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Cotton Qalft-Dothof the Exchanges
dosed on Account of the
Yetsterila- being a holiilay, the ex
changes Wf ro closed, and bitsiucsa on
'Cliango wits Buspendod. Nothing of
interest occurred in local financial or
trade circles. The following exports
were reported :
Four hundred and twenty nk bran,
372 brls beans and peon, 41 pkgs buU
ter, 15 k?n bacon, 2LM. ks booU and
ahirtw, 10,188 bu corn, 5 pkgs cIumw,
9t sks coireo, 3 earn cotton-seed, 3itii2
uka cotton-seed, 50 brln cotton-need
oil, UK) ikra dry poods, 2!l l'kgs I'PfP,
910 brls flour, K2(i bales hay, '.',) tiki's
hats, 20:i hd hos, :!0 lid cattle, 213
hd horses and mules, olili pk(rs lard,
i,r00 ft lumber, 10 pks liquors, IW5
lrls meal, IS brls molasses, 2400 bn
als, 232 brls potatoes, 8 ears pork
aides and 423 pkR8 tobacco.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenia.,
aarCor respond nee lollcltcd. Infor
nntiaa fhwrfiilly rnralebed.-va.
Honey in (rood demand at 8 percent.
The (Jlearing-I louse report in a follows :
Clearing. Balancer.
Monday, Feb. 21 t 2'i,W9 83 I 53,4!l ',1
8me ti'l e last week t'S IW.bl 3 42
Cor. time in 18N5 .... 21, W7 37 47.XK.-J 67
Car. time in 1M4 2)3,170 31 1)1,32! 79
Jiuvina. Sellina
Saw York sight on til pointe.. dis H prem
ew England demand- H dis ......
Wow Kotdand sight n dis
Hew Orluaos. dil par
Ia the first eo'umn we rive the price bid,
and in the secoud the price aimed.
Bank of Cntninoroe. m........H7 ft0
First National 1H5 .(gliO
German Bank IWaam
Btate National m. (nHO
Union A Planters U7 (14i
Mercantile lo0 (sslji
Borne ... (9 75
Bluff City 10(1 it ...
People . M) ( 85
Planters.,..... 1(1 (fl0f
Phoenix H8 6Uel
Memphis City ltrj
Vanderhilt 16 (ft 19
Hernando Iiki i ...
Arlington....... .... 2 ffl ...
laotors W 6t 25
Tennessee certificates, Dnd E.... Kf9J
Tennessee warruntfl, series 0 96 (4 9S
Shelby County bonds 1(4 l(io
Shelby County warrants........ W nw
Taxing-District 4, b's. ................. H2 a Vli
Taxing-District 6's 100 lH0'4
Memphis Storage Compress Co 107 lll)
Memphis Uae Company stock.. ... CO (a) 82
Memphis Oas Company bonds.... KttH ...
Memphis WatprCn. bonds t3 (t ...
Ilannuer Oil Works (3 50
City Oil W orks ......... ... O 45
Pioneer Cotton-Mills (it 35
American Cotton Oil trusts' 20 (4 21
lueuilihm City Kailwav Hoods tuu CSlU
Boston, Mi88.,FebTuary 22 The fol
lowing table.com oiled from special dis
patches to the Post from the managers
of the lead clearing-housna of the
United State1, shows the gross batik
exchanges at each point for the weak
ending February 2 th, in comparison
with the correoponding week tf 1885:
New York, IfitSTn.OOOi increase, 4(5.6.
Boston. l76,fi30,i.M ; increase, 3o.l.
'Philadelphia. 1,57,624,600: increase, 40.4.
Chicago, 39,3'.IXHi: increase, 19 9.
St. Louis, 1,(U5,454 : increase, 6 7.
Baltimore, I12,9N1,274; increase, 2. 4.
Pan Kranoiseo, I12,14'l.049; increase, S.T.
New Orleans, SH.SHH.ImO; incroaee,9.6.
Cincinnati, 18.81 0,01k); inoroase, 14.4.
Pittsburg, i7.522.(Wi: increase, 25.9.
Louisville, (4,079,542; increase, 9.3.
Kansas City, t4.201.fcV2; incroaae, 4.7.
Milwaukee, 2,KH7,0OO; increase, 18 0.
Providence. &4.2.'iO,7(IU; increase, 16. i.
Detroit, S2,!)I8,3'.6; increase, 43 1.
MinneapolK, 12.040,224; increase, 56.0.
Omaha, ri.740,019; increase, 55.0.
J Denver, 3,(l,277.
Ualwton, tl. 249,495.
leveland, $1, 877,497; increase, 10.1.
Columbus, ll,49:;.(P'3; increase, 30 6.
Indianapolis. 81.077.102: increase, 1.1.
MeiiihlN.ai.irj.747i lucrfiwe, a,
Ilartlord, Il,ti(2,8l8; increase, 50 1.
Now Iiavn, SC6-,,;i()y ; increase, 1.9.
Peorii, t82?,84: decrease, 3.0.
Portland, 71,:t29; decrease, 2.6.
Worcester, 743,!i"2; increase, 9 0.
St. Joseph. S48.40U; increase, 79 5.
pringfielil, S76o.i45; increase. 10.5.
Syracuse. 474 274; increase, 13 3.
Lowell. (510.618: incroase, 13 5.
Total, r.ft7,39l.492; increase, 4(1.3.
Outside Hew York, $273,921,492; increase,
tNot incl aded in totals. .
London, February 22. Consols, 101
fi-lii for money and 101 J for the account.
United States bonds, 4!s, 1 14 J . The
amount of bullion withdrawn from
the Hank of F.njjland on balance to
day is 13,000 pounds. -
J'ahis, February 22. Three per cent,
ronlcs, 82f. Me. for the account.
The Cotton Exchange was c'osed
yet tarda? and no telegrams were re
ceived from any point. Tbe following
is the daily local cotton statement:
Mkmphis. February 22, 1886.
Stock, September 5, 1885... 1,392
Received to-day 3,S!:3
Received previously 474,734 479,449
Shipped to-day 2,777
Sbipistd previously 8.17,87
Borne oonsuuipUon to date
Btock, running account....
Thns far this week...
Thus far last week . ..
Since Septembor 1st
. 478 0...8
Memphis and Charleston Rnilroad....
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad...
O.jind S W. K. R
Louisville, N. (1 and T. tt. R
Kansas City. Springfield and M. U.K.
Memphis. Selina and Brunsw'k R.R.
Wagons and other sources........ w.
Total "
Thus Ur this week
. 3,322
. 4,4f7
, 310,674
Tnus far last week
Since September 1st
Memphis and Charleston Rn'lroad...
Mississippi and Tennessee llailr.ial.
Louisvilln an l Nashvillo R-ulroad....
:. O. andS. W.R. R
Steamers north
TlK-nnv. Fphmarv o T1ia lfrt
Ixtne KxyrfM, in its weekly review of
the grain trale, fays: Wheats were
freely maiketed; values were lower.
The sales of Knglish wheat during the
week were 73,557 quarters at 29s 4d
per quarter, against 58,109 quarters at
32a 4d dnrmg the corresponding week
la-tyiar. liarleys were firmer. For
eign wheata were withont feature.
Flonr was slew and diagging. Amer
ican znaixe was 3d dearer. Barleys
and o:tj were firmer. One cargo ar
rived, one California cargo was add
nd two cargoes remained, one being
tn Oregon cargt. Ca-go?a on passage
were very firm. To-day trade w&a
n e-ger. Foreign wbeata were firm.
Fliur won steadier. American and
CaleJooia oata were 3d dearer.
it rurrrlva.
Hav asa, February 2J Sugar, owing
to nLfivo-tble pews from abroad,
holders were nnwilliDg to sell fet rnling
latds. A bib a1 1 business was transact
ed and the market closed wr ak. The
weather was warm and la'my. Mo
lnwee pngar, rpgalar to good polariza
tion, 237j g"ltl per quintal : mustova
do, fuirt i g od refining, 212:2823;
ceLtrifuf al, 92 to 9i degrees) nolarin
tior, in hopsbft te, bags and boxe,
257J();C7. Stocks in warehouses at
Havana and Msttrzta, 0500 boxee,
2119,600 bags and 7400 hogsheads. Re
ceipts for the week, 2900 boxes, 50,000
'H9 and 27C0 hogsheads. F.xporta
during the week, 3'.K'0 hexes, 5000
b.g and 2500 hogsheads. Bacon,
11 75 gold per cwt.
' Live Mark.
Oatti.k (Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4(?,4Je; good, 3i(o
4e; choice tam-fi'tl, oj;'3jc; good, 3
(i3c; fair to medium, 2J(o;2ijcj com
mon, 1( 2e. .
1 Iocs Choice, TSSS-t' ; good, 3J
"Je ; common, 3(f3)e. ,
Shhkp Choice, 4 f41e; medium, 3
(3:Uc; common, jll 50.
Cincinnati, 0., February 22. Ho)
receipts, 19,00 head '.market weak
and 5c lower livrl.t, $3 854 30; rough
packing, '4(5)1 30: heavy ppcking and
abippinir, J 354 60. Ca'.t'e lit
ceiptj, Ol'OO; market weak and 1020o
lower; beeves, ft5 60; butcherp,
$2(3 75; ttuckers and feeders, f3
4 3i. Sheep lleteipte, 4000; trading
slow; common to medium, J2 103 75;
Kansas City, Mo., February 22.
The Live iftuck Indicator reports: Cat
tle Kuceipts, 1080 head; shipments.
noae; BhtMping gia lea slow and 10c
lower; bulclmrs are lairiy active;
feeders, steady; exporters, 15 05
5 20; good to choice, SI 60(u!4 9o; ccm
mon to ms'dinrH,$44 50; s'nekersand
teaers, yi 204; cows, a 40(2)3 30.
Hogi Keceijt-, Ct07 head; ship
meuts, none; choice, steady; common
and light, 10ii lower; good to choice,
f 14 10; mixed, 53 753 90; comu.on
to light, J 50(i3 0; skips and pigs,
23 40. Sheep .Receipt, 8S3 bead ;
Bhipaen's, none; bteaiy; sooj to
choice, 2 8)'aj30; common tame
dinm, J22 75.
Ciiicaoo, III., February 22. The
Drovtri Jmtrnal reports: Catlla re
ceipts, 1000 head ; shipments, 2000
head ; market dull and 10C15c lower;
nhipptng stefis, 9.0 to 1..00 pounds
$1 (iOfiTjo 50; stickers and feeders,
12 75(7il4 35; cows, bulls and mixed,
SI OU().J : nulK, 13 8U((ja 20. line?
rjceipt, 19.000 head; shipment?, 8000
neid; market steady, clonec weak;
rough and mixed, $44 35; pack
ing and sruppini?, f t 3n(u-4 65: liKht,
$3 90135;skips, $2 903 8J. Sheep
receipts, 3L00 head; shipments.
1510 head: market strong; natives,
Bailnja; lexans, 5.()3 7o; lambs,
$4f5 25.
Toe Droveri Journal special cable-
g'am from Liverpool qui.ts prices 4o
higher on best American cattle at 124c
per pound estimated dead wciehr,
Supplies of home-fed catiU are re
ported Jight and receipts of American
only lairiy active.
It. C A.HD
To all who are suffering from the errors and
Indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I will
Send a recipe that will aura you, FREE OF
CHARGE. This great remedy was discover
ed by a missionary in South America. Send
self-addressed envelope to the Kev. J h?h
T. INHAK. Nation I), Kett York Uty.
For Mrlenn, Fine Itlnir, and nil Way
I analogs on Arkansni Kivrr Str.
Joe Ifetcrs.
Will leave THIS DAY. Feb. 2!id. at 5 n.n
For freight or passage apol r at No. 3 Madi
son street, or to II. C. LOWE, Agent.
Tnll Telephone No, 52.
Southern Transportation Co. 0. Line For
Vicksburg, JNntcliei and He Orleans sir.
Paris C. Brown, figR.
J. S. Patterson master, ffjWfc
Will loava TIIKRDAV. Koh. 2 Id. lit 12 in.
For freight or passage apply to 0. B.Klls-
UKLt,. Ag t, 12 Maitmon st. lelcpucme i.
JK88K B. 1' hanklin. Passenger Agent.
Nt. I.onlN ami New Orirnns Anehor
I.liic -l'.S. Mall-FOK NEW ORLEANS.
Annie P. Silver, KTf
Vim. It. Thompson.... ro aster, "Sil'S
n in iva,q iiuiu niuvni'tr ivu.'i'nii ecu
2.jd, at 5 p.m. For freight or passage appl
C. L. Hail. Pass. Art. All KT' R M Siio't,
Southern Transportation Co. 0. Line For
Cairo. Louisvillo and Cincinnati Str.
(Golden Crowu.,-
Frank J. Oks, master Tif Mnedr. clerk
Will leave Tills DAY, ro. 2id. at 6 p.m
For freight or passage apply to C. B. hUS
SELL, Avent, 12 Madison at. Telephone 227
Jkssk B. Franklin, Passenter Agent-
Memph's aud Cincinnati racket to.
roR i.onsvii.i.E a viwcinati.
J nines IV. GafTrZ
tfiinu r. i'Micf..,iimcir;ri
Will leave TUESDAY, Feb. SJ. at R p.m.
For freinht or passage apply to l B. RUS
SELL, Agent, No 12 Madison St. Tele- hona
No 27. JDI1N L'ARR. Paisonger Agent.
Steamer OHIO fallows, leaving Friday.
robrnarv Jth!
For Osceola, Baled Point. Carnthersville,
Oayosn d Tiptonville The pew steamer
si, e
W. P. Hall master I J. D. Fuller clerk,
will leave as above, and all way points.
p.tti . Ko t-elrht or tmtsnge apply on noan
neniplilK.Knnr Point and Mempuie
nuil wmvhii racKKi lompaay.
For Helena, (iiendale, Friars Point and all
W & Landinffa Steamer
Coahoma, iadSsfi
X. T, Ctngott ... saaster 1 Piatt Kuou....uw
win leave a above on evory MONOA'
WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY, at 5 o'oloc
Fjr Randolph, Folton. OioeoI and TV
Landlni Steamor
J. H. Caoper, inair.... J. W. ism-.thers.il
and FHIDA1' at 5 p.m. The b-mu of thil
line roservo the right to ius ail landings
the apt:in uasaTe, Office, No. 4
M..!""- .TAVIK.S I.KiK, .la.. Mil.-:
Mempliix and Vlcksburg Packet Coni-
pauy t.a. Jiau iine.
M. R. Cheek. ..mailer I W. V. Blanaer ...clerk
For Helena, Concordia, terrene anil ArKan
las City The elerant passenger steamer
Leavos Memphis
p. m., reserving the right tn pass all landings
the enpta-a maydeem unsate. For general
intormation apply at office, No, 4 Madison
street. K. WALWORTH. Annt.
JIJHN C RK. Pss,'r Ar-rnt. Tn'epnone KH.
Tiie St. Francis River TransporUtloi
Co.'s Vine Slde-W heel V. 8. Mall Steamei
Rene Macready, r-f
O. K. Jonlin .master
at S e'eloek, for Mariana, the Cut-Off, and
Intermedia landing on St. Franois river.
The eaptain raservet the right to putt'
landings ha deems unsafe. J AS. LEE, Jf
SuperilitcnilMt. Office, No, 4 Madison It-
Arkansas lliver-Jos l'mit.-.. 5 p.m.
St.FranoisRiver.Riki Maoaot, 5 p.m.
White River .... Paris C. Iluown, 12 n..
Cincinnati... Jacs W. Gakf, Sp.m.
New Orleans Annik P. Kiltie, 4 p.m.
Friari Point,--..Coaboma, 5 p.m.
White Rivoj..CH:ciASiw. S p.m.
Osceola ...Da Adahs, 5 p.m.
Arkansas City.KiTI A da us, S p.m.
Tiptonville Gatoso, 6 p.m.
rriiafs. Citv of Si. Louif, ft.
L.nis; City tf Vicksbur, St. Louis;
tisyoio, Tiptonville; Ki quirer, Ct
ltund ; uoahoma, Friars I'uii.t: K e
Adams, Arkansas City; Joe Peters.
Arkansas nver; James W, uau, Cm-
Devarturn City of St. Louis. New
Otleans; City of Vitksbutg, Viiks
burg; Kate Adumv, Arkansas City;
CoahoniH, Fiiars Point ; Knguirfir, Ca.
iRmnd ; Dean Adams, OoCeula; buyoso,
Boats in I'm Jo' I'eterp, lne Ma
cready and .l.inies . tjiaff.
iSoufs Ihie Down. Paris C. Isiown,
Belle Memphis and Annie P. Silver.
Xci( Vae lip. Ultvol (Jairo. Uliick-
asaw and Golden Crown.
KcelslN Yettrdnjf.
Enquirer 3 bales cotton. 23 bgs
Eeed-cottou nd 3!) sits seed.
Coahoma 307 bales cotton, 25 bad
seed cotton, 302 tkj heed utid 18 pkxs
Dean Adams 103 belts cotton, 132
bgs seed-cotton, lit! eks seid, 1 loree
and 84 pkigs sundries.
hate Adams bii bales r;t on, til
bags seed-cotton, 2808 eks seed, 29 hd
mules, 1 cow, 3 wagons end lbO pkgs
Joa Peters (brought out of Arkan
sas river) 804 bales colt'n, 3 tgs
eeed-co:ton, 15G4 eks seed, 10 hd
tt H.k and 2ti pkgj Biindries.
(Jayoso 180 bales cotton, 39 eks
seed, 112 sks cot!on-s?ed meal, 22iU
tkscorn, 24 lu;s peanuts, 101 hd
Btock and 7o pkus sundMcs.
James W. Ouff-1183 bgs corn, 25
has seed, 854 bsWs straw. 4 sks cotton,
701 brls ft wr, 15 brls oironp, 22 hil,
apples, 1921 brls potatoes, 500 kgn
nails, 15 bxs txle gease, 80 bxs glafB
ware, 2(i0 bxs s arcb, 120 pkg ciiairs,
132 pU's furniture and 1575 pkgs mer
ctatidiee. rlirilKK inOVfcMENI'N.
Tub Rene MaTeady, Capt. O.K.'
Joplin, is ihe pneket this evening tit
5 o'clcck for St. Fiaacia river.
Tna Le Line packets to morrow
evening are the Coahoma for Frisis
Point and the Dean Adams for
Tim Chickasaw, Capt. E. C. Poalal.,
is the packet to-morrow evenimr at 5
o'clock for White river. C. M. Postal
and A. Bunksmith are her clerks.
Tuk Gayoso, Capt. W. P. Hall, is
the packet ThnrttUy evening at 5
o'clock for llah's Point, Tiptonville)
and lOl way points. J. 1. Wait ia in
her office.
Thk Annie P. Silver, Capt. William
Thompson, is the Anchor Line pocket
thlsevenirg at 4 o'cloak for New Or
leans and ail intermediate points. J.
S. Lehmer ia her clerk,
Tim Kati Adams, C.ipt. Mark R
Cheek, is the United SUtes mail
racket Thursday evening at 5 o'clo 'k
for Helena, Arkansas City and all
way landings. W. C. Blauk'x la her
Tub Joe Peters, Capt. E. B. Smith,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'chek
for all points on Arkansui river, going
through to Pine Bluff. Ones. Mus
sulman has charge of her ollice, at
Bisted by Billy Johnson.
Tint O. Line passenger rnoket Paris
C. Brown, Capt. John S. Patterson,
will pass down to -day at 12 o'clock for
Vickaburg, Natchez, New Orloana and
all intermediate points. Chris. O.
Young has charge of her office.
Tub James W. Gaff, Capt. John S.
Jones, is the packet this even
ing at 5 o'clock for Cairo, Louisville,
Cincinnati and all wav landings on the
Ohio river. II. C. Bruce and Lew
Briggs are her clerks. The Gaff will
give cheap latcs to all poiLts North
and East.
ttfcMKItAl. NtWS.
Bupinkhj fair.
Wkatukr clear and pleasant.
Tub B. S. Hays and ba'gcs pissed
tip Sunday for f-t. Louie.
' Tub Lee Line packets were in and
out yeaterday with fair trips. i
Thb 8. L. Wood, with a tow of coal,
raised down yettarday eveniug for
New Orleans.
Receuts by river yesterday: 1197
hales cotton, 241 bags seed cotton and
4'JiS eks peed.
Thb City of St. Louie passed down
early Sunday morning for New Orleans
with a bu trip.
Tub river here stands twenty-nine
feet on the gauge, a rise cf five-tenths
in the last tweniy-four lu urs.
Cait. W. J. P. Doyle, No. 9 Madi
son street, has been appointed agent
of the White river steamer BeSmet.
Thb Jamee W. Gaff, captain John S.
Jones, arrived last evening from Cin
cinnati aritU 6354 packages miscella
neous freight fir this pott and re
turns again this evening.
Thb City of Vickabtirg passed down
Sunday morning for VickBburg. She
discharged here 12C0 packages sun
dries and added here forty tone sun
dries and fifty heal mules.
Tbe little steamer Jennie May sunk
la.t Saturday thics miles below Fort
Smith. Water is np ta the hurricane
roof end she will donlt'.eBS prove a
icttlkHB. .vie was vu'uedat $4000.'
Thb Kate Adams arrived Sunday
night fiom Arkansas City with 622
bales of cotton, 61 buna d seed-cotton,
2808 eaiks of Bi-ed, 29 mules, a big lot
of sundries, and returned agaiu latt
evening witn a good trip.
Thb Gayoso arrived Sunday from
the upper bend with ISO bales of cot
ton, 39 sacks cf seed, 1 12 eajks of cot
ton-seed meal, 2l6l sacks of corn, 24
ssckB of peanuts, 161 head of Btock,
75 packages of sundries, and cleared
latt evening lor the upper bends.
Thk Joe Peters arrived l.nt evening
Irpin Arkansas river with 2t2 bales rf
cottan, 3 bags of feed cot on, U64
sacks of seed, 10 had of stock and 26
packages. She resbipped at Terrene
522 bales of cotton fir Few Orleans
and returned Spain thia evening.
Inspectors O'Reilly lnd Young
blood, aftsr considering the evidence
in tbe Natches-Galdman decision,
which occurred January 18th, near
Natchez, have decided as follows: We
hereby dismiss the charges against the
steamer Natchez, and believe it to be
our doty to report Mr. Walter Aibo,
pibt of the Carneal Goldman, to the
United fc'utea District Attorney for
violation of rules 2, 6 and 7, pilot
rule fjr Western rivers, and revoke
the license of Capt. CJ. D. Shaw aa
master and pilot, for negligence in not
enforcing the above rulei and not re-
poit'ngtl.e colli-ion to this oifiie A'
the law directs, in wiolation of section
4448, Revised Sttu', and section
17, rule 5, licensed otSoera.
Nkw Oklkaks icjrMn February
?lst: IheSU Loaia and Mit-aissippi
Valley Transportation Company'
steamer Henry Lourey will leave at
noon tnioriow lor St. Liuia. The
Lourev passed Delia yesterday morn
ing with four barges containing 87,0x7
bushels of bulk c irn, 14,753 racks i f
cotton -seed meal, 6378 sacks of oil
cake and 13.823 package rf miscella
neous freiuht. The rale of the ate mir
Cherokee by tbe United fct tu Mar
anal tonk place at noin yetterdny and
waa attended by large number of
etsambobt men. The bidding was be
tween. Capt. John U. llama and
Capt. John J. Brown. Capt. llanna
first bid II' 00 and the boat was fiunlly
knocked down to CapU Cioxn fur
$1625. .
Oprici PioiiiL 8vie, 1'. 8. A.,
HlurHM, Tkn-m., February 22, 1 p.m. 1
The following filwwrrTtionsHre taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian time,
hieh is one honr lastertban Memphis tune.
J ChiiUiitts.
I Above
low water Rise. Fall.
4 S 5!
S S- t S- t 2
" m " "
Cairo IW -- I
Chattanooga ti ft . 3
Cineinnati ... SO 3 1
1'tvenport. . ....... M
Fortsuutn. . 8 a 2
Keokuk '. -
llolena M '1 .- ....
La Crosse ....
Little Roek . 10
Lonisville. ... 11 8 1 7
Neniplili, , a 3
Nashvillo .... 15 4 1
New Orle'ns- 10 ) ....... li
Pittsburg .... S 7 ..
St. Louis 1.1 9 .. 5
M. Paul -
Shreveport ... 12 8 4
Viokshurg ... S4 4 1
NKwOai.EANS.Febrnary 22-Night
Arrived and departeds Henry Loarey
and barges, St. lxju a.
Wbsruko, February 22. Norm
Hiver9 feet 6 inches on tberan and
tailing, w earner ciear ana com.
Pittsburg. February 22. Noon
River 5 feet 11 inch on tin gaiige and
falling. Weather clear and pit want.
Cincinnati. February 22 Not n
R ver falling, with 3o fe 1 1 inch on
the gauge. Weather c ear; theruioui
eter 3S. 4.
Lcu:svilik. Frbrnary 22. Night-
River falling, with 11 feet3 itches in
the canal n.id 9 feet 1 inch on the
falls. Weather clear and pleaf ant.
Evanbviu.s. February 22. Niiht-
River rising, with 33 feet on thegtne.
Weather briubt and sprinir-like; Iner
mometer 0 to 45. Packets in and out
on time. Arrived: 0;-:io.
Cairo. February 22. Noon River
38 feet 7 inches on the g(ini;e and rising.
Weather clear and cool. Arnveu
Belle Memphis. St. Liuis. 9 p.m.;
Dacotah, St. Louis, 1 a.m.; Buckeye
State, Memphis, 6 a.m.; A tune P. Sil
ver. St. Louie. .10 a.ru. Dsparted
Belle Memnhis. Vicksbnrg, 11 p.m.;
Dacotsh, Ohio liver, l a.m.; City of
Natchez, St. Louis, 7 a.m.
Movenaeat of Ocean Nleainer.
QuBENBTOWN.February 22-A'tived
S;eamer City ol Chester, New York.
London, February 22. Pawed (he
L z.ud: Nantes, INew urieans ior itar
deauz. Palermo, February 22. Sailed :
William Symmington, New Orleans.
Bremen, February 22. Arrived:
Cyprus, New Orleans.
Liverpool, February 22. Arrived
JJicct.n, New Orlisn.
Memphis White KiverFkU
K. C. Poltal.-maawr I 0. M .lrusUl...M.oler
OR - "
Clarnln, Dwalt UlntT, lea Are
Aegnst,Jaekmpinirl and Heart y.
at5n.m. Thromrh raws to all pVintl.
Pr St eonslmail In " MeJlIhiS and W 0't
cv,vr Paekot Ct mpany" bafnrwarlod
prsoiptly- u. v LOWE, Agent,
N- M-dtnn . 1 slenho'e No. W
MempUlH, White & Black River racket
For Helena, DeValls Bluff nnd Augusta.
i&e new ana elegant (inewneei passenger
Milt llarrv inuslor,
nr.ii l..n. IVVLV i:iti UlllV.I r,'ln
p.m. Through rales to all points. Ireigb
oonsigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis '
ho promntlv forward'd. W.J.P UOLE
Office 9 Madison st. Telephone "8(.
Jkksc H Fraxklin. Passenger Agent. To I
epn- no t-t. '
t 1 I 171 h lla.
X c.-?,?'iW i
Aa-ent far rUfsnfihla, twn.
For i ye.irs at 37 Court Pl.ice, now at
a rvfuKrty 1uitNf io-l -ri fiiaHAM pbriMn ni tit
uti t Fwatajftil, m hU rti)O.M UJ Vrf-
Curea nil fornuro rPRIVATK,
canoNio ftud sxjcuaL
fiiperxntttorrnei una Impotency
s tna rMalt if "wif-abuni in mmh. tmaml tct- in ,
'tw yesrssi, orfttur nuset, "1 'ftw mf nuf) rf"
trinR ..tvt- Nttn'isfs, Kmitail f.ntto.t r,N
-4-11- isi Jiunf). iHittbM of iifht, Drfrc-iyf ; hi-.
KallfhVait. Hitmtlwsu I'urfS, A mlnn t H'fkt)' 3: ?' Tin
rifuij.-U nf .'(l-U, 1.AM nl fc-lial fsCT, miJt.C
m.irrif.' iiyijiMi T or iri'iiiT, lh'riijt.i and pp.-in.
"tU iturvu. SVPHIIjIS K.Ut1 cured ifKi tU
t,r 1 T'JLtu ' tn "". GonorrheiUi
OLEfTr, Ptrl.tturw, OnhitU. lsn;ut, , Uu-jvui.,,
. 'i- aaii 1 ..liiFT pfirie tlist.-a qu-li!i Ctirud.
t l Hf-r.t.t.-utUiBt .by t.i--lau wtj" j !. ittDtw
in sfrvin clan nr 'lla. " trstluff Ib'iiuiTidi intu
lf, ci -ire (rnut "till. I'tivallnn kuowlnft '.1;m Un otv
Tfrii.m. it l 4-rw to mr er- V'htn It 1 tnwivn.'Ut
f-itlh-lty fir trratinctit, vi'lMn-t eiUl bvacitt (u-tfktetv
.-.,iIt by Biail or eprc t ywiitm
fhttvn Guaranteed In all Case
anirralton. . At .
v .-iwnrtjLi ,u- r anna, I If tv W Vntm trt r4 lnn4
' tuu MM rasuMwU Ravd oorrmimn itrtcUj famtijlli,
'finopifWi ertt to vj rerty iVm1, rorthrit
rV) citta. Khrmld ba rA bf tit. -.1rma a,i borfc
VQow bur tnm b A. M. M9 r-M. erM.Oi,IWr "
Notice of Dissolution.
TUK firm of R. E. LKE A CO., eomposed
of K. H. Lee and John Heid, baa this
day been Unsolved l y mutual consent, It r.
John lteid retiring from the badness.. The
business of said Srro will be continued
under the same name by Mr. R. h. Lee.
who sueeeeds to the same, and assumes all
liabilities and ia authorised to collect all
debts due said late firm. .
Memphil, F.b.17. 18. B. iL LfcU.
t jfi $fzIW
Mm m
11 IS
Ortlrra for Itala Caal, lu larct)
ESTAIilnnBD 1004.
Sternberg & Son,
33fi Front St.. Cor. Union. Memphis, Tenn.
Orncn of J.IUN MANOOI'K. Mnyrsis, Tkkm., February lti, Ki.
I hate this day agreed with
for the sal of my entire s'ok of Wrought Iron, Nuts, Washers anj Heavy Hardware, the
same to takeeOfect Mareh I. Ivil. In retiring from the business in this eilr,, I Jesire to io
turn thanks to my trends and customers for Ihoir liberal putronage uurmg a period of
twenty years. fund also to assure lliem that the Uusinvss will be turned over to reliable
anu icsponsll;'. parill-S wnoin 1 Illli p anowu
my frie-ds and eusioniers that their orders,
care aud attention, aud 1 ask lor your continued
n.r.rrimr i &hov .tv flitterin. notice. s
gari-ationand management forthuailditional
' A.'. Mfl.HllORK, Trealdent.
The Livermore Foundry & Machine Co.
Iron & Sailwar Snply Departient
220 and S2H Second tvilreot, MoiuphlM, Teun.,
Dealon In BAR, Ilt HOl IRON. Boiler. Flrobed and Sheet Iron.NuU,
Washers, ilivets, Nails, Heavy liardware and
In eonnect'on with our Kotinilry and Machine lrariiii-nt. pit) to 174 Adams streot,
we bolieve we are in the best position to supply any and all demands for every i h irscljir of
Wrought or Cst Ironwork, Machinery,
.r, ., rei(e'1, and wo promise o'ir hes a
. . a f I
,.7TfVar. , .
R.G. CRAIG & CO , 37
M. Mavlu.
John H. Mnlllvan.
iLVWU. yJZrmr W Ja&W S mJm
Wholesale droceris, Cotton 3S?actor
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
Mr. I.'N. RAINBY devMes hil whole time
to our eharir O'tllnn
McmpIilN, Ten ii.
itaT 'asli AdvanreH to
M Chickasaw Ironworks
tr.; a -s vf
V -t,:'- '7i iff--
1 1
J4-rriV.ll pay od FiioeH lor MOTEN, UlX I'ALLN nnd
TltASHY COI'TOJ ol all l'W'rlptlouM. Ni'iid lor Ulrcular
aud Prloen I'atd.
75 Vance Street. Mexnvhis. Tenn.
VhoIcsalo Grocers & Cotton Factors,
S89 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton oonsigned to as will have our cnreful attention. We ourry at all tlmos a well-
relocted stook 01
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Llqusrsjcbaccc & Cigara
Awd will aoll aw law as, l.i.wr.
OIHre, 31.) Front Street, MpmphK Tenn.
Jos. Sclilitz Brewing Gqmpanv,
. MIljWATJIiliE.
HT1?WTI1IIC ill? A TCI'1!! l nd Boll.lna Worlis, H A 111 I'sslo
illtlJlllllo llliAil Vll) llepul aud lerhniafi, er.,lllai u: A b .' 1 1
S. ROESCHHR. Agent, Memnhis, Tenn.
Haiaa Im IfteVll. V90.00O Barrrla ....SmI- at" f empltte Urannn, 100,000 Hen
Halra la la, rtO.MIO Harrsla.
S64 Front Ht,9 cor.
or small ejoantlllea, Ullrd by
fc CO., 190 Jefferson st.
inuinii-.', ii mmo ,.-. m . .
ami the new uiauimeiiient. will have t i lie.t
patronage. JOHN MAMKU h.
tiike nleasure In announcing Ihe following or-
Uepiirtrntiit the niiue. to take effect March
II. A. T ATI' VI. tirv'y and lrcn.
Heav y iiaruwaro aim ivnuway puppun. i our
tontion. . ...
t M ..r-'m:
.- : .rf ;!
- 39 Union, Memplii
rooa. VlarH.
M. jr. tllara
tn the weighing nnd sale of all Cotton entrusted
W-iroKoose. i Wnshln"ton street.
MvnJiaiiOi mid I'IniitorM.
Second St. Memphis, Tiw
1 iikiiicm, Itoflerst, NhwhiIIIh,
Ilrndlord t'orn iid Wheat Mill ,
Colton 1'roHH, Cot ion iiin
NlirtiK Iiir, Pulleys ''
NI'l-tlAI, ISHHH'F We are prepared to fill orders,
on ,.. notico, for th eele. rated alwlnrt Pateol
Hronirlii Fnllcy. We curry In stock ovor
Two Hundred Assortoil mil,
ea-esnl I'or Cniiilocne end rrHe-iist.
Court, 31 emplils, Tenn
A bor.k of 100 page..
book lor
he he 'art-
eed or otherwire.
eontaits itsta of
newpaper and eetimotei o the eost of ad
vertising. Then.lvertiscrwhowen's to spend
one dollar. Si.ds in it tne information b re
quires, irrilo tor bim who will invest on
hoi drcd thousand dollars in aovertismr. a
-heu.e is indicated which will meet his
cery re,im, meut. or can be made to do so
l.y slight i hin.- easily arrived at hr corre
spond nre. t'no huodred and Bfty-thre
e ditions l uve been issued, bent, postpaid,
to any nfdresa u r ten cents- Apply to UM'l.
VEM riSlNU HUREAI'.inprueest. tPrint
ing House Siiuire . Ns York
AttiM-limcnl otlco.
Before J. M. Coleman, J. P., for Shelby
cnumy. Tenn. , J. 11. Mslone and it. J.
Plnck. Eiccuinrs nf J. W. Caldwell vs. Mor
ris A Mit. bell. , ...
lu this cnuse.an attuhni'iit havimt been
sued out urider sei-tum :i4ot the Code of
Tennessee, and relumed levied upon the
property of the deiendant by garnisbnent
on Ihe .Mississippi and Tennesee Hailroaa
Company, who answer that thuy are in
il.kted t di li ndnnts in the sum ef .
dae by account, and alhduvit having boon
iniide that deiendant s imfclited u ta
phiintifl in the sum of t'M 1", dwe by a
couiit, und that the claim is just, and that
fle ouiotuUul is a non-roidi'iit ot tbe Maui
of 'iinnesec, it is therefore ordered thai
said di'temlaiit inuko his personal asipiar
ai'oo bvt'nro me on the Ut day el ainrch.
1, at 10 o'clock am..al my unioo, N 11
Madison rtrect, Meaipnis, Tenn , and de
fend said st S'-huirnl suit within the tunas
prc'Tibc i tiy law, or the same wl be pro
ceejril with ri-parte: and that a caipy of
tins .'t'l-r be pulli-hed once a ae-.k I t tuur
a eets in tin- 1 a 1 1 . v itkai..
this 1 lie 1st day of K, l.ruiiry, lKStl.
J. M. Col.KM -.N, 1. I.
Malone.t Watson, Attorneys lor I'Uintiilj.
AtllM-llllM'tlt OtI4.
Hefore J. M. t'ol-msn,J. P., fi r Shel'iy
county, Teuh., F. L. Warner vs. I'. T. air
ns in this eanse an nttachn'cnt buvinjf !cn
sued out under suotion H4V of ti,e od- af
Totitirssee. ami returned levied upon Use
Iiropetty of ths il.,ieiiii:nt, and adidavst
laving nren ninile that detendnntis indebted
to tho plaintiff in the sum ol fUMl, due by
note, and that the claim is just, and that the
deiendant is a non-resident of the State of
Tennesson, it ia theroforo ordered that anid
tie tondaut make his personal appearance h.
fore mo on Ihe 1st day of Man h, lati, at i
o'clock p.m., at iny olllce. No. 2 Madison
street, Memphis, Tenn., and defend asU ai
tai'liuicmt suit w Hun iho time pri'irlb4 by
law, or the same will lie p-oceeded with et
parlei and tl.ul a copy ol Ibis outer be pub
lished one a week for tour weeks ia the
li'ii v Ai i'iui..
Thi tho Utdayof 1'ehriiiirv, 1W,
tu j. m '(ii,i:man. j
Allat'liuicnt otU'a,
lleforo J. M. Coleman. J. P.. for Mheihv
county. To no, W. L. Conway vs. Oritllu A
In this cause an attachment having been
sued out under section Wfi of the txide of
Tennesree. nnd rolurned levied upon the
property of tho defendant, ar J alUdavit hav
inir been iiuiiin that defendant is iudob'esi
to tho pluintiir in tho sum nf (!7 Id, uue by
account, a ii.l that the vlaiiu is just, aud
that I Iks defendant is a non-resident ef the
Mate of Tennessee, it ia therefore erdored
that said defendant iiialte his personal ap
pearance beloro mo on tlio 1st uy o Mareh,
ls, at 11 o'clock a.m., at my office, No. at
Madison streot. Memphis, Tenn., nnd de
fend said attachment suit within llui Uiuin
prescribed by law, or the siiiue wit) be pro
ceeded with inrte: nnd that a copy et
this order ho published once a week ler four
Ticks in the Daily Ai'I'KAI..
This the 1st day of February, ISM.
tu j. m. Oolumaw , J. r.
Aflat linu'iit oll.
lloforn .1. M. Coloman, J. P., for Kholhy
county, Tenn,, ,1. M. Mauler vs. Charles
Long and M. K. Long.
lu Ibis cause an attachment having been
surd out under sention Hl,r5 of the Code of
Tenniosett, and returned levied uiwn tbe
property ot the defendant, and affidavit bar
ing been made that defendant is indebted ta
lh p'aiut'ff in the sum ol t"t (H, due hy ac
count, and that the claim is Just, and that
Iho defendant is a non-resident of the fState
ol Tetimseo, it is therefore ordered that
said deiendant make his psrsonal appear
ance before me on the 1st day of Mareh,
1 h.stl , at 111 o'clock a.m., at my office. No. II
Ma lis. in street, Memphis, Tenn., and de
fend sid uttnchmeiit. suit within the tiina
prescribed by law, or the same will bs pro
ceeded with e-parte; and that a eopy of
this order be publiaiicd once a wuek ter loar
weeks in tho Daily Aitsai,.
This Iho 1st day of February, 1HHA.
tu J. M. toLriMAN, J P. ,
Atfai liiiu'itt Motlct,
Before J. M. Coleman, J. P., for 8helbf
county, Tenn , Milburn tlin and Maaniaa
Company va. Josetih Kalston.
In this cniiiio an attachment having been
suod out under section 'M!& of the Code ef
'i'ennessoe, and returned levied upon the
property of tho defendant, and affidavit hav
ing been made that defendant Is indebted to
the pluintiir in the sum of t'i0 1.1, due by ac
count, and that the claim is Just, and that
the dofondant is a non-resident ot the tftata
of Tennessee, it is thereforn ordered that
said defendant make bis personal appear
nnce before me on the 1st day ot March,
lH, at li o'clock in., at my office, Ne. li
Miulison street, Memphis, Tenn., and ua
feud said attachment suit within the tinaa
prescribed by law, or the same will be pro
ceeded with A-pnri.( and that aoopyol
tli sm order be published onoe a week ter war
weeks in the Daily Aci-rai..
This the 1st day of Kobruary, IBM,
tu J. M. Qui. KM AN, J. P.
Attachment Rollre.
Before J. M.Coleman, J. P., for Fhalk
eountv, Totin , Jauies Jay rlmith ACo.v-'
li. K. Davia A Co.
In thin cause an attachment having been
sued out under section IttVi of the Cedo et
Tonnossee. and returned levied upon tlta
property of tho defonduiit, and nfldavft hav
ing boon iniiile that defeHdunt is indobted ta
thu plaintiff in the sum of l-li, due by ao
ciiunt, und that the claim is Just, and thai
the defendant is a non-iesideut of the ritata
of Tennessee, it is therefore ordorea that
said defendant make his personal appear
hip'o tioloro too on the 1st day of March
lisii. at 1 o'clock p.m , fit inv office, No. 12
Madison street, Momph's, Tenn., and da
fond said attachment suit within the tint
prescribed by law, or the sumo will be pro
ceeded with ex parte: and that a eotiy of
this order be published ouce a weak tor toar
weeks in the Daily Ai-pbal.
Tins 1st day ot Koh-uiiry, im.
1, M. COLKMAM. J. P.
Atlailuitfiit Aotlce.
lloforc J. M. Coleman, J. 1, for Shelby
county, Tenn 0. II. Kokorlv, use of TjoI,
tlefonnn St Cu. vs. (Iriilin Howard.
In this cause an iittachnient tiaiug boon
sued out under aeotion I14V of the codo of
T ennessee, and returned levied upon the
property ot tho defendant, and affidavit hav
ing been made that defendant is indebted ta
plaintiff in the sum of tl 7S, dun by judg
ment, nnd that the claim is Just, and that
the dolendiint Is a non-rosidunt of the rj fate
of Tetinea-ee, It is thurofore ordered that
said defendant make bis psrsonal npxar
anco before ine on thu 1st day of March,
lsjui, at 1U o'clock a.m. , at my ollioe. No. 12
Madison street, Memphis, Tenn., and de
fend raid sttnehmniit suit within the time
prescribed by law, or toe same will be pro
ceeded with ex-partc; and that a eepy of
this order be published once a week fur four
week in the Daily Aiticai.,
This tbe 1st day of Kobruary, ltt.
t u ..mjl-CI!1' N-! J"!-J?:
Niiii-KcHldcnt Notico.
No. tVOT, It. D.-ln the Chancery Court of
Hhelliy County, Tennessee Thus. L. Mar
ti n.et al vs John Hunter et at.
it nppcarir R from ihe hill sworn to In thia
cause that the defendants II. W. Uoosu and
John K. Hunter are residents of the State ot
Kentucky und non-residents of the btute of
Tonni ssoet
1. is lliercforo ordoer.d. That they mske
their ao(,earanco herein, at the oonrt-housa
of ShelLy county, In Memphis, Term., en or
before tho lirst Monday lu March, lf-sti, and
plond, answer or (lemur to complainants'
bill, or the siinio will bo taken for confi seed
as to them and ant lor hearing ex parte j and
that a copy of this order be published oiee a
aeok. for fuur successive weeks, in U:e Mem
phis Aoi ciil. Tins 1st day of February, lt.
A copy -."llo'st:
ri, 1. MrDOV, KI.L, Cle-k and Master.
I!y II K. Walsh, Deputy C. and M. tn
l-stts A Warriner, sols, for eoinplaiaants.
Notice is Hereby (liTen,
rPUAT t!ie annual meeting of tho sliek
I. holilirs of the Chesapeake, Ohio
and r-'oulhwostorn Railroad Companv
for the election of Iiirecters and
riich other business as may come belviro tiie
meeting, will be held nt the office cf the
Company. In tho city of Memphis (called the
Taxing District ol fSh-fiby County), Tenn.,
on tho fills y April, at 1
o'clock noon of that day, and that the le.ise
fp.ni that Company to the Newport News ana
. - 1 1..II.... ii.. ....... no wilt L. eUO-
Uiiiioi Viille'v Comoanv will be ub-
.1 I."
edlo the stockuoiue s for their f
ml annroval thereof. Transfer
will be cloned from Much iith to
Viy o'rdr'of the President and Hoard of
Direetora. 1SA-A0 .B1LlLtL?lii
I, a ai-rrn ArtKNTS.Men and Women,
B1PLK " lnlroduotion by Rev. J- U. Vin
eont, 1)1). One agent ha. sold 65 in a town
of 674 people: one 73 in avillage ol TV4; ona
new agent Hi in l days: one aU m 4 lueoaa
MvawMk.i on. 40 in 3 days at two different
40 Uoarburn street, Cbiov

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