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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 20, 1886, Image 8

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IIsrIlle,lI'W Orlf an " Texas B'y
wwtftftirriT alley boctb.
l lane KcWTyt C,
fcai MAIL.
4:00 p.m
4:4 p.m
.e"i p.m
2:42 a. id
5:1H a.m
6:21 a.m
:3U p.m
:4fl a.m
3:45 p.m
7:U p.m
11:00 a-m
S;i a.m
b:'JO a.m
2:Oi a.aa
12:16 a m
:3ft p.m
:4J p.m
6:30 p.m
ti-.on p m
2:46 p.m
Ktal.... ...
tMH Rrt.,
Mew Orlraae..
I.ala. ...
11:10 a. id
mi a.m
lineaentarinr Memphis.
A-Wthall 1
i w..- u an w R K. lor ue ena.
C lor lireenyille and Huntington, and all
n-wfbiTindVu R,,,ro",'.i
fc-With N.. J. AC. B- H- for iN etches and
F-F FdidU on tbe Branch.
6-W ilh lUtnn tot Bayou Sara.
E-Wnb railroad! diyeri inf for florid and
(Wt point. ,
Pallaaa Buffet 8lelnffcroa all trains.
JAB. M. r.uw tnuoi . r. .
M. Bl'RKK, Ueoeral bop'U
A. JkAArr,
,tf. P. A.
saeeelal aael Tim . Faat
ail fnia leaee d !'? -F-. i "'"
at :4!i a.m. Local freieht leees at 6:40
a m.; arriee at 4:10 p.m. Ifrjiiht trai-n
No and 6 ran triweekly. lei
Mempkat Mondaf , W eduesday and r r i Jar.
at t'lljr, Nprlaaflrlal aal Mom-
Cat. -Trains leer. M. and T. depot a fol
ws: !..,. mail and tipraM. leaves dally
at 11 -.V a.m. i No. 3, mail and express, aj
riTMatS.ttp.m. No. 66, 81. Loala eipre'.
aeyeo doilr at 6:00 p.m.; Mo. &, tit. Louis
aikres,erri.s at ..
.awpalD aa4 I.lllle) Bork. Trains
boh m fullowt (central sUnd.rd lima):
tie. 1 reeve daily at b:A p.m.; arrlyea at
nftp.m. No. 3 leaves at 4:60 a.m.: arrive
atS'jta.u. No 6 Crfiirlit) learee Ilopefleld
daily Uieeptbodr el 6.00 a.m. I arrive"
M 7:1. p.m.
Cfceaapeaka. Oil awel aonlbwoal.
sa Tiains mova at follows: No. a (tad
tine dally) leaves at 11 :30 a.m. No. 2 leatee
at 11:4 pm. daily, tit. Loaia feat lina
leaves daily at : p.m. tin. 7 (Let lina
daily) arriraa at 1:30 p.m. Mail and ai
preea vi im daily at 3: is a.m. bt. Louts
bit line arrive, daily ate to a.m.
JraapKIa and Caarleaiaa Trains
mora aa follows: Tbfoih eipress laavn
dally at 1:20 p.m. hail and el wane leavai
daily at;t:10a m. HomrrviHo aooommoda
iion lava daily, cxrapt Sunday, at 4 :30
p.m. Tkteugh eiprena arrival daily atS:2
a.m. Hail and eipren ar ival daily at 4:6o
p.m. Kimarvilla loeommodatlon arriraj
daily, aioapt Handay, at b.M a.m.
LaaiiaTtlla) mad WIiIIIj Tralna
motaaafollowa: t nmil ariiyaa dally at
4.T,a.la.: laavai atl0:Hi p.m. i mail laarci
d-ily ai firm a.m. Brown-filla aoeommo
datiomlaaTM daily, aiptbnaday, at 6:00
t m.t "il arrifaa dai y at 6:0) P;m.
rownafilla eemiaodalon arrtrel daily.
aiMptSuntlaf, at s 40 a.m. standard tuna).
mpkl, PHrinlnabana ana Atlaa
Ita Uoi. r-i'rlrifi Rnats-Traini mora aa
full!: Vo 1 learai Momnhia daily at 4:00
Km. I ar al at Uoliy prinK at 6:30 p.m. I
a. laaitat Holly Snrinaa daily at V:00
a.m., arriraa at Memphia at H :li a.m. I No.
Vlaavay MampbUdaily at 7:30 p.m., arriraa
at Horry Spriaa-e at 11 :&9 p.m. i No. 6 loataa
Bolly B'.-iDe daily at s:30 a.m., arriraa at
amphk at 1:3b a.m.
WaemiiasTOW, D. 0.. February 1, 18M.
i:17 o'clock a.m.
Obnrvai , M.mpht, Tann. i
Hoist cold wve signal; alight cold
WAT) ccming ; temperature will fall 15s
to 90" in the next twentyfonr to forty
Ifht hnr.
for Aj Ohio ViUlry nnd Tenneuee;
tlmtnttj fair wrather; nnrlhuxtUrly
wmdi, booming variable; lalionary,
foUowti Ay tlowly rump U mprralure in
Ike wrM-m portion; colder utntiur in the
(awlcTn portion, follovtd by they ruing
kmprrat-wt- during Sunday ; riting, Jul
loMiei iii lit ntttrrn portion by falling
VrlroroloKtcal Kurt.
Mmrine, Tiat.. Pebrnary 19,' 16.
Tlao. B,
Tlma. I Bar. I Thor.
1027 40.S
) 04f 62 0
B W.
S:U)D.m..t.Vl.073 Ml
t:()p.m..p".ill 4n
10:00 p.m. ..' m.
Cla r.
Maalaaa Umperalora, M.I.
Mialmam Uiuporatnroi 37.8.
All abeenationi are taken on TV meridian
bi4h If ana boar lajUr than local
"Hinro wore no dix'ibt nHliTod
A. HiUfold, who broko bin leg n
wook aijo, in rcovring nictily.
J. A. TVrry wax yoHtt'nluy ap
pointod gtiardiun of Mary A. Ton-y.
The litdit of tho Uiulon fitrtt t
Clirititiiui churuh will ivo aeociublo
next Mouday vtmiri to their now
Wu'oh, Mm mm who was nhtit iu
Uia meloe t tlm l'ucillo Houw, Wcd
DosdHjr niglit, ia Haid to bo likely to
MueiU at Ma tine tiwlay will clow
IiOtlit's (inpaRt'mtint. Tho doow will
open ut 12.:40 and the etirtain Hho un
hour latur.
It ut Htid thitt tho PxpnrtPil risn in
the rivor will bririfr hi-ro :'0,(X)0,(X)0
feot of tlmbiT from tho nt'ighborh(Hd
oi.l!i( ki.i;in.
Strontrcnr service to the thontor is
now in rnnning order, and will bo
luulcdanablctwinglobcluted suburban
palronn ol lue Urama. '
MUf, Nilt-Kr. drew n packed houxe
lait night. lotta was at her bent, and
the delight of the audience wan in itn
uatial Ft.te of bnnndlottsni.
LicenKi to marry wero iKsued
yoctcnl.iy to Sydney tandridgn nud
l.nry Ann Van l'elt, Wm.itrttnch nnd
Tolly Ann 1-oe, Walter Davis and Hot
tie Mooro, Robert i'.rdfori and Mo
lisw Marshall.
Tho cao of lK)nia Krb ciuno np
before Juatiro tju'h'v yesterday.
His attorney, Mr. li.' W. Hirch,
waived examination end tlio tlcfond
ant w.ia bound over ta wait tho action
of thu grand jury.
Tho Memphis Metal and Wood
Munufuilurini! Comtianv am now di-
playiiig woatbe.r sifnala at their ratali
lisliuieiit. XH nnd WVi Main KtrtMit.
Thia iRa st-p in tho right direction, as
knowlftiljio of tho wer.tliur In ndvance
is csHOiiUal in nearly evi rv busineiwt.
as Mi iiipUi.ina have lcirned to their
sorrow thiK w'uiUt. lnhtructiona re
garding tho siirnalu may b-.v.obtulned
by tailing at the company 8 ullico.
-Iaw fongrogatlona trrn'.Ud tho
ovar.p'.U-tti yesterday morning and
lant rijil.t at tho Court Httvcl lihurch
The aennon pre.iched laat night wits
on tho divinity of Ohri'-t, and doubt-
bv wi tho iiKwt powerful of nil Mr,
Sayforu'a ctforUi. Tituro will bo no
sorvioo Uiin morning, bid tlicro will bo
a m.iHH-meeting ui hildrcn at
o'clock. It would bo well for tho chil
dren to como half an hour uirUer. for
tho Frv:ioi!H audienco room will be
crowded. Tho ordor of porviccs for
Hiind;:y will bcagentiT.il meeting at
3.30 p.m. nnd a mooting for im;u only
at 7...0 p.m.
Cant. O'Havcr nnd ))ct(vtivo
IVvdo amtoil a colored man yc.U'
day oaaied I!s Daniels, who appears
ia have mado his twonpo Irom tin: pen
itenliary of tho Ktato of (Jcnrgia about
four years airo, since which tlnin ho
bn lived here, leadinc 811 honest llfo
The iMt four years bo has been at
wuik at Ouiiuin;haiir blaokitmilh
nhop on IVoto titroot. The offc-rme
for which he wan convicted in Geoiyia
was- robbery, and his sentence wax for
twenty vearw, wx of which bo had
nerved. 'letcctive I'rjde left with the
prisoner for ieorjia lt nittht, and
will douhthnu receive the J 0 rewanl
ofTonfl for iwajKnl convict.
Tlio diiKt ven(enl:iy was blinding,
and the etiir pilo blowing niado it ex
ceedingly unpleasant for Kilehtriani.
('lotidw and clondnof dtirt swept the
air, and the unwary traveler wan eure
to lot bin hnt and enii;e in a mad
but fruitlt'RH titiiKtiit of it, until the
violence of the piuin(? wind died
away, and deposited the head-Rear in
three inchits of dust. Where the dtirt
all came from was an innoluble pro
blem. It kiu hew and lent on miit
chicf, and, aiwited by ita ally the
wind, it flew into even, earn, nowee and
other avnilablo liarbon with an ac
curacy ahnoHt human in itx preoiidnn.
(lurwa neither loud nor d-ep, but em
iihatic, were the order of the dny, and
fortunately but few of tho fair wx
cro out to inhale the briniHtone in
the air. .
A i.prfd Bouvikk, advance aent of
Annie IMxley, ia in the city iu advance
of bia Htar, aoon to appear here.
Dr. T. K Allks of Bellville, Can-a-lii,
accompanied by his wife, is mak
ing a tour through the South. They
have been in Memphix for aeveral
ilayx, and yesterday Mrs. Allen turned
Km'wo in Court t&juure atxauliful Mack
H(uirrel. It waa a great pet with her,
and he brought it all tho way from
Ontario, but it gavo her no much
trouble in traveling that alio pronontod
it to Court Square, and Kergt. Kogcnjiit
delighted with hiH euriouH accesHion.
The gray wmirrela couimencod a
fiiriotiH war on tho black atninger.who
wiw whipping tho enemy in detail
when iiiglitiut an end to tho win
gilinary buttle. The contet will no
doubt bo renewed to-day, and by
night the Canada hro will bo maaU-r
of the situation. Mrs. Allen U a htdy
of great intolligenee, and in behalf of
tho people of Memphia tho ArcKAl
thanks her for her curioua and at
tractive contribution to Court Siuaro,
m i:ke-s
Open to-day all the new eprlDg
tylea of French and
Beautiful and elegant atylea; also
all the new spring ehadea of
Foeter'i Uenulae French Laced
All lengths, all colors, all sices. We
re sole agents in Memphis
for the sale of
Foster! Henulne (Jloregt
None uennine unless "Foster" is
stamped on inside of glove, in fac
simile of signature. Remember
that s'gn. Look at your gloves
before buying. We nre sole agents
for Foster's genuine gloves.
N. B. Refore picking away we'
offer f0 pieces of white all-wool
flannel at 23c a yard worth mneh
Huiars, all styles, made to order.
Memphis Bteam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
J. II. Lowrit, M.D.. Homeopathiet,
318 Main street; telephone 081.
Mxmpuis Stained Olabs Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Mire Ldcix W. Kainbm, teacher of
e'ocu'ion, Uolaarte system. Address
No. hlO Poplar street.
Ckmtbal Nurskky, No. 09 Market
street, is the nearest place in the city
for plants and cnt flowers.
Rtdnsv J. Wiion, teacher of Eng
lish litaia'.are. For particulars ad
dress him at 3fcr9 Main street.
Thb finest and beet selected stock
of gas fixtures in the oity, at bottom
prices. J. a. bailbt a co.
Buttkbick's Ki'iiiNO Catalog o as
sud March fashion sheets. A full
supply at Aldrich's, 32 N. Court st
Uknkral re)iiir!ng done by comjio
tent workmen at tho Cunningham
Wagon-Work, corner of Monro and
losoto strect.
Thb Desoto Oil Company is prepared
to fill orders for the highest grades of
hnixhed fertilixers and fertilizing ma
terials. 1 this notice is seen by George Par
ker, a tobacco priier, formerly of May
field, Ky., he will pleaie call at No. 6J
MsdU oa ttreet as toan.as possible.
Coco Ha and HoAmcNKSs. The irri-
tstlon which induces coughing im
mediately relieved by nse ef "iJrowm'i
UronrAwU irochtt." Bold only in
Thb Herbal Chill Cure, the best
testa and antl-parlodlo known. A certain
nil au1 a earn fur chilla. l'rloa Wl rar not-
hn4 Umi for eirculam. Any rar-
orenro nn. AdJreai John V. iluokar,
. -1. 1 - -
A.1 iiimni a
Thk most (fllcacious stimulants to
excite the appetite are Angostura
Bitters, prepared by Dr. J. G. B. Hie-
gjrt A Sous. Beware of counterfeits.
sk your grocer or druggist for the
geuuine article.
W. N.WiiKa-uiou & Co., 334 Main
street, take pleasure in announcing ti
tlie tialu and public generally tiiat
they are now n eoared to fill all orders
promptly lor the celebrated liucian-
oneQt nuiu llarHe,t;ttt.eand rnn t y
Tdiiic a id Spanish LiuhtniDg lit let.
Manufactured by Uuchsrai Medic ne
Company, 1-jrmmiy ol Ukolona, Wiss,
C. D. mith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, t a decided to 1 cate per
msnently tn Memphis. He treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, sheep,
swine and t'oii. Cal s, day or night,
answered promotly. Ollire a. Jones
& Co.'s stable, 61 Monroe utrt 1 1; tele
phone 402. Kestdence, rransioll
House; telephone .J-
NondSllyrrware at Itlnirord'a
Het Railed a A. LjaKoiunnilno da
jronr Plannblne;.
Monogram Uuugle; niulTord
IIoIhIcIii Kxcltemrnt.
S, U. Armcntrout, airent kt Ox( rd
Ala , 1 ir 1'. U. ltnsh ol Mobile. Ala
(-stifles thnt be baa need Buchanan'i
Qunine llo-r-a. Cattle and l'.mltry
tonic very eurcesffully with Jersey
ra 1, and if glvon in time It will pre
vent diseases. You can't afford to
take the risk Ut a supply of the
to lie at W. N. Wilkersoo & Co.V, 334
Main rtreet, t j protect your cattle.
Order Medal. at Mulfortl'H.
Tttm' Saw Uayaaa.
KaUl, 12 SO to ti per s, aeoordinf to laoa-
llua ol rooma.
E B Pyer. Arkanaaa R Camrbell iw.XI
I li.ui, fbUadelpbia T Wa dell, Arkanaa
C M Partes, Miaa WPUinba. Ara
W li t-tarka. Mm S C lUrkar. Indiana
M W ilaoa. ht Loo if C B Alexander. Miaa
i U Huuae Af, Ala ON baker, N Orle.nl
A H hellara. Arkanaaa J B I)-ri, Vhiladel
M B Kjrera Aa, Miaa B H Wade, Virginia
W 1) llu(Uoa.Ueoriia J Prhaanon, (ieorfia
W K Uaadeaa. NV 8 M M.rfi.. N V
S W oarriaon. Tana Geo TiIIm, Ark
Oeo W Cobura, Mae I A Blaka, Mui
A lK.nna.uar.obio W K liiown, M I
ta sin.arty, w. L 1 Wartap A . Ill
1) Mrl'bnr on. K KM K,.,
Mra K Kliiuit, Tana Mra A Lunn.lena
nureer, laon J M Head. Tann
K II ock. Tann P. I' T...
Mra J L tditchall.Ark J V Lawia. Obio
W Mlmaar. Mo II F Hainaa, Mo
M Marat. Ark kJll.r,i. U.u
fj Wmll. HI At rroDch, Ohio
WK Mower. Oa W 0 Jauuea, Miaa
WLBoyd. Ky II H M.uL. k.
(IVTatam, Ky li Jakon, Taaa
T J lHumpaoa.AIa T L Joaea, Tann
It r Uia. Ala David Uieka, Ua
FL Julian, Mr TUFabia.Pa
S K. Boata-ick, M T B 0 Carutbara, Pa.
Saaiam'e afatl.
W. H. BIHOHAM M...o.a
Knroioaa plan. Knlararad and rafarnuhad.
rrioaa aoeordina to aiao and looa-
tloa of nMimi.
i. a rfDnwi aeon -i a nnuiaiu, loan
A A Uall, Pa J W Lanoan. Tana
H B 8mith, Ark W M Keller, Tenn
W A Uairaa, Tann J Morcan, UUh
J L Falaentnal. k' Itr II N ki Mla
B . f m w mi r. . . . .
J A Parbam. Miai W MrOoirk, iaa
D II Wood. Tex J B MoKwon, Mia
h B Meli ill. Mitt W Johneon, Mini
MiaiC Jay, Tann J K Woolfolk, Tenn
M (1 Wilron. Ark T B Kurort. Miaa
i 11 Johnaon, Mill J B Williama, Mln
J H KmdHll, Ark Miai Orabam, Tana
Jtlreen, Tann J L Adaina, Tenn
W Leonard, Tena J W Jamet, Miaa.
reakaxljr Hotel.
0. B. 0 ALLOW AY CO Pbopiiitou
Jlataa 12 SO and W par day, aooordim ta
im and loeation of room buaoial
ralea made.
T A Ruih, Ini L Kationburi. Mo
ZT Whit, Min N Poaraall, La
J Arrintton, Miai 0 P Oakley, Ohio
J Butler, Ohio T L Praitt, Ark
U Wnlituck, IU F Uambot. Mat!
B K Webb, La B ScbetT, IS Y
JB Hlakamore.Tenn 11 tiailettman, S T
L K Thayer, Ind
W Dunam, Obio
11 J mi lOllluDf A
A L Levy. M Y
V 0 Carett, Ky
MiMKLikb, M
U H Horuiaa, N 0
J K Gorman k w. Ia
F U Tiller k w, Mo
W JNeaala, Tann
BWDeuUch.N Y
J Mavhor, N Y
J A Kobma Aw. Mo
A K IHckinton, N Y
K M Iinnka Aw, Ark
F B Kliier, Ark
-N Williama, Tana
H Riohardi, Ky
I) 8 Brown. Ohio
K Leigh, Mo
WMoCluiff, m
W K ally, Mo
H lUldarman.Ohto
JPhillirx, Ohio
Mlllman, N Y
O M Wilaon, Ohio
W J Hablnron, Ky
A J Mi on, Mist.
W J Mackvy, Mo
P B Moaby. Tana
O Wyl in. Md
I) J Kpald nc, Ia
W Winkelman, Ky
8 Rllanieli.Pa
N bee. N
A YMrAuland.N Y
J Frauklio, Mo
I) J Junea Aw, Ark
Mia U bliner. Ark
T II Faulkntr. Ark
J FUarroll. Ky
r nocne, mo
K Anderton, Tenn
j H Chriatian, Conn
A O Ouatard. Ill
J Dnnoran, Mo
OKI) llingaby Mill
JOWhber, NY
A Kypinkakl.N X
W J llrra. Kf
Mri U Donalo, Mlsj
tlaramdoa Hatel.
B0WLK3 k LVAKR PaoraiiToas.
italaa Z per day.
Rul Parla, Ark JPhelpa.Tenn
Mra williama, Tana J W Wriibt. Kal
B V Yoona. Va R W Youna. Va
Annia Campbell, NYMraFL Milchell, Ark
J W Uarley, Mill K C Turloy, Miu.
J A Malloney, J Ptuart,
li n Aston, n Katon Brown.
Mra Monran, Ark W P Younre, Ml
J Caderlav. Ark J M On a. Tann
JMonka.lll Mr Whorton.Tona
Mra Wborton, Jono Miai Kll ott, Tann
Tom Bard. Oa C Pace, Mo
om Junea, Ky PWiiaon, Ky
Wheatlev. Ua V Adaina. Mo
8 K Brown. Tex V Smith. Tnx
J II Wbithera, III Tom Vadon, 111
w it Jniiiner, at t U U to. ,
Danj's Earopcan Hotel.
Corner ol Adamiand Main itroota. Roomi
boo, 75o and II perdayi AmanranPlan,
ti per day.
Flmt-olaai Reataurant In tho Ilotel.
.M.DUFl'YUOyra with Paabody Ilotel),'
Mra Franco Ad. Ohio
FM Webxtor, Ind
U Kmith. Mo
W J No'th. Mil
R 1) Neabit, Miai
8 Molula, Mo
(H)nrdon, NO
J N Mot'rackln, N 0
K MoNamara.N O
Q L bbey, Ark
11 M Mullina. MUi
A Ihoimon, N 0
Mrs X 0 Lone. Tex
K Hoi net, Mo
0 8 Mundinaer, Tenn J T Louie, Tena
Laoi. Ark
N Keavca. Ark
M Kiuk, Ark
t Lambert, Tenn
B F llaiiiond. Tnn
L F llaybo.Miai
W II 8jyer, Tenn
L Ailinr.Tann
L II Campbell, Miu
1'etor fayera, tena
J Fairbain.Tenn
J a Hurt, lenn
J T IMeKavnr. Tenn
TV 8 f oi, Tenn
U 0 K'-dabun b.Tenn P Jonee Aw, Tenn
K l White, Tenn WAWili n,Ky
R W Carroll. Tenn C B Pittman. Kr
M Fowera Ohio H D Layman, Ark
KJ Reill'Aa, Ark l)r II Z Landea, N Y
8 A Hparka, Tenn J A Durham, Kan
W A Franklyo.Tena J D Piffinbounh, III '
W D StHttinun. Mill M T Martin, lenn
T L Jamei, Mim ALOnodwin.NY
1 li rreeman, ra.
Excursion tickets from Memphis to
San Francisco, good to return in six
months, with privilege of stopping at
Loi Angeles, will be fold Febroary
18th, 19.b and 20tb, at the low rats ol
$110 fjr the round trip. For further
information call on R. H. Talley .Ticket
Agent, Peabody Hotel.
Old 'Id and allvi r taken B eawh
at Malford'D, 8B4 SlnMa.
Attention, IlAracment
A. Swind, horse-shoer, 93 Union
street, makes a specialty cf the beet
work, such as shoeing race horses,
plating, etc. Hatisfaction guaranteed
nail cases. leiepuone J&.
Uo to Kalledc t Laiamanlno for
yoar Plaaablna and Una-rUMa;.
Malford, Jeweler. 204 Main, so-
lociU orders from the country.
Leaky roof rDalrrd ky Bakscb
V bob, 110 and aa Brala atrea.
Prompt attaatlon to tla work ar-
dtira by Kabtab a bmo. TclrpboaOBV
Fine Watch re pairing at Malford's.
MoTTKiiicir's Ppbinq Cataloookj.
March faihion ehetti and reviews and
delineators and a full line cf la'est
styles of patterns for ladies', misses'
and children's srtrinp; costumes at
J. B. ALDRILU A CO. 8, N. Coart tt.
LonisviLia. F. brnarv 19 Nlahl
River riainir. with 16 feet 8 inches in
the canal aid 13 leet 0 Inches on tbe
falls, iltiiinefifl good. Weather clear
and ra, idly turning colder.
St. Iiuis. February 1!). Nlnht
River .f.llen S) .inches, with 15 fjet 6
inches on the limine. Wta'her clear
and cold, tbe inert ary being several
degrees below Ireci ng point.
Cibo. February 19. Night River
3$ (oet 8 inches on the gauge and ris
ing. Weather clear and cold. Arrived:
City of Vickbnrg, St. Loll s, 3 p.m.;
City of fit. Louis, bt. Louis, 6 p.m.
CiiioAtio, III, Febroary 19. The
Drortri' J.wntol reports: Ca'.ile re
ceipts, 3000 head; shipments, 2000
head; market active and lOn
higher ; shipping stet ts, 9'0 to UOO
pounds, $3 6.r)(n6 75; tt ckers and
feederp, fi MXS.4 40; cows, bol's and
mixed, SI 60C44: bulk, S3 603 25;
Hop, receipt 1. 10 000 bead ; shipment,
l000 bead; market brink 6 10c
higher; rough and mizrd, t3 9 Va)
4 31; packlns and shippinr, $4 S04
4 0; light, $3 7iX$1 25 . "kips, 13
3 75. Sheep-receipts, 2000 heao;
shipments, 10(0rd; marki t aly ;
natives, rAt Sj.Tex&ne, f I 75(33 6J;
lambs, fifed 25.
For Aftaenyeare they hare ataadiiy aaJned
la laror, and with eale oonatantly inonaa
int hare baeome the moat popular CoraeU
throurhout the Unitad titatai.
The t quality la wiaaamo to!whab twioi
as loss aa ordinary Ooaarra. Vy kayo
lately introduced the and M aradaa
with xtba Loan WiisT, and oanlnrnub
them when preferred.
ille-beet awarda from all the World's
real Faira. The laat medal reoelTad ia lor
Finer Daoaii or Ma bit, from the lata Kxpo
iition held at New Orlaana. W kilo eooree of
paUaU hare been found worthleea, the prin
eiplea of the UloTa-Fittini hare proved In
valuable. Retailer are authoriaed to refund money.
If, en examination, tbana Cereeta do not
prove aa represented, 'or aaUe every
CateUoermea froo oa aaalleatloa.
Thomson, Langdon k Co., New York
rAB QgGHfifiQ
Wl IM HOT HAT Crab Orohard Water
will Cure Cancer, Kpilapayor Heart Diaeaae,
bnt We Uo May Crab Orohard Water uia
remedy for
Tt aa Reliable an Quinine for
bee that Crab-apple trade-mark la on all
paokagea of "8alU'rand "Water."
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop's.
Lonlaville. Ky.
ArmN for Mrmptila, Trajn.
JYLERTIESK f!Q.7-t,ffl
n-w Mp. iiiuMrni a uatHioa im
lineM erer priniAn, noamtir,
ivpi i wnm onr-i" nmf,uriKi.
nal ntyleeoruraoe l.ir?riiry
JJealta, Tables, cnalrs.
Book Caaei. Lonnoei.
letter Preitei, Cabinets
Ladies' Fancy Detke, Ae
Flneat Oooda and Loaawt
Prioea Onaran !.!. Oatalo
free. INMtaaato. IopoMala,
Notice Is Hereby tilven,
THAT the annnal meetins of the tttx-k-boldrra
of tke Chesapeake, Obio
and Houthweatern Railroad Company
for the election of Direotora and
moh other bu.ineai aa may come before the
meetini, will be held at the oBice of the
Company, in the oity of Memphia (called the
Taxing District ol Bhelby County), Tenn..
on the Oik day of April, 1NM, at 12
o'clock noon of that day, and that the leaae
fram that Company to the Newport ftewa and
Mia-iiaippl Valley Company will be aub
mitted to the atockholdo-t for their content
thereto and approval thereof. Trannfer
booki will be oloaod irom March &)th to
April 8, 18H6. . . , .
By order of the Pretide'it and Board of
Directera. ISAAC B. UATKH, Heoretary.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tke Orlalaal and Only Uonntno.
Sale and alwaytaPeliable. Beware ol word'.
I KImltationnndlrpenahle to a. 1)1 KM.
A- your Urnaalat for "t'alchralfr'a
:aal- "and take no other, or indole to
(atampi) to at for particular! ta LtTTit by
reinra mail. ! VAVKH. Ckl
ebeaierl hrmleal tV-.
Villi Mnalaon Nqaarr. Phllada.,
TKAUKiapplied by GEO. 0. UOODW1H
1 Wholwmlei Agvaf. Boeloa. Waaai
Wi rorniaiiy iramm&tA
wr Km the hett rtrkvedy
known to U fat OOeMtrtaJCS
And t .ltmU
We have 10M ccwtaVtow
bu givmm MUarftcttOk
iii mmn.T.
The New York Weekly Star
The Memphis Weekly Appeal
will be famished to BiitMwrltx-rej at
1 60 ar year. Tke HTAB la yab.
lkikrd la Dally, Monday and Weakly
txlilliinx, by Wna. Dorahrltner. The
Werkly la a fltat-f laaa Dlten-Be
Filantiood Restored
Kem kut KliXR. A riot tm of tout h fa 1 iinDruino
FtuiiBi rrwrnrUnro Dec, Nsrvoa Uebiftti, Iaih
ManhiKMl, Ao..hvlnf tnd in -.in avwry known
ramotfr,bMdiaT4e?4re(1 ilmplnmei.tuof MH-ctirA
wns'll am W. I W.r ., r iwtruw-muiwiwiai
rt.'-'coj JalLKKr VliK43ttbjp8U.lwVorfc.
Trustee's Male.
TN and hr Ylrtoe of a certiia truat deed ex
rntd byi-alia and J. V. llnnton the
2-t'h inf f Vebrunrjr 141, and r-oorJed tbe
U'hd.y of March, 1SHI, In book i:. raire
347. Keiiiler'a oOioe of Shelby eonnty, Teo
tha nnL. ih.raln nnt havma- bean
p. id at iutnri!y, I will rrooeed 'o ell. for
oaan. ai pud io ouicry. mini maoo . muwu
In front of my officio. No... Madlaon aireel,
Memphii, Tennee on
llinr.il... Mitre 1. 186.
the follow n detoiibed real e.Ute, aitaate
and being in t nlby county, lenneaaee, nun
...rlt.-nfarlw H Atari tA I ft. fallow '. HO-
ln the ratrn half of a 4.T7S-aore tract of
land near Wilhe Dtpot. laid caaUirn half
thua deiorlhed: Uealnn-ng ai a ataae in me
north line af ltd tmct, the nnrthraat corner
of th t part ret off to Griaiy 11 Man";
thrnoe ca t Mo nolca to a Haka, tbe north
eaal eirner of aa d trae t thanoe tooth S
...- in ih. .AniK.aat enrnar of aald traot :
thanra wettw th lO.U He of aaid traot HO
iiolea to a alahe, th eouUe.et come o a
. ... ..t uiiriiut). 11 Kyaaai thror. north
11 polat to the b n ii, aieg aaoie irvK
aet apart to tori. Hal I . Hunt, r.y par Kion
d ed, rteoraa no pa a
cKoe or fhelbyoooniy, Tenaeeaee, ta which
reaoraa a ia bare made
iha land will ba old aa a whole or In
aevral uacta, aa a ar appear moat advaa
tmaaoua ob the d if o' vale,
laeeo a L B. cKAHLND, Trute.
Morcaa A Mctarlaai- Auetnayi.
li i
Si! Wtde
I ... .
J jrr.re. lak 1
f f I TO a Davn. J
OwiaM b.i tela
f aaaat (trMlara,
I I Mrtaalayiba
t ".Iran Ckaxdcal Oa.' .'
ltaS-The firm o! GOODBAR & CO. ka
bb! Li ao DH.in . ar
til VI aJUW aMUOIumrj. UJ tUUUrVVJUU we IVU US II a aVe aww v we. - r ...
Oalliroti. of Coldwat.r. Miaa.. nnder tha atvla of and firm umt riven below. We
in tha past and hope for a continuance
a n Diuinaia M aa
Late of Qoodbar A Co.. Memphia. Lata eftlaodbar A t e., ktempkii. LaU of Warren.
3G7 & 3G9 Main and 18 Gayoso Streets, Memphis, Tenn.
We are tow receiving a large and En'ireljr Iew 8t"kof Eastern and Omrtom-Made Boota and Shoes for thai
Spring Trade ol 1883, which we offer at Uock Ilotiom Pricea, on as liberal terms aa can
be made bv anv comoeuna market.
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines of CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whi.ih ws
warrant to give perfect satisfaction:
' George Llockea celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris & Co.'s rhilsdflphis made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nate & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Flow Shoes
the best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar A Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co line of Ltdins'nd
Miam' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder tha Factory Brands.
Battle of the Fetticoats.
Fierce Factional Fight Follow
ing Foolish Female Frolic
Wild War Whoop Women
Exasperated, Excited Endeavors
Each Eagerly Embraced.
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm glad to say
that my husband is very good natured.
Mrs. Crusty And so is mine.
Mrs. Testy But my husband
never kicked over the stove.
Mrs. Crusty Are you sure of that?
Mrs. Testy Yes, I'm sure of it ;
but I hoa:d your husband did.
Mrs. CruBty Well, whoever tdld
you that told a falsehood; besides,
I'd rather my husband would kick
ever the stove than to kick me,
like I heard a certain woman's hus
band did.
Mrs. Testy Oh I you mean thing I
My husband never gave me as much
as a cross word in his life.
Mrs. Crusty No, and I suppose
he never came home intoxicated. -
Mrs. Testy-Yes, I'll admit that;
but then he doesn't squander all his
money and leave his family suSering
for bread.
Mrs. Crusty I can prove that my
husband is not a spendthrift.
Mrs. Testy Prove it, please.
Mrs. Crusty Why, ho buys his
clothes at the Misfit Farlors, 262
Second street.
Mrs. Testy And so does mine,
lie says he can save money enough
there on a suit and overcoat to buy
eoal for the entire winter. . .
Mrs. Crusty That's just the re
mark my husband made. ' He said
the overcoat he got there for t2 was
worth tiO, and the suit he paid 120
for oould not have been made to sell
for less than 135.
Mrs. Testy I'm sorry, dear, that I
said anything about your husband.
Mrs. Crusty Never mind, it was
all mv fault: but I guess we'd been
quarreling yet if it hadn't been for
the Misfit Parlors. Gracious! what
happiness they do bring to Memphis.
Mrs. Testy Yes, the Misht I'ar-
lors are a real blessing. There are
bargains there for rich and poor, for
it soils the finest of custom-made
clothing at prices which do not ofton
represent the cost prioe of clothing.
You get Suits, Overcoats and rants
there for half prioe.
N.B. Our nresent stock oi fine
merchant tailors misfits in elegant
Overooate and Suits that we sold
originally for one-half of their actual
valuo, we are now belling below
post to enable us to make room for
the large and handsome stook of cus
tom -madi 6ABMBNT8 Which W6 Will
receivelfrom our agenU at the open
ing of tho spring season. If you de
sire to seoure a genuine bargain
in a buit or overcoat it will pay
you to give ts a call.
Clothing Parlors
272 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Court Square.
fifciy Rcmombor, all alterations to
insuro a perlcct nt cnecnuuy
lv made, without additional
I 1 V .
harm, hv a firtit-class tailor.
ar opea Evealna aulll o ciom,
amnrT nntil II.
No. 17 Jefferson Slrdet,
(Between Mnin and Front.) VKMPOIS.
IK-Uhliahedin l).l..
TMl.JOHNSON iaaoknowlediredty all par-
XJ t.ea interested a; by lar mo m L"V""-
-elnl pnyaician in ine iro' r
or".cretdi.eea. Qui.ik. peronanent eures
auarantead in eery eaae. male or
Reoent ea'ea of Oonorrbe aad Syphilia
oured in a f - day- -ith.ut tb. , ... of
flUTYa C D A U Rfl Ol Ulel aa.aa.-
b".fn." tSeond.ry Syihil... ! l-t
tme eradicated witnoot " ff aikori
Involunsary Iota ofremeB alopped ib aahorl
time. KBBerere from impotenoy or lota of
aeiual powera reatorea to irr.Ti.or .u - ..-
ecka. Victima of eelf-ebn.e and ojo""';
yenery. iBflanna irom irii .- ---
lo-iof phiaioal nd menUI power, l'o'''.
and permanently eu eo. "r"" -,
twn paid to tbe Diteaaea 01 W omen, and
iarra uar.Dleed. Pilaa and old aorea oared
withoai ine wt oi caa.uo or -'
e naallalioaa iUietly oooBdeolial.
oiare aeotbr MtMi to all parU of the
"".rVlaen enred tbelf .
r-t.'. 0oaeri from 8 o i clock
0'olockp.n. I. 8. JOUNeOH, M.D.
Wn dLvoWed,
i. and we La?e reonraniied oor intewt in tbe Wholwale Bos
ve, lata ! Warren, Lore A Ox, SL Loais, Mo, sod Mr. J. O.
of their favors.
cnanais. w E. lev.
, Lot
market of the fol
310 and 313 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Wa ua Jut la BrMlnt
R. B. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
jaanra H. Goodbar Wan. I-. Clark
319 Main Street,
WE offer to M EKCH AnTTS) OFJLY the lariret and beat lUek .rBoMi land Bhoea w;
hare erer bronaht to thii ijarket.and which cannot be lurraaaedln aelityand
atv aa b any nonie in tnia or any niner ony.
made tooda. ine nd ni the lta. B al a.o
a large and aaieet atooa ai t;uaiem-maae umm iur . " 7 ir .. JV--
i.xl.r. r.r tbla foal, ia larae or ama'l qnaaUliea, fllleal by
rny Telephone Nt.
EBTAIilBECgD 1004.
Sternberg & Son,
336 Front St., Cor. Union. Memphis. Tenn.
J. F. H0LST &BR0.,
(snoosseoBS to o. h. hoijst bro.)
Funeral Directors,
A 7 UI.Ii and complete toc of w ooo ni
M-tllio Canoi and CasheU, Ctolh-Cor-erod
CaskeUand T.urial Robea alwaya n
nnd atarotdara ow leiearann vwr"'
Notice of Dissolution.
mnB nrm of R. K. LIB A CO... e-mnor-od
I - .1 I" T i t..L U.M 111. Ihit
a oi IV. n. ijee .iia .wu " - - : .
1. oen amoivru y miitwwi w-. .-
oho Keid letirina from tne bn mrM..ltie
mniceit of raid Harm will be eon'inued
inder the aame name by Mr. R. K w.
.ho aocoeeda to tb aame. nod Mauinea a
.. i-ii ;. a. .ml I. nihnr mail to eolleot all
i.hu due eeid la . firm.
Mon.hi.Tab.-7.18a6. K. K. LEB
--a arftxtf . . MKtiM Af htXlBCM. 1
Vy haf. Mt. d to clot, out my entire
a t ta a . loarioct mw . - -
tr..le. Tb. rr? feVSu J ."aSi?
DAIS, II po. siDie. mm
JOUS TLILLY, 323 Front St.
NMirP nf Dissolution.
rpiIB ipartnenhio he-etofo e exMlnrnn
JL aer-tnenrio n.uio ."
nana k Co is lbi day diaaolyed hy ma ua
1, . u. . M Auaeraiana lepras and
raeyed hi. intrre-t -a J. B. MoK.Taen.
wU ii aoihoriiedto ..n tb. Jrm . n.m. id
..tU.mento. tn. ajf J y K K N .
i a. W. M. AUOKXM&SN
Memphis, Tena., Fefcraarf IS, i8t.
awe., -. 's J Tal a
. a I I . .
thank onr friends f r their pstronaga,
. . . a w . mm
Co., Bt, Loaiti. Ltm of Ouldwator. HiwJ
v. m m...- - -,
We also control the following specialties unaer ottr
own btaads, vis:
Goodbar, Love & Co.'b Men'e Grained Call CUSTOM-MADE
Bale, Button aDd Congress.
Gnolbar, Love 4 Co.'s Men'e .K. Calf CUSTOM.
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goodbsr, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CU8-TOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button S3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' S3 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Curacea Kid and Tsmpioo Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flex ble Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in every reetwt.
af a Larc ShlBtaeat a
Steel Drag Scrapers,
Eaaene J. Carrlaatoa Frank . JToaea
Memphis, Tenn.
. -..viy- , ,
eoouBaK ,
; Jt CO. BatOUalaN, wchandle
& CO., 190 Jefferson st.
Ho. 3299. B. (O)-Chaneerr Court of Shelby
eonnty State of Tenneeaee, tor Die. eto.,
v.Wn. S. Botleretal.
ni yirtue of an interloewtoi? decree for
IJ eale, entered In the above cause on the)
ota day oi uoYeinuor, . wtuuvv -- .
pare 92, 1 will tell, at pnblio aotion, to tbj
bmbeat ninaer, in irju 01 "
ajaaier a omce, .wurtruuiMv v& wuw.i
tj, Memiihit, Tenn., on
Balarday, r.amarw SO,
within leral honra, the followina deaonbwl
pruierty.flHoated in Memphii, bholby oonn-
ty, Tenn., to-wit: . .
Lot No. 10. country lot 4T0, Winnina a
the intersection of the touth aid" of Market
atreot wiin tae eai aiae oi
north and aouth jietw-en and para lelto
Ibird and onrinaireow, -
the eaat line of aid ail y2 fjat. more or
leas, to another allrT. Prallel to Market
a reet; thence eaat. wiia, v,5 DZLa.
said laiit nmed alley n i
north 2l fv. mO'O r Iran, w. ... ruuj.
of MurKet a reeti
street H-X fet to the b.sinainr. said lot
beinK known a. t. a .... ---7VV
purcha'aer to enecote note with security:
J . I J .nl.m r.hna Kaoraa.i
lion reviMnou l-.'V
Th at J ti n Qftry 4-0, in-yw.
P I. McOOWELL, Clerk and Matter.
By l'. M. Bradley, Oeouiy C. and U.
J. W. Hampton, solicitor.
FA RMtN G f TOOL S an3
i i iriiiiii PkOriCK.
THK anneal meetini of Ihe aioekholder
of th. Memphis Uaa Llfbt Company will
be bold at the office of the rnpany. No. OS
Madison st eet, Memphie. Tenn... Monday.
March 1. HS6, to elect -teen (D Directors w
wrre tbe company durina tb, entuint year.
Kleotion front 10 a m. tn 1 p.. . .
JObKPa CRAW, wUry,
ui.M ..4 1-hildMn. vum
-SaT w-bt m-DW- t. n
li- w k aam

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