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rQoilon Closed Weak anil 1-lCc Lower;
1 BUdling 6 SSr; Sales 1250
I Bale?.
Money continues in fair demand at
8 per rent. ; lot-al Hwurities firm. Tlie
icotton market, in Fynipitthy with un
.favorable advices from Liverpool, Now
ork and New Orleans, leelinei l-16c
o b:e lor ninl.innjr. Kewiiitrt, 'Siw
ales ; Hitleo, 1250 bales. At New York
pots cloNMi quiet and l-lOc lower,
liddlingS 9-ltie; futures uteuily and 4
9 ixrinta lower, February 8.77
8.!0e, At New Orleans nimiIm i-loned in
good demand at 1-liie ifeelino, middling
Jo-loc; futures uteady and 4 to 11
Joints lower, the former in distant
lonths, February, K.:57(-S.40e. At
iverpool spots wero dull, in buyers
or, and 1-1 tM lower, 'middling 4 l.'-
4d; futureR dull and 1-(4.1 lower,
Vbruary, 4 4!)-(i4 l. Receipts ut nil
nited Htaton ports yesterday, 18,852
les, aiainst 8540 bales same time
Ja-it year. lrovisions and breadstuff))
Steaily at quotations. Kgs scarce
t 24c.
"J'wo brls apples, 6 pkjrs butter, 1 123
ii corn, I pkj; choose, 2 cars cotton
Feed, H712 nks ccvtton-8eed, 250 brls
cotton-seed nil, 112pkgs dry frooils, 3
ikjMetw, f4 brls flour, 140 bales hay,
7 bd lion's, 4S hd cattle, 07 bd horses
and milieu, 250 pkfjslar.l, 0000 ft lum
ber, 17 pkt?8 li(pMirs, 1 brl meal, 800
bu oats, 4"!i brls onions, !?2 brls sugar,
nd J HI) pkpi tolmcoo.
9 Madison St., Hemiihis, Tenn.,
t'orreanoiidtsice aollcltril. Infoc
mutton rlirerfnlly rnrnlKhPil.-ca
Blooey in Lrooddcnmndat.8 percent.
CleaiiuK-llouse report is as follows:
Clearing. llnlinMii.
day. Feb. l. f Jiat.mu I T
t Ttt.lW) till
41-3,182 :
L7li,47ti fa
LMil,- CI
177,898 03
nun far this week... 1.H7;I,1S'I f8
.Die time Inst week. 1,2:17, Isl "I
r. time ImsTi 1,1.13 215 30
if. tune lkH 8,7,;10 114
Pew York sltrht on all bolnu..1
i du
ew Jingiana demand- ...... dm
Kuglund until V. die
lew Orleans....- 'a die
tbe first column we dive the price bid,
' and in the second the rice aased.
ank of Commerce 147! ;ni '0
irs National , 1H5 5l4t
erman Bank ltf'M'aflll
hat National "l: (140.
in ion x fianlern 147
lerpHDtile r. ..130
(3 laS
a 60
m ...
(i H5
(mil 6
CI ...
C ...
(3 25
i NSURACB stocks.
one -
luff City
, 1112
H 2
1 ntera.......
hoenix........ ,
um)hi City
lornando M
noMneoertificiitos, Dand E.... KVjfr 1
iflee warrants, fcerius C 9ti (i4 9H
clbvCounlv bondH 104
(o) 84
Helby County wnrrunU 9H
minir-Untriot 4, B' Vi
kxinx-Diatrict 6' '. .....100
UmnhtaKlnraMnnmtiFaBinn 107
Vt.Mb (laa Comnany stock.. ... 82
JTtf.DB.. (las Ohio nan r bonda li. l'i J
4en..hi'.ytt.i, bonds 96 ...
njiHuerwu tvoras w D'J
ty Oil Works (4 V
eer Cotton-Mills 4 ffi
rican Cotton Oil trusts ......... 20 (9 21
Phis City Kailwav Bonds loo 41(U
mv i okk. J'ebruarv 10. Jloncv
all ruled easy at 1J2 ier'int.
ic mereiintile paper, 4(&5. SUt
exehanfi unchanged,
mils Government bonds were
and steady. Statu bonds wero
and steady. Uailroad bonds were
eeted. The total sales were onlv
11,000. Prices sympathized with
movement in tfio stock market,
cially for the speculative issues.
ig weak in the morning and strong
r midday. The. result of the day's
rations is irregular changes in quo-
stocks The raid on stocks was re
Iwed this morning with great vigor,
io opening prices were very ii-reini-
though u majority of stocks were
o i lower, while 1 acilic Jlail was
wnll. t-'oon after the opcuini; a
ive at the whohs list was made, with
icial attention given to Pacific. Mail,
lion lacilic and I Jickitwnmiii. It
ed a long time as if tlio whole
bital stock of the roads was being
iniicd on the market in a heap. The
Les of .Lackawanna for the first two
iirsamounted toahout 75,000 shares,
a the. trading in the whole listdur-
!Ui(! same tune amounted to as
eh as uu average day's business
,0M shares. The heaviest decline
tlio forenoon was in I jickawanna.
!ch, after opening at l.lOi,', sold at
and then yielded to 11272 : Dela
te and Hudson fell 1 per cent. I'a-
Mail 2J, Union Pacific 2 J, Jersey
tral 1J, and Western Union 1;-.
trunk line shares, grangers and
were wunewlint less active and
aparatively strong, yielding only
ltions. Hie lowest 'figures of the
1 ,.vere flenerally made before noon,
lifer midday considerable busi
es was ihfveloped, which coiilinued
jlfl I! o'cliH'k. The slum's which
ffi .consivii'iious for their weak
M in the forenoon gained
K' a part of tlio
1 1 itheii cslalilished. The break
lie moiniiig was accompanied by
od Aif rumors, Jill nion: or less
lie, but all going to show that se-
is trouble had ' been developed in
j Keailing reiirgimization scJieine,
I! rumors going so nr as to Allege
II the syndicate had loadeil up with
avier supply 01 sWi'Ks during the
jnt advance than it found itself
I to carry, and that it hail been
i'd to sell a part of its holdings..
Hhercaiise for thedcc.'iiM! wits du
lie fact that the price of Pacific
touched a number of tiop orders
t-e it reached the lowwt figure,
i h onlv increased the saie of that
k and led to the general demorali-
Illiaiile chivracter after ruiildav.
il 1 .. ,;1ot..,i ,....rf...i t".
.i!.n 1 he minors Wtri nl u tunrv.
11 1 .tii 1 vii' , ii('"i i't i-.ii ii iiir i' ir
second week of February, all
ing gains ranging from small
nits to over $20,000. These in-
led Canadian Pacific, Onialia, Chi-
and Alton, and Jiuisvilln and
iville. The latter has been nv
lug tieavv decreases lor a long
1 ihist until to-day. The aft'rii()u
,ng was Icrs active, especially la to
e Uy, and the market closed
ii-allv dull and firm.
le IctiJ iles of stocks to-day were
571,178 sbun-s. including Canada
Southern, 30,820; Central Pacific,
:M0; IVlaware, Laekawanna and
Western, 14:i,l.'!0; Delaware and llud
8011, 15,4:!0; Krie. 31,2;!0; Kansas and
Texas, 10,150; Northwestern, 12,!45;
New Jersey 'Central, 17,400; New
York Central, 771H1; Pacific Mail, 50,
5(15; Heading, 7210; t. Paul, 81,225;
Texas Pacific, 4"itK); V'nioli Pacific,
02,185; Western i:nion, 10,iiH.5; North
ern Pacific preferred, 24,t.; Oregon
Transcontinental, 2tio; Ixuisville and
Nashville, 10,510. Closinu quotations:
IT. 8. Ss, 100'i.
New 4!,i, 11:154.
New 4i. IZVi '
Pacific 6 of 1S95, 126',
C. P. firsts. ll.". T. P. bad tranU, 40.
Krie soconds, 1(0';. T. P. Kio U. div.,W.
Le'h 4 Wilkei., 114. 17. P 6rts, ll'i'4.
Louisiana eons., K4. I! P. land crant'.llio.
Missouri 61, I'll. 1'. P. s. 1'uud, lil.i.
St. Jo-ei'h, li2',. Yirgiuiaos, 44.
St. P. 4 6. C. lat,12S. Va.oon., ein.c., 511.
Xenn. 61, old, &s'i. Va.coa. del.. 14'ii.
Tenn. ds, new, bait.
idami Express, ltf. Na.hvill ft C, IV, i.
Alleirhsny Central, N.J. Central, SI.
Alton 4 T. U.. 40. Norfo k k W. pf.f.SR1;
A. IT. 11., ffd, 90. Northern Pac, 2ii',,.'
Ameri.-an Ex., 1IU. Northern P. I'ld, h'i
I!., C. K. 4 N.,70. N. Y. C. 4 St. L.,''4.
Canada Pac, 62''s. N.Y.C.iSt.L , !, Is.
Cana la South., 4I'. C.iK.W., 111).
Cential Pa;ibo. 41!;. 4 N. W. p d. 140.
Chesapeake 4 0., 11. V. Y. Central. l(i.
C.AO. 1st pfj, 19(4. Ohio Central, 1H.
C.40. 2d pi. I, U. Olno 4 Mi.s , 24 ' ..
Chicai;.) 4 Alton. 110. O. 4 Miss, pfd,
C. 4 A. pfd, ISO. Ontario 4 Weft-, l'i.
C, B. 4 y.. MS. Orenon Nav., lid.
0., bt. h A N.O.. Oreiron Trans.. X.i.
C., St. h. 4 1'., l:l. OreKiin Imp., -4.
C.Si. L.iP ,p.,S. Pac.tie Mail, 51.
V., S. 4C.,S3;. Panama. 9S.
C. 4 C. MS. Peoria, U A E., 21.
Del. 4 llud.. lM'i'. Pittiburir. 14il.
lol., L. 4 H'., m. Pullman P. 0., IA.
Hen. 4 Hio(l.,17!4. Reading, ri's.
Krie. 27-J4. Kork 1-laml, i:Vi
Krie pld , St. U- 4 S. F., 21 'i.
Kast reon.,3S. St L.AS.K. p,4.i'j.
Kast Tenn. pl'l., (V';-S. St.L.4.S.F.bt p ln2.
FortWajne, H7k. C. M. 4 St. P.,ii:i7,.
llannihal 4 St. Jo, C. M. 4 St. P. p. 12.1! i
H. & St. Jo pfd, St. P. M. 4 M., lit.
Harlem, 217. St. P. "mnha. 4('.
Houston 4 X.. ' St. P. 4 0. Pld, KM',.
Illinois Cen, l:iS!4', Texas Pari tin, ll'l.
Ind. 11. ft W.. 27. Union Paoilio, 4H',.
Kansas 4 X ,2J'. U.S. Express, 04.
Lake K. 4 V., I U W., St. u. ft P., V'i.
Lake Shore. 87IH W.,St. L. 4 P. p. 1J.
I. ou. 4 Nath , 41s,;. W. 4 F. Ex., lit.
Lou. ft'N. A..H7K. W.U.Tel.,71?.
M. 4 C, 1st pld, Colorado Coal. 24'.
M. 4 C. 2.1 nfd, Homi stake, W.
Mem A C'lir.r., :0. Iron Silver, 210.
Mich. Central, 74. Ontario, 2!'.
Min. ft St. L., WW. Ouioksilver, G.
M. 1 St. L. pld, 4H'i. (Juicksilver pfd, 22.
Missouri Pac, 1(W7. South Pacific,
Mobile 4 0., 14. butro, U.
Morris 4 K.,ond. 117.
Ciiicac.o, I1.1.., Fehruary lfi.--Only
tt moderate demand exists for loan
ahlo funds, w'nilo rates are unchanged
at 4(VrUi per cent, on gilt-edge demsiml
loans and 0(i,7 per cent. 011 time
London, Fehruary 10. Consols,
101 .'!-10 for hot h money and the ac
count, liar silver, 4li(d per ounce.
The amount of 1 n 11 i 11 1 withdrawn
from thu Pmnkof Kngland on balance
tmiay is 27,000.
Pahis, Ki'hruary IK. Throe jut
cent., rentes, ii lor tlie account.
NkwOhi-kans, La., Peliruarv 10.--llank
clearings, $1,:k!4, SH2.
Pioston, JIass., Kehruarv 10. Kx-
changes, 12,0ai,:10; l.alances, J2.022,
070. St. Ioi'is, Mo., Kehruarv 10. Hank
clearings, J2,2(i4,5'. I ; balances, 407,-
New 1 f.pK, Kehruarv 10. Ex
changes, JlJ!t,574,l(iS; balances, .
rAi.TiMOKR, 3Io., February 19.
Hank cleaijugs, J2,:!.S7,257; balances,
i'liu.MiKi.i nn, Pa., February 10.
Bank clearings, J0,S15,:I40; balances,
Ciiii-Aoo, li.u, I'ehrn.i? 10. The
associated bunk clearings to-dav wen
$7,015,(KH). New York Kxihai.-e
ipioted at WV preniiuni.
The local niRiket opened iuiet,and
closed uiet and l-llit lower; mid
dling, 8 7-lOc. Hales, 1250 bales, includ
ing 400 Thursday evening, of which
Klk) vere to exporters, and 450 to spin
Yesterday. buy Ucfore.
Ordinary 7 VA
Good Ordinary 7'4 7 -i
Low Middling- 8 S'J
Middline g 7 18 H'2
Hood Middling 9S1 3-1H
Middling Fair J ll-Hi
Fair Nkii. Norn.
Dusty : 7 (Ss 7 S-ttLaS Mil
Slaius and tk-trns... "4i 7 l:t-lliwS 7-16
ftlivFHis, February lit, lSSti.
Stock. September 1, 185... 1,3!
Received to-day 2,:t"l)
Received previously 471, 4211 47.",1(VS
Shipped to-diy 2,1111
Shipped previously t ... 331,071)
Ttnrnt. .1. .
llotne oonsuin:tion to data
. 47:i,77(i
Stock, running account....
Thus far this waek
Thus far last week
Since September 1st
Memphis and Charleston Railroad.....
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad....
Memphis and Little Rock Railroad.
C.,0. andS.W. R. R
I,., N. 0. and 'foot as Railroad
Kansas City, Springfield and M. K it.
Memphis, Soluia and Brunsw'k R.R.
Steamers .
Wagons and other sources w .
Total :
4. 1 7
, 2, 50
. 10,411
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Since Sopteuiber 1st ,
Momphis and Chirlvton .HailrnnJ.., 313
Mississippi and Ttoneweo Railroai. M:trt
Louisville and Nashville Kulroad.... 200
Chesapeake, Ohio and S. W.R.K !'
Louisville, N. O. ft T. R. R i',2ti
Total . 2,ll
i KU.IV, 1SS0. lilR iHT.
This iLast (This iLast
lear.l tear, lcar.l tear.
Mem. AChar.
Miss, ft Tenn
51, IH
42, ls.il
'A7 l l-n
II. Hill
C, O ft S.W.
L..N 0. AT.
K. C. S.ft M.
M. U. A. A...
Miss. River..
JiVhite River.
Ark R.. (total
rivers, 30t3i
Wagons and
oth. sources
21 1 i
9.0SS 4.3-S2
175 1SU 5(1,815 31,0i'
Total 1 9,N15 5, 1111 .7:t,77iv :'Ji7,931
Frh. I'.i, imn.
This Last
Yenr. Vear.
1 ear.
liss ft Tenn
L. ft N.(l. S.
C.i 0. ft s. w
L., N.O.AT.
Mom. ,11. A A
Steam, north
4S I(i4
M ill
2i. 2. W
Total .
10.4141 12,0941 3:10,2)71 2'.,12o'
New York spots opened quiet, aud
closed quiet aud 1-lfJc lower, halt's,
;:J bales. Quotation wero as ol
io wh:
Yeteri-y. Day Before.
Ordinary - li 5-ltS tr-,
Oood ordinary. 7 11-bi 7:4
Low middling. S', 8 9-l
Middling 15-lrt 9
(iood midaliug..... 9 5-16 V
Middling fair 9 15-ltS 10
Fair .10 9-lti 10?,
ew York futures ojvened weak, aud
cloM'd steady, ainl 4 to 0 points lower.
Siles, 100,100 bales. The clusing qiio
tatinns were iw follows, as coinpaivil
vithyeotcrdifx :
Yesterday. Day llefore.
February i 77 I. I .V. 8 S7
March 8.i2 8.S.1 14 8 9j
Aprils 8 91 9iiit.9.ol
May 9.C24 9.(3 9. t4 9,11
June..... 9.12 4 9.13 9 2 9.21
July. H.1S4 9.W 9.274 9.2S
August 9.25 4 9.2.I 9.314 9.34
September 9.(li 9.07 9.11 4 K.lii
Oc'Uiber 8.9.1(4 8.91 H. S.9
November 8.S.J 8.87 8..J9 8.fl
The following is tbe cotton com
parative ttitement for the week end
ing Friday, February 10, 18S0: Net re
ceipts at all 1' nited States parts dur.
ing the week. 1 02.3iti bale ; same week
ljtt year, 64.C05 bal. Total receipts
to date, 4,413,920 bales; same date last
year, 4,308.138 bales. Kxports for
the week, 8,450 bales; same week
last year, 50,239 hales. Total exports
to this date, 2,782.802 bales; same
date lat vear, 3,015, l;til bales. Stock
at all United States ports, 1,012,033
bales; same time last year, 830,055
bales. Stock at all interior towns,
222,134 balrs; same time last year,
133 354 bales. Stcck at Liverpool,
074,000 bales; tzine time last year,
021,000 bales. Stock of American
etbat for Great P-ritain, 21S,OoO bales;
same time last year, 231,000.
The New Orleansspot market opened
easy, and close 1-1 lie lower, with good
demand. Sales, 10,250 bales.
Yesterday Day BnTore.
Ordinary ii 13-10 ti;a
(lood ordinary...., 7 7-1'! 71-,
Low middling 7 1 " U' 7:s
Middling 8 5 lit
(lood middling i ..'' 4 9 3-16
Tho New Orleans future market
opened easy, and closed steady, and 4
to ifcpoints lower. Sales, 73,'.iiH) bales.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows, as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Day Ref.irc.
. 8 37 4 8.40 8.4) num.
. H.3I 4 S :ti 8 404 a. 42
.. 8.41 4 8 45 8 52 4 8.53
,. 8.57.4 8.54 8. tins S.fti
,. 8.70 4 8 71- 8.77 K.7S
.. 8.814 8.M2 8 HS4 8.S
.. 8.83 4 8.84 8.1114 8 91
,. 8.(12 4 8.11 S. rili 4 8. .14
.. 8.524 8.53 8.5il.8 58
,..H 47 4 8 14 8.52 4 8. M
.. S.49v!j 8.50 8.5 U4 8..0
June h
Reo'ts.l Price.
N Orloant
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
8 11-1.1
8 7-15
Iv5.vj 1
8 11-10
8 15-1.1
Haiti more
Now l ork
St. Louis..
Augusta ..
2 1,70.1
1.120j M..
Totnl rocoipts attiorts, this day, 1KS0.,.,
lotal receipts at ports, this day, 18S5.... 8,510
I "l8ti. I 18S5; l" "lM.
lt'tsatU.S. norts.
7 days ! 1('2,38.1 51,2.'.'
Exports to Ureal
llritain I 34,910, 42.fi.58
Stock jl,042.IKUl 83 i.Oo-'i
Rec'ta since Sent. I
1st I4.414,?fi.5'l,302,753 4.270.208
Foeign exports .il2,sil,54;3,0.ll1201 2lll,'.si2
Increase in raceii-ls this year 112,012
Liverpool weekly statement for the
Week ended February lit. ISHii:
18S6. 1SK5. 1HS1.
8,000 37,OUo 50,000
41,000 23,0.ll .",4.000
2,900 ,5,500. 5.2.J0
2,500 3:100 1,800
14.400 211,8110 25,009
1)74,000 921,000 907,000
5io,0(i 707,000 fisi.ion
92,000 73,0141 1 15,0.10
73,000 58.000 85,000
Weekly sales...
Of which Aiairi-
Inciud. for export
incuid. lor spsou
Forwarded from
ship s side
Total stock
Of which Ameri
Week's receipts..
Of which Aiuori
Total rcc'pts since
bept imbor 1st ..
Of which Amen
l.CT.lOO 2,0)5,900 2,0!9,5C0
1,305,7; o'l,('31,40o'l,492,700
Actual week's ex-i
Stuck atlr at
Of which Ameri
can 3.2noj 4,8II(! 7,000
257,000! 202,0001 425,000
218,0001 234.nnol R'R.ooo
Liverpool siots at noon were quoted
dull in buyers' favor, Sales, 7000
bales, of which I it 100 were American.
Peeeipts, 7(KK1 littles, i. which 38(H)
were American.
At 2 p.m.: The lmtrket declined
1-lii.l lo 4 13-Kld for iniddlilig uplands
and 4;cl'or middling Orle:iiiN.
Manchester cloths dull and un
changed. Yarns Hat and irregular.
Tin' prim nreijin-n in putirand Olfis,
thu: 4 03 mntim 4 6.1 lii.., ii 5 01
ihi 'iim 5 1-04
At noon: Liverpool futures were
Hat; Fehruarv-March. 4 4S.I; March
April, 4 4!id;' April-May, 4 Til ; Mav
.lune, 4 53.1; ,Inne-,luly, 4 ol!( 1 55.1 ;
July-August, 4 50.U.4 5S.1; August
Septenibcr, 4 (ifl.l..
At2ji.m.: Liverpool futures were
easy; Fehruary, 4 41 id sellers; Feb-rnary-Maich,
-t 40.1 sellers; March
April, 4 tod buyers; April-May, 4 51.1
sellers; May-June, 4 53d sellers; June
July 4 ,"i5d' value; Jtily-AiifMiKt, 4 58d
sellers; August-Septeiiiber, 4 Old sell
ers. At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull, and Mild lower than the day he
fore; Kehruarv, 4 4!M sellers; Kebruarv
Warch, 4 40d sellers; Match-April,
4 4 Oil sellers; April-May, 4 51.1 sell
ers; May-June, 4 53.1 sellers; June
July, 4 55d sellers; July-August, 4 58d
Sellers: All'llst-Senteniber. 4 Cl.i
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers made at the Call Hoard
of the Merchants' F.xchange yester
day :
No. 2, white, sHit, 40c hid, 42J.!
asked; February, last half, 20 cars sold
at 42c; March, 41c bid, 44c asked;
Aprjl, 41c bid, 451c asked; Mav, 45e
bid, 4tic asked ; No. 2, Kehruarv, 38jc
bid ; March, 3c o. t. bid, 41 Jc 'asked ;
April, 4I Jc hid.
No. 2, spot, 33c bid ; February, 34e
bid, 3-jAe asked.
March, 15 75 asked.
Spot. $1 85 bid, 12 10 asked; Febru
ary, S2 15 asked ; March, 2 20 asked ;
A pril, i'2 30 asked ; May, $2 30 asked.
Cons White, 47c; mixed, 4tie, from
store; from levee or dejiot, white, 41c;
mixed, 42c.
II u -Choice, from store, S5e; prime,
75(.rS(lc; prairie, oflc; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, 15; prime,
$13 50; prairie, S.
Oats White, 3Sc; mixed, 37c, from
store. Koiind lots from levee on track
white, sacked, 3.e; mixed, sacked,
iliiAN Fnun store, 85e per cwl. ;
round lots from levee, $15 per ton.
IIuaxk Navy, S2 25; nie.liiiiu, $2.
Itj. K Iitiisiana, 4J(,.jr; t'arolina,
OiTMEAl In half-barrels,.?.! 50 from
Corvmkm. Standard, $2 10YS-2 20;
pearl, iMn 3 25 from store ; 5.: cheaper
from mill, levee or trai-k.
Fi.ot 8 From store, double extra, ;
triplo extra, ; fainilv, $IW-4 25;
choice, II 2-W4 50; faricv, $.1 75YSy ;
extra fancv.J.") 25e5 75; pitU'iils, Jkirt.)
B25;round lots from levee ortnwk, 10c
cheapr; car lots choice, $3 85d4 05;
family, 3 0(Xai3 70; fcuiey, $4 30(a4 50;
extra fancy, fl T-V-'-S; intents, $.5
5 (k.
" Hominy m tiaiTs From (.tor-,
$2 75 3.
CitAiKKU WiiKtT In half-bam 1-,
$4 from store.
( 'hack Kits - Soda, extra, 4-Jc; so.la,
treble extra, 5c; lemon cream crai n
ers, extra. 7c; lemon cream cru ker--,
tndile extra, 71c; ginger snaps, elu,
5c; ginger snaps, trvblo I'xtni, (. :is
torU'd jumbles, ic.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Febrnary 10.
Whoat weaker; cash, 72c bid: Match,
73c bid, 74c a?ked; May, 781(Si78jo.
Csirn weaker; cash, 2!o: March, 29c
bid, i0;s asked; May, 31,3. Oat Nu
St. Lor is, Mo., Fbrury 19. Flour
qnitt and easy; XXX, 33 15;
family $3 253 35; fancy, 13 75(i)4 7o.
Wheat dull nod irregular; the mark.t
declined JJ.? early in the session, but
strengthened la'r and cloied firm at
pric'9 a sha le lower thn yesterday;
No. 2 rod, cash, tile; February, !K)c
bid; Mar:b, -Jc bid; May, l3j ,!M,e,
cloaiun at O.'iCMJa. Corn very dull
and weak, cloeing Jo lower thn
yesterday No. 2 mixed, caih, 35j';
Feb-na'y, 351c bid; March; 35 bid;
May, 375G?)3Siic, cloainfj at 37j('37ic
Oats vev quiet but tHady; No. 2
mixed, ca.b, 30c bid; Februaty, 20Jc
bid; March, 301s bid; May, 32c. Kve
SKininally higher, 00c bid. Barley, 60
(aiSOa f ir American; Canada, 8J(0")o.
Hay quiet; piatrie, $08; timothy,
$1U?14. Flaxseed steady, Jl 10. Brun
more ac ive and tteady; 6"c at mill,
Otic on ca t track. Cornmeal firm,
Jl 952. Kweipts Flour, 1000 brls;
wlna , 12,IX)0 bu; c.irn, 75,000 bu;
oats, 11,000 bu; rye, 200 bu ; hathty,
4i (H) bu. ShipmentH-Flour, 7000 hrls;
wheat, i'OOO bu; corn, 10,000 bu; cale,
40H) bu, rye, 100 bu; Iwiley, none.
Aflrrnoon Jioar,L Wheat firm and
ljc hinher. Corn tteady aud Jc
butter. Oats a shade easier.
Chicaoo, 111., February 10. Oa
'Change to-dav everything was very
flat, nothing at'racting more than the
Brnalleet poisihle amount of interest.
The general tine was weaker, the
foiindft on for this feeling being the
prevailing snov-(t inn, which is s ip
posed to he favo'able to winter wheat.
Two point were liiBt at the opuning,
May wheat starling out at 81 during
the first hour, it failed to Bell higher
than 81 J There was a tfiupmary feel
ing of weftknesson tho strength of the
statement from New York that $750,
000 in gold had been taken for export
to-day. l!ut very little was done in
the last half of the nnrnaig sesaion,
May closing at 815-10c. Theafternonn
eeflsion cloted a shade easier; a la'ber
easier tens prev.tiled through sympa
thy with to n whore prices were alit
tin lower. Tho bulls appear to
have pulled out f.ir a time.
Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat
opened eosv, declined ic, rallied )i'
and ruled Hat during the remsiiider
of the eetiHion. Sales raneed, Febru
ary, 7.Sj o 701. closed at 7iIr; March,
78;(,i),70ic, closed at 79 3-10; May,
84.84 Jo. closed at 81 5-16.:;
June, PolfiiH'ifl cloied at 85j;
No. 2;ppring ,;7yJ380ic; No.Ssprinv,
71(71 Jc. (Jon quiet and eaier; cash,
3"5.1s; February. 371W18jc, closed
at 375c; March, 37337ic, closed t
37jc; May, 41()41c, cloced at 41 1
10c. Ojti dull bui firm; cash, 30(')
30j(!; February and March, 30o; Mav,
32 1310(33c, cli sed at 31 1510b. Kye
quitt; No. 2, 50a. Barley nominal.
Flaxseed steadv; No. 1, l 12. Re
ceipts Flonr, 7IKK) brls; wheat, 17jfj0l)
bn; corn, l8o,000 bu; oats, luyxioiiu;
rye. 1000 bu ; barley, 3S,00,1 hu. Ship'
ments Flour, 13,000 brls; wheat, 7000
bu; corn, 142,000 bu ; oa's, 1 10,000 bu ;
rye, 1000 bu; barley, 22,000 bu.
Afternoon Jluml Wheat easy; Mav
closed at 81 jc The other markets
showed no change
lii TTi'.ii Creamery, 3N(vK)c; dairy,
17C'n25c; bntterine, 4(Kic; country,
12A('i l Hc, according to condition.
Ciikksk--Prime Hats, 7(.8e: New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 11 U" I2c;
Y. A., I l V" 12c.
Mi:ss 1'oiiK - )ld, $10 75(.fd 1 p, r bar
rel ; new, i?l 1 75(c. 12 per barrel ; sugar
cured hams, packed, 0j('.'l0c; hn-uk-fast
bacon, Sidi Oc; clear rib bac.ui, (ij
ifri.K PouK Clear sides, (!("iljc;
clear rib sides, 5Jf.nlic; long clear, 5Jfn.l
5;c; shoulders, 4( 4c.
l.Aitn Tierces, OjiriOjc; lialf-har-rels.J'.jc;
kegs, (ijc; buckets, 7e')7c;
half-l.iickets,'7K"i7.c; 50-1 h linsliUnl
(Ijc; 20-lh tins, OifiijOjc; 10-lh tins, li;(Vi)
7ic; 5-1 1 1 tins, 7(7c; 3-lh tins, 7i'
"ijc; choice kettle, tierces, 7fs71c
Fiti:su Mi: ats lieef -( iood Kansas
City steers, heavy, He; light, 7(.y7.'c;
cows and heifers, (ijc; mutton, 7c;
laiulw, n.lc ; pork, tic.
l'l.,s-ri:KT - F.rls, $H 50; balf-l.ils
!?:)( 3 25. '
Cincinnati, O , February 19. I'ork,
eaay;!fll 12-. La-d, dull; do. Hulk
meats .quiet ; shod I. lorg, 4; shot! rib,
5 5c. lnit'on quitt; shoulders, l;c;
ehort rib, OJc; short clear, (140c.
Butter sttady and unchanged. Kigs
in light demand; lower; 18r.lc.
(!heese firm and unchanged.
St. Louis, Mo, February 10. Pro
visions lirui bnt very quiet. Pork,
$11 25. Lard easy, 5.02 io. Bulk
mta't lcoio lots, long clear, 6.45c;
short ribs, 6.55s; short clear, 5.70c;
boxed lots, long clear, 6 jo; short
ribs, 0c; short clear, (lc. Bacon
long clear) 5.855 'JOc; short ribs, 5.05
(Side; short clear, 6J(ii.l5c. Hams,
Slfodljc. .Butter steady; creamery,
24()30c j dairy 18,21c. Egs steady,
Chicago, III., February 10. Hog
product is falling back again into the
old rnt. Nearly all to-day the pit was
deserted. May pork" ruled very
(.lightly lower, with only a small trade
in it. Tbe tone was to heavy that
even an advn ice of 10c in prices for
live lilies at tbe yards failed to tone up
the pit. Shipments from the yrds
were also on an unusually full scale.
Mess pork trading light but steady;
cash, $11 05(U 10; March. $11 05,
May,$U 22J('11 27J. closed at U
22J11 25. Lard quiet; cash, 007
0.10c; February-March, 6 07j(o)(i 10c;
Ma7,8.17J(.' 0c. Boxed meatesleady;
dry salted shoulders, 3.yri(ii4c; short
ribaidpo, 5.8()0ii5 85c; short clear sides,
5c Butter quiet; creamery, '.'(i(o)
32c; dairy, Ji!4c. Ksgs, 22(j23c.
ft II (HX HI K.H.
Sum- - $2f 3 50 per case.
( 'oiTKi: Coinnion, 7'W8jc; or.li-
choice to fancy, IIJ(l21c; old govern
ment, 2.lM;2 e; t eylon, U'Oc.
MiiAU -.astern vellow, (i diije;
pure w. c. white, (l(Ji 7e; oil' white, Ci
latijp; yellow claritie.l, (i.UnJOjc ; .ipeli
kettle, 5.i;iie; reline.l "A, 717jc;
granulated, 7c; jiowdered, Hie; cut
loaf, Hie.
Sm.t-.I 2(KS.l .'Wper barrel ; sacks,
fine, I 50; coarse, ?1 10; pockets,
bleached, 23C7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Moi.Assna Iouisiami, common to
fair, 23()27e; prime to choice, 4(i55e;
eyrnp, 25(ai4oV; common to fair, 25f)
3:1c; jirimo to choice, 35 40e.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in lioxes
1'aila and barnds, 7Jfa)8ic
Candlks Full weight, 10?(3illc.
Tob 4 coo Common, 11-inch, 27(5
30c; other grades and styles, 2-'(a.sric.
Snuir (iarrett's, J10 85 pT can ;
Kalih's, 510 25 per case; li. 1!., $'i "hi.
Cannko (iixiii, 1-tc. Prices r
Wen : Pineapples tl 3-V.i 1 ("; s :n In ,
2-11). standard, SI .Wi'l 50; mvoiiiU,
fll-Vo 125; tomatoes, 2-lb st.in.linl,
si 10; 3-lb. 1 35; strawberries, $1 4u.i;
I 00; r.ispU rri.'S, $1 15 .i 1 25; black-U-rries,
Slt'-l 15; greengages, ,l ihI (
175;iH'tirs, f2(i:2 25; plums, $-1 (Ki(...
1 70 ; asparagus, 2 (0j4; green corn,
$l(.nl :(-"; yrtvil peas, 2 25; cove
ojsters, full weight, Mb, p.i. Id;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-ll, il 7.V-.)
I 05c; "cove oysters, light weight, 1 -lit,
05c; cove oysters, light wi iglit, 2 1b,
$1; condenseil milk Crown, f5 (HI;
Fjigle, 7 75; Swiss, i.
Baltimore, February 19. -w Coffee
quint: Kio cargo ordinary to fair,
New Yofk, February 10. Coffee
pot feir Lio steady, 8c; options
mnderatel antive; sales, 17,250 l a;
February,' 0.85Vti.OOe; Mau h. 6 7(1.0
G.l;; April aud Mav, tl.'Oc; June,
e.J i; August to October. 0.80c; De
cember, ti 00c. Stuar dull and n. nii
nal; retioed dull ; white ex'ra C, 5c;
yellow, 4;(.irK!: fl' A, 5jc; cu'-l uif
and crushed, OioTK!.'; powdered, (1 7-10
(y"(ic i cubes, 0 7-10y(!lc. liice steady
I nud quiet.
IIurMKItOl.lt hi Pi" I.IK
Ari'i.i-s -Apples, $2 252 50 from
store ; 12 .(2 25 per car-load iroin levee
or depot. lriel apples, 3(nMe per
pound from store. Pried iicaches, 'A' A
4c fi'oui store.
Poimtoim Potatoes, 52 25; 2 ."lOfroiu
store, 126' 2 25 kt car-load from levee
or depot.
V KtiKT viu ks-Onions, 2 75?3 25
from store; J2 ti0,'.i2 H.5 nun levee or
depot. Cabbage, J -.V) (.er crate.
Kraut, barrels, (i7iti50; half-barrels,
12 753. (iarlic, 4(K.i.(0.' per 100.
FiiriT (tranp's, Louisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, J p I 5(1 per
box. l-cinons, 4(ii)4 5(1 per box.
Itaiianas, 5tic 100 (mt hunch. Cocoa
nuts, $1 per 100. Peanuts-Virginia,
(ili7e; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 2Vi)
3c; reclcaiied, OuMJc; roasted, 2Jc
higher: shelled, 10c. Alinonds, lS.i)
2(k'. Chestnuts green, 12J(!i:15c; dry,
Uaisivs London layers, J.'! 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, --; Imperial,
3 .'.IH-iM.
I'l. ki i:s In jars, pints, Pile; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, J2 50; allons,
$3 75; loose, lunrcls, $ii; hali-harrcls,
:S 50; mixed, harnOs, 10 50; mixed,
Pkcws Texas, HfiMOi- (or small to
medium, IO0',l le for large; Arkansas,
3(i. 5c. "
Wai.vcts - French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
(irenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cinr.it -Missouri, t7.iif7 50 per barrel
and KiV4 50 per half-barrel. Vinegar,
1 l(.i l(lc per gallon.
Pori.TiiY- Turkeys, per dozen, Jsft
12; geese, tK" 4 ; ducks, 13; chickens,
good demand, $2(n)3 ; dressed tllikevs,
scarce, 12((0l3c per pound.
Fish Mackerel, liiiU-haiiels, No, 1,
$t 30'rtl4 75; No. 2, $3 50(.. 3 75; No. 3,
12 75(..t; 10-lh kit, No. I, 80c ; No. 2,
70c;l.Vlb, No. 3,00c, Pry herrings,
family, 25c per box.
(iamk Venison, whole, 3o7! 5c; sad
dles, li&Hc; bear, (i(.f,Hc; wild turkeys,
5(l(.i 75c; ducks, l 50(i';2 50; s.iiiircls,
75c; quails, 75c('.Hl ; prairie chickens,
$5; game lish, (if?. 'Sc.
Ltais Firm, 24e.
'oti'4m..4kki 4i i., r.rv,
Siikd llelivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton ; on bank of river (f. o. b.
hoat(, $!; wagon at mills, $S. Micai,
I'lime f. o, b., I5 per ton. l'ss than
car-load lots, $15 50. From store, 00c
per sack, ('akk -Nominal; $10 per
ton. On. - In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 22(.. 23c; prime sum
mer yellow, 20jf'i)27c; oll'-siiminer yel
low, 25((i!2(M'; miners', 27H30e; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2S(.is30e.
U44444INU A! TIEN.
liA.ii. i.i -Jute, 0J(..MIc; flax, 10fn
101c, according to weight. Ties, $ I 20
(Vt)i 25.
X aii.s -12 45(.?2 70.
Co 4 1. On. -Prime white, wholesale
hits, 15c per gallon.
Ci.kvki.ami, February 10. Petro
leum -h. W., 110", Hjc.
Pittsiu iwi, P.., February 19. Pe
troleum active, weak and lower;
National Transit cert ideates opened at
79 jc, and closed at 7Hj; highest price,
801c; lowest, 77 Jc.
Wuisisy Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $1 00(5)0; rye, $1 75(.ii,(i; domes
tic, 00ef 1 50.
Sr. I.01 is, February 10,--Whiskv,
$1 10.
Ciiicmio, Fi'bruarv 10. Whisky
steady, I 10.
Ctt ins m, February 10. Whisky
steady, $1 10. Sales of I (ISO barrel's
lini.-lic.l goods on this basis.
IIOItHtN ASH Mlll.r.1.
IIoiiskh (iood driving, $lL.V.n250;
good siidille,$l40"i3(KI; plugs, $35(.j SO;
good inures, S5(.i 1 10.
Ml'l ics-l l ! to 15, $ll(lc'..I30; 15 to
15, l25'rt'140; 15 to l(i, $I4(K..J75.
Supply small ; demand moderate.
I.I VK M I44'K.
lieceipts of cattle have been moiler
ate the past week. Prices were linn,
at last quotations. To-day there is
only a lighl supply ou sale. Prices
firm. Prospects are favorable for the
coming week. To-day's supply of bogs
consists of shouts and common grades
no good ones on sale ul all. Prices
are firm as quoted. The market is
about bare of sheep to-day. Choice
butchers' are in demand. Common
not wanted. Prices are linn.
Catti.k Choice to extra corn-fed,
000 to 1050 pounds. 4(. l lc; good, 3 fn
4c ; choice grass-fed, 3.WnVljc; goo.f, 3
g 3Jc; lair to men
nion, l(i 2e.
I Iim.s-Choice, I
3'jc; common, 3(-i'
urn, 2J('!;2'c; coiii-
Mlc; good, 3fi)
Snici:!1 - Choice, 4'o -4 Jc :
(i7,3c; couin.oii, j-l(n,l 50.
medium, 3
Cincinnati, O., Fehruary 10. Hofl
steady nnd firm common and light.
$3 35(i'4 15; packing aiid hutchers',
$1 l((Vi)l 5(1. IceiptP, 20SO head;
shipment i, 522 head.
K AnsAH City, Mo , February 19.
The Live St'x-k Jmlirntor reports; Cut
lie li?ceipts, HHS head ; . shipments,
none; ac'ive; shipping and butchers',
10c higher; (.tickers md feedurN
firm; exiniters, $5 10(;i 31; gd
to choice shippiDg, $1 ('MM; c.-in-mon
lo uiadiuini, $Ki)l 50; s'oek
ers and feeders, $3 20,'..)4; cows, $2 40
W3 30. Hog' Keceift , U-40 head;
shipment.'', 3340 head; firm and 5(4
10c higher; good to choice, $(.i'110;
common ti niedintn, 13 (i0'.!;3 0);
skips and pigs, 2("y3 50. Sh"cp Re
ceipt i, 808 bead; shipments, none;
steady; good te choice, ti 80)3 50;
common medium, $2(j 2 70.
New Yohe, February 19. The
general demand has been of the pro
portion of previous daya, and cotn-
Eared with available slock, tbe
nsineoswas fairly satisfactory. Men's
wear woolens for autumn cantinue
t ) attract attention, and the placing of
orders is fairly satisfactory. Tm key
red handkerchiefs are advanced about
20 per cent.
New Orleans Ukliiu, A .ni.
New Orleans.. ..Our or St. Lot is, 5 p.m.
White River ....PSyT. S p.m.
Arkansas llirer.K. W. CoLi. ft P.m.
Vicklurc Citt or Vicaaatau, 6 p.m.
Arkansas CKt.-.Kati Adams. S p.m.
friars PoinUConoa. S p.m.
Osceola ...Dii A dims, ft p.m.
Tilitontille.. (Iatosu, S p.m.
St. Louis ..Citt or Caho, 6 p.m.
SLFranrisRiver Rtxa Maoiadt, 5 p.m.
Cincinnali J " W. 41rr, ft p.m.
4rrtaf. Thomas Sherlock, Cincin
nati: ltne Macready, tt- Francis river;
K. W. CjI, Arkansas river; DeSmet,
White river; Charles Morgan, New Or
leans; Cciihoma, Friars Poiut.
Drparturr. Dean Adams, Oitcsola;
Buckeye State, Cincinnati; Claries
Morgan. Cincinnati ; Co hoina, Friars
Poiut ; Thomas Sheil x, New Orleans.
licit in 1 orl. Helena, Denn t, K.
W. Colu and K.-ne Xivready.
liitatt Vur Down. C ty ol St. Louis
and City of Yickshurg.
Kxrelnle VPrr(y.
DeSr . " bales cotton, 0.M sks
seed, 110 lulea l av, 25 hydei, 101
empty oil bils aud 0000 foet Inmbor.
Charles Morgan 100 empty hhils,
25 rases sardines and lot sundries.
Conhoma 132 bales cotton, 41 1 a'js
sced cot'on, 004 sks see.', 41 Bks corn
and 25 pkgu sundries.
H.'an Adams 64 bales cotton, 10
hags eed cot'01, 2 hd stock and 31
pktts sundries.
K. W. Cole brought out of Arkansas
river 370 bales cotton, 1340 sacks seed
and 30 pkgs sundries.
Keno Macready 214 bals cctton,
21 bagl seed-cotton, 387 aat k4seed,3
hd etock and 8 pkiis snndries.
Tub Koue Macready goes out Tues
day evening for St, Frauds river.
The City of Cuiio is the Anchor
Line picket Monday evening for St.
Tub James W. Caff, Oapt. John S.
Jones, is tbe Tureday packet for Cin
cinnati. Tub GsyoFo.Cnpt. W. P. Hall, Is tho
packet Monday evening for Tipton
villo and the upper bends.
Tint Lee Lino packets Monday
evening are the Coahoma f ir Friara
Point and Dt an AdnuiB lor O.iceoU.
Tiik City of Viekabnrg, Capt. Henry
Keith, 'is tie Anchor Line packet this
evening at 5 o'clock for ViukHburg
and thu bends, (leu. Walt jn is her
Tun Anchor Line Bteame- City of
St. Louis, Capt. James O. Neal, will
pas down this evening at 5 o'clock
for New Orleans and all intermo.iiuli
points. Owen ii. Cates is her clerk.
Tiik Kate Adams. Cant. Mark li.
Cheek, is the United Slates mail
nacknt Monday evening nt 6 o'clock
for Helena, Arkansas City and nil way
landings. W. C. blanker 1b in her
Tub E. W. Cole, Capt. Ed. Nowland,
is the packet this evening at b o clock
for ad points on Arkansas river, going
through t J Pine tllull. J. ti. II oinp
on is in her oilice, assisted by Ktil.iB
Tim bl Helena, Capt. Alf. Orissom,
is the packet this evening a, o o clonk
for Helena, ArkansaaOUy, Greenville,
New Orleans and all Viuy lanilingn
James W. White has charge of her
oilice, BBsitt'id by Henry Seamon.
Tub DeSmet, Capt, Milt K. Harry,
Is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for all point on While river, going
through to Newpoit and making con
nections with packets lor upper
White and Black rivers. Albert Mc
(iheo in in her oilice, assisted by
Hugh Smith.
r.UtiNKss fair.
Wbatiikk cloudy aud cold, with
heavy winds.
Tub Lee Line packots iu and out on
t'nns yesteidiy.
Rkckiitj by river yesterday, 080
bales of cotton, 78 bagB of seed-cotton
and 3255 sacks of seed.
Tub river here stands 27 fret 4
tenths on the gunue a rise cf 0 tenths
during the lust 24 hours.
Tub Buckeye Stale departed last
night for Cincinna'.l with 050 hales
cot'on, 50 tons old railroad lion, 20
bah 8 rag", lot sundries and a fair list
of pmsungers.
Tim Itene Macready arrived yester
day morning from St. Francis river
with 21 4 bales cotton, 21 bags seed
cotton, 387 sks seed and returns ngain
Tuesday evening.
Tint E. W. Cole, from Arkanrai
river, brought in 185 bales cotton, 1340
sacks seed, 30 packages sundries, aud
goes back this evening. She reahipped
at Terrene 101 bales cotton for New
Orleans. .
Tub Helmet, Capt, Milt R. Harry,
arrived last evening st dark from
-White river, with Pi bales of cotton,
024 sacks of seed, 1 10 bales of hav, 2.)
hides, 101 emt.ty o l barrels, 0000 diet
of lumber and a lot of sundries. She
returns tliie evening at the usual hour.
Tub Churlei Morgan, from New Or
leans, arrived at 8 o'clock last night,
bound for Cincinriit', with 900 to. is of
fieight ai.d a fair llt,t of people. She
discharged here 750 packages of freight
and added 450 bales of cotton, and
doubtlens Wt at a late hour last night.
Owinii to the bunching of boats at
Cincinnati by the recent ice sped, the
Charles Mo-khii will not make the
Mardi Craa trip to New Orleans, as
jirevioiiuly announced. The Uulding
Htir and Golden Kule will take a 1 the
passengers cllering, and it is supposed
will be al.lo to accommodats all who
desire to g ).
Wk. Ioit9KV, the colored contractor
of Hteatnbnat labor, whoto alleged di
bonesty came near causing a riot
Thursday, wai fined $I0 in the Police
Conit yesterday for assault and hat-t-ry
and resisting an officer. If Win.
Dorsey, c l ired, is not a njuare nmn
it is (he dutv ol steamboat ollii ers nut
to put it in his power fo swindle iguo
rant colored laborers.
A KTIKI' pale blowing on the levee all
dar yeeterday made it mitneahat
dillicult to bhiidle arriving aud depa't
ing steamboats, hut no damage was
experienced a .d no lots cufler. d but
an hour or two of time. The Toomas
Sherlock, bo.ind touth from Cincinni t.
and loaded flat, attempt id to mske a
landing, fuil.ng in which phe whietled
fur the tug, which promptly went to
her relief und tram fcrred her pa-sen
gets to shore. A number of passengers
from here were also conveyed to her
by the tug.
PiTTsiurM, February 10. Noon
River 11 feet on the gauge and falling.
Weather clondy and mild.
Lodisvillb, February 19. Noon
River rising, with 15 feet 6 inches in
the canal nud 13 feet 4 inches on the
falls. Uusiness fair. Weather colder
w.ths'eet. Departed: FarisO- Brown,
New Orleans.
WiiKKtiMi, Fe'miary 19. Noon
Rivi r 14 feet 0 iuuee on the vange and
fuliing. Weather cloudy and cold.
Evasvili.i, February 10. Noon
lUver riaing. with 32 feet 7 inches OB
the gauge. Weather cloudy and cold.
Cairo, February 19. Noon River
; 8 feet on t'ie grille and rising. Weath
er cloudy and cold. Departed: Oak
laud and baiges, New Orleans, 5 p.m.;
Port Fids and barges, St. Lours, 7 p.m.
Cincinnati, February 19. Noon
River falling-, with a feet U inches on
the gauge. Weal her cod, with light
rain; thermometer 40. Arrived : Ohio,
Memphis; (iuidmg Star, NewOrlesns,
hut night. The Joseph Walim with
a tow of coal fiom Piitaburg, strnck
pier a pier of the Newport brii'ge and
sunk a coalLmt and 2 barges.
Orrtci Sionai. Srtvici, U. 8. A.. I
MmrHii, Tuns., Kcbrur W, 1 p.m. J
The following olwervutions are taken
at all stilt ions nunie.lat 7.S mf.ri.liMn time,
whii-h is one bi.urUstar than Memphis time.
Chan tea.
low w.tur His. Pall.
"I t "I S
i Z t S-
Oetrn i i.lHr"
Ch iKniiiiOMa I . 1 5
I'ltldllllAll ...1 .1 I. .. &
1 vnpor(. . ....... M
Fori Siiiiiu. . fi I '. ......
Krokua i ,
Holm I o S I tl
Ltk Or.ifse ,...t '
beivann'tn .1 !
Little U.i.-k . U 7 ; 4
hoUIM'tll. ...1 l;i 4 4 ,
Rlpiliplilll. ,'!S7 I
Nashville .... :U . i V
New Orle'ns.. 4 i II .1
Pitlsltura .... I
Bt. hums lr ! 0
St. Paul
KhreveiHirt ... 1 1 1 4
Vi.'k.liur ... l 3
To nil who are sud'frlnt from the errors and
In.tisorotions of youth, nervous weakness,
early dnoay, hiss of manhood, ot.i., I will
semi a rectee that will cure yon, KKKK Oa
CM A It. IK. This treat remedy was dlsioyer
tl hy a missionary In South Anicrl 'a. Mend
seir ail.lres'ed anvelora to the Iter. J intra
T. iNantr, ,Satm l, AVis l.nt (
Ml. I.oul n. I P4w Slrlrnnn Asirtiar
l.liiti-ll.N. lll-KoK VIOKSUHR.l.
City of Vicksburg, --5i.
Ilo'irr Keith maler. Wlliiyflk-
Will leave Iroiu Klnvnlur THIS 1UV, Fob.
VUlh, a' .1 p. in. For Irtish! or i..oio apply
('. I,. Mali Vx". A"(. ADSloKM Jtiio't
Nl. I.oiiln nnil fliew 4lrlenn Aneliur
l.lnr i,N. IvInll-t'MllO A UT. LOIil.
Uily of Cairo, tjtfuZSht
Liifhtner mastor, "HIMiia
Will leave trotn Kl.vutor MONOAi. Feb.
224, at il p.m. For Iretaht or pansftRe apply
0. I.. Ham,, I'n's Aift,
A ti s row m, nun i
Ml. LoiiIn ian.1 New irlennn Anrhor
l.lne-II.M. Nnll -FOK N rJW ORLKANti.
City of St. Louis, ,!tv
Jus. O'Neal ..master,
Will leeve troui Klevut. .r HATH KPA i , Feb.
UIHh, at .' p.m. For Ireiicht or pansife apply
.-k-J "iii.'.'iJ.A" ' AU S'l'UllM.Huii't.
For llolena, Terrene, Arkansas City, (Jreen
ville, fo)w OrloaiiH and all way land
ingsThe Uiir siomner
Alf Orissom rnanter.
Wtllloaveas above HATIIUDAV, Peb. 20lh.
Fr.'UM for nil war 1 milinm will be received
at Kl.KVAToH. K..r ronornl liiformntian ap
ply at 3 MaJison st. Call Telephone No. bi.
II CI. MIWK Arenl.
for ITeleim, Pine Blair, find nil Way
I. midline sin A rhiit Hlver Htr.
ii. w. eoiAi, .TO.
K.I Nowlnnd mn-ter. 5sit3
Will leave MATtlKllAV, Fsb. l at b f.m
For freiaht or pa'save applr No. .1 Madi
sun street, or to II. U, LOW It, Afeot.
OjJTVjhimior ini
kur Useeola, Hales 1'oini. liaruthersvllle,
Oayosn and Tiptnnrllle The new steamer
W. P. Uall master I J. P. Paller clerk.
will leave as above, and all way points,
p m . Knr freight or nwMrn aiiplv on hoarrl '
HeiiiroXs.l rlra Point aud Alxtiiia
nii-l 4iuiviIi Paehxl 4:oniinny.
For Helena, (Jleniiala, Friars Point and all
Way Iiandlms tlteainer
Coil lio ill ii, Sai&
K. T, Clanetl... master I Piatt l(boaos...eirc
win leave n. above on every MONOAY,
WHUMKUDAYand FH1UAY. at 6 o'olock.:
Far Kandulph, Fulton. Oioenla ant Way
liandlnti Hteainer
J, B. Cooper, masur....J. W. Bmitheri. Klerk
Leavnn as every MONDAY, WKUiMvbOAY
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. The boats of this
line reserve the runt to past all landings
thenaptain inavdie.n nnialW, OfD.ie, No. 4
V,,I..b .t MM'i !,K (T. .Th .Mnn'r.
'- I
Memphis and Vlckshurg racket Com
pany U. S. Mall Line.
M. K. Oheek...maaier I W. 0. Blanker... .Herk
For Helena. i:unnorclia, Terrene and Arkan
sas Oity The elesant paassnyer steamer
Leaves Mono. his
KVERY M0NUAY and lliURBDAY. at 5
l. iu., reserving (he riitht to pass all landinr
the papta n may ilr-oui unsale. For general
inloruiation apply m. ottlee, No, 4 Ma.liroa
street. K. WAUVDRTII, Agent.
.Kill V rAKH, PS.s'r An, Telei.hnne KW.
Tue St. Frauds Klrer Transportation
Co.'s Vine HHe-W heal tl. B. Mall Steamu
Ree Macready, r
0 K.Joi.Mn u.ii.ter.
WILL LK1V K .TIK lji'UIH 4111
at 5 0'olook, for Marlonoa. tti Cnt-Off, and
Intermediate lnaditiKSon St. Franoii river.
Tbe na(lain reerve the rijrht to iass bl
Ian llni he deems unsafe. JAH. LKK, J a
ira . Kn. 4 v,,i.rn t.
Mvmphls& White l.'ivcr I'kt.l
. V. N. MAIL IiIJlE.
B. C. PotUl... ma.'ter I 0. M.l,ostal....lerl
I'lnreniton, isevnllH K!nr, lkes Are,
n ii(nun, jamniTiniin iwxi mnmy.
LKAVK.s MKMI'lllH livery WEDN KSIlAi",
nt p.m. Thronab rates to all points.
Kre ht oonsli-ned to " Moirphis and Wnlu
liver vnk0t C' mpany-' ;o beio-warded
prompMy il. U. I.0WR, Aeent,
1 11 .ilKni Txl.i hoie No V.
MemphiH, White & Clark Kiver Fuckct
For Helena, Indian Hay. fi(. Cb irle", Clar
endon, UeVell Blult. Dos Am, Augusta,
.laoksonport, llalesville, PowhatLan and
Pooahonlas. The nxw and elegant aide
wheel paBNonirr teamr
Milt llarrv master.
Will leave KVRRY KATI RUA Y at 6 o'elock
p.m. Tk ouith rates to all points. Freight
eouaignud to Milt Harry Line, Momrhii, will
he proinntlT (orwaritud. 0. It. HIHUKLL,
Agent Telephone d Ofltce i Ma iion et.
.Ivmmv U KnavvT'W, Pi..rve- Avent.
Cure Guaranteed
1 Uel lrlmJlvi,lOru-.tH n-orv lirlti.a
f iviiivo 4 im-lar ISi'rvoiiaOi'lillliT,
of Viuiir.VciiknrMS I'mnuliirrOlo A.-ev
A.C. A,r. (.u.u Itoward euilile,ery iu
wn wH does not ireucrate a jr.'iuiili) lii!ot.'
CTITMlt, lTlce rioliiooU to f.-. W'lUl
Vie full amount jld If It d. do) nuUea
jivjt we B.iu-1 a wntu-n Kiiimnwo u rw.
romrli-le rure. Kiaksl p.rurrur iraii
KI.KO'l KIO BK1.T AOKNOY. eo-n klat
lsl Aieuue aud gMWbuevli Bnok.u.a. L

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