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Omt year..
Aw month. ...
J'krM mantk
One month
$10 00
5 00
41 .
V F"" ' !
....4 1 no
. 1 oo
On ytar -
Sir montlt
1, Ceatrleaiere u4
4 1 or
... 60
taniuleationi lor eublleatlon Mil N
, mi a f iKa n&n only. andi
editorial department, should be ddrMNd 1 :
Ti tii Kbitoi o I" ArriAL, Memphis,
fl.iiot ai a rule.ondertaae to retara
ot 'od iniubl. f.r publico..
0?r book! are kept b POitofioM, aad
WJu? i!eu liS I17I k- ... b ..t
always aecomrailed by wuwM
good leita eu.-.'i -eea
be takes ol ncaioui eommenlee-
.Td'.'rlns P.PT. .hanged I from i one .
office to another, tho lUM ol both poit
offloas should be riven,
S .weimea ooples ent free of eherge.
Jia.M letter, ihould bo addrewed t
mm a -J aiHttt
J, M, Kh.timh. I Memphis. Tenn.
Ft: It. 28, 1HS0.
i n km.
Fiom the resumption of the agricul
tural opern'-ions nftor the ar the Ar
peal has anxiously and earnestly en
deavored to impress upon its agricul
tural readers the paramount necessity
of atnndonlott the old and mott ridic
ulous "all cotton" policy. It has con
t.ntlv declared that those farmers
who would not diversify would, in the
ml. be obliired to sell out to thoae
who would. As the years paw by the
correctness of this position baa been
Jamnnstriiad. and on Friday lttt the
Interstate Convention, assembled at
Jack-on. added its testimony to the
same effect In most emphatic words
it calls upon the farmers "net to put
11 their eaiz in ons banket," especial
ly as the present season so sba-ply
demonstrates that that basket is not a
1 nut worthy one. Let the farmer look
first to what is necessa'y br bis own
household, for bis hired labor and for
his stock and see how much of these
necessaries he can produce from bis
own soil, and then produce mem
This done, let him put in is much cot
tnn aa he can cultivate well. Let him
compare his store bill at the end of
the vear with those of former years,
and he will rejoioe, while bis
ll nntton" neiirhber is la
menting. A few years perseverance
in such a course will make him a free,
Indenendent man, clear of mortgages
and able ti walk on bis way without a
merchant to "carry" him. The same
convention took very ct.ona ground
against the form of gambling known
as "futures." It was of the same
opinion about that class of operations
a) the London Mark Lane Esprm
uttered the other day respecting the
grain market: "The American option
is the cures of the world." The con
vention desires to see "futures" put
down bv the strong band of the law,
nod brought under discipline and con
trol as other modes of gambling are.
tnuKular energies beyond hnman en
durance. Ue is just forty years of age
and he will soon discover that when
the high-pressure tension, of his sys
tem gives way, the mind and body
will let down, iutt as the motive power
of machinery ceases to operate when
. 1
the fuel bas been consumed. Mr. anu
Mrs. Towner's divine melody bate
contributed large ly to the success of
Mr K.xfinl'-. m untitle. It la ffeneiutlv
conceded that Mr. Towner's voice ear-
Danes his predecessor's in volume and
sweetness, and Mrs. Towner's voice is
ernnlsitu in its wondrous melody.
Both of them hsve made many friends
in the social circle, and all who have
been charmed by their sweet music
and delightful society unite in the
hope that they may sing slways sing
as long as they live, and afterward
sing in heaven,
Talmage has been delivering a
series cf sermons on the marriage
ring. This great divine is celebrated
for dexterity and adroitness, and, oi
course, understands the art of adver
tising I imself. His love of conspic-
uity is insatiable. He is oue ol that
class who would be willing to stand in
the Dnblio pillory to attract notoriety.
But. fortunately, the public does not
suffer by his overweening ambition,
in be is a man oi spteuuia natural
Statistics Aboattbe Padrone SjHtun
Sootnfrn rojtal tnangei
Penosal Mention.
I composed of the moet brilliant persons
i - t- u -jAu:uu..
la rramir. xiugos iniiuummnu
were the guests of the audience.
Kcenc from "Le Rot 8'AmuBe," "Kuy
Bias" and "Hornani" were enacted.
Kenan's "1802" was received with to-
muitnous appiiuse, ana was encorea
! n .I n il in Af Tuonan mm
present, and, although highly pleased
with the success of bis work, refused
absolutely to appear on the stage in
answer to the call of tbe audience.
originality of
It is understood that S. M. Sayford,
the evangelist, wbo bas been preacn
ins day and night to crowded audi
ences, in the Court Street Cumberland
Presbyterian church, for two weeks,
is about to close bis labors. He came
to Memphis a stranger, but has msde
a friend and admirer of every man
and woman who made bis acquaint
ance or heard his sermons. The pub
lie soon wearies of the fiery, unlnmed
fanatic, the rampant, riproaring re
vivalist. But Mr. Sayford has con
B'aiitly grown in public favor; thoBe
wbo heard him once were se'isd with
iin irresistible desire to hear him
airain. and it can to truthfully raid
thiit he is tHe mott popular evangtlist
that ever visitul and labored with the
people of Memphis. Mr. Sayford's
power as a pulpit orator is a mystery.
Ii is uot his logic, for others a-gue as
well ; it is not the vigor and vividness
of his irr urination, far others paint
pictures equally ui beautiful. It mutt
be then because of the piety and earn
estness he displays in a 11 bis utter
ancesbecause he shows he is
, cot laboring for fame or no
' toriety, but for the good of
humanity because all his great
intellectual powers, so admirably
'balanced and blended, are brought into
requisition in every sermon and their
action is delightfully harmonious.
'There is neither too much nor too lit
tle of any single quality. The judg
ment and the imagination, a pure
t.l-ta and a nrm hfnrt. hold each
-other in perfect equipoise, and his ser
mons are models of beauty, a fountain
of living waters. Ilia faculty for fix
ing the attention and enlittlng the
-sympathy ef an audience is marvel
ous; he can neither be misunderstood
nor heard with indifference, and he
makifhia way to the heart, not by
rant, scarecrows and mi niuhimlmn
appeals, but through the intellectual
facult es. Mr. Sayford has studied the
'hearts of men a ad has thoughtfully
'schooled his own, aad no one better
understands all the avenues by which
to reach the intellect and the sympa
thies. His voice is full, clear and
musica', snd his sermons are a suc
cession cf plain truth, brilliant
thought and delivered with
ffnict- iiiu ri snd with occa
sional outbursts of impassioned
eloquence. There is a wondrous fas
cination about the man, and in leav
ing Memphis, all denomirn'ions and
aU who have heard him unite in the
hope that be may long be spared, a
blessing tj mankind, a light to the
world, before he exchanges the pulpit
for the throne. But Mr. Siybrd is
4jxirg his mettil powers aad his
abilities, of great
ihnm-Vit. and never fails to interest
the iublic. His sermons on tne mar
riage ring have been read with great
avidity by the American people, in
deed, it may be said that for the pa )t
four weeks he hai bad the largest au
diences tbtt any speaker has ever had,
during the same length of time, sIdcs
the creation of tho world, lor his
sermons are delivered to an immense
couconrse of pePlei pubnsnea in
500 Monday morning newspapers, and
it is safe to say that his Sunday morn
ing sermons are henrd and read by
1.000 0D0 people. The privilege of ad
dressing such a multitude iuipojes on
Mr. Talmane grave responsibilities
But be hai the frailties of other men,
and his set "ions are a mixture of truth
and error, eense and nonsense, fact and
atuimlitv. In his recent sermon to
young girls he conjures, implores, begs
and hi seeches them net to marry
man who is not a Christian, and then
tikes the position that marriages are
made in heaven, and that a man and
woman made br eaoh other, as surely
ai Eve was made for Adam, will meet
and marry, though born ai f r as the
rlna ojuinrinr. If such unions are
fareordalned. we would ask Mr. Tal
mane how can the girls he advies to
marry no man who is not a Chritt an
help from marrying the redemption
less sinner preoidined forber? What
is the use of advising girls whose
destiny fate has already immutably
6xed. Tbe records of the divorce
mils, the exoerienco of the civilized
world, show that irreligious men no
more make lad husbands than re
littlon makes aod husbands. This is
a matter which depends on sentiment,
conireulalilv and compatibility ol tern
neruuicnt. Creeds have nothing to do
with It. John Wesley and his wife
were Christinas, but there was noth
iug but discord, strife, bitterness and
hale between them. Wesley's mother
married a Christian, a preacher, and
wan forced to seDaru'e from him. A
charmina cirl married Martin Luther,
and he was a cruel, tyrannical, mean
husband. John Milton was a Chris
tian, but he took a malicious delight
in making his two wives miserable.
David was a man after Goi's own
heart, but he did not make things ai
together lovely for his wives ; neither
did Swlo mon nor Abraham. On the
other hand the most ungodly men
as often make good husbands an tho
moHt righteous. R. G. In?ersoll is a
model huBband, kind, tender and si
feclioiiht). Many of the most devout
Christians, pillars in the church, aro
cross, fault-finding, sottiugy and hate
ful (but they are despised by their
wives, while thoir irreligious neigh
bor?, who live tJ rra'xe their
nives happy, are to indignant
at the cruelties that they are
Inclined to administer poisonal
ehatlisomont to the brutal hus
band. According to Taltoage oaly
men who are professing Christians
make good husbands, while the pagan
priests and the outside barbarians In
sist that only heathens can make
wives Lanov. Iu selecting husbands,
it is not safe for girls to make a test of
creeds, empty professions. It is tbe
ircoi citizm. the) chlvalric. sweet tern-
D , - r
pereo genial young man who makes
the model husband. Girls should
therefore be advised to marry oaly a
man who is true, hoaorable and up
right, the man given to noble deeds,
to Genuine goodness, tbe man whom
she can admire and love with all her
heart and toul. Ssch a man can be
as safely trusted as the most sancti
monious professor of religion. ' This
can bs demonstrated in this city as in
everv ether. There are as many good
hutbauda among non-professing Chris
tians as among the denominations.
There is nothing in all this against
Christianity. But it does show that
there are better tests of good husbands
than of t aeir creed.
laricuL to rat irpiAL.l
Wasbinotoh, February 27. The
Subcommittee on Accounts continued
its investigation of the force ef House
employes to-day.
L ar . . 4-... 1 !
Mr. oi. liamogion oi wnio, wuu
art nn thm Un-iM f 'ildino.room
roll, was first beard. He said be had
performed no wore, except mciueumi-
U. . IT anl ahnllt (mm llml lo door
to see if the men were at their posts.
US naa oeen sick ior euree wecu.
TArkuiuw Dnnalilinn -Kill fflim
ined, and stated that he had asetsned
Mr. Harrington to look after the other
men to see if they pel formed their
duty. He did not know his men, and
had this done to be sure that they
Mr v.. R. Wada. the correspondent
nl Via Nashville American, who is
nn tka fnlftincr mil. was X
am ined and said that he actually per-
l,nwil oarvipa In thn fol.linir room.
and formerly and now was employed
in the Ways and Means Committee
vr. r,.l.n P ., air Afnrann th It illan
iui, vrnv " " .---.--- ,
ex-consul, told the House Labor Com-
.i.a twiav that. tnnrH wai-h DerRUiiu
111 I HCU w-j. ' ------ r
In thianr.MntrVRr.il I'lllr SelllDtZ Ittil-
ants tiktA a auiirv in i rim i'i 1 11 iili v . no
nnid there were;HC .OOOieuch slaves in the
1 l..itA,l Utatoa arwl aaVM th Ilflniefl of
(several persona whom he said were en-
.. . a i- i r - m o.l Tsa
, i; 4 V.lsi itw a a nn and man
VCIlil t.1 uir vai. - ;
tUnsrl aavoral nlnrAfl vhftrfl thfl DU81
iiuh w a f rWl bn nil III lMW 1 Ml BV .
among them the otlice of the JFo De
hniin. the newspaper oraan of the
Trs flickers.
V.IHUnt -oounf inn this vnn
Knvo Mii". t , ,
ludicial. Congressional and social cir
i)..i.iHrwi aaeati.liihnil Latah
Chapel, Tipton county, Tenn. ; Daisy,
Lawrence county, moo
U.oaiar rnatmaiitAr ! Mrldffeoc rt.Dimp
postmaster : Gartner, Bedford county,
Tenn., Wilburn B. Carroll, postmas
ter: Munford, Tipton county, ienn.,
Geo. B. Sale, postmaster; isiieis,
Hardeman county, Chas. v. Moore,
rrcparalloas for the New Haft ball
Park-What abet layer
Are !.
church mnsiox.
Bi&hop McTjelre Presiding State
ment ef Work Done In the
Past Four Tears.
l,aa Btuuika a ' uanj a.aaa,aiai aaua
lllnh trronnds ftlmrmt any fine morn-
i i f . i ,- i : . j :
lug ia ui iub iiveiiBBi, ue;t;rijjiuu.
The tin on tne root ot tne new ciur
ing is ready for tbe painters and plas
terers. It will be done in ample
t'me for the spring meeting and
ill be auite an attraction to
frcniiantarM nf the tut f . There
m now naarlv 1(10 korapa
ttabled u the track. The Hopedale
stable of Columbia, with Kedner, John
Roher and six others, and Dr. Mo
Guizm's s'able of eight good ones
f ... ... I. ..nana 1 1 1 1 .t n.rl L'Ull uoalarflav
Corrigmi and Lujas are expected witb
their ttrings Wedntsday.
Lorillard ftiells routine.
the sale at Loril'ard' to-day l'ontiac
was bought by the Uwyer brothers of
urcoKiya loru.uuj.
Baarbxll Notes.
Mimpuis bai a baseman second to
Mamaobr Smbkd says no season
ticket will be eold for nt-xt season.
Roiikrt Black of the home team ia
expected here to-day fioin St. Louis.
Lloyd, Brennan and Hamburg have
all been released from contract with
the Memphis Club.
It has been decided by the Arbitra
tion Commit'ee that Nashville has the
best claim on Baker, tbe pitcher.
Manaubb Snsbd bas signed James
Flynri, who led both the batting and
fielding in the Krie (Pa ) Club last
Tub charter of the home club bas
been returned f rem Nashville. It was
taken out under the came of the
Memphis Exhibition Company.
IV IT ftM ..a .,v anil TnVn T. Bn.ul
astmaster. , iitilla both started ball playing professional-
S.1" Mrvic?. haBKe,B.LBJ"ntlvi1Ie. lv at the same time with a St. Louis
Kyva a mniiw .aa,-. -
lo Whitney. Ala., modify the order of
February 18th so as to embrace supply
of Slate, St. C air county, next after
Ogee, instead oi nsxi aner rrunuejr,
rr.anbaa t.n Alahnmllffh. Ala.. flODl
March 15th, change service to begin
. Tbi. Ti.hAntinon Miaa . n 111 i t t.l II O
O li Allan, i(ouwiniBn , - p.
iu...niaa - nl.n frnm thn iiime date
increase st rvice to three times a week.
West Point to Hmitb's utation, aiu ,
ll.tnh 17tli amhrapA fllinnlv of
Halawaka, next after Beulah. Man
mauaanoar anrv:nn from Steam-
o& landing to S.ormville, Bolivar
Am,rtf Miaa. Name cf G03totllce at
tu i'in tf.K.nivarl t.i (4raanflDOrt.
UliU .nn., iiunufc-
New Utiices uiayion, iuui i-
. i.,Kin Hnnkin coubtv. ana iui
ne'rva, Montgomery county, Miss,
W. A. Roystoa. Little Rock, Ark.!
Milt M. Maxwell, Arkansas; T. E.
Maxwell, Arkansas; T. P. Quinn, Ar
kansas; 8. Fontaine, Yaaoo, Miss.;
Wilt McDonald, Mississippi; J. A. B.
Lovett, HunUville, Ala.; H. M. Pierce
and wife, Nashville, Tenn.; Miss Kate
Montague, Bristol, Tenn.; W. B. P.
Lemons, Henriet'a, Tenn.; P.H.Mell
and lady, Auburn, Ala.
ltednctloa c f tbe Public Debt.
Washikotoh, February 27. It is
estimated thuttheie has been a de
crease of 12,500,000 in the public debt
during the month of February. The
pension payments during the month
were about fll.OCO.OOO.
lv at the same time with a St. Louis
nlnh. Thev are both this Bfaion man
seers of the two beet clubs in tbe
fcSoutoern League.
An enthusiast, speaking of tbe mer
its of the clubs this season, places
them at follows for the ending cf the
season: Memphis, 1; Nashville, 2; At
lanta, 3: Savannah, 4; Macon, 5; An-
n . I'll 1
gusa, u; unaiianooga, i viiaries
ton, 8.
Tbe uniforms cf the Memphis Club
bave been ordered from Guy Hecker
of Loui6Villefame. Tbey will consist of
white shirts snd pant?, brown stock
ings and belts, with brown and white
s.riped caps. This is tae only suit ot
the kind tba'. will be in the Southern
League, and is SAid to be very a'-
fasti ve.
m 1 r ,, aa i ill 1
xun umyers oi tue mempuis iiiuu
, f 1 . . i. , l 4. V.
are wiueiy acBuereu ai present, ivreu-
T, I 1 V ' I 1 1 t .
meyer, liiuca, J ieary auu umnau n-o
wintering in St. Louis; McE roy at
Norfolk, Fusselbauk at Philadelphia,
i s.; vvuiieoeau ai ivaiinna uiiy, j. r
Dnvla at. llnlv.
oke, Mass.; Lavinat Jackson, Mich.;
voss at tiincinnaii ana Auarews fci
Indianapolis. The new man, Flynn,
is at present in the city, practicing
daily whenever the wratherwill per
Tbe I'I ml Week Brought to a Hue
cpaaral ( lose.
Memphis t'rwlUora Uet In Tbeir At
tnrtomente rirt-St. Lonls
l.owa Heavll.
Iniportael Extradition t'aae,
Huamhiv, Ont., February 27.
Judra Jones to-duv rendcrcHf a deeis
ion in th( ovtrnilitinn rnqp nf Murlin
A. Vim Fleet, tho di-fauttiiig treasurer
of Huron count v, O. Judin Jones
considers that the altering of any tig
urea on treasury books constitutes
forging both in Canada and Ohio, and
under the extradition act committed
Van I'ltx't, hut he will not he deliv
ered up to the United States authori
ties for fifteen days, during which time
lie (iin apply fora w rit of mfxw nirpn.
Further details of the failure of (1
M. Freed of IWinelle. Ark., place
his liabilities at J200,0:O; it03K on
i,,i ak.-,ni ;o rum .nl r ink account
and real ettite va'ued fct about fiO,-
r 1 . 1. .1 A j. Af nmnhid
l.niiaaa aa fn r na fKtnArtrt. T1ld. IB 1500
to B. Lowentt9in & Bros., $800 to Por-
tsr & Macrae, and 4UU it rneumau
Bros, lie Also owes a small account
tr, niivar X- K.nnin. Liwensteln &
n.. . tha flrat atinihi ni creunors.
mill HmtKtlasa rnalica the full
amount of their claims. St. Louis
suffers severely by the failure. Adler,
Goldman & Co., cotton factors, are in
irvrt nan a a If jet. which thev hold
2000 bales of cotton, making their net
loss about jio.uou. i.ice, o. "Vx'
J... nnota a.lara urn rrttwht for 112.-
000, and Schaefer & Schwartz, shoe
dealers, $3500. Freed has confessed
judgment to the amount of $40,800, ai
follows: Home creditore (Dardanelles,
$20,000; M. Stadler A Co., Cincinnati,
$12,000 ; Flexner fe Co., Cincinnati,
$8000. The bill of B. Lowenttein &
Bros, was purchased not more than a
week ago, and it is likely the goods
are still nnpacked.
ortuarjr Hrmmtl.
Mortality report for the week end
ing Saturday, February 2, 1880, at
6 o clock p.m.:
T Fitr. Patrick
W llnnoe
"O Frainar
,l Itonabue...
V Butler
M F Morsan...
lv buoi
M P Bunt
B Albriiht
II Johnaton..-.
Oh M Jonol....
Chu Love
F II Cat
W Thomiu
"J Hall -
SJ Melntwh..
M 8tnitti....M.
K fM.rk .
K Kiohardann
Cauw Death.
rh. diarrhea,
eh. diarrhea.
white CMtriln.
white giutro-entorit
whitojold ane. ,
white ooniumption.
white oonaaininiuu
ool ed
ool ed
nn 'alt
ool eu
tnal lever,
aoariet fever,
abcoee brain.
IllaSar awil Parnell.
London, February 27. Mr. lliggar
in an interview to-iay stated emphat
ically that he had no iiuarrel with Mr.
l'arnell, and that he enjoyed that gen
tleman's complete confidence.
.T:..i 1. kiv...Oul
Distribution by Wards First, 1;
Second, l; Third, 1 i (?Bi?.t ,t'
vnH, t Rirth. 1: Sev9nth. 0; Eighth,
6; Ninth, 2; Tenth, 2. City Hospital.
C. Still born, z. vni, u, wv..-,
11. ToUK 2(JAVKgi M D Seoretaxy.
Victor Huko'b Blrlbdajr.
Pabis, February 7. The eighty
fourth anniversary of the birth ol
Victor Hugo was cslebrated by a grand
miscellaneous entertainment at the
Theator Francals. The audience was
Dk Fun i a k Hi-bincw, Fla., February
27. Longfellow's day closed the first
week of the Florida Chautainitia sec-
imil nnniial iissemlilv with an address
by Bishop Mallalio of Louisiana, Hon.
S. K. Malloiy of Florida and I'rof. K.
L. Citmmoek of Evansville, 111. Prof.
C. C. Case of Cleveland, O., led the
eliorns. and t he Hoirera Band of tioshen,
()., partieipnted, making tho meeting
intensely interesting and memorable,
lion. Win. Cumbaek of Ohio lectured
yesterday to a lare audience.
At Liverpool yesterday wheat was
steady, poor demand, holders offering
moderately. Corn dull.
Closk of May options at Chicago
yesterday: Pork, J-10 87J asked; lard,
6.Q.K bid ; clear rib sides, oie ; corn,
40Je; wheat, 841c; oats, lgc hid.
Tub February "corner" in corn
busted wide open Thursday last under
the big sales of Milmine, Bodman &
Co. The option ran down from 58jc
to 52Je.
f tli Ciinin Klevator ves-
.,r.i.iv- wiw.ut. rw-oivod. lt)55 bushels;
withdrawn, 1055 bushels ; in store, SOoi
bushels. Corn received, none ; with
drawn, WKj bushels; in store, 39,541
bushels. Oats received, none; with
drawn, DOTtl bushels; in store, 31,181
Visitoks on 'Change yesterday:
David C. Randall, Providence; Leo
pold I-evy, Brownsville, Tenn. ; Julius
Levy, Brownsville; C. J. Lewis, New
Orleans ; John J. Cook, Augusta ; V .
II. Kennedy, Norfolk; S. Hoehstmlter,
New York; II. P. Hobson, Somer
ville, Tenn.; John J.Cook, Augusta,
Ark. ; John li. Williams, Jackson.
Let 11, block til. Brooks & Suggs's
subdivision, 24jx243 feet, noith side
of Beale street, 500 feet east of Lauder
dale, to J. Hojk for $60.
Lots 17 and 18, block 64, west side
pf Ruth street, 50x142 feet, each to
T I I 1 1 trr tlltr OQl-h
Lot 19, block 64, west side of Ruth
street, 60x142 feet, to A. H. Stratmac
t .in
iur fiui , , , art
Lot 25, block 68, noith side of Lin
den Btreet, aoxiu ieti, iu
Brandt, for $53.
i T n.nlr. lot 4)A. north Side Ol
liiil (i uuum"; ' , .
rTninn .troft.. 47x150 leet to Louts
u..,t r. i;r,n.
Part of lot C, county lot 4!1, 46x200
feet, touth side oi union Btreet, vj
u...w f...urn
"S" Z:X IZu t 1t ft hlnr-k 5-1. 82.X166
HP ia we " -
feet, east eid of HampHhire sUeet, to
Johu Donnfiiy, ior-mi.
Lot on porth side of South itreet,
west of Shelby, 20Ux27i leet.to a.
t- i ttftii a
uV.VlX:.tAm t Jffraon street.
. vr l.nwonni1 fur STmHAI.
I.r.t S8.bl(ick 15, Hernando road, Oi
x!70 feet, to John Ro, for $Jio.
tbe Methodist Episcopal Church South
mat at ine rirst cnarcn n iu otiw
vnatjirilav mnrniiitr. with BiahOD Mc-
Tyeira presiding. The attendance of
minis'ers aia cnurcn memoers wan
very gold. The members tf tbe board
present were Dr. Morrison cf Russtll
yille, Ky.; the Rv. J- C Morris
of Kanrai City, tbe Rev. Dr. Harris of
U Lion City, the Rev Dr. C. B Ga te
way, editor ot tbe New Orleans ClirU
tian Adrncate, and the Rev. David Mor
ton. The morning seesion was de
voted t va discussion on the subject of
work done. Dr. Morris led tbe derate,
which was taken part in by Drs. Mor
ritorj, Harris, Mahon, Stetl, Moore
and others. The topic in the after
noon, "Mtthods of Work," was alto
discussed by the gentlemen ramed,
the Rev. Mr. Morton and Dr. Galloway
n.alainn akntr al.lrAaoia rv iria snhlfPt
It was announced that a maes-meeting
i i i i ia .a. : i. av L. a. At,..
won a De aeiu at uinu, uui iuo
w An V. a nvaiinn to A a I a rrra uH,Ancirit
W CCtluCJl pivvvUVvU ww iai(o i,.vt.www j
and those present engaged in ageneial
a . I 1 : . -.g
ex press; on oi views on ine buujcui ui
church building.
ine meeting last nigut wes mguiy
entertained and steatly edified by a
most unique and forcible present i
t'oa by Biehop McTyeire of the neces
sity of church builcing in every vi
cinity, as absolutely esfential to
proper religious concept!. ns, holdiog
that the custom, as in some places, of
worshiping in schoo'-houees and
AnnaLlinnafl. atn laaila t.l IrrAVArPDCe
that will require about three genera-
tons tt better cinaiuons to wipe ui..
I'ka tii.nnn wan f .1 Inwail VlT Dr.
.LID uidiiuu avoa a.iwnvw j -
Morton of Louisville, who made some
exce lent pout), especially aa to our
work on the Mexican border. He
told of an eloquent speech by the
celebrated Thomas Marshall of Ken
tucky, soon af .er the war with Mex
ico. Mr. Marshall iat asked, after a
moet characteristic description of the
customs and barbarities of the Mexi
cans, their dark and degrading super
stitions and penance worship,
what coiid be done with
such a people. Marshall con
fessed be did not know ; that to admit
tliam aa vnt.r. wmiM Atiitariffer civil!-
za'.ion. To admit them as part of this
government without allowing them to
vote would DO a source oi iruuuie.
P.aalllariDn a. VtO Vjaa llA HOt
X IIDU wiiau . i " " " J
know anything that could be done to
save them or to civilin them, but a
onnfomnnn nf Methodist Dreachers or-
sanized aid sent among them. Tbe
speaker, Vt. Moiton.neara matspeeca
by Marshall, and thirty-five years
afterward, which was last year, he
witnessed the oreanization of a con
ference on that border, by Bishop Mc
Tvaii-A Mmnn ail nf whitna and Alex
jeans about two cf the latter to one of
the former. The desired civilisation
is moving on. Churches are being
built by trjis Extension' Board.
Attar ramarka hv nlhfiri On Salient
points, the following resolutions were
ur. aaimouf ly a lopted by a rising vot9 :
l!nhrii That wa have heard with
hm. ri.f ifinntinn thA rnnorts of
gitctv gianu,i.i -- t . .
work already done by the Board of
i a-.-i a.- i..u,i:t
uuurcn nxtension ui me jjieiuwuinv
T.-ni.n.ainl I'lillriill K.ltllh. Tt t ill r?n-
dtred timely nd valcaMe aid toward
the arpr-tins fit ehiiif-hea tn many i ati
.t n,,v will, nnnnantinn. anri hftS al
ready signally demonstrated the wis
dom ol its orfcamzilion. it nas awa.'
ened a soirit of enterprise in the gen
eral church, and encouraged more
cartful, accurate methods in Becunng
iitiaa n oil A,-,,- nmiiprtv. We tike
b.'liixj j a " - f"-1 .. -
pleasure in bearing testimony to the
great wora. aireauy hcuicvcu u imr,
the youngest cf our cennectionat
v.nanio ami do most heaitilv com
mend the cause to the confidence,
nrnvpra and librralitv of the church.
Rtuclvtd, That the affairs o'. the
board hsve been conducted with emi-
nett satuf ictron and accoraing to in
best business principles and methods.
Th. o.l ministration of the chief execu
tive officer, the Rev. David Morton,
n n Aanavxraa atvnfial nnmmendatorv
mention. To his organizing ability and
judicious, untiring labor, the church
is largely indebted for the marked suc
cess of this important enterprise.
11. 0. M0RKIS0N,
K. H. MAI10N.
The meeting then adjourned till 3
o'clock p.m. to day.
The Board of Church Extension is
riAmi,.;;pii at. ToivrviIIp. Kv.. and is
composed cf the bishops ot tbe church
and seventeen ethers elected by the
church conference. The president,
. 1.1 M ,., I l .Khirnw. in a merchant
of Louisville, and was lormerly mayor
of that city. Presley McGuire, a whole
sale tobacconist of Louisville, is the
vice-president of the board, the Rev.
David Morton of Louisville is secre
tary, and John W. Proctor of Dan
ville, Ky., and one of the wealthiest
bankers in the State, is treasurer. The
remaining members of the board are
equally divided between laymen and
ministers. This is its fourth annual
meeting. The first was held in Louis-
. . 1 . n, T .nil ...A
vine, tne secona iu ot. uuum auu
third in Columbus, Ky. As
its name impliep, tho busi
ness of tbe DoaTd is m ui
i : i .i : .. twinrovino1 rhnrcbes.
The work is carried on principally in
the more thinly settled portions oi
tT.n.j Qf ataai ih. laro-nat amount be-
i ,AaA In Ihn Knnth and West.
in the past tnree jenmw """J-r""
have been outu oy tue uuiu, wuiv..
Honatad for the Duroose $80,000 and
loaned $28,000. The total. $108,OCO,
. a CKL nt Ua Afiot
represents aDout one-nnu ui
-i .u. .i,Ka. The hoard derives
Ui US ,
its revenue from collections which tbs
pastors of tbe various cnureu
r i.. j u 1.1,. nn nni-A a veaT. halt
the amount being retained by the con
ference treasurer ior use ai uuuio.
' The discussion at all of the meet
incs was informal, no set speeches be
ing delivered, ine visiudk miu,o..
will leave for homo to-morrow morn-
iuK v.. .v-
Since its creation oy ""
conference of 1882 the Board of Church
Extension of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, South, hs naa mtseu
.1 .nndnir twentv-three
days, at each of which meetings thc-ra
' ' ..... J.maa t Aiornt
was an average aiwmuauvo .
members of the bo rd.
Proceeding under the constitution
framed by the general conference, he
board has secured a charter, adopted
bv-!aws, provided a complete aya tern
i . , .mnti,t nf its bUSI-
ot Dianas ior iu -- ,
. j ,nniiA.i it wlf with a lull
. (..anilnm and books.
t. k.. tont the secretary, when not
at work in the office, actively em
i fho fiM. He has attended
seventy annual conference seesions,
y Jitlng every one in the connection
:'" .8ii n.,,il Mr x can. and
r ' I.. 7u r.10 m es in thnty
"vm"""-iJ'.ivT Territories.
one omiea u. ,
Church extension sermons snd
neeches hsve been delivered by him
at all tbe conference settvions and at
nearly all the other places visited.
Thirteen thousand copies cf its an
nual report, 15 000 maps, 50.100 tracts
and over 200,000 leaf! its bave been
distributed. Twelve hundred copies
of Gtrard, a church f xwnsiou bordc
written for the board by Miss Lncinda
B. Hebron, have alto been e o'd.
The board has met all its ex-
perss and is out ci uein.
It has made donations to seventy-six
churches, amounting lo $31,991 55,
and is ready to pay io eigm.
churthe-, as soon aa they execute tbe
requirea papers wmcn Davr uceu k,
them. $5175 more, already promised,
find hopes to be able to pay before the
ascal year ends to four other churches
donations amounting to $iC43 65.
It has collected in ath for its sev
eral loin funds $30,254 05, and has
made loans t twenty-four churches
amounting to $28 150, and is ready to
pay to three other churches loans
promised amounting to $2800, and
after doing so will bave on hand to be
loaned $456 38. Tbe board also has,
belonging to loan fands,ground in the
city ot Denver valued At $4500, and
notes and subscriptions amounting to
$3159, about two-thirds of which lart
named sum will be collected as toe
no'es mature.
On matured installments of p:inct
rn.1 nf loans thero has been paid
$1108 33, and on same there is still
due $11 75, all of which we hope to
collect within thirty days from this
All interest due has been paid.
Under oar organic net thirty-nine
a ixiliarv boards, ona in each annual
conference, hao beon formed, and
another will De tins week in tne iviry oi
Mex C3 lor the uentrti mexican kcu
ference, now organ zing.
The conferences have provided well
ennsidered constitutions for these, and
til led the be ards with carefully selected
men, wno are c jnocieniiou-iy inuonu
to be true to the great interest contideu
to them.
Much valuable wore cat been done
by them in the niatftr of securing in
formation as to the local wants f
their respective territories and in aid-
lng tne uenerat ooaru io ueuiue ujiuu
the merits of places asking help of it.
The conference boards, after turn
ing over one-half of the amounts re
ceived by them to the General Board,
have, with tbe remaining half, aided
to this date 416 churches, to which
they have paid $47,892 17. Two con
ferences bave not yet reported, and
these neipea iasi year .uriy-micc
churches, paying them $4475 60.
By Gen. D. C. Buell. An important
contribution to the discussion beiruu
by Gen. Grant's "Shiloh" in the t-F.s-ti'ry
War Skmes. The author takes
issue with tetm. Grant and Nierman
on some .important points and sup
ports his jKjsition by a tie-simile of a
camp-map given him by the latter on
the evening of the first day, and a
careful and elaborate revision of the
map of the battlefield. Portraits and
other illustrations are given.
The second installment of Mr. How
ells'snew novel, which will continue
throned the year. uOpem dehaht-
fuUi." Ckitic. "Every promite of
tfivat iHtere. jihjk.ii. vr vyu.-iMr.mt..
othkk ricrioBT
Includes the second part of Mr. Stock
ton's novelette, "A Borrowed Month;
a complete story entitled "John
Toner's Experiment;" and chapters oA
Mrs. Fwite's Western novel.
rrjBTUER riAirKis
Comprise three richly illustrated nrti-rlc-s
Italy, from a Trictcle,"
'Monntalneerlnir la Persia," and
"City dwelling;" t'atelar, tke
Orator;" "Iho Strength acd Weak
irss ol Soe laliHin Open Letters on
Christian I'nion; Poems, etc., etc.
Sold everywhere. Price 35 eents.
Offici B'd Fire akd Polirr Commisn'rs. )
Taxiku District, reoruary to, i.
nvil Ln..M,Bl. aill k. raMIVfti bf OS
....,11 T.rJ... Marih 4. 188l. at 1
"Ihe Woman in Ked.M
At the Memphis Theater to-morrow
night Mme. JaoscBchek appears for
the first time in The Woman in Red. It
is from the French of La 'ltnutedtt
Carte, and is presented in a prologue
and five acts. The cenes are laid in
France, Italy and Venice. The com
pany is said to he an unusuauy siroug
one. Some idea of the play may be
gathered from the following cait of
Zillah, Reuben's wife ............Janauicliek
Hubert Madiperr ...iur. uaii es vjrac
Viutor Pan-on Mr. Geo. V. Chaplin
Reuben, a Jew ...Mr. ran a iievenjr
M.ririirit d'Arbell Miss Viriiiiiia Nelson
jjinon ...Miss Marie luaiey
n...iia Hinrn-tin, tAllnr Janaui-'chek
Count Claudio Mr. Alex II. Stum
Jleolor rairuuiouitc I , ...ir. i-naiiiu
Bravadura Thieve ...Mr. Canlen
s,dn J (...Mr. Turner
Mntt.1 IW1IL Jir. IBInll"
Ninetta, his wile ..Mi.s Marie Dudie
Couniem Constin.i Uonati Mi M. l.eur
o'clock noon, for the following work to be
done, (ervice to be rendered ud muterial to
be furnished the Taxing District of bhelby
county, i'enn. : . .
1. iur lighting tVe follewing Iinitte with
gaa: The territory bounded by Auction
ttreet on the north. Uealo street on the
outb, Missin.ippi riyer on the west, and
boco d ifeet on the eaat, including the in
ner ide of the ttreete named.
1. For lighting tbe aforesaid limits with
electriuty. o
territory of the District except that bounded
by Auotion street en Ihe norih, Beale street
on tbe south, MiHsisaippi river on the west, ,
and Second itreet oo the east, excluding
from the terriorytoln lighted the north
side of Auction street, the south side of
Beale itreet, and the west aide of becond
troit. adjoining tho territory above ex-
2. For lighting the lame territory with
electricity. . ,. . .
All bids must be 'or no much per light per
month. The Boird reserfes the right to lo
cate ell lighti, also the privilege ot increas
ing or decieankg the number of lights at
IDC ram, oomrauLvu iur a. ii. .uw.v.
The to trd reserves the right to reject any
or all 0l,'J;AVII) p HADT)KII, President.
Attest: U. L. ycLLK, aecretsry.
Oitice B'r Fihi aso Poi.ipr Commib'rs, ,
Tixiso-DiBiaicT, reoruary i.t, ioou,
Franceeka bonati
tlllllO 1
Uonzalo ..
...Miss Helen Hand
Mr. Loun lireen
..Mr. Frank ltovorly
..Mr. Ueorire Conner
Mr. James Buval
Mr. fcd Messinger
...Miss Sophie Lauiar
Mise A. Murphy
Cro-ibj'e Dime Jlmpnra,
The "evente" billed for tbe week
commencing to mortow are meDy and
r.ivA or.t almur n determinaticin on
the part of t ie management to make
the museum tne ir oi any simur
plaje of amusemant, North or Souti.
In the bijou theater the entire pan
tomime of Humjity Dumpty will be
presented by Messrs. Zjlda and Chris
tie, supported by a strong and well
selected cast. It includes the graceful
contortionist, "Ajax," who baj won
Ugh place cn tbe stage. He will ap
pear as the "riprite." Other chaiacters
will be assumed by Lew fcuntin, a
good enough low comedian; Allie
Jackson as "Columbine," Charles Cui
have, a king of laugh makers; Balle
Vnrc.in Qui nt HIH I O liall V S8 BOOd.
In ihe curio halls Rose ot Yucatan
is to be the chief attraction. Sae
is not a What Is It? or
a case o! abnormal development,
but, on the contrary, of grca', interest,
rot only to the curiosity seeker, but
also to those who believe that "the
proper ttudy of mankind is man."
Kobo is forty inches in bight. Her
body is about the s:'z of that ot a
seven-vear-ol(l gin. tier iijiu ic"
seem to be adapted f jr tree climbing.
Her chttt is angular in form ; in otler
. - t . . 1 a... J Tkn
words, Btie is cnicgen Dreameu. xuc
head is veiy remarkable. It is ellip
tical in shape, the crown tapering line
the email end ot an egg. iu
unlike that of any other race in the
universe. The eyes are large and
bright, but have the curious glassy
glare of a wild animal. She was
Drought from Central America about
two years ago arid has since that time
traveled considerably with her guar
dian, M. Pa'a'.i. .
Another epecial attraction is Ltttle
Tot," who will no doabt be petted by
the ladies, as it is claimed oi her that
she is the prettiest child in America.
That clever performer, Baiabrega,
and his no less clever wifo, who is
Kiuri vw ha, .idoA nuns of Kmms
Lyndon, have been specially engaged
for an entirely new peifjrmance.
They need no introduction to Mem
pbians. . , , ,,
The firetoing does not include all
that the Museum offers its visitors
hi wek. hnt it certainly is "s won
derful show for a dime."
a aoripa of illustrated lectures oy
t t .vns.Arei nt Nav York will be
eiven at the Knight of Innisfail Hail
P- i : ll nn.la V
lor one weex, comaiBucuiK
The lectures are for the benefit of a.
Rriuid's church, and Will uoudiiissb ue
well attended
A Card From t'oUibfrt, tin.
. ,:r. T ,,a.it Tir. MnKlee's
inis is to cerbiijr uart. . " - - , ,
Lemon. Elixir .orneura ia of U. head and
VMM WltU ID UJU V UAtWAB.Wa aaa--- r
n.ra health. I would gladly have paid
su) for the relief it has iven me at a cost of
iori. l,.,iih Co.
i;tera oui. xiw.
Lesson Hot Drop
Cures all Coughs. Colds, Hoarseness. Sore
Throat, nronohitis. Pneumonia nna eii
Throat and t.ung vueasw. e .
tics. wh " It palhateiand greatly
roUeVes." Price 25 cent). n,n. ...IH
UmonK ixvrand Lemon Hot Dropi old
by all loading drugsists. Prepared by u.
Mealcy, M.U., Aaauta.Ua.
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Ladies' and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers and lace curtains by
Louis Reigel, 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods reoeivd by express.
SEALED propos-U will bo reee!d by us
until Thursday. March 4, 1886, at It
o'clock noon, ior the following work to be
done, leivice tn be rendered und matfriall
to be furni hed to the Taxing-District of
Khelby county, Tenn., for the year ending
Dec-e tuber 31, 1883. The boaid reserves the
rigU to reject any or a 1 bids. Any in
formation wantod will be lurnished on ap
plication: .
For feeding prisoners at Station-llonse.
For furnishing fuel to various depart
ments. . ' .
For shoeing horses for yutioui depart
ments. ,
For furnishing fresh meat to Hospital.
For furnishing fresh bread to llospit il.
For publishing all ordinances, orders, no
tices, etc., as they may be passed or or-
All 'bitls muit be labeled, "Bid tor
(wha ever is bid on). Each and every bid
must be accompanied with a oortified check
on souio solvent bana for t'0 aa a forfeit,
whifh i-heck will be returned io unsuccesi-
. ... .,1 tn ..titi..aatiil nnpl nn
IU1 OIUUITB HI. UllUC uu iu auui.s.o.u. ;
the execution of proj-er coatraot und bond
as retiuired by law.
By order of the hoard.
DAVID P. HADDEN, President.
AUe?t: C. L. l'tLi.tts, tcretnry.
Kountzo Bros.,
120 Broadway, New York.
DEPOSIT account! received fro-n bank
err, merchants and others, and inter
est allownn on balance!.
Advance! made to correspondent! on ap
pro d businesi paper or other good collateral
Lett-rs of oredit issued. Collection! made.
Government bonds and other lecuntiei
oo-n and iold on commission. "
"Kmpraii of Song," containing 63 vocal
piei-os, 5(lc, by mail 65c. .
"Song S .uvenir."containing59 yocal pieces,
Sim. hv mail 65c.
"Piano Souvenir," containing 60 imtra
,nn tut ni-coR. 50c. by mail lV0.
Folio of Music," containing 80 instrument
al pieces, 5(lc, by muil too.
"Excelsior Method for the Organ, con
taining oonirlete instruction, beside
over 1U0 vocal and instrumental pieeei.
bound in boards. Price 81, npstiiaid.
"Coe's Method for the Violin," the latest
and most progressive instructor pub
lished, having all necessary 1" j;r"ctior.
and Ml selections, such as ' Whqn the
Robins Nest Again," "I'll Await My
Love," "Dancing in the Barn," Little
Darling Dream f Me," "Peek-a-Boo,
"Some Day." Price 75c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Music Rolls, Casei, Wrap
pers, opnng-uaca rono., iu
ligm of Leather and Plush.
All BTTL.ES and pkices.
0. E. DOUCE & CO.
two Main K HfemDhlB.
Role At-ente for Chickering, Hardmao and
new cpgiapu ii.".-
Sweet Pickles, Etc.
Binned rrnit Pickled Ore,
Stuffed rralt Plcfcled Coeombere,
Starred Praia Pickle Peppers,
btntTed Fralt Pickled Mengoee,
nixed Sweet Plcklee,
t'roe-i Bluek well's Ckow-Cbow and
iad Pieklea.
Plelo Caeamker Pleklee by tbe gall.
Other brands of Plain and Mixed
Pieklea In tllaea and OUwee.
I orner Scconel and Beale Stg.
Boiler W;orks.
SHEA & McCARTHY,Fropr'8,.
HO, 142, Ui Fronts Memphis.
in th Siath. and the only complete
Boiler and S at-Imv Works In the etty.
Bf aoafavcttirare of benvy etlate Iroev
worn of ever? dewrlptlon. Special
- .!.- 'inn work.
All that Science and fckIM
conld do to make Benson'i Capcine Plasters
the best porous plasters, and also tke best gen
eral external remedy in the wotld. ha been
done. Whenever it ii possible t.iniprove
tuuu.it is dene. Benson' plaster! are not
made to impose upon the credulous, baft to
cure disease. Their eminent seccers has pro
cured for them the voluntary ind raement of
.ShiJ pkrsiciani, phancscisU and Idruggists
throuihout the coun'ry, aad the outspoken
preference Oi the intelligent publio. 1 hey
are vrompt, iowertul, cleanH aad certain.
They cure where no others will even relieve.
Hefuse imitations styled "Capsicin," Cr-si-um"
or Oapucin" plasters. Kerutable
druggist! only. The "lhree S als" trade
mark on the genuine and taoword Cap
cine" cut in the center of the plaster.

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