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Cottoa Closed Weak and 1-lCc Lower;
Middling 8 l-2c; Sales 1401)
Money continues in fair demand at
8 per cent., local securities firm ancl
advancing. The cotton market devel
oped renewed weakness yesterday and
declined Jc in New Orleans, 1-1 (Id in
Liverpool and 1-1 6c liere. Sales,
1400 bale; receipts, 1448 bales.
At New York eiiots closed quiet,'
middling 9c; futures steady and 8 to
11 points lower, February, 8.8558.87c.
At New Orleans spots closed steady at
Jc declinef middling, 8jc; futures
steady and 0 to 11 points lower, Feb
ruary, 8.45, nominal. At Liverpool
PIMjts were dull, in buyers' favor, and
1-lGd lower than tbo day before on all
grades below middling, which was
quoted at 4jd, futures dull and l-32d
lower, February, 4 50-(4d. Receipts
at all United States ports yesterday,
32,075 bales," against 7415 bales same
time last year. Provisions and bread
stuffs steady at quotations. l'Ks
scarce at 24c.
Ten pkgs butter, 10 pkgs bacon, 11
pkgs'boots and shoes, 1l0o4 bu corn,
2 care cotton-seed, 12,!KJ( sks cotton
seed, 2 pkpt dry goods, 25 pkjjs einis,
15:1 bris flour, 140 bales hay, 2 hd cat
tle, 'M hd horses and mules, 5 pkp
lard, 40,000 ft lumber, 275 brls meal, 54
brls molasses, 705 kps nails, 19.1 brls
jsitntoes, 2 cars pork sides, :") hhds
sugar, 115 brls sugar, and 1!." ok)." to
bacco. joil i.. noktost
0 Madison St., Memphis, Tean.,
gjarCorreepondtiice solicited. Infor
mation clmerfnlly farnlnhel."
Money in good demand at 8 percent.
Tlie Clearing-Mouse report is as follows :
Clearings. Balances.
Thursday, Feb. 18...$ i'W.L'iJ tit) 8 ;n,7:7 65
Thus far thin week... 1.KH.277 fit Xtl.Wl 78
Same time Instweek. l,04 i,l:Vi :47 2-iS.iK.t 27
Cur. time lKSf V7.iSS9 71 1,;V8 :t5
Cur. time im 73U.5UM 56 146,173 12
Buying. Selling.
New York sight on all polnu.-'i dig H ptem
New England doinand.. ...
New England sight...-.
Maw Orleans...-........
,... dig
-it dig
...M dii par
Ia the first column we give the price bid,
and in the second the price asged.
Bank of Commerce.... ......147Stl"0
first National lib 140
German Bank l!'K(a2tII
State National "135 40
union M riant ........M7
Mercantile 130
9 60
9 ..i
9 85
(9 19
m ...
(St 25
Bluff City
Peoples. .MMM .,
Planters- ....
Phoeni ,
Uemphis City.
andorbill ..
Ar'lugton. ......
.... M
.... DS
.... 16
.. 2
.... OJ
Tennessee certificates. Dand K.... tP( 87S
Tenoe.-see warrants, series C .US (.4 V
Shelby Cointy bonds ll4 MllKl
Shelby County warrants.... ...... tW m W
Taxlnit-Uistrict 4, b's W (a) Ml'i
Taxing-DistriotS's loo &Wi
Memphis Storage Compress Co 1117 C4110
Memphis Gas Company stock.. ... 2 M S4
Memphis Oaa Company bonds ...linH
Memphis Water Co. bonds...... .... ti ($...
HaDauer Oil Works A 50
City Oil Works 45
Pioneer Cotton-Mills ..... & 35
American Cotton Oil trust ...... 20 s 21
Memphis City Railway Bonds .. . luu 91u2
New Yohk, February 18. Money
on call ruled easy at 1 J:U per cent,
l'rime mercantile liaper, 4fa)ii. ster
ling exchange dull but firm at 4S7J
for sixty days and 4891 for demand.
Ikmtls tiovernment bonds were
dull and steady. State bonds were
active anil firm. There was a heavy
falling oft' in the amount of .business
done in railway bonds, sales amount
ing to only $2,777,000, against over
$5,000,000 yesterday. Business was
well distributed, with moderate activ
ity in the Krio issues that have recent
ly attracted attention, anil in the
Toxin I'acilic railway. Closing prices
show irregular changes, ulthou:h
there are more grains than losses. To
sonic extent trading sympathized with
the dealintrs in st(M ks, prices beimt
strong in the forenoon and yielding
more or less later in the day.
Slwks Stocks showed decided
weakness at the opening with declines
of Jo to over 1 per cent., owing to the
trouble among the Transcontinental
Association lines. The early trailing
was accompanied by a further decline
of fractional amounts, except in riieilie
Mail, but this was soon checked, and
husinesK, which had, been decidedly
active, became more quiet, with prices
ptcady to firm, which condition con
tinued until nearly 1 o'clock, although
during the latter part of that time
there was a somewhat greater show of
strength, and the highest prices of tlm
day were made generally in the first
hour after midday. A heavy tone pre
vailed later until during the last hour,
when some weakness was developed,
in which the coal stiwks were most
prominent, the drop in Jickawanua
amounting to 2 percent. ; all the active
stocks yielded nioro or less. Though
.the declines in most cases wen; only
fractional. There was a reaction in
some cases in the final dealings, and
the market closed irregular, but de
cidedly feverish for the most active
rttocks. The announcement of a prac
tical dissolution of theTran.scniitinent
al Association was followed in the
afternoon by the further statement
that the subsidy which has been paid
to the 1'acinV Mail Steamship Com
pany by the I'acilic r.iilfoaiLs was to
terminate at the end ..f thirty days,
and that ollicial actiuii to this effect
bad Wen, taken. In fai t, the news in
the evening centered on the aetion 'of
the Transcontinental Association and
the reduction of rates which it was
alleged had taken placu during the
day on biipincss between points east
of the Missouri river and tlm I'acilic
coast. Prominent operators who have
been conspicuous in bringing about
the advance manifested no dis
isitinn to-day to resist the de
cline. The I'acilic Mail shows
the grwatcst net decline of . the day,
with a hiss of 2; Union I'acifle is
down 1 J, Omaha inferred It, lcla
ware and Hudson and Omaha com
mon each 11, Lake Shore U, North
western and Northern I'acilic preferred
oach lost 1 and the remainder of the
active list less than 1 per cent. The
only notable exception is an advance
of j in Manitoba.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
4X,54' shares, including Canada
Southern, 4'M; IVlaware, ljtcka
wanna and 'Western, t."i,t"S; 1 tela ware
and Hudson, MS4 ; F.rie, :!2,!'15; Kan
sas and Texas, 4SOO; Lake Shore,
,'!i,70S; Louisville and Nashville, :!'.KKl;
Northwestern, 20,475; New Jersey
Central, 22,045: New York Central,
0001 ; I'acilic Mail, 5:!,:WS; Keadiuir,
17,501); St. l'aul,.:iS00; St. Paul and
Omaha, 5005; Texas Pacific, 5200;
I'nion I'acilic, 3155; Western Vnion,
14,105; Northern I'acilic preferred,
21,210; Oregon Transcontinental, 2'0.
Closing quotations: e
U. 6. 3. lmvi. New 4.. 12iS.
New !,, liaj. Pacific 6s of W, VX'i
P. P. firnts, 115. T. P. land (rants,
Krie seconds, lc4''4'. T. P. Hio . div., &.
Le'h Wilkei.. 114. U. P firatu, .
Louisiana eons:, M. U V. land f rants, 106.
Missouri 6s, lio4. V. P. s. fund, .
Kt. Jo-eph, 1224. Virginia lis, 43.
St.P.A S. C. 1st, 128. Va.con., ex-w.c, 57.
Tenn. 6s, old, 57-S. Va.con. del., H1,.
lenn. 6s, new, 57r.
iiUms Express, 145. Nashvills Jt C. 47.
Allexheny Central, -N.J. Central, 51"..
Alloa it f. U.. 40. Norfo kiW, pld.i
A. k T. 11., pfd, 99. Northern Hac., 2i.W.
Ameriian Ex., lift. Nurlbern 1. pfd, &S9i
B. .C. B. & N..70. N. Y. C. A St. L.,S(.
Canada Pac.blM. N.Y.C.4W.L , p, IS.
Canala S)ath.,4i;s. CAN. W., llu.
Tent.-al l'aoilio. 41. O. Jt N. W. p d, IS''.
Cheieake Ic 0..US-N. Y. Central, loij,.
C. AO. 1st pf l, la!4. Ohio 'Central, 1.
C.AO. 2d pfd, 13. 0Ip Si Miss , 21'.
Chicago AAlton.141. O. & Miss. i.!d, U'o.
C. A- A. pfd, 150. Ontario A West., Wi.
C, li. A- l:Si. Oreson Nar., lirj.
C.bt.L AN.0. Oregon Trans.. .12.
C, St. L. A P., 13. Oregon Imp., 2S.
C.,8 .LAP ,p.,32. Pacific Mail, M'.
C ,S. AC. ,331-,. r Panama. W8.
C. A C. 55. Peoria, D. A ., 21.
Del. A llud.. Ur,(. Pitt-burg. 119.
Del., L. A W., 13ii'4. Pullmau P. C, 134'v
Den. A Hio 0., 17, V Keid-ng. 23.
Krie, Kock Islanir. !"
Krie.pld., St. b. A S. P., !.
East Tenn.. i'i. St.L.A S. V. n. 4ii.
Kant Tenn. pfJ.. !,. Kt.L.AS.K.lst p llfi.
KortWatne, 147
Hannibal A St. J
I., Oi. DUlA.
17X. C. M
. Jo, - C. M
.A St. P.,03'
A St. P. p. 124.
II. A St. Jo uf J. St. P. M. A M.. 117
Marlem, 217. St. P. A i'uiha, Wi.
Houston A T., 33 St. P. A 0. pfd, 103).
Illinois (Jen., 1( Texas Pacinc. 1 '.'')..
Ind. B. A W.,27. Vnion Pacific, 60'. '
Kansas A 'I , 3ti'-. IJ. S. Express,
Lake K. A W.. 13. Ml ., Ft- li. A P., 10.
Lake Shore, t7. W.,St. L. A P. p, 19'4.
Lou. A Nash , 41. W. A F. Ex., lit.
Lou. A N. A..38K. W. U.Tel., 71H
M. A C, 1st ptd, Colorado Cual. ZPi.
M. A C. 2d pfd, HomrsUke, 1H.
Mem A Char., 35. Iron Silver, 240.
Mich. Ontral, 74. Ontario, 2S'4.
Min. A St. L., Quicksilver, ';.
M. A St. L. pfd, 47. Ouicksilver pfd, 2i4.
Missouri Pao., 109H. South I'aeific,
Mobile A O., 14. Sutrj, IS.
Morris A K.,oBd, 136.
losiioN, Fehruary IS. Consols,
101 1 for both money and tbo .ac
count. United States bonds 4s, 127J ;
41s, 114 J. Par silver, 4(sl er ounce.
The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the liank of Knglaud mi balance
to-day is ilO.OW. Thti bullion in the
liank of England increased .C.'S55,04,s
during the past week. The proportion
of the Hank of Kngland reserve to lia
bility, which last week was 471 P'r
cent., is now 4SJ per cent.
Havana, February lS.-Spanish
gold, 2:'.0l. Exchange weak on the
United States; mxty davs gold, 8 pre
mium;, short sight gold, 8JS pre
mium; on Limdon,10l'J2 premium;
on Paris, 4:,'5 premium.
Paris, February 18. Three per
cent, rentes, 82f. 27Je. for the account.
The weekly statement of the liank of
France shows an increase of 14,257,
000 francs gold and 5,015,000 francs
Berlin', February IS. The state
ment of the Imperial Bank of (ier
iiiany shows an increase in specie of
4,040,000 marks.
Boston-, Mass., February is. Kx
changesjf 12,SS,4,:!S7; balances, 1,750,
4S5. Xbw York, Februarv 18. Kx
cbanges, $100,Ou4,::27; bidances, $4,
052,112. Bai.timouk, Md., February 18.
Bank clearings, 42,105,827 ; Calanccs,
CmiAi'.o, I i.i.., February IS. The
associated bank clearings fo-dav were
Puii.AiiKi.i'iiiA, Pa., February IS.
Dank clearings, S,0:S0,!)4(I; balances,
St. Ijh is, Mo., February 18. Bank
clearings, 2,0S5,524 ; balances, 2H4,
5iKl. Kxchange on New York, 50c
The local maiket opened iiuiet and
l-10c lower, imd closed quiet ; miil
dling, Sc. Sales, 1400 bales, including
200 Wednesday evening, of which 700
were to cxporfcrs,and 700 to spinners.
Visterday. Day llofore;
Ordinary Vi 7 Hi
Wood Ordinary 7Vit 7 11-16
Low Middling SI? 8 3-lli
Middling e 8 11 10
Hood Middling.... 9 3-16 VI
Middling JTair...-. 9 11-lii t'4
Fair Nominal Norn.
Dusty 7 r-ifi'iS 1-16 TiH'i
Stains and linses 7 13-lliS 7-16 7"-SS;-,
Memphis, February 18, 1886.
Stock, September 1, 1885... 1,392
Received to-day 1.418
Keceived previously 469,978 472,818
Shipped to-day 1..W2
Shipped previously 332,524
Barnt. etc
Home consumption to date
Stock, running account.....
Thus far this week....
Thus far last week .
Since September 1st
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.... 167
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad. 3ti8
Louisville and Nashville Railroad.... 3i
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad. 212
C, O. and 8. W. R. R fit
L., X. O. and Texas Railroad Vt
Kansas City.Springfieln and M. R.R. 1st
Memphis, Seliaa and Brunsw'k R.R. 17
Steamors . 35
Wagons and other sources...... 26
Total 1,448
Thus far this week ..... ,2"3
Tnus far last week .. 6.5211
Since September 1st 331,076
Memphis and Charleston Railroad... 3
Mississippi and Tennessee Kailroai. 211
Louisville ami Nanhville Railroad.... 502
Chesapeake, Ohio and 8. W.K.R 2iil
Steamers north... .572
Total ; 1,5.52
New York sjiots opened quiet, and
closed quiet and 1-ltic lower. Sales,
ltil bales, (notations were as fol
lows: i'estery. Day Before
Ordinary 6 7-10
Oood ordinary. 7i 7 13-10
Low middling. 8 9-16 H'H
Middling - . 9 1-16
tiood middling...... W 9 7-16
Middling fair 10 10 1-16
Fair .... lir 10 11-16
New York futures opened easy, and
closed quiet and steady, and 7 to !l
points loner. Sales, 107,500 bales.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows, as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Day Before
February... 8.85 8.87 i8.94 8 96
March .9o 8 !'J 8.P9H 9.00
April 9.004 9.01 9 09 9.10
May 9. nit 9,11 9.194
June 9 2(4 9 21 9.29-1
July 9.27'4 9.28 9.3S4 9.37
August -. 9.3li4 9.34 9.42-4 9.41
September 9.14 4 9.16 9.21 9.23
October S.964 8.9 9.04'4 9.05
November 8.9J4 8.91 8.9X4 8.99
The New Orleans spot market opened
easv, and closed steady at decline.
Sales, 5200 bales.
Yesterday. Day Before.
Ordinary...... 07i 7
Good ordinary ... "W 7ni
Low tnidllint . 7. ' 8
Middling . t 8',
Oood middling 9 3-16 9 5-16
The New Orleans future market
o"ned easy, and closed steady, and 0
to U Miints lower. Sales, 55,500 bales.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows, as compared with yesterday:
Yeserdav. DavBefire.
February 8.4- nom.
March.... 8 li- .4i
April 8 52 4 8.M
May ... - 8 4 n.M
June . 8.77 8.7"
July 8 s4 8 8
August 8.9H4 s 91
September 8 i'!4t.6S
October 8.5.i4 8 58
November 8.52 e 8. 53
December 8.51,4 t.iy
8 ..'i ei.t.
8.51-4 8.52
8.01 18 6.!
8.714 8.75
8 S7 4 6 M
8.98 t 8 99
9 .01 4 9 !
8 75 4 8 76
8.02:4 8 rVI
8 58 4 8.5J
(4 .
Tone. ;Rec'u.l
Ualveston Dull. 1.59P 8 11-16 61.512
NOrleaui Weak. S,36 8 7-16 361.48
Mobile.... Pull. I.r97j 8': 49,74.5
Savannah Quiet. 1.475 8J 88,816
Char'ston Steady. 770 8 11-16 09,178
Wilm'ton bteady. . 357; 6,838
Norfolk... Easy. 1,741 S', 3:',84.5
Baltimore Nominal .. 9 31.379
New York Quiet. 319 9 S98.67S
Boston Quiet. 196! 9'i 6,3'0
Philad'a.. Hull. 12; 9 20,414
St. Louis. Quiet. filo! 83 100,274
Augusta.. Quiet. 414 B5
Total receipts at ports, this day, lsi". ... 12.075
Total receipts at ports, this dty. 18K.5.... 7,415
R'taatl' S. uorts.l
6 days
Exports to Ureal
Rcc'ls since Sent.
81,534 46.755i 48,808
1st 4.MK.913 4.?94.213 4.2M.151
Foreign exiKirt...;2,80Q,778 3,t"1.24 2 8,tj,019
Increase in receipts this year 101,700
I.iveriool spots at noon were quoted
dull in buyers' favor, Sales, S0O0
bates, of w hich 70iK) were Anieiican.
Heceipts, 10,1X10 bales, o. which 0200
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 .1-1 tid ; good
ordinary, 4 0-10d ; low middling, 4jd;
good middling, 5 :i-Kkl; middling
uplands, 4 I5-1imI; Orleans, 5d.
At 2 p.m.: All grades but middling
were marked down 1-lild, as follows:
Ordinary, 41d ; good ordinary, 4d;
low middling, 4 ll-10d; good mid
dling, 5d; middling uplands, 4;d;
tniddling Orleans, 4 I5-I0d.
IVic pci'irs tire ijiirn in ptwtaml 64Aa,
Ihim: 4 03 virmui 4 ti!) till., (mil 5 01
menu 5 1-01
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull; Febniarv-March, 4 52d; March
April, 4 52d; April-Mav, ;Mav-
.lune, 4'sid; .lune-.lulv, 4 50(n 4 5Si"l ;
July-August, 4 Old ; August-September,
5(iV4 (Kill.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull February, 4 old buyers ;Fcbruary
Mart'h, 4 old buyers; March-April,
4 old buyers; April-May, 4 5! id buy
ers; May-.lune, 4 5ild sellers; .lune
.1 illy, 4 58d sellers; July-August, 4 00d
buyers; August-September, 4 (i:id
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull and 2-04d lower than the day be
fore; Februarv, 4 50d value; Februarv
March, 4 50d "value; March-April, 4
50d buyers; April-May, 4 52d value;
May-June, 4 54d buyers; June-July,
4 .'ski buyers; July-August, 4 5!ld buy
ers; August-September, 4 02d sellers.
H I ! KR,IRAI. '.
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the Call Board of the
Merchants' Kxehnngo yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 4Uc bid, 42Jc
asked; February, 42Ac asked ; March,
42c bid; April," 44c bid, 45Jc asked ;
Mav, 44c bid, 40c asked ; No. 2, spot,
ItKc'bid ; March, 40c bid, 42Jc asked ;
April, 40c o. t. bid; May, 42c. bid, 4:iijc
No. 2. spot, X'c bid; February, "4c
asked; March, "Mc o. t. hid.1
11IIA N.
February, $14 50 bid, 15 asked.
Coux White, 47c; mixed, 4(ie, from
sloie; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c.
11 w-t'hoice, from store, 85c; prime,
7501 80c: prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, J15;- prime,
5?i:l 50; prairie, js.
Oats White, "Sc; mixed, H7c, from
store. Hound lots from levee on track
white, sacked, :!5'c; mixed, sacked,
Oat.mkai. In half-barrels,!?;! 50 from
I'oitxMKAi. Standard, f2 1(K 2 20;
pearl, :!(" II 25 from store; 5c cheaper
Iroin mill, levee or track.
Flora From store, double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, s?4( 4 25;
choice, 14 25074 50; fancy, $:!75W5;
extra fnncv, $5 25M 5 75; patents, $(('i)
025;rounil lots from levee ortrack, Kh
cheaper; car lots choice, $: 85(r,4 05;
family, (i0f :t 75; fancy, $4 :'.0(.i 4 50;
extra fancy, $1 75(i 5; jiatents, f 5 25
f 5 00.
liitAV Fiimi store, S5c per ewt. ;
round lots from levee, f 15 per ton.
IIkans Navv, 2 25; medium,
Kick Louisiana, 4.'(5lc; Carolina,
0(" 7c.
IIominv and (iitirs From store,
$2 7.Vi ::.
('it.i'Ki:i AViii'at In half-barrels,
$4 from store.
Oi.u'KKits Soda, extra, 41c; soda,
treble extra, 5c; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7 Jc ; ginger snaps, extra'
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, (k", as
sorted jumbles, tfc.
Kansas Citv, Mo., February 18.
Wheat higher; cash, 72c bid, 74o
asked; March, 72$ 3 bid, 74c aiked;
May, 78 Jc. Corn qniet; cash, 'Jfiic;
March, 29jc; May, 3lftc bid, 32c asked.
Oati Match, 27Jc bid.
St. Louis, Mo., February 18. Flour
steady and unchanged. Wheat dull
but hi(her; the market opened
atroneer but eesed ell, not, however,
losing the aovance, and closed firm 1
(SJc b'gher thn yesterday; No. 2 red,
cash, 01c; March, 01c bid; May, l'3S(o
91c, closing at 9oJ03 jc. Corn very
quiet, but firm, closing J jc above
yesterday; No 2 mixed, cash, 36c;
February. 35,0 hid; March, Mic bid;
May, 37j3Hjc, closing at 37Jc bid.
Oats quiet but firm : No. 2 mix d,
ciub, 3IXS,E0Jc; Febrnaty, i9Jc bid;
Ma'ch, 30c bid; Mav, 32c. Rye nom
inal, 5 jo. Barley very dull and un
cl arged. Hay fairly active: piatrie,
$r,(SiH; timothy fll14. Fiaxeed
hiuber and nomical, $1 10. Bran
quiet but firm: 0"c at mill, 60c on
at track, Cornmeal active and
hitther, $1 952. Keceipto Flour,
3000 brls; whs a-, 10,000 bu; corn, 88,
000 bu; oat, 18,000 bu; rye, 1000 bu;
bailey, 10,"00 bu. ' Shipments Flour,
10.0GO brla; wheat. 4000 bu; corn. 14,
000 bu; ta, 10,030 bu; rye, none;
bailey, 2000 hu.
Ajternoon Board. Wheat easy and
a shade lower. Corn and oats nn
cbaoged. Chicago, III., Februn-y 18. The
temper waa very bullish in the eaily
trading in wheat to-day, owing to lit
t'e larger export movement, but an
crflier leeling followed later in the
day, Ihe market ruling veiy dull and
flat in the afternoan. The amount of
wbeit oa octJa passage showed a
light lDcresse, but not eotticient to
have any special bearing on prices.
'The buying wa quite active by sev
eral large local houses at the openina,
under which May advanced to 85Jc
and bang stubbornly a; 84jM 85c dur
ing the entire forenoon, tben sold oil
to 84Jc and closed at 1 o'cl ckat
84 IMOc In the (f:ern(on an ex
tremely dull feeling prevailed, the
market declinicg to bile and closing
at that price bid. The (peculation
waa active iu corn as an to day, but
a'ter a preliminary run ai the open
ing to 41 1c for May delivery, the erica
broke to 41 ic, closing m 413 10a
ft. to m-AM Af.tlV. a.,.l .. 1 ..... .1
: slightly lower. Kloar dn'.I, iii.chanRed.
h?a' oper u nim ana uilvsncing Jc
sold oil llietua ul ai.il closed at
ycttird' prie-s. ISaleaianged: Feb
ruary, 70K7iiSc, closed at 70J,c;
March, 70pat79ie, closed at 7HJc; May,
84 9 lOCT.SoJc, closed at 84 ll-Kic;
Juue, 8ciJt80jc, closed at 8t;J:; No
2 spring, 79i(;i!81jc; No. 3 spring,
71 Jc. Corn tii'm early, but tloeed
easier and a sha le ljwvr; cash, 3Sc;
February, STitir.SSif, closed at 37ie;
March, 38Ci3Sjc, tloeed at MSo: Mav,
4l441Jc, closed at 4lc. O.tiquiit
but firm; caah, 30js; Februarv, 30i
fOJc, closeJ at 301:; March, 3ii(ii30jc,
closed at 30c; May, o2i(ji3 tjc,
ck-sed at 32 1516c. llye steady;
N,. 2, 59 j. Barley nominal. Flax
seed quiet; No. 1, 1 12. Re
ceipts Flour, 10 000 brls; when',
29,100 bu ; corn, 170,000 hu ; cats, 100,
0U0 bus rye, 4000 bu; larley, 3500J
bu. Shipmenls Flour, 12,000 bn ;
wheat. 15,(X)0 bu; to;n. 178,000 bu;
oa's, 108,0-K) bu; rve, 4000 bu; bar
ley, ?3,000 bu.
Afternoon ISoird. Wheat easier,
closing at 84 Jo for May. Corn and
oats uncharged.
lin rKK -Creamery, 3S(.i lile; dairy,
17('.25c; buttcriiic, 14(.i Ilk'; country,
l'jjoi I V, according to coudilion,
Ciikksk l'rime flats, 7('i.S-; New
York factorv, 8c; full cream, 1 1 !(" 12c;
Y. A., Ilj(ii',l2e.
Mess 1'oiik Old, $10 75(.i;ll per bar
rel ; new, $11 75(M2 M'r barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, Uj(nl0c; break-!
fast bacon, SJf'iOc ; clear rib bacon, (J
ItiT.K 1'oiik Clear sides, t',(,i(;Je;
clear rib sides, 5t(n4ic; long clear, 5J(ii)
5je; shoulders, 4('i4c.
Laud Tierces, (IjjiiOV; half-barrels,
(ijc; kegs, O'c; buckets, 7Qt)7c;
half-buckets, 7ir.7Jc; 50-lb tins, li.ldi)
l!c; 20-lb tins, (iiTljic; 10-lb tins, li'i'n)
7ic; 5-lb tins, 7(.71c; 3-lh tins, 7J(it)
7Jc; choice kettle, tierces, 7(r7e.
Fnicsii Mi: vrs I?cef tiooil Knnsas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7(i'7Ac;
cows mid heifers, (ijc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8',c ; pork, tic.
l'n;s-i t:i:t - litis, sS 50; half-brls
$:( :s 25.
Cincinnati, O., February IS Pork,
$11 25. La d, Oj. Bulk meals shoul
ders, 4u; shoit rib, 5 5'ic. llaton
shoulders, 4;?; fhort rib, (ijc; eho;t
e'ear, (i 40c. Butter dull and un
changed. Sug.tr quiet and unchanged.
lwg, 222.!e. Cheese dull auO un
changed. Chicago, III, February IS Mess
pork quiet but firm ; prices advanced
5i)7 Jo, find cloBed steady ; cattti, $10(rt
11 05; March, $1111 05, cloaed nt
$10 0.'J1IC5: May, $11 17J(.i)ll 22J,
closed at $11 20'J11 22 Lard steady ;
cash, 607Jj; March, 007Jc; May,
6,l7J(a0.'0c. Boxed msnta steady ;. dry
adted shoulders, 3.954c; short rib
sides, 5.59c; short clear aides, 5 80
5 85c. Butter steady ; cieamerv, 27(
32c; dairy, 1020a. Eggs, 21Q22c.
St. Louis, Mo, February 18 Pro
visions very qniet but generally firmer.
Pork, $1125. Lard,5 905 95c. Bulk
mea t lcoie lots, long cbar, 5.45c;
Bturt ribs, 5.55c; short (War, bia;
bnxed lots, long clear, fijc; short
rib i, 6c; short clear, 6Jc. Bacon
long clear, 5.85c; short ribs, 5.95
(5)(lc; short clear, 6.02J(a)6.1r)C
Hams firm, 8'fiiUl Jo. .Butter in fair
demand and firm ; creamery 2430c;
dairy 18 24c Kgire firm, 19c.
So i--!f2(ic:l 50 )K'r case.
Cofff.k ('ominoii, 7(5)sp; ordi
nary, 0(ii?9c; prime liio, 10llc;
choice to fancv, 1 1 JOcllMc ; oldgovern
ment, 2:t25c'j Ceylon, 20c.
SciiAlt Kastern yellow, (i(i7Je;
jmre w. c. white, 0'J(i7c; oil' white, (Ijj
(alijc; vellow clarified, liKOji'; open
kettle, ' 5j(lilc; refined 'A, 7'7Jc;
granulated,' 7c; powdered, 8c; cut
loaf, 8c.
Salt SI 20fi 1 30 per barrel; sacks,
fine, !?l 50; coarse, SI 10; pockets,
blenched, 2i(S,7c; car-loads from levee
or dejKit, 5c chenper.
Molassks liOtii-iiaiia, common to
fair, 2!((27c; prime to choice, 40 55c;
syrup, 25W40c; common to fair, 25('j)
3!!c; prime to choice, 35 - 40c.
Can'diks Sticks, all siy.es, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7:(8c.
Caxoi.kh-FiiII weight, I0j(3dle.
Toiivcco Common, 11-inch, 27()
.'iOi:; other grades mid styles, 25(VK5c.
Snuir --( iarrctt's, IflO 85 per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; li. ., ! 50.
Caxxkd (ioons, Kt . - 1 'rices per
dozen : 1 'iiieapplex.fi 35(-M 05 ; peaches,
2-11), standard, SI :!5(id ."0; seconds,
$1 1 ."(";. 1 25; tomiitoes, 2-lh standard,
!fl 10; 3-lb, 1 35; strawberrii-s, $1 40 ai
1 00; raspberries, !?l 151 25; black
berries, Slfel 15; greengages, $1 iH) Vi
1 75; peal's, $2(a)2 25; plums, SI 00(c
1 70; asparagus, S2 004; green corn,
$l(ojl 35; green peas,"". I (n 2 25; cove
oysters, full weight, 1-ll, ll(.J).l 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lb, $1 75()
195c; "cove oysters, light weight, 1 -lis,
05c; cove oysters, light weight, 2-lb,
$1; condensed milk Crown, $5 90;
Kaglc., $7 75; Swiss, JO,
Havana, February 18. Sugar weak ;
centrifugal, 96J", $3.07 gold.
' Nkw Yofk, February 18. Ci flee
options fairly active and lower; sales,
20 500 bags; February, 6j85c;
March, 8.35fi.70j; April to June,
0.70c; July, (Ijj-; August, fl.SOu; De
cember, 90c. Sujardnll and nomi
nal; fair to good refining, 5J5is; re
fined dull; off A,555jj; standard A,
6c; cut-loaf and crushed, dn. Mo
hiMes dull and weak. Rice quiet and
Naw Orleans, La., February 18.
Coflee Rio, el(it9o. Rice, 35Jc
Sugar in groj demand and a shade
higher; open kettle, choice, 64c;
prime to strut y prime, 4 15-10)5j;
fair, 4Jj; common to good contnnon,
42'ii'iiic; inferior, 2(i)3ic. MohiMes
open kettle, good prime, i5'$27c;
prime, 20(a'22c; fair, 15Ci)10a; 1onisi
ana centrifugals, prime to strictly
prime, li(a;2io; common to good com
mon, 13c.
iiut'NCiioi.it sirrUE'.
A I'I'I.ks Apples, $2 25f-2 50 from
store; $2 ii2 25 per car-load from kvee
or depot. 1 i if l apples, '.(fliU: jsr
pound from store. irii d pcnclies, 3
4c from store.
I'otatoks 1'otatocs. J225'22 50 from
ston', 1 2(;!,2 25 per car-load from lttveo
or de)Mit.
YEoKTAni.Kn Onions, $2 753 25
from store; $2 00(52 8.5 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, 4 50 jier crate.
Kraut, barrels, i'30 50; half-barrels,
J2 75(i:t. (.iarlic, 4O(S,0Hc per 100.
Fkitt Oranges, Ixuiisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, 1 4ft, 4 50 per
Impx. i-mons, $4(J4 50 per box.
Bananas, 50c 100 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, J4 jht 100. reariuts- Virginia,
(Ka7c; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 24(a)
3c; recleaned, 3',(HJc; ruiisted, 2c
higher; shelled, Ilk'." Almonds, 18(a)
20o. Chestnuts grtH-ii, 12;15c; dry,
Raisins Ixindon layers, $3.r0;lay-
eix. $J 75; California, , lmieria!,
:i .'si',i,4.
l'n ki i - In jars, pint. '"A-; quarts,
$1 .50; half gallons, j-j .illoiis,
$.'.75; loose, barrels, Jii: hall-barrels.
$.t 50; mixed, barn U, j-lo .'si; mieil,
Pi:'x-Tca, Sf.i lu- fr small to
medium, 10(iM4c foi lai-r; Arkansas,
Wai.ni ts- French, l'.V; Naples, l.V;
(io'iioblcs, 15c. Fillicrls, l ,..
Cioki! Missouri, 7(ii:7 "il per barrel
audfpiri 50 nr hall-bariil. Vinegar,
1 Hu hk- (K-r gallon.
1'ot i.Titv Turkeys, s r doen, $Sa)
12; geese, J:t(" I; ducks, i:t; . hirkens,
giHsl demand, t23; dressed turkeys,
scari-e, 12'll."c a'r Miund.
Fisk Mackerel, half-barn U, Xo. 1,
$ 30 M 75; No. 2, $1 5(K.i .! 75; No. ,1,
$2 75(.M; l(Hb kit. No. 1, SOe; No. 2,
7(V; 15-lb, No. 3, (kV. liy herrings,
family, 2"m' per box.
li amk Venison, whole, .V; sad
dles, OtfSe; bear. oVnW; wild turkeys,
,50(ii 75c; ducks, I 50 2 50; squirri'ls,
75c; quails, 7.n (M ; prairie chickens,
$5: game tis.li, tlm' Sc.
Km. Firm, 24c.
4'orro.ih.u oil, :rr,
Si:i:i Pcliveri'd at dcMt and wharf,
$.s per ton ; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boat(, $0; wiigon at mills, Js. Mkw.
l'rime f. o. b., 15 per ton. Less than
car-load lots, $15 50. From store, 00c
per sack. Cakk -Nominal ; $10 per
ton. On. -In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 22( i2!!c; prime sum
mer yellow, 2,i-'('27c; oH'siiinnicr yel
low1, 251'ii,2ik'; miners', 27(1:!Oc; choice
cooking summer yellow. 2S(.i :;ik'.
nwsiMia tn riKs.
Hm.uixh -Jute, 9 Jr..' lie; llax, 10(;A
IO'.c, accordiiig to weight. Tit s, i I 20
Val 25.
X m i s 2 45(.?2 70.
Com. On.--l'rime white, wholesale
lots, 15c per gallon,
Ci.i:vKnvi, Februarv IS. -lYtro-leiim
steady; s. w., Il0,'8jc.
I'lnsiirim, 1'a., February IS.-l'e-trolVun
fairly active and irregular:
National Transit certificates opetied at
81 jc, and closed at K0c; highest juice,
82c; lowest, 79jc.
Wuhkv Straight Kpntnoky Bour
bon, f 1 OOWO; rye, $1 75(.?l; domes
tic, M-(,m 50
Si- Loits; Februarv H. Whi"-kv,
$1 10.
Ciik aoo, February IS,-- Whisky
steady, !j 1 hi.
CiviTNNvti, February is.- Whiskv
steady, 1 10. Sales 'of 1 1 20 barrel's
finished goods on this basis. ,
iioittr.s AN It Ml1 1.1.1.
IIohsi's (iood driving, 1 125(.i 250;
good saildle.fl lOVilKHIjiiliigs.iii.Vi. 80;
good mares, S5(i I Id.
Mn.i:s 1 1 J to 15, $I10(.. Kki; 15 to
151, J I25rnllO; I5J to 10, $1 UK" 175.
Supply small; demand moderate.
Catil ( iood to choice corn fed
butcher steers, 4(lc4Je; medium to
good, 4(n'4c; cominoti to good. !iOi
3je. Feeders Arkiinsas and Missis
sippi steers, 2(n 2'je.
1 loos -Choice butchers, 3ei 4c ; nie
dinin to good butchers', 31( 3Jc; coni
iiion and rough lot', :Un3c.
Cincinnati, O., February 18 Hois
steady; common and dght, $3 35(a)4 20;
nacking and butchers', $1 10()4 55.
Receipts, 1473 head; shipments, 180
KansAS Citv, Mo , February 18
The Air SUuk Indicator reports: Cat
tle Receipts, 1052 head: shipments,
none; active; exporters, $5 l'(" 35;
g iod to choice Bhipmnir, $4 ti(Kol5 0;
common to mediuia, $l('4 50; s'ock
era and f eeders. $3'vo)4 ; cows, $2 40
3 10. Hog Receipt1, 5244 head;
shipments, 1097 head; choice steady;
common to mixed 5c lower; good to
choice, $4(i!4 15; common to medium,
$3 00,3 91); skips and pigs, $2( 3 50.
tibeep Receipt', 1082 head; ship
ments, 088 Ik a I ; steady ; good to
choice, $2 7ota3 50; common to me
dium, 22 00.
CmcAoo, III , February 18. The
Drovtrt' 7iJrna reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 700sJ head; shipments, 2000
head; market steadier and aslia'e
atrorjgar; shipping steers, 90 to 1500
ponnus, $3 50(nV5 75; I tickers and
feeders, $2 80fai4; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 75(.A4; bulk, $3()3 10
Hogs, receipt , 17,(KX) head; shipment,
10,000 hed; market strong and 5c
higher; rough and niixnl, $3 85(h)
4 15; packing and shipping, $1 H0(.i
4 52; light, $3 70(4 15; skips, $2 90
(ii3. Stieep receipts, 5000 head;
shipments, 1500 head; market ottady ;
medium grades are a shade lower;
natives, 2(.i5 40; Texans, $1 7C( 3 6,1;
lambs, $4( 5.
New York, February 18 The
demand f r autumn woolens has been
of much steadiness, and a very good
trade has been Itid out Cotton Rinds
have had a verv good inquiry, pjit c
ularly colored fancy styles, with sales
of god proportion, but checked by
tie moderate stocks in lands of
agents. The tine of the' market ia
Manmlila and Vlcbahnre Packptt'nm
nan IT. N. Mall I.Im- I
M. R.ChMk...mtiur I W. U. BUokar...oin
Fur Helens, uooiwrdis, Tarrsnaand Arkan
sas Citj tha ales ant psnsemer sUamar
Laaves Mampbis
EVERY M0NOSV and TliliRBDAY. at (1
p.n.,rasarTing lh right to I MS all landings
the eapla n mardeain unsafe. For raneral
Information apply at oB-e, No, 4 Madison
street. K. WALWOKTU. A sent.
JOHN PARK. Puss'r An'nt.Telet'hnna W.
The St. Francis River Transportation-
Co.'s Vina tjlda-W baal O. B. Mail Btmi
Reie Macready, rvrz
0. K. Joplin master.
at 6 o'olonk, for Marlanna, tha Cnt-Off, and
Intermediate landings on Ht. Francis rivar,
Tha naptain leierves tha right to pass 1 1
landings ha deems ansafa. JAM. LEE, Jl
ilnTiii.nliil.nf tlffie. Nrt. 4 VSirifl t.
XemphiM& White Hirer PkU
U. C. FoitaUmastar I C. M.i-rrtl.,oiji
U)nrtndu, Drralla Itlaicr, nrm Arc,
Asinsu.Jsrlisiir.ni.rlni"! Switj.
LBAVES MEMH11I8 Kvery VS EDIiijjrxl
at (p.m. Throogh rates to all points.
Fre ght eonslgnad t " Memphis and Vvmu
nntr Paokel Ccmpanf " - 'I batorwardad
promrtlj- u. u. J.0WR, Agent,
N'i. S V'ltison . Te'i.hn No. S?.
MKLTI1 1st RAI.TH.-Pa. K. C.
Wut', Naava aan liana TaaiTHisT,
agaarao'ead ireoilio for b'rsteria, Uissi
nass. Oensulsions', Flu, Nerrua Saural
gia, Headacha, Nerc-t Pnistration, eausad
by tba nsa ot alonhol or t.buoo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Uo'tening of tha
Brain, resulting in inuanite and l.a.llng to,
misery, I decay and death! Framatura 'u
Age, Barrenness, Loss oi Power in either.
Involuntary Loesae and Bparoaator
rbea, saum t by ovar-azartion of tba orain,
aalf-abusaorovrrtndnlgenoa. Karb boi con
tains one roc tii s treatment. II a boi, or
iia box as for sani k' ajail prepaid, oa
reaeipt of price. We soarrntie bu Uoies
to sura any easa. With eaoh order rsoelved
by as for si I boxes, aoeomiianiad wit"
we will sand tha purchaser our writlen
guarirtet to refund tha money if tha treat
ment does -ot affect a enra. ttnaranteei
Issued only b A aKBKKHI CO., Uroa
risu, Uamphlg. Tea a.
arr.iitss I.KAVI.VM
1U13. OA Y.
Friars Point. Cosboms, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati ......Cas. Mum.iS, 10 a.m.
Cincinnati .I)t'rigYa SrsTg, 5 p.m.
VirksLurg City or Vicumi -ao, ti p.m.
New Orleans. ...... Tuna. t-Hgnmoii, IJ ra.
Utcecla.. Disa'Aotas, 5 p.m.
New Orleans ...... Iiui 11 ri a. 5 p.m.
New Orleans Cirv or St. l.oi is, & p.m.
Whit Rirar ..DavgT, 5 p.m.
Arkansas Kiter.E. W. Coli. 5 p.m.
ArriraJt. Buckeye State, Cincin
nati; Dean Adams, Oiceols; Kate
Adams, Arkansas City; Helena, New
Drjxirturrt. Ka'e Adams, Arkantai
Citv ; Oayoso, Tiptonville.
Beau in J int. Ht-luua, Dean Ad
am and llui'keye State.
Itoatt lut Ikmn Thomas Sherlock
and City of Vii kahurg.
BtMlt Ihu t;. Omhoitia, IeSinet,
CliarUs Mui(;an, K. W. Cole and Ktfue
ilKorlpla Teatrnlay.
Kite Adams M.'l hales cotton, 11
bag sred-cot'oa, sks seed, '1 hd
cauls and tiS iikgs suudries.
ruckeye S a'e -J(Kl brls pott les,
7-tj keits nal, 8T0 sks cor.i, SU.'i reels
barhed wire and 770 pit ts merchsndise.
Helens 217 bales co'ton, 4 bales
m ites, 10,07(1 sks seed, X hhds sugar,
54 brls molasoea, 15 bris pork and ".'j
pkgs bULtlries.
Tub Anchor Line stfiimer City c f
Kt Louis, Capt. James U'Ntal, will
I ;ns down to-morrow evening for New
Tiie City cf Virksbnrg, Capt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet this
even n at (I o'clock for Yirkshur and
the bends. Oeorgn Wa'.ton is her clerk.
The Daan Adams, Capt, Henrv
Cmper, is the packet tills evening at 5
oVlcok for Oacto'a and the upper
bends. Wm. Hiui'heris inherotlice.
TiiKOoahorca, Capt. Thoa. Claugett,
is the rai'ket ths evntng at 5 o'clock
for Helens, Km s l'oint and til way
Utulingn. Will Ashford is iu her of
fue. Ti.it O l.'ne steamer Thnmas Sher
loi'.k, Cu t. C. Mclatvre, will psss
lo n to dsy at 12 o'clork lor Now Or
letns and all mtermi'diate points. Win.
F. Mi liny re is her iK-rk.
Tns K. W. Cole, Cspt. Kd Nowheid,
will arrive to-day and haves again to
morrow evening a'. 5 o'clork for all
poirt) on Arkansas river, going
through to Pine lilull. J. N. Thoiup.
son and Knfus Foster are her clerks.
Tub big Helena, Capt. Alf (irisco.n,
is the regular packet to-morrow even
ing at 6 o'l.lock for Helena, Arkanttas
City, Oreenville, New Orleans sod all
vtny landings. James 11. White has
charge of her cilice, a islaad by Henry
Tin elegant passenger steamer Chas.
Morvan, Capt. O. Wash. Thompson, is
the O. Line packet this morning at 10
o'clock for Cincinnati and all inter
medials points on the Ohio river.
Charles Church is in her office, assist
ed by Harry Miller.
The DeKimt, Capt. Milt. R. Harry,
is due to-day, and leaves again to-morrow
evening at 5 o'clock for ill points
on White river, going through to
Newport, and making connections
with packets for upper White and
HI ark riveis. Albert McGhee and
Hugh Smith are her clerks.
The Buckeye State, Capt. H. J. Vin
ton, is the packet tliis evening at 5
o'clock for Cairo, Louisville, Cincin
nati and all way landings on the Ohio
river. Oeorge W, Hendrickson Is iu
charge of her olliee, assisted by Chas.
Vinton. The llackeye State will give
cheap rates to all pointa North and
BrsiNks fair.
Wiatiikb clear and pleasant.
Rat'iii'TS by river yesterday were
570 bales cotton, 15 bags seed-cotton
and 12,550 sacks seed,
Tim river here stands 2U feet 8
tenths on the gunge a rise of 1 foot
4 tenths in the latt twenty-four
The Buckeye State, Capt. 11. J.
Vinton, arrived from Cincinnati with
870 packages freight for this port, and
goes link nyn'n this evening.
The Kate Adams arrived yestrrday
morning Iroin Arkansas City with 35:i
bales cotton, 11 hags seed-cotton, IMhO
sacks seed, 2 head stock and 08 pack
ages sundriee, and returned again latt
evening with a gcod trip.
The big Helena, Capt. Alf. Grissom,
arrived yesterdsy morning from New
Orleans with 217 bales cotton, 4 bales
motes, 10,070 sackssvtd, 35 hogsheads
sugar, 54 barrels molasses and 25 pack
ages sundries for this place, and re
turns to-morrow evening.
Iris underttoid that the Secretary
of the Trearury has under considera
tion the curtail of the limit i of the
steam inspection service of tin- Sixth
District, wh eh row extends from Car
rolllon, mouth ol Kentucky river, to
Ore ii ville , Mi , atipping itat Cairn,
!''.., and extending that ol the Fouitu
Listrict from Cairo, 111., to Greenville,
Cincinnati Timm-Star, 17th : There
was very little ice in the river to-day,
and navigation may be considered as
having been thoroughly resumed.
The James W. Gall' will g(t away for
Memphis lo night with a fair trip.
Her pilots will be Jesse Pritchard and
Charles Conway. The Thomas Sher
lock will be out of the Ohio tn-nlght.
She is fully laden. Mate Jell Frame
ton ot the James W. Gaff resigned his
position yesterday and was succeeded
by Joe Fairly.
The Tim Democrat. 17th: "Mate
Tom Boiilae oi the Function bad bis
right leg bioken just below the knee
yesterdry by the stage of the above
boat. It teems the roustabouts were
hauling the tttge in to lay it aft on
Uie guard, as is usually the case when
a brat id taken to lay-up quarters; the
end slipped nod ca tin lit him oa the
lig, hreaLing it immediittaly. The
auihiilanro waa atones dispatched for,
and hu wls taken to the Charity Hos
pilal. The local inspectors yeetirday
rendered their decision in the caae of
Gtorge K. McLsrey, late pilot of the
S'eainer Cutnbeiland, charged with
drunkenness while on duty, llnding
hi in guilty as charged, and revoking
his license from dale.
The stetmer Helena was yesterday
the scene of what threatened to be
come n erions ro'. It appears that
the boat col t 'acted with a negro
named Bill Darcy to unload her. The
ronstal on Is on the landing objected
to being employed by Bill, abetting
that he waa in the habit ot robbing
them of their dues, and they all, wit1)
the exception of some half a doaeu,
declined to touch the boat's cargo.
Darty with his crew of six stait'd t
unload the freight amid the hootings
of a mob of 200 negroes. Fiaa'ly tome
one in the crowd threw small stone
at Darcy and he. picking up a brick to
dtfend himBtlf against what be
; thought wai the signal fr a general
I a't k, fld on board the boat with
j crowd of fifty negro behind him.
An intelligent white pohceman, who'
wa in the vicinity, premntly arrested
! D.iri'y and carried him oil" to jail, aa
' sisted by a delegation of the mob, who
t M'k a ivautuge of the cot fusion to
alminister t) the prisoner a severe
cuffing. The charge strains', Darcy ia
resisting an oflieor. No other arrests
were made. If Darcy U dishonest as
alltged he ought to bn taken hold of
by the authorities aud not permitted
to plunder ignorant and bard working
Orrira SicaiL Sgarica, F. 8. A., t
Miarais, Tins., February IS, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
a' all stations named at 75 meridian time,
which is one hour faster than M e ra phis time.
! Abore
low watat
I 5
Cairo 6 a
Chattiinongs S 5
Cincinnati ... 4 1 . ... V
Fort hmitii.
La Crosse ,..
tittle Knelt
Louisville. ..j T. 1
Mrsuplila. . 3H N I 1
Nashville ....
New Orle'ns..
Pittsburg ...
Ht. Louis
Nt. Paul
HhreveiMirt ...
Vick.hur ...
Evani-vili.e, February 18. Night
River rising, with 31 feet on the gauge.
Pittshpbo, February 18. Noon
River 11 feet 4 Inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and mild.
Wiikki.ino, February 18. Noon
River 17 feet 6 Inches on the tangs and
falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
Cincinnati, Fehruary 18. Noon
River riding slowly, with 40 feet on
tha gnugo. Weather clear and cold;
thermometer 4(1.
Canto, February 18. Noon River
37 lent 5 inches on the gauge and rising.
Weather clear aud mild. No arrivals.
Departed: Oakland and buries, St.
Liu is; Thomas Sherlock, New Orleans.
Lonsvii.tE, Fehruary 18 Noon
River rising, with 14 foet 11 Inches in
the canal aud 12 feet I) inches on the
falls. Business good. Weather mild.
Departed: Joseph B. Willi- ni', New
Orleans; James W. Gall", Memphis.
The Paris C. Brown is due down.
HovsinraK of Scan Nteitniers.
(iiiBKNSTOWN.Ferirnary 18 Ariived:
Wyoming, New York.
Livkhi'ool, February 18. The Brit
ish steamer Oxenholme, at this port,
from Baltimore, lost 02 head ot cattle
on the pasiu?e.
Orru-s St. Loma anu N. O. AsoRna Lisi, I
Memphis, February Hi, lHHil. f
ar Business lias again been resumed, and
freight will be rengived at tha Klevator far
all points. i'ITY OF VlCKSHUHti will
le.iva Inr VICKslll'Kli on FRIUAV, Feb.
imh.ttli in. . and t, a CITV F ST. LOUlti
fr N KW OHLKAN8 on HATU HI) AY, Feb.
ttoih, at ft p.m. For all information apply to
AD HTORM, Arant.
Mt. I.onlx amlKsw Orlostna Asirbor
City of Vicksburg, asv
Henry Keith master, a4Mani,
Will leave from the Klevator FRI1MY, Feb.
luih.a'd p.m. For Iralght or pafSHga apply
C. I.. Hai l, Pi. Ant. A l KTOKM. Hun't-
Southern Trani iinrtatinn Co.O. Line For
Vicksburg, Natches and Naw Orleans-titr.
Tnos Niicrlock,
mcintyre master, vtaJCT'e
Will leave FRIDAY, Feb. luth, at Vi m.
Fur freight or passage apply to 0. ll.Kt'S
SKLL, Ag't. 12 Maillsun at. Telephone 17.
Jshhs II. Fbansi.is. fassenger Agent.
Mt. I.oula itnil Slow Orlritna Anchor
City of St. Louis, sa.
Jas. O'Neal. ..master, ndLk
Will lenva from Klevator HATU HIM i , Fob.
30th, at A p in. For freight or passage apply
V. h. IUll, Pass. Agt. AO HTOHM, Huii't.
For Helens, Terrene, Arksnsaa Cltr. Green
ville, Mew Orleans and all way laad
inge ha Big bteainar
3E3C elen t,
Alf Orlssom master,
Will leave as above 8ATUKDAY, Feb. 9Hh.
Freight fir nil way landings will be received
at KLKV'ATOH. For ronersl Infurmation ap
ply at SMadlson St. Call Telephone No. M.
II 0. LOW K. A.nt.
For llelenn, 11 no niniT, anil nil Way
l.nrtOlnKa on Arhsasas Hirer Htr.
ld Nowland ma'ter. afltwiftejVjfc
Will leave SATI) HI A Y . Feb. 20 at 6 I
5 b.fl
For freight or pa-sage spulr No. 8 Madt
son street, or lo
it. o.
, L.0WK, Agent.
Meuiuh's and Cincinnati Packet Co.
lltickcye Ntntejt,s2LSfi
II. J. VlnUin master,
Will leavo FHI1MY, Feb. 19th, at 5 p m.
For freight or pasege apply to C. U RDtv
HKLli. Agent, No 12 Mitilisnn st. Tele bona
No. !7. JOHN CAKK, fasenger Agent
bteiimor JAM KS W.I1AFF tollows, leav
ing J'jarJoJjJayJtd
Houtliern Transportation Co. O. Line For
( niro, Louisville and Cincinnati atr.
U. W.Thempson. master, aTOWiKinV
Wilf leave KrtlUAY, Fe . lVlh, at 10 a m.
For freight or passasa apply to 0. B hdH
BKI.L, Akeni, 12 Madison st. Telephone ii7.
lulu It. Frawki.i1, Pss-en'er Agent
sor oscaoia, Itaies roint Carutiiarsvilla,
Uayoao and Tiptonville Tha new steamer
W. P. flail master 1 3. D. Fuller oiera,
will leave as above, and all way points,
n rn. For freiirht nr passage apply on hoard.
Stnil'a,lrlara Hislnt an1 HtMjbiai
sinil swa.li H'K t (!ttikiariy.
For llelana. (ilendale, Friors Point and all
vVs Isandingt titeamor
Cunlioma, ZjsdSat
N. T, ClHgeti... master I Flatt l.nvei .o.a. (
W"t leftvn a-, above on every MoNOAY,
WEDN ES JAY and FMDAY. at 3 o'olook, ,
Fjr Kauilolph, FultDO. Osceola and Way
J. 11. Cooper, master....!. W. -'uiithen, :!erk
Lev- as every MtM)AY. W iij,i t.-L' AY
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. Tha boats of this
line reserve the riit to pusa u'l lan Pnits
the.iMiiain Jiiiy 'Isji an e, Orace, No. 4
V, i..,.. .i 1 vi V t."", .Ta M.-i.
Memphis, While k Black River Packet
For Helena, Indian Bay. St. Charles, Clar
enilun, DeValle Ulult. Des Are. Augusta.
Jarksonport. Bilesvillo, Powhaiun and
PooahonUs. Th n-w and elegaul sila
wheel paasenr" steamer
Milt Uarr .iVO "."' i.
Will leave KVKHYSTi RDAati eloek
p.m. Through rates to all p mis. r reignt
oonsigned to Milt Harry Llna. Mtrji;hl. will
ha promptly torwar.d B. Kl,(hLL,
Agent Telephone !7 Office 11 Ma irnou st
Jgass B Fsssslis, Passeuger Agent.

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