grisfom.
la due to-day, and haves again Satur-
tlay evening a'. 6 o clock lor Helena,
Arkaufai Uity, Ureenville, New ()r
leens and all way landings. Jainej 11,
White has charge of her office, assist
ed by Henry Seamon.
Tub Kate Adams. Capt. Mark It.
Cheek, is the United States mail pack
et this evening at 6 o'clock for He!
ena, Arkansas City and all way land
ings. W. C. Blanker has charge of
her olllce, asaittnd by Lew Price, Mor
ris Gans and J. 0. WycotT.
Tab Buckeye State. Capt. II. J. Vin
ton, is due today and leaves again to-
ville, Cincinnati, and all way landings
on the Ohio river. Ueo. W. Hen
drickson is in charge of her olllce, as
sisted by Chas. Vinton. The Buckeye
State will give cheap rotes to all
points North and East.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Ma J. Joint D. Adams is in the city.
Thb City of Vicksburg will leave St.
Louis to-day for Vicksburg.
The Lee Line packets came iu and
went out yesterday with fair trips.
The Gayoso resumes her place in
the upper bends, and leaves this even
ing. ItK.'KHTS by river yesterday CS4
bales cotton, 45 bags seed-cotton and
40 sacks seed.
Capt. Sam Buown of Pittsburg, of
the firm of Brown A Jones, co.tl deal
ers, is in the city.
The river stands 25 feet ii tenths on
the gauge, a rise of 1 foot 4 tenths in
the last 24 hours.
Tin Chickasaw arrived yesterday
morning from White river with 145
bales oi cotton, 250 cases of canned
goods, 42 packages of sundries, and
returned again last evening with a fair
The Granite Hlu'e departed yester
day evening for Cincinnati with 572
bales of cotton, 2400 sacks of cotton
seed meal, :i() barrel of cotton-seed
oil, 40 bales of rags und several pas
Tub Anchor line has resumed busi
ness, and Capt. Ad Storm, in another
column, announces that the City of
Vicksburg will leave nere for Vicks
burg Friday, February 10th, and the
tv of St. Louis for New Orleans Sat
urday, February 20th. nto o clock p.m.
The following is the Anchor Line
programme for the departure of steam
ers from St. Louis to New Orleans,
viz: Citv of St. Louis lebruarv 17th.
City of Baton Rouge February 20th,
City of New Oi leans February 24tb.
Uity of Natchez February 2tn,anU
win s. nays .war cn m.
Ornoa Pioril Hirmca, V. S. A., )
MiurHii, Tana., February lti, 1p.m. 1
TJbe following observations are taken
at all stations named at 7ft" meridian time,
which is one hour faster than Memphis time.
low water Rise. Fall.
titiohb. 1
? I s I s I
Cairo 37 7
Chattanooga 4 , 2
Cincinnati ... 3 22
Davenport. H M
Iuhuine H
FortHmith. . II 8
Helena ...... IU 8 i 1 .
La Crosse....
Leaven w'th.
Little Rock .14 3 1 3
Lonisville. ... 14 3
Nenipbls. . 2ft A 1 4
Nashville .... , 2 8
NewOrle'ns. S
Pittsburg .... 12 5 2 2
Bt. Louis It) 4
Kt. Paul
Hhreveport It 5
Vieksbnrt ... a 4 I 4
Pittbborg, February 17. Noon
River 11 feet 9 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and cold.
Cincinnati, February 17. Noon
River rising, with 111) feet 1 inch on
the gauge. Weather clear and cold ;
thermometer 36.
Louisville, February 17. Noon
River rising, with 13 feet 10 inches in
the canal and 10 feet 8 incheatm the
falls. Business good. Weather mod
erating. Departed: W. W. O'Neill
aud low. New Orleans. Tim Liu.d ng
Mar is t).e up.
Cairo, February 17. Noon River
oi! feet 9 inchea on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear and cold. No arrivals.
Departed: Henry Lonrey and barges,
New Orleans, 6 a.m. ; Belle Memphis,
St. Lnuis,7 a.m. ; Fort Fads and barges,
St. Louie, 9 a.m.; City of New Or
leans, St. Louis, 9 a.m.; Wyoming, St.
Louis, 10 a m.
Hoinarnii of Oreon Nieamens.
(JraBNRiotvN, February 17 Arrived:
Kypt, New York.
Bkkuen, February 17. Arrived:
Maine, New York.
Hamiii'ro, Febrnary 17. Arrived:
Rhaetia, New York.
New Yoke, February 17. Arrived:
Bordeaux, Liverpool; Erin, London;
Amoriipie, Havre.
Ornca St. Louis inu N. 0. Axrrioa Liaa, 1
Memphis, February 1(1, lHSrt. f
Business haeacain been resumed, and
freight will he reoeived at the Klerator for
all points. OITY K Vll'KSlIU Hd will
leave lor VICKSIIl'Rtf on KRIDAY, Feb.
)'.Hh. atrip in.. amltueCITY K8r. LOIlId
auih, at 6 p.m. For all information apply to
AD HT'lltM, Anent.
It. I.onl RwNw Orleans Assrhor
l.lwe-l'. N. mll-F0R V1CK8BU Rti.
City of Vicksburg, frr.
Henry Keith master, Jfrw-i&Bk
Will leave from the Klevator KHIDW . Feb.
l'.Uli, n'li p. hi. For Ireiiht or pasmte apply
C. L. II i 1, P. Art. AIHTHM.8ii.'t.
Southern Trn portntion Co. 0. Line For
ii-Ksoura, Hiunea ana itow Orleans otr.
m m ...
Thos Shcrlockensv
Mi'lntyre master, eW"Hjjy?
iii leave riuuAi, fen. iimii, at 12 iu.
For (Vein lit or paesaae apply to 0. II. KUn
SKI.L, A't. 12 Madison si. Telephone 227.
J mm H. I-kahkliii. Faasenaer Aaent.
Nt. I.onla ami New Orlritnii Anrhttr
City of St. Louis, AfSR,
Jas. O'Neal. ..master, 'ii&jZbr
Will leave from Klevator HATU h lA I , If el).
SOlh, at ft p.m. For freight or passage apply
0!li1 IUi.1.. Pass. Agt. AD BTUKM. Mup't.
For Helena, Terrene. Arkansas City, (Ireen
Vllle, Now Orleans and all way land
ings 1 he Ilia bteamer
Alf Orissotn master,
Will leave as above SATURDAY, Feb. 31th.
Freight for nil way landings will be reoeived
at KLKVATOR. For general information ap
ply at 3 Mailisun St. ('all Telephone No. 52.
II C. I.OWK. A.ent.
Volt 1'INK BLUFF. "
'ir llrlrnn, Pino Blnir, nml Mil Way
I.nu4lli ArkMBSMHa iiivrr Sir.
Kd Nowland ma'ter. VlSijrS3L
Will leave HATU RDA Y. Feb. 20 at r 11.01
For freight or pat sane applr No. 3 Madi
on street, or In II. U. LOW HI, Agent.
Cull Telephone No. M.
.Memphis and Cluclnnatl Packet Co.
lluekcye Ntjitej
11. J. vin'on master.
Will leave FRIDAY, Feb. luth, at IS p.m.
For freieht or pasnge apply to l U. HUS
HUI.L, Agent, No. 12 Mudison it. Teloi hone
No. 7. JOHN ('AUK, Patsenier Agent.
Steamer J A M KM W. DAFF Mlowi, lear
Ing Tuesday, l'i'briiary 2:td.
Bouthern Traniortiition Co. 0. Line For
Cniro, Louisville and Cincinnati Mir.
Clin. Morgan aflSSi.
(. W. Thompson, master, A9&aV3b
Will leave FRIDAY, Feb. lUth, at a.m.
For froight or passage apply to 0. ti. RUB
BKLL, Asent, 12 Madison St. Telephone 227.
MILT iiTitllY'tt
MentphiH.Vihlte Black BlrerPacket
For Helena, Indian Bay, St. Charles, Clar-
Jndon, DeValls Uluff. Pes Arn, Augusta,
arksonport, IlatesTllle, Powhattan and
Pocahontas. The new and elegant tide-
wneei passenger steamer
iTI I III umrrT UlMlori
Win leave KVKRY BATU RDA Y at ft o'olock
p.m. Through rates to all polnte. Freight
consigned to Milt liarry lilne, ateinphls. will
be promptly lorwarded. 0. ti. HtJBBtCLL,
Agent. Telephone 227. Office 12 Madisoa it.
ana D Khjkii.k. PMsengnr Arent.
aintala,rrliar Polsj mint Ifvaapliia
and Uejroolie Pxiksit oniiiy.
For Helena, Ulendale, Friars Point aid all
way Landing titeamor
Coaliomu, r-a'O
B. T, Clagett... master I Piatt Rho.iee...u.uK
Will leave as above on every MuNi)AY.
WKDNHBDAYand FRIDAY, at 6 o'olock, j
Far Randolph, Fnlton. Osceola ani Way
Laadlaii Bteamer
J. II. Cooper, master.. .. J. W. 8mlther,olerk
Leaves as every MONDAY. WKDNUoUAt
andFHIDAYatS p.m. The boaU of this
line reserve the right to past all landingt
the "iam mayleem unsafe. Offloe, No. 4
Mn.ll.. .1 A M KH l.KR, J.,Hnn'r.
Th St. KrnnclM Hirer Tranaportatloi
Co.'s Cine Blde-W heel It. B. Mall BUamei
Re ie Hacready, rZi
0. K. Joplln ina.ter,
at 5 o'olock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, and
Intermediate landings on Bt. Francis river.
The captain reierves the right to pass kl
landings he deems unsafe. JA8. LEK, J a -,
MnfMn-lntMnHens Oroi. Nil. 4 Medl.on str
Memphis: White KiYorrkU'c
K. 0. Postal ..master 0. M.rcetal...M.elert
CIsracIoa, Dovitlla HlatT, no Are,
LAwanaln, Jurksonporl mmd Nvntrey.
atr) p.m. Through rates to all point.
Freight consigned to " Memphis and White
stiver Packet Company" 'Ii belorwarded
promptly. U. J. LUWK, Agent,
mo. - rvi.ni.nn sr. leier.nnnii nn. ny
or usoeuia. llalas i'olnt. Carutharsvilla.
Oayoso and Tiutonvllle The new iteamer
W. P. Ball muter I J. D. Fuller clerk.
will leave as above, and all way points,
p .m. Knr frslrhl ftp eMa.r. anol v on hoaeH .
Memphis and Vlckabnrs; Packet t'om-
panr U.S. .nail Line.
M. R. Cheek. ..to aster I W. O. Blanker ...eiera
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas City The elegant passenger iteamer
Leaves Memphis
p.m., reserving the right to put all landing!
the captain may doom unsafe. For general
Information apply at office. No. 4 Madiioa
street. hi. WALWORTH, Agent.
,1'IHV PARR. Pa.s'r Avnt. Telephone 2W.
Funeral Directors.
A FULL and complete gtoek of Wood n 4
MeUUio Caeee and Casket, Cloth-Cov.
ered CaskeU and Burial Robe always ea
hand- oar Order by telegranh promptly.

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