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Tb ObjocU'Wblfh It Ii Expected
Will Kesnlt From Jincli a
Me. tiny.
Washisotoii, February 2. Senator
J rye propose to lovile ilfclttpatea from
American nations to meet at WaahiDK
ton tcis fll. He will iutrmluce the
following bill iu the Seuate to-morrow:
Bt it tnacitd, etc.. That the President
tie and ia hereby authorixad and
directed to invite, in behalf r f tbe
Govern men t and people of the United
States, people from each of the Re
public of Central and fc'cmth America,
inclndiog Mexico, an Domingo and
theKnipireof Brizil, to assemble in
the city i f Washington on tbe let day
of Octjber, 1886, to consider and
decide opon euch questions aa shall be
to the mutual interest and common
we, fare of tbe American people ; that
each of the independent nutans of
this ht-Qiisphere shall be entitled to
avnd as many delegates as each may
for iteelf determine, bnt In the do
minion of tbe cjueetion in the Congress
no delegate shall have more than one
vw'e. I
See. 3. That in forwarding this in
vitation to the conttituted authorities
the several independent govern
munis of the American hemisphere,
the President of the United Urates
ball set forth that the said congress is
tailed to consider:
wt-Measures that ahull tend to
preserve tbe peace and pro
mote toe prosperity ol the Ameri
can ra'ions, and to present a united
rettataDce against the encroachments
of enropean monarchical power, und
to preserve the integrity and present
eAnaiitntion of each against forcible
Hetond. Measures toward tbe forma
tion of an American customs anion,
nnder which the Untie of the Ameri
can nations shall, so far as is practica
ble and profitable, be confined ti
American waters, and. there shall be a
free interchange of the peculiar natu
ral and manufactured products of
TUd.The eeUblishment of di
reef, regular, and frequent lines of
etotaa-hip communication between
tbepoitio! the American continent.
iwi. me esiauusnment 01
nniform system of customs regula
tions in each of the independent
American 8tates to govern the eipor-
uiuon ana importation ol merchan
due, a nniform method of classifica
tion and valuation Ol such mnrrhan
dise in the poits of each country, and
DHiKuin ayaiera ci invoices.
Vrt. The adoption of a common
system ot weight and measures, and
uniform laws to protect the persons
and propeity, the patent righto and
tradeaaarKii ot citizens of either coun
wy in the others.
cns. ine adoption of a common
aiiver com which shall be issued by
each government in such an amount
as snail be proportionate to the popu
Intion of each, the same to bo legal
tender in commercial transactions be
tween citisens of all the American
Itnth. An agreement unnn and
recommendation for adoption to their
reapaeuve governments ol a definite
pian Kr tne arbitration of all ques
tions, disputes and differences that
may now or hereafter exist between
Bee. 3. That such delegates as may
attend the said congress shall be the
gnesta of the government of the
united biaies, and shall be enter
talned from the time oi thnir arrival
in this eonntry until the time of their
aepaiwre m such a manner as shall
. do consistent with the dignity of this
nation and the importance of the
duty they are appointed to perform j
and that the sum of $100,000, or so
much thereof as may be necessary, is
hereby appropriated out of any money
in the Treasury not otherwise appro
priated, the sum to be disbursed un
der the direction of the Secretary of
8 tale. '
See. 4. That the President of the
United States shall, before the ad
journment of the preient Congress,
by and with tbe advice and consent
f the Senate, appoint twenty-four
delegates to the said congress, select
ed equally from tbe two political par
ties, at least three of whom shall be
learneu in international law, aud tbe
remainder men who are actively en
gaged in agricnllure, manufacturing
and the exportation and iniportatiou
of merchandise, and the said dele
gates appointed on the part of the
United States shall serve without
compensation other than their nsui 1
sanAToa rays inthrviwid.
In an interview Mr. Frye said that
tbe olct of this bill was to bring
the nations ol the American hemis
phere Into closer political and com
mercial relations. That while he did
, f,!TC!fat", n7 Politiral compact
which might Involve the United States
in complication with our sister repub
lics, he believed that a convention
could h entered inta unler which the
good offices of this government could
be exercised so as to preserve the
peace and encourage the development
of the nations that have been formed
npon the model ef our own and are
striving to imitate ns in all the ft a
tares ol oar national greatness. Itwaa
the duty of tbe United States, ai the
mother of republics and the most
powerful of the American nations, to
Uike tho lead in measures that would
result in the penuanpr.t go.ni d all.
If twenty or more from the lead
ing men of each of the Spanish
Ainoriran reimbl cs could bo brought
to the Uuitnl Rates as the gnets of
this Kovemmont and made familiar
w ith the advanced civilization ol tVis
conntiy, with our industrial develop
ment, le'.itical and educational pio
greeaai'd the economic condition of
our pi ople, it would ho to their advan
tage and to our own. Ono great ob
stacle to the extension ot our trade
among the Spanish-American nations
' tiieir ignorance ol us and onr ig
norance ci mem, and he believed an
increased commerce would na'.urally
follow a more intimate acquaintance.
Commercial intimacy ia a natural and
neceef ary result ef cfbee f rieudly rela
tions, and the cxteusioaof our mar
kets ofon this hemisphere was the
most important problem that now con
fronts the American pf onle.
With reference to proposed com
mon tilver com Mr. Frye said: We
hre now ruyiug fiom $75,000,000 tv
f 100,000,000 in gold ni a balance of
trads t i countries that have no coin
bnt Bilver in circulation. Tbey do not
want,. the gold, audit simply parses
tbroneh their hands into tbe pockets
of Kntlish or Uormnn tradesmen. As
a matter of fact, although thia gold is
given in payment fir merchandise
purchased ia South America, it do s
not ff there at all, hot is shipped from
'ew York to London. I am confl lent
that a treaty conld be made with f a?h
cf the Central and South American
raVons under which kia balance
conld be paid in silver. Tbe value of
tho product of onr mines would be in
creased and a perplexing question set
tied. It will pronator he suggested
that thia Bilver will all come back to
ks from the English merchants to
whoai it will go. This Is undout Ud'y
irn, and might be an objection to
such a proposition if our trade with
Sonth America wee to entirely
case, ant we will continue to pur
er rise oides and coffee and ctner arti
oies from those countries, and the si I
ver will be paid out strain as fast as it
comes back to ns. At least $100 OO.'.OOO
in silver, perhaps double that sum.
ran thus be kept in circulation, aid a
great part of it will naturally be ab-
aorDtd by the countries to which it
goes. Only three of the treat So ith
American nations arnnrndncinir silvnr
in any quantity, and every one who
baa been to those countries and to
tbe West Indies knows that thev are
tbe hospital in which all of onr muti
lated coin finds refuge. I am in favor
of a customs nnion, an American col
verein, if you please: reciprocal con
cessions by each of tbe American na
tions. We now admit free of duty
neany ail ol tbe products ol Central
South A merica. while a high duty ia
levied npon all of our products that
go down there. I am quite sure we
could set some valuable conceusioos
l. L ' I . I fi. i ...
vy Boaingjoriaem. xne report oi tae
South American Commission proves
mis; out oeyona everything else in
importance is the establishment of a
direct and regular steamship comma
nicauon Dot ween wew York. New Or.
leans, San Francisco and other ports
of tha country and the rest of the
hemisphere. Upon tbit everything
reeis. we cannot expect to have any
tinde with countries we have no
means of reaching, and as long as
uieir unes oi communication are at
most entirely in the hands of foreign
ers we may expect those who control
these lines will dlvcri as mnch trade
to their own markets as thev ran
Mr. Frye (aid that be should press this
bill upon the attention of the Senate,
auu otjneveu u oi greater importance
to the agricultural, industrial and mer
cantile interests of thia country than
any that had been proposed for some
were broken in
road. ,
Westminster Bridge
Lord KandolDh Churchill's Irish
Tour The Enropean ioncy
Lonoos. February 22. Lord Ran
dolph Churchill arrived at Lame thia
intromit on bis way to Belfast. He
was enthusiastically recived by a large
crowd. Un his Journey from London
Lord .Randolph made a short ato? at
f tranear, Scotland. There was a gatb
ering of people at tbe s'a'ion, and in
reply to their greetings Lord Randolph
ma lea speech, in which he aaid he
imagined that Scotchmen were bene
fited too much bv their nnion with
England to suDDort anv Dronosala tor
me aismemoerment oi tne &ainire.
this remark was received with cheers.
In an address at Larue Lord Randolph
Churchill asserted tbe granting of
home rule to Ireland wonld result in
the dissolution of the connection be
tween Great Britain and Ire'aad. He
declared the placing of the Lovalikti
... : . ' . -
ci me conn oi Ireland tinder the au
thority of a Dublin government would
be a monstrosity of civilisation. The
Loyalists must organise and fit them
selves for the struggle for tbe main
tenance of the union, whichwas only
beginning, but which he predicted
would assume grave proportions.
It is staled that Mr. Morlev. Chief
Secretary for Ireland, has so in
itruitad the police and m.hnrvasto
render it virtually impossible to effect
The Crawford Cats.
Londob, February 22. Mr. Craw
ford writes to tire Timet denying tbbt
me procedure in the recent divorce
trial was the result of an arrange
ment or communication between the
pa' ties. He eays: "Nobody was
more surprised than myself, aud I
relieve mv advisers that Sir Charles
UllKS did nat antor tha witnAKA.hnv
lam not aware that anv facilities to
obtain corrohoia'ive tetstimnnv were
ottered bv Sir Charles Dilke. but I
know thht two dttsctivee fruitlessly
tried to Sad Fanny for several months
previous to the trial. Fannv. onrn
uiscurerea, declined to reveal any-
thing, and afterward could not be
PUBLIC opiyioy.
Lodisvillb Couritr Journal: Dormon
JB. ia:on. in his answer to Gail Ham
iu i i . . . . . .
utuu a acreeu anont civil service re
form in JjippiKeott s Magazine, recalls
ttis lact that a few rears icm. hi
Republican coUectora succeeded Re-
puDiicana in the New York custom
bouse, one removed 830 of hia on.i anh.
ordinal ea, another 510 out of 8U2 in
sixteen months, and a third at the rats
oi three every five days until 3H8 had
ueen cast out. tir the nresent I)mn
cratio collector, with 1200 employes
under him, only about seventy
changes have been male, while leas
inan iou or tne zw officials in the
Treasury Department have been dis
placed since the inauguration of Preai-
aeni uieveiand. llowevnr thin mav
displease one element of bis party, it
eviueui ini me rresiueni is living
up io liis promises concerning civil
service reform,
NW Yobk Herald: Col. Itlanlnn
Duncan, formorlv of Kentnckv. van a
college chum of James U. Blaine.
Early in the civil war he was a Con
federate Stuff Oliijer. but anon fnrcnnlr
the tented field to print Confederate
bonds and treasury notes. In 1870 he
volunteered hia services ta the Km.
peror Napoleon to save France from
Germany, but the oiler was rrlv,i
iio late to avert tbe disaster of Slan.
In 1872 he nominated Charles O'Oon
or for President. In 1874 he claimed
to have nominated Gen. Hancock ami
also to have suggested to Marshal Ba
raine the way to escape from 111
Sainte-Marguerite, After the election
ol that year he vanished. Most ot
uol. Duncan's countrvmen nrohahU
suppose mm io oe dead, iiuthedid
not uie; ne went to Mississippi. No
he reappears as the wrlinr ni .
"cranky'1 letter abont the ancful mJ
political condition of the South.
ABcnntsiiop wiua
of Dublin has written to Mr. Glad
stone that the Irish bishops consid
ered that the result of the elections
answered Mr. Gladstone's appeal to
the Irish people to "speak out." He
says the bishops believe that home
rule would not affect the union or the
supremacy oi me urown, and urge
the suspension of evictions until the
laud question has been settled.
to-day Mr. Chllders. Home Secre'aiv.
announced that tbe riot committee
advised to a thorough, and immediate
nveruaullng and reorganization of the
Police Department of London.
A VJIraaiae Olaeaae.
10UMO8TOWN. O.. Fehrnar !
name Maniev. wed eiarht. anihtr
oi josepu oiauiay, is Buttering with i
disease which is attracting the atten
tionot the medical fiaternitv. T.i
years ago tbe child was attacked with
rheumatism, affecting the heart to
such an extent that it did not h
sumcient vitality to send the arterial
blood to tho extremities. Her hands
and feet have become lifnloHa an.) th.
cmid is slowly dying with dry gan
grene. lhe lingers of each np to the
Kuucaies re u;acx ana witnered, and
her feet present a similar appearance.
The child has suffered excruciating
pains for the patt eighteen months
ami iooks lorward to death as the only
relief. Tbe disease is often met with in
ageu peopw, out this is the only one
known where the sufferer was so
Hoaadalla for Mbrumatltam.
Messrs. II. Peck t Knn nl ftl rno t a.
boro.O , write us, June 5, 1882: "Why
" you noi anvertiee Kosadaiis for
Inflammatory Rheumatitm 1 It is do
ing wonders here in curing the dis
ease. ' Well, we do advertise it to
cure Rheumatism aa any one can see
bv wading our circulars. It is a splen
did blood medicine, and it reaches the
very root and sent ol disease by being
conveyed through the blood. Drug
gists, leading physicians and citiieus
ol the highest standing nnite in com
mendation of Rosadalis.
Catlle la Montana.
Santa Fb, N. M., February E2.-W.
H. Dwyor, pn-eident of the Cattle and
Horse Growers' Association ol New
Mexico, being anked yetterday as to
the condition ol the cattle, said: "A
few hiRh-graJe cattle in the northern
portion oi the Territory are BomewliRt
thin, but will pull through all right
unless overtaken by a eojvcession ol
enow-storms and cold weather, which
is not probable from thia time for
ward. Otherwise the cattle are in
good condition, and afford a comfort
ing contrast to the herda on the
A Wool Family PoUonrd.
St. Lopih, Mo., February 22. Alex
ander McLane, wife aud three chil
dren and Annie Kardon, an old lady
living at No. 013 North Ninth street
who are very poor, applied to the
1 rovulent Association, Sunday, lor as
siHtance. A quantity of cornmeal waa
given them, which waa made iut)
br.iad and eaten by all six. 8hortly
afWward they were all taken sick,
and the physicians called in said they
were suffering from arsenical poison
ing The doctor thinks the children
will recover, though he does not leel
justified yet in piouonncing the three
old people out of darg -r. There is
nothing to indicate how the poison got
into tbe nieal. B
NuddcB Dralb.
Humboldt, Ned, February 22 A
T.,ewHlt.,he MMsaya: Kx-Senator
g. M. ilson died while eating in a
cna r on the steps of his house yester
day. He was a Democrnt. His aee
seven children. I
TheirerllBsr I" Lonrtow and llie
.wniiBieaiial uuanm.
London. Februarv 22. The red
tien of the bank rate had nn efTnnt on
discount, the demand for which re
mained small at 11 for three months
and lor short. Tbe foreign was the
roost active department in the Htnrk
Exchange. Large buying orders from
the continent save an imnntna tn
Egyptian and Turkish secunties.show-
inir ina existence oi a lee mir of mnfl.
dence that peace will be maintained
in tne r.ast. Uther murketa were firm.
excepting for American railroad
securities, which were unsettled. Rn.
mors of rate troubles in the West alxn
caused the clot ing of accounts for a
Prices Blalnt at Paris.
Pabis, February 22. Prices have
risen all around, excepting those of
railway securities, which have been
afJected by bad t radio returns and by
a fall in the Bank of France shares of
l.'U trance for the week, the rise beinir
chiefly due to buying by sellers of
options who were unable to borrow
shares, holders retaining their stock
under increased confidence in the
future of the canal. Sues canal ad
vanced 23 francs.
Strong- at Berlin.
Bbblin, February 22. Foreign
stocks are in strong demand. There
was a large amount of buying to cover
sales and for'investment.
Debate on the trrnnd Reading;
uv ruia I I ,
Bbblin, February 22. In the lower
house of tbe Diet to day, in the de
bate on the second reading of the
Polish bill, Herr Wrsbinski passion
ately denounced the projected Ger
man colonisation of Poland. Ha da.
clared that Poland would not perish,
although a life or death struggle was
imposed upon ner.
Minister Lucius said that the bill
was an act of necessarv s:f dnfnn
"The Poles," he said, "were unwilling
io uecome xrnseian subject', and
dreamed of a restoration of Po anil.
although they owed their prosperity
to Pruseia. The government waa
tuny aware of the dilhoulty of the
task it had undertaken, but trusted to
tne support ol the Diet mid the pa
triotium cf the country."
Nineteen members gave notice that
they would speak in behalf of the
measure, and nineteen announced
that tbey would speak against it.
A Urwat Merlins- n Hvda Park
Bpetwnes Df me 1-adsrs.
London. February 22. To-dav So.
cialis's marched from all Darts of Lon
don and massed 60,000 strong in Hyde
para, i ne leaders arrived at 3 o'clock
p.m. Mounted police patrolled the
entrance ol the park and strons re
serves were held in readiness for anv
emergency. During the meeting 2000
roughs authored in Great iStauhone
street, but they were vigorously
charged by the police and dispersed.
Speeches were made from three plat-
orms. Resolutions were adopted ex-
prensiug indignation at the delay of
he rovernment in commencing nub-
lie works for the relief of the unem
ployed. Burns delivered an effectual
oration, in which he deprecated any
attempt at rioting, attributed the pre
vious rioting to mockeries of clubmen
and appealed to the audience not to
tate their rantom prematurely nor to
give the police spies a chance to tra,
dues them. Hyndman, Williams and
Chapman spoke in their usual strain,
mt without using violent language
although earnestly demanding a
kvIhI revolution in the po
sitions of capital and labor.
W hen the meeting was ended the
crowd moved in an orderly manner to
the exit at Hyde Park corner.
There, without warning, bodies of
mounted police made a furious ruBU
nto the crowd, especially in the vicln
ty of the leaders' waironettea. Manv
blows were exchanged aud the police
were hooted. The temper of the crowd
was rising, but in response to the ap
peals ol the speakers, thev behaved
admirably. A large section ol the
crowd escorted the leaders to Victoria
strei t. The police continued their at
tempts to disnerse the crowd, and hv
the time Westminster was reached
they had been scattered, and qaiet
prevailed in the streets. There waa
no attempt at rioting.
Iu the melee with the nolire fTral
people were knocked down and
slightly injured. Some ato jee were
tmowu and several anon windows
1 be Teatlaa Insurance Bjrstem.
Vienna. Veamarv 22. The action
for libel brought against the Vienna
agent oi a Hew York iosnranoe com
pany for denouncing as for aeries the
statement! in an article criticising tbe
American (tontine system, is attract
ing a great deal cf attention here. Tbe
ptaintiix in tbe case is Herr bchonen-
berger. a newsc-aDer editor. He
originally published in his own jour
nal the assertion that the American
tontine system was the greatest lot
tery scueme la tne world. The ad
vantages it offered were merelv of a
gambling na'ure, and were a swindle.
He demanded that tbe Slate prohibit
gaoii oi tne system trom doing
Business in Austria, tierr Bchonen-
borgers article was reissued in
pampbW t shape in both the German
and French languages, and was
largely circulated. In February, 1885,
Herr von btihl. the manaarer of tha
oflice here of the American company
referred to, published a reply to Ilerr
coonenDerger's aiticie, which he
said was a collection o: falsehoods and
forgeries. For this he was cited to
appear in an action for libel. The dif-
lerent sides of the case have gathered
an immense amount of evidence, and
have collected all writings obtainable
on insurance subjects tj be uted at
the trial. There is a general charge
oy me piaintm ot corruption in
American financial matters.
Tbe Marriage of Priests Valid,
Paris dispatch to the London Dailu
Newt: The Court cf Appeal of
Amiens has, so far as the jurisdiction
goes, decided tbe question of the
validity of the marriage of Catholic
priests. In its opinion beinir in faolv
orders does not disable a Driest from
contracting matrimonial obliuations.
Toe Public Minister summed up in
t is sense also. Unfortnnatalv tha
judgment of the highest tribunal at
Amiens la at variauce with a famous
one of the Court of Casfation. The
appellant then was Mme. Rouvier, at
that time wife of the Abbe Conttant,
who had tried before the Court of
Appeal cf Paris to get her marriaire
Bet aside, btie bad married in 1848.
Ibe judges who firat heard her suit re
jected it on the ground that the code
does not place members cf the secular
or other clergy nnder any disability.
To this the Court of Cassation agreed,
but it held the Roman canon law
being accepted by the French govern
ment in all that concerned the dis
cipline of priests the Abbe Constant
could not legally get married. How
ever, ai that decision was given nnder
the empire and during a time of
clerical reaction a pretext may be
found for escaping from the effects of
this judgment should the Amiens af
fair be brought be'ore the Court of
AYER'S ssr o
i PI I I Q O
- wifiui u iuo nv Baai aV a
bowela are conntipated, or If the (to mack
fall to perform iu functions properly, use
Jiyers mis. THey are Invaluable.
For some Tears I waa a victim to Liver
Complaint, In conKenupnce of which I
suffered from General Debility and Indi
gestion. A few boxea of AVer's Pills
restored me to perfect beallh W. T.
Brlglitney, Henderson, W. Vs.
For years I have relied more upon
Avei ai'llla than anything else, to -
I Regulate'
my bowels. These nils are mild in action,
and do their work thoroughly. I have use
them with pood effect, iu cases of Kbeu
matii.ni, Kidney Trouble, and Dyspepsia.
G. K. Miller, Atllehorough, MaT
i A7ef !',"' cured me ot Stomach and
Liver troubles, from which I had auffered
lor vean. I consiiW Hip h,. in
made, and would not be without them.
MorrU Gates. Downaville. N. Y.
was attacked with Tinun. t
Which wan followed Iit .Unmii... ..
ao dunKerou.tly ill that my friends do-
?'."." ru.ul '"I recovery. i commenced
as --.TS. ii .
l - ; m PZ
ll. J.
LTSJf, Cashier.
taking Ayer'a Pills, and soon regained mv
customary strength and Tigor. - John C.
Pattiaon, Lowell, Nebraska.
Lact aprinsr 1
a i . ' n aswua am
irouoietonifl iiunior on my aide. In inite
of every effort to rriro thf. rnniin. 1. 1-
crcased until tbo flesh became entirely
raw. I was troubled, at tl. .nm. i.
with Indigestion, and dlstresBing pains in
The Bowels. :
ay tne a.tvice of a friend I bejran takfne
Aver's 1'ills. In a almrt tin... i .. -u
from pain, my food digested properly, the
Bores on my botly commemed healing,
and, In less than ono month, I was cured.
.j-.uu..i u. ii uiie, Auania, ua.
I hnvo lone used Ar.r'. pin.
family, and believe thera to be the best
pills made. S. C. Darden, Darden, Miss.
My wife and little girl were taken with
Dysentery a few ilsva nm .n,i i .
'"'Pail glvln-r them small doses of Avert
1 ills, th nkine I wniilil .u hi.. ii k
disease became anv worse. In a bort
time the b oodv disrlmrir. tirt,..t .n
, - - - - bwuuiui ail
pa n went away, and health was restored.
1 hcodore Esling, Richmond, Va.
iAvfir's Pillc
rr.p.rrfbDr.j.c.Ay.,co..iA,w.ii,MMt Cnttnn Fnntnrfi RnrnmiQQinn OArnh'infft
Oold uy all Dealers In MsdldD, w --w mwwb sa?a wBassasswswBS HIUI WIIUIIll
Jo. IIO Hontli Slnln St.. HU Tonlau
Office 1 Had In nn Street, MemplilM, Tenn
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
29C-208 Front St., Memphh, Tenn.
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the Witueaaes!
ia to so pound, t
A Man of SIxljr.Elgnt Winters.
am AS vaara nfm. ,nj w..nl nntnn'.
Pioneer a tne tonio for the feeble. l)v its
ue niy iirengin naa Been reilored and my
viKuhiuorBMna un paanas.
a s. u. uAjuKuuLi.,uatton utauaker.
Maoon, Oa., February 18, im.
A Crippled Confederate S.ysf
I on1 weighed 128 Donnils whan T inm.
menoed Guinn's Pion t, and now weinh 147
pounds. 1 eould hardlr walk with a atinlr ir.
oniiort me and oan now walk long distances
wiianui BQip. us oennnc in mo ts beyond
caii-uiation. a. nut Uo BUS I 'JUK.
Macon, (ia. Cotton Buyer.
Mr. A. II. Bramble!, Hardware Mer
chant, of rorsjtb, Oa , Writes;
It Mted lika a nharm nn mwannnl h.nllh
I oonsider it a fine tonie. I weirrh more than
1 navs lor ii years. Kef peottully,
A. 11. iiKAAlBLKTT.
Wholesale Grocers, Cot. Factors
rsr.Mr orttraktn. i.oitihiana.
Bbblin, February 22. Gen. Boyer,
adjutant to Empeior William, is
ivomb, rsDrnary zz. rue rope on
Saturday celebrated the eiahth annl
versary ot his election as pontiff. lie
received coneratalations from the Col
lege ot uardinals.-
Madrid, Febrtiarv 22. Th In-
facta hulalia is confined to her bed
with an attack of sore throat, accom
panied by fever. The date of her
marriage has been postponed.
Dublin. Februarv 21. The Cantla
Island police have iust made a cantnre
of nineteen armed and disguised men.
They are supposed to be members of
a party of moonlighters.
London. Februarv 22. The Greek
Ministers of War and Marine threaten
to resign unless war against Turkey is
declared. The people of Greece, who
are anxious lor hobtilities, are much
London, February 22. The Most
Rev. William Henry Elder, Roman
Catholic Archbishop of Cincinnati,
embarked at Queenstown yesterday for
new i org, on tne liunard Line steam
ship Gallia.
London, February 21. Mr. ParneH
has prepared a scheme to apply the
Irish Church surplus not yet exhaust
ed to relieving distress in Ii eland.
Thirty thousand persons have applied
to the Mansion-House for relief.
Pbsth, February 22. Herr Von
LiuzA, Hungarian Prime Minister,
speaking in the lower house to-day
denied that Austria had aimed at the
annexation of the Western Balkans, or
that Russia sought to annex the East
ern Balkans. He declared that Austria
was anxious to maintain peace.
London, February 22. It is under
stood that the Queen's proctor will
intervene in tho case of Sir Charles
Dilke. The latter haa intimated that
he desires to submit all the informa
tion in his poesission t disprove the
alletfiuiou that the divorce of the
Crawfords resulted from collusion.
' Biiu.iN, February 22. IVince Wil
liam, b. in of the Prince Imperial, who
ia colonel tf the Guard Husars, has
ordered every oHlcer ol that regiment
to withdraw from the Union Club, on
account of the ruinous gambling per
mitted in the club-room. The com
mittee of the club intends to suppress
all gambling.
London, Februarv 21. The Queen
has given orders that a performance
by llttiigler'a Circus Company shall be
given at the Windsor riding school
next Thursday aiternoon. This is re
gardedasan indication of a renewal
of court festivities, which have been
in abeyance since the death of the
Prince CensorU
Los son. Fobruarr 22. The court
has refused to grant a summons for
the editor and publishers tf Punch,
whom the Socialist leaders desired to
have committed for contempt of
coujt for having, as alleged, attempted
to excite public opinion against them
while they were on trial for their ut
terances daring the Trafalgar Square
London, FebniaryEa Col. Sir Ed
mund Henderson, the head of the
Metropolitan police force, who has
been severely censured for the ineffi
ciency of the police during the recent
riots in London, has resigued. Thia
action is supposed to be due to a con
viction on his part that the committee
appointed by Mr. Childers, the Horaa
Secretary, to investigate the cause, of
the riota would blame him -for the
course of the police.
Mr. W. F. Jones, Hacoa, Says I
Mr wife has reffained her strength and In.
cre.narl ten pound ia weight. We recom
mend Ouino I Pioneer as the best ton io.
W. if.
Dr. . W, Delbrlds;. of Atlanta, Oa.,
Writes of Ualnn's Pioneer t
Guinn's Pioneer Blood Bnnewerhu hnan
nsed for jears llh unprecedented success.
It is entirely vegetable and does the system
no barm. It ilnDrovaa tha annatita. dima.
tion and biood-makina. atimiilatin. inti..
oral in ana toning up all me mneiions ana
uues oi tne sveiem. ana tnm becomes tbe
treat blood renewer and bealtb restorer.
cures all Blood and Skin Diseases. Rhenma-
tian, 8rolula, Old bores. A perfect Spring
It not in your market it will be forwarded
on receipt on rrioe. bmall bottles, 81.00;
large bottler, 11.75.
ksaay on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
Siccessora to POSTER, TAYLOR A CO
Cotton Factors
A28D .
W.B. Galbreath & Co
Cotton Factors
liberal Adrancea Wade on ConaJgnmenia.
m. w. cbowiu,
u. II. MirjBI.
, Do you want a pnro, bloom'
in? uonipiexion f Jr so, a
few applications of Hasan's
MAON6L1A HALM will grat
ify yon to your heart's con
tent. It does away with Sal
Iowbcrs, Redness, Fimples.
Blotches, and all diseases ana
imperfections of tho skin. It
overcomes the flushed appear
ance of heat, fatigue ana ex
ritoment. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear but TWEN
TY; and so natural, gradual,
and perfect are ifs effects,
that ft is Impossible to detect
its application.
Kow Music Books
Empress oftSong," containing 63 Tocal
tie9. 5(c. by mitil fVc.
"Sons 8. uvenir. rontaining59 yocal pieces,.
noc, oy mall (vie.
"Fiano 8ouvonir," containing 60 instra
mental ineces, 503, by niail ivo.
Folio of iluBic,' containing 80 inf trnment-
al picoe. NIC, by mail Iko.
Fscelsior Mothoi lor Ihe Organ," con
taining coiniileto inatructionfi, besues
over 100 vocal and instrumental visee.
Bound in boards, frica l. posipaia.
"Coo's Method fur the Violin, ' the latest
and most rrogresaive instructor pub
lished. baring all necesfary inatrnetions,
and 1U0 nelections, such as "When the
Hnklna NmI Anin." "I'll Aw.iit Mr
Loe," "tanoing in tie Barn," "Little
Darling Dream of Me," 'Feek-a.-Bott,
"boms Da;." Price 'Ac, postpaid.
Complete stool of Music Rolls. Cases, Wrap
pers. Sprjii-Back Fliu, In New De
signs of Leather and Plu.h.
3 Main bt, Memphis.
SolsAsiiU for Chlckennr, Hardman and
New England Piasos. '
lad Commission Merchants. Hay, Corn Oats, Bran, Cbop Feed, Oil-Xcal,
Llm , Cement, -Plaster, Baildiug and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
Newlv Constrnoted and Elaborately Furnished, Con
tain ing 225 Large and .Elegant Rooms.
evsrThe Houis has Perfect Ventilation and Natural Light, Steam-heating, Ilectiio Belli,
and two oi Hale's Elerators. All street-cars pass Main street sntrmnos.
KATES to V4 per day, according to site and elevation of rooms. Special
rates to Commercial Travelers. Abundant supply of PURE CISTERN AND WELL WATER
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants
Kemoved to 33i Front St., Cor. Union, Memphis, Tcna.
Administratrix's Notice.
'T'llK undersigned baring qualified aa kd
X minis tratru of Philip bauer, deceased,
hereby notifies all debtors to oome forward
and settle, and all creditors to prerent their
bills, properly probated. All goodj held
for charges mntl be removed by th4lst ol
Boou, Shoes, Tools, Show-Caaea sad Filt
area lor sals at less than soft.
Ada'rx of Philia kMsr, Mvhi si,
srDapoeits reosired In susal of VI and upward, and interest allowed on soass Semi-
sar buy and sell local Investment Bonds and Becarities generally, pay taxes, aotaj
truatees, and, In general, eiecule any Inancial bus iaen requirisg a sa and reseonsib.s
acv w m inn. drafts. In sums to suit nurcbasors. on all aarts of Rnrona.
(ar Ve haTe a corjamodious Vault fur ths deposit ol valuables, which ia at the service of
our eustomers, t'reo of barge.
D. P. HADDES, President.
EWD. G0L0SXITU, Tico-PresidenL
L, D. MTJLL1N8, of late J. k. Godwin k Co. J AS. Y0NGK, laU ol J. W. CaldweU A Co
Cotton Factors Sl Com mission Llerchanta
Mo 1 Howard's Bow, Cor. Front and Cnion,'.B emptia.

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