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LcilfrCJ,Ie w Orleaas aaa Texas K'j
KkKt KAIL. bouik. fcorth.
tTJZTiB. -
Ll4 .C. V:45 p.aa 6:30 a.ss
w.ek.bnr !:. KB .
TH arrive..... J; J "!'
U,t. v :Se.a : p.aa
Ori..n H .... :3 P-: P-
kJU kot. fiuaib. j Korth.
Mem obi - HrWa.sa
fil.. ' lMCoo'n 1:46 p m
ffr.Mrr . TT. - T: 15 P.m 7: a. a.
A WIIV. all liffiMKunlBrinK Memphis.
S-With M. k S. W B. R. l..r Helena.
0 For (ireontrille and Ueatiniion, and ell
itrkeosa paints. ..
-W itb V. M. and V B. P. Railroads.
S-WiikN..J. cC.K-H. for atches end
J Par Points the Breach. .
-With steamers (or Bareuer-,
H-Wilh railroads divert lot fur Florid Hd
Coast point. ... ,
feaetaalBBl aaa ' Teaaoaaeo. - Fast
ail train leaves da.ilyt 4 30 p . ; arrives
t :4i. e.s. L-1 freight Ijeves at :
a.m. I arivee at 4:30 p.aa. Freight traiai
Vut 5 aid ru tri weekly. No. 6 laavai
Memphis Monday. Wednesday aad Friday.
iaaeaa tlly, arlBM aa How
afcla - Traiiil leave M. and T. d.pot as fol
lows: To. 4, nail and aiproif , ! daily
at 11:30 a.m.; Mo. 3, mail aad espreis. ai-
Lives aU:l p.m. No. 6. St. Loali eiurei-.
lavas daily at S.00 p.m. t No. 6, St. Louis
eire-i, arrival at I :S6 a.m.
Mesaakla aad Llitla Hack. Trains
mora at follows (central stand rd tima):
?o. 1 learee daily et b:Jb p.m.i arrlTee at
;! p.m. No. Jleevee al 4 fill a.m.: arrives
atl:Ma m. No. 6 (freicbt) liaTaa liopeteld
daily (eic.pt Uunday) at 6:00 a.m.: arrival
Ckeeaaeak. Oklo anal laatbwMl
ns 1 ratal move aa follows: No. I (taat
line dally) leaves at Ua.B. No. leavai
at 11:40 pm. daily. St. Loali fut ina
Iutu daily at :l P.m. Ho. T .,
daily) arrival at 1:30 p.m. Hail and ai
' prana arrirai daily at 3: a.m. bt. LouU
kit Una arriT daily at 06 a.m.
aaapkla mm CbMrlMiaa Tralsi
mora a fuMowi: Thruth axpraii Uav.i
daily at 10:20 p.m. bail ao4 aapraai laavai
tuly at;:10a m. CaiaorviUa aacommoda
oa lawn daily, axcapt Sunday, at 4 :3A
p.m. Tbroaab aipreM arrival daily al 5:2
a.m. XUiiaadaaprarl ar'lvai daily at 4 :U
S.m. Sowarvilia aorommodatioa arrival
aUy.'aiMpt Sunday, at i JO a.m.
lalaUU mm Wavlll TraiBi
aova a lolloai : fa't mail inlrn daily at
a;tf a.m.i laavai BtH:lU p.ai I mail laavvi
d-ily at 9:00 a.m. Brown-villa aocomrro
datiam laavai daily, aioiitbnnday, at 4.-W
p.m.; mail arrival daily at 6:0) p.m,
Braa-npvllla looommoda'lon arrival daily,
aioapt riuadar, at t 40 a.m. (lUndard tima).
nalila, ilroi"ham and Atlaa-lla-Uoiiv
Siirinn Knl Iraini mova M
fcllavf: No 1 laavai Memnhii da'ly at 3:4o
pi.: anlvoi at llollf t prion al6:J0 p.m I
No. i laavaa llnlly Hi.rinm daily at V:O0
a.m., arrival at Mamtbii at 1 il6 a.m. I No.
laavaa tlampbii dally at 7:30 p.m., arrival
at llollv Sprloai at 11:69 p.m.; No-It laavai
Bally Sprian dally at 8:30 a.m., arrival at
Mampkli at:a.m.
,. WllaiaoTOI, Fabroary , IMS. 1
: :. ,. . 1 o'clock a.m. )
For Morrti.hin -ml vicinity: Fair
. weathur, RUttonary touiorataro, blae
oraaoeut, red tar. '
Calal Wan CaaalaK.
WmxoTO, D. 0., Fabroiry 36. ISM. I
0:30 o'olackB-m. f
Obatrvar, Marapkii, Tian. i
Hotat cold wave HiRniil. Cold wave
movinfr oaHtorly from DuknU. Tom
jMiratore will (all from fifUwn to twenty
accrcw diving tho next twenty to
forty-eight bourn. iiakkn.
. '. ladleatlaaa. - j
JV Tmntet and the Ohio Valley:
OentTuUy fair weather; ttatitmary follouxd
wy tfotaty rinng temperature; northwitrrly
vimtlt, heeomingnariabk,; ruing followed
wt Um j4iyim vxtlern portion by falling,
MatralaaTloal Raparl.
Maarira, Tin., FakraaryK, 1IM.
ttoa,..p.7!l( CSS
It M p.m.. 130.1171
Matlmaa tamparatora. M.S. i
Miairaaia Uiuparatara, i&.S.
allaarvttlniaratakn oaT5 meridian
aaa, aUioli u oaa kour (aatar than looal
tima. -. '
Tbfl l)snk at Hopefleld is cutting
TW'rtinTT1i!SN for:o of tho current
now pusHinfi the city viwtcnluy swept
away a lot of piling from in front of
the Elevator.
The Alumni Association of the
Memphis Hospital Medical College
will'tneotin the main lecture-room of
tho college this morning at 10 o'clock.
-Tbe friends of Mr. E. J. Wendell
of WooilNtock will rcgnt to learn that
he dislocated bis shoulder y a fall a
day oi twosinco. He is in the city in
the ctuaof Dr. Kngcrs, anl his condi
tion mim improved yesterday evening.
This roarning at 10:50 o'clock Mr.
fiayford will conduct a Biblo reading.
This will be the lartof the series. The
snbjMVisi "The New Life; How We
vet It, aad Soros of the Evidences."
Th service to-night is for men only.
J-Ths operetta Tfct Qun of th Birdi
will fccprewmtod by the vocal class of
the tenia Female College, under the
dirvjcVon of Prof. M. H. Downs, this
Friday evening at S w'elock. Friends
and natrons or the ik.hool are inviUnl
toatUod.. i i
( Xlie young lady wImj Is celebrated
as hav'nc tlie Uuinwtfeetlnthe world,
Mim f.innie Mills, -whose father has
offureti .)000 to th young man who
wi!', fiarry herewith bur No. 30 feet)j
has fxon engaged by 'Col. Crosby, and
willfirpcar at the museum April 12. i
T Mrring liccnaea wtire Issued yes
terdfcj to the following persons: J. B.
Ciepxint and Miss -8. E. Knox, J. O.
Nock and Mrs. Lvdin . Evans. C. O
B. .Klophel and Kirs. Jt E. Blle, F. W.
Howwd and Mini Mnmio O. Clark,
Kittwl FiUs and liunih Bow, colored,
Iswic Wall uud Apgerona Armstrong,
Tlio wirvic.es held by Messrs. 8ay
font and Towner at the Court street
church continue increasing in interest
from day to day. Lout night tho spa
cious a'uditmcfl-rooin wits well tilled
with men, and Mr. Kay ford discoursed
on "The New Life." Quite a number
proTowed conversion. Mr. Hayfonl
will address a general audience this
, morning at 11 o'clock, and men only
again at 7:30 0 clock p.m. Saturday,
at 3.30 o'clock p.m., he will hold an-
' otlor mw meeting for children.
WuV.lSnrUivr, the only oricinnl
wod-wwcr ' on the miiiMtrol stage,
writ's tlic AreitAt as follows: '"I sev
ered ray relation with Barlow, Wilson
1 & luinWin'e minstrel on tho llith in-
i etant, the cause, ld tnatnient of my-
; self aud f.'imily; .The management re-
niovol my HpeeirtHy (old Southern
negro) from the bill, also barred me
from tho comedy, thus injuring my
reputation which 1 have worked hard
. and long to establish ; also, denied my
lainity means sufficient to buy food
and falr to say nothing of raiment,
Tb company continue to travel under
the same title, and are headed for the
South, and if not asking too much I
will take it m a kindnettt if you will
inform mr friends and admirer of
"old Mem'phia" why 1 do not apiear
with the company on its next visit."
Mint Ktta liwca arrived ywiterday
afternoon from New York, where ntie
Hpent several months visiting rela
tives and friends.
At IjverMK)l yenterday ainerican
wlieat wan firm with fair demand.
Holders oiler Hpariiitfly. Corn steady
with fair demand.
Cixwinu jiriees of May options at
Chieaeo yesU'rday: I'ork. 10 7'.'J;
lard, C.O-.'Je; clear rib sides, 6.471c;
corn, 40c bid; wheat, 85Je; oats,3'.'iic.
Report of tho (train Elevator yes
terday: Wheat, none received or
withdrawn : in sUire, 3057 bushels.
Corn received, 4!ri) buHhels; dis
charipMl, 15 btichels ; In store, 40,4:14
buHhels. Oats received, 1(104 bushels;
discharged, 3344 bushels; in store,
35,815 bushels.
Visitors on 'Chanjre yeHtenlay: A.
K. llobo, Mississipjii; O. G. MiJuire,
Kosedale; Cai.t. J. W. Burriss, A. K.
Ktock and William Cox, Huldwyn,
Miss.; Col. W. N. Pass, (trenada,
Miss.; Jennie W. Burke, Clarksvillo,
Miss.; KolK-rt Wilkinson, Miss Kva
Whitley, K. B. Gwyn and MissNally
Morgan, Hernando, Miss.; R.T. lamb.
Tunica; Mr. and Mrs. J. I Hmith and
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Walker, Coloralo
City; Dr. A. Br Htratton, Collierville ;
W. K. McCrary, 1-onoke, Ark.; John
Lunisden, Uimhville; Julian Barnett,
VickMbuix; F. M. Inib, Lamb, Miss. ;
A. Allen, (iirurd, Kas.
Richard D. Ne iort to M. II. and
Laura A Knox, part of lot 4a tireen
law addition, Ninth Ward, for $1200.
Tliail. riunimor and wife to A.
Zanone, west half of lot 1 Harhert
subdivision, south side Jackson street,
40U1OO feet, lorS'.'UU.
W. P. Cannon. Sheriff, to C. W,
Frarr, loU 17 and 18 block 7, Butler's
addition, north side Calhoun street,
for 1653 H5.
Ben Mas.'y and wife to W. II.
Havnie et al.. trustees, to secure J. J.
llaynie in the sura of 1 500, 70 acres In
Eleventh District. '
Minter Parkerto Robt. A. Williams,
lots 77 and 7H, John 1 ring subdivision,
on west side Laltose street, for JHO0.
John Overton, jr., to Taxinir Dis
trict of Bhelby countv, part of lot 1,
uverton nuiMiiviniiui, lor niuv.
John M. Thompson to Taxing Dis
trict of Khelby county, part of lot 2,
1. 1.'..!..!.. J t dh I
UVCrvon Huuuivifuun. iur
Clrealt f oart Plf rea, Jada-a.
The jury In the caro of U. Cohen
gainst Joe. N. Oliver, damages for
alanor. round lor defendant.
Mo, 8052, Andrew Watkins vs J. J,
Latura; stricken from docket, because
eond tions net complied with.
No. 8050, A. B. Ellis vs Mary Kelly;
judgment lor piaintiu lor property,
and aim Inst Dlaintifl for costs.
Mo. 8057, George Paine vs Mary
Kelly ; jury waived ; judgment for de
Icsdnnu No. 8738. D. W. Williams vs Waddy
Bros. : Jury, and verdict for plaintiff
and one cent damages.
Nelson Mfg. Co. vs Latgomarstno;
Indgment tar plaintiff, by consent, for
100 43.
Miry J. Ward vs J. H. Grant ;
Dial o ti S takes non-anit.
Calendar tor to-day: Noa, 8050. W.
A. Brinklay vs Louisville and Mash-
vii'e Railroad company ; 853, J. 1.
Breen vs D. D. Thomas; 8001, A.
Wbalen vs Memphis Fertilising Com
pany ; 8989, D. 0. Collier vs Memphis
and Charleston Railroad Company:
8739. Kansas City, Springfield and
Memphis Railroad Company vsEd
ward Bradley. , ,
Chaaeerr Coarl HeDawall, Cbaa-
The csseot Greenlaw against Brink
ley still drags its slow length along.
Sribts. all styles, made to order,
Memithis Steam Shirt Factory and
Laundry, 224 Second street.
Fob kalaomining telephone 600, A.
Man phis Stained Glass Works, 236
Third street. Call and see.
Skh John Lilly's card of closing out
sale, vines, liquor and cigars.
Gknbral repairing done by compe
tent workmen at the Cunninglutm
Wagon-Works, corner of Monroe and
Desoto streets.
I hb Herbal Chill Cure, the beet
toalaaad antl-rarlodlo kaowa. A oartaln
aua am a oora for obilla. Prloall par bot
tla. Ha"') atamii for sironlart. Aor raf-a-aara
clxaa. Addraaa Jobs 0. aekar.
Lrnnaoara, V a.
0. D. Smith, veterinary surgeon, oi
Mew York, bai decided to locate per
manently in Memphis. He treats all
diseases of horses, mules, cattle, sheep,
swine and dogs. Calls, day or night,
answered promptly. Office at Jones
A Oo.'s stable, 61 Monroe street ; tele-
Bhone 462. Henidence, Fransioli
ionae; telephone 82.
Mr Wattetaaa'a Caadltlaa.
Louisvillk, Ky., February 25. Mr.
Watterson was not quite so well to-day
as yesterday, tho result of too much
mental activity, but the change was
not so serious aa to awakon apprehen
sions. He needs to be very quiet, a
matter which will be looked after very
closely until his strength has more
fully returned.
Order SfedaU at Mulford'a.
Bids will be received for ten days
from this date on tho stock of gootls
contained in the factory, saddlery and
vehicle departments of the Woodruff-
Uliver uurnuge and Hardware uom
nan v. samo to be made on each depart'
niont separately, and filed with the
secretary at the office of the company.
Any aiul all bids subject to reioctiou.
UKTUKLh k CLAPP. Anigoaea.
Solid Mlverwnre nt Mulford'a
Prfimpt ntt.nttna to tin work mr
d.rbj KaaMvhat boa, Trlraihvaeae
Old c Id aad allvrr lakaa aa oaaa
at Mallard'a, mi Mtn.
Url ltaiIdB-aV lJta;oinralD to da
your fiatmbluK.
Miiin.id, Jeweler, 294 Mala,
h citK orders from the country.
lufcj- roofa rapalred by Babarh
at .u, HO and aa tirale alrtwa.
9Iouoi;ruiu ltungleH IhTulford.
Ratledca dr Lacoaaaratao for
ya. r flaaablaa aad Waa-tttMag.
Fine Hatch rf palrlag at Mulford'a.
Craabjr'a Dlaae BaMaaa.
Tha titnrA modIs have proved
more of an attraction than any con
vention" aver held ia the museum.
Tha voting proceed! briskly and a keen
observer would find it very difficult to
sty which of the owners of dicorated
skin is the firet favorite. From an art
stand point Osman Darroff, the Circas
sian brnn, should ba entitled lo first
prlxe, because tne various aeeigua vu
his epidermis are beautiful as pictures,
apart from their value as 'Speci
mens oi tattooing, xne paueni, iu
Callendar, who ia undergoing a pro
cess of Uttcolng by "Professor Frank
Howard, is always tbe center cf
au Interested group of lookera on. The
pioceavi aeems to De very painiui, uut
ha nlnmn rnavwheeked damsel UkeS
the needles without tha quiver of a
muscle. About 100 times a day sue is
asked "Doesn't it hurt?" and her in
variable reply is. "Not when you're
accustomed to it." This answer to a
casual observer suggests the adage
abont eela becoming accustomed to a
certain process. The andiencea yes-
terdty were large and appreciative.
Wlin. aa usual, drew a big crowd
laat avenlDS at tha Memphis Theater,
It had been seen here very often.
aometfmea twice in a at at on, but
Memphis audiences seem to grow
ever fonder of the charming boyden
of the Sierraa with every season. Tbe
annlansa last evening was enthusi
antic, tha atar being called before
tbe curtain at the close ol each
act. Annie Pixley baa a
hold upon Memphis hearts which is
likely to continue just as long as she
remains upon the etige. She deserves
all the eood that can be said of her,
and really deserves tha steady favor in
which she is held, improving, as she
does, with every performance. She Is
to-day a mora beautiful woman and a
mors finished actress than ever before.
But the "Yuba Bill" and "Jadge
Bees whinger" of ether days will
be lamented always, and to those
familiar with the famous originals,
M'litt as presented by the present
cnmDanv will ba a disappointment,
though to the large number to whom
the play is still new, it will be a treat.
Tea Nashville club now have niae
pitchers nnder contract. Of the nine
they think they can find two good ones
among them. What a powerful lot of
releasing will ba done about April
Thi season will ba opened here by
tbe Nashville club on the 18th, liuh
and 20th of March, with exhibition
gimes, then the Memphis club will
open in Nashville on the 23d,24th and
25th of March.
Ma. Out Hiciib, pitcher of the
Louisville club, bas been in tha city
several days. This famous pitcher has
lost visited all of the cities of the
Southern Leasua and has contracted
to furnish all ol tho clubs their uni
forms for the coming season.
Tbi Southern League is having
trouble over deciding what ba'l to nee.
A firm at Harwood, Mass., offered to
furnish them balls for nothing, and
the leaarue accepted : but some of tne
members are now in favor of changing
that decis'on and adopting the Reach
Taa first schedule made up by tbe
Schedule Committee had booked Mem
phis with clubs here during the whole
week of the races. Much kicking was
indulged in bv both Memphis and
Nashville, which resulted in the form
ation of another schedule, leaving out
the race week in both Memphis and
Niw OnuiAHa, February 25 Night-
Departed: Oakland and bargee, bt.
Oaibo, February 26. Night River
37 feet 2 inchea on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and cold.
Oioinati,0., February 25 Night
River 23 feet 11 inches on the guage
and rising. Weather suddenly turned
very cold, with brisk wind.
Greenville. Mom.. February 25.
The U. P. Schenck passed np this
morning, taking on board 500 bales of
cotton lor Eastern points, intur,
Ohouteau, for Memphis, left to-night
with over 19,000 racks ol cotton-seed,
Evansvillb, February 25. Night
River fal ins. with 28 feet on tne gauge.
Weather arrowing colder; heavy wind
all dav: thermometer 40 to 48. The
Charles Morgan ia wind-bound; she
will get away when the wind goes
St. Lome. February 25. Night-
River risen 6 inchea, and now stands
16 feet 8 inchea on tbe gauge. Weath
er clear and cold. Arrived: City of
Providence. Vicksbnrg. Departed
City of Providence and Arkantas City,
Lftmavn-L. February 25. Night-
River falline. with 9 feet 6 inchea in
tha canal and 7 feet 4 Inches on the
falls. Weather cloudy, windy and
cold. Arrived: Granite State. Oincin
nati: Buckeye State, Memphis. De
parted: Granite State. Memphis
Buckeye Bute, Cincinnati.
Inaolyent Notice.
No. 53ST R. T.-BtaU f Tanaaaaaa, Bhalby
eoaaty. Utaea or uoubit uoun uiari, maia
nkla. T.nn . Juaan 3D. 1HM Ta Joba
Coana. Pabllo Admlaiatrator, mat aa
acb Adminlitrator oi .tha aatato or A.
TTAVINU aanaatad th laaolvaaey of tha
II uuk nf A. Yoaat. daaaaaad. voo ara
barabv ordarad to giv Botloa, bv advartiaa
maatla a.oaa aawapapar publiabad vithia
tba iald 8uU, aad alio ai tba Oonrt-Houaa
door ol Bhalbv aounty, for all paraona bavini
olalmi asalnat aaia aataia, to aapaar ana sia
tha aama, authantioatad la tha maaaar lra
oribad by law, oa or bafora tba 3d dav of
M.v. 1RM. and aav claim not Alad oa or ba
fora said day, or bafora aa appropriation of
tha foada of taidaatata ia mada, ahall b for-
avar barrad, both lo law and aqoity. Wit
sou mi hand, at oBoa, thii 30th day or Jaa
H. B. CULLKN, Clark.
Tt T.nnl. 1T.Hm.nn. DauutT Clara.
Notioa ia har.br rivan aa required by tha
abova order. Jaauarv ), iim.
JOHN L0A0UB, Adminlitrator.
Non-Resident Notice.
No. tWO, R.D. Ia tha Chanoarr Conrt of
. I I m. .1 .... Bl
R. drnnr at al .
It apuaarini from Bbarlff'a return in thii
eiona tbst tha aeienaant, m. n. uraaar.
m.t in k. fAiinil in bia minntv t
It ia therefore ordered, That ha make hit
a i iterance
8naibr ouanl
h.r.in.Tat tba eoorthoara
ty.in Memphii, Trnn.,on or ba
it Mondav fin March, lfctf, and
fore the nrat Mondav .
n .il. Kn,a.H n, d.mnr tn ftninnlelnant a
bil, or ihe aama will ba taken loroooteaaed
aa to bim and ait lor nearint ei parte: ana
that a ooov of thia order ba publiabad oooe
a weeli, for four lureeraive week, in tba
M.mphii Appeal. Thii ilb dar of January
1884. A copy aiteit ;
fl. T. Wi-rmWKI.L. Clerk and Maater,
By H. F. Walib, Deputy Clerk aad Maatar
Taylor a Carroll, poia. lor ocviapi nt,
T UK annual maatlnt of tha itockholdera
nt Ik- M.nnhi. llu Llabt ComDanvwill
ba held at tba ofhoe of tba company, No. SI
Muluni ira.t. M.mnbia. T.nn.. Monday.
Marob I, lai, to alaot bavaa (7) Director, w
aerva taa eompany Quriaa taa BLaaiaa
KlacUoa from 10 a.m. to I p.m.
JOljKPa CRAW. Bamtary.
! Taa Sew tiaya.
Bataa. S2 80 to 14 par dav, aoeordiag to laea-
uoa oi roona.
WpDunaavant,T.BaT B Birna, Teno
C Huruera ,! 4 Y lavlor, Mo
h lleaderaon. K M 8 Foatar, N O
A Cbaatar, Ala M A PorUr, Ohio
W Ku.uahton. Mirb D E Whaalar. Ind
FJ WilinardiBd Ark Mra Wilmardiac, Ark
W V Millar, M V
RT Wainwriirbt, Ark
kFBtricklia, Ohio
L Ariniataad, Tcnn
MnfiK Reynulda.KV
D H Liabaraer. Va
8 D Robaon, fil
Mra II Arnold, Miea;
T H U Strong, Jdiat .
J C Roaa, Tonn
b R Montomary,TenB
8 U Head, Tana
Mra U Mattbewi.Tena
11 Matlhewr, Tena
N at Loni, Tenn
MnmcotBaa, UBIO
M Kiucker, Pa
ym rlaraolda, N T
(i Caiim, Mm
J Wanl. Pa
?L Fiaach, Obio
C MhooB, Tana
M Uuirtea, T.na
J Barnett, Alirl
MiaiMWiaa, Tana
Miti LUart.Tann
C B Kmaall. leaa
A k llno. Teno
Mn HutobKon. Mlna
Mra Caoobell. MIbb J M PreKtriao. Mia
II ( harrow. Taoa O II McMahoo, Mill
II t narruw, ill
H T liana. Mo
11 ciemmor. mo
J M Kaid. Mi.
Mia K Uarrimn, Kj
W Karauaon, Taaa
8 Johnaon, III
FL Clark. III.
M B Hampton, Ala
Wall, Miaa
B llaokf. Ky
0 BOwea. Ill
I ul'i Hatal.
W. H. BINGHAM ...Iliiitu.
EaraHaa plaa. Enlarrad and rafuraiahad.
f loat aoeorainc is ana anoiooa
tioa of rooma.
J P Little, Hisi A W Smith, Taaa
W 11 b-oaddot, xaaa u a "aatnaimar. gnu
J Uurtaa, Taoa P noKwaa, xann
A ti -1
mo i nei
'Jewaon Aw, Tenn
I) Dora. Mini col rvne. Mill
' U Tiomaa, Tenn J S Rawlina, Tonn
T. M.miihriaa.Tana J T Knr.ier. Mo
nJ V Uicka, Miia MiuMPurnell, Hilt
T II Kitea. Mir
J llUrukb. Mixa
J U farmer. Mill
K Wooiward, La
11 B M llar, N Y
B K Uieen, Tenn
J 8 Oilaoa Aw, Ky
8 ii banaoomb, Taaa
J W Jamea. Mill
J 8 Armatront , Va
8 D Robertson, Mill
Daniel Munn, Miai
W P Eada, Miai
J Hopper, Ky
R V Crenihaw, Ark
R at beech, Tenn.
N Jacl, unio
U J AUaa. Mill
T O Kin a. Mill
M 8 Jay. Tenn
0 L billon. Mill
PMBMMly Hatol.
. B. ALLOWAT k C0........PaoraiiToai
Ratai 12 60 and S3 par day, aooording ta
ilia and looation of room ttpecial
ratal mada.
J H 8binat, Tana J 8 Barton, Miai
L V t lilda, lenn o B hmitn, ill
H Herman, Ohio A 8 Koaenfield, Kai
8 Lea.Kv
K V neaaiy, Ky
W M Horunci, Tana
T.J Kllia. Ark
I N Lee, N V
3 K Kneel, N Y
H A Front, N Y
JF8tokea, Atisl
C T Tupper, Miai
W Ulna, Md
D A Downing, Mali ,
h beaman, ft Y
J A Walker lew, Tax
W banford, Tana
Paul Jinea, lenn
W B Woodward. Ky
j O Le, Ohio
H tt ranee, n i
0 Vanianande, N I
0 O H-Uuire, Miai
M Mclarlin, Ohio
T M llantor, N Y
H 11 Bim, W It
A 8 Tlrll. Mill
J LHnith Jew, Tex
H B L,amD, mm
Miai SMorgan, MiM KBOuya, Miai
Miai Whitley. Miai R Wilkinion, Mini
Mill JBarker, Miai F B King km. H Y
r d mug aw,
8 T Alnna. Ill
K Rrnvn Aw. Mo
J 0 Taylor, Ohio
J T Uumblat, Tann
K H Headenon, Mill
I W Walker, Miai
8 O Bennett, Ky
W B Kvenon, Ky
R W Martin, Ark
M K Taylor, Ky
J D Dixon, La
P Leidongor, Ohio
A J Weaver, Kas
N L Harvey, atias
J M Billupi, Miia
D H Crebi, Ark -KJ
Lehman Aw, 111
WJMoUarixloaVw, 111
T Jonai, Ark
A Allen, Kas
T Burke, Tenn
A Thomas, Kaa
A J Jonnaon, Mill
W II ravne. Miia
WOM OIura, Mill
?Dow. Tenn
J DuBoae, Ark
8 Leonard, Ohio
W G Parry Aw, Kas
JFreilman, Tann
C Cole. Neb
M Lionard, Mail
H Bemdorf. Tann
W W Wilaon. Ark
W II Ilynn, Ky
J Thomson, Ky
H8aa tea, Tenn
I Mangold. Misa
W Wood, Tana
Aiata rixLiT Ttonri.
AnniePlxley, Robert Falford,
Miia Honlton, Mill Pike,
Harry Meredith, D Harold,
C Luot, J Lacy,
M 0 Daly, T M liunter.
r tieamona.
DatBtya Karopaaa Hotel.
Comer of Adami and Main itreets. Roomi
ouu. 7oo and 11 per day) American flan,
X 12 per day. 4
virit-slaaa Restaurant in tha Hotel.
J.M. DUFFY tlOyra with P.abody Hotel),
l jBI)P a.
W O T'ehna.. Tens A 8 Harris. Tenn :
Malkubn.Tann M " Ko er, Tenn
. rti T... .1 nr 1. - - A .I.
mra i nuiuruu, i.uu u i , nis
J U Pickett. Aik 0 VHuell.Tenn
L 0 Lambersjut Ark J A Jonea, Ark
K fuller, Ky m u gars, lenn
N T Hhotwell. Mo D A Downing, Mass
8 8ianton, Tana 1 h Bin. ham, lean
at u unon, uoi
C Warner, Ohio
T RuberllOD, Mils
T H Maples, ind
M ii flravas. Ill
M J Francis. Ark
u a rriiaini, ft l
JM Peters. Pa
F Mlal. Ky
U 3 Wall r. Mill
W Gonelv. Oa
W 8 Phillips, Tex
T ' Williams, Mo
rl -ne, lean
w chores. Mo
t II Armitaad, Tana C Mors an, Ohio
is A Deiaw, visa.
OlareaMloai Hatel.
BOWLES k LBAKK .. FaoraigToas,
Kataa K per aay.
TJPynds, Ark
J L Quidburry, Ark
M L3ow.ll, N Y
T J Freeman, Miai
M J Beokav. Ind
0 Shlnn, Ark
VC Miller, NT
J A freeman, Mlal
LJ Ooodwyer, 111
Dr Cannon, Tena
J Smith, Tenn
D S Price. Tenn
C A DeSauiiure.TeBB
8 Wilki.Ark
0 8 Dibble, Misi
C Johason.Tenn
A Jones, Ky.
J H Martin, Ind
D II Howell. N Y
L P Hmith, Miss
8 Carson, Tenn
H Orant, Ohio
0 Baasil, nlo
W SUinbaok, Tenn
Mra Johnaon, Tenn
(J Wiieh, Ky
S Perry, Ark
C Page, Mo
Miai VAmann, Tax
V Porter, Mus
D Pbhouse, Ohio
R Des Jardins, Tenn.
Gang. Ammunition Flsblnf TacUe
ana sportsmen's eappuee,
aa Hal a Strwoi, Bfcaahla, Taaaau
Mnaafaatariaa and Repairing of Onni a
Bpeoiany. aaarAaiepoona ww
, . . -a- ana
Frank Schumann,
Importer aad Dealer la
Sana, Pi-i-x Tauskle surf Spojrta-
.!, ill , nar- nnaniai aiianuun
airan ta MANUFACTURINU and RE-
41 Matin StM Wemphlw, Tenn
Importers and dealers tn wnaa, imm.
nltloa and rianlDir Taoalss Balletara
m. lim. stMlla aad An
anaelaiara lor Hotels and Henidenees.SeB
applies a,lways oa haad. Repairing naatly
AS aaawHaoa Street. JaTenacalla. Tfaa.
A FULL stack of Wooden and Metallis
XX Caaal and Caskets, liarial Kooas. ate.,
always on nana, uraers ov jiaiagrapa or aai
aphona rrrmpiiy ntwnw ,i.
,ralcd livaaoatof tha aoud specialists ef
tha d iy wh no benaot. t'caaa aiaaaLV la
tbrva Btoatha, aad aiaoe then haadrodscaf
otbars by saaia prooatw- n piaan, .mii. n
aooaesfalhaaaa treatment. Addreea t,
"aSm! W aXt abU SW, m lock ti ,ly.
a!?" Tbe firm of GOODBAE & CO. baa
and Shoe Bueinea. In connection with
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miss., nnder the
in tha past and hope for a continuance
A. B OOODR1B. i. H
Lata of Ooodbar k Co.. Memphis. Lata of Goodbar Ala.. Memphis. Lata of Warren. Love
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We ara tor receiving a large and
Hpring iraue OI 1888, Wbicn
We have EXCLUSIVE control in this
lowing linea cf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whiph we
warrant to (rive perfect satisfaction :
ueorge ttocker a celebrated Men Uail Hosts.
Bradv A. Shortell's Bova'. Youths'. Miaaea' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoes.
T. M. Harris 4Co.'s FhiladMphia made Children's Shoes.
Also. L. W. Nute & Co. 'a Kin Broeans and Plow Shoas
tha best Brogans made in the United
handled by Gcodbar 4 Co.
We are the only house in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmnnn & Co line of Ladies' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSIOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, nnder the Factory Brands.
Yes, There's Millions In
It for the Poor.
The Rich Also Made Happy.
Fortune It Knocking at
Every Man's Door.
Be Wise and Sare Cash, and
Patronize tho Misfit
Clothing Parlors.
The man who ear js big money and
spends it as fast as he earns it is not
as well off at the cod of the year as
is the man who, while earning bat a
little, saves a portion ot it.
Economy ia the road to wealth,
whether you earn little or much.
Economy is a gift, and extravagance
seems to be born in some people.
Economy is wise buying, and wise
buying is getting as much as possible
for your money.
It's economy to buy your Clothing
at the Misfit Clothing Parlors, be
cause you got there the finest Clothing
in tne world for the least money.
It's economy to patronize the Mis
fit Clothing Parlors, because while
prices are low the goods are of relia
ble cloth, something that will give
satisfactory and substantial wear.
It's eoonomy to buy good Clothing
when you can get it at a less price than
is usually asked for much inferior
Money is a blessing if you use it in
making yourself comfortable, and
the Misfit Clothing Parlors will serve
you well and give you satisfaction.
Your time bas come. A plain
warning to the residents of Mem
phis. Your time has oome, but a
tims roR joy instead of sorrow.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors. 2G2
Second street, opposite Court Square,
will give you tho opportunity of get
ting Clothing at much less than the
Our Overcoat Bargains are some
thing every man should take advant
age of. Equally as great bargains
are offered in Suits and Pants
Clothing Parlors
262 Second St-MeraphieV
Opp. Co art Square.
Remember all alterations to
insure a perfect fit done free ot
charge, by a first-class Uilor.
gar e)aa Evaalasra til aVaoaaV
Rat r ay waiil 11.
Ho. S299, R. (FV-haneary Conrt ot Shelby
Vf. K- BuUer at al.j aad No. U73,
flityof Memphis M. McNeill at al.
"DYTirtua of an Interlocutory daora ipr
i3 sale, anUiad In tba aboye oanse on tha
11th day May, imi, """"",
bar 2..1M5. M.5. 60, pace 471. 1 will jell, at
public auctioa, to the hlihait W"' '
front ol the Clerk and Master s .office, oourt
hous of Bhalby ooanty. Memphis, lenn., on
a - . w arattBiaarv aO. 1HS6,
within leyal hours, tha folUwlna daecrlbad
rrotirty?;Uu.Ud la Memphis, Abn:
ly, Tenn., to-wit: Beainainr on tha east
U ot thi Srst alfey aast o f bird street at
lu intartion wh the wnth da of j J.ff.r-
son siraat uimw . w... ,ioi
JeBerson str.at ISoH feel: thence south 148S
fVt to aa alley : thence west with north side
of said alley 15H feet to the Srit a
of Third streets thenoawith said alley 1 i
feottha baiinnijn- Sold as tha rropaily
of Pr3. Maatb and Martha Bodia. .
Terms of bala-Oo a eredil of 7 "onthsi
aauwith saearity! lien retained and re
demption barred.Tlils January -J"-8.
I. MoDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Bradley. Deputy Clark it Masaar.
3. W. Hampton. Solicitor.
Tba abora aala tponad to aatnraay ,
been dissolved
J, and we have reorganized our intereet in tbu WholepaJ Boot
va, Uta of Warren, Love A Co., St. Louis. Mo- and Mr. J. C.
a nmi riven below. Wa thank onr friends for their patronage,
Mr. W. . Love.
atvle of and firm name given below. We
of their favor.
conniia w. B. LOTK.
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
OrnCENo. 24 HIGH
Entirely New Stock of Eastern and
wa Otter at UOCK UOltOIU A'riffS,
be made by any competing market.
market of the fol
States heretofore
310 rod 313 Front Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Wa are Jaa la Receipt
R. B. Plows, Columbus
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Janaea . Oaadkar Web. I Clark
IJUsa total las
319 Main Street, Memphis, Tenn. j
WE offer to EBCHim OHLTtha I arrest and beet etoelr. or Beau ana rjnoei w
have erer broaaht to thii market, aad which cannot ba aarpassed in ouality art
Styles by any hoaie la this or any other city. In addition to oomplato line of Baste,
made iiods' Ineludlni tha MUBus'TaU ttOOOBAK at CO. BkWaM. we handi'
a lane and select I tool or Custom-made floods for Men, Woman, Muses and Children, vv.
- - . u u... ..Wm in h Mwiitri. In Bv.r. vaxiatT and atl la. aad amen
tk. J. lik. -.11 know. Man'. Calf Roots and
Hnrln. Trad., a a alao earrv a ohoiea Una
Calf Uooda, manafactured by arlppenoori. inman a o. -a ibiii. .;:,ri'
our stock bafora buyini elsewhere, and wa goarantoa aorythlnf wa ''J'JVk i '.
Ordcra far tkla Coal, la lara-a or amall qaantltle. ailed by f
aa-Telephone W.
tt" tt: x . h:
37ftM)u3K28486 (Second street, south et Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siting, Shingle:
' HaltlaT. I-aleia, Csnlar t ta aad Wrrt..
The New York Weekly Star
The Kemphis Weekly Appeal
win mm faralakad to oaaaerlaera at
fl a) BMtr yaaa, Taaa STTAat la mmm.
llaked lalall,aaaday aad Woakl
dltloaa, my Waa, Dorabclsaaax Tka
Weekly la a kisfeelaaa alxteea-aaa-a
For is yeaw at it Court Place, aow at
4 ft iltrtr iSi- tl kUT qlllM kjaitaaul ttt
a.i.iwr. aa poo.wm pi'
S 1 e ruMtterrli ea and ' Im potency.
ft! th rMIt r W-raaaj tm jwuim, mmvmmi awar
.tm rmmn, mr otiar emu, o4 prod jrMf fcW htr
tomm'ti tf(Tt sv NarronancaM, Bdtniaat Kmiwloti, t.LU
iona hv diamna), Oltmoaw af W)(bl, Dahmiv Uem- ?bT
atr,altr, Fiiaraoa Face, atTaiaa toSocutj .'fa-t,
0oafUia. t item. I-oaa f Pewcr, to !. i
tnan (act irupaor-r or orJirrr, tar tbsarMcfcti t&A penrntv
.,0ii, iSYPHlX IS rxj?J
tirfiJ .Til trw .jaieai GonccTliea.
GLEET, Brtet-r, Orokiili, amva, lujuin,
t.'lcaa W prtTUdlajas q trick lj curad.
It U aaMf-rrWfBa ttatt ptay rfiliui Pr ap-stlal Mtntta
to k HHif eUaa f it-, mo I trMUnf latwuds an a,
ally, ituina r-"l- rVaaaaa knotii tia tart atVsi
ir-o--aknrK perioral U my r. Wboa It ta ltKM-cavni la
fiHtvthncit- li-imUMgt, tHdnaaM U"i tmif
unVaaAJj bj Bail mr a pram voybra.
CaTM Onaraateed 1m all Casm
andrt4Tkno . . ,
CmisuhaUom peraaMSy r ly tMHr frM KSsd IbttIaI
CaUfCS rWaaltfcaaJ imaaVaafclataUr WalhflMtlll.
private corKsrroR
Of sflO taa-Woa, PWt f mi UM, IT takaVad, ft ttirtf
!?0 0
8boul4 ba) rtmA J Mk Amim u abay
BU1IUC.V11 fr K-.1 M. aJTJ a
til MkiM tstnet, i Meaapali, leas.
n rii .isran-r-r v
A Co
, St. Louis
bM OI uoiaw.ere mu
Memphis, Tenn.
Custom-Made Boota and Sfaoee for tha
ou aa nuenu wmu aa vmu
thank our
We also control the following Specialties under our
own brands, via :
Goodbar, Love A Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bala, Button and Congress.
Goolbar. Love & Co.'a Men's N.K. OaU CUSTOM
MADE Bala, Button and Conjrrees.
GoDdbar, Love A Co.'a Ladies' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' $3 00 Shoes are made from the beet so
lected Cnracoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Solea
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect satisfaction
in every raarxvt.
af a Large) ttnlaaaeat af
Steel Drag Scrapers,
Iifeai J. Carrtaa-aaa Frsuak . Jeaad
IxaacA 1880.1
Shoes manufactured by Oaa. Hoeker for o
of Ladiea' and Mlises Coataaa Kid. float aniij
& CO., 190 Jefferson st
au . LiK.
fti5 GO mm
Yonng 6 Brother
Booksellers tvad Station en!
SIS atjtlat SUaMempMayToai
Wtaalaar to ateaara (roaa Baalao.
WO aaia wear aaasiaa-a i
Jaaa Otbbtor. Ja. 0. M. flaotwaa
Real Estate Dealei
OfHoe, 204 Seouxd Stree
B. ajoa. akanoi
aat sjaaur
M Eat" ills.
Taxes Paid. RanU CoUaotad. a to., i
Oommtsstoa. L.
Boiler W;ortt
SHEA & McCARTHT, Proar',
140, 142, 141 Frori, Meaiph
ia tba Bonth. aad tho only eompl
Boiler and 8j.-Iron Wurks in thaoi
H anafstctHrar of kstavy nlata tr
werk or ey deorriiitiva. Bpec
attnrto ,s ni.a,aion work f
St. Agnes Academy.
DAY tha ht oi Febrry. Terms-
IVO aad flOO, aocordina to theatre I
elass of tha pupO. For further paruca
pply to tha Lady Superior. '
Admlaifitratar's Sot Ice. f
HAVINtt aaalited as admlnistrat
tha estate of Freak Daacaa, dace
notice is hereby lire a for all parties ha
olatsas arainst said estate to Sla aam.
aaa: and all parties iadebted to aaid
will aaura at oaoa. MeaephiJ, Teoa;.
V.VM. UNI um8J,&.famimii.i

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