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The Bolivar Ctntest Decided
Favor of I b hitting Bember
Bills Passel.
Jacknos, Wish., Frl injury 24. Sn
ot?. Bills ltitrrxlueeil la.st night:
By Mr. Syki's: C'liatiijing the time
of holilintt tho Circuit Court of
l)wnlos county, l'ussoil.
By Mr. Seal: To encourage lunt
inj; oysti'in. PusmM.
ily Mr. lliiaonl: To jirovont mi
nora from playing at liili iarl, jioo),
bagatelle or ti'ii pins. . Referred to Ju
diciary Committee.
By Mr. Boone: Cliatiixins the
boundary linen of Booneville. Passed.
BillH on third reading passed last
i rohibiting sale of nitoxicutin;
liquorM at Mate line. To authorize
the supervisors of Wanliington to liav
for completing the registration of
S79. House hill providinc for a tax
to run the public schools in Webster
for four months, and to provide for
mo payment ot unpaid school war
rants. House bill amending the law
relative to swine running at large in
Adams. Senate bill providing for
calling a constitutional convention.
Bills panted to-day: Providing for
the appointment of a stenographer for
the Ninth Judicial District; House
bill authorising Carroll eountv to com
promise Greenville, Columbus and
Birmingham railroad bonds of said
county; House bill authorizing super
visors of ClailKime to settle with the
sureties of John tJ. Hastings, late
Treasurer; Senate bill incorporating
the New York, Mexican ami Texas
Air-line Railroad Company ; for the
better protection of passengers and
property transported on railroads and
the property employed in such trans
portation; to provide an efficient
remedy for the exercise of the right of
eminent domain; to regulate the
finances of Simpson county; to au
thorize the supervisors of Marsluill
to sell or lease a portion of the poor
house land; to incorporate Beech
Springs Campground ; empowering
the mayor and aldermen of Macon to
provide for the suppression of incen
diarism. The Senate amended their rules and
provided for daily evening sessions at
::i0 o'clock. Adjourned till 7:30
o'clock p.m.
The House did nothing last night
except to discuss and decide the con
test between R. P. Duncan and W. S.
Lowe for Representative from Bolivar
county, and the case wag decided in
favor of Lowe, the sitting member.
The House had a spirited discussion
to-day over the special orders, a bill
to provide more eil'cctuul remedies
against extortion and discrimination
by railroads, and to abolish tho Rail
road Commission. The bill was indefi
nitely iiostponed by a vote of 67 yeas
to 117 nays.
Several unimportant bills were in
definitely postponed.
There were no bills passed. Ad
journed till 7:30 o'clock p.m.
MHIATIO.N. Second Daj's Session of the Conven
tion at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, 0., February 24. The
second day's session of the Interna
tional Editorial Association began to
day with a paper on "Journalistic
F.thicfl," by A. II. Lowry of Illinois.
Mr. J. B. Stanley of Alabama read a
paper on "The Press of Alabama,"
and Mr. I. R. Bettis of Arkansas read
one on "Foreign Advertising." This
paper aroused much discussion. Its
subject had reference to advertising
agents, and Mr. Bettis suggested a
pooling of papers in districts with a
pool advertising agent to handle for,
eign advertising at pool rates. The
debate Bhowed a diversity of opinion,
and tho result attained was the ap
pointment of a committee to consider
the topic and report to-morrow morn
ing. ThiH being disposed of, A. S.
Mann of tho Florida delegation in
vited the convention to send a delega
tion of twenty members on an excur
sion to Florida. Tho Florida delega
tion brought with them bullet and
palace cars, and would tke the gen
tlemen to their State and back to Cin
cinnati as their guests throughout the
entire journey. Tho invitation
was accepted by the association,
and one member from each
State represented will make the
trip. At noon the association was
escorted toMtisicjlall, where Jennctte
Hall, organist of the College of Music,
gave an organ recital. Atl2:30o'clock
the delegation went in a body to the
Chamber of Commerce, where they
were warmly welcomed by the mem
bers, and by tne president, Jvlwin
Stevens, who made a brief address.
Responses were made by President
Herbert of the association, Mr. Switz-
ler of .Missouri, Ir. Mann of riorum,
Mr. Hurlbut of Wisconsin, Judiw J.
H. Davis of Texas, Mr. McDevitt of
t lonua, and others.
Tbe Contest Over the Postmaster,
hip Bellied.
Helena, Ark., February 24. The
excitement over the postoflice has ter
minated by II. P. Grant's appoint
ment being sent to the Senate for con
firmation to-day as postmaster.
Kdison Married.
Cleveland, 0., February 24. Thos.
A. Edison, the well known electrician,
was married this afternoon at Akron,
., to Miss Nina, the daughter of Lew
is Miller, a prominent manufacturer
and president of the Chautauqua Sunday-School
Assembly. The ceremony
was performed at 3 o'clock at Oak
Place, Mr. Miller's elegant residence,
in the presence of alsuut 100 invited
guests. Lieut F. W. Tappan, U. H.
X., was Mr. Edison's best man. Mr.
and Mrs. Edison will go to Mr. Edi
son's winter homo near Fort Meyers,
Wmtera VnderwrlteiV VnUn.
St. Louis, Ma., February 24. This
morning at 10 o'clock the semi-annual
convention of the western branch of
the Underwriters' Union was called to
order by it president, F. C. Bennett
of Philadelphia, in executive session.
About 160 delegates, representing
?very fire insurance company doing
business west of the Allegheny mount
ains and east of the Utah Territory
line, were present
A DentlaVa Advertising Scneme.
St. Louis, Mo., February 24. The
widely circulated statement that a
dentist of Oakland, Cal., would appear
as an important witness against Max
well, the alleged murderer cf Preller,
whose partially decomposed body was
found in a trunk at the Southern Ho
tel in this city, is pronounced false.
This dentist stated that be felt confi
dent that he could identify this tody
as that of Preller, because when the
latter was in Oakland he did some
dentistry work uion his teeth which he
stated he could easily recognize upon
an examination. It appears now that
there is no truth in this statement,
and that the dentist, anxious for no
toriety, sought it by circulating the
above canard.
two councilors Pororri in
Tbat Are s House nf Trouble to
People In Texas asd Arkansas
'I be IIlKb Water.
IcoRRXsroiDixci or tux appiil.I
Helena, Auk., February 23. Tex
nrkana, Tex., and Texarkana, Ark.,
have a ixa-tollice muddle that for
something unusual and unique takes
the cake, and lays the Helena post-
olhce controversy out in tho cold.
The situation there is this: The post
ollice for both towns, which in reality
is one, is situated on the Arkansas
side. The Texas Congressman con
ceived the brilliant idea of also hav
ing a postillice on the Texas side of
the fence. Hie matter was agitated.
an applicant for the position tiled his
petition and was apjxHtited by the
President, and arrangements made to
start, on short notice, a Texarkana,
Tex., postxiice. Texarkana, Ark.,
however, wts not asleep. They went
to work to prevent the confirmation of
the Texas nan with so much vigor
that there is a possibility of them
having accomplished their object.
1 he arguments advanced by the Ar
kansans in opposition to the
scheme are as nniiiie as the
situation. For instance, they say:
Suppose iyou do get your
oluce. over there in lexas. ny con
found, it vou won't know but what
vou have irot mail over here in Ar
kansas, and we won't know but what
we have something over in lexas, and
it will jus, keep a man busy running
hack and firth. 1 hat would be a nice
state of affairs for a man to shoulder
on a muddy, sloppy day. Now.
wouldn't it? We suggest for the good
people of that prosperous little city
that a cooci solution of the question
would be i for tho postollice to be
erected on the line, and tho two post
masters it the lexas man can so
cure his confirmation run the con
cern in coiiartnerehip."
A monument of eternal gratitude
should be erected to Miss Winthrop
of New York and McAllister Laugh
tan of Washington for propagating
tho custom of courtseying instead ol
handshaking as a salutation.
Oh 1 that the custom may become
popular and that these two eminently
divine ladies may come to Arkansas
and aid in its introduction before the
campaign of lRHO gets under full head
w-flv. The rioor niuchlv "souoso'
hand of the dear voter at the hands of
the festive candidate calls aloud for its
introduction. The voices of our dainty
darlings as their little lily-white hands
are fondly clasped in tho horny hands
of their demonstrative younij fellows
yells for its introduction. Vie might
go on and enumerate the different
classes and conditions of Arkansans
that are clamoring for its introduction,
but deem it unnecessary. We guar
antee, should the much needed re-
form B fair propagandees deem it ex
pedient, to carefully distribute any
(plant it y they may send to Arkansas.
Mr. Iyouis E. Doyle, one of our popu
lar cotton buyers, is dangerously ill
with the bronchitis at the Pacific
The clerk of tho steamer Will 8.
Hays, upon its arrival in this port yes
terday, had City Marshall Lingg to
arrest two white men on board of the
boat, charging them with having
stolen some watches and other pro
perty. A search of the men, however,
revealed nothing, and they were dis
charged. The completion of the Arkansas
Midland from Clarendon to Little
Rock is being earnestly advocated by
the State papers. This road mm-
iileted, and a transfer here by the
misville, New Orleans and Texas
railroad would be a great feeder i.ir
Tho Mississippi river is just nine
feet below high water mark. Some of
the river sages predict higher water
than in IK82this year, but of course
they know just about as much about
it ns the man in the moon. Tho con
dition of the levees, however, is gen
erally very good on both sides of the
river, and the planters do not appre
hend much danger.
Only Half Alive.
There art holts of men and women who, to
ooin a phrase, are only half alive. That if to
i7, they hare seldom, if ever, any appetite,
are nervous, weak, Idgetty and troubled by
numberleia email paint andachea. In the
preaenoe of rigorous, exubera nt vitality they
aeem mere pigmiea. Bach penoni are usu
ally fond of frequently doaing themselves,
wallowing iii the eoarteof the year enough
drura to atook any apothecary's shop ot av
erage dimenaiona. Tbia, of course, defeats
instead of lurthering the end In view, vis,
the recoTery of health and vigor. Were
they to seek it from an unfailing source of
vitality, Hoitettet's Stomach Bilters, how
different would be their cue. Then vigor
would return to their debilitated frames, the
glow ol health to their wan cheeka, their
trembling, uncertain gait would grow firm
and elastic, appetite, that grandeat of all
sauces, would give a relii-h for the daily
lood, were it ever so coarse, and refreshing
sleep would crown the taaks of the day.
floaters Found.
Indianapolis, Ind., February 24.
This morning workmen on the canal
discovered the badly decayed bodies
of a man and woman which had been
held under the surface of the ice for
some weeks. The latter was identified
as that of Zerelda Newton, a partially
demented middle-aged woman who
disapicared a month or more ago, and
for whose whereabouts diligent search
has been made. It is supposed she
threw herself into the water. The
other body was so badly decomposed
as to be nnrecognizalide.
Scott's Emnlsloa of Pare red Liver
Oil, Wltk Jl vpophoephttes,
U RtmarhabU of a FUi Producer.
The increase of flesh and strength
is perceptible immediately after com
mencing to nee the Emulsion. Tbe
Cod Liver Oil emulsified with the H -pophoephitea
is most remarkable for
its healing, strengthening, Aod fleaa
prodncing qualities.
' Mosadalls far KfceamaUaoa.
Messrs. H. Peck k Son of JStreets-
boio, O , write ns, Jane 5, 1882: "Why
do yoa not advertise, Rosadalis for
Inflammatory Rbeamattun T It is do
ing wonders here in curing the die
ease." Well, we do advertise it to
cure Rheumatism as any onecaneee
bv readins oar circulars. It is a BDlen-
did blood medicine, and it reaches toe
very root and stat of disease by being
conveyed through the blood. Drug
gists, leading physician and citizens
of tbe highest standing unite in com
mendation of Boeadalifl.
TTliat LI Hung Clang Is Duln for
tbe Derelapient of tbe
Nfw Yohk, Febilary 24. A Wash
ington special to tic HitiM sjivs: Mr.
Charles LVnby, Vijted State Minister
to China, has seit some interesting
dispatches to Mr. (iayard which deal
with two qucstiom of vital imHrtauce
to the development and safety of the
empire. The first is the const ruction
of railroads w hich Li Hung Chang is
urging. with all tin vigor of his great
intellect. The otlfr is the building
of a navy to replace, the useless junks
w hich at present 11' the lmiicrial Hag,
and to organize a hj stem ol coast de
fense adequate to irotect the harlxr
and shores of the country. Mr. Henby
says: "I have the honor to state, as
a matter of interval to a great many
wise persons in me l nited Mates, and
as a part of the current history of
China, the positioi: of that empire as
to the construction, of railroads. The
most prominent luin in China to-day
is Li Hung Chaig, who is Grand
Secretary of. the Knipire, Viceroy of
the Province, and one of the beails of
the Admiralty Itaird. His residence
is at lien Tsin, but lie lately siK'iit
some weeks at Pi kin. I bad the pleas
ure of meeting him on several occa
sions. He seeing to have great respect
for foreigners. He has for some years
been in favor of building rail
roads. I fa has had a bard
fight in China to have his views ap
proved. The opposition conies cbietiy
from the censors and the Board (if
Revenue. The censors represent that
numbers of men would be thrown out
ot employment, graves would be des
ecrated aiid internal revenue troubles
Would ensue. The Hoard of Revenue
claims that if railroads are built the
whole revenue service of China would
have to be changed. It seems likely
in effect that the Pekin tax, which is
one of the chief sources of revenue to
China, would have to be abandoned
or mrterially modified. This is a con
summation that the foreigners most
ardently desire. Tho viceroys gener
ally opwse railroads because they tend
to centralization of power and thereby
diminish their own influence, lint
Li Hung Chang, through ull the
changes of men and measures, has re
tained bis power, and there seems
every reason to believe that ho will
succeed in his plan of
constructing: railroads.
I send to the department the dying
memorial of Tso Tsung Tang, which
contains an able presentation of the
argument in favor of constructing rail
roads in China. By way of parenthe
sis, I will state that a dying official al
ways leaves a posthumous memorial
to the government. It also happens
often that after he is dead some dis
tinguished honorary office is conferred
upon him bv imperial decree. This
memorial of Tso Tsung Tang preceded
by a very few days the visit of Li
Hung Chang to the capital, and fur
nished him a fine opportunity to press
his railroad views. It was considered,
certainly with reason, that the best
mode of inviting the attention of the
government to the merits of railroads
would be to exhibit a working model
of an American roadway and rolling
stock. The Chinese are eminently a
practical people, without much scien
tific knowledge; therefore an actual
ocular demonstration of the thing
proposed is the surest and easiest
mode of carrying conviction to their
minds. Acting upon this peculiarity,
a complete working model railroad
was procured from the United States.
It consisted of 100 feet of main track
and sidings, with switches and turn
table, a passenger locomotive and ten
der, mail and baggage cars, passenger
cars, Pullman parlor and sleeping
cars, different kinds of freight
cars, a full section of seats ami
lierths in sleeping cars, etc.
The cars were five feet long, anil
other parts of the model in equal pro
portion, and care had been taken to
make the model throughout an exact
representation of a miniature road,
locomotive, cars, etc., in actual use in
the United States, complete in the
smallest details. The motive power
was clockwork. This model was ex
hibited to the Viceroy, Li Hung
Chang, in his yamen at Tien Tsin in
September last, and he expressed him
self much pleased with it, and soid he
would exhibit it in Pekin when he
went there in October. On the Kith
of October the model, which had been
conveyed to Pekin, was again exhib
ited before the Viceroy by his order,
and on the following day the Vice
roy presented it to Prince Chum, the
Emperor's father. Several native me
chanics who were Ohio to work the
model went with it to the Prince's
palace and worked it successfully in
the pleasure grounds of the palace.
and thanked the Viceroy heartily.
Two duys later the Prince sent the
model to the Imperial Palace, where it
was exhibited to the Emperor and
Empress Dowager, and worked suc
cessfully. Their majesties were much
interested and amused, and spent
some time in a minute examination of
the model. It was the first and most
complete representation they had ever
seen of the much-talked-of railroad,
and it enabled them and the Prince to
realize many of the benefits that this
modern institution would confer on
China. It is understood tlmt tho
event materially assisted the Viceroy
in his advocacy of railroads for China,
and their majesties lent a willing ear
to all ho had to say in favor of rail
roads, and agreed to allow him to pre
pare for their introduction into the
country. The memorial itself is very
interesting reading. It shows how
strongly the spirit of progress is estab
lishing itself among the enlightened
Chinese. Viceroy Tso formulates
seven propositions, to which be in
vites the imperial attention. He sug
gests the manufacture of guns and
munitions of war, thet forma
tion of a modern navy, a
complete system of railroavls, the
establishment of military and naval
colleges and otner relorms which the
Empire much needs. In conclusion,
Mr. Denby says: "China has not
been standing still. Factories of glass,
woolen goods, ptper, etc., equipped in
Western stylo,which are scattered over
the ' country and owned by Chinese
.subjects, are proofs of her enterprise,
and now, if the government takes the
question earnestly in hand we may
look for the adoption in China of
many of ourappliannes and modes of
manufacture. That some of the above
mentioned enterprises have been un
successful proves nothing, for the
Chinese know that the fault lies with
in themselves. New ventures in the
same line are sure to follow, and when
success shall crown any of their efforts
the whole progressive enterprise will
receive an impetus which will insure
its permanent establishment in the
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Complaint, lu oonaeuuenoe ( which!
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Scrofula of. Lungs Rc
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my mother's tids ef the houra had died with
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agreed in thtir opinion that 1 had esniump
tlon also. I had all the ditraaing tymp
tnma ol that terrible diaeaae. 1 have apent
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tbia disease; I have emplevad all ef the
uaual method), not only in my own eae
but in the treatment of other menibere ol
my family, but temporary relief waa all
tbat I obtained. I was unfit for any manual
labor for eere-al years. Ily chance I came
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can refer to some of the beat 'itiiens in the
elty. T. J. HOLT.
Montgomery, Ala., Juna 25, 1885.
Swift's Speoiflo is entirely vegetable.
Treatise on Vlood and Skla Diseatea mailed
tree. '
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able receipts therefor.
2. Its plant, which eintiata of throe (3)
flrst-elasa improved ootton oompreeaoa; two
(2) steam tugs; three (3) transportation
barges. All the adjuncti necessary to a well
equipped establishment of tbia eharacter.
Its fire proof warehouse!, seven 17) in num
ber, of capacity for atorage ef 21,000 bales
unoompreescd sot ton.
lu four l I frame wareiouaaa (metal roofs)
capacity, many thouiar.de tons of fertili
sers, as.lt, eto.
Its whsrves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at the same time ten sea
coine, steam er sailing vessels. The area of
the warehouse and docl property in Ports
mouth ia about aerea. together with all its
o'ber proeerty, wbieh is fully described la
tbe lists above referred to.
WM. II. rKTERfl, Benelver.
Kotlee b Hereby Given,
THAT the annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Cheaapeake, Ohio
and Southwestern Sail road Company
for tbe election af directors end
such other buiiaess as nay come before tbe
meeting, will be held at the office of the
Company, in the city of Memphis (called the
Taxing District ol Khe.br County), Toon.,
on the Sill Kay aprli, 1I1, at 12
o'clock noon of that dav, and that the leans
from tbat Compsnyto tba Newport News and
Mis-issippi Valley Conpany will be sub
mitted to the stockholoe't for th-ir consent
thereto and approval thereof. Transfer
booka will be doled from Maroh 25th to
Aprils, 1886.
By order of the President and Boird of
Directors. JJ.AAC S. ttAIBS, georetary.
E!stLTDlisla.oci 1865.
in in
256 and 258 Front
Doora, BmbIi nud Xllluclas.
GEO. BAYMILLER. A cent, 124 Jefferson Street
SLEDE8BOS.,ofCt)iuo,MlB8. F.
No. Front Street
Collar. Trace t'kaiUK, I.ttp I.IuWh,
Blind HrltllcM, HaiucH, Lap Itliifrw,
Hat'kbaiidN, Klngta Trcs?, Itrpalr Link,
llauiCHtrluiTH, Doable Tree, Cot I on Hop,
Curry Co in on, Horae IlriiKhfu.
A Complete Line or the above Qoodaj at LowcmI Ptifwt.
J". T- IjEtJb3 JHL cfb OO
.101 ami aot TWaln Mri'd, Mfiiiphle. Toim.
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
No. 800 Front Street, : mtainpliiN. Tenn,
Cotton Factors & Commission Herclvts,
No. 314 Front Street, Corner ot Monroe, MemphlH, Tenn.
I.lborMl HdiansM Msile on a'onalernaianfN.
Cotton Factors,
Wo. II Union Street.
MoC.Pearce&; Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'ts,
naatsoaa WsrfhnsMi-NM. HH and H, flalnaa Htaw.
Lin iiii'il ami Plii II
Doom, fiawta, BllndH, Vlonldliigis all klndM ol Door and
iVIudow Frauiea, Ilracketu, hk-rolMVork, KoiikIi and
DreMHed I.nuiber, NliliiKleis LathH, Water Tank.
All kinds ol Wood Work Executed at Short Alotloe.
Nos. 157 to m Wftslifngton St. Memphis. Tonn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. B. GODWIN, PrM'U 3, M. GOOUUAK, Vleo-rren't. C. II. RUNE, Cwhler.
Bourd of Directors.
T. B. HIM9. W. P. yUNAVANl
W. 8. BRUCK.
J. M. BUI 111,
W. nf. W1LKRRHON. R. T. t'OOf
M-A Depository ! tb Btele T TtaaHMM. Tr.DMrte aa U.MraU Bmahlas;
Bsaaiaasaaa ! vlveei ftptMilail A llrallosi t OellttitlnM.Daj
!F 0253r3NTE! o OO,
G.H.Herbers &Co.
- irWlioloaalo Orvly.-
St., Memphis, Twin.
X. MOKfLEET, Kcnldent Parlaer,
MpmnTiIsj Tatit .,
sale Grocers
: x ItfemnliltJ. Tew.
KR. 11. K. COKFIN.
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
d Headlight,
f ' JtSE.NTS WM. G.
i Fisher Ranges,
j Illastrated Cataloiues
Hailed free.
25; Main St.
Medical &. Surgical Institute
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis.
Practical Specialists
I'HIS, ThNN., and buve optn.de
Med i cul and Surtrical Institute
In the Uuyofto Hotel,
Entrance on Main a'rtet, Pirat Floor, Flrt
lionrto tho ltmht. ebnr. w. will treat bt'l
KNTIPICALliY the lo'l.iwin disoastai All
lliasaDea paouliar to Women also, trtet
Hh'uma'iaui, N.uralpia, citios, Liver and
Kitlne ' line,... surn ua t'hroole Copatiita- .
t ion . Jliliou.nraa. H-ck Ilea Ischta. Hanial
Doansr. aiirh aa Pnea. V'Miire nt the Ko
'ura, Kiatula In Anu. Il'ood liiaeaae1. sorb
riynhil s, Scrofula, White h.ollms. Vene
rnal Lll-ea'.", such as Uon'trnpa Impo
trnce, Sterility an'l Nervous and Siul I'.
bility. Hinfia of the Kyn, Kr and Throat.
Dp um and M riibiim llalii s cured with
out HinVrinic or ilotentmn iroto Km:n-M.
CANChlt, IHilJl'aY mi l CAT AHKI1 ars
ourrd ly ua.
Ve Cure Stuiimiri l'ifr lij n Art
no .Vi'tllcino or liiHtriinifiiU used.
We Eitrnrt t'nrc r with a Vegeta
ns riustiT, willimit iet furmlui; any
Riiriflcul oiurutluii anil without itiurb
nlu. Ws traat Slrlctu'e hr Hlcctrolyais, whiib
lapsinloNai Coiiaiiiuid'OTi, AHltnna and 1is
eaaran' the Heart, I'vup"!"' and all Ner
voiii Ilifoifra All ckln Iiicnaaoii, auib as
Kt'aetna, Tatter, htc, treatrd.
asar Corrrapondoticc aolirltsd.
Ot'l'H'K si Oil UN -from 9 m.m. 11
p.m., itixl Iroin a in to H s.m.
No. 17 Jell'iTHon Ntrtidt,
(Between Mnln and Front.) MEMl'UIS.
IK.nh.hhcd In WM
I NK. JOHNSON Wacknowlnilitedhyall par
xJ tloa intcrrftloil a ly fur lbs uiohI aue
csaslul phyaiclan In tlieirea'mantof private
or secret dt.aaoa. Quick, pern-anent ouree
ruarantead In overv case, male or fon'al..
tenant eaea of doiiorrlio and Syphilis
cureil in a f w days without the ua. uf mer
cury, chnnss nt dirt ,r hindrance from
hnttieia. Second'ity Hvi hilis, Hie last vos
tiierrndioated without the um of mercury,
lnvolunnnry loss . f euien stopped in a short
time. Sufferers fr in iinpolency or loaa ol
c nml iiiiwera realortd to Ireo vlaor In a few
uuka. Yii'liniit of eelt.nhua. and .so.aaive
venerv, aufferina from spermatorrhea and
lioauf phyniciil nd m.ntul powsr. apeadilr
and i.rtuniiently cuied. 1'attlcuiar atten
tion pnld to the lMeaees ol V) omen, and
eurea gunrHiitoed. I'lloa and old aoraa oured
withoni the uae nf can Hour the knife. All
cnaultHtiona strictly confidential. Meili
cinas sent by exproKS tu all parts cf tbe
ftsrWorkinsnien curnd at half the uaual
rnton. i Hire houra from H o'clock a.m. to It
ojclock jijrn . OJ JO II NftlN, M.P..
Kew Music Books
"Empreas of Rons," contalnlnt S3 vocal
pl.-.f, Nie, bv wall Hon.
"Sons H.'uv.nir."oontainin(59rookl pieces
Miu, by mail Ano.
"Piano Houv.nir," enetalnlnc AO IcsUn-
m.ntal pt.e.s. 60o, by mall line,
'Folio nt Muaic," coiitainiof HO ini
1 inftranjeot-
al pi. c.a, rnic, ny mall noe.
"Escalator M.thod lor the Orsan," eon
tainln enuiiileie inatructiona, bealde.
oyer 1() vocal and Inatruai.n'al plooea,
bound In boards. Price II, postpaid.
"Cne'a Method It the Violin' the latest
and mint pmirreaf Ive Inatructor pub
linheil. havlns all neoesaary in'tmotions,
and liHI eleotlona, auob sa "Wh.D the
Kobina Net Aealn," "I'll Await My
Love." "Diinoini in tbe llnrn," "Little
Purlins Ilremn of Me," ''Penk-s-Boo,"
"Some l)av." Price vftti, postiutid.
Complete Block nf Muaic Hoi's. Oases, Wrap
peri, Siirlns-lluck Folio, In New De
signs ol Leather and Plush.
3NU Main ft., McniplilH.
Bole Agents for Chlckorlnir, Ilardmao anil
New England Pianos.
TraHUie'i Hale.
IN and by vlrbia of a carttln trust deed ex
ecuted hy lie and J, K. Hunt on the
24th day of February. 1HH1. and ruorded the:
lthd.y or March, 1WHI. in bonk 1:16. Pane
147, Heaiater's office of Hhelliy county, Ten
n.ase., the not' therein not having been
p.. ill at unturi y, I will proceed lo aell. for
canh, at pub. io outcry to tbe bishett biddera.
In front of my olline. No 2i Madiaon atreet,.
Msoiihia, Tcnnoapon on
ihnr.ilar, Mnrrra IN, 18,
the follow. nf deaorilied real Oftate, situate
and being in St elhv county, Tennessee, and
more particularly deacrioe i aa f llnwa: Do
ing tho saltern half of a IK-acr. tract of
land near With, llepot, aaid .astern half
thus described: (leginn-.ng at a Htak. in tne
north line of aaid trHct, the northenat corner
of tht part tot off to Oriaay 11 kvan.
thenoe ea t 14(1 nol.a to a atake. the north
east corner of aaid trno t thenc. aouth 2ft
no ea to the aout isaat corner ol aaidtraot:
th.nc. west with louth line of aaid treat 141).
poica to a atake, tli aouttotat corner of a
part set a past to tl. II tv.nai tbance north'
iiMI polea to the b'ginn n, ' ntng same tract
aetaparttn Mr. Sal i- K. Hunt, ty partition.
d'eu, recorilca hook i.vi, iman 4tai, Kectator
ollice of shelliycoonly, Tennessee, to which
reli-reni. ia here mode.
II) la land will be aolil as a who o or in
aevt-ral tracia, sa n ay appear moat advaa
tHgauua oa th. d iy ot unit'.
I. II. inch Altuitn 1), Trustee.
Morgan A McFarlan Attorneya.
Admluistratrix's Notice.
THE underaigned having qua'ified aa ad
niinta trairix nf Phili" buuer, deceaaed.
hereby notilloa al debtors to cone forwarii
and aettle, and all crnoii ra to present their
hiita, properly protmted. All gooda held
for chnrgee mutt bo removed by th. 21et ol
Ilecmber, lHn7.
lloota, Bhoas, Tools, Show-Cas.s and Fixt
ures lor sale at leas 'ban o ut.
Adie'r. nf PhlH, wlee. '1 le(le-.nn st.
- W ssr' . N save and ba.ia Tksathit
a guaranteed ipecilic tor Hysteria, Diaai
nera, C.nrnlaior. , Fits, Nerv us Neural
gia, Headache, Nerxc Prostration, eaused
by tbe uae ol alenhol or I baooot Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, He'tnlni of the
Brain, r'ulting in isaanity and lea ing to
miaery, deoay and death; Premature tm
Age, Barren neas. Loss ol Power In either
Involunury Losses and Sp.rmator
rh.a, eaa- i by over-exertioo ol tbe brain,
self-abuse or ... tlndeigenee. Kaefcbozeon-i
tains one moMo txeatiai.nt. $1 a box, or
six boxes for l n. t. mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of price. We guar m i Six lioxu
to eur. any ea. With .sob order received
by uaforaix boxes, aoeoiopaoi.d witii ti,
we will send tbe purchaser our written'
guarat'tae to refund the roon.y if the treat
ment doe' oi aSect a euro. Guarantee
Issned only b A iNKIHr CO., Crng-
rl.t.. Me.KI. T..-- -d
wVANTTn AUKNTS.Men and Worn '
"HniLU w ,,,, THK CHILI
BIBLE" Introduction by B.v.J.U.
eent, D.D One .went has sold 6o In a
of 674 p.opl"! on. 7.n a villas, ol 7Lj7
sive weeks ; one 411 uA 3 days at two, laifw
imm .mm I Jv. in n .1 v . I ..mm t , . -
Jtxport.neMnnt neeecar .
CA-iFl.LAi'O. r
W lionrburn stre-
-TV r.-

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