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I ,v
u ....
1 riif
I'atton Closed Oalet; Sale. 1800
Bales; MWillnir, 8;c-GeBerl
Markets Unchanged.
, Money continues in fair demand at
l rT cent. : local securities steady, ex-
cept gas stock, which is weak and de
clining, the ruling quotation being 80
bid and 82 asked.
The cotton market yesterday closed
iuiet and l-16c lower on the follow
ing (trades: Low middling, dusties
and 'stains and tinges. Middling, cije.
Sides, 1800 bales; receipts, 3170 bales;
fctnek, 138,978 bales. At Liverpool siwU
.....4!..n J.. 1 . Lmhau' fatinP Hill li 1 1 1 11(1 I
. m ... i
V'uinuiiir uuiiiii uuj'cin iotvi, ""- 1
i irm.1. r - and 1-Ud
, l,rrai, .iuim as
Wr tVl.niarv 47-64d. At KeW
lork siwte closetl sieaaier, inmuiu.g
8ic; futures barely steady ai i 10
txiintslvance, February 8.75c nomi-
. . .
-l II XI..nr Hrluona Oruitu nlrMU.rl
. :r r": :r 7:
eatty, niUHUing oo-im-; luum-oijuiui
.andsWadv February 8.2iffi8.30c. The
' general market is unchanged; provi-
' sions steady but weakening; bread-
' ' Ktufb firm,
Kight pkgs butter, 100 pkgs bacon,
4(iS nktrs boots and Bhoes, i cars corn,
' -200 brls cotton-sesd oil, 12 pkgs dry
"if munis. 400 brls flour. (1 bales and 4
! cars hay, 2 pkgs hats, !K) hd hogs, 20
) pkgs liquors, a cars oats, oris onions
; and ivj pugs tooacuo.
9 Madison St, Memphis, Tenn.,
arCrriwalet tallcltcd. Infor-
uialloat ekeerfnlly raralabed.-
Money in good demand at 8 per cent.
The Clearing-IIouse report isas follows :
Claarinr. Balanaer.
Wedneidar. Feb. 24....42i,7 72 I M.tftt 4H
Thni r.r thi. aaak 7S7 822 55 llii.TMt 63
Thui far last week...... HI 2JH.7H4 1
Cor. time in lHtt SHi,U2 R4 ttA.2- 70
Cor. time in im 728,231 48 U1.72SI 15
New York alfht on all poinu..S ilia pi
Ne Kncland demand ....Sdii
New Knuland tivht..... ! dia
New Orleani dil par
In the firat ooluinn we lira the price bid,
and in the teooad toe pnoe isied.
Bank of Commerce..
Pirat National.
Qerinan Bank.....
Bute National
Union A Planter)....
147 (ai
. 138 M 42
13S (MI)
rial 50
Bluff City
Pcople.... ...
Planters....... .
Uemphis City. .
. Hernando......
9 75
.... no
.... DS
.... 10
.... 2
.... 2U
& 25
Tenneaaee certificates, Dand E.... X7i
Tenneiaee warranti, eertea U -vi cm w
Hhelby Uoanty bonds .......104 &1C6
Kh.lSv flnnntv wiu-ranta -.98 19 (
Taxlmt-Diatriot 4. ti'i . W
raxing-uisirici o a..... ...iw wuv.
Memphiabtorate Compresa Co 1"7 4U0
Meinphia (lot Company atock.. ... 74 (t to
Memphia tlaa Company bonds....lmt
MMmtihia Water Co. bonds 90 (4
HanauorOil Worka -. 3 50
City Oil Works.... ... 3 45
Pioniutr (!ottan.Milla ... & 25
American Ccthm Oil trust ....)... 23 & 24)
Memphis City Hallway Bonds lin Bit
Nkw York, February 24. Money on
call eauv at UVJ percent, l'nme
mercantile paper 4' 5, Sterling ex
change dull but steady at 487J for 60
days, and 4vn lor demand.
Bonds Government bonds w-ere
dull and strong. SState bonds 'were
tiuiet and steady. Bailroad bonds
showed more strength. Sales, $2,476,
(KX). The only issues showing any ac
tivity were j--rju uu ituulii vuiv
Una railroad incomes. Prices are
in a majoriiy of cases, a fraction
higher. The important declines were:
Chesapeake and Ohio par money hrsts,
3. to 114: st. ran i 7 h-iu, ;i. to i
New Orleans and Pacific coupons, 15,
to 62, and ljilayette, ISlooiiuiigton and
Muncie income, 4, to 41 J .
Stocks With two or three excep
tions stocks were dull, but prices were
generally firm to strong. There was
active trading in Lackawanna and
Beading. Lackawanna was strong in
the early dealings, advancing from
128. J to 120, then broke to 127J, but
was up again to 129, and broke to 1281
before midday. In the afternoon it
sold down to 127J, rallied to 1283, and
closed I lower, with a net loss of J.
Delaware and Hudson is also down i
after fluctuation of If, and New Jer
sey l -antral is i lusher. Heading do
veloped strength in the forenoon, sell
ing up to 27, but later yielded to 2oi
and closed strong at 261, a net advance
of f . Erie preferred showed very de
cided strength, late in the day reach
ing 03J, but it closed j lower, with a
gain of lj. The rest of the usually
active list is prelty evenly divided be
tween advances and declines. Lake
Shore, New York Central, Pacific Mail
Texas and racinc. Union racinc am:
Western Union are all unchanged.
After fluctuations of less than 1 per
cent, among tne usually inactive
stocks. St. Paul and Duluth received
more than ordinary attention, advanc
ing from 40 to 42 and closing at 41)
The street is gradually coming to be
lieve that Mr. Gowen's recent pur
chase of the Vanderbilt Beading stock
had less significance than was given it
at the time. The Delaware and Hud
son directors declared a quarterly
dividend of 1 percent, a reduction
troni the usual amount ol 1 per cent
The total sales of stocks to-dav were
350,!36 shares, including Delaware,
l-ackawimna and Western, 02,6NO;
Delaware and Hudson, 15,758; Erie,
20,870; Kansas and Texas, 3880; Lake
Shore, 11,(45: Northwestern. u82
New Jersey Central. 11,0.17; Pacific
Mail, 1080; St. Paul, 13,200; Union
Pacific, 10,550: Western Union, 4720;
Northern Pacific preferred, 3J10. Clos
ing quotations:
- OOVimnEllTS.
If. R. S. lOiS. New 4t. lNW.
New 4St, 113'",. .Pacific 6s of 1S95, 126S
!. P. firsts. 115S. T. P. land rranU,
Krie seconds, lulS. T. P. Kio i. diy., 5A
l.'h A Wilkes.. 111. L. P firsts. 117.
Louisiana eons., M. U.V. land grant'. llU,
Musnuri 6s. 1(X). r. F. s. fond, l.-"4.
Wt. Joeeh. 12:!. Virinniaos. 44.
St.P.A S. C. lsts,12S.Va.con., ex-m.c, 59,
Tenn. 6s, old, 60. . Va.coa. del., 14.
Tenn. 6, naw, 61.
Adams Express, 145. Nashrille AC, 47S.
Allarh.n Kntral. N.J. Central. 63S.
AlteeAf H..W. , Norfo k A W. pf f.S
A. A T. 11., ptd, 98. northern rae.,
A.nti-,9 Ex.. 1US. Northern P. nfd. 56.
.11 C.a.Jt N.,70. N. . C. A St.i..,8!v
N.Y.C.A't.L..p. IS1.
C. A N. W., 110.
Central Pacific 42'.
C. A N. W. I'd. 140
Chesapeake A 0., 10J..N.. Central, li,.
C.AO. lt pfa, Wi. Ohio Central, IS.
C.AO. 2d pfd, 13,'i. Ohio A Miss , 24 '4.
Chictro A Alton, US,
0. Mim. fid, tiu.
Ontario West., 19.
C. 4 A. pfd, 1N.
C, B. 4 Q-. 13T.
C..M.L AN.O..-
Ore on rav., 1U!.
Oregon Tram.. 31S.
Oregon Imp., 2".
Paoifio Mail, 5o(-,.
v.,i. ia r., !
C..8i. L. a P.P..3J.
C , 8. AC, 34.
Panama. Wi.
Peoria, D. A K., 21i.
Fitt.burg. 149.
Pullman P. C.,134.
Reeding. !!.
Koek Island, 12.
Kt. L AS. F..21W.
tit L.AS.F. p.40!i.
Ut.L AS. F. 1st p 1ii2.
tl. M. A St. P..HK.
Dal. A Had., im,.
Del., L. X W., Irf.
Hen. Kio U., 10.
Hre, 2T
,"t leVn'.,
r.a.1 fun. I'lkj..,
FortWa-ne. 147S-
Fast Tenn. pfJ..6Vi
Hannibal A St. Jo, - C. M. AM. P. p. lit',
II, A St. Jo pfd.- st. P. M.A M., lls.
Harlem. 217.
Dt. I. a "miDi, to;-..
Ft. P. A 0. pfd, 1U4H.
Texas Pacific, 12 S.
Union Pacific, 4(t'-i.
V. 8. Expres., rMS.
W.,St- L. A P.,f.
W.,St. L. A P. p. in!.
W. A P. Ex.. lit
W. U.Tel.,
Colorado Cal. 24S.
HonxsLk., ID.
Iron Silver, 240.
Ontario, 29.
Quicksilver, t,
Uuicksilver pfd. 22.
South Pacific,
loaaton A X., 39
llioo'.s Cen., M'i.
nd. B. A W.,27'4.
lama A T , 2SH,.
,aka K. A W., li
ak (Shore, hS.
xu. ANafh . 41S.
iou. a n. a, '5U.
M. AC, lit Pld.-
M.AU. 2d old,
Mem A Char.. 36.
mica. ivVDirsii i
U: L L I HkJ
mm. a di. ipt-a.
et-. tV KM.-.i8'
Missouri r0., 110.
Mobile O., 14
tfutro, 18.
Ii0SI0v February 24.-Consols,
1015-16 for botli money and tlie ac
eount. United States bonds 4s, 128;
IU 11 ,1 . 1. AtlTA ..w.
lt0N. Htff. . Hill OUYtri, TVLI IFVI UUIII-C.
T'henmount of bullion withdrawn from
the llank of England on balance to-day
is 7000.
Paris, pebruiiry 24. Three per
cent, rentes, 821. 40e. for the account.
V..... I,.,-.... T. V..I, Ol
llank clearings, ,4;50,3!Ki.
Nkw York, February 24. Ex
changes, $121,843,804; balances, V
Baltimore. Md., February 24.
Bank clearings, $2,158,401 ; balances,
PniLADKLPiiiA, Pa., February 24.
Bank clearings, 10,154,5:(1; balances,
Chicago, III., February 24. The
BHSoeiated bank clearings to-day were
Rr. Louis, Mo., February 24. Bank
clearings, H3,3:i(i,(i42; balances, $442,-
018. Exchange on Isew l ork, 25W50o
Boston, Mans., February 24. Ex
changes, $13,8ti'.',440: balances, $2,130,-
WhS. Monwy,X.'(n j per cent, f.x
change on New York par to 5c pre
The hwal cotton market opened
easy, and closed quiet, and l-10c lower
, : it: 1.. .i 1 .
on low minuting, (iiiJ-iv huh Hianin;
nuiliiling, 82c. hales, INOObales, niclud.
ing 250 Tuesday evening, of which
1100 to exports and 700 to spinners.
fraterniT. Day Before
Ordinary .
Oood Ordinary.....
Low Miadling......
7 15-16
Oood Middling
Middling fur
Duet ...
Blaina and tinned
Mkmpbis. Febrnary24,
Stook, September 6, 1885... 1..W2
Keoeired to-day a.i.o
KeoeiTed previously 479,tVil
Shipped to-dy 2 (308
bhtpped previously ca,iji
Burnt, etc
llome consumption to data
block, ranninf account...
, 955
Thus far this week........
Thus (ar last week........
binoe September 1st
. 482.811
Memphis and Charleston Railroad...
Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad.
Louisville and Nashville Railroad...
Memphis and Utile Bock K K
C, 0. and 8. W. 11. K
Louisville, N. O and T. K. K
Kansas City.Bpringfield and M. K.R..
Memphis, belma and Brunsw'k U.K.
Wagons and other sources......
Thus far this week
Thus far last week
Sinoe September laU
Memphis and Chirleston Railroad...
Mississippi and Tennessee Hailresd.
Louisville and Nashville tlauroad...
CO. andS. W.R. K
L..N. O. andT. K. R
Steamers north... -
New York spots opened steady, and
closed steadier, sales, hytt bales, quo
tations were as follows
Yosterdsy. Day before.
ordinary. o" n;-4
uooa ordinary. r;-n r
Low middling 8 7-16 8 7-10
Middling V.i 87
Hood middling. 9'i 'I
Middling fair ... 9i 9'S
Fair. lllis Ml
New lork futures opened quiet.
and closed purely steady, and 1 point
higher, tlie latter on near months.
Sales, 116,600 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows, us compared
With yesterday
Yesterday. Day before
Fobruary... 8.75 nom. 8.7o 8.72
March 8.77a 8.78 8.77(4 8 18
April 8 amt 8.89 8,88 s 8.89
May. . 8.9s 9.U0 8.9S(4 8 W
June.... ....(( a. U9 V.tV
July 9.104 .... 9.159.1rt
August 9.22J 9.21 9 2(9 9.22
September 9.05 " 9.06 9.(H 9.(H
October 8.92(9 8.93 8.91'. 8.9,1
November 8.80O 8.87 , .8?d 8.87
The New Orleans spot market opened
easy, and closed easy, pales, 4ouu
Yesterday Day before
Ordinary .. .
Oood ordinary .
Low middling
6 1H-K
6 13-16
7 7-16
. 7 13 -16
7 7-16
7 13-16
8 6-16
I 8 3-10
Oood middling 9S
The New Orleans future
opened firm, and closed
and steady. Sales, 42,600 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows,
as compared with yesterday
Day before.
February....... 8.2V 4 8.31
March , ,, 8.24
April . 8.35S 8.36
May ..... .. 8.49 8.50
8 2X9 8.30
8.219 8.itl
8.37(9 8 38
8.5114 8.51
June.... 8.62-9 8.63
8.6V9 8 61
8.74 9 8.76
8.76 4 8.77
July .... .......... S.7.19 8.74
August 8.70 9 8.77
September .... 8.579 1.59
October.. 8 479 8.49
November 8.429 8.44
8.57(9 8.59
8.17 4 8.49
8.43 4 8.44
December.. .. . 9 -
Keo'ta.l Prioe.
Gal res ton
6 29 J!
8 P-16
8 6-1
8 7 46
8 9-16
N Orleans
Mobile ....
Char ston
Norfolk ...
1,5291 8S
572 8' I
31. 3M
New York
4: ,
3(8, 9
24 S
lui 8 Vl6
mi m
11 os ton ...
! 2,1 -73
hi. LouisJ
ToUl receipU at ports, this day, 18S6.14,044
Total receipts at ports, this day. 1885... 9,902
R'tsatU.S. ports,1
S days.......
Experu to Ureat
62.906 29,:
Stork ....
31 .552
Rec'ts ainee SeDt.
1st...- l.l-
Foreign eiporta...l2.W,881j3,Pft,ill!j,'I,219
Inereaee in reoeipht this year..... 1 45,541
Liverpool spots at noon were quoted
dull in buyers' favor. Sales, 8000
bales, of which 6300 were American.
Rpcripts, 28,000 bales, of which 27.W0
were American.
At noon : Ordinary, 4 Jd ; good ordi-
Canada Pae.jW. ,
Canada Sooth.. 4-1.,
narv, 4ii; low inuiiinng, t ii-hmi;
giKHl middling, 51d; inuldling uplands
4 l.t-l(Kl; luuliliing I'neant, -iju.
Tht prieu art gitYii in poi v atul CitM,
tliu: A 63 nuium 4 63 old., ih( 5 01
k ji 5 1-64 J
At noon: LiverKH)l futures were
steady; February-March, ; March-
April. 4 4i(' 4 4i : April-.A4y, -t 4
4 4!1; Mav-June, 4 61d; June-July,
4 5:ld; Jufv-August, 4 5,'hI; August
S"pIeinlH'r, 4 5s 4 5!M.
At 2 p.m.: lJverjM)! imiires were
quiet, February, 4 4k1 bayers ; eb-
ruamAlariii. 4 4ki Muyitrs; -uaren-
April, 4 4tkl buyers; April-May, 44(hI
buyers; May-June, 4 51d sellers;
June-July, 4 53d sellers; July-August,
4 5.jd buyers ; August-fccpieiuucr, osu
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady and H4d lower; February.
4 47d buyers; rebruary-Marcli, 4 4id
buyers; March-April, 4 47d buyers;
iiiril.Muv 1 4m Hillirs: Msv-June.
4 Old buyers; June-July. 4 53d buyers;
July-August, 4 5d sellers; August-
heptember, 4 ana sellers.
The following were tlie bids and
offers made at the Call Hoard of the
Merchants' Exchange yesterday :
No. 2. white, spot. 41e bid. 42e
asked; February, 41c bid, 42Jc asked;
March, 4:!c asked; April, W. bid;
May, 44c bid, 45Jc asked; No. 2, spot,
;l! bid, 40C asKeu; reuruary, .ic
bid; April, 3S.Jc bid; May, 44 Jc bid.
No. 2. white, February, 34 Jc bid;
March, 34e bid, 3ic asked; April, 35c
bid, 36c askol ; Mav, 37c asked ; No.
' i i i . c.i i, ...
, S1K)1, o-H" oiu ; rt iirimry urn,
April, 341c bill, 30c asked; May, 3ic
Februar-, $15 25 asked.
8iot. $195 bid; April, $2 10 bid
$2 30 asked; May, $2 15 bid, $2 30
Corn White. 47c: mixed, 46c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c
mixed. 42e.
1 1 a y Choice, from store, 85c ; prime
75().SOc ; prairie, -Olio ; round lots from
levee or depot, choice. 14 50(iV15;
prime, $13 50(414; prairie, $8(3)8 50.
Hats White, 38c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Bound lots from levee on track
white, sacked, 35Jc ; mixed, sacked
Bran From store, 8c per cwt,
round lots from levee, $15 5016 pe
ill .
Bkans Navy, $2 25; medium, $2.
Kic k Louisiana, 4Jfe5Jc; Carolina,
Oatmeal In hall-barrels, auirom
Cornmkal Standard. $2 10ff2 20;
.earl, $3f.i 3 25 from store ; 5c cheaper
tin null, levee or track.
Floub From store, double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, $4(4 25;
choice. S4 25W4 40; fancy, $4 75(.5;
extra Iancv,$5 25fn5 75; patents, $0()
6 25;rounJ lots from levee ortrack, 10c
cheotier; car lots choice, $3 85(n 4 05;
liter ; car lots cnoice, v o-nn - w,
ly, $;) OOf-' 75; fancy, $4 30,4 50;
a fancy, $4 75(2l5 ; patents, $5 25
(5 60.
Hominy and urits (mill store,
$2 75f;.3.
Crackkh W heat In half-barrels,
$4 from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c ; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, (Jc.
Kansas City, Mo., February 24.
Wheat weaker: cash. 72o bid, 73o
asked; April 76c bid, 70 asked; May,
7li(s70lB. Corn weaker; each, 2Sjc
bid, Z8 jc asked ; March, L'bja bid. wo
aiked; May, 31 Jo bid, CI jc asked. Oati
May, 30c.
St. Louis. Mo.. February 24 Flour
firm; XXX, $33 15; family $3 25
3 35 j fancy, 3 754 75. Wheat
quit t and lower; early in the session
the market was quiet ana ewaay, out
later declined, and closed 8c lower
than yesterday, ifier a partial recov
ery; No. 2 red, cash, 02c; February,
nominally 92c j March, 92192Jc, cIoe
irg t 92io bid; May, 94to, 95c, clos
ing at Uojc Did. worn auu and easier,
but closed about unchanged; No 2
mixed, caib,351355s; February ,35c ;
March. 35ifa36lc; May. 37371c,
closing at 37jc. Oats dull and nomi
nally uncnangea; rso. mixpd, cft'h,
29J"0c bid; February, 29io bid;
March, 30c asked; May, 31 ;c Md.
Bye noniirnlly 60o. Barley dull; 60
(t)80c f jr American ; Canada, 8095c.
Hay fairly active, but about un
changed. Flax-seed, $1 10. Bran in
fair demand but easy, 67c at mill, 65o
on ca t track. Cornmeal firm, $190
2. Receipts Flour, 10,000 brls;
whia 32,000 bu; corn, 127,000 bu;
nah, 15,000 bu; rye 4000 bu; barley,
5)00 bu. Shipments Flour, 6000
brls; wheat, 15,000 bu; corn, 524,-
000 ba; cats, 38,030 bo ; rye, 2000 bu ;
barley, none.
AfUrnoon Hoard. Wheat ffady una
lc higher. Corn easy and a shade
lower. Oats easy and Jc lower.
Chicago, III., February 24. The
wheat market was excited and strong
t times to-day, and again rnled very
heavy. Tbe price ol lUayrangedatoog
86c, with a few sales at 86 11-1 6c,
closing in tbe latest official tradiDg in
the afternoon at 86 Jc. I he starting
price was 86 Jc, after which free offer
ings and a report that exporters were
telling st New York, combined with
report i of a financial panic at stock
holm, caused a very weak feeling, un
der which the market dropped back
to 8 '4c, but rallied again, and early in
the afternoon rose to the ontside prices
for the dar, bnt weakened at the close,
finishing c nnder yesterday's figures
The receipts at 11 principal points to
day were 259,000 bushels, and the
shipments 243,000 bushels. In corn
ana oitj there was a dull feeling, and
only slight changes in values occurred.
The Hour market showed a slight im
provement, prices advancing rVqlOc ;
Southern winter wheat flour, $1 40
4 85; Wisconsin, $44 65; Michigan,
$4 504 75; patents, $4 55; low
grades, $33 0o; rye flour, $3 30
3 50; buckwheat flour. $3 504 25.
Wheat fluctuated within an average
of lc, closing Jc nnder yesterday. Salts
ranged :Febrnary,80 a 81 jo, closed 81J ;
March, 8081je, closed at 8Uc; May,
8ij86je, closed at 86jc; Jnne, 67JVi
8Sjc, closed at 88c; No. 2 spring, 811
83cj No.3 spring, 72Jc. Corn dull
and weak, owing to large recipt,
ruling JfJc lower, but closed iteadier ;
cash, 37J-fa37Jc; February, 87J37Jc;
March, 373,37jc, closed at 37c; May,
40 11-160 40 1316c, closed at 40 1316c
Osti dull and easy t cash, 39c; March,
2!).c: May. 32ir32c. clesed at 32 11-
16c. Bye itsady; No. 2, 59c. Barley
nominal. Flaxseed eaiy: No. 1, II 104
Receipts Flour, 15,000 brls; wheat,
oo (i, i w-. qqa non h. . n.i. i es .
000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley, 61,000
bu. 8hipments Flour, 8000 brls ;
wheat. 75,000 bo ; corn, 72,000 ba : oats.
09,000 ba; rye, 3000 bu; barley, 9000
Afternoon Board, Wheat strong;
early closing lower at 86 J tot May. The
other markets showed no change.
P.itter Creamery, 3S(i40c; dairy,
r...'Vo l.t1.,rmt I i.i.llV : Ifmntrv
121('i 18', according to txindition.
t iikesk 1 Time llais, ; . .ni-w
York factory, Sc; full cream, 11 P.V;
Y. A., 11 0- 12c.
Mess 1'okk 4 Md, ?ll) 4d n I r Par
rel ; new, $1 1 7512 jH-r leirrvl ; tigar-
ctired hams, ackeil, jfife ii"' ; nrcak
fastbacon, 8J(ii!V; clear rib Kinni, oj
UiiK Pork Clear sitU, iKniJc;
lear rib sides, 5I(iik-; long clear, ,r,V.j.
5Je; shoulders, 4(4ie.
L,ar lierces, oj is)tjc; nim-uar-
rels, 6jc; kegs, 61c; bucki-ts, .feVlc;
half-buckets, 71i.7jc; Mh tins, t;.Jf.t
jc; 20-lb tins, i5(5 6;o; 10-lb tins,
7Jc; o-lb tins, .jc; io uns,
7je; choice kettle, tierevsfSClc
Fresu Meats I$eef (jisxl Kansas
City steers, lveavy, 8e; lb:ht, 771c;
cows and heifers, 6je; luitttmi, 7c;
lamlts, 8jc; jxrk, be.
1 ios-fkkt lrls, io; imu-bris
$:M 25. I
CiNciMMATi, O.. Febrnsry 24 -Pork
easy at $11 12, . Lard dull at 5 95c.
Uulk meats quiet ; snoouerm, suou
rib, 5COo. Bacon quiet; shoulders,
4Jc;ehort rib, 6jc short clear,
Butter steady ; creamery , j xot-soc ; good
to prime creamery, 2t5.'30c; choice
roll, 12(U5c. Ej;gs weak and lower,
17c Uheess arm: prime wj innce
cored Ohio factory, 9,10c
Ft. Louis. Mo.. February 24 Pro
visions quiet and easier. Pork. $1 1 20
fjfill 25. Lard, 6.90c. Bulk rani's
loo4e lots, lona clear. S.4Sc; snort ribs.
5.55c; short rlaar. 5.70c: boxed lots,
long char, fijc; short. ribs, 6c; Bhori
e ear. 01c. Macon dull : long Clear, c i
5.90c ; short ribs,5.97j!$8.05r; short
clear, a lOMO.i&c. uams. mwii e
Butter steady; creamery, 24(ioOcj
dairy, 18521c. i.g?a wear, 1 ijc.
Chicago, III., February 24 Mrss
pork dull, but steady, cash, $10 (();.o
10 95; March, $10 02J(10 05; May,
$11 lOtflU 15. closed at til 124 Lard
quiet and easy; cash, 6 05o; March,
6 024(316.050. closed at UC5c; May,
6.12J6.15c. Boxed meats steady ; dry
salted shoulders. 395M4c; short rib-
sides, 6.455ic; short clear sides, 6 80
5 85o. BtKter firm; creamery, 28
33c: dairy. 2.'W!6o. Eggs lower at
1717Jo. ;
Soap J2dc3 50 ner case.
Coffee Common. J(S!", ordi
nary, U0?91c; priine lUo, ll)llc
choice to fancy, 1 1 Jf4.t2jc ; 11M govern
ment, 2325c; (Vylon,;20c.
iSroAR Ivistern yellow, riK"3e
pure w. c. white, 6,7t; oH white, 6
(aliijc; yellow clarilied, (iK'V'ie; open
kettle, Senile; refined A. 7J7ic;
trranulated." 71c: powdered, Sic; cut
loaf. 81c.
Salt 1 21K" 1 30 per Parrel ; sacks,
fine, SI 50; coarse, $1 10 jiockets,
bleached, 2S7c; car-loads iroiu levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
AIolasses Lwuisiana, cnnmon 10
fair, 2327e; jirinieto choice, 4655c;
syrup, .'-'iM-toc ; common 10 iair, i.iyy
33e ; jirinie to choice, 3V 40 .
C andies Micks, an sizes, in mixes,
pai's arid barrels, 7 jft'lc.
t ANOI.ES run weignt, K wuiic.
Toiiacco Coiimion, , 11-iiicli, 27(n)
30c; other grades and styics, 2.)i)N)c.
Snuff (iamtt's, $10 8j per case;
ltalph's, $10 25 per case; ft. It., $9 50.
Ua.nxei) HtHins, p.tc.-- i nces imt
dozen : Pineapples,$l 35( 65 ; peaches,
2-11), standard, $1 85(2)1 W; seconds,
$1 15125; touialoes, 2-b standard,
SI 10; 3-lb, $1 35; strawlic Ties, $1 40'
160; raspberries, $t 15l 25; black
berries, $11 15; jrreengiges, $1 IW4
175; pears, $2(0)2 26; pli.nis, ! (.()(.(
1 70; asparagus, $2 OOkV Ktvvn corn,
$!(! 35; green pens, $1 nj2 2.) ; cove
oysters, full weight, l-in, fl(l iu;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lh, $1 75
1 0-ie; cove oysters, ngiu weigni, 1-10,
6-mi; cove ovstei-s, light weight, Z-in,
$1; condensed milk Crown, 5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Bwiss, $6.
Bai.timobf. Febiua-T 24. Coffee
firm ; Rio cargoes ordinary to fair, 7
Naw Yoiik, February 24. Coffee
spot fair Rio firm at HJc; options
llrm end fairly active; ewes, .iu i.ki
bags; February, 6.80c; March, 6.65
6.70c; April, 665s; May, Jane, 70o;
September, October, November, 6 80c.
Suwar dull and nominal ; fair to good
refining, rl5Jc; nflned stialy;
mould A, 6ic; coafectioaers' A, 6jc;
ttandard A, 5 15-16c; cut loaf and
crushed, 6g J. Molassrs weak.
A pi'i.tm Apples, $2 252 50 from
store; $2:i2 25 per carload from levee
or depot. J tried iip les, 3(ii?4o per
pound from store. Uned jicaches, lii)
4c from store.
J'ota n u s Potatoi'S,2 2o!S2 50 from
store, $22 25 per car-load from levee
or depot.
Vf.o ktahi. r.s Oniuin, J2 i i3 2-
from store ; $2 60 2 S from levee or
depot. ("aliliage, 1- 50 per crate.
Kraut, barrels, (i;i)Oii; naii-imrreis,
J2 753. Garlic, 40(i6l)r per 100.
I-hi'it Oranges, Louisiuim, none;
Florida, none; Messinn, $4 4 50 per
box. I-emons, $4(5 4 50 per box.
Bananas, Wk: 100 per bunch. Cocoa-
nuts, $4 per 100. Pt-anuts lrgima,
67o; Tennessee, farmer's stock, 2J
3c; recleaned, 3J4ic; roasted, 2jc
higher; shelled, l(k-. Almonds, 18
20c. Chestnuts green, 12Jl5e ; dry,
Raisins London layers, J3 50; lay
ers, W 7o ; tjalitorina, ; imperial,
$3 50 4.
J'ickles In lars, runts, ijc; quans,
$1 B0; half-gallons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loose, barrels, $6; half-barrels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
Pecans Texas, 8(.olOc for small to
medium, 1014; fur large; Arkansas
Walnuts French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Cider Missouri, r7 50 per barrel
and J44 50 imt half-barrel. Vinegar,
ll(rt16e per gallon.
Poi'ltry Turkey, rs-r dozen, $8
12; geese, $34; ducks, 3; chickens,
good demand, $23; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 12c per pound.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 )f4 75; No. 2, $3 50 3 75; No. 3,
$2 753; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, N). 3, IK'. Dry herrings,
family, 25e Jer box.
Game Venison, nhole, 3f35c; sad
dles, 6Sc; bear, tA8c; wild turkeys,
Ml 75c; din ks, 1 5)2 50; squirrels,
75c"; quails, 75c H . prairie chickens,
$5; game fish, 6( ;St.
Famis Firm, 24c
P.AooiNo Jute, !!(!nllc; flax, 10
lOJc, according to t eight. Ties, $1 20
l 25.
N aiij4 2 45 2 70.
. 1
Ssed lielivered at depot and wharf,
$S per ton; on litnk of river (f. o. b.
lsal(, $6; wagon tmila,$S. Meal
Prime f. o. b., 15 kt ton. Loss than
car-load lots, $15 . ' From store, 90c
H-r sack. Cake- Nominal; $16 per
ton. 1 Oil In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. 8. oil, 2-'23c; primo sum
mer yellow, 26J -7c ; off-summer yel-
low, 25(3 2iic; aiiners', 27f?:W; clmiiv
eiKking summer yellow. 2Sf.i:V.
Coal Oil Prime white, wli.diale
lntw, 15c iht gallon.
Cleveland, February 24.- IVtro-
lcuin, steady ; s. w., 1 10 , Sic
Pittsiu ro, Pa., February 21.- Pe
troleum dull but tiriii ; National Tran
sit certihcntes operuil at ,!;, and
losi-d at Mljc; highest price, SO'.c ;
lowest, VSjc
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $160(36; rye, $1 756; domes
tic, 90c$l 50.
St. Lot' is, February 24. Whisky,
$1 10.
Ciiic.vtiO, February 24. Whisky
sternly, $ I 16.
Cincinnati, February 24. Whisky
quiet, $1 10. Sales of 427 barrels fin
ished goods on this uasis.
Horses Good driving. $1. 50-225:
good saddle, $140' :KH ; jdugs, $:15(j SO ;
gisxl mares, s.Vrl40.
.mi les 11 to l.v jiUK" i:k; l i to
15.1. $125:140; 151 to 16. $146(1 173.
Oood demand; supply fair.
Cattle Choice to extra eorn-feil,
iKXI to 1050 pounds, 4(Si4.ic; g,Mid,
4e;eliolco iriass-ted, 34(a'.lc; gissl. ,
C)3c; fair to uiedium, 2j2ic; coiu-
mon, 2e.
lliKis Choice, .'HQlc; gisnl, 3J
3c; ciimmon, 3'31e.
Siiekp Choice, 4'245c; uwilium, 3
:l)c; common, $11 50.
Cincinnati, O., February 24. Hose
quiet; cornion aod light, f3 454 25;
packing and butchers, J4(oi4 45. 1
ceipt", l(,il7 head; shipmentt. 1174
Chicago, III, February 24. The
Dwvtrt Journal reports: tint 18 re
ceipts, 50(H) head; shipments, 2500
bead; market active and lOo higher;
shipping steers, 9"0 to 1500 pounds,
$3 0(.i 5 60 ; dockers and feeders, $2 90
4 40; cows, bulls and mixed, $1 60
3 90; bulk, $2 75; slop-fed steers, $3 55
(-1)4 35. lloirn, receipt. 22.000 head:
shipments, 6000 bead; market stioog
and 510o higher; rough and mixed,
$4( 4 35: packiim and ahippinp. $4 30
(.i,4 60; light, $3 80 4 30; skips, $2 90
4 20. Sheep receipts, 44(H) head;
shipments, 2JC0 head; markt-t strong ;
natives, 25 40; Texans, $.(".. 5
Kansas City, Mo., F'ebruary 24
The Lire KUxk Indicator reports: Ca,
tie Receipts, 1406 head; slilpinents,
none; shipping, butchers' end fseding
steers strong and 10c hi-ihsr; butoh
ers' cows strnnir end a shado hither;
exporters, S5 105 30; g od to choice
ehippin?, $ I 6(1 5 05 ; c, intr.nn to me
dium, $44 50; snookers ond fdetlers,
$3 254 10; cows, $2 403 30. Hog,
Receij.t', 858 head; shipment',
1982 heal; active and 5j higher; good
to choice, $44 20; common to me
dium, $2 7C((2 75; skips and pigs,
$1 603 65. lilieep-Iieceipt), 1341
bend; shipments, 250 head; ttealy;
acoA to choice, $3 25(1 I1); common
n medium, $23.
New York, February 24. There lias
been u good volume of business hi
movement with agents mid jobbers,
and miscellaneous assort incuts were
more general from all interior markets.
The cotton goods market continues
steady. Agents have advanced the
prices of Walworth A Kcaiuago sat
ieens Jc.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of youth, nervous weakness,
enrly deoay, loss of manhood, sto,, I will
send a reeipe'that will oure you, FREE 0V
CHARGE. This great remedy was discover
ed by a missionary In South America. Send
self-addressed envelope to the Rev. Jusr-u
T. Inhah, Stnlian D, Hut York (Alv.
No. 54, R. D. Chanoery Court of Shelby
County titate oi Tennessee for its own
use, etc, vs. Margaret Kii-e et al.
BV virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in tbe nbove cause on the
24th day of December, 1SH5, M. 11.50. paire
541,1 will sell, at public auction, to the
highest bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master's olllef, court-house of Shelby Coun
ty, Memphis, Tenn., on
Nntarday, Mirrri a, 18116,
within legnl hours, the following described
property, .ituuted in lihelby county, Tonn.,
to-wit I
Lot 52, block 1, A. Wright's sul.divislnn,
30x157!- feat, south side of Ueorgia street, 60
feot west of Wright avunue.
Lot'. 'I, block I, A. Wright's subdivision,
Tflllr.T'., lect, south side ol Ueorgia stroot, :I0
leot west of Wright avonue. Hold as proper
ty of Miirgarot Kite and others.
Lot 32, lil. ..-k 2, A. VVrhdit's siibilivisinn,
fronting 11 7-10 loot on sou III side of (loorgia
street, southwest cornor of Lalloso stroot,
and running soutlieasiwarilly with LiiRoso
street 1:11.2 leot; Ibence west K7.5 feot to an
alley; tbenee with the east side of said alley
1(7 5 loot to Ueorgia street, told as property
of Kllen bhurpc.
Lot :V, block 12, enst side of Second stroot,
Fort l'irkering, 24x100 feet, 116 foet north ol
Jckson Mtreet.
Lot 3, block VI, east sido of Second street,
Tenth Ward, 2lilOU feet. Sold as property
01 Mattie K. Lawrence and others.
Fart of lot 12. block :l, fronting 14 feet on
west side of alley east of tiixth street. Fort
Pickering, and running back west H7!4 feet,
being north ol the east part of lot 1:1, block :o.
Fart of lot l:i, block :W, being the east 67
feet of said lot, fronting 6S feet on went side
of alley eu't of Bixth street.
Col 14, block JO, northeast corner of Jack
son and Hiith street, Tenth Ward. 37Sl:7
feet. Bold as property of Anthony W. Made
and the unknown heirs of Charles Philinult.
Lot 8, block 40, south side of Carolina
street, 60x150 feet, 8Mt'4 feet east of Ninth
street. Bold as property ol Fred W. Reiser.
Part of block 37, southwest corner of Caro
line and Main streets, SOxl27S feet. Bold as
property ol D. J. Bharpe and others.
Lots, blook 16, west side of Fourth street,
Fort Pickering, 24xll2S foet.
Lot 10, block 16, west side of Fourth street,
Fort l'iokoring, 24xll2H foet. Held as prop
erty of Joseph Tate.
Lot 21, J. M. Tate subdivision, 53x155 feet,
esstsideof Wilkerson street, 53 feet north of
Ueorgia street, Tenth Ward.
Lot 11, block 16, west side of Fourth street.
Fort Pickering, 74 feet north ol Carolina
street. 24xll2a feet, bold al properly ol
Joseph Tate. ... ,
Terms of Bale On a credit of six months)
note bearing interest, with good security,
roiuired; lien retained; redemption barred.
'ibis February 1, IH46.
. I. MnDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
. M. Dradley, Deputy 0. and M.
F. II. A (J. W. lietskell, solicitors.
No. 5291, R. D. -Chancery Court of Shelby
County tttule of Tennessee vs. W. A. Col
lier et al.
BY virtue of an interlocutory deoree for
sale, entnred in tho above eause on the
12th day of Jauusry, ltt6, M. I). 61, page 36,
I will sell, at publio auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the Clerk and Master's
office, Court-house of Bhelby county, Mem
phis, Tonn , on
Halts rday, March IS, 11S,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated tn.'bhelby county, lenn.,
The west part of lot 249, fronting 24 feet 4'
inches on the north side ol Madison street,
northeast corner of alley eastol Main street,
and running back 74' feet. Bold as prop
erty ol II. L. Brinkley and others.
Lot 5ti3 and part of 564, in lot 479, fronting
60 feet on tbe north side of Court street and
running back 14 feet la depth. Bold ae
property of same parties. ....
Terms ol Bale On a credit of six months,
Bote bearing interest, with security, re
quired; lieo retain. i: redemption barred,
'ihis February 17, lf.-, . .
H, 1. MoDOWfc.LL, Clerk and Master.
Br J. M. Bradley, Deputy 0. aod M. .
F. 11. C. W. UetskeU, eels. th
Arkaasas City.,
.Kats A oa us, S p.m.
.Atiiasia City, 6 p.m.
..Oatoso. 8 p.m.
..City of Vicxhiu ;, 6 p.m.
St. Louis.....
friars Point. Coasoma, 5 p.m.
Osceola Dias Aoass, 6 p.m.
Cincinn-itl Ohio, 5 p.m.
Cineinnatl .....V. P. Ecsxxt-x, 5 p.m.
White River DxSuaT, 5 p.m.
Arkansas RIver.K. W. Con, 5 p.m.
Arrimk. Anniu P. Silver, St. Louis;
IVail Adams, Oseeolu; Kiiquirer, Cat
Island; t ualioma, l-riars Idint; (ml-
dee Cniwn, New Orleans.
Dtparturi. Annie P. Silver, New
Orleans; Chickasaw, WliiU' river;
H an Adams, (hwenla; dolilen Crown,
Cincinnati; F.nquirer, Cat Island.
Hoau Uu Vote. tiiiyowi, tMno ami
Arkansas City.
Boatt Due f 'p, Kate Adams and
City of Vicksburg.
Ktwelisla T4itrlay.
Kniuirer 333 sks seed.
Annie P. Silver 160 brls flour and
30 brls vinegar.
Coahoma 292 bales cotton.. 10 bgs
seed-cotton, 910 sks seed, 3 lid mules
and 32 pkgs sundries.
lVan Ailanis 02 bales cotton, 38
bgs seed-cotton, 625 sks seed, 226 sks
corn, 5 hd slock and li5 pkgs sundries.
Golden Crown 7 brls sugar, 3 brls
molasses, 50 brls cement, ti5 enity
hogsheads, 25 brls ale, .15 lulls pajHT
and 5 bales domestic.
The IVSniet.Cnpt. Milt R. Harry, is
the Saturday packet for all iioints ou
White river.
The E. W. Cole. ('apt. Kd. Now
land, is the Sattmlay packet for all
points on Arkansas river.
TiieO. Line steamer V. P. Schenck,
I 'apt. J. L. CarU'r, will up to
morrow evening for Cincinnati.
The 1,oo Line packets to-morrow
evening are the Coahoma for Friars
Point and the Ieau Adams for Os
ceola. The City of Vicksburg, Capt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet this
evening at tl o'clock for Cairo and St.
Louis. George. Walton is her clerk.
The Gayoso, ('apt. W. P. Hall, is
the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for Hales Point, Tiptonville mid all
way landings, .losso P, Walt is in
her otlice.
Tun Arkansas City, Capt
II. W.
Prolaski, is the Anchor Line
V icks-
this evening at 6 o clock lor
burg and the bends. Cliarlestjnesnel
is her clerk.
Tiik Kate Adams, dipt. Mark R.
Cheek, is tlie United Stales mail
packet this evening at 5 o'clock for
Helena, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W. C. Wanker has charge
of herollice, assisted by lw Price,
Morris Gans and J. C. Wycoll".
The Ohio, ('apt. M. M. Deem, isdue
to-dav and leaves again to-morrow
eveiung at 5 o'clock for Cairo, Louis
ville, Cincinnati ami all way landings
on the Ohio river. Harry Proctor and
Harry Rest are her clerks. The Ohio
will give cheap rates to all points
North and l''ast.
Hcsiness fair.
Weatiikh cloudy with heavy rains
last night. .
Th Iiee Lino packets were in and
out yesterday with fair trips.
The river here is on a stand, with
20 feet and 4-tentlis on the gauge.
The Enquirer arrived yesterday
from Cat Island, with 333 sacks of
Tins ,1ay Gould and barges passed
down for New Oilcans yesterday
Receipts by river yesterday, 3S4
bales cotton, 57 bags seed-cotton and
1H08 sacks seed.
Tim Golden Crow'n passed up yes
terday evening for Cincinnati. She
discharged here 170 pnekagesof freight
and added 3(H) bales of cotton.
The Annie 1'. Silver passed down
yesterday morning for New Orleans
with a big trip. She discharged here
130 barrels of Hour mid 30 barrels of
The. lames W. Gaft" was delayed.
SI'o left yesterday morning for Cincin
nati willi SOO Imfcs of cotton, 1(H) bar
rels of oil, 800 tons of old railroad iron,
4H0 sucks of oil-meal and a big lot of
Sr. Iii'is Ittjmhliran, 23d inskjint :
Tin1 river nt this point is still fulling
rapidly, ami unless the ice gorge in
the upper Mississippi lets go very soon
the accumulation of water back of it.
will prove- of but. little service in float
ing the steamboat ' property now
aground in our harbor. News was re
ceived here shortlynfter 4 o'clock p.m.
yesterday that the ice gorge at. Alton
had given away with fully 10 feet of
water behind it. Nodamage is antici
pated here from the ice, as it is too
weak and rotten to be dangerous.
Orriog Piosal Slavics, U. 8. A.. I
MisrHie, Tsms., February 24, 1 p.m. 1
The following obseryntlons are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian time,
which is one hour faster than Memphis time.
low water
Cincinnati ..,
Davenport. .
ForlHiuitli. .
Helena ...
Kvrusi ...
avenw'th .
Little Hook
Louisville. .
Nashville ..
New Orle'ns..
i Its burg ....
St. Louis
Ht. Paul
Shreveport ..
Vlcksliurg ...
Evansvilli, Febrnary 24. Noon-
River 31 feet and falling.
Wnssi.iNO, Febrnary 24. Noon
River 8 feet on the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Pittbbubq, February 24. Noon
River 5 feet 1 inch on the gauge and
stationary. Weather clear and warm.
Louisville, February 24. Noon
River filling, with 10 feet 6 inches in
the canal and 8 feet 3 Inches on the
falls. Business good. Westher fair.
Cincinnati, February 24. Noon
River falling, with 25 feet 2 Inches on
theasnve. Weather e'ear; thermom
eter 4x. Arrived: Granite Ktate,
Memphis. '
Cairo. February 24. Noon Elver
37 feet 7 inehe on the gauge and f al ling
Weather clear and cool. Arrived
Ohio, Cincinnati, 2 a.m. Departed
Ohio, Memphis, 4 am.
HI. Lonla aadNray Orlewaa AS4r
Llssf-V. M. Mll-F0K VlCh.Mil. Kit.
Arkansas City,
Bmlaskl . meat.
Will leave from KI..L.,r TnCkSU A 1 . Feb.
26th. a' 6 p.m. For Ireight or rviics apply
0. L. Hill.. P.... Art. AP STOHM. Pui-'t.
lsnla and Ntw Orleawe Awfcor
II. N. lall-CAlKO Jt til. IA)U1H.
City of Vicksburg, tuZt
Il.nry Keith masUr. W
Will leave from Elevator Till' UMIAK. Feb.
2Mb, at 6 p.m. For freight or passage apply
O. I,, lin t,, Ps.s As-t. AP STQKM. flun't.
Southern Traisportatina Co.-O. Line For
Cairo. Louisville and Cincinnati tr. :
U. P. Sclienck. ifX
i. L. Carter ..master. eSSwsJbnds
Will leave FRIDAY, FeV. 2oUu at P m.
For freight or passage apply to 0. B. KUa
tKLL, Asent, 11 Madison st. Telephone 227.
J.k B. FsiKKLls, Fastenter Agent.
Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Co.
roav LomaviLLB icnriATi.
Str. OHIO, .TEk
M. H. Deem, master, AttSiaaV
Will leave FHIDAV, Feb. Jwb. at d.uj.
For freight or passage apply to V. B. RU
BKLL, Agent, No. 12 Madison St. Telephone
Ho. 227. JOIIN CARR, Pasenger Agent.
HteamerUKANITt; 8TAIK fuilewa, lear
lnTus.y. Mreh 24.
For Osoeola, Hales Point. Caruthereville,
Uayosn and Tlptonvllle The new etoauiat
W. P. Uatl master J. D. FulUr ol.rk,
will leave as above, and all way .points,
rm. K.r freight or pass... apply oo board.
MonBtala,rrlitrs) telnt ssl M-s-la
nil KMHHlni PMltil4.XnsMisf .
forUeieea, Ulendale, Friars Point and all
Way Landlngs-tiUamor L
Conhomn, i-'S-
H. T, Ulegett ..master I Fltt RIioom ...oie' -Will
leave as ove en every MoNUAJ
WKDKfc-DAYand FRIDAY. et BS'eloot
For Randolph, Faltoa Osneola and Wi
Lendlnis Steamer
LH. Cooper, masur....J.W.Hmithers,il1j
aves as every MONDAY. W KDI4ltbi)i
and FRIDAY at p.m. The boate ef this
line reserve the right to pass all landings
theoaptala may deem unsafe. Offioe, No.4
M.Hl.nx.t .1AMKN I.KK, Ja.. Hnn't,
- Aj
Memphis and Vlcksbnrg Packet Com
pany U.S. Mall Line.
M. R. Che.1... master I W. 0. Dlauke-...olerk
For Helena, Concordia, Terrene and Arkan-
... vi,7 . I1------. ---
leaves Memphis
n. as. .reserving the right to pass all landings
thecapta'n may deem untitle. For general
information apply et ofice, No, 4 Madisoa
street. bf. WALWOHTU, Agent.
JOHW t'A n K. rase'T aeent, -reiepnone
The. St. Francis RUer Transportation
Co.'s Tine Hlde-W heel l. B. Mall Htoemat
Reae Macreaay, r -:
U. n.. JOPIin., mauler,
MILL LfcAVK M KM ruin) KVEftl
at S o'olook, for Marianne, the Cut-Off, and
Inteimedlale landings on St. Frauds river.
The captain reserves the right to pass ,
landings he deems unsafe. JAM. LKK, Js
Mnnvlntef,4-S lrtle. Vft. 4 M.dison st
91eniihis& Wkito liiver PkUi
. V. 8. MAIL, LI,I
B. 0. Postal. masUr I 0. M.lt-esUi.
mi (
ClieTnlna, Dovstlla HlnO", D Are),
i Awgnsln, .lacKiteNperiana nrerry .
at 5 p.m. Through rates to all P;r,,t.
Freight consigned to " Memphis and V. ntte
Ktver Packet Oc mpany" w'i beforwarded
prsmptly- II. C. LOWH, Agent,
MemphlH,WhlU Black Rlvor racket
For n.lsna, DeValls Dlutfand Augusta.
The new and elegant giuewheol passenger
steamer -
mill iiarrv. maeier.
Will leave EVERVBATURDAY sti n'clocti
p.m. Throush rates to all points. Freigbf
consigned to Milt Harry Line, Memphis, will
be promptly forwarded. W.J. H DOYLE,
Office 9 Madison st Telephone SMS. '
Jama n. tfaiaxxm, raseenger Agent., 401-
. hone 27. . 1
Ihtcmy jui nuiMruul
ltkcnnrtt Imuimiss. bnb
Mlntftih. kill.
ioiuna. MMDll RViv
youthfol fndUdrttioiw
ARabsoalOuri sor
1410 rrM iiuiauniotm or
OTr hrmln wofk. Aol3
it ltnpoitt4n oiprtteo
Organic Weakness,
trmihlr. Oft oufWrnC,
Circular rtd Triai IV-kx
ft.iid k&m ftnipnrtsii4l
laU brfora tkkim tmt
Imi'iit lMttrA Tikw 4
Sl'JtF. Itf MKl'TttlAAllAS
Cl'HKD thtMts-mt, &om
InYounrv A Middle
Aaod Mon.
TssTTDfos ovrnflc
Years nvuag iNMANY
i4ii iiitrmr ilq uia
tloti to bus in, or auMi
jiwioor Iu4iiwrnr4mu in
Iwcitntfiio irwdWijprrnc
ulri. Br (It.vrtamiMiUotl
in tl) wt of ditrnm km
1'irt'iiio inniMuof m tin
I with. ml tj. Ir. ThtVst
lural lunrtlontoT Cw D4
I man ontaiiUm U mtoewk
I Dm BtilmatlrMV saLvnaaf ittt
tinf aid
-h turn
. W t Hf. which
vKirm tomrUjuvM
Trnan Ifanth. fta Of9
I'd) ttlmtbooorna4rJif
ml nd rrtirvtiif hout
Two MoDtha. - -Oi J
HOl N. Tenth Bt,, BT. LOU I. M'X
Oil DtUREO PCR80N8!NoiiTruM.
ItUr Aik fnr tr-ruimiif our Atinlituic.
' Of
Ko. K434, R. D. Chaacery Court of Shelby
eonity State ot Tennessee lor Its own use.
etc.. vs. Catherine Hortan et al.
BY; virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above cause en th
24th da) t Denemb' r, lMi. M. 11. 60, pan
611H, I will sell ' 4 public auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master's
office, courthouse- of bbe.br eounty, Men.
puis, lenn., on
Kalarday, riarcb a, IMS,
within legal hoars, the following described
property, situated in bhelby oounty, Xennee
TL'ot 10, block Wf P. W. Builth's subdivi
sion, 4H)4 by IM feeton the west side ol Or
leans street, southwest corner ef alley n rth
oft. Paul street. Bold as property ef M.
r.lMy.n.. ' '
L,it At. hlonk 16. east side of Third street.
M feet south of Uewigia street, -4 by 1UH
feet, bold as properly 01 1 nomas nagie.
Lot :), block IS, east side of Third street.
10th ward, 24 bv IU fett, the north line be-
ing veieot soutn 01 ucorsia sire... ouiu u
propeiMi of I homes Nasle
. Lot if, block 1. frontins J4 feet on the east
side of Water street, Fort Pickering, and
runeinaf back So feet. told as property ol
tboOn.nl.) Powder IO..
Lot l:t, talk's sundlvision, P0 by 170 feet on
south aide
s'nf L
Uetirsia street, th. welt I ne be
ts t uf Orleans streos. boidag
Ing 3H0 feet east uf Orleans stroos.
propertv of J. W. Purnell.
Lot 40, bliu-k 11. east side of Second street,
24 by 1KI rves. to laet north of Alsbama
street, Idthte-wd. . .
Lot 41, bioesult, ea t lids of Second street,
24 by US). 72 feet north of Alabama.
Lot 42, blockH 1 ; east side of Second street,
24 by li)faet. leth-ward. ...
Lot 43, block 11, east side of Second street,
2thrtii, block if, east side of Secend street.
24 by lis) feet. r-d -as property of Samuel
bcheiblerand other ' .V.iln.
Lot IM. block 17. north side of Carolina
stroet, by 100 feet. t feel east of toni-U
street: Bold as propkry of Tbomas Neison.
Lot 21, blo-k 17. srsih side jf t-sr. Una
sLre.t.ii-'. by 1(0 ftt. TV feet esl of F onrtk
Street. Sold as proi erft ol Thomas Nelson.
Lot 20, block 14. south side ol Broadway.
25 by 170 feet, IB ft oaet of alley east of
Thi!:,4;.M5rfi! of ,ix ,Bont,
note with security bearing interestrequiredi
lien retained, redeosuou barred. Thu Feb
ruary 1, di.-i, ..4 vu.
By J- M. Brw
kill. 0. W
UradJey. Deputy Clerk A Ustr
xieuaaii wjiwiwi,.
Cut si

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