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To tbi Kditos of Ik ArriAL. Memphis,
Weeannot, M a TBle.Bndertass to retura
artWeVaot foeed suitable for poblleatioa.
Ou saail booki ere kept by BostoBoes. aad
aol by Individsai Barnes.
We solielt letters Bad w uikt'""
sab eU of general laUrast, bat lack But
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address of the eriur. as a i wtitM of his
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la'oraVrlB papers changed from oaa port
" Tlaothar.thB Basses of both post
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Basinets belters ihoald ba addroaaad I
C. OiLLiWiT.l OT Ifceond street,
M. Kati"0. I Memphis, lenn.
SATI'BnAT, : t t FEB. 27, 1880.
Monopolies constitute one of the
moat prevalent curses of the age. A
few grasp eitravatnnt profita which
the many have to pay. Monopolies
are not always a voidable, and it baa
twofnm hecn found necessary to
guard them, in many instance, from
hnaea h which the people are
robbed, by tbeintwventioncf the law
The Bell telephone is a monopoly that
ia used to produce all the profit it can
be made U bear, and that amount
proves to be more than the public is
disposed to bear, and now, lonuoaieiy
for the cituens, the law la unaertaa
in tn chck the expansive greed of
the owners of that monopoly. In la
diant the Supreme Court has decided
tba', the law enacted by that 8Ute re
ducing the charge of the telephone
from $5 to 13 for the use of a telephone
inttrument at'ached to an exchange,
ia constitutional. The company in
tend taking the caee up to the United
States Supreme Court. The company
contends tha', as they have a
IToitad States patent, Bute enact
ments cannot limit their charges.
But the court holds that while
the patent gives exclusive right ti use,
make and sell the artlc'e patented, it
does not give the power to make, use,
or sell in violation of Slute law. The
company also claimed that their enter
prise is a private one with which the
Legislature cannot interfere, any more
than with any other private business.
The court, however, decided that the
telephone is an important instrument
of commerce no other known device
can supply, aid ia therefore indispf n
sable to commerce. Its rektions to
ward the public make it a common
carrier of news, in the same sense that
the telegraph is a common carrier.
This imposes upon it well defined ob
ligations of a public character. The
instruments and appliances used in
connection with the telephone are,
therefore, in legal contemplation, de
leted to a public use, and property so
devoted becomes legitimate subject
of legislation and control. The court,
there f re, decided that the State Ltgls
lature has ample power to prescribe
maximum charges for telephone serv
ice. The New York Tim re
marks that as part of a com
mon carrier's business it must
enpply telephones and telephone ser
vice to those who want them in a die
trict covered by the exchange. Also,
if it supply a telephone to one man for
3 a month, as a common carrier, it
cannot refnse the same to .another
within its recogntz9d territory. A rent
of $;tti a year ia sullicient for the use' of
an instrument that cost $3 42, to jet her
with service, cost of wire and other
tliinga. In New York those who have
telephone are charged from $160 to
'.'16 a year, and a bill is before the
. I-egiblaUire ol New York placing tele
phone rants at not over $00 in New
York city, and $H1 in'other cities and
. villages. The victim) if an avaricious
monopoly will rei )ice that the law is
stepping in to secure them tome re
lease from a crying and vexatious in
j list ice.
roi.it Y.
Xiie people ol the toatli nave re
llecte: much upon the temperance
question, and by moderation and at
tempts to carry with them the moral
support of the communities where the
temperance organizations bnve taken
their most active measures, they have
met with a degree of succtsi and done
an amount of good that deserves pro
found admiration and gratitiHe. Even
the New York Poft, which has not
been onlina-ily numbered among the
South's admirers, says: " The sua iy
development of the temperance senti
mrnt in the South is a notewoithy
eijn of tho times. The low ut drunk
enneBH in tl:nt part of the country
have hu 1 the good sense to keep the
question out of politics, and to seek
their end by the use ol practicable
mi inures." So siicceewlul in many
lojalit'cs have been the efforts cf the
a holies of temperance, tat North
ern peisciiH who were interested in I
tne temperance crusade, when vieit- !
ing the Houth have txpreased their)
astonishment ti n1, as many thoug'ut, !
in tae practical realizii'm ol the teru-
re.ance ideal the South left no snperi-
outh has
!f the
ance people early perceived a difficulty
that has Krca'.ly hampered their
brethren cf the North. They fully
understood the people were net to be
driven, forced, coerced to adopt a
chmge ol habits. They held out
thoje convincing arguments and eta-
ority fo'ithe North to hoaet of.
rciisoa ol tlu success in t he
been till prudent carefulness
BL , .
policy pttvwueu. many anient ti
turtles nofophirt baa ever been able
to overturn. The women hev great ,
influence in the South, as, God bless
them, they ought ti have everywhere,
and mothers and sisters and wivee
lifted up persuading voices and plead
ing eyes, and their eu'oeet advocacy
secured the cause they made sacred
from ribald contumely, they gave it
dignity and Influence. As far as this
gratifying progress made its way prac
tical miasures were set on foot The
moral influence gained, local option
followed, which ia widsly adopted. Its
success has been in proportion as it
baa bad the moral convictions of the
ne'ghborhooda where it was put in
epe ration. Where the general senti
ment regarded drinking as disgraceful,
and more disgraceful still when in
dulged in unlawfully and secretly, aa
horse and chicken-stealing are
indulged ia, local option bai
dons wonders not only where
thus prudently established, . bnt
by the effect of example upon
surrounding neighborhoods. Where
tba requisite amount of moral impres
sion bad not been made local 0 tion
failed, aud it was looked upon aa a
good joke to obtiin freely at unll
censed booses what the temperance
people bad denied by law before the
community was prepared to carry out
the change. High license, in Georgia
and Carolina especially, have con
tributed ti subdue a mania not yet
abolished, and to lead the people to
prize temperance by seeing drunken
ness diminished, a ad thus appearing
more hateful and disgusting when it
was exhibited. This has been
the secret of tsmperance suc
cess in the South to pre
pare the ground, secure goodwill
and arouse interest. The ground ready,
the seed waa town, local option or
high license were introduced just aa
communities could be got to accept
and welcome them. Where one step
ia made sure before another ia taken
access is permanent, for every ad
vance trade prepares f r another ad
vance. To precipitate matters leads to
disappointment. To depend not upon
the gcoi sense and moral convictions
of the people but upon force, driving
unwilling persons by the power of le
gal paina and penalties, make ship
wreck. "Make baste slowly," ia espe
cially a sound maxim in thia caw.
Harshness, driving or dictition, where
such a question aa temperance is con
cerned, will only awake hatred and
stimulate opposition. Such baa been
the policy by which temperance hai
won Its successes in the South : let our
people beware bow they depart from it.
The Panama canal project is becom
ing short of f undo, and ai one effort
toward raising them its great mana
ger, De esseps, is now on a visit to
the scene cf operations, and on his re
turn he will make a report as to the
condition and prospect of the work, a
report which will be an appeal for
more money. Lute ititemenia by vis
itors to the spot have been very dis
couraging, aa the amount of work done
is email and only of earth, the more
costly rock work not having begun,
nor the formidable labor to prevent
destruction from the Chagrea river yet
even planned out while the outlay
has been vast. The inference these
observers draw is that there will be
an ultimate abindonmert of the work,
or the co it of the work will be so im
mense that to make its receipts meet
the cost and running expense will be
impossible. Predictions upon such
point! have little authority. It was
again anc1 again proved and demon
strated by engineers and others, dur
ing the time of constructing the Sues
canal, that under no sum by aid of
which that work could be
completed, could it possibly pay
the interest upon the bare
cost. Kxpurience proves it to
be one of the beat paying works of the
day. Were the Chagres river out of
thn way, the Panama matter would as
sume an altogether different com'
plexion, although the work would be
a most formidable one even then.
FiOm the first it was known that with
that)river and its vast and violent floods
lay the main diflhulty. Yet, although
to quiet fears about that part of the
enterprise ia all-important to the rais
ing of money, the public is (till in ig
norance of any plan being decided
upon by which the formidable diffi
culty can be overcome. The confi
dence of M. de Lesseps ia unbounded,
and he his proved himself so able to
conquer difficulties that it ia hard to
pronounce the word "impossible"
where be is concerned, and the hardiest
critics of the work at Panama hesitate
to do co. Should De Lesseps'a investi
gation, now he is on the spot, be
thorough aud honest, his report will
once more rally his friends and ad
mirers around him, and operations
will go on with renewed spirit, and if
succeef-fu1, where will be the man of
the age to vie will De Lesseps. the
successful piercer of two continent h?
Mr. l.elevrf'a Nchenie for Ireland.
London, February 26. Mr. Shaw
Lefevre, ex-Piwtmaster-General, in an
article in Tin' Simlefnih Ctutttn, advo
ratts the Federal piicoiplefor Ireland,
with largt powers of autonomy, re
taining representation in the Imperial
Parliament. He indicates thtt this is
Mr. tiladstone's scheme.
M ill Mtnnd by Dyeoa.
Losion, February 20. The minis
ters of the London Wesley an Circuit
have formally recorded their convic
tion that the liiv. Mr. Dyson was not
an accomplice of Mrs. Bartlett in the at
letied poisiinog of the latur'e 1ms
bmd, and will raise a fund for Mr.
I'vaon'a defence.
- I
Iew'.ston, Me., February .6 Moses
Craij & Co.. and Dingley, Stout it Co.,
large snoe mannuciurera ol Autmrnji
have followed the (ximple of AsaJ
(Jushman iV uo., by entering into a
agreement with the Knights of Labi
which shall govern their relatioi
with their employes. Oiher firms w
probably follow suit.
Severe Galea Along the Atlantic
Coast Damage to Prop
erty. New Yosk, February 6. The
Western blizzard has reached New
York. The mercury haa fallen over
20 in the past few hours, and the
streets that were deluged by the rain
yesterdsy are overed with ice today.
The wind ia blowing a gl, and it ia
with tba greatest difficulty that tele
graphic communication can be main
tained with either the East, West or
South. The sea in the bay ia unusu
ally huge, and it ia feared that the
gale will prove almost aa die artrous to
shipping aa the great storm of January
9th last.
The wind ia Increasing in velocity,
and fence, signs and awnings are be
ing blown down everywhere. A sta
ble in Brooklyn, owned by Thomas
Murphy, waa blown down, but no one
waa seriously injured. Travel on the
elevated roads is greatly delayed. The
Signal Service officers ssy that the ve
locity cf the wind since 8 o'clock thia
morning haa been fifty-three miles per
hour. The tsmperature has fallen
greatly, and at noon wai 17". The
atorm will probably hut all day. 1 lie
Signal Service people fay that the
storm, in point of velocity of wind,
wai the severest in fifteen years.
I'arloaa tlllaaard at Holloa.
Boston, Mass., February 18. At 9
o clock tbia morning a huge tslegrapn
pole, at the ccrner of Maryland and
Alabama streets, was broken snort on
by the high winds. Other poles in
the neighborhood were broken or
pulled down in quick succession, and
several streets were seon blockaded
ith falhn r.o- g ni an in'xtiicable
snare ol wires. Many norsea were
entangled and a panic nurrowly
averted. The streets were at once
roped off, and large gangs of men
were set at. work to clear the wreck.
For the time being, freight delivered
at the Albany depot had to be dragged
by band around a block. JNo injury
to life or limb has so far been re
potted, but there have been many
narrow escapee.
A furiou buzzard prevailed during
the night in this vicinity and for a
ling distance down the eastern coast.
At P. rtland twenty inches of snow
has fall an and it is still snowing.
Business is at a standstill. The Grand
Trunk railway is blockaded at B'thel,
and between there nad South Paris is
in bid condition. At St. John, N. B.,
the snow is the heaviest of the season
and the wind is blowing sixty miles an
hour. At Westfleld the steople of the
First Congregational church was
turned completely over and thrust
through the toof cf the building into
the audience-room.
The storm which prevailed through
New England to-dy is reported as the
severest of the winter. In some sec
tions of New Hampshire and Ver
mont fifteen to twenty-four inches of
snow have fallen, accompanied by a
furious wind, which attained a veloc
ity of fifty to sixty-five miles per hour.
Hurricane at Baltimore.
Baltimobb, Md., February 26. Af
ter a teaiful tain-storm last night iJal
timore and vicinity wai visited by i
burticane more severe than for several
vears. In the wee tern section of the
city houses were unroofed, and in aev
eral instances no: only the tin was
blown from the roofs, but the sheath
ing was torn off and hurled entirely
across the itreets. The damage will
be considerable. To-dty the wind is
still very nigh, with Irequent gusts ol
Wlad-Starm at PUtabnrc.
Pittsboho, Pa., February 26. The
wind-etorm which struck here last
night in advance of the western bliz
iird did no serious damage in this
vicinity. In the eattorn portion of the
Sta'.e, however, the telegraph wires
were blown down and communication
almost entirely interrupt!. The gale
continued all night, and was accompa
nied by a slight ftli of snow. Within
twenty-four hours the mercury fell 43
Heavy dale at Baffala.
Bi'fpalo, N. Y., February 26. One
of toe beavieat sales ol the season set
in last night and continued to-day,
The wind reached a velocity of htty
seven miles aa hour. At 10 o'clock it
moderated to forty miles an hour.
The temperitire is 4" above zro,
About 9 o'clock last night, while the
wind waa bio wing a strong gale.aladv,
said to ba a sister cf the late Ex-Gov.
Heytconr, waa blown from the Like
Shore train between Erie and Dun
kirk. She attempted to paw from the
dinng car to a sleeper with her hus
band, and co sooner stepped upon the
platform thai she was carried swiftly
ell' the train. The train wai backed
nearly a mile before they fonnd the
lady, who had escaped death, but re
ceived a deep' gaih over ber left tem
ple. Baow-Mtoruas la Canada.
Qukbhc, February 2G.- C ld weather
again prevaila throughout Canada.
The heaviest snow-sto m of the
season ba: been in progrees since latt
Wiad-Marna at Harrlabarr, Pa.
HaRRif BCBu, Pa., February 6. A
wind-storm of most disastrous charac
ter has prevailed in this neighborhood
for the past twenty-four hours, and
atill continue. Houses have been
unrcofed and chimneys blown down.
This afternoon two of the large stand
pipes of the Locbiel Iron Works were
toppled over, one of which crashed
into the work". Fortunately, no par
son was injured. Thedarmije through
out the county will he considerable.
Annie l'ixley drew ' another law
mi'lic'liee at the' Memphis Theater last
iiiuht with the popular J'fiu, v hieh
will le repeated to-day at the matinee.
Eilij, an Irish play, closes the eniii'i'
ineiit to-night.
Croabj'a Dime Jlnarain.
At 10 o'cloc k this morning the usual
m.'itinee for school children will he
hold. Hereafter liulicf, with or with-i
out escorts, will he treated with cpc
,f al consideration. After the various
performances in the liallsarul annexe
they he admitted into the thcato
rinni by the Main street entrance he
In iv a l iV one else is allowed to pass
down. This new rule t'ol. I'msby lias
made for the sake of the ladieamho
attend the matinees. The tattooed
celcluities cImsc tlieir eniip'inent to
night and do not remain over until
next week as at tirst proposcM, as
it would not he (Missilile for them, in
that case, to till their dates for the
next convention. Among the stairr
people who willlic seen for the hist time
to-dav are tlicjpctito 1-lossie Kd wards,
the most clianninij child dansecise m
the world; tli.('anidens, with their
pleasing Hot'iety sketch, and Charles
Frvneh, the banioint.
The gold nieilals for the favorite
tottoofHe will Ik- awarded at 9::i0
o'clock p.m. Jjuliif who desire to
vwit the l) mi-u m to-day will do well
toehooKe the uftesiioon for their rail
and avoid the Saturday night crush.
The sale of watn for .Tanauscliek's
ena!,'einent opens at Mulfnrd's to
day. Monday the 11'oimuii in Red will
he" given, 'Tuewlay Weak lluutt,
Wednesday m'tinee Jlnrie Stuart,
and Wednesday night Mnclxlh.
Last Blaal at tba Sayas taa I
Kajaraala araolal -t af
taa Bcaaaa.
The scene in the dancing hall of
theGajoto Hct?l hut night was a
aight to ba remembered. Never were
Japanese costumes seen to better ad
vantage ; never were bright and bril
liant colors more bappily blended.
The Mikado crezt has gone through
various stages of development here,
from the professional stage perform
ance to the privats ra lor phase, but
itt proper and legitimate raison
d'etre was never succesf ally dera
onstiated til! 'a t night, when
the juvenile class of Mrs.
Florence Finley Moore'a dancing
academy pave a Mikado entertain
ment that was worth going miles to
see. Such, at hast wae the verd ct o(
the ladies and gentlemen present, and
the number embraced the very elite
of Memphis society. Among tho
prominent ladies and gentlemnn who
were present were : Mr. and Mrs. Na
poleon Hil', Mr. and Mrs. N. Fon
taine, Capt. Ed Nowlind, United
Slates Marshal Freeman and wife,
Mm. J. N. Falls, Col. and Mrs. Harvey
Matb.es, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ssward,
Mr. and Mrs. William Ka'zenberger,
Mis. Lowenttein, Mr. Godsbaw, Mr.
Green. Mr. and Mrs. J.J. folic, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Semmes,
Mrs. Sam Tate, Mrs. J. W. J-aue, Mrs.
H. M. Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. C. H.
Grosvenor. Miss Mar Hill. Mr. H. L.
Branch. Mr. J. S. Drake and many
others. At a little aCtsr 8 p. m. the
band btruck up a march, and the fl
owing named little ones, arrayed in
all the gorgeous brs very of Japanese
finery, marched into srgnt, and were
the theme of the admiring comments
of 600 delighted specta'ora:
Nellie (iraen, DaUr Adam?,
Perry Kesenplatnter, fallen Alloo,
Mitttie Bella Arnold, Ooorga Arnold.
Maria Turnbull,
frank iurnuuu,
lleruiaoe Levy,
Julian Speed,
Lena Uunejr,
Kuirane Nolaad,
Mime Drodie,
Leslie Drake,
Willie Carter,
Lillia Dunn,
Nellie Semmes,
Paul Dillard,
Kthel Ouroy,
Willie Bickfurd,
W illie Stark.
Madge Tucker,
Walter Lnwenntein.
Maxrie Fenuaon,
Mary Wsroold.
Ciralel WirtielJ,
r.liia Massay,
Miltia Cirebao.
DailT Zimmerman,
Eunice Drake,
cho!(r (Jhuui,
Malcolm bemmes,
chirlcr ltudileka,
Minnie Laa talll,
Aui'iD C'arcy,
Marie Day.
Eve! re Tale,
Linia Willing.
L-ovoid lliricu,
ttussett l'i
The intricate evolutions of a com
plicated march were executed by the
children with a precision and skill
that bespoke wonders for the efficien-
cv if their tnetructress, and not a sn
gle balk was made, although me n
nrea were diluoult and those wno en
cageJ in them ranged in age fiom 4 0
13 veais. ine marcn was louowea oy
all the round and square dances, too
numerous to detail, but including the
waltz, galop, minuette, Koccaccio and
otheis, in all ol which the l ttie gen
tlemen and ladies danced with an
easy grace, yet perfect precision
of movement thtt would put to blush
a ball-rcom cf aiults. Tbe Uncy
dancaa were oartjcularlv admirable
the first being a Japanese dance for
foiu-. executed with indescribable arcb
neee and skill bv Misses Sue Shirley
Reward. Aline Bice. Allie Stark and
Eunice Drake. Next followed Marie
Turnbull, a lovely little gdden-haired
and b!ack-eved b!oade of about five
summers, who danced a pat seul with
a faTcinatina grace and rbvthmic per
fection of movement that won for her
an enthusiastic encore, to which she
rnannnded with the highland fling,
which she did so well as to complete
the chain of caot vauoa by wbicb
she held the audience. Frank
Hill and Frank Turnbull tiien
did the "Sailor's Hornpipe" in an
admirable manner, so well in ftct.that
they had to repeat it in response to
the unanimous demand of tbe spe&
tators. A galop concluded the pro
gramme, which was prorounced by a
the ladies and gentlfmen present
beyond all odds the most successful
and perfect affair cf the kind ever
given in Memphis. Tbe costumes
were rich, elaborats and brilliant,
both in coloring and costliness cf
rra erial, but whtt ia mere important
thai all, the degree of proficiency in
dancing displayed by the class wa in
every sense creditable, not only tq the
talent and art cf Mrs. Mcore, but to
the aptness of the pupil.
Li tile Maggie Ferguson, a little mite
of a girl about four years of ae was,
by unanimous coisenr, voted the
cutest little Jap on the tl or, and was
the observed of all observers.
Eugene Noland, aged about eight,
was the handsome t youngster on the
floor, and one of the best dancers.
That boy bids fair to develop into a
heart breaker.
Miss SueSherley Seward made an
ideal Pttti-Sing, so much so that one
bright youth wa led to remark that
Pitti-Sing is Japanese for pietty thing.
Miss Alene Rice was a charming
Frank HuTscoitumeas Nanki rooh
wai accurate in every defail, and be-
ima him admirablv.
Mii-a Daiav Adam, who . led the
march with Miss Nellie Green, is a
piqnatsU little brunette, who promises j
to peceme a hllp. . -!
Oel'Klit'nl Operetla al the State
Female ( ollegre. .
A delightful operetta, entitled
lieen of the Birdi, waa iven last
nifjht at the rotate Female Co'leiie,
under the musical direction of Prof.
Downa. The characters were a fol-
Oueen of the llinls Miss Mary Lane
ijucen of the Fairies
Miss N. Burton
Miss C. Armtrong
First Wren
Second Wren
Blue Bird
Ambassador .,
Suae .Manager..
Among the
Aliss J . Liauon
Mis W. Harrison
Mite M. Roscliroiigh
Master Weaver
, Master KoKebrnuith
.Mi?s Helen Scars
...Mis Annie Stevenson
mojt cliarmitiK tones
wf ra: ".Merriiv upnasireu, nviuino
Willie lla'riaon; "Over the Hills and
jar Away," by Miss Narri-ea Barton;
A Dream oi Love," by Miss Carrie
Armstrong; "Uenlle Faces," by Mise
Jennie Dalton. Before the operetta
there were some beautiful gymnastic
xen ieee by the class, an instrumental
solo by Miss Katie Naill, and a recita
tion by Misa Mary I,?ne.
. . .. 1 1 1 . ,t,-
Time for riling Claims to
Extended Export and
Washington, February 6. The
House Committee on Invalid Pen-
sioos has sgreed to repori 10 me
House the bill extending tbe time
within which claims may be filed for
arrears of pensions. It is probable
that three reports will be aubmittid
one drawn by Mr. Morrill favoring an
extension ULtU 1888 of the time
within which claims may be filed ;
one by Chairman Matson fevering the
inclosing of all claims now on file,
and a third adverse to any extension.
The Dlaarley Hnlpplag Bill.
Washington, February 26. The
Senate Comm. fee on Commerce has
agreed to report favorably the Ding
ley ahipping bill, with amendments.
InaBorta aad Kxparts.
Wabhikotok. February 28. The to
tal values of tbe imports of merchan
dise during the twelvo months endd
January 31, 18S(i, were (i60,749.37',
and during the twelve mocths ended
January 31, 1885, $(117,172,414, an in
crfaJ of $43,576,960. The values of
the exports of merchandise during the
welve n oaths ended January oi,
1SS6, were $ i65,676,776, and during
the preceding twelve months $7u6,
909,405, a decrease of 49,'i321629.
Ballroada la the ladlaa Territory.
Washington, Febiuary 26. The
House Committee on Indian Allaire
to-day instructed Chairman Wellborn
ti report favorably bills granting
rightof way through the Indian Tei
ritory to the Fort Scott and Knea.
fort Worth and wnver, nansas ai u
Arkansas Valley, and Kansas City,
Fort Scoit and Gulf Railroad com
Ilk ( rait, Dandrn.fr, Eeaema and
All Hcalp Huniora Cured by
T AST November my llttlo boy, aged three
I i tli affxinst the iitove while he waa
runn.ng, and wut his head, and, ri.ht alter
that, he brosa oni an over mi neau, wow
and left ear I bad a gaod doctor, Dr. - .
to attend nim, but be got worsa and the doc
tor could nut cure him. His whole head.
taoe and lelt ear were in a loiriui siate, aim
hosutTered terribly. I caught the disease
from him and it spread all over my fane and
neck and even got into my eyes, body
thought we won d aver gat betto. 1 lelt
aure we were disfigured for life. I heard ot
iheti'Ticua hkukdiics, ana proourrua un
tie of Cuticur Kbholvsnt, a box of Cuti
ctJRA and a cake of CJuticura i-oap, and
used thim, constantly aay ana nigav. ir
i.in.i'n hnttlee ot Kksoi.vknt, four boies
of Cuticuba and tour cakes of I;oai, we are
perfectly cured without a scar. My boy s
kin it now like sati . w T T
lilLiLiini Wlinai
371 Grand itraet, Jersey City, N. J.
Sworn to before ma this 27th day of March,
1845. GlLBSRT r. KOlllNSOK, J. r.
Have boen in the drug and medicine busi
ness twentv-five years. Have been selling
your CliTirURA RimfiiIKS since they came
West. They lead all o hers in their line.
We could not write nor could you print all
e have heard said in favor o( theCuTici'RA
Kiukdiics. Una year ago ine uthh
Soap cured a little girl in our house of the
worst ore head wa aver saw, and the Ks
801.VIXT and Cuticuba are now coring a
young antleman oi a sore leg. wm s m
phys cians are trying to have it amputated.
It will save his leg, and porhtp- his life. 1 oo
much cannot be anid, in favor of vTrccHA
Rkusdiks. 8. B. SMITH A: BR0.
Covington, Ky.
Ct'TtcnaA Rrhrdixs are a positive cure for
every form of Skia and Blood Diseases, trom
Pimples to Scrofula. Sold everywhere.
Price: Ccticuba, M)e; Soap, 25o: Rssoi.
vgT, fl. Prepur. d by the Pottkb Dauu and
Chkuioal Co., Boston, Mais.
Bead for "How to rare Skits Wis
aaea." CCTV Blemishes, Pimples, Blaokheads
& 11 111 anli Baby Humors, use Cuticuba
PA I Mo whioh no human skill
atoms able to alleviate, is the con
dition or thousands who as yet
know nothing of that new and ale
aant antidote to pain and inftam-
the Cuticuia Amti-Faib rLAg-
xr. com d n rh.nr.an Court, of Shelby
r'nnn'tv State of Tennessee vs. W. A. Col-
i , r cl i . ... . , .
Y virtue of an interlocutory uocrco i"i
Tl !.,...- ikhiL M. R.51. naire 3ti.
...t Ant. n thn unlive cause uu me
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
ll,Mor. in front of the Clerk and Master s
office, Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, lenn , on
Knlnrdnr. March 13, 1S8,
tiu: i..i hiiir,. thn fullDwinff depcribed
property, situated in. Shelby county, lenn.,
"r'ewest part of lot 24'J, fronting 24 feet i
inches on the north side ol Madison street,
northeast corner of alley esst of, Alain street,
and running back 74H feet, bold as prop
erty ot H. L. Brinklcy and others.
Lot 563 and part of M. in lot 4, 'J, fronting
60 feet on tbe north side of Court street and
runniiag bsck 148S feet in depth, bold as
property of same parties.
Terms of Bale-On a credit of six months,
note bearing interest, with security, re
quired; lien retain-d; redenption barred.
ihU.Fabryary 17. isib.- . .
Bv J. M. Bradley, Deputy C. and M.
u 1
F. H. A C. W. Heiskell, sols.
8. C. TOOF.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
Va O'
I (Ajrres Block).
i Sow and Latest Stjles Stock.
Tjlie, Sew Macntnery.
Iucreajed facilities for loln& ul
kinds Lithographinjf.
Triceg aa low as anywhere, North
or East.
Elm wood Cemetery.
W Vnion Street. February li. 1H. '
v vrtrrioN will be held at the office
A oHh. Tresur ot said Company. 3o
lluion street, on
v-tf Moria in March (1st), 1SIj,
. W..,.t,S..fcrTHWlIJ'i!;
first Monday in March, lo. 1. ls read
F'formaUonT JOS. LE.NOW. President.
trr. 2Se
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether in the form of
Kiglit Sweats and Nervousness, or in a
aense of General Weariness and Loss of
Apatite, should suggest the use of Ayer'a
Earsaparilla. This preparation ts most
effective for giving tone and strength
to the enfeebled system, promoting the
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing the nervous forces to their normal
condition, aud for purifying, enriching,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Ten years lajro my health begin to fall.
I was troubled with a distressing Cough,
Kigbt Sweats, Weakness, and Nervous
ness. I tried various remedies prescribed
by different physicians, but became so
weak that I could not (re up stairs with
out stopping to rest. My friends recom
mended me to try Aver's Sarsaparllla.
which I did, and I am now as healthy and
strong as ever. Mrs. . L. Williams,
Alexandria, Minu.
I have used Aver's Sarsaparllla, In my
family, for Scrofula, and know, if it s
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I have also
prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an alter
ative, and must say that I honestly believe
It to be the bet blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, I). D. S.,
fil. v., ureenTllle, t enn.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be linposilbb for mo to de
scribe what I sullcred from Indigestion
and Headache up to tin time I beirun
taking Aver's Sarsaparilh. I was under
the. care of various phyniciaiis and tried
a great many kinds of medicines, but
never ohtained moro tlnin temporary re
lief. After taking Aver's Sarsaparilla for
a (iliort time, my licadaJio disappeared,
and mv stomnch performed its duties more
pcrfec'tlv. To-day my health is com
pletely restored. Mary Hurley, Spring
field, Mass.
I have boen greatly brnefitcd by the
prompt mo of Aver s 8araparill. It
tones and invigorates the system, regulates
the action of the digestive ind assimilativo
organs, and vitalizes the blood. It h.
without doubt, the most reliable blood
purifier yet discovered. II. V. Johnson,
333 Atlautic ave., Brooklya, N. Y.
Ayer s Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. 3. C. Ayer A Co., Lowell, Maas.
Price 91 1 six bottlea, US.
nra rfst FRtEwni
This fiimons remedy most happily meets
thedtmand of the age for woman s peculiar
and multiform afflictions, it la a remec
fr WOMAN ONLY, and for one SPEoIA!
CLASS of her diteases. It is a specitlo for
eertain diseased eondttions or the womD
and proposes to so control the Menstrual
function as to regulate ell tbe derange
ments and irregularities of Woman's
Its proprietors claim for it no ether medical
property; and lo doubt the faoi that this
Dieoicino does positively possess such eon
trolling and regulating powers is limply
to discredit the voluntary testimony ot tnou
ands ot living witnesef who sre to-dni
exulting in the restoration to sound healtc
and happiness.
Female Regulator
ts striotly a vegetable compound, and is the
product ot medical eoienoe ana iiritcuca,
perienoedireeied toward the benaSt of
It is the studied prescrlotlon of a learned
unysioian, whose speoiulty was WOMAN,
and whose fame became enviable and bound
less because ol his wonderful success in the
iH.tm.nt ami en" nf female comnlaints.
KiiilKUl known, and riemy ueservei iva
n.na It contrail a elass of functions the
various derangements or which cause more
ill health than all otner causes oomoiueu
..J tnm miaii.i lutr trnm a Inn train o
afflictions which sorely embitter her life and
prematurely end her existence. Oh, what a
.nititiiJ. nf living witnaasei can testify to
its charming effects 1 Won a.i, uke to your
confidence this
T satlll vsaltaaVa. VAtl nf naarl all the com
plain's peculiar to your sex. Rely upon It
as your safeguard for health, happiness and
lsJldl by all druggists. Send for pur treat
ise on the Health and Happiness ot ft oman
mailed free, which gives all particulars.
too nu ATFIE..n HK(5lI.ATOR CO .
BoiaaT Atlanta. Oa,
Pennyroyal Pills
rHIOMF.HTF.K'S EtasjI.Iall "
The Original ssl Only Oennliie.
Sale and always Reliable. Bewareol ''-
- Imitations. Indisrensable t o a, Ul r.-.
A your Oroitartas for "t blchesler s
Kagli. -'and take no other, or inclose 4o
(stamps) to us for particulars rs istm M
return iiihiI. e VAFAK. tht-
chenter liemlcal '.,
:: Slnrtlaon ejniir, bllJa -1KAI1K
supplied by GK0. C.G00DW1K
Wholeanlei Ar-wt. gonlenJUsw
A book of 100 pages,
iho best book tor
an ndve, tiser to oon-
I TD.bi .. tin It.
'MD VERT S N B onced or otherwite
be be o'peri
ni ntbnrwitfl
Tt. nnntairifl list! of
newspaper and estimates o the cost or aa-
vertislng. The advertiser wno wan - 10 i-.o
one dollar, finds in it tne information be re
quires.while for him who will m vest one
nut dred thousand dollars In dvertising. a
-heme is indicated which will meet his
every reifiiti-ment, or can be made i u do so
I, slight chani,.- "ilW.VZ
Dondtnce. One hut-dred and nfly-three
edition? have been issued. Sent, : postpaid,
to any address lor ten A'jW? "J'rJ
VERTISING BUREAU.10 Sprues St. (Print
In eSouseSojijireiNewyojiJt
(8UCC8880R8 TO O. H. HOLST 4 BRO.) .
Funeral Directory
S20 MAIN ST., MEEirHlr.
tnck ef Wood nd
A M.tallia Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Cov
ered Caskets and Burial Robes always on
hand- ear Orders by telegraph promptly
Son-Resident Sotice.
No 3219 (7). R.D. In he Chsncery Court of
tjVelby county. Tenn. State oi lenues
ste vs. W. E. Butter et al. .
It appesring frrm the bill wh-ch is worn
i to in this csi.se thai the defennant, bamuol
1 T. Atkinson, is a non-resident of the state
I of Tcnnts.ee. and 'hat the names and resi
dence ol theneirsoi inrn .. u..
Wells, deceised. a e unknown andeannot be
ascertained upon diligent ino.uiTy-the aid
hoirs being made defendants hereto because
"f their interest in lot 1. b oca US. Main
treet, Memphis, which this proceeding
seeks lo sell for unpaid taxes thereon :
It is tbtrefora ordered. That tliey make
their flPfOitranee herein, at the courthouse
of Shoibv county, in Memphis, Tenn.. ea or
before the first Monday in March, 1K. and
nlead, answer or demur to complainant s
hill, or the same will ae taken for con
fesed as to them and ret for hearing ex
partes and that a copy of this order be pub
lished once a week, .for lour snoccsjuae
weeks, In the Memphis Appeal. This Zth
day of January, lsni. A jopy stteti
8. i M.UOViKLL, Clerk and Master.
By U. F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk and Master.
J, W. Hampton, Sol. for rouipln't. sat
- J V. ' M.J"lf -M r .Tt It- 1
OF .
Ko. M Vi, R. D. Chancery Court af Shelby
County Mat o reaneisa fur its owa
U!,etc, v. Uarrare! Rice at al.
BY. virtue of an interlocutory decrea f.)r
rale, entered ia the abuve caufa oa tba
24th day of December, M. B. 50, nn
Ml, I will til, at public auction, to tba
hicheit bid. lor, la front of tbe Clerk and
Master's office, court-house of bhelby Coun
ty, liemphu. Tenn., on
atardajr, March a, 1888,
within local hours, tbe followini described -property,
situated ia bhelby county. Ieaa.a
Lot 62, blork 1, A. Wright's lubdiriiion,
SOzlo'H feet, eouth side of Georgia street, 60
feet wed of Wright avenue.
Lot M, block 1, A. Wright's aubdivtiion,
30Z15T1! feet, enuth tide ot Ueonia afreet, 3U
taet west of Wright avenue. Sold as pre par
ty of Margaret hire and others.
Lot 32, block i, A. Wright's subdivision,
froating 11 7-10 faet oa south side of (leorgi
street, southwest corner of LsRoee street,
and running southeaeiwardly with La Rom
treat 131.1 teat; thence west 87.5 teat to aa
alio : thenca with the east side of said allay
107 5 leet to Georgia I tree I. bold aa property
of Kllen 6barp. ,, .
Lot 35. block 12. aant slda of Second treat.
ort Pickering, 84xlUO feat, 146 feat north ai
UVS tWi IWt 1S ee. ei.e vi vvm. mm
Tenth Ward. 24x100 feet, bold aa property
oi Mattie K. Lawrance and others.
Part of lot 12, block 30, fronting 14 feet on
west side of alley east of Sixth street. Fort
Pickering, and running back west feet,
being north ot tbe east part of lot 13, block 30.
Part of let 13, block 30, being the astd7
feet of said lot, fronting 68 feet on wsqt side
of alley east of Sixth street. 1
Lot 14. block 30, northeast corner of Jack
son and Sixth street. Tenth Ward. 374xll7
feet. Sold as property of Anthony W . $lade
tnd the unknown heirs of Charles PhiLuott.
Lot 8, block 40, south lide of Carolina
street. 60x150 feet, &''-, feet east of Ninth
atreet. told as property of Fred W. Kier.
Part of block 37, southwost corner of Caro
line and Main streets. 80X127H fret. Sold as
urnttertyot L. .1. Shame and others.
f ttsl kU.V 19 alJaa af RakiMnc. a4sAAr.
LotM, block lo, west sine oi f ouua sir .-t,
ort Pickering, 24xll2H foet. K
Lot 10, block Its. west side ot f ourtn street)
ort Pickering. 21x112! feeU Said as lroi
erty of Joseph Tate. f
Lot 24, J. M. Tate subdivision, 53x155 feetl
est side of Wilker.-on street, 63 feet north or,
Georgia street, Tenth Ward. '
Lot 11, block Id, we-t side of Fourth street,
Fort Pickering, 74 feet north ol Carolina
street, 24x112 feet, cold as property oi
Joseph Tate.
terms of sale On a creditor six montm;
note bearing interest, with good security,
required; lien retained ; redemption barred.
inis reoruary i, itv.
6. 1. MoDOWELL, Clerk aad Masur.
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy O. and M.
F. H. A C. W. Heiikall. solicitors.
No. 6434, R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
oouity state or Tennessee tor lis owa ass,
etc.. vs. Catherine Uorgan at ai.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered in the above eansa on the
24th da c Doeemb r, 18t, M. B. 50, page
606, 1 will sell t publie auction, to the high
est bidder, in front o the Clerk and Master s
office, courthouse ol She by oounty, ftism-
pbls, lenn., on
SHtarday. Marco a, iss.
within legal hours, the following described
pre, erty, situated in Shelby county, Tenr.es-see.to-wit:
M blncrt 10, w emitn iuouiti
sion,48H by 150 feot on the west side ot Or
leans street, southwest eornerof alley n rta
of ft. Paul street. Sold as propetty of M.
F. Myers.
Lot 211. block IB. east tide of Ttird street,
50 feet south ot Geoigia street, 24 by 112
feet. Sold as nroperty ot inomos nagie.
Lot :to hl,-k lri. east aide of Third street.
10th ward, 21 bv 112!i feet, the north line be
ing 74 leet south ot Georgia street. Sold as
property it inomaanaaia
Lot IS, block 1, fronting 24 feet on the east
side of Water street, F.ri Pickering, and
tunning bact 60 feet. Sold as property oi
tbe Oriental Powder Co.
Lot 13, Polk s sundivision. nu oy no letioa
south side of Georgia street, the westl'ne be
ing 380 feet oust of Orleans strees. Sold as
propertv ot J w . rumen.
Lot 40. block 11. east side of Second street.
24 by 100 feet, 96 leet north of Alabama
street, 10th wrd. , ,
Lot 41, block 11, ea' t side of Feeond street,
24 by 100, 72 feet north of Alabains.
Lot 42, block 11. eaat side of Second street,
24 by 1()0 feet, 10th ward. ,
Lot 43, block 11, east side of Second street,
24 by 10 1 feet.
Lot 44, block 11. east siae oi oecenu sirnei,
24 by ICO feot. Sold as property of Samuel
lt Mnk 17. north aide of Carolina
street, 25 by 100 feet, 10 feet east of Fourth.
Street. Hold as properly oi jt'nomaa neiiyu
street, 25 by 100 feet, 76 feet east of Fourth
Lot zi. blok 17. norm aiue ot vr"iiuj
aireei. ooiu ai proi)rij wi .
Lot 26, block 14, south side of BroadwayM.
25 by 170 feet, 25 feet east ot alley east oi
Third street, 10th ward.
T..rr.. nt KaU fin . nrd I nf six months :
note with security bearing interest required;
lien retained, redemmon narreu. lauiw
fl 1 MnTlOWKI.L. Clark and Master
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk A Master,
F. H A C. W. Heiskoll.Solioitori'.
Trustee's Sale.
TTNDER and be virtue of two trust deed
I I ..Htiil b D. L. Ferau'oa and H. C
Hampson to the undersigned as trustees, on
January 4, im, ana may u, iji
ively, and duly recorded in the office of the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Mississippi
county. Ark., ia Record Book 12, pages 4
etc, ano Record Book of Trust Deeds, vol
A, pages 275, eto., dolault in the payment o
the Indebtedness thereby seoured havim
been made, at the request of the benetlciari
theroin, we will, as such trustees, on I
Wednesday, March 10, 188, I ;
at the storehouse upon the plantation kno
as Nodona, 'in mississippi oouinjmm.
and being on the Missi-sippi river, siroceo.
tpll to the hicho-t bidder, tor casn, ir
mllnwlnv personal property, to-wit: toi
4-borse wagons, tight two-horse wagon
seventy-one mules, six sets wagon harne
sevensots hrnes. one 40-horse Powere!
ine and boiler, two 80-sow Milburn doubl
roller gins ond gin stands, two teeden a
1 AM Pnnlman Ullttnn lirfiSS. O
rrUt.mill with appurtenances, beltin
r, ..,; ariA i,nll.v. three horses, t
colts, one mule colt, fi ur mares, four sets
gear; nls'i. all plows, soraper, ni es, i
am all other farming utensils and lm
IIIDnuti auv bidvi " ' . . , ,
.1 I - aA .....,li unit nil CruDtOr CO
Ulll.r IIIUIOB ui omvn.
cotton, cotton-seed, hay, fodder and oil
nrnducU now on or belongingt ttie plan
tions known as "Nodona, the
..i v,. T.onir nlace in
county, run and operated bysaid Fcrgu
lc Hampson during lite year ixj.
under said deed, on
Satnrdar. March 20, 1SS6,
in front of the court-honse door In Osce
Mississinpi county. Ark., we will so 11 to
bight st bidder, tor eash. the following
: , j ...I - n.m. n. .11 hcinf in
vriuuu lua, opuiioi ' ' , ' I " . i
. .. 1 c, ... . Th ntitntAtlon an
as the "Ellis place" at FergesoB A ba
and described ss follows; w y see.
acres out of E X seo. i!4. and part W
24, EH of seo. 2'. and UwX sec,
township 11 north, range 10 ea t. Al.
on s Landing in Joenu iu, "'.s'
and described ss follows j W V, seo. 13,
. r t 1 anil n.rt W U,
H see.
Ind the S fr of NW fr sec. 3H (sou
i :.i. lvrl in tnwnshlD A norln. TR
esst. containing 8.97 acres. Alio, E it
ll)0, ITS
i), townslf
es. Alsii
Lnke) oom
Kl.-rrii see. 2.1. (east of heyou)
north, range 10 east, 39.19 acres
VhUnf in. 111 lw.,1 nf TUv Lb'
ine 20-100 of an acre: and the. SE H
u i.f .. L'i. hoth in township 11
range 10 east, the last described conti
40 acres.
Said sales will begfn at the time an
Itaied, and will cmtinue irom aay
nntii Mi.mtili.ti.il. All ri.hts of rede
and exemptions are waived. Sale ab
T.r,.,.oji, D. H. POSTL
Cure Gisarante
1 he l.leciM,.RlvHini-ut.pi iiMH-T
ol" iKr.Vfnkiii'H, rri-imiliiri-lt
A c. iVr. An.u.tw ItL-wsrd .alt it.avci
... ,tn ...,t M.,,.i'i,ti a iroiiuiitu I
ntrrpiit. price rpihut-d to V It
lu-lt we Bend a written gusruntee to
tlic full amount paid 1 ,d'T" not
roinvl.te nire. B.'ulfd rnrtiiulam w
KI.RCYK10 1IKI.T AOKNCi, corn..
Uvbh Aenue aud State airegt, Brootly
Son-Resident Sotice.
Nn. finrfl. R..n. Tn the Chancer
Shelby county, Tenn. John John
M. Al. Buck A Co
It aimearing lrom bill sworn to
he drf'pnda' ts. M. M
Co., ate rcidents of M. Lou;s, Stfto
souri.and r on. residents ut ineMin
neM.en: ond it further appearing :
dolcndnnts are indtitted to eompls
th in m ni imiMKi. due bv openacco
attachment having beon itsuedaadr
lcvml on the pri perly ot aeienuaui
It i. tliji.ftrnm araercu. lh IB'
tlieir ani eaisnce horcin. ai thec
oi Shelby county, in Memphis, Ten
hetnretlie first .ondy in March,
Elead, answer er deiaur to eoiait
il), or the same will be taken for J
as to them and set for hearing ex pt
that a copy of this order be publH
a week, lor four tu-cessive veer
Memphis Appeal. This 29th da
us.ry, 1S8). A copy- attest :
S. I.Mrl
v II F. Wa
It .-ut c
LL, Clerk anfl
By II F. Walsh, Deputy Clerk
John D. Martin,
. ipr goiui'.

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