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LoalrrUlf ,Hew Orleans and Texas B'j
IIWIWIPFI vai let norTK.
i Effect Nnvemli.T g. TWV
-is.i mail.
4:00 p. ir
i:t p.m
: p.m
8:41 a. in
5:20 a.ra
Lai. if.....
Lelaad . .
Viekabarr P.
Barmen ... K..
Ethel -....
Baton Kour...-H. .
If ew lirl.n n ......H
1:W a.m
2 .
9:42 m m I2:l a.m
5:28 a.m 9:30 p.m
6:21 a. ml .::! p.m
9::-l p. ml f:Mi p. in
X1 KKbii.
MemphU .
0:40 a.m A:no p m
12:C2oo'nl 2:Vt p.m
3: p.m. 11:10 a.in
7:15 p. ail 7:'.i .m
A With nil lines enterini Meiuphli.
B-Witb M. k H. W. K. K. lor Uclena.
0 Voi lireenville and lluntiiuuju. and all
Arkanaaj pointi.
IlWith V. k M. and V 6. k P. Railroad.
5- VVith N.. J. AC. R K. fur Mtcbai and
F For Pointa oil tha Branch.'
6 With itaemoTi nr liayou Sara.
D With railroidi direrg inj for iiorida and
Coaat noinU.
Pullman Uufl.t Sleeping Canon all tralm.
JAS. M. KUWAKDS, V. P.andO.iM.
' M. BURKK, General Bup't.
A.J.KKAl'P. P.P. A.
sf laslaslpnl anal Tennaaaee. Faat
Bail train leavei daily at 4 :M p.m. : arrlvca
at M a.m. Local fraiilit leavei at :40
a.m.s arnraa at 4:110 p.m. Freight traini
Mot. S and ( run tri weekly. No. leavei
Hemrhii Monday, Wednesday andFridar.
Kansas Hy, Narla-n Id and Mem.
Kbla Train! leave M. and T. depot lnl
wa: Na. 4, mail and exprcaa, leavei daily
at 11 :H0 a.m. ; No. 3, nail and expreni. ar
rivaj at S :mi p.m. No. Co, Bt. Loan ainrea,
leave! daily at 6:00 p.m. I No. Ut, bt. Louil
ipre-e, arrival at &:.V a.m. -Hrajphla
and Mill Kork. Train!
5 ova aa follow! (central itnd"ad time):
o. 1 leavea dailv at o:i l-.m. I arrive at
l:V p.m. Vn. .1 leave! at 4:M a.m. ; arrive!
at8:MJ.u,. No. f (frumhll leavei liopefleld
daily (eaaupt bandty) at n:00 a.m.; arrival
thfuamki. Onto aed Monthweat.
ray Train move a tollowi: No. V (tait
line daily) leavai at II :9l a.m. No. 2 leavea
at ll:4o i lu. daily, rit. Lou I a fait line
leavei daily at :30 p.m. fo. 7 (tail line
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m, Mail and ex
preai arrive! daily at ifilAa.m. tit. Luuil
Wit line arrival daily at 8:05 a.m.
Hempnla and Cnarlraloa Traini
nova ai followi: Through expreil leav.i
daily at la:20 p.m. Muil and exprau leavei
daily atI9:10a m. boinervilla aocoinmoda
tion leavea dally, eicopt Hun.Uy, at 4 :.HII
p.m. Through eipreai arrive! daily at 5:1.")
a.m. Mall and exprosi arivoi dally at 4 :M
Lu. bomerville aoromuiodatiua arrival
ily, exeepl Sunday, at 8..KJ a.m.
ltilairtll) and Nnehvllla Trnlci
fove aa fullowi: Fait mail arrival daily at
Ma.m.: leave! at 10: 10 p.m. ! mail leavei
daily at 1:00 a.m. lirownvillo aooomrao
datiom leavei daily, except Sunday, at 6:00
i.m.: mail arrival daily at 6:0i p.m.
roajnvilla aeooinmodatinn arrival daily.
xoeptSundar at 8.40 a.m. standard time).
Meinapkla, Hlrnilnsbam and Allan-lev-Uoilv
Hiirinri llnule Traina move aa
follow! : K' I leavea Alemphii dally at 4 :00
(n.l anivei at Holly ripringa at o:,)0 p.m. i
ho. ) leavei Holly ciliriDm dally at V:O0
a.m.! arrival at Memiihli at II :15 a.m.! No.
leavei Memphii dally at 1:M p.m., arrival
at Holly hpringa at 1 1 :.'U p.ui.t .No. 6 leavei
lolly baring! daily at 3i30 a.m., arrival at
ueinrb.U at:36 a.m.
WjMawTON, D.:C, February 23, lHfto. I
1 o'olock a m.
Obeerver, Memphii, Tenn.i
For MwnpluH and vicinity: I'ulr
woiithor; flight clmnpH in U-rjiiicra-lure;
Mue rrt'soiMit; rod ntnr.
tor aV Ohio Valley and Tennmet.
Fair wtallur; winili gmrralbj toutK
vtterf ; tlifMy colder ueullier, presetted
m the tmtr,-me eattrrn portion by nearty
HalUmary temperature.
Mlrolfrlnl Rnporl.
Maaruia, Ta., February 22, 1KM.
Time. Bar. Thev. Wind. Weather.
T:la.m..U aift "UTiT N.K. FaTr
U:lla.m..p0.27 4S.S K. Clear.
J:00p.m..rJ.l77 50.8 B.W. Olenr.
T:00.na..M.JM M.7 H. Olear.
;00p.m..lHa.lSii1 6tt.fr B.W. Olear.
Mailman Umperatura, (M.2,
Minimum temperature! Vi.9.
Rainfall, 0 00.
All ooaervationi are taken on 76 meridian
time, wbieh li oae hour latter than local
JaJtaah again to-night.
Th jury in tho Miiydwull ch
had not agreed at a Into hour ycHU r
day evening.
A force ol moil wore at work yi'8
lorday fHvinjt tho intersection" of
Vance and Iliirniimto Htroetn with
Annie Iixlcy in likoly to draw
larpi Budirnim Kale ol m-ntrt li-(jiiiH
Tlio flrx' alarm at 4:115 ii.ni. yen
torday w rauwd by a cliiiiincy (Iro
at Mm. K. ll(irun'n, No. 17; Orloami
trt't-t, Ko (laniaK'c.
Mr. IwiH W. Jhn'kU'y Iiiim hiv
prvd h'u ronnoutiou with tlio Pi mo
MiiKoum, and Ir Hiiiicccdod iw pross
BKi-nt by Prof. J. rving I'mhlie.
Tho WnU?r Coniruiny in now turn
iiiK oir water at all plucca whom it in
found rnnninp to vato. IVople liad
bt'ttor jjjvo Homo altiMition to Uiiu
Tho lavlit Aid Socioly of tho
Chun h ol tho ivMid Mii'iht'nl, will
jrivo a i-li-t mx'ialilo at thi rtwidenoe
of Air. Will Uutton, SO Kifth Htrt-ct,
Tiiiwluy .vninir, Ktdirnary L'Uil.
I,icnj to marry wi-n-iiisuod ytR
U nliiy to Victor H. Uominlooand Jon
nio Wileon, John CHuinbtmiunl li. V.
Tici. Johu J). Kyiin and Nettie T.
Wells, Henry lUlInper and M:trniret
Tho lflic ot Oalvary Church will
pivc an I'jiirliKh ten nt the nwidenceof
Ir. R. It. Manrv,'J7:! Iti'iilt'Htreet, next
TlmrNduy evening at 8 o'clock. Mtinic
by tulentf.d liK'itl aniati'tirrt will lie
among the (iMitnres.
- The l''!mvfod Ceniclery curs now
rott reuularly nut JeH'enn Kti-eet, and
nfier the thenter the service is very
Rood. The hill between Main and
Second in a little tauu'li now, but the
miilMe t.r. tin-red line ore (.fllinj: nc
customed u it and iind littlo troublo.
Now thai the fountain in Court
RUitro in dry would it not he it mod
idea to till it up within a foot of tho
top with Homo kind of concrete before
the water is turned in, and thereby
prevent ft n;ou rremi' the Kail
event whii h liMiiiiened last Hutnnier,
by whit h :i little hoy lost his life?
- Tho Clinton (ICy.) ollicer who
rame here a day nr.two since, to t4tko
fharve v' a couple of stolen horses
rocpvx'red by the police, said the owner
was a poor man and no reward was
oll'ered. A lot f citi ularn were found
after the ollicer had departed wifli the
horxes, oficring a reward of "5 each
for the horvd and thieves.
Tho Ctirah?rl;".id VrcHhyterian
t hiirch wa crow IimI a'rain lata night,
und Mr. Ktiyfotd T.niu hfd a mnpnifi
tsent w:rii.in on the need of decision
in' religion. A tier the sermon the
lecture room wan tilled with anxious
"nrjuircni, and most of these jirofcsned
conversion. Mr.'Sall'ord will jm ach a
eennon to yonnj; men, and for young
men, to-niirht. Kvtrybody is iuviud,
but oppecitilly younjr men. Mr. Tow
ner will ninjj some sjKfial sonprs for
the occuiioii.
Tltc Brad.tre-t iicm y reports ?M
failnrcs in the United States fr tho
week cudiiiK February l'.llh, thirteen
less than in the previous week, and as
compared with 254 in the like week in
1MS., i'm m jnsj, lih in lwi, anu wun
m in 1W.. Canada has twenty-nix,
apiinst thirty-two in the previous
wit-k, and aVainst thirty-thro latit
year. The total failures in the United
Mates Imm January' 1st to date is 20! 13,
aj;ainRt '2ih.'t in a like Mirtion of 1KK5,
a dii'line of 3!)'.'. In seven weeks of
lsM the total failnn'S numls-red Ltlo!,
ir thirtv-four less than in lHSi. In
ISSii. in HXi the total wait I'M),7), and
in lsS2itwaall,!.'.
Several days since the Apckal
eontaineil an account of the capture
bv the police of two horses w hich were
sfiipM'il here on the steamer (iavoso
by a coin ilf id men, who ordered them
hold, and agreed to wait until there
turn of the Unit for their money. The
ollicers of the lsiat, working with tho
ii dice, who at once suspected that the
uirses were stolen, notilied Sheriff
llaskins of Osceola, who tisik them in
charge. It wits afterward discovered
that the horses were stolen from Her
man Hale, near Clinton, Kv., and
that tho men caught by liaskins
cscacd from jail at Clinton. The
puir are said t have stolen 100 or
more horses. They passed through
the city yesterday en route to Clinton,
in charge of Shcrilf liaskins.
Ma. A w.k. Maiit's is in the city.
Km iimiii Odi.I'M has disposed of his
insurance business.
John li. liwx of Itichmoud. Va., is
at the New (iayoso Hotel.
Mii..Samckl Ki.kti iikii, ancutof Mine1,
lanauschek, is in the city.
John A. McCown of riiilailelphia is
residing nt the New (iayoso Hotel.
John C. Caijioi n of Arkansas is
registered at the NowfiayoRi Hotel.
Ma. II. B. Hem oss left last niK'nit for
Cincinnati, and will be gone a week.
Miss C'amii.i.k Popk has returned to
the i ity and is visiting Miss Kldridge.
Mits. Jons M. FosTua has returned
to New Orleans from a visit of ton
days to Memphis.
J. T. Coi a and wifn have returned
from their tri j i to Jackson, and are
residing at tho New Gayoso Hotel.
Jt'iKii: Oiit.Asn Pwis of Holly
Springs and Judge K. S. Haniinond
are registered at the New (iayoso
Mas. M. J. Sittkii of ("ireenlaw atreet
extended has been NUlleriug for the
past ten days with un attack of pneu
monia. Jacob Wki.i.kh hits presented tho
Fire and ltelief Association with
111) in appreciation of services ren
dered in saving his stable from do
st met ion by tiro last Friday night.
Mas. (i. W. Hardin of Louisville
reached tho eity on Saturday evening
and is stopping at the residence of her
father, Page M. Patterson, S17 Jed'er
Bon Htreet. She left tho city a bride,
three months ago, and I ho many
hearts made Bad by her depart uro will
rejoice at her return.
An Knglish tea, for the benefit of
Calvary Church, at r. Maury's resi
lience, -7.1 itealo street, is expected to
lie one of tho rvenw ol the season,
and Ut call out the very elite of the
population of the city. Tho prepara
tions for it tire in tlio most capable
Miss "ouiiiK Hkcstis, one of the
bcllcsof Moliile, visitiugMcmphis, lias
been honored by having her picture
hung in the Armory 1 1 all of the
Chickasaw (iuards, whose fair sponsor
she was nt the Mav drill in Mobile last
year, and again with a german at Miss
Itrlee's residence, and for every night
during the week Memphis baa been
gay with Homo festivity in which she
participated. AVmi Orlcan Tinw-Dcmo-
emi t MiiMe utter.
In a paragraph printed under this
head in Sunday'"; Acpkai, tho types
made Father Lilly's name Litz, tho
mistake being repeated wherever the
r;ood priest's namo occurred. Wo
mvc no doubt the friends and rela
tives of Father Lilly corrected tho
mistake for themselves, but this cor
rection is necewsary to make the pub
lic at large aware of Father Lilly's ad
vent aa pastor of St. Peter's.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday: R
11. Thompson, New Albany; J. P.
Knglc, Lonoko, Ark.; Miss Kva John
ston, Arkansas; Miss Katie Iieo
Sledge, Como, Miss.; J. T. McUregor,
New York; Miss Lixxlu Cage, Helena;
Mias Mary Ixni McCorry, Jackson,
Tenn.; (leo. l-anier, Hickman, Kv. ;
Miss Mattie llerron, Mississippi ; Miss
Annie Jones, Soniervllle; Aliss Mary
Kogers, Askew, Ark. ; Miss Dora Davis,
Golden I .ake, Ark.; Miss Klla Ia
Font, Golden Lake, Ark.: M. J. Mtv
tineen, Memphis; C. 11. Curtis, Wau
kesha, Wis.; H. l. Fischer. New
York;L. Kahn, Arkiinsiw; K.Taylor,
Hum ton, Tenn. ; F. 11. Crane, Chicago ;
J. P. luile, 1onoke, Ark.: Mias Ixma
Juny, Sewanee, Tenn.; Mrs. 11. G.
Prompt attention lo tin work nr
dera by Knnacti won. Tflf nliana MB
Fine Watch repairing- at Mnlford'i.
A t'jiMi.
To the Voter! of tha Fifth Civil Dlitrlct.
comprising the Firat, Seoond, Third and
Klghth Wardi and Dig Spring! i
At the earnest request ol many good
and true friends I liave concluded to
become t candidate for the ollice ot
RiRgistrate ol this district, promising,
it elected, to be ever ready to work for
the beet interest ol the county and
for good aud honott guvernmeut iu
general. H huitenbkbo.
Miurms, February 17,2
Orlcr BIclalHiU Ululford't.
AdTioo t Mothcrn.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Bymp
should always be used when children
are cuttiog teeth. It relieves the little
sufferer at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the littlo cherub
awakes as ''bright as a button." It in
very pleasant to taste. It soothes
the child, softens the guma, allays all
naiu, relieves wind, regulates the
(vowels, aud is the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. Twenty-five
a bottle.
Mouo;raiu Kaintles;fiIiilforl.
Get Railed- A I-encemarelno lo da
jour riainnlnar
Mnlford, Jeweler, 294 Main, go
locits orders from the eoantr j.
A DruKK'f Mory.
Mr. Isaao (). Uhspnian, druggist,
Newhurg. N. Y., wri.es us: "I have
f,ir the rat ten years so'd eeveral
props of Dr. William Hall's liaha'a for
the Lncgs. I can Bay of it what I
csnuot say of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
eft manner. I have recommended it
iu a great n aoy cases )f whopping
cuiigh, with the happiest effects. I
ImvM used it in my own family for
many years; In lact, always have a
hot; I -j iu the medicine closet ready for
Solid Ml ver ware at Mallard'
Tfe nal erld Infldcl.
To the Editor of the Appeal :
In your issue of February 14th "Re
former" takes exceptions to Mr.
Moody's assertion that all crime is the
result of infidelity. I think Mr.
Moody was well advised in the re
mark, and will say for the proof that
all faith that comes short of receiving
as a reward the holv anirit within the
heart, which is the spiritual birth, is
inlidelity, and no one w ith the love ol
Gol in him as it is when be receives
the holy spirit will commit crime.
Iive worketh no ill to his neighlsir,
I saw some time niM a sentence like
this from an eminent divine, "Our
church has practically divorced the
holy spirit from it." Then that church
is a church ol infidels. Every man
w ho has not received the holy spirit is
lor the want ol faith; but every man
who has tho holy spirit within him
has it. only by faith in God and His
son Je'sus Christ as a reward lor bis
faith, and no such man will drift into
crime. A. w.
Wm. II. Garrett and wifo to Mary
L. Knell, lot No. 4, containing thirty
seven acres, in tho Thirteenth Civil
District, for 110(1.
Fannie M. Brewster to Mary E.
Knell, bits 3 and 4 of C. K. Isabell's
subdivision, containing thirty-six
acres ami fifty-one chains, lor !KX).
Clreall Canrt Pierce, Judge.
Tho jury cases on Thursday's calen
dar, which have not been disposed of,
will be called to-day, beginning at 11
Criminal Canrt Itonclaaa, Judge.
Calendar for Tuesday: J. P. Trabu-
ro, Wm. Smith, John Savage, Frank
Anderson, Joo Block, Nancy Block.
Hhibts. all atvliw, made to order.
Memphis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
Fob kalsomining telephone 609, A.
MimfuisStainbd Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and aee.
Sub John Lilly's card of closing out
tale, wlner, liquors and cigars.
J. II. Lowbet, M.D.. Homnopathif t,
318 Main street; telephone 981.
Gbneral repairing done by compe
tent workmen at tho Cunningham
Wagon-Works, corner of Monroe and
Desoto streets. t
Tub Desoto Oil Company Is prepared
to fill orders for the highest grades of
finhhed fertilizers and fertilising ma
terials. Thb Herbal Chill Care, the best
tonloand aotl-periodio known. A oertain
and inieoure for chilli. Prloell per bot
tle. 8end itami for eirenlari. Any ref
erence alien. Addreu John 0. Booker,
Lrnobb.ra, Va.
Thb Happy Hour Social Clnb mask
hall takes place Monday, March 1,
1880, at the Young Mon's Hebrew As
sociation Hall, corner of Second and
Union streets.
Wi call special attention to the card
of Woodrull Oliver Carriage and Hard
ware Company, who are cl sing out
their entire stock of vehicles for the
purpose of devoting theoselves ex
clusively to the wholesale saddlery
Attkntioh is directed to the adver
tisement announcing an auction sale
of Uolatein cattle. These cattle are of
the very beat blood, in excellent con
dition and were recently imported by
Archibald & Son. They will be cold
next Friday.
W. N. Wrkkr'on & Co., 334 Main
street, take pleasure in announcing to
the trade and public generally that
they are now prepared to fill all orders
promptly for the celebrated Buchan
an's Quinine Horse, Cattle and Pou'Uy
Tonlo and Spanish Lightning Relief.
Manufactured by Buchanan Medicine
Company, formerly of Oxolona, Miss.
0. D. Smith, veterinary surgeon, of
New York, hat dec! led to locate per
manently in Memphis. He treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, sheep,
swine and dogs. Calls, day or night,
answered promptly. "Office at Jones
A Co.'s stable, 61 Monroe street; iele-
fhone 462. Residence, FranBioll
louse; telephone 32.
Continue to-day the clearing sale
Patx ted Parlor Umpi,
Hungarian fllnsl Specimen.
French Blaqne flirnrea.
Parian Marble Statuary.
Bronnra and Ornaments.
All not fold to-day will be with
drawn from sale at marked prices,
aod offered again at their real
We sold BOO pieces yesterday.
We have 600 piecea left. Come to
day. MEMtllX'S.
Go to Untied) at l.aaomaralno for
jour Plumbing anil Una-a ltllng".
Old R"ld and allvrr taken aa eaah
at Mm I ford 'a. B Wain.
No sruB BkMBDY can be bad fcr
Coughs and Colds, or any troub'e of
the thioat, than "Brown's Bronchial
Troches." Price 25 cents. Sold only
in boxes.
I.eaay roora repaired y Rubieta
at Hon, 90 and aa Brain atroat.
Yicr.sBUBi,Febmary 22. Departed :
City of St. Louis, New Orleans.
PrrrsBC bo, February 22. Night
River 6 feet 6 inches on thogxuge and
falling. Weather clear and cold.
St. Louis, February 22. Night
River falling. Weather clear and mild.
Arrived: Arkansas City, Vicksbarg;
I'ortEAda and tow, Cairo; no depar
tures. ' .
Caibo, February 22. Night River
33 feet 7 inches on the gauge and ris
ing. Weather clear and cool. Arrived:
Annie P. Silver, St. Louie, 1 p.m j
Charles Morgan, N. w Orleans, 4 p.m.
Departed: Buckeye 8 at, Cincinnati,
noon ; Charles Morgan, Cincinnati, 6
p.m, .
Tao Hew liajea.
PaoTKinTona. i 4?
Ratal, 12 SO to (4 per dar. aeeorilnt IJloca-
tioa at reome.
J T Renfraa, Ark J M Jonee, Tena
I) B helt-n, Oa IK Killopi, ia
K V Manitott. Mill M (loldman. Mo
FCbariei, NT II W Junta, Kv
Kb Hart. Oh'o rMWelli.Fa
R M U ConrtP.F.Ark S JMcbowellAw.TeBB
j n narre'i, alo c hahler, )r, Colo
I I. lie Lime. Col W 1) llfflin, Miai
J 11 I'ullen, Tena II Fruit. Tenn
V I, Krarler, Tena J M Treievant, Tena
K Moore. Tenn V J Uilner, Tenn
8 I" Aniie'ion, Tens P Veriwether, Tena
J A (iruody, Tenn W (i Jatiuet, Mia!
T M '.NamaraAa-.Ten J Q Martin, Tenn
Kev II A Jne, Tenn I K H-owdee. Tena
W 11 SIJKe. Miaa 1) f llicka, Ky
K A Uemiig. Tenn J A llruton, Tenn
H Itrutuh, Tana , 6 Lmiee.Tvna
J H Va. ena C f Nable, Mail
II J Kor, III B A Lombard, Mo
i: M Wheeler Jeer, Mill A T Lewit, Slim
C B Alexander, Cat M A Chasten, Mo
M H Smith. Ind W I) Kranklin. Teno
Q Pierce, III W F Plant. Miai
John A Mct'own. Pa A f Howell. Ark
R K IhiukIbsi, Ark KK Miller, Ark
T T II mil y Aar, Tenn li D Sparrow. N J
J 11 Tiiiinan, La H L Ilarrii, Mill
L J Thinner, Miai W Mctlioard w,Mil
J M Heed. AQiaa R V llarrelt. Mo
J s punieomb, Tena 'ia Thnmrion, Tenn
K Bourne. Tenn Juiiire O Dmvii. Miaa
K 8 Hammond, Tenn C Van Htuddf ford, Mo
t j Auatin, i.Da u bleUie, Mm
WElove.Tenn II l'oinur, Miai
A B Dii'k, M CH Hitler, Ku
BCBaney, Kai 1 T Hainei, Mo
J T Cole at w, Tenn 1! T Ti.uale. Tenn
JRHvan.Va J C Calhoun, Ark
JKrain.Tenn W W Wood, Ky
BLUuvk, MiHi J Oppinheimcr, Mill
J M freatridve. Mill T 11 Jeokin., M aa
J B Stnitb, Mifca T 11 1'eikinr, Miaa
A 0 Heynolda, Mill 0 L Uirki, Ala
A J Ciier, 111 Mra M Cooper, 111
B A French, 111 K L, Dudley, Toon
H U l'urkcr, Tenn T B Martin, Tenn.
daaton's Hotel.
W. H. BINGHAM Wtaanai.
European plan. Knianed and refnrniibedi
i'rioei aooordioi lo liaa and loca
tion of roomi.
MPrhwb, Mo W H Cornwall. Ark
H U Kmdail, Ark A K Hill, Tenn
W M Kel.er, Tenn J B McKwen, Mill
tM Boberann, Mill W McSmirk, Mill
"liolton. 'ionn R MoClogan, Tenn
J M Lindaley, Tenn N Powrra, Ohio
II WH Corlia, 111 W A Birdaee, Mo
I) L Fornuaon Aw, Ark Viae A Knrauion, Ark
K il CaMoton, Ark TE8 WhitMlt Aw, Ark
Mea lr Uuorrant, ArkMn II C Bwrpalon.Ark
J V Ucju Jcaren, La A 8 Ferrall, Miai
Pr Carlrlon, Miai KL Bnotiam n, Tenn
K Poiton. Tenn M 3 Clarke, Tenn
L llanauer, Tenn T H Milburn, Tana
W L Uraham. Tenn Uy Craft, lean
JT Burn, NY JO band-, Ark
B Binitham, Tenn Aln A S MoNear.Tann
J li Leilie, Tenn J K Km eaton, Miai
J K Kagleaton, Mill LMKlder, Tenn
J 11 Brown, Mill 0 L Wbilten. Miai
JW Terry, Ark W Daviei, Ark
BW LaiKlonl'le.Tein H MeKwed, Tenn
J W LitilN, Ky F Aloorn, Miai
M W f.hoden. Ark J A Ware, Miai
MV Crump, Tenn W A Joplin, Mo
P II Evana, Ark A C Terrell, Ark
F Holland, Tonn 0 A Har ley, Mill
A 1 Bmi'b, Min M Gurnberti, Ind
C P Vanduien, Ind J K MrKinnie, Tens
A Nathan, Ohio M Holden, Mm
I, P Cooper, Tenn K Ilrooka, Mi. I
TOraham.Tenn W U Coffey, Ark
J B Webster, Ark J A Mutibewi, Miai
HWeiton.Trnn W W Morriaan, Tenn
FHnaell,Mo J Morajan, Utah
T 0 Hinki, Ark J U Payne, Miri
RK Hobo, Miai B Hplnnen, Mill
N H Lea-eti, Miai J C Cran.haw. Ark
t Ferrier, La W P Malone, Miia
JBConley, Ark J R Baird, Minn
JaaCjaa, Minn MB Jay, Tenn.
Poabody Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO ....PiiratToai
Ratea tU 50 and ti per day, denordint te
in and location of room Bpeoial
ratei made.
J L Lett, Mo J Ciro, Pa
A T Vaughn, Pa CD Tuke, Pa
0 R Vinoent, Pa F R Hollimtwnrth, 111
I) French, 111 A Caldwell, Ohio
M lieyiunnn, Ohio W McCabe, N Y
8 Firtoher, NY C W lleixbt, N Y
J A Frey. NY OK lloyer, Ky
C McKinney. Ark A J Vaccaro, Ark
WBJonea, Ark W B Haakini, Ark
W W Waid. Ark W M Cox, Ark
8 Bicharach, Ark I C Park, Ark
W J llankini, Ind IMenke, lent
C K Butler, Tenn C R Morrow, Tenn
W J Freeman, Tenn W M Clark, Mich
A Loeb, Ky 8 Yourm. Tenn
0 U Williatna, Tenn E 0 Ball, Tenn
.1 K Kemp. Ky W (I Pollock, N Y
0 U Katoll, 'Jenn W B Kldridgo, Tonn
II B MoComb. Tenn E 0 Wadlev, Tena
Mra J Ward, Tena - JIILewia.Pa
8 Arnold, Pa J J Holland, Pa
B F Mitchell, Ky WD Howell. Mo
A Parka, Mo W A Roe, III
B W Uarr, III Til Crane, III
1 li Cardwoll, Ark V W Kilpatriok, Mill
J A Bnddotn Aw njliaj C Anderaon, Mill
J P MoUouald, Mill R E Hern, Mill
N B Dotninioo, Miai A W Kimtnan, Cal
K Q Laurence. Mail F II Pearay, la
WIIFlynn. Ky L White, Ky
FThomai, Ky J P Penton, Tena
L 0 Dulanay, Mill 0 L Jonoi, Mill
M 0 Wriilit. Tex Mra Proioott, Mill
A 0 England, Ark J P Eagle, Ark
U P RoJaun. Ark R D Griffin. Ark
J M Hewitt, Ark J M Dome t, Ark
Dr W H Leonard, a X Ueorge Koibling, Itich
Mn M Uogawell, Ark U A Nuiinback, Tenn
Thoi Bialt, Ark J A Walker Aw, Tex
W K Greetilaw, Tenn K W Dunion. N Y
R A Normn, NY II B Fiahor, N Y
P II Freooh, Miai C B William., Ky
HVoung, Ky JJQrilnn.Pa
T Steele. Tenn B C Wallingtoniw.Ky
J A Peace, Miia J II Berry, wAo, Ala
O C Morriaon. NY A Branni. Ind
JGCarr, Ind R P Johnaton, Md
W Rung, Ooio DJ Steele, 8 0
JKKeddick.Tenn J 6 Murre I, Tenn
R Scatea, Tenn H W Ilrauley, Tenn
L Chatpell, Tena Mil. K Mayer, Mna
UK Mayer, Miai W J McDermott. Tenn
JGribb'e.NY C II Fisher, Col
J Re nolils. La J F McUregor, La
M L Root, Mich I Freiberg, Ohio
W H 'lhompi n, Mo A J Caaaty, Miai
R Anderaon, Tena C L Robinson, Mill
J Clarke, Miaa Mra 0 Kill, Tena
MnWillim, Tenn T OrgilT, Tenn
B 0 Adami, toim A N Dale, Tenn.
jiNm TRonri.
Janl.hAm, NY D Peyror. N Y
J C Fnend, N Y Miai M Monroe, N Y
Mil-1 Uallatian.NY M aa J Kaisner, N Y
Mr Edward! Aw. NY F Morcroaa Aw, N Y
F W Btrong, NY J McDonald, N Y
II l'incai, N Y U Spanglur, N Y
Dntty'a Enropaan Hotel.
Corner of Adami and Main atreeti. Roomi
ovq, Jioandll per day; Amerioan Plan,
i'2 per day.
Flrat-claai Reitaurant in the note).
J.M. DUFFY (10 yn with Peabody Hotel),
HWKoktei, Ark 0C Connvn, Tenn
J T Maocauley, Tenn R I) WaU on, Ark
C Moraan, Ohio A J Vincent, Mill
J W Vinoent. Tena EG Alien, Ark
C W Home, Tenn B Hobbiis. Tenn
D C Voore, Tenn Q Brown. Tenn
J U Bricklev Tenn J R Mnnlgounry.&fiii
M Johnson N Y t Mil'houie, Ohio
K Marshall, () I. Culbert, Ala
T Wnliaim, Mo F Winter, N Y
I llnaae. Ark O L D y, Tex
J T Burns, v iaa WR, d.ers, rk
T Mullen, Miaa W Hay. Ion, Tenn
II B Paul, Tenn JCDavia, Tann
E J wanaon, Tenn J Morlidge. Ohio
J Kateman, Min J F Neil, Ky
G W Cr-iik, Tonn R Kustace. Tonn
Jo Youik. Tenn FM Roberta, Miai
,1 C Ke.a. y. Ark W P Owoni Aw, Tex
W T C'nrk. Ark W K Fite, Misi
CWil" Ill OConray, III
M W Hloot. a. Ark .1 G Boyle, Tenn
C Pre th. .Mo W.I rth, Mi.i
J C Davia, 1'rnn F Ilrd nr, Tei a
A M feanue.Tenn J Prill, Tenn
L PMIIipa, Tenn J Sevi-rly, Mill
M L Frank, Tenn II .1 Koae. Ill
V 1. Kwing. 'lenn M 8 Phyf r. Miai
F 11 Armitend, Tonn J W Bruih, Teuo
' H'nfTor"!, Tenn.
Hanoal of all diseases,
By r. Ht vriiBira, a. D.
MniMd Free.
t.tr nv1 viwmi'.T. wrtm. tttbm.
I a fevera. lnrMtinn, Intiammaimna. ji i
SlWorma, W'orm a'ever, Worm Oolio.... .115
rrvlnct oiio, ov 'reining of imanta. vg
Ill.r.l,ea ol rhlldran nr Adaha
llyaenlery, Oripiui, Uihoua Ooho.. .8
t'bolera Jlinrnna, Votnluns .9
("onjna. CoM, llronchitia .ait
enTliila, Toothnoba. Kaeoaoke.... .,
Ilrwdarhra. bick llaalaoh V.rtleA. Jt$
I. aVU'UBl riiuuiauu.aatieaiMi aJVW
1 or I'alnful lYrloda-.a. 3.
a.u a.-. k. a X
U hitee, too PnjfoM I'erWta Jt
Croup. OoagbT Iiffleelt iJmathtn-.... VS
Kail Itltenm. Krraipaiaa, uruptioniM il
H henraatlam, RatumaUe l aioa...... ji
Krverand Ague. Obllla,alaruk.M.
IMIrs. Blind or Bleeding ........... .bit
l atarTh.lnnoavita.l'oldtaUialleail, J
Whooelng t'ahVlcJenttywaba.. Jt
Enteral iWeUlly.Pbjaioal Waaaaaw .4(1
Kidney Klarea.. ...... ............... ,ull
ervmia 0llliy....-....-..........Ufl
t'rlnary Vraknra.W.ttlBglUd.... J
Diaeaaeat of the Heart. Palpitauoa-l.awa
ttWL by lmrtnata, or arrf poaepaf) ea rwlpt of
nrtoascai'UaJini'luiMiiiva., i lvua.l.V
WTht firm ol GOODBAB & CO. fcas been dissolved, and we tave reorraniaed oor Interest In tbe Wbolerale Boot
and Shoe Bnsineee, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love 4 Cx, St. Loais. Mo., nd Mr. J. O.
Callicott, of Coldwa'er, Miss., under tbe style of and firm name iven below. We thank oar friends f jr tbeir patronaoe)
in the pist and hope for a continuance 0f their favors. A. B. OOODBAX
A. B. cooDBil. j.n.flonDBiR. w c. l ovE. j. r rn.i.irarr.
Lata of Ooodbar k Co., Memphii. Lata of
3G7 & 369 Main
We are
dow receiviDR a laree and En'irely New Ktck of Eatrn and
Spring Trade of 1886, which we offer at tock Dotioni I'riceH,
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing lines rf CtJSrOM-MADE Goods, all of whish we
warrant to (five perfect satisfaction :
George Hocker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & 6borteH's Boys', Youths', Mieaes' and Children's
Solar Tip 8ho?a.
T. M. Harris A Co.'s Philsdf lphis made Children's Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Flow 8ho.e
the best Brogans mads in the Uoited States heretofore
handled by Geo jbar A Cj.
We ara the only honne in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmmn A Co line of Ltdis' and
Mi' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOJI Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nndor tha Factory Brands.
Yes, There's Millions In
It for tlio Poor.
The Rich Also Made Happy.
Fortune la Knocking at
Every Man's Door.
Bo Viine and Save Cash, and
Patronize tbe Misfit
Clothing Parlors.
The man who ear js big money and
spends it as fast as he earns it is not
as well off at the end of the year as
is the man who, while earning but a
little, saves a portion oi it
Economy is the road to wealth,
whether you earn little or much.
Economy is a gift, and extravagance
seems to be born in some people.
Economy is wise buying, and wise
bnying is getting as muoh as possiblo
for your money.
It's economy to buy your Clothing
at the Misfit Clothing Parlors, be
cause you get there the Gncst Clothing
in the world for the least money.
It's eoonomy to patronize the Mis
fit Clothing Parlors, because while
prices are low the goods are of relia
ble cloth, something that will give
satisfactory and substantial wear.
It's eoonomy to buy good Clothing
when you can get it at a less prioe than
is usually asked for much inferior
Money is a blessing if you use it in
makiog yourself comfortable, and
tho Misfit Clothing Parlors will serve
you well and give you satisfaction.
Your timo has come. A plain
warniog to the residents of Mum
phis. Your time has come, but a
timi FOR joy instead of sorrow.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors, 202
Seoond street , opposite Court Square,
will give you the opportunity of get
ting Clothing at muoh less than the
actual cost.
Our Overcoat Bargains are some
thing every man should take advant
age of. Equally as great bargains
are offered in Suits and Pants.
Clothing Parlors
202 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Conrt Square.
JUST Remomber, all alterations to
insure a perfect fit done free of
charge, by a first-class tailor.
a-Open Evenings until o'clock,
ajntnrrtaiy nntll II.
RlieAli ESTATli.
No. S299, R. (F)-Chaneery Court of Shelby
eoaoty btate of X enneai' "or oe, ale,, vi.
W. K- Butler at al.i and No. 1473, K.D.
City of Memphii T . M. MoNeill atal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory doers for
ala. entered In th above eauae on tha
llthrlnTo May, lW, and ranewed Decem
ber 22.13, m7B. 60, paco 471, 1 will aell, at
Katlio anetion, to tbe hiaheet bidder, in
ont ol the Clerk and Maater'a offioevcoart
hetu of bbalbe ooanly, Memphii, lean., on
Saturday, Pebraary 10, 18n,
within leira hoora, th following deicrltxd.
roierty.iituatad In MrmpDii. eaeioe oooar
y, Tenn., to-wit: Bee-inning on the east
.Am f th. Brat alio aaat ot Third atreet at
iiaintertectioa wiih the loath lid of Jaffir
on itreet; abenoe aaat w th teuth line of
Jefl.rion itr el M iet; thene toatb 148V,
feet to an alley : tnenc west Willi nori 11 a
of laid alley lftiH leet to tha lrat alley eaat
of Third itreet; thane with taid allay US
leet toltb beainninr r'o,d al th ropeity
of P. u. 1eta aod Mart Via Hod a.
lermi of 8ale On a eredit of 7 monthi;
not with leenrity : lien retained and re
demption barred. TMe January S6 IrMi.
8. I MolHlWELl., Clerk and Master.
By .1. M. UraiUey, Ijeputy Clerk k Mailer.
.1. W. Hampton, ooliaitnr.
The eb.iTe aale rm-tponed toNatardaj,
Feoraarr 87, IBfte
JOUa M. BliAULKt, Deputy Clerk.
Ooodbar 1 1 o., Memphii. Lateof Warren. Love
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
officemo. 24 high
be made by any competing market.
market of tha fol.
We also control
310 and 312 Front Street, Hfemphla, Tenn.
toves, Tinware.
Wo are Joat la Receipt ot a Larare Shlpmea of
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Jamea H. Ooodbar Wm. JU, Clarh Eaaeaa J. Carrlaatoa Frank G. Janea
I JQi t w.tollaBla.ocl I860,
319 Main Street,
offer to If EaaCHAMTa OS1Y th large at and belt Itoek of Botj and Shoetwa
hare erer brought to tht market, and which cannot be aarpaaeed in Quality at
tylcibyany booie in this or any other eity. In addition to a oomplet line of Eaatora.
made aooda.inolud'na the 1'Ka.fcBat ' .. BUOUB1B aV CO. HKOUtaH, weharjdl
a large and aeleet itocK of Cuilom-made Ooodi for Men, Women, "Miaeej and Children. Wa
earry a number of th beat makea in tbe eonniry, in ever, variety md it le, aad amona
theinlthe well known Men'i Calf Boot! and bhoei manufactured by Ue. Docker for oar
Hprinc Trad. V a alio carry a eboica line of Ladies' and Minos' Castem Kid, Uoai ind "
Calf Ooodi, manufactured by Krippendorf Dittman k Co. We invite tb trad t- ciamino
our itock before buying elsewhere, and w anaraute averythint we sell to rive aaiiafaetioB.
Hans, Ammnnitlon, Flsbin? Tackle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
J91 Bf aln Ntreet, Memphis, Tenati
Manufacturing and Repairing of fluni a
Speoialty. aa-Telaphone No. 908.
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Dealer in
Gnna, Vlahlna; Tackle aad Haorta.
men's ttanplle. r Special attention
given to MANUFACTUKLNt and HK
PAlEINa. -
413 Main St.,MemplilH, Tenn
Importer! anl dealer! in Anna, Ammu
nition end t'latilais; Tarkle, Atnftl!rs'
Hanlwnre, l.liMlrle Beds anil An
nnnelHiurMfor Horelaand He.i(ienre,45
Mala slrex't, MrnililH, leun. Rleotrio
aupplieialwaya on band. Repairai aeatly
Boiler W.orks.
SHEA. & McGABTUY,Propr8,
140, 142, Hi Froyt Memphis.
in tue Hooth, and th only complete
Boiler and 8)eet-Iron Vorkl in th city,
rtannfatetarera of beavy nlate Iron
work of aaencriptloa. gpeeial
..MtiAf, t. i1.nt.Fnn work.
la Hlaslsalppl aad Arbamaa.
Fir Yar.'i' Time. Low Rate Annual In
teroat. Call on or addraai
31 Wadlnou St., Memphta.
TBE annual meeting of th itockholden
of the Memphii Mae Light Companyaill
b held at tha office of the company, ho. it
Madnon it'eet, Memphii, Tenn.. Monday.
March 1. lBr6, to elect ctvea (7) Director to
lerve the company durina the (lining year.
Election from 10 a m. to 1 p.m.
. JOSEPH CRAIQ, Secretary.
,-b:ii. ii I, w-rss j w -vrsr;. .
A Co., BL Louie. Lata of Cold water, M tag.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cnstom-Made Boots and Shoes for tha
on as liberal terms aa can
the following Specialties nnder oar
own brands, vii:
Goodbar, Love & Co.'a Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Bolton and Congress.
Goolbsr, Love & Co.'s Men's N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goidbar, Love & Co.'s Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Oar Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the best as
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Gnat 8tock, and have
Solid Sole Lettber Counters and Flexible Inner Solea
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in avory rosrwt.
Memphis, Tenn.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
2 IS Slain St., M ephls,Tenn
Winning- (o Retire from Bnalneaa
Wo OITer war Kailre
Jobk Oviiton, Jb. O. N. OaoBVinoi.
Real Estate Dealers
OfUce, 264 Second Street
at. m. Oar. aoaoBMl a aval Co aura,
Taxea l-aid, Kent Collected, eto., ea
WITH a view to a chance of bnaiceaa, I
have eoneladf d to eiof-e out my entir
Al' IKM-T. Thaatack inemdea Ihs chnieeat
goodi (Foreign and lJoaieatifll known to th
trde. The gioria mnt be .old inside of BO
DAI'S, l po liblo. M-TBHMS CAtiU.
JOII.V I.II.I.Y, 333 Front Si.
WB HOT HAY Crab Orchard Water
will Onre Cancer. Eprlepay or Ileart Diaeaw
but vie ! mj CrabUtehaxd Water as' a
remmlj fur
Ts as Rclfabt ui Oninin. frr
t-ee that Critb-apple IraHe-mark i on alt
package of "Salta" and "Water."
Crab Orchard Watr Co., rrop's.
SIMON N. JONES. Moaaaer.
IjoniiTille, Ky.
857 Malo Mrppt, t Memjihls, Tena.
St. Agnes Academy.
THR FPRINd 1 KSSI0N will one MOli
DAY tne 1-tof F.H.oary. TeraK-lia.
180, vo and $Uai, acnrdieg to the at. aad
elm of tb tapil. Far InrUjar particalarf,
pply to th Lady 6apri.

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