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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 27, 1886, Image 7

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Cotton C1ism1 Irrff nlar aid Lawer
.alf, 000 Hales; MidJling-,
8o ProThrfona Lower.
Money continues in fair dcrnaud at
f per -cent; local aecuritii firm. (ja-s
flocks, despite the rumors' of h new
comjiany, were bh-adier yedterdiiy, and
advanced to 79 bid. The cotton mnr
ket wun again depred in cuiiw.
;uence of material decline ut New
York, Liverpool and New Orlean. At
the t'otton Exchange the market was
ntorted irregular at 8(c for middling,
but sales were liht aud buyen hold
ing off for lower prieea, only 000 1den
changing hand. RcceipU, lSlSUales;
atoek, 138,205 bale. Uvcqtoul iKtH
cloned dull in buyers' favor, middling,
4Jd; futures steady at l-04d decline,
February, 4 44d Hellers. A t New York
poM closed quiet aud 1-1 tie lower.
middling 8 13-lGc, futurtw irregular
-and unsettled, but stealier, and 5 to 0
points. lower than the diiy lnfom. The
!(ci Orleans spot market cloned weak
and irregular and 1-16V lower, middling
8 :!-l(V; futures barely steady and 10
to 13 points lower, March 8.0U(.S.10.
Receipt at all United States jioru yes
terday, 22,060 bales, aaiiwt W-'d bales
a yeorugo.
The general markets exhibited ma
terial cliarigca in provisions, winch
suBereil a decline. Mess jork, new,
$11 5011 75; old, $10 &t'i10 75.
Sugar upd molasses aru ulso a sliade
lower.. . ,i .
One. hundredand eihty-siKsks bntn,
3 bris ,bans and eas, 71 pkgs boot
and shoes, 71S4 bu corn, C pkgH cheese,
468 sks coffee, 4j2 sks cotton-seed, 150
bris cotton-seed oil, 140 pkgs dry
roods, pk)s t?g, 125 bris Hour, 280
balos hay, 1)4" pkgs hats, 02 hd hopa,
156 hdhorses and mulos, loo.OUO ft.
lumber, '10 . pks liquors, 5 bris mo
lafes, 8O0bu oats, 15 bris onions, -o7
bris potatoes, 125 bris sugar and 300
pkijs tobacco.
8 Kadisua St, lemphis, Teno.,
arCorrcwpandf net aollc-lld . Infor
tatloB ebarrfalty tmrmttUini.'im
Money in good demand at 8 jerceiit.
The (Jlearing-1 louse report is as f olio ws
rn.nrlnM T4nt.nn.
hriday, VeD. at... ...... t l.TTU K
Thu. Ur thin woek....l,.'Wl,V-'l 77
Thus far laitweok l.:m.m fH
' Cor. time la im ...J4,t4 14
Cor. time iu lts4. l.ff.ie.loU 12
' Butm
t 12
4o;i,ih2 as
a-6,is i
178,433 S3
H pi i) u
new ion nenton an poidij
: New Kngland demand- die
Iew buxiand niitiU....- dia
New (Jrloane....... .....H dif par
Bank of Commerce.147 bid, 150 asked
First National 138 bid, 142 asked
German Bank 1 92 J bid, 20.) asked
State N at) nJ 13K bid, 140 asked
- Union and PIn,terrJ47 bid, 150 aked
Mnrcantile 130 bid, 130 asked
Home ..70 bid, 75 asked
BlulT City 100 bid, ... aked
Peoples 80 bid, 85 atked
Planters 101 bid.lOoaektd
Phojoix 08 bid, 101 asked
Mempbia Cit? 102 bid, 105 asked
V'anderbilt 18 bid, 1!) asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Arlington . 25 bid, ... asked
Factors. 20 bid, --'o asked
Tenn.ceitf, Dand E..8:;j bid, 67 asked
Tenn. wis, ser. 0 97 bid. 9!) asked
Shelby Cx bonds...-10t bid, 100 ked
Shelhy Co. wt? 98 bid, 99 seke i
Tax. Diet. 4,6 92 bid, mi ajked
Tax. Diot. 6j 100 bid, KXIJ acked
Mem.8tor.Oom. Co 1 07 bid, 1 0 asked
Mem. Gas stock ....78 bid, 80 asktd
Mem. Gas bonilF 103J bid, ... atked
Jlem Water loni 90 hid, ... asked
Hammer Oil Woike... ... r.id, fiO asked
City Oil Works bid, 45 asked
Pioneer Co ton Milis, ... bid, 25 soked
Am. Cot. Oil truete... 21 bid, 2t. a ked
Mem City Ky.bonds, 102 b d, 103 asked
N'kw Yohk, February 20. - Money on
ijilL e;wy at la2 )er cent. I'fiino
initrrantilfl paper 4 ft. Sterling ex
ehangy dull but sU-ady ut 4N71 lor 00
days, and 480 for demand.
Itomls Government bonds were
-dull but strong. Htate bonds quiet
and steady. Little less than an aver
ue business in railroad bonds, but
trading was distributed among a larpc
number of iw-ues; prices (renerallv
well held.
.Stocks Tlienj was soiui depression
iu stxicka this luoniinjr on reports in
diLStriously. cjrculauxl that the truuk
lines had practically consented to pro
raU! with connections west of tho
Hissouri river on 1anscontinent.U
business; which, it wns arsjued, w:is
-iuivftlont, to .npcTentl 4Lsruption of
pooling ajTiaifi;inents on control
trallic between he swilKmnl and the
West. The firsi quotations were gen
eriUJy i to i icwer Uian last cveniiiK,
and there were fulher frnctionnl de
elinea during tr.'j first hour, but the
lowest prices wrt made l;forc 11
o'clock, and from thnttime until the
, se the market wus very dull, show
hig only Blight finetuations, but slowly
ereeyine upward, si that the highest
prices of. Urn day v,i re estahlu-lu-d by
2 o'clock. lX..r, the la-t hour the
market was very diill and about steady
until ne4irthe oom', when it showei
ntiewcd strenrt!;, and the closing, as
cimipared wiiniat eveuinr's changes
was pretty evet.iy divided between
small ptuns ojmI loss. I'acitic Mail
up E, Western Ution 5, IV-laware and
lltxlsou J, Union I'acitic, Texas Pa
eilic, Oregon : Navigation, Northern
Pacific common unchan'd.
Tho total sales of stockK to-day were
312,842 shores, including Delaware,
ftckawanna ar.d Western, 50,700;
lelawan! and Hudson, 5150; Krie,
21,810;Kans:is and Teas,.,J020; North
western, 11,1 lC; New Jcrstv Central,
1:1,070; Pacific Mail, 14,475;' Heading
l-ri,800; 8t IVt.l, fcf,$5; Union PnciBe,
ll,.r0:l; WesVtira ljr.ion, 17,:555; North
ern 1'acific preferred, I0,U3.". (.'losing
U. S. V, VXP'i. Kew4,127.
New 13J l'jcilic 6 ut 1'
". P. tr"tn, 115. T. P. 1nnd BrsnUi, S.
lirie toconds, 1J1 . T. P. Kio U. dW., 5.1.
lrf'h A Wilke., 111'-;. P fir'tj, 1174.
b-ui-i.ina eons.. V. II V. lnd erant ,10b.
Missouri 63, 1W C. P. e. fund, li,Si.
Bt Jfl'erh.13. Virainiafia. IS.
St. P. 4 S. C Ul ,lfflS V.run., .., 60.
Tano. 6, old, 60. Ya.cou. dl.,
i.un. 6, Dew, 60.
Aiima Eip-a'i. l-"6. NahTill k C, 4".
, - r Caotral, N.J. Central. Mv
A B:Iu V;". As Nrf., . w. ptd.2s?i
Northern Pao., 2trS
Northern J. pld.so'v
i.ti. A Si L.,
.p. IbS.
N.T.v.. v.l(h.S
C. 4 N. .. IiO'i.
. . Central
A. T. H., KfJ,
t! P . A 2f . . 70,
Cd ou'h ,4S.
Oat si Pifin. 41J,.
Cheieke 4 0. . 1
0.40 lt pt i,
tlhio ntrl. IS.
C40.ua Bid.
Ohio 4 Miu .
Cnicaira 4 Ahoa.UO.
C. t II. pfd. 1"5
C.,B 4g. It1-,'.
C., at. L 4S.0 .-
O 4 Mil, nid, to
Onurioi Wit , 19.
Vn on Nat., Ktf :.
C, -t. L 4 1'.. )re.a Imp., ?7S
C .8 . L 4 P .p.,
raneuia. w.
'e..ri, D 4 K.a 21..
Pitt-baric. lt.
PallnaB P. C 132.
Ked nf . 'Ym.
Koek l.lund. 12.
bt. l 4 8. V., J1S.
8t L-A.F. P. :!,.
M L 4S.P.lnt p lie.'1-,'.
C. 4C,53t
DM. A II iid.. lM';.
ixi , L. 4 w., ir
!. A KioU., 16.
Kri pld , &H
Kmtt iDB., 3H.
mst Tb. pf I.. li
L' . U 1 J" I
lUnaibal A tt. Jo, - C. M. 4 bt. P. p. i
i;. m. bc v., v.
11 4 St. Jn pfd, bt. P. M. 4 M.. lit.
HBritm. Hi.
Houston 4 r., a
IllmveCnn ,140
Ind. B A W.. ,.
Kimi 4 T , 2
Lak. U. A W.. 12V,.
Lak bbora, 7
l.ou.4 Nwh , 41V
I.ou. 4 N. 36
M. A C, lit ptd,
M. AC 2d i.fd,
Me.n A Chr., 85.
Mich. OntraJ, 7.
Mia. A tSt, L , It).
M. A bt. L. pfd. 4.
MiinAiiri Po., llO'-V.
Mobile A U , 14'i.
Morrn A K ,udd. 136.
6v. P. 4 ' mha.
bt P. 4 0. ptd, lull.
TeM Paoitie. K",.
I Dion Paeitie. 4H'4.
U. 6. Kkprw. t.
V .,Ht. u. 4 P ,".
W.,Ht. L.AP. p. U.
W. A P. Ex.. liJ.
W U.Tel.,72
Colorado Cel. 'US.
Horn ct.ke, lit.
Iron Silver, U40.
Oarar o. 2.
tjuiekiilver pfd, 22.
hiiuih Pni-ino,
OuU-o, IS.
1.0MMIN, Februiiry 'M. L'niUsl
.Slates Ixm.ls 4s, 1'JNf ;4KU4J. Tim
uniount ol bullion willxlrnwn from
th Itank of Knulaiid on bttlanee to
day is 25,XtO.
r.Kiti.iN, February . The state
ment of the Imjs rial I'wtnL of tier
many shows an l in 'rva.se in sptHe of
11, 0X0,000 marks.
Paris, February 2tk T1uh. ikt
eent. rentes, S'.'f. 50i:. for tho aemunt.
St. Ih. is, Mo., February 20. Iiank
clearings, H'.',1'H77; bidunees, 44,
ii'.'5. N'kw Yokk-. Febrwirv 2(x Ex
changes, J'..UL'S.ltW; balantw, J5,
472,oti2. Baltimohk, Mi., February 2(5.
Kank clcariiiL's, 1,750,704; baluuees.
CniCAdo, III., February 2(5. The
associated bank oliriiifis to-day wero
tU.01 4,000. , .
Piiii.adki.i-hia, Pa.. February 20.
15ank elearinas, i 8,107,157 10; balances,
$1 ,(:'., 7 10 12.
The local cotton market oisned
irregular, and closed irregular ami
1-Itk: lower mulillini;. S c. Ntles. 000
bales, including 100 Thursday even
i live, of which 4u0to exporttsis and 200
to spinners.
Yesterday. Day Before.
I Ordinary.
Good ordinary....
Low middling 71
Middlimr 8J
Good midnlinj; K;
Middling fiir 9
Fair .Notn.
Iusty 6j($7S
Stains and tinges 7i(cU1i
Mxspuis. Febronrr2ii, 1S86.
Stock Kept. 1.1885 1.S1I2
Rectived to-day 1.818
Received previously. ..484,818 488,828
Shipped to day 2.124
Shipped previously 347.039
S ock. running account. 138,205
Thus far this week 12,860
Thus far last week 9,505
Since Septsmber 1st 480,630
M. and C. R. R 258
M. and T. R. R 328
L. and N. li. R - 188
M.aodL. R R 78
C, O. and 8. W. R. R 125
L , N' . O. and T. R R 227
K. U.,8. aud M. R. R 135
M., S. aid B. R. R 72
Steamers 397
Wagons and other sources 100
Total 1,818
Thus far this week 13,520
Thus far last wiek 10,414
Since September 1st 249,703
M. and 0. il R... 350
M. and T. R R 393
I., and N. K R 023
C, O. snd S. W. K. R 02
Ij , N. O. and T. 1! R 150
i 3)
This I Iist
M&CRR 21fli!
MATH K...I 2155
I, & N R R ... 1044
M & L R K R 131W
C.O&SWRK 409
KC.K&MRR 733
M.K&AKR 020
Miss, river... 2518
WhiUi river.. 285
St.Fran. river
Ark'sas. river
? To. rivers,
3085) 2821
Wagons, etc. 000!
51 44,".
ToUl ..
12S00l 472.E
M A C R R...
M A T R R...
LAN R R...
1 389
Steam's n'rth
Steam's s'uth
12 tO.7..'! 19703
New York spots opemvl quiet, and
closed quiet aud l-10c lower. Hides,
2.t5 bales. Quotations weru as follows:
Yestero'av. Iay before.
, 3 :o
. 7 9-10
. 8 13-10
. 9 3 10
. ft l:Hli
.10 710
Good ordinary.
Ixiw iniJd.ing. .
Oiijil middling.
Middling fair...
New York futures oeiied ouiet,
and closed irregular and unsettled, but
stuadier.and 5 to 9 points lower.the lat
ter on near months. Salcs,131, 700 bale.
The clitoin quotations were as fol
low, as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Pa (nf ire.
February .... Nominal.
March 8 6J' 8 0(5
April 8.73 8 74
May 88 884
J ine 8.93 8 91
8 70 to n.
8.7 1 8 72
8 82(.i5
8 92A
9 0:(.f, 9di
9 0S(.t 9 09
9 H4 9 Id
8t(4 oot
8 7(ak 8 89
8 81( 8 83
, 9 004 9.01
. 9 07(3) tt 08
8 01(?i 8 91
- 7(5 8.7
,. Veiabtir..
Oct:ber ..'"
... . . the cotton com
The following is wk,nd.
pantive ititement for "i. v.
log Friday, February JO, 'i
ceipte at all Coiud Staree pi..
ing the week, 92,807 bale ; same .
last year. 50,272 bales. Total receipts
to date, 4 5( 0,790 bales; same date list
year, 4,368 614 bales. Exports for
tbe week, P7.fO0 bales; same week
last year, 63,900 bales. Total exports
to this date, 2 880.42 bales; same
data la-t year, 3,068,229 bale. Stock
t all United States porta, 1,025.290
bales ; same time last year, 802 225
bales. Stock at all interior towns,
SI7.79 bales; Mm time last year,
1 20 905 bales. Stock at Liverpool,
7n9,0(X bales; Mms time last year,
945 000 bales. Stock nf American
ifl jat for Great Britain. 176.000 bales;
same time last year, 2P2.C00.
T1h Ne w ( h-lratis s k t market e icned
w eak, ami eh wed weak and irregular,
and 1-UW- lower. Sail's, 3250 sill's.
Yes'erc'ay. Dsy before.
Ordira-7 6 11 10 f,
Good ordinary... 7 5-M 71
Low middling.... 7 11-10 t
Middling 8 310 81
Gjod middling.. 9 9 310
Hie New Orleans future market
opened cay, and cksted barely
steady and 10 to 13 K.ints lower.
SslesM, 700 bales. The closing ijuota
tions were as follows, as compared
with yesterday:
Ymterday. before.
February .... Nominal. Nominal.
March 8l9(.i 8.10 8 10(a) 8 18
A pril 8 1 ila 8 1 0 8 27(4 8 28
May. 8 29(a) 8 30 8 40 81
June 8 40 8 41 8 53 8 54
July 8 51(a) 8 52 8 01(a) 8 6S
Augnst 8 53 8.54 8 00 'a) 8 07
Sopteaiber... 8 37(a) 8 38 8 49(a) 8 50
October 8 31(at 8 32 8 39 8 40
November... 8 10 8 28 8 36fa 8 87
December (a) 8 38 8 89
920 87.
N Orleans.
i, J
1,130 8 3-10
909 8.!
1,365 87,
New York
llohton .
St. louis,
tW) 8
Ris'eipts at ports, this day, lSso. 8,4:(ii
Receipts at ports, this day. 1885.22,lHiO
1.S80. 1 1885.
R'ts V. S.
ports, 7d's 92,807
J .xoorts to
(it r.rituiu 48,041:
Stock 1,025,290
ue Is since
Sent. 1st, 1.507.032
4,353,025 4,343,584
V..rr 1,'v '. Oil'. l 1
,073,832 2,900,!MH)
Inereasit in receipts this year... 154,007
Liverpool npots at noon were quotisl
dull in buyers favor. Snles, 8000
bales, ot which 07lK) were American
Receipts, 5000 bales, of which tKX
were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4d ; good ordi
nary, 4Ad; low miildling, 4 9-IOd;
giHid middling, 5d; middling uiilands,
44'd; middling Orleans, 4 I3-1(mI.
Manchester Cloths dull, little do
ing; yarns flat, want of confidence.
I Tm prfott are giri n in jH-nreunil ti4th.
Ihun: 4 03 vnvn 4 63 Old., and 5 01
mcwm 5 1-04
At iiiKin: I.iverKKiI futures were
easy; reliruarv-.Marcli, ; March-
April, 4 44d; Airril-Mav. 4 40(S4 45d:
Mav-.lune, 4 48d; JiiihsIuIv. 4 5(Xl:
July-August, 4 53d; August-Septem
ber, 4 l0(!4 ft-sl.
At 2 O. Ill l.lveriKKil t'litnrcH uere
dull and inactive ; February, 4 44d sell
ers; l'cbruiuw-Mitreli. 4 44d sellers:
Miiri'li.A i.i-il a j i.l m.,ii.. . i,.,;i.i,.
4 4.')d buyers; May-June, 1 48d sellers;
June-July, 4 athl sellers: July-Auiritst.
4 52d buyers; Augiist-SepteinU-r, 4 .r.'d
Al 5 p.ni. : Livernool futures were
steady and l-0ld loner; February,
4 4ld sellers; Fi'liruary-Alarch, 4 4 id
sellers; March-A pril, 4 4 Id sellers;
April-May, 4 -15.1 buyers; May-June,
4 4sd sellers; Jiiiie-.lulv, 4 50(1 value;
Jtily-Augtlsl, 4 53d sellers; August
Sept ember, 4 50d sellers.
l'he ManchcHter Guardian savs the
market for cloths iH unaltered and gen
erally slow. There has been a miscel
laneous demand, which is freely met
at reduced prices on condition! of
prompt delivery. Many orders for
India staples are infeasible, ow ing to
the time required for delivery, or to
the fact of prices being beyond the
reach of buyers. The market for
yarns is llat, supply plentiful. Some
demand for China staples.
rrrvitB iiti..
The following were the bids and
offers made at the Cull Ronrd of the
Mercluints' Kxchange ynsterxlay :
No. 2, white, spot, 4H(i bid, 42c
asked; February, 4 lie bid. 42.1c asked;
March, 41 Jc bid, 4:Se asked; April,
43c bid; May, 44c o. t.bid, 40e ahked;
No. 2, sjiot, 38c o. t. bid; February,
:iSU: o. t. bid; March, 39c o. t. bid, 4()e
aked; April, 4 Mu biil,4:ic asked ; May,
42Jc bid, 43c asked.
No. 2, while, spot, ;4e bW; Fet.ru
ary, 34 V o. t. bid, 30c asked ; No. 2,
spot, 34 'c o. t. bid, 351c asked.
lilt AN.
Spot, fl4 25 bid; February, $15
asked; March, 15 25 asked; April,
15 -Vi asked.
Spot, $2 bid. 62 15 asked; February.
$2 bid; March, 2 20 asked; April,
2 10 bid, S2 25 asked; May, 2 30
t'oits -White, 47c; mixed, 4(k;, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 41c;
mixed. 42c.
Ha v--('hoice, from stori Sr! ; pri me,
7.V80u; prairie, 50c; round lots from
levee or depot, choice; n 14 50(i)l.ri;
prime, f 13 'Sl.'rfl l ; j.raine, is'a.K 50.
Oats White, 3Sc; mixed, 37c, from
store. lion in 1 lots from levee on track
white, sacked, 351c; mixed, wicked,
Rhan From store, 85c 1st cwt.;
round lots from levee, J 15 50 10 per
15k ass Navy, ?2 25: tneditini, $2.
Rick IsmUiana, 4ffirije; Carolina,
Oatmkai In half-bam'ls,$3 50 from
Coiismeal Standard, f2 KX'i-2 2i;
iK-arl, f3(.V3 25 from store; 'f cheajn'r
from mill, levee or tr.u-k.
Fixn'R From sti ir', double extra, ;
triple extra, ; family, vl(..i4 25;
choice, .4 2o04 40; fancy, f4 7.W5;
extra fancy. $.' 2V.i5 75; jmU nts, $K'i
025;rouml lots from levee or truck, 10c
chcaiH'r; car lot-t hoice, $:t 8.y'4 05;
family, ??: OOV:! 75; fancy, f4 :UKii4 M;
extra fancy, 4 7,"ko5; juitents, $5 25
(.(5 00.
Hominy ani t out From store,
?2 75(- 3.
CiivckED W in: v r In ludf-barrels,
Crackers Si.l,i, extra, 4!c; soda,
tri'ble extra, .V; lemon cream crack
ts, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ifiuiT smis, extra,
5c;ginirer smqis, tn'ble extra, 6c; as
sorted jumbles, :
tissAS City, Mo.. Feb re ary 16
a, . M lower; cash, 73c asked ; Marcb,
1.1,1 1.' APril "o bid. 755o asked;
MT a4i, ivi eu. w
y, 78f b. K M.h PHJ. .fc.H .
t March, 28;!" a iked;
er; cash, 2852a
May. 30;c
April. 2!le aeked;
l I a. r I 4w U .
St. Lor is, Mo., Feh.a.ry AS-f tonf
maay aoa urm; ,.., l(v 'i
family J3 26 3 35; fancy, 14 3J
4 IK). Wheat .airly active and lower;
the market ruled quift and prices
tleady early in tbe session, but laUr
weakened, and dosed i(alo lower
thai -esiHrday. No. 2 red. cash. 911c:
Marcb, 91, o; May, V32'94,c, closing
at 949 bid; J one, Ul,(a)95ie, closing
at 9lae. romiral. Corn very quiet and
easy, clo-ing Kis nnder veateiday;
AO 2 mixed, caiu, ;y)(n:ic) i: rebrn
a'y, 3f la ; March, oJ(a)35,c, closi ng at
;vl9bnl: May, 3t.(rtVio;c, closing at
at. J j. Oats exceedingly dull but
steady; No. 2mi.d,caih.29jc; March,
30casked; Ma,31!o. Rye dull; 60c
bid. Birley dull ana unchanged. Hov
fairly active; timothy steady kttllC)14;
prairie dull and weak, I0(a)7 60. Fiax
seed firm, t 10- Bran quitt and
wsak; 6:1c, at mill; 64c on east track
Corn meal active and firm, !2u)2 05,
UoMinla EMtii T.lO V. vl. . ...... .. ,
... ...ji.iwq . iu u , wv Vila, w !,
7000 bu; corn, 128,000 bu: oats, 17,000
bu ; rye, none ; barley, 8U00 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 7000 bris; wheat, 1000
Da ; corn, 139,000 bu ; nuts, 3000 bu
rye, 1000 bu; bailey, 2000 bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat easy and )
(2);o lower. . corn unchanged and
bade lower. Oats Jc lower.
Ch caho, Iu, February 26. Wbea!
dropped back another cent to-day nn
der vigorous pounding by some tf the
big local bears, May dropping to 84 o
in the afternoon, closing at 84 Jo bid In
tbe u'Urnonn, closing at 84 Jo bid in
tie la' est official trading. The lowest
i oint touched during the regular ses
sion wa 8lc, and the highest figure
wui 8"ic, which mat current lor
she rt time daring the first hoar oi
trading. The eablss denoted an in.
active Liverpool market,, and the ex.
port uemanu at xsew lore, it was
telegraphed, bad ceased. - Some few
had reports were received from the
Krsas wheat fields, hut they were
not listened to, and in the absence of
any pronounced support valuta fell
back. The sharp decline in pork early
in the day had aome effect upon
wheat prices. Corn waa again very
dun witn lower prices prevailing,
closing about ic under' yesteidtv.
Oat tbsed l. los-er. Flour dull;
Southern winter wheat fljur, $4 40
4 85; Wisconsin, 1(1 65; Michigan,
$4 50(S)4 75: pBtento, $4 055; low
B'stles, fcUl 05; rye Hiur, $3 30$
3 50; bnokwhiat flmr, $3 5004 25.
Wheat II actuated within a laogetf lo,
closing Je under yesterday. Sales
raned: lebrtiary, 79 J 80Jl', closed
at 79c: March. 79;80jc, closed at
79;c; May, 84 j(.i85 o, closed at 84 15
10; June, 87'.88c, c'owd at 87o;
ft", a spring, 79;(j!8i jc; Mi, 3 spring,
lKi'-e. Corn dull and weaker, ic
lower; cash, 30; ..7c; February, 35
W30iTe, closed ""JG-i: March, 385(c)
so; s, closed at so ii-ic; May, 401(a)
40o, closed a' 40c. ' O.ti quiet aud
easyt cash, 29?c; March, 29c; May,
;c.' a, cli-sed at 3.'c. Kye tteady ;
N.i. 2, 59 j. Earley nominal; No. 2,
60c. Flaxseed easv: No. 1, fl 10J.
Receipta Flour. 70iX) bris; wheat,
10,003 bu: corn. 270.000 bo; oats. .-
000 bns rye, 2000 bn; barley, 30,000
bu. hblpmentB Flour, H000 bris;
wheat, 15,000 ba; corn, 144,000 bu;
oat , 46,000 bu; rve, 1000 bu; bailey,
21,000 bu.
Afternoon Hoard Wheat declined
to 841c f r May, rallied, and closed at
84 ia. Com aad oa's steady and un
changed. PKOVISIUNN.
llin-rEii Cieamery, 38eIOc; dairy,
17(.ii2iic; buttenne, 14('illK'j country,
12(n18c, according lo condition.
Chkksb Prime flats, 7("'.8c: New
York factory, 8c; full cream, H.'(ol2c;
Y. A., 11 () 1 2c.
Mkss 1'oitK -Old, $10.Wi)10 75 per
barrel; new, .$1 1 50()ll 75 per barrel ;
sugar-cured hams, packed, 9(n93e;
break fast bacon, WapM: ; clear rib bacon,
lii'i.K Pork Clear sides, 55(',Oe;
clear rib side",6"()5Jc; long clear, 5 !('rt
fije; shoulders, 3;(W4'e.
Lakh Tierces, (i'alC.Jc; half-l.nr-rels,
6i(ii;0tc ; kegs, OJc; buckets, 6J(i)
Ojc; half-buckets, 02(j7c; rsl-lb tins,
62'rtjc; 20-lh tins', O.uioSc;
OiiCaOc; 6-fl. tins, o":i7c;
nut) tins,
3-11. tins,
na.( Jc; choice kettle, tierces, 6(.r,(C.
Fkixii Meats licef Good Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 7(a71c;
cows and heifers, C.Jc; mutton, 7c;
lamlsi, 8-Ji;; pork, 6c.
Pios-PKKT-llrls, $88 Ml; halt-brls
MaX 25. ........
Oikuk.hati, 0., February 20. Pro
vliiona dull. Pork $ 1 1. Urd 5 90c.
Bulk meats shoulders, 4c; shoit rib,
f)Jc. Bacon shoulders, 4Jc; short
no, OJc; abort , clear, Ojjc. Batter
steady; extra Northwestern creamery,
3435c; good to.prime creamery, 20(a)
30c; ohoice rcli, 12(a15c. Kggs timer,
16(a)10ic. Cheese steady; prime to
choice cared Ohio factory, 910c.
St. Lodis, Mo., February 26. Pro
visions dull and generally weak.
Pork weak at ill) 90. hard easy, 5 80c.
Bulk imea'e looie lota, long dear,
5.302 short ribs, 6.40c; short clear,
5 00c; boxed lots, long cleat, 6;Jc; shoit
ribs, oje; ahnrt cli ar, 6c, Bacon easy;
long clear, JJfn; 5. 80c; ahort ribs. 5 80
5.0c; abort clear, 6 05c.. Hams
quiet, 8j(fiili Jo. .flutter steady; cream
ery, 24(5). Oc bid; dairy, 18)2,5c. F.ggs
in good demand and steady at 14c.
Chicago, Iu,, February 20. Mesa
pork nervous and unsettled; tbe
market sold orl 10(12: early, rallied
2025c , settled back 2 J' 5 3, closing
tt,?adv; cafih, $10 65; March, 'I0 00
(M0 65, closed at 10 Ol'ifn.lO 65;
May, $10 0X()10 85, closed at I0 80
10 82J. Lard quiet and 2jc lower;
cash, 595c; Iarch, 5 9ic; May,6.02j
0.05c. Boxed meats steady; dry
salted shoulders, 3.95(ii4c; abort rib
sides, 5.40b ; short clear sides, 5J(")
6 80c. Butter quiet: r.reamery, 20
33Jc; dairr, KV'ic. Es, 10l7c.
AfUrnotm Hoird.Vort 5c higher.
Lard nnchsngwd.
Soai $2(''i3 60 per case.
Coi-'rKB t'ommoii, 7((!7jc; ordi
nary, laj'i.c; prime Kio, lllfjillc;
choict- to f:iucy, 1 1 J()12Jc ; old govern
ment, 23(ij,-.''c; Ceylon, 20c.
Si;iak l-Jistcrn yellow, fJ(n)7Sc;
lnre w.c. white, OJfiiAiJc; oil white, 0J
0Jc; yellow cliirilicd, 0j0Jc ; open
1 refincil A, 7jt71c;
iKiwdered, 7Jc; cut
Salt f I at- 1 : Urrel; sa. ks,
fine, fl 5(1; cars!-, 10; poekcN,
bleiu-hi'd, 2J( 7c; .ar-l.wul from le'
or leRt, 5c clieapT.
Moi.AwtiM U.uisiana, counnou to
fclir, 2:!(a'27c ; prime lo choice, 42 a 4Sc ;
syrup, 2.Va 4V; common to lair, 2.'.(i)
3:1c; prime t choice, :U5 40e.
CAllKs--ii ks, 11 siex, iu boxes
pai's and barrels, "iSjc.
Cwi.ns -Full wcit, I0(.llc.
XvDAUg (Vnuinim, 11-inch, 27(5)
3V; other gnulcs and styles, 2"f SV.
Snutr tlamtt's, HO 80 )sr ca';
Ralph's, f 10 20 js i' imsc) H. R., 00.
Can.nku Gaor. rV. PriiHs isr
dozen : riueilpples.tl 35(.il 05 ; s'iu lieu,
2-lb, stundanl, $1 35(i)l W; sevHinds,
$115(;''125; touiimH-s, 2-lb. Kttuidanl,
fl 10; 8-11. tl 35; straivr-.0rrl.-s, I
100; rHspWries, l 151 25; blacf-Is-rnes,
ll 15; irnN.iigagts, l 0(Xa
175; pears, 2(2 25; .lums, f I 00(,f
1 70; asiaragtis, J2 00 4 ; green corn,
$K1 ;;; green pods' (I (wi! 25; cove
mi weiirht. 1-lb. flMl 10:
cove oysters, full A-elgul. 2-11., 1 75(.f)
I uv; rove oysters, light -'.
6tV; cove oysters, liirht welulit. -
!) fondenscd milk Crown, " 00;
Kigh', 7 75; Sw iss, ft).
HrEH4tI.n al'fPME.
Ai'1'i.m Apph-s, f2 25W2 M from
stoi-e; 12 2 2Ti per car-load from levee
or dcot. lried apples, 3'alc per
pound from store. I tried ponchos, 3
4c from store.
I'dTA roKs I'otattHti, t2 2'.f3' 2 50 from
store, 2(ii2 25 wr i nr-loiul from levee
or depot.
Ykoktahi.k Onions, 12 75fS3 25
from store; 2 60('i'2 8.'. from levee or
lcsit. Cabbiip', 14 50 per crate.
K rant, barrels, 6!?M0; lialf-barrels,
J2 75(3. Oarlic, 40(01 per UK).
Fiti'iT Oranges, U.uisinmt, none;
Florida, none; Mcssinn,. f l(i,4 50 ht
box. U'iiioiis, fl4 .VI per Ikix.
llaiiiinas, fs)o 100 Jier bunch. Cocoa
nuts, 4 ht 100. Peanuts Yiiyiniii,
tKii)7c; Telitiessei', fiinner's stixk, 2jC4
Ik:; recleaned, 3.l(nUc; roasted, 2 Jo
higher; shelled, 10c. Almonds, bs'a)
20c. Chestnuts -gns-n, 12i(1.5c; dry,
Raisins-Iondon layers, $3 50; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; lmieriai,
l.t 00(0)4.
Pioki.ks- In jars, pints, 90o; quarts,
$1 50; half-pillons, 2 50; gallons,
$3 75; hsise, barrels, JO; half-barrels,
f3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50; mixed,
CirKii-t-Missiiiiri,7(37 50 per barrel
and f 4i 4 50 per half-barrel. Vinegar,
lldrlOo )st gallon.
Poultry Turkeys, per doen, fS'a)
12; geese, 1'MAA; iliicks, 3; chickens,
good demand, 2(3; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 12c per pound.
Fish Mackerel, lialf-baiTels, No. I,
J4 .l,'a)4 75; o. 2, J3 .KK 3 75; No. 3,
2 75(.W; 10-11. kit, No. 1, 80o; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 00c.' Dry Wirings,
family, 25o per box.
!amk -Venison, whole, Ipa.V; sad
dles, 0(o8c; bear, OffiSc; wild turkeys,
rsH.ii'oc; ihlrks.'l 50(o)2 50; stpiirri'ls,
75c; i nails, 75c(.il ; prairie chickens,
.r; game lish, 0(i)8c.
Kins - Finn, 21c.
ItKKii.Mi Jnte, 9j(Mlo; flax, 10(o
Idle, according to weight. Ties, 1 i 20
(0)1 25.
Naiw-J24.-2 70.
'ITrN-MKK Oil., ET4',
8i:i'Ih- Ilclivered at depot mid wharf,
is per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
l.oat(, $0; wagon at mills, 8. Mmi.
Prime f. o. h I5 per ton. Is'ss than
car-load lots, $15 50. From store, 90c
per suck. Cakk Noiiiiiiul; $10 per
ton. On. In car-load lots, prime,
crude Ci S. oil, 22('i'23c: prime sum
mer yellow, 20;(i)27c; ofl-summcr yel
low, 25(i)20c; miners', 27(i?s'tOe; choice
cooking summer yellow, 2SM300.
Co a 1, Oil- Prime white, wholcKile
lots, 1 lc per gallon.
Ci.KVUt. l-ND, O., February 26. Petro
leum, s. w., 1 10, 81c
PiTTsiii'ito, I'a., February 26. Pe
troleum dull but linn; National Tran
sit certificates onened at 795c, and
closed at 79jc; .highest price, 79$o;
lowest, 79Jc.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $1 000; rye, $1 76(i)0; domes
tic, 90c$l 50.
C'iiickio, February 21 Whisky
steady, $1 10.
St. Is.i'is, Februiny 20. Whisky,
steady, $1 10.
Cincinniti, February 20. Whisky
tii'iu ut il 10. Sales of 1075 barrels
linished goods oil this basis.
loitsrx AN U SIIH.KW.
lloitfiii-(iood driviiii;. J I5(i(..,225;
good sad(Ue,$l40 3lKI; plugs,$35(MSO;
goisl mares, I8.i((n 1(1.
Meux -H1. to 15, $110(.i l35; 15 to
!.!, 125'a'140; 151 to 10. $ IK !(', 1 75.
(iood ilemand; supply fair.
Cattle receipts the past woek have
been quite light, especially best butch
ers' grades. Prices were firm at last
week a quotations. To-day the supply
ia very liirht ; in fact, there ia no choice
grades on sale at all. Prices Ann. Ile
mand unite good. Prospects lor the
coming week very favorable. Receipts
of bogs light, and consiat mainly of
shoats and common light-weights.
To-day the supply of bwt grades Is
very light. Prices firm at last week's
quotation!. The market is about bare
i.f sheep to-day. Choice batchers' in
demand. Common not wanted. Prices
Cattlk Choice to extm corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 444c; good, MM
4c;cuous. grass-leu, 4:l(!.ilc; good,.!
f3.lo; fair lo medium, 2((ii2-je; com
mon, ii(o)c.
luKis Olioieo, .!'(jlc; good, Ait)
;IJc; common, .'!(ij3Jc.
Siikki' Choice, 4'34'.e; medium, 3
(i)3ic; common, $l(a;l 50.
Kansas City, Mo., February 20.
The Lire Stock Indicator reports : Cat
tleReceipts, 1097 head; shipments,
none; market slow and about steady;
exporters. J.. 0.(,-a 25; eood to choice
shipping,$ 1 005; common tomedium,
$4(3, stockera and feeders, f.i .'((.
410; cows, $2 40(3 :10. llogi Re
ceipt', 8000 head; shipments, 3390
head ; market slow and 10c lower;
good to choice, $3 904 10; common
to medium, 13 6 i3 80: akipe and
pigs, $1 60(v3 60. Sheep Receipt),
874 bead ; shi omenta, 171 head ; atea iv ;
gnoi to choice, $.14 50; common to
medium, J2(ili 0.
Cuu-Aoo. Ill , February 20. The
Droctr' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 0000 head; shipments, 3000
bead; market aotive andurm; (nip
ping steers, 9,0 to 1600 pounds, fl(u
5 65; ttxkers and feeders tirro, U
4 49; cows, bulla and mixed, $1 7o(a)4;
bulk, 2 75(1.V1 340; through Texas ca'-
tie, $3 50o4 CO. Hogi-recefptJ, 23.000
head; ahipmerrts, 11,000 bead; mar
ket slow; light 5o lower; heavy 10c
lower; rough) and mixed, $3 8t'H
4 15; packing and abipping, $4 15(a)
4 40; light, $3 75120; skips, $2 90
(u)3 63. Sheep receipts, 3200 bead;
anipments, 1510 bead; market strong
er; natives, $2 50(S5 75; Texans, $2 50
, lambs, $125fe0 50.
kettle, 5ei
loaf, 7?c.
White Hirer UtSiirr, 5 ..ir..
Ariannu Kivtr.K. W. (.'oi.it, Sp.m.
8t. Lvuii... ....Citt o. VirkKHtao, a.m.
Cincinnati ..V. P. Koiim-i, 12 in.
Vickiborf Citt Pnoviotuci, r. p.m.
New Oiloaoi .... Cl V Nik Uki.iavs, 4 ii.iu.
rU'N'DA V.
fct. Loola 11m. Li Mrarma, 5 p.m.
f rlariPoint......CoBoiiA, f. ..m.
AtkaaaaCiti,KaTa Aoass, & p.m.
Ofcnla.. .....DA Aoaas, 5 ..m.
Tiptoaillla..- OtTuan, ,1 .,m.
Nrw Orleam I'H.ui.ts l'.CHiiriir,' p.ni
CiBfionali ......GnaiTa STAT,5p.m.
BtfranchUivtr Micitur,) r.m,
arrrM.-t oalioiiia. Friars Point;
I'.iiqulrer, Cat M,u: W. C-olo,
Arkansas river; iKan Adams, Ostvola
New Mary lloiision, Cincinnati; Ar
kansas City, St. Umis.
Departure. (iayoso, Tipton ville;
New Mary Houston, Now Orleans;
Arkansas I'ii'w Vi"lhiuv: Cisihnma.
jars Point;' Knquirer, Ca( Island;
lean Adams, Oisvola; Ohio tHrtrin
miti. lical in l orl. '.. W. Cole.
Hoat$ Ihtf Ikntm - fitv of New Or
leans and Citv of l'n i.lcncc.
Hoatt lh,e' p - K Smet, V. '.
Schcuck, Rene Macready and ('has.
I'. Chouteau.
Krrrlpla Teatrtlnjr.
Arkansas City 1 171 pkirs inorchan
diseand 8 horses and lilllles.
KiKUirer-0 bales cotton, 17 bags
seed-cotton unil 20 sks irorn.
Iean Adams -SI bales cotton, 39
bairs sccd-cotton, 37 sks si'od and 58
pkgs sundries.
K. W. Cole (brought out of Arkansas
river) 11 19 ball s cotton, 279 sks seed
and lot sundries.
Coahoma-I :'S bales cotton, 5 bags
seed-i-otton, 52 sks m'ed, 2 hd mules
and 10 pkgs sundries.
rtiTURR afovrifRNra.
Tiik Hello Memphis is the Anchor
l.ine (sicket lo-uiorrow evening for SU
Tim Reno Macreadv, Capl. O. K.
Joplin, goes out Tllesday evening for
St. Francis river.
Tiik la'o. Line packets Monday even
ing iin'tlie C(sihoina for Friar's Point
aud IVan Adams for I isoda.
Tun Oranite State, Capl. A.J. Lind
say, is the Tuesday packet for Cincin
nati mid all way lan.lingN on the Ohio
river. Ih.n A. 'Murks is in her otlleo.
Tin: Citv ol Vicksl.urg, ('apt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Lino packet this
morning at 9 o'clock for Cairo nnd
St. Iniis. Coo. Walton is her clerk.
Tiik (inyos... Capl. W. 1. Hall, is tho
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
lor Hale's I'oinl. Tiolon villc inn! all
way landings,
J. I'. Walt is in her
Tiik O.-Line steamer 17. P. Schctick,
Capt. J. L. Carti-r. will pass up to-day
at 12 o'clock for Cincinnati and all in
termediate points on the Ohio river.
Pick Hums is lit her ollico,
Tiik City of Providence, ('apt. Oeo,
Carvell, is the Anchor-Line packet
this evening at tl o'clock for Vieks-
burg and the bends. Frank Perkins
and Sid heeler are her clerks,
Tiik Anchor-Line steamer City of
New Orleans, Capt. A. J. ('actor, will
pass down at 4 o'clock this evening
for New Orleans and all intermediate
landings. Archie Woods is her clerk.
Tiik Kate Adams, Capt. Mark It.
('beck, is the I'niled States mail
packet, Monday evening at 5 o'clock
lor Helena, Arkansas City snd all
way landings. W. ('. Illaiiker is In
her ollico.
Tiik K. W. Cole, (.'apt. ImI. Nowliind,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for all points on Arkansas river, going
through to Pine llliill'. James N.
Thompson is in her ollico, assisted by
Rufus Foster.
Tiik grout iron steamer Chas. P.
Chouteau, dipt. Win. 1 1. Thorwegen,
is the regular packet Tuesday evening
at 5 o'clock for Helena, Arkansas City,
Oreenville, iNew Orleans ami all way
landiiiL's. ieo. Milteiiberger anil
Clem Nolle ure her clerks.
Tin: IVSmel, Capl. Milt It. Harry,
having boon unavoidably delayed, will
be found iu 00 it this morning and
leaves again tliis evening at 5 o'clock
for nil points 011 White river, going
through to New port, mid making con
nections with packets for tti.oei- White
and Itlack rivers. Albert Mctihee
bus charge of her ollico, assisted by
Hugh Sinilli
MKKKKtl. NKtt.
I'iisinkss fair.
W i:tii Kit clear and cold.
Tin: river here is on 11 stand, with
29 feet and (i tenths on the gauge.
Tin.: Lcc Line packets arrived and
departed yesterday ttith fair trips.
Tim City of Natchez un.l the If. S.
Hays and barges leaves St. Luiw to
day for New 1 Means.
Kr.( kiits by river yesterday, 477
bales of cotton, 01 hupiof seed-cotton
and 309 sacks of seed,
TnBiayoso cleared yesterday for
Tiptonvillc, with a fair trip, and will
be buck in time to leave Monday even
ing. Tiik , Arkansas Ctly aMcd down
last niirht for Vicksburg w ith a big
trip. She discharged hern 1471 pack
ages freight and added 10 tons.
Tiik New Alary Houston, from Cin
cinnati, passed down for New Orleans
loaded llat, yesterday morning. She
added below Cairo HKX) Kicks of corn.
Ill (in Kmitii, second clerk of the IV
Smct, will 1st found at the foot of
Onion street receiving freight for Um
)e Sniet's return trip to White river.
She will be ill time to leave this even
ing. Tiik Ohio departed last night for
Cineiniiatt'-'.Tiili 1300 bales ot cotton,
2(H) barrels of oil, 7000 foot, of Itunlier,
30 bales of nigs, 00 tons of old rail
road iron, a good lot of sundries and a
fair list of people.
Tin: i:. W.Cole. Capt. F.. Nowland,
arrived yesterday morning from Ar
kansas river, with 259 bales cotton
and 279 sin ks seed. She ro-sliij.poil ut
Terrene I'.M bales cotton for New Or
leans, and ps-s buck this evening.
Vit Ksiuiai Vwhiiu n ml I biobl : "The
river bank at Orei nville has Urn cav
ing considerably, but fortunately only
in front of the upper part of the town,
and this has ceased by the rising of
the river. The Iseiiberg hotel is now
being taken down, to Is- erected oppo
site the postnflicc, where it will be
safe for a few years from the caving
banks. The ' P. S.ln nek (Hissed up
this mornimr, taking about 5IKI bales
i.j cotton for I'jislern points. The Chou
teau, bound for Memphis, left here to
night witli over l!,(HKI sacks of seed."
OiMivsiri Timif-Sinr, February
25th: Yesterday afternoon Josh Har
rison, mate of the (iinnito State, was
attacked by .mots reprrousnnd drunk
en roustabout wilh a knife in his
hand. Mr. Harrison, seeing that his
life was in danger, picked up a club
and cracked the would-be murderer
over the head with it. He wui .lm;e.l i
under arrest, bnt was allowed to goon
his own recognizance, when the olice
authorities learned the particulars.
The worthless scoundrel who attacked
Mr. Harrison is in the hospital. ;
F.vervbody knows that Josh is a hu- '
mane and considerate mate, and his
count was commended by all who.
witnessed the affair.
KvAStvuxs, February 20. Soon .
River falling rapidly. Departed: i
Charles Morgan, 2 a.m.
Prrrsscao, February 26. Noon !
River Sfeetl inch on th pageand i
rising. Weather dear and cold. j
Wnuiu";. Tehruarv 6. Noju i
Ki-r7 feet 10 inchei on it UUlkhi
Itationary. r ealter ew ar and cooL
Cinonsati, February 26. Noon
Biysr lUtionary, with St feet oatke
rsnji We4tner " w't inermameter
Locuvtixa, February io ifoofl-
River stationary, with V f t 8 inches Id
the canal and 7 feet 6 Inches on the
falk . Business good. Weather cold.
Caiko, February 6 Noon River
?6 feet 5 inches on the gaugo and filing
Weather clear and cool. Arrived!
Port Kids and rarges.St. I.oale,Ta.m.;
City of New Orleans, St Louie, 9 a.m.
Departed: Port Kads, New Orhaaa,ll
sir The iteamar DM Er will arrirathi.
n ..rnmir and ! al bar araal haar Una
(HtTUHDAY) afirneoa. a ark wills
round on tha lot-r rMairlrt f'eluht lor hrr
at Iho loot nf Pnlon t. M,H HAHRT.
ror Halaoa, Ttmu, ArkaafM C Ir.dnw
- Till, Maw Orlaana aad all wuf Uad
lsia titaaoMT
' Tborwn.....a.tr. ,
Will Uava m abova TCIHDAY, Marok W,
V Vm 'r'at o paaaase aiWal
Ha. i Maillaoa itiHl, or to
. Call Talephosa No. 63.
W. Lmmim auad New SriMn Aartiar
I l-V. n. atll-rt)HMUW VUXBAN.
City 01 New Orleans
A. i. Cartar, maalar, ' ' j
Will laTfroo. Klavator HATUIUA V, fob.
)T7lh,at4 p.m. forfrakaat or aanaaa-f a:l
0. L. Him,, Ps.Airt. AD HTOH M, kuv'C
Mt. Vnmtm mm Nw Orlaaaia Aaaebar
l.la-11. H. -fur Oalra aiul M. Ua,
Belle Memphis, ; v-
no, Dakar .J.autH.wHw..
Will kar from Eloator tit NO A I. fat.
9th, at & p.m. Kor IraUbt or iiaaiara apply
C. h. lliii.fMi, Aat. AD rilORM. Suk'u
Nt. Iinla anft Nw Orlenan Aairkar
City of Vlck8burg,5Cr
Henry Klth....inajtr.
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at H a.m. Ifor frelitht or aaaiaa a apply to
0. I., Hill, Pa. Aft. ADSTOH. Hup't.
Houlhara Traorportatioa Co.-O. hiaa-Vor
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J-m B. KmmtUH, fnwrnir Aiwnu
lHcmph'8 and Cincinnati Packet Co.
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City of Providence, aTS. i 1 ;
Willlaare from BlaTator Tills UV, tab. I aVJfc
Z7tb, a p. in. Kor Irtlibt or aaigr apply
U. I.. Hu t,. Pai. Art. All S l'OKM, Han't.
for Hi-Iran, Plus Blsor, nnd all Wavy
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Will lavU4TDKUAY, fob. ilTth, alf p.m.
'or fralcht or paiaaa-a anplr at No. I Hadi
oD atraaU or 10 11, (i. L0 Wat, Aaat.
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For Oaoaola, Hala Point. Cunlbartrllla,
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W, p. Ball mftftor J. D. Folir.-oJarR,
will lav hh biv, nnd nil w oiaU.
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anil a-ela Fuokrt t!omiauf,
forlialaoa. (lion Jala, Vrlara Point and all
wa Landtcai hlaainar
K. T, 0lai,.,m.afU Plait Kb
vol lava aa abor on avarp
W KUN KbDAt and KR ID A V . at S a'aloc!
Far Randolph, Fulton, (.anaola
and .
liandiui a ritoauur
l. H. Ooopar, mutir.-.J. W.emttkarcali a
haaraa Mavory MONDAY, WaU)iifD
and VHIUAY at 6 p.m. Xaa boata of thla
Una raaanr tha riabt to paaa all laadlnaa
th nantaia nay Un anfala, . Cffloa, No. 4
M.i..n JAMKS LKK. .I..(W,
Jlruiphhi aad Vickuburir Packet C'on
paiy CS.Jljiil Udn, t: ,
H. H. Onak...mr I W. U. Blankar-olarT
For llalana, uaaoordia, Serrano aad arkaa-
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Liav aiaiproia
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tbaaapta n maydsem anaalie,. rwr ranarai
Information apply al oCoa, So, 4 Maillaoa
Paao'r Aaant. felaphona WA.
K. WAt.Wvn.Xtt. A(nt.
Memphis & White HivorTkUi
1. 0, Portalmaitor I C Mdrctui ., mart
Kit -
Vlaiwwlon., larval la Ulnar, ! An,
m araaaa, Jwl. aunmrr t ami Mwarv y..
lilt A VEa MKMPlllSIrary WKDNKHOAl,
at 5 p.m. Tlmnik raia to all pointa.
Fra a hi aonrlf nod to " toamphli and vvalli
na I'aeavat Or mpany" w-o bAfnrwmrdad
uramrtty. . v. L0WH, Arent.
1K.HI,, T.ar.hA- Nn. M.
Mei.hls,Whlte;Bhck Kirer Packet
For U.lani, DeValla Bluff and AnriwU.
Tha now and lt ant (idbal puManrar
Milt Harr ,.... . nwir.
Will Ia EVERY S ATI) RDAYati a'clop
p.m. Xhrooah rata lo all polnu. Vrciitbij
conaicnad to Milt Uarry Una, Mmpbi- i"
he pr.nmtly lorwardd. IV. J. F I.O1LK,
0B1cl Madiion at Telephoo SUA.
J nana B. Faimun. Pauongar AaanU Tal-ri.hona8-.IT.
Th Nt.Franelfl Uitcr TranKportatio
l;o. 9 tn aVi-w Dm . o. rau o'""ii
Re:e Macready,
O V. .toidln
at a'alMk, for nanansa, th Cat-Off. and
tnurmadiat landinrann bt. Fraaoia rirw,
Tbo captain rotary ih rijrbt to
laidlnaih donna nnaafa. JAS. LF.B, Jt .
SuparmUnOeUV. VJIno, No. 4 Midtfoo it.
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