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TlirR9T, t.llllUAKT 1. lfti.
Th Charming and Incomparable
AbI nr Own Cnmfrty Company.
Thursday and Friday Might.
Saturday Vatinee ..Ml)SETTB
J TT A introducing New Sow and Danr.es.
Alaline pric4 mi as at night. Per
formance will begin at 1:30 .m.
Jcbruar y -!-2:-C4- J A S I S 11
February 25-26-27-A N IN 1 B TIXLKY.
Crosby's Dime Museum
224 Main St., Memphis.
W. E. CROSBY. Sol Proprietor
Commencing MOSiDAY, Febrnarj 15
Setting Contest!
For the Diamond Chanipion Badge.
Fat Convention Beauties
Ot Dime TQ
rN A rfc Tn Cental
er alley, between Union
fit)T:l and Court streets, Forty-two .Del
la's. Heturn to A.
be rewarded.
B. Treadwell & Co. and
SETTER A Hack and whi'e tetter doit,
with brown bead. A liberal reward for
his retarr to US St Murfn street.
FARMS-Beveral fin farms in Arkansas
and Mississippi on very eay terms and
low true. Address
K. J. M AMTTV, Memphis. Tenn.
FOR City Property, 6 small Farme, 5 miles
trom eity, Old kaleivh road; will eell on
longtime. Address P. K.. ?2 Madison at.
HORSK From my place on Pnnday last,
laree bluer horse, about fifteen hands
high, limps a little in right bind loot, it be
ing a little larger than the other Will pny
at liberal reward on delivery to me, on
AtcLeinor.av.aue. J. W. T.mAN.
MR. DUG BN The blaoksnillb, is wanted
immediately by O. 11. Parson, 178 Front.
First-o'ass wheelwright.'und firet-claas hor.e
afaoer wanted.
LAW, iVariue and Commeroinl Notary
Public, CoBimissioeer of Deeds and U. si.
Commissioner, at the old office. No. 3 Madi
..tYONK Wishing the services ofTopp's
Himil should apply at 74 vainui1. Ml.
3;n nnn bonds for salr-tii
tf)'JU,UUU Bank will tell at TUBlIO
AUOTlOS.to the higbe't bidder, lor cash,
at sovthwest eornor of Main and Madison
streets, on Wednesday, M irob 10, 18H6at 12
m., s many ot JftO.OeO Pioneer Mill JJort
go Bond and past-due Coupons as may be
necessary te p.y tbe debt tor which they are
pledged. These Bonds are due Nove her 1.
1x94, and are in Denominations of t-VX) and
Ilium, and have semi-annual coupons at
tached, at the rate of ri per cent, per annum.
SUIN0LES-(0YPRE8b)-1 60 and 12 25
per thousand.
E. M. HARRISON. 308 Front at.
pieces, akargain at ,
310 Main street, opposite I e.ihi dy Hotel.
if you want a bargain.
310 Main siree'. opposite Pqahnrjy Hotel.
A Doing a good business. App'y to
JOHN ALLEN. Pickens. Miss.
1 O thing lor eonl or !eed oxee.
O. K. HOUCK CO , Ma'n st.
TJ 0USK On Walnut streei, jut south of
JIL Vauce. Lot over 80 feet front. Apply
TA'JK At F. A. Jones ACo.'s, 61 Monroe
ej street.
. one black Jack, five years old, and
a rod-one.
A T iNKWPoRTNEWd,VA.-1000 lota, 500
XX fret water fro t, 41 fret deep. For full
in.ornmlion address WM. A. DEAN,
47 Islington street. Baltimore, Md.
Xi O eash, or payable September 15, 1886,
with good leourity. .,
v. at. fAntnnun uu.
HAleigli .P ke, VA miles frcm Brick Church,
Chelsea :'9 acres No. 1 land, house 0 rooms,
servants' honres, stables, barns, cribs, dairy
house, well and cistern; also, Sot) bushels
oern, nay and fodder, seed potatoes, turnips,
aeperagus beds, hot beds and tarh. agricul
tural Implements, household and kitchen
fcrniture, cows, calves, horses, mules,,
eragoosand harness. Apply on premises.
HORSE A sate, reliable family buggy
horse one well known to thecitisens
of Memphis. Apply at the liver stable of
rpn OLD
HEN ISLAKD In sight of
X Me
.lemrhis: liW) acres, ef which about 3M
cleared and very rich land. A bargain can
be steured by application to
rpjUVMlttUjfcft BXATK CfcRXIH(JA'll!.r
. Re elT1-, vnd all "loo. to the
STUDENTS To learn teleern hy at Tele
graph School ,lcorner Main and Poplar st.
WH'TB WOM.AN-To cook for a small
family; also, atiIRL, twelve or four
teen years old. to ho'p in a grooery store.
Apply at eornerof Calhoun -street and Mis
aiafljppl ave que.
HIGHESTca'h pr'ccK paid for old and new
F E ATHERS. J. B. SMITH, 44' Main.
ITHVERYBODY To call and see the ce'e
li brated Oypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
strrct. near Poplar.
HITiB OIRL-That nonld make her-
aoiruaeful in a grocery store. Apply at
eornerof Cslhnnn a'o
issipp eenue.
MEN Two responsible men to solicit or
deve; .will pay eiperieoced men $2 tof.1
Oay ; new men H to ffl a day. American
Artists' Association, 21 West Court street.
PARTNER With loiJO capital, tn take an
, iutero t in a well eitablisnsd pacing
business an energetic, level-heailed young
ansa pcefeared. Addreas P., Appeal orii'e.
GOOD COOK-Whit or colored, well e-
mendel, at 87 Poplar st . tin-stair.
LADY AH EN TS For Mrs. Campbell's
New 'Tilter' a Tiltor. Bustle. Hoop
akirt and Underskirt combined. Hoops can
bereoovel and skirt laundrird. Adjusta
ble to any sise. Ve.y fashionable, and sells
for til very well-droased lady as toon as
shown. Agents double their money. Also,
lull lincef sew furnishing goods for ludiet
and chiUnan. Address, with staon.
tM Weet Raodol ph st Oliicatro, III.
FEATHERS Ten thouatd pounds, old
or new. by SAMUEL GABAY, Agent
and Commission Merchant, M fchelby at.
lend lor rrieeHi?fi.
I" ADY AGENTS Actually Hoar 1" dnily
J with my wonderful New Patent Rubber
I nd rgarment lor females. One Indvsold 60
first two hours. M RS. (i. L11 TLE,
Lock-boa 443, Chicago. I'l
AN ACTIVE MAlT-(Oreoutof eiup oy
ment) to besin on moderate salary and
work himself up. representing, in hi own
locality, an old e.tanhslied bou. Kefenn
et exchanged. AM. MANUFAClaiRINuV
HOklSE, 14 Barclay street. N. V.
A1KNTS In every section of the country
tortvroNeW Books, iuat ready. SraCKi.
TsxiM to xoea of etperienoesapable of fill
ing a large territory. State etperience, nt-e
and U-rritory wanted. CASSKLL A- CO.
(limited). 8;2 Broadway, N. 1., and 40 Dear
born srreet, Chicago.
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
8pwialtiM thatar popular and eaay sell
ing. Can be bandied alon or in cnntcti n
with other goods. AddrefsTHE WM. B.
TRAYELI54I and Cry Salesmen, regn
larlyemplors'd by wholesale houses, to
arry one-ball t.nr sample- (on eommit
tion) of new article in us in all business
house.. No sampleV will be writ unless ap
plicant "ends card of house renf"ented by
him. H. W.fcterent, .365 North Clarke St.,
Chicago. III. t
1 Ann Mhit-Young i old, to bring
IUUVJ tbeirOld doth U RosensUin A
Bre. and hav thea rBYTtd. P Nam
and 16 Jefferson.
IF the narty who has in hit potsestioa a
CHILD'S BRACE tor tbe body, which waa
handed him on the eornerof Vance and Main
streets, wi.l return it to 520 Main street, he
will he libera Iv rew trilcl.
2 WHITE COWS-One with rope around
head. t"i reward for th' ir return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve, Herrando roe I.
"DROWN MARK MULE About ten Tears
JLJ old : long hair. Strayed on night of Dr
ee in b-r 2"th, from Beniestown
Liberal re-
warn for ner remrn to w. m.
Second itory (rent room.
Jl good board
at 140 Madison street.
"IU0ICE ROOMS-Furntshed or unfur
J nithed, with or without board, IS
tiuares trom tiayoso. Shcl y street.
"DOoM Desirable
furn'shed room.
XV board
at 72 Madison stre t.
GOOD ROOMS-Wlth board; day boarders
acoommodatedt transients also o-
cllited, at 306 Second street.
BOARD With eycellent room,
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madison st.
TWO large nnfurnlshed rooms, with or
without board, at 60 Madison street, cor
ner Third.
ST. JAMES HOUSE-Cor. Second and Ad
ams sts. Room and board $5 per week;
dayboard. 1H 50.
BRICK HOUSE With eight rooms, on
corner of Sixth and Mill .treets.
L. t. PRINT. liH Mill st.
CIOTTAOB-No. 414 Lau Jrrdale, 7 rooms
J in good repair, good cistern; S per
month. Apply to r'o. 304 Main street.
lauiily ; gentl
furnished front. Private
gentlemen preferred, 1H) Monroe.
17UTRKISUED Rooms for gents and light
7 housekeeping, at 116 Court street.
"DART or a HOUSE In arlrst-clais neish-
X borbood, conv nient to business
a fatn-
ily proferred.
Terms, t:'o per month. Ad-
D., Appeal oDi"e.
2-6TORY Ir.ck Residence, 8
Second and Exchange sts. : ;
W. corner
in first-clues
repair; eight rooms.
Apply on premises
O street, corner Washington ; 6 rooms and
good store for business; rent cheap. Apply
to ED STACK, 222 Wsshington st.
LaNTaTION C' ntaining 410 "acrea of
ole red and in Arkansas, opposite
Randolph, Tnn. Will leae on eitreuily
low terms. Apply to J. W. HAYS,
c rerf Thoe. H. Allen k Co.
ROOMS Nicely furnished front rooms, at
street road. P.
milra out Poular
K.,AJMedlS0U St.
O ROOM; En suite
I m....i. .u:.a
Apply at No. 4 Madison st
der leoueBsce Club on South Court rt.,
and four offices on Second street opposite the
Cotton Exchange. Apply to
J. L. OOODLOK, W Mndison t.
Huns, Animnnltioit, FlMblnir Tackle
and Sportomeu'g Supplies,
234 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn;
Manufacturing and Repairing of Onni a
Specialty. MrTolephone No. 908.
Frank Schumann.
Importer and Dealer in
dual, PlablnX 1'nrkle and Nporrs
mru'a Stnpllra sV Special attention
g ven to MASUFAtTUiUNU and RK-
413 Wain N(.,Momilil, Tenn
Imnortera and dealers In finna. Amron
tilllou and t'lnhlnir Tacfclo, Hnlldttra'
Mardsrnre, t.lratrle Bell stud An
nnnrlalera for Hotels and Kesldences.SaS
MhIii alreet, MtnptolHt Tenn. Electrio
auppliea always on hand. Repairing neatly
Boiler Works.
110, 1x2, M Front, Meinphis.
in th South, and th only complete
Boiler and Sieet-Iron Works in the city,
nsnniaelaren of heavy stlate Iron.
work or ewery eteHcripuon. BpociaJ
attention rwi n'.nu -ion work:.
Young & Brother,
Uooksollers and Stationers,
21 Main St., SfemplilH, Tenn
Wltilnr ta Ktlre from Bnalsae
We Otter onr Entire
Jon Ovsrtom, Jr. C. N. Geuhvssor.
Real Estate Dealers
Offloe, 264 Seoond Street.
. Cor. eeatta susd Doari,
Taste Paid, Rente Colleotod. cto.. on
Excliango Xationnl Bank
i K4MIPOI.K, TA., Feb. Ml, la. Ml.
PROPOSALS will be received at tJiis.oflice
until Saturday, March 27, 1st, for the
purchim ot the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entirety, and also for-pieee or
parcels of U?e same r. fcrence being had to
doscriptire lists of said property which
lists, stating terms of saJe. will be furnished
upon application lo tbe undersigned. Tbe
right to reject any a"d all bids is reserved:
Thtextensir and valuable property to
asted in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as the. "Seaboard Cotton Compress
Conpany of Norfolk. Va., "consisting of:
1. The franrhir, which, among otter priv
ileges, authorizes la storage of cotton and
other merchandise, and the issue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
2. Its plant, which consists of three (3)
first-class improved eotton compresses; two
(21 steam tugs; three (.1) transportation
baracs. All the adjuncts necessary to a well
equipped establishment of this eharacter.
Its fir proof warehouses, seven (7) in num.
ber, of capacity for storage of 2l,0O bales
uneomprassed cotton. i
Its four (4i frame warehouses (metal roofs)
capacity, many thousands tons of fertili
I' rs,ralt, e Ce
lts wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at th tain time tea sea
going, steam or sailing vessels. The are of
the warehouse and dock property in Ports
month il about 6H acres, together with all iti
other proixrty, which it fully described in
Mie fist above referred to.
WM. U. PETERS, Feoelver.
hot love rn.iiT ni:iiiM
Stolen Sport of a Select Farty of
Amalenra McOraw Losfs
by a Foul.
"It will be a fibt t) a finish with
bard glove," were tbe eipn llcant
wortig eccicecituy overneara uv an
Appkai, reporter yesteiuay morninf?,
uodsf er uili?eDt inquiry be ascer
tained that a rtul peiiuiDe buainees-from-tbe-word-RO
prizs-iigUt was to
take place within the corporate limits
in a epot where the police would
never dream of looking. In order to
keep the affair aa qnitt as possible
and avoid interroption by tbe author
ities, odIv a limited number of tickets
were sold at 5 apiece, and so skill
fully was everything matured tta',
the secret never leaked out till the
fwht was over. Tbe place select sd
within a stone's throw of a prominent
hotel, in a huce loft three stories from
the street. Tbe Loir mined for the
tronble to begin was 4 o'clock p.m..
and by that t me fully fifty men rf all
walks of life, from the respectable
cotton bnyer ti the festive bat keeper,
bud assembled to eee the sport. The
rcom was about 100 feet long and 40
fett wide, and on oae side of it a 10
fiot riDg had been staked off. The
tloor vat bare and slightly sprinkled
with rosin to prevent slipping. Much
time was loet in arranging prelimina
ries1, selecting a stakeholder and a ref
eree and preparing tbe men for I aS
tie. .Some lime vai alto lost in ett
ting np tbe purse of $100, which
bad to be taken, out of tbo gate
money after deducting ex perinea. It
wan f mnd that tbe purse fell short
$30, and the ta' was passed around
among tbe spectators to raise the de
flcit. One prominent cotton broker
chipped in 110, ethers in tbe crowd
gave sums ranging from $1 to 1 1, and
soon the neceary f 100 was in tie
stakeholder a bands.
i fow mlnntea Iwf.ii-a ft nVloclr tha
men made t'loir appearance, accnx
panied by their seconds. The ttllest
of the two wai William McGraw of St
Louis, who stands 5 feet 8 inches in
his stockings, and weighs 162 pounds
He wore red knee-breeches, red stock'
in;s and canvas "hces. lie was appar
ently net in good condition and
pale and beggard. He carried no
supeifluous flesh, and his Bine wy and
muscular sppearance made him
prime favorite with the crowd. The
other man, John Doyle, who says he
comes lroin ualilornia, is snorr, stout,
red-faced and puffy, five fett four
inches in bight, and weighs 141
pounds. He looked overmatched by
his antagonist, and beta on McOraw
Kent begging without takera.
Tbe right.
The terms of the fight were "fight
to finish, Marquis of Qaeensbury
rules, lour ounce t loves, 'for the ben
elit of coB-fportiiigreaiers it is proper
to state that tbe aristocratic lules
above referred lo provide that each
loiind is to last three minutes, with a
rest liatween fci::h round of one min
ute, and that tbe men are nit per
mitted to deliver blows when clinched
or after the referee calls "brea't."
At 0:0,1 o'clock McGraw entered tbe
riDg, which was sepaiated from the
audience by ropes firmly secured to
rue iron stakes and pillars. At 6:06$
Doyle entered the inc!o3ure, fo' lowed
by bis seconds, who were provided
with a bucket of water, a horse sponge,
a bottle ot whisky and a vir.l of arnici.
McGraw's seconds were similarly pio
vided. Time waspromptly called, the
referee stepped into the ring, the
seconds t)ok to their corners, the time
keepers opened their watches, tbe
spectators drew nearer, tbe men ad
vanced to the center, shook bauds.
ad jut ted their gloves and bejan
sound 1.
Beth men. naked to tbe waists.
sparred warily and with a degree cf
caution mat grew wearisome. It wis
fully two minutes before an attempt
was made t deliver a blow, but
toward the end of the round McGraw
got in a few blows on Doyle's heal,
and once they clinched, but prompt
ly sepaia'.ed t the ward "break." from
the rt feree, and soon sf 'er "time" whs
called by the time-keepers, and the
men retired to their respective cor
ners with a joyful alacrity tbat spoke
There they were rubbed down by
their seconds and sponged with
whiriky. Djyle, doubtless, felt the
need nf something strengthening in
side, f r he anplied a little whisky in
ternally while his seconds were rub
bing it in from the outside. After
the expirat'oa of a minute "time"
was called, and again the men ad
vanced to meet each other.
bound 2.
The tactics of cautious sparring
adopted in the first round were con
tinued in the second. The men
seemed to be ganging each other's
skill, although it had already become
evident to the knowing ones in the
audience that McGraw was greatly
superior to Doyle in science, strength,
agility and endurance, and a sure
winner, barring accidents. There wai
do partlcclar feature to mark this
bound 3.
. McGraw got in soane clever work
and knocked Doyle down. The men
got warmed up and fought viciously,
clinching a half dozen times and let
ting go reluctantly even attir repeated
calls of "break" by tne referee. At
the conclusion of the round tbe men
retired to their corners, pantng and
puffing with the hot work done.
McGraw set another stinirer fnll in
Doyle's face, and after clinching lifted
mm on me noor ana tnrew Mm down.
A clear foul, claimed by Doyle, but
dind owed by the referee lo the de
light of the spectators, who were
becoming interested and wanted them
to go on. "All riabt."safd Dovle's sec
ond, who by the way is considered tbe
best man ot bis weight in tbeee parts.
"All right, let's finish this without
rales." This proposition was eacerlv
welcomed by the crowd, but tbo ref
eree would not have it, and it must
be eaid to tbe- credit of both Dovle
and McGiaw that tbey did not insist
upon it
bound 5.
In this rotirjtl tbe men appeared to
have their blood up, and some fu
rious fighting want on, blow following
blow in rapid sucvecaioo, in the eheet.
on the bead and between the eyes.
The men clinched fhree time?, were
separated and at each separation aim
ing savage blows at eacu other.
bound 6.
Bound six differed front the preced
ing one only in thia, that iMcGraw got
another knock-down to his i"edit.
bound 7.
In this round Doyle did Lis beet
work, and got in some tilling btowa,
among others kno.-k-dnwn that was
exu'ained by the MtG:a adherents
aa having been caused by ihet wet and
slippery condition of the spit where
be fell.
b:cno 8.
The figlt'rg began without tuition
and was tierce from the beginning, but
McGraw delivered his blows with such
rapidity, force and f fleet that Doyl"
became groggr, Btaggn.cd. reeled and
finally fell reeling to the tl ior aa limp
asaia?. He was picked up by his
seconds and thrown i.t Mctiraw who
knocked him flit with apparent evse
and furnished a peifett illus'.ri tion ot
whfct is called wipiDg the Iborwith a
nan. Doyle us picked up again
and again knocked down, this
time moaning, "Oh, ob !" in the most
piteous tones, as if mortally injured,
lie was carried to his corner and titer
much tubbing and sponging revived,
but be evidently bad enough, for he
took off his gloves, threw them to tbe
tbor, and went through the antics
usually described as throwing up the
sponge. His eecond.", however, en
treated him to fight one more rouud,
telling him tbey Lai detected sigus of
weakness in his antagouitt. He finally
l onsen ted, and when time uj called
came to the scratch.
For a man who looked aa near dead
id Doyle did when be lay on the
giound, it muat be confesKed he ad ad
sufficiently spry in the ninth round to
give color to tha theory tla' he was
either shamming in the eighth loJtul
or coward to the back-Umti. A f or one
or two feints McGraw knocked Doyle,
against the ropes and befit e he could
recover hit him pgain. The men got
t)getber, the referee shouted break,
but McGraw cou'd not resist
the temptation to pummel
him once more. "Foal'' was
claimed by Doyle's neconds and
allowed to the general diNguet tf all
firesent but Doyle a menda, as the
tt'er was awsrded the tight and got
tbe money. It was a lame and im
potent conclusion to what promised to
be a fight to be decided on its merit.
The genei n! sentiment cf sporting mi n
who were not interested either way is
tl ut if McGraw is alhwtd lalf a
chance be will ting the lift) out of
Doyle. '
Pros; res of the oiiient ni Hie Dime
"He's broken the record," jubilant,
ly shouted a fellow type-slinger yes
terday aftsrnonn, as Referee. Friedlun
der "dumped" Vaa Dibber's laet
otiekfol of type on the "galley." The
jubilant shouier held a curious look
ing watch "on" the led?r in the
contest and he felt justified by tbe
time made, and in cloe mental figur
ing on each stick emptied, in culling
out in thet way. When it was ollii'i
ally announced tbat Van Bibber bad
set 2650 ems in the hour and a half,
this beiDg fifty ems more
than tho previous "beet record,"
the many palefa;td "typos"
clustering about the stage gave
a subdued cheer and talk t of tbe
piobable champion swift making 2800
ems before the clr a j of the race was
indulged in, and a'l the ia:ers are
good-natured and jovial over the con
test, and only hope the public will
really grasp the details cf the match
and be satisfied with their effoits. A
curious feature of the tourney was the
statement of one rf the men tbat the
strain on his mind and system in close
it'.tention to the copy and cases, nod
his rapid motion fn; an hour and a
half without reet, bad brought about
a species of insomnia.
Tbe referee called time a little after
2 o'clock p.m. yesterday and Drake
emptied his first stickful, the time be-
mg (low, and Van iiiboer started in
for a record and made it, as the score
below snows :
K't Emu
Van Bibber
Holuiea -
: & i.
.. HA'di
........ 2,li00
The men at night set type at a live
ly rate, but none eriuaied tbe "record
smaiher'a" score of 1'UoO ems made in
the afiercoan. The score at night was
as follows:
Nt Emu
Irame. A'hjji Sft. Varrrcud.
Van Bibber , 2,5M) 2,:w"
llrake li.iWH iM
Mayfield 2,:uf 2,212!-,
noiines M. z.ziu
Khoats 2,277 l,m
The total ttanding of the contestants
at the end of the f jur days' work is
given below:
JVVlMf. r.'f-n.a Cmt.
Van Bibber I'.'.dtl
I'rake 17,'.t7t;
Muy field ..17.olCi
Ho linos M.S.V1
Bheats .....,..lti,0iiyS
To-day is the fifth of the contest.
and will settle the issue probably.
The Florida Medical and tumii-
cal Journal for February has been
received. Tbe Journal is finely print
ed and carefully edited, and Js a
credit both to iti publishers, and the
profession. .
"The Amebican Bookmakib," a
aurnal of technical ait and informa
tion, still maintains ita high standard
of excellence. The February number,
just out, if anything, show quite a
marked improvement, and is almost
invaluable to any printer or book
maker wbo wishes to keep fully op
with the times.
A Card.
To the Voters of th Fifth Civil District, com
prising the r irst, Hocond, Third and Eighth
Wards and Big b'pring :
At the earnest request of many good
and true friends I have concluded to
become a candidate for the office of
magistrate for this district, promising,
if elected, to be ever ready to work for
the beBt interests of tbe county and for
good and bonest government in gen
MiMFHia, February 17, lSWi.
Nelson H. Baker, dirtrint attorney.
Westcho'ter county, JJ. Y., office at
White riains, writes June 20, 1885:
Five years ago I. my wife and two
sons were very liAble t-j eo'ds. We
wore the heaviest clottiing. wrapping
ourselves up very warm; but it was
colds, coughs and catarrh all the time.
Finally we commenced wearing All
cock's Porous Piasters aa cbemt pro
tectors. The first year we got rid cf
our heavy flannel as we.'l as all eougha
and colds. We each wore two plas
ters on the chest aid pit of tbe stom
ach for three or four weeks at a time,
thea waehed the parts with alcohol
and put on frnsh ones ; they appeared
to warm and iovigorata f he whole
body so that we never toik cold."
JLoafavllle Cement.
PB1PARB pob flood.
Foundations, cellar walls and baild
ngs subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It in
the standard.
ftubHcribe for tbe 'Appeal." j
Il.tl.E torSTV M.
rarllcnlarsorthj Crime With Which
James 11. Ward of Ilartatille la
Mr. W. M. llammack, au attorney
of llmtivillr, Tenn.. and employed by
Mrs. Jumna B. Wa-d to prosecut) ber
huslaod, arrived yesterday with a
special deputation anthoriaicg him to
tak charge of Ward, who, in men
tioned in the Ari'iAL of ye tnditv,
was arrested Wednesday at tbe Louis
ville and Nsahville depot.
The d' ttils of the crime with which
Wrd is charged, as given by M;.
Hammack, pitint him as oaacf the
vileat wretches with whom the law
ever bad to deal. Ward owna lO'.Hj
acres of the richest land iu Trous lule
coiiLty, and baa a fine frrui well
stocked with blooded cattle and
horses. He wa-s married at nineteen
years of age to an innocent and pnt
ty girl, three years bis junior, by
whom be has two remarkably fine
boys, one thirteen ami the other fif
teen years ot age. for twelve or .
fourteen years past thev have nrt !
lived happily tout ther owing t tiu
hunhaud's lusnno thirst for wtiiaky,
and during tbat tini9 be ha fre
quently beaten bis wife, a fiail,
delicate lit'lo woman who bore it iu
sildnce. While the last heavy enow
lav over two feet deep on the ground
Ward went borne intoxicated, and be
gan quarreling w th hia wife, wbo
t'ied to get out of his way. He struck
her two or three vio'ent blows and
she ran out iido the hall. Ward seized
a shotgun and was in the act ol pull
ing the trigger when his wife sudden
ly turned, ran under the tnuf..le and
knocked the turret up The It ad wai
discLifgcd into the wall, tearing away
the lathing and pin tsr and the gun
fell from his hands. The frightened
woman tanoutcf the house, followed
by the brute, who threw ber down in
the snow anu began btating ber with
his lUttt. With the energy which
cornea of despair the detracted woman
dt frjtidcd her life, delivering hI bait
one 11 iw with audi tuect that her aa
sailant's hold was broken and he fe
to the ground, it anned for the mo
ment. Seizing her opportunity she
made her escape to the barn and con
ceulud herself in the bay in the
1 Life fo effectually that Waid
in bis dtunken (-parch, was tin'
able to bud her. He scoured
the neighborhood fcr miles around
Mrs. Ward remaining securely con
cealed forsix or eight hours, nt.til n:'tr
nightfall, when alio ventured out and
walking four miles thiough the snow
ralelv reached Itit) hoimeot a iioitli
boring farmer who 1)k her uudr tiia
protection. When Ward became sober
and realized what he hul done he fled
taking with him his two sons who are
now in Helena, Ark. J liev are ltn
poitint witnesses and will be taken
back to Nmh villa. It is not yet
known whether or not the criuiital pro
ceeding agaiDBt W ard will be pushed
but a suit for divorce has already bean
begun, and his property amounting to
about fJj.lHK) bas been atttched by
his wife. Ward left for Nashville laat
night in charge of Mr. llammack.
Triple Weildlnsx Reception.
Tbe triple wedding reception last
evening at the residence of Ol. II
A. Moptjomery on tbe Poplar Boule
vard was one of the matt success
ful affaiiH Memph'B society has
ever known a great deal to say Iu a
city where refinement, elegance and
taste are neatly always combined upon
occasions c f that character. The idea
of a triple reception had about it an
air cf novelty dear to the feminine
soul, though it carried with it the
necessity for a -wonderful amount of
ok i ll and tact in order to harmoniz tbe
variety of circumstances and incidents
which must necessarily arise. To say
that the culmination cf the event, for
which such elaborat e preparation was
needed, wai aa happy as the idea
itself, is nothing more than a graceful
tribute ti the lair ladies upon whom
its management devolved. Kvery de
tail was arranged with the skill which
comes only with the most thorough
acquaintance with the unwritten law
ot polite society.
The flmt wedding w .11 that of Miss
Belie Patterson ami Mr. John Itmd-
xtreet, which took place nt Greenville,
the home ef Mies Patterson's mother,
in Kist Tennessee, Wednesday morn
ing. the pair coming at once to Mem
phis. Mr. Laidstrei t is native
ef Baltimore, but for some years
fast has occupied a prominent posi
tion in commercial circles at Nash
ville, where he baa a boat of warm
friends. Miss Patterson is a grand
daughter of President Andrew John
son and has spent one or two winters
in Memphis, where she bas won many
Thesecond ceremony waa peifjrmed
yesterday morning at Mottomery
Place, when Miss Lulu Montgomery
waa married to Mr. Robert Jones in
the presence of the bride's father, Col.
II. A. Montgomery, her brother, Mr.
8. K Montgomery, and ber sister, Miss
Mr. Jones is an Knglishman of rare
business qualifira'iona and one of the
most prominent of the col ton buyers
located in this market. His fair bride
is a price any man might be proud to
win, her queenly figure, lovely face
and charming manner making her
one cf the brightest ornaments of
Memphis society.
At 4 o'clock yeiterday evening, at
St. Mary's Cathedral, the third wed
ding occurred Miss Jennie Keid and
Mr. Royster Thniman. Tbe groom is
aeon of Judge Jburman 01 Aiieais
sippi, and exceedingly popular on ac
count of his many manly vqualities.
His bnde. a leading nzure ol society
ior one or two seasons past, is full of
the S3 cbarms which make woman
divine. All these wedding were cele
brated in the quietest pojeible nan-
ner. ' . v
For tbe reception, which was held
from 6 to 9 o'clock last evening. 900
invitations we. e issned; 500 being al
dressed to persons living in Mcmpnis
and 400 to residents of the principal
cities of the United bMeei, Canada
and Europe. . 1
It is safe to Bay that not more than
fifty of tboie in the eity who were in
vited remained away, and there were,
perhaps, a hundred from other places
in attendance, among them the
Iaman party of seven, which ar
rived by special 1 train last even
ing. At a lllt'e after 0 O'clock the
line of carriages rolling out the Boule
vard to Montgomery's place was
unbroken for blocks, and the stream of
guests from that hour till 9 o'clock waa
almost incessant. The nigbt was
auspicious, a silver moon bathing the
landscape in a soft radiance, the air
balmy and tweet and fragrant an
ideal wedding night. The bouse and
grounds were brilliantly illuminated,
and strains of delicious music boated
o it npon th evening air. KverypT
tion of the large srd elegant tm m-u n
was thrown 01 en, and the guests, dis
tinguished in every walk tf lit , filled
every availaMe inch of snace. Kt ill
there was no appearance e f crowding,
and all went mtrrilv as the j iuNof
tho msrrispe hells theuipelres
I'pon Col. Montgomery, fumoua
for hia princely hoopitili'y,
and opm tin daughter, Mis
Doyle, devolved the du'y rf
receiving tbe ine' at they passed
through the irvlied d.or ay ii t the
pi riots on the right. In the second
patlor was the bridal party, standing,
bride ami groorr, under a fiail arch of
white tljwers, from which depended
three nun i 10 bells, each baaring the
initial le'tera of the newly wedded.
Under "J. and ii." (Jeunie mid
Koystei) stood Mr. and Mrs.
Ihurman; under "L. and K " (Li.l
and KoHert) Mi ;. and Mrs. J.mea;
inner iv ami J. (.usiia ami jonn)
Mr. and Mrs. Indalieet. They stco.l
in the otiler named, before a mirror
looped with cnr'ains of lace, which by
its reduction nude the scene even
nioie unique aud striking. The word
Hymen, iu white camuliaa, rppeared
alK.ve the door leading into too La'l
way, tbe room opposite beinn devoted
to a display of the wedding gifts a
dazzling dicplay. Any attempt tog ve
a list ot these in ht emluitce, or of tho
many suporb crB:mnes worn by the
laities, is out f the question.-
Mra. Koherl Jonw, jr.,nr Mot tann
ery, wore a lout: trained costume oi
heavy whiti na'.in, with front tf em
tmsed velvet on lit in ground, corsage
decollate, nl. ofting the lovely neck and
arms, and boidered with waxen or
anne blossomr', t'.ie pkirt alio elnhor
aiuly tiimnied with the typical wed
ding Ibiwern; 10 tl'jro high, with tulle
veil gracefully draped and falling in
soft, clinging folda to the end of lln
train. A ptt'y conceit about Ibis
lovoly to.lt t waa a necklace of orange
hl-.BAoms aiound the milk lhie
Mrs. John Lnndstreet, jr., wore a
nagoillcent bridal toilet, made by
(unlet uf Paris; 'our, sweeping train
o' Hofi, white 111:111 merveillaux; fiont
if lace, embroidered in silver In ex
quisite (airy like design; corang4
Pompadour, with Medici col'if, bor
dered with pcftilM-, tie whole ela'ior
11 t ly trimmed with mange hloHHonn
and white lila . Tulle veil ar.d dia
mond ornament
Mra. Ko)sttr Tlmriimn wore a boun
tiful bridal font nine similar to Unit
worn by Mrn K iherl Joins.
MihS Julia 11. Dovlo wore a (r lined
era time of liiMterleea while bilk, tho
Bolt clinging folds caught hack wilh
graceful rihlmn hows, and shaped cor
siiKS with high Medici collar, core go
bouquet rf shimmering silver tulips,
mil pearl ortiHtnet t ..
Misa FrAnk Whitney of Washing
ton, D. (1 , wore a superb roitunie, en
trait-, f hmvyh'Hck volvM, elabor
ately embroidorej in a inas of l ung
ing gold bead; coillnre high with
diamond star 011 one side ; diamond
necklace and ornaments.
Mins Jenuiti Montgomery, sitter of
the bride, wore a dtinty toilet of
pale bltio ere ps d' lode, cut t'tioclng
length, and exquisitely embroidered
in deli'iate shading from pale pink to
a warm crimson ; the cotdume looped
up with long ribbons the shades of
the embroidery; coiffure 11 la Grec
and diamond ornaments.
At midnight the hridal party lelton
a special train for New Orleans,
whence they will go by gulf ttsamer
to the inland 01 uutm.
I.Meeepllon al Mr. Tool'.
Tbe reception given by Mr. and Mrs.
b. V. toi l on Weilnescay, the 1 ih 111
stent, aisiiited by Mrs. A. K. Ward and
Mrs. Little, was one of the mot t aunip
tuous and perfect affairB cf the sea
son. Tho flowers and tha Diusio
were all thatttie most anient worship
er of Hi wore and music could expect,
and tbe occasion, tiken altogether,
was one long to .tie remembered by
those who were foitnnate enough to
be present
i'roba Ulnae Maaeoui,
In addition to the typographical
txirnanient in the annex hull, and the
fat If ilea who ornament the adjoining
npartmert, there la a fund ot amuae
ment in the h i in theater this week
The charming child artiitj, Flossie
F.dwarde, is a wonderful I tl t lo cita
tuie, and evokes iinmenee applause at
each performance, llerchlldinh grace
and naivete are delightful. Haywood,
toe oui in-cork sketcbist. nas a very
omnsing act and a laiighter-piovoking
make-np. Miss Kose Miller, tbe on I
ladiat, ban a rich, clear eopmiui voice,
which she nses with tailing effect
1 1 the rendition of popular foniia
Ry 'special rerineht eho sang "Old
Folks at Home" and wan rewarded
with a hearty mind of applause,
While the stage is hardly large enough
tn show ell tho vetsatility of La.
Mondne, the tight-rope walker, his
act on the sin :k wire is a very nervy
one and is always appreciated by the
audience. A funny sketch is given
by tbe Peters, intiojucing iotis good
songs and (lsnnea. The children a
matinee at J0o el ck to-mormw morn
ing will ntfjrd an opportnnlty to all
wLo wish to avoid the rush of the
evening porformancesi.
f'leom LuttA.
I'lif diiyl may conic and the il:iyn
limy go, hut lAlta lima Imr tn run on
forever. When tho ctittain waa rung
up at tho Milmiihiri Theater hint night
upon tli! packed honso which liua
grcctcil Jit r trom jtimo iiiimcuioriitl.
the nlionta of laughter and npplaust
came in jiiHl an Htitmg at the Haino
old iihtccH, anil la)tta, . with
ber wicked kick, her arch smile
waa tho suunc little Litta Unit hIiii waa
atlioiiHiind yiiars ngi, not a wrinkle
more or U-hh, not a w hit thinner or a
pound 1 . ni'imt-.r, but na de
IuiouHly delightful - aa .when
hIiii inudi) her llrxt npjicarancu
in the little theater on Mount Ararat.
To bring down tho Iiuiihc ulie had but
tn criaik her little linger or to kick her
smaller limb, and a tor oi her dear
itlle heii'l wt tilt: audieiico wild.
Ill tilt) fiint .' net "Deiiine" at
tho ; convent, in the second
Mllt. Nitotuhe,'! tho odd ntngt .la-
pancac, unit 111 tho tliml the "lnun
iner Boy" ut the barracks, nbaorbed all
tho inU-ront of th plnv. When alio
was off tho stago interval Ininred. Mile.
jYirViurV, na laat night'n compiuiy gave
it, ia Kttipidlv ulieunl, and jaitu alone
could inuUn it heaialilo. But eho d-a-H
thatund more. It will bo rcia'ated to-
liil-'lit, 11111I Miutile :it tint piatinco to
morrow. 1
IIoIn(?1ii Kxoltcuient.
S. (4. Arment'nn, agent ii Oxf ird.
Ala , f jr P. O. Bush of Mobile, Ala.,
teatiflei tbat he bas need Buchanan's
(Quinine Hone. Cattle and Poultry
Ionic very succesaloliy with Jersey
cattle, ant if given in time it will pre
vent diseaaea. iou can t attord to
take the risk. Get a supply of the
Toaio at W. N. Wilkerson & Oo.'s, 334
Main street, to protect your cattle.
Tub New Onvoen Hotel is to Mem
phisi what the Palmer House ie to Chi
caffw and tho Wludwr to New York.
Now la the ll'j Tbelr Oplnljn of
the Month as a Ficli for
What is known as the Inman party
arrived hi the city at 3-30 o'clock yea
tt r lay evening, and the gentlemen
(omposing itaiu at the Giiyoeo Ho:eL
Tha pt.r:y is composed of the ftlljw
ing gentlemen :
Co nelius N. Bliss, vice-president of
the Foirth Navicnal Btuk c! Maw
York, and member (f the g'ea, dry
i Hl (irm of
Mf T U(
!isw, rah an A Co. 1
Hultir. tu iker. t,f Hew '
York, ml a director of the l.ou in villa -
ami Nashvilld tailroad and of tie.
G eat rSomhern railroad.
Mr. J. A. Boat wick, merchant, and
largely it.t;ietd in that iuiuienae
corpotatiod, the Standard Oil Com. .
pany. 1
Dr. Heniy M. Fie'd, a well known
author and traveler, aud a brother of
Cyrus W. Field and Justice David
Ko'jeit W. Hall, aon of the famous
civino. Dr. John Hall of New York.
Mr. Ii. O. Armnnr, member of 'ho
pn mluHiit pork and bat-f packing firm 1
cf New Yotk aud Chicago.
Air. C. H. Hostier, pinner of Mr. It.
T. Wilijou, the New York banker who
built the MiasiHah'pi Valley railnt.
a id Mr. Jo'ni II. Iuman, at whoee in
vitation these gentieiiuyi are making -their
present trip. It seems thai Mr.
Ininuu bad to come on a tour ( Iti
spett on over tie tliiOO miles t f rail
road he ia interest id in, being a direo- 1
tor of the Louisville and NadiviUa. '
Naahville and Chattanooga and
Kxhmoud and Dun villa, ol which
latter company bo is the 'argeat
stockholder. It recurred to iiian
that his coming South ' would .1
he a good opportunity to direct
the attention of bis cp talist f loods
1 1 iitvtipilgate tho boiiudiess rciaarcae '
of the rvulh, hence bia invitation to
them to accompany bitn and their
n a ly acceptance. They luft New York
Monday, Feb. 8 )1, and havetravibd
t irotigii Virginia, iVniiessee, Ueoigia, .
Alabsma, Mississippi and Lmaians,
being everywhere received with 1
roal hospitality. At Allaiva they
who eiitcrta ued at a diiiiinr, at which
all tha pro'iiinent cilia ins wore pres
ent, iixludicn the Governor. Hianilar
ovations wero tendered theuikt Naah-'
vi He, Chattanooga, Ba'oii Hjuge,
Mouigimoiy and Vickshurg, aud
in every case the 1 Governor of
the Slate waa present tt honor
Mr. 1 11111 an 'a dibiingniabed guests.
Last night an Aitral reporter
interviewed sovetal numbers of tho
paity aud tlioy all express themselves
as highly pleased with the trip and
more than favorably Impressed with
tbe abundant' fields fir profita
ble investment which - the Fmnih
presents. One of Mr, Iouan'a
guests said: " You may I say
that we are convinced that the 8mth
present) more inviting and promising
oprortunitios for investment than any
o'her section ' of tha country,"
When it is remembered that tho
gentlemen composing the 1 party
repriBunis - fifty millions ol ciipl-
tal, thia . axpresaion may be -accepted
as ligDifitmce. 1 Mr. Inman
intimated t'jat his visit here was made
necessary by two things. First, a
proposition to build a union de(ot, in
which project he represented the
Louisville and Nashville real; sec
ond, his desire to look into
the feasibility of ottdning, for
tho Richmond and Danville road a
toanection with Memphis and Bir
mingham, and It need not surprise the
readers of the Appeal if in addition
to the two plana already in rroUon of
connecting wilh . Birmingham, there
be added anothor In the interests of
tbe Richmond and Danville.
The millionaires in the famous pa. ty
ara all gentlemen past the middle age,
of pleaaant addreea and handsome ap
pearance, notably Mr. II. O. Armour,
whoisauitea dude in hia way, aud
evidently conscious cf bis supeilority
in point of beauty to bla fellow trav
elers. They leave on their special train
at 11.30 p.m. to-day for JajuMrville,
their next stopping place. They were
present laet night at the triple wed
ding reception ut Mr. Montgomery's.
It is the opinion cf Mr. Ionian that
Alabama and Tennessee present better
pioipec's f r favorable returns to in
vested capital tian any- other parti of
tho ijjuth visited.
Itleh llnnl Made by Ihe Pellee 1st
lb Olil rarlory Lu-Tw
Arrala. .
The police made a rich find yester
day in the old factory lot, North Mem
phis, Two or three night since
thieves pried open the window ef Mra.
Mary Hawley ' grocery. In the vicinity
of tha factory let, and carried off a
quantity of groceries, dry goods and to
baioo. Tbe police got a clew t the .
robbers, hnd yesterday af ternr.on offi- '
cers Hedrlck; Prydo nd O'Haer
went out te a shanty in one 'of tbe
vilest comers of tho factory lot tJ make '
a st arch.' .Tbo efetectivea found a lot
of brandy cherries and some drv
gaols between the mafwea of the"
Bed in tho shanty, and Officer Hed
rck, eefiina a srnde, began prodding
about in the vardeo, where an effort
had been mid have it appearthat
the ground bad been plowed prepva
tory to eowrlng Bed. At the third or 0
artb " piod the spade etrnck
a 1 plunk, and when the
earth waa removed a quantity of gro
ceries were discovered. AmOrig the
gocda found were a whole chcest,. a
caddy of to! a so, two boxes of cigars,
a pox ci ciKii'e tes, a lot of mnr, sev
eral bottles of "wtifiky and ro ne dry
goods. Tha to woman in the hntwe '
Lou Naal and Mary Nelson, were taken
to the Ktatioti-House and a cbarge of
receiving Molen' property entered
agointt thern; They.'of conrs", doniad
all knnwt-di; r. te rohherr.
DR. If. '.".; JslTLLINinXiX,
It '47 filain Mrrcl, t Meaiphla, lena.
WAWYm A jKMTa.Men and Women,
WfkHtLU to set v' TlltS CHlLD-el
BIBLR " Introduction by Itev. J H. Vin-
eent. v.l). On snl has sold 06 In a tows
of 674 people ; una 7a in a village at, TM ; one
nw agent S3 In to dayst rn vlin ' sucies
siv weeksi on 40 In 3 days at two J'horenl
tlnjea. Jiiprinc not ncsarv addreea
CA.LL a lai. :i,-fd),
40 PerKoro .tr. Cl.lcasw.
peraoea seeking Uoverneaaat Km-
p'o.mtnt In y ol the deoartmeBU a
Washington, or any other poiuons ander
th Oovernment, I will a. nd lull inriraotivo
a to bow to iteeeeel to obtain tbe sen .,
isd Mania reswaef SipllHii
reeelpt m On PHr. Aesm J"f
1. kVlflU, Ie- mu. rrneeaist

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