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FEI511UAKY 20, 18SG.
Speeches by Senators IagaHa, EvarU,
Harris and Hoar llonse
WAsaiKOToi. February 19. Mr,
Kelly IP. renewed his request to
have printed in the Record a review of
the testimony in the Fit is John Porter
case prepared by Judge Advocate
Holt. . .
Mr. Brag? Wit, who had pre
ioualy objected, said that as the bat
tle was over he wm in favor of a gen
era! mnttftty and would make no ob
jection. The tf qnt was granted.
Mr. Hewitt N.Y. called up the
joint resolntioa tendering the thanks
of Congress to Joseph Francis for hia
lifelong services to humanity and his
country in the construction and per
lection of life-saving appliances, and
authorising the President tj have pre
pared a gel J medal to be presented ti
Mr. Francis. Pawed.
The House then went into commit
tee of the whole. Mr. Hatch of M s
souri la the chair, on the private cal
endar. On the hrst bill on the calen
dar Mr. Hcvt of Pennsylvania offered
a verbal amendment and proceeded to
deliver speech on the silver ques
tion. Mr. Scott said that he was in favor
of bimetallism at the .present time,
aHhongli be was a baliever in the su
periority of gnld ni a standard of
valne. Mr. Srolt spoke at great length,
and finally Mr. tieddea O.) profited
againet the private bill day Ueing con
sumed in a discussion of the silver
qneetion. lie was then proceeding to
make a speech on silver coinage when
he wai interrupted by Mr Ueed, Me.
who snggested that Mr. Ueddes was
guilty of the same inconsistency with
which he chargd the gentleman irom
Pennsylvania. Why take np any more
time with financial speeches? The
minority of the House was entirely
dissatisfied with the time taken up al
After some further debate, Mr. Oei!-
des cmriedhia point and proceeded
with bin speech,
bliorily alter the conclusion of Mr.
Klediles' speech (he committee roan ii'id
ft he House parsed a dcy?u private
Mr. Bland Mo.J anked unanimous
onsent to oiler a reiolntlon making
khe free Bilver coinage bill on the
alendar a continuing f-p' i inl order
rom Tuesday next. Mr. Steele Ind.
The House then took a recess until
t:30 o'clock this evening, j,ho seen ion
o be lor the consideration ol pension
At the night session several private
illla were passed, and the House ad-
The Nrwnt.
The Chair laid btf jre the Senate a
omrannication from the Secretary cf
lie Interior transmitting a copy ol the
laws passed by the last 6esdion of the
eglslature ol Arizona.
(Senator Manderron pd'ered a res-
Vutioa directing the Secretaries cf
!at and War to inquire into and
snort to the Penal s the fads snr-
ounding the killing of Capt. Kmmet
irawford, United t-tites army, (aid ti
ave neen slain oo or about January
0, 1880, by Mex'can troops, and to re-
art what ttspa were being taken for
ie punishment by the Mexican gov-
rntnent of those guilty of the alleged
titrate; alro whether repaia'ion and
idemnity ahoald not be made to
tiose who suffered, and ample exha
lation and apology to the United
ales lor the apparent grots insult.
elemd. k
Among the billi introduced and
(erred waa one by Senator KJmunris
Illative to the eight hour law. He
kid the bill related to the letter-car
ters' hours of labor. Thoae hours
emed to ba reallv in exemu nf what
uman nature could endure.
On motion of feenatorEuM lathe res
ntiou of inquiry heretofore offered
!y him relating to the New Orleans
iib-Treaeury and its treatment of the
Iver dollar wai taken from the cal-
(senator Tailor's amendment was
reed to extending the inquiry into
e causes o! the defalcations alleged
k have occurred at the New Orleans
ib-Treasury in connection with the
itndling of silver dollars. Senator
!Ut-s resolution thus amondsd wa.
treed to.
On uiotiou of Senator Dawes, the
nt3 then resumed consideration of
be bill to provide fortho allritment of
mis in eeveralty to the Indiana.
The education bill was placed bo-
Ire the Senate and .Senator Kv.irts
okthelbor in its advocacy. He
jok np the ol ji clions to the bill, and
uer analyzing anu aiscuneing tliein,
kpressed his laUurj to see that thev
ere well founded. Continuing, he
ihl that the people of the United
atea were confronted with a threat
ilng and growing maas of ignorance,
ow, here waa a deliberate, renserva-
avir, iuuukuuui nun iiuumuie meal
re for the remedy of that ignorance,
IT. t l...l.tll l 1 I I
inuasnra which, looking in Hie lane
the situation produced by the war,
oposed to apply the abundant re
urces of a renovated and restored
niont) exert at this time for th
jimmon defense and general welfare
q resources of the nation with ni
rge ana liberal a hand as it had ex.
led the power ts produce the results
the war then, alf o, for the "com
on defense and general welfare."
Senator lngalls contrasted the svs
ms prevailing in the Northern and
uthern States before the war the
inthern States preferring not to edu
4 a the blacks; tie Northern Statm
j lieving in universal education. It
.'as this fait, and the homogenieiy
j suiting from the Northern mtthoj,
, at bad rrtn Je Northern armies euc
jssfnl. Admitting.be said, that the
institute a couUiutd the dormant
:vd sleeping power claimed for it tiv
; e advocate of th's bill, the nrarli-
; l question was. Why ehnnld that
jiwer be evoked? Wny should we
f rn over the common school system
the country into the custody of the
neral government? The South was
-1 j net to iteelf. One of the most lm
!flsing symptoms about the South
is its want of self-reliance its dis
i3ition to call on the general govern
ment for assistance. Nothing made
' en or nit ons so strong as the exrr
e of their own faculties. The South
d not been impoverinhed by the
ir. The ownership of 4,000,000 men
id simply ' been transferred
m their masters to them
Ives. A free man,, however, was
iter than a slave, and theSonth war,
; erefore, not poorer bnt richer for the
! ange. Senator lngalls read an arti
i from a Southern paper allowing
at since 1879 the assessed value oi
nthern property had increased bv
M.000 000. and that J500,0U0,00b
nth of railroads had been bnilt, and
it iu every other direction material
igrees there was making rapid
idee. "Men of the South," said be,
"Is that a true story T Is there any
Senator from the South who will rise
in bis place and fay that the condi
tion of the South is not immeasurably
better than it was before the war 7
Senator Riddleberger replied that
be, for one, would eay that the South
was not In as send a condit.on as be
fore the war, though he did not regret
thA result oi the war.
f- Senator lngalls saw no occasion for
despondency as to the condition of the
colored men; nothing in history could
compare with the advance they hal
tnaue. u the object ot the bill, how
ever, wai to promote the education of
the illiterate claes between the ages of
six and twenty-one, and if the bill
were so amended, no Senator wonld
vote with a wider liberality than be
to accomplieh the result.
Senator Hear then delivered an ad
dress in favor the bill, in the course of
which be took occasion to severely
criticise uie oouinern Democrats.
Senator Harris said if the question
were free from constitutional objec
tion ue wonm sun oppose it. lor the
reason mat me money to be appro
priated for this purpose, whether
ttken from the treaenry of the several
Slates or from the Federal Treasury,
was drawn by taxation from the pock
ets of the people of the several States
and Territories. He would never
consent t) see the strong band of Fed
eral power exerted in a State for the
purpo'e of contiol'ing or interfering
with is domestic all'mis. Each Stats
was the best judge of its own educa
tional interests.
Uhe debate on the educational bill
was then closed for the day.
Serja'.or Kdmunds, from the Com
mittee on the Judiciary, repoi ted fa
vorably bills to remove the political
disabilities of Alexander P. Stewart
of Mississippi, Thomas L. Kosser of
V irginia. and J.dward U. But or of
The hills were at once passed. Sena
tor Kdmunds remarking that one of
the parties was an aged gentleman,
and desired before leaving this world
to be at peace with the United States.
Senator Jio.-k said he did not know
of any smaller business for the Judi
ciary Committee than to be peddling
cut removals of disabilities in this
Senator i.iimunds rf nlied that all
thut the United Kites asked of any
person, before relieving him of the
penalty imposed on him by the con-
titut!oa for vh luting bis oath and de
serting the constitution that he had
sworn to support and making war
againt the United Slates, was that be
should present a respectful petition
showing that ho would give up fig'it.
ing me uniieu Mate?, ana to pay the
debts be owed for moneys received in
Ins ollicial character. If the Senator
from Keutncky thought that to "be
peddling out" the removals referred
to, he was entitled to his opinion.
iienainr r.ecir, replied that twelve
vtursagothe House of Representatives
had passed a bill removing all disabil
ity, and bffore that time the Senate
had done so. It did not happen that
both bouses had done it at the same
session. He insisted npon character
izing the present mode ai "peddling
out," and supposed that in the pres
ent condition of the Senate nothing
better could be expected.
After an executive session the Sen
ate adjourned uniil Tuesday next.
In the ('oininllli-Booma.
The House Committee on Postofliceg
and Postioids, to-day unanimously
agreed to report adversely all bills be
fore it for the purchase or construc
tion of telegraph lines by the Govern
ment. Wednesday and Thursday,
March 3d and 4th, the committee will
hoar argument from all persons who
desire to address the committee on
the subject ot government conducts
with telegraph companies.
i:rial SiAVHhTio. '
A Cniiny Formed lor I be l'arpone
at t tilrnno.
CnicAoo. February 11). Articles of
Incorporation were issued at Spring
field yesterday for the Transconti
nental Aerial Navigat'on Company of
Chicago to establish aerial transporta
tion liner, the capital etcck being
$150,000 and the incorporators Arthur
DeBaunsett, Kugene Morgeurette and
Jules Lang. Mr. DeBaussett is a
French physician who has reiided in
Chicago for several years past and haa
ma le a study of aerial navigation for
over twentr-two years. Dr. Deltaus
sett's object is to build an air ship, thii
length of which will be 174 feet. Its
width is to be tweutv-four feet and its
night twenty Iwo faet. The main
cylinder will be 054 feet in length and
14 1 feet in diamoter. It is expected to
prove by the vacuum theory that it is
potsible to navigate the air by the
laws of gravitation by overcoming the
pressure of the atmosphere without
lilling it with hydrogen or other gui.
It is int jnded to begin the work ol
building the ship in about two weeks.
and it will ba completed in about two
Months. Dr. Ueliausaett is contideut
that the search for the North Pole can
be successfully accomplished bv means
of his air ship, which will be arranged
so that it can be propelled over ice as
well as through the air. He ih in re
ceipt of a lhUerioir letter from the
Smithsonian Institute concerning his
invention, and is in rommunicction
with James Oordou Bennett of New
York in relation to making an explo
ration (or the North Pole when the
ship is co npUt id.
Only llnir Alive.
Tharo tt hoiti nf men tnil women who, to
coin I'hnuo, art only hulf iilive. ThutiMo
ray, thaj hin liloni, if avar. any tutlto,
arc nurvoua, wtuk, fiilietty and troubled by
nuinborlafi mull tin anil aolici. In tha
presence f viguroili, exuberant vitality they
ream mere linme. buch rerinnii urn usu
ally foml nf freiiuently diminit theniielvef,
a watlowini li the euunoof the year enouh
(lrimtn a took any a-otheoury'i hoi it -w
limiiliin. Thin, of ei-orta, defeati
infted ot iurthcrin the end in view, via,
the recovery nf beitltli and vi,.r. Were
tlioy tn seik it fmin an unlili" mun-c nf
vitality, Uottottei'a stnmnrh llittom, h
dilW nl would he thrir nane. Then vigur
would return to their I'ebilitated trntueo, the
kUw nl hualib t. their wn hrnk, their
trrmblina, un.-er'atn anil wmild t-r..w lir-n
and elinlic, iippetite, Ihit randost nr nil
Hui !i, would ivo a rolirh fur the d.iily
td, were it ver to roarse, and rettehini
MU'i would crown tha tak of the duy.
niraneaa Irnin Mater l'ollutlnn.
Kn.MMMi, I'a., Vi'liniiii v 111. -llrcat
and iilarmiiiji si, kius exists in tin
ni. Tons fiimilies ri si.lin iiIuiik Hcvii.
liui.It's creek', north of thU city, con-
i.-tini; of it grndiial waxtint: away ot
the system, ns in cases of roiiNti'mp
tion. At llrt the plivsieinns were
puzzled, but have jn discovered that
the chemical waste (ruin a ilvnaniilc
factory rum into Uu. creek, n,',. Wnter
of w hich is used ley all Un families.
There is trrvat distress aiiioin; tin- resi
dents of the liciu'liliorhoud.
Whrai Tried Alwajra Preferred.
When they once become acquainted
with it, laities invariably preier Par
ker Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft and
glossy, arrests its falling off. promotes
new growth, restores the original rolor,
and bas no rival as a dressing. Not a
dye, not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at drogpata.
Fitwaffe of the Snppl'mentary EM
by the House-Senate Pro
ceeding. UriciiL to thb arrr.AL.1
Jackson, Mibs., January 19. The
supplements bid amnndinir the char
ter of the Memphis, Birmingham and
Atlantic Railroad Co nr. any passed
the Houee to-day and becomes a law.
The first section of this act amends
the charter 10 as tj require the mi
pany to run within one mile cf New
Albany, Tupelo and Fulton, the coun
ty seats of Union, Lee and Itawamba
counties, and as the Legislature bas
no power ii amend the charter with
out the consent of the company, the
second section prohibita all other com
panies from locating or constructing
parallel linea within twelve miles of its
road, provided it accepts the amend
ment in thirty days. Thus the amend
ment to the charter of the Kansas
City, Memphis and Birming
ham Railroad Company is ex
tended bo as to include . all
other companies, thereby securing
the Memphis, liirmingham aid Al
lan! ic Railroad Company tlie exclusive
right to build on route aolected by it
from Memphis to Birmineham. and
disabling the friends of the. Kansas
City company from accomplishing
their purpose by the ubb of one of the
many old charters heretofore enacted.
This lias been an extraordinary and
memorable contest in the Legislature
of Mississippi, and, as predicted by
your correspondent, it has resulted
throughout In favor of the Memphis.
Birmingham and Atlantic Railroad
Company. There ie much rejoicing
among the members and their friends
living along the line of the roid.
Legltlnllve froreetlluKa.
Jackson, Mieo., February 19. S'cn-
o'f Bills passed lait night: To declare
what shall be a lawful fence in
Sharkey county; to amend the law in
relation to re: eiveis.
The special order lor to-dav was a
bill calling a Comtitutional Conven
tion and the tame waa dieenssed at
length by Messrs. Burkitt. Whitney
nnd Walker for the bill and MesM.
Packwood and Love contra. Its fur
ther consideration was postponed un
til Monday next.
The Senate confirmed the following
County Super. iitdndenta of F-duua-t
on : J. R. Reynolds, forAlcorn coun
ty; Ii. K. Smith, for Jones; James R.
Yerger, Jr., for IssiHiuena; A. J. Kv-
erett, f r Fraukl n, uud W. L. Young,
for Holmes.
Mr. Casey, a member of the Satiate
Committee on Penitentiary and
Prifons, announced to-day that he did
not indorfe the report of the majority
made yesterday relative ts the peni
tentiary, and inked permission to file
a minority report at a future ?ay,
which was granted. It is said that the
minority of taid committee are prepar
ing a report which will give an entirely
ditl'erent aspect of allairs to that given
in the majority report.
Adjourned till Monday next at 10
o'clock a.m.
The minority report of the com
mittee to investigate the conduct of
W. L. Lowe, Representative from
Bolivar, was adopted, which acquits
Lowe of the charges.
The contested election cases of R.
P. Duncan vs. W. L. Lowe, and J. L.
Colli ns vs. S. B. Black well were made
the special order for Tuesday next.
The House poised the Senato bill
supplemental to the charter of the
r'Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantic
Kniiroad Company.
The House occupied the session lost
night in discussing the bill proponing
to lease the penitentiary to the Gulf
and Ship Island Railroad Company.
Ho result was reached.
Adjourned till Monday next
Mrst of the members of both houses
left for New Orleans at 3:40 this even
ing. Daiaaie Nnlt.
The damage suit of O. C. A C. It.
Thatch of Voebure, Miss., vs. The
Michigan Carbon Works of Detroit,
Mich., brought nnder act of the Legis
lature of 1H8L', was to-day decided,
after a trial cf six days, in favor of
the defendants.
jom:m!oi;o. auk.
The Proposed Knllrond From Half!
lionb lit Meiiiphla Persoaal
IcnnRKsroNpEvcs or ir irnuL.I
JoNKsnono, February 18. The great
snow-storm of 188d is neaily gone.
Only here and there tail small, linger
ing patches of it be seen. But my!
Wasn't it a big one, though? No,
sir; nothing like it was ever seen in
this country. Think of snow being
on an average thirty inches deep and
even three or four feet where there
was a drift, and this in the "Sunny
South," too. Aa "tiilieroy" iu the
Soulhwfflcrn ifcihodUt says: No more
the "Sunny South" row. She baa
lost her repulution on that rcore.
Considerable damage was done to
buildings in this vicinity on account
of the pressure of the snow on the
rocfj. Seveial roefs gave way entirely,
killing stoja. The roof on our posl
ollice was badly damaged and would
have been crushed in bnt for the
timely wotk in shoveling off thosnow.
Well, it's nil over now, and we hope
never to see the like again.
Mr. Clark of Little Rock will begin
our to-.at lioueo April 1st, and will
complete it by September 10th. 'the
contract has not yet been let for the
puVlio school building, but will be
Dr. A. R. Winfield of the Ariamaw
Travtler and lecturer, is here preach
iug and lecturing. He lectured last
night on "Iondou and the Continent."
To-t'ay he preached a powerful sermon
and to-night he will lecture on "Kgypt
and the Holy Land." The doctor baa
net aa yet spoken to a very full house,
but those who tl ly away can form no
com: ption cf what intellectual feasts
they nre depriving themselves of. He
is iuitnilab.e. There is r.obcdy like
him. There is only one W'inlielH, at
least in A r liama, or that we have,
ever btn-d of. lie is a grand old
A number of our cit'zens have
taken contracts on the new railtoad
from Bald Knob to Memphis, and
Brtein to think they bave struck n
"bonarx "
Our sister county, Cross, is to be
congratulated on securing another
road through her territory. It will
surely be a great helper in developing
her many reeourcea.
A brakeman on the Texas and St
Louis railroad got his arm terribly
crushed on a train at Taragould last
Sunday and was brought here for
treatment Dr. Stoddard amputated
the limb, but the unfortunate man
never reacted, and died Monday even
ing. I did bear ba name but have
f jrirotlen it.
We are having qiu an influx of
immigration here t-cently from the
North. Col. 8. M. Uvrkle of St. Jo
eeph, Mo., has secured the agency for
large uoaies oi ian( m this county,
and he is settling these people on
tbem. They are mojtly mill men and
they are hrbt clan people, jnst what
we need here. We welcome them and
wiali for more of theaame kind. We
have rcom for many knore. Our tim
ber resources are alnott inexhausti
This is election year and already
candidates for the vaious olflces are
coaling out I learn that two gentle
men nave aircaiy tnnounced tbem
selves for the office ot prosecuting at
torney of this (Seccnd) judicial cir
cnit. The Hon. W. B. Edringtoa of
Osceola has been thi worthy incum
bent of this ollije the. past four years.
"Bart" (as l.e is familarly known) baa
been faithful and ellideLt, and ia very
popular in this count. Rumor hai it
that Judge Ca'.e ia an aspirant for the
seat in Congreaa bow held by
the Hon. P. Dunn. Judge Cate
is a man of great ability,
ami Co). Dunn may lok to hie lau
rels, f ir be will find in the judge a
"foeman worthy of bit steel."
We Arkaneiana are ibdignant at the
manner in which the Northern press
ia trying to cast a ttigma upon the fair
name of our Garland, '1 her will be
compolled t use ito'e printer's ink
thai will ever be manufactured in
thesa United States before we will be
live that Arkansas's honored son has
been guilty of any fraid or corruption
in cilice. No, sir; we will have none
of it. They have mistaken their man.
11. Ii. m.
Important Move by
flie Kulfo mt
New York. February 19. The Timet
this morning says: C. P. Huntington
made an important move yesterday.
He determined to mand at en e tbe
troubles among bis employes of tbe
Southern Pacific, Louisiana and the
Morgan Steamship Comranv. He in
structed one of his representatives to
telegraph orders to his New Orleans
managers t) comply without any de
Uy with the demands of the striking
workmen. This is important and sig
nificant ai bearing on the trnnaconti
nental railway warfare. Mr. Hunting
ton, by giving in to' the aggrieved men,
l'sa thnn 100 in number, and by grant
ing tbem the advance in wr.ges fiom
f 50 ti f u5 per month they asked, thus
not only ends theflgilt in New Orleans
againtt his steamship and railway
lines, but puts his lines in a position
ts run at their very fullest capacity
i.d uninterruptedly. Mr. Hunting
ton's friouib fay that hia action in this
matter signifies hia intention to enter
upon an nigrefsive campaign in the
light against com pt ting traneconti
nental lines. He will alio make a new
ichedule of fi eight rates along bis
Sunset route, by which lie connects
San Francisco and New Orleans by
rail, to reach New York from New Or
leana by hia Morgan Steamship line.
Tbe new schedule, to go into effect
to-day, will materially reduce freight
rates and is perhaps the most vigorous
step yet taken by any of tbe warring
transcontinental lines. The Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fe read will issue
its new echeduKi tj-dny.
Calling KMes nl Chicago.
Chicago, February 19. All the
Chicago railroads havirg transconti
nental connections are booking paa
seugeislo San Francieco at the fol
lowing Ciiures: First class, nnlimited,
170 40; first class, limited, $00.40;
second class or emigrant, limited, $32.
This is a reduction tf about $35 on
on Brat class rates. The rates to Port
land and to California vit Northern
Paclilo' remain unchanged. No re
ductions bave been announced over
that road. A prominent railroad offi
cial, in commenting on the situation
this morning, said the action of the
Pacific reads in announcing the sale
of unlimited tickets at tbe reduced
ia'e meant that the old tariff would
probably never again be imposed, as
the present rates allowed them nearly
3 cents a mile, which was an equitable
return for so long a haul.
Nelson II. Biker, dirtrict attorney,
Westche'ter county, N. Y,, office at
White Plains, writes June 20, 1885:
"Five years ago I, my wife and two
sons were very liable to co'ds. We
wore the heaviett clothing, wrapping
ourselves rp very warm ; but it was
colds, coughs and catarrh all the time,
Finally we commenced wearing All
cock'a I'orous Piasters as chest pro
tectors. The fi n-t year we got rid of
our heavy flannel as well as all toughs
and colds. We each wore two plas
ters on the chest and pit of the stom
ach for three or four weeks at a time,
then washed the parte with alcohol
and put on fresh ones; they appeared
to warm and invigorata the whole
body so that we nA'or toik cold."
Skin, Scalp, Blood
rieanaed. Purified and Itennllfied
bj the C'ntlrnrft Remedies.
TT'OR elenin the Skin and Swilnnl Dit
I' Anuria- llunnra, fur allayiqs Itrliine:.
llurninf and InUiimmatinii, Inr rurint the
first fyiniitnmn of Ki'ieonn, l'aoriuii. Milk
Crut, Sruld Hend, ttnrnfulu, and nthor in
herited Skin and illnnd l)icuo, Cuticcha,
the urea. Hkin Curn, and Cuticcra Hiiac, an
ax'itiinite kin UeautiR-r, exturnally. and
Ccticiika Kkhiii.v kt, the new Blood Puri
fier, internally, are infallible.
have heen eellina your Cctircia Rkm-
nias tor the rant three or four yeitm, and
have never heord auirnt but itnod worda im
their lavor. Your t't'Tloiia a Sur it deci
dedly tee bent eallins niadicintil ennp we
handle and ia huhly iriied bre for ita
uothina and iifteronjr efleH unun tha kin.
J. CMtTON YYUBAT, Ja., Drujgiet.'
Winchester, V.
Til c i. a am Nm i.k.
Our rn'n nf Ccticcki nre aa Urue, If not
larger thsa any inedimno wo roll; and wa
auure ynu that we have never had a ftiiiaie
invUnce in whii-h the iurrher waa diumt
i'ticd. As to your Huap, we ran fell no
other everybody want IU thtra.
Mll.UCt k CilAl'.MA.S. Drut-itulr.
Lnuiiiana, Mo.
HALT Kll r.l'l. l KKI.
Two nf the wort ea-e of Salt Hheum I
evnr aw wore eured by your Cf nci'KA Mcu
Kiiirs, and their laloa exceed thoe nt m.11
other like remedio. I sell very little nf any
other ire lirinnl NAr thn t.'c riccat.
UKOU..B A. ANIll'i.N V, UrufKiiit.
Kawanec, 111.
TheCrTirca Ukvkiius aro excellent rem
edies for ail skin disiHinrs.
. J.O. WlLMiN. M D., 11 irvel III.
tl Tlt'liltA JttlMKIMEN
Are toldererewhere. Prire: Ct'TicraA. SOo. ;
KKoi.mT. fl.tn; Khap, i'.c TuTTaa llseti
asu Cheiiical Cn., button, Mai.
Sendfir"llow Inl'areSkln Olaeaoen."
UtlUDO, n.by Uuin.ira
ltlrinishes and
rured by Cirri
ccka Ann -Paii Pi.Asraa. At drurill. 'Jfc.
m wr.Ati et ta, rain ana
J fjk Weaknena a-rn-.i the Kidnaya,
tiJ Fhm.tinf I'alna thn.uuhthe Loina,
Vr, fTl trrinn Haina, Lark of atrenoth
ITand Activity Inntmlly relieved
ia tnd aieedllr eured bv the Cvti-
v7 Mala ,trtet. t MompUU, !.
Bow many terrible achca oneri poor neadl
ttaa, and anal BUUeruig if caused by Uieae STrT ' u" TulT"or ';:n l'Jfl
badacba. Krtk-f may be had from Nervoua, ' ZZJ?ZZZX,U?Z '-'- -
Vuanlgla, or bick lltadaihe by the use of, Puux Rtxcku. M. D St pad, Mint.
CrttACvYvM whl not cire-ail, t "Rava nied Tonoaukx tn rt NiralrM
"Vvjwvvw,icb L, t cure for Kervoua Hed-hea with ax-a to alnxnt ery inauu.
Headache, Keurulsia. KhcumatUm, tUcInN''' "
and Ooot No proprietary medicine haa ever 3 f D"k "
obtained such Wrong eadorxect from the j cul "Z?L "'0' Cmr to W
medical prof.-ssiou. . I tm-o. Uxkuaix. M.D.8t.Tboinaa,Ua.
A. A. fVIELLIEff. R)l Proprietor. 700 and Til WAKUCVnTCJN AVKUK. KT. IXIUIS
Madison Street, K ear Cotton Exchange and Theater
3F2.ctt os, $2 JRontr Day.
-z -
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts.
MEMPHIS, ' - -
stes9 Boan & Oo
lioIesale Grocers
13 ITmIoh utrcet.
E. WITZiWAlfif o
Wholesale Dealer
Sol Atenti for tha following
iftYtn A "rVM "ABOH HAM! IN, 1I.OI UH A WABHEJf, 111
Vj.iT All (9mmm VAOtt lOif AUK OUUA1.
Writu for Catalotmw.. fto.S2:t nnd
3.. , Ij53E3 df CO. a. -
37G-37S80-382-lrSS feecond street, south ot (iayoHO.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilinp, Siding, Shingles,
tnonifiinir. i,nini. t eniir rnn ana v-tmeiw.
mi I'm;
294 Front Street,
No. 297 Kecoml Street, : Mempliis, Tenn.
JN0. S. T00F.
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton
And Dealers In Levee
274 Front Strt
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. 3a Irfaln Street, Oayosut RlooU.
Vice-President i
I '111
Pilsener Beer in
Only Pnre Chrjstal Well Wuler Used for Brewing; Purposes.
W. Corner ISutlcr and Teimesiee Stir.
eceiver's Sale
On and after thii date I (hall offer at prirate sale the entire stock of
Hardware, Cutlery, Hecl1aIlics, Tools,
Sawmill Supplies, Agricultural Implements,
r;i ahall eontlnoe to aeM from day to day at ery low rate. Thoae raquirlna; anythtpir in
thia line for liaildma. Meebanieal, Farminc or other purpoiei, will hare an opportoni J to
aupply their wanu tt rate ireally to their advantage.
MiMruia, February 1, mti. 0, I. McDOlYELl Heoelrer.
fvr tsdeSntts aehn and naina of mi
- 1 j-afcAiA rfi
and Cotton Faciei
M(-mi1i.H. Tent.
and Publishers,
Firat-Olaai Inatrnmantii
aari KI OOMI NT.. JMT F.Hf PlflS
Opp. Cnstom-lfonse.
and Uallroad Supplies,
-TVTtrit'hl1 Twt-)i
Sec'y and Tre&s
n VI
Kegs and Bottles.
Irx-r- .Tn 1 .
b Grocers
S. P.
W. 0.
No. 84. R. D. Chan eery Court of Fhelby
eooLty t-Ute of lenneswe lor itaowo im,
- Catherine ll .rr.n at al.
TJY t irtue of an interlocutory oeeree lor
Vf .nUred In the above eau on tha
I4"1,"-.,' 1VeMmk r. 1-', M. B. SO, paca
6"nV?7.lll"1' 1 public auction, to the hiah
tn bidder, in front o tha Clerk and Master,
offioe, eourthoaa ol bhe by oounty, Mein
pnia, lenn., on
Halarday, narrh , iss,
within local houn, the followin. deicrihad
property, aituatod in bhelby county, Xencoa
aee, to-wit:
Lot lii, bloek 10, ?. W. Smith'e anbdivi
ion,48V4 by l.0 feet on the west aide ot Or
leam atraet, lonthweat eorner of alley n rtb,
of rlt. Paul atreet. Sold aa property of M.
r. Mynre.
Lot i, block IA, east aide of Third atreet,
50 feet eouth of Utoraia atreet, 2t by IU:!-,
feet, rnjld as prirty of Thoinu Nacle.
Lot 3U, block lit, eaataide of Third lUeat,
10th ward, U br feet, the north line ba
ing 74 feet eouth ot Oeoraia (treat, told a
property of 1 bomaa Naiile
Lot 18, block 1, frontina 24 feat on the eaat
ids of Water atreet, Fort Pickering, and
runtime back 6,1 feet. Sold aa property of
the Urientnl Powder Co.
Lot 13, Polk 'a aubdivision, .'0 by 170 feet on.
touth side of Georgia street, tba wedtl no oe--in.
300 feat east of Orle.in streos. Sold aa
properte of J. W. Purnell.
Lot 40, blm k 11. east side nf Second street,.
24 by 100 feet, U6 leet north ol Alabama
treet, loth ward.
Lot 41, b'ock II, ea't side of Socond street,.
24 by too. 72 feet nonh of Alabama.
Lot 42, block 11, east side of Seoond street,
24 by 110 feet, Kith ward.
Lot 4.1, block 11, east side of Second (treet,
24 by 10 1 feet.
Lot 44, block 11. east s'de of Secsnd street,
24 by 1141 feet, fciold aa property of Samuel
bchoibler and others.
Lot 21. block 17, north side of Carolina.,
treet, 2 by 100 feet, f 0 feet a.-t of Fourth
atreet. Sold as property of Thomns Nelson.
Lot 21, block 17, north side of Cur-Una.
street, 2r by I'M feet. 7. feet Mil of Fourth
treet. Sold as property ol Thomns Nelson.
Lot 2f, block 14, south side of Uroulway,.
25 by 170 leet, 25 feet east of alley east of
Third street, loth ward.
Terms of Sule On a credit of six mon ths :
not. with security bearing interest required ;
lien retained, redemption barred. This Feb
ruary 1, 1XN).
S. 1. WoDOWELL, Clark and Maiter
My J. M. lirndley. Deputy Clerk & Matter.
V. II ic C. W. lleiikell. Solicitors.
No. 6337, a.W, R. D.-Chancery Court of
Shelby county State ot Tennesi.ee s.
Samuel Folwcll etal, and Prank Lilly etal.
BV virtue of interlocutory decrees for
sale, entered in the above cons"Iidatd
causes on tho4thduy oi Januarv, lhsi, M. B.
61, pare ii, und November 25, iSW, M. B. 5.
pace 243, I will sell, at public action, to ths
hixhosl bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master's otiioe, oourthouvo of Sbelb) oounty,
Memphis, Tenn., en
Niilnrilny, Mnrrh 13. ISMII.
within leKtl hours, the follow ingr dencribed
property, situated in bholby county, Tounes
sce, to-wit:
Lot. 1, bcni nil in it whero 1 he .south side of
the roadbed ot the Louiivillo nnd Nnihvillo
ritilruid crosses the went side of the Bib
Creek roud; thence touth west with the
west side of the Big Creek road lU7l'etti
Concord street extended; thon.'e north W
west 131' foet with Coucord (treet; thence
north 10" ea&t lt5 feet to the south S'.U of
tuid railroad : thence south 7n" euat with, the
railroad 151 feet to the beginning:.
Lot 3, beginning on the north side of the
Old Raleigh road at the junct on ot tho south
side of Concord street extended with tha
north sido of tho KaioiRh road ; thoneo south
64" west with the uorth side of the KaleiKll
road 312 feet to a stake; thence south 03'
west 132 foot to a stake in the north side of
the road ; thence north 2.2 west 372 foet to
Concord street; thonea south 7al eu.:t527,'1
feet to the beginning.
Lot 6, beginning nt tho mouth of Quail
bayou on the north line of Concord street
extended; thenoe south 70" east 184, feet to
a stake on east bank of Quail bayou ; thenee
nor In HW'," east 103 feet to the south side of
the railroad; thence north 7C ' west with the
south side of the railroad 240 foot tn the vast,
bank of Bayou Guynso; theuce south 14" east
with the bayou il feet to the beginning.
Lot 2. fronting KO feet on the north line of
Concord street extended 131.' , feet wet of the
Big Creek read, and running back to the
Louisville and Nashville railroad on which
it fronts 200 feet.
Lot 5, fronting feston tbe north line
of Concord street eitended 101', feet east of
bayou (layoso, und running btck to the
Louisville and Nashville Kuilroad.on which
it Ironts ISO fort.
Lot 4, beginning on tha norfi side of John
son avenue 14f or 10 feet ea't of alley east
of bayou Mayoao; Ihence east with roud ot
feet; thence north 23V W 372V foet to Con
oord street extended ; thence wbi ward with
the street to alley; thencs S 3S K to a point
150 leet from Johnson avenue; thence east
ward parallel with said avenue H&.'i (eet;
thence 623 ' E l'O feet to the beginning.
Terms of Sale Una credit of six months ;
note bearing interest with security rciu red:
lien retained: redemption birred. This
February 17, Wfl
8. I. McDOVTEI.L, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk it Ma tor.
F. II. A- C. W. Ileiskell, Sols. nt
No. 82S9, (H Chancery Court cf Shelby
oounty State of Tennessee, for u'e, ete.,
vs. W. K Butler etal.: and No. loisi, II.
City of Meinph t vs. F. W. Frazer et al..
Bod No. 1101, H.D. City of Memphis vs.
0 W. Fraioretal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in the above cauae on the
tith day of November, lDefi, M. B. fie, page SH,
I will sell, Bt'publio auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of tho Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse of Shelby oounty, Mem
phis. Tenn., on
Notardny, t'ebranry 20, ISSI.
within legal b.mrf, the following detcribed
property, situa'ed in Memphis, Shelby ooun
ty. Tenn., to-wit;
Lot 10, block 05, sitnated nt the northwest
intersection of Beala and Socnnd streets,
fronting hii-i feet on the north side ot Ilea I e
street and running hack with the west line
of Second atreet 150 fot. Sold ns property
of C. W. Edmonds, C. W. Fruror and others.
Also, lots 17 and 1, block 35, Saint's sub
divihion. each ironting 25 faeton tho east
sido of M "in street, 10th ward, by a rientb of
05 feet. Sold as property of Anna ii Lamb
and others.
Also, lots 21 and 22, block 35, Saint's sub
division, 10th ward; lot 22 frontin. 90 lent
on the eat sido of Mitin street, and lot 21
fronting 25 feer on the east side ol Main
atreet and running hack 40 fet.
Terms of Sale-On a credit six months:
purchaser executing notes with security; lien
retained and redemption burred. This Jan
uary 26, lhSii.
S. I. MoDOW ELL, Clerk and Master.
Bv J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk and Master.
J W. Hamilton, solicitor. Fat.
No. S2iK, R. (F)-Chaneery Court of Shelby
county at ate oi lennessfetor use, etc., vs.
W. K
.Butlor et al.; and No. 1473, lt.D.-
ot Mampnis v . M. .McNeill etal.
virtue of an interlocutory docree for
sale, enteied In the above cause on the
11th day o May, 18S3, and renewed Decem
ber 22,1W,, M.B. 50, page 471, 1 will sell, at
put ho auction, to the highest bidder, in
front of the Clerk and Master's office, court
house of Shelbv county, Memphis, Tenn., on
Matnrlay, February 21), 1HMU,
within legal hours, the following described
proi orty, situated in Memphis, hliell.v coun
ty, Tenn., to-wit: Beg lining on the east
side of tho first alley east ol Third street at
its intersection wilh tho south side of Jeffer
son street; thence east w th south line of
Jefleraon str'etl5ti!i tact; thmoe south 148!
foot to an alley; thenoe west with north side
of said alley l.reJ4 teet to tho first alley east
of Third street; thence with said alley US1,
feet uCtbe beginning t-o!d aa the I ropoily
of I. (4. .ttentn and Martha Hod c.
Terms of Sale On a ereditot'7 months:
note with security; IJen retained uud re
demption barred. This January -o Inso.
S. I. MrDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk k Muter.
J. W. Hampton, Solicitor.
Iiusjolveiit J olive.
No. 5.197 R. 7. State of Tennessee, Shelby
county. Office of County Court Clerk, Mem-
Lhis, Tenn., January S), 1S8.1 To John
oague. Public Administrator, and as
such Administrator ol .the ettuto of A.
Yount, doceased :
HAVlNoi suggested tbe insolvency of the
estate of A. Young, deceased, you are
hereby ordered to give notice, by advertise
ment in some newspaper published within
the said State, and also at the Court-liouse
door ol Shelby county, for all persons having
claims against said estate, tn appoar and file
the same, authenticated in the manner pre
scribed by law, on or before the 3d day of
May, IrtXb, and any claim not filed on or be
fore said day, or before an appronrlation of
the funds of said estate is made, shall be for
ever barred, both in law and equity. Wit
ness my hand, at office, this 30th day of Jon
nary, lstso.
H. B. CULI.EN. Clerk.
By Louis Kettmann, Deputy Clerk.
Notice is hereby given as required by the
above order. January 30. DM'..
JOHN LOAtiVt, Adminlitxator.

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