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'y ... i J-Sss
JEUBRlk,K TUKtTl.ll,
Jos. Btooxs....
T-Sif ht-Llie' Me'tnee Wednesday The
Distiasv shed Ae ttu
In Sardoa'a Greatest Play,
reeented by the Original Madison Square
Theater Cast.
Thursday, Frb'ay end Saturday, February
?fc-36-27-ANNlB PIXLKY in '-M'LISS,"
"ZARA." and "KlLY" (New Play.)
Monday. Maro 1 JAN aUSi ll EK.
Crosby's Dime Museum
224 Main SU, Memphis.
W. X. CROSBY. oU Proprietor
Week Beginning February 2d.
Tattooed Champions!
"A Moat BemaxkabU Bight."
Kverything freth and bright in th i Biion
Theater. Latitat! la tha oruer of the day
ad night.
One 31mo TqAI.
"fakcy'dbess and
Monday, March 1st. ArtmlHsIon 50p.
bold Furniture at Auction Parlor,
f'h,mh.r nil Dinine-Rooin uroiture
Lame lot of elegant Carpe a. Fin a Side-
hoard, Lainhrf nuns ana i.ace vunaiun,
TO-DAY at lu o'clock, at 31 Union street,
Kain or shine. Ererybodr invited to eall
aud inspect.
A. M. FT)DDARD. AucUonser.
if;,Mn he.il or Tmnnrtad Registered
Helsteins, consisting of Bulls, Ileiters and
Galves, selected at premium animals from
the oelebrated herd of 200 head receutly iin
oorted bv W. It. Archibald A Son. T'ese
aoimala will be sold to the highest bidder
for cash,
Friday, Februnry 86, 186.
Among the number are Be iters bred to the
famous nulls: uoiuinnus on, !;"
Herd Book: Alburrua 631.N. If- B.: Mcho.
las 414, N. It. B.; Orost A-lalf 291, it. II. B. !
Jaxoelsior 316. N. II. It. Certitk-atei of reg
iatry furnUUod CO.
Oxford, Ml.. February 17. HHfi.
ORSE Tuesday
February 18, IKSo,
y is, IHKj, one
have tame by
bay hone
Owner can
.in. AhiirvA. .rtd i.rfiv'ntf nrot-ertv.
JAS. MONAHAN, Poplar St. Boulevard..
FOR City Property, 6 small Farms. 5 miles
from oity, Old haleivh road: willsell on
longtime. Aildre.s V. Maituson sr.
O WHITE COWS One wil,h rope around
j h.. i m.um titri.nrir rniurn uj rt..
B. BARTON, near Curve, lien ando roa 1.
T-unWN MARK My LB About ten years
JJ old: longhair. Strayed on night of lie-
emb-r2'ith, from Benjeslown.
Liberal re.
warn tor her return to v
Secrnd story front room,
good board
1 140 Madison street.
s iitnrpR nnnvK Fnrni.hed or unfur.
lj niahad. with or without board, VA
SMuares Irom (layuso. 4M bhel y slrect.
ROuM Dnirahle furn'shed room, with
board, at2 Madison sire t.
C 00D ROOMS With board; day biardors
T aocommodated: truntients also so
liited, atatlBSecon l street.
BOARD With excellent room,
fc; NICE Rooms, furnifhed or nnfurnished,
J w
ith or withoat board, at 137 Madison St.
rPMll Urn unfurnished rooms.
with or
L without board, at 6U Madison street, cor-
1T JJMKS notlSE.-Cdr. Second and Ad
id amssts, Room and board toper week;
dayboard, KISO.
URSE-Oood nurse.
Apply at
YOUNtt PERSON to read for two stenog
raphers and receive instructions. Ad
dress M. II., 42 Orleans it.
EVERYBODY To call and see the cele
brated Gypsy Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
AY BOARDERS flood day board in pri
vate family. Terms 4 per week.
A 0ENTF For "Great
Artists of the
XX Wor
orld" A large tolio Fine Art Book,
jam oat. II 8. Publishing Co., Limited. T.
HLLWOOD Zb'LL, Pres't, 47 N. 13th street.
Philadelphia. .
property, without removal. Address
P. 0. Box 18.
OU8B SERVANT For' small family,
well reci.mmoMiQ'i. at i iaiont street
OCCUPANTS For an elegantly-furnished
front room, with small r om oonnoot
ing, in prirato f h rail r, convenient f busi
ness da rets A. i 11. C.i letter-carrier no.
lO STATION MBN-And 0tottin"tr,
IVVJ to work on I. veo at Friars Point.
Apnl on work or 'o
TAY LUH, DUFFlN it CO., 304 Front st.
OITUATI0N As manager of cotton plsn-
4J tatmn; loo ye'irs nice sslul managori
single uiiin bestol rclercnes. Aadrots
M AN AG V. It. cure ittnr-wirrer No. 7
ONCK For l lowing; mut
JT bring outfit.
WcLemore ana I ring ave.
QITUATI0N As manaser
of a stock or
J i
'cotton farm; twenty years' exrenence;
atisfaetory reference Addres. 11., care
Union stock-1 ard and Fertiliser Co., corner
McLemore avepue ana Horn iiake runii.
A OKXTS Ii'or the bent article ever pre
Xi-duced; cosily outfit free; no peddlipg
nd no money required until salo" are matlo
anil vonilR itnlivorrd. For oarticutars Hnd
terms adiftosa N. M. Friedman A Co.,Mur-
tintburg, Mo.
QTUDRNT8 To loiirn telegrarhy at Tele
O grnphSohool.'corner Main and Poplarsts.
irillTK WOMAN-To cook for a small
VV family; also, a (JIRL, twolve or four
teen years old, to ho p in a grocery store.
.Apply at co'nerof Calboun street aud Mis-
ippiavo, oue.
HIGH EST ea'h prcts paid for old and new
T ATY AGENTS Fnr Mrs. Camnhell's
J-i New "Tilter" a Tiltor, Bustle, Hoop-
skirt and Underskirt cnuioinea. hoops can
h. ,Hinnv.l aud skirt latindrif-d. Adjusta
ble to any sis. Vo. y fashionable, and sells
for ti to every well-dresned lady as coon as
abown. AronU double thoir money. Alfo,
a full lire of new fnrubhing goods for ladies
and ohildiea. Anlrcs, w'tli sliimn,
W West Randolph St., Chicago, III
TO it ATM h KS Ten tliouapd pounds, old
X1 or now. by SAMUKL OARAY, Agent
nd Commission Merchant, 4W Shelby St.
bend for pric"ht.
IADY AUKN'TS Actually clear $lh dniiy
J with i. iv wonderful New Patent Itubher
I'nd rgarment lor leriMlos. One lady sold oU
first two hours
(4. Lil I
Lock-box 4)1,
.'liicatfo. III.
AN ACTIVE M AN tO; e out of eu oy
ment) to b"in on moderate salary and
work himself op, representing, in hi own
locality, an old established hou.e. Referen
ces exchanged. AM. MANUFACTURING
HOUSE, 14 Ilarclay street. N. Y.
AGEiT Iu every fcrLicn of the country
fortwo New Looks, just ready. Srsrm.
TsaUHto men of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. Stato experience, aire
aod territory wanti-d. CA.SSKLL A CU.
(limited), fl.'2 Broadway, N. V ., and 40 Dear
born street, Chicago
SAi.ES.Vt E.S-In everv State in the
tnrci.renor t a PAINT MANUFAC1
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
SriciAi.TiKH lb a tare popular and ensy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connecti n
with other goods. Addtoss THE WM. B.
mkAVKl.INd and Oi v Salesmen.
X larly employed by wholesale houses.
carry one-haH ounce sample (on commis
sion) of new article in usr in all buaineaa
house. No samples will be sent unless ap-
licant .ends card of rioufn renre-entea oy
him. H. W
fctevens, Joo norm Clarke St.,
Chicago, III
i ii If) MH.K I'oung and old, to bring
LUUU their Old Clothes U Rosenstein i
Bre. and hay tiow renovated. Main
aod 16 JsSejpn.
INARMS Several In farms in Arkansas
' and Mississippi on very eaay terms and
lo-pm-,, Addry
i-ilfTrtn.l Hark and wtai'e aetter doe.
O with brown bead. A liberal reward fur
lit return tnrASt Martin street.
MR. DUG B.N The blacksmith, ts wan lea
immediately by O. H Parson, 17a Front.
Firt-o a. wheel wrightnd first-class horse
sboer wanted.
. LAW, karine and Commercial KoUrj
Public, Commissioner of Deeds udU. K
Commissioner, at heold I office, No. S Madi
A YONK Wiahint the aerrieea of Torr'i
l Band ahouia apply at iiujvm-i.
BRICK HOUSE-Threeetoriea. tood ren.
dence and store, or itore and boaxdinc
house, with cintern. watyr works, aa, ete.
A ppl yon premiiies or Waghimton street.
QTOKK Inquire att'2North"Beoond street,
1 ap-itaiis.
CTOTTAG ES-Sereral seat eotta4ts.
J ply to A. Corden, 17 lalbit tt eet.
-riKiMR KioeW furnished or unfurnished
IX front rooms for light hourekeopini at
W L nden street.
awn RESIDENCK At Bond's
R ation, fifteen miles Irom Memphis, on
tneL and N. H. K , a stxte aud neat real-
denco. Ad-lreaa
T iraiM-Furnished room for two, in pri
J V vate family, to eood tenaut. inquire
at thia office.
1 10TTA0E Thrte roons
pi-tern, at 207
J tieorif m wtrf et.
p'y next 'anrn.
rooms, on
lJ coruer of S'xih and M-li streets
L. P. GRANT. 16t Millet.
414 Lau Irrdale, 7 rooms
J in ood repair, (tood cistern; 2 per
month. Apply to No. W4 Mam street
TjHJKNISUED Rooms fnr gents and light
X1 housekeeping, at lib Uourt street.
2 -STORY Ir;c Residence, 8. w. corner
Second and Exchange at).: in flrst-class
repair; eight rooms. Apply on premise.
"PLANTATION Containing 4(0 acres of
, O'eTSn auu lu nrtiuni
Randolph, Tenn. Will leie on extremely
lowterms. Apply to J. W. HAiiJ,
o ref Tho. II. Allen A Co.
-i A I ACRES Five miles out Poplar
ItV street road. P. h., M Mndison st.
-Kd suite, Lee lilock, third floor
Apply at No. 4 Mudison st.
I J Ar T.mii niuh on South Court St.
aud four offices on Seoond street opposite the
Cotton Exchange. Apply to
.1. L. (HIOIH.OK, 3 Midon st.
T2KSIDENCK PK01'KKTY-Valuble un-
AV improved residenco properly on Kiy
burn live., west siile, l&ii U. trnt by IMi ft.
deep, beninui'ig 80 f'. ror'h of cor. UeorKia
St. Address L. L. PRINCE, tt. Loui-, Mo.
Ml'LES Somo flrateltss mules for sale,
bot'orq purchasing elsewhere.
C COMPLETE OUTFIT-For housekcel ing
J for f mull family, cheap, at M Mosby St.
Oal.lKlV AND
O bed'r.om and ki'chen furniture. Apply
J ACCB sTuRZ, 1U9 Mnin st.
T OT No. 31 Graham
niiir. enrnse Ailnio. 8Tld Seoond ft.
CSOU,UUU Bank will sell at PUBLIC
AUOTtON.to the lughost b dder. for eesh,
, .ntiiliuFiwf enmee of Main and Madison
Streets, on Wednesday, Al irch 10. at u
m., so many ol (Mi.wu rinneer aim dioii
guce Condi and past-due Coupons as may be
neoeasary to piy tn debt for which they are
pli deed. Thee Bonds are due Noveo ber 1.
and are in oenominiuons w joo ,qu
llwsi, and have aeui-aunuul coupons at-
tachedi at tnc raio oi n per cent, pur milium.
UMU1N AIMJ riiM 1 r.rtn jmin.
SUlNGLES-(CYPKi!.&al-ll 50 aud ti
per t'onsand. . .
E. M. M Altttiaiu. a rront ev.
-i cr i PRIvilif PIA.NO
BOXKS-Just the
A.O thing tor co.il or leel I exes
:m Main st.
U. K. iiuiit n. a u'..
TAoK At F. A. Jones Jk Co. s,
bl Monroe
J 1
street, one black Jack, five years old, aud
a goed one
A T NEWPORT N EWo, V A.-IUOU lots, msi
A fet waur fro .t, 4(. feet deep. For lull
in.ormation aiidress wai. a. uhij.
47 Lexington street, namiuoro.
Z.O nasb. or payable September 15, lata,
with good security., .mt,0,w , ft
f, m. rsurivu iwi
iun VI". JET. HI.E PAKM (In New
Kaloigh P ke, 1 miles fn m Brick Churchy
Chelsea; 9 acre No. 1 laod, house u rooms,
servants' boutes, atablos, birns, cribs, dairy
house, well and cistern; also, w ounueis
corn, nay ana toaaer, seou pommr, ...r..
spius beds, hot reas ana sasn. sirieui-
tural jmplemoriis, oouseuuni
furniture, cows, calves, horses, mules.
wagons and narnesa. APl'jy " jj
HORSE A salo, reliable lamily .busgy
hoi so one well known to Ibecittaens
of Memphis. Apply st the liverv -table of
TI1 OLD HEN ISLAND In sight of
L Memphis; 1W0 acrea, ol which auoutow
cleared and vo:y rich land. A bargain can
be ..cured b, M-PVWa W A CO.
'ilSMNlitblie. SlAiH CltiR't'IHOATES
I K oelv.1,1 " " and all due. to the
ovtrttTov awnuvFNOR.
J. F. II0LST &BR0.,
Funeral Directory
S20 WLtS ST.. VLLMVlim
At ULL and complete stook of Wood and
Metallic Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Cov-cred
Catkots and Burial Robes always on
hand- aar Orders by telegraph promptly
Ft EAI.TII 1st WeMH.-Di, E. 0.
WgT". Naava A5n Bm TKAT.gT,
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dissi
ness, Convulsionsi, Fits, Nerv us Neural-
gia. Headache, Nervo-s Prostration, caused
y the use of alcohol or tobucoo; Wake
fulness, Men tai Depression , S'tn ing of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea. ing to
misery, idocay and death: Premature
Age, Barrennoss, Loss ol Power in either
ne,.- Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, oaaoi i by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse oroveiiudulgence. Each box con
tains ono mootc e treatment. 91 a box, or
six boxes for V), sent L mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We ruarunr ej Six Boxes
to cure any case. With each order received
by us for six boxes, accompanied witu v.
e will send the purchaser our written
guar irtoe to refund the money if the treat
ment doe1 ot eucei a ours. Tfuaranieea
issued onlyb. A ltr.il KERT A CO., Urug-
rllta. MeirillbiS. T-1
1.1 m wood Cemetery.
Ofpicie op Ei.iiwoon CrurTstiT, I
"ii Union St'oct. Kebroary 17. lfini. f
AN ELECTION will be he d at the office
of the Treasurer ot said Company, 2i
Union street, on
First Mdaj in Manb (lttt), 18S0,
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.. for THREE TRUS
TEES to serve six years. Any owner of lot
containing not less thrtn three hundred
square foet of ground is eligible for tte office
and is a qualified voter. There ere N ne
Trustees in said Company, divided in three
cl'ieats, each clas serving six years, and
e'ections are to be held BienniHl'y, vis: On
first Monday in March, 1, 1HH8, lwO, and
so on. Lot owner' are requestoj to read
pages 20. 21 and 22 Elmwood Rook for fuller
information JOS. LEXOW. President.
TH ERR will be a meeting of the Boilders,
M anufacturers of and I'ealeri in Htiild
ing MaterUls. at 254 Second street, FBI0A Y
AFTKKNi. ON, February into, at 8 o'clock,
for tbe purpose of establishing a Builders
and lraders' Exchange. Al. engaged in
this line of basinets are invited to be pres
ent. J. W. X. BROWNE,
Temporary Secretary aod Treasurer.
W V. V 'iff :' f- JfflVM
First Ran of the Spasoii of
Whfflrue- The Van
(ieneral Note.
Capt. Carnes, President of tbe Mem
phis league bal club, was qoeetioned
yet t a. day by en Appeal reporter in
regard to the rumor that a new park
would be provided for the coming sea
son. He said that tbe matter was not
positively settled, but be had every
reason to believe it would be in a few
days. Tbe Citizens' Street Railway
Company has a piece of ground, 340
by 410 feet, near the hospital, which
they propose to til np for tbe club free
of charge, tbe company Laving al
ready appropriated $-000 for the pur
pose of grading, fencing and building
a grand stand. It will be in ten rain
ntt' ride by the sew Madison
street-car line from Couit Square. The
company will put in a switch and pro
vide a number of cpen cars, to bo'd
fifty persons each. Tbe idea of hav
ing a park on the street-car line is a
good one, but it does seem a hardship
that l)r. Laurence, after having tired
up a park a1: a b: expense, upon the
assurance that tit'elall once staried
would run oa forever, elioalU be leit
with the baito hold. 'Cycle Park is
beau'ifully located, the highest point
atjywhere in tbe suburbs, and would
be as well patronized as a park nearer
tbe city, if the cars run out to it.
which the Citizens' Company could
do at a lees expense than buying an
other piece of ground and building
fences and a grand 6land. Except for
Dr. Laurence there would have been
no league club in Memphis lift sea
son. All efforts to induce ether par
ties to go the necessary expense were
Hrmpnl- kporlsm.J.
The season for quail shooting in
this city denes March 15th, aud in
Arkansas on March 1st. A few ducks
are now being bagged on their 'north
ward II lLt. Thoy take one meal here
in passing and the next a thousand
miles away. Those who expecA to
have any snipe shooting this season
lave no titrw to lone.
Every year the game laws are more
stric'.ly enforced. Nobody except
pot hunters kill game cntti eeatuu,
and except for thia fact qunil would
be ecarutr tuan tuey are. iney arts
dieapntaring very rapidly Bnyway.
Turkeys, which used to be so i lenti-
ful, are ueaily ex'ltcj. in tne items
further north, there is an even greater
scarcity of g-me, and uearly all the
spoitiug papers contain advertise
ments lor live Diru to nreea irom,
Tbe Wheel iucd Ont.
The first bicytle run of the seaton
was taken last Sunday evening by
Mefsrs. Yates Ma'lulieu, White, Slus-
ser, Kcherer and McOinber. The day
was a delighltui one auu me sport
was greatly enj.iyed, after so long a
rest. The party went out the Iler
tando road to Calvary Cemetery, back
to Vance street and out tbe Pigeon
liootttosd to Shakeia? and return,
making a total of twenty-four and t o
third miles by the cyclometer.
General Nporlluir Piotse.
S. O. Whittaksr lift Friday night
for Minneapolis t) race Nicholson and
other flyers.
Tricycling seems to Le on a boom,
as another club tandem was sold last
It seems that the four-year-old Joe
Cotton may be counted apon aj out of
the Suburban.
Pkok Spenc.r F. Bairu estimates
that the revenue of American fishers
amounts yearly to 2100,000,000.
Thb pleasant weather of last week
brought out quite a number of wheel
men, but the country roads are a lit
tle rough yet.
Fbom alt of the accounts coming in
from the South it would appear that
tbe northing flight of duck is a very
large and early one.
Billy Maddsm has offered" to match
John Ashton to thjbt Paddv Ryan,
Killen, McCaffrey or J. Conley with
the bares or small gloves to a finish for
$1000 a man.
It is thought tha league schedule
will be so arranged that tbe Eastern
league clubs will open the srason
among themselves, and that the West
ern clubs will do likewise.
II a br y Wkldos will arrive this
morning. lie severed his connection
with the Cincinnati Enquirer last Mon
day and has been spending the paft
i . , i i i . I'.i....
Wtiea at ilia uiu uviuv m vcukoi
ville, O.
The Columbns (Ga.) Club wants to
arrange dates with the Browns. All
Southern League clubs are hereby in
firmed that neil her of the St. Loufs
teams will play south of the Ohio un
til next fall.
Poor. Baird has placed 1,000,000
young codfitih in the waters of the
Uulf at Ponsacola, Fla. They are
brought from the l a'ch ing station at
Wood's lloll., Mass., and this is the
first attempt at transposing the salt
waterpecies ol flh.
Croaby's) IMme Unseam.
The coterie of tattooed people proved
to be a magntt of great pctsncy, and
yesterday afternoon and evening drew
the largest audiences ever seen at tbe
Museum. The etTtxtive grouping ol
the picturesquely bedizened men and
women in the hall and annex on tbe
second floor attracts the immediate
attention of visitors of art'stic taste.
Thetattco:se are gaily costumed ex
cept where it is necessary to show the
ducorated euidermis. It ia almost en
interesting as the entertainment itself
to note the wondering remarks ot tne
audience, espec'a ly those hailing from
the rural districts. Even to the ruott
intelligent tne fpectaclo is a remark
able one and which well repays the
Btt.nntion bestowed on it.
One cf the most itiereetinz of
the tattooed people is Frank De
Barge, who is called the "Burmese
Tittooed Wen." He wa? born in
Bristol, England, of Irish parentage.
lie enlibtsd in the British army when
be was seventeen years old, and wag
one of the eeu'inols on guard, at Us
borne House, Isle of Wight, where he
had frequent glimpses of Queen Vic
toria and the royal family. In 18(59
tie went with his rpftinienr, II. M
lO'th Infantry, t j I dia, and remained
there four yeais. From Calcutta he
went to Aden, Arabia, in 1S72, and
served there for two years. 'There
may be a hotter p'ace than Aden in
the next woi Id," says Frank, "bnt 1
do net believe there is in this.
Dunns tbe whole time 1 was
there, nearly two years, I did
not see a single blade of grass." When
a, last his regiment was ordered home
to Ensland De Burge volunteered to
join H. M'a Sixty-seventh regiment
then in Barman. During bis sojourn
there of two years be was tattooed by
the proleaeioral Burmese taUsoers
"Four hours f aeh day," he said, "I
submit ed to the trentmert and it
seemed as if a million of needles were
pierring my qiiveritg H,sh at the
Bimetime." His idea in being tat
tooed all 'over the body wes simply
that of excelling his military com
rades who were only tattroed on
breast, hands or arms. He has alto
gether over 250 different designs, on
his person. On his back is a
representation of the Crucifixion,
which was tattooed t y an Amer
lean operator, while all the rest
of his body is covered with pVtures of
Buddha, the "Li(ht of Asia," and hi
apostles, of animal, reptilpe, rbwers
and conventional desiyns. He claims,
however, that the master-piece on his
back is tbe most artistic design ever
tattooed on any human being. The
practical-looking Capt. Cartlnzans is a
?:reat center of attraction. He looks
ike a "sure enough" pirate. He is
the nephew o( the Greek Capt Cos
teatinus, the first entirely tattooed
roan ever brought to this country.
Frank Howard, a very intelligent, gen
llemauly roan, is the artist, and, com
mercing to day, will operate on sub
jects who voluutser, and there are al
ways more than he needs or taa
find time to wotk upon. Tne
e'age performance thia week ia
an especially breezy one, with rather
more of tbe theatrical element in it
than nsual. The only "holdover"
candidate lor spplaute w little Flossie
Kdwardp. the ideal child long and
dance artut She l;ai an lush ' inuk"
no" and eona which is extremely
nmntinc. Lew Sunlin and Abie
Jackson huve a very fanny eket h
called Painleji DtuliUry, and the Caw
dors give a dresi-y comedietta in one
art which takes very well. The inev
itable banjoitt, in blark this time, ia
Charles French, and if ho bin chest
nuts f.tr the audience fiey are at least
of the latest crop. Of Aj.x, the ser
pentine, it may be said without exag
geration that his body resembles a niece
cf India rubber. In view of the
crowded audiences, ladies will find it
pleaeanter to attend the runtinee per
formances rather than those of the
t Jnulxb.
The presenia ion ol u new play by
Sjrdou is an event of BUlIicieut dra
matic importance to Httiuut a much
larger audience tha"n that which was
ajsembled ut Leulirio's Theater lnat
night, f jr no matter how Indifferently
interpreted Kardnu U always entet
taining, and worth a hearing on hi
own merit', without regard to tho
qtlfll tic.ttions of the company into
w hoee hands his play n ay havo fallen.
The dramatist was iortuuute la it
night in huving his play enacted by
competent Hrtists, sonin of whom rose
high above f ie level of the average
"suppoit" of a alar, and one of wl o n,
at least, is calcu'aud to shine bril
liantly in anv comimny he may find
hinibblf in, stellar or otherwise. We
refer, cf course, t Mr. John C.
Freund, whoee Minibtcr cf Police
is so thoroughly well done and a'.te
gtther such a gem of natural but ef
fective acting, that it makes one re
gret that his l.f i is limited to one act.
Mr. Freund's success in this part is
the mo:e lernarkahle when it is re
membered that without tbe slightest
stage training, he compoiti himself in
the mimic scene with all the tine of a
vtteran actor, and with a touch oi
originality now aid then that can
draw its inspi ntion from nettling
short of genius. We look for
greater things from Mr. Freund's
dramatic career than he ha achieved
in journalism, although his achieve
ments in the latter piotession have
been by no means e f an inferior order.
His career will bn watched with inter
est. Madame J.in;sh is an aotreis
of nndoubted merit, of line s'tue
presence, and gified with a man
ner lull oi sweet womaniy grato.
The role ol the "Princess Andrea" Is
essentially emct'onal, and depicts a
true, loving, devoted woman, whose
heait is toit ired by tbe sigtit oi ner
husband's infatuation for un act'ess,
and who seeks by the aid of all tbe
f iscinatloa a chaste bnt loving woman
can summon to her assistance to rival
the attractions of her husband's trail
enchantress. He, however, blind
in his infatuation, turns from
her, bnt is finally rescued
and won back to bit wife's love by
methods that it might spoil trie Inter
est of the d'iiv to detail here. Mrae'.
Janish sometimes risos. to hights
ot orent dramf tic nower. and after the
fourth set ast niatil was uororei wan
a tripl reea'l, a rate coiniliment
Irom a Menmliis audience. It must
be confetsul, bowever. mat tne
effect of her ruully fine a.ting
is marred by the ftulty aud
fit.rrtr.hed elocution peculiar to a
continental stress. The singsong
lining and Lliing lcfleet ou of the
voice at reuniar recurring iniurvaif.
and EttBst-stivn of a French n itreet ot
the heroic school reciting limine or
("o'naille, is so harslily aixentuated lu
Mme. Jinisu s reading as to ie:
tract fiom t ie merit of an otherwise
nirellent nerformance. It is not an
incanab le hleiWHU. However, ana win
.... . hi
rlmilitlesH tltmnmnr as Mme. Janifih
becomes uk ref tmil a-wi htheKnglith
language, 'ine comiri element ot tr.e
play is furnished by John G. McDon
aid, whosB "Frederic," a magnetic
young man, is exceedingly ludicrous
and a verv fine niete of acting.
Messrs. lslie Edmunds as "Dr. De
Si. Gervais, Henry I'incus as "Hust
ler." and F. W. Strong as
"M. Felix" are also mtisfafr
tov. Mr. Frank Norcross ai' Piince
"Maurice De !5agan,"iBatrifie stiff and
heavv, and tot np lo the reqnne
ments of the part. Miss Jennie Kars
ner's "Stella," a dancer, is admirably
done, and suggests few poir.t4 cf im
provement. She invests the pait with
a seductiveness that goes far ti ex
plain the recreant husband's infatua
tion. Miss Alberta Gallatin p'aya
the bironess, a married flirt,
and dojs it cbarmii gly and to
the lifa. The minor parts of
the cast are n'l in good htt'idf, even
Miss EJinuntls's "ciidonie," maid to
"ttella." and Miss Monroe's ' Jn
sepha," maid to "Andrea," being cap
itally dine. The lovers of a go id
play, well acted, should not miss the
chance to see the I'rinc.M Andrea no
played by Mine. Junihh and her com
pany. A nut IMley.
Miss Pixlcy will Iwgin a three ninhU
engagement" Thursday. Her reper
toire will include! M'Im, 'Aim iiml her
new play, Jul.ij. .Silo of titiits liegiiiK
The famous tniucilienne, Junau
sehelt plays here March 1st, '.'dninl lid.
Mary Sii'irt and IakIi Min liih will be
among tho plays presented. Ourcriti
cal theater-goers will doubt less wel
come her with enthiiHiamii. Tjie
opening night will he devoted to Tlie
lllrtl'lM III Hid.
And it ktimnlate and promotes the
growth of th hair.
Bnrnett's Flavoring Extracts are the
of gas
tin est and newt selected stock
fixtures in the city, at bottom
1. A. BAILS! A CO.
The LouibTllIe and Nashville and the
tut Southern Buada to
Be Built.
A number of prominent capitalists
have been examining tha properties
of the Mississippi Valley road and in
specting its terminil facilities at New
Urleans and Memphis, also the road
bed and rollirg-ttock, and from what
can be gathered respecting the future
of this line, an important movement is
on foot looking toward the utilizing
oi tha Mississippi Valley as a north
and south ttnnk line, with a feeder
from Kansas City and Nebraska, niv
direct connection between the great
producing and consuming sections.
Mr. Kilkeny'a sttalerae-t.
Mr. John Kilkenv, division passen
ger agent of the Louisvillo and Nash
ville railroad, deuiee all knowledge of
a contemplated war in raU-s, and
states that the road he represents has
never discriminated HKuicet tiny of its
E tiitern connecting Hues. As regard
ed the rnraored change t f route by
th Nnrfilk and Western raUrca4, he
eta'es that he fciu ni t been notified of
any such change,. and had one been
mnde he would most ceftaiuly have
been notified
New Nonlhern Honda.
Tiiat-'uvannah and Dublin Bailroad
Company will build a branch roHd
from Dublin, Ga., to Americue, Ga.
Tub Anniston and Atlantic lUHrrnl
Company of Anniston, Ala., will ex
tend line from Tallalega, Ala., to
Go.idwater, Ala.
F.O.I M. RAii.Rosn, Eigle Pass,
Tix , w ll extend l ne from Monico,
Tex., te some point on the Mexican
Central tailroad.
Tut Parsons and ra:ifie Btilioad
Company, Parsons. Kns., will build a
branch iol through ths iDdiau Ter
ritory to El Paso, Tex.
Tub Union R.til a Onio n y, Chat
tanooga, Tenn., will fin n branch
road northeastwardly from K o
cotton fm t.try to the rear of tin Na
tional Cemetery.
Tin Kuilrond Construct ion Com
4 any hits been in'Mrporated ii Wett
Vliginia by M. Van Ha-tiiig"P, Geo.
W. Edwards and D. 1) lsi u o' I'liilt
th'lphin, Pa ', William Knl s of C.'.ui
den, N. J., and P. II. Mcnis tf II iu'i 1,
J. P. Bosn and J. C. Warn r, Chat
tanooga, Tenn , will bail 1 thrue
f lurths of a mile of railroad to ore
banks and connecting with the A'a
bama Great Southern railroad, four
teen miles fromChB't tro'iga. Surveys
have been male.
Thb following roads have been In
corporated : The Dabney's and Park
ertburg Kailrea 1 Coni( any, Dabney's,
V. ; the Brauford aud Cedar Key
ltilrond Comnanv. Branford, Fla'.: the
Henry and Iv 'anoke Bailroad Com
pany, Henry, Va j tho Clinch Hiver
Kailioid Comiuny.
Tiik Foit Smith end Southern Rail-
rral Comnanv has liled articles of as
sociation with the Secretary of Slate.
The roRd runs from Fort Smith, Ark.,
through Sebasti n, Logan, Scot', lolk,
Howard, Sevier and Little Hiver coun
ties, Ark., to a rointon the It"d river,
Texas. Iti lonatb is IfiO miles. The
enpital stork is S2,C0O,00O. The di
rectors are James Dun and A. Douglas,
St, Louis; John O. Day and D. H.
Nichols, Springlicld, Mo.; Cliailes
Hall, James Brizmlara, B. Baer and
W. M. FiBhback, Fort Smith. Work
commences shortly.
Wlint Wna Merved Hp to the riiirona
ot Meuaplila'a Two Pnlatial
Hold Yeaterdajr.
The people of Memphis should in
deed be proud ot tho hotal accommo
dations of their city, as a glance at the
following bills of tare of the largest
hotels plainly show how bountifully
the table is supplied with tbe choicest
New Unyovo Hotetl Meun.
Green Turtle. Consomme su Tomato.
Baked Salmon, nux Fine Herbs.
Mackinaw Trout, Lob.rer Sauce.
Cold Shw, Celery, Poiiiiiis Croquottes.
Bouchers of Fowl, a In Pnnipstlour.
Guyoso Corned Href and Cabbage.
Lulled Chii'knn, Kgg -auco.
Bacon and Spinach.
Braised Canvas Duck, wilh Olives.
Chickon Sttutoo, a la Creole.
Ep'grntns of Swontbreids, au French Peas.
Calf s llentl anil Ftel, Piuuanle Sauce.
Jenny Lind Panoikos, Wineo'uuco.
Loin of Now York Beef.
Ilhnri llilia. wltli llor.e Radish.
Kentucky Turkey. St . fled. Cranberry bauce.
Shaker Goose, Apple Sauce.
Young P g Uarbooued.
Roman Punch.
Battle of flame, Aspio Jilly. Boned Duck,
with Truffles. VE(i.KTA1LK3
Potatoei Boiled, Potatoes Msshed, Hom
iny, Rice, Cabbage. Halted Sweet Potatoes,
Green P.as, Stewed Tomatoes, German As-
l"r'"("- SALADS.
Lyonalse of Chicken.
English Suet Pudding, Steamed, Mince
ii. !..... lM.nnirtiM Pie. A. suited Cake
laty Cuke. C'looanut Macaroons, Eclairs, a
la Countess. Tipsy Parson, Port Wine Jolly,
Buttor Milk, Corn Bread.
Almonds, Raisins, Oranges, Crackers, Ap
ple., American Cheese, Edam I'heese, En
glish Walnuts, Dairy Milk, Vanilla Ico
Cream, French Coffee.
Hist Feahxly Hotel.
Cream of Potato. ' Paysanne.
Chicken Patties.
BnVed Wlnteflsh, au Gratln.
Polaturs, a la Dauphine.
Boiled Turkey. Oyster t-auoe.
Jow, wilh Splrai h.
Roast Sirloin of Beer, 1) P Gravy.
Roast Saddle of Mu ton, I'rown Gravy.
Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce.
Bral-ed Riddle of Rabbit, wilh vlufhruouis.
Calvos' llreins. Sctaubbd, with hirns.
Blaoqiiol or Vo i. with 1 lne Herbs,
lopas Punch.
Roast Teal buck, Currant Jelly.
Mayonai'ool Silmon. Potato Salad.
lbmed Turkcv. A pic Jelly.
Boilsd a-ol Mnbod Potatoes. Asparagus.
Green Peas, bttwed Parsnips.
Snap Ibans. Drowned Seoet Potatoes,
t'up Custard, a lu Gladstone.
Mince Pie. Pumpkin Pie.
Kdnm Cheese and w ator Crackors.
Tutti Frnttl Ice Crimin. Assorted Cukci.
Jtruit. Coffee. . Nuts.
.oialavllla C'tsmeDt.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
niMBiibiect to overflow should be e?on-
strncted with Louisville Cement. It ia
the standard.
Dyeing and 'l?Ruliiir.
Ladies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed In any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Lnnis Reiael. 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods received by expreos.
1SS0. 5
HE 1HSC I.AaW AIL PI Kltist: T
A-tl IlolHsr erlenrw n.a ln
greaalto II sit II Adherca l
To the Editors of the Appeal:
It is not convenient to reread "Ke
former'e" article, but this will he (a d
very sincerely, that if there was any
miecoustrnetion it was not willful, and
if there were any mlstUtements,
reckless or otherwise, they weie not
intended, as such a course is fatal to
the argument and contrary to tha
present writer's disposition. And it is
net clear what eternal and fixed laws
scientists believe, for a law of nature
is a generalised statement based on
nunieioiis farts of observation by
which the oidrtly occurrence of phe
namena is predicted. But these laws
and beliefs are subject to change, "for
science," as some one 1 its eaid, "is,
like Chronos, conft uitly devourina
her own children. The Coptrnican
theory of the universe extinguished
tho Ptolemaic. Wr Itwaa Neutou'e
dx trine vl attractions extinuuialu d
Destartes's dociriue of vonires; ae
troi.omy exliur,uia)ied attrolocy.chem
istrv alchemy and electricity o'Sgie,
In natural plnlo'opby the corpuscular
b)pthttaiH ef light bus leen iliHcrrd
it.'dbytl e undttlatory hyj o lusis; in
geology the couvuieionisle have been
devoured by the unilnrniilarians, and
in natural nut try evniuiiumats are
er.deavoring, if tney have rot suc
ceeded, to dispose "1 tin creationifctH,
and the mlvoutea if thethto.-y of
transmutation of species to make
short wotk of the persUteuce and im
mutability of species."
Before tho British Arso iation,soiiie
yeais sjg3, in an aldress f the en
couragement of abst'act hiiuIius, Prof.
G. C. Koater fluid: "Euchd was jeoted
at in his day and hi book reuiaiotd
201)0 years unappreciated and but lit
tle kvowu; but Kepler cmna and
found the work ready to his hands.
He in turn wrote a I n.ik, and closd u
with the remark: 'The honk is writ
ten end may remain 10C0 years for au
interpreter.' Sir Isduc Newton camtt
and found Kepler's work, and it i
safe to say," said the piofessor, "hud
there lieuu no Euclid there would
hnve been no Kepler, no Kepler- no
Newton, and lud there been no New
t in, physical mi tree would not have
icar'nod tie p.tdtt.t ioul e:iiiii".ice."
No, tha science nf our own day,
ni cjininred with Chrlstlnuity, in a
thin. ijfYPtterd.tv. nt tl umv be deal
to 1110:10 y, and wiiivt posi ihlo infill
ei.ee i mild it have had in civilizing,
inankiiul ? llu fixed, uucl.augeHhle
and self-existent laws have been
mott'y formulated in our own tla,
aud what poesihle belief can one have
in a thing so recent, and how could it
Influence: tho uast? And if Bcienee
hiiil no influence, what other influ
ences were there that were not de
rived from a belief in the supernatu
ral that can be credited with the pres
ent advanced atu'.e of civilization?
There is very little effectod by any
fixed laws or other influences except
when backed by a powerful organized
society. If any such existed that was
not Christian it is not prominePt in
history. No, it was not science or a
belief in fixed, unchangeable and self
existent laws, but faith in Christ, tha'
urged the apostles Peter and Paul to
atop into tho seething tnnss of corrup
tion that exiMad in pagan Home in
the days of Nero and found the soci
ety which raised woman from being a
slave and mere instrument f pleasure
t3 an equal t'ignity with man, and to
establish the Christian "family," the
keystone of the moral arch.
It was not scientists or Infidels, bnt
Christian missionaries that, after the
sacking of Home, returned with the
barbarians under Atilla and Alario
and settled with tuein at and around
what are now the great cities of Europe
from the Meditmarntnu to the frozen
ocean, and taught oar ancestors, agri
culture and how to raise the neces
saries of life. It Aiti no e tUer than
Christian influence that e ollocted the
chivalry of Europe nnder Charles Mat
tel to drive (lie Snrncen from Southern
Franco and Spain, or to organize the
fleet that fought the battle of Ipanto
and swent the Bloomy cresennt irom
the waiers of the Mediterranean.
There was nothing but Christian prin
ciplcs to induce the gal'itnt Sobinski
and his 30.000 brave Poles to march
southward, raise the siege of Vienna
and drive Bullf marr.and the uniipeak
alile Turk out of Western Europe, and
save onr civilization and our ecience,
too. Finally it is no! science or infi
delity, but Christianity, that ia com
batting and curbing socialism nnd all
the other isms lo which men are
driven by oppression aud poverty in
all populous cilieb.
Science le knowledgo verifW and
knovtledgn'is progresnive, and eauh
ginerttion has had doubtless nil that
was necessarv for It. Knowledge is
increased in the order of Providence,
and to-morrow iesuri to bring an ad
dition to the dock, but Chrli tian mo
rality ib unchauged and unchangeable.
Tho truth of God remains forever. In
conclusion tho writer wishes lo say
that he is as much devoted to Boience
and loves it for its own rake ae ranch
as tho average man, but he has not
yet seen it proved that the chuicb has
combntted science or any advance of
learning; also 1 3 say that he believes
in the words of St, Augustine, that
"tho world Is governed by fixoa laws
as far as we know." but net in any
golf-existent law, or that it is fntilp to
seek for the cause of any law en nnt
ure. So in scjeince there is a w ide di
vergence between ns. lookhr ok
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A muvet ot
parity, itrength end whol-.omenesi. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
eannot be sold In competition w-.h the
multitude ol loss test, short weight luo or
phosphate powders. Sold only tsM-ws. Lot i
Batuxi PowPaa Co.. lot) Wall (t-tNaw Ytrk.
i .
TSirest snJ strongest Natural F.tit Flasstw
Vanilla. Lemoa. Oonge. Aliaowl, K" t
fL-vor lis delicslely and naturally as Iba st,
TiN-HTtoo. Canada Wast, Ont.
Mussas. Fi.saiHu Ubos. : ,
Hits Your pills c.imeall right, and loan
say thoy are a good bilious pill. I bve ub1
sreat many (.lbs, but 1 can sa Dr. C. Mc
Lane's Pills, manu a-turcd by Heming
llros., are genuine. And, gentlemen, yua
hare my thanxs in secdiug. I gave soaieer
thosa pills lo uiy neighbors for a trial. Unsj
of my neighbors got three pills lie setd
they did help bitu. He feltlhe next day bk
anew man. lie wishes u e to send tor fifty
cenis' worth for him. So, gent einen, I will
.In all I can t introduce Pr. C. Mobane g
Liver Pills, manufactured by Fltmiug Bioth
ars. Yours, w.tu "",,,r. jj jj DUUAN.
Fi.imimi Rao.-t. : . .... j
Uick Hi km Inclosed you will find ona
I dollar, lor which you will pWoseen.t me
more ol your nr. c. iico.oo wn'i '
trust you h ivb received the pay lor the last
two boxs I onloted and received 1 would
only say, Iho)- have dmio nie more rood than
1 cnuld express. 1 feel much better now Ihan
I have fort. V.nr.ea.r u W. tru
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a VOID lorMfstH'l Send us
2fic,Rtid we will rend yru by refsara nail
a box ot the genuine Pr C. Mel.ana aCelo
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Mcl.ane's PiMs you i uv ate made at Pitts
burgh, Pu. The c-.tinlcrleits are made at
St. Louis, Mo., and W heoling, W Va.
Medical & Surgical Institute
Un. Hccry, Furse & Lewis.
Practical Specialists
PIUS, 'VENN., and has opened a
Medical and Surelcal IiiHtituta
In tlio sJujoho Hotel,
Entrance on Main street, First Floor, Kirs
Doorto the Right, where we will treat bcl
KNTIP1CALI.Y the (oHowin. diseaseal All
Diseases peculiar to. Women! also, treat
Khfuraatlsni, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Ltveraad
Kidne Diseases, urh a Chronic togistipa
tlon. Biliousness, Hick Headache. Keotal
Diseases, such as Piles. Kiasure ol the Ree
tnit, Fistula in Anu'.. Blood Disesses, such
Syi-hll-a, Scrofula, White Swelling. Vene
real Pi-ease", luch as Oonorrhea. Imae
tence, Sterility and Nervous and Snl
billty. Dlsaases of the Ere, Ear and Teroat,
Opium and M-trphlnellabln oured with
out fnlfering or detention from bnsinije.
cured by ns.
We Cure Stammering- by an Art
uo Medicine or Instruments need.
We Extroet Canr.rs withs Vejetik
ble Plaster, without pcrformluit; any
surgical operation and withoat maca
We treat Stricture by Electrolysis, which
ispainluss; Consumnttnn, Asthma and Die
eases ol tho Heart, Dyspepsia and all Ner
vont Diseases. All Skin Diseases, suck as
Ectouia, Tetter, htc, treated.
atsr Corrrspondencc solicited.
OPI'K'E tiOI'HH-From a.tsi. lo 1
It, m.. nd from a .ni lo A ! sas.
Cub BiLiooatiria DvsitP9t,Tco Lse ,
8roK HrDCMr, Malah'A, IwwcaisnoHa'M
6tomch, Eo OiiiATM, VcbtiW praewvg.
l-JNtTB. iNLAHCrtt GPt-fEN. Dftccwi'
AFTlll Mta: n, 4,0 , Without Qhipino, aiOHaae
X,03I!,ONVI P'lAN. PKItTB, 98 OWTSt.
S.klo, 1'tl i: l!KNS-TiilotioHiil-tUut. M.lls
to an" a'l.-n'i. 1 -eta in . tatn.a Hol.1 b,
...3'teil'ci liiiil -a.'V.ry'iliere. (UrouUei 1 i
5 F f Ml TH A CO. bPropfc 6. Loule.WQ
Excliniigo National Biink
KOItlOLK. VA., Feb. IS, lfseaS.
TRCPOSAI.S will be received at this officel
J. until Stilurdav, Mnron ili. ism, ior ia-
purchiis- of Ibe ii-romafter uientionert prop
nrly tn its entirutf, and also for eieoee u
linl-l I lii -aiuo ren-rence oetu nan -
lii.eni.tivo iists of said priiperty wnic
i i.i. -I.. i.. r . i,r .ni.. ill he tarnish
ii-.nn i.iirti..iitiuii to tho undcrsiitncd. Tl
riitht to r-jiuliiuy a"d ail bids is reierveil
The ctiT'ive aud valuable prorty ' li
cato-l in T. ..rf-.lU ami Portsmouth. Vs
known ns tt.c "Si-board Cotton Co sap re
I'oiiiei-'.v :-l Norl- Ik. va.," consiating el:
)tiir--.y Norl- Ik. Va.," consiating ef: I
1. Tin-rfiacA.w, which, among otberprnl
-n-s, jui'nuriaos the storaite of oottoa ar.j
othir u.T- ii.inaisn, and tho iwue of oooii
uMe rt-roliHH therefor. m iV
It. .J.. ianiih OnnilHtH Of tQr6
... ,. .. a iini.Piiva i entton ftl m tit X fT
Ci) .te.im tti-sj three 0 tran.sportat.'J
h r.-'S. Ail ibe n.ijoticls nrcntsary to a see
, ed oa...lishuicut of this chracte.
i , l.r.: to -r w irenojs s, soveu (J) in nu
ber. ,- f opacity tor storage uf be. f
iincmv i.ri44"il ,'Otlon.
lu- f iur it ft.ime warehouses i
line'.-.! roolvAa
is of (erti I
afford am.
litre ten si
oii'.-c-tt, ary thousands tons
' v;:'Sib.".i .lick., which i
oi", ct-u"i ot sailing vessels. The
tue V.irele.ure jnd dock preverty in P -t"
mouth is ahoui lit:, a -les. together with ail I
or tr.rttir-g si mu i.:oo mn. va
A !... .....i.rtr.
which is full) deserilnw j
the lists above ref 3" t. -
tt' M. II
mt-hik seeltlng Gosernmeat Vl
. . . .4 . , ih. (l.n.rf.iA.DV
Washington, or any other positions a
.ima II U r.ur w. - - '
theOoi srnraent. 1 will send lull lusirer
a. to bow to t to obtain res.'
and HlH inrvft Appli'"
oi mt,, fnilnr. Ast-ioixs" J
tt, rfluXH, LsxkM SIM, CM
g 1
- r

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