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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 19, 1886, Image 8

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LoJrrUl,Xf w Orleans asd Texas B'j
aiWiUMirPITALLKT bouts.
11 Kt Kowrbff a-jsg
Lm la.
4 rK) b.p:
11:00 a-m
:4 p.aii
S:4R a.m
6:'J) a.aa
:t- p.ra
lrHJ a.iu
1:42 a.
6: 2 a. an
n:21 e.nil
9:30 p.m
P:40 a.ai
5:4a p.m
7:16 p.m
1:03 a. in
12:1 a. a
: p. an
1:42 p.m
6:3U P. u
6:00 p a
2:46 p.m
11:10 a.ia
7:30 a.m
1 arnaoa..
Reloa k.ur...
S.w tnn..
Meaphte .
Lola. .
-With all llnea enlerina ; Mampkll.
Wit M. A N. R- R. f Helena,
-for Ureea.ille and li anting uo, and
Arkaoaaa point..
IV-With V. at a. ana ,, o. r. iirv.,
2Tw f N . J. AC. B. U. for Aalch.t and
8. A P. Rallroadi.
Jack oa
-For Poiat oa the Branch.
-Witt au.m.r. lor
Wtth reilroeai altera, lot imiiiniw
Qeeet poiaie.
PalliP.a Bufto ffleeplni Canoe all trains.
JAfl M. KDWARDB. V. P.andU.aM.
U. BliKKK,Uen.rel8t.
mtaaaaataai aad Tm. - Fat
ail rn leare. daill -at fr'T"
at ;. a m. Local frei-bt leare! I at 6:40
fa I arri.ei at 4:30 p.m. Freight traioi
Nei. and ma tri w.okly. fo. leare!
Moapbi Monday, W edneeday and Pride. .
Kiaril7,M'!M";Ml L"","!
able -Train, lea.e M. aad T. d.pot aa fol
bm: Ha. 4, mail and ex preaa. leare! daily
at li : a-m. I No. 3. mail and expreaa, ar
?aaatS:30.m. No. 06, 8t. Loaia eipr.a,
daily at 6:00 p.m. i No. . bt. LonL
xprea, arriTee at 6:56 a.m.
Heanable aad Ltill Bak.-Treini
mova ai followi (central itend.rd time):
Ma. lkwM dally at 5:26 Km. I arriTaa at
t& p.m. No. J leawi at 4 :M a.m. , i arrWea
at 60 a av No. 6 (freight) lce.ee Hopefleld
dally taaa.pt Sand a) at 6:00 e.m.j arruei
rknaprak.. Okla aad athwmi4
ara-Tralai mova aa tollowil No.i (laal
Ha. dail) toarei at U :30 a.m. No. 2 leave!
" 11.46 pa. daily, bt. Loiij faal ln
lea.aa d.ily at 6:30 p.m. No. 7 IU"I lna
daily) arrr.ai at 1:3(5 p.m. MaU and
rJiVriw. dally at :1S a.m. Bt. UuU
4aat liao arri.at daily at I Oj a.m.
BBBBta 4'karlcalaa-Tralni
mora aa foUowi: Throuah axpraat l.a.a
dally at P:20 p.m. Mail and axprati lea.af
d.Uy at:t:10am. BomaryiUa aoeomaoda
Uoa laa. dally. ecpt bundar, at 4:30
p.m. T1irooh .ipreaa arriT.. daily :
a.m. ltn and .ipr.a ar-ii.i dally at 4 :M
p m. Homsrvilla acoommndatioa arri.
Mly, axaapt Sunduy. at 6 ;H0 a.m.
LaataTllla aad Whlll Tralna
moT. a folloaa: Fat mail arilv.i daily at
4:fia.a.i loaT.iatlO:10p.m.! mail l.aTfi
dily ai (.00 a.m. Brownr.illa aoomao
daliomlMTU daily, aioapt Sunday, at 6:00
t.m.t mail arrl.M daily at 6:0 p.m.
rownfvill. aooommoilatlon arri.ai daily,
(aptetaiidar, at I 40 a.m. (lUndard tima).
riapkl', Irmlaataana ana Atlaa-dla-Boir.
Bpriata Routo-Traini mo.a a.
fcllowai No lloarsa Mamphil daily at4:00
. . ml Hull Mnriaca al6:H0 a.m. I
I laa.ai Holly rtlinna. aauy a :w
.. arrtTM at M.mphia at 11 :1A a.m. I No.
6 Inm Mamphit daily at 7i30 p.m.,ajrlv.a
at Uollr Bprlnn at 11:6 P.m.i No. 6 loayai
Holly rinrinaa daily at 9i30 a.m., arri.ai at
Wawinoroa, D. 0., Febryary 19, 1886. 1
lo clock a.m. J
CVbarrTar, Memphla, Tana, t
Tat Mcmiihin wul vicinity: P'air,
oldor woathor, with Hliglit cold wave ;
blue crwotint, red rctwont.
John Kicknby, mannRor of tho
Lyceum ThoaU'r, New York, nd woll
' , ! .1 .1 I.. KT V 1.
Known IB uim city, uicu in I'l-n nn
ywtarilAj nwrDiiig.
ladlealloaa, '
or Tmnuue and the Ohio VaUty:
Fmir vatfur in Tmneme; focal rain in
tkt Ohio YaUty, fuUouxd by fair wealhr ;
vindt pmtrally hftinj to Aighlly colder
orlhmH and toulhwM, followed in the
vatreme ttuUm portion by nearly utation
my temperature.
aValaaralaatleal lUipart.
Maaran, Tin., Fabraary It, 16C6.
F arrtMin . r.
fctbel f
1U: Kim .
K aw IM.n ., .U--
Tlma. I Bar. ITh.i. Wind. Maaui.r.
T0a.Bi..wl7 M.I Calm, dinar.
U:(a.m..oni 49 1 8. Olaar.
8r0p.m..()'.02 67.1 8, Clear.
7:O0a.m..W.M 41 1 R.R. Claar.
jOKp.m..W.47: 4. B.B. Hair.
Mailaaa tamparaUra, 6.0,
Miaiaaa taaparalura, 96.6.
Rainfarl.t OO. -
All aawarraUoai ara takes on re" marldian
nhkfc ! on boor faalar thaa local
There are plenty of good mitto for
to-night and the malinuo to-morrow.
The mlp of wsta for tho cngagiv
mentof Janmh lpnuSiitiinluy morn
tag at Mulford't.
The CourtStrwH Mitetinga Gunoral
OommiUoe ia called to mcH to-day
Friday) at 12 o'clock.
In tlio lVohale Court ytnlny
. m tji 1 I i 1 . .
l U kliu IIUIWHI V'tllllk Tlnwiniujf I
1. M. Htanley was made, mlniinwlrator
of 8. II. Young, decerned.
Aa injunction to restrain the Tax
ing IVisirict engineer fnm oening
Maxwell strtwt in Chelstta through his
property was obtained in chancery
yesterday by Frank Lucko.
On account , of tho typo-sotting
match the Htekfy llecord wul not ap
pear until Monday morning, tho post
ponement biding mudo iu order to
publixh a oonipUito table of tho con-
The Sory of Margartt Kent, by
Henry Ilavea, mcond edition, just ro
oeived by MaiuioM. The first edition
of thia book waa all puix'hnmvl Uie day
It was itemed, nnd t)o book ia said to
be good.
LicetMotj to marry wero issued
vodwdav to Joo Waltur and Hihbvlln
it. luMtvors RtiynUir Thnrman and Jen
nie K Kee 1 .('u.uho Ixm) and Annio
Coleman, JorMjh II, Munlcy and llabo
Chairman Wauglitor, ex-oflklo
truidiw) for the First District, under
tho lk)lton will, yesterday sued out an
injnnition in chancery to retrain W.
I. liethel and I othorw, tniatorat. from
disposing of txrUun -yroperty; on the
groniiu mat tlio lime waa not suspi
cions, and a better price could be ob-
teinea at a unor uu.
The condition of A. H. Walsh.who
VM fihot Wednesday night during the
row at the 1 Villi: l'louae, was favora
ble to nvovery at latent account. His
brother, L. M. Walsh, is a pressman on
tho Ari-UAL, and though In the l'acitic
House at tlio time tho dininilty Uxik
place, took no .irt in it and waa not
ttnai J me muueuco oi niuor,
T. Carnea, JiihH I. Kerr, II. J.
tv.w, w n 11 U.unl. .nJ 1 Tt 1..,
Applied for a charter of incorporation
by the name and Mvlo of "The Mem-
iihia Exhibition Comnuny." Ita ob
jects are to purchase and lease grounds
lor horse traiiiint;, racing, trotting, also
fur tram, such as Inchull. nolo.
cricket, etc., and likoouUioor cxliihi-
Misa Annio ltclL Unu'.iajit fat girl
of Pi. Ixiuis, who adorns one of the
tabled nt Crosby's .Museum, was tho
recipient last evening of n gold modal
whicb wiw mitnufucturcd by Messrs.
Hvnl t (V. for a nuuilwr of "sweet
flixU-cnV admirers. The lecturer
mivdo the proscntiition speech, Mid the
gift wa a bna lido surjirise to tho lair
-The atli'iidanco List night at the
Court Street Church waa even larger
than usual, the aisle and gallcriea be
ing crowded. Tltc mutus was niagnui-
iviit. I'y ifiuol Mr. Tow hit haiij,-
ThpNinptv ani Nine." Mr. Town-
rr's f;ithr taught Mr. lUis and Mm.
Mi-tirHiiiliin and thw wortliy n now
tn Kino-. Th inii Liny incrraw in in-
Ion.!. liriK mini mth atK-lliltii me I
imiuiry mwtinp. ami many induld
a Ik n ,if filiation. The CltV in U I'
ronnttulaUdin liavinj; amuiiK unhui Ii
S. V. (VxMMiiit! of N w York in
n tin- rily, und will Ik- jjlad to tun- hin
V. A. Cook of Holly Srinjp. Mi.,
IH till' RUfft I M. 'lllOllipNIlll, UK'
Union htrint.
MiM J'.nnik Shaw of Whitn Haven,
Tenn., in vimtini; her fouwn, Mwh
Kuuly Wlutf, 11J Vance ulnn-l.
C. W. Drni, tv, UniUl State rhv-
ernmetit eottoii tax aent of Mmuii
iippi in a Kiintttat the New tiayoHO
Sitwf.i.i. Mahrih and wife of Ixui-
ville, Kv., who have Uen hM'Ik1iiik
the winter in Florida, have returned
to the New (iayono Hotel.
Vktob I). VtMiKM ATK, w ho repre-
wnta (irwno Clark anl Oetty a
Son' I'roviMion Couipnny of St. Iouis,
i a puont at tho New iaynHo Hotel.
Thk Lotta Coiupuny, eoiiiiKMd of
Mia Kinina Hinkley, Mwa J. Mien
herd, Frank I'arker, B. (VmiIh and r.
A. Anilenton, are at Uie ?iew' uayoao.
Mihm Iamik Bujcnt of KvanMville,
Ind.. and Miwi Kininit Van V wditen of
Odnr KapidH, la., giie! of Mm. Cant.
II. J. Vinton, are innkinu uie rrunn
trip on the Buckeye State, now in port.
Mr;Gko. H. Nrm.KroN, preaident
and fteneral nianani'r of the Kantuw
Citv. Kurt Scott ami tniil nuiway, nc-
i , . r . II. itr..il....
companion ny iiih ineiiu, mr. tni:o
Pratt, atUmiey of the roail, are mtid
inn at the Gnyoao Hotel.
Tiik eitizeim of MeniphiH may well
he tiroud of the mieeen of tho Now
(inyono Hotel, which hiw hardly lieen
opened ait inontliH, and yet M lat-
ron 17.0(1 bvulltlie leaninu peipie, woo
apeak of it m the fiiietd ho l in the
Ninth, with a cuinine tlmt in unex
celU.I. It wn.i. pav nil oiirremlers to (teniae
verv eurelnflv the article cliMtwhere
copleil from the Scientific American, ad-
oreNHt'il to tniit uicjiaaamiiitm pi"t,
uud rcpriHlilced herein becnuao Jl is of
very reut value to every one, con
taining Rome impoHiint acientilic facta
very plainly put.
C. V. IloiiNit, NawliviNe, Tenn.; W.
0. Finch. Nimhville, Tenn.; F. John
son, Kittle lxx k; Mrs. M. K Cnunp,
Marion, Ark.; Mrs. France, Cincin
nati, O. ; Miaa Hmma France, Cincin
nitti, ().; I). It. Wiley, lioumville, Ky.;
J. C. Cook, Louisville, Ky. ; P. R King,
King City, Ark.; M. 1. KoRera, Union
City, Tenn.; L. H. Smith, IMarksvillo,
Tenn.; Dr. N. Blackwell, Jlnrtlett,
Tenn. ; K. W. Dnuie, NowInth, Tenn.,
are stopping nt Dulfy'a Hitt4-I.
AniRRtrAN whoal nt I.ivcrjMKil ywt
tr(Iay was ijuiot but atwuly. with poor
ilcruund, liuitiurn oiicring innuuraiuiy.
Cnru tlrm, with fair dt'iiiaml.
Cix)sino prii'i-s of May optiona at
(!hicngo vi-Hturday: l'ork,' $11 '.'.
Ijiril, Ji! hid. Clear rib aidw,
5.(l2Jc. Com, 41o a-skml. Wheat,
H4jcbid. OutN, :: asked.
Ukpokt of (irnin KlcvntnrycKterdny:
Wheat ri'ceived, nono: withdriiwu.
none; in ".tore, :Wii7 bimhtds. Corn
received. 2203 lniHhtlM:dinchargd,045
I)UhIu'1h; in ".tore, 34,rHO biiHhem. Oats
roc(iivMl,:i;illl bnahela; withdrawn,4l07
buKhels ; in store, 4(1,4:1!) bushelrt.
A i.uttrr was reiTivml hero ypter-
day from Liverpool by a buyer for
exiiort. Htiitinif that if receipts COll-
tinuo to bo ivi lilxira.1 iw they have
been tints far, cotton will have to de
cline to -llil lieforo sninnera take hold.
nnil Unit the demand will not be. active
even nt that figure.
Tint New York JW, in its cotton
review, wivs: "uniavorniuo auvieea
from Llvernool and MauchoHtor, with
continued comparatively heavy port
roceipta, could not fail to depress onr
market lor Iiiture iieiivenea. t'riew
dropped without inleTrupUon and
ranged at the third call, Jfeptember to
January oxcented, tMOO lower man
yentcnlay. Miiv brought 10c; June,
9.20c : J ill v. 9.37 c s AuiniHt.9.3S: : Sep-
temher. 9.1: Novembrr, H.Offlr. Fut
ures cloned quiet and nUaty, leading
months V-10U lower man yesterday.
Visitors on 'Chance voaterdhy : W.
1). Galloway, Allenton, Tenn,; Miss
Netta FarriH. Lexinttton, hy. ; mra.
lll'bltt iainn w,iun,n, ".
Olive Lylea, Misa Jessie. M. Citrver, M.
F. Hlount, Kvaimville; Misa hmma
Van Vochten, Cedar ltapids), la.;
Thos. Orgill, New York; T. K. Long,
JnusviMc, Ky.; rrankrttmi, ifoweouie,
Miss.; W.CCnllefott and wife, Cold
water. Misa.; W. W. Harris, Allalior-
ough, AU.; K. 11. Ulair, Allmay, N.
Y.; Allreit iwmvier, M. iouis; jt. vt.
15arl'r, New t)rleans; Miss Itay Hen
ning, Arlington, Tenn.; Thou. Hkin-
ner, flew ta-ieans.
Thk following from tho New York
Cbmmcrvtaf llulietin of tho 17th de-
erritHse the cotton situation in that
market: "The bureau report waa
looked upon by the 'built' as in a
meaaurcfavernhleto their view ol tho
situation, but apparently had no effect
as an actual bid, while on tne ouier
giilo tho inrtuences continued at least
as depressing aa before. Iivorpool
gave no comfort, the private. Advicca
by mail and wire from the Continent
continue to indicate a general imKflcr-
ence, and in nyny cases a relusal to
even bid until well into spring, while
from borne sources tlio reiHirta aiiora
lie sources uio rvjHirw auiuru
ounuremeiit. There is, to be
reat deal of 'firm holding' of
little one
sunt, a irreat
sunn hea at nrimarv lximui, lt tlio
8oulhem markets are still inclined to
an eimy tone in many cases, and. in
encased 'offurings at lower rates, in part
irom new wxiions, aiv augxiwin ov
a few of the trade nlao commence to
ftcl aomo apprehension regarding the
condition ot ntl'aim at homo con
sumptive sections, as adviei from tho
Mst want represent conai(ieraie trou
ble already growing out of the recent
nootw, wnue iiieau iao m vno auiw
koag mills, it is tearexl, may be only
preUminary to more extended and
aerious lniKiroiiiicuiiiee, a contingency
thnt rctMU cvento in various pans of
tho country ahow to be worthy of
mora than passing consideration."
Order Wftfulwat Mnlford'n.
t Rwilealra A LaaroiMralaia tm de
year riajaaklac.
Kxccrsion tickets from Memphis to
San Francisco, good to return in six
months, with privilege of stopping st
Lot Anireies. will De fold February
isth, 19 h and '201 b, at the low rata of
$110 fir the round trip. For further
information call on R. H. Talley .Ticket
Agent, P.abody Hotel.
Ltrnttj .era riatlTWt by Babirh
At t,m, mma 'J Beetle atret.
Fine Watch repairing at Mnlford's.
Old tc Id aad ellr iahea aa eaak
at Malford, Bala,
tlHlaa'i Hatoi.
W. H. BINORAM Mmaata.
EaroioaB plaa. nlarnd aad rafuraiahad.
frieaa aooordina to ait and loca
tion of roama.
n VT Mr Anolty.T.nn H C Undaoa. MUa
K H Jone., JHia.
J W Iiuncau, Tenn
J M Nichola, T.nn
K Koaion, T.nn
J K.VcLindon, Ark
Mra ItodaoB Aob, Miia
T Waddall, Ark
O (liv.n, Mi a
I) M Huaaoll. Mill
II at Millar, I X
K u Cotur. Tona
1 R Hoy, NY
(1 6 Kiro, N V
Mra Dy.r Ach, Mlla
(i W Wrno., Tfna
A H Lonaina. Miaa
V U llromUy' Mich
C CFoildann. Miaa
K L Miub.naon.Min Jihn Oflnr, Va
M 8 Jar. ntr
li A.ia. Mo
W Ket -haa, Tanat
It I. Kob.ru, Uiia
T U N.wbrn, Tana
W K Smilb.T.nn
A 11 ltayda, K y
A B llirkmaon. Ka
J 8 riymypr, Ohio
J A Raid. Niaa
J T liillaman, T.nn
C 0 r.rkioa, Miai
O t, Bjrrd. Tenn
M M.riw.tber.T.oa
0 Hiaith Aw, Ohio
II 11 UBvrnn.Tenn
Uukaof (Irleana, Ark
K brionia. Ill
M Ward. Miai
A J CaMiday, Ark
J Itucun, lid
U BUarloWn, Art
B W Baaaat, Ark.
Paabedy Hatl.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO.. PaorariTOU
EatM (2 60 and 13 par day, aeoordint to
aiaa and looatlon of room bpaeial
raua mad.
P B Briton. Ark K II Tolliaon, Ark
W 1 Hard, Ky B Froamao, Ky
1. T White, Miai A Friadaan. Tana
J B Crawford, Tana J V Mellen, La
4 n LrawTurti, .
K A Cox. N I
D Hali(, Mo
M V Mwiro, Him
5M Hoott Aa, Tana
A Haa.ar , La
ii U.rk.r, Ky
B 0 Johnatna, Ho
J Cottinihaa, Ark
W brntt, T.nn
M 1.
Blio.er, Ohio
J W Varuir. Ark
L II No.l. Tana
n K Buahnrli, Mich
B Err nr. Tenn
0 II Blackbara.Tan
a J Landatreat Aw.T.na
J J IIufhaa.Ark
J W Tanny.Ark
8T Vrarta. Mo
Whita, Mo
C H Kimball, III
J Block, Ohio
F t Lanr, Ky
C II F n inn, N Y
C Nawburirer, Mill
J W Gray, Miaa
J It (toodbar. Ark
J P Katla. Ark
8 M Udaar, M Y
W F Anderaoa.TaBa
J F Millar, Tea
j Kernoldi, La
8 N Field, N V
B B Nith.Ohio
K B Clark, Mo
L Roberta Aw. Mill
V M heott. Mi
II r Goodwin, C'al
F B MoCutohon. Miai
Mn I, M Arnold, Mo
R C llanna, Km
TCWhiU, Mo
J Oottman, Miai
T W MoCoy Aw. Ill
V Caranaugh, Neb
L White, Tana
M II Kdiaton, Tenn
Y U Oriiwold Aw, NY
M L Kelly, Oat
G W Curtii Aw, Mo
II M bbacklay, Kan
J 0 II ail, Kaa
I, K Houaton, Miia
K Q Hrkaa, Miaa
A J Moora Aw, Miai
J 1. LeOl.req. Tana
t D Ballard, l'a
f .v l. liav
Mian Ueardilup, HI lil mini, n 1
Un M TBI wart, l'a B J Buaby, Tana
UMCola, Ky.
LOTTl'f Taoori.
Ul.i I nllilViklru. Miaa Julia. K V
Frank Carlyle, NY C U Bradahaw Aw.N T
Ueona ..bold, N Miai A Baton, N X
Mii Klaie U.roma.N V.
IHiBy'a Knroixaa Batel.
Cornarol Adamiand Malnitreeti. Roomi
ouo. Too and II per day) AmarioaaPlan,
U par day
Vlrat-nlaaa RaaLaurant In tha Hotel.
J.M.DUFFY 110 yri with Faabody Bota),
R MoNamara, I, a
J II Laniar, Ark
J liarn.r.T.nn
J T Lawn, Tenn
JKIroe, Tuna
W Vino.nt.Mloh
K A Morlnr.Tax
W C Kineh.Teon
?W Drana, Tcon!
Kn, Miaa
W N Himiouoi, Ho
MriM K Crump. Ark
Mra L Fraio, Ohio
1K Wiley, Ky
V Wilton, Ark
D Ulaok well, T.nn
B A Rodfara, Tana
II Culbt-rt, N J
0 Thorn ion. La
M Piok.na. Tana .
K R Hall. Tana
P Da.ia, Miaa
J W Jarvia, Tana
A Holmei, Mo
0 W Horn., Tana
P M Morrii, Tana
t Johnaon, Ark
J W Tumor Aw. N J
W M Hammock, Tana
w Wallar, Kr
iii K Kranoa, Ohio .
JO Cook. Ky
L 11 Kulth, Tenn
M I) Kof.ra, Tenn
PKKinc, Ark,
R L Jamei, Ind
T L Ilarrii, Oa
V Smith. T.nn
T I, Jarrla, Ha
R T Bull, Ky
T t Walla.., Ky.
The Hew Uayaao.
Ratal, 1250 to M par day, according to laoa-
tioa ot roomi.
F Forthay, Pa MriJONoal, K
3 A Andrew., Ohio W 11 Compton, Miai
H L Kendall, III C O Arnold A w, 111
S F Wooiii, Mill I K ConnerfMlai
WWLowii.Ark W 8 Hmith Af. Ark
0 Knnwlton, Boatoa J N Nothan, Ala
J A Paok Aw. Ark B H Hcruiria. Tenn
U W Jonei, Kr J 1 bheppara, j.na
T W Maiion, N J
H M Jackaon, Kr
T W Hubbard, Ohio
1. II Doty. La
W M Conk Aw, Ark
Mn L Ui.hop, III
Miaa Blount, Ind
r Bi., n i
Miaa Hnioar. T.nn
w 11 i.aureaoe. ra
W P Giblia. Ark
VDVan Denial., Mo
n narria t., ivy
WPUibba, Ark
B O Coltart, Tenn
W Q Thom.a. N V
J W Moora. Tann
J K llowoll Aw, Tea
W J Abraham, Tenn
J N Dakar. Tann
(1 II Nettlolon, Mo
0 K Patton. Mo.
1 11 Inman.N Y
Wallace Pratt. Mo
ft V Vain Aw. Tana
K H Dnnnaraot, Tenn
A Brttwiok. N Y
D Ainu.. N Y
T Wotter, Y
0 H lloaber, N Y
r H W field. N t
Knot W Hall, N Y
4) W Dadley, Miaa
J A Penton, Miaa
J 0 Uraham. N Y
Ham Ilacht.Ky
M Leiber. Ark
II M Jamea.Tenn
M Mcuraor. tana
J 17 Jonei, Xenn
TO Biihop, Tenn
W Ptlibbi.Ark
n Biwin, n
J H urwln, twy
W W Wood. K
T Waddell, Ark .
Mn II Bottom. Miai
J B Wait, NY.
lotta coaaaaT.
Frank Park, B Coote,
Miaa Kama Ilinkley, Miaa J'tiheahavd,
I A Anderaon
Khibtb. all stvles. made to order,
Memphis 8 team Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Becond street
J. II. Lowasr, M.D., Homeopathict,
318 Main street; teleptone m
MbmprmBtainid Glass Wobks, 236
Third street. Call and see,
Thk. most fashiotiablo hokel in tho
Houth ia the New tiayoso Motel of
Miaa Loin W. Rainkh. teacher of
elocution. Delsarte system. Address
No. S70 Poplar street.
Sydniy J. Wilson, teacher of Eng
lish liteiature. For particulars ad-
drees him at 389 Alain street.
Thi finest and beet selected stock
of gas fixtures in the city, at bottom
prices. J. A. BAILSY a CO,
(Jknkral repairing done by compe
tent workman at the Cunnineham
Wagon-Works, corner of Monroe and
l'oaoto st roots.
Mibs Caiuui H. Kbatimq can be
fonnd every day at K. Witimann A
Co.'s. 223 Second street, from 4 to 5
Tm Damta Oil Oomnany la preDamM
to fill orders-for tha highest grades of
finished fertilisers and terttuatng ma-
Ta this noblM la nan bv Geonn Par
ker, a tobacoo priier, formerly-of May-
" , ,,, , ' ,, V iT ti
field, Ky he will please call at No. 5)
Maduoc . .Ueet , .oona. poibls.
Th Herbal Chill Cure, tha best
taniaand antl-pariodle known. A eartain
nuunloi ehllla. Prieatl nor Dot-
.Bmai fn Airanlara. Any raf-
Iranra iiea. Aaaraat 4oaa v. auoaar,
TBobbari. Va.
W. N. Wilcsrsoh & Co.. 3S4 Vain
tnwL take pleasure in announcing to
the trade and publio geraerally that
they are now prepared to fill all orders
promptly tor the celebrated' Buchan
an's Uuinlae Horse, Cattle and Poultry
Tnnle and Spanish Llehtnind Keliet.
Manufactured by Buchanan Medicine
Company, formerly ot Okolona, Miss
a. I. Smith, veterinary surgeon, ol
K Ynrk. hai decided W locate pe
manantlr in MamDhis. Ha treats all
diseases ol horses, mules, cattle, sheeas
.win and doffs. Calls, day oi night,
aeawaml nramDtlv. Office at JoMS
A fin'a audle. 61 Monroe street ; tele-
nhona 402. Residence, Fransioli
House; telephone 32.
Solid Silverware at Mmlfaerd'n
Cta Bwtledaje dk UMreaa-ta for
yewr Flantblax Mel la.rituag,
Atteatloa, Ilenement
A. Swlnd, horse-hoer, 93 Union
street, makes a specialty of the best
work, sucn aa fooeiDg raw uu
filating, etc,
n all cases.
Satisfaction guarant
Telephone 43&.
a.n.a to tla work mr-
dera ky Knteec a e Sol. Talaha
K. H. Handolnh and wife to J. It.
Naltora, 54 aerea in Fourteenth Civil
DiHtrict, for $2000.
h. II. lllanton and huHbanu to Mm.
I Jomphine Goad, honw and lot on
JohiiHon avenue, for$")0.
KiwOLAjia.Februarv 18. Niifht
Arrived: J. A. Wood with 14 barges,
Cairo, February 18 Night Riyer
37 leet on Uie sauee ana rising.
Weather clear and mild.
Pitwbdbo. February 18. Nieht
River 10 feet on the fringe and falling.
W earner clear and cold.
Locisvilli. February 18. Night
River riains. with 15 feet 2 inches in
the canal and 13 fret on the falls.
Bnsiness (rood. Weather clear and I
pleasant. Arrived : James W. Gafl
and Paris 0. Brown, Cincinnati.
EvAHSvnxa. February 18. Night
Biver rising, with 31 leet o incnes on
the saute. Weather cloudy, with
aiirna tf mow- thermometer 30 to 48
The Nesbit wu shnt on at Henderson
hr tha bridiM. The Caldwell will
transfer from this city for the Cairo
Packet Company until the water goes
down. 1 He blgnt ot me cnsnnei span
this morning was 69 feet 2 incnes, witn.
31 feet 2 inches on the sange here.
The higbt cf span above low water is
100 feet 4 inches. All packets went
ont on time and loaded.
. w , to VI.L A
BT. ijooia, ceoruary io. wiaru
River fallen 1 inch, with 18 feet
inches on the sauee. Weather clear
and mild during the day, ana a ugnt
rain to-night There is some ice run
ning, but not enougn to impeae navi
aation. Arrived: Belle Memphis.Cairo.
Departed: City of vt-Juburg, Vicka-
Iff onorram IlaoElra Mulford.
w-tr X T 1. Oal W.I. mv. I
JUHIIUIUa aVffCiri, K mv-
loclts orders from the country.
Scrofula of Ludrs Re
I am now forty-aine year old, and have
offered for lfalait Ifteea yean with a Inns
trouble. Several member! of tha family oa
my mother'! fide of the home had died with
eonmmption, and the doctor! wen all
agreed in their opinion that I had eonmmp
tion alio. I had all tha diitreailng fymp
tomi ol that terrible diaeaae. I hava apent
thoaaanda of dollar! to arreit the muroh of
thla diaeaae I hara employed all of tha
mual methodi, sot only in my own eae,
bat in the treatment of other member! of
my faaily, but temporary ren.i waa aii
that I obtained. I wat unfit for any manual
labor for levarii yean. By ohanoe I earn;
into poaieaaion of a pamphlet oa " Blood
and Skin Diaeaaai." from the offioe of Hwilt
SuaoiBo Uo.. Atlanta, ua. & iriena reooin-
meoded the uae of bwilt'i Bpeeiflo, olaiminir
that ha himaelf had been areatly benefited
bv ita uie in aome luni troublea. I reaolved
to try It. About tour yean ago I eommenoed
to take S. B. 8. according to direction.. I
found it an inviaoratini tonio, and have uted
about fifty bottlet. 'lb. reulU are moat re
markable. My eooith haa left me, my
Itrenath hai returned, and I weigh lixty
poundi more than I ever did In my ill. It
baa been three yeara alnce I atopped tha
uie of the madioine, but I hare bad no re
turn o( the diaeaae, and there are nonaina
or weakneaaf.lt in mylunira. Idothe hard
eat kind of mechanical work, and feel ai
well aa t ever tell iince i waa a nor. xcese,
I know, are wonderful itaaementi to make,
but I am honest whan I aay that I owe my
existence anu u.aitu wvmr w - w
ciflo. It la the only modioli
It li the only medicine that brought
irmanent reliel. t ao not tnj mm
Rnanifln will Hr, thla in every case.
but molt poiitively affirm that it baa done
thia much for me, and I wald be reoreant
tn the duty 1 owe loiunerinn- Dumannj 11 i
failed to bear tbii cheerful toatimony to the
merit, of thia wondertul medicine. I am
well known in the oity of Montfomery, and
can refer to lome of the belt eitiieni tn i tho
city. J.ilvljiT.
Jnonttomery, Aia, yuu. ta taw,
Hwlft'a Bnaelte if entireV vegetable.
TrsatlM en Blood and Skin Diaeaeel mailed
Drawer 8, Atlanta, 0 a.
No. 5435, B. D. Chancery Court of Bhelby
1OwOty Olaie Ol Aenneaaw. iw wwm
use, ete., ?. Marfarat Rioe et al.
I virtue oi an iniariiwawrj- uwiw
i u. .nl.rerl In the above, oanee on the
24th day of December, 1886, M. B.50. aa
Ml. IV will sell, at public auction, to the
higheat bidder, la fron,of the ' Clerk and
Mailer I omoe, coon nouae vi owit w.u
ty, Memphii, Xean., on
within legal boon, the following dawcribea
property, lituattd ia Bhelby county, Xenn.,
Lot S2, block 1, A. Wright'! lubdlTlilon,
S0xl67S feel, iouth ilde of Ueorgia itnet, bO
feet weal of V riant erenue. .... ,
Lot M, block 1, A. Wright'i lubdiTlaion.
30xl57K feet, iouth iide of Ueorgia itreet, 30
leet weat of Wright avenue. Sold a preper
r of Mgar.t Rice .and otheri.
1,01 se, oioca z, a. nnawi uu..i
h.nn. 11 7.1(1 rt m aonth aide of Ueorgia
atreett aouthweit corner of Larloie itreet.
and running eouineaiiwaraij wnu i
treat-Bl.a teeti thenoe weet 87i fee to an
alley : tkenca with the eaat aide of iMl alley
10T.5 feet to Ueorgia itreet. Sold ai property
of.KllouSharpe. . "
Lot . eiocx li, eaa aiaa oi mui
Jort Pickering, ilxlOOfeet, 146 feet aotth
acksan itreet. . , m ...
Lot , block 12, eait tide of Becond itreet.
Tenth. Ward. UtilOU feet. Bold ai property
ol Mattie K. Lawranoe aad other!.
rait e let it, nioca w, ireonn. i i.rv un
wet eWe of alley eaat of Sixth itree., For
Piekariae. and running baek weat S feot.
being north ot the eaat part of lot 13, block 30.
Part of lot 13, block Mk being tha eftJ7
feet ol aaia lot, ironnag w leev ouwi
of alley eaat of Sixth itroet.
Loate. oioca ju, norvneaai mrrn.r ""?
oa and Kiith itreet, Tenth WardVai.ff
feet. Bold aa property cf Anthony W. Blade
nnd Ike unknown heln of Cherlee-Philmott.
Lot S BIOCK W, iOl'W aiu. Ul yiyn,i-
atre.t. WilM feet. XS feet eait of winta
HnM nrnn.rt el Fred W. Keiior.
I'm I of block 37, iouthweat oornar of Caro
I Hue and Main atreeu,
prorty ot D. J. Bharpa and
y.ioekwidf 1
line and Main itreeU, WilKH feeU Cola
fourth itreet,
iMM 10, DIOT K ID, WWIi .lav Ol roUM . v. k,
Vor Pickering, !4xUiH foeU Bold ai prop-
ttta ot Joa.rh Tale.
La. J. M.Tateinaainien,o.iiiw.
at rl ar 1
aat fide of W ilkerao itnet. W ft n.rtn of
OMrgia itreet. Tenia Ward
11. block 16, iawitiide .rrourtn itreet.
Bert Plckerint, It feet nerth, ot Uaroima
a4ret. MxlUK feet. Bold ai property oi
JleaepiTaU... t!k . . ....
Term! 01 oeje va em si
B.U baarint intereat. wiah fod aanrltr.
ntnlred; liea retained : redemption barred.
8. loDuWBLuTciatlj aad MaaWf.
It J. It. BraJJejr. Denatf 0. and M.
F. H. A 0. W. HeiakaH. aoUoltori.
Ha. fSO, R.-Cbaaoary Curt or oraitay
..iJli.i. a, IMtinaaaaa for IU iWI
M, eU.. T. P. Bf Wiaaara et al. , .
B Tirtna el M tnterlajeotory deoraa fot
. I.lr, entered In tba "JS"
B.N, pan
in. l wiU aall. at noDliaaaovina, wtuao
.1 kLM.r. In. front .1 ah. Clerk aad Ma-
ter'l emoe, eoortlioaa. oi unar
Menvahii, Xean., ea
Batarday, rakaaary 0, lftse.
within la.a honri.lhe followlns dMorlbjd
property. !itl.d in Mempha. bnjlKy
onty" XnnM... to-wit i Partef bl. okW.
eanntry fet 4s. 60 feet front by X feet daep,
Mat lid. at Third itreet. M feet aonth of th.
oath llae oi ooanUy lot t. Sold at prop
erty of r. M. Wlntf n and olhera.
Teraar ol bale Oa a eredit ot an aoatntt
sou with aeonrity boarini JaUreat required
lien rataaned i redemption barred. ItuaJan.
t'L McDOWELU Clerk and Maitar.
P-J. M. Bradley, VeRa(T,C- a4
Y. U. AO. W. Uevikelli oU.
InTTha firm of GOODBAE & CO. La
and Shot Baainea, in connection witn Mr. W. JS. 1tb, lata oi warren, ixrve uo., ul Loais, mo., ana Air.j. .
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., under the style of and firm name given below. We thank oar friends fir their patronage
in the past and hope for a continuance of their favors. A. B. GOODBA
a. n. eooniAS.
Lata of Good
Lata of Good bar A Co., H.mpkii.
367 & 369 Main and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
We are sow receiving a large and Entirely New Stack of Eastern and Costom-Hade Boots and 6hoes for the
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at Bock Bottom Prices, on as liberal terms as can
Wa have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whish we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
Ueorge Hocker'e celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Bbortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris ACo.'s Philadelphia ade Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute & Co.'s Kip Brogana and Plow Shoes
the beet Brogana made in the United States heretofore
bandied by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only bonne in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann & Co. line of Lidina' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder the Factory Branda.
. -n ii
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic
Wild War Whoopa Women
Eiasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is yery good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And'so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it;
but I heard your husband did.
Mrs. Crusty Well, whoever told
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
over the stove than to kick me,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy-Oh ! you mean thing I
My husband never gave me as muoh
as a cross word in his Uie.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never came home intoxicated.
Mrs. Tosty Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suffering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mr Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs-. Crusty Why, he buys his
clothes- at the Misfit Parlors, 262
Second street.
Mrs. TestyV-And so does mine.
He says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
coal for the entire winter,
Mrs. Crusty That'
mark my husband made,
the overcoat he got there
worth t$i and the suit
for could not have bee
for less than 135.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry. dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind.it was
all my fault; but I guess-we'd been
quarreling- yot if it hadn't beea for
tha Misfit Parlors. Gracious! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Miait Par
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rioh and poor, for
it sells the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices whioh do not often
represent the cost price of clothing.
You get Suits, Overcoat9-and Pants
there for half price.
N.B. Our present utoek of fine
merohaDt tailors misfits in elegant
Overcoat and Suits that wo sold
originally for one-half of their aotual
value, we are now sbluim mslow
cost to-enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stock of custom-made
GARMENTSwhioh we will
reoeivolfrom our agents-at ike open
ing of the spring season. If you de
sire to- secure a gentium bargain
in a mjit or ovkrcoa it will pay
you to give us a call.
n made to sell
ClothingPfvrlordF'unerel Directors,
272 Seoond.SLM(impni8,
Opp. Court SaAre.
t&- Remember,, all alterations to
iasnre a perfect fit cheerfully and
nunnllT mado. without additional
charge, by a first-class tailor.
anr Oyaa mmimf aatll 'elaeaw.
Haiartl.yi aaMHI.
tw M.I. ..1 Tront.l MEMPHIS.
, , K,uk,Uni itL 111
TVR.JORNBON if aknowleddhyJpr-
XJ tiei tntereatea ai oy i'
eewful phywoUn in th. tr.atmant of
it tuaeaeei. viuica, aaraiaii. v-.
male or '
ta. and SvphllU
Ranent aaae of Oonerriea and SyphilU
cured in a fw dai witheat the ua. of mer-
eori. ehana. ot oiet r n.inorm "
Kndara Sypbilia, thelaatvM
tiae eradicated with.uUhej of aaaroury
ti. aradi
Inrolunaary loat of ae
In a ahort
irapoteacy or loe 01
V . . i
tia. Snfferere frorn irapoteacy or 10..
"Tii 1 1. wi.nr in a few
weeka. Victim! of aelf-abnaa and exeeiiire
renery, aufforins from iperaaUrrbea an
na Mriuausuwi v i w . - -
lion paia w ',,"" .5 j j .iairad aab thaa and nt for beerim ex piriai an
WaWortln.m.B enred at half th. u.nal
ratei. Ooahouri from 'e'sKff-B
o'olookp.a. P. 8. JOENbON, M.D,
been diaanlred, and we bave reorganised oor intereet in the Yi bNetale Boci
bar A I o., Hampkii.
Lata of Warraa. Lo.a A
do maae vj any competing maraet.
market of the fol-
We also control
310 and 312 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Stoves, Tinware.
to mim
W are la Bceclrt
R. Plows, Columbus
And m Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea M. Hood bar War. I Clark Kaajeno J. Cai-rlnajtoaa I Wmmh,0. Jea
DajrttoUlied laeo.
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn.
I ... ...... v . wr-w. am Anil Knit ta1r AfHhta aait Shoei wa
'a, inat the ore- A er """V?".Vr. ".r. ZF.lyT 1 k7.,n.l in on.lit. and.
- bare a.er Drooni h ua nir., ,j v,
ho pa,d m o,iv. caif iSfg.ff.'K
1 OUr IW wwwar --- " -
Orders for tbla Caal, tm larao a amai I qaantlUaBlled mr
P. M. PATTEBSOW & CO., 190 Jefferson st.
aT Telephone W. aaaaaaaMaMawaaMaaaa .
' " HBTAIilBHED 18B4.
Sternberg & Son
-r I ITT M
aafi Front St.. Cor.
920 HAIiJI H A-. m r,niarMo
ATTJH an! eomplet ttooi
M.Ullie Caaee anAOaakeW, Cloh-C-tni
OaokrU-and Bnrial Robe alwaTi B
hand- aa-Urdwl by Ulacraoa pronpU
NoB-BosIdent Notice.
So. 3299 fTO, R.D.-Ia th. Ckaneery
I of BbelbOounty.'renB.-Baataof Ti
I in T. W! K. BuUw et al.
e. T. W. K. Bauer .1 ai.
?. . w. th. hill wh oh is iorn
Yerki tha Mr.. Mararet Giveneaad -
formal ai mra. r"T . ,
oBBt al. Ba. UUaiaUSI '
ana '"KfJT fiiT.i.... that
"7.-ri'- .iji.f Wiaeon
Mra. ArY.'M"rlrR kTay ia a reiident of
"ftiitvai ApSfiMilrei to areaident
ri ,s istt-of HfcVuoke-i ana jodb a
g' MT SklaaV-Ue of Oh o; and
- --- j .r aon-reiiaeoi. ai
the SUte oi TetWaee. , And it Pf'
from Sheriff' retifrnTriereM . that
U A. llarrell. W. C. MiUi. J. H. Neleoo,
Seorw Cooper. ArthnrM.rrirnan. EHe t.
Hurley. J. . Waanon, Jamea Cnrran, B. A.
(Vnd.Tille. Thomaa O. Anderaon, Annie
WrikaiVa!; not to be found in hi.ow.t,:
It to therefore ordered. That they make
their aptwaranoe herein, at the courUanae .1
Shelby oounty, In Memphii Jenn.on or c.
for. th. nrat Monday in March, IMS, aad
ill. or the a.m. will be taken fat oonfeaied
a T UnluiwvT.l.. cn.rk and maaier.
By H.P. Walah, Dapnty Clerk andMaitar.
j. w , uiopvyDi QOi aUA wri
Lata of Oold water. Kit.
St. Loaia.
the following Specialties tender our
QjaaaaBBBBBtfaW mgttgM taaBBaatfi
own brands, vis:
3oodbar, Love A Co.'t Men's Grained1 Calf ' CUSTOM-MADE
BiIb, Batten and CoDgreea.
Goodbar, Lovs A Oa's Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM- .
MADE Bale, Button and Congress.
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Ladiee' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' S3 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Caracas Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Solar
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction,
in ewery reirrtert. . .
mt lanr Bbfpmeat f
Steel Drag Scrapers,,
i an-r -
Union. Memphis, Tenn.
Ho. 3299, R. (0) Chaseer? Ooort of Bhelby
eoanty Olaie Ol xennaaae nur hw,
ur V Dlu.i.1
Xi Tirtoe ol a interlaoatory deere. for
D lale. entered in the ahoar. eaoi on the.
6th day of No7abr, 18 aninnte hook w, .
ate vi, l will tail, at paMiaaaeucn. w hi;.
itheat biddei. ia front etf the Olerk and,
Maater'a offioe. eoart-hoaw of Bhelby eou
ty, Memphii, lean., on
Htnr: ay, ratiaaif ao, 1S8,
within lecal haari, the following deeorlbed.
property, iitaaiea uaaayaamuwi ------
TJ'noV Viotr, lot m. Wn. JU
the interieotion ? th aonth aide rf Htikri
itreet with Me eait uaaoi in. -...7
north and aonth botwaea 1 aad parallel to,
Third and Foarth atre ; beaoe tenth with
th. ."li;. of aa(d l.yiW foot. eor
leae, to aaotlver alley parallel to Market
treet t thoaoe east with toe north line oE
lid laafri T.".d alley liti feeti the...
north 2Cft. more Una
of Mar net alreet: tbeno. waet with said,
treet 1 Ie i?' ""unnina. aata wu
haint i aow a aa the Titaa hooaeetead.
Term ot Sale On a credit of tlx month l
riurchaaar- to .leente note with eeourity 1
ien retaiMed and redeapti.a harrad.
This January 5H. IS.
&. I . MoUOWELU, Clerk aad MaaUr.
By J. m. Bradley, Deputy U. and M.
JW. Hamilton. eoHoitor.
-9 rLG.CRAlti 'jUi Ca.
v.i.r.fn itiM NOriCE.
rPBK annaal meetinc oi the itookholdert
I . . 1 1 1 V : . - T : - V. . n.mn..,..
X of the Memphii . Light Company will
ba h.ld at tha orfioe of tne rampany, ao. 00
Madiion itrott, Memphii, Tenn., Monday
March 1, 1M6, to .loot eeren (T) Director! t.
aeri. the company dnrinr the .sauinf year.
Election from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
JOSEPH CRAW, weorttary

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