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The Effect of Thftn More Harmful
Than Uooi and Likelj tu In- .
crease DrunkenuesF.
IroMisroxDisci or the rrL.1
Cobinth, Mih., February 19. Per
rot me to give yoa lew 6snres and
facts wit rfftard to prohibition, not
only in Otrlnth but in all MiwiMippj
fiatirea and taitiUken from or bactd
Bpouthe iootnU of chapters 182 to
249 inclusive ol the pnblisned laws of.
oor Kiate, red by our UaUUtore
in regular senbion Ironi January 8tn
up to March 15, 1HS4.
The whole number tf fpecial pro
hibition acts passed at that time is
aixty-eifiht. As, however, tbree of
thein were repm'r, f mr txtentions
and two merely nuieuduiente, the sum
total of ntrly new prohibition acta
anionnts t but flfly-nine. Of these
but few loasist ol two or three see
tions. Thtfw are those which o in
lor prjlubilioj stiaiiiht. 'Ihe Kreat
Bfivity. which prefer the Corluo
!, hriii? in the first section lh nnu.il
aiu'lienm of prohibitionists rntnat
in'oxii-alirg liq iurs cf all sorls, I. e.,
KaiuBt u'fohcl.c, Inialt and viuoua
JulUOrS, ttl tUB B1UUUBIU yuinoo
y reads. After thut conies a sec
tion or two which (fives or Rive liquor
privilege, restricted or nniestrn-ied,
bardly ever to druKiiiutn but freely lo
physicians, the church and the domes
tic circle, i. to either, to any two or
to all of them. Then follows a sec
tim which defines the punisl meet
wiiu rega'd to nature, ami not or lime
for any or every violation cf there
epective acti. And if there are unex
pired liceuses on hand, the c odng
Section, among other tliiiwe, states
then that they should not be meddled
" OoncerninR the contents of the first
section of thee acts there is no "tone
cl content on" known ti me, the
name o! which shows so much ion
fusion, ai the term liquor in vo
cabulary of our prohibitionists. iV by.
some i f these Rood people speak cf
alcoholic, malt and vinous Iiquois as
if there was no uicurioi in enuer ur
or wine. Yea. smne of thcra add
with the same breath rherry or peach
brandy, gin, its., and, perhaps, the
Bo-ittled "Uit:erH," as if no alcohol
was in thrui eithe. There ore "till
others who continually (peak oi ' in
tixieating liqrinr"," mi il there were
liquors which do not intoxicate, even
when nsed in larue quantities.
Permit me to say that, ontside of
water, milk and t ie like, there are
three distinct clauses of nut onal bev
erage liquor, ber and wine. Of
these, the ilrst class consists cf wbis
ky, brandy, rum, arac, Rin, schnapps,
etc., and iheir oUsprings or kindreds,
a'l of which are gcf.en by distuU
tion. The second claos, which embraces
beverages like lager, bock, ale, porter,
Iambic, liiumme, etc., and their kin
dred, are the joint product of grains,
(malt), wutsr and hops by the triple
process of infusion, decoct on uad
(yeai t) f armemation. The third class,
to which drinks like port, Madeira,
Johannisborgor, Tokay, champagne
and their kindredi, also raspberry,
torna'Q or rhubarb wine, and tbe r
kindreds, etc., belong, are prouuetu,
the first from the pure juice of certain
qrapee, the lattsr from the juice of
certain, other fruits (berries) or plants
by way of natural fermentation. Our
home made cider is a kindred to wine,
lint whjlst I con ider California beer
and ginger ale, j.vo of our temperance
drinks proper, as rather bas'ard bev
erages, the cordials of oar lady brew
ers, I am told, are ro.hing more and
nothing less t!ie hermaphrodites of
fruit juice, suirar and whisky.
Wow. what 1 waut to say is this, that
in all Europe and in this country, too,
with the commercial men, the scien
tillo men and the national economitt,
II three wine anil beer as well as
liquors are ai tides of distinct cr
dillerent f jaturea; tbat with them wine
is wine, and not liquor or beer, and
beer beer cot wine or liquor,- whilst
liquor ia neither beer nor wine, but
liquor only ; that, however, malt liquor
may be produced by preparing imtishe
or beer tar the htill from malt alto
gether; that we mcy get liquor of
wine, but don't wo have that already
in the commercial spirit of wine? and
that Just lor these very distinctive
features' Bake wines and beers aud
liquors are not only diflarently classed,
but al l) differently twted or licensed
even by this, our own government.
lint to return to our figures: Of the
59 acta mentioned above, 6!t 18 - 41
give liquor license to physicians, 69
25 34 give licence to churches to use
wine at the Lord's Supper, and 5!) 21
' 38give license "for dispensing hospi
tality within the domestic circlo rnd
in the family residence of the giver,"
or, m it sometimes rcn is, "f .ir social
and culinary purposes."
The at of the Fourth and Fifth. Dis
trict of Lee county, which grants phy
sic hub, sacramei.t il and house licence;
and that for Montgomery, which
grants the manufacture of wines and
cordials from grapes and berries, but
the "nee of any liquor," only "for so
cial, culinary or medical purposes," I
am sorry to say, were the only arts
the people concerned got the privilege
to vota on.
Again: OI these Ml acta there are
2 for academies, aoh of which
grants only physician's liquor license ;
2 ijr colleges, of which one grants
liquor , license t physicians and
churches, whilst the other grants phy
ician's, chnrch aud home liquor li
censethe Utter to the exclusion of
the matriculates cf the college, how
ever; 1 for a normal high school,
which giant i liipior licenae only to
physiciaas uud i-hnrrhep, and 10 f r
churches, of which one grants home
mads wine, one the enp of hospitalt
ty; 'J the physician's and the sacra.
mental enp; lithe phy.iicians.thesacnv
mental and the domes ic cup. and 4
(among them the act for the Presby
terian camp ground in Jones county)
all of which uriuit no cups whatever.
This leaves 44 acts for villages, cities,
supervisors dis'.ncta suit counties, o
which number but 4 villains seem to
have taken prohibition straight all
Ol thefle ti!iv-nine act'", once more,
there are but two which prohibit the
mere Bale, two which prohibit the ta'.o
and barter, three which prohibit the
Ttukine the sale and the giving away,
and only one that for By Italia
r ' which prohibita the sale, the Riving
away, the linn of and the baitsr wilh
intoxicating liquora, whilst the rest
is pretty nigh equally divided between
they generally consiit t f a certain fine
nd imprisonment, or of both, at the
discretion of the court, but that they
vary cs.-ifding to the locality the
fine from $10 lo 120, and the impris
onment from tin days to s;xth months
inja l. AtCorlUb, however, where
these penalties consitt cf $100 and
three months In th county jm, or
both,. for the fi st off-nee, boih fine
and imprisonment shall be drolled
upon any eabwquei.t conviction of
the same person for ti e like offense.
But I had better Rive you our p-ohi-tion
law in full.
Startling Rnmon About the Analla
Woman M orders Double Trag
edy at Pittsburg.
AN ACT to prohibit th maHnr, wlllns
ir ririni (wiyof liituilcititiic liquor, in
th oity of Corinth.co ititr of AlourD, ht'
of Mi"iM'l'i. and wiibin fir niilca of in
eonrl.UoutHi of said oouuty.
Booting 1. It' it nadrd n lh Lreu'alure
of tk Stair of Minwippi, 1 bat heroaltor it
ball bo unlawful lr porron to Diako,
ell or a'" , in (aid city of Corinth or
within fir miloi of tia oourt-hu o ol tho
mo, county of Alcorn, a y apiriluoaa,
vinoua, malt or intoxica'ina liquor, of any
kind, or mixture thorei.f. ceit in tne
niannar and lor lb urnuie beroiumflor
lc.fiod- . ,
tiec. 1 lit it urthrrmnrr mnrud, ThaMho
uo of wina for MoraniO'.tal imrpofe thall
nut bo prohibited, nor tba u. of any .uch
liquor nauiaJ in Ihn act in any donncils or
roriloni' in dxpoufing I ho rinhta of hotpi
ulity, and that any iron .ball bo al
lowod to manufacture wins from (rapeior
'"iito.'s. licit furthrmnctnl. That reaalarly
lioenfod prolio n; phyai. iana iliall r.nt ba
nr'.t.ibi'od Irnm tha mi of nid liquora a a
lord l ine in tbo treatment ol (hair paiicnU,
provided, hovor, that no uruttinm or
drugai t' olr shall bo'iiermitted lo toll or
irivoawayor otbormra dirwne aaamoli
cino, or for an othor purpoat, tho Pquori
i.rt Kf.lnrA anfttifld a, d enumera'ed.
ri if. i. Hi il furtkrr tnaritd, 'ibnl at.y per
nn Tiolntina any ono .r mora of tho p o
yUion.ol tlii" act ihall h au.lty of ininlo
moanor, ' d . n oonvii tinn ihoroof all lor
tho fi rtotr nro he fined SPOor be impria
nnod in the county jail three month, nr
both at the discretion of the court, and the
tiitd penalllta annii ue uuuoinu ufiuu aur
...t...i..iNnt convicllnn lor the like oflnnae.
tec. 6 If' 4 furtkrr tnarud. That thia act
hall take effe4.t and Te n force Irom and
.r,.r!t. ttn.jiH.n! nro.iitnd. however, it ball
not be held in any way to affect the riiihta of
nemona now nomine; a ncenre in eii uquure
until t a eipiralion of u h licenae,
Aiiuroved Kobruary 12, 1HS1.
l'ron these ttcta and figures and
frtmthis sample of our prohibition
laws, you, Mimra. Kdliors, will per
ceive that with us MisbUsinpians pro
hibition ra'.ber means, to take the
devil, or liquor serpent, fiom saloons
and drug stores, cut him up into a
thousand pieces and ive to every
hi a 1 of a family aid hU helpma'e
and to every brother and maiden, old
and vnuiiir. no matter whether they
are ami or pro-prohibitionists, when
ever deaiicd, his or her choice peace
With the privilege to preserve the
game aV option, in ever so many kegs
of "Ilermiteire live." in ever so mauy
cases of "Gilmnre'a Bent,'.' fu ever to
manv iucs of 'Kentucky Dew. "anil
in ever ho many bottles of home made
"P.rew." provided our husbands and
brothers, our uoclea and fathers, Lnve
vineyards or stills of their owe, per
hats: or provided they possess or can
borrow t!ie cish ti procure for their
flreeidap, for wives, children ami
friends, the serpent's life water, in
jug", boltles and keg", and provided
una! v. ear fair culinary brewers sue
reeded to. aet in due season, of course.
what they need-the vat.brsFS ktt lei
and bottles, and strainers anu grapes,
and berries and sugar, and brandy, too,
to spice hlgbwines and fruiuines and
cordials, not a tew.
You will furthermore perceive tbBt
our luouibition acU, witn but few ex
cept one, lave alio the Cort an vow of
old. eltner siraignt or circumspect, in
them. According ta the law of Sital
thosa who reproached their parents in
any way were punished witn cleat n,
But according to the Tamud, any
Jew who fsarcd that his parents,
through old age or infirmity, might
likelv bnrorne a burden to him. hui
the privilege to devote a.pait of his
property to the temple, saying:' "It is
(Jorban. that is a gift; 1 have devoted
a'l I can afford aud, therefore, can do
nothing more for you my parent,"
and vet come out free. In the first
nine verses of the 15th chapter of the
Gospel of Matthew yoa will find whet
t(iriBl iiBti lossy buuui. Bum uiuhcph.
Now Proverbs, chapter 31, verse G,
reads thus: "'Give strong drink untj
him that Is ready to peribb, and wine
unto those that be ol heavy hearts."
But our prohibition sisters and broth
ers to their sick neighbors might Bay :
"Tom. we cot plenty ot brandy and
wines and cordial j in Our pantries and
closeta and shrines, but we dare not
come to the sick bed and give what
is devoted already aa a gift. However,
vou may crawl to our homes and
whoip when wa shall give you the
domestic cup." or though Uornan
means gift aud prohibition Uor-ban, it
mrans home-gilt only witmn uie pro
hibition ban.
In paientlieais, permit me to re
mark that, cf Conn th's five regular
nsident physicians, only one admin
isters the medical liquor-cup direct;
of the reft, one ia a simon-pure pro-
hibitioma'. white the three others
certainly prescribe the gift, but never
furnish the tame to their palieiiti,
Add to this, thirdly, the fact that
the 009 voters from Coricth and
neighborhood, spoken of in theAi-
kal ro, long ago, never petitioned
for a law like the one given above
that our people never had the privi
lege yit to vote on this laer, and that
our anti-piohibitiouiRti want a general
option law for all Mississippi, to the
c-xolusion of every special liquor law,
while our pro-prohibitionltti want a
general option law for all Mississippi,
except for Corinth and vicinity,
which town and district must keep
the live-mile law under all circmn
ttincee, and you will understmd why
it is tlut the r a taions here are not
only agitated, but that they a'so boil,
seeth and hiss as if water and fire
were mad in a kiss.
Ad'tis. Tit... February 21. On
Cbmtmas Eve two women were mnr
dered in thia city and their husbands
ware arrested. Mr. Hancock, the hus
band of one victim, was promptly ac
quitted on a preliminary examination,
while James W. Phillips, Jr., the
young buebaad of the ttber woman,
was sentenced to jail wimoui oan Biter
bis preliminary trial. A few days
ago Mrs. Phillips, who was a beautiful
woman, waa lonnd in the back yard
with three terrible gashes on her head
aod a heavy rail across her breast,
while Phillipa was found in the bed
unconscious with a fuaiful wound on
the side of bis head, from the effects
of which he lingered between life and
death for two weeks. No suspicion at
first a'tacbed to him, but when ttie
IS late offered f 1000 for the apprehen
sion of the murderer astonishing ru
mors begar to circuit 1 8. they were
ao fttrtling that, unable to verify
them, the local papers relused to pub
lish tiern. The airlvai ol tne iexa
Figaro, a small newspaper from t-'ai
Antonio, created a eensri on nere ven
ter-day. It says that it has the eatire
story from a prominent citizen or un
questioned integrity who saya
that one oi rinaerum ueioti
ives made the discovery that
Mrs. Phillipa was in the habit
of meeting secrotly a ditt nmanou
Mate politician at a f eclu led house,
and that she was accompanied some
time hv another woman, who con
sorted with another prjminent poli-.
ticiaa and Bute officer, tie discov
ered further that on the night that
Mrs. 1'hilliDS waa murdered she met
this politician, who estorted her home
in a dose carriage. Th"Be facta were
divulged to the city police authorities,
who ser.t an emirtary to tne woman
friend of Mrs. Phillips and save her
.MX)0 to leave Texas and not appear at
the preliminary examination against
Phillips. The woman (oasenju, uiu
tho detective prevented her going.
In her guarded teftimony the woman
corroborated the fata related, but she
waa not asked ti name the politician
who must have witnessed the murder
of Mrs. Phillips. This man, said the
Fi'iuro, yesterday, is a prominent e iu;e
ollicer mvl an active cafcdidate for the
Governorship of Texas. The other man
is assistant to a chief of a department.
Both are merned.
Only llnlf Alive.
There art hoiu of men and women who, to
coin a parana, are only half alive. That ia to
Bay, they bin acldom, if ever, any appetite,
are nerrout, weak, fldaetty and troubled by
numborleaa auiall puine andachoi. In the
preacnoe of ?i;orou, exuberant vitality they
aeetn mere piiiuiiea. hucti penona aronatt'
ally fond of frequently doitlna theTjaelvea,
awallowtna il, the cnur,eof the Tear enouah
drusa to .tuck any a"othfcar'a shop ot av
erage dtmonaions. Ttin, of enrae, difeata
liuleHd ol lurtncrtna tne end in view, via,
Itin rtooverv ot Den til anu vi.or. H cm
they to act-k it frota an untmling ,outco of
vitultty, iio.tfttci a fMoniArti lttttem, how
Uillcrrnt wi.ul.l oe tntrcie. Then viaor
ould return tu their riolulituted tramcB, the
low nt houl h to their win rhreka, their
treuiblltiK, uurtam aittl would kt- w nrtn
and e'atia, appetite, thnt rMli.t of all
nucac would .ive a rlih f.r tho dilv
tood. er it ev. r ao core. end reirehiiw
atwep wouiu crown inti iiihkb ot tne day
Attempt to I'otaon n Family
Ikthoit, M icu., February 22. The
J.'oriiinu Journal's Corunna spfcial
Bays: "r'aturlav night an attempt wai
made t pti-on the family ot Uorert
uerry oi mis city py putting v:i-ib
green in niswe l. hevetn! ol the tam
ily dranK tne water and were taken
sick, being saved bv prompt medical
attendture. Sheriff Uole found Paris
green in the pump, and tracks l a ling
prohibiting tha selling and the giving to the house ol Mrs. Uharles unite, a
away on llieone naau, nuu urn eiiii!(, neiguour anu nu enemy. iiage B
the giving away
and the I'tirter ihi
thai nthnr. .
n,.t nnent orantB the Belling of
wine at home in any quantity, or the
iwliintrof wine at all. This is the act
Tfarnanrln. v-
With regard to tt penalties for
transgrfssiona against ay of the pro
hibition ajta, permit me Xi Btat tha
daughter and ber husband, Henry
cihatler, were arretted anil taken ti
jail. Morearrestaareetpected to-day."
The very promising 'two ytii'-old
filly Nannie Ban, by King Ban Lady
Hiuhupe, owned by the Stanhope
Bros, of lxingtojt Ky., died oa Bun
day ol pneumonia.
Wile Murder ami Mnlride,
PirrsBUBO, Pa., February 22.
Shoitly before 7 o'clock last night
people living in the vicinity of Mul
berry alley and Twenty-Eeconti atreet,
were atartled by the report of four
shnta in quick auccession. This waa
followed by the scream of children,
coming from the home of David Wil
sm. A crowd Boon collected aud
forced their way into the house, lhey
were bonified to find Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson lvinir on the flow unconscious,
with Iml let wounds in their heads. In
the husband's hand a small revolver,
tightly clasped, told the story. Medi
cal aid waa summoned, but before the
nhvsician reached the bouse wa.
Wilann was dead. Wilson was in
annnihla and baa not yet recovered
onicicumesa. He w 11 probably tiie.
Poverty is believed to nave been the
cause ot ine uajeoy. nusou nan
hn out of employment lor sixteen
months, and as he hat six children it
is thought he became aisconrBgeu.
The children Bay their father came
hnma under the influence 01 liquor.
and altar supper ordered them to bed.
Shortly afterward they heard loud
words, then the piatoi buouj.
Donble Murder ! Kentucky.
LouisviLLt, Ky., February 22. A
Journal special saya: A fatal
encounter took place nt ar Pineville,
Ky., between a man tamed L.ane anu
live men named Turner, on Friday
altwicon. There was an old feud ex
isting between them. The Turners are
celebrated aa loughi' and bad men.
They were in ambush, biding behind
trees, when Lane came along the read,
and they all fired upon him. Lane
saw one of the Turners step from be
hind a tree and shot him dead. Al
most immediately Lane fell, bis body
being pierced by several bullets.
Horrible Hire Murder.
Oitawa, Ii.!.., February 22. Clar
ence J. Hears, eighty-eight years old,
a farmer, murdered his aged wife, at
their home, four miles northwest ol
thia ritv. Saturday niiiht. The old
couple differed in their religious
views, and Bears, who is an euthusi
ast, recently arrived at the conclusion
that his wile waa a witch. 8he waj
nnerlv throe arnre viara and ten, of
!,! mind, and it ia (aid that
ahn admired her belief that
she wai gif ed with the powers of
witchcia't. At any rate, Searsbecame
crt asd by his hallucinatioi ana aeier
minoit that it would be for the best
for him to kill her. Armng himself
with a baud-saw, he went into a room
where the old woman wai seated.
Their daughter-in-law and a couple of
grandchildren were also in the room
you still believe yonmelf a
with T" asked Seara of his wife. Her
reply did not reach the cars of the
vitnestes. but it seemingly frem'ed
Keara, for he struck her do na with the
heavy saw, and despite the eflorts of
hia dang ter-in law, hacked his o'.d
wife to dta'h. Ue then turned upon
the vouns woman and hat children,
and they were obliged to tlee for their
lives. Convinced that his wife was
Head. Rears left the hou1. He was
captured yeaterdav and lodged in jail
Heavy Mabbrry.
Cuicaoo, III., February 22. When
"oriuina " Andrews, the pawn broaer.
left f or JolietJ-ecently to serve out his
term of etcht years in the penitentiary
lor receiving tt dan property, he left
behind bis wife and daughter to lwk
nfter the farm v pawn shop at fto J-
State atreit. A wt ek ago J. C. Wallace
was put ia charce of the shop by the
sherid ascusiodian.representiug Simon
Kiankolof New York, who bad ob
t a' ned a judgment o! 11300 against
Andrews. Furahfa keeping Wallace
pnt about 1700 woith of watches and
jewi-lry into a box, which be allowed
io remain in the store. Back of t':e
r;on is the familv parlor, used a'so as
a private office, in this Wallace p
np a bunk and slept la a little room
adjoining slept Mrs. Andrew and her
daughter, t. partition ich reaches
only hall way tJ th ceiling separates
thia little rrvira from the larger ene. in
which Wallace slept. Hatnrday morn
ing about 6 o'clock Wallace saya be
waa awakened by hearing Mrs.
Andrews acrea "fire." "murder,' and
"robbers." .He raw her in his room.
When she Amnd he was awake she
said: "J have been robbed. Thirteen
hundred dollars is misalng from under
my rnllow, and 1200 worth of jf
You are rohbed, too. Mr. Wallace.
Yur boxes are broken open.
Wallace went lot) the ft re to inveati
gite. He found the boxes broken open
and real zsd that the jewelry waa
onnA. He wonHorwrl it tne time how
Mrs. Andrews knew the hox?s were OX
broken open, as it waa dark in the
store, and she could not have seen
them from where she was a'andirg
when she told him be had been robbe'J.
The back door waa found un'ocked.
It had bit n opened from the inside;
so had the shot era to the tack win
dows Wallace noticed that 1. hough
there wai light snow on the ground
there were no tracks leading away
from the doors, ttps, or tae window.
Walla e felt dazad. as though he bad
been chloroformed. Mrs. Andrews
claims that her loss is $1 300 in money,
which was under her pillow, and $200
in jewelry, which was in her mom.
It was reported that there was $2700
worth of jewelry and watches ft den
irom the boxes in the custody of Wal
lace, but he said last night tbatthtra
tai not rxore than $1H0 worth ttolen
from him. The eherilf is responsible
for the amonnt stolen from custodian
Wallace, and will have to indemnify
Simon Franke), the bolder of the
judgment. The police say that it is a
clever burgluy. They have made no
Bate-Ulo were Nnbbed.
Cuicaoo. III., Felirnury 'JR. Tba
city detectives are jubilant over their
sncceos in capinriui; a sextet of safe
blowers who have operated success
fully throughout the city during the
hut two months. Each one of the
nans has made an unqualified con
fesmon of the full extant of their
operations, and the evidence is al
ready prepared thtt will probably
land every one in the penitentiary. A
complete Kit of safe blowing tools, to.
gether with a quantity of b'asting
powder, waa found at their rendez
vous, aud a large amount of plunder,
including $30,000 wo-th of papers, the
result of the recent fchemdt burglary.
was recovered yesterday from under a
pile of lumber near the isortnwertern
railroad bridge. In the pocket of one
tf the men were a number of ' wild'
cat" bank bills, and a memorandum
con t lining the addresses of several
business firms and complete deecrip
tions of the interiors nt the stores.
Daring Kobbrry.
Cleveland. O. February 22.
This morning a colored man called at
the residence of Mrs. JNeiler, JNo. Uio
Forest street, and afked for a trunk
which had been left there by a ineno
of the family. Urn. heifer showed
the n an to the rco:n containing the
trunk, when he teir.ed her and ap
plied chloroform to her nostrils.
Whert she became unconscious he
ribbed the dresser of $200 in money.
Nhurt lu Ilia Account.
St. Paul, Minn., February 22.
A special fiom Devil's Lake, IX T.,
saya: Andrew Ilolman of Lakota,
treasurer of Nelson county, recently
visitid HI. Paul, but, not returning at
the appointed t me, an investigation
of his official accounts has developed
a shortage in the county funds cf $11,
400. Although he has twenty-eight
boadamen for the aggregate sum of
$:0,000, it is generally bel oved that
little more than $2000 can- be recov
ered from them, being mostly small
farmers, few woith more than the
$1500 exemptions.
Harder at llnclnuatl.
St. Lccis, Mo , February 22. Two
young mon, strangers, named Charles
Norman and Henry Knoller, regis
tered last Saturday at the Miami
Httsl. in tbiacltv. and have spent the
time since then until this morning in
eniovins tbeaaKelvessenera ly. fcBHy
thia morning Norman waa found lying
across the ballister of the sla rway on
the fourth floor mortally wounded,
with a bullet in the left breatt. A pis
tol wai found a short distance from
the body. He wui carried into hia
room and died from the e fleets of his
wnnml in a short time, without re
caininicotsciousness. It is supposed
that be ana uis menu returned vo iue
hotel early It Ins morning and in a
friendly ecuitla the pistol was acci
dentally discharged, with the above
effect. Knoller has been arrested.
Very Severe CrillciMU Upon the
Etent Ibat Sealed the Doom
of tbe Sentb.
Tt e Mtiieal Brirf, published at EL Lot la, nays I " Caed ToturaUna hi a o Kraralffia f Bar V
; use of opium or morphine, Iruui
me drun tortlie relivi of Neural-
Jall Blrda Captured.
Cabthaqb. Mo.. February 22. Sher
iff Bailey returned from I'ade comity
ith Ueorgs Hamilton, james vni-
iams, James Fortune and James
O'Neal, four of tbe nine prisoners who
escaped jail here Wednesday.
The Ueorgla Harder Mystery.
Savannah, Ga., February 22 Liter
developments have put an entirely
new phaso cn the murder of tbe two
boys whose cornets were found in the
wooua Bix mues irora iiiih rtvy uu
Friday. Ol ve Beaton, alias Porter,
colored, baa ident tied the corpses as
those of her two snn, Corm lius and
William, ag?d reepertively nine and
Bsven yearn, wno uitappeareu iroui
home on th 0th instant, the woman
had repeatedly quarreled with Jlon
dei85n Vaughn, a colored man from
Foitresi Monroe, with wnoua sne nau
hnn livlnir. Vauahn was -of a bar
barously cruel disposition, and threat
ened to me a ternpie revenge ior uu
olldnse which he charged the woman
villi hnviro oiven him. Oa the 0th
Innlant the nair had a bitter quarrel,
which wai followed by the disappear
ance of Vaughn aod the two boys
Irnm boma ilurimp the woman'B ab-
on o War the bodies of tbe boys
was found a Bheet ol paper, wnicn
Vmohn'a cmnlover recocnized aa one
he gave him. Tbe pieces of rope
about the necks of the murdered lads
have alto been recognized by
Vaiitrltn'fl PTT1 nlnvnr in having been
cut from hia well. Vaughn has
neither been seen nor heard cf Bince
While the new
developtnentB seem to point conclu
sively tithe guilt of Vaughn, Uraham,
the negro lnnttlc, who had virtually
confessed having slain the lads i a
sacrificial oflering t God, ttill sticks
to his story, and thus there are two
theories concerning the crime, each ot
which is backed by strong evidence.
The two missing sons of John Uirti,
whom the corpses were yesterday sup
posed tJ repreoent, have not beeu
found yet, aud it ia feared tt they
B-e the ones to whom "rabatn :
ferred, and will eventually be ionrta
dead secreted somewhere in the wooas.
Is sometimes exhibited in on. 'pabte
exhibitions. When we P-
some oi the peri.l.ar. t''
tnre ociaior.n ly indulges in, our
minda "revert back t the creation of
" an, -who is so fearfully and wonder
fully made." The mysteries of hi;
natme have been unraveled by l)r. k.
V. Pierce of Buffalo, and through bis
knowledge of those my. enes he b as
been able to prepare his -c. olden Med
Discovery." whlfh is a spec,no for
all blcoi tait-, pOL-wns and
such as scroful, pimples, hlotches
eruption, swellinge, tumors, ulcere
and kindred atlectiona. liy druggisU.
r.v...i.. I A.iaoi Challtnooga says
his club will bave aomething to say
bout the pennant-
Stpniy J. WiLSOK, teacher of Eog
lish litsnvtnre. F?r particular, ad
droea hitu at 381) Matn atreet.
New Or'eans dirpatch to tbe Ht.
Louis Globe Democrat: In a little while
a tall, slender, erect, white-bearded
and Bilver-baired aaa came in. tie
waa dressed in black, and wore a
broad-brim to't bl tck hat. He walked
with a cane, but did not lean on it.
There was no appearance of decay or
senility. After the via tor nau ex
plained his business, and the host and
guest were seated comfortably by the
fire, which the damp sea air rendered
agreeable, Mr. Vavia said:
"There remains 1 1 la tj be said
about the war, except in the way of
verifying facia and narrating details.
As to the letters published in the
0 lobe-Democrat, they were private mat
ter and of no public interest." They
1 ad been pilfered from his wife's bag-
gflge. i;edid rot, unuertitae to reau
the papers attributed to memDeis oi
his Cabinet, as they were too volumi
nous, but be would do so at his leisure.
"Tbe only thing," he said, "that
was cf particular importance in con
sidering the laut days of the Conlei'
eracy was the surrender of Gen. J. K.
Johiii-ton's army. Gen. Lee hattsnr
rendered when it wa9 impossible for
him to do-anything else. His ainiy,
reduced tD a tandful by constant
fighting against cuperior force, was
destitute of supplies, and found itself
not ocly surrounded, but with a for
midable force interspersed between it
and its own line of retreat the Vir
ginia mountains. In the face of over
whelming numbers, with to means
of maintaining his position and with
retreat cut tff, Gen. Lea bad suc
cumbed t the inevitable. Some per
sons, with probably a desire to pay a
weak tribute to Lee's kind heart or t
rob Grant of bis claims of magnanim
ity in tbe matter of the surrender,
bave said that Gen. Lee bad only
eurrendeicd to stop tbe eflusion of
Th's is not truo. Gen. Lee was too
thorouiihlv a ixua cf profound con
viutions aid devotion to principle to
allow any sentiment to interfere with
him in the peiformance of his duties,
He had no wenknesses where bis plain
duty waa concerned. He surrendered
to overwhelming iorce aid insur
mountably (lilliculliea. In Grants
treatment cf bis prieonerp, let him
have a I the credit that can a tica to
bim. Tbe surrender cf Johnston was
a different affair. Johoston'a l.ne of
retreat, ft! chosen by himself through
South Carclit a, was opea and had sup
plies placed npon it at various points,
lie had a large force, of which over 3(1,
00J were paroled at Greensboro, N. O.
We had ctber threes in the field, and
we certainly were in a Position to
make serious resistance. This was all
the more important, as such ability
would bave been c f service in securing
better terms in bringing the war ti an
"It might have been possible to
have made eouie arrangements that
would have secured tbe political
rights cf the States and their immun
ity from the terrible calamities that
afterward fell upon them. Gn.
Johnston bul these matters fully
placed before bim, aad t'i details oi
a plan for his proposed movement
placed before him, with ordora to ex
ecute it. He disobeyed the order,
and surrendered his army, and put
everything at the mercy tf the con
querow, without making a movement
to secure terms that might have
avaded to protect the political rights
of the people and preserve their prop
erty from pillage when it waa in his
Mr. Davis said inai uen. jonnEion a
f lilnre to make an attempt to accom
plish what might bave turned out to
be hia most valuable service to the
nennle of the Sjuth should have tern
pered the violence of his assaults
upon some others who were exerting
inemseivea jn ueuan ui mo ouuiu.
victims to lb
f lirt iiM? nf thofie time
cm It ia eralifvmir Ut observe that mfh dull
PL-rooa cuusequences may I averted by the.
use of Tonoaunk, w hirli iii almost a specilie
in the acuta form of Neuralgia."
WU tux tnnnilis mrum mjui Um imi at-nt. hMM t
Rav frfrvm T()Dfilin m (airtml la Narljrt.
Touw my KUteot's own vxprvnan. "It's Ibe mab
cujo lor Ltui diaMM. J. i. Huutfl, Briutua, lit
" I onnaidfrr TooirtlfiM th heL prepanUun to
NeofaJci i tww trwd."
C. V. iXJVAi M. PmeTiOa. Ha.
A A- fFtUIPP. 8.J Prfipntnr. 7(H nd 711 WAKH1NOTOW AVKNUK. 8T.
Madison Street, Ji'car Cotton Exchange atd Theater
Rates, $2 For Xav
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts.
Estesf Doan & Go
?ftoiesals Grocers and Cotton Factors
13 Union sxt.. WempliiN. Tenw.
E. WITSEf AMlf s Go
Wholesale Dealers and Publisher,
Sola Agepta for tha following 71rat-Clail Initromentif
Steinwav HLnabo
PIANOS KBAHICH ac?a.gawbA!SlM: pease eo-
Write for Catalotmn. Toa.aa:t thI aK BFrOUlt ST.. WriWI Hiw
Oeutlcman wl once
"tha Haaan'
ahoea, will acknowledia them to be neat, com
fortable and duralle. A special advan.
tag la, that oace flttcd, by notlne
tha size al width marked on
the llnkur. you are sure of
fretting' iduplieTtto pair
ofandealer. Ask
yotiiahoe deal
er itr them.
l. M. ST
.. - iatJ
, M ewpnla.
irnfl, stock of Woouen ana . vaiiio
A C. and CankeU, Burial Kobe. e;r
. n.n.i ()r.iratiT ielearaiirior xel'
s. 'TTC? A .s,
r.unn nuninmut
wut lr fmn
S 7nmthtat indt(citiaa
nag.OM.Ouni FOR y ff-laa-S
TT-nT7flTTS rJ taWat
AJLxaxixx z ,rjy (muuic. Gt our
t- lir-! I w ' mA -rS-,.1 ta-k.
A.I HO. aVllQ hwu uiiniruau.
fact! fcrftre OUuf VNa
mrnt elwwhfrm. T
not intrlfrrc wtth VtCB
Mon to butlnrw, or uj
pain or tocoownwoc to
tcientitic mMkr! prmcV
pie. Bf dtrtcttuKKaVQ
id the Beat of dlfnut M
Pti6o irirtyDoe t fell
rjurnl funrtitntiof t'y hy
tf life, which W
TEARS Bt ,st i rf many
One VeBtM.i taOfi
Ko aitmUif $.rn
raaMonis, 7 IX
81X1 K.Unth 8t BT. iorjTa. KOL
nt I OTUICD PERSON8! Mot a TruM.
llUr AiUbrtrrnisofou Appliance,
g ru t and rapWlr rj4
we'll llHialf
E. LEt.
376-378-380-38a-384-3!G econd street, south ot (Jayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
MnaMlm, .h. I'wlar Pot ami Ptrfcfla.
Cotton Facte imkub Err
294 Front. Street. Opp. Cnstoni-Iionse.
No. 297 Reconrt Street, : JfaenipliiMe A enu.
JNO. B. T00F.
B. L. MoflOWAN.
TQOF. nfl'GOH &
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Leree and Railroad Snpplie,
TTo. 274 Front Street -TVToTrift, Ttwpp
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
No. SW3 Kfaln Streei. 3ayoo Klofk.
rrewldent ;
Secy and Treiu.
B. A. M LA k
RH ef4M m sff4 t M i ELaPMAm
Pilsener Beer in Kegs and Bottles .
Onljr Pure thrjstal Well Water Used for Brewing Purposes.
IV. Corner Kutler and TenneNsee fe!tK
ME.WnilS, tGKSTa
eceiver s iaie
On and after thil date I shall offer at private sale tbe entire etork of
No. 205 MAIN STREET, ,
Hardware, Cutlery, Mechanics' Tools,
Sawmill Supplies, Agricultnral Implements,
aar I aball eentinne to m'I from day day at rtry low rates. Those raejairina anrthioa ia
this line for Building. Mschanical, Farmina nr other purpoaea, iU have an optoroni y t
apply their wants at rate (Teatly to tbeir adrantaae.
Msirui8,.yebrttry 1, 186. . I. JfcDOWfXL, BeeelTer.

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