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Sppfcchei bjr Mesar. Allison, Logan
Md Othrn-TbA Pronto. Bill
In the House.
Waibinoton, March 2. Houn:
Mr. Morrill Km., from the Commit
tee) on lovulid IVnnions.repoitfidabill
exiondlDu uotil Jaly 1, lsstj, the time
withia wh cb applications lor arrears
o( pDeions may be tili'd, extending
the provisions o( the arrears act of
spec.il penpioneii, aud plodding that
in appiiiations (or pensions the penton
on whose account the pension is
claimed shall be presumed prima
facie to have been sonnd and free
from disease at the date of entering
the service. Committeeof the whole.
Mr. Dann Ark., from the Commit
tee oa fcnippine, reporieu a Dinremi
ing t pilots. Hona calendar.
.Mr. Belmont N. Y . from the Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs, reported
the cprtgtiUr and diplomatic bill and it
was referred to the committee of the
The Speaker laid before the Honse
the response of the Secretary of the
Treasury to the Bland mutation call'
ins 1 information concerning the cir
culation of the standard silver dollar
and the policy to be pursued as to pay
ment of silver. Referred to the Com
mittee on Coinage, Weights and Meas
ures Mr. Townshend III. said that if it
were the winh of the House he would
like the morninphoar to be dispensed
with, in order that the consideration
ol the pension appropriation bill
might be resumed.
Mr. Bland Mo. said that he had
endeavored unsuccessfully yesterday
to secnre recognition for the purpose
of moving to fix a day for the consid
er at o a of the silver bill, lie would
therefore insist on the morning hour
every dav until the Committee oa
Coinage, Weights and Measures was
Mr. Wise Va , on behalf of the
Committee on Manufactures, in the
morning hour called op the bill au
thorising the President to appoint a
commission of seven experts skilled
in the investigation, production and
use of metallic substances and other
structural materials to execute tests
aud experiments on iron, steel and
other materials used in the construc
tion of bridges, buildings and mechan
ical structures, and dednctuseiul rules
After debate the morning hour ex
pired and the House', went into .com
mittee of the whole, Mr. Hammond
lia. in the chair, on the Pension
Appropriation bill, the debate on
which continued up to the hour of
Tbe Arnal.
Among petitions presented In the
Hen ate to-day wa one by Henntor
Hoar, from workingmen employed in
governmerjt workshops since the
eight-hour law of IBtlH was passed,
praying compensation lor over time,
or reference of their claimB to same
tribunal that may adjudicate the ques
tion whether tbey ought to have such
compensation, fcona'.or Hoar said he
favored the request of the petitioners.
He believed the object of the eight
hour law wai to test the soundness of
the economic law, atlirmed by the
workinjfmen of this country, as well
as by many economic writers, that on
a large scale of manufacturing employ
men', the individual workingmau will
be a larger producer when working
only eight hou.s a day than when
working a lor.ger number. The in
creased vigor, saal and intelligence of
men working under such a system,
Senator Hoar believed, would make
bsttsr producers snd mom valuable
dtiasns, The petition was appropri
ately referred.
Senator Van Wyck, from the Com
mittee on Pensions, reported with an
amendment the. House bill to increase
the pensions of widows and depend
ent relatives of decanted soldiers and
Bailors. The amendment provides (or
the increase of the pension of minor
children from 12 a month the amount
fixed by the House to 4 a month.
Hcna'or Van Wyck said he would abk
an early consideration of the bill, and
woildask the Henatd t3 iuureasn the
minor children s pension til 15 a
tnon'h instead of the $4 recommended
y the committee. He would also
k that insane or helpless children
tiould receive the pension given to
i l:i l l i ..."
unur vuuurva uuyuuu uijruiPtiii years
We, so long as the disability or in
ity should continue.
V nator Logau hoped the bill would
be taken up aud that it would be
i d. lie thonahr, however, it
She better that the points sug
by Senator Van Wyck some
h hich Senator Logan favored
r ;d be incorporated into a new bill
i Senate, instead of incumbering
Bouse bill. Senator Lorro. also
Id the hope that the arrears of
tma bill, introduced by the Bert
ram Kansas (Mr. Ingalls), would
7 be reported and passed,
ktor Van Wyck thought the
omenta proposed . were directly
i line of bills lust proposed, and
"v libel nsorporated in that bill.
' . 'o said Congress ought ti have
passed at the last session a bill grant
ing pensions to the Mexican soldiers.
I The bill reported by Senator Van
J Wyck was placed on the calendar.
! At I o'clock, on motion of Senator
j Blair, the Senate took, up the educa-
I tional bill, and Senator tall addressed
tbe Senate in opposition to Senator
; Allison s amendment He character-
j izidltasa renaction on the States
' and abandonment of one of the prin-
! cinles of our irovernmeut
Senator Saulsbury opposed the bill
; whether with or without the Allieon
Amendment, if this bill should pass
the Knights of Labor would soon be
' corning here asking for money in the
interest of laboring people who might
be out cf work, and with jtwt'as much
, right as the demand far this bill. II
' we had a surplus, let us hoi Id a navy
or return the money to the people.
! Senator Kiddleberger opposed tbe
, Allison amendment as .aid Senator
t Hampton. '
Senator Berry favored the bill, but
'.hought tbe A 111 ton amendment would
i.-iously impair the school system ol
Arkansas and disturb the relations ol
races. . '
Senator logalls said that if this
mm ey w ere -to be d s'ributed we
i,t oid thicw about it all the safe-gi-.a
d possible, and ' spoke at length
aj -iinst the Will..
Toe debet a was continued by 8en-
.-.tor Hoar and Senator Hale. The lat
i' y, in speuking of the Southern negro,
y f ,iid he w as iu the Union army; hi
! i .ntp.i'.htea were with thefl-ifilie
; i:d d the fot steps of tbe fleeing
' ii'.'ivea from Southern piitoa, ai d
-j, htn the war ended he emerged a
r rim and paUietic picture, attrac ing
o Ritoi.t .on of Am-rlcan etu'eemen.
- en fell on him a tempest that, if it
. 1 net annihilate his race, might
: broken his spirit.
The knklax raiders hurried him
from Virginia to Texas. Tbs Alabama
klan drove him from tbe polls. The
midnight raiders of Louisiana bnng
him to the rafters of his cabin. The
first citiiens of Kemper county shot
him down in tbe presence of bis wife
and children. Mew Orleans, uousnai
ta and Coniah all told a story which
the world read with horror. All this
time the co'ored man has kept on and
plie J plow and hoe. Now what he
wii.U is education. This amendment
would secure it for him, which the
bill, as it stood, would not. If the
amendment failed his (Mr. Hale's)
con me was clear. He would "ttind
or f ili" with the amendment.
Sena'or A Ilium defended his amend
ment. He asked the Southern Srna
tors whether they thought the people
of this country would anient that out
of $58,000,0 0 which the bill would
give the South, f 10,000,000 should go
to the education ol tbe whites while
only $18 000,000 was to go f r tbe edu
I at; on of the colored, notwithstanding
tbe fact that tbe illiteracy of the
Southern whites wai but little more
than that prevailing in the Northern
States. Did they suppose this bill,
without this amendment, wonld en
dure the just criticism of Northern
people with such an equitable app (ca
tion of the money. Senator Allison
had a belief that this vicious proposi
tion for the distribution of money
within the States bad been made to
secure for the bill votes from Senators
from which they could not otherwise
be secured. His amendment could
not, however, be "whistled down tbe
Senator Lofiin submitted as amend
ments the substance of a measure
heretofare introduced by him, one
providing an appropriation of H 0,000,
COO for tbe first year, J 7,500,000 the
second year, $70,000,000 tbe third
year, $18,000,00 J the fourth year, $16,
000,000 the fifth year, $14,000,000 the
sixth year, $12,000,000 the seventh
year, $10,000,000 the eighth year, lit,
000.UX) the tenth year, when all the
appropriations under the act shall
dose, and an amendment providing a
special fund of $2,000,000 to aid in
building school-houses in sparsely
populated districts, not more than $1U0
on any one house, nor more than one
half the coct oi tbe school-house in any
The Prmldeal en the Cblame la ra
tion. The President to-day sent a message
to the Henatsonthe Chinese question.
He says tbe condition of the Chinese
in tbe Western States and Territories
is far from being satisfactory. All the
power of the government should be
exerted to maintain the amplest good
fa tu toward China in the treatment
of these men and the inflexible stern
ness of the law in bringing wrong
doers to justice should be insisted hd-
on. Every effort has been made by
the government to prevent violent
outbreaks, and the President ravs he
is prepared to give earnest considera
tion to any further remedial measures,
within treaty limits, which the wisdom
ol Coiigrees may deslte.
In the 4 minlltr-Homa.
The House Committee on Expendi
tures in the War Department yester
day reuined the examination into the
accounts of the Signal Service. Comp
troller Maynard was the ouly witaess
examined. He produced a number of
vouchers in which it is cla med there
are irregularities. Home of them were
(or materials purchased ''in large
amounti" for the construction of mili
tary telegraph lines, in regard to which
the law and the aimy regulations re
quiring advertisements lor proposals
wen disregarded. Among these ma
terials were iron telegraph poles, cost
ing $:I0 apiece, which were furnished
by a Washington tirru, and were de
livered In Washington. In regard to
the Point Barrow expedition, for
which Mr. Maynard could find no au
thority at all, there was a voucher of
$4000 ior the use of a euhoouer. Sev
eral vouchers for the monthly pay of
a cook, one for a barrel of whisky and
one for bonks, including The Innocent
Abroad and Roughing It, but none of
them having any relntion to the
science of meteorology. Mr. Maynard
stated that if there w as any authority
for the expenditure itself, the tranr
nortatinn and supplies should have
been furnished through the qtiar
UrmnBtet'a department, Ttiere
whs no authority for the em
ployment of a cook. The investi
gation will be continued next
Friday, when Mr. Maynard will pro
duce other vouchers regarded as
irregular. The Signal Service :hss not
time far been represented at any t tbe
meet in us of the committee.
The House Committee on Elections
will on Tursdav take a final vote on
the contested election nue of llurd vs.
Koineie, Tenth Ohio District,
Wednesday and Thursday next tbe
House Posloffice Committee will hear
arguments by persons interested in the
queet.on "ai to whether the govern
ment win add tbe teiegrapn to the
postal service by conti acting with tele
graph companies to transmit intelli
gence by electricity."
ine Judiciary Committee ot the
Honse to-day agreed to an adverse re
port npon the Senata bill providing lor
an increase of salaries of the Judge of
the United SUtes District Court to
A test vote was taken by the House
C imru ttee on Public Lands to-day
on the proposition to repeal the
pre-emption law. The reeult,waa de
cidedly in favor of reporting a repeal
ing measure.
t he House committee on utaims
tday agreed to report a bill favor
ably granting compensation for over
time to government employes who
worked more than eight uours alter
the pa wage and before the enforce
ment of the eight-hour law.
When Tried Always Preferred.
When they once become acquainted
with it, ladies invariably prefer Par
ker's Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft and
Rlosey, arrests its falling off, promotes
new growth, restores the original color,
and has no rival as a dressing. Not a
dve, not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists.
Anions- llllnola aiaa
St. Iah'is, Mo., March 2. A dis
patch Iroin Crystal Citv, thirty miles
from hereon the Iron Mountain Mad,
wiys that trouble is brewing in the
Crystal Citv ilna Works. The presi
dent notified the employes several days
ago Hint all Knights of lhor in the
works must either leave the order or
the works. In compliance with that
notice, it is said, twenty-nix of the
men were dischargetl yesterday, and a
notice won served on all the remain
mg knights of Ijthor tlmt they would
ho given two days more in which to
make up their minds. The action ol
the company Iiiik created a great deal
of excitement at Crvstal Citv, and it
may spread to St, Louis, where the
the headquarters of the Knights of
uuior ior Hie distric t are located. The
Cry1! City works employ WX) men.
Central Ndkkbv, No. 99 Market
street, is the nearest place in the city
ior pianu aua cut nowers.
Killed by His Step-Soa While Beat
ing BU Wire Waylaid and
CnABLE, W. Va., March 2
D. Hi nry Wheeler, a prominent citi
xen of Prospeiity, was waylaid and
murdered by George McNeary yester
cay. ar BUplat Lynched.
Ciiablkston, B.C., March 2. Abe
Thompson, the negro who outraged
Mrs. Lancaster near Glenn Springs
on Friday last, wai lynched at Spar
tanahurg yesterday afternoon. He
confessed the crime.
Killed hr Mia Mlep-Non.
St. Louis, Mo., March 2. A special
from Alton, III , to the J'oil'Diipatch
rays that at about 12 o'clock last
night Jonathan Johnson was killed by
his step-con, Charles Carr, ag:d nine
teen years. Johnson had become
angry at bis wife and was whipping
her in a brutal manner, wben the boy
interfered. The man turned upon
Carr, threatening to kill him. The boy
in his (light out of the house seised a
shotgun, and turning, fired npon his
enraged father. Tbe firtt shot, how
ever, did not take effect, but a second
killed the man instantly. Ths boy
was captured early this morning and
claims that be committed the deed in
The Town Too Hot to Hold Him.
St. Pai'l. Min.. March 2 Dr.
Gal', who figured so prominoi.tly in
the donble tragedy at ths Astoria
Hotel Saturday, which resulted in the
death of Kich and bis wife, this morn
ins received s letter sigced "Bv the
Order of the Committee of Ten," stat
ing that be must it ave tbe city imme
diately, or that he would be intro
duced to a lamp-post and presented
with six leet ot hemp. J be police
have the letter and are on the watch.
Fatally Shot.
Wiiismno, W. Va., March 2. At
Perryville, McDowell county, Tom
CI i ne wai fatally Bbot by George Lee
yesterday. The two men mi ton the
road just outside of town and took np
the subject ol a revival now in progress
there. Lee remarked tbat he had not
prayed for soma time, when Cline re
sponded that he had bettsr try or be
would forget how. Lee objected, wben
Cline compelled Lee to fall on his
knees and oner up a petition, .bee
then went home and obtained a rifle
and, watching for Oiine, shot him
through the breast. Lee wai placed
in jail.
Terrible Tragedy.
Catliitsbuho, K v., March 2. News
comes from Marrowbone Cieek, W.
V a., r f a tragedy at a school-house
last Saturday night. Col. Bennett, a
mldgit and sleight-of-hand performer,
was giving an entertainment in a
school-bouse, when J. N. Pickelheimer
rode up drunk with a shotgun in his
hands and demanded admission. Be
ing refused, he fired through the door,
killing Col. Bennett instantly. Rob
ert Hamilton, aged seven, died in a
few hours f.om wounds, and four
other perrons were wounded. The
murderer escaped.
Fatal Nhoottn Affray.
Lamar, Mo., March 2. Yesterday
afternoon news reached this city of
the Bhootir g and mortally wounding
of 8. K. Reynolds, a farmer living
about twelve miles east of this city on
Horace creek, by J. M. West, a no
torious character of that neighbor
hood. The cause of the shooting was
as fallows: Mr. Reynolds hsd rented
and bad recently moved to the farm
on which be lived. It was known ai
the Woleer place, end West also
claimed a title to it under a contract
with Wolser. In a recent trial, bow
ever, he was dispossessed by Wolser.
He then openly avowed vengeance on
the first man who sbonld take posses
sion. It seems be, with his two boys,
went there yesterday morning in a
wagon to set out some trees, taking
his sbo'gun along. When Reynolds
discovered him, about a quarter ol a
mile from the house, he went out and
protested against his coming on the
place, which so angerul West that,
without any further provocation, he
took the gun nut rf the wagon and
fired at Reynolds, killing him almost
itifct mtly. When he realized that he
was a murderer he Med to the woods,
hut was soon overtaken and arrested.
Reyno'di was a young married man,
and leaves a wife and two small chil
dren. Daring HobberlN.
Grkenriiuro, Pa., March 2. About
7 o'clock Saturday evening Grapeville,
a small et lid town on the pike ahont
four - miles west of this place, was the
scene of one of the boldeat robberies
ever committed in this county. The
victims were John Snyder and his
wife, sged sixty-nine and seventy
years respectively. Abaut 7 o'clock
Mr. Snyder went to the door for some
purpose, and while there saw three
men standing but a few feet distant,
who slated that they had come "to
make that gas lease all right." As
soon as they were inside tbey assault
ed Mr. Snyder, and alter a desperate
struggle overpowered him. He was
then thrown to the floor with such
violence that bis shoulder was dislo
cated. Two of the men tied his hat ds
and feet, and the third one then
jumped at Mrs. Snyder. She was par
ing apples with a large anue ana he
jerked it out ol her hand, and in to
doing cut tbe third finger of her right
hand. The brute then choked her
until she wis unconscious. She
screamed, and they took a shirt which
was lying on the bed and covered her
head. The three then bound her
hands and feet, and one of them stotd
on hor breast and tramped her face.
Her eyes are bloodshot and her face
discolored from the outrages. The
flesh is partly torn from her hands
where the ropes were tied. They
then took a feather bed and covered
her head, and she remained in this
nnconecious condition three hours,
during which they ransacked the
house. Not finding anything of value
they demanded money, and In case of
non-compliance they threatened to
apply the torch. All they received
was a $10 gold piece, a memento, and
a pocket-book containing $1 04. The
robbers then left, and several hours
later the old couple were discovered
and released from their unpleasant
predicament Both are in a critical
Pennyroyal Fills.
Ihe Orlg-lnal nod Only (.runlae.
Sate and alwari Reliable. Beware ot wortt.
ftt MtlmitAtinnl. lmliimatlljiblatn I. ll F.N.
A-h your ltrugalaa lor "I'hlrhtwtrr'a
Kali. "and taka no othar, or Indole lo
Utami'i) to ui for partioalart is Lima bj
rrinra mnll. Nm-- PAPKai. Ihl
tkMlfr ( toemlrial Co.,
a.tm Maillwa Hquara, Phil-tin.,
THAUMtuopliad by UKO.O.UOObWlX
A V" .
Wholesale Acrnu, oaito.'laloaa
lalrhra, Hnnalllaims A rapt lane,
ItehluaTorloraa and Loaihaaine
aorca tnrad byCntlcnra.
H AVISO ban a nfftrerfor two yean and
a half from a dieM rallied by a 'ruiaa
on the lea. and hani been rured by tha
C'ctiri i n km KDiaa ahen all other m tWi
aud remediee fm.ed, I diem it my duty to
recooiucod tha t. IrUi:edliot 6rirj lo
BO avail, ai.d trie d teveral doctor without
uccatand at la t our i'inciral rirurgiift.
Mr. John H. Finlay (to whom i nball ever
feel (rate ui), aooke to me about ClTicri.
and I ir.nitnted to live them a trial, with
tbe remit that 1 am iieifectly Cured. I here
ii now no fore about me. 1 think Iran how
tbe larre.t eurftca where my ruerin
Mratic Iro'o of any one in the fttiite. Ihe
Ci tu l'I4 HKuriiiin are the belt blooj aud
fkin cure mnnufantured. I rerer to drug,
a-iat a t. 'inlay and 1 r. l. C. Montgom
ery, both o' this llar. and to I'r uiiih, of
Luke Lee, Mim. ALhX A.N1 EK DlAUI.
lire nvillo, Ailffl,
Mr. Beai'h uied theCi in t a V miinirs, at
our reiuet, with rei ilia a oove ataied.
A. 11 KIN LA Y A i 0., Liiunim.
(In-enviile, Mm,
I bare tried fur eleven year to have my
wife rured of a terrible rkin dineaee. Tbe
Ct Tiruaa Ruimh (CtiTin RA Khhiilvunt,
the new Dlood Purifier, internally, and Co
nceal, tbe great Skin Cute, and Cincua
Soir, an axijuiiite bkln lieautifier, riter
nallv), have done In aix week what I bava
tritd for eleven yean to have done. You
hall have the particular! ae toon ai Iran
give them to you, and ai we are to well
known in thii part of the country it will
benefit yen, and tha reaediea will rare all
who ue them. CHAS. WHITE.
Marevllle, Ky.
Having uied yourCunci ai Ksmiihks for
eighteen nionthi lor Tetter and finally cured
it, I am anxious to get It to (ell on on m mil
lion I oaa renommend it beroad any reme
die I have ever sued for Tetter, Bjrni.
Cuti, etc. In fart, it it tbe beat medicine 1
have ever tried fur anythtng.
Myrtle, Mini. H. 8. IIOKT0N.
Ct Tiocaa KnHaDiaa are told everywhere.
Price: Cuncuaa, MJa; 8iiap, 2ta: Raaoi.
vt, ft. Prepir. d by the futraa Dauu aud
Chiiicii Co , Ilojton, Max.
aend ror "How to t ore Skin Dla.
RRIIRQ Pimtilet, Red, Rough, Chnnpel
UllUUJmJ oily tkin.une ClTl'M'lu ijotr
Till atajKU M AI II INK
ill I" the caune of Uterine Pain - and
Rack, Kidney l'aitu, Sciatica,
Chent Pain. VYrknei and In
flammation, the Ci'ticura Anti-Paix Pi.as
TRH i infallible. iSr,
A E 1 I T ill: 1.IOM !
For ieven yean I iufTarod with a cancer on
my laco. All the aimple roiuedioi were ap
pheri to alleviate the pain, but the plane
continued to now, finally extending into
my nine, from which came a yelinwivh di
obargo, very ofTeneive in oharucter. it Wat
also inflamed, and annoyed ma a great deal.
About eight month! ago I waa in Atlanta, at
the houa of a friend, who o alrongly rec
ommended tha uee of hwi t'l 6pecif)o that I
determioed to make an edo't to procure it.
In thia I waa iuccesaful, and begun ita u-e.
The influence of the medicine at first wai to
somewhat aggravate the core; but toon tha
Inflammation was allayed, and I began to im
prove after the first few botiles- My genersl
health has greatly improved. I am stronger,
and able to do any kind of work. The can
cer on my laco began to decrnaie and tha
ulcer to beal, until there Is not a vestine of
it left only a lit le s ar marks the placa
where it had been. I am ready to answer
all questions relative to this euro.
mhs. joiuk a. Mcdonald.
Atlanta, Oa., August 11, 1S.
I have had a cancer on my ft'e for soma
yeaia, extending from one cheek bone across
the nose to the other. It has given me a
great deal of pain, at times burning and
itching to such an extent that it was almost
unbearable. I rommenoed using Swift's Spe
cific in May, 1M5. and havo used eight bot
tles. It has given the grer.test relief by re
moving the inflammation and restorl"g my
general health. W. BAK.NES.
Knoxville, Iowa, Sept. 8, IStvi.
For many years I was a sufferer with can
cer of the note, and having been cured by
the ujo of 8. 8.81 feel lonuruined by a
ser.se of duty In suffering humanity to make
this statement of my oose. W ith the four
teenth bottle the oaofer began to heal rap
idly and soon disappeared, and for several
months there has been no appearance of a
sore of any kind on my nose or face, neither
ii my nose at all tender to the touch. I
have taken abont two dosen bottles of S. S. 8.
I am soundly cured, and I know that S. 8.. K.
effected the cure after every known remedy
was triad and had tailed.
Fort Oaines, Oa., May 1,
I had heard ot tha wonderful cures of
Swilt's Specific, and reaulvcd to try It. I
commenced taking it in April, 1H4 My
general health woe much Improved, but the
cancer which was in my brea-t continued to
grow slowly but surely. The bunch grew
and became uuite heavy. I felt that I must
either have it cut er die. But it commenced
discharging quantities of almost black,
thick blood. It continued hoaling around
the edges until February, when it was en
tirely bealea up ana well.
Oochesett, Plymouth Co.. Mass., July 13,
Swift'i Specific Is entirely vegetable, and
seems to cure cancers by forcing out the im
purities from the blood.
Treatise on Illond and Skin Diseases mailed
Irawer3, Atlanta, Ua. New York, 15" W.
ii street.
"Empress of Song," containing M vocal
pieces, 5tic, by mail 65c.
"Song Souvenir, iontainingS9 vocal pieces,
5(lc, by mail ftlo.
"Piano Souvenir," containing 60 instru
mental pieces, 50c, by mail tvWj.
'Folio ot Music," containing SO instrument
al pieces, oOc, by mail boo.
"Excelsior Method lor the Organ," con
taining complete instructions, besidea
over liH) vocal and instrumental pieces,
bound in boards. Price II, postpaid.
"Coe's Method for tbe Violin1' the latest
and most progressive instructor pub
lished, having all necessary instmctioni,
and 100 selections, such as "When tha
Robins Neit Again," "I'll Await My
Lore." "Dancing in the Barn," "Little
Darling Dream of Me," "Peek-a-Uoo,"
"Some Day." Price 75c, postpaid.
Complete stock of Music Rolls. Cases, Wrap
pers, spring-lack Volios, In new De
sign! of Leather and Plush.
30 Main St., Irleinphltf.
Bole Agents for Chickering, Hardmas aad
riew bngiana fianos.
No. 17 Jeffcraon Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established in 10.1
DR. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all par
ties interested as by lur tbe most suc
cessful physician in the treatment of private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cures
guaranteed ia every case, male or female.
Recent oases of Uonorrhea and byplulis
cured in a f w days without the use of me-
cury, change ot diet or hinurance ircaa
buiiness. Secondary Syrhilis. the last ves
tige eradicated without the use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in a sautt
time. MufTerere fr.nn iiu...lncy loss ol
sexual iiwers rostored to ireevisr In a few
weeks. Victims of self-abune and ei9saive
venery, suffering from spermaUirrbaa and
lo.iof physical and menul .ower. speedily
ana permanenliy curu. rarlieuv aiian
tion paid to the Diseases of Wuiuen. and
cures guaranteed. Piles and old. sores cured
without the ase of eausticnr tha knife. AH
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by express to alt, parts of the
arWorVinamen cured at half the usual
rates. Office agurs from i o'clock a.m. to
1). 8, J0N60S. M.D.
O" H 1
h mil
m T4 '"--r -5 f'
BiMley Car WdtU 3 MuDufact'i Co
Itrlnkloy, Ark..
Doorc, Sash, Blind)', l)rrset Floorlnir, Olllns', WeatherBordlng'l
Cypress ShdmleH, LhIIim, tc.
JeT Our facilities are unsurpassed by any rawmill in the South for fil ing orden promptly.
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Step Lumber and Cypress Shinnies a apeoialtt : also, Framing
Lumber of all dimensions. We make the Wholesale Business a speotaJ feature. Orders
olioited and
No. 124 Jefferson Street TVfeTripriins Tennessee.
Orslrns ror t nisi Coal, In lnraa or amnll ajnantlllea, Oiled bj
1. 31. l'ATXJSKSW & CO., 190 Jefferson st.
W- Telephone .W.
sua-Deposits received in sums of ai and upward, and iotcrest allowed on same Beml
annually. avaT We buy and sell local Investment Ronds and Securities generally, pay taxes, act ar
trustees, and, in general, axeoute any financial business requiring a safe and responsib.e
rw issne drafts, in sums te suit purchasers, on all parts of Europe.
arWi have a commodious Vault for the deposit ol valuables, which is at the service of
our customers, Vre of Ctinrg-e.
D. P. HADDEN, President. EWD. GOLDSMITH, Vice-President.
JAMES HATll AN. Tarti.pr.
Madison Street, IV ear Cotton Exchange and Theater
Rates. $2 JZgjt Day.
im wr 1 a M l I
Bums i;iin;irfi s i;tii
Oflice--l! Ir3aliNu Klreot. MemiliiH. Tenn
w mm
Cotton Factors and VholessJe Groccn
SOO-SUf frVoat St., JSIempltl, Teno.
MB! BaBlBM'B'ia I t ,tr
Cotton Factors, Commission Qerchanb,
Wo. HO Konili Ualw St.. St. laonU.
Memphis, Tenn.
P8 Caafc Advanrew to
tor H ill pay Good Prices fo7 MOTES, GVi FALLS and
TKASIIY COrTO: ot all desM-rlptloas. Send for Clrcnlar
nnd Prices Paid.
"VIZ- SESES-F-LS, 0"r.
75 Vtipb Street. yTeTnxMa1 Tenn.
L D. MULL1K8, ol late J. B. Godwin A Oo. JAS. YONOK, lata olJ. W. Caldwell A Ce
Cotton Factors & Com mission Llerchants
Ko. 1 Howard'a Eow, Cor. Front and Union, .Memphis.;
Manufiu lurers of
promptly filled.
W. N. WlLKEICSOJi.Tiee-Pregidenl
J a lIVll UIaVltAf
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St. Memphis. Tr
v iigiueeH Bollen, SawuilllH,
llratlford Corn and WLeat Mili",
Cotton Frees, Cotton aini.
Shafllng, Pulleys, Jr-s t.
HPEl'IAL NoriCK We are prepared to (111 orders.
on notioe, for tie cele.raUd aaexlart faaeait'
Wronnhi.. .... Cnllej. We carry in stook over
Two Hundred Assorted hisci.
atarSend for Cataloiroe and Price-list.
ltferohwrita and Planterw.
Ne. 6415. R. D.-Chane y Coart of 6helbr
County citat. o lennesaea for iU owa
Base, eie., . Marrar.t hioe at al.
1 irtue of an interlocutors decree for
. L- f ' "''d in the abuve cue on tha
24th day of December. ISsS, M. B. 50, pas
X'l w.li.1, at publie auction, to tha
tnshs.'t bidder, in front of the Clerk and
Master a oKce, court-house of fchelby Coun
ty, MoBphis. Teaa., on
Mtslnrday, aareh a, $,
within legal hours, the follow nr decrie4
property, tituaud ia bhelby county, lenn..
Lot b2, blo-k 1. A. Wrichfi subdirlsi-ji,
leer, south side of Oeorf ia street. 6u
itetwcitcf W'riuht aTcoue.
Lot .1, block 1, A. WriM's subdivision,
30x l.iTV, leet. south side ol tiroreia street, 40
leet we-t Lf tVriira' avenue. 8-dd as proper
ty f Mary-aref Kice and others.
Lot 22, block 2, A. Wright's subdivision,
fronting 11 7-10 .eel oa south side of Ueorcia
street, southwest eoriicr of LaKose street,
and running southeastward! with LaRos
st'eet leet; l bore west IflJb Itet to aa
alles ; Ihenc. with the east side of said alley
lir? A leet to Ueorcia street, bold as property
of tllen bhurpe.
Lot :t5, block 12, east side of Second street.
Fort Pickennc, UxlOO feet, 14 feet north .(
Jackson street.
Lot 36, block 12, east side of Second street.
Tenth Ward, 24x100 feet. Bold as property
ol Mattie hi. Lawrance and others.
Fart of lot 12, block 30, fronting 14 feet an
west side of alley east of Sixth street. Fort
Piokeriog, and running back west S1X feet,
being north ot the east part of lot 13, block 30.
Part of lot 13, block 30, being, the east 17
feet of said lot, fronting 68 feat on west sid.
of alley ea.'t of Sixth street.
Lot 14. block 30, northeast comer of Jack
son and Sixth street, Tonth Ward, !7SxlS7
feet, bold aa property of Anthony W. blad.
and the unknown heirs of Cbaries I'bilmott.
Lot 8, block 40, south aide of Carolina
street, SOil&O feet, arn'4 feet east of Ninth)
street. Cold aa property ol Fred W. Reiser.
Part of block 37, southwest corner of Caro
line aod Main streets, UOxl27 feet, gold aa
property ot D. J. bbarpe and others.
Lot w, block IB, west side of Fourth street.
Fort Pickering, 24x11:2 feet
Lot 10, block 16. west sine of Fourth strt.
Fort Pickering, Hxll2 feet, bold aa prop
erty of Joseph Tate.
Lot Z), J. M. Tate subdivision, 53x155 feet,
east side of Wilkerson street, 53 feet north of
Georgia street. Tenth Ward.
Lot 11, blook 16, west side of Fourth street
Fort Pickering, 74 feet north oi Carolina
street, 24llj feet. Cold as property ot
Joseph Tato.
Terms of Sale On a credit of six months ;
note bearing interest, with rood security,
required; lien retained; redemption barrod.
'ihis February 1, 8!6.
8. 1. MoDOWiLL, Clerk and Master.
By J. M. Uradlev, Deputy C. and M.
F. II. A C. W. Heiskell. solicitors.
No. 6434; R. D. Chaneery Court of Shelby
coul ty State of Tennessee lor its own use,
etc , vs. Catherine Horgan at al.
BY virtue ot an interlocutory decree lor
sale entered In the above causa on tha
21th das c LecembT, 185, M. B. 50, page
506, 1 will sell t public auction, to tbe blub.
est bidder, in front o tbe Clerk and Master'!
office, courthouse ol Sha by oonoty, Mem
phis, Tenn., oa
Batnrslar, Marcb , 188,
within legal honrs, the following described
property, situated in Shelby county, leai.es
see, to-wit:
Lot 16, block 10, F. W. Smith! subdivi
sion, 4HH by 150 feet on the west side o I Or
leans street, southwest corner of alley n rth
of ft. Paul street. Sold aa property of M.
F. Myers.
Lot block 16, east side of Third street,
50 feet south of Georgia street, 24 byll2
feet. Sold as property of Thomas Nagie.
Lot 30, block 16, east side of Third street,
10th ward, 24 bv 112K feet, the north line be
ing 74 feet south of Georgia street. Sold as
property of 1 homes Naiile
Lot 18, block 1, fronting 24 feet on the eaat
aide of Water street, Fort Pickering, and
running back 60 feet. Sold as property ol
the Oriental Powder Co.
Lot 13, Polk's subdivision, 50 by 170 fee ton
south side of tieorgia street, the westlme be
ing 300 feet east of Orleans strees. Sold at
property of J. W. Purnell.
Lot 40, block 11. east side of Second street,
24 by 100 feet, 96 leet north of Alabama
street, 10th ward.
Lot 41, block 11, cart side of Second street,
24 by 100, 72 feet north of Alabama.
Lot 42, block 11, east side of Second street,
21 by H O leet, 10th ward.
Lot 43, block 11, east side of Second street,
24 by 10 1 feet.
Lot 44, block 11. east side of Secend street,
24 by 100 ftet. Sold as property of Samuel
bcheibleraod others.
Lot 22. block 17, north aid of Carolina .
street, 25 by 100 feet, 10 feet eaat of Fourth
treat. Soid as property of Thomas Nelson.
Lot 21, block 17, north tide of Carolina .
street, 25 by 100 feet, 75 feet east of Fourth
street. Sold as property ol Thomas Nelson.
2b, block 14, south side of liroadway. .
25 by 170 leet, 25 feet east of alley east of
Third street, 10th ward.
Terms ot Sale On a credit of six months; .
nota with security bearing interest required;
lien retained, redenution barred. This Feb
luurv 1. lftS.
8. I. MnDOWELL, Clark and Master
By J. M. Bradley, Deputy Clerk A Master.
F. H A C. W. Ileirkell. Solicitor.
Trnstee's Sale.
TTNDER and bv virtue of two trust deeda
U executed by I. L. Ferguson and II. C.
II am neon to the undersigned as trustees, on
January 4, 1HM4, and May 11, 1885, respect
ive y, and duly recorded in the office of tha
Clork of the Circuit Court of Mississippi
oounty. Ark., in Record Book 12, pases 4 3,
etc, ana Record Book of Trust Deedx, vol.
A, pages 275, etc, default in the payment of
the indebtedness thereby secured having
been made, at the request of the beneficiaries
therein, we will, as such trustees, on
WedncadHjr, March 10, 16,
at the storehouse upon the plantation known
a "Nodena," in Missisnifpi county, Ark., .
and being on the Missisipii river, proceed
to sell to the hiitho-t bidder, tor cash, tha
following personal property, te-wit: Four
4-hon-a wagons, eight two-hope wag ns,
soventy-one mules, six sets wagon harness,
seven sots harness, one 40-hnrse power en
gine and boiler, two 80-saw Milkurn double- -roller
gins and gin stands, two feeder and
condensers, one Coalman ootton press, ona
grist-mill with appurtenances, belting,
shutting and pulleys, three horses, two
colts, one mule eolt, IVur mares, four sets of
gear; also, all plows, sorapord, hoes,'axea
an 1 all otker farming utensils and imple
ments; and also, all cattle, stock hogs and
other mules and stock, and all cronsor oorn,
ootton, cotton-seed, nay, fodder and other
products now on or belonging tbe planta
tions known as "Nodooa," the "Kllia
place" aad the "Lanier place" In said
county, ran and operated by said Ferguson
A HaniMsn during the year 1885. Ana
under said deed, oa
ftamrday, March SO, 1888,
in front of the court-house aoor (n Osceola,
Mississippi county, Ark., we will sell to tha
highest bidder, tor each, the following de
scribed real estate, namely, all being, in said
county and State: The plantation known
as the "Kllis place" at Ferguson A Hamp
son's Landing in Bend 45, Mississippi river,
and described aa follows; W sec 13, $1 .
acres eut of E K sec 24. and part W W teo.
24, H H of seo. 25, and aeo. 25, in
township 11 north, range 10 ea t. Also, Nh,
Msec. 2, 160 acres, W K NB H seo. 11. 71
acres, In township 11 north, range 10 east:
and the 8 fr 'A of NW fr seo. 36 (south of
Little river) in township 13 noflh. range 8
east, containing 8.97 acres. Al;. U IrK of
SBfrH see. 23. (east of bayou), township 15
north, range 10 east, 39.1U aores. Also, tha
N fr S of seo 10 (we sof Bay Lake) contain
ing 20-100 of an acre ; and tbe bK MofSW
k of seo. 15, both in township II north.
range 10 east, the last desoribed containing
40 acres.
Said sales will begin at the time and place
staled, and will oontinue from day to day
until completed. All ruhu of redemption
and exemptions are waived. Sale absolute.
Terms cash. D. II. P0ST0N,
Notice Ii Here Given,
THAT tha sennal meeting of tha stock
holders of tha Chesspeake, Ohio
and Southwestern Kailroad Company
for tbe election of Directors and
such other business as may come before tha
meeting, will be held at the ofjee of tha
Company, in the city of Memphis (called tha
Taxing District ot Shelby County), Tenn.,
on the Btla any or April, 18H6, at 12
o'clock neon of that day, and that the lessa
from that Company to the Newport News and
Mississippi Valley Company will be sub
mitted tu the stockholder for their consent
thereto and approval thereof. Transfer
books win be olojea lrotn March 2th to
April 6, 1886.
cjrdar of tha Presideir and Ra.I a.
Dirtctors. ISAAC K. tJATKS, Secretary.
A book Of 100 naraa.
liie best book for
fiB VnnadvB. tiaer to eon-
.suit, be he eDrl-
" 1 It contains lists of
pew-paper and estimates o too cost of ad
Tertising. The advertiser who want' ta spend
one dollar, finds ia it the information be re
quires, wbile for him who will invest ona
hut dred thousand dollars in advertising, a
s-beu a is indicated which will meet his
every requirement, or can be made to do so
by slight ohanges easily arrived at bv cun
spondence. One hundred and fifty-three
editions bava been issued, bent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten (ana. Apply to UK.
VERTISING BUREAU, 10 Sprue H, (Print,
ing UouiSqar ilitw i'oik.
i.or otherwite.

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