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Cotton Closed Irregular; Sale, 15(0
Rules Middling, 8c-Snarp
Decline In Ege.
Money in lair demand at 8 pt rct nt. ;
local securities firm. The cotton mar
ket was quoted irregular at the Cotton
F.xchnugc. Sales l'lOO bait, quota
tions unchanj'd ; middling, 8Je. Buy
ers rcnorted free offerings at shaded
quotation. Compared with prices of
a week ago Liverpool in Jc lower on
spot and 0-C4c lower on futures, New
York c lower on spots and IS points
lower on futures, New Orleans Jc low er
on ftpota and 10 jKiint.s lower on fut
ures. The Memphis market during
the Kiiue period hits declined Il-lOc,
from H 7-lik for middling toSje, but is
even now 1-1 0c higher than Sew Or
leans. New York and New Orleans
future market1 yesterday closed a
few jMints higher, and tlic tone at
JNVw York was reported firm. This
gave a new supply of confidence to
a number oi Meal factors and
insii;vd a hope for better prices
next week, but the preponderance of
sentiment on 'Change appeal's t be
that as long as port receipts continue
heavy that, no important change for
the better is probable. Receipts at all
Foiled States ports yesterday were
i:,-17'.t bales, ngninst 7til'!t bales a year
jigM, (ienera! markets unchanged, ex
cejit in eg2s,vvliichexperienceda sharj)
d -cline from 'J4r to loe pT dozen, due
toheu-y receipts liming the past forty
eiglit hours.
four hunlredaud twenty sks bran,
in lirls beans and peas, o pkgs butter,
102 pkgs bacon, 4r,:i ikgs boots and
nhoes, 6d0 bu corn, 117 pkgs cheese, 1
far cotton-seed, sks cotton-seed,
I!07 brls cotton-seed oil, 15 pkgs dry
goods. S2 pkgs egt-8, 1444 brls flour, 4i.'0
bales hav, lOpktrs hats, 118 hd hogs,
104 hd horses and mules, JW4 pkgs
lard, -ft 1,000 ft. lumber, 10lt j)kgs
liquors, IL'5 brls meal, l!0 brls m
htsses, 800 bu oats, ill brls onions, 240
brls potatoes, o ears pork sides, 2o brls
liork, 2 (0 brls sugar and 75 pkgs to
bacco. '
ft Madison St, Memphis Tenn.,
awlrrpoB4 nee aollcited. Infor
luatlOM rtiwfiallw' fnrilahel.-ej
Money in pood demand at 8 percent.
The Clearing-House report is as follows :
.Sat(irday,l''ebniarv27th,12!K),rit0 8:1 ;
total this week,$:,tir)l,7G2 00; total last
-week, 1,01 2,747 2o ; corresondingtime
in 1KS.1, ,tl,(:?,i20 oil; corresponding
in 18S4, fl,20K,70r 74; total February,
1S.H-., jr.,0lll,(i."i4 70; total February,
1880,10,515,074 72:'average February, 0
yea in, $4,S4!,4:!5.
i:um i:s,
Saturday, February 27th, 170,9:10 0!l;
total this week, f :.V,:;22 00; total last
week, $475,f)47,lHI; corresjionding time
in 18S5, 454,012 2:'; corresponding time
in 1884, 220,050 24; total February,
1885, Jl,537,545 -i0; total February,
1880, l,lii:S,0:;0 15; average February,"
vears. !I11,1WS.
New York sight on all. points, j dis
count buying, premium selling; New
Fnglanil demand, discount buying;
New England signt, discount; New
Orleans, discount buying, par selling.
flank of Commerce ..147 bid, l!i0 asked
First Nations: io8 bid, 142 nuked
Certrnti Ra-ik )t'2J bid, 20 asked
Htat- Nt;oTn..., K8 hid, 140 soked
(Tniin and I'lau4n .i47 bid, 150 aiked
Mercaidiln KIO Mtl.KJS aeked
Home 70 bid, 75 Hsked
Ulufl' Ut, 103 bid, ... aked
Peojdus SO bid, 85 atksd
Planters J01 bid, 105 asked
PI omix bid, 10) Bfked
Mt Diphia City 02 bid, 105 aeked
Vanderbilt 10 bid, 10 aeked
Hernandi 100 bid, ... atkod
Arlii g'.on 25 bid, ... raked
Factors 20 b:d, i5adted
Tena.esitf, D and F..S3J bid. S7J asked
ienil. wis, er. li bid, (10 caked
ShelOv br.nd? 101 bid, 100 asked
fchelbv CV wtP 08 bid, 09 eekeil
Tax. Diet. 4,0? 02 bid, 931 aiked
Tax. Diet. Oi 100 bid, IGOlj asked
Llem.Stor.Com. Co ..107 bid, 1 'U asked
Mem. Gas stock 7S bid, 80 aaked
Mem. Gas bonttt 103 bid, ... aeked
Mem Water hoodc 00 bid, ..: aeked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 50 aeked
City Oil Worke bid, 45 aeked
Pioneer Cot too Ming, ... bid, 25 aeked
Am. Cot. Oin.-iiatp .,. 2 bid, 24 j aked
Mern.City Ry.bondB, 102 b d, 103 asked
Nkw York, February 27. Money on
fall easy at 1J'2 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 4 a. 5. Sterling ex
change dull and easy.
Honda Government bonds were
active and strong. State bonds were
not traded in. . lUiilroad bonds were
dull, in sympathy with stocks. Sales,
11,057,000; for the week, $10,200,000,
against f 10,000,000 lai week ; for the
month, 170,135,000, against f 5(1,850,000
last month.
Stocks Dullness reigned supreme
in stocks. The total sales were less
than on any preceding day in the past
five months, and amounted to only
18!,:l0:l shares. Tie market was steady
at the opening, and during the fore
noon remained firm, reaching the
highest quotations of tin? day gener
ally a little before noon. During the
afternoon there was a downward ten
dency, prices touching the lowest of
tlm-day after 2 o'do. k. In the final
dealings there was a small rally. With
few exceptions the .extreme "fluctua
tions were within a range of less than
1 iier cent, and frequently lew than
The coal stocks had a little wider
range. Lackawanna fluctuated be
tween 128 and 120J. and closed with
a loss of J. Erie preferred lost J, and
Missouri Pacific 1;, w hile Oregon Nav
igation is up j. The other changes
: re for small fractions, and are gener
ally declines. Comparing prices this
evening with those oi a week ago, tile
changes are nearly eoually divided
between advances and declines, but
ti:e latter nr generally dnciionn.
l:i some cases there are gains of
nearly 2 per cent., and New Jersey
Central is up 25.
The total sales of stocks to-dav were
lS;,:i8:5 shares, including Delaware,
lukawanna and Western, lill.'KX);
Erie, 10,100; Knnas and Texas, ::!50;
l-ike Shore, 11.IV.2; Louisville nnd
Nashville, 30::0; North western, 4520;
New Jersey CVntral, J074; Pacilic
Mail, 1:1.64.5; Reading. ."SIIOO; St. Paul,
22.120; Union Pacific, 0500; Vtstern
Union, 15,045; Northern Pacific pre
ferred, 13,045.
The sides for the week amounted to
only 1 ,450.O0 shares, against 2,4i;',5o0
last week. The sides for the month,
however.were 9,444. 1(H), against 8,70s,
1KH) for January. The changes for the
month show a yen irregular move
ment. Pacific maif is down O- : Mis
souri Pacific 2!, and Union Pacilic 2J.
Delaware and Hudson shows a gain of
11; Central of New Jersey, 9J ; Erie
preferred, 8 ; Lackawanna, 7J; Hock
ing Valley, 4j; Erie common, ;J;
Manitoba, 8: lteading, 2j; Western
Union, 2j; Northwestern, 2J.
V. 8. to. W-i. New 4i, 12T'i
N 4Il, 114. Picific 6t of 1S5, V&i
C. P. rt, 115. T. P. hni grant. S9.
Kric rerondt, 101X. T. P. Kio ti. dir., W.
U'h A Wilkei., hi. V. P firsts, 117.
Louiaisn conn., 84. V'.V. Und irant'.lOii.
Misjouri (, ltiUJi. V. P. i. fund, .
fit. Joeph, VO. Virginia t,4:i.
St. P. A S. 0. lt,123. Va.con., i-m.c, 60.
Tenn.6. old, 5. Va.con. da)., U.
Tann. 6a, new, 59.
idami Eiprets, lie. Nafhvilla k C, 47.
AlieKlianT Central, -N.J. Central, 54.
Alton & T . 11.. 38. Norfo k A W . ,fil,2S'
A. A X. 11., pfd, 90. Northern Pac, a,.
Aineritian Ex., I0f. Norlhcrn P. lrd,5S.
B. ,0 R. 4N..71. N. Y.C. A fit. L..H.
Canada Pao., K!H. N.Y.O.ASt.L., it. lft'i.
Cunalaooth.,4:t. C, 1 N. llU'v
Cental Paeifio. 41J4'. ('. A N. W. p U. Ul.
Chepeake A 0., lUj.N. Y. Central. l(6'a.
C. AO. 1st pla, 1V. Ohio Central, I'...
C.AO. 2d r.l, UX. Ohio A Miaa., 2.',.
Chioano A Alton. 141). U. A Mif. I'M, W.
0. A A. pfd, 1V. Onurio A W eft., 19.
C, B. A y.. VM''i. Orexm Nav., U)2T.
C.,bt. L AN.O.. Orejfun Iran.. 31'j.
C, t. L. A P., Orea.m Imp., 27' a.
C..S . L. A P ,i.,ai.Paoilio Mini, Al'.
t: , S A C. :;i'.j. Panama. W.
0. A C. M'i. Peoria, D A B., Wi.
Del . A Hud.. Wi. Piltiburi.-. 1W.
lel . L. A W., 1LT. Pullman P. C, 132.
i;en. x nio u., id. neadiiur,
Kric pld , 61 J j.
Kiict Tenn.. A.
KiK-k Inland.
fct. b. Atf. i'.,21W.
8t L.AS.K. p. 4,'iS.
Kai-t Tenn. ,fd., b'4. Hl.h AS.F.lat P
L'.... W .. i.-l.' r. l L . n 1,1.1
luui'Bfue, n 1 7. ... in. a ct. r ., ;'l4.
Hannibal A St. Jo, C. M. A St. P. p. lii.'i
II, A St. Jo pfd, (St. P. M. A M., 11H.
Karlem, 217. St. P. A Omaha. 8J.
Ilourton A X.. : Kt. P. 0. ufd,
lllinoiaCen., 1411 Tea Pacific 124.
Ind. B. A W 24. b'nion Pucilic, 4!t.
Kanaaa A T , 2S'4. V. 6. Kiprejf , ti.-..
Lake K. A W.. 12,. W., St. n. A P., 9!i.
Lake Shore. atiVj. W.,fit. L. A P. p, 19.
I.ou. A Naii , 41. W. A F. Kx., lit.
I.ou. A H. A-,'M. W. U.Tel., W.
M. A V., lat Ptd, Colorado Coal. 24!$.
M. A C. 2d ufd, -IloiniKtike, 19.
Mem A Char., 3ii. Iron Silver, 240.
Mit-u. Central, 72. Ontario, 29.
Mid. A St. L., IV'A. Ouickailver.fi.
M. A fct. L. pfd, i'H. Ouickailver pfd, 22',.
Miiaouri Pao., South Pacific,
Mobile A U 14. Sutro, IK.
Morria A K.,ofid, 1.16.
New Youk, February 27. The
weekly bank statement, issued to-day,
shows the following changes: I .out is,
increase 1,513,200; specie, decrease,
f4,00:i,100; legal Uuidcr, decrease J2,
;!10,,ri0O; deposits, decrease J4,842,0(K);
circulation, decrease, f 12,(i(K); reserve,
decrease, $5,703, 100. The banks hold
20,7:C1,70X in excess of the 25 per
cent. rulf.
liONisiN, February 27. Consols,
101 $ for both money and the account.
United States bonds, 4s, 120;.
Paris, February 27. Three per
cent, rentes, 82f. 02 Jc. for the account.
Uai.timoiik, Mil, February 27.
Hank clearings, 42,127,548; balances,
Nkw York, February 27. Ex
changes, 4!l5,:;02,2.1(i; balances, $4,
0411,080. ruii-ADKiPiiiA, Pa., February 27.
Hank clearings, j 8,071,841; balances,
St. Ixicis, Mo., February 27. Bank
clearings, 2,:)42,1I7; for the week,
SI 2,880,520; balances, $"55,50ii; for the
week, J2,::'.8,Nl:i. Exchange on New
York easy, 2550c premium.
Chicago, Ii.i.., February 27. The
associated bank clearings to-dav were
J0,.')00,e:!7; for the week, l:!0,ob4,:7l ;
name week last year, 4:14,550,05::. The
bank balances tliis week were $:l,r: 7.
715, against i.'J,102,:!44 the same week
last year.
IIosto.v, Mass., I'cbniary ' 27. Ex
changes, 11,4 11 ,2.1.!; balances, $1,47:'.,
011. Money 2 per cent. Exchange on
New York, par to 5c discount. For
the week: Exchanges, 407,270,057;
balances, 40,4!5,:!00. For the corres
ponding week last year: Fixchant.'os,
"4,siS!i,(il4; balances, J0,:120,():K.
The local cotton market opened
irregular, and closed imunlar; mid
dling, Sc. Sales, 1500 bales, of which
KKIto exporters and 200 to spinners.
Yesterday. Dav Before.
Good ordinary....
Low middling
flood middlmj!....
Mirldlicjar f ur
Stains and tinges ,
....8J Si.
....8, 8J
..... 01
.....ni. Nem.
....7k;Si 7ife4
.Ukmi-his, Jjebruary 27, IsHfi.
8tock Sept. 1,1 8S5 1,302
Received to-day 1,131
Received previously ...480,030 480,1' 0
Shippadtoday - 1,009
Shipped previously 349 703 351,432
S'o:k,running account. 137,727
Thus far this week 1,131
Thus far last week 058
Since Septdmbar lBt 487,767
M. and O. R. R 248
M. and T. R. R 170
L. and N. R. R - 75
C, O. and 8. W. R. R 73
M.,8. aodB.R.R 54
Steamere 402
Wagons and other sources 100
Total.. 1131
Thus far this week 1,609
Thu far last wek 1,00
Since September Ibi 351,432
U and N. R. R 477
C, O. and S. W. R. R 25
Steamers noit1) 1.167
Total 1,869
New York snots opened quiet and
y, and cloned quiet, offerings light.
Sales, 147 bales. (Quotations were as
Yas'ercav. Day before.
Ordinary 6 3 10 8 318
Good ordiotry... 7 9-10 7 0 16
Liw midd ing.... 8J 8
Midd.ing 8 13-10 8 13 10
Goid mid:bo(i-. 9 3 10 3 16
Middling fair 9 14-10 9 13-10
Fair 10 7 10 10 7-10
New York futures opened easy, and
closed fi'rp, but steadier, and 1 to 3
points higher. Sales, 113,200 bales.
The closing quotations were as fol
lows, as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Day before.
February (S Nomins!.
March 8.fifi(n 8 07 8 01' 8 0'i
April 8.75'a) 8 70 8. 73 jr) 8 74
May 8 85:rt 8.80 ' 8 H?. 8 84
Jane 8 9o 8.9(1 8.93 8 94
Ju'y 9.03(a) 9 04 9 OOf.t) 9.01
August - 0 IOC'0 9 11 907(5) 908
September... 8.92 8.9.1 8 91(W)8 92
October 8 8M 8 bi 8.82, 8 H
November ... 8 70 8 708.77
D?cmbe... 8 78() 8.80 (Vj)
The New Orleans spot market opened
dull and weak, aad cVicl Jt '' ales,
-.uvo oaie.
Ordira-v li II !.;
Djr ,Vfore.
i 1110
7 'Id
7 If- 0
8 3-1.0
Gaod er iinary... 7 5 hi
Low middling.... 7 I'-lti
Middling S 3 IS
Good middl.ng... 9
The New Orleans futon-
opened eteojy, and t li.M'd steady and
f to 8 m, mts higher. Sales, 50.700
bales. Tlie closing qtiotaijons were as
follows, as compared with yesterday:
Yesterday. Dav before.
rtuiuary (.
March 8 14 -rt 8 15
April 8 23,i 8 21
May 8 35(5; 8 St!
June 8 47(S)
July 8 57(a) 8r8
August 8 00,5) 8 01
Septa.ber... 8 44'ai SAX
October 8 37 8 .ill
November... 8 33m 8 34
December ... 8 35 8.30
8tr( 8 10
8 15(a) 8 10
8 Lit 8 30
8 40$ 8.41
8 51(a) 8 52
8.63 8.54
8 37(a) 8 38
8 31(4 8 32
8 ttifa) 8 28
mn.v imht ami iti:i:io:
Tone. Her. Pi ices St.s k.
Galveston weak. 1,1 Iti 87-10 02,728
N Orleans, dull. 5,H2's:;-10 37t,5!m
Mobile. weak. I'M 'Si 4U.150
Savannah, quiet. 2,2l(i S.VIO 74.IIKI
CbailVton weak '.ii2'sl (Ui.272
AVilm'ton. st'dy 307 si s.105
Norfolk I...
Baltimore nmn. 400 s-( :il.i72
New York iiiet. 05S:;iii 20!',740
Boston pliet. 2.1 9 0,:I0
I'hilad'a... dull. 502, !t 1 In 20,S!i
St. hnii... dull. 05o '8J 102,l(iS
Augusta... 1 1 1 1 1. 2:52si;
Keci ipls at ports, this dav. sSii.l;!.(7:i
Receipts at ports, this day. 1SS5. 7.0i'o
iXSO,ll)ATl:ll STtTKMKS r.
I issii.
irts c. s. i
ports, 7d's 11,470' 7,(2'.i
F.xports to
(it Britain 5,5.'!5i 5,002
Stock Il,029,5'i.-) 707,772
lie ts since
Sept. Istl4,521,lll!4.:5iirt,fi54 4,:i.Vi,870
For'gn Kx. -',!09,25s!:;,OSI. 1 552,o:il ,1 02
Increase in receipts this year... 100,457
Liverpool sjxits at noon were quoted
flat, want of confidence, quotations
1-lOd lower. Sales 001 Kl bales, of w hich
4800 were American. Receipts, 1000
bales, of which 1000 were American.
At noon: Ordinary, 4d; good ordi
nary, 41d; low middling, 4 0-l0d;
good middling, 5d; middling uplands,
4 ll-llid; middling Orleans, 4jd.
The pr!r(n iireijiirn in ptiitv and 64(n,
thu: 4 03 iiwmi 4 6:!0;i., aui 5 01
viinim 5 1-04
At noon: I.iveriool futures were
quoted no tone mid 3-04d lower; Fch-
ruai v-Marcli, ; March-April, 4 4 Id ;
April-May, 4 43d; May-dune, 4 45d;
June-July, 4 47(oJ4 48d; July-August,
4 50d; August -September, 4 51(;4 53d.
At 1 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
weak; February, 4 4 Id value; February-March,
; March-April, 4 41d
value; April-May, 4 43d sellers; May
June, 4 45d buyers; June-July, 4 4Sd
sellers; July-August, 4 50d buyers;
August-September, 4 53d sellers.
Liverpool wekly statomont for ihe
week ended February lit, 1880:
1880. 18S5,
Weekly sales 48,000 50,000
Of which American. 40,000 ,10,000
Including for export 2,40(1 2,800
Inel'g forspee'lation 4,300 0,500
Forw'd f'm ship side 17,000 10,100
Total stock 709,000 945,000
Of which American. 525,00(1 728,000
Week's receipts !'K,000 95,000
of which American. 70.00(1 71,000
To' I rcc.siuce Scp.l..I,0:;5,!00 2,140,000
Of w hich American. 1,385, 700 1,702,100
Actual week' exp't. 5,000 5,000
Stock afloat 210,000 232,000
Of which American. 170,000 2O2.000
Receipts this week
Same week in 1885
Same week in 1884
Increase compared w ith 1SS5.. 28,551
Increase compared with 1884.. 1 1,840
Shipments this week 55,241
Same week in 1885 38,875
Same week in 1884 05,0: 2
Increase compared with 1885.. 10,0: 0
Decrease compared with lssl. 0.781
Slock this week 4-12,(100
Same week in 1885 210,482
Same week in 1884 227,205
Increase compared w ith lss5.. 220,121
Increase compared with 1881..2I5.341
Receipts from plantations, 1880.. 00,410
Receipts from plantations, is.s.5.. 32,510
Receipts from plantations, !8.s .. 51,301
Receipts from plantations, 1883.. 1 20,070
The New York Financial. Clirduu-lnol
February 27th gives tht, following fig
ures: Total visiblo supply, 3,C4!,I02
bales, against 2,805,807 in 188). These
figures indicBtn an increase of cottou in
eieht of 18.1,505 biles, as compared with
tho sam date in lt85, and a decrease
of 231 028 bales as compared with same
date in 18S4.
Comparative statement of ct.ton
marketed and in sight February 19th:
188.5, 1880.
Net rec'ts at ports to
February 19th 4,507,0,12 4,:i53,025
Net overland move
ment Jan. 31st 580,002 470,384
Eest'd South'n con
sumpt'n Dec. 31st. 104,000 144,000
Amount marketed.5,252,294 4,973,409
Interiorstocks in ex
cess Sept. 1st 420,570 1!19,207
Anion nt in sight 5,079,050 5,172,070
The following were the bids and
offers made at tho Call Board of the
Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
No. 2, white, spot, 41e bid; Feb
ruary, 41c bid; March, 41c bid; April,
42ijc bid, 45c asked; May, 44e bid,
451c asked. No. 2, spot, I!8c bid, 39 J c
asked; February, 39c asked; March,
3!) c asked; April, 40c bid; Mav, 41,'.c
bid, 42ic asked.
No. 2, white, spot, 3-fc o. t. bid ;
February, 33e bid; March, 33c bid;
April, li.lje bid; May, 34-ie bid, 30c
1111 A N'.
Spot, $14 25 bid; February, 15
asked; March, $15 25 asked; Mav
J 15 25 asked.
Spot, $2 bid; February, ?2 bid;
March, 2 bid, $-2 10 asked; April,
2 10 bid, $2 25 asked; May, f2 20
bid, 1)2 25 asked.
iiitcAir( ri'N.
Coitx White, 47c; mixed, 40c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
uuxed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store, 85c; prime,
75(;S0c; prairie, 50c; round lots from
leveo or dciot, choice, J14 fiOfnilo;
prime, $13 50a; 14; prairie, 4 85. 8 50.
Oats While, 88c; mixed, 37c, from
store. Itound lots from levee on track
white, sacked, 351c; mixed, sacked,
34 c.
BiiAX From store, 85c per cwt. ;
levee, $15 pi jH.r
BhAxs Navv. 2 25: nie.i;,,,,,
I Rice Iuiisi'ana, 4("5jc: t'aiimna,
iW" 7c.
Oatmkai In half-barrels, s : 50 from
Coi:nmki. Standard. $2 Ux -2 -y)-is'arl,
f:,i3 25 from store; .5,-, heapcr
fi"om mill, levef or track.
."'i.oiii From stom". double eii;1, ;
triple exfrj, ; family, sit,, j J
clionv, J I L-K ' I 40; lancy, f 7.y,Ti5;
extra fancv, j5 2-V, 5 75; patents, $i(,i'
025: round lots from levee i ti-.i,-k, IOc
cheaper; car lots clmitV, S.1 .S.V., 4 (15
family. $3 00f.r:i 75; fancy, 4 :SK-4 ."k;
extra fancy, $1 75(.; intents, $5 25
t r 0.
IIominv asi Garrt From storv,
$2 7.V.. 3.
Craikkii 'Wiikat In bali Korels,
$4 from store.
Crackkrs .ShIh, extra, 4!c; sisla,
treble extra, .V; lemon cream crack
ers, extra, 7c ; lemon rream crackers,
treble extra, 7e; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treldo extra, (V; as
sorted jumbles, tc.
Kansas Citt, Mo., February 27.
Wheat lower: No. 2, March, 7lc bid,
71 jc asked; Mav. 778c Corn lower;
cub, 27 Jc bid, 281c asked ; March. 28c
aiked; April, 29 Jc; May, cl31Jc.
Ontj ctali, 29c bid, SOJc asked.
St. Lorn, Mo., February 27. Flour
steady; XXX, 3(.i3 15; lamily,$3 25
iaM 35; fancy, Jl 354 90. Whest
fairly active, but prices anie'lled and
irrvgular; the tliittuatioue, however,
werrt small, the extreme range beirg
only 5"! the market closed irrenu'arj
near futures J((t"lc lower; deferred
futures J("'lc higher: No. 2 red, cush,
90c; February, OOJc; March, oujc;
May. 132 Witljc, clofcintt at 93je; June,
919Ile, closing at 9ic bid. Corn
Eteady; values firm, but about un
changed; No 2 mixed, cash, Febru
ary and March, 3cjc: May, 30l(!3(ij;e,
closing at 3(1 2. O.itsdull; No. 2 mixed,
cub, 29jc; March, 29Jc bid ; iMay, 31 Jc
bid. Rye lirmer, (iOjc. Barley dull
and unchanged. Hay dull; timothy,
$11()14; prairie, $07 60. Flaxeed
nominally (ader; $l 081 10. Bran
dull; 03c, at mill ; 04c on east track.
Corn meal firmer, i2(i2 05. Kf-ceipts
Flour, 3000 brls; wluaMO.OOO bu ;
cirn. 141,000 bu; OHtf, 20,000 bu; rye,
2000bu; bailey, 17,000 bu. Shipments
Flour, 70C0 brls; wheat, 4000 bu;
corn. 12,000 bu; rats, 2000 bu; rye,
none; bailey, ,000 bu.
Chicago, III., February 27. The
feeling tbioughout to-day wr.s dull in
wheat and rather heavy. Opening
prices wt ra lower, making May 81ja.
It soon dropped dowa to 84Jc, aod
then gradually picked up to 84 jc. Still
later it wect dojvn to 8lc, being
helped down hill a l'ttla by reports
from St. Louis that Kauai wheat had
not suffered ma'erial damage by re
cent wea'her, nnd that in tome parts
of Missouri a 3-inch snowr fell yet tar
day. From 84Jc May gradually nicked
npto84j3ona little showing of local
busiaeE, but in a gene A way every
thing was very dud and quiet The
close was dull at about 84 Js. There
was one purchase o! CO, COO bushels of
May corn at 40c, but beyond the mo
mentary biiBtla stirred up by this
trade there wis little of interest to the
corn dealers. The bulk oi thesesioa
May corn hung around 40J(i40Je.
Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat
fluctuated within a range of jc,
cloiing c lowr ttni yederday.
Sales ranged: l'ebrnary aad March,
7-J,7c, Closed at 70ijc; Mav, 81J(")
84;c, closed at 84Jc; Jonn, 85;()80i!'
c'osed Bt 80 3-10c; No. 2 spring, 79j
(Ji80ic; No. 3 spring, 70(n72c. Corn
st'iidy; naeh, 305 '5 "ie.; Febrnarv, 30
1-lOc: March, 30:e; May, 40J40,
cloaeJ a1; 40 5-18c. Ot i dull but tfady
and a shade firmer: cash, 29,n; Feli
ruary and March, 28;c; hUy,'MWlie,
cW-sed nt31 7-10c. Byettiady; No. 2.
59e. Burley dull ; No. 2, 00c. Flaxseed
easy; No. 1, $1 10. Kceipta Flour,
0000 brls; wheat. 25,()O0 bu; corn, 294,
000 bu; tats, 113,000 bu: rye, 2000
bu; barley, 24, 009 bu. Shipments
Flour, 8000 brls ; wboat. 9,000 bu ; co-n,
175,000 bu; oat t. 84,0110 uu; rve, 1000
bu; bailey, 9,000 bu.
BriTKit Creamery, Isolde; dairy,
17( 25c; butteriue, I K" 10c; country,
12j(' 18c, according to con, I it ion.
Ciikksk I'riine Hals, 7(i,8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, (" 12c;
Y. A., 1 1 '.(' 1-t.
Mkss I'ouk--Old, ?10 -"iO(,. 10 75 ier
barrel; new, $1 1 50( 1 1 75 per barrel;
sugar-cured hams, pncl.cd, iilfxiijc;
breakfast bacon, 8('ilc; clear rib bacon,
lii-i.K I'ohk -t-Cicar sides, 5;(,i (c;
clear rib sides,5-)(( 5;c; long clear, ')!:
5Je; shoulders, :( Uc.
La hp Tierces, (l(Sii;c; half-barrels,
(i'.Wtije; kegs, Oj;c; buckets, (i,(ii)
tijc; half-iiiickets, 0 J (it, 7c; 50-11 1 tins,
OilrVrdJe; 20-1 b tins, 0.1(rt0;c; 10-Ui tins,
OjfSoJc; 5-lb tins, J'7c; 3-lb tins,
7(it,7Jc; choice kettle, tien-cs, 0jei)7c.
Fitfisii Mkats Beef (iood Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77-Jc;
cows and heifers, Ojc; mutton, 7c;
lambs, 81c ; pork, 0c.
I'Kis-i-KK-r-llrls, !88 50; half-brls
$:!(..1 25.
Cincinnati, 0., February 27. Pork
$11. I.ard stionger, 5.95o. Balk
meats quiet: shoulders, 4c; shoit rib.
bc. Bacon quiet; shoulders, 4Jc;ehoit
rib, 0c; short clear, Ojc. Butter
quiet; extra Northwestern creamery,
3435c ; good to prime creamery, 20
30c; choice roll, 12(i)15c. Eggs steady,
16(100. Cheese quiet; prime to
choice cured Ohio factory, 9110c.
St. Louis, Mo., February 27. Pro
visions very quiet and a shade firmer.
Pork steady at $10 00. Lard steady,
580c. Bulk mrale lco-ie lots, long
clear, 5.30c; short ribs, 5.45c; short
claar, 5 00c; boxed lots, long clear, 5Jc;
shoit ribs, Gc; short clear, Ojc. Bacon
easy ; long clear,5.80c : short ribs, 5.90c ;
short clear, Gc. Hams, 8J(n)ll Jc.
.Butter dull and steady; creamery, 25
30c; dairy, 1825c. Eggs in good
demand and steady at 14 jc.
Chicago, III., February 27. Mees
pork modeiately active, ruling higher,
but clodiD? a; yesterday's figures;
cash, $10 70; February and March,
$10 00(S)10 72j,elosed at $10 70(5)! 0 72J ;
May. $10 75C"10 95, closed at 10 8o(a
10 874. Lard ttady: cash, February
and March, 6 9:5 97Je; May, G 02i
G.07Jc. Boxed meats steady ; dry saltod
shdulders, 3 9')(o)4c; short rib aides,
5.40.:; short clear side?, SJfalSSlc.
Bu'ter creamery, 2033lc; dairy, 10
()22c. Eggs, 1017c.
Soac-$2(?!3 50 per case.
Cokff.b Common, "Mj7lc ordi
nary, 99Jc; prime Kio, 10llc;
choice to fancy, lliW,12e; old govern
ment, 2325c; Ceylon, '-'(k:.
ScoAit Eastern yellow, 07Jc:
pure w.c. white, C(.0jc; dr wliite, 01
!.; Ojc; yellow ciaritieii, r,i((ijc; open
kettle, 5't)5c; refined A, 7(3)7 Jc;
granulated, 7c; )owdcred, 7jc; cut
loaf, 7,o.
Sai.t-1 20ai 30 per barrel ; sacks,
fine, SI 60; coarse, $1 10; pockets,
bleached, 2;jfti;7c; car-loads from levee
or depot, 5c cheaper.
Moi.assks 1ouisiana, common to
fair, 23(';27c; prime to ciioice, 42 j 48c;
syrup, 25(rf.40c; common to fair, 25(
3 ii' ; prime to choice, 35 i 40c.
Toiiacco Comtnon. 11-inch, 27(5)
round lots from
30V; other grades and styles. 2 V.i, 8-V
SniiU' (iarrett's, I0 si H-r m,'!
Balph's. $10 25 per cas,,; ;. ; .i,'t.
Camhks Sticks, all si.cs, in U,
pai's and barrels, 7j((t;SJi-.
Canpiks - Full weight, llijd' l ,..
Canni-p (ioops. Ere. -I'iic-h H.r
doncn : I'ineapples.f 1 :5.y,r I ti-5 : aches,
2-lb, stiindanl, .-rl :5'l 50; seconds,
l l.V; I 25; tomatoes. 2-ll standard.
! I 10; 3-lb. ti .15; sti-jmU rr'n . 40'a)
1 00; raspiKM-ries, t-i icij.i; Olack-Is-rrics,
15; greeicages, 1 titl,
I ,.i;M-ars, S-.'(;ii 2 plmns, .!(('
1 70; asparagus. $2 M'aA : green com,
$(di :!5;gi'n )s-as, ! 1(5-2 25;rf-e
oysters, full weight, .U, $l(,t lit;
cove oysters, full weight. 2-lb, il 7.5,t)
1 !t5c;eove oysters, lii;ht weight, -ts
05c; cove oyster. Ii:lit weight, 2-Hh
$1 ; eondensil milk ('m n, J5 NJ;
Fjtgle, $7 75; Sw iss, Jo,
Nxw York, February 27. Cofl'ee
options a shade higher and fairly ac
tive; sales, 20,500 tam March, 6'70(!
6 80c; April, 0.70otGc; Mav, 0c;
June, mi0 80j; July, G.80; Octo
ber, 0 90c. Snpnr quiet; refined dull;
granolated, 0 5-10c. Mo'atses steady
and moderktdy active. Bice firm; fair
A im'i.ks Apples, $2 25(3)2 .50 from
stoiv; I2;2 25 per car load from levee
or depot, (tried apples, Ifa V per
jHiund from store. Iried m-ik lies, ,1',i
4e from stop'.
Pot itoks l'otat(H's. J 2 25(f 2 50 from
stop-, J'Ji,' 2 25 per car-load from levee
or (leMit.
Yk(.i:t 1t1.Ks - ( tnions, J2 75(,?:5 25
from stoi-e ; 12 0(K" 2 85 from leveo or
depot. Cabbaye, 2('r3 per crate,
K Pint, barrels, 0.nO5O: half-bamds,
S2 75(ii,:j. (iarlic, 4iHn 00e mt 100.
1-" If I -1 1 (trauges, lnii.siiina, none;
Florida, none; Mi ssinti, $!( I 50 per
box. Lemons, $l(,i;4 fit I per box.
Bananas, 50c 100 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, f per 100. Peanuts -Viivinia,
0((i)7c; Tennessee, fanner's st(-k, 2 Ion
:5c; reclcaned. IliWllc; roasted, 2'.c
bi'.'lier; shelled, lite. Almonds 18(a)
20c. Chestnuts -uivcn, 1 2 J (a I "x ; thy,
none. 1
1! isiNs - London layers, $-150; lay
ers, $2 75; California, ; lnicrial,
13 50(5)1.
I'icki.ks In jinx, pints, Oik-; ipiarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 50; gallons,
jl 75; loose, barrels, $0 ; half-lutrrels,
$:l 50; mixed, barrels, $10 50 ; mixed,
Plicws -Texas, 8(,e0e for small to
medium, lOOcl le for large; Arkansas
.IOi' 5c.
Wai.stts French, 12c; Naples, 5e;
(irenobles, 15c. l-'ilberfs, 1 2c.
ClPKit .Missouri, $7($7 50 per barrel
and 4((i;4 50 per half-barrel. Vineuar,
I Kii lOc per gallon.
Poi i.tiiy Turkeys, per dozen, J8fi)
12; geese, lit"1 4 ; ducks, 3; chickens,
good demand, $2(;i3; dressed turkeys,
scarce, 12((614c per pound.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$4 30(i4 75; No2, 1 50(,r1 75; No. 3,
$2 75(1; JO-lb kit. No. I, 80c; No. 2,
70c; 15-lb, No. 3, 00c. lrv herrings,
family, 25c per box.
O on: -Venison, whole, 3'S,5c; sad
dles, (i5i8e; bear, 0(?8e; wild turkeys,
5(K,( 75c; ducks, 1 50(2 50; sipiirrels,
75c; quails, 75cO'M ; prairie chickens,
J5; game fish, 0(,i 8e.
l'(a,s AVeak at 15c.
n nun su a si it xi i:n.
P.ii(iixi Jute, 91(5 lie; (lax, 10(5")
101c, nci-ording to weight. Ties, 1 20
Oi' l 25.
. Nails -12 452 70.
4'OTrON-MKKH wit, i:i''.
Sim ii -Itelivcred at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boali, $0; wagon at niills.JS. Mkai.
Prime f. o. b., i 15 per ton. b'ss than
car-load lots, $15 50. From store, 90c
per uack. Cakb Nominal; $10 per
ton. On. In car-load lots, prime,
crude C. S. oil, 22ei 23e; prime sum
mer yellow, 20j(5)27e; oH'-suninier yel
low, 25f)20c; miners', 27(5.10c; choice
cooking summer yellow, 28(5 30c.
( 'o.w. ( til. Prime white, wholesale
lots, 1 Ic per gallon.
WHISKY. Wll, 1.1411 Pit", K'.
Wuiikv Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. Jl 00:0; rye, $1 750' ii; domes
tic, !IOe(5jtl 50.
Sr. Lot is, February 27. Whisky,
steady, $1 10.
'iiic(io, February 27. Whisky
steady, $1 10.
Cixi innmi, February 27. Whisky
firm lit 31 10. Sales 'of (107 'barrel's
I'mtshcil (.roods on this ba-is.
I Ioi:si;s ( Iood (hiving, J150(,( 225;
good wul(lle,$l 10'n.100;plilgs,t.(5t,r'MI;
good mares, 85( I lit.
.Mi l i;s 1 11 to 15, $110(5 ',135; 15 to
151, $I25-Stili0; 15J to 10, $ I lot.. 175.
OoimI ilenuiiid ; supply fair.
Catti.k Choice to extra corn-fed,
900 to 1050 pounds, 4'5)4 !e; g I, 3! Oil
4c; choice grass-fed, 3j:i.C; good, 3
(a:!c; fair to tiieiliiiin, 2()2ic; coin
moii, 1 j((i'2c.
HiMis Choice, 3Jlc; good, ".V$
3Je; common, 3(5j3c.
Siikki' Choice, 44'c; mediuin, 3
()3c; couinion, $1(5)1 50.
Cimcinsati, 0., February 27. Hogs
firm: torrmon and light, $3 50(3)4 30;
packing and butchers, $4 10(3)4 45. Be
ceipts, 852 head; shipments, 1088
Kansas City, Mo., February 27.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cat
tle Receipts, G33 head; shipments,
none; market steady; exporters, S5 05
(5)5 30; good to choice shipping, $1 00
($5; comtnon to medium, $tAi)4 E0;
s'ockersand feeders, $3 30(")4 10; cows,
$2 403 30. Hogi Keceipt.', 5785
head; shipments, none; choice light
firm ; heavy and mixed packing, weak
and 5j lower; good tochoice,$l(5)4 15;
common to medium, 1.1 053 90.
skips and pigs, $1 50(5)3 55. Shiep
Beceiptt, none; shipments, none;
steaiy; good to choice, $1 254 50;
common to medium, $2 2i(3j3.
Chicago, III , February 27. The
Drovtrn' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 1800 head; shipments, 900
head; market ettit'lyand very s'ow;
chipping steers, 9:0 to IfiOO pounds,
$3 90(5)6 00 ; itickers and feeders, $.1(3)
4 40; cows, hulls and mixed, $1 75(5)4 ;
bulk, 3.1(5H:i0; through Texai cat
tle, $3 50(5)4 40. Hogi receipt", 1 3,000
head; shipment", 5000 be.-.d; mar
ket slow; Ltfht 5o lower; rough and
mixed, $3 9n(,4 10; packing and
shipping, $4K;(4 40; light, $3 70
4 15: skins, $2 9WC3 75. Sheep
receipts, 33(K) head; shipments, 10T0
heid; market strong; wethers, 13 50f't)
5 70 ; Texans, l 60()i 25 ; lambs, $4(5)
5 50.
nkw Toiiu nsr uooiw jiakmui.
Nav Yobk, February J7. The close
of the week showi a Urge volume of
biiRinuas having been completed, a
fair inquiry maintained, the tone c f
the market generally better, aad val
ues fir cotton go ida hardening.
1)IJ Inatant relief. Final cure In
-i. XUAJOa ten dnya, and never return.
No purjo. 00 anlve, no pappoaitnry. Hufior
r will learn of aimiile remedy, Free.hy
aldroiiDi C.J MA80N, 78Muiaa at., N.Y.
Vi-kburf. CiTT PaartDlxrc, 1(1 a.m.
fx U bouia ..Billi MmirHia, p.m.
ft riPoint..CoAHoa, 5 ,.m.
Ark aj t'lty..KiTi AniKS, 5 p.m.
Omei ...D A Dins, 5 p.m.
Tiptom 0le....OATOi0, 5 ,m.
Vlcka ', .Citt or Cauo, 6 p.m.
New 0rle.n Charlis P.Cikh ti-,1 p.
Arktnaaa K. ver.Joa Ptim, 5 p. m.
Cineinnati Qitrri SiiTt, 5 p.m.
KuFraoriiPU, Rem Maciiaot, & p.m.
New Orluc -Citt or Natciii, 4 p.m.
WhiuRlTer.iCaioiAa4W.S p.m.
MATtailll AT IHI I.KWrar
Arriral$. City of Vicksbnrg, Vicks
burK; Rene Maxready, tit. Francia
K: ri .. a . ; . . ,
row; aoiuri, iii'kb liver; r.niUirer
uai laiana; . r. Pt:nenc, riew Or-
1 m n
Jtrfiarturft. V. P..8chenck, New Or-
1 . i- li r a .
-us, r.. w, vaiib, dtaaniii river;
City of Vickaburu, H. l.ouia; Kn-
(purer, vac isiaau.
Hrnla in I ah Pane AfnnroA.lv
W Ihte Down City of 3ew Oi.
icans, nean Adima, uity ot i'rovi
ilence, tlayoso, iiranite ftite and
City of Caiio
uMia )fi f "n lvali Ailnint fl.rta
- - - - . ........it-, v.ino.
IM'houtean, lielle Memphis, Conhoma
ami Joe i ti'ra.
Itrceinlt VfalerdiiT.
la Hmnt-42 balea cottnu, 50 eka
8epd and tl pkes sundriea.
Knipiirer 12 bales cotton, 31 baa
l afl nn.l ro'ton Hll afc. .n,l V.
pkv4 rundrien.
I'. 1. Schenck 100 brls suiiar,
brls molaaoea, 23 bdla paper, 100 bxi
bottles and l'i0 empty demijona.
rimj'MR MOV KM IN.
Tiik Chickaeaw, Capt. E. C. Postal,
iathe Wednerday packet for White
Tut: Golden Rule is the next O.
Line packtt due down for New Or
leans. Thb Rene Macready, Capt. O. K.
Joplin, Kdea out Tuesday evening for
KU Francis river.
Thb Cify of Natche, Capt. II. K.
liixby, is the Anchor Line packet
Tuesday evening for New Orleans.
Tub llelle Memphis, Capt. George
Baker, is the Anchor Line packet this
evening at 5 o'clock for Cairo and St.
Louis. Al Simpson is her clerk.
The Dean Adams, Capt. Henry
Cooper, is the puckt t Monday evening
at 5 o'clock for Osceola and the upper
bends. Wra, Smither is in her cilice,
The City of Cairo, Capt. Shep
LlghtnBr, is the Anchor Line packet
Monday evening at 0 o'clock for
Vickeburg and the bonds. J. C. Kltoa
is her clerk.
The Coahoma, Cant. Thomas dag
Rett, is the packet Monday evening
atfto'c'ock for Helena, Kr ars Point
and all way landings. Will Ash ford
is in her ollice.
The (iayoso.Capt. W. F. Hall, is the
picket Monday evening at 5 o'clock
for Hale's l'o'nt, Tlptonvllle and all
way landings. Jeste V. Walt lias
charge of her ollice.
The City of Providence, Capt. Ceo.
Carvel), is the Anchor Line packet
this morning at 10 o'clork for Vicks-
biirgandthe bends, Frank Perkina
and Sid wheoler are her clerks.
Tuii Joe PeterR, Capt. K. B. Smith,
is the packet Tuesday evening at 6
o'clocts for all points on A rkanras river,
goiuji through to Pine Blutl. Charles
MiiHsehnan and Billy Johnsou are her
Tub Kate Adame, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United .states mail
packet Monday evening at 5 o'clock
for Helena. Arkansas City and all way
bindingc W.C Blanker is in charge
of her ofl'me, acNiated by Lew Price,
Morris (ians and J. C. Wycofl'.
The great iton ftnamer Charlos P.
Chouteau, Capt. Wm. 11. Thorwegan,
will anive to-day and leaves aain
Tuesday evening at 5 o'clock for
Helena, AikannH City, (ireenvilie,
New Orleans and all way landings.
George Miitenberger presidpfl In lier
cilice, as iBted by Clem Nolle.
The (''ranife S-'ta'e, Cajd. A, J. Lind
say, will arrive Monday and leaven
again Tuesday evening at 5 o'clock
for Cairo, Louitsvillo, Cincinnati and
all way liindinjn m the Ohio river.
I'on A. Marrs baa cliarge of lior ollice.
The Granita Stati will give cheap
ml ?s to all points North and Fast.
BftiNii'Ji fair.
Wkatiikr cold, cloudy, with rains,
and diBagteeablo on the levee.
The river here stands 20.4 on the
gauge, a fall ot 0.2 in the hut twenty
f mr home.
Kkceipts by river yesterday, 102
bales cotton, 42 bags seed coltoa and
073 sacks seed.
Thb K. W. Cole departed last even
ing for Arkansas river with a good
showing of freight,
Capt. J. W. Alley's new dredging
boat, John Gaston, now building at the
lower landing, will raise steam this
Thb City of Vicksburg pawed up
yesterday morning for St. Louis. She
added here Id bales o! cotton and a
lot of sundries.
. The Rene Macren iy arrived yester
day morning from 8t. Francis rirer
with 124 bales cot'.oa, 8 bags seed cot
ton and 010 tacks seed, and returns
Tuesday evening.
Tbb U. P. Schenek. from New Or
leans, passed up yesterday evening for
Cincinnati, with 400 tons freight for
the Ohio river. She dtacharged here
421 packages freight and added 00
biles cotton.
Tub DoSmet. Capt. Milt R. Harry,
arrived yesterday morning from White
river with 42 bit lea cotton, 60 tacks
seed and 81 packages sundries, and
roturned ogam last evening with a
goad trip oi freight and passengers.
WiiEgi.mo, February 27. Noon
River 9 feet 7 inches on the satire and
riding. Weather clear and cool.
Pittbbduo, February 27. Noon
River 0 foet on the gauge and Btatior
ary. Weather clear and pleasant.
Cincinnati, February 27. Noon
River falling. with 22 feet on the gaus;e.
Weather cloudy; thermometer 31.
Evanbville, February 27. Noon
Rivor nearly ttltionsry. Weather cold.
Arrived: Granite Stats. Departed:
Joseph B. Williams and tow, New Or
leans. Louisville, February 27. Noon
River falling, with 9 feet 7 inches in the
canal and 7 feet 5 inches on the falln.
Business good. Weather cloudy and
cold. Lo jali on time.
Cairo, February 27. Noon River
?Al feet 7 inches on the gauuo and fi ling
Weather cloudy and cool. Arriveu:
Golden Crown, New Orleans, 10 p.m.;
City ol Providence, St. I-ouis, 10 p.m.
Departed: Golden Crown, Clru iiaa:;,
11 p.m.; Citr of Provideucp. V;cs
burg, midnight
Oi kick .Sional Skhvu-e, I". . A.,)
Mcmi'his, February 27, 1 p m.
The fdllowing olittcrvations aro
taken at all station)' named at 75" me
ridian time, which is one hour fatcr
than MenipbiH time:
Ab've Iiw
lim- Fall
KltllH lOths
101 h
CliattaiKM.ir-i ,
t mt innali
Kurt Smith....
1 4 ('rouse
N-aven worth..
Little K(M U
New (trleaiui..
St. Uuuh
St. l'aul
I icKHbun;
' Kmen.
Ht. I.onls nnilNrw tlrleena Anrli-
i.iur-i . h. Muii-poR VK'KSHO KU .
W0I leiive frnm l:iv,i(r THIS lit 1 ."
Jtli, a- la .,. got treight or i''t:a
C. b. IIai.i.. I'ihi. At;AJjri'OK.W. KupX
HI. I.iilili ami Nvi H-lrnii Anrtiiir
l.lBfi-II.N. Wnll-KOK VlCKSllt 1114.
City of Cairo,
Liithtner m aider. SaaitfSaV
Will la tront Klevator MONO A 1 , March
lat, at il p.m. Kor treigbt or pa-iate appb
C. b. 1.. Paaa. AtI. AD STOHM. 8iip'.
nt.linla nnd Kaw Orlnma Aarhar
City of Natchez, tSZt.
II. K. Bluby ut'tiplQiiiS
Will leave from Blerator TUK811AV. Marcil
'M, at 1 p.m. rorlreisht or paaaare apply
C. L. IIai.i., Paaa.Agt. AD 8T0KM. Sup't.
For Helena, Terrene, Arkanau City, Green
ville, New Orlenna and all way land
Ima Steamer '
Tborweien mailer.
Will leave aa above TUESDAY, March. 24.
nt f p.m. For treight or paaaage apply at
Nu. 3 Madiaon alieel. or to
11 C. L0WK, Agent.
. fall Telephone No. hi.
Nt. I.oiiU nnd New t'rlrnna Anrtivr
l.ln-I .N. Mnll-Kor Cairo aud ISt. Louis.
Belle Memphis,
0eo, Haker mMter.Mw3aa
Will leave from Elevator BUNOAl.
-th, at ,1 p.m. For freight or i"(n ai t
0. I.. Hu t,, t'aaa. A;t. ATI STORM. ?ti,
Mciupli's mill Cliiciniinti Packeff
fr i.oi itvu.i.i: iM inw
A. ,1. l.lnd-er .... mauler.
Will lenvo i'l i:M)AV, Alaroh 2d, at 5 p.m.
Kor frenlit or pionoiro apply to 1 . 11. Kllti
Slil.l,. Agent, No. li Miidlaon it. Telei buna
tio. JdllN OAK K, Haiaongef Agent.
Steamer HI UKKYK fclATK fullowi, lenv
Inr Kridtiv, Marrh tli.
for Hrlnin, I'laie II loir, land tail Way
l.iaailliar eii Arltian(na Klvri1 Str.
I d Nowland matter. 'S&waCcvdki
Will leave MAI U1U1A1, JTub. Uith, at,-' p.n
For freight or paaaage appt r at No.
t applr at no. ,i mad
on itroot, or to 11. C. LOW H, Agent.
in Itrnei, or to It. v.
Onll TclephnnaNo. M.
Kor Otoeola, Halei Point. CaratheraTille,
Oayoan e,i Tintonvllle The new (learner
W. P. Uall uater I J. D. t iller olork,
will leave aa abuva, and aVI way pointa,
am. Knr trnlirht of nnwiwy apply on Kowrd
ttriiiptih.Crlara l'olnt nuit Moruptiis
anil OM'4'oHit e'iMifcff, 4nitiMry.
I'vir Uelena-. lilendale, i-'rir.-j t'oint and all
w ar bandlna btoamar
Ooalioiuii, .SA.'SeJ
K. 1, CiKKtt...tnnWir I Piatt lluip.isi ...n"
wil leivi na atiove o-i every MoHilAI
WKD.N i'SU A Y :id KK1DAY , ot 5 o'olol
l'jr lUu loli h, ?ulton. 0.:cjoi anl W
iiaudlnif Steamer
J. II. Cooler, Dirmter.... I. W. mithorr,?lii
i,ove' Kiievory MONDAY. IV t;lfci .-.:ii'i
and I'KI.OAY at 6 p.m. Tho lioata of this
lo:o rearve thfi tUhc to va nil tnndlnaa
the do', n tnai"ie'0 nillr.'i, Offloe, N,
.t,,n,,., .1 A M KM l.!. Ja..Mi.-
Mcmplils and Vicksburg Packet Com
pany U. H. Mull Line.
M. R. Cheek ..tnaatar I W. 0. Blanker...olct ,
1'or Helena, Conoordia, Terrene and Arat y
laa City-Ihe eleant paaaenaer alvaniu
Learea Meiophta
p.m.,reaetviuf therisbt to paw nil Undid '
theoaptuin may deem Unaafe. For ran if
Information apply at,otli,'e. No, 4 MadL
treet. K. WALWOKTH, Arent.
JOHN rURB. Paaa'r Aaent. Telephone 2VI.
BIemphlH& White KiverFkUt
. C.S.MAILinE.
K. 0. FeltalmMtajr I 0. M Jf itaj..elarl
tJIarvBHlaai, Batllei Hlnflr, Dea AreA,
, Aeteaia, JaekaonportaDil Neuamy.
LBAVKtj MMfliiU Every WKDNKHDa.1,
at 5 p.m. Tarouih rate to all polnti.
Freight eonalf nei to " Memphis and Walte
iiiar Packet Ov sapn" w'" b forwarded
premptly- n. V MW, Areot,
No. SM'dlannat. Telephone No. M.
The Nt. Francia River Tranaportatloi
Co.'a Vina BMe-W aenl 8. Uall 8tnnw.
Rene Macready, r.Z
O.K. Joplin aiter,
Bt 5 o'clock, for Mariaaaa. the Cat-Off. and
Intermediate lnndinxaoa tit. Franoii river.
Tho eaptn,in reserves the right to pe.au
landlniiabedooiiia unaata. JAB. LKB, J
Kt,ifirlnlenH lim. Vo. a Mei-on at
Arkansas Itlycr Fk't Co.
E. B. Smith.... rnaitoj, 'iaaft-5
Leaves Momphia Every 'f UhSBAY, at & p.iu
Str, E. W. COLE,
Kd Nowland ninat r, fp?l&bm&
Leavea Mempliia Eveiy SATUHlJA ,t& p.n
For freight or paafM apply to
11. 0. LOWE, Agent,
Offica. No S Madiawn at. Telephone No. W.
MemplilUfWhito & Muck Ulver Packet
For Helena, PeVa'.ls Bluff, Dea Ar
gusU. Newport nnd tUteirille. f :
and elegant aMheel pusangeri.
Milt l!arr e...
Will leuve EVERY SATl RDA-..
p.m. Through rat.ia to all pointa. I
conalitned to Milt Harry bine. Memt,
be promptly loraar,ld. W.J.P BOVT.Ka
Offli'e.Ma,li(onft. Te.ephotie JaS.
Jaaaa U VaagaLty, l'a.--aeuger Asetit. ToU
phone i-7.

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