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VO.L. XLV1 NO. 45.
M 7 K
'Tim Broadway Surface Railroad w 11
at in likely to prove an cvon gtvatr
rntal than was at first (loaned possi
ble. It in h ct-onl "Buss" Twcod
affair, ami tlimitiiiK hitherto honor
able) iiiijii witli uliaino and tli.-;-rurt..
SW, who had locn working for
. thirty-five yoarn.to ai-cnmplittli this
cntt'rprwe, in likely to kjhmkI thirty
Uti; or moro iit tlio if!iiteiiti;iry
bliould ho liTo no Uui).', 114 jiiinit-limrnt
fortius wholtuli)Yorrit'tion by which,
in di'lianco of the public, he atvoin
jJ!siiil Ilia purpose of huililiDir u ruil
iixgd on llromlway,
Tiik Governor of JIinMifippi, who
Has recently relucted without op-j-ilion,
Htamlri charged, iw dues the
fiiperititendenl of the penitcntinry,
wifli -very grave niiHitianutcmcnt, to
put it in the nilldettt form, and they
owe it to theiiifx'Ives to meet the re
port of the Senate Committee w ith an
iiiNtant aimwer folly uixl completely
utiafactory. On the fifth age we
publish the facta in regard to theso
chargeH, and we make no doubt they
will he rcatl, wpocially by Mississippi
miw, with norrow, strongly tinctured
with hope that they rest upon min
Tiik list of entries and purses to be
Tun for at the ooiriin; races over the
Memphis Jockey Club course affords
the very best giuiruntocH for a success
ful week, Mhould the weather serve
favorably. Col. Montgomery has been
indefatigable In securing the best
stables una) making his own time, and
lie descrvcM the highest praise-for the
determination and tenacity with Which
he defended the interests of Memphis,
juid eoiiiMtlled the race people to ar
range their weason according to his
dates, Tho course is irr the most in
viting eondition, and the trtabling
ample to ticcoiiiinodiUe twice the
number of horson to attend. All the
stands and buildings are in the best
posKtbli! eondition, und the outlook is
altogether the most assuring the race
men have ever had here. i
Improved CemliU.n of the Imllaus
Harlan 3 and Rogers -Another
Hand Cull.
IHMCliL TO tut irfUL.1
Wasiiisoton, Kebruary :M. Despite
the nevcro winter, there lias been com
pamtivtOy little MUreriiig aiooiig the
liiii:in, and 'imiiiiisMniitr Atkins hat
had but tew re'iinesls fur food and
clothing from destitute Indians. Con
gress has authorized the use of a por
tion of the emergency fund to relieve
the Northern Chevenne Indians in
Montana. With, this exception the
ordinary provisions made for the In
dians have been ample. The favora
ble condition of the Indians Is attri
buted to the increased attention wide'
they have given to agriculture instead
of relying wholly upon the govern
ment, and hunting and fishing.
j. i! Minis aooKits
has addressed a letter tot Sen. Johnson,
in which he forbids Mr. (iarland giv
ing away his stock, upon the ground
that it would be a violation of the
original agreement through which the
Attorney tieneinl secured his stock.
New offices: tiraves, licnton coun
ty, Miss., Henry 1.. U raves, post
master. Star Service changes: lilountsvillo
to Whitney, Ala., from March loth,
embrace supply of Slater, St. ("lair
county, next utter Whitnev.
Steamboatserviee established : Mem
phis, Tenn., to Klmot, Ark., by St.
Clair, Oldham, Ijimbettiville and St.
Thomas, ArU. ; Corona, Tenn.; Me
Gavock and 1'eean l'oinl, Ark.; Rev
erie, Tenn.; Golden Uike, Ark.;
Richardson's I juiding and Randolph,
Tenn.: Nodena, Ark.; Fulton ami
Fort 1'illow, Tenn.; Sans Souei mid
Osceola, Ark., and llob bkiss, Tenn.,
and back tw ice a week, in safe and
suitable steamboats, bv schedule of
seventeen hours running.tiuie eaidi
There will be an overflow service in
that church.
Rkqistbrsd at th New Gayoso Ho
tel: Georgi W. Cobnrn of Booton,
ChrltM A. Stacy of t. Louis, G. B.
Hfrtoncf Pitt-hnr?, T. R. Bryaa of
)oin-illf , II. W. Raird of C;ev(dnd,
W. K Marth of Battoo. A. B. Dick of
Cbixi;o, J T. Cole of Nashville, J. U.
Cohen ol Cincinnati, J. Albert 111 ike
of Button, K. S. Yin Artdale of New
York, Edward AlcCrlv of Kajsaa
! Ci'y, II. L. French cf ('iueintmti.
Tins-Rev. Father Liu, who was for
years l'rowiiciul of the Order of St.
liiiininic, and pastor of one of the
leading Catholic Churches of New
York, has taken charge ot St. Reter'n
l'arisli, uf which he was rector some
yearn ago. Father Lit, was Wn and
reared in Memphis, and is beloved by
his relatives and friends for his genial
and kindly disMsition and his good
ness of heart. The Church of which
he is a priest ha no more devoted son
iior one w ho cherishes her adinonicA
and her creed with greater tenacity,
but this does not prevent him from
1 e; .e of Uie most beloved of his
orutr, with A faith that guides hispur
posi "'i saving souls. We welcome
Father Lit, back to his home and to
the Hock that loves and reveres him.
He will preach this morning at St.
A i-kivatr letter to one of the Ae
ckai. stiitr from l'ulaski sas Martin
College, under its new management.
is eminently successful. 1 lit! art
teacher, Miss rilheTrabiio, is culture
and thorough m her department. Our
correspondent says that "at the recent
levee there were seventy pieces on ex-
niDition, and ol the art class there art
six Memphis girls, I'auline Fiaysier,
Isla GiMidltM, l'.ula McDowell," Ida
May Smith, had their work on exhi
bition, ami it was much complimented.
i our .Memphis girls are a credit to the
institution ami are mpidlv learning.
hula McDowell lsa lovclv girl, and
wo are all very fond of her. The cere
tunnies at Martin College on the ftth
of March will he unusually interest
ing, and we an! gratified to learn that
several Memphis ladies will bo pres
One Seutcnce CotQrmtd and iwo
Reversed and Remanded for
New Trie I.
1 case of Olne Mwvers. K.1 I'ettv
It is pleasant to know that the
tipeech of Hcnator Howell K. Jackson,
in support of the Blair bill, is regarded
ly the ublottt iii(!inbcrs of that body as
ono of tho strongest arguments ever
delivered in tho Hcnate Chamber. It
was his first net fH-ech before that
body, but it more than satisfied the
most critical judges, ami made for him
a place among the first lawyers and
best debaters in Congress. He rose
with the oceanon and was never go
niueh himself as when he was being
questioned and cross-questioned by
those in opposition ii. the debate. He
proved himsotf a vntftfr rf-V'fu'Vi-ct,
and eijnal to any emergency of tho
hour. His figiirew and facts were pre
sented in a convincing way, and his
loHc was irresistible. Tennessee is
pround of the man who thin vindi-
catcs her intelligence and her desire"
for thespnoulof education to the hum
blest home.
Bond Call.
Washington, February lit). The
Secretary of the Treasury has issued a
call tor if io,HK),(Ku :i per cent bonds, the
principal ami accrued interest of which
will be paid April 1st next. The fol
lowing is a description of the bonds:
Three per cent Ismds issued under the
act of Congress approved July 12,
1 !SfS2, and numbered as follows: $."H),
No. L'Sii to No. 2tl7, inclusive, und No.
13i8 to No. :I7", both inclusive; $ 100,
No. 210s to No. 1M4S, inclusive, and
No. listi-l to No. !S7!, both inclusive;
!o00, No. 104-2 to No. ItdiL', inclusive,
and No. 4201 to No. 4200, both in
clusive; J 1001 1, No. Oolt . No. 018S,
inclusive, and To. 24,..-s lo" No. S.'M'm.'!,
both inclusive; SI 0,000, No. l.r,4.r)S) to
No. 10,4 IS, inclusive. Total, 10,000,
000. All of the Ismds of this loan will
bo called by tho original numbers
The visit to this section of Mr. John
luiiiaii and his party of capitalists
from New York is ono of the signifi
cant wens of the times. The West is
in most place overdone. The hast,
with its plethoric capital, is therefore
compelled to look elsewhere for pay
ing investments. Nowhere can they
be so-easily found as in the South
whose mineral resources, so much
richer than either of tho other great
sections of tho country, has not been
more .than scratched, ami whoso
agricultural possibilities have not yet
by 70 per cent liecii revealed. No man
in the country knows this better than
Mr. Iuuian, whoso love for the land
he helped to defend as a gallant Con
federate soldier has iM'en evidenced by
Ins own .heavy investments and his
encouragement of other capitalists to
cultivate fields lying fallow, that only
iin uit;ui;iKicioucnoi capiuu lo reveal
a wealth mom ample year by yearthan
ie mines 01 isovala or Colorado.
A qukmtion lias Ix-on raised as to
the. fee the State of Mississippi should
pay Judge Watson for his services in
defending the railway supervision suit
In'fore the Supreme Court at Wash
ington, and it tum been referred to
several lawyers for settlement, tho
lowetil sum fixed uion by any of them
iR'mg io wm. . Juuge llill ami Chris
mau, .and Messrs. George, Walthall,
Catehings, Vercy and T. V. White,
nx uie lee nt f HI.IHXJ; Mr. C. JJ. Mitch
ell of IVntotoc, at 1-12,000 to $15,000;
Mr. L'. A. Biirrof Oxford at not less
than 15,(Htl); Judge 'Callioon at J25,-
ooo; juoge ti. j i-.Uett of this city,
formerly ju.ge of the Supremo Court
of Misnssij.pi, at 20,0(K), and Judge
John A. Campbell, ex-indge of tho
Suprenu (iourtof the United States,
at any amount which Judge Watson
may elaim, saying that the State
should pay it "without a demur." In
which the Ajthaj. most heaj-tily eon-
Amono the latest of the organiza
tions of labor is tho Federation of
Bwk-keepeni and Office Clerks, with
lieadipiartcre ut 705 Broadway, New
Tfork City. Far-reaching in design
and notional in character, its ob
, joets are: First Tiie insiitution of a
system for the regulation of the wages
of -those who obtain a livelihood
throtgh the mediumship of " the
pen." fceeoiKl Ilie establishing of
permanent employment bureaus with
ilie intent of finding employment for
members of the federation, and sup
plying with comiH'tent men such
employers as are willing V) re
cognize tle scale of the federation.
Tbird-The promotion of the "mate
rial welfare" of its members by any
and all nr.ictind measures which may
liereafleT be d-;vised. fuch an asso
ciation is worthy of the most generous
encouragement, und thould find it
membership very shortly extended to
tvery city iu tUo country.
. ft f-T affft'
Tbe H'uniii nilrii-lin,
W'asiiinutok, Fehrnrirv 20. Hie
Judiciary i'ommittce of tlie l)ous(' of
iU71tt-tw-nt.itfcR guvOa h?-ri'H4i to the
officers and delegates of the National
Woman Suffrage Association in their
committee room at 10.30 this morning.
Representative Tucker of ' Virginia,
chairman of the committee, and Rep
resentatives Seney and Taylor of Ohio,
Gates of Alabama, Rogers of Arkansas,
Bennett of North Carolina, l'arker of
New York, Stuart of Vermont, and
Caswell of M issouri, -members of the
committee, wore present. The room
was crowded with interested listeners.
Fourteen States were represented by
members of tho association present.
Miss Anthony introduced thespeakers,
Virginia L. Miner and Klizabctli Avery
Merriwether of Missouri; Mary F.
Kastnian of Massachusetts; Jul'i: ("..
Nelson of Tennessee: Mrs. .I.e. lii-n-
neu 01 Keniucuy; Jieien Jil. : 1 1
and May Wright Newell of Imlii.ii.
t'lara 15. Colby of Nebraska, and Mm. .
Clara Nieman of New York. These
ladies presented an appeal for the sub
mission of .a sixteenth amendment to
the State Legislatures. The commit
tee seemed exceedingly interested, and
gave the ladies a very respectful hear
ing. Miss Anthony presented the
committee with a copy of the Woman
Suffrage History from its inception up
to the present time, and told them she
should continue to make history out
of their actions 011 the woman Ruuragu
question until tho sixteenth amend
ment is passed. Mr. Tucker of Vir
ginia, chairman of tho committee,
asked if slit! "should record for poster
ity every idle word we say," and Miss
Anthony assured him -she should do
Pcnttlon PayiDfinla.
Wasiiinoton-, February 20. The
Treasury has paid out about 110,000,
000 so far this month on account of
Mnsions. It is believed, however,
that this heavy payment will not have
a very serious effect on the public
debt, as the revenues of the govern
ment have been unusually laruo this
month. A sm-cial increiiM! has oc
curred in the receipts from customs.
Preilejr Uronicbt Out for a Prelim
narjr KxftinlnntloD.
i Rink Ui.i'kp, Akk., February 20. C.
K. I'resley, charged with the' murder
of W. F. Brighton, as reported in the
columns of tht! Ai-i'h-Ai. yesterday, was
brought from confinement this "even
ing for a preliminary examination be
fore Justice Aschairenbiirg. The case
excites deep interest, and tbe court
room was crowded with people to suf
focation. The Court announced that
it was too late in the day to commence
tht! investigation of so important a
case, and on his own motion ad
journed the matter over until Monthly.
Miss Annie A. Flvn.v has returned
home from Nashville.
Tiik Rev. Mr. Long will nreach
about an awful prophecy to night.
Mu. Max II a u.r, Menken's clothinc
artist, ha returned from Gotham.
Geokiik M. Tinwr.i.i, is on avaiii.
after a week's tusscl with uonaestion.
S. II. Bkooks and family hav re
turned to Uie city fruu Colorado
Thk la'eft phase in fashionable so
ciety is to dine eu famille at the Ne
Gtyoao Hotel.
J. V. Lewis, the cotton-need oil kintf
of Cincinnati, is registered at the New
ttayoco Hotel.
Miss Laura Taoe of Nashville in
visiting the family of D. O. Wheeler.
17$ Union street.
Mjhs Artkua L. Joasa lias aona to
Palestine, Tenn., to spend a few weeks
with ber sister, Rosa M. RevelL
C. W. IIkuhkho, Menken's cents'
furnishing and hosiery buyer, lias iust
returned from thn Northern markets.
C. H. Boama, tho banker, did not
return to New Yorfc with the Iontan
party, but ia still teciding at the New
Gayoeo Ho'el.
John G. Witt from New York and
mat unrated llinj Fouirrel nave ar-i.
rived at their eld beadq'iarteis, the
Ttaojy Hntiee.
The Rev. Dr. Mead, tho great tem
perance lecturer, will preach at the
First Haptit Church thm mornning at
11 o'clock and at 1:20 o'clock p.m.
Tiik Cotton Kxchungcwill bo closed
Monday in' honor of Washington's
It is estimated nn Vtuuige that Mini
phis will receive. 540.1)1 K) 1 ales of cotton
thi.rr,iw- . .
Tiik Cliimigo I'ioartl of Trade wilt
hold no session next Monday, Wash
ington s niruniay.
Tiikkk is a corner in February corn
in New York. The ruling price is
54lc, :jo more than the March option.
Tiikkk will hi! no session of the Call
Board of the Merchants' Kxehange to
morrow, as Washington's birthday will
be observed.
Closing prices of May options at
Chicago yesterday: Fork, $11 20.
1 -nrd, OJc, clear rid sides, 5.(ioe. Com,
41 Je. Wheat, 85c. Oats, Ullc asked.
A Western miller is authority for
the statement that 0,000 of thn 1,1,000
floor mills in tho country are idle,
ow ing to the largo stocks tif flour, the
li.li price of wheat, nnd the loss in its
manufacture into Hour.
Rkpoiit of Grain Elevator yesterday :
Wheat received, none; withdrawn,
none; in store, :i0.j7 bushels. Corn
received, UKV) bushels; withdrawn, (iH)
bushels; in store, 30,310 bushels. Oats
received, 040 bushels; withdrawn,
W44 bushels; in store, 4:1,400 bushels.
The New York W in its cotton re
view ruiys: i-uiure tieiiveries were
2-100 lower, but at first call they closed
SJ-100 to 3-100e higher than yesterday's
closing prices. After various fluctua
tions the tone of closing was barely
steady and without material changcin
prices since yesterday.
The committee in charge of the
Women's F.xchimge yesterday were
Mrs. A. C. Knowlton ami Mrs."W. 11.
Seward. Among the visitors were:
Mrs. S. F. Hare, Miss F. Stainiwt, Mrs.
II. G. Ilollenberg, Ilr. W. R. Ilrown,
Mrs. W. 15. Saflord, Mrs. Heljer Jones'
Mrs. Mason, Baltimore, Md., Mrs. 1'.
Jones, Mrs. Mary Hurton, Hot Springs,
Mrs. J. M. Williams, Master Heher
Williams, Miss Dot Jones, L. H.Estcs,
Jr., J. W. Levi, G. F. Farrow.
Visitors on 'Chaiure vestenluv: .T
G. Hall, Mariana, Ark.; R. K, Hall,
Mariana, Ark.-; J. W. Kchrairo. Cin
cinnati; L. Nunor, Kentucky; Alt
rinson, Steamer Hclona;L.l. Dozicr,
St. lHlis: (!. W. Idnllev
Tenn. ; Charles W. 1 1 uitt, New Orleans ;
Zeb Wurd. Little Rock; II. II. Ward.
j.iiiic iuh:k; j. v. Ijcwis, L;inciiinati ;
N. M. Woodwind, Odin. III.; Mrs,
Maltimore: Mr. ami A. W.
Texarkana; Miss Mary Benton, Holly
Springs; J. It. Hoy, New York; Mm.
Jl. 1. 1C1V. J. VY. (,- 111 niers M.-o
lienor Jones, Mm. Hot Jones, Mrs.
J. M. Williams, Master llebor Wil
liams, J. R. Hoy, New York.
IM( Day or th Alrx-t-idrls riel4
I rlaln.
Alexandria, La., February 20.
The Alexandria Iiotl and Gun Club's
neiu trials were concluded to-day. In
tho all-age stakes there were twenty
i ..,.4 : rr-i . '
.w., uiuib. iiitj urat pnze was won
oy nenry ront-une's Jinghsh setter
ivoya ; ine secontl by Storm's pointer
Watt, and the thirtl wasdeividd be
tween Thompson's setter Mark Twain
and Bayard's setter Custer. The trial
was the most brilliant affair of the
kind that has ever taken plaix- in this
section of the country.
iriciAL to the rr-AL.l
Namivu i k, Tknn., February 20.
The Supreme Court lo-dav u'llirmeil
the tleath sentence of Allen Herbert,
etilored, convicted of the murder of
Henry F.vcrett, colored, an. I fixed
April 2d as tbe date of hanging.
Herbert took the sentence like a stoic.
Herbert murdered h'verett at the
.. quarry, i.u the corner of I'ine
and McNary st-ets, March 20, IKN5.
Kverett, a fellow workman, a few min
utes previous to the t raged v, uskeil
Herbert for tht! use of a' ,biirp tlrill
which IlerliertT was using. Herbert
refust'd lo give it to him, and F.vcrett,
walking up to Herbert, caught hold of
the drill. Herbert told him if he did
not release his grip he would cut his
heart out. Everett declined to com
ply, ami Herbert drew a knife and
hUihheil hverett in the region of th
heart, tho blade chterinir betiierti
the sixth ami seventh ribs, indicting a
woimii several inches in length. Kv
erett hcgucil Herbert not to cut him
again, hut Herbert, again plunged the
inane into ins. hodv, llrst in the left
temple ami then in the back. Kverett
fell dead, and Herbert immetliatelv
tied. After an absence ol several days
irom tht! city, Herbert was captured
at bis father's home, near Triune, in
Williamson county, lie was brought
nere, H ied ami convicted of iiiurde
in the first degree, on .May I2tb, and
was Hihsoqucntlv sentenced to be
hanged June is, ISStl. An appeal was
woven 10 tut; Mipreme I'tnirt.
and ioiu (.art wright. charged with
lite inuriler of .lauict Carter, was ar
gued in tho Supreme Court dur
ing the jiast week bv Col.
N. N. Cox and Atha ' Thom
as of Franklin, Judge John
v . Wright and M. R. l'riest of this
city lor the defendants ami Judge Lea
for the State. The case was passed
upon to-day, Judge Tiunv delivering
the opinion of the court, reversingand
remanding- the cause for a new trinl
Judge Tin ny gave his reasons for the
reversal in substance as follows
Where the State in a case of ein-inn.
stantial evidence shows an indictment
against the defendant and deceased
was a material witness in said indict
ment as a motive for the killing, it is
an error in the court below not to al
law proof of another indictment
against another party wherein the tie
ceased was also a material witnem. In
show that to kill the deceased wasalso
luul hy another imrtv": second, on
the UKii niiiL' tif tho killimrin the iiftor.
noon one of the defendants rode
up to a plat e where another was. On
returning home they went off", one
riding behind the other. These were
statements at the time of their start
ing oil. 1 he court errtiJ in not allow
intr these ileclariit'orKi,- i, time to
8v, to Urn hry ; mint, iA- court ened
in chargiiiir the iurv on nn idihi il.ni
if tht! jury wore convinced that the
proof was manufactured that this
wouni he strong proof, a eireumsUnice
that the State's proof was true,
'ran iioyi) cask.
Judge Turney road Judge Cooke's
opinion in the case of W. U Boyd, in
which he hehl that it was reversuble
for the reasons given in the Sawyers
case. Boyd was convicted and sx-n-tcnecd
to twenty years' imprisonment
for the murder of Miss Itiidie I 'utter
son, Ibis mistress. The killing oc
curred in the room of the tleeeased on
South Summer street, this citv, July
6th, 1883. The deceased and ilie tie
fentlaiit were alone, when the
deceased received a pistol - shot
woun in the br.iist, causing
instant tleath. The defendant was
arrested, ami claimed that the woman
Hiiiiidcd. This was his plea while on
trial. This is the sec 1 reversal bv
tho Supremo Court. Sawyers, Cart'
wrfgbt ami Boyd were allowed to
stand upon their old Uuids until
Monday, when a renewal will be
Fifty thousand dollars of stock was
to-day subscribed toward a canning
mcu.iy io jit! pin in operation here Ii
June 1st. This will lit! the first sue
factory in tho Mouth.
Prptkrlnf for Aaoibrr Hr
Asalnat th kl. l.-mla Mrerl-Car
Ft. Loi'is. Mo., Ffhruary 20. The
Knights of Labor cf this city are pre
paring for anothei move uon the
street car company, with the orject of
obtaining bi tter pay and shorter work
ing hours for the employes of the
lilies. The weapon they will tuo this
time will be the boycott, and it ia ex
pfCted that by its nst they will be
more ruccefsful in obtaining tbe con
cessions they desire from the street
railroad companies tlaa they were
hut October, when they relied upon a
general atrii:e to orenmp'.inh their
ends. It hits been ltttmied from Mr.
Sullivan, Matter Workman cf li
trict Assembly No. 17, which include?
the St. Louis Knights of 1-abor lolges,
that this plan of ection had been
agreed uoon, and that it would bn put
Into cp?ratiou very soon, with all the
Knightf of St. Louis enlisted in Its
execution. One road is to be boy
cotted at a time and brought to t'rnis
if the boycott is sueceesful. The Fx
ecutive Committee of the Knights
have not yet decided when the boy
cott is to be, but it is said Ihe time
will he set about the middle of March,
and thst the Fifth Street Lirm, the St.
Louis lUllway Company, will be the
first boycotted.
TIDW U'LL-HulurcUT, F-I.nn.ry
LI). iHKl'..
InUnl tiuuiliter of T. L anil Kti Tidwall.
Funentl from rcslilanre of parenta, Kuiotta
rtreet. t!il (SUNDAY) alotrnoon at 3::i
o'clock. Fritndi ir Invitvil to attend.
Al.llHIOIir-Satordny, February 21),
at oVloc i.iu., Mm. l)Hiito:r At.-
KBiciiiT, aoj Hlly-aiiilit year.
Th- funonil wilt tako place thin (SUNDAY)
afternoon at 2 o'rloek, from the ranidrnot.
3.WCoiirt troet extended. Friendi of lira
Pal Key and ot Thouiu- Albriubt arc In-
vitrd to attend.
iVL 4, K.T. Will mit Itwmorrow
(.MONUAi )rvnin( ut"::iil uVloi'k,
lor the tranatliin of rcKUlur buni-
neii. Vifilintt and atijourniog'
ivniKiita arc ttouricotiiiy m-ited.
llyordor MAKCUS JUNKS, E.C,
Altm: T. J. DAaiiHis. Renordnr.
221 and 223 Ferond St., Memplila.
GO Oenta tVlll Dvxjr
Any of th following Dooki, onntnlninr
from 7-' to Vl! paiai of tbe latent Vu
oal or Intrunintul 1'iooeat
Waldteiirel'i WalUei.Panoe Folio,
' i.uu riiiiu, viiiiuioii rviivi
Oerat!o Folio, Parlor Orian Foiin,
UiiU'iuetof Muat, Inatrmnantal folio,
M'kailo Seltctiont, Vacal Folio,
lllllard Hona-I. Bona Olio.
Ideal Horm, Mtnatrol Folio,
Contralto IJarltona or Uut bonsa.
X3Q Oezataai "XATlll Xlwy
Mikado lleinn. Hnna Alhnin.
Childran'a Honn, Ohildren'i Alliom,
Vocal Duel Album, Uonlralio A Ibuui,
And Uandrcdi of Utbari.
lint --ilrrJlul iiurtifular" it ft her rtil-
lanuk. A apol.t rliild ia hl lUNi), but the
arti'ta o l'aria, LonJoti, Detl'n and New
Vork ntntriv tv parliully ami-fy her morbid
ci.ttiriKfor th norel and bcautirul. More,
a ore and mora lovely the iirodurtuni of
eui-h eaiaon, acienca and art fie nr with
aicb other in their Hourly anccoajful clforta
to realise the pioturiot ot ptudiooa ihoujht.
Shtlvraand Counter evidonrj Ihi..
This Week Will Be Shown
Ltireljr Hooda of every damlption.
Artlaltc Wrnpa,
llaaarla, "rrra Citlr."
Hnta, l-rpy,
Kobay Uroaa (JutMla,
Mt It Sllka,
HMnltrul tKMAniuterlr,
New l.arra,
Nnyeltlrai In Ua.tleaia.
KacjttUK. UriianiMK,
Three Greatest Bargains!
KREMER S S5o per y'd.
Worth 31 f.D, wurlh ft ffl, worth II iff,
iU-intih widn, till 1'uro
KT-a liidiito, Kuiililra worth II 611
to:) Uoldoa Drown, (luroi-l worth 1 5(1
(.'n -Ruhy, Myrtle worth
aio-Olive,Tun worth
. Blank worth
Rioh, Fine, New,
1 50
1 SO
1 Sal
The flntwt KID U1.0VK for the price yet
hown-8 and S Uultane. llulton, !. or
MouitiueUire. beat quality, newi-it ahadea.
WOlini D0II11LK.
Oatrioh Tipa In Uunchei worth I'i N)
30a-Oitrloh l'lutnea.tvery ahado, worth 2 (J
TH FRK wilt ho a mcatina -f the lluildcn,
Minutaoturera of and bonier- in lluilil
inir M-trrlal. at Una Second atroat, FRIDAY
AFTKUNillW, Fobniary 10th. ut 8 o'clock,
for the tmrocaa of .il.ll.li,n - lt,.iu....'
and tra.iara' hUohanica. A I ontiived in
tliia line ol huainena arn llivlln.l to he urea
enl. J. W. X. 1IK iWNK.
Temporary Hoprr-lnry noil Trri-.iirer
A New Departure.
A LI lb I'tlicy Whioh Will Malkfy
Everybod)'. No Rurdrnsoiut-Condition!).
Cheapest Liberal
l'olh-j Ytt IHurd.
Non - Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Less Than in
Any Order or Society.
Caah Aa-eta January 1, 1XM .I!7.1IM 00
Cuih Surplua January 1, 18Sil 2.(. 00
Clainn l'aid la 1SSB . tMV12 00
Total Claluii Taid in r yean 8,H-,IS 00
No. ol Lira I'olioiea written to date, M.H00.
All CI ill tn a paid Immediately on receipt o
aliafai'lory proof.
For further information apply t-
Marx & Bensdorf,
ItlHI; ml Non Slrcol. HI-niM.
Low Rates to New Or eans
im) m:Ti;it.
r IHIK 1... N. 0. and T. and M. an I T. Rya.
I will aril on Tuod iya. liith and tu ot
(obruary, Hound-Trip Ticketa In Mew Or
lenni for Ww ftO- aood lor 1(1 ilava. Krf
one wi-hintt to fee the hupoiition ehould
Piitroniaa thenalinei and lake advent- of
theaa apeoiaj rittea. A J. KNAl'l',
Uenernl rnarenirrr Atront
I.., N. 0. nnd T. and M. an d f. Rya.
rbjHli'Un, Narireou and Arcom-heur,
Si:i Malu fcilrect, JVcar.l'aion.
Taaphnna No. R.
In MlaHlaaltl nntl Arhantaa.
Five Year.' Tins, bow Hate Annual I n-
tereat. (Jail on or addrea
Hi WmliMon Hi.. Kn-inplilai.
Jj:.'tl oi'loik to-niL'tit Win. S.
yrarn liiiH tiuh-
Drafmrnakcra Bllla.
CtiNFOlivn tht-ne tlrtfwnlaktra, MUh."
Raid old IImkh to hiaj young piurtnor.
"I've iust naiti fur Min. I! ' lat hnll
dress, nnd I toll vou they come high."
"fJoino hiL'h?,' ffhotul thp iiniitir
"Not the one hIio wora at tho mimical
the other nipht i;r nhc-ni I Ext-uiio
mp, I was thinking of something
And the silence could have heen cut
with a knife, San Francisco Wanp.
a l J J :.'tl o
I'.Jllll'V. who fur fiv-o
liHhoil mi iiifitlfl jinpfr ln-ro oullfil 77w
Liberal, tlit'tl. Jle wiw eit'hty yearn
uui. ii in uruiil wit llt-ill't'llll.
ThomiiH A. Norvt ll, it printer wt?ll
known IhrouKliout t lit; Went ami
Houth, nntl th'lt'KiiU! to tho luter-
nalioniil JypoKrunliicul Uiiitui, whi:h
tnoetM next Juno in rittHhurt,, -Iiotl in
uiih city xo-tl;iy.
Tho Roam lei (he Plir Iron Trade
C'omirM rnmpagy.
UranuL tothi apiil.
niitMiNtniAM, Ai,a., Kebruary HO.
In niito of tho unfavorable freight
rati now in elfeet on pir iron to tho
North and West, the eondition of tho
iron antl fuel troth's are far from briiif
in thiH iliKtriet what tlio coke troubleo
tiave niiule it in the Kant. l'ij irtm iH
Htill Htitl', and tho furnat-OH nn? tloiiiff
rikxi work, more iron ore wiw ihiiiimI
the pnjst week than ever before. The
coking plant of tho tliftriet hiui all it
can do to Hiipply the prewnt demantl,
80 new arrangement!! will be inatle for
two ftirnaeeH now biiilhii, antl for
which bitlB have alreiuly iM'en linked
from coke men. The lratt (!oko Iron
Company alone exoectii to build rX)
more ovens this nnriiij. Htoek has
been placed for a C'tirry cotton coni
presHompany here, and an on-aniia
tion will be etfecUMl in a few days.
Salvation Oil. always curt pain.
It extinguiulK jiain, whether rcHuIt
iag from a cut, a burn, a bruise or a
Bpram. Get only tho genuine. Price
twenty-five ccnta a bottle.
Mr. WallrraoBt uacllllon.
Louihvili.R. Ky.. Fehrtiarv 20 Mr.
W'attrrHon'r. comlition eontinues to
improve. IIm pulae rexpinition and
temperature arc natural, anil he in,
without relapses, on the way to recov
Havb been tisinu Toniraline, an. lam
well ploaned with iu renulta: it KtiiM-r-
r-tleB nil other so-called rheumatic
IB. C. WURSHAM, M D Mareato, III.
ON TUESDAY, FED, lfirii,
if ill bein tbe Rot ival Wcrk In Chicigo.
Will bejln for a Peaaon of Four Wceki.
Ro much Inttreat la tnanifgatod In what
theae remarkable Kvanitali'ta bar to lay
that in reaponaa to a demand
Will eai"h tiny publish verbatim ropnrta of
TIIK .MKlil'INilS and TH 15 KKKMUNH of
tho duy boforo. Villi CAN OHIIKK TIIK
The prioa of tbe HAJI.V INTKR OCKAN
(inoludinit tlio -IINDAV IvOlTION), to aub
aoribora by luail ii
o.vi: io LI..4H im:u moxtii
Blwoial ratm to Newadealera, Addrea
THE 1NIKKOI KA, 1 hlfau-o.
Pianoforte Recitals
bJIIMMKK TK1IM for tou-thora and ollnra open Aprils, 1880.
) will Itn oranntaerl iti thn fullnviiti .nlil...ta
In Arithinetln two ola-.oo, Alcebra two, ileoinatry ena, Calenlua one,
IJflok KvepinK two, Knirlnh Uraoiutar two, Ueotrraphy two, Hheloria one,
.Ni.tur.tl Philoaophy onoj Citiiar one, Oero one, llnlUil Htatea Hiatory
one, Bliakopeare one, kethud of loaohint aud Alanaiement of bckoela
one, and rrlitanomotrf one.
iiruwinu, Inatruuiontul and Vooal Mutie, Penmanahlp, UtaraU.ni,
and Ucbnlo, are alao taua-lil.
Thainairuotlon ia by the moat Improved and approved asethoda. Try
the Normal onelerai. Puptla can enter nt any time for ten week.
Write for CuUlouea to II. A. UavAM, luka, Mlaa.
Nitnrday, Feb. 27tb, at 2.30,
Al Wllamanu'a Hall, 823 Maruntl Nt
Ad'nialon-21 oenta.
N. fl. TOF.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. S73 Second Street,
(Ayrea Block).
New and latent Htjlos Mock. Mew
Tjpp, New Mftclilnpry.
Incrcised facilities fur doing; al
kinds Lithographing.
Prices as low as anywhere, North
or East.
Direct frana faelory Parrhavaj
r, aavlaaa S3 at)r Mat, Wrlto
Monte riclfens & Co., Memphis
f- mmcm W.etp.lllo-trfilCulolll
i bhm -w pnnir now r-MMly,
repraaenu ever So New. Ortiti
nl HtUaot OBcm A I.ltrr!
Beaka. Tablea. Cbadra.
LJ ' s - -jf Book Caaea, lonngea,
p ! ' tattor Preaaea, Cabineta
1 J-adlee' Fancy Deaki,
i ..- . rinwt uooo. tnillAiM-t
, t now. uiftruii-..! t l .!(
a - fr-k. lfMA-M-n. Ma nutl.
Bids for Painting
THE Cnmlrtt 0-Jttrin, to., of tjie
Court Il'i-Qie "t Fayeito couDty. 1no..
a l." : 1 1 l i .;. i i
HtrtiiiiorTiun, a in rvvcireu no'U ffiavroil
1, l&Su, br the CnDiuiit'ae, John P Ldmond-
Kori, A o. tbftw and tTlu-l II. M"rtun.
mpeoifickttiOQS inky b icn at the oflica of
U. CtBBty Court Clerk ot ajettc evanty.
Try Zcllncr's English Walkingiast Allocs
ZRLtiNKR'H I.enla'NlH.M, Inullatyiea, are the beat Inthe ilt.
2K1jLN UK B (V wrniN'Mltuva, in all ahaoea and atylea, are tba nob
bin t and bell in tbe United Hlatea.
7.GL1.N Kit's Bote' Nhttra are the beat that are made.
ZKLLNKK'rt ( lillilrrn-a Mbnra will tare you money.
ZKLLN Kll'rt ladla'a' khor-i nnd Mt.pera are Ilie band
ouieat, abaiehoatand tnoat alyllah, and are ehoaiiertlian any
owieta nt e'lual araiio
7.KLI.NKK-R J l.n.llea' Klt llnllou NbcM-a
with ailk wortied butt n bolea, are the srnateat bar
aaina mu have ever .-.-.n.
"Bond your ordera or eome and eaaui'no their rrand aa'nrtnient of FINK HOOTS
0-lllualraled Cataloaana Bont Frre on Ari'llotloa.-4n
aK. a. . - - y - T.
!V Goods, Mions,
Nos. 320 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
.iii.;. ' whil, ?'' -hlr.ido upon the moat avnrable ter!na O ir nriecj
will eompara favorably with tliono of any maraot in tbo l.niie.l .-.tn.-a. W. if r .
lennei-iwe Manaruttorlnir Co.'s l'Lild. PiliU. ai....tin.-. Miimi...- .
Antl Commission Morchanls
JTow. 34 ami '.U MikIImoik Kir-of, ?feniihls.
w. r. uvmavaut.
m h n w -

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