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J . A.
rosby 's Dime Museum
224 Main St., S'jmpIiU.
E. CROSBY. .Sole Proprietor
KOsE, tha Wild fiirl of Yucatan.
Tb. Miracle Monier
MI" EMMA T.YN.DON The Bird Queen
LITTLE Tot Th Child Fairr
OSMAN UAHOr.-K Circassian Chiaf
M. Tlll- .. And hit Educated Vuadrurd
Twel ve Pantomime Artists in
XIvixia jotjr - X3utioty t
JMjmtlfc'ss TUK&TKH.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 1-M,
Matinee Saturday,
America'! KspreMutativ Comedian,
Thnriday and Friday Eveninrs and Bator
day Aiatmoc, Mr. A. W. Pinero'i Com
Saturday Night, oil time of the political
March 8-.)-ir-lANAUSCHEK.
March 11-12-13-W. J. bCAKLAN.
Will be given ly the B1.IUL CLUB, at tne
Corner Fourth and Jsfferson I'reeU,
Holiday Evening, Maxell Sth.
Beat of Music will be In attendance, and
gooi orjor preserved.
FARMS Several tne farms tn Arkansas
and .Mississippi onrery eay terms and
lowpn.os. Addreis
. J. MAHTTW. MmpM, Term.
Morocco lna'her. Return to tl. W.
Fisher, 274 Second atreet, and he rewarded.
SETTER A Hack and white setter don,
with brown head. A liberal reward for
hia return to St. Murt'n atrr-et.
TF the party who addressed a note to a
J. Front Ktre't cotton broker, dated laat
fiunday, aiKtied Vaique, ' will aend their
address they will hear lomethiug to their
CISTERNS Built and rotiaired and war
J ranted. Inventor o' the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. TelerhoriegSSTUO
LAW, Aiarine and Commercial Notary
Public, Ui'.mmissioner ot Doeds and U.n
Commissioner, at the old office, No. 8 Mfldi
i YONE Wiahing the aervicea of Todd'i
Hand should apply at 74 VANCE M.
vail RENT.
117 IUUH1 Bi.
00M Nicely furniihed. on first floor.
a i ii j a i.u in ir
TABLK Anply at 71, corner Fifth and
ureeninw streets, Ldelfe.
OOMS-Three, up-itaira,
at 34 Alabama
atrect. Apply oa premi
At 11D Court atreet.
ROOMS Suite of two rooma, unfurnished,
or one furniahed room : will board par
tiea if desired. Location best in the city,
family private. Address, with reference,
B. C. Appeal oflioo.
CI ARDEN PROPEHI Y-Six acr. a on edge
T of the city. App'y to Memphis Metal
and Wood Manufacturing Company. 433 and
4J0 Main street.
1 211 Miln aireo.
COTTAliF Of three rooms at the termi
nus of Elrovrood street oar line. Apply
atS6 Union atreet.
BRICK IIOUSE-Three stories, rood resi
dence and atore, or atore an ' boardinir
honae, with cistern, wat.r worka, gaa, eto.
Apply on preniaa or 2 Waahing'on atreet.
8tation, fifteen miles from Memphis, on
theL und N. K. R., a store and neat resi
dence. Adifroaa
EDMUND OROILL, Bond's. Tcnn.
10TTAGE Threo rooms, cistern, at 257
tieorma atreet. A' p'y next room.
CIOTTAOE-No. 414 Lau lerdale. 7 rooms
S in food repair, good eiatern ; $25 per
.month. Apply to No. 394 Main atreet.
2 -STORY Lrlck Reaidenco, 8. W. corner
Second and Exchange st.i in first-class
repair; eight rooms.Aiwy on premiaeaj,
2 ROOMs En auite, Lee Block, third floor
fron t. Apply at No. 4 Madison at.
der Tenneaaee Club on South Court at.,
and four offices on Second atreet opposite the
Cotton Exchange. Apply to
.t. L. OOnni.OK, SS Mndisona
blea. P. VAUtillN.
HORSES AND MULES A lot of fine
hora.s and mules cheap, at
W W EJ.L M AN'S Stuble, 1M Main at.
OTS :" and 3 Peyton aubdivision. north
vide Oreenljw Blrcc, fr anlo cheap for
tash.'W p-ly toT. B. MIC'.'U.31l) Second at.
PLAN I'ATIDN One of the roost highly
improved and richest plantations in
Phillips county. Ark, on railroad, 9 miles
west of I'o ena: 3t)Q acre of high table land,
275 acre rultivatrd. will be sold with a large
amount ot ternnliy. For terra apply to
or A. J. MARTIN. 2J Main st.
piece" of property for sale 452 and 4M
Pontotoc atreet e'tended. Apply to Rev. J.
W. Kwott, ornerof Marley avenue an 1 the
New Rulnigh road. T.is property will be
sold cheap,
i HOLSK at Helena, Ark.. The reaaon
for aeliing. oth.r inwroila reouire his atton
tion. For further refTenco call or writ to
H. BWUNKK. He ena, Ark
r i-n . xm tinncD XT., oji fcT j:
I J 7 Moan, fine condition; will be old
very tow
Apply a' Hernando atreet.
UU air at .78 Main street, or five miles
lrom eiiy, on old tta icign rosa.
one of tfae livest towns in the
South. Does a holiness of over illaOa per
montn. r ean be added to the kueiness,
. if desired. For terms, address
J. & M., Box r, Meridian, Misa.
MVLKS "Some drat -lisa mn'si for sale.
before purchasing elsewhere.
tS)'JU,UUU Bank will sell at PLBUC
AUCTION. t the highest bidder, for cab,
at southwest corner of Main and Madison
Streets, on Wednesday, Wirch 10. IS-Sti, at 12
m., a" many ot xi,utu rioneer Mill Alort
goA3 Bond, andiaat-due Coupons as may be
necessary ioaty tne debt for which they are
pledged. These; 3onda aro e Nove ber 1.
1S4: and are in aenotniaaliooa of $50U and
JHHKJ, and have -semi-annual oouponj at
tachgl ar the rati of 6 per cent, per annum.
feet water fro ,i, 4i feet deep. For full
inlorwition address WM. A. DEAN,
T leiiogten atreet, ifslti more , Md .
JjtJ e.isli. or payable Septetnba; 15, KS6,
ayith goi security.
Rj.igh V ke, !'j miles tVcm Brii Church,
Cbo.'a": iacreiNo. 1 laoil, bouae li r:'oms,
servants' b. urea, stahlea, larna, cribs, dairy
bouso, well and ciitern; also, 30 buihels
corn, bay asi fodder, seed potatoes, turnips,
aaparigus beds, hot beds and sash, sgrwil
tural iuiplearenta, huusehffil and kitchen
fiirnttuce, cewa, caltca, b'rses, mulsri,
anuronsmd h ne8a. Apply ' pram law.
OKi A vie, re!i-ale Ivuily buggy
boist one well knwnto theciiisena
of Memphis. Apply rt tne jq' gy'
Memphis; l;XiOffres, of ahich aiout 3K)
cleared aod vy ri.ii li.cJ. A bargain can
be secured by application to
C. B. BR i AN X CO.
MllMliMi slA'll! Ct.rtlll'lCAl
aaiv.-1" "! anf all ! to ti
ete!j, 0VEBJ05 A UilOSVt-'vli.
Vv..,,-. ..
Absolutely Pure.
Thii powder never Tiriei. A aarvyl of
pnrity, strength and wholcomenesa. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot be sold In competition w!h the
multitude of low test, shi rt "weicht ajuar or
phoaphate powders. Sold only mtana. Kn'i 11
Kaaivn Piwn Cn . lim W.ll .1 MVr rlr.
FINE F.NUlilaill
rrencta Olios', oil minting;,
3:i Union Street,
Each Da; Ibis Week at 11 and .'to'ol'k.
Now on exhibition. Don't fail to tee
KaleWltuout Reirrv.
Ladle Specially Invited.
A. M. STODDARD. AnMione'r,
DOG From State Female College, one
yellow and white shepherd dog. Finder
will be rewarded by returning him to l''
MadUon atreet or to the CoHeiB. gEBg
COW AND CALF fine muley cow and
cnlf; color, red brindlo with white back
andbellv Return to 403 Second atreet and
be rewarded K. KKCh.
2 WHITE COWS-One with rope around
head. tr reward for their roturn to K.
B. BARTON, near Curve, llerrando roal.
BROWN MARE MULE About ten years
old; long hair. Strayed on night of De
cemb r !Bth, lrom Beniostown. Liberal re
ward tor her return tn V. H. KELLY.
OoM Drairnble furn'ahed room,
board, at 7a Madison slre'-t.
OARD With excellent room,
124 ADAMS STriRtr.
5 NICE Rooms, furniahed or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madiaon at.
mWO large unfurnished rooms, with or
X without board, at (ft Aladuon street, cor
ner Third.
TIT. JAMES HOUiiK-Cor. Second and Ad-
O amaats, Room and board t5 per week;
dnyhoarrl. IT! Ml.
ROOMS Two nicely furniahed rooma for
light housekeeping; reference ex
changed, ddressj UJJAiiUnit'9
-fTTHITE WOMAN-To do general houae
VV work in faintly of two persona; none
but a good-cook nred apply; a permanent
situation for the right party, flrp y ni
21fi TKNNl.SSlsE ST,
CFtCK BOY At 80 Cuiii
after 10 a. in-
t? to t2U per week selling M. Quad's
book, "Field, Fort and Kleet." or the III u
trated Edition of "Tho Household. " 7 eol
orcd illustrtiora DKThOlT FREUrilEsS
PUBLISUINtl CO., Detroit, Mich.
SITUATION By a young man who haa
had experi. noe in g-oeory buaiaoaa ; good
referencs given. Address
W. W. W., Apnenl oWee.
manent poait on, with an oldestabliabed
firm, aa their representee, in his own State,
balary to begin, 170 per month. References
14 Barclay at'eet. N Y.
At 91 Madiaon at.
LADY AU EN'TS For Mrs. Campbell's
New 'Tilter"-a Tilter, Bustle, Hoop-
kirt and Underskirt combined. Uoona can
he removed and skirt laundrisd. Adjusta
ble" any aiae. Ve.y fashionable, aud sells
for ti to every well-dressed liidy as soon as
shown. Agonta double their money. Also,
a full line of new furnishing goods for Indies
and children. Aitdresa, with sttiuio,
E li. CAVPBRi.I, ii CO .
44 West Randolph at., Chicago. III.
LOER k M00K,
Shirt Factory, l!13 Main atreet.
TUDENTS To learn tcleg8l)y, atTeie-
graph School, C ir. .Main ami 1'oplar ats.
' 10W Muat bo a good milker. State price
.J and deacriptinn. .MILK. Appeal oUioe.
OCCUPANT? For handsomely furnished
room": r-fprnce. s", Mnnr'-e srent.
PARTNER With INK) capita, in a woli
established businesa that is now paying
ttiaday. A partner who is Hualiricd lo take
charge rf the office, oollectiona and finance
preferred. Address IVi., Appeal office.
spondents for new business. Positions
permanent. Salary or commission. Write
to-day. address
T ADTE3 AND YOUNtl MEN-lluving a
J J few hoars apare ti me each day, and wish
ing to earn money, ean have work at their
homes in an entirely new business, atrii'tly
honorable and genuine in every reapeot. The
rules are simple and work easily done. We
furnish all materials and aend them carriage
ptepaid. We give constant employment to
those erho wiah it. Good prices paid for
work. No canvaaaiog or peddling. Address
at once tor particular's, PURITY MAN U
FACTURINtl CO., 12 Howard street, Bos
ton, Mesa.
"DARTIE8 having live Pigeons for sale will
JL pieaee can on or aaarese
JOHN L. BNbED, S Promenade.
nOAAD By two reapectable Toung men
J J in a private family, within five squares
or the Miioorn worxs; reurencea given.
Addreaa A. B. CMilbnrn ii r and M. Co.
37 and 3 Union atreet, Memphis, Tenn.
SITUATION As manager of a stock or
cotloa farm; twenty years' exrerienoe;
satisfactory reference. Adilrea. H care
Union Stook-Yard and Fernliter Co., corner
MrLemore avenue and Horn Lake road.
AOESTS For tbe heat article ever pro
duced: onstly outfit free: ne peddling
cod no money required until Bates are made
and gooda oVUvered. For particulars and
terms address N. M. Friodtnun k Co., Mar
Ureburg, Mo.
FEATHERS Ten thousand poncds, old
or new. 1.7 SAMUkL GAHAY, Agent
nnd Commission Merchant, 4si bheiby st.
Send for price-list.
AGENTS In every section of the country
fir two New Uaika, juat ready. Sn :ial
Tkrks to men of .oiiericnoe capable of fill
ini a large territory. State experience, age
and teiritory wanted. CASSELL k UU.
(limited,. Hi; Broadway, N. 1., and 4U Da&r
bornarreet, Chicago.
SALESMEN Id evorv Srsta in the V ion
torcpnsort a ?AJT .MANUFACTUR
ING EsTADLISU MENT having aeveral
SrgcuiTitt thatare puular aid eaay sell
ing. Cao be handh-d alone or ii ronnccti n
with other aioda. Add'-sa Tli.1 WM. B.
1 (TlAri MKN Young gnd old. to brine
LUUU their Old Cloihcs to Ronatin A
Bro. and bare tnem rnova.ted. Z-& Aiain
and tfi .lefTrsol.
persooa locking Govercmest Em
ployment in any ef tbe danarvtnenU
tVaiihiiigton, or any other positions und
the Govern meet, I willftnd lull inatructib.-u
as to how to ptorrr to obtain tbe same,
acd JblMiiW t ariai r" -''""" on
r-t:t One Dollar. AirMi JOUST
IfiW'f, Lau It-JMii. !. Ci::::tifO.
The Agreement Wlilcb Exists He
twetn Moo4; and tford The
Oooil Work Do nf.
"The revivu'g will have a laitinK ef
fect lor good, I thick," said a leading
member of the Young Men's Christian
Association yetterday.
"How many were converted?"
"Fiom the time Moody and 8ankey
came until Towner and Kayford de
parted this morning the number of
converts reached about 400. The
names of 300 riVe registered, and there
are fatly 100 more whose names the
ministers failed to note in the
excitement of the moment. Be
sides, thfre are 10CO or morn who
were deeply imbued wltu religious
feivor, and a grta many of them will
join some church. The seeds are
scattered broadcrut. Some of them
will rot in the ground; others will
spring up and rlaurixb and berr
flower and fruit. It wi'l take
some nursing, perhaps, but the e
will be a rich harvest never
theless. These revivals, you see.
bring together ptople of all denomina
tions, lines are drawn."
"Mr. rayf ird is net ordained. 1 be
"No; be is net attached to any
ehutch. He was secretary o! the Maa
sacbus'i'.s S afe Bond, Young Men's
Chrirt:ai Association, having reached
tLat position ader long service at a
minor pott, and gave it up to become
a Methodist."
"Has he any eonnectioa with
"Yes; he is employed by Mr. Moody.
Often Mr. Moody cannot stay long in
one place, so be begins the good work
and Mr. tayfard lakes it op where he
leaves off."
"How were the evangelists paid?''
" "They made no charge, hut some
thirg was given them. When the
movement was tint it augurated the
churches vied with each other in rais
ing money to pay the expenses, and
$750 was collected in a few hours.
The coet of fitting up the Cumberland
church win coasidcrable, and the tar
pet, tio, had been ruined during the
Sam Jones meetings. It was nt.t fair
to make that church pay the whole
cost of a new one."
"Do Moody and Fankey and Say
ford and Towner use the earns hymn
"Yes. . They were cheap, though.
But the sals was, of course, large."
ItOltKKIs 111' 1 II t: Tl l lt II A 1H
At HeelloK of the C'ollou Ei.
clmiisje Action off Tkat
Bod j.
A meeting of the Cotton Kxchange
was held yettsrtluy at 5 :'M o'clock p.m.
for the purpobe of taking action in
reference tj the resolutions adopted
by the Interstate AgriculturHl Conven
tion on the subject of diversified
crops, rrekideut Crawford presided,
ami stated the object ot tha met tinn.
Capt. i. W. Uillara cll'ered the follow
ing resolution's, which were unan
imously adopted:
WiiBSE.'.s, The Interstate Agricul
tural Conveniton, recently assembUd
at Jaikson, Tenn, in a memorial
adopted presonted such well timed
eiii.'v;etions to the Southern phntor;
theiefore. be it
liaohed by the Memphi Cotton Ej -diange,
That we heartily indorse the
resolutions ndv.'H'ng the planting of
oue-tl ird cotton and nore grain and
grasses. Tbe present price of cotton
makes its production unprofitable to
tbe Southern farmer, and tbe price al
ready flxf d by speculators for the ctop
( 1 1886-87 demands of the producer
his co-opeta'ion in an effort to defeat
the machinations of manipulators
who hope to still further increase
their gains it the expense of the
Henlord, That nnited action on tbe
part of the planters of the South, by
decreasing the acreage tf cottou and
devoting the same to "diversified
crote," will add materially to their
ptoipurity, and roaliz for them r. fair
valuation for the coit3n that is pro
llrmh-eii, That we recommend to the
several Cotton Kgchang of Southern
ci'ies tbe adoption of 'ich resolut ions
on this important surject as will, in
fieir judgment, best promote the
agricultural interests of the South.
There being no further business to
consider the meeting was declared ad
Bnddru Death of tbe Kindly Clerk
to the Clrealt Clerk.
Those whose business br taken
them to the Circuit Cerk'a office dur
ing tbe past year may have noticed a
-quiet little auburn-haired German sit
ting at the desk near the windo w, al
ways busy when not waiting upon
litigants and always ready to oblige.
They have seen him for the latt time.
1'rank Foster was one of those kind,
genial, gentle spirits best loved when
known best, and there will be few who
will net look regretfully into bis now
vacant place and drop tear rfor his
bereaved wife and his four little chil
li ran. He has not been stiong for
several years and at noon yesterday
had a hemorrhage, which carried
bin life's blood oat with it.
The Hetapbla Theater.
tibe condition of Mme. Janaat'-hek
was aiuch improved yesterday even
ing, and the sale for her engagement
nert week .goes merrily on at Ml
ford'a. John T. Raymond, who is great
favorite here ai elsewhere, is snre to
draw crowded houses with " Tbe
Magistrate," with which he opens
Thursday night.
Crosby's lllsne lascnm,
The new programme gives general
sst 'a fact ion, and the attendance in
creases acco-dingiy. Tuesday is gen
erally considered "an off day'' at the
museum, but yesterday was nn excep
tion. The picrarnmo is a long one,
bnt there is nothing wearieciii'S about
it. The wild girl is as lively ai a
cricket a ad is t be cause of considera
ble amujenuent to the young folks
especially, and of interest to the older
litad-r. Mr. Ealabre; a is adding to his
laurels with this engagement He
varies his performance each hoar, and
is alw ays showing his audience some
thing new, and whatever he does is
done very neatly and in a manner
thoroughly ta'culated to mystify, by
special reineet of many cf t'ae reg:a'ar
patrons off the museum, he devotes a
i&v ffiinoics of each of his perfon.v
neeeto Miss Emma Lynden and her
letond-eight act. Of course there are
a great many persons "who know how
it is done," bnt they do not erjoy tbe
clever work of Miss Emma and Baln
hrega any tbe leita on that account.
The pan otnime of Hnrapty Dnmpty
is running very smoothly. It is pre
coJed by a britf concert, In which Mifg
Belle Emerson, Will E Culhane, Miss
Freddie IVaeley and olhera take cai t
Tha Koomvllle aae! Nstabrtllv
Srberae Peraol-Splke
d Sparks,
lancui, totb arrsiL.I
Pinb Bi.CKP, Abk , Match 2. W.H.
Grace and others, known as the Citi
zen's Committee, have instituted suit
in the Circuit Court of Jefl'tfison cone
ty against the Texas and Sc. Louis
railway for $20,0C0, being the amount
daimed as liquidated datmigei for al
leged breach of conlratt on the part of
the railway to build its. shops and
depots as per contract wi'h the com
mittee. Thesn'tis brought for t'ie
benefit c f tbe Piue Bluff echoil dis
trict, aa ty the proviaiots of thecon-l-act,
the public schools cf fie city are
to receive the riamatres.
Tha t reat llliaiula rntrnl.
In cur notice of the annual t ite
nieut of the Kuird ot Directors of the
Illinois Cett-1 railroad in yfsterdiw's
issue, the types made us say ' the gross
sum received by the company for the
year ending January 1, lSSti. was
l,2ti2,2ti4 04," inttead of JU',621,.
24 01. The report contiitiB mnch sta
tistical information of great inteiett,
but iB necesBAiily tco voluminous to
publish in fu 1. Among the prominent
(eatuioi is tbe cost cf operating ex
penses, being but 5?) por cent, of the
gross earnings cf the company. When
the fact is borne in tr.ind that this
sreaf artery tf co-nmerce runs over
700 miles south cf the Ohio river,
through a country but pa-tially devel
oped in its resources, it speaks volumes
for tbe integrity and inte ligence of its
economic management. A compaia'.ive
statement for the past ten years show
a steady decrease in the opo atiug ex
penses. From a cost of 21 2 cento nor
mils run by engines in 1870, we iiad
it cut do ii to 11 27 cent! for the year
Kw noutheraa aloud.
The Dallas and Greenville Railway
Comoany, Dall, Tex , has been in
corroretid by 11. M. lloxie, George C.
Smitb, Wm. Kerrigan, E. G. Merriam
and others. Cspital, $800,000.
The Bay Ridge and Annapolis Rail
road Company, Annapolis, Wd., has
ceen ioccr, orated by Joseph B. Rsed
and H. D. Hughes of Philadelphia,
Pa., J. West Randall and James H.
Vansant of Annapolis, Md., and
Ideal Beach ra lroad. Noifolk, Va ,
has be'n incorporated by John L.
Roger, Thoma i J. Ni.tting and others.
The Het-derson, Rjatoke and Vir
ginia Railroad Company, ' Henderson,
N. C, has been incorporated by Geo
P. Tarry, Charles D. Hill and o hers.
Ttie Surry and Hmitbfleld Railroad
Coinpaiy, Surry, Va., has been incor
porated. NnNlivllle and Huoxvlllo.
A Carthaee. Teun., letter to the
NashviUa American snys: 'Maj
Blanchard arrived here Friday even
inc from Nashville. He was accorn-
nanied bv his ton and two contra t?n.
John He tt f mn St. LinU and Jamea
Riley from Springfield, Mo. Thslwo
latter gent'emen ltfc yesteri'ay with
young Mr. tSlanchaid logo over the
liue o! the Nashville and Kunxville
from here to Cot keville nnd rusks ex
aminations and ettlnates of building",
with the view to bidding for the coo
tract, which is to be let at once. Maj.
Blanchard yesterday stated that Mr,
Crawford hud decided to let the con
tract for the building cf the road from
this place t ) Cookeville, and if this
can be done at once, work will begin
by the ht of April end pushed toe jrr.-
pletonin one year lrom itereiotue
Cincinnati Southern. Then it becomes
rxa'.ler of circumstances as to whether
it goes ou to Nashville, and a'eo
whether by Lebanon or Gallatin. By
that mtaas Mr. Ctawford will have
connected his com mines with the
liver here, and liave also an ouiM, by
way of the Cincinnati Buitheru, Eu-t
and south. Mfj. B nuchard stated
lhat, nctfvithi-tinding the apparent
apathy of Nanhvillo men, be believod
they would do their put whenever
the existing suspicious and doubts as
to the Chesaptakeand Na;hullo were
The Hnnlevllle) and hascb vllle.
The commit ee of gentlemen inter
ested in the building of the North Ala
bama ) a: lroad fiuui Klora t Hunts
ville, Ala., have returned home. They
declare the outlook very encouraging
for the success of the project and Lope
it will be aieured by the time they re
turn to Nashville, on the 17th instant.
Ball road Bridge at Cairo.
Cairo, III , March 2 Judge W. A.
Green, at orney for the Illinois Cen
tral road, is in Frankfort, Ky., peti
tioning the legislature for charter
to span the Ohio river Jit Cairo or in
tbe neighborhood with an iron and
steel bridge, and will probably ac
complish his purpose. Transfer steam
boats have become inadequate
for tbe transfer of the immense traffic
of the road. It is probable that suit
able rock foundation will be found
here or a few miles further, up. The
structure, when complete, is said will
be of a mammoth character that will
surpass anything of the kind in the
Tbe HIsMlaalpptl Kallroasl Conimle
lasa. -
Jackson, Miss , March 2. The Rail
road Commltsioa, which has been in
session sines January 20, adjourned
to-day until Monday, having completed
s'andard tariff. The tariff will be
submitted to a'l the roads before being
Rail fereosaala.
C. C. Hill, traveling passenger a ient
of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois, or
"Danville Route," with hea -'quarters
in Chicago, was in the city yesterday.
The Cai tain is a clever gentleman and
is always welcome.
Col. D. C. Brady, Southern passen
ger agent of the picturesque Baltimore
and Ohio railroad, with headquarters
at Louisville, is at the Peabody. The
to'onel is a r tilroader of rare intelli
eence and ability, and with wlom it
is A pleasure to ine.H on all occasions.
Maj. SANosTOii.tbeS'iu'.hern nassen
ger aent of the griat Illinois Central,
is preparing for an imtnc ee excursion
to New Orleans. Mardi Gras, the91h,
will be a glorious affair. March is the
last month of the Exposition.
Beoinnino with its i'sueef Febru
ary 27tb, The CVtc.'c will publish a fort
nightly letter from London, in which
a competent Eoclish writer will touch
.lightly on the mo3t interesting literary
ad art. stic topics of tee day.
DllLHfl C01T0.-SEED.
lie Piouoae to Restore Worn Out
Laod andAsnUt In Cattle
The present low price of cotton and
catton-eeed makes it imperative upon
tbe planter to leave no means untried
that will add to bia revenues. An
Aei'BALreporter yesterday interviewed
a gentleman who makes suggestions of
an important character which, if fol
lowed np, promise to lead to results
largely beneficial t) the cotton-plant-ing
interest. Tbe fo'lowing questions
and rep'ies will more clearly indicate
what is claimed can be ascoraplished
by hulling cotton seed at plant itions
and noting tbe hulls lo feed cattle:
"What is the extjnt of the revolu
tion you propose to effect by persuad
ing the planter to 1- ull his cott m-tced
himself, instead of having it done at
cotton-seed mills?"
"The present method of planting
cotton exclusively is ruinous to the
toil. One of the best ginners in this
city has told me recently that in the
la' t tn years a certain piece of land,
thirty acres in tx'ent, has depreciated
in productive poser one-third cf a
tale ti the acre, resulting in his being
compelled to abandon the lease. Ths
exhaustion c f the soil can be prevent
ed by feeding tbe Imlfs of cotton-seed
to stock ou the plantation, unor tne
plan that now obtains, the seed is
sect to the millr, and the hulls are
there converted into luel, and the
ashes astd in the manufacture of rotp.
Thee hnllt contain properties which,
if fed t) dock aud rttarned to the
soil in the shape of manure, would
restore a large poit.on ot Hs tenuity.
"Are there any machines that enable
the p unter to do this, and to what ex
tert are they being need?"
"There is one now in use on planta
tions to a molified ext n' It can be
rua with two-horse power or less. It
takes the hall off ckan, and separates
the pure meat from the hull In hetter
sl ape than any hull-r now in use at
the mills. The mills will pay mre
for the decoiticated seed, and the s .v-
ing is fully o'J per cent in freight and
7-" per cent in sacks."
' "What is the cost ot such a ma
chine?" From J200 to $500, owing to its six?
and cauacitr."
"What is the total numberof ton? of
hulls saved to the planter by this
method ?"
"I'aklnga 6,0O0,0C0 l ulescropas a
basis, the saving to planters would he
1.0(H) 0t)0 tousof hulls, with as much
to the tin as l;av. I c'aim that f;ed
ing cotton-seed hulls to stock would
keep tbe ttick in better order during
the winter than the bett hay ever
raised. Cattle prefer the hulls to the
coltin-seed it 'elf. Cattw-seed hulls
abound in notash and pli03ptia.l t and
carbonacious matter that is all tolubln
in an animal's stomach, which is not
the faae with bav.
"What is its effect upon tha animal
in butter mating capacity a id propa
eating Dower?"
' Where an animal is fed exclusively
oa cotton-sed it caiaes prematura
dropping of calve. This Is avoided
by feeding the hul a. By mixing one
nonnd of oil meal to ten pounds o
titl's you have a food that produces
the richest milk and the rlnsNt butter
in double the quantity obtainable by
other feeds."
"What amoiintof hay, corn or other
fond croD3 would the hulls replace .
"It would ena'ile the planter to dis
pense with them entirely as feed fjr
cattle. The machine is Boconnruuteu
that, if desirable, a pnrtion tf the
meat may be left in tbe hull, so as to
avoid the necessity of purchasing
meal. I would only recommend this
in localities where access t a mill is
not convenient.
"Would a sack nl seed divested of
hulls brioir in much money to the
p'anter as if sold with the hulls inttct
as is now tbe cuetom?"
"A little more, because he saves the
freight of one-half of his product, and
gains 20 per cent, in the net revenue.
For instance, we will take a man who
has 10IK) tons of axed, which delivered
here nets him $!. less $J a ton for
freiirht. Th.tt will net him $00110.
Now, by hulling it, the same man only
sends ti msrket 500 Ions, for which he
gets Sis a ton. making iiHKIl), 'ess
freight, 500 at $3, or 1 500, leaving
him J7600. a profit of $ 151)0 in money
bv the hulling process, besides the
value of th hulls. Besides this, by
employing rel n'ers, which n'e now in
eutsces's'iil cippr, t on, h can save an
other 51 to the ton in lint cotton."
"Aretheroany othei advantages to
be imined by the method yon sug
gest ?'
" Yfs, the geatet of a'l ; it will give
yon nn impure to elock-ralMn that
will be sure to result iu the emancipa
tion of the planter from the bondage
of debt due commission merchants. A
planter who raises cattle in sufficient
abundance is inattir of the situation
and independent of assistance from
merchants. Lit him raise cattle with
his waste hu t, and his independence
is but a matter of months."
One of tbe Ware to Fay a Doctor's
A detective baa been haunting the
Main street entrance of tbe Gayoso
hotel for a couple of days, but his vigi
lance has not yet been rewarded and
is not likely to be. Dr. L. B. Lewie,
who bai offices at the head of tbe
stairs, employed bim to mob scamp
who took him in to the extent of bis
feed, and tried to do more by means of
forged check. On e'a'.nrday last a
hi an who gave bis name ae J. N. Neal
son, and who hs been under tbe doc
tor's treatment for several days, asked
for his bill, and when the amouLt was
given him offered in payment a check
for $15 oa the State National Bank,
payable to "self," signed E. A. Thurs
ton and indorsed "J. N. Nealson" on
the back. Hit bill was several dollars
less than the amount called for on the
face of the check, and he seemed
somewhat disturbed when Dr. French
told bim he did not have the chamre,
and asked him t? call next day, re
taining the check, which be said he
would have cashed at the bank. Neal
son, if such wai his name, departed,
and the check was duly presented and
immediately pronounced a forgery.
The polio thought that perhaps Neal
son would call on the doctor for his
moDpy, thinking that the check was so
small tbe bank would overlook the
forgery, but he has evidently taken
alarm and fld.
Ebcbetabt Cstkrby of the Nashville
club is also sporting editor of llie
Tim shanties on the lots to be need
for the new baseball park are being
raoidly torn doan and removed.
When the ground! are completed
Memphis will have one of the Lett
parks in the South.
Nashvillk players all report to
Manager tioldsby, in Nashville, to
nnrrow. Sneed's "giants" will all be
here by March lll.h, and tho first
game to be witnt'ssed in Memphis mill
be between these two crack Tenneaaee
club, on the 18.b following. May the
best men win.
Ass-n and his famous "hired hands"
fro n Chicago will be with us on A, ril
let, 2d nd 3d. All lovers of the name
should not fail to witness this grand
aggregation of baseball talent. With
out a doubt, this is the best team iu
Tbi Nashville Club would not aend
tha (500 deposit to the treasurer of the
hajue, but inn ad have deposits! the
amount in one of the Nashville banks.
Well, the7 may be able to break a rule
of the league without being expelled,
but just let the Memphis Club do to
and off goes its head. An explanation
i in order from President Prouutit.
tenia r living Hie Praiks
Kna Ha la Having In
fume time ago the AiTKAf. exposed
a scamp named Suarch, who whs giv
ing some "wonderful spirit manifesta
tions" at Spiritual Hall, making gui
tars and fiddles play tunes in the air.
corjurirgup ghastly forms and per
forming all sou i ol queer trices with
slateo and tables. A plan was made
to catch him, and so auccestfully car
ted out that he was caught In the ai t
He let; the city betwtea two dnja,
and now he has turned up again ut
Lawrence, Kits. A special dispatch lo
the (IMx-lkimtrrat from that place,
dated the 28:h ultimo, says:
Tbe rcience of spiritualism Is receiv
ing a searching investigation at this
nnivertity center. The seBnces of
Search, the noted medium, increase in
intertst Last eveninc, at the resi
dence of Mr. J. II. Shimmons, one cf
our leading merchants, on Mississippi
street, a circle of eighteen persons was
f irmed, and the strange phenomena
of previous sittings, with interesting
and curinu i variations and additiois,
wire repeated. The revelatiousof Mr.
Search iu many respect i pas those t f
S'uie, nnd aie far more sat'bfatt try
ilmn those tf Mott. The ele
ment ef design of intentional fraud
seems to be enti'tdy eliminated. The
tircle of Ihs' nkht was finned t
eiirhtfen or twenty Intelligent, uuex
citihle and not over curious people.
It was formed in a fully lighted mom.
The furniture, executing the Move,
was removed and the tlreextinguiahed,
as the loom soon becomes warm
enough for c -inf rt, and would almost
any night of the past winter. The
medium, Mr. Search, sits in the canter
of the circle. Two or three violins
or other stringed instruments are 'aid
iiroii the laps of different paitits. The
lights are turned down. The circle
join in singing. The Gospel hymns
are usually preferred. Some (if the
instrnmenis are raiiifd fron their poei
t oi and commence llr a'lng around
the lo'jtn. imparting lively music.
'I hey Btuke the ceiling. They test
Kuiuly upon the hen Is of the p.ntieH
in the circle and give forth music from
all parts of the room. The darkened
spant e continues about half an hour.
During this time, and while the music
is playing and the Instruments revolv
ing around the room, a current wave
or aura is moving with auch force
about the circie that, a lighted candle,
it would seem, could he extinguished
by its movement. Repeated taps are
felt npon the shoulders and head",
coming from outside the circle to all
appearances. The instruments fre
quently rest lightly, but percepti
bly, and for a considerable time,
npon the head of ench one sitting,
apparently longer with some than
ethers. The dark seances bt ing ended,
the lights are turned up to semi-darkness,
and the medium sits asa member
of the circle, with parties a hold of each
of his bands outside of the cabinet
(which consists simply of a shawl
drawn acrojs the c orner of the room ).
Cotumumcn'ions in writing are re
ceived, purporting In come from the
spirit world. The conditions last night
seemed nil t) be favorable for t he pro
duction tf the phenomena. A co;n
municition from ox-Kenator Lane
slid, "this isa good circle " The ma
terialism! hands appeared frequently
from the cabinet, of different ix t-
soiiiii larger and somo sniH:l?r
tlau thosH of the medium.
The hand that your co-rcBpoiulent
came in contact with, alleged to he
material. zd from the spirit world,
was soft and velvety, hut the coi.taci
tint helrg that of au old-fashioned
g'aiH'.tr grip vwn net of sufficient
duration to allow one to judge fully
t f the q iahlics and mike-up of the
hand. After the light and dark
snance. the correspoadent of too
(ilol Democrat, Dr. Rues, and Mr.
Charles Bruce, a coal merchant, in an
adjoining lighted room hold seance
with tbe medium, in which were re
ceived messages on the slate that must
have required wonderful sleight of
band, if performed by the medium
in his natural state, and by ordinary
fibysical agencies. Tbe moving of a
arge violin from nnder tbe table
around the chair of lit. Ruse, nnd Its
elevation to the bight oi his head in
the clear light, seemed like a move
ment canned by some force outside of
any physical contact by tbe medium.
These are some of the phenomena
witnessed last night They do not
seem to be the result of collusion and
design. Tbey are curious, to lay the
least, and are well worthy of cartful
A Necro
Woman With
Too Many
An Enoch Arden phs.s crops out in
a divorce bill filed in the Chancery
Court ywterday by Anna against
Kiaok Jones. The plaintiff alleges
that she marriel Frank some years
a?p, bnt he scorned, bet-ayed and
abused her maiden .affections, some
times with an oath, often with a club,
frequently with en ax-handle. It
seemed to be tbe chief charm of his
existence that he had somebody to
wear cnt his thhing-poles on, and he
tea) never so happy ss when breaking
the crockery or smashing the furni
ture. At last be depait?d for the Mis
sissippi bottoms. An overflow came,
and with it the news that he bai
fallen fiom a canoe and lost his miser
able life. Hhe did not go into mourn
ing, but Uokanew husband in the
person of M t Stevens. The marital
ship was sailing along very smoothly,
when the overflow gave up it vict m
Frank reappeared. Two Lmbands are
impossible, and therefore the much
donbled op Anna desires the judge to
cut the odious knot which binds the
f stive Frank to
LttNPBoatt's perfume, Edenis.
Lundbors perfume, Alpine Violet.
( II UiTK.lt MKMItKltS.
A Sjndkate Representing; Xillionut
Heady to (Jo to Werk
at Once.
Appliiatioti will be made to-day for
a charter for the new gaslight com
pany, which has been so much talked
of during the past week. It ia to b
known as the Citii?us' Gaslight Com
pany, anl the names of the muc.-po-a-t
ra indicate that it will be as great 4
certainty ss the Citizens' Street Rail
read Company. Tne name "citirena"
meant success in one case, arid that it
has been adopted by the other looks
like business In iwe'.f. Ihe charts?
nietnbffrs are Win. 1). Bethel, H. M.
Neely, A. I. Gwynne, John Ovetoa,
jr., Alston Uo)d, vV'm. F. f avlor, Join
W. Dillard. B. Lnwensteir., J. 8.
Kails, H. Wetter and E L. McGowaa.
Their combined capittl cannot be 1j
than f'.'.OOO.OUO, aud is probably more.
The cily migl.t he cauvasted and a
stronger list could uot be fonud. They
are all men who arn extremely cau
tious in the ih of their iaa.es, a 'sot
which gives the enterprise a weight
second only t t an aivt mplii-hed faiM.
A geiitle'iian, w ho hai no slock in
the old and iioue in the n.w company,
upon bt'ing shown the list u'oove yes
terday evening, said he had u it talked
with any ol tho gentlemen ou the sub
jtct, but mibeMtiitingly iuve it aa bis
opinion that the new works would
huilt. In the first place no wildcat,
scheme, ho said, would be touched by
any of them, and they would certainly
lend their menus when they gavn
their names. That they had liratbteu
assured that the city would iiut
tuptti right of way overthesttettj, and
would hold, as in the street-car
cane, that the cltl eomp'uy did uot
lave exclusivo rights, he had ao
doubt. Cheaper ga, tie continued,
wm nect'stii'y, and ahoit'd lie had.
The city was rapidly growing, and
there were a great many streets as yet
tinsupplied. Before tha present com
pany would lay iis pipes on any uew
street it iiuiEt beauurtd thiit a tertaii
number of persons would beootuu
consumers o! iti gas. But tiie price
was put up s high that nia.ty could
not aft rd it, liundreds ol vnry well-to-d)
fumilii'S tiding co.tl oil instead.
With cheaper gas tho are covered by
public lamps would he twice aa ;ret
and the nmiiher ot consumeia ireuieu
or quadrupled. Hisidef, new uses are
daily springing up lor gas, and ro
likely to be augmented iu the future,
whereby thoumnds of feet are con
sumed. Gs engines, ccoking and
hutting stoves, and mauy other invea
t ons are making heavy domna ia
upon it.
A .11 0I KM KKqUKAK.
t'lilrl Davia Aal.nl t Aid la lib
I'rnllUK n t'oavlri.
"Thii should have been u ldreseed
to Mr. Haulier," Bald Chit f Davis yes
tn'ay, Landing n It for over to an Ar-i-KAi,
roi.ottJr, It was from Henry
Pratt, who is now serving out a sen
tence in tho mines at Coal Creek. He
w.'.a n-titenced in September last to a
term of flfieen year, for robbi'ry.'and
bin striped suit haa griwn iiisoina
already. Iu a mournful appeal cover
ing two pagns f note paper he asks
Chief Davis to intercede nnd net
him out of hiH scrape, promis
ing never to da so any more.
Ho Is penitent, nil . lie is very,
very tired. Pratt wins pal ol the nn
ioilous scamp Bob White, aod the
pair coirmni.!eo a nurEBcr o: uarinw
burglaries, among them the robbery
of Mr. Louis llanaittr's house. His
gold watch wai stolen aud afterwards
reeovorod by tbe . police, who very
neaily captured Pratt the same lay.
He made a success lul break for liber
ty, however, in spite of shots, sent af
ter him by Chief Davis aud Lis uien.
Several tUvs afterwards he waa cap
tured at Nesl ltt's Htation cn the Mis
eistippi and Tennessee railroad.
Ubitally Flint lis the JlVrrJ la
Nunin Memphis.
M ,
A ghastly story reached p .licujhead
quarter" yesterday from Kay hum ave
nue, just on tho southern suburbs of
the city. The peculiar behavior qf a
number rf dogs in the wends near Tihe
roadway attracted attention, and a
sta'ch revealed tha body of un infant
horribly mut.il.ito l by thtv teeth of.
dogs. The alarm win giveu, nnd the
coroner sninnntii d lo hold an inquest.
There were no witnesses hi foro the
jury, but a:i exa-nina'doa showed that
iheiofintwns a negro, partly white,
n it. more than three ifays o'd, fully
developed, and had probably lieen
phi "ed where found ehortly liter birth.
Tub coroner's investlgAtlftri' threw" ao
light ou tha crime. . r
New t'arrtet tor Hi too rt SI tees
r reabfterlaia 4'bnrcU.
The Ltdiia' lWtne' Aid Shitty of
the Cumberland Presbyterian Church,
Court at'eet, met yesterday morning,
anil rf.er attending to tbe regular busi-nea-t
i f the month, they determined to
raise money to purchase a new carpet
f ir the audience room. A committee;
of ladies was appointed to suggest the
best way to proceed In raising the nec
essary funds, and report next Tuesday
morning. Tbe carpet haa Deia worn
out during the recent revival reetings
of Messrs. Moody and Sanke; a ad ay
f erd and Towner.and it is now necessary
to re-carpet the church throughout,
which will cost close te f 1000.
C'baneerr t oarl -M JowII, Cfcaa
The following jury nmcH are set for
Monday, March 8,'issti; 4ijl6 Poin
dcxtcr'vs Callier; 4S2ti, I'oualdson vs
Oakey; 5107, Kelly vs Kucro; 2000,
Mason vs Apperson; . An person
vs Mason; '.WS., Appcrnon vs ALtson;
Smith vs Kinith ; -iHMl, Novelty V. Com
uiiiy vs Warner; Craw fonljvs Warrior.
Attorneys mv notified that tinlt-sa the
trial ol tlieso caws commence Mtirvlay
they will not be heard this tvrui. '"
Criminal Court ftoiitlaa, Jndco.
Calendar for ti-day: Albeit Jack
son, J;ra J-iiev, John Uullen. ,
F. M. Nelson t L. R. McFarlasd.
lot 21, Topp suhdiyiilon. south Bids of
Jewamiuii strett, for j-1212.
Gto. T. Burrows to ra nuel Hirsch,
trustee, tn seenre the Memphis Build
ing nnd raving Association i) .hesnm
of tS 0, lots 7. 8, il aid 10, b'ock 5C,
south side of Walker stre 't; t'.eo, lot
10, block 47, nsrth tide of Coffoe
street. 30x121 J feet.
Malinda St-ot ti Fmelie M. toolker,
east . half of 1. 1 81, Trigg subdivision,
sonth side of McLtmo:e svenue,
72x:'0." ft", for f-250.
tjuiith it Coilie-r t Brr-artl P.silly
and wife, noifi portion r f lot !, Rob
inson's subdivision, lot f 1-iOO.

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