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f - :
Cotton Closed Weak and Irregular ;
Sales, 2600 Bales; Middling,
8e Prerlslong Easier.
Money continues in fair demand at
8 per cent ; local securities firm, with
the exception of gas stocks, -which are
depressed, owing to rumors of the for
mation of a rival company. The rul
ing quotation for the stock is 78c bid,
80c asked. Large blocks have changed
hands within the last month, one
prominent banker having disposed of
120,000 worth.
The cotton market was quoted ir
regular at the Exchange; middling
8c, but factors were offering liberally
and willing to sell a shade' under
quotations. Buyers reported that they
found no difficulty in buying middling
at 8Jc. Liverpool sjxrts closed 1-llid
lower on some grades, and id
on others. Middling uplands, 4 J J ;
Orleans, 4 13-10J. Futures closed
) quiet and steady, and 1-321 lower,
" February, 4.45d. At New York spots
closed quiet and steady, middling 82c;
- futures steady and 7 to 8 points lower,
February 8.70c nominal. At New Or
leans spots closed weak and irregular
and 1-ltic lower, middling 8Jc ; futures
steady and 7 to 10 points lower, March
, 838.24c. : The general market is
unchanged, but provisions are tend
ing downward, and lower prices are
expected to-day. -
" ' : , IX PORTS.
Three hundred and twenty-two sks
bran, 133 pkgs butter, 1700 bu bran,
185 pkgs cheese, 250 sks coffee, 2 cars
cotton-seed, 2507 sks cotton-seed, 100
brls cotton-seed oil, 20 pkgs eggs, 495
brls flour, 203 bales hay, 100 hd
horses and mules, 50 pkgs lard, 13.000
ft lumber, 30 pkgs liquors, 250 Drls
meal, 315 kgs nails, 800 bu oats, 2001
brls potato, 5 cars pork sides, 82 brls
sugar and 50 pkgs tobacco.
9 Madison St, Memphis, Tenn., '
vCorreapradtnee solicited. Infor
mation cheerfully fnrnlaleed.-va
Money in good demand at 8 percent.
The Clearing-llouse report is as follows :
ClaaHnar. Ttalanoea.
Tnuraday. Feb. 25. I 291,628 wo
Thu far ttaii woek....l,(t7i.4M 21
Thui far laat week 1.HH.277 51
Cor. tiro, in 18 1,155,847 68
Cor. time is 1884.... 948,062 50
I 48,311 22
211,019 85
323,521 78
Stir,?a8 00
140,773 74
Uuuina. Selling.
BTw York light on all poinu- ai H pieu
Haw England demand, die , ......
New Kngland irti( di ......
New Orleane.................K di par
In the flnrt eolnmn we rive the pries bid,
and in the aeeond the price aaaed.
Bank of Commeroe. -147 1"0
Firat National....... .188 142
German Bank-..... WiWM
State National .138 140
Union A Plantera .....147 150
Mroantila.... ...1J0 0135
Bluff City7
70 J 75
........-....100 l ...
BO ffl 86
Planter 101 CHIOS
Phoenix ......... 98 lt
alemphia City. . ll 105
Vanderbil. 18 9 1
Hernando.. 100 & -
Arlinnton........ 2 (4 ...
Factor... ............... 20 & 25
Tenneaaee oertiflcatee. D and K. Kt R7H
lenraoiaee warrant!, aerie v....... si lm
Shelby County bonda ...-104
Shelby Count; warrant 98
Taxing-District 4, b' . .. 92
Taiing-Diatrict 6'a 100
Mempnia Storage Comprea Co 107
Mamnhia (In Cntnnanv atock ... 74
1-4 i
fi to
Memphis Gaa Company bonda
Menipnia mw. Donua...... ... . w m ...
HanauerOil Work 50
City Oil Worka .... 45
Pioneer Cotton-Milla ... ( 25
American Cotton Oil truata ... .... 23 (K 2!-J
Meinpnia uity uaiiwav iionaa .... lia vui
New Yokk, February 25. Money on
call easy ut ljva2 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4 'a 5. 8u-rling ex
change dull but steady at 487i for (0
days, and 48i)j for demand.
lJonds Government bonds wore
quiet but xtronf, especially for the 4s,
wliich are J higher. State bonds were
steady to strong on small business.
Railroad bonds continue only moder
ately active. Sales, 12,244,l00, of
which the Krie. issues contributed
$77,500. The market was strong until
late in the afternoon, when it yielded
in sympathy with stock, leaving
prices generally fractionally higher,
with a few important declines.1
Stocks were dull and the business
widely distributed, except St. Paul
and'l-ake Shore, which furnished 51,
200 shares.' : The fluctuations in values
were about as unimportant as the
amount of business done. As a rule
the 0ening prices were J to 1 lower
; than yesterday's closing, ard the low-
est prices today were made during
the last boor, but there was a moder
ate display' of strength' in the final
dealings, and closing quotations are at
medium figures. The market closed
strong, and in most cases finu and i to
i lower than' 7esterday. 8t.- Paul is
down I, while the ex-Villanls are a
shade higher and Manitoba is up j.
The news was unusually meager.
President Hoyt of the Pennsylvania
Coal Company is quoted as saying:
"Trade is dull and prices are stiil de
moralized. There are no signs vet of
any effort of the coal companies to
form a combination. The paix'rs are
reporting the formation of such a com
bination, but it is nil in Wall street
and has not reached us yet."
The total sales of stocks t-diiy were
2Stti.ii70 shares, including llefaware,
Ijickawanna and 'esteni, 7f,tKK);
IVIaware and Hudson, (i''75; Krie,
30,175; Kansas and Texas, 4010; like
Shore, 20,155; Northwestern, 4570;
New Jerscv Central, 20.'00; Pacilic
Mail, 5425; "Pleading, 3!,lHHl; St. Paul,
:il,0(i0; Union Piu'iUc, 3150. Closing
V. S. !Wi. New 4, li?'i.
Kew 4.' if , 1.3,'n. Pacific 6a of 1895, VXi
C. P. 6rcU. 11.'. T. P. Innd rmnta, 39.
Krie teconda, lul. T. P. Kio (i. div., 53.
Le'b A Wilkoa., 1111-J.U. P Brats, 117.
Louisiana cons., &i. li . land crant',106.
Miaiouri 6, lou. V. P. a. fund. 123.
Ft. Jo-epb, IZiM. Virginia 6a, 45.
Si. P. A S. C. lstJ,l-Va.oon., ex-B.c, 01.
Tenn. 6, old, 5. Va.con. del., li.'i.
Tenn. 6a, new, 59.
stock 3.
idama Expreaa, 147. Naahville A C-, 47.
Alieaheuy Central, -N.J. Central. iS.
Alton AT. ii.. 38 orfo k A W. plil.29.
A. A T. H., pfd, 90. Northern Pae., 2(f.
American Ex.. 105. Northern P. pld.iS1,.
., C. K. A .N..7U. S. . C. A St. L., s;.
Canada Tu.,yi. N.T.C.ASt.L.. P. 18S.
Caaaia South.,1. C. A N. W., lfr-'i.
l enual Paoifie. 42V C A N. W. pld, 140.
Chesapeake AO.,11. N. Y. Central. lOr-,.
C.AO. lit pfJ, 19. Ohio Central, 11,.
C.AO. 2d nfd. 13W. Ohio A Him . 24.
Cbieato AAlton.UO. O. A Miaa. pfd. 90.
t. A. pfd, IV). Ontario a run., in.
C, B. A J.. 137S. OreoNa..lUlH.
C., bt. h A N.O., Oreiron Treaa.. 31.
C, Si. L. A P., 12. Oregon Imp., 27,.
C..S..L. AP.,p.,31. PaoiSo MaS, Hit.
C.,S. AC.,35. Panama. W.
C.AC. ,54. Peoria, D. A I., 21.
Del. A Had., 1074. Pittsburf .149.
Iel., L. A W., 127. Pullman P. C 132.
Ia. A Kio Q., 16. Reeding. 25f..
Erie, 28. Koek laland, 130.
Erie Pfd , (S.H. St. L- A B. ., -IS.
East Tenn., 3i. Ht.L.A S.Y. P, 4V,.
Kast Tenn. pfd., 6. St.L. Ad.F.lat p lu2.
Fort Wayne, 147k. C. M. A St. P.,
Uannibal A St. Jo, C. M. A St. f
n. 1Z1.
H. A St. Jo pfd,- St. P. M. A H.i 118' 4.
Harlem. 217. St. P. A Omaha, 39Ta.
duiihii a., ' ' 1 1. ram i. viu, . ,
lllinoiaUen., V$. Taraa Pacific, 12',.
Jnd. B. A W., art. Union Pacilic. ?,.
Kanaaa A T., &. V. B. Kipreaa, "..
Lake K. A W.j 12. Vr., St. L. A P.tr.
Lake Shore, VtY. W.,St. L. A P. n. 19.
tou. ANath.,4lH. W. A F. Ex.. 124.
Lou. AN. A.. 36. W. U. Tel.. 72.'
M. A C.t lat pld. Colorado Coal. 25.
M. A C. 2d pfd, - Ueacatake, la.
Mem. A Char., 35. Iron Silrer, 240.
Mieh. Central. 72. Ontario, 29.
Min. A St. L..19. Qaiokailrer.6.
M. A St. L. pfd, 4. Ouickailver pfd, 22.
Miaanuri Pao.. 110. houch Pacific
Mobile A 0., 14S. Butro, U.
Ix)ndok, February 25. Consols,
101 for both- money and the ac
count. United States bonds 4s, 12SJ ;
4Js, 114t. The amount of bullion
withdrawn from tho Bank of England
on balance to-day is Jt50,000. Tho
bullion in the Bank of Kngland in
creased 228,373 during the past week.
The proportion of the Bank of Eng
land reserve to liability, which last
week waa 48J per cent, ia now 401
pr cent.
Paris, February 25. Three jer
cent rentes, 82f. 25c. for the account.
Tho weekly statement of the Bank of
France shows an inereaao of 15,700,
OOOf gold and 1 ,032,OOOf silver.
Havaha, February 25. Spanish
gild, 240J . Exchange firm; oa the
United states, short sight gold 8
per eent premium ; oa London, 19 ;
on Paris, 5.
St. I)uis, Mo., February 25. Bank
clearings, (2,205,340; balances, $3H7,
585. '
New ' York, February 25. Ex
changes, 104,000,7211; balances, $4,
244,301. Baltimore, Md., February 25.
Bank clearings, t-',008,070; balances,
Ciiicaoo, III., February 25. The
associated bank clearings to-day were
Philadelphia, Pa., February 25.
Bank clearings, fc8,!5!l,325; balances,
Boston, Mass., February 25. Ex
changes, 113,228,839 ; balances, $2,(101,
723. Monty, 1 per cent. Exchange
on New York par to Ko discount
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed irregular: middling.
8jc. Sales, 2000 bales, including 500
Wednesday evening, of which 1150
to exports ana Houto spinners.
Keaterday. Day Before
Ordinary.. .-. 6'4 6',
uooa ordinary. :i v
wiw miuuiiua m i I a
Middlini t
(iood Middling 9 9
Middling fair.. . 9W
Fair... ..........Mom. bom
1 ili.ui: 1
Duaty.... .. 6W-fli 6i-i
Staina and tinaea 7(3la 7'.'H8,i
MxwrBta. February 25, 1886.
Stock, September 1, 1885... 1.392
Received to-day 1.97
Reoeived prerioualj 442,831 . 486,210
Shipped to-day .... 2.391
Shipiwd previously 345,245
Burnt. eU)....
Borne oonaumption to date .........
Stook. running aoooant...
Thua far thil week.....
Thua far laat week....
Since September lat..
, 11,42
. 484.818
MempL'.aand Charleaton Railroad..... 261
Miaaiaaippi and Tenneaaee Railroad. 326
Louiayilla and Naahville Railroad... 198
Memnhiaand Little Rock R. R 42
C 0. and S. W. K. K 51
Kanaaa City.Springfield and M. R.R. ' 80
Memnhia. Behna and Br u Daw 'k R.R. 2 7
Kteamera : 722
Wacona and other aourcea....... 1(X)
Total. ..... .
Thua far this week
Tbua far laat week .
Sinoe September lat
.. 1,WT
. . 11,402
... 8,2i3
Memphis and Charleaton Railroad... 290
Louisville and Naahville Railroad.... (H4
Steamera north... 1,500
Total 2,391
New York spots opened iuict,'iind
closed ipiiet and steady. Sales, 2H5
bales. Quotationa were as follows:
Yesterday. Duy before.
urrtinarr.. i'
(4ood ordinary... T
Low middling 8 7-16
Middling K74
(lood middling. 9l4
Middling fair 9?
Fair 10s J
8 7-16
New York futures opened easy,
and closed quiet, and 5 to 8 points
lower, the latter on distant months.
Kales, 112,200 bales. The closing quo
tations were as follows, as compared
with yesterday:
' " Yeaterday. Day before.
February.............. 8.70 nom. ' 0.75 nom.
March ...... 8.71H 8.12 8.77(9 8.78
April . 8.82 4 ..... 8 884 8.89
May. . 8.92 S.91 9.00
June V.m 9.(2 9.0S 9.19
July. .08r4 9.09 9.16
Auguat 9 .5 4 9.16 9.22 9.23
September 8.99 S 9.(1) 9.05 a 9.06
October ..87(9 S-.'W B.W9 8.9:1
November 8.81 J 8.33 8.S6J 8.87
The New Orleans sst market oened
weak, and closed weak and irregular,
and l-10c lower. Sales, 5000 bales.
:'i ' Yeaterday Day before.
Ordinary . tv'i 6 13-16
flood ordinary .. 7 . . 7 7-16
Low middling 'l ' 713-16
Middling . .J 8 5-16
Good middling . 8-16 Vi
The New Orleans future market
opened steady at decline, and closed
steady and (i to 10 points lijwer.
Sales," 52,!KK) bales. The closing quota
tions were as follows, as compared
with vesterdav:
..... Nominal.
8.16 8.1H
8.27 m 8 2ft
8.40 4 8.41
8.W 8 54
8.64 '4 8.6"
8.6Jf$ 8.l7
8.49 J 8 51
8 ::i. 8 40
8 36 a 8 37
Day before.
8.29'4 8.31
8 4 H.2I
8.3VI 8.;6
8.49 ' 8.50
8.62JJ 8. 6)
8.7:t'4 8.74
8.76 4 8.77
8.57' 8.59
8 47'4 8.19
8 42 -4 8.44
Mar"li ....
het'temher ....
Ootobe' .
December 8.: 8.:.9
Tone. lHeo'ta.1 Price. lStocli.
D.v e:iay.
69 1' 8 9-16
2,17vi 8 5-16
N Urle;mh
3t 3t
Mobtlo ....
. 612
Haiti Tnore
New York
Bu-ton ....
1 1
? a
50 9
U9 1-16
l,2iO. 8 7-16
2.J8 '
St. LouiaJ
Total receipta at porta, thia day, W.. 7,:J5
Total reoeipta at porta, thia day. 188o....l:',tf i
DS6. 1885. 1HS4.
R'ta at U.S. porta, I
5 daya 70,801 41.836: 56,691
Ezporta to Great
Britain S9,14(l 35.61 43.4S2
Stook -. l,fcSS,475 818,607 94,104
Rec'ti linoe Sept. '
lt ... 4.4fi,.V6 4,844, 5W'4,S26,99
IW ..HW ........ T,.'7-I t, i',r-.
Foreign eiporU...l2.hT9,W:3,'J.l.453;2,'.j3,340
Iucreaee in receipU thia year......-..140,977
Liverpool spots at noon were quoted
dull in buyers' favor. Sales, S000
bales, of which t'rfiOO were American,
lteceipts, 000 bali-s, of which 0100
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4 !d;mHd ordi
nary, 4ld; low iiiiddlintr, 4 ll-ltWl;
gotsj middling, 5Jd; middling uplauils,
4 U-ltxl; midillintf Orleans, 4jd.
At 2 p.m. prices had de liiied Jd on
ordinary, Jd on low middling, 1-KmI
on middling, Jd on km middin;, as
follows : Ordinary, 4d ; (food ordinary,
41d; low middlini;, 4 9-llid: likkI mid
dlini;, 5d; middling uplands, 4jd;
middling Orleans, 4 13-l(id.
1 1 he prim are miim in ivwr and oitM.
thin: 4 63 meant 4 63 0 Id., and 6 01
INAIIM 5 1-04.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
dull; February-March, 4 4tl ; March
April, 4 4tid; A'pril-Mav, 4 4S.1; May
June, 4 50d; June-July, 4 52d; JulV-
AUiruhl, ; AUKUst-neptember, 4 otkl.
At 2 p.m.: Liveqvool futures were
weak, Febmary. 4 45d sellers: Feb
ruary-March, 4 45d sellers; March
Annl. 4 45d sellers: A mil-May. 4 47d
sellers; May-June, 4 4!kl geUers; June-
July, 4 aid value; July-August, 4 4d
sellers; August-September, 4 57d sell
At 5 p.m. : 1 Jvenool futures were
quiet and steady and l-32d lower;
February, 4 45d sellers f February-
lt u j .-I .11 a l . Fi
n i.ju neiiemj Aiarcii-Apru,
4 45d sellers; April-May, 4 47d sell
ers; May-June, 4 4dd sellers; June
July, 4 51d sellers ; Juiy-Aii'mst, 4 54d
sellers; Au(just-Sptember, 4 fskl sell
The following were the bills and
oilers made at the Call Board of the
Merchants' Kxchauge yesterday :
No. 2; while, spot, 41 c bid, 42 Jc
asked ; Jebruary, 41 Jc bid, 42Jc asked ;
March, 41 c bid, 43e asked; April,
43o bid j Mav, 44c o. t.bid, 40c asked ;
No. 2, spot, 3Ue o. t. bid ; February,
3c o. t.bid ; March, 3!c o. t. bid. 40c
asked; April, 41 Jc bid,43c asked; Mav,
42Jc bid, 43c asked.
No. 2, white, spot, 34c bid; Febru
ary, 34 Jc o. t. bid. Stic asked ; No. 2,
sjsit, 34Jc o. t. bid, 35c asked.
SH.t, $14 25 bid; February, $15
asked; March, $15 25 asked; April,
15 50 asked.
Spot, $2 bid. $2 15 asked ; February.
$2 bid; March, 2 20 aske.l; April,
2 10 bid, $2 25 asked; May, $2 30
Cons White, 47c; mixed, 4ilc, fitdn
store ; from levee or depot, white, 44c ;
mixed, 42e.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c ; prime,
75(St80c; prairie, 5(c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice, J14 5(XM5;
prime, S13 50(a)14 ; prairie, iHrSH 50.
Oats White, 3Kc; mixed, 37c, from
stoiv. Hound lots from levee on track
white, sacked, 35Jc ; mixed, sacked,
34 10.
Bran From store, 85e per cwt. :
round lots from levee, fl5 50ltl per
Brans Navy. $2 25; medium. S2.
Kick Louiniana, 4i((j5ic; Carol ina,
Oatmkat. In half-barnds.JS 50 from
Cohxmeai, Standard, $2 10(5.2 20;
iearl, t3ei'41 25 from Btore ; 5c cheaper
Irom mill, levee or track.
Fi.ocit From st ire, double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, $4(i4 25;
choice. .14 25(4 40; fancy, $4 '75(5)5;
extra lancv,!?.j 25(;i5 75; patents, $(i)
025; round lots from letee ortriu'k, 10c
cheaper; car lots choice, $3 85(i'4 05;
family, J3 (HK?-3 75; fancy, $4 JKIi 4 50;
extra fancy, $4 75fe5; iMitents, $5 25
(m5 t0.
IIominv and Grits From store,
$2 75(W3.
Chackkd Wheat In half-barrels,
$1 from store.
Ciiack Kits Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
treble extra, 5c; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7c; finger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted jumbles, Do.
Kansas Citt, Mo., February 25.
Wheat steady: cash, 73Je asked;
Mtrcb, 74Jc asked: April 76c bid, 78c
asked; May, 70 ('.79je. Corn steady;
cash, 28Jc; March, 28 Jo bid, 28io
aiked; April, 2!jc bid, 301c asked;
My, 31 Jc bid,31,c a&ked. Oata cash,
27 Jc.
St. Loris, Mo., Februtry 25. Flour
active and firm; XXX, 33 15;
family $3 25 3 35; fancy, 3 75
4 75. Wheat quiet and lower; the
market opened firm and advanced jc,
but later wtakfnfdstariily,r,d cloatd
Jc lower than yesterday; No. 2 red,
cash, 2c; Mrcb,92.-; May, !'4i(c!)5Sc,
closing at 94jc; June. 95c. Corn
quiet and easier; No 2 mixed, cah,
3o3.rio; Febrrjary,3c8c; March, ;-5Jc
bid; May, 36J37jc, closing at 36aa.
Oata very qiiet and lower; No. 2
mixed, taih, 29Jc ; February, ZOc.
asked; May, 31 Jc. Rye quiet and
firm, OOJo bid. Barley veiy dull; 60
80c for American; Canada, 80. 95c.
Hay fairly active: timothy firm, $U
14 ; prairie weak, $5 757 50. Flax-eetd
quiet bat firm, $1 10. Bran dull and
easy, 64(265c, according to location.
Cornmeal firm, $ 1 9C2. Receipts
Flour, 2000 brls; wha, 10,000 ba;
corn, 125,000 bu:oaH, 16,000 bu; rye,
none; barley, 2000 bu. Shipments
Flour, 9000 brls; wheat, 14,000 bu:
corn, 9000 ba; oau, 5000 bu ; rye, 3000
bu; barley, none. .
Afternoon Board. Wheat easy and i
ic lower. Corn c lower. Oats
shade easier.
Chicago, III., February 25. The
temper waa very strong in wheat t
the opening, May delivery starting at
8ije and advancing to 86 jc, which
proved to be the top figure for the
day. TbeBeerbohm cablegram quoted
an advance in California wheat, and
cargoes oflf ccat were reported as very
firmly be d. The amount of wheat on
ocean passage showed a alight increase
over last week, but tt BnOiciect to
have any effect upon pi ices. The ad
vent of cold aud stormy weather also
bad an appreciable effect in streRgth
enicg va urs. Larye offfringp, Low
ever, Cituscd a bro-ik to 8'J Jc, followed
by a rellv to 83 J, followed again by a
drop to 8"ijc, the market closing at 1
o'clock ar 85 15-ltic. In the afternocn
May declined to 8 11-lOc and c'ojt-d
at 85jc. The receipta of corn were
very large and the feeling throughout
was heavy, the ia'est trading prices
being jc under yesterday. Oats also
rulod heavy, doting a lower. Flour
dull; Southern winter wheat flur,
$4 40ft4 85; Wisconsin, $41 65;
Michigan, $4 504 75: patents, $4 05
(i)5; low a' a lee, $3305;rye flour,
$3 30 50; bnckwhtat flour, $3 50
4 25. Wheat opened ttrong, Jc higher,
advanced fc addiiiona', declined c,
rallied ie, declined c, and closed Jc
lower titan yesterday. Sales rang?a:
February, 804.a81Jc, closed at 80;c;
March. 80 j81c, cloaed at SOjc; May,
8ijffii86ic, closed at 85 15-16c; June,
87 jrt8 jc, closed at 87 j c ; No. 2 spring,
80;82c; No. 3 spring, 7173c. Corn
quiet and easier; cash, 37 fa 37 Je;
February, 37J37Jc, cloeed at 37Jc;
March, 40j(arW:c, closed at 40 -18c.
Oata dull and easy; cash, S.te; Febru
ary March. SSJc; May, 32jr32;c,
closed at 3Jc Rye itsadyj Nj. 2,
59s. Barley oominal; No. 2, (0c.
Rfceipta Flour, 11,000 brla; wheat,
17,10;) bu; corn, 334.000 ba; oats. V
000 bn; rye, 1000 ba; barley. 27.1XX)
ba. Shipments Flour, 12.000 brls;
wheat, 18,000 ba; corn, 182,000 bu;
oat 82,000 ba ; rye, 10,000 ba ; bailpy,
13,000 ba.
Afternoon Board. Wbetu easier,
Mav closins at 852c Corn eaJT : Mav.
40; .v. Oata unchanged.
Buttkr Creamery, 38(A40; dairy,
25c; butu-rine, 14lc;,cot'otry,
! j(18;, according to conditien.
CiiKKeB Prime flats, 7(?4c; New
York faj-tory, 8c; full cream, 11 Jl2e;
Y. A., llj(l.'c.
Mass I'okk Old, $10 75(a,l) per lr-
rel: new. $11 75(412 ter baml: stitrar-
cured hams, packtxf, 9J(M0jj bivak-
last bacon, tsuiw; ciearnn iacoii, tj
(2'Jc. j
Bulk Tork Clear sides: 6(eK-.lc:
clear rib sides, 5,(oMic ; long clear, 5 j
5jc; slioulders, 44jo. j
Imbo Tierces, 6i6ic; Jiall-tiar-
half-bucketo, 7J7Jo; 50-lb fine, tli
6ic; 20-11) tins, tifffltiJcjlO-lb tins, 6;
7c; 5-lb tins, 7(17c; 3-Il tins, (o)
7Jc; choice kettle, tierces, 7"Jc.
Fkksii Mbath Bff 41ood Kansas
City sUhts, heavy, Ho; light, 77Jc;
cows ami heifers, tijc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 8 Jc; pork, 0c.
Pms-raiCT Brls, $S8 50; half-brls
$;t(5)3 25. J ' .
Nw Obj.ians, La., Febnwrr 25.
Pork dull, weak and lower at $10 25.
Lard, 6.90c. Bulkmeat saouldnre,
3Jc; long clear, 5Jc; clear rb, 5 00c.
Bacon shoulders, 4 Jc ; lone clear, 6Jc ;
clear Tiba, 6)o. Hams, 99k.
CirtciNHATi, O., Febmary p. Pork
easier, $11. Lard doll anil lower,
5 90c. Bulk meats easier; skouldera,
4c; abott rib, 6 Jo, Bacda doll;
shoulders, 4c; ehort rib, 6c; abort
clear, 6c Batter extra Ntrthweet
ern creamery, 34 35c; goodjto prime
creamery, 2O30c; choice til, 12
15c. Fzgs lower owing to eavy re
ceipts, 16c Cheese firm; rime to
choice cored Ohio factory, SJlOo.
Ht. Louis, Ho., February 25. Pro
visions very dull and generally easier.
Pork weak at $11 10. Lard nominally
52c. Balk meats loose lota, long clear,
5.45c; short ribs, 6.55c; short clear,
6.70c; boxed lota, long clear, tie; short
rib", 5 Jc; short char, 6c. Bacon dull;
long clear, 6.85c; short ribs, 6.856c;
shcrt clear, 6 106Jc. Huns, 8J
11 Jc. Batter quiet, bat steady; cream
ery, 2430c bid; dairy, 18.5e. Eggs
steady, 14 Jc. i
Chicago, III., February fi. Mess
pork ruled dull and heavy early, but
Degan to decline under free offerings,
dropping in the afternoon 60s b.i'rel
under the cloning figures yesteiday,
rallied trifle and closed steady.
Lard also cloned 510c lower. Mess
pork active and lower : cash, $10 75;
February and March, III) 7WilO H,
cloaed a. $10 75 : May, $10 85 11 15,
c osed at 111)87. .Lard weak and
lower; rash, 6 97Jc; February and
March, 57J6.05c, rlosed at697c;
Mav ,6 05(0.15c. cloed at 6 05(4 074c.
Boxed meats steady, dry salted
shoulders, 3.954o; short rib "idee,
6.40 1; short cle.tr sides, 6(5 80r.
Butter quiet; creamery, 2ti33nj
dairy. I530e. Eggs easy at 17J18e.
" Afternoon Boint. Pork 15o lower,
Lard 2Jj lower.
Soap $23 50 er case. u i
Coffkk -Common, 7J85cj ordi
nary, !)9lc; priino Rio, 10llc;
choice to fancy, 11 jl-ic; oldgcivern
ment, 2:t25c; Ceylon, 20c.
. Si'oab Eastern yellow, ..!71c ;
pure w. c. white, (ij7c; olf white, ti
taOjc; yellow clitrified, 6j(!jc; ocn
kettle, 5?(llc; refined A, 77ic;
gi-anulated, 7Jc; powdered, Hjc; cut
loaf, 8Jc.
Salt-$1 2(VS1 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine, $1 50; coarse, $1 10; ooketH,
bleached, 2j7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Molassks Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c: prime to choice, l(i'55c;
syrup, 2540V ; common to fiiir, , 25
Me ; prime to choice, oo'" 40c.
Candies Sticks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 78o.
Candles Full weight. lOJffillo,
Tobacco Common, 11-inrh, 27
30c; other grades and styles. 25K5t-.
Snuff (lam-tt's, $ 10 8o jsr case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. J(., $9 50.
Cannko (itHiDs, Etc. Prices js-r
dozen: Pineapples,! 1 35 1 (i5;peaches,
2-lh, standard, $1 351 50; seconds,
$1 1 5(n 1 25; tomatoes, 2-lh rtundiird,
1 10;" 3-11), $1 35; strawlierries, $1 40a)
1 00; raspberries, $1 151 25; black
berries, fll 15; greengages, $1 00
175; pears, $22 25; plums, $100
1 70; asparagus, S2 Wh 4; green corn,
$l(il 35; green peas, $l()2 25; cove
oysters, full weight; 1-11), ill 10;
cove oysters, full weight, 2-lh, $1 75
1 H5c; cove oysters, light weight, 1-11),
05(!; cove oysters, light weight, 2-11),
$1; condensed milk Crown, J5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; Swiss, $6.
Havara, Febmary 25. Sugarqniet;
centrifugal, 89, $2 gold per quintal.
Ntw York, February 25. Coffee
options iteady and quiet; ssles, 8500
basts; February, 6.80c; Match t3 May,
6 65c; Jane, 6 70s; July-Auenst, 6.70
6;- November, 6.80c; December,
6 85c. Su;ar refined steady and quiet;
monld A, 6jri; powdered, 6 Jc; granu
lated, 6Js; cubes, 6?c. Molasses steady
and quiet. ' -'
A PiM.Ks Apples, $2 252 50 from
store; $2 32 25 pt'V car-loatl from levee
or depot. Dried apples, 3S4c , per
pound from store. Dried ieaohes, 3
4c from store.
: Potatoes Potatoes, $2 25ffi2 50 from
store, $22 25 jmt car-loal from levee
or dcot.
Veuktabi.es Onions, J2 "53 25
from store ; 2 002 85 from levee or
depot. Cabbage, J4 50 ler crate.
Kraut, barrels, ,(( 0 50; half-barrels,
2 753.' (iarlic, 40tHlc jht 100.
FnriT Oranges, l)iiisiana, none;
Florida, none; Messina, $ i 50 er
Ixix. 1'iiions, $44 50 it box.
l!annias, 50c 100 per buiu li. Cocoa
nuts, J4 per 100. Peanuts -Virginia,
07e; Tennessee, farmer's slock, 2-J
3c; reclcaned, 3Vrt4c; roa-leil, L'lc
higher; shelled, 10c. Almonds, 18
20c. Chestnuts green, 12l(ji-t6c; dry,
Raisins I'indon layers, J3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
J3 50(i.4.
IVki.es In jars, pints, !; quarts,
$1 .r0; half-gallons, $2 50 ; gallons,
$3 75; ltsise, barrels, $; Imlf-barTels,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 .V); mixed,
Pkcans Texas, 810c fer small to
medium, 10 1 4c for large; Arkansas
3 5c.
Wai.nct French, 12c; N.iples, 15e;
Grenobles, l.V:. Filberts, 1:V.
CllKit Missouri, t77 50 ler barrel
and J44 50 x-r half-barrel. Vinegar,
1 l10c per gallon. '
Poultry Turkeys, js-r dozen, 8
12; geese, $:Ka;4 ; ducks, l3; chickens,
good demand $23; dressi-d turkeys,
scarce, 12c er pound.
Fish Mackerel, hulf-bamls, No. 1,
$4 304 75; No. 2, $3 W($3 75; No. 3,
12 ,&iY.i; 10-ID kit, i0. 1, HU-; So. 2.
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, OOo. Dry herrings,
faimiy, Zte ier oox.
tiAMK entson, whole, M!k ; sad-
dies, 68o; tn'ar, OffSc; niM turkevs.
50(i,75c; ducks, 1 B02 50; squirrels,
75c; quails, 75'f 1 prairie chiekens.
$5 ; game fish, 0Sc.
Etios Firm, 24
BaettlMti AMD TIM.
BAOOtNn Jute, 9Jllc; flax, 10
lOJc, according to weight. Tie, $1 20
1 25.
A1L8 TZ 4.J 70.
firvtl Vftll v.r.wl at ilmw.t on.l u.'ltuif
$8 per ton ; on bank of river (f. o. b.
hoat(, $6; wagon at mills, fS. Meal
Prime f. o. b., $15 per ton. Lew than
car-load lots, $15 60. From store, 90c
wr sack. Cibib Nominal : fill tier
ton. On. In ear-load lots, prime,
crude C 8. oil, 2223c; prime sum
mer yellow, Lt)).a).c; oil-summer yel
low, 2520c; miners, 27t0c; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2830c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lota, He per gallon.
CutVRLANn. O.. February 25. retro.
learn, quiet; s. w., 110, 8jc.
PiTTSBt'Kfl, Pa., February 25. Pe
troleum (airly active and tirm; Nation
al Transit certificates opened at 80j,
and closed at 792c; highest price, 80c;
lowest, 78(3.
Whibt fitralsht Kentucky Bour
bon. $1 606; rye, $1 756; domes
Uc, 90cfl 60.
Ht. Lot'is, February 25. Whisky,
firm, $1 10.
Ciiicaoo, February 25. Whisky
steady, $1 10.
Cincinnati, February 25. Whisky
active anal tirm at tl 10. Sales of 990
barrels finished gtxsls on this basis.
Hobsks Good driving, $150225;
gotxl saldle,$140 o)300; plugs, $35 80;
good mares, $85 140.
MllLKS 14J to 15,$110(ii)135; 15 to
15J, $125140; 15J to 10, $140175.
(iood demand; supply fair.
Cattlb Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 44Jo; good, 3J
4c; choice grass-fed, 3J(t3je; gooif, 3
(eJ3Jc; fair to medium, 2J2ic; com
mon, j2c.
lloos -Choice, 3j4cj gisid, !IJ
3Jc; common, 331o.
Sheep Choice, 4 al4Jc; medium, 3
3Jc; common, $11 oil.
Cincinnati, O., Febmaiy 25 Hosts
quiet; corrmon aid light, 13 6W.ii4 30
packing and butchers, $4 10;o,4 60. Re
ceipts, t1504 head; shipuienti, 8718
Kansas City, Mo., February 25.
The Jam Stock indicator reports: la'
tie Receipts, 1106 bead; shipments,
none; shippers' and butchers' steady;
S' ockera' end feeders' asti ve and strong ;
exporters, 15 uo& 5; good to choice
sbippimr, $15; common to medium.
$44 60; stockersand feeders, $3 25
4 10; cows, $2 403 30. Hog Re
ceipt , oiui neaa; sDipmente, none;
active and 6c higher; good to choice,
$44 25 ; common to medium, 13 7l'
3 90; skips and pigs, $1 603 60.
8heep Receipts, 18 head; shi omenta,
none ; stea 1y ; good te choice, $3 4 1 5 ;
common to medium, J2 2U J 90.
Chicago, III, February 25. The
inovtn Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 9000 head; shipments, 4000
head; market active and a shade
lower; shipping steers, 950 to 1500
pounds, $390550; two cars extra,
170!) to 2000 pound', $6 60; cows, balls
and mixed, $1 764 ; Blockers, f'i DU
3 30; through Texas cattle, $3 50
4 35. Hogs, receipts. 3.000 hes
shipments, 10,000 head; market slow
and 10c lower; rough and mixed,
$3 90 4. 20; packing and shipping,
$4 204 50; light, $3 804 25; skips,
$2 7.r3 75. Sheep receipts. 3000
head; shipments, 15C0 bead; markvt
strong; natives, $2 605 50; Texans,
5. zo ; lambs, 4( w.
Nxw Yokk, February 25 A rairi'
h storm hiving prevailei all day, the
the demand of agents baa been more
moderate in all departments. Cotton
gtodsare firm at current quotations;
siccus small. Renfrew table damasks
are in larua demand. Production sold
to arrive and orders accepted at value
No. S3!l, R. D.-Chanoery Court of Bhelhy
County State of Tenneaaee t. W. A, Col
liar et al.
TjV virtue of an interlocutory decree fur
J aale, entored in thi atjove eauae on the
121b day of Jannrr. 1HSU, M. 11. . M. Pane 3i.
1 will aall, at public auction. In the hivheat
binaor, in Irtini 01 inn uicra ana Master a
ollice. Cotirt-houae of Sbelliy county, Mm
pbia, Tenn , on
Nntardny, March IS, l)i,
within leral honra, the followln deacribed
property, aitnated in Jjhelby eounty, lenn.,
"The weal part of lot 249, frontlnir 24 feet t
inebca on the north aide of Madiaon atreet,
northeaat corner of alley eaat of Main atreet,
and running back 74, feet. Hold aa prop
erty of II. L. Urinklor and othera.
Lot m and part of KM, in lot 479, frontlnr
00 feet on the north aide of Court atreet and
runnini back WA feet in depth, bold aa
property of aame partiea.
Terma of Bale On a credit of aix montha,
note bearini intereat. with aeeurity, re
quired; lien retained i redemption barred,
'i'hia February 17. 1IW.
S, I. MoDO WELL. Clerk and Waiter.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
If. U. 4 C. W. Beiakell.aola. th
Notice of Dissolution.
TUB trm of R. E. LEE A CO., oompoaed,
of R. K. Lee and John Reid, haa thia
day been diaeolved by matual eonaent, Mr.
John Reid retirine; from the bmineM. Ihe
buaineaa of eaid firm will be eontinoed
nnder the aame name by Mr. R. K. Lee.
who aneceeda to the aame, and aaavmee all
llahilitiee and ia authorind to celled all
debte due aaid lat? firm.
Metnphia. Feb. 17, 181. h. K. LKK.
.on-Rehldent Jiotlce.
No. 32I9I74).R.I).-In the Chancery Court
nf Mielby County, Tenn. Stale of Tennea
aee ra. W. K. Ilulleret al.
It a penrina: from the bill which ia aworn
to in thia caune that the dufendanU.il. It.
t'laflin k Contpan are recidenta of New
Ycrk; that .Mra. Mamaret Oivena and
l.ivena. her hucbaml, are reidenta of 'nli-,
fnrnia: that Mra. Mary Ann Keouidi and
ke"ugh, her hubitnil, a-e reaidinta of lre
Iwnd: that .1. H. Chalmers and Kbfffa
Chalmera, hia wile, and Jauica 1'. l)oyle are
reaiilnnta of Miiaiaaiiini ; that Frank rraycr
and Floicnce grayer, hia wile, and Theodore
lWkaon, are reaidenta of Ltiuiainna; that
Mra. Mria 1'. l'ainh a reaidentnf Wtacon
am: that J. M. llr:klfy ia a resident of
Mifaia.lppi ; tiint Ann. O. Miller la a rcaident
of the Btata "it Kentucky: arid John II.
bmith a reaident t the rotate of Ohiot and
that all of aaid partiea are non-reaidenta of
the htate of Tenneaaee. Audit appearing
from bherifl'a return herein that detendant.
1). A. ilarrell. Vt'. C. Milla, J. 11. Nelaon,
(Jeoree Cooler, Arthur Merritnan. Ellen F.
Hurler. J. B. Waaaon, Janiea Curran. K. A.
Capderille, Thomaa (i. Anderann. Annie
Walker, are not lobe lound in bie eounty:
It ia therefore ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at the coarthouae of
Baelhy county, in Meinphia, Tenn., on or be
fore the firat MnnUay in March, Isnti, and
plead, antwer or demur to complainant,
bill, or the aame will be taken foreonfeaaed
aa to them and aet for bearing el parte; and
that a copy of thia order be pubhahed once
a week for four auoea.ive weeka in the Meru
phia Appeal. Thia Tin day of January, laati.
A copy Atteat :
H. I. MrDOWELL, Clerk and Maater.
By II. tf. Walah, Deputy Clerk and'Maaur.
J. W. Hampton, bvl. for cumpl'iU. ri
-Coaiosi, 5 p.m.
.Anaanais Citt, 10 a m.
.Ohio, 5 p.m.
..Dial Anas, S p.m.
TtptonTille.. ..Garoan, 12 m.
Cincinnati V. P. Friiaci, 5 p.m.
Whit Rtrer DiHiiit, A p.m.
Arkanaa Rirer.E. W. Cols, 6 p.m.
New Ortaa.. City Nv Oilsah, 4 p.m.
St. Lou!a... .....Citt or Virtaat ao, a.m.
rrtW. Kate Adams. Arkansas
City; Uayofto, 1'iptonville; Ohio, Oin
rinnati. Departure. Kate Adams, Arkansas
Beat tti fort 4iayHi and Ohio.
Boat Due Dovm. New Mary Hous
ton, IVan Adams and Arkansas Citv.
Boati Da rp.-Coahnma, K. W.
Cole, Itene Maereadv, LHmet and U.
1'. K henek.
axlata Tealrlaiy.
Kate Adams- 130 Iwlee cotton, 10
bgs seed-eotton, 2titM nks sihhI, 73 pkgs
tiayoso 74 bales ootton,S3 bgs seed
cotton, 40 sks seed, 1!) bgs peanuts,
S'-'OK sks eom.ttj hd hogs, 7:1 pltg mer
cliuiidiw. Ohio 2315 brls potatoes, 402 sks
corn, ;il." kegs nails, 1175 empty oil
barrels, 500 bxs standi, 15 brls oil, 78
ear axles, 35 tutles liav, 0 bales cotton,
9 hd mules, 11 hd hogs, 5 skill's, I'Jtil
pkgs sundries.
Tiik great iron steamer Charltw P.
Chouteau, dipt. Win. II. Thorwegan,
ia tlie next regular packet for New Or
leans and nl w ay landings.
Jmk TVan Adanm, Capt. Henry
Cooper, is the packet this eveuing at
IS o'eliH'k for ( Isceola and the uper
bends. Wm. iSmither is in her ollice.
Tiik Coahoma, Capt. Thos. Claggett,
is the Mu ket this evening at 5 o clock
for Helena, Friars Point and all wsy
landings. Will Aidiford is in her ut
Tub Arkansas City, Capt. 11. W.
Rrnlaxki.isthe Anchor Line packet this
morning at 10 o'clock for Vick.iburg
and the bends. Chas. Quesnel is her
Tiik City of Vieksbtirg.Capt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet U
morrow morning at tl o'clock for Cairo
and St. 1 ,011m. (ieorge Walton is her
Tiik City of New Orleans, Capt. A.
.1. Carterwill puss down to-morrow
evening at 4 o'clock for New Orleans
and all iuteriiitHliiitn point. Archie
(hhIh is luir cTerk.
Tiik O. Line steamer U. P. Schenek,
Capt. J. L. Carter, will puss up this
evening at f o'clock for Cincinnati and
all intermediate landings on the Ohio
river: Hick liurus has charge of her
Tim E. W. Colo, Cant. FaI. Now
land, is tho packet to-morrow evening
at o o clock for all points on Arkansas
river, going through to Pine lllutl. J.
N. Thompson and Unfits Foster are
lier clerks.
Tiik liayoso, ('apt. W. P. Hull, hay
ing been unavoidably detained by fog
and bad weather, will leave to-day at
12 o'clock for Hales Point, Tipton
ville and nil way landings. Jcmho P.
Walt is in her ollieo.
Tiik Ohio, Capt. M. M. Deem, is tho
packet this evening at 5 o'clock for
Cairo, lxuiinville, Cincinnati and all
way landings on the Ohio river.
Harry Proctor and Hurry llest are
her clerks. The Ohio will give cheap
rates to all points North and Hast.
Tiik l)o Hmet, Cupt. Milt It. Huny,
is the packet to-morrow evening at 5
o'clock for all points on White river,
going through to Newport and milking
connections with packets for l'pier
White ami Muck rivers. Albert Ale
Ghee and Hugh Smith are her clerks.
Ur.ir.K4L HEW).
lii'HiNKss fair.
Wrath kr clear and cold.
Tiik Kilns P. Coo, with a tow of pro
duce boatHj paused up yesterday for
the Ohio river.
Tiik steam tug A. M. .Tones, after
undergoing thorough repairs, resumed
operations yesterday.
Ukckiits by river yesterday 510
bales of cotton, 3.'( bags of seed cotton
and 2"U0 sacks of seed.
Tiik river here stands L".l feet ft
teulliH on the gunge, a ri.se of 2 tenths
in the last twenty-four hours.
Tun ferryboat John Overton go'S
through to Mariiin, mill hcrcuftcr will
iii.ike two trips a duv us long as the
water will permit, leaving here at 0:30
o'clock H.111. and 2 p.m.
Tiik Knte Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 430
bales ol cotton, 10 luigx of seed-cotton
and 2(IK) sacks of seed, anil returned
a train laxt evening with a good trip.
Tiik Ohio, Cupt. M. M. lh'em, ar
rived yesterday evening from Cincin
nati with 5325 piu'kugfM of miscellane
ous freight for this pluco, and leaves
aguin this evening for tho Ohio river.
J us becretary of tlie Jreasury yes
terday appointed Christooher J." M u r-
Jihy to lie instHH'tor 01 hulls, amf
ames II. .Moon! to he inspector of
boilers, at the port of Kvansville, Ind,
Tn Oayoso arrived last evening
from Point I'leuxant with 74 bales of
rottoil, bags of seed-eotton, 40sacks
of shm1, II) bugs of peanuts, 2208 sacks
of corn, 02 head of hogs and 73 pack
ages of sundries. Sho w as delayed by
bad weather and fog, and returns to
the Tipper ImmiiIs to-day at 12 o'clock.
Trm current in front of the city is
so strong that heavy tows are com
pelled to double-trip it. The Wlus P.
Coe found it neeewoiry yesterday to
leave part of her tow at Fort Picker
ing till she had p.insed the city, re
turning for it after the first half of her
tow had successfully breasted the cur
rent. Tiik. TUwh Si'i,; 2llli: Mr Albert
S'hinkle, chief clerk of the Oolden
Utile, is routined to his room on the
boat by illnchH. The (iuldcn liulc has
fifty passengers registered for her
Mardi ( Iras trip to New Orleans, and
a splendid cargo in silit. Walter
h'hinkle and Jesse Nichols will be her
KvAXfvii.LC, Ferirurtry 25. Noon
River falling. Weather cooler. De
parted: Charles Morgan, noon.
Wukelino, February 25. Noan
Uiy; r7 feet .10 inches on the tango and
falling. Weather cloudy and cool.
PinTBUBt!, February 25. Noon
River 4 feet 11 inches on thn gatnrv
and etationsiy. Weather cloudy and
Cincinnati, February 25. Noon
River falling, with 23 leet 6 inches on
the gauije. Weather e'ear and grow
ing (older; rain last night.
Louisville, February 25. Noon
River filling, with feet 8 inches in
the canal and 7 feet 0 inches on the
falls. BasinfM good. Weather cold
and windy. Mate J axes Bbaw of the
Bin Wing is reported shot atTyrosa,
np Kentucky river.
Cairo, February 23. Noon Rivar
37 feet 5 inches on the gange and falling
Wasther clear nd cool. Arrirsd:
Will 8. Hays, New Orleans, 9 p.m.;
Aikansas City, 8t. Louis, 6 a.m. De
parted: Will 8. Mays, Ht Louis, S Am.;
Mary Houston, New Orleans, 7 Am. ;
Arkansas City, Vicksbnrg, 11 a.m. .
Own Pioaai. fTic, V. 8. A.,
Mssrata. Taa., February , 1 p.m.)
The following observations are taken
at all atation aamed at 75 meridiaa time.
wnirn ia one nonr laater man wempnn 11 me.
lew water
Cairo...-. .
DaTenpert. .
laeiaae. M
f onsniiu, .
Keokuk. .....
t - . 1
Little Koek
Leniarllle. .
Siaiakla, ,
Naahrille ...
Near drla'na-
?tnaha ..
ittabart ....
Bt. Lour
Ht. Paul
Hhrereporl .,
vixkabnrar ...
MvaWita of 0nm Htraana.
Nsw Yobk. February 25. Arrived:
Wl-consin, Liverpool. 1
t. LaaaaU Maaal New Orlataifaa Aaaolaear
LI-t).M. MaUI-rORMKW OK.aAhd.
City ol New Orleans rx
A. J. Carter, maater, T ,.,-
Will leave from KleTator HATVKDAaVVeb.
TTtb. at 4 p.m. tot freight or paaaaf apply
0. h. Hai l., Haa.A-i. Al NTOH M, Hup't.
Nt. . ! Mow OrlNaaa Aatrlaor
l.laie-l. H. Meall-CAIKO UT. LOUiJj.
City of Vicksburfl,
Henry Keith maater. "b
Will leareBleraur HATURDAV. Feh. VtA,
at a.m. Koe freudltor aaaaafe anplr
U I.. Hl.t, Paw. Aa;t. A P HTOHM. Hep't.
B)l. tenia and New Orleane A ax-bur
l.lur-U.N. Mall-FOR VIOKaiiUHa.
Arkansas City, JfE
Brolaakl... maater, "CtS
Will leave from Ele-ator THIS 1MY. Veb.
lh, at it) a. to . For f reiabt or pa. aam aply
0. I.. H u.. Paaa. Airt. A f KTQRM. HneX
t'or Hrloeaet, Plate) SUntT, and atll Way
Usillaia ea Arhaaaana Kiv-Hr. i
Kd Nowland maater.
Will leare HA1UKUAI, Jef. Ifith, atrp.aa.
For frelsht or paiaate avplr at No. 3 Madi
aon (treat, or lo 11. 0. LOWS, Aseat.
Call TVIpn""e No. M.
Son them Tranaiiertation Co. 0. Line For
Cairo. Louiavlll ana tlncinnall tr.
U. I. Schcnck.
1 J. a. tTarter ..maater. aaaSj,.
Will leave FKIDAI, Fee, th, at p.m.
roe freight or paaaaae aiplr la 0. B. &UH
K.L, Akent, 12 Mad nun at. Telephone CJ.
Jeiwi M. FaasaUK, l'linniir Aiaot.
Memph'g and ( Inclanatl Packet Co.
Str. OHIO,
as taar
m. via yBri-n, uHMn 4 :aSmam iwm
Will leave FRIDAY", Feb. iih, at 6 p. re.
mr Irela&t or paaare apply 10 v. o.
8KLL, Aaent. No 12 MaJiaoa at. TeUr.lwne
No aff. JOIIN !AUR. Pa.aener Agent,
bteemer UKANITK bXATB fvllowa. tea-
InaTu.n.lnr. MarjJiM
For Oaoeola, Hale Point
Ueyoao and
oao and Tiutnnrllle ih aew ateamar
W. P. Ball 49 eater I J. D. Fuller ...olr.
Ill leave aa abeve, nad all way point.
0 m. For fretwht M i.'.-aaati apnir on Koard,
-J ... 1 ..'j.1. . 1 ". .,aa
NamphMtfrlara Palait Mteaaaaaua
anal tMooola Paeaiot I'ninnaaf.
For llelena, Qlendale, Friar Point aai ail
Way Uaaaiag Bteaaer .
M. T. Olaott . maaur I Piatt Rhnuaa..
Will laave aa above en every MONO A r
WKDattUAltanurmuAi.at QQ-elool
Vit Ranilolph, Folton. Oeeeela aai Wi .
Landlnia Steamer ,,.
J. B. Cooper, maater.. ..J. W. SmltheT,ot. a
Leavea aa every MOhOAV, W iiONnUi
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boat nf thl
line reaerv th right to paa all landing
th nantaln uiny deem anaale, UOon, No. 4
M.tll.nn. .IAMKS r.KK. J , Hnp't,
.Ueiuplils and VICHSbnrfrl'ackett'oui
pany U. 8. Mall Line. 1
M. R. t!hee-s ...maater W. O. BlankerZolerk
For Helena, tiononrdla, Terrene and Arkan
aaa tlity fho alerant paaaonger ateamar
Loavaa Veutphl
p.m., reaerving Ihe right to paa all landing
theeeptan naytleeia unaafe. Jfor general
Inloriuativa apply nt oAne.Nft.t Mailiioa
atreet. n. WALWORTU. Arent.
JOHN HARK. P'r Aaent. Telephone CM.
The St. Frauds Hirer Tranatrortatloi
Co.'a ?tn Bide-W koel I). H, AUU eteamor
Re e Maereadv.- rn
0. K. Joplln-i.J...l.l.i.-.aiatiT(
At 5 o'elnek, for Marianne, the Crot-Off, and
ir.tarmedlaU landing oa rJt. Fraaol river,
iue eaptain reaervea the right to pa1
landlnaa he deoma uniafa. JAB. LEIt, Jl
S...rlnt-w. OSI. Hn. I Madiaon at
MehifiXwtflKIrcr Tkt( C
.fj. Ha SIAIXa IalSTEe
H. 0. Portal ma- C. M.foulolrl
JIrHlon, Dowa.ia BlntT, Daw Area,
liKAVim MEM PUf S Every WBDNKtiUAl,
at 6 p.m. Through rato to all point.
Fr ght oonalgned to " Memphla and White
I'rkcket Oi mpanv " befinrarded
prmntU. ti.t LOWS, Agent.
N V-tlon at Tolanho.... No. Ml.
Memiihls, Whll & Black Ulrfr Packet
For Helena, De Valla IJIufT and AngaaU.
The new and elegant aidewheel aaaenger
ateamer - -
Milt llarrv maater.
Will leave KV'titlVtiA n RlAYat6 o'cloc
p.m. Throonh rateatoall pointa. Freirbl
tiitnaigned to Milt liarrv Line. Memihla. will
be prnmntly iorward.d. W. J. P. DOYLK.
OlTioe MnHiaou at. Telephone CHfJ.
.litaHt II Faaxiu. Pataenger Agent. Tel-n.h-
Kon-Reaitlent .Notice,'
No. 5'-l". B.D. In- the Channery Court ot
BheU county, T.-nn.-C. T. (Jaintard, t-'r.,
va. W. F tlea hmao et al.
it a pearing from e-n.-n-lfd bill (worn to
tn' thia eaure that the defendant, Jaeae
Martin ilealiiean. ia a reaiden.1 ol fcueflow. r
onuni, Ma'e ! M a-ia.ippi, ands aon-reai-diiit
"f the rtate of Tenueaare: -
It ia thrreture or erao, Tnal he eaaka
hia appearanr herein, at th tourlhoaee
ol Hheloy eounty, in Memphia, Tenn.. on or
bt-fore the fir-t Monday in April, 18X3.
and pleal, anwer or demar toeoiapiainant
bill, or the aame will o taken fur eonfet ed
aa to h ut and aet for hearing ei pert!
an.i that a copy of tbla ordorbe publiahetl
one awtek. tot fear euerwwive weehe.i th
Memphl Ap .U Xhl febreiyJli,J,sftt.
A B!PIrMoMJWKLV. triirk nd Mufer.
Br 11. F. U alah, luaty Clrh nd, (Aa-Ur.
M. D. Trttevant, bol. ier ual'nt. Iri
f't '.r

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