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eloped Sth Mm. Donaldson. In do
ing h appropriated a team of
hunc and carried off. his uwrtafrtxl
property, ride loavinp; several
a -
-s. -
i !
, Wi publish in another column to
ay a very important article from the
ouisvJle Couritr-Jounuti getting forth
tie relitive productive value of fiirm
uc larda in Mississippi and Iowa, as
ompitred with their purelia-sabl'
alue. The result is etartlirig, and
Gnst convince the inot prejudiced
hat t!.e South to-lav offers to settlers
ulvaumge afforded ky no other see.
jon cf the Union.
f A rEKiitsof very important resolu
.ion were passed by the Interstate
?oniention at Jackson yesterday, im-
xrtnt especially to planters and
eaiers in futures, whether of cotton,
hop product or breadstuffs. They
ire in the nature of a petition to each
f the Legislatures of the Southern
8 tales, requesting that it be made a
penal offense for any one to offcf for
tale any or either of these staples xxn-
leh the quantity so offered is in hand
at the time offered and is actually tie
liyered at the consummation of the
j, i-'enator Mitchell, in his speech in
lenate yesterday, insisted that the
Chinese, all of them now in the United
States, should be expelled at once, and
thut no others should hereafter be jer
) mitted to land on our shores. The full
jimportof Mr. Mitchell's position w ill
be realized when our readers learn
that if such a policy is"p firmied and
the Chinese Government retaliates, as
it threatens to do, over 1S,000 Ameri
cans would be driven out of China, at
very heavy personal loss, and in tradu
we should lose several millions of dol
lars per annum.' " ) .
A resolution was reported in the
, House yesterday by Mr. Morrison of
J ilinois, providing for the appointment
, of a committee to investigate the
, J'an-Electric Company's affairs, so far
a Federal officials and members of
: Congress are involved in them. The
presentation of the resolution afforded
some of the gentlemen an opportunity
to indulge in a debate which was not
provocative of anything stronger than
. laughter. Messrs. Breckenridge and
Kogers of Arkansas warmly defended
Attorney-General Garland and insist
, d upon .an investigation.
Them was a panic in the ft. Louis
cotton market yesterday, occasioned,
it is said, by failures in Dardanelle,
Ark., and Houston, Tex., and our
special states that a similar
feeling prevailed in Ifew York. This
last is not true. There was and is no
occasion for panic in New York except
among the bulls who have stood by
their convictions too long. The Mem
phis market, as Bradstreet's weekly re
view, elsewhere published, says, is in a
strongly intrenched condition, facers
being effnftl "to " ary emerpfnc La-
buyers may spring. .
Iowa, with a population of 1,024,615,
expended in 1863-S4, $5,525,449 (Inst
year 15,880,000) in support of her com
mon schools, whereas Tennessee, with
a population of .1,542,359, something
over 82,000 less, only expended f 822,
5tJl.; Could anything more than th
speak .eloquently for the Blair bill
which, if it becomes a law, as the
Aiteal hopes it will, would enable
every Southern btate to open its pul
lie schools to every child, black
well as white, and for periods in each
year almost, if not quite, double that
, now usual? Senator Allison says the
have no very rich people in Iowa, but
that everybody is well-to-do, thrifty
and independent.
Senator Allison of Iowa vesterday
spoke in the Senate for the Blair edu
cational bill, of which Senator Howell
E. Jackson of this State is so earnest
an advocate. Representing as he does
a State that has only three per cent.
ol illiteracy, Mr. Allison is able to
realito in the average comfort and in
telligence of the people he represents
the value of an education that is de
nied to many of the children of 1he
Southern States, no four of which to
gether have expended in any one.year
as Iowa has done, $5,88G,000, for the
. support of common schools. Think
for a moment of what could be done
for the children of Tennessee if the
State could expend $6,000,000 per an.
num for their education.
A correspondent of the riiilndel-
: phia Press within the present week
Mirred up a little breeze by w hat he
represented to the Avalanche and the
Nashville Union as an interview
with Mr. E. B. Stahlman, vice-presi
dent of the Louisville and Nashville
railroad, who is better known, perhaps,
for the conspicuous part lie took in
the last State Congress. In this in
terview Mr. Stahlman was reported to
have -said that he would carry the
railroad vote of the State (made tin,
we suppose, of the railroad employes)
into the Republican ranks in order to
defeat the Democratic paiiy next fall.
Such a threat would liave been sillv.
and being silly is wholly unlike Staid-
man, who js a shrewd business man,
too bright and smart to be caught
flapping, and, above all, too intelli
gent to accept an invitati i to record
so immature a boast. 0V 'ege quali
ties he gave the highestV lenee in
the canvass -of l$S4, whicl. e con
ducted for the railroads witft Hrked
ability. Our contemporaries, i. V'
fcuirieand the Nashville -lmrAXM
the Union, have promptly done i
the. justice to recognize Mr. StA
man's political position as he relates it
himself, and give him full credence for
his disclaimer as to the interview.
The Xrcffcsity for Dlvfrstfl4 Crops
The Butter Awards Lart
Da)' Proceedings.
Jackison, Tenn., February 2i.
This, the third ami last day of the In
terstate Convention, has leeii quite
interesting. The weather is delight
ful, and our Northern visitors seem to
be charmed with the generous hospi
tality of our citizens. The principal
topics of discussion to-day were the
horse and the cow. These subjects
were discussed in all their various
lights and details from a Southern and
Northern Htandixnnt. The sessions of
the convention have been interspersed
throughout wi;h choice instrumental
and vocal music.
The following very inijiortant reso
lutions were adopted with almost
unanimity ani without debate, being
amended "so at to embrace hog pro
ducts and brwdstuffsaswell ascotton:
The manipilation by speculators of
the cotton cup of 1HS.((, which so
depressed pri'es thut thev have fallen
below the attual cost of production,
forces upon tie planters of the South
the necessity of relieving themselves
as far as in their power lies from the
influence of so ruinous a system as
that which row controls the chief ex
portable pnduct of the country, and
with this eid in view we, the 'repre
sentatives ol the agricultural interests
of lenncsvcr in convention assembled,
call upon on; brother planters of all
the Southern States, to protect them
selves by mited action.
Eutholdeicd by past successes, the
speculator iias already fixed a stand
ard price ir the cotton crop of KSSii
8". This Ijr has done before the seed
has Ix'en rut in the ground or eveu
the plows lave been started. Cotton
futures for the months of October.
November and December. lHSti. ami
January, 1887, are to-dav quoted in
Newiork at from e.!K) to 8.75c. ac
cording to the month. This means not
exceeding 8jc for middling cotton in
New York, or 8Jc at the nrincinal cot
ton shipping points of the South, in
cluding such cities as New Orleans,
Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, Au
gusta, Galveston and Memphis. Mid
dling cotton at these cities selling for
bjc means not more tnan 74c to the
planter, who must pay freight, insur
ance and regular commission charges,
which generally average from j to lc
per pound. Now, in view of these
conditions, so ruinous of our interests,
we appeal to the intelligence of the
cotton grower, and ask him can he pay
the expense of farmingand make even
a bare living by selling cotton at 7Jc
per pound? The answer is already
given in the negative. The next
question following upon this is,"What
is the remedy ?" Ve answer, "Divers
ified crops." riant one-third less cot
ton, and more grain and grass
es. Raise hogs and hominy.
Let cotton henceforth be a surplus
crop. Instead of producing 6,500,000
bales, make only 4,500,000 bales. By
this means we may realize a living
price for our labor and at the same
time jjveiodflt)flnd4in,tly of the specu
lating sharks who profit by our losses.
In addition to this the Leirislatures of
each of the Southern States should be
petitioned to make dealings for future
delivery, unless tho xnttnn in ootnoll..
in hand to sell and is actually deliv
ered at the time of delivery to the
contracting purchaser, a felony, pun
ishable by fine and imprisonment, not
less than I00 and two years in the
penitentiary. The time is now propi
tious for united action, and we appeal
to the press of the South to aid us in
our efforts by giving every publicity
iu uus pruiesi ami appeal, winch we
feel cannot but result Wnefichdly to
the planter if promptly acted inion
and lived up to honestly.
The awards on the butter exhibits
were announced tins evening, ns fol
lows: Best pound of Tennessee cream
ery, Nashville, Tenn., J15; best dairy
butter, per pound, to Mr. Foster of
Wisconsin, 10; second best butter,
per pound, Mrs. Moss, J 5.
Notwithstanding the number of vis
itors to the convention is not.
large as was anticipated, it is credit
able, and much good,' it is thought, on
the whole, will result. The most no-
ticeable feature about the whole pro
ceedings is the small attendance by
our local farmers. There is but very
fow who have attended or taken an
interest in the convention. Quito a
number of men are here who never
visited the South before, and who ex
press themselves satisfied with the
meeting, which has been the means of
showing them the cordial sentiment
existing in the South toward the
North, and that the South extends the
right hand of good fellowship to all
good citizens throughout the union.
This much good, at least, hs the con
vention accomplished.
VIi-Hodm and Thirty Balra
Cotton Bntaed.
Pine Bluff. Ark.. FebruarvWi At
Pendleton's Landing, in Lincoln coun
ty, last night, the gin-house of Col.
William Sherrod was burned, destroy
ing thirty bales of cotton and 100
tons Of cotton-seed. Ao insurance.
A Had Accident. Wnlcn B ma I ted la
I nib.
IsriciALTO tbb rrtAL.I
Forrest City. Ark- February 20.
Mrs. J. L. Leslie of thk county met
with a fatal accident two tniles south
east of this place last Wednesday
morning. While ridimron a wagon-
load of lumber from one of her places
to the other, the team became fright
ened and ran away, throwing her un
der the wagon, it running over her,
breaking a rib and running it through
her lung, causing death at 1 o'clock
vesterday. The lov driver wna also
hurt, but not seriously.
The popular idea has been that the
world contains seven wonders, but tlie
ighth made his appearance at the
Capitol. It was a poor benighted man
limping with rheumatism who bad
never heard of Salvation Oil. It is
sold by all druggists at twentv-five
cents a bottle.
Singular Accident.
Sharon, Pa., February 26. Early
this morning, as the men were chang-
ing with turns in the finishing de-
......... . . r . I. . .1 . ' a 1 1
I'Aiiiiif 111. vi uie..uiiiiiic iron orits,
a small band-wheel broke while in
motion. Iieces of the broken w heel
struck two large wheels, and portions
01 incse wneeis were nunc, uimtigli
the roof and about the mill, breaking
machinery and almost completely
w recking the building. A number of
emploves were at work at th time
but alf escaped injury except 0110 boy,
who was slightly hurt. The damage
to the mill is estimated nt 10,(KO.
The ririt Draw Uarae of the ( ham
New Orleans, La., February 2C.
In the chess game to-day between Zu-
Kenort ana Meiniti, the latter had
the white pieces, and owned the
game with V to K 4. There was hard
ly a moment's delay when Zukertort
answered with P to fc 4. It was evident
that they wished to make time, for
Stinit played K to B 3, and imme
diately Zukertort answered with Kt
to (J a 3, and the "Buy Lopez" gam
bit was accepted. SteiniU pushed
out his B to Q Kt 3, and Zukertort,
without delay, placed his Kt to K It
3. Steinitz then castled. The plav
up to this time hail been verv
rapid, and each player seemed to
lie willing to develop his came.
early in the action, and it continued
rapid to the end, when the game
was declared a draw on the twenty
first move, Steinitz having occupied
fifty-eight minutes and JCukertort
twenty-three minutes. It was a "book
me up to the fiflt,' move. The first
variation was the eleventh move.
when Steinitz cave B to H 3. instead
of the traditional B to Kt 2. At the
seventeenth move Zukerlort asked
Steinitz, "Will you play to a win?"
As a druw seemed probable, Steinitz
replied that he would T'lav a while
longer. On the twenty-first move he
said he was willing to make it a draw,
and Ziikertortassentod. Immediately
afterward thev both began to show
how they would have won had there
been no exchange on queens. They
will play the next game Monday. j
at Liverpool yesterday wheat was
reported steady but demand poor,
holders offering moderately. Corn
steady, with fair demand.
Close of May options at Chicago
yesterday: Pork, 10 85; lard, 0.02cj
clear rib sides, 5.47 jc; corn, 40 Jc;
wheat,84jc bid; oats, 32Jc.
Report of the Grain Elevator yes
terday: Wheat, none received or
withdrawn; in store, 3057 bushels.
Corn received, none; withdrawn,
285 bushels; in store, 40,149 bushels.
Oata received, 2932 bushels; with
drawn, 4482 bushels; in store, 34,203
Visitors on 'Change vesterday:
Mrs. F. L. Mitchell, D. II. Crebi, Hel
ena, Ark.; L. G. Kenner, Erie, Pa.;
W. J. Brown, D. T. J. Brown, Missis
sippi ; Jamos P. Barnes, Colorado
Springs; Miss Jennie Chandler, Mrs.
W. It. Chandler, Mrs. M. A. Chandler,
Master Wm. R. Chandler.
Tub Oil and Drug Reporter says: The
cotton-seed oil market has not" yet im
proved, as generally expected, and
values continue to slide up and down
according to views of holders and
buyers as to what constitutes prime.
The business in crude, oil transacted
during the week was on a low basis.
as holders were either compelled to
accept the views of buyers or continue
paving storage on their miscellaneous
collection of oils. There were sales of
700 barrels in lots of a fair
grade at 20 cent and a few
other lots changed hands from that
figure to 24 cents. Prime oil was of
fered at the latter figure on Saturday
to arrive next week, but without busi
ness, and to-day 3(10 barrels strictly
prime for March" delivery were offered
at24Jc. This is only (c above the
price at Memphis. Some of the
Southern mills are demanding a figure
equivalent to 27c laid down here, and
an effort has been made to do business
here on that basis, but the extreme
price paralvzes buyers. The market
closed weak. We hear from New Or
leans to-night that very little prime
crude oil is offering and that the mar
ket is quiet at 22i(ij)23e. Seed is com
ing forward slowly.
Glove right at Pltubnrc.
PiTTsnt'Bo, Pa., February 20. A
prize ngni wnn small gloves took
place in a room in this city about 1
o'clock this morning, between " Joe "
Ridge of Pittsburg and William Clarke
of Reading. A select party of about
twenty people were present. The
fight was according to Marquis of
0.ueensberry rulet(for a pnrse of 1200,
the winner to knock out his antago
nist in six rounds. Clarke weighed
150 pounds, but was out f condition,
while Ridge weighed only 119 pounds.
The men fought desperately, giving
and taking terrible punishment, but
at the end of the sixth ronnd both
came up smiling, arid the fight was de
clared a draw.
"Tb DjraiMtptle'B Keffcge."
"Iam thirty-five years old," writes
Mr. Charles II. Watts of West Somen,
Putnam county, N. Y., "and bad suf
fered from dvsuepaia for fifteen years.
The current treatment did ma no good.
ivisueg'iy, ana wunouc nope, x give
Parker's Tonic a trial. I can give the
result in three word aitcured me." It
will cure you."
Mr. Watteraoa lnWB Well.
Louisville. Ky- February 20. Mr.
Watterson was kept free from exciting
111111 1 ui woim lu-dMiY, wis resiiu. ueing
to his advantage. He is doing as well
as could . be hoped for under the cir
cumstances, and Jus bIow recovery is
the natural result of the weakness to
: . 1 . .1 il. !. 1 "
which his system had been reduced
by the great strain of six weeks of
almost deathly illm-ss.
IIavk used TongaUne for neuralgia
in the head with satisfactory results.
The pain gradually disappearing un
der its administration. J. R. Busick,
M. D., Judson, Sullivan county, Mo.
Lcndbobq'i perfume, Edenis.
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndborg'i perfume, Lily of the
Lundborg's, perfume,. Marchal Kiel
Saw York Dry flood Market.
N kw York. February 20. The gen
eral demand is quiet, yet in the execu
tion of orders the daily movements
are large in proportion, compared
with the supply. Cotton goods with
out further change, but values for all
styles very firm. The imports of
dry goods at this port during the
past week w ere valued at $3,801,578,
and for the amount thrown on the
market, 13,619,724.
ir Y-k Manipnlatsrs at Work to
Farther Depress Prices Brad
tit reel's Review.
St. Lor is, Mo., February'i'ti. There
was a decidedly panicky ieehng in
cotton here to-dav, and bv the time
the market closed it was evident that
New ork manipulators were at work
antt it thev so desire, can run prices
down still further. Many St. Louis
men here have been caught on the
bull side, and the air is full of
rumors of impending calamity
This - critical condition of attitirs
was due in large iart to tl failure of
Freed & Co.. a iHirdanelle. Ark., bv
which several St. .ou1hiih lost, one'
firm being caught for KV.tKKI. The
Houston Hank failure also caught sev-
erui m. ixmisaiiB w no OHe oeen pill
ting money in cotton. Dispatches re
I 1 ; 1 tl . t
ceived nere to-niglit say Hie same
panicky feeling is prevalent in New
York. i t
Bradsireefa Wei-kijr Review.
Nkw 1 okk, February 26. Sueeial
leiegrams 10 uraiistreut s mis week
show the same irregularity in general
trade conditions reported Lwiin week
to week for over a month past.
The most encouraging accounts are
from Chicago, Kansas Citv, Des
Moines, .Milwaukee mid-Memphis.
At Chicago there has -bee:i an in
crease in the milliner of mail orders
received, anil more "buyers' from
the. interior me present.- There, as at
most points announcing jit gain in the
volume of merchandise! distributed,
the improvement is chiellv felt in dry
goods. ' '
the verv general brightening of the
weather during the week isjesponsi-
)le tor much of the tain. While
there are no new feutimsin the situa
tion at Boston, business there is in
slightly better shape.
Most staple lines in Philadelphia
are dull, except iron and tteel ami
leading textiles, which are more act
The opening of navigation at Balti
more results in better trade there.
On the other hand, at Cincinnati
business is not so active.
At St. Paul it is generally quiet, and
at San Francisco quiet and "irregular.
There has been no gain at Pittsburg.
St. Louis advices are that the trade
is improving slowly.
Results due to "the organitation of
labor are seen in the meeting of West
ern coal miners at Columbus, O., the
success of the striking New York cigar
makers, the stubborn attitude of the
striking coke burners.as well. as in the
fact that most Eastern cotton-mills
will pay a 10 percent, advance in
wages in the spring. Higher prices
are demanded for dry goods, owing to
advanced wages paid ojx-ratives, but
jobbers are more active. Prices in all
lines are as high as last year at this
time, and in some lines 5 to 10 per
cent, higher.
Print cloths are weaker and lower,
having declined 3Jc, less ) per cent, to
3 3-10c per yard for fl-4s. This, in the
face of an advance of 10 per cent, in
wages promised the operatives on
March 1st. Wool prietrs.au- not so
firm, as takings are light, but prices
are as yet unchanged. As stocks of
common are very low and the de
mand for fleece is fair, it is believed
that manufacturers will take liberally
in. the near future, thus promising a
good spring trade.
Wheat has been more active for ex
port and the options have felt the in
fluence, prices advancing all round on
renewed speculative interest. Part of
the gain has been lost, but cash No. 2
red at New York closed at 2Je,
against 91 jc one week ago. Tho ex
port demand has not been fully main
tained, and it is premature to expect
either renewed exports or an advance
in prices based on a question of de
mand ami supply at home and
Indian com has been irregular and
lower on heavy receipts. No. 2 closed
at 50e, against 54c a week ago.
Wheat Hour is about 10c higher per
barrid and production is increasing,
but the market is duller at the ad
vance. Provisions have tended 11 D ward with
wiieai anu corn, out speculative in
fiuences have prevented any special
uisiay 01 Hireiigin.
Exports of dairy products are light.
vouee anu sugar prices are un
changed, and grocery staples generally
are uewresseu.
J'lg iron is slightly stiffer, owing to
a variety of minor influences, but
mere is no cnange in price or demand
Less complaint is heard as to qua!
lty of steel rails. Old rails are lower
and weaker. Anthracite coal prices
are demoralized at tide water, prices
ueing a snaue oeiow last weeK.
The Houston Bank Fallnre.
Houston, Tex., February - 20. The
Houston Savings Bank suspended this
uiuiiniig, kiiu uii petition 01 me biock
holders D. F. Stewart was apisiinted
receiver. It had a paid-up capital of
$100,000. The officers are: Frederick
A. Rice, president, and E. . Raphael,
cashier. The failure is due to the
suspension of the City Bank, in which
President Rice and other stockholders
were heavily interested. No definite
statement is obtainable. The hist
public statement was in August, 18H3,
showing assets of 1442,344 ; deHsits,
(411,255; net profits, (31,0311. The
officers say the only material change
since that time is a decrease in de
posits of J28i,000. Since tho City
Bank failure January 1st last the bank
had a surplus of $73,527. Its corre
spondents are the Mercantile National
Bank of New York and the Conti
nental Bank of St. Louis.
Heavy Fallnre) at Dardanelle, Ark.
Little Rock, Ahk., Felirtiary 26.
C. M. Freid, goneral merchant at Dar
tlanelle, failed to-day. IJabilitieH,
Jo0,000; atwtfl not giveri.
Fallarea for the Week.
Xiw Yohk, February 26. II. G.
Iun & Co. reiort businetw failure) fur
the pat we'k as follows: United
Ktates, 214; Canada, 34; total 218,
againBt 286 last week and 275 the
week previous. More than half of
the failures occurred West and Notith.
Circuit Court Pierce. Judge.
Motions will lie heard from 9 to 10
o'clock to-day. After 10 o'clock the
trial of the caw of Burtlctt vs. the
Louisville and Xew Orleans Railroad
Company will be resumed.
BRlfT Fridiy mornlnr February ,
too, t rtiid.ne. No. 11V Fifth street, I'bal
m, Mtkt Pur. Bhcst, tni mtj-tbrw
jntt, vldcw of th Ute Jacob Bruit.
Fanera) will take place from her late reti
deoee to-morrow (SUNDAY) mornincat 10
oVlora. Friend, nrr Invltnl to t)nil
Will begin -th. Re.ival Wtrk in Chicago.
Will bails for a fea.on of Four Weeki.
So much interut i. manlOded in what
thM ninarkable E.anieli.u have to r
that ia re.poaat to a dauiaod
Will enrh rinv nuhllih l. .
the d before. YOU CAN ORl'KK TUB
OK HAVE IT KKNT TO von niutr-T
. The price of the DAILY INTER OCEAN
(includtne the RUNDA V KMITIONi
criberi bj aiail it
bpecial rate, to Nid.teri. Addre.i
THE I!f I EK Ol'EAJf, Chicago.
Veierlnary Specifier
Horses. Cattle, Sheep
Ia nee for over 20 veiire liv I'liriuena.
Stockbreeders, Horse It. K., Ac
Uoed by U. S. Covornment.
Mounted on Rollers A Book Mailed Free.
Humphrey.' Mrd. Co.. 100 Fulton N.T,
in uaJl ir. ineonty.uccMnriilrsniedy for
Nervous Debility. Vital Weakness.
and Prot rat toil, frmo uver-work or other catiM-a.
91 Htr vial, or a vt.l. and Inrce t tal Itowder. lor SA.
nu ev DHtHiuih'rs. orM-ul ponlimiit o.i reoeiptof
Pnc.-U.l.skr.).- anlirlnU., u kmu. St., a. I.
In ease of sick headache, bilionnesi, tor
pldllvsr, dyipepsia and oostivsnen, "Da
0. McliAXi'i CiLisi.Tio Livir Pan
never fail to give relief, for both isies and
aceii they are prompt with regard to even
the most delicate constitutions. None gene
ine without the signature of , " Fleming
Bros., Pittsburgh, Pa "
CLianroiHT, Ati.
MtRaia. FLRMma Bros, i
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Lane'g Liver Pills for a great many years
and find them the best ptlli I can get hold
of. I tut them as a preventive of sick and
nervous headache. They are the hist reme
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a. 11. Mcdonald
Send as 25 cents, and we will send vou bv
return nail a box of the genuine Dr. C. Mo
Una's Celebrated Liver Pills and eight
handsome eards. Over fifty million boxes
have been ased by the people of the U. 8
WhateeUe MHleeaie oeuld they hsve -
f FLEMINtf BRQjl., Plttsbnrg, Pa.
Gunns & co.
817 and 810
i. Second 8t
atairtryacTtrnxrui or
Pbjlcl, Karf eon and Acconcher,
313 Main Mtreet, Xer Union,
Telephone Wo,
. 88.
Scrofula of Lun8
I am no forty-nine years old, and have
offered for the last fifteen yeari with a Inng
trouble. Several membets of the family on
my mother's side of the bouts had died wjth
consumption, and the dostort were all
agreed in their opinion that I had oensump.
tion alto. I had all the distressing symp
toms ol that terrible disease. I haverpent
thousands of dollars to arrest the march of
this disease; I have employed all of the
usual methods, nut only in my own raie,
but In the treatment of other members of
my family, but temporary reliet was all
that I obtained. I was unfit for any manual
labor for seve-al years. By chanoe I came
into posse. ion of a pamphlet on "Blood
and Skin Disease.." from the office ol Hwiit
Bpeoific Co.. Atlanta, la. A friend recom
mended the use of Nwift's Kpeoifio. claiming
that he himself had been greatly benefited
bv its ute in some tunc trouble.. I resolved
to try it. About lour yean ago I commenced
to take S. 8. S. according to direction. I
found it an Invieoratine tonic and aava uaad
about fifty bottles. The re ulls are most re
markable. My eougb baa left me, my
strength has returned, and 1 weigh siity
pounds more than I ever did in my lite. It
baa been three years since I stopped the
use of the medicine, but I hare bad no re
turn of the disease, and there are no tiaina
or weakness felt in my lungs. I do the hard
est kind of meehanieal work, and feel as
well as I ever felt since I was a boy. Tcene,
J know, are wonderful statements to make,
ut I am honett when I aav that f nmm m
esirtence and health to-day to Hwift's Spe
cific. It is Ue only medicine that brought
me any permanent relief. I do not aav that
Swift's Bpeoific will do this iaeverycase,
but molt positively affirm that it has done
this much for me, and I would be recreant
tn the duty I owe to suffering humanity if I
failed to bear this cheerful teatimonv tn th.
merits of th'S wonderlul medicine. I am
well known in the city of Montgomery, and
can refer te some of the best 'itiien. is the
city. T. J. HOLT.
Montgomery, Ala., June 25, lobd.
Swift's Specific is entirely vegetable.
Treatire on Blood and Skin Direaies mailed
Tbe Swirr Sriciric Co.,
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Oa.
A MONTH. Agents wanted. 0
beet selling articles In the world.
On sample fro. Addre.s
JAY BRUNtON, Detroit, Mich, i
l . J- Aa
Trnntee" Bale.
UNDER and by virtue of a certain deed
of trust executed October 6, Wi, br T,
H. Maree and Mar K- Magee, of record in
the Keai.iar's othee of riholbjr eounty, Teen ,
in Book No. lul. on pace V8, and as order
ol tne inanaery court ot fhelhy sountjr
lann.. entered October l'i. 1KK2 IM. B jk.
pace ili. in cause of Ueo. h Duncan vs. T
11. Mmree et al.. No R. D., defaa t
Davina been made in tne payment of the in
d.btediiM. .ecu red thereunder, and at the
roiueet of the benelioiary, 1 nil, on
Tbnraday, lmh day er alareh), !,
al 12 re., sell to the hiche.t bidder, lor cah,
at Milihc outcry, io front of n.y office, No
lMadinn s reet, Memph'., Tenn., the ful
looinr de.cribed real cUmic .ituaud in Hh.l
bv .ounty, Tenn . to-wit: Beinc part ef lot
oi in. suoamnoa oi tne lands of the
eetute of llaniamin Dunces, dacea.ee. and
boauded an follows: Befinnini ate.uk. in
the south line of the orieinai tract Unli.i.,
4SI links east from tne southwe.t corner of
miu tract ; tnence ea.t n eaatne s lluku to a
suae; inenc norm cnaine loastate:
thsnoe we.t l' oi chaiaa to a stake i thence
South ;V1.2U chains to the becinnine. ooaLaia-
leg fifty (M) acres, einept about M acres of
tne .fore tract conveyed by Uaacaa to
Henry Williaeas by deed dated Jane 1, in,
to which reference is suede lor full de.crip
tion by tnetes and bound. , learinr about kt
acre, to oe sola, rne equity or redeniition
and right of repurchane waived. The tula la
f.ia land is supposed to be good, but I l hat I
en ana convey only as tru.tee without war
ranty. Th.s Februarv 24,m.
, J- M. fOLKMAN, Truitee.
. T.ylor A Carroll, Atturnsyi.
Direct fraan fatlery te Pnrckaa
ra, aavlaia; SO aereeal, Write)
Monte Pic Venn & Co., Memphis
Money to Loan
On luiproveil planliillona In
IMlNNiisNlpul anil ArknuMRie.
Iimfalluicut plau-3, 5 or 10
yeans. Annu l Intercut, not
In advance. .o 'oniniiHlon.
o rot ton bipincntN. C'licap'
ct loan oiler cl.
Francis Smith Caldwell & Co.
25C Second St., Memphis.
Hli no aiti'iilw.
LUEaBER yard:
BrildB! Car Warks Mamtfact'o; Co
Itrinklov, Ark
Door, Sasb, minaV, Drefwed Floorliir, Olllnir, Weather-Boardiar.
Vjprtmm KblnKem L,alba, Elf.
Our facilities are unsurpassed by any sawmill In the South for HI Ing order aromotlr.
ooring, Ueiling, hiding, Btep Lumber and
mber of all dimeasiens. We make the
solicited and prompiiy filled.
Wo. 124 Jefferson Street
IT'iolcl Xead3i'V7'a.xitecL
Tarmlne Tools, GravM fieexls Caw Jen E Be.!, Onion
Sets, MlUet,
R. G. CRAIGf &
w imm im !
HAVING withdrawn from the WoodruLT-Oll.er Carriage and Hardware Company, we
have aeoetited the Agency of soma of the Heat stnnnfarlnrera In th. ItniliMl i
MtMtee.and are now receiving a full assortment ol CAHrllAUKH. HUDtllKK. WAUUNrl,
1IAHNKS8 and 8ADDIARV i also, a large atock of the improved 'f ENNKHNKK WAU0N8.
All good, are new, and built esprei.ly for this markot, and will be sold at very low prioes.
UOlee and HaleHroont, Mo. S01) Mala atreet. WareliuuMe, Ho. SOU f ront atrret.
a. woonniirr j. r ni.ivrK r. i.. wooiMvrr.
Try Zcllner's English Walkingfast Shoes
ZHI.I.NER'sa e!
ZELLNKH'B 9 Jeie,l.MHi, In all shapes and stylet, are th a!
oiet i ana
somest, shapeliest
aarSend your orders or some and exam'ne their grand aa-ortmeut of FINK BOOTS.
nerlllg.trated Cataloynes Bi-n
ry Goods, Notions
Nos. 326 and 328 Main St., Memphis, Tenn.
VHVOH, which we offer to the Trade upon the: most favorable terms. Our prioca
will compare favorably with those or aoy market In the ajolled bUtes. We are Agents for
TeanesMe ataauraftarlne; Co.' Plaltlg, DrBIa, hheetinp;, Shlrtluf;, Etc.
x.n TvcTvroytr e oaiiTI.
j. umm k .co.
And Commission Merchants,
Jfow. 34 and 30 Madison Street, Slempi. Itr.
r. mtOA.ouK.rn.
CCG-CCO Front Cireeto nc-aolila. 1
A New Departure.
A Life Poller Which Will &,tr
Everybody. No Bardrwiii 0v
dltloDR. Cbfgpest Liberl
Policy Yet IasnFd.
Non -Forfeiture Provisions.
Cost of Insurance Less Than ia
Iny Order or Society.
Cash Assets January 1, 1186 4S.41T.0M 00
Cash Burping January 1, IBM. Z.bK.KH 00
Claims Paid ia ltt oUVOti 00
Total Claims Paid In E years t.US.Ut 00
No. ol Life Policies written to date, 44.W.
All Claims nald Imm.dlatAle on recaint n
satisfactory proof.
tor lurtner Information apply to
Marx & Bensdorf,
10 Mmlixoii XtrtH't. lWrmi.hiH.
view to a ch tnire of buineB, I
ncludrJ In flitai i) ut mv atntiret
V havaconr
st..ck of WINKS, MyiKUlS AM) CltiARi
A r t'ovr. The .took includes the ehoiroH
goods (Foreign and llomeatlc) knewn to the
trade. The gnml. inu.t be .old in.lde of SO
DAYS, if po sible. ntrTKHMd UAciU.
JOIIV r.irXV, 923 Front Hi.
Manufacturers of
Cypress hhingles a speolait-1 also. Framias
Wholesale Business a sueoial feature. Orders
Memphi. TenneMoe.
a'nnoee, in all styles, are the best In the oity.
oest in tne united ntaies.
Boy a' Ntaooa are the best that are male.
DhlMrsa's Mboeo will save yoa money.
Ladlea' nkosw nnel felluMra are the hand
and most stylish, and are ehoepertuaa say
otners or equal grade
ZELLKER'8 Ldla Kid Hntlerej Hhoeer,
with silk wonted buttn holes, are the greatest bar
gains you have ever seen.
Free on AprHcatlnn.lTei .
XAatrin HaLLt.
!.s t
of I
1 I
!l ord
4 rr
. rtia
" .-. !
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