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Approval cf Prominent (.entiles iu
Ctan na nrll as Cor grew
Wahiiinoton, Maivli 1. Itcircs'tit-
nuvo womitmrn : ru-vaila twlav m-
tHHluoi'il in tli llnuso an niiti-jiolyfr-amy
li!l which lias receiveil th iu-
pn.val of iiromiiifiit (ii-ntiU in Utah.
anil bt'on Huliinitti'd to iiioihIhts
of tin' Judiciary Committee of both
'houses of (Jon;rcsM. In it preamble
it rcrit that, tho I niteil States stat
utes prohibit and iirovilo for the mni
islnncr.t of bigamy, polyjnimyaiiil un
law fu) cohabitation in the Territories!,
ami lor thn liwiinliliration of persons
guilty of Midi oU'ense to vote or hold
oilicc; that the act of invine aid.
counw, ndvice or encouragement ami
thereby produc'in?; the commission of
such oIIciihch should be made a crime
punishable with emiul severity; tliat
there exists in Utah a sect which in
its creed holds as one of its funda
mental principles and as a sacramental
rite the right ami duty of its mem
bers to practice unlawful cohabitation ;
that the hi L'h priests and leaders and
members thereof, claiming to be in
spired by and acting in oln-dience to
authority superior to the United
States, do openly and publicly conn
Bel, advise, and command the members
of naid sect to commit said offenses in
open and professed defiance anil
contempt of the laws of the United
StaUr, and by reason of such counsel,
advice and command manv thousands
of members of saidsect have been in
duced to commit said offenses, and are
, now living and cohabiting w ith a pi a
rality of so-called wives and concu
bines, but escape punishment for said
otieiiMis by secret intrigue anil the v
rimm corrupt influences which the nog.
session of political majorities enables
t tic leaders of said sect to exercise, ml
of which brings the lawsaiidauthority
of the United states into disgrace and
contempt nnd renders the same of no
etlivt. Hie lull is as follows:
THE Tlll.L.
Swtion 1. That no person who shall
hefeafter, directly or indirectly, coun
sel, or advise others to marry, have,
consort or cohabit with any person
other than his or her lawful wife or
husband, who is a member or shall
contribute, to the support of any or
ganization or association of any de
scription wnatever wlncli authorizes,
counsels, encourages or permit any
of its members to marry, have, con
sort or cohabit with more than one
woman at the same time, shall vote
at any election held in any Territory
of the United States, or be eligible for
election or appointment to, or be
entitled to hold any office or place of
public, trust, honor or emolument in,
under or for any territory of the United
States of America or under tlie United
States in either of said territories ; nor
shall any such person bo entitled to
locate or make settlement upon or ac
quire tltlo to any of the lands of pub
lic domain of the United S'tates of
America or be eligible to serve as a
juror in or for any court in either of
said territories.
Sec. 2. That no person in either of
the United States shall be registered
as a voteror vote at any election who,
upon lieing challenged upon either of
the grounds Bet forth in section 1 of
this act shall refuse to take and sub
scribe the following oath:. "I do sol
emnly swear that I (if a man) do not
cohabit with more than one woman ;
.... t:t ui i . ki.:.
ui in a nuimmj uiub uu mil I'uimuil.
with a man having more than one liv
ing and undivoreed wife, and that I
do not directly or indirectly counsel,
aid, or encourage or advise others to
marry, have, consort or cohabit with
more than one woman at one and the
same time, and that I am not a mem
ber and do not contribute to the sup
port of any organization or association
w hich authorizes, counsels, encourages
or permits any of its members to mar
ry, have, consort or cohabit with more
than one woman at one and the same
i time, under any form, name or pre
tense whatsoever, so help me iod."
Sec. That if anyrperson who shall
take the oath set forth in section 2 of
this act, either to qualify as a voter,
juror, or to hold otliee or locate upon
the publie lands, shall swear falsely,
such person shall be guilty of perjury,
and, on conviction thereof, shall be
punished by a fine not exceeding J1000
and 1! imprisoned for a time not ex
ceeding fourteen years nor less than
six months.
Sec. 4. That every person elected or
appointed to any office or place of pub
lic trust, honor or emolument in, un
der or for any Territory of the United
States, or under the United States in
either of said Territories, shall, before
entering upon the duties of said office,
in addition to the usual oath of office,
take and subscribe the oath set forth
in section 2 of this acf.
Sec. 6. That every person who shall
hereafter locate or make settlement
upon any lands of the public domain,
or seek to acquire title thereto, shall
take and subscribe the oath set forth
in section 2 of this act before the
nroinr officer of the General Land
Department in the district in which
such lands may be situated.
See. 6. That all poll or registry list
exist ing or kept under the laws of any
of the Territories of the United States
prior hereto, are hereby declared void,
and the proper registration boards,
commissioners, supervisors, or officers
of election in the several Territories
are hereby empowered and directed,
before the general election shall be
st&Jicld in their respective Territories or
election districts, to prepare new lists
containing the names only of persons
engiuie to vote or to hold ofhee under
the provisions of this act.
Prohibition la Georgia.
Macon, Ga., February 28 The Pro
hibition election in Baldwyn county
occurs on March 18th, and the cam
paign is becoming heated. Recently
Sam Jones, the revivalist, made a
Prohibition speech in Millidgeville,
which intensified the feeling lietween
the snnporters of the two tickets.
Yesterday Sam Knnis, anti-Prohibitionist
and the brother of the
sheriff, shot and killed Deputy
Marshal C. N. Haygood, Prohibition
ist. The difficulty grew out of Hay
good's criticising "an anti-Prohibition
sjieech made by a brother of Knnis.
tears are entertained that Knnis will
be rescued to-night bv his friends. .
Pork-Parkluc at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, 0.. March 1. Superin
tendent Maxwell, secretary of the
rork-Packers Association, made his
official report of the number of hogs
wicked here from November 1st to
March 1st, the total being Xil'o'.Ki,
against 385,4:15 last year, showing a
decrease of 52,7.'!!'.
(jam Joaea at 4 blcs.
Chicago, III., February 28. Sam
Jones's four weeks revival season
opened here yesterday at the Taber
nacle erected for Moody's use. Not
withstanding the incipient weather,
the church was tilled before the time
for services to begin. Fully 3000 per
sons were present. 'Jlie revivalist's
appearance and mannlr was such as
to put him on a good lotting with the
congregation from thil start. He
prefaced his sermon by plea for free
and easy gool tellowsliiL and his own
attitude was that of iiikn in bis own
home talking to a friend! Thescrmon
was an earnest one, preaihed from the
text, "Let Your Lights wAshine, etc.,"
and npieared to impress lio audience
deej It,
Hi. Luila WarklngWiru
St. Louis, Mo., March 1
of the various trades atiembUes cf
this city were held ypsteklay after
noon to discuss topics of interest to the
laboring aisles. At all of tiese meet
ings action was tiaen imbruing the
establishment of the eight
hour liw,
and seveial cf the unions apd acsem
blies parsed resolutions designating
the first day of next May a i the time
for its inauguration.
The Great Mr aria Irk strike.
Chicago, III., March 1. -The Mo
Cormick Reaper Works rest med oper
ations this morning, 150 n en report
ing for duty. Great crowup were in
the vicinity cf the works enly in the
morning, and to their presence is as
cribed the fact that a larger number
did not apply for work through fear of
intimidation. A large forc of police
were on hand to preserve trdnr, and
arrested three or four men Who were
noisy and aggressive. The ltcked-out
men are to hold a maas-mefetiog this
forencoa near toe works. I
When the great bells sohnded it
the woiks, not to exceed ISOtmen had
entered the yards. Large numbers of
workmen had appeared carrying their
dinner-pails, bat were taken fe charge
by the sifikerp, and a gnat mauy
were prevailed upon to renlain out
side. Grtat crowds of strikes lined
Blue Island avenue, facing the works,
with the evident intention ofj intimi
dating any men expecting jo go to
work, and finally the police ordered
them back. They were slow to move
tt first, but when the order to lisperse
came a second time and the officers
advanced they turned and tan aciois
the prairies, scattering in all dirtc
tions. The dispersing of the crowd
restored confidence to the minds of
wavering ones, who had bit a pre
vented from entering at first,
and they itarted hurriedly for
the works. In five minutes there
were, according to Mr. McCormick's
count 350 men at woik in the various
department). Superintendent Averill
said a number of the men had re
frained from returning, owing to hav
ing received threatening cotes last
sight. By to-morrow he expected the
works would be in full operation. Mr.
McUormick opened the yards in per
son, and dec'ared he would not shut
down now if he had but a dozen men
to do the work.
After the first dispersal of the men
they began assembling again in little
groups in the neighborhood. When
requested to "move on" thev refused
to do so, and about twenty of them
were put into a patiol wason end
taken to the Hinman Street station.
Fifty men had gathered in front cf
1067 Blue Island avenue, but none of
them were very belligerent except
Stauiftoff Gendor, who is described as
as a ringleader. He get upon a door
step and ehouted in Palish, "Now is
the time to act. Everv man on his
.pibtol, and let us live or die for the
cause." Ullicer Marks was standing
by. He is familiar with the Polisn
language, and when be heard the in-
cecdiary outburst he grabbed Gendor
and took him to the station. When
searched there a 48 caliber revolver
was found in Gendor's poaktt. Most
of the others bad piB'ols. The men
who were arrested were taken to tbe
Hinman station and fiom there to the
West Twelfth Street stttion, where
they were arraigned before Justice In-
(jreollon the charge of carrying con
cealed weapons. No defense was made
in any of the cases, and tbe prisoners
were noea fo each. The reaper works
are distant from the court-house five
miles, bat the police headquarters
are kept fully advised of the sii cation.
Chief of Police Ebersold was teen
this morning and said: "Although
net aoprehensive of any serious
trouble, still I am prepared for the re
ceipt of tbe very worst of news from
tbe McUoimick quarters. 1 sincerely
hope there will be eo disturbance.
and from reports already received, I
am constrained to believe thtt the
day will pass quietly by without an
outbreak or disturbance of any nat
ure. I have an adeqat te force on the
ground for immediate necessities and
I bave arranged matters so that with
in an tour from tbe time an alarm is
given I can swarm the McCormick
premiees with policemen. 'In time of
peace prepare for war,' you know."
At iu o'clock aooutouuof tbe locked
oat men formed a procession headed
by a brass band, started for Working
men's Hall.corner of Twelfth and Wal
ter streets, to attend the meeting there.
up to ill o clock tmrty-three arrests
had been made in all by the police.
All these were made bv officers in cit
izen's clothes, who were mingling
with the crowd. The greater num
ber of those taken in charge were
booked for carrying concealed weap
ons, revolvers having been found on
them. The remainder were charged
with violating section 333 of tbe crim
inal code, which refers to riot jus as
A Word to Werkera.
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medical wants ot workers.
Killed by An Eleclrle Shock.
Evansnille, Ind., February 2S.
About 7 o'clock this evening Hugh
Oliver, aged twenty-three, an employe
of the Evansville Electric Light Com
pany, while at work on the dynamo,
accidentally placed both his hands in
connection with the electric current,
and the full strength of the 300 candle
ower dvnatno passed through his
tody, killing him instantly.
It Comes Only m Wrek. After Hardl
The pleasure-seekers at the Mardi
Gras Festival at New Orleans, La., will
have until March H;n, shrove Tues
day, this year. Lent then commences,
and on Tuesday, March ltftb, tbe
U'and Extraordinary Drawing (the
190th Monthly) of The Louisiana
State Lottery will take place, when
over a half million of dollars will be
thrown around promiscuously. Al
about which event any one can lrarn
on an application to M. A, Dauphin,
rew Orleans, uu
Frateruialioa Bt-tween Orangemen
and I'ariiellltfs An Ixtraor-
daary Scheme.
1 imx)n, March 1. Mr. Gladstone
is working hard over his scheme for
home rule. He does not intend to
proceed by mere resolution, but will
introduce a regular scheme. The
leaders of the Irish jmrty hitherto
maintain an attitudeof reserve. Their
policy is to wait and see. l'ublit
opinion here veeriue round airniii
The sudden fury against Mr. Gladstone
and Ireland has greatly abated.
People are now commonly saving the
Irish question must be settled at once
tSrisliau'e s perch
One event of the past week in Irish
J arliamentary affairs was the maiden
speech of Sir Thomas Grattan Es-
monde. lie is a desceudent of Henry
Grattan, is very yung and handsome,
an aristocrat and a landlord, who
throws in his lot with the National
nartv. His speech was singularlv
quiet and modest, alnxmt monotonous
in its subdued accents. The language
was remarkably clear and good, and it
contained several bright hits. The
House listened with interest. It al
ways likes a vouni aristocrat whoso
father and grandfathers were members
in their day, especially if he legins
modestly. Some time" Sir Henry Es
monde will astonish the House bv his
resolute, ontsioken Nationalism.
Then the House will groan at him,
and try to put him down. The House
will not succeed in this. The firm
lines in Sir Henry's handsome face
tell any one at a glance he is not a
man to bo put down.
An Extraordinary Neeae.
The week's Irish business closed
witli an extraordinary scene of frater
nization between the Orange group
and the l'arnellites. Mr. O'Brien,
editor of tho United Ireland, made a
motion in favor of the purchasers of
glebe lands getting the advantages
ullowed other tenant purchasers under
the recent land legislation. Gol. Br
ing seized the opportunity, which, he
said, might never recur again, of act
ing with the l'arnellites on this oc
casion only. Mr. Dillon was followed
by Lord Ernest Hamilton in a clever
maiden speech, in which he referred
in a very friendly wav to his Nation
alist countrymen. Vt omlcrltil to re
late, the Secretary to the Treasury
rose to complete this marvelous exhibi
tion of harmony by agreeing on be
hblf of the Treasury that the desired
reforms should be granted by Parlia
ment. Works on Ireland.
Ireland is not only an Aaron's rod.
swallowing the rods of the Parliamen
tary priests, but is also swallowing the
rods of ordinary authors. Twelve dis
tinct volumes on Ireland, printed
within a few weeks, stare one in tho
face at all the book stalls. Every March
number of the magazines has sonic
thing about Irish ali'airs, and the re
views are crowded with Irish articles.
The 1'nited States has conspicoulsly
come into use for illustration. In an
article in the Furtniqhtly, entitled
"Law and License, after comments
on the false principles of government
that have brought Ireland half wav to
ruin, are liberal extracts from old proc
lamations of the Governors of New-
York and Pennsylvania at the time of
the railway riots, as Instancing the in
telligent supremacy of a strong State
power. The article is conservative in
tone. The same review has an article
by tho Parnellite Col. Nolan, named
"A Homo Kuler's Views," in which he
advocates that Ireland, as related
to the United Kingdom, should hold
a position like that which New
York bears to the Federal Govern
ment, and he sweeps away by figures
the imperial argument that Ireland
cannot finance for itself.
But the Nineteenth Century devotes a
hundred pages to home rule. Mr.
Hubert Gillen shows how unjust an
oppressive Parliament has been in the
matter of taxation to Ireland. An ex-
('al)ini t Minister (Mr. Shaw LeFevre)
t.iU.s tip federal and sub-state prece
dents of government as applicable to
Irish home rule, largely illustrating
from United States methods. lord
Edward Kitzinaurice, lately the Glad
stoneau Under Secretary for Foreign
Affairs, next discusses the relations of
Austria, Hungary and Crotia toward
imperialism. The Hon. Hugh Elliott
makes a strong plea for local home
rule in Scotland, but without a Scot
tish Legislature.
Mr. Frank Hill, the recently re
moved editor of the Newt, presents a
trenchant papar, beginning: "The
Irish question has long been put.
What the people are now awaiting is
the English answer, which presently
must be given." Noticing the recent
ducal opposition to Mr. Gladstone,
Mr. Hill had this suggestivo sentence:
"England is not a dukery." Another
sentence is: "In default of a Dublin
Parliament, the Irish have now estab
lished practically their Parliament at
Westminster, and Mr. Parnell is
choosing Ministers for Downing street
as recently he chose candidates for
Galway." Mr. Hill's argument is that
an Irish Parliament at Dublin will
strentben the union, and his conclu
sion is that "the redistribution of the
functions between a central Legisla
ture and local chamlers is a necessity
for the efficient Parliamentary govern
ment of tho United Kingdom.
The Contemporary and National re
view also embrace strong articles on
"The Irish Difficulty," and "Ireland
tinder Her Own Parliament." These
references not only show the influence
of Irish politices on current literature,
but also the important part American
precedents play therein.
Brxtoa After ibarehin'e Nealp.
On Friday night there was great ex
citement in anticipation of Mr. Sex
ton's motion pronouncing the censure
of the House on Lord liandolph
Churchill for his Ulster speeches.
Doth men were in arms and eager for
the fray, but a long, prosy debate on
the police of London occupied the
hours. Consequently Mr. Sexton was
pushed over till Tuesday, when a
great row is exected. Lord Ran
dolph Churchill has got his war paint
on and intends making his final rup
ture with the Nationalists. Many
Conservatives doubt the wisdom of
this policy, but the spoiled child of
the party will have his own way. Mr.
Sexton, cool and determined, will
make the fur flv on Tuesday. Some
thing is needeil to enliven the pro
ceedings, which were rendered hor
ribly dull during the past week by the
interminable speeches of the new
members, w ho were generally lmres.
Mr. Burdette Coutts, on Friday night,
attracted tlie curiosity of the 'House,
but he soon quenched it. Tedious and
bumptious, he sat down, amid ironical
cheers. This is practically the end of
The First Sign
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NlSbt Sweats and Ncn uno!is. or hi a
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Failing Health.
Ten years n-o my health Im khii to fall.
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Night Sweats. Weakness, and N'crvouif
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Hear the Wl(u?Maes!
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I mj
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Mr. A. II Rrnmblell, Hardware Sfer-
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Notice of Dissolution.
TUB firm of R. K. LEK k CO., composed
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who suoceeds to the same and assumes all
liabilities and is authorized to collect all
debU due said lata firm.
Memphis. Feb. 17, 188H. R. K. LEK.
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o'clock p.m. D. 8. JOH NbUN. M.D.
Wsst'. Niava aid lisiia 1'uitsist.
a guaranteed specifie for Hysteria, Disai
ness. Convulsion., Fits, Nervus Neural
gia, Headache, Nerve Prostration, caused
by the use of aloobol or t-bacoo; Wake
fulness. Mental Degression. Sottning of tbe
Brain, resulting in insanity and lea- ing to
misery, , decay and deain: rremature -
Age, Barrenness, Loss ol Power In either
f - Involuntary Losses snd Spermator
rhea, caas. i by over-exertion ot tbe brain.
slf-abuse or overindulgence. Each box con
tains one monti. treatment. II a box, or
six boxes for S5, sent b mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We guar; otte Six lloxes
to cure any ease. With each order received
by as for six boxes, accompanied wit'
we will send the purcba.-er our written
ganre-tee to refund the money if the treat
ment doei -ot effect a cure. Guarantees
Kissned only bv A HKNKEHf A CO.. Drog-
-re who was deaf twenty-eight yeai".
'reared I'Vmoitot the noted specialists of
the d iy with no benefit. CeaiD Hiassi.y in
three months, and since then hundreds of
others by .nine proeess. A plain, simple and
ueoessful home treatment, addrese T. B.
PAGE.USSastaeth St., New Tori CjU
iw umm m
HAVIMJ withdrawn from tbe Woodruff Oliver Carrtege and Hardware Company we
haveaooepted the Agenrv f ome of the Brat eaaalarlarers sss lb I'nlted
hlMe. end are now rewiviog full assortment of CaRRIAGKS. HIMIGIKS. WAGONS,
HARNESS and SADDLKKk ; also, a large stock of the Imprnved TENNESfiKB WAGONS.
All goods are new. and built iinmnlr tor this market, and will be anl.l .t v.r, nm ,.rtM
OUlt n and alerooiu, o. i0! Muiu htreet. Warehouse, Xo.SOU Front Mreet.
: a. wsennm rp j, w. oinra r i. ooortm i p
IISjstctlDlislxoci 186a.
i -
258 and 258 Front
er.Thornton Go
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. elOO front wlrecte ; Meiuplilw, Tcnn.
SLEDGE BROS of Conio, Jflss. F. M. NORFLEET, ReHldent I'artner.
Wo. 38S TVoTit Street MvmT,hts'1 Tow TV teieia
Collar. Truce CIimJum, Lap Llnka,
Blind IlrldleH, IIhhioh, Lap IUurm,
ItaokbandM, Nlugle TrecM, llepalr I.I u It
HaiueatrlnKH, lonble Trees, Cotlou llopr,
Curry Couibn, Home HriiNUf .
A Complete Line of the above Oooda at Loweat Price.
T. T- Ij-EtJt-pJL-ti3LlE: db CO
301 and .103 Mntii Utreef, Hfeuiplil. Ten ill
LkiiIm' Yard sml Plaiii III
Doors, Saab, Blind, Hfonldlnrs, all kind of Door and
Wlndo Frame, Bracket, NerolMVork, Itoiigh and
Dreed Lumber, Shingle, Lath. Water Tanks.
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Short Notice.
Nog. 157 to 173 Washington St. Memphis. Tfinn.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
J. K. GODWIN, PreVt. J. M. GOUOUAK, Vlce-rres't. C. II. RAISE, Cashier.
Bostrd of Director.
W. 8. lmtlCK, M.GAVIN, J. W.K.LJ.S.
t. M. NKLSoft. T. D. SIMS, W. r. DUN A VAN!
W. N. W1LKKRS0N, R. T. COOl'KR, 11. K. COKK1N,
awA nepoaltory of Ihe Nlnle or Tenneeaee. Trnnantila a Ueneirnl llasifclac
Heiienui nnrl rlsss MrMlel Altenfloss t iflleSlr
Grocers &. Cotton Factors,
Xo. aa Itfaln HI reel, Oayowo llloek.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocery
No. 11 Union Htreet, : : 3fenii1iU, Ten v.
Cotton Factors & Commission r.lerch'ts,
Cllea Wssrah IM, M 4 N, Vl StrMi.
k j.-..j.cuewaii
St.. Memphis. Tcnn.
aiKOKwB s. rox.
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil,
iFisher Ranges,
Illmtrtd CatalofUM
u 1 1 tr
auanvu g IDti
S57 Main St.
Mem phi.
sl.. i wiiii iMaaal
at rue ateirms
Medical & Surgical Institute
U.. -e.':
': ' AV 'K.V,V!:;-V,-
."a5 Xai
Drs. Heery, Furse &. Lewis,
Practical Specialists
l'lll.S, Ih.N.V, ao4 have opened a
Medical and Snreiful Institute
In llio OuyoHO Hwlc.
Enfranre on Main street, FlrsCFIenr, First
)fi.;ri the Hlsht, where we will treat SCI
ENTIFICALLY lii. 1,,'inwim diseesesi All
Diseas.a ieculiar In Woman! also, treat
Rh'niuatisiu, Neuralgia, rrlatina, Lirer and
Kiilire Disease, su.ih its l'hnin Cor si I na
tion, Biliousness, Suk lleaitaohes. Keolal
Disessos, such as I'lles, Fisiurn ot the Keo-
um, Kistula In Anu. Illonil H .raie', snoh
Hyi.hil s, rirrofula. While tie.lliaa. Vene
real ill eates, suoh as lionorrta. Inipo
tenoe. Sterility an-l Xervous and Sexual De
bility. lineH'S of the tCye, Kar and Throat.
0iiam and Al' nhn. IliiM s cured with
out 'eTcritiir or (Intention troin hu.inss.
CANCKlt, DKOl'aY and XAIAH1U1 ar
ourei by us.
M ( nre Stuinrnt rlnir by an Art
tia Mdlrlno or I at ru iiiriit-i nsed.
We Extract t'aiicim with a V((feta
ble Pluxtcr, without perrorming uaj
guriflcul ojirratioii nud without much
We treat Stricture V Electrlysis, which
is painless; Consumption, Arthuia and Dia
eas.s ol tha Heart. ly ieisia and all Ner
vous Disoases All pkia Disea.ies, such M
Kosenia, Tettor, Kin., treated.
aar Corrtspnndence solicited.
UrfH'K MOI KN-lrain a.m. to I
p.m., asd from tt j.m la n p.m.
dr. rice;
rorn years si Court l'iace,nowat
'tel. Third and Fourth,
A ffnnUrlr MiK'ttMl ud lewtvUj aultA4 pitoiu uad tM
ooMfitl, bU pntoilttti will pro.
GAS& . .
Siermtorrna ftad Im potency,
Mi mult of Mlf-ftbaat ! "ots, titl tnoeia n,
lurm jer, or othtr MUtvs, prtxluslnf MiMilto foW
liiwink rttvtit: ironoiB4V Btmtnl KoiImIhd, t; Uatitiiw
tsxia In ilrtMinti), DlrnucM of ltht, lfP'tls Urn Al'by
M 'lllhtmjr, PimlMnn KsV-tL AarUU U Hi;itHT nf KnBl!t,
4(irlt.n of iilvM, of Itsiitueil fimtr, sa rnijni lu
Msiri liin tnijiroMrir or uatitiiipr, tr tbnnMiitiit ud porruft
Viti) uurrvl. SYPHILIS UMtotrtg ourM iihlttsv
ST? Z" " " Gonorrhen,
GLEET, Htrklur, OibHU, Pmh.., k MuuV?.
tTli skii.l nnsr ptiriu dlMam qurnhlr owraj.
U I Mlf-vri)rni IbU Khj altHKn whu paji sHt kttattt
to tt rerala dlaa of iIImkmsm, ol tnwllun ItVMtMOill tuni.
Illy, ncgutru stvi. thill, fhr! :lt kavulii ibt Uol fu
irnrtiii'ii' rMiiii t pat er W brq It l lnoonvi;liit t
rl.il ihe city In trtvliMut, uHk itn out fctMat (srtTavMy
nl Ulj by Bitil or riprM nyithv.
fiv Oaarajited la all Cmbci
V-il.silillloll KISXslllr OT hf )Htset tt ttsA Ib"H4V
Of StKi prni! to nj VM-, momtj mM, for thirta
W) Mull, Hhuuhl btt rwl br kL Ad1rw bofc
t'flWw. btmf frwt A. U. t9 P, M. BattU-t a t 4 f J
Exchange National Bank
NORFOLK, TA rb. 16, IH.
PROPOSALS will be reeelred at this office
until Saturday, March 87, lltlil, for tha
purohaa. of the herelnarier mentioned prop
erty in Its entirety, and also for pieces or
iiaroela of the same roferenoe being had to
lesoriptire Hate of said property whioh
lists, slating terms of sale, will be lurnished
upon application to the undersigned, Tha
right to rajoot any and all bids is reseryedt
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated In Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va.,
known as the "Heahoard Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk, Va.," consisting of:
1. The rnafAw, which, among otbur priv
ileges, authorises the storage of ootion and
oilier luernhandise, and the Issue of negoti
able reoelpts therofor.
2. Its plnni, which consists of three (.1)
flrt-c!us inipruve'f cotton oompresses; two
(2) stoam tugs; three i'-i) transportation
barges. All the adjuncts necessary to a wall
nullified eatiililishinent of this eharaoter.
Us fire proof warohouses, seven (7) In num
ber, of capacity for storage of 24,0UO balei
unoompresscd cotton.
Its four 14) frame warehouses (aietal roofs)
oapaclty, iminy thousand! tons of fertlll
i rs, salt, eta.
Its whsrves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at lbs same time ten sea-
foing, strain or sailing vessels. The area of
he warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth is about o! acres, together with all its
o bar property, whioh Is fully deioribod in
the lists above rcforred to.
WM. II. l'KTKRB, Receiver.
TroHtee'a Sale.
IN and by virtue of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted bySallie and J. V. Hunton tha
24th day of I obruary. 1H81, and recorded tha
12tb day of March, 1881, In book 1:V, page
347, Kegister's ofBce of Shelby county, Ten
nessee, the not, therein not having been
paid at maturity. I will proceed to sell, for '
cash, at public outcry, to tne highett bidder,
In front of my office, No. 22 Madison street,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
I hnnday, MmsxIs !), 1HHS,
the following described real estate, situate
and being in Shelby county, Tennessee, and
more asrticularlv described aa follows i Us
ing the eastern naif of a 417 Veore tract of
land near Withe Depot, aaid eastern balf
thus described i Beginning at a stake in tha
north line ef aaid tract, the northeost corner
of.thst part set ol to Mriaay 11. ttvanst
thenoe eait 140 poles to a stake, tbe north
east eorner of said trno'; thence south 2b0
poles to the southeast corner of said tract t
thence west with south line of said tract 140
poles to a stake, the soatkeast corner of a
part set apart to (). II. brans: thence north
260 poles to the beginn'ng, being same traet
set apart to Mrs. Sal. Is K. Hunt, by partition '
deed, recorded book l.'Upage.enO, ategister'g
offl.-s of Shelby county, Tennessee, to whioh
reference is bore mads.
This land will be sold as a whole er In
several tracts, as may appear most advan
tageous on the dy ot sale.
L. 11. McFAKLANTX Trustee.
Morgan k McFarlan Attorneys. .
A Valuable Paten
DnDjjr'a (llor.e) Cores and Pea Plan
us. a A VINO perfected my Invention, I wish
n plaoe it before the public, especially
mrnlaoturers. As a Horn Planter, it Is a
perlect m ease open tha drill, distributes
the seed ac, rateiy, uniuiered, and eovera
the same, thereby one man performing tha
work of three. Thes have been used ia
this section for over a dnscn rears with per
fect satisfaction. Can give respoi lible testi -monials.
J011N U. DANCV.Dancyvi',1.,
llavwooil count. Tain.
t limolteut Alotlce.
No. fVS7 R- 7.-StaU of Tennessee, Shelby
county, Offloe of County Court Clerk, Mem
phis, Tcnn., January SI, 1HH6 To John
Loaitue, Puhtio Administrator, and ag
such Administrator ot the estate of A.
Youns, uvoe.sed:
HAV'INu) suggested the Insolvency of tha
estate of A. Young, deceased, you are
hereby ordered to give uotice, by advertise
ment in some newspaixr published within
the said State, and also at the Court-Uouse
door ol SWhy county, for all persons having
claims r"y ist said estate, to appear and tie
the v,nthenticated in the manner pre
"'K v law, on or before the 3d day of
SiV and any claim not filed on or be-
?v 1 day, or before an appropriation of
Vidsof said estate is made, shall be for
4 ir barred, both in law and equity. Wit
ness my hand, at office, this 90th day of Jan
uary.lW. , ga j) CULLF.N. Clerk.
I); Louis Kettmann, Deputy Clerk.
Notice is hereby given as required by the;
above order. Jan uary JO, la.
JOHN LOAGV E, Administrator,
asaammv i ' iawty iuiias"i i

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