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EX, Et
t eeytairi
Jealnng Wifc'g KfTfntre Cow
ruljr AnH.'ina'ion-JI jr
derrr Hanged.
Risiwt:i.Fi!. I no., Ft'liruary 2ti.--AVicbrvn
Wiinrna wua Ii:uim1 lien:
UiiB inorti'ii;' for inur !cr. A Itirp'
crowd fsi . i t- il in Uu: town to witmiw
tlm cx':ut on, Hji'i it e,u rnmlm-it'il
in tlie iir'iii! of over HKK) jicoplc,
Homo of win"" w.-iv jx rnuitcd to sit
VVarti'iia v l lay in Iiix KunW
lm-vioiiK l,i 1 1n) hour lix il. W'arti'im
was t'Stioil - I l tlio wallold uL 11:40
o'clock, d wln'ii on tin- trai) deliv
ered a wiUl lianiii''ii: , j:ii !!y in broken
r.iulih u,nl pari .y in Moliaml Dutch,
f'clarinir 'it iniuM'cncn of tin! crime
'barged l.im, ami rulling uxin ioiI to
inivu mercy on his aeeiiM rs. At 1 1 :.":!
o'clock the t run w as prunif and tliu
Ixxly watt allowed to hung until V2:'2!
o'clock p.u., v. hen it wan cut down.
Ilin nock wan broken by tlie fall. None
ot hi 'relatives were lirCKcnt. le-
terday WitrUiiia was baptized in the
Catholic faith.
Thn I crime for which Wartana wan
hangxl wancoiniuittced on the 2'.)th
of October, 1SSI. Wartena came to
tbig conn try from Holland a few yearn
ap, ana ioratel near trench J.aiiil-
intf, fn the Kankakee river. He pro
cure! I food for himself, wife and lour
c) "iiren by fishing in the river and
d ig odd jolw for neiirhbors. One of
th. to neiglihont wan John Dregar, who
owned amnall larin and Home cattle.
PrerT lot bin wife, but kept his
h0UHA in ihe same condition an durinu
u :.- i:f..i: i : . tt
lyui wiicn jut-iiim-, uuu 1U4B1IHU4I ivar-
M'na, and HOinetimes lxmrli'd with
fcim. Oh the )th of October, 1HK4,
fcne Brain a rd found the body of a
yuan floating in the river. He iramo-
muiiLciy pi i m m reo a.ssi8iance, anu tno
iHKly was tiiken Irom tlie river; two
iron pump-beadri were found tied to
the body, but they were not of sulh-
: cient weight to prevent tho body.
when der-ouioNition nets in, from ritt
iniz, or the crime niicht have forever
remainoi a iiwhUtv. Wart(!iia ter-
liuaded Dn'cr to fo to the river with
In m f or turn. W h i le there he watched
his opportunity and felled Jlrejrer to
the earth with a blow with the butt
-nd of a pun.. 1 ho pun was broken
by tho force of the blow, in such a
manner as to leave a lone, sharp point
extending from the breach, and with
that a deep hole in tho neck was
mode. The iron pump-heads were
then securely fastened to the body and
it was thrown into tho river. War
; tena, immediately after the murder,
took possession of all of lreger's
property, even his deceased wife's
clothing und claimed that he had
bought all tho property for 375, pay
ing for it with a check which he had
received from the old country. Im
mediately after the discovery and
identification of tho body, Wartena
was arrested, and on November 4,
1884, he made a complete confession,
and gave as his reasons that he was
poor, and that his family were desti
tute and that he deRired to Ret food
for them.. At the January term of
the Jasper Circuit Court he entered a
pie of guilty, and Juiie Ward as
sessed tho punishment at death, but
upon appeal the Supremo Court re
versed tlKicaseon the ground that the
judge should have called a jury to de
tennine the punishment. At the Oc
tober term, ISSi, ho filed a plea of in
sanity, but the jury found him to be
oi sounu iuniu anu euiiiy ot murder
in tlie first degree, and assessed his
punishment at deuth. ., .
Dwpfrl lrnrili,r Rank Cat ti
ler Mlilm Hnmliir.
Cr V V I " 1 ,vi
Kolert Smith, the cashier of tho First
National Bank of 1'almyra, at an early
hour yesterday morning had a desper
ate iianu 10 nana simple Willi a
burglar. A mint 2 o clock ho heard an
unusual nome in the rear of his house,
and, rising from his bed, be started to
investigate. Me had passed through
the dining-room door when he was
struck over tin-head, lie was daxed
for a second only, and grappled with
his assailant. A long and severe
struggle in the dark followed. The
dining table w as overthrown, furni
ture broken and crockery smashed,
but Mr. Smit h finally got the belter of
his antagonist, and with the aid of a
servant bound him hand and foot.
l'he neighbors were then aroused and
'he man was locked up. He wore a
lack mask and had' a full set of
iur, lars tonln. He said that bis name
l-vas ?rauk U. Moore, and that he hvcd
n A.'buny. It is supposed his inten-
on was tO'Overpower Ouslucr Smith
nd compel him to irive un the kovsto
he bank und disclost! the combina-
on of the wife. In Ids pocket was
und a bottle of chloroform. Moore
ppeara to ,be a dcsiierate fellow, but
ii. nuiiui n HUf rnor SirengMI Was KM)
iueh for him. Moore's -set of burg-
irs' tool urn of the latest tmt-
rn, and it is thou;ht -that ho is a
rofessioual bank burglar.
, ,
A Toolhful I. tit .xfr HnrKUr.
Nkw'YORK, Februarv afi. Tnsis-elor
yrnes oonHiders ilerbert Hepworth,
red BeventtMin' years, nrrestt!d in
ufTulo, N. Y., Tumlay last, one of
e moet expt:rt bupglai-s in the coun
y. Hepworth was born in Leeds,
ighind, but his parent were coin
lled to leave there! four vears atro on
count of crime their son bad eom-
tted. ITiey w:nt to Toronto, Out,
t there young Hepworth forged the
ine of an acitiainlam:e named Mo
rn ana inn iiepworlh lannly were
ivcompelJel to leave that city on
ountof the crimes of the youthful
niDer. Jury removed to iirooklyn
; Y,, ttnd youn; Hepworth promisee
reform, but instead be read dime
Veto ami "Hash' literature, and with
ir assistance conceived plans for
ther robberies. The papers here
morning couUiin long lists of
isea that the lioy has rolilted and
omoitnis lie uas sunen. Jle never
k any thing but. jewelry or cash.
neeuied always to pick out the
ises of the moiJ. fiisiuoiiab'e people
ilie dues nc viMi,ea as the nrtiner
Is'to receive hisiltentions. lie has
'i;larixed the residences of ome of
i! Jeading c.ople f Maten island,
uWyn, New York, AVilliamsburg
i! Aoronui, viu , mni, in laci, most
:heitiesof the Knnt. He iskcown
tw tolt:n over $V5,000 worth of
A nrr Kd Kmm.
. Johhpii, M., February 20.
awyer jiamcd ui. Alakepiece,
I Dunlap, Jowj., together with a
an and two children, as arrested
his cify to-day. Tlie charges
1st him are cmlroxleinent, stcal
i team of lurscs and tuirrying ofl
'gaged property. Makepetice was
meeting lawyer at Dnnlap, and
,ne enamored ol a young lady
Dea Moineii named Katie Vogel,
i he married, having previously
red a divorce from his wife. He
his nw wife to Denison, Iowa,
,hcr, returned to Dunlap and
clopei with Mrs. Ponaldon. In do
ing no he appropriated a team of
horses and carried off. his mortgaged
property, besides leaving several
claima of clientu in an unsettled eon
dition. llu went back this evening
without a rutjuisition, accompanied by
the woman and two children.
'rally AaalnllB.
I'lERt-it City, Mo., Febniary 26.
UolK-rt Cns'kett, formerly a lieutenant
in a Missouri regiment of volunteers,
and for a long time a resident of this
tow n, was as-sn-winatod about 1 1 o'clock
last night, while on his way home, not
over KjO yards from tho court-house.
Tin: murdered man was beaten to
ilealh with a blunt instrument in the
bauds of some one unknown.
I.ooltlns for bnri..llDtf Fmp'ovri
Ciii (,o, lix., February 2'S. N. K.
Fairbank it Co. are busily envagetl,
through deb'ctivcs,iii ItKiking for their
junior IsKik-kecper and collector, who
are said to have absconded with about
."fKK). Tup book-keeper was Frank
Klsdercc and the collector Itis I lendit.
Both were married men and hail licen
in the employ of the company for
three or four vears.
Tnulbrnl rarsrr rrralrct.
St. Locis, Mo., February 20. A
young man claiming to le from Den
ver, Col., and giving the name of John
Morris, presented at the paying teller's
window at the Mechanics' Bank, in
this city, this morning, a check for
1180 iL'inhisofn favor, signed by
1). S. H. Smith, the local treasurer of
the Missouri Paiilic .Railroad Com
pany Tho signature of' Mr. Smith
excited the susjijciona of the teller
and be summoned a policeman, who
took the young ran to Mr. Smith's of
fice, where the Utter stated he had
never seen Morris, and had never
drawn a check in favor of any ono of
that name. Tl young forgr was
taken to the police station, where ho
was held on the charge of attempting
to procure monty by false pretense,
Bfrdr la Ibo Mreond Drffif.
riTTSRuito, IV, February 26. Jas.
Kain, n noted character, on trial for
tho killing of John Wright, an inof
fensive colored man, was convicted
this afternoon of murder in the sec
ond degree. Kain, w ho was intoxi
cated, met Wright on tho street, and,
mistaking him for another man with
w hom be had quarreled, pulled his
revolver and sliot him death The s;n
alty for murder in tho second degree
is twelve years' imprisonment in the
Rnppord Wire Clurftnrnr Jnllrd.
Cedar Rands, Ia., February 20.
Fat Smith of Stone City, near An
amosa, was arrested on suspicion of
having murdered bis wife, who was
found dead in bed yesterday. He is
in Anamosa jail.
A LviMllaa Candidate from Vest trm
ranee for Ihe Nnprrme Bescb.
Ripley Nat: No gentleman in the
Western division of the State is held
in higher esteem, both as a man and a
lawyer, than Col. Ben. J. Iea of
Brownsville. His popularity, how
ever, is not confined to his own sec
tion, but from conversation with gen
tremen from the other divisions, we
find that he has gained many friends
and admirers in Middle and Fast Ten
ncMsco also. There is such a general
.current in the popular mind in West
Tennessee in favor of Col. Ix!a, that it
will lead no doubt to the people here
making unanimous presentation of
his name to the convention for a nom
ination to one of tlie Supreme Judge
ships for the State. For ourselves, we
hail the indication with delight and
earnestly hope" that the prog
nosis may be fulfilled. Col. Lea
has passed his life in the study
and practico of law, and pro
fessionally has secured the most unu
sual success. Hois now at tho ripe
age of about fifty-five years, the pe
riod at which man's reason and dis
cretion are most mature and powerful.
At the beginning of the late war he
organized and was elected colonel of
the Fifty-second Tentiessee Infantry,
and served with distinction from tlie
beginning to the end of thut memora
ble contest. When the present Su
premo Court was organized, nearly
eight years ago, it elected Col. Lea to
till the arduous and responsi hie posr
tion of Attorney-General and UeiHii lei
for the State, which position he still
holds, having so far discharged if du
ties with singular fidelity and ability
l,ea s supremo Court Reports are not
only the most voluminous, but perhaps
the mosD accurate and best selected of
any other series drawn from tho de
cisions of tht! Supreme Court. He has
been singularly happv in omitting?
cases mini ins reporw which merelv
re-echoed the voice of the court in
many similar preceding cases already
reported, and lie has embraced onlv
those cases which adjudicated nointu
not previously before the court for de
cision, or, at least, not previously re
ported. His reiwirts have deservedly
taken high rank with the profession.
We are very sure that the State could
not possibly do herself a better service
when she comes to choose her public
servants than to elevate Attbrnov-
General Lea to the Supreme bench.
neseiaiioaa rroieKtina Aral oat a
Keriarifon r Ihe Tariff.
Ciiicaoo, III., February 20. At tho
session of the Flax and Hemn Snin
ners and Growers Association, to-day,
the following resolutions wero adopt
Whereas, Anv reduction of the
taroft at this time on foreign fibers,
including jute, manilla, sisal, flax and
hemp would, in our opinion, be dis
astrous to these important industries,
both agricultural and manufacturing,
therefore be it
Jtmolwd, By this convention, repre
senting both producers and manufac
turers, that our Senators and Repre
sentatives in Congress be respectfully
urged to oppose (any such reduction,
whether by direct legislation or indi
rectly by reciprocity, and that a me
morial be prepared and forwarded to
every Senator and member of Con
gress, and that we will individually
urge the uinttenupon their attention.
The president was chosen to pre
pare a mejnorial, and the following
committee was appointed to go to
Washington : A. V.. Turner, jr., Bos
toe, chairman; HVnry J).' Jtement,
Ih'jon, 111. ; John TConkey. Dubnque ;
W. 8. Bentou, .Minneapolis; AV. J.,
Ix)ntrhritlge ami A. S. V inston, Ix;x
ington, Ky. ; Abram Bentley, New
Brighton, J'a. : Wni, Karbour, Pater
son, N. J., and Wm. Allen, New York.
The following officers were then elect
ed: A. R. Turner, jr., president;
Wm. Allen, vice-president; Geo. II.
Forr, treasurer; F. A. J. Smith, setTo-
Ihe convention then adjourned.
No a fir bimrdy can be had for
Coughs and Cuid. or any tronbie of
the thioit, than "Brown' Bronchial
Tochra." Piic 25 cents. Sold ocly
in boxes.
A Contrast Worth; ihe LVpccUl At
tention of Ilia Iotentate Conten
tion at Jiicksoc, Tenn.
Ionisville Caurir Journal: Surprise
was expressed in this column a few
weeks since at the statement that
river IxUtom lands in Mississippi that
rented for fvS to 10 an aero could be
bou;'ht for 20 to I!0 per acre. Since
then an vxamination lias been made
tif a pamphlet issued in 18S3 by tho
United States Department of Agri
culture, being special report by A. B.
Hurt, special agent, on "Mississippi
Its Climate, Soil, Productions and
Agricultural Capabilities," which fully
confirms the statement. In this report
a comparison of land in Mississippi
with Illinois, Indiana and Iowa Ls
made, which shows that the average
of all kinds of land in Mississippi, in
cluding upland and river bottom, per
acre is $17 7!, while the average crop
value over the whole Stato is j 12 21
per acre. In Illinois tint average land
value is f:W 05, the average crop value
per acre being J7 81. In Indiana the
average land value is f45 00, the aver
age crop value per acre being ! 8 23.
In Iowa the average laud value is
123 .r2, the averago crop Talue per acre
being JO STi. These statistics are- for
improved land only in each State. It
appears from the above, says the re
port, that the price of lands, or their
market value, in Mississippi bears
no just proportion to their real
intrinsic value. . I-ands that will
average a money product of
$12 21 per acre should average a
market value of at least $o0 per acre,
especially in such a temperate, health
ful climate. If Mississippi could
double or treble its population by
the addition of thrifty, industrious
immigrants, possessed of somo capital,
the price of funds would no doubt in
crease to something like a real value.
This is now leing accomplished, and
it is given on the authority of the
State Commissioner of Kmigration
that lands have advanced from 00 to
100 percent, in the past two years.
The annual death rate in Mississippi
is 12.89 in each 1000 of population.
Since the date of the report, in 1883,
tho Mississippi Valley railroad has
been built, which runs from Memphis,
Tenn., to Vicksburg, Mis., and thence
to New Orleuns, and forms tho great
trunk line of the Huntington system
between the Atlantic anil Pacific
oceans. This railroad traverses the
rich bottom lands forming the Yazoo
delta. In shape the delta is ellipsoidal
and the soil is composed of dark, rich
alluvium deposited by tho overflow of
the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. At
itt northern limits, commencing at
tlie State line, the delta is about ten
miles wide ; thence following the Mis
sissippi river southwardly it ex
tends eastwardly to tho Yazoo
river and its tributaries; and
running south it varies in width
from thirty-nix to sixty miles;
then narrows until it terminates near
Vicksburg, where tho hills extend to
the bank of the Mississippi river.
This delta is the most fertile plain in
the United States, and tho annual
overflow is now avoided by a perfect
system of levees, built by taxing the
cotton grown within the protected
district. The plain comprises about
-'50 squaro miles or 4,000,000 acres,
of which only 500,000 acres, or one
eighth, is improved, and the remain
der is covered with vast . forests of
valuable timber. Of tho total 5,210.
037 acres improved land in Mississippi,
these 500,iXXJ acres river bottom, most
ly on the river, are credited with yield
ing 27 per cent, of the total crop
value of 192,844,915. That is, oue
tenth of the acreage yields more than
one-fourth of the annual crops in
value. The railroad runs from fifteen
to thirty miles from the Mississippi
river, and has two branches leading
to the river. The report gives various
tables showing from the crop expense
nccounts of planters in different por
tions of the State tho cost of cotton
production. Tho estimateof a planter
in a Mississippi river county is con
densed as follows: Basis, one aero;
yield, 4du pounds nni.
Preparing land for seed $2 60
Plaiting 3 of)
First, second and thud pl iwiugr 3 i'5
First and second chopping 3 00
Laying by 1 50
Cultivation and seed $13 25
Picking 14( 0 pounds seed cotton 7 50
Ginning and hauling 1 75
Tctil cost 450 pounds lint cot
ton f22 60
or 0 cunts per pound.
Product of one a:re, one tale of 450
ths. at 8c.
Net on plantation- T40 00
950 lbs. cotton seed wt ruh- f 00
Total yield 45 f0
Deduct cof t of production- 22 60
Net profit on one acre...... ....,,123 60
With such a result as this the ten'
ant can well afford to pay $10 an acre
rent, especially as he can save $13 per
acre for cultivation by doing the work
himself, and thus make 10 per acre
for working the crop and 112 50 per
acre prom on me crop over ana above
the rent.
The tenant's account can bo stated
Product from one acre in lint
cotton and std $45 00
'Deduct rent of land.. 00
Deduct hire of mule,
plow and feed 5 00-115 00
Net profit after paying rent of
land, mule, plow, etc $30 00
which sum is my compensation in lieu
of wages. The above is a common re
sult, but unfortunately tho profits of
the tenant are usually eaten up by the
storekeepers who advance him sm
plies before thecrop is made. Intelli
gent persons in thel South ' represent
that the grandest 'openings in the
world for assured fortunes are there to
be found. Beyond a question, land
rthat will give such magnificent results
as the foregoing-calculation eeta forth
it) a great speculation to buy at 130 an
.acre, and even at double and treble
that price. v
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pe ite. aod encourages healthful mi ote. In
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weigoiinonaaaa ten peundi.
A t. H. CAM i'UKLL, Cotton Uln Maker.
Macon, Ua., February 18, USA. ;
A -'rlptl4 uledrra
I on'y weif hed 128 ponndt when I com
menend timnn a Finn r, aod now weiab 147
pouada. 1 oould hardly wal with a atiok te
upuort me and oan now walk lou dietanoea
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vni'-Hinvvn. n. nuivg 13ini lt.rk,
Maoon, Ua. 1 Cotion Bayer.
Mr. A. II Hramblell, Uardwar Her
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a save lor 29 yean, narnoatiuiiy,
Mr. W, F, Jnw, HaeoelByat
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ere'aad ten ponuda in weiaht. We recoiu-
mena uuinn a eioneer ai tbe beat tonic.
vr. f. Jones.
Dr. U. W. DelbrldK. of At lam la, .,
writes er Unlaa'a Ploetecr 1
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treat 0100a rtnewer ana bealtli reaiorer.
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Ii not in your market it will be forwarded
on reoeipt on fnoe. Duiall bottlea, I1.U0;
larae botilea. tl.76.
, Kaaay on Blood aod Skin Diieaaei mailed
MACOW MKDlriiNB C0.,MaHon. Oa.
ejMMw-w.- Nnw Mp.llluurot'd Oatltlo 1(M
It. nnw erer pritiuwl, don hmmIv,
' J ntDMNWltl ,llr in Nm HH.L
aal HtileaofOUae Library
jJeaKi, Tablet, Chairt,
wvm veBBtveyi awu uu vf
Letter PreiuLCablneti
Ladien' Fanrvnealra Ae
Flnaat Oonda and Loweat
rnoaa ttnanuiteiKl. Oataltif
iree. rau, JNo poatale.
A Valuable Fatenl
Danay'a (Hone) 4'ora aetd Pea Plaat.
ZJ A VINO nerfeoted mr inventlnn. I wlah
L2. n pluoe it before the pohlie, e'peoially
m nnfaolor-'.. Aa a frn Planter, it ia a
perfect ir eeMepeai the drill, diitrlbntee
Ihe aeed e,-. ra,eiy, uuimered, and eovera
tbe aaiue, theruty one man performing the
wora 01 inree. 1110- nave neon used in
tun notion lor over a doTi?n yearn with per,
foot aatf sfaotlon. Can give regpor lible toati
moaiale. 1 ddreaa
JOnN 11. DANCY.Dancyvilla,
tlavwnofl coiitiIv. '0-n.
V' : ! T" .' ffl.J'.ff
mill I Av
Aa7ma ror waatpiila, Tenn.
Exchange National Bank
MOKPOI.IL, TA .reb. 16,IHS.
"DB0POSALS will be received at thia effina
X until Hntarday, March t, lnUn, fur toe
perohas? of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in it entirety, and alao for piecel or
piHosi, ui iu, same reierenoe oeina: naa to
descriptive itata of aaid prnpertv ahioh
liata, elating trma of mlo, will be furniihed
npon application to tbe undersigned. The
right to rejeet any and all bida ia reierreii;
Vie: , ; -
The extensive and valuable property lo
oaied in Norfolk and P -rt.inouth, Va.t
known aa tbe "tSenboard Cotton Compreal
Compioy of Norfolk. Va.," oonaiating of:
1. The franckiu, which, among other priv
ileges, authonr.cn the fturnge of cotton and
other mi-rohandi-e, and the iaaua of negoti
able receipta therefor.
2. lie pJanl, which nnita of three (3)
rt-elaea improve-l cotton oompreaaea; two
U.) ateam tuaa; three (8) tranaportatlen
bargee. All the adjunct ncceaaary to a welt
eqainted eaUhliahment of thia character.
Ita fire proof warehouaea, aeven 17) in cum
ber, of capacity for atorage ef 2I.OU0 baici
anoorapreaaed eottoo.
Ita four t4) frame warehonaea (metal rcofa)
eipaoity, many thouaanda tone ef fertili
I. re, rait, ato. -1
IU wburvra and doeka, which afford ample
room for berthing at the tame time ten aea
goine, (team or aailing veaaela. Tbe aret of
tbe wareheaee and dock property in Port,
mpoth ia about 6S acu,. tore' ber with all ita
0 her property, which la fully deaoribed ia
the liata abeve refe-red to.
WM. II. PBTERS. Pecelver.
Manhood. Ae.,fealn triMl ia vela every Joewa
temeeiy.baeAiaaoeeaed a.iM)emeaiiaoell-cerm.
whlcb ha w,u .r.. riU:R iohi.t.llow-fl
dtle J JLJUKVLo, llhettiaei latiee lat
" - iiHiiiii, weoH. nmrnii 1,. ft! I It
Low Rates to New Orleans
TnB h.,V. 0 and T. and M. an1 T. Rra.
. . wi.l sell on Tundarn. ltith and Ulat
Jebruary, Nnnnd-Trip Tioketa to New Or
lrana lor fa AO mod fir in !. vrw
one wi-bin to are the Kxnoan on iliould
aatroniae tbee linei and take edvantaieoi
tbaeai.eoialra'ea. A.J. KNaPP.
- Henoral Paienger Arent
I... N. 0. aad I. and M. aod T. Kyi.
a -
fE'smr 'Jti?
Mood Restored
ES JS t el 1 i s
25fi and 2."8 Front
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Jfo. oSOtt Front Hired ; yiemphlw, Tcnu.
HLEIHDE BKOS.,of Como, Hiss. F. 31. K0KFLEET, Resident pnjtnerT
Tfn. gflri TVoTit Srtft-
Collars. Tract) C'baluN, Imp I.lakH,
Blind Brldles UameN, Lap IUorm,
Ilaokbunda, Single Treon, IlepeUr 1.1 uUa,
Ilamestrlngs, Doable TreeH, Cotion Itopy,
Carry CombM, Hone Ilraahra.
. A Complete Line of the above Good at jLowcwt Price.
J.T-IjCtI3IlA.XE; dS3 CO
SOI Rnd 801 Wain street, Dfeinrhl. Tenn.
W. A. GAGS & CO.
No. JIOO Front Htre?t. : UTemitliln. Tnnn,
Cotton Factors & Commission Llerch'ts,
No. 314 Front Street, Corner of Monroe, Memphis, Tenn.
I.lberel A1tiimm Maila an I'onalannienla.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Ho. 11 Union Ntreet, t : 3fernitlil. Tnr
MoCt Fearce c& Co.
Cotton Factors & Commission f.lerch'ts
Ceaei Warabaew-kea. HH anil HO, I'nlnn Htrrt.
Her laii ii Flail II.
Doors, ftiaxb, Illlndit, HfouldlntiM, all kliidit of Door and
Window Frame, ltracketH, ScroIMVork, Kough and
Dretmed Lumber, Khlngleis I.alliw, Water Tanks.
All kinds ot Wood Work Kxccnled at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to H. Washington St. Mcinplilm. Tmv.
Capital, $200,000,
J.K.ODWIN,Pre'U J.M.00UBaK, VicPreiH. C II. BA1NE, Canhler.
p (0
Boitrrl of Xtrotorej.
. M.
J. M.
W. N.
Ilrpoallory er line Htate of Tenneaae. Tranaacta a aJeiaeral Braklej
Itea'BMa amnt tlve. Nnlnl Alei,llAi Ia lltf .
r. OXAWraK.
g dJ j
'' vw"""
GeH.Merbers &Co.
rWbolMAle Oxxl-v.sm
St.e Mi'inpliis, Tenn.
Surplus, $25,000.
tUtOHIIK H. fitX. tt
Ump Stock.
Coal Oil.
Ui r.n MBaonani.
'V. 1 GENTS W. G.
j fisher Basgsa,
,S Blast rated Onrialefnef
aiaiiea rree.
257 Main St.
jlovih HErraARif.
la. o dL
Medical &. Surgical Institute
V- '.,n.-rK.V 7
J! -. '
KUaa (iaaiaat
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Hare PKRMANKNTLY latea ia HKM- :
l'lll.S, and hare aveaeda .
Medical and Nunrlral Institute
In the j oho Hotel, ,
Kntranreon Mala nrret, Plrat Hoor, Pirtt
Ilonrlothe Kiaht, where we will treat 8CI
KNTIflOALLY toe (o'lewla dimweei AH
Uiaeaaea pei-uliar to Women: alao, treat
Hh'umaMaia, Neurlai,(-,-itlra. Liter aae)
hidne Diae.aei, aooE aa Ohieoie Ceralira- i
I inn. Ililiinianrta. Hick Hea1abea. Rental
tieeaere, auuh aa Pllea, Vieaure el Ilie He .
una. Klalula la Aau. Blood leeaae. eaa
riyfbll a, Srrotnla. White riwelliiia. Vene
real tl eae, aui-h aa Unnnrrkea. Ioipo
tenoe, tilxrility and Nerroua and HiniU De
biliiy. IM.eaiea of the Kye, Kr and Thnmt.
Op'um aad At rphine llahl eared witb
out .iitfrioa or Heteut'on I mm hu.in en
cured br na.
Me Cnre StuinmerlneT by Art
n Medlt'ln) or liHtromeati Hfd.
We Exlmrt t'anc.rn wltb a Vf reta
il rUstfr, wit hunt pprforinlag- uaj
siirjlcul operation and without ranch
We treat Hlrlctare br Klentrelrele, which
lralnlr; (.'onnunintion, Aalhme aed lia
eaaea o the tluart, llyxoauaia and all her
vou IHrpa.ra. All Miiii Diaeaaea, inch alt
Ki iama, Tetter, Kte., treated.
aar Oomaoosdenoe aolielted.
Ori'K'K HOIJHN-rrom a.na. I
p.m., aed from a la.na a ei.aa.
DR. D. S. JoilNSOS'S
Xo. 17 Jf fffrnoi HlrMt, '
(Between Hnln and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IKitahllahed in
DR.JOIINMIN laarknuwImlaodBraltiiar.
Ilea iutereated a br far tae mnai anew
ceaaful iihrairiaa in theireaiment of erirate
oraecret dueaiea. Quick, permanent curefl
uaranteed in ererr eaae. male er feriele.
Recent oaea of tionorrhe. and oyr-hilU
cured in a f w dura without the uoenf aer
cury, cbiiDre of dirt vr aiadraiioe Iran
buaineaa. hecomlxry HrTbilia, the laat ree
tuecrHilicated withouttbe nee of mereary,
lnVuiunaarT loaa ot aemen atopned in a anurt
time, nufferera frm luiooieony er loaa o
aenuftl owera realored to Iree rieur In a few
e-k. Viciinia of eelf-abaae and eioeaalve
venery, auflerlec from apertnatorrhea and)
luiaof phyaical nd nientnl power, ape.dilr
and permanently cn-rd. Partlenlar atten
tion paid to the Diaeaaee of Women, and
eiiref ituaranteed. Pllea and old eoree eared
without the uae of enn-ticor the knife. All,
r' naultationa atrictiy i-onfidential. Hedi
rinra eent by eapreaa to all parte of tae
oerWorklnrmen cured at half the afual
rte. OtTice uuura from H o'clock a.na. to,
o'clock p.m. D. 8. JOHN. 'OS, al.D.
"Xmpreaa of Bom," eontainloc M Vajrai
pieea, 5Ho, b inall 6e. , . - --.
"Sunn 8 avenlr, pontalniof W raoal pleeea.
Mk), by mail one. "
"Plane Souvenir." eontainln 0 inatra-
mentnl piecea. SOe, by mall ffie.
'Folio ot Manic," oontaintni inatramenl
al Piecea, Nki, by mall IVni.
"Exnefalor Method lor the OrrM,"' eon
uiolca eoinnlete Inalruotioaa. beaidea
over lOil rocal and tnatrniaental pieeea,
bound in hoarda. Price tl, poetpeid.
"Coe'a Method for the Violin' tbe lateat
and moat proirreaaive Inatrnelor aub
liahed. havina ell neceaaarr Initntotiona.
end HM) election,, auoh aa "When the
Robina Ncit Alain," "I'll Aaraii My
Lore." "Dnncina in the Hern,' "Litrle
lixrhnr llroain of Me." "I'eok-a Hue,
"Home Day." Price 70, poilpaid.
Complete a took of Muaic Holla. Caeea. Wraa
pera, Hi ring-Hack Polio', In IWew De
aiaoi ol Leather and l'iuati,
3SO HfiUn Nl., MempblR.
Sole Agenta for Cblckorina, MnrJmaa aad
New Koeland Pianoa.
TrnnUe'i Hal. '
IN and by virtue of a certain tiuwt deed an
ecuted byhaille and J. P. riant en tie
2Vh day of rebruary. and r.onrded toe
lhdny of March, IKel. In book lab, pee
347, Rexiater'a offlce of Hhelby eoanty, 1 en
neaRee, the not therein not harm been
piid at maturity, i will proceed loeefl. for
eaah. at pub io outcry to the hiaheit hnlder.
In front of my offlce, No IU Madiaon etreeW
Meniphia, Tenneaire. on
ahnr-elnr, Marrli la, laws,
the follownc deacrihed rval e tne, aitaat
and beina in ri' ellir coun y, Tenneeaee, and
more p,rti ulerly doacrmo i a. I tvw. i 6e
ioa theeatrn half of a 4.T74-acre tract of
land nenr Withe llepot, raid eeatern half
thua deacri'wd : lletrinnme at a atake in the
north line ef auid trHct, tbe nortbnet onraor
of Ih t part aet off to Urlaay II hean.j
Ibrnce ea t 1 4t rolea to a atake. tbe north
eaat cirner of aaid trao'i theacu iwiiith "HA
Kile, to the aouthenat corner el aaid trace :
e nee weat with oulh line of aa)U treat 110
IKilc. to a atuka, the eoutbeirr. corner ef a
l eriaat apart to 0. II Kranei th'-nce north
J"ai polea to the b-irinn n. i einit Mime tract
aet apart to Mra. rial - i K. Hunt, hy partition
d ed, recorded book 134. ne4ia), R, iiiahB''t
i ffice of hhelbycoiintT, Teiiueaaer, lo which
refcrenro la berc maile.
Ibia land will be Bold aa a (hole or ia
aer. ral trncta, aa may appear eiwi adraa
t iacoua on the d ly ot ante.
L B. MrKA ItLfND, Troctee.
Mcrnan A Mcrar'wn Attorneya.
AfliiiinlHtratrix'a Xoticc.
THE unde'alaned ht,lnf fua'ifled a ad
liiioia trmria of I'bilin baniw, de vaaed.
hereby notifies all debiont to enne forward
and aettle, and ail crditore te pre,ent their
hi. In. properly predated. All rooda held
fur charge, muat be reuiared by the Ist e I
lleiember. IrtH',.
Boota, hhoca. Tool.. Ht-.ew-Oaeea and flit
area lor aaie at leaa thin ct. ,
Ad-n'r o Phllio nr. Wl let e-""
" Wiar. Mnarii aud Uki TBTataT.
atnaraoieel apeeiAe for liyaterie, Iiwai
neaa, CenTolaion, Piu, Nerr aa Neejral
ia, Ueaiiaehe, N.rc- Pmetratiea. neuaed
by the oae ot alcohol or lbamo; Wakn
fulneaa, Mental Depraaainn, 8't ini of tae
Brain, reaultini in inaaaiiy and l a lac lo
miaery, . deoay and death I Premature -
Aee, Barrei.neaa, Loaa ol Power la either
Involuntary l.e aoi Sermef' r
rtiaa, o...-. 1 1 over-eieriaoa ot ibe brain, .
aelt-abuae eroa.tiadulrenee. Lack aaa ea
taina one moM Iroatutent. II boa. or
eii botea lor t, aenr l- mail prepaid, on
reoeipt of pr,o. We ruar 1 1 e nl Bona
to cure any eaae. With each order t oeired
by ua for ail boiaa, acoiupaeicd wit '.
we will aeod tbe pnrobaaer oqr writlea
aoarnr ta te refund the money irtbe treat
meal doe i ol edect a cure. Oaaranteee
ieiaaed only b HKMCkRf 1 ' 'J., llroi
ri.t. Mq,KI. T-
rvMnicu , M,, -.Tiii, smi.u's
BIBLE " Introdantion by Her. J. H. Vin
cent, D.D. One ent baa aold BS in town
ot A74 people) one T to e villaa-e ot 7V4 one
new event On la M daya: one Ovi in anccee
aive week, i one 40 in 3 day! al two decreet
timet. Experience not neceaaarr Mdcea
. 0A"KLL A t'O. L'M1.
40 Deareorn atreet, Ciaoe.
i j
lei '
n f,
.it i-
I 1 ,
.rV. '
, of
be t
Jraa, I
e. 1
Cttile 1
f Ml

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