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farw month.
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1 t'oatribatora and CorrBrtont.
W solicit letters and tminnleatlona upon
(no KU ol itDiru Interest, bat such
always be eeconipatied by the name and
address of the enter, as i aereD!, ef hit
good faith and nvponsibility. ho notice
cat be taken ot utuxoii eomtnunlca
tlom. . ,, . .
Ooaaounieatlona tnr pablientldn man o
written en ene aide ef the pew only, and,
with all other niiun connected with tha
editorial departaent, should be addressed :
To mi Kditob or Ihi Arrgai., Memphis,
Weoannot, as rule.nndertag, to return
articles i" loand suitable fer publication.
Oir mul booki are kept by posloffioe, and
ot br individual BmM.
In ordering papers changed from en, post
office to another, tha names of both post
offleos thouM h, given,
IS 'admen eociet aant free of (bun.
Business letters should b, addressed t
H. C. 0li.wv, Buoond street,
J. M. Kotinii. ) Memphis, le
FltlllAV, I I i 1 EH. 19, 180.
Contrary to what wn expected, but
probably la defereoca to the wishes ot
the Irian, people, Mr. Glads'ooe haa
decided to take up the question of
iome rule belore entering upon that
of land. The fu '. ia the laid qiieetion
la rrnt confined to Ire'and. England,
Scotland and Wales, aa well aa Ireland,
re borne down by tbc vicious presento
of landlordism, aid what the govern
ment diet to relieve one country
will be claimed by the other-. This
largely extenda "the land qnettion" aa
matter of governmental policy,
which may be one d the reasons foriti
postponement. These lands are mostly
in few hands aid olten entailed. Ea
Uil matt ls established 10 that every
owner of it may have tbe liberty to
sell at h'K fleaeuro. The transfer of
land in England is now bunperetl by
all kind) of rentrlctic in, Tcl'ct of feu-
tlal times. It is' necesfitry that land
should be aa capable of being sold and
ti'unolerred aa other property. But
more than this ia contemplate!. It ia
proposed t establish s sort of local
court or commission to drill wi h t';c
subject. This oouit will be elsctui by
the tut-payeri, and the election will bi
wcaretullygaardclatt tatof members
of Parliament. Those local bodies
will bava power to acquire land by
compulsory process for public pur
poses, including dwellings for laborers
and srtlaana and small holdings. Tbe
landlords will be required to tell the
necessary land at a fair vn'uatlon,
without power t? refuse. The land
will be taken from them and s fair
price paid fr It, and tha land so ac
quired will be placed within the rencb
of small farmers on terms of payment
- suited to their condition. Tbe great
evil of overgrown laid monopoly can
hardly be overthrown by putting
some nrtlon of around into other
hands. That evil is that the monop
oly of land endows iti owner with
kind of sovereignty. He can, and
toj oltm does, oppress his tenantry.
He has made them in pait timea vote,
not aa they pleased but aa he dictated.
"Have I not a right to do aa I please
with my own 7" a iked the Duke
of Newcastle fifty years ago
when he evicted considerable
number ot his tjnanta at Newark,
Nottinghamshire, because, against
his command, they voted for Parlia
mentary reform. This kind ot "my
own," so unjust aad mischievous,
haa ti be done away wltb. Clear of
tbe taint ot Socialism, the English
people have grasped the ImpoiUnt
princlplo that lies at the root ot
Mr. (Jeurge'e teaching, and they will
require not only that a few men shall
gain email farms, but tbat a system be
introduced that will gradually lead to
the diffusion of property in land, and
to the destruction of larga estates.
This is a malt jr ol serious interett
among ourselves, for a time will come,
and before long, when In this country
we shall have to break up by law tl
evil of land monopoly.
Mutteringa of war are still beard in
-the East, and any giving way or strong
division among the European powers
would evidently lead to a oontea'i
Failing that there Is liability that soma
otip d' rtat, auch as that in EM Bul
garia, which gave jim to the Servian
war, may suddenly change the face of
flairs and cause new troubles. Servia
chafea impatiently under the defeat
Bulgaria hai taflitted upon it, and ia
furioua at tbe idea of its paying a war
indemnity aa claimed by Bulgaria.
King Milan has summoned the entire
Servian fery to enter tbe field in fall
war equipment lor .a six weeks' drill.
This if aetata of things that does net
promise well f or the preservation ot
peaoe. In Greece matters are nleo
threatening. Further additions have
been made to the Meet, which bm bet n
ordered to Balamia, and an intend.!
descent on Balonica is suspected. The
fleet of the international power Is
closely watching every moveiafntj of
the Greek fleet; Vlat at da haveWn
' ulyaterlonsly posted kt Athens threat
ening the Greek Government if it
obey tbe order of the powers to dis
arm. Correspondents writing from
Greece say that war between that pow
er and Turkey appears almost inevitn
ble; s revolt in Crete Is looked for.
It the Greek Government retire
without obtaining territorial com
pensation such as Bulgaria obtained,
each is the feeling among the people
that its downfall would probably fol
low, and it ia said the King, wearied
with perplexities, is disposed toward a
resign tioa ia preference to awaiting
dethronement. It is not the old hatred
cj tbe Tpk rat animates the Greeks,
bit a determination to rule In Mace
donia. The Greeks p'a: mnch confi
dence ia the friendship Mr. Gladstone
bai alwaya shown them, and their de
lay to begin operations la probably
from waiting to tee what steps be will
take. Sofar hia receLtconmunliations
with the Greeks have net been highly
flattering to their hopes. Ituwia is
favorable to Greece, but is not in
favorable position Just now to make
sure of tbe advantages it hopes to se
cure in the Balkan, and therefore fa
vors delay on the part cf Greece. Iiut
that country has prepared itselt for
war, an? objetti to continuing the ex
penses of such situation with noth
ing doing. Th attitude of the pres
ent government in Englaad appears
likely to prove tbe main influence in
settling matters ; but France is urging
England to vacate Egypt, and if dis
pute should arise upon tbe subject
England would have to cultivate tbe
friendship of Turkey, wbich wonld
work adversely to Greece.
Mr. Bland's proposition, "thttfiom
nd after the passage ot this act all
holders ot silver bullion of the value
of f 50 or more standard fineness, shall
be entitled to have the tame coined
into standard silver dollars," was de
feated Monday in tbe House commit
tee by vote of seven to five. The
members of the coromit'ee from Ken
tucky and Indiana voted f r free coin
age, wbich was unexpected. Some ot
tbe members ,wbo favor silver were
opposed to compromise measures, and
such measures are at an end for the
present. The question will come
cleat ly before Coogress on sus
pension or unlimited free coin
aso. It is better that the mat
ter should thus be presented
distinct' y, than that a comproniiw un
satisfactory to elthtr party should
waste time aid accomplish nothing.
All the talk about bimetallism and
payment of bonds and other 'side
Issues," only diveit attenliiu from the
sub j act lOAlly invtlved. Does the
country desire to retain the uso of the
dollars it now possesses? As t lings
stand their circulation is not rerioutly
objected to. With the large quantity
of coined dollars now in the vaults,
and the lmliupcu'tlon ot the people to
almitan txteneive amount of them
into circulation, coui led with the
danger cf the coina falling in clreula
tioa vu'ue if the amount of them be
come Inordinate shall we continue
coining more T That is the real point
at issue, the practical point in which
the country is interested and with
which its commerce is concerned.
A wise and incorruptible judiciary
is the sanctuary to which the people
confidently flse fur protection. This
is especially tt of the Supreme Couit
of the State. Men are frequently
elected judges of the inferior courts
whose decisions are mojkery of law
and justice. But those who suffer by
incompetent or venal judges are con
soled by tbe reflection that there is
higher tribunal to right tbe wrong. It
is not, therefore, surprising that the
people of Ten nessee.e very eight years,
manifest such deep and profound
interest in the election of their Su
preme Couit judges. The regular
election of these high officials ocours
this year, and from one end ot the
State to tbe other the people are
united in the demand for the nomi
nation ot the best men. It is
relief to know that some of the
ablest lawyers of the ttte
re not only willing to serve the peo
ple if elected, but are avowed candi
dates for nomination. The Hon.
Horace If. Lurton ot Olarksville has
announced himself candidate. We
understand he is in the city, and in
tends to canvass the State. He ia wise
in doing ao, for the people want to see
and know the men who aspire tl high
judicial positions, and are cot in
clined to elevata those too dignified to
ask in place, and who wilt
not aerve the people unless dragged
upon the bench. Judge Luiton wilt
make a favorable impression wherever
he go 3s. Ilia natural abilities are
great aid his disciplined training in
the law have given him eminence in
tbe profession and established his
reputation as one of the profoundest
nd ablest lawyers In the Slats, and
his decisions on complex ques
tions ot law would place him
among the foremost I jurists of
the State. Thoroughly grounded
in tbe principles of common. Uw, and
master of the great . fundamental prin
ciples , of jurisprudence, hia accom
plished mind would easily detect the
sophistries and technicalities of pro
fessional learning, grasp aid make
clear the rights and equities. It is said
of Judge Lurton by the ablest lawyers
of the 6 late familiar with hie practice,
that ba has an intuit ve Insight into
the heart ot case. Such natural
legal mind, combined with , hia well
known honetty of purpose to serve
the ends of justice and protect the ia
tsresta committed to hia charge, pre
eminently fit hhu tor judicial clRee.
He loves the law, to aualyu if, to un
ravel it i intricacies aad expound its
principles ; his mind is rapid and dear
in its ionceprloci, comprehensive in
its reach, and his Opinions as oae'of
lie juujree ol-the Supreme Court of
tbe folate would be models cf wisdom,
justice and law. ,
Ran Jabot, Ik, ETaaarellat.
Philadelphia Timt; If fr'uai Joae,
the evangelUt, is an idiot or a fool, as
some folks have said, the fact ia not
apparent to the unassisted eye. After
two weeks of service in Cincinnati he
shrewdly re tin k to bis home fora long
rent before moving on to Cnicago,
wbere the enemv are encamDed in
force. It isn't safe to make any pre-)
chances are tbnt Mr. Jonee will need
a seafioa abroad to recovtr from the
effect of his efforts there. Chicago
is tbe city that regards Bob IogersoU
ss nineteenth centurrlheto,
Ueneral Dissstlxfactloa Over the dor
eminent' Statements Regarding
Its IrlHb Poller.
London, Feb. 18. Both houses of
Parliament were crowded to-day.
Loid iiartington look a seat behind
tne Treasury bench, and was loudly
cbeered by tbe Conservatives. The
crowd outside of tbe Parliament build
ings, which usually givee an enthusi
astic reception to tbe Prime Minister,
only faintly cheered Mr. G'uJatoae
npgn hia arrival. There is s general
feeling of discontent over the meager
new of tbe government's statements
regarding its proposed Irish measures.
The fact that the government made no
announcement ot its programme for
the introduction of bi'ls ah"ecting Ire
land is Uken as an indication that the
Cabinet ia it II undecided i to what
course it shall pursue.
the Marquis of Salisbury said he
would wait to eee what changes six
weeks would give to the policy of the
government, ilis remaik whi grett
ed with cheers.
The Tories vainly fried to giad
Lord Uoeebery, tbe Foreign Secre
tary, to speak on tbe aitnation in the
East, which is very critical.
in tub iiouas or cokuons
Mr. Gladstone said the desire of the
go7ernmenf was to propose to the
House measures ol a positive and sub
ttintive character, dealing with Ire
land respecting social order and tbe
questions cf land and the fnture gov
ernment of Ireland, including a
method for auch government. He
said that a further statement on the
subject would be made on tbe 22d of
Tbe Hoise resumed tbe debate on
theaidressin rep'y to the Oaeen's
Lord Randolph Churchill and tbe
rank and nle o! tbe T.riea abused and
worried Mr. Gladstone and provoked
from the Prime Minister a dignified
speech, in which he said that the gov
ernment Lai severe and dillicult
task which it would endoavor to per
form rest lately aad as speedily as pos
Mr. Hugh O. Childers, Hems 8'rre
tary, made a it itemeut concerning the
recent riots in London. He said tost
the evidence procuied by tbo commis
sioners appoint id to inquire into the
causes ol the outbreak disclosed the
fact that there wai a state of etfaiis
existing in tbe adminikt ation of the
police that required attention.
Mr. Justin McCarthy urged that tho
discussion of a home rule measure
mutt precede any other Irish legisla
latinn. The address ia reply to the Queen's
speech was agreed to.
The woman's franchise bill was read
second time.
commenting on this afternoon's an
noancement in the House of Com
mons and House of Lords by Mr.
Gladttone and Lord Granville, respect
ively, complains tbut the government
is "tnaling Parliament and a power
ful interest with singular levity.
denlBL that there ia any dispute or
dlllereTnce ot opinion concerning tbe
governments policy toward Ireland
between himself and uis colleagues in
tbe Cabinet.
A feeling ot agitation prevailed on
the Stock Exchange to-day, owing to
la?k of confidence among business
men In the atabil ty ot the Gladstone
have been in circulation, one cf them
that Lord Rosebery, Foreign Secre
tary, had resinned, und another that
the Greeks bad crossed the Turkish
frontier. These reports were denied.
and towards the close a recovery took
place in tne market.
Are content with Mr Gladstone's elate
and they will wait until April for the
disclosure of his proposals regarding
I'UHLIO opimoy.
BoTON Adirriiur: It is not unlikely
that Canada will be induced by the
prominence given t) industrial arbi
t'at on in this country to take early
ttpa to establish "coiitt i of concilia
tion" for the benefit cf her producers,
but MsmbusetU will probably take
the leu i in passing a measure of the
Chicago Timet: The farmers'
movement in Nebraska, under the
leadership of the Farmers' Alliance,
has caused quite a revolution n po
litical affairs, and made the anti-monopoly
railroad issue prominent
enough to compel both Kpublican
and Democratic conventions to
pledge themselves in favor of rem
edial legislation.
New York Sim : It ia said that
John Roach is about to go abroad to
study sbic-bnildlng, where they bcild
ships that hold together until they
get them off the stocks. We suggest
that John exchange points with the
effete monarchies. They can teach
him how to build iron-c'ad ships,
nd he can instruct them, in easy
Ollendorff stages, he to build iron
clad bills.
Philadelphia Timet: Mr. Morrison's
new taritt olll, which was introduced
in the House yesterday, will, it is
claimed by iu author, reduce the rev
enues from custom", on the bads of
last year's collecting, about twenty
millions.' One bait of this reduction
is male on the singlo article of sugar,
nd will prove tbe ruost popular item
of the bill, as sugar is an article ol con
sumption that goes to everybody's
table. .'
Bcston ' Adi'ftiiffr: Experience of
the New Hampshire insurance law
does not bear out the predictions of
the underwriters that , incendiarism
would increase under its operatio k
On the contrary, the nnmber of fires
has decreased iO per cent. The in
ference ia that tbe difficulty of getting
insurance since the foreign companies
withdrew from the State ts forced
Ptopla to exercise unusual precau
tious against firs. .' j . . - -
Chicago AVuvJ The Chinese sov
eminent is at last becoming tired of the
way in which Amerioaneoo the Pact do
elope are treating its people. The
Chinese Minister intimates to Secre
tary Payard that money indemnity
may be demanded for injury done tbe
merchants of that nationality, in ac
cordance with tbe precedent set by
this government in tbe case of losses
sustained by Americana in China.
International rules work both ways.
Nxw York Jltrald: The Sunday
newspaper is just aa necessary as the
Sunday bnakfast. The thoughtful
man ia not ready for chnrch ontii be
sees thut the world ia going on aa
sua). After that he can resign him
self to the influence cf the preacher.
i ne man wlo does not go to crimen
nd he represents tie Urge majority
of our population liads Lis papers
source of instruction and ecjovment.
it i me one ttiicg be cannot gtl on
New York Timet: The death of
Gen. Hancock has probably increased
Gen. Howard's chance for iicimt-itte
prnmot on to a major-generalship.
When tbe only vacant y in prospeit
was tbe one that w:lt bemused by
(.an. Pope's retirement next montli
Gbd. Terry was a nvtl of Gen. How
ard. But now, with two vacancies to
fill, Howard and Terry are inthesamn
bo it. Their rivals ure Gene. Crock
snd Miles; and the former, whoso
chances had been greatly injured by
the mishaps in Arizon, found them
correspondingly restored by the hunt
ing down of (iaronimo.
The rnaeral ar Mm. Lory V. Unlaw.
The funeral cf Mrs. Iticy Vance
Guion, wifo of Henry L. Guicn, yes
terday, was imprescive, solemn and
ra'.hetic The sermon Was preached
by the liv. U. A. Jonea of the Cum
berland Presbyterian church, bfre
whom tbe deceased appeared at the
marriage altar o.ily three years ago.
Tbe family residence K-aa packed by
the iiiends of Mrs. Guion, aad there
was a lerge concourse of peopls hov
ering around it estiog their sorrow
and sympathy. The scene wai one of
fje i u blest ever w.tiersed in Mem
p iia. The remains were followed to
Elmwood by One of the largtst pro
cessions tbat ever weeded i a way to
the silent city the retting-plu.-e of
twenty-two thousand sleepers. Death
leaves trail of woe even when he
cats down age in its decrepitude, the
ebeaf fully ripe. But when he strikes
down tbe wife, young, beantiful and
accomplished ruthieet-ly drags ber
from ber flrst-torn-there is a sonow
which no philosophy rai assuage,
Mrs. Lncy Vanie Guinn wps
born snd 'reared in Mexphis,
known and loved by everybody. Her
presence was like sunshine in every
bouse aid circle the entered, and she
touched to lling ehe did not adorn.
Only three years ao she was one of
tbe loveliest in the galaxy of beautiful
eirlB that gathered in the sotikl circle.
She knew no guile, was artless and
innocent as a cbi'd. Her heait was
t o pure to think evil, aid Bhe was as
wild end free aa the gez)lle upon the
mountains. But when ehe gave her
heart and Laid to her husband, her
bright piercing eves overflowed with
the wa era cf wifely efTectioa, and ehe
entered vigorously upon the duties of
t'ue womanhood. Her gentle arms
and loving heart had learned the ec
static blisa of laying an infant pledge
of love nioi a mother's throbbing
breast ; her ears htard theme'oiyof
tho infant's cry, when she suddenly
died, the idolized queen of a realm of
happiness, surrounded by loving
husband and devoted friends, who
lavished npon her a wealth cf love.
Black night came before it
was high nooa; the chord
snapped when - the foDg was half
compltt'; life and life's works were
sundered in twain the mother was
taken and the husband aad child are
left. The sunbeam of tbe vernal morn
has been extinguished by tbe dark,
dismal night. Tbe music ol ber af
fectionate voice, swelling from her
heart like the fresh incense cf natnre
when the earth blushes in tbe beauty
of spring, has been hashed in death.
Who can enter Into the awful griif
of tne husband tbua left by such a
wife ? The whole community tenders
an offering of genuine sympathy to
nflsctaiay of light to soften sor
row tbat fills heart and bruin with
unspeakable anguish. This estimable
lady, in brenthipg her own precious
life away, left tbe solace of another to
her grief-stricken husband. It may
be that this sweet bud of con
rnbial love hat been given by
Providence to fill the rch
ing void something to love
while grieving for the shattsred idol
in the grave. A warm aad true senti
ment of condolence goes out from
every heart in Memphis to Mr. and
Mrs. Calvin F. Vance, the f tther and
mother of Mrs. Guion. Standing in
tbe presence of providence so dark
and mysterious, tbey are overwhelmed
with eenow that is unspeakable.
Their daughter was loved by the en
tire community, and if sympathy
could avail, their grief would soon be
AnftlynlBg; tbe BaklnglPowdern.
Under the direction of the New
York St ite Board of Health, eighty
four of tbe ditl'drent kinds of baking
powders, embracing all the brands
that could be found for sale in the
Stat9, were submitted to examination
and analysis by Prof. (J. F. Chandler,
a member of the H'ate Board and pres
ident of the New York City Board of
Health, assisted by Prof. EdwsrdLG.
Love, tbe well-known Ute United
States government chemist.
The clli ial report shows that large
number ot the powders examined
were found to contain aluran or line;
many of them to such an extent as to
render them seriously ot j actionable
(or use in the preparation cf human
Alum was found in twenty-nine
samples. This drug is employed in
baking powders to cheapen their ccst
Tbe presence of lime is attributed to
the impure cream of tartar of com
merce used in their manufacture.
Such cream of tartar was also analyzed,
and found to contain lime and other
impurities; in some samples to the
extent of 93 per cent, of their entire
All the baking powders ot the mar
ket, with the single exception of
"Royal" (not including the alum and
phosphate powders, which were long
aince discarded as unsafe or inefficient
by prudent honsekeepeis) are made
fiotn the impure cream ol tartar ot
commerce, and consequently contain
time to a corresponding extent.
The only baking powder yet found
by chemicil analvbls to be entirely
free from lime and absolutely pure is
the "Royal." This perfect purity re
sults from tho exclusive use ol cream
of tartar specially refined and pre
pared bv patent processes ot the New
York Tartar Cotnf-aoy, which to'ally
remove the tartrate of lime and other
impurities. The cost of "this cbera
ua'.ly pure cream of tartar is much
greater than any tther, and on ac
count of this greater Cost is used in no
baking powder but the "Royal."
J 'rof. Love, who made the analysis
of baking powder for the New York
State Board of Health, as well as for
the government, aays of the purity
and wholesomeness of "Royal :"
"I have tested package of 'Royal
Baking Powder' wbich I purchased in
the opened market, and find it com
posed of pure and wbo'eeome ingredi
ents. It is cream ol tartar powder of
a biiih degree of merit, snd doe not
contain either alum or phot phatea or
any iriurious aubw'aacea.
B. 0. LOVB, P. D.
Central NiiRsaar, No. 99 Market
street, la tbe nearest place in ine city
for plants aud cut dowers.
Good but Not Brilliant Work, Owing
to Bad (j'rcnnd and tbe
Scarcity of Blrdf.
lartcuL to ti irriAL.I
: Alexandbia, La, February 18.
Yettsrday was nothoted for brilliant
work, owing to tbe su'city of birds
and diflicnlt grounds to woik.
Tbe all are stake began with tbe
heat bitceen Pattie, lluk, white and
tin Enlish setter, owned and handled
by E. W. Condon, against the black
aid white English setter Ntt'is B.,
owned bv W. F. Gray and handled by
Henry Fonfaine. The digs ran a
very pretty heat. Nettie B showed
tbe beit speed, range and etyle, and
worked accurately and well on birds.
Pattie showed sgcod cose but was
undtoady to wiug and shot. Nettie B.
won tbe beat in twenty-five minutes.
Dolpb, black, whi'e and tan En
glish setter dog, owned and handled
by C. E. Bringhurst, and Mingo, a
black and whits English setter do?,
owned and bandied by W. B. Wells,
were the next brsoe, and were put
down at 10:49 o'll.ck. Birds were
Bcarce and the heat was a long one,
and w s not remarkable for more
than ordina'y performances, the
grounds not being at all adaptrdto
bunting. At the end o! one hour
and forty-seven minutes Mingo won
the heat.
The next heat was between the
black, white and tan Englieh setter
dog Dolpb, owned and handled by
Judge J. M. Thompson, and Baron
Blue, blue Belton English setter,
owned and handled by C. A. Scbnack,
and was a fiae beat in many respects.
Beth dogs showed fine qualities.
Blue had tbe advanttge in pace,
range, ttyle and pointing, and was
awarded the heat aftir a tun of two
hours aad thirteen minutes.
The blank and tan Gordon setter
Crisp, owtei and bandied by L. W.
Murdock, and the black, white and
tan English setter bitch Lufrs, owned
and handled by J. W, Preecott, ran a
heat which wilt be memorable in the
annals of field trials ss the only heat
forming all the combinations. The
degs ehowed good natuial qualitiee,
but Lufra Hushed and cbasdd to an
uncqualed ext'nt. Crifp was awarded
tbe beat in twenty-two minnte.
The bltck, whits and tan English
setter Taigifu'ioa, owned and handled
by Henry Fontaine, and the liver and
white pointer dog Jack, owned and
handled by M. F. Smith, were run for
fifteen minutes. Jack scored several
Hushes, and Tangipahoi showed such
superior quality in every respect that
she was aaa-ded tbe beat.
Hairy, black and white Ecglish
setter do, owned and handled by J. S.
Fish, and the black, white and tan
English setter dog Prestott, owned
and handled by S. Cullen, ran next.
Both dogs showed fiae qualities.
Preecott being little faster, more
stylish and the bettsr ranger, was
awarded tbe heat. They were down
thirty-four minutes.
There are three more braces in the
first series. The trials will not be fin
ished before Saturdav, if then.
' Venterday'a Trials.
Alexandria, La., February 18.
Tbe wentler to-duy was pteasant,
bright and warm. The character of
the work was a decided improvement
over any heretofore in tbe trial. Tbe
trials are a decided success. The
greatest couit jsy and attention is ex
tended to all visitors. There are uiniy
from long distances in attendance.
The decision of the judges have given
great satit fiction and are approved.
Kink's Englieh setter Drnid Star
was drawn to run against Hurricane,
pointer. The latter was withdrawn.
Boyd, Eogli-h setter, beat Rip, En
glish setter, in a cl ss and good beat.
Kink belt Trigg, pointer, in very
poor he a'. This neat ended the firjt
Nellie B. beat Mingo in a long and
very brilliant heat.
Mark Tauin beat Christ very easily.
The next brace w as Tangipahoa and
Freecct'. They showed some very
brilliant work in long heat, which
will be finiBhd to-morrow.
At tbe Knee-Truck.
Two more stables ot horses for the
spring meeting of the Memph's
Jockey Club arrived yesterday. Ma
son came in with ten good ones, and
It. 0. Pate with bis crack etring
of seventeen, among them Monogram
and Editor, the horse tbat Freeland
will have to beat in the Montgomery
stake race. Monogram ran in a race
t Brighton Buich last fall with Free
land, who wonnModesty, Miss Wood
ford and Berwan, said t o have been one
cf the greatest races ever run on the
American continent, when 33,000 peo--ple
paid at the gate. All the horses
ia that race will run in the Montgom
ery Stake, except Mws Woodford.
Editor is worthy to take ber nlace,
nd several others, Bersan and Favor
among them, will be hard to beat
There are cow seventy horses at the
track enough to make a big meeting
if no more come.-
New Orleans Races.
New Orleans, La., Feb. 18. Tbe
weather to-day was cloudy. . Tbe tiaik
wsb in good condition. "
.Firat ru.--Winners of two or mors
racea excluded, one mile and a A six
teenth. Cbaniillv- won by a neck;
Ellin H.secoad,Peacock third. Time
l.M. - .
Second race. Selling race, one mile.
King Arthur won by a balf length;
Diamond second, Brilliant third.
Time 1.46.
Tird race. Selling race, one mile
and a quarter. Anne Wocdcocx won
by three lengths; John Sullivan se
cond, Hot Box third. Time 2 15.
Fourth rau. For beaten horses,
three-fourths of a mile. Solitaire woi
hytwo lengtbs; Josh Billings second,
Rimtal third. Tim 1.19.
Lunrboro's perfume, Edenis.
Lnndborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's perfume, Lily of tbe
Lnndborg'a perfume, MarchalNiel
Cocgbb and Hoarseness. Thp irri
tation wbich induces couthine im
mediately relieved by tiee of "iirouiti'a
Bronehioi Trochei."' Sold only in
A book of 100 panta.
'iaie baft book for
fjiMa-t, .anadri user w
" tl contain! lut
anadvai tier to coo-
eontaina lilts ol
aawrpapar and ettimatsa o thaoo't or ad
Trtln. Tha advaniur who want" to apand
ona dollar, finds in it tna information ba ra
qniras.wbila for hiin wbo will inraat ona
nw.drad tbonvand dollars in adrartistni, a
rbama is indifatad wbich will maat hia
avry raijnirvniant, or ean ba made to do so
by alight changa aasil y arrirad at bv oorra
spondanra. Ona hundred and 1 ftr-threa
editions bare been iasueU. Bant, postpaid,
to in t address lor ten eents.. Ai'i'ly to GEO.
is, Uouae fcqnare , iiew i'ork.
k f royal itsij a
iVj(si;mi 'J '
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never v.riea. A marvel of
Parity, i-.renath and wholcaomeness. More
eoonominal than the ordinary kinds, and
?annot be sold In competition wUh the
maltitade ot low test, shjri weight oluir or
pboMphate powders. Hold only taeans. Ro al
Bl"n Pownrw 'n.. tl w-fl ' .MnwVffV
If tbe Liver be
comes torpid, If tbo
bowels are constipated, or if the stomach
falls to perform iu functions properly, use
Aycr'a Pills. Tbey are invaluable.
For some yearn I was a victim to Liver
Complaint, In consequence of which I
aiifftiri'd from General Debility and Indi
gestion. A few boxea of Ajxr's 1'ills
restored me to perfect lienliu. W T.
llrlghtney, Jlcuduraon, W. Va.
For veara f have relied more upon
Ajcr's Pills-than anything else, to , -
Regulate (
my bowels. These Tills are mild In action,
and do their work thoroughly. I have used
them with good ell'eet. In cases of Rheu
matism, Kidney Trouble, and Dyspepsia.
tl. F. Jliller, Atlleborougli, Situs.
Aycr's Tills cured me of Stomach and
Liver troubles, from which I had suffered
for years. 1 consider them tho best pills
niude, h lit I Willi Id not lie without them.
Jl orris Gates, Dpwusville.N. Y.
I was nttneked with Bilious Fever,
which was followed by Jaundice, and was
so dangerously ill that uiy friends de
spaired of niv recovery, "f commenced
taking Ayer's Pills, and soon regained my
customary strength mid vigor. John t.
l'attisou, Lowell, Ncbrasku. ,
Last spring I suffered preatly from a
troublesome humor on my side. In spite
of every effort to cure this eruption, It In
creased until tho flesh became entirely
raw. I was troubled, at the same time,
with Indigestion, and distressing puina In
The Bowels.'
By the advice of a fi-leiid I begun taking
Ayer's Tills. In a short time 1 was free
from pain, my food digested properly, tho
sores on my body commenced liculing,
and, In less than one month, f was cured.
.Samuel 1). White, Atlanta, Jn.
I have long used Ayer's Pills. In my
family, and believe them to be tho best
pills innde. S. C. Dartlen, Daiilen, Miss.
My wife and little girl were taken with
Dysentery a few days ago, and I at once
began giving them small doses of AVer's
Tills, thinking I would call a doctor if tho
disease became nnv worse. In a short
lime the bloody discharges stopped, all
pain went away, and health was restored.
Theodore Ealing, Richmond, Va.
Ayer's Pills,
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer A Co., Lowell, Uast.
-Sold by all Dealers In Medkine.
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear tho iVitu earnest
A Han orsixljr-Elglit M inions.
I am 68 years of age, and reicard Oninn'a
Pioneer a fine tonlo for the feeble. Br its
use mr strength haa been .restored and my
weight increased ten pounds.
A F. ti. CAMPDKLL. Cotion Gin Maker.
Macon, (la., February 18, 1S80.
A Crippled Cowfedernlr- Nay at
T ouTv weighed 128 noandswhen I ron
naenoed Ouina's Pion r, and now weiuh 117
poundi. 1 could hardly walV w.th a stick to
support me and ean now walk long aistanoes
without no!p. its bennt to me it n-yonti
calculation. B. RUtUd BoSTICK,
Maoon, Ua. Cotion Iluyar.
Mr. A. II Bramblett, Hard ware Mer
chant, of Fornyth, Ua , Write:
It acted l'ke a oh arm on my general health.
I consider it a fine tonio. I weigh more than
I hare for 23 yeais. Refpcotfully.
Mr. W. F. Junes, Macon, Say a:
My wife has regained her strength and in
crossed ten pounds in weight. We recom
mend Quinn a Pioneer aa the beat tonio.
Dr.O.W. Delbrldg-e, of Atlanta, da..
Wrllea ofUnlna'a Pioneer i
Ouinn'a Pioneer Blood Renewerhat been
used for years with unprecedented success.
It is entirely vegetable and does the artem
no harm. It improves tne appetite, aiges-
tw,n onA kliintl.makln. stimulating, invig
orating and toning up all the functions and
tissues of tne system, ana mus oeaomes ine
great blood renawer and health restorer.
cures all Blood and Fkln Diraares, Rhenma-tijm.S-rolula,
Old Sores. A perfect bpring
If not in your market it will be forwarded
on receipt on rricn. Oman notties, si.uu;
1 L -at R
large iuuiqi1, t l -
Kstay on Blood and Skin Diseseet mailed
I. , N. . A T. Railroad.
Clarksdale, M ississippi.
Trains stop 13 minutes tor meali.
Breakfast, going North :
Dinner, going South I- -
Dinner, going North UK
Supper, going South...
The hotel is near the L.. N. 0. and T. Ksi'
tfd Depot. The only hotel in town. Try rel-
ers. ci t u. --""''- - - - - -
beat o I aceo'i moiations. Tb, rooms era
no nlortaoie, w i piemy oi oeu'iiu. aud
table an! aervic, ia . t olasa. Terms rea
sonable. T0MRnW a P0-- pr(,.t-..
Administratrix's Xotice.
rpHK undersigned having qualified aa ad
X minis tratnx ot t'hilio cauer, oeceaseo.
hereby notifies all debtors to come forward
and settle, ana an creation wrrwtniui";
. i ....I. .1 All m,aHs ntld
for charges matt be removed by the list of
Deeember, 1. . , .
Boots, Shoes, Toots, Show-Cases and Flat-
Ad-n'rv. f Pbilip Sanr. Ml JeWoon st.
Administrator's Notice.
TT AVISO Qualified as administrator of
X-L tha estate or Fiang Duncan, aeotaeea,
notioe is hereby given for all part es having
-lima aninatsaid estate to lie same with
ma: and nil parties indebted to said estate
will settle at one, memi nis, io.,,.
'tl, IS. Uri) BKNJ. X. DUNCAN, Adm'r.
" -ii
65 Madlaon Htreet. Jfemnbta. Traa.
A FULL stock of Wooden and Metallfo
P...a anJ Taalrala 1l ' I tl I
A--- VasKO al! V-awnqi, iJ U lal Urfl, QlCe,
tlwanon a and- Order, b? TAlf.i-r-.nh nrTil.
0'ihovtA pyftmn'ly ttw.nHa.j to.
No. Mil, R. Chancery Court of Shelby eonn-
1J- O'lw oi iannnm iu, v.. hiv.vut.,
I vs. John Overton, Jr., et al.
BY virtue of an inierlooutory decree for
salt entered In tha above cause on tbe.
21-1 dat ot November, 1845, M. li. AO, pan
kit, I will sail et publi) auction, to tha high
est bidder, in front of 1 be Clerk and Master's
offloe, courthouse oi thelby county, Mem
phis, lento., on
Matnrday, February CO, 18a,
within legal hoars, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, lean ,
Lot 12, block 98, Donaldson subdivision,
fronting 40 by 212 feet on the won side of
Deanavenur, 2IS feet south of Oeorgiu street.
Lot 13, block 98, west side of Dean avenue. -40by
212 feet, adjoining lot 12 on the south.
Sold as property of W. T. Daosldson.
Lot 14, block 21, Fort Pickering, fronting
25ieeton ihe north aide of Alabiina street,
Dorthweft isomer of tilth, and Alabama, by .
a depth of 'JO feet. Sold aa t.ropony ot P. M.
Lot 6, block 6, Fort Pickering, fronting 24
feet on the north side of Alumua street by
a dopth ol llbs leet, being 2& Ittt west of
Second street.
Lot 7, block 6, fronting 25 feet on tbe north
S'de of Alabama ,treet, 10th ward, and run
n in t back 1104 feet, said lot'adjoining lot G
on the west.
iiot 11, block 6. nor'h side of Alabama
street, lUth ward, 2 by 116 fcot, being 1M
feet west ol Second street, bold as property
of II. R. Andrews and others.
Lota 27 and 28, block 12. i'ort Pickering,,
fronting 5u feet on tbe south sidoo Alabama
street by a doptb of 1H0 feet. So d as tha
property of C. A. M. Yarbra and P. M. Win
ters. Last ha'f of lot 6, block 9, F. W. 8miths'a
subdivieion. fronting 30 eet on the north
side ot St. Paul street 300 feet west of Ooslee
street and running back 11 J feet. Sold as
property of Mary L. Still and llcnry Kyan.
Lot 19, block 9, fronting 25 feet on tha
north side of Carolina stre t 25 iret east of
alley east of Seoond street, and running back
loU feet.
Lot 20. block 9, fronting 25 fct on tta
north side ot Carolina street, and running
bark 160 feet.
Lot 21, bloek9,frcntirg2.' feet on the north
aide of Carolina atroet, aortlieatt corner of
alley east of Sect nd street, luth wiri, and
running back It 0 feel. Sold as proi triy ot
L. B. Katon.
Lot 28, clock 6, Fort Pickering, 25 by 1W4
feet north aide el Jacsaon street 50 foet east
of Washtntton street. Sold aa property of
J. B. Shuw, W. C. Folkesetal.
Lot 6, block 4, Sort rickerinr, fronting 2S
feet on tha south side of Broadway street,
southeast corner olalley east of Front street,
10th ward, by a depth of 116 leet. Sold aa
property of P. M. " in ers.
Lot 4, block 9, Fort Pickering, 24 by 100
feet on the west tide of '1 bird ntrcct, 74 feet
south of (Jeorgia-siroet, loth w.ird.
Lot 5, block i, fronting 24 by lliO foet on tha
west tide of Third street, iOth ward, south
and adjoining lot 4.
Lot 6, block 8, Fort Pickering, 24 by 94 feet,
west aide of Second street.
Terms of Sale On a credit of aix months;
note bearing interest.with security, required v
lien retained, redemption barrod- This Jan
uary 20, 'Hno.
S. I. McDOWELL, Clsrk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Mantel
jr. it. at V. w. Heimoii, ronciiora.
For ts years at 37 Court Ploce, bow at
iWSMarketSlrcet.TnriiPTnllp Ftj
Met. Third and Fourth, XJUUiu I mu.JAj
i rejolArly -dtWMitni ud l-liT qunUlletl p&je4cl . Ud 1ft
BMi aucwtulUI, M i praVsUc WlU pru -
Cnres all nw or 1 kivaik,
IU ana DXaJkUALi uisy
&pormatorrhea and Impotency,
u lii mult of welf-ftboM la youth, avxual Acarw ta nav
Mr ynra. or other cauaeaj, knd produclug mmeit &hfob
owmit flecta: Nei route., Bvmltiil kmlaai",, il..
Vtua bj drMin-). OtmneM of UtKlit, Dffemfvr Uemip'lir
lirtllreciy, tiiailMoa Avcrrira latbocirlT s.'yemi!,
UonfuaixB ct Mraa, m of Sexual Putf, ItG.. rrnieiliig
Biutiac Impro-jer rr oohapTtft kr thorouh'Llr mtt pcn&v
lenllj numL SYPHIjL IS PvnlJ -rad
4irvir eru'lb-itj from th jailero; Gonorrhea,
GLEET, Rtrloturt, OrvhJUi, Bmia, ic iiu4iare,
t'-tci nd ihtr pHvaie tlMe quickly eurad.
h luMir-oridcnt tttru aph icUn who partrr1iJ tt?tjtw
o R of rxiii clan of dliotuu, tvol tnfttlug tlw uajui.lt aoou
tlly, aoquirci (irat ftkiU. rbyildsini kuowtut ttVln tn otVa
rfr-oiunwuct persona to mj 4jr. When It U tuooof aalMHi
islttherlty ftr trtAtmoot, niftdlilaM ca tMMat frCivMelf
tod ufaly by mill or rxpreti aojwtittw. .
ftai-es Gnaranted In all Caaea
ovidnrtaken. , . . , .t .
C(inuiutUu .sorsyiBtitly or by tmf fr od 1i4&
ChargM mwWsUi aaU cfirrwpoudeauo incitl ittsaflaisnnuk.
of too xtm n to ins sSS'1.., smw.it smM. ror fbirtf
ftM. Hnr. Sroai Hi. S. U
. r. a. BunatTi. 1 10 1
BuDdftra t to A r 1
Trnstee's Sale.
UNDER and bv virtue of two ttnst deeds
executed by D. L. Fergu on and 11. C.
Hampson to the undersigned as trustees, on
January 4. 184, and May 11.1885, respect
ive y. and duly recorded in the oince of tha
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mi?issirii
county, Am., In Record Bonk 12, pares 4H,
rlc , an Record Book of Trust Deed, vol.
A, pages 27", etc., dclault In tb, payment of
too indeoledness thereby secured having
been it ad-, at the re quest of the beneficiariea
therein, we will, as such trustee t, en
YYfloMu1y, Harclt 10, lHHti,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
as "Nodona."in M'ssissipi county, Ark.,
and being on the Missi-sippi river, proceed
to sell to the highe-t bidder, for cash, the
following personal property, io-wh : rour
4-ilorse wagons, eight two-hor, wagons,
seventy-one mules, six sets wagon harness,
seven sots hsrno-s. one 40-horse power en
gine and boiler, two 80-saw Milbum double
roller gins and gin stands, two feeders and
eondenrors, one Coalman cotton presn, on,
grin-mill with appurtenunoet, belting,
shafting and pulleys, threo hcrses, two
colts, ona mule colt, four marcs, four seta of
gear; also, all plows, acrapors, hies, axe,
and all other farming utensila and imple
ments; and also, all cattle, stock bogs and
other mules and stock, and all eroptof corn,
cotton, cotton-seed, nay, fodder and other
products now on or belonging! the planta
tions known as "Nodona, ' the "Kllis
place" snd the "Lanier place" in said
county, run and operated by said Ferguson
& lianipson during the year 188,'. And
under said deed, on
Saturday, Harris 20, 1H8.
in front of the court-house door in Osceola,
Mississippi county, Ark., wa will tll to tho
highest bidder, lor cash, the following de
scribed real estate, nn raely. all being in said
county and Statet Tha plantation known
as the "Kills plaee"vat Ferguson A Hump
son's Landing in Bend M ississippi river,
and described as follows; W sec. 13, 37H
seres out of K S -.lini1Prt W - i
24, K of seo. 2S and BXWH aeo. 2.r, in
township 11 north, rang, 10 ea t. Ala. ME
Msec. 2, 160 aires, W NE M tec. U, 71
acres, in township 11 north, range It) east:
and the 8 fr Yt of NW fr sec. dr, (south of
Little river) in township 13 north, rang, 8
ast, containing 8.97 acres. Alto, IS fr !i of
SE fr H fee. 23 (eat of hayou), township 15
north, range 10 east, 39 19 acres. Also, the
N fr H of sec 10 (we t of Bay Lake) contain
ing 20-100 of an acre; and the SEMvfNW
Jaofsec. 15, both in township 11 north,
range Kutut, the last described containing
40 aorea.
Said sales will begin at the time and place
ataed, and will continne from diy to day
until citni li'tui. Ail riahta of re i-ni tion
and exempt iona ar waived. Sale absolute.
Terrasiusli. D. H. POST ON,
Tru iters .
Trustee's Sale.
IN and by virtue of a certsin trust deed ex
ecuted by Sa'lie and J. F. liunton the
24th day of February. lWl, and raocnled the
12lh day of March, 1S81. in book l:-S, page
347, Kes is ter's office of Shelby county, Ten
nessee, tha not - therein not having been
p.id at maturity, I will proceed lo sell, for
cash, at public outcry, to tha hiehat bidder,
in front of my office. No. 21 Madison street,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
Ibor.ilar, March IS, 1NN6,
th, follow, ng described real e-tste, situate
and being in Shelby coon'y, Tcnnesree. and
more psrticulsrly described as follows: ue
ing theeatrn half of a 437-acre tract of
land near Withe Depot, aaid eastern bnlf
thus described : Beginning at a stake in tha
north line ef aaidtrsct, the northeast corner
of .th.t part set off to Gritty H. kvaos;
thenoe ea t 140 poles to a ataka, the north
east cirner of said trao': thence south 250
poles to tbe southeast corner of said tract ;
thenc wet with fouth line of said tract 140
poles to a stake, the souttetst comer of a
part set apart to ti. U. kvana; thence north
250 poles to th, bsginn'ng, being aatn Iract
sat apart to Mr. Sal la E.Ilunt, by partition
dad, recorded book 134, page 4t0, Register l
cllica of bhelbyeouaty, Teaneesae, to which
refcren'e is here made.
This land will ba aold as a whole or ia
several tracU, aa may appear anal aavan
tageena en th, day ot sale.
L B. lKcFARLAND. Trustee.
Morgan A McFarlaa t Attorneya.

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