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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, February 28, 1886, Image 10

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LobIbtUi,bw Orleau m4 Texas K'j
I- Eff-t, NnTmb.r TL, Wf.
Ai' MAIL. I fioalii, I Korta
4 KK) p.m
1:44 p.B
. p.m
1 :U a.m
1:41 e.a
JtiflJ ft.OQ
0:21 a.m
:30 p.m
11:00 a. i
:4H K.I
8: a. i
1:03 a.1
12:16 a.i
9:30 p.i
1:42 p.i
HkrTilol ..
Rih.l .F
Baton Kour..n..
Sw Orlee n . - U ....
0:3U p.
M.mphli. .
Ul.nd. .
9:40 a.m
8:46 p.m
7:16 p.m
6:0ft p a
J:1) n.m
1 1 : iu a.
7:30 a.
A With all linea entering Memphll.
B-With M. AK.W . H. R. lor li.l.na.
0 For Ureenville and Huntington, and all
Arkanaaa point.
P-With V. A M. and V S. k P. Railroad.,
X-Witb N., J. AC. fi. It. fur Aalchii and
P For 1'omta on the Rranrh.
0 With lUiuri lor Bayou Sara.
II With railroad! diverging fur florid kid
Coaal point.
Pullman buffet Sleeping Canon all tralnt.
J AS. M. KDWARDS. V. P.andtl.iM.
M. LIIKKK, General Sup1!.
jleaiaaippl anal Tannaa). Fait
mail train leaven daily at 4 :30 p.m. ; arriv.a
at 9:45 a.m. Local freight leave! at 6:40
a.m.) arrival at 4:30 p.m. freight traini
Soi. S and 6 rui trt weekly. No. 6 laavai
emphii Monday, Wedneaday and Friday.
KMtai City, arlaBOfla Bad Mem.
Bla Traini leave M. and T. depot ai fol
lows: No. 41. nail and expreii, leave! daily
at 11:30 a.m.! No, 3, mail and pr.se, ar
rival at 3.:W p.m. No. 66, St, Louis eipre',
laavaa daily at :00 p.m. Do. do, St. Louli
ejtpre a, arrival at 8:56 a.m.
Ullla Kark.-Traim
move ai follow! (oentral (tandsrd tima):
No.lleateidallyat 6:26 ..m, arrive, at
(:., 0. 3 Leva, et 4 :M) a.m. t arrive,
at 8:60 a.m. No. i (freight) leavei liopeneld
HfTy (;! Budy at, 6;W a,m. arrival
at7;10a.m. ,
. fpwrZkW Oaia aaei iaalBwaari.
ral TraJna mora aa tolloarii N. I (laat
liaa dally) laavai at 11 :30 a.m. No. 2 laavaa
at 11:46 pm. daily. Ht, Loall faat Una
laavaa daily at :30 p.m. No. 7 (laat Una
dally) arrivaa at 1:30 p.B. Mall and ax
pr.sa arrivaa daily at 8:15 a.m. bU Loull
fait Una arrival dally at 9:05 a.m.
Mcaeafeaej aad Charlaalaa Traini
nova aa followi: Through axpraM laavai
daily at 10:20 p.m. Mail and axpraM laavaa
daily at::10am. Somarvilla aoeommoda
tinn Iumi dalle, aaoaut tiundav. at 4:30
p.B. Through axprena arrival daily at 6:25
a.B. Mail and axpraii arrival dally at 4:65
.a. oamarvuia aooommoaauoa arrival
ally, axoapi Sunday, at 8;30 a.B.
Laalevflla and aahvlllo Traini
nova aa fellows : Fait mail arrival daily at
4;:a.m.i leavei at IV: 10 p.m. t mail laavai
daily at 9:00 a.m. Brownsville aooommo
dalioa laavaa daily, (leapt Sunday, at 6:00
r.B.i mail arrival daily at 6:03 p.m.
Brownevilla accommodation arrival daily,
xoaptSaaday, at 1.40 a.m. (standard tima).
MamiBBla, Blrmlatabana and Allaa
tie Hollv (taring! Knata Traini move ai
fellowi: Na. 1 laavai Memphli daily at 3ii5
P b. i arrivaa at Holly Sprioci at 6:80 p.m.!
No. 2 laavaa Holly tinnnii dally at 9:00
a.m arrivaa at nampnu at iliioa.m.t o
t lo'olooka.m. 1
For Mempliii and vicinity: Cloudy
weather with ruin, fallowed by fair,
lightly folder weather. Blue sun,
Wuo creswnt, red crescent.
For Tennmet itd the Ohio Vulky:
Cloudy weattu vilh ' local taint or mow;
viwb ffrntraUy tartcrly; tl'glu change in
MalMrvlotrto Mayart.
Maatrna, T., Fabraary 27, 1666.
7:00 avm
11:00 a m
3:00 p m
7KW p.m.
10:00 p m
IK) 027
82 8
38 8
Lt rain
U rain
Maximam temperstara, 38.8.
Minimum temperature, 32.8.
Raint.ll, 020.
All obaeryatlona are taken on 75
meridian time, which is one hour
iaater than lirai tlmn.
Janauachek to-morrow night.
Annie Pixley'a engagement closed
with Eily last nlghL
The cut rate to California will
probably continue for aeveral days.
A game ot baseball la announced
to tike place tit 'Cycle Park this after
noon, A dirainuMve darky was a bone of
contention in tlie Criminal Couit yes
terday, its mother and father suing
for its custody.
The I.nnch Commtltae of the
'Woman's F.xulisnee are requested ii
meet at the Exchange Tuejday, March
2d, at 10 o'clock a.m.
There were four arraignments in
the Criminal Cjurt yesterday: Kobert
Bruut'ey, fonr cusps j Frank Cooley,
Jim Jamaa and Jonn lioiung.
The Bijati Club will live a fancy
dress and mask ball on Monday even
ing, March 8th. at .the Natatorium,
corner ol Fourth and Jefferson
atreeta. ... -
The children's) meeting held by
Messrs. Pay ford and Towner yeater
xoin waa well attended and very much
enjoyed by the liitle folks, at well ai
by the evangelists tnsmseives.
The Grace Church choir will con
sift of Mr. II. 8. Tk ovant, organist;
Mrs. a T. Carnea, aoprano; Mrs. R.
M. Manaford, contralto; Mr.O. L. Rio
peDe tenor, and Mr. h 8. Ryan, baiao.
The eommitleea recently appoint
ed by the A. O, U. W. Lodges of the
citv will meet to-morrow night with
Bluff City Lodge, No. 22. at the ball,
298 Second. BtretU A lull auenaance
is desired.
Parlor, by Farjeon; The
Ixi t of Oi4 HacallisUrt, by Barr; A
Fair AlytUry, by Braeme; alio Bivouac
for March, with a fu 1 line of Sunday
na'ling. Manelord'a ia the place to
get, new novels. Upen until 1 o clock
In the Criminal Court yeetsrday
Ueorge ward was sentenced to a year
in the Work House for aaeault to kill.
George Wilson a year for assault and
batterr, John Mi Kinney ninety days
and J00 for obtaining money under
false pretenses, and U. Montgomery
three yaara-Ior tteaiing a mule.
The report rf Inspector Lane of
the Bnclf ty to Prevent Cruelty to Ani
mals and Children for the month of
February shows: Sore and disabled
mules and bones relieved, 45: over
loaded vehicle, 10; dogs, 1; cows, 1;
children protected 1 : horses aod mnlea
ahct. 6; total, 63. Persona arrested,
20; found amity, 20.
The address tithe graduating data
of the Memphis Medical Uoliege and
til c-vnfa;r.csof th degree of M. D.
waa dona by Judge Cooper, President
of the Board of Trustees, and not bv
Judge Hammond, whose aldresa and
that of the valedictorian was unavoid
ably and runoh p our regret crowded
out of the repoiU .
Marv Ward, colored, filed a pe
tition In the Circuit Court yeit rday,
asking that she be restored to ciux-n-hin.
It artnesra bv the petition t al
Marv 'WBid was convicted ol larceny
in the Criminal Court about two yea a
ago, waa aentencd to one m nth'a
irrjprkonmentan Jered infamous.
ravaa nampBiiaauy at iwu p.B., arrival
Ually Sprinii at 11:69 P.m. I No. 6 laavai
Dlly Sprian daily at 3i30 a.m., arrival at
pull at 6:35 a.m.
She contends that abe waa wronelollv
convicted, and that abe desires the
sentence of infamy removed in order
that abe may bring auit far money
The committee in charge of the
Womau'a Excbasge yesterday were
Mrs. Jerome Baxter and Mrs. Wlliiam
Gar. Amona the visitors were: Mre,
H. Maury. J. P. Prescott, Mrs. Fred
Orgill, John Johnston, T. D. Kldridgo,
Chaa. E. Pate, J. B. Thompson, A. J.
atiRtin, II. Carey, r. a. Hunter,
H. A. Hunter, J. H. Smith, G. 8. Fox,
Joe l'euton, Ban Wilson, H. L. Hoe
kins, A. W. Newsom, W. P. Wilson,
Mies 8. Temple, Miss Uattie Hodg
man of Nashville, John Overton, jr.,
P. B. Jones, R K Evans, Miss L. Moa
by, Miss Karub Fick, J. II. Shepherd,
A. II. Kortrecbt, J. P. Alban.J.J.
Freeman, W. Kearney and wild cf
Mississippi, B. Iiuntsr and Leighton
Pan, Simmonds. manager of Mme.
Janauichek, ia in the city.
C. K. (JiUMiir. Mctikcii'H fimcv cotxU
buyer, hua returned from New York.
Liopold Law of Lew V Bro.. a
prominent Brownsville firm, ia in the
Mica Carbo Stxwabt. who baa been
visiting Miss Kate Trader, has re
turned home.
E. W. HiaTIl of HnnUr Rrna In
tbe Eastern markets maklna- haav
pnrcbaws of epilog goods.
Mrs. W. A. Ducan of Ht. Iuis. ac
companied by son and daughter, are
visitinir Mrs. W. B. Parker. n c;l-
toua Btreet,
Visa Tillib Bonn of Evansvtlle. lod ,
and MiaaTillie Bchoenfeld of Rock
port, Ind.. are visiting Mrs. T. Schloss,
at 134 Main atreet
C. BaonssAia Fi'qita, of Petroit.
Mich., and son of Dr. W. M. Fuqua,
arrived yesterday, and for tlio future
will reside in this city.
To namal a4 TImi Ta rvi am TC Tam
U u v.uin . . a. IO-.
John W. Sanford, Thoe. M. Butler and
John A. Shivera were spelled wrong
In tbe list of graduates of the Medical
College, published yesterday.
Capt. J. M. Hit. lone and favorably
known in connection with tho retail
dry goods trudo of Memphis, can be
iouiki nereatier uy urn many friend
at the popular houne of (ierber &
Iv the gentleman who called at a
house at the upper end of Main street
asking information about John Gibba
will call on E. B. Mcllenry, 292 Sacond
etreet, he can get the Information de-
At tbe family residence, 144 Third
street, by the Ruv. Mr. Brlney, Miss
Mamie U. Uiark was married it Mr.
F. W. Howard cf MuytUld, Ky. The
happy couple left Immediately after
ll 6eremony for Lonlaville, where
they will apeod aeve'ftl daya,
Mbascs. Hanson & Johnson-, pro
prietors of the Record, have located at
2U5 Second atreet, where they have
opened a job printing office with an
entirely new ttntllt, and as they are '
experienced and practical printers
they are likely to build up a good busi
ness. Thev are reliable and industri
ous just the kind of men to'succeed.
J. S. LavsTT. a former resident of
V(..vta-.l-.Ia laa nnav In that. nUv dan raa . aarl
ill qui auvvr a a tuv vi m,u , wva
by a Philadelphia publishing-house,
and will in tne next low aaya can on
families with a copy of an illustrated
Bible with the revised version. Any
one desirous will find this a good op
portunity ol ordering at publishers'
prices. Mr. Levett will be glad to
meet hia old frlenda at the ollice of
Capt Lenaw.
Miaa M. fl. McClkixand, a young
lady of Virginia, hits written a novel
enutieti which in iiuii'i.iiik
much attention. Tho neerent critics
of tho North concede tho merits of tho
book and predict for Mms McClelland
a brilliant future. She deacends from
a wealthy and intellectual family in
Virginia, and wo tinaermanu is a reia
llvo of Min. L. W. Humes of this city.
The novel is wild to bo the best ever
written bv o Southern ladv.nnd should
bo especially welcomed by Southern
reader. In her flint effort MiHS Mc
Clelland litw reflected honor upon her
self, her sex and her section, and,
ndging from the praise lavished upon
icr book, nho will reap a rich harvest
of fiuno and fortune. Tho book is
ulilislied by Henry Holt & Co., New
I'mlellvertd Teleerama.
List of undelivered telegrams re
nuiinlna at Ilia Weataro Union Tolnurnph
UlAoa, Now Cotton Kxnhanira Building, oor
nr Mndiifln and berond atraata. Ollice
houn from tt to 10:30 o'clock a.m., and from
6toU p.m.:
J A I.aprade .t Co, 0 A D-Mlaiure,
A J Knaii 2 HL Finley,
Vanduiliari, (lenrta Ktrochaokar,
Autuata Chupinan, T T liiiinphrayi,
Obarloa 0 Wabb, II L Wynne,
J M Kobinion, J A Hnahei,
HS Currier, Mla Hoae Latlia, '
A Allen, C M Waldran,
Taylor Kelly, ' J J Cowan k Sona,
COJohnioD, WBOriffing,
A K Dunham. 11 V Conk
Ueona Arnold k Co Llllie Wright,
J MuCarty. A 1) Treadweil 4 Co,
Ooyar Cold Storge Co, u Farrar,
Sol Coleman, J A Pott k Co,
B J Martin, Mrl Jainea A Houlter,
Vm Ilowlea k Sent, W N Wilkeraon A Co,
Ilartmui 4 Co, B Lowenatein k Broi,
McTberaon k Co, OF Karniworth k Co,
KJ Woodi k Co 2, TSI)vant 2,
T C Leake. W Jonei k Co,
8 Manafield k Co, VanYleetACo,
PBUallaway, , EAjlalmta.
PCfhelpi, Banj Ilabb i Co,
J SB Co. AAPatonACo,
8 KattenbergerSoni, Patteraon, MulleriCo,
J L Norton, KM Nelioa,
Dope Oil Mill.
OrIer Mcwalaat Mul ford's.
I.n nch es Dlanora, Drinks.
George Schilly'a, on West Court
atreet, ia a point at which excellent
eating and pure liquors is given out.
George baa been in the business a
long time and knows how to conduct
it. Turkey, oysters, weiner wurst and
other good things in lunches or regu
lar dinners. Reasonable charges are
tbe rule at hia popular place.
Trleptaoae Kit la for Bteaetla.
Collar ! Cofla at HeiUr'i,
Handgomf, Sabstantial, Cheap.
Tbia la what is claimed for the boot
and shoes at J. M. Hill & Co.'s, 338
Main Btreet. Nobody knowa more
about the business or more tugnly ap
nreclatea the necesaitv for carrying
large varieties of substantial goods,
and nobody can sell cheaper, lake a
look at the atock and you will buy.
Telegthoaa Hafearllnar far Baaraaa;
Good Fare
Is the rule at the Peabod v Hotel, tbe
praise of which ia coming f torn all who
stop there. A good deal t f new fur
niture has recently been put in, and
the hotel has been improved in vari
ous wave. Besides being located in
the business portion cf the city, it sets
tin beft table and makes very moleiate
T'lepnaaa llaberllaa- for FIear
Old said aad atlver takea aa eaah
at Hairord'a, 9 Mala.
Thb Memphia Club will give an en
tertainment and hop at its club-rooms
thia evening.
Thb Memphia Maennerchoer, an av
aociation composed of aome of our
leading German citizens, will give a
f rand masquerade ball Tuesday even
ng, March 2d. Messrs. L. i. Fritz,
Charles Borbeira aad Felix Kberhait
compose the committee of arrange
ments. A mono the moat admired and ele
gant costumes at the Mikado entertain
ment given by Mrs. Finley Moore's
juvenile dancing class, at the Gayoso,
Friday night, was that worn by Mies
Nellie Green, who looked charmingly
in Japanese a'tire, and proved herself
a most graceful and winsome young
Tub coming nuptfulsof Mies Bertha
Fold of thia city to Mr. Alex Molina
of this city, which are to take place
next Sunday, March 7ih, at the Pop
lar Sir jet Temple, has created quite a
flutter of interest in Jewish social
circles, and will doubtless attract an
oveiflowing crowd. Mifs Fold ia
among the handsomest of local belles,
and will doubtless look surpassingly
lovely in bridal costume.
Thb Knights of tbe Rsd Branch
will celebrate the anniversary of Rob
eit Emmet's lOtith birthday at their
hall, No. 209 Main atreet, Thuraday,
March 4th. An attractive programme
a been arranged and a number of
diating?'ied orators will deliver ad
dresses. &17 Jamea Pbelan of the
Avalanche will ep on "Robert Em
met," and an intellectual treat may be
looked for. The other feves of the
programme are tbe following:
Weloome ?, !
Exile of Krln Mrl. John J. bhea, ,
C-ming Struggle .::?' .A "Turn
KaoiUtion ....lni r.iue Keillf
lriih lliiaie HM..John J. hhaa
The Uarp that ones thro' Tara'i Hall
niu Baggie neiuv
Irelaad'i Future K. J. Byrne
Helection Mill Nellie O'Donnell
Irian Heroei II. F. Walin
Dear Land P. Mullowney
AglUtion T. J. lirojan
Little Pot of fihamrocka
H laa Marv T. McCarthy
ThaLadioi MattE. Carter
Shiun'i Head Mill Maggie Wintiri
'11 s... t.i..,i
Clrealt roart-Pleree, Judge.
Calendar for to-morrow : Nob. 8765,
W. H. Pollen vs C. B. Bryan et al;
87C0, W. 8. Rogeraon vs C. B. Bryan
et al ; 8767. Charles Maydwell vs C. B.
Bryan et al : 8750, W. L. Crowion vs
John B.Hill; 8700, George Cam obeli
vs Taxlns District : 8761, Robert John
son vs J. G. Hennlng; 8762, German
Bank vs J. E. rost, v. a. u. ; 7U3,
Samuel Lauderdale, administrator, vs
Taxing District; 8775, J. W. Knott va
Joe Leonard J 8781, Bowlin?, Jones &
Co. vs J. H. Rice; 8784, Corinne A.
Goodman vs U. G. Hollenberg; 8785,
II. G. Hollenberg vs Corinne A. Gcoi
man ; 8702. R. U. Welch et al va Por
ter & Macrea; 8795, Glovanl Divin
cencao vs Uetbera A Frick; 8799,
Hunter Bros, vs W. A. Falres A Co ;
8802, W. A. Smith vs M. G. Darmody
Coraer Halm aad Paalar Hlreeta.
Pay attention to thia advertise
ment, yon ladies who attended the
millinery sheriff s sale of Kruger's
stock, and especially you ladiea who
did not. French pattern bonnets
and hats costing 1 8, $10, 112, at
$2 50, $2 75 and $3; plumes costing
3 and $4, at 76c each; $10 hair
switches, any ahade almost, $2 50
and $3 we don't care, it is not our
loss; 10c, an v shape bat frame, 10c;
$1 50 anil $2 aaah ribbons are 25c
and 50c; $1 a yard tucking is only
40o and 50c; 60c white linen and
birdeye ia 25c. Don't forget our
4000paira new sample lot French
kid shoes, ladies', misses' and chil
dren's, at half cost.
N. B. Our imported French
milliner will a'ter or trim any hat
to auit the ladiea' taste, age or com
plexion gratia. Vous comprenea?
Nos. 169, 171 and 173 Main ttreet.
P. 8. Don't forget the Philadel
phia wet towels aad sheetintrs.
K. A P.
II. G. Hollenberg has determined to
give to pupils and students of music,
on and aftsr March 1, 1886, the same
discount claimed by teachers, v z:
Liebert & H!n-k s Piano Method,
booki 1 and 2; ret til price, $3; teach
ers' price. $2.
RicbardBon's New Method for Piano
forte; retail price, $3 25; teachers'
price, $2 25.
Peters'a Eclectic Piano Method: re
tail price, $3 25; teachers' price, $2 25.
Cramer's Piano Studies, edited by
Hans von Bulow; retail price, $150;
teachers' price, 76c.
Ne Plus Ultra ; retail price.tl ; teach-
CIO ,l llo, uvrv.
Caatellis Vocalises. Book 1 ; retail
1 B1 EA. 4 A Umm v.Iaa
Al foreign editions at ONE-THIRD
OFF reaular prices.
All sheet music ONE-HALF OFF
marked price, h. g. hoixbnbbrq,
229 Main itreat, Memphii. Tenn.,
nd Little Hook, Ark
Latest Style Handkerchief at Ilex.
Tiolor I. Fnchn'si Market,
39 and 41 Jefferson street, is prepared
to furnish Sunday break fist and din
ner tables with choice dressed turkeys
and chickens, aumrd ducks, tavan
nah tlver shad, red snappers, Reelfoot
lake perch, oysters, celery and all
kindB of fresh mea's. Piompt deliv
ery of all purchases.
lltxtrr'aeikblriaonM t be beat.
VrnUy roofa rr"lrd by Rabaeh
xc aa, vtl ixa rnie aireea.
Telrphoae F.llla for Rteaella.
Fine Watch repairing at MnUord's,
Paats a Order a Heater'a.
Telepbona Blaberilna; for Niatnpe,
Solid Silverware at Mulfbrd'a
Prompt witBtla to tla wark ar
dera b Kiiawcb woa. Telejiboaa H
Ha la RBIledaT at Laaoroaralaa for
jraar Planablaa and Uaa-faUlns.
Irlouogruui IlanglcHt Ululford,
Telenhaaa Haberllac far Flanr
Mulford, Jeweler, 294 Main, so
loclts orders from ike country.
Get Balleoae dc ajtfconiaralno to do
yaar riamblng. j
Bids will lo rocoivetl for ton days
from this ditto on tho fditck of goods
contained in tho factory, saddlery and
vehicle departments of the Woodruff
Oliver Carringo and Hardware Com
pany, same to bo made on each depart
ment separately, and tiled with the
secretary at tho office of the company.
Any and all bids subject to rejection.
BKTHKI.k k CLA.PP, Aktigneai.
Fabrnatj a2, ltM.
ajaataa'a BateL
W. H. BI50HAM Maaaoia.
Eoraiaaa plan- Knlargad aad rafnrnUhed.
Prioei aeoordina to aiaa and loca
tion of rooma.
J J Ck i., Oa DrJW Hudaon, Tex
II W Bedford, Mill Dr J A Davia, Miaa
C W Smith, Tenn L II Sullivan, Ark
D K MoUowan, lean W T Clark, Ark
K J Hard, Ark W M Keller. Tenn
W Herring, Tenn J II Wood, Tex
A B Crawlord, Ark M Koienbauin, Ohio
Miaa Ed.lini, Tenn Mrl M L Ward, Ky
P Y Fonythe, Tenn W o Kelly, Tenn
T II Milbum. Tenn L Hanauer, Tenn
W K Hmith, Tenn N Meriwether, Tenn
J P Willi. mi, Tenn K KSteirer, Tenn
MrlTR Wall'i.Tena Miai L U ailia, Tenn
Mrl Harrell, Tona M C 1'id.ly, Tenn
J 0tfliki. Tenn Vi K liarvey, MitH
J W Saandem, Mill M Moaaa, Miaa.
Peabody Hotel.
C. B. 0 ALLOW AY k CO PririToaa
Ratea (2 50 and t per day, aocording te
iie and location of room Special
ratoi made.
W P Miller, N V
J TThomaK, Ark
O Owena, Ky
K Taylor, Ky
N Kaiaer. N Y
J Ii (ireen, N Y
D COxmio, III
R B Uowley, N Y
T I Flippin, Tenn
E Htrauaa, Ohio
R Ntorra, N Y
J TUarrell. Ky
C E Todt, N Y
(I Vi Curtia, Mo
WOKing A, Kaa
W C Lyoni, Mo
R C U lover, N Y
D W Lake, Ohio
J A LeOlero, Tana
J U Poaton, Tena
WCPullen, Tenn
L Simpion, Tenn
F Anderaon, Tenn
E lhmaa, Tenn
K Maaon, Tenn
T II Bala. Ark
W B Lindaay, La
J Filrgerald, Kr
C II Edwarda, Pa
W B Price, Ark
K Hall, Tann
W C Oickey, Pa
D B Kuffoer, Pa
O R Morrow, Tenn
W BCroaby, Oa
II M Cole, Ky
W J Kobineon, Kr
II C Mooreman, Tenn
LTJ Brown, Mill
C J Lewii, La
V L Harvey, Tenn
IH Pullen. Kaa
R B Caxh, Mo
H Lamman, Oh'o
PSunmonda, N Y
RB Pullen, Tenn
J M Uoedbar, Tenn
W B Fly, Tenn
vy C MoCIure, Tann
J A Anitin, Tana
T A Ooodwyn, Tenn
J s Dunaoomb, Tenn
A Wiygini, Min
K C Manning, La
J Howxini, Tenn
J B Pillow, x
x "oite, ajiei
J B Arastrong, Tona.
f bo Haw OaVOa.
Ratal, 12 60 to par day, aeoording to loca
tion oi rooBi.
D R Mills. Ia , R H Corrett, Kaa
J P Wheeler, Kl C V Owen Af, Ala
W B Campbell, N Y 8KB.nderi.nAw Mail
P 0 Alexander, Ohio F M Soul ban, Tena
D V liainaD, ar - a. v uruuio, iniea
J W Klchardiun, 01 J Oa'ei, Mo
W Kehling, fl I V V ltandall, H I
A W Chambe I, Va f H Hubbard, N Y
K A Snowden, Tena II R Btona. Ohio
Mas Baeaael, Ark JW Merrill Aw, Mo
Miai J Merrill, Mo MImO Merrill, Mo
Harry Benton; NY R T llarria, Mo
J M Moore, Chicago 11 F Donigan, Ky
R A Parker, Tena C II Mellon, Md
J P Merrill, Me Jerk Bogardui, Ma
R II Mitchell, Tex B Tltandell.Tenn
J L Braahaw. KS CM Day, Ky
H Btrauii, Md J M Preatridge, Mill
A Marou, Pa F K Mark, Maaa
WLBovd. Ky HH Matlock. K
JFTatum.Ky J R Holder, Tenn
E Winiton, Ala R T Andrewi, Mill
JNWII-on.Tx OT Hunt, Tenn
I A W illard, Mill Uiear M Tibbala, Mill
-Ut, , 1 ,J TL .. 1 I
rfue m Humeri ai v v fti,uiuf.uu, ai.
Fred M Engliib, 111 John J Bowden, Mo
Rope Leighton, Ark Owen T Brady. Ark
O K Laurence, Tex P T MoCartin, Miaa
Jai P Smith, Mill C U Burnham. Ill
F G fimilh, Mo K A Hartley, Ind
J O Bender, Ohio D E Bradley, Tex
A M 8tubb, Mi F M Whiting. Ala
A rrnlikawer, La S F Blaok, Ohio
M J Hill, Ky O C Morrii, Mies
WF King, Tex P Q Lturanca, Tenn
B C Oainei, Tena Win II Jenningi.Ala
J W Burten, Ark I. W Piekini on, Mill
t h Ubandler, Mail Ji K narper, ra
L M Spalding, 111 W B titeele. Minn
B J WaUon, Mo R O Vandevera Md
E W Murray, Md J H Granger, Ky
O II Hwirm, Mill W O'Uonohue, Mill
P Fairfax, Mi'i II J Buxton, Ala
IT m uoonran, aia
Daly's Karopeaa Hotel.
Corner ot Adami and Main itreeti. Roomi
boo, 7bo ana 1 peraayi Amerioaarian,
t'i per day.
Vfr.f.'timaa Raatanrant In tha Hotel.
J.M. DUFi'VUUyri with Peabodv Hotel),
W Shorei, Mo
J B Flynn, Ohio
J T Rigera, Ark
C Morgan, Ohio
J E Turner, Kaa
A B Canflcld, Tena
KShea, Mail
M Kuhn. Tenn
J J Willlami, Mo
P Elliott, Ind
O Zeltner, La
J H liudnall Aw, Mill
W B Duke, Tenn
R L Moaa, Oa
A C Wilaon, Tenn
R II Pennymnn, Ala
M Clonton, Tex
W K V irkera, Tenn
J C Kirk Aw. Tena
J C Taylor, Ohio
W R Waples, Mill
11 W Ford, La
I) W Brown, Ark
E J Rwanaon. Tenn
1' m wiinama, n x
R 8 Peverly. Tenn
T Johnioa, Ark
P J Winthrnp, Pa
K (leaxan, Ky
C Chriailie, La
J W Lealie, Tenn
J T Chandlar, T.nn
E II bay, Tenn
J II Knowlton, Ind
B J Parrel. Tex
(1 A Welkina. N 0
E .1 rimart, Mo
J W Turner, N J
E Jonea, Tenn
J Burpee, Ark
O Brown, Tenn
at Maxwell, i u
II WUera, Mill.
Clarendon Hotel.
Not, 61 and A3 Madiion atreet.
BOWLES k Lh'AKK Profriitors.
Ratoi 12 por day.
C II Dibhrell, M il ELevy, Miai
u it uiooron, iw bi
T liVli.tMin. m ifl
A louey, lenn
K (1 Hichta, Ky
A T Hoover, Cala
J S l'uraloy, Tenn
B Wade, Mo
'8 H Uoreuin. Ohio
V Ooodnh. Wis
John Biuck, Mich
V, Milan, Tex.
K 1) 1'hililp. Tenn
J C Collicott, Tenn
8C Arnold, N Y
S Y Cullina, Mo
II Unrmnre, Ala .
1 Spcnce, Ohio
U Hardy. Wis
P O l)ilkt ex
Cairo, February 27. Niftht River
35 feet 4 inches on the bbukb and
falling. Weather cloudy and cold.
Evaksvillb, February 27. Night
River fallinR, with 24 feet on the gaue.
Weather clear and cold: thermometer
30 to 42. Departed: Granite State,
Cinciwn ATi,0.,February 23 Night
River 21 feet 4 inches on the Range
and falling. Weather e'ear and cool.
Arrived Charles Morgan, New Or
leans. Departed: Buckeye Sat9,Mem
phia; Guiding Star, New Orleans.
St. Louis, February 27. Night
The river is still rising, and a good
deal of ice ia coming from tbe upper
Mississippi. Weather cloudy and cold,
with a flurry of snow this aft9rnoon.
Arrived: City of Baton Rouge, Cairo;
Wilis. Have, New Orleans. Departed:
City of Nttchea, New Orleana; City
of Cairo, Vicksburg; Wyoming, Oua
chita river.
Qnng, Ammnnltlou, Flsbina; Tackle
and Sportsmen's Supplies,
aa HmIb Btreet. Slemphla, Tena;
Manofaotarlnt and Rep.irinf of Gum a
Bpenlaltr. aia-Te'ephone No. "
Frank Schumann,
' Importer and Dealer la
an, Floblna; Tahle aad Rporta
u.a'a happllea. a-8rcial attention
rven to M ANUFAClUHINU and Kh.
PA1KINO. -tv
4ia Hfln lf e innl- Tenn
Importeri nd dealer, in Gnia,Ammn.
nlimn ,nd 'lr.l- latrlil, taalldrra
Hanlvarf, l.lrrirle tie In ! A
Mnairlniaira for Hotela and Hwid.ni-,8o
Mala airerl. Mrmpnle, raa Kleptrio
npplieaalwari oa band. Repairing neatly
staT The firm of GOODBAR & CO. bas been dissolved, and we bave reorganized our interest in tbe Wholesale Boot;
and Shoe Business, in connection with Mr. W. E. Love, late of Warren, Love 4 Co St. Loaia, Mo., and Mr. J. (3.
Callicott, of Coldwater, Miaa., nnder the style of and firm name given below. We thank onr friends for their patronage)
in the past and hope for continuance oi their favors. A. B. GOO DBA T-
A. HOOnlll. J.
Late of Qoodbar A Co., Memphia. Lata of
3G7 & 3G9 Main
We are cow receiving a large and En'lrely New Nt-k of Eaitern and Cuetom Made Boots and Shoes for the
Spring Trade of lbStJ, which we oiler at ktoc'k ltottoiu I'ric?, on as liberal terms as can
We bave EXCLUSIVE control in this market of the fol
lowing linea cf CUSTOM-MADE Goods, all of whhh we
warrant to give perfect satisfaction :
George Hooker's celebrated Men's Calf Boots.
Brady & Shortell's Boys', Youths', Misses' and Children's
Solar Tip Shoea.
T. M. Harris A Co.'s Philadelphia made Children'a Shoes.
Also, L. W. Nute & Co.'s Kip Brogans and Plow Shoja
the best Brogans made in the United States heretofore
handled by Gcodbar & Cj.
We are the only honse in this Market handling the cele
brated Krippendorf, Dittmann A Co line of Ladiea' and
Misses' Kid, Goat and Calf CUSTOM Goods EXCLU
SIVELY, under the Factory Brand.
Yes, There's Millions In
It for the Poor.
The Rich Also Made Happy.
Fortune Xa Knocking at
Every Man's Door.
Be Wise and Save Cash, and
Patronize the Misfit
Clothing Parlors.
The man who earjs big money and
spends it as fast as lie earns it is not
as well off at the end of the year as
is the man who, while earning but a
little, saves a portion oi it.
Economy is the road to wealth,
whether you errn little or much.
Economy is a gift, and extravagance
seems to be born in some people.
Economy is wise buying, and wise
buying is getting as much as possible
for your money.
It's economy to buy your Clothing
at the Misfit Clothing Parlors, be
cause you get there the finest Clothing
in the world for the least money.
It's economy to patronize the Mis
fit Clothing Parlors, because while
prices are low the goods are of relia
ble olotb, something that will give
satisfactory and substantial wear.
It's economy to buy good Clothing
when you can get it at a less price than
is usually asked for much inferior
Monoy is a blessing if you use it in
making yourself comfortable, and
the Misfit Clothing Parlors will serve
you well and give you satisfaction.
Your time has come. A plain
warning to the residents of Mem
phis. Your time has come, but a
time for joy instead of sorrow.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors, 202
Second street, opposite Court Square,
will give you the opportunity of get
ting Clothing at much less than the
actual cost.
Our Overcoat Bargains are some
thing every man should take advant
age of. Equally as great bargains
are offered in Suits and Pants.
Clothing Parlors
2G3 Second St., Memphis,
Opp. Conrt Square.
H3T Bemembcr, all alterations to
insure a perfect fit done free of
chargo, by a first-class tailor.
a- Opea Evening aatll o'eloek,
Wwtnitliv aatiHI.
Jobs Ovirtos, Jb. C. N. Gbosvesor.
Real Estate Dealers
Office, 264 Second Street.
a. b. oar. ajeoaal aao .
J.V lazei raid, nania voii.ow.
Young & Brother,
Boohsellers and Stationers.
2 IS Main St., Memphis, Tenn
Wlahlnar fa WaMra train Baalneaa
vVa Offer war Caiira
857 Main Street, t Hemphls, l'enne
W. . LOVE,
Lata of Warrea. Leva
Ooodbar A la., Memphia.
and 18 Gayoso Streets,
officeNo. 24 high
be made by any competing market,
We also control
310 And 313 Front Street, Memphia, Tena.
Stoves, Tinware.
TO mlm
ITa are Jaat im Receipt af larfta Sblamaat af
R. R. Plows, Columbus Steel Drag Scrapers,.
And a Complete Line of CAMP OUTFITS.
Janaea Oaadbar Warn. I Clark Eaareaa J. Varrlaataa I Frank . Jaaaa
XI aa tAlollaliecl XOeO.l
.Ift Main Street. Memnhis. Tenn.
WE offer to MBCKaiiTH OILT tbe lawst and belt I toe It or Boon ana apon wa ri
hava e.er broaaht to thia market, and which cannot be turpueed in quality and i f)
atylei by any home in thii or any other oity. In addi tion tp oompleto line of baitern
made gioda inolttdlni the t:l.aBBa1aiIJ(M)UBlB at CO BltOiat , we handle
a large and aeleel atooK of Custom-made Goods for Men, Women, Miuei and Children. Wa
carry a number of tbe beat makea in the country, in arer rariety nd at le, and amonc
themUbe well known Men'i Calf Booti and Shoei manufantaredby Oe. Hocker for onr
Spring Trade. He alio carry a ohoice line of Ladiea' and Miaiea' Cuatom Kid, Uoat and
tair uoooa, manuiaciurea oy B.rippenaori, iuiiuau " '
our itock before buying elsewhere, and we guarantee everything we awl to give aaiiafaction.
If Hi K cv 1 w.
JOnN REID. . . a. K. LEK.
376-378-380-382-384-380 fcecond street, sonth ot Gayoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceilinp, Siding, Shingles,
Moulding. I,itn, Cwlar Po.li and ltcti.
Briialei Car Worts 3 Mamtfact'iCo
Ilrlnkley, Ark.,
Doorp, Sasb, Bllndp, Iirea'ed Floorlnir, Ceillnir, Weather-Boardintr,
CypreRH Shlnglea, Laths, Etc.
a-Onr faeilitiei are nniorpaaaed by any aawmill in the Sonth for fil inf order! promptly.
Floorina, Ceiling, Sidina, Step Lumber and Cvpreai Shinilea a ipeoialtf : alio, Framina
Lumber of all dimeniioni. We make the Wholeaala Bunnell a ipeo'.al feature. Order
olioited and promptly tiled.
No. 124 Jefferson Street Memphis, Tenneseei
Farming Tools, Grass
HAVING withdrawn from the WoodrufT-01ier Carriage and Hardware Company, wa
hare accepted the Agency of lome of the Beat aa.el.flnrfri an tbw JJalt
Mt.and are now receiving a full aasorlment of CARRIAGES, BUfQIE'J, WAttONSm
UARNKSS and SADDLBRY i alao, a large atook of the improved TKNNKSBEB WA00NSJ
all .nnili n. .nil knilt ,nr.i,lT In. thi. Harket. and will b. .old at very low nneefj
(J fllce and Salesroom, Ho. 209 Sit la
A. woanRrrp.
1. k. oi.ivrn.
nnn.nfini o
And Commission Merchants
Nos. 34 and 3G Madison Street, Elemphla
Lata af Coldwater, Miw.
Memphis, Tenn.
the following Specialties nnder our
. C.
A Co., St. Louie.
own brands, viz :
Goodbar, Love & Co.'s Men's Grained Calf CUSTOM-MADE
Bals, Button and Congress.
Goolbar, Love & Co.'a Men'a N.K. Calf CUSTOM
MADE Bals, Button and Congress.
Goxlbar, Love & Co.'s Ladiea' Kid and Goat CUSTOM-MADE
Flexible Polish and Button $3 00 Shoes.
Our Ladies' 13 00 Shoes are made from the best se
lected Curacoa Kid and Tampico Goat Stock, and have
Solid Sole Leather Counters and Flexible Inner Soles
and we warrant them to fit and give perfect sat it fact ion
In every reaneet.
8 .' : ... '.h
Mannfactnrers of
Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
street. Wtrehontie, Ho. SUtt Front Btreeti t
r. i..
. Vt I
1 & ii

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