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VOL. XL VI NO. 44.
I tvLi.
Joitt Ctacm t Be 11 eld Hoxt Week
Tke Wenie SuffrilHU-etk-er
Foatal Changes.
Wariiinutow, Fbruary It. Pemo
rntic Hcaatora do not consider any
further cancutung necwwarypn their
part in repard to the qutwUon ntitwxl
by Mr. Kdinandn'a iyort from the
Judiciary Cqrnmitte. They eay they
iae taken their stand with the Pres
ident, that ther believe he is right
and they intend to suoUin him, but a
- aucns w talked of, and will be held
ithin a week, certainly, for the pur
pose of appointing the uaunl campaign
committee to manage the Congres
sional campaign. It will probably be
a joint cauoua of the Democratic mem
ber of both hooaee, and will be held
perhaps one day next week. The Ed
munds matter may be brought up,
but the caucus will be held without
reference to it.
providing for a public building at Fort
Smith, Ark., which poKHcd the Senate,
appropriates f 100,000 therefor. It also
urriea '25,000 for the reconstruction
of the old jail.
MB. m'bAE
has introduced a bill for the relief of
the estate of Henry C. Hoyd, deceased,
for cotton illegally seized in Lufuyctto
ounty, Ark., dunng the war.
bos introduocd a bill for the relief of
. B. Owen of Tipton county, Tenn.,
appropriuting 00,000 for cotton
'iaed during the wur.
south kom postal cuaxuim.
Postoffioe . established: Kiggins,
Monroe county, Miss., James P. Cox,
postmaster; Graves, Benton county,
Miss. jBollinR, Fortress county, Tenn. ;
Broad, Cocke, Tenn. ; Midland, Ruth
erford county, Tenn.; star service
between Pontotoc and Troy, Miss.,
hereafter will embrace supply of
Plymouth ; ator service between "Pon
totoc and Verona, Miss., discontinued ;
Kteamboat service between Memphis
and Ashport moditicd to make exten
sion of service from Elmot, Ark., to
Gold I net, Tenn., increasing the dis
tance six miles.
Kiiilway l'oetoffieo Service changes:
Tauter, Ark., and Memphis railway
postal clerk, curtail run to begin atcut
off and end at mouth of St. Francis
river, Arkansas, decrease in distance
109 miles, making whole distance
flfty-nino miles, the route to be
known as the Cnt-Off and Mouth of
Vt. Francis. River Railway Postoflice.
Pwtolfice nt Blue Mountain, Stone
ounty, diHContinued, mail to Alco.
Orders were ismied to-day closing all
the Exocutivo Departments on Mon
day (Washington's birthday).
Invalid renalona.
Wabuincton, February Id. A delo
yation representing the ex-Union sol
iliere who had been prisoners of war
addressed the House Committee on
Invalid Pensions to-day in advocacy
of bills granting pensions to all who
were imprisoned roore than y
Gon. Black, Comininioner of Pen
sions, addressed tho committee in fa
vor of tho law 6f 1830, providing for a
pension to all widows of soldiers who
tad served In wars prior to that date.
The Territory or Oklahoma.
Washinotok, February 1!). The
discussion of the bill to organize the
Territory of Oklahoma was continued
to-day before the Houne Committee
on Territories by Representative
Weaver of lown, and ex-Congressman
Clarke of Kansas. They insisted that
in opening tho unoccupied land to
settlement there was no intention to
interfere with tho rights of the In
dians. In this respect the bill has
been designedly misrepresented by
tho attorneys of the cattle syndicates
and speculators now in illegal posses
won of tho lands.
Nlork or National lias k a.
Wabiumiton, February 19. Sena
tor Morrill, from the Committee on
Finance, reported favorably the bill
which passed the House a few days
ago, to enable national banking as
sociations to increase their capital
stock, nnd to change their names
with the approval of the Comptroller
of the Cnrrency, by the vote of share
holders owning two-thirds of the stock
National Hank 4'lrealallon.
WASimioTON, February 19. The
bill introduced by Senator Bowen
changing tho basis of bank circulation
provides for tho retirement of all-national
tmak notos and the substitution
of United Btatcs notes on a basis of
silver and gold, and United States
bonds to bo leposited in the United
States Treasury, one-third of each.
The tanks are to receive from the
Treasury United States notes for circu
lation to an amount 30 per cent,
greater than the par value of the se
curity thustleposited, and a statutory
lien is created on the general assets of
the bank as additional security. The
freecoinngo of silver is also provided
for, and many changes are proposed in
existing laws concerning national
banks, including a rijrht on the part of
the banks to withdraw one-third in
bonds upon sulistituting a like amount
in gold and Bilver, in equal propor
tions. The tax on circulation is to bo
placed in the United States Treasury
as a general safety fund for use in
cosce of failing banks.
rillboHfc-rlng; Vetanl Captured.
Wabhihoton, February 19. The
Secretary of tho Navy to-day received
a telegram from Rear Admiral Jouett,
at Aepinwall, stating that the United
State steamer Galena has sailed for
Key West, Fla., with the steamship
City of Mexico as a prize. The seized
vessel is alleged to have been fitted
out at New York for a filibustering
expedition against Honduras.
Th Human UnffraKlftta.
WAHnrNOTON. February 19. At to
day's Bcwion 01 the Woman's Suffrage
Convention resolutions were adopted
reaffirming confidence in the national
method of securing . the ballot to
women through nn amendment to the
Federal constitution; calling on Con
gress to submit to tho States at once
the question of the right of women to
vote; protesting against the admission
. to tha Union of any Territory where
the elective franchise is denied to
woman ; declaring the National Wom
an's Suffrage Association to be non
partisan in politics, and protecting
apiinst the passage in its present shape
of the bill now pending in Congress
to suppress polygamy as d.eriminat
ing unjustly against Gentile and non
jiolygumouH Mormons for crimes never
committed by them.
At the evening session a vote of the
audience was taken relative to the
pawagn by Congress of a sixteenth
amendment to the constitution en
franchising women. It received a
general and hearty vote in the af
firmative. The following resolution was unani
mously adapted:
Itttufrrd, That we extend our grate
ful thanks to Senators Blair, Palmer,
Bowen and Chase for their favorable
report on the resolution to protect
women in the exercise of the fran
chise ; to Representative Reed for the
rresentation of the resolution in the
Ioubc; to the Judiciary Committee
for granting us a hearing; also, to
Senator Hour and those who supported
his amendment to the Utah bill.
The Judiciary Committee of the
House will give the officers and dele
gates of the association a hearing Sat
urday morning. ' y
Captnr4 Property te Be Betnrned
Washington, February 19. Senator
Morrill to-day, from the Committee on
Finance, reported favorably Senator
Butler's bill authorizing tho Secretary
of the Treasury to dfili-er, upon satis
factory proof of ownership, to tho
claimants thereof, the silverware,
jewelry and other property deposited
in tho Treasury by the Secretary of
War, in June, 18i9, as proerty capt
ured by the United States army dur
ing the late war, and providing that
all such property remaining in the
Treasury for two years after the
passage of the act. shall bo sold at
public auction and the proceeils of
the sale covered into the Treasury.
Turks will be a holiday in New
York and New Orleans cotton markets
Monday Washington's birthday.
No reports will be sent or received.
Closing prices of Maya options at
Chicago yesterday: Pork. $11 20.
Lord, 0.17'jc. Clear rib sides, 5.G5c.
Corn, 411c askexl. Wheat, W. Oats,
33c asked.
Tub Manchester Guardian, in its
commercial article of yesterday, says:
" There is no improvement in business.
The demand is small, especially for
goods for India. Prices of cloth are
fairly steady. Export yarns are steady ;
home yarns are weak."
Kkpoht of Grain Elevator yesterday ;
Wheat received, none withdrawn,
none; in store, 3057 bushels. Corn
received, 1974 bushels ; withdrawn, 1 618
bushels ; in store, 34,937 bushels. Outs
received, none ; withdrawn, 1244 bush
els ; in store, 45,195 bushels.
LYNCimuwi, Va., has added to its
flourishing tobacco industries tho new
one of cigarette making, which now
employs many additional hands,
chiefly young women. Tho tobacco
grown in that region during the juist
season wasof an unusually inequality,
and the fall business was unexpect
edly good.
Tub New York Poel, In its cotton
review, nil vs: Future deliveries opened
3-lOOc lower, recovrec" 1 100 to 2-100c
and then lost 8 to t-iuf Irom tho
highest lxrint of tne day. Sales at the
third call were : March, 8.81c ; April,
8.91c; May, 0.01c; June. 9.11c; Au
gust, 9.23c ; November, 8.84c. Futures
than yesterday."" -" .
, A leading Liverpool weekly grain
circular says wheat continues steady,
but business is dull and dragging.
Prices are nominally unchanged.
Calling ports remain almost bare of
cargoes. There is a good inquiry for
shipment for the United Kingdom
and the continent. Business in Cali
fornia' and Oregon wheats is fairly
active. Here, since Tuesday, the de
mand for wheat has been slow, and
corn has been firm. At to-day's mar
ket wheat was in quiet request, and
prices were unchanged. Trade in eof n
was limited. Flour was more active.
Peas were unchanged. !eann were
Visitors on 'Change yesterday:
Gen. W. W. Maury and S. Jf. Williams,
Huntingdon ; II. J. Vinton and wifo,
Buckeye State; John H. Inman,' Cor
nelius N. Bliss, Theo. Rutter, J. A.
Bostwick, H. M. Field, 1!. W. Hall, H.
O. Armour nnd C. H. Bosner, New
York; T. H. Faulkner and F. B. Sli
ger, Helena, Ark. ; I. S. Burroughs,
Peoria, HI.; E. C. Hughes, Arkansas;
Thomas Skinner, New Orleans; Miss
Flora Myers, New York; Miss Rosa
Myers, St. Louis; Mrs. Adler, New
Orleans; C. P. Oakley, Cincinnati ;
Dr. L. G. Noel, Nashville; Gerrie
Welstadt, Chicago; 8. R. Clarke, Peo
ria, 111.; Mrs. O. H. P. Piper, Miss C.
G. Watts, New York; R.;L. Traylor,
Richmond, Va.
Is there no bottom to the cotton
market? is , the question most fre
quently asked on 'Change just now.
Since Monday there has been a de
cline of 3-lti; here, Jn in New York, Jc
in New Orleans and jd in Liverpool,
the price of cotton in that market
now being 4 l&Hkl, the lowest price
reached since ISIS, when it touched
4Jd ; the lowest price since the war
was December 14; 1S78, when it was
43d. It is feared that it may declino
still lower before it reacts. Much will
depend upon the ability of the Soifth
to withhold sales in tho present de
pressed condition of the market.
Memphis is doing her share in hold
ing up the market, but is not backed
up by a similar policy nt other South
ern markets. Some of our local cot
ton men doubt the wisdom of the
policy of refusing to meet the market,
and argue that it sends orders to New
Orleans that ought to come here. The
futuro alone can determine, whether
tho policy that now obtains is the
w iser one, but should it prove not so
our cotton factors will at least have
the satisfaction of feeling that they
have made a manly'fight in the inter
ests of the planters.
LuNrBORo's perfume, Edenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Luntlboig'a perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Niel
TeatiOed la Hit Own Behalf.
New Orleans, La., February 19.
In the United States District Court to
day, Aufdemtorc, the absconding Sub
Treasury clerk, testified in his own
behalf regarding the shortage oi
$42,000 mentioned in the testimony of
Guaiffe, the government examiner.
LaoJavllla Cement.
PRBPARB pob flood.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
rigs subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement. It ia
the standard.
Dr. DaalePi Masterly Effort ia Reply
Iatenss Excitement Over
the Matter.
laraciai to tii 4rriAL.I
Locisvii.lr, Ky., February 19. The
Rev. T. : Converse continued bis
demurrer to tho indictment on the
charges against him at the presbytery
trial this morning. He reiterated his
assertion that they were vague and in
definite, and said they should be dis
missed because there was a lack of
anything which would sulmtantially
show a crime had becu committed;
that the prosecutors had not shown
they were deeply interested in the
result, and that the spirit in which the
charges were made was litigious and
not in keeping with the spirit of the
was a masterly effort. He said if the
defendants will allow this indictment,
with its twenty-five s)ccincatioiis, to
go iM'fore the church with an affidavit
that it is so indefinite that they cannot
say whether they are guilty or not,
theh he would drop the prosecution
immediately. Continuing, Dr. Daniel
said it was the first time in the history of
a church trial that a defendant had
demurred to an indictment, so far as
he had heard. The charge was spe
cific, that of falsehood and was sub
stantiated by names and dates. Tho
Converses were not proper persons to
throw a barrier in the way of the prose
cution ; the best thing they could do
would be to plead not guilty and let
the trial go on.
moved that Converse's objections to
indictment be overruled, and this mo
tion was carried.
were then allowod to plead guilty or
not guilty, and amid intense excite
ment they plead not guilty under cer
tain conditions. It was then discov
ered that an important point in the
proceedings had been overlooked, and
its whole action of the afternoon was
declared void, and at tho close of the
day's session the matter reverted to
tho motion of Morrison to overrulo
the demurrer.
the Messrs. Converse filed their writ
ten answer, w hich was as follows:
We are ready to put in our answer.
We wish to say first that we are not at
all insensible to the taunts put on us
for our delay ; in delaying we sought
the welfare of the church. Wo be
lieved that in the indictment there is
such rubbish as will delu the
trial. We tried to remove
that rubbish. We now plead
with the impossibility of any
certainty of calling tho right
witnesses. In answer to the charge
and specifications tho defenennts
would remind the presbytery that we
are not called to account by tho
court, but we have called for the trial
and investigation of tho assertions
which have been made upon ourselves
through tho secular press. We except
to the decision of the court in overrul
ing the objections that havo been
presented. In making the jd
which from the beginning w
4 announced our intention to niake.
we .do not bereby waive any
right belonging to us or any right to
insist upon a rectification of any error
that tho court may have committed.
We plead to the charge, not guilty,
and most indignantly and emphati
cally deny anything that reflects on
our truthfulness and Christian char
acter. T. K. C0NVKRK.
It was then announced that tho
witnesses were not present, and after
some wrangling a motion to postpone
the trial until June llith, was made
and adopted.
A commission wus appointed, con
sisting of the Rev. lrs. T. D. Wither
spoon, C. R. Hemphill and J. J.
Cooke, and Eldr-rs T. W. Bullitt and
J. Garrett, to tako testimony and
depositions and present them to pres
bytery when it meets for trial June
IuRaranre Men Adjusting Ine Loaiea
Sustained by I be Kecent Fire.
Humholdt, Tenn., February 19.
Tho adjusters for the various insurance
companies losing in the recent fire
have been here this week settling
with beneficiaries. The principal com
panies are tho North American, the
Underwriters' and the Continental.
Tho total loss will reach near 120,000,
whilo tho insurance is about f 12,000.
Preparations are being made to rebuild
immediately on the site of tho burned
block, which was one of the best and
the finest in the town.
The public schools are now in
operation nnd the attendance is quite
full, about 350. The city authorities
have organized a Board of Education
under an act of the lost Legislature
and purchased a two-story brick, well
adapted for the purpose, erected tit a
cost of jl3,0IK).
The recently announced candidacy
of the Hon. W. I. McFurland of this
place for Congress is meeting w ilh a flat
tering approval over the wholodistrict.
Ho is in tho front rauk of the West
Tennessee bar nnd is an experienced
legislator. Being a Democrat in fact as
well as in party alliance, he has always
been a favorite with the masses, llo
is a true man, and of that Bturdy, up
right character that commands con
fidence and respect as well as admira
tion. An orator of no mean repute,
ho will bo cllectivc on the stump. He
goes into the canvass untrammeled by
the embarrassing issues that beet his
two opponents an advantage that
puts him at the start the leader in tho
Apacnea Who Want la Become
Santa Fb, N. M., February 19. A
band of Chiricahua Apaches have just
visited SantaFe and called on the Ter
ritorial officials. To Governor Jtoss
they expressed a desire to abandon
their present reservation life and own
their lands in severalty for the pur
poses of farming and raising stock like
white people. Tho Governor asked
them if they were willing to give up
their contributions they received from
the government for their support, and
told them that would be necessary if
they went to farming. They renlied
that they were, and that many of the
tribe felt the same way, as they naw
nothing but ultimate extermination in
reservation life. Goronimo is a mem
ber of their tribe, but is half Mexican,
and is regarded with distnst and
aversion by the majority of he trile
on aivountof his many criuieiand tht
constant state of trouble in thich lie
keeps the few bucks over vhom ho
lias influence. Should he be hung or
shot there would be no iiuuruiiig
among the Apaches. Tlier wnuld Ik?
lieve that ho met his just dert-.
A Berlnns Dlnlenliy Bnrrvwfr Aer1
4-The City AiatlH ay
Thieves. 1
larsoML to Taa ArriiL.I
Hklkna, Ark., February lit Owing
to the expiration of our prvvrit iost
mastcr's term, his successor is the all
absorbing topic of the dry. Until
quite recently it seemed k' be gen
erally conceded that Mr. II. P. Grant
would get the position. Col. Allen J.
Polk and Mr. T. O. Hiniluiin being
the other applicants. Quite t commo
tion was created by Mr. Hindjion tele
graphing a friend in Washington that
the petition of Mr. tirant contained
the signatures of the Republitans mid
colored voters, and that a mniler of
the bona lido Denioonitie sunaturi s
were obtained through Misrepresenta
tion. A friend of Mr, G-anl's in
Washington, believing that :he tele
gram of Mr. Hindman was cilculaU-d
to injure his interests, tehgrnphed
Mr. Grant that such a U'leunui had
been received. Mr. Grunt went to
Mr. llindmun for explanations, and
was confronted with the assurance
that he had sent such a tclcirrain and
was prepared to prove the contents. A
serious difficulty was prevented by
bystanders. Mr. Hindman then went
to work and secured tho signatures of
quite a number of gentlemen who had
signed both petitions, Hindman 'h
first, to the cued that they signed Mr.
Grant's petition wTlh the understand
ing that i w as for him for second
choice, and that they did not know
tho petition's caption contained a
clauso reverting previous signatures to
other petitions. This, with other iu
K)rs, has lecn forwarded to Washing
ton, and there the case rest. Col. Al
len J. Polk had no part in the contro
versy, and many who were not friend
ly to him before now express them
selves favorably toward him.
Mr. F. O. Millette of Wichita, Kas.,
and Mrs. Isla Wooton. the accom
plished daughter of Mr. John 1'.
Moore, were married yesterday. Mr.
Millette is a wide-awake, progressive
young Business man, and is to bo con
gratulated upon his good fortune.
The river rose in the hist twenty
four hours eighteen inches, and is
steadily rising.
Quito n number of petty thefts arc
nightly being committed in all por
tions of the town. ,
, i i
Hose tor Mr. WtlMrwi'i ttfieedy
Lotusvai.E.lvY., February 19. Mr.
WaUerson continued better all during
the day. At 0 o'clock his temperature
was reduced to 9Sj, puleo 94. Hie
friends and the nurse feel that an
other, and probably the last, crisis is
passed,and hoje for his speedy res
toration to health. , The ihysicians
arc hardly as sanguine, but ure very
hopeful of ultimate complete recovery.
At midnight Mr. Waiu. sju'e condi
tion was more favorahlo than in ten
days, and strong hones arc entertained
for his recovery. He took solid food
to-night for the first time in a week.
nlelde f Well-Uuown rlnolnnra
Israout to tii irriAL.1
QBirkinguam, Ala., February 19.
About 9 o'clock yesterday morning
Jo3eph U. Nichols, a well-known Fa! en
agent for powder and dynauiiti here,
left,his office in the Operohouae b!ock
right in the heart cf thr ci'y and went
tohiaroamon the third tl or of the
same block. He had been drinking
the day before, bu; then ssemed iu
good enough spirits. He did 'not re
turn in the afternoon and bis partner
sent a boy to the room for him. The
boy getting no response W his repeat
ed knocks, looked tlnough the tran
som and saw him sitting in a
chair. He was atili there this
morning and his friends concluded
that something must be wrong, so
they broke the door open, and Mr.
Nichols was found to be dead, a pistol
ball in his head just above the left
ear having done tue work. The pistol
lay on the floor and on the table was
a piece of paper on which was written :
"Bury me in Birmingham." The deed
was do doubt done yesterday, but no
one had any intimation of it till to
day. Nichols was forty-eight years old
and a widower. He came here from
New Orleans about f our years ago, and
leaves a five-year-old eon at Algiers,
acioss the river from New Orleans.
He was a quiet, gentlemanly man,
with no eppecial fault, barring occa
sional sprees. No one seems to under
stand why he killed himself.
A frary Negro' Horrible Crime.
Savannah, February 19. The dead
bodies of two unknown nrg'O boys,
eight and ten years of sge, were found
tied to the foot of a rapling in the
woods six miles from the city this
morning. They bad been ggged,
tneir mouths laving been rammed
full tfc'ay and leaves. Their aims
and legs were tied teg ther and
were fa tened o tbe tabling by a
rope around their necks. There
were no marks of viiUnoe on tbe
boJies. They are thought to be
brothers. John Graham, a easy ne
gro living near tbe spct. is the sup
posed murderer. He is insane on re
ligion, and it is believed he killed
them as a sacrifice. He was captured
this evening, and neither denies nor
admits his guilt. He is irresponsible.
A Xoble Hangman.
London, February 19. As a result
of a statement that a well-known bar
onet had assisted Hangman Perry in
barging tbe three Nethelby burpUrs,
Sir Claude Da Creapigny, in an inter
view to-day, admitted that he was the
one alluded to. He said that as he
would probably be sheriff, be de
sired to gain experience in order
that he might be prepared jn
caw he should be obliged to
act himself, In the absence of the
hangman. He slept in the prison
during the night, pinioned one cf tbe
culprits himse.f, and generally as
sisted Berry. The latter toosiders
Sir Claude a plucky individual, who
does his task well. ISirCIaode appears
to take a Lively Interest in his chosen
the mmm of trade.
With a Corrfspondloc Decrease at
the Larger Atlantic Sea
board Cities.
Nkw York, February 10. Special
telegrams to HriMnvt'$ prudent some
changes of detail as to the condition
of general trade, yet the situation as a
whole is not decidedly different fnm
that previously reported.. At Chicago,
Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis,
Memphis and Kansas City tho move
ment of merchandise has been active
and is increasing. This is true to some
extent also at Cincinnati. At St.
Paul, Miuneapolis, Duluthaud Daven
port business is fair, and the proepects
point to a
noon spring traok.
The chief improvement at the cities
first named appears to have liven in
dry goods. More favorable weather
and the regularity of transportation
are largely rcsousihle for it. On the
other hand, tho distribution of staples
from the larger Atlantic seaboard
cities has been smaller and is plainly
disappointing. At Boston the situa
tion makes observers there less hope
ful. Dry goods are in lighter demand,
and there is a tendency to mark up
Iirices, owing to labor troubles nnd
ligher wages, and to make delivery
contracts conditional on no lalsir
troubles. There is some difficulty in
maintaining the late advance in
woolen fabrics. Print cloths are dull
and lower, 0-t Iwing 3J(! Ichh 1 per
cent, per yard.
Wool is less bnoyant, owing to the
higher wages paid operatives. Im
ports have depressed, the market, and
while prices are unchanged, doubt
has replaced confidence. At Philadel
phia business tuts not equaled ex
jiectatiotiH, and at Baltimore the
movement of goods South and West
does not Improve.
There has been no fain in anthra
cite coal prices, notwithstanding the
much talked of coal road combination,
and quotations are from lftc to 2.V
lower per ton than ut a like date lost
year. There is no visible change In
iron or sUrl iu the direction of im
provement, notwithstanding expecta
tions at various centers of higher
iriccs soon. Petroleum hurt been
ligher, uud exports have increased.
'The lute speculative combination to
force a decline, has apparently accom
plished its purKise.
There is no special change in the
wheat market. lWeg declined dur
ing the early part of the week, but
have reacted since on firmer foreign
cables, improved exports and reports
of increased interior milling demand.
Indian com is weaker and lower
since the attempt to corner Out Febru
ary option, and hog products are
easier as well. Cotton is heavy ftnd
lower, spots closing Jo oft" as compared
with the close one week ago.
is no less involved, the frequency of
strikes and boycotta to enforce tho tie
wumto of organized pinpjoyun lieing
conspicuous and more numerous than
Failures for Ibe Week.
New York, February 19. Tho busi
ness failures occurring throughout the
country during the last seven dnys, as
reported to R. G. Dun fi Co., number
for the United States 2GI. and for
Canada thirty-five, or a total of '2M, as
eompareil with 275 last week, and 2S7
the week previous. Tim business cas
ualties in the vit hern States Un,l in
Canada are Mill above the luenigc.
HUSKK -CTKVKXS-At Ilearne, Tax,
February It, 1V4i, at St IM.illipa cb'irob. at
2 oYlnok m., by the Utv. U. Cainili, Mr.
O. i . Rusiaof Mempbii and MiM Ciaaia D.
Braving. No. crd. Now Orlcana papera
1)1 Kit.
K0JI1N8ON-AI mlilMfa of nnrenli. 219
Vanoe utr'et, Friday morning, February IV,
IMti, at 2:16 uVluol, Wk. A. KeRlKS i, .ia..
on of Win. A. and V. Lou Hobinnun, aitea
Ihi Uen jearc, ne month aud twenty two
Fanara from Grace church, eoraar Lau
dardaj and Vance (treats, this (SATUR
DAY) mornint atlU o'clock. Frionda of the
family invited to attend.
MeCARTUY At residence of her arenU,
.i i -1 i ..... u i
f V. V E?.:uut .i. v" n i n i , u-
fant danabier of Florane P. and F. F. Mo-
varioy, agua eleven ibouius.
Funeral from late reiidenoe thin 'SATUR
DAY) afternoon at 2i30 o'clock. Friendi
tnriled to attend.
HARPKH.-On Friday, February 19th, at
12 o'clock, FuiHaitca Ciiaarui, youaneit
daeahterof Iloiekinh and Ida U. lUrior,
irJ two yean and AfUcn dy, at resilience,
7n IV vtnn avenue.
Direct Irani raster? to Pnrchaa-
m, Bavins 1W " en. Writ)
Monte. rickfmB Si Co., JTomnliiH
In HUntaalppi and Arkaniaa.
Five Year' Time. Low Rati Annaalln
tareak Call on at addrtaa
31 "fnatlwon Nt., Ivff.nplil'.
rpn URE will bo a tneetinc of tb Build;-",
JL Menulaoturer. ot ana I'eaiors in nuna
Int Mt.rUI,at2roondir,FB10Alf
. TUII Mil A 0 . iT.Lrn... Mh. at H n'&lok.
n . . w.- - --; - .
for the purpnto of e.iablirbinf a Builoere
ami Trader' Hxchanm. Al tniwid in
thia Una of baeiMit are invited to be pres
ent. J. W. X. LKoW N a'.
Tjaipqrary EoAetary end TfaeyuTrr.
Klrnvfood Cemetery.
Orrioi or Klvwooo CiarrKat, I
36 ITni.n HlreeU rebnw-y 17, ISA I
AN KLKCION will be be d al tbe e6V
of tbe Troaaarer ol aaid Company, 36
Unien itreel, on
first Monday fa Morrb (1st), 1888,
from 10 a m to 3 p m.. for TURKU TRU8
TKkHto.erve an yeare. Any owner of lot
eontaioinr not leta ibaa uro bandr.d
tqi.ref.et aroaod la elutible for ta onVw
nd ia a qualified voter. Tete .re N ne
Truiteea la aaid Company, divided in threo
eluxe, aoh cla a carving ail yeari, and
taction! ate t be he'd Bi.nni .1 y. vi: Ua
Irct Mondey ia Much. IS. 188, In, and
e on. hot owner aie reaneatad to read
peM 20. 21 aad a KlmwoBooa ar fa.l
InJvrmatioa. J 03. IAN u W , PraeidoaU
Medical & Surgical Institute
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
rUlM.TbNN., and havo opened a
Medical and Surtrlcal Institute
Iu the Gayoxo Hotel,
Kntranoe on Main atreet, Firnt Floor. Firt
Door to the Kirbt, here we will treat bCI
KNTIF1CALLY the lo'livwin diroaam i All
Diaeaaee peculiar to Women i aUo, treat
rlh.uma'inui, Nauralaia, Hrlatica, Liver and
Kidne DiieHeef aucn aa Chritaic Copnipa
tin, Biliouanoa, Hick llea'lachea. Heolal
UiHiM, tui'b aa Piles, Fimure ul the Kee-
um, rletulaln Anu. Blood liieaao auch
Hyi.hil a, Scrofula, White Nwellina. Vena
real Ul-eerei. luoh aa Uonorrbea. Impo
tenee, Pterilityand Nervnui and Seiual De
bilily. Dineiuio of the Ky, Kar and Thro.t.
(in dm and At rphiue llebt a cured with
out 'uffcrinr nr detention Irom buin e.
CANObiR, DKUI'aY and 0ATAKUU are
cured by ae.
We Care HUmmering bj an Art
ae Afsdlclae or Iaatramrnti DHrd.
We Extract Caaoirs with a Tracta
ble Pliuiter, wlthont perfaruiloif any
arcleal operation and wlthont much
We treat Stricture by Electrolytic, which
lepalnleae; Ooniumption, Aethma and Dia
eaaee ot tbe Heart, Dy.pepma and all ber
voae Diaeuee. All bkin Dieaanea, tuch aa
Kctema, Tetter, Kto., treated.
aorOorraapondenra tolicitad.
OrriOB noVKfa-rram a.na. In 1
p.m., nwel freim p.m. n m.
Low Rates to New Or.eans
riMlB L., K. 0. and T. and M. and T. Rya.
1 will aell on Tueidny., Kith and )Jof
February, Hnund-Trin Ticket! to New Or
lcana for $U 00 food fur IU dayc. Every
on wl hla to ace the Kapoaltion ahould
patroniae ibeie linel andtnka advxntaceol
theaa nieolal ralea. A. J. KNAl'l',
Uoneral rNtencnaer A vent
T... W. O. end T. and M. nnd T. Hv.
Ornca or JOHN MAN00UK, MaurRia, Turn., February In, 188S.
I bava thia day agreed with
for tha tain of my entire atock of Wroua ht Iron, Nut., We .her. and rieavr Hardware, tho
eama to take .Sect March 1. IkM. In retiring from the bu. Inc.. In thra city. I do.ire to re
turn thank, to my friend, and ou.tomer. for their liberal patronae during a period of .
twenty yeare,and al.o to eaxure them that the bu.lne.i will be turned over to (reliable
andre.ponaiole partiea whom 1 have known Intimately for many year.. I ean aafely aeeur
my frlond. and euaiomara that their order, nnder the sew uiaaaa ement, will have the bei
oaro and atteution, ahdl atk lor your oontlnued patronaao. JOHN MANOUUK.
o t
nVferrrt.flJ'.ib.bu a''tUf,-4'H( 'lYavui .leaaufo lnnouaMna theMlcMlnr of
ranl-atluaaadmanacemeai for ie.iaadiiKnal Lep.hmcnt- the taiue. to tako affect Maroa,
, lHW:
A. M. LITKBMOUB, l'raaldonl. H. A. TATVM, Bee'jr nnd Trcaa.
The Livermore Foundry & Machine Co.
. 226 ami 228 Second Street, Memphis, Tenn
Daalera in HAH. IUI ANI HOOF IKON, Dollar. Flrebed and Sheet Iron.Nutf,
Waahera, Rlvcta, Nail., lleavy llardware and
fl.oStili04Ei.4d. Suppllos
In eonnecl.lon with our Foundry and Marhlna Drnarlmeal, lilO to 174 Adam, .treat,
we believo we are in tba bet position to aupply any and all demand, lor ovary character of
Wrouiht or Oi.t Ironwork, Machinery, lleavy Hardware and Hallway ttuppliee. Yout
Try Zcllner's
KR'S ft Jnla'
KR'BlS Winia'
,, .baiieli.it
l i1?? A,;V omo.l
arSend your order, or come and etam'ne their erand M'ortmenlof FINK BOOTS,
arllluiitrated Catatoiruo. Ben. Free on Applicatloa.-o
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
Nog. 326 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
CIOOON, whloh we offer to tho Trade noon tbe mo.t favorable term.. Our price!
will compare favorably with tboaa of any markot in tbe Lniled elule.. Wo aro Aienta for
Tenrjfcaie MaaufactarlBg Co.'s PIuIiIh, Drills, Miettlug, Milrtlog-, Etc.
T.n rvnvTr TT cov n-yv Tin.
mm k 00
And Commission Merchants ,
Xon. 34 and SO TTadlHon Nfreet, Mem phis.
F-sMcOaDBM & Co
SS6-8CS Front Otreet, noapbJjk Xess
Meiers us. Co
A New Departure.
A Lire Folic; Which Will 8atlt
Ereryhodf Re Bardrnaome Con
dlttonsv ChMpest Liberal
, Policy Tet baaed.
Non-Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Lea Than In
Any Order or Society.
Caeh AieeU Janaary 1, 1M8 IH.117.0M 09
Caih Surplna January 1, im l.(Vi,K!8 Ot
Claima Paid in M WS.012 00
ToUl Claim. Paid in 22 year. M45,12 Oft
No. ol Llfo Policiea written to date. 44.800.
All Claima paid Immediately oa reoelpt
eatiifectory proof.
For farther informatloa apply la
Marx & Bensdorf,
Ifllttmllmni Wtryt. lvlrwmhtw.
"Kmpreaa of Bona," conUhnlna (IS Tocal
piece., IVw, by mail fV.
"Sena Souvenir, oontaiuioiaV focal piece.,
6Ui, by mail Alto.
"Plane Souvenir," eovtalnlnjr (0 In.tra
mental piece.. oOe, by mail N5o.
'Fulie of Mu.ic," conUtniaf W in.trumant
al lileoem Mo, by mail (Vo,
"Escelalor Method for tha Oman," con
taining oomiilete Inatruotlona, beeldea
over lOOvooal atrtl In.tr'umeatal pieoea.
bound In board.. Price II, poatpaid.
"Oee'a Method for the Violin' tha lateil
and moit proirelve in.lrucWr pub
li.hed, havintall naoeaaary in.trnctlona.
and luu aeleetiena, auch ea "Wneu tna
nana, aucn ea -nneu ina
Aaain,". "I'll Await My
'in. in tha Bara," "Littla
i of Me," Peok-a lloo,''
Kobtn. Ne.t Aln,
bove, ' ' Uaacl
Dftrllna Dream i
"Home Day." Price 7tto, po.tiaid.
OoapleU atock of Mu.lc Roll.. Oaae. Wrap-
peri, Hprini-Back Folio., In New t)-
no., in ne
and Plaah.
.1(0. of Leather and Plaah.
3Stt Main St., MoinphU.
BolaAienta for Chlckerlnv, Hardman an 4
. New Knaland 1'ianoe.
l)lt. H. L. LASKI,
Phjrnician, Surg-eon a'nd Aeconchenra
813 Mala Ntrect, Nar .Union.
Telephone No. aa.
English Walktngfast Shoes
Nhoc. In all etylea, are tha beat la tho oily.
athiira, in all .hapea and .lyle., are tho Dob
Ole t and tiett in ice u nited state..
7.BLLN KR'K Kay a' Nboce ere tha be.t that aro made.
7-KLLNKK'H 4'bildrru'a Nnara will lava yoa money.
ZKItLNKH'S Ladlm'riheMwnnd ftllppora aro tha band
and moHt atyli.h, and are cheaper than any
oinere 01 equal nreo
ZKLI.NKR'S Ladloa Hid BntMai Sbexio
with .Ilk wor.ted battm holea, are tho eraatoet bar
auin. yon have aver aeen.
alABTia IlIUIi

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