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Second Vmj of the Wemea Suf
frasltjli CoaTiaiion The Sit-.
er CoatMt
to ni ArrlAL.I
WASirwftwn, February An
other ielcphwoo has couuviato the
field. A Wi of the new inxfrnruent
wan made tfcla fvrnoon at AVillanl's
Hotel, utMter the direction of Count
Kugeue Mitkiewit, who has charge of
the new fnterptw. Tho inventor, Mr.
Turnbtiir of Baltimore, wag preaent
ajid explained the workings of the in-,
trumt'iit to ft prouit of capitalist.
Mewwcea rookee almost in a whisper
could be diniiacUr heard. The invent-
r claimed that the mult wonld be
better over a greater disUnce. Ic Mid
eltvtririana had told him that it watt
possible to telephone, arrow the Atlau-
uo over me eable with his instrument.
The dutphraem of the transmitter in a
mm pneei 01 wooa. lnsnie are sus
pended six cylindrical pieces of car-
oon, uie lower onoa resting on a car
bon bar, through which the enrrent
iwew-B. x no jamuE oi me caroon
pendants earned bv the vibrations of
the wooden, diaphragm . make the
breaks in the circuit. .
Aomon coorKK
of Tennessee hM been ' transferred
from the I'eaeioa to the Indian Ortioe,
sum promoted irom tuiuu to J 1000.
of the ABrietiltnral D(!partnlent has
returned from Europe, where, ho hits
been inKpectiog the diffunion proceKS
of obtaining sorghum from sugar. An
appropriation will l asked of Con
jrreas to erect machinery in Ixmitiiami
io experiment with the proceKs.
u b. now by op iimsissirri, '
a cadet at the Naval Academy, has
been found doficient in his studies,
and has renlgned. .
of Macon, Ifiss., has been notified to
appear at Ajanapolis for Slay examina
iVnator Hoar, from the Committee
on the Library, reported favorably to
day the bin introduced by him yester
day to appropriate t2T0,0(0 for a mon
ument to Gea. Grant to be erected in
The Action affile Republican Can
as IslecaeaeU.
Wawiiiwtow, Feliruary 18. The
principal topic of discussion at the
Cabinet meeting to-day was the action
of the Kepahhcan Senatorial caucus
yesterday in regard to suspensions
and appointments to oflice. A general
interchange of views was had, but no
decisive action was taken. It is un
derstood, however, that it was agreed
tli at no intimation shall be given us to
what action may be taken by the ad
' ministration aiitil the question is
oflioially brought to the notice of the
were hovering about stores demanding
ii.sL-.-tiini-e. luey threatened to return
to-morrow, and said that if they were
not given all they wanted they would
help themselves. The situation is
now more critical than ever. The Re
lief Committee could furuibh food to
the poor if they had the services of
force of constables to protect the stores
irora being raided. Many of tnose
wno carrica tvrvuy oim ot provisions
on Monday are said to have been wel
to do. . .
Tk Cteaaeea ef Ike B'aee la the Peel
Bote Caeee IimUi
Pay la tfwlaa of
llonal Association.
the Ke-
UT T.t f i . it
laraout, to ti arriii,.!
jMsnvruje, Te.sk., February IS.
In the Circuit Court to-day Mary Phil
lip recovered a judgment for' $4000
against the .Nashville, Chattanooga
ana M. liouiy raurona. iter husband
was killed in 18H2 in an accident on
that road, due to the negligence of the
employee ot the company.
The opinion is generally entertained
that the State will be defeated in the
suit now pending ta comjel the State
to tuna the post notes of the
J Mink of Tenneeeee. The act
of the (lenerul Assembly of 1X85
provides for the redemption of these
notes of f-XX) and $1000 dated Septem
ber 1, 1881, and the wuall notes of, less
than $5, but not les than $1, by the
issuance of certificates ayablo one
fifth each year for, a period of five
years, and receivable for taxes and
other dues to the: State. Fractionid
currency of lee than $1 is
not exchangeable umfer the act.
The final clause of the act pro
vides thnt the certineates shall
not le receivable for county or munici
pal taxes. It was under this provision
that County Trustee Sneed refused to
accept the tender of 111000 in these
post notes from the A merican National
flank in payment of taxes.
said to-day that the shooting mutch at
Memphis between him and Capt. Pen
rose of Texas would occur on the 24th
Tblr4 Day's SewUea t f the AmerW
eaa AMelatloa.
Nkw York, February 18. The third
day's session of the American Agri
cultural Association was opened this
morning with an address by G. G.
Smith oi St. Albans, Vt, on "Ensilage
for Dairy Cows." IIo pronounced it
satisfactory. Resolutions recommend
ing the creation of a Cabinet office, the
incumbent to be known as the "Secre
tary of Agriculture," were unanimous
ly adopted. O. M. Tinkham of North
I'omlret, V t., denounced the distribu
tion of seeds by Congressmen as a
furce and a humbug.
Mr. K. Forsberg of Stockholm.
Sweden, read a paper on "High Farm
Culture for the United States.'' in
which he recommended certain iro-
cesses now extensively used in Eu
rope. At toe aiternoon session a pa
per on "roI Adulteration," by the
non. uco. r.J-ora 0I j.;igin, was
Report of the Committee oa Pen I
Uatltrles aid Prlois-Bllls
aa4 KeMilatloas.
frugc Association this afternoon the
reimrt of Mary Wright Sewell, chair
man of the Kxecotivc Committee, on
the work done by the association dur
ing the year was received. Virginia
L. Minor of St. Louis addressed, the
convention an "Effect of Disfranchise
ment oa Taxation." Mrs. James Ben
nett of Kentucky read a paper on
"Coustitntioaal Right of Women to
Vote and Hold Office."
At the eTening session addresses
were delivered by Mrs. Devcreaux
Blake of New York, Mary F. Eastman
of Massachneetta and Zerelda CJ. Wal
lace of Indiana. Mme. Clara Neyman
of New York read a rarer on "Uer-
man and American
A w Pttaae t Ike lntermtlBff 'o
WAeniNOTOw, Febniary 18. There
is a jKissibility that the contest over
uic Buyer quutuon may oe priicucauy
transferred from the Coinage Commit
tee pt uie JUOBse to the Comuntteo on
Banking and Currency. During a re
cent session o the Coinage Committee
Chairman mood intimated very strong'
ly that unices eome positive action
wus taken by his committee the sub
ject might be taken out of their hands
by a prompt report from the Com
inittee on Banking and Currency
on some ol the propositions bo
fore that committee relating to the
silver ismio or coin certificate
on bullion deposite. That Mr. Bland
had some tangible ground for his re.
marks is apparent from the fact that
the Committee on Banking and Cur
rency has determined to begin next
ween we coswaeration of the measures
relating to silver coinage, with a view
to iormuiaane a bill to be reported to
the House. The committee will first
consider, at the instance of Mr. Ding
ley, the Reagan bill providing for the
iMHue of mlTer certificates of the de
nomination ol $1 and $2, in addition to
the certificates authorized at present.
It will endeavor to reach an agreement
upon the question as to whether the
public interests will beet be served by
the issue of silver certificates of small
denomin&tioae or by the resumption
of the issue of $1 and $2 treasury
notes. The decision of this question,
as a consequence, involves some de
cided action upon the silver question.
A careful review ol the composition of
the committee, as stated by its chair
man, discloses the fact that, notwith
standing the addition of Mr. Findlay,
a monometalfist, a majority of the
members ore opposed to the suspen
sion of the eoinage of silver.
FltBhae-h lee's rtnt Memae.
Rich0wd, Va., February 18. Gov.
FiUhugh Lee sent his first message to
the Legislature to-day, treatingentire
ly of the State debt question. The po
sition he awumeeis expressed in these
words: "The people of Virginia, after
a long and acrimonious agitation of
the debt question, reached, in 1881
and 1882, a settlement which has since
received the sanction of both political
parties of tho Btate. From the position
thus taken the people will not re
cede." He recommends the appoint
ment of a commission to explain the
nature of this settlement to the credit
ors of the Btate.
The Sllnatlea at Patpeblae.
Pasfeuiac, Qukbic, February 18.
This was a comparatively quiet day
here, althowph a number of persons
" ' 1 1
PRDcr on the "Prowess
oi Jairy Adiuncts ot Lato lears."
He spoke of bogus butter, and de
clared that the government should
suppress its sale. O. M. Finkham of
Vermont vigorously denounced oleo
margarine. He said that a law should
bo passed making the proprietors of
hotels that used it display this sign :
"None but spurious butter used here."
A. C. Tupper of Osnge, la., held that
oleomargarine should be subjected to
a stamp tax of 1 cent per pound, and
that manufacturers and retail dealers
should be compelled to take out li
censes and display them in conspicu
ous places in their establishment.
Senator Ixwe of New York urged
legislation before the spurious butter
matters naa amassed so much wealth
as to obstruct legislation.
The Hon. J. K. Brown of Albany
was ior crusning me tramc out. three
. hundred million dollars was invested
in the dairy interests of the United
States and yet the dairymen were on
their knt-es to the makers of bogus
butter. The Representatives in Con-
the judges on t he bench should be
made to respect the dairymen s wishes.
Gen. Green B. Rauin of Washington
aiso denounced we bogus butter.
A letter was read from E. B. Thur-
ber advocating a special revenue tax
oi iu cents a pound on all spurious
The convention adjourned to-night.
Horrible Aeclaat.
Briikievillk, Del., February 18.
westiey- ruchards and wite, colored,
leit ineir nome on Tuesday morning,
leaving their children, aged respect
ively seven, five and three years, alone,
The wife returned four hours later
and found the oldest child burned to
death and the second at the point of
death. It died in an hour. The sup
position is that they were playing with
The Alleged Cblea Raphael.
Chicago, February 18. The belief
here that the genuine Raphael was
discovered in Chicago when the pict
ure known as the "Virgin of the
Book," was seized here last December,
is proved to be erroneous.
Have used Tongaline in some six
cases of neuralgia, besides other ner
vous affections, and am prepared to
say that, so far as my exprience ex
tends, it is one of the most reliable
remedies that has ever come into my
J. a. w aiu, H. v., Troy, MO.
ebbed by Daake Hea.
Pittsfurg, Pa., February 18. John
Bell, aged sixty-five, and a member of
a well-known upholstery firm, was en
ticed into a bunko-room this morning
and became so pleased with the work
ings of the gamo that he went to a
bank, drew $2000 and returned. He
was knocked down, and when he re
covered found the money and thieves
Inspection of Cation at Hew York.
New York, February 18. The pro
posed new by-laws creating and regu
lating an inspection of cotton, which
were, voted on at the Cotton Exchange,
were lost by a heavy majority.
A cold in the head is one of the best
things that could happen to a lady
with a lace handkerchief, and Dr.
Bull's Congh Syrup is decidedly the
beet remedy to cure that cold.
Istmiui. to m ArriAL.I
Jacksox, Miss., February 18. Srn-
at. Bills passed : House bill for the
relief of L. D. Nickels of Panola.
Senate bills passed: To authorize
Madison county to sell eertain railroad
stock; the same kind of bill for Benton
county, to reduce the salary ol Com
missioner of Immigration, and to abol
ish the Board of Immigration and
Agriculture; U regulate tho sale of
cotton m the seed in Copiah ; for tho
protection of Fellowship Cemetery, at
Biamviiie; to incorporate Cooper .Nor
mal College; supplemental to the
charter of the Memphis, Birmingham
anu Atlanta: luniroad Company; au
thorizing the Governor. Attorney
General and attorney for the ltailroud
Commission to settle with certain rail
roads damages on account of Railroad
Commission suits; providing for fund
ing outstanding warrants of '"aqueua
county ; to amend the code relating to
compensation of officers; to amciffl
the act to ascertain djhe outstanding
lnouiitedness oi tne liquidating levee
district : for tho protection of the pub
lic neaiin and morals: to prevent the
adulteration of dairy products and
fraud and deception in the sale of arti
cles of food; for the relief of W. C.
1 igg Co. of Noxuliee; to change the
time of holding the Circuit Court of
The Committee on Penitentiaries
and Prisons made an exhaustive re
port as to tho improvements and re
pairs on the penitentiary and the
charges made therefor, etc.
wills introduced and referred:
Bv Mr. Powell: Uilntivn In iwrtnin
stock running at largo in DeSoto
By Mr. Whitney: To authorize the
transfer of certain funds in Franklin
count v.
By Mr. Yerger: To provide for the
payment of levee taxes by railroads iu
the Mississippi lxvee District.
By the Committee on Penitentiaries:
Directing the Attorney-General to in
stitute Ruit on the bond of the lessees
of the penitentiary, and to collect the
amount due the State.
By Mr. Guvton: For the relief of
certain physicians.
isy Mt. Harvey: To declare certain
railroad charters forfeited forion-use.
By Mr. Houston: To amend tho
law relative to pleading or proceed
ings in courts; to provide for the elec
tion of members and to create a State
Board of Equalization: to incorporate
the town of Houlka, in Chickasaw
coun.y; authorizing the supervisors of
Chickasaw to make an appropriation
to erect a school-house ; in relation to
final records in Circuit and Chancery,
Courts; to amend the charter of Buena
Vista. .
The Senate has been in continuous
session all day, only taking a short re
cess for dinner, and worked until 5:10
o'clock p.m., and hold another session
Mr. Cutrer introduced a bill provid
ing for a general local option bill,
'. vh- ra. rfe'..xVs ?cciil order for
Wednesday . next. " Mr. "Norrell of
imzoo offered a substitute therefor.
Bills passed : In relation to the sale
of domestic wine: in relation to
bridges; to-prevent hogs from running
at largo in certain parts of Warren ; to
incorporate the town of Newton.
Bills introduced and referred: To fix
liabilities of insurance companies ; to
grant extension of time for the pay
ment of debts by certain persons; to
incorporate the town of Grays Mill j
to incorporate anew the town of Scoo
ba; to authorize, the trustees of the
State Female College to employ a
principal and assistants; to confirm
the jurisdiction of mayors and mar
shals to their corporate limits; to
amend the act dividing tho State into
seven congressional districts ; to change
the time of holding the Circuit Courts
of Newton county; to authorize the
organization of a lecture bureau; to
authorize tho transcribing of the land
records of Scott. V
The committee heretofore appointed
to investigate certain charges against
W. L. Ixjwe reported unfavorably.
Adjourned till 7:30 o'clock p.m.
where he died a week a. The fun
eral will take place either Saturday or
Sunday afternoon, and ill l. under
the auspices of the order of which he
was a member.
St. Louis, Mo., February 18. A
special from l"na (111.) to" the Putt-
Ihtptitrli states that the clothing of
Mm. Cojighlm caught tire this after
noon while she was preparing dinner
at Iter home, and Wfore the Haines
could I extinguished her IhkIv was
hnrned to a crisp, and when found
life was wholly extinct.
Hla Appearance As at a la tho Fa,
pars aa an A palatini.
PiTTSiU'iui, Pa., February IS. Gen..
W. T. Sherman arrived in' the citv to
day from the funeral of Gen. Hancock.
In speaking ol tne ncwspiuwr strict-
urea uixin nis references to liens.
Grant and Smith, he said : "The sen-
tent occurs in a letter written bv ism)
to Lieut. Scott, having charge of tht1
records, at Washington. I knew
that I could not have inritteii
anything intended as a disparagement
of Gen. Grant. Gen. Smith was a
brave officer. I know that be had
hurt his leg by getting into a vawl
The wound disabled him and term!
nated fatally. When he found he was
unable to take charge of the forces he
sent for Gen. Grant. In writing that
sentence I meant that lien, (irant
had gone down, down, down,
and now the opitortumtv had tin
sented itself which gave him ii
chance to rise by lus own merits. If
Muith had lived it-is uucstionablc
whether the opportunity would hnvn
come to Grant ly which lie was en
abled to bring into play the forces of
bis character, rrey never made a
record. He was never in North Caro
lina. His record is on paper, and to
keep that up ho must seek
notoriety. It is ridiculous to
suppose that 1 meant to
detract from Grant's fame. The sen
tence occurs in a letter written to
Lieut. Scott to obtain some record
which 1 desired to use in prcpiirimr a
eulogy of lien. Grant, which I deliv
ered before his old comrades! of the
Army ot the Tennessee, at their re
union in Chicago, on September Hand
10, isw. This letter Kas written three
lays before, on (September titli. as it
was necessary that 1 should have some
date. Is it at all probable that I would
seek to detract from his excellence.
when 1 was preparing his eulogy V
Gen. Sherman insists that nearly
everything he savs, and many things
that he uocb nol say, are disfortcd,
and frequently appear in tho news
papers in an entirely different form
irom nis own expressmus or thoughts.
Dlte&very of Petroleum The Ueei-
la Paclfle Koad.
The Matter Re.oUeJ Dowa to One
Charfe, Breaking the Ninth
New Orleans, La., February 18.
There is no change in the strike of the
freight-handlers, brakemon and coal
wheelers in Algiers.
Milwaukee, Wis., February 18. A
vigorous effort is being made to form
a Western Baseball League this sea
son, with very good chances of success.
Chicago, 111. February 18. The Sig
nal Service office here reports that
there will be a drop in the tempera
ture of from 15 10 20" in the next
forty-eight hours.
Burlington, la., February 18. The
Hawkeye Furniture Company of this
city has made an assignment to Theo
dore Guelich. The liabilities are
placed at over $32,000.
Louisville, Ky., Febniary 18. Mr.
Watterson had a good sleep, and at 6
o'clock was more quiot and somewhat
better, ruise, 1 10; temperature, 101.
He has been delirious most of the day.
St. Louis, Mo.. February 18. The
jury in the case of Chio Goom, which
has been on trial during the last two
weeks, returned a verdict to-day of
murder in the first degree. Convicted.
Chieaco. 111.. . February 18. Tim
Daily Newt't Paris (111.) snerial savs:
Jonathan Ogden, county treasurer of
Edgar county, made an assignment to
day. His liabilities are $45,000, with
assets of an equal amount.
Cincinnati. O.. February 18. Geoivfi
M. Thompson, local cashier of the
Pullman Car Company, was roblmd of
$415 in cash, which he had laid on a
desk while writing a chock in the Cit
izens' National Bank this afternoon.
Des Moines, la.. February 18. A
bill was introduced in the Senate yes
terday prohibiting teachers, members
of college faculties, State and county
superintendents and members of the
State Board of Examiners from using
alcoholic and narcotic stimulants.
Chicago, III, February 18. There
are no new developments in the Mc-
Cormick lockout. Nearly 400employes
were yesterday paid off. A guard has
been placed about the works and the
police authorities ha vedetaile da num
ber of officers for duty in that quarter.
Columbus, O., February 18. Tho
remains of the late John G. Thompson
arrived to-day from .Seattle. W. T..
larrouL to TBS irrtiL l
Birmingham. Ala..' February 18.
Arrangements are now in nroirress for
the immediate closing of the gap be
tween the Coalburg nnd Columbus
(Miss.) division of the Georgia Pacific
railroad. The whole of the forty miles,
more or less, is to be built as speedily
wero at work on tho first ten miles
when the money troubles came last
spring will be given the refusal of their
contracts, and several of them have
said they want, tho work. Ono firm
has commenced work. Other con
tractors are here figmhtfn a portion
that has never been let.
Mr. G. D. Fitshugh, a well known
civil engineer of thorough acquaint
ance with the geological conditions of
this region, announces that he has
found petroleum at a depth of tXK) feet
somewhere in the Warrior coal field.
He declines to designate the location.
Mr. Thomas, son of Mr. Samuel
Thomas, tho Pennsylvania iron king,
is here again. There- are startling,
conjectures as to the probable develop
ment of his father's large property
near town. Ho says his father has
acquired three morefurmiees in Penn
sylvania by purchase or lease.
Departure of Hurmon 4'oaierte lor
I lab.
IsrroiAL to tbs ArriAL.I
I-oi'1hvii.lk,Ky., February 18. Kighl
hours were put in to-day by the min
isterial brethren having the making or
breaking of the brothers Con
verses'- character in discussing what
should or should not ad
mitted as Ikhui fide cluuves. Twen
ty-five s)Hcitications had been
first offered and later a number of ad
ditional ones. These latter were ruled
out, and the statute of limitation was
quoted on a numlier of the others.
The discussion at times grew intensely
excited, and now and then .it looked
as though the godly men would
overstep not ojily religious bounds,
but the limit placed on gentlemen in
debate. Finally tho matter resolved
down into one charge, that of the vio
lation of the rtiuth commandment,
with twenty-nine accepted specifica
the Messrs. Converse were given an
opportunity to stato their defense.
1 hey i demurred to the charge, and
stated that the speciticutious were too
vague to le unswered, and were ridic
ulous. They concluded by saying
that their jxisition was analogous to
that of the Massachusetts witches if
they sink when pitched in tho water
they're guilty; if they swim a little
ami then sink, innoecrt. But it's
death, under nil circumstances. The
triid promises to stretch out for many
Mr. Watteraon'a Condition.
Lonsvn.l.K, Ky., February 18, Mr.
Watterson at 11 o'clock had slept
three hours, nnd his condition was
regarded as favorable. His tempera
ture was W; pulse, 104.
DKS0T0 hODO E No. 299, F. A A.
IM.-Will hold mtat.J om- A .
mnniration this (FRIDAY) nljital, "V iT
Feb. lWth. at 8 'niock. All M.
intoodiUadinc fraternally invited. ' '
Br order W. J. BROWN, W .At.
Atteit: 0. R. Pali.hd. BemUry.
Notice of Dissolution.
TUB copartnership heretiifn'n ailittnt'on
dcrth.lrm name of MoKlrean, Auior-
munn 4 Uo. I tin. day onioned by mutual
oonaent. If. W. 11- Aurarmann letiraa and
hn oonreyad hla Interest to J. U. MoKlvun,
who la aothorlted to aian tho Drin'a natna in
aattlemant of the builnai of the old firm.
j . u. jici);L.VKHn.
Mamphii, Tenn., fabruary is, Irtwti.
Medical & Surgical Institute
& aTX-n!
Hers i. Co
Dn. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Bare ,?KRMANRNTLY loaeted la HEM
rills, TKN.V., and hate epanada
Medical and Soreleal Institute
In th Gmtomo Hotel.
KntrftBM an Muln W Dt..
KNTIMCALlA the foilwin dlnaeaai All
Ptaeuea Mauliar to Women: alao, Irant
Khjumntliin, NaaralvU.Vniattra, Liver and
a na Chronlo Conitlna-
Kidna- DUaoel. aur!
lion, Bliiouinaaa, Hlok
HaaJarhaa. Kaolal
biaeaaet , aUnh aa Pilat. Vmiur ot the Kao
Um. Flitnla. In Anu. Hli.nil Ikl....... ...k
HyphU.a, Hemlula, White Healllni. Vane-
vi-oapea, anon aa Uonorrhea, Imno
nnea. Htartlttv anil Npvnm li
bility. ltinajoa of the Kya. Rax and Throat.
Opium and Morphine llahi cured with-
Hi KtlfTerina na tlMtnntinn Irnm ku.ln.H.
euretl by aa,
We Car Stammering by an Art
Medicine or Instrument uiied.
We Extract Cane.ru with a Tea-eta.
ble Plaster, without Derformlng any
surgical operation and without much
Wi trait Rtrl.t k Ult.1..l. ..li.l
lapalniaaai OonaumntiAn. Aiihm&.n lu..
eaaaa ol the Heart, Pynpepaia and all Ner-
ou i'lKcaaaa. All Hkln Uiaeanoi, luoU aa
hoaama, Tatter, Kto., treated.
ear 0orrpindenoo tolioited.
orrica BOVHS-rraa a.aa. la l
p.m., and from a p.m. la S a.m.
A New Departure.
A Life Policy Which Will Satisfy
Everybody. Ho Sardfntome Con
dition. Cheapest Liberal
Policy Tct Isanwd.
Non Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Loss Than In
Any Order or Society.
Caih AtaoU January 1, IMS. S.4n,0S M
Caah Burplaa Janaary 1, 1886 X,0B6,SM 00
Claimi Paid ta 1IW5...... ...... BSI.OU 00
Total Claina Paid In 22 rear 1.118,128 Oft
No. ol Life Policial written to oete. 41.800.
All Glatrna natd Immndlalalv on MAakit a
iatlnfaotory proof.
for lartfiar Inlormatlon apnlr te
Marx & Bensdorf,
IQlfmHwon Sliwl, Hlftnnhk
"Bmpreii of Bone," containing A3 roeal
lilaaa. mIm. n mail Afw.
"Son a B.uvanir, 'oonUlniniSO yooal pleeax.
'Piano Souvenir." eoetalnlBe 60 laatra-
mantel iiieoea. 60o, by nail li'x).
'Folio of Marie," eontalnine SO Initrameat
al niaona. bin. h mll Vwa.
axoaiaior Meinoa for
talnine complete initruotiona. baa idea
vurooai ami InitruaentaJ p
In knMrl.. PrlAA ai
"Coa'a Method for the Violin' the lateat
and moat
the Urren, eon-
initrurtor pab-
llnhed. havlni all naoaaaary Inalraetiona,
and lUO.aelaotiona. aaoh aa "Whan the
Robina Neat Again," "I'll Await My
k0?,' 'Iealnf In the Bare," "Uttle
Darllnr Dream of Ma," "i'aek-a-Boo."
"SomeUar." Prloe 75o, poatpeld.
In Mlaalaelppl and Arhaniaa.
Two Yeart' Time. Low Raton. Annual In
Ureat. tall en or addreaa
31 Ufadlaou tti MVinphlw.
IsrxoiAi, to Til ArriiL.I
Chattanooga, Ten.V., Folirimry 18.
Scyenty-five Momion convertH ar
rived in thin -ity tn-dity from (loor
cia, Alabama. North Carolina. Month
Carolina nnd Knst Tcnnosset', and loft
to-nieht for Utah. They were conirre-
Raieu togetlicr by ttio Mormon elilrrH
wiio are at work througliotit the
nouin, ana win tie followed by as
many more in the next two or three
weeks. There are now nearly 100 eld
ers at work in the ilinerent eouthern
States, and they claim to bo meeting
:.t. I....... i . .
hiiu ot!tw;r BueveHH in Hceunng con'
verte than ever before.
TbaFamona Leelnrer'a Bleajaeaee
Ilnahed Foreer.
a view to a ohena-e of bualaaaa. I
hara oonoludad to oloae ont my entire
AT COT. The atoek inoludea the ehoioeit
Kooda (Korelrn and Domeatio) known to tha
trade. Tha gooda munt be aold inalde of SO
UAIH, u po aioio. na-xkilmh uasu.
JOI11V LILLY. 33 Proiit St
pHii.ADKLPiftA, Ta., February 18.
John B. Gough, the eloquent temper
ance lecturer, died at 4:40 o'clock this
afternoon, at the residence of lr. K.
Kruce Burns, in Frankford, where ho
was taken on Monday night when
stricken with paralysis while lecturing
at the Frankford Presbyterian church.
His wife was at his bedside when he
died. There were also present Mrs.
1'idge, his sinter: Mrs. Burns and two
nieces, Misses Alary and Fanny Whit
comb, Mrs. J. Wanamaker, the Rev.
Thomas Murphy and Mrs. Jacob Wag
ner. It was recalled to-dav that tho
last words spoken by Mr. Gough
were, "Young men, make your record
Ill ho body will bo embalmed, and
after services at the house will be
taken to Worcester, Mass., to-morrow
Another Bneeeaafal Car-Drlvere
Strike mt Mew Yerk.
Nkw York, February 18. Claiming
that the Kighth and Ninth Avenue
Iiailroad Company or its officers had
not kept their agreement with their
employes, the latter went on a strike
this morning for the purpose of en
forcing their right. The interests of
the men were being looked after by
the Executive Committee of the Km
piro Protective, Association. Both
roads are being "run by the same com
pany, and it is claimed that the new
time-table agreed upon has not been
put into effect. Of the sixty-six Vesey
street cars only twenty-eight come
within the twelve-hour limit, the re
mainder running overtimo without ex
tra pay. The Board of Directors of
the roads and the committee of the
Empire Protective Association are now
in session trying to come to an agree
iMer. The Eighth and Ninth Ave
nue railroad companies have con
ceded tho demands made by their
employe, and the strike is at an end.
Elniffood emeterye
Own or Klhwoad CumrrmT, I
M Union Htreet. February 17. 1HH6. f
AN KLKOriON will be held at the oBoe
oi' iha Troaruror ol aaid Company, 30
union itrcot, on
First Moaday in March (1st), 1886,
from 10 a.m. to3D.m..forTHRKK THUS
TKHS to aarve alx yeara. Any owner of lot
containing not leaa than three hundred
quare feet of ground'ia eligible for the IBee
and ia a qualified voter. There are Nine
Truateei in aaid Company, divided in three
oIwm, each elate aerving alx yeara, and
eleotlona are to be nela nlennleliy, via ! On
Irat Monday in March, 1HH6, MH8, WW), and
no on. Lot ownera ere reaueaUid to read
pagan 20. 21 and 22 Elm wood Bool lor fuller
information. JUa. liKNOW, Prpaidont
Notice of Dissolution.
TUB firm of ft. R. LEK A 00., eompoaed
of K. K. Lee and John Held, hex thii
day been ditaolvad by mutual oonaent, Mr.
John Raid retiring from the builneaa. The
buiineaa of aaid ftrm will be oontinued
under the aame name by Mr. It. K. Lee.
who luccaedi to the aame, and aiaumea all
liabilitiea and la authorised to collect all
dabte dae laid lata firm.
Memphia, Pab. 17, 1SH8. R. K. LKK.
TUB RE will be a meetlne of the Bqlldert.
Manufacturera of end Dealer! in Build-In,-
Material,, at 2M Second a treat, FRIDAY
AFTERNOON, February loth, at 3 o'clock,
for the purpose of eetebllahlnf a Buildera'
end Traders' Kichaaae. All aerated ia
thla line ,of bnaineaa ere Invited to be pree
ent. J. W. X. J1R0WNK,
Temporary Beeretery and Troaeurcr.
Dlre Irene Falery ta Parekae
ere, aat lns 9W aver cent. Write
Monte, Pickens & Co., Memphis
Noa-Boaldeat Notice.
No. KMI, R.D. In the Chancery Court of
Shelby county, Tenn. C. T. Uaintard, Sr.,
v. W. F. Uealhmaa at al.
It appaarini front amended bill awora te
la', thla aanee that the defendant, Jaatee
Martin flaathman, la a reaident of Sunflower
county. State oi M'aaiMippl, end a aon-rear-dentof
the Bute of Tenneaaeei
It it therefore ordered. That he make
hla annearance herein, at the eourthouae
ot Shelby county, in Memphia, Tenn., en or
before the Arat Monday in April, im.
and plead, aniwar or demur to complainant
bill, or tha aame will betaken for eonfeiied
aa te him end aet for hearine ei parte t
and that a copy ef thie order be pabliahed
once a week, for four a ucceaaive weeke.ln the
mempnu Ap peal, rnu aeoruary ia, low.
A copy atteet :
S. I. MuOOWKLL. Clerk and Maater.
By M. f.Walab, Ueputy
M. D. Traaevant. Sol. 1
Deputy Clerk and Muter.
'or compl'nt. frl
Aa Tkey iaanel roeelbly
make a poroui planter havinr anythint like
the medicinal quaiitiea of Benaon'a, the
an follower! of the pharmaceutical pro-
faaaion produce tone of wortkleaa.plaateri,
and five them namea which reeemble in
jnnt that of the genuine, and, when eare
naaly anokan. aonnd like it. For example.
Cheap John druxrjata will oSer yoa trath
variously atylcd "Capaicum, " Cape loin,"
" Capaiclne," or " Capuoin," plaatera, pre
faced sometimes with the name " Benton's"
or " Burton." We earnestly caution the
public axainst the whole tribe ol them. They
are absolutely aaeleaa aa remeBiea for dis
ease To be sure they are cheap, hut plain
muslin ia cheaper and just aa efficacious.
Ask for Benaon'a, watch the apallina, and
look for the " Three Seals " trade-mark and
the word " Capeiae " whloh ti cut ia the
center ef the eenuine.
Low Rates to New Or eans
1UBL..N. 0.
wtil mil on Tuesday
and T. and M. anlT. K,
n TtiM.il.w. lAfk ..J triJ
raoruaxy, Hound-Trip TickaU te New Or-
leaua ior e ow-iaiKi riv an ti.v.. K.,.
one wlfhlaa to aae the Kxpoaltion should
patronise these lines and take advantai e of
iuo.v epeoiai riMea. A. l. an A 1 r,
. tienaral Paascnter Aeent
T... N. 0. and T. nnd M. and T. Rv.
Complete atoek of Muiio Rolli, Caaea, Wrap
pers, Hprlni-tlaok sTolloa, in New De
aling of Leather and Tluah.
aix iTTLiiAiD rucn.
3S0 Main St., Meuipht.
BolaAienta for Chlokerlne, Uardman tail
New Knaland
DIt. U. L.
riirslclun, Surgeoa and Acconcheora
813 main Mtreot, NoarlUnlon.
. Tetenhone No. aa.
Ornoi or JOHN MAN00UE, Micuritia, Turin,
I have this day aareed with
February 16, 18M.
veu wiui
for the aaln of my entire ijook of Wrourht Iron, Nuts, Waher and Heavy Hardware, the
same to Uka anect Marcih 1. WHi). In ratlrlnr from the business In thla city, I desire to re
turn thank! to my friends and Customers for their Uharal mlnnui rfnrln. ,tnA
alao to assure them that the business will be turned ever to tretieble
twenty years, and
en res pensiui
ray irinn
care and
their liberal patronaee durlni a period of
i ever to trelieble
I can safely a a lire
ponslblf partiea whom 1 have known Intimately for many va
J .1 "Vl '"l bih'""-' ' ' 'hv AilVatrjA at.l, will hae the beat
. Q
Referring to above very natUrlne notice, we Uka pleaanre la announcing the following or
pnition and manacement for this additional Department the samejte take effeot March
A. S. LIVKBHOBB, Prealdenl. It. A. TATUM, and Trcaa.
The Livermore Foundry & Machine Co.
220 and 828 Second Street, Memphis), Tean,
Dealort la BAB, BAND AND HOOP I BOW. Boiler, Flr.b.d and Sheet IrOB.RuU.
Waahers, Rivets, Nails, Heavy Hardware and
In connection with our Poaadry and Machine Benarlmenl. Kio to 174 Adams street,
we believe wo n in the best Pltlon to sunniy any and all demands for every character or
Wrought oi ' Out Ironwork. Machinery, Heavy Hardware and Hallway Supplies. Ifoar
orders solicited, and wepromiaeeur best attention.
Try Zellner's English Walkingfast Shoes
SRtLNlIR'SJII (-enta1 above, In all styles, are the beat In the city.
ZKLLNKK'Bii) Wenta' lllseea, in all shapes and atylea, are tha nob-
vivitanu uesi. iu toe uniiea otatea.
KRLI.NKR'H Boy a' Nboea are the beat that are Bade.
y.KLLNKK'8 t!talldren'a Mhexw will aare yoa money.
ZKLLN KH'S Ladlca ahees and lllvpere are the hand
omest, shapeliest and most stylish, and are cheaper than any
viuvre oi tui graae
ZELLNER'S til Ladle' Kid Rattan Bhaea
with silk worsted battel holes, ere the greatest bar
gains veu have ever
aTbend yoar ordera or come and examine their grand assortment of FINB BOOTS.
SBTTITaTagar JUAat cat OO BOO lWZJnXZT tv-- ni-anere
arllluatrated Catalogues Bent Free oa Application.-
Iry Goods, Notions, Clothing
AJSD i 0
NOB. S2S-SX3 ZZaia Street Hexnpliim, Teauu
sf v!Lt,.b.w,0ff7to"w,.Mf0,rlB,i Our prices will compere
favorably wtUi Uoet of any market ia the United Btatee. Special Induoementg to Cash
And Commission Merchants,
JTote. 34 and 3Q Madlaon Street, MempUta.
p. aleCADDU.
P.rv2cCABBEET & Co
C30-CC3 ITrnt (Street. HosasMa less

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