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i::mmw congress.
Debate om the Edncatloi mil Con-
tilled The Peisioa Bill In
- the noose.
Washington, March 3. I lout
The Speaker laid btf ore the House the
message of the Presided on the
Chinese troubles, and it was read by
the clerk. It was then referred to the
Committee on foreign Aflairs.
Mr. Brockenridiie A.rk.1, frota the
Committee on Ways and Means, re
ported bills extending the provisions
ct ine a t lor the immediate trans
portation of dutiable (roods to the
ports of Omaha, Key West and Tampa.
House calendar.
Mr. Harch Mo , from the Commit
tee on Agricu.tare, reported a bill to
establish an agricultural txoeriment
station in connection with colleges es-
tabliened in the several estates. Com'
mifee of the wVlo.
Mr. Weaver la from the Commit
tee on Expenditures in the Interior
Department, reported back a resolu
ton directing that committee to in'
vett gate tne aamtniBrrauon and ex
penditure of the Pension Burean
nnder farmer presidents and previous
administrations, and ascertain what
foundation theie is for the statement
in the annnal repoit of Commissioner
.Black inrefarence to partisan man'
agement and extravagance in that
bureau during the term of office of
bis predecessor. House calendar.
In the morning hoar the Houee re
sumed, in committee of the whole.
the consideration of the bill authoriz
ing tbe appointment of a commission
tD carry on the tseta of iron, steel and
otner fctrocturai metals.
After debate, and pending action,
the morning hour expired and the
committee rose, and then tbe House
again went into committee (Mr. Crisp
Ga in the chair) on the pension ap
propriation bill.
Mr. Butlerworth 0 tiok the floor
in order to complete the speech which
he began yesterday. He renewed his
criticism of the Democratic party for
a failure ti revise the tariff in the
toitv-sixth Congress, and for an at
tempt to prevent that revision by tbe
Republican party in the Forty-seventh
Debate continued at (Trent length,
but without action the committee
Mr. Bragg Wis. reported tke army
appropriation bill from the Military
Committee, and it was referred to
corftmittee of the wholo.
Tbe Senate.
The Chair laid before the Senate tbe
President's me mage on the treatment
of Chinese in the West, which has
already been published. It was re
ferred to the Committee on Foreign
Relations. Alto messages from the
President relating to payment of
claims of the Cherokee Indians and
the sale of a t'a-t of land belonging to
the Sic and Fox Indians. They were
referred to the Committee on Indian
Senator Frye presented a petition
from cilizens of New Jersey piaying
for legislation for the legal protection
of young girls.
(The petition, which is on a printed
blank with the words "New Jersey"
written in the body of tbe print, urges
Congress to provide exemplary penal
ties for seduction, with or without
promise of marriage, and for the de
filement of the persons of girls, with
or without consent, nnder tbe age of
at leait eighteen years, in the District
of Columbia, and in all other localities
nnder the jurisdiction of Congress.)
The petition was referred to the Com
mittee on the District of Columbia.
Senator Evaitj presented the peti
tions of tbe office m and trustees of
the savings banks of New York Slate.
representing 1,165,000 depositors, and
K3,uuu,uuo ot deposit, praying Con
grass to stop the coinage of the silver
dollar. It was referred to tbe Com
mittee on Fi nonets.
Senator Bck offered resolution,
which was agreed to, calling on the
Secretary of the Treasury to fnform
the Senate how much, if any, the ac
tual pay met tj and purchases of tbe
Jrincipal of the public debt since
uly 1, 1877, have been in excess of
the requirements of tbe laws regulat
ing the sinking fund, and how tbe ex
isting laws can be carried out in rela
tion to said fund from this time until
the 1260,000,000 of 4 percent bonds
Senator Riddleberger offered a reso
lution, which was agreed to, requiring
each Senator to repoit to the Senate
the name cf his private secretary. In
introducing tbe resolution Senator
Riddleberger said that some men were
holding tickets of admission to the
Senate floor who would not be admit
ted to the parlors of gentlemen if they
were known as Senator Riddleberger
knew them. Such tickets were so is
sued to people who received no pay
except admifsion to the Senate floor
to blackmail gentlemen to libel them
in their newspapers. Senator Riddle
berger said he knew of a case in point.
We know what had been said in the
Houee of Representatives about Ends
being on the flo3r of that House. He
l asked If it were permissible for bim
Y..Senato Riddleberger) to state that
' Eads had not been on the floor
of ttil?r Senate, he had three henchmen
there w0 representing Republican
newspaptv nd one a Democratic
newspaper00 came to secure infor
mation on wtjjcu to libel Senators.
Imagine mAKtfving a ticket to the
Senate floor in tnePretended capacity
of private secretary f o aSenator.which
Senator had bis ownYn M Wl Private
secretary, who drew twie pay, while tbe
other the creature wS cosapentated
by the ticket.
After the adoption of ToV . .resolu
tion Sena or Hoar had it reconsidtTi'eid.
and so amended as to have the names)
sent in to .tbe Secretary of tbe Senate.
The education bill was then taken
up, and Senator Harrison spoke in ad
vocacy of the bill and in opposition to
Senator Allison's amendment
An amendment offered by Senator
Hear to the amendment of Senator
Allison was agreed to, providing that
in each State having separate white
and colored schools, the money re
ceived by each State nnder the bill
should be apportioned and applied in
the proportion of illiteracy of the two
raoea respectively until an equal sum
per -capita should have been appropri
ated from the National and State funds,
and declaring the object of thd bill to
be te secure equal advantages to all
children of whatever color or race.
Senator Edmunds then moved a sub
stitute for the amendment as amend
ed. Tbe substitute is as fallows:
"And in each State and Territory in
which there shall be separate schools
lor white and colored children, the
money aid in such State or Territory
shall be apportioned and paid out for
the suppoitof such whit) and colored
schools, respectively, in the proportion
that the white and colored children,
between tbe ages of tin and twenty
one yesre, in such State or Territory
may bear to each other, as shown by
the census of 1 880. Tbe foregoing pro
vision sbn'l not affect the application
of the proper proportion of said money
to the support of all common schools
wherein no distinction of race or color
shall exht"
Senator Edmunds addressed the Sen
ate in support of bis amendment. As
to tbe bul itetrlf, he Mid there was no
constitutional difficulty about it. No
constitution ever had said or could
ray that no money should be with
drawn from tbe Treasury except in
pursnsncs of appropriations made by
law lor a eptcific purpose named in
some other part of the constitution,
la every Congress bills would bs
found to have been passed and they
would be found to have been approved
by the President appropriating
moneys fioia the Treasury in one
form or another for objects not soeeili
c.lly named in any upeml clause of
tbe constitution, and for objects hav
ing no pcfsible relation to any of thtee
clauses. S3 Mr. Edmunds had no
doubt of the constitutionality of the
Senator Logan also spoke at length
in support of the bill.
Senator B'air was willing to accept
Senator Edmunds's substitute for the
Allic on amendment, and it was agreed
Senator Do'ph moved to amend by
providing that the bill tshould not take
effect nntil two-tbirda of the States
should accept Ha provisions. It was
Senator Dolph called for tbe yea
and nays on his amendment, and
pending the call tbe Senate went inti
executive session, and ahen the doors
reopened adjourned.
la lb nmlllee.Kaonii.
' Before the Ways and Means Com
mittee to-dav. George Hev. manager
of the American Silk Label Manufac
turing Company of New York, made a
brief argument in favor of the classifi
cation of silk labels and an increased
duty, or reduction of duty on tbe
"250" cotton from which the label is
made. Mr. Morrison inquired if the
high duty on the yarn did not prevent
him from competing with foreign rro-
duct. Mr. Hey replied in the affirma
tive, and Mr. Morrison added: "Well,
I propose to reduce the duty on yarn
so that you can go on with oar busi
The Pi-nets Committee on Expen
diture of Public Money met to-day to
make arrangements for tha beginning
of its investigation cf the cb urges by
Commissioner of Pensions Bla:k in
his annual report, to the effect that
the Pension Oliice had been conducted
a i a political machine under the Re
publican administrator!. Senators
Cullom, Harrison, Piatt, Beck and
Kenna were present. It was decided
tbat for the present at least the inves
tigations should be conducted by the
whole cemmiltte instead of delegating
the work to a subcommittee. Rules
governing the examination of wit
nesses were adopted, and it was agreed
tbat Gen. Elack should be summoned
ti appear before tbe committee next
Wednesday as tbe nrst witness.
Mr. btney, attorney for the Union
Pacific Railroad Company, made
statement to the House Committee on
Pacific Railways in regard to the in
debtedness of tbat company. He
favored some such provision as was
incorporated in tbe Hoar bill a fixed
annual payment ti the government
instead of a variable perceittiee. Mr.
Storey dwelt at length upon tbe im- j
portance ot the branch lines, saying
the stocks and bonds based upon the
amount to 130,000,000 cash. Besides
these stocks the company held a
number of other securities tbat it
would be willing to turn over to the
Mr. Tweed, counsel for the Central
Pacific Railroad Company, also ex
plained to the committee the finan
cial condition of that company.
Mr. Gardiner G. Hubbard addressed
the House Committee on Poetoffices
and Postroids to-day in favor of a con
tract between the government and
some tslegragh company for the trans
mission ot telegram.
Tbe House Committee on Banking
and Currency agreed ti the Senate
amendment to the hill authorizing na
tional banks to change their location.
The amendment limits the distance to
which a bank may remove to thirty
miles. The same committee baa in
vited the Secretary of tbe Treasurv
and United States Treasurer to appear
before it next Wednesday to exorers
their views on tne national currency
Tke Blew York Prm on tbe
dent's Mewaa-e.
Nkw Yobk, March 8. The San in
an editorial upon tbe message of the
President to the Senate upon the Dus
tin case says: "He speaks with no
uncertain sound. There is much more
assertion of the personality of the
writer than is usual in public docu
ments in a free land, indeed there is
something of arrogance in the whole
tone of the paper. There is sarcasm,
ana mere is Ditterness, at the same
time the earnest purpose of the Presi
dent to do right as he understands it
is evidont throughout. We have no
disposition to question his motives,
dui we seriously doubt the correct
nessof some of the opinions by which
be proposes to be guided. The right
of the President to keep or destroy
private or confidential communica
tions will be disputed by no one.
When, however, be places a paper in
a public office, bis own act stamps it
as a document of public importance,
and thenceforth its contents should be
accessible to the representatives of tbe
people. or any one else having a legiti
mate interest in it."
The World says: "Now that the
President frankly admits that the
Senats has a constitutional right to
all public documents, and that public
papers are public property, the prin
ciple, as such, is settled and removed.
The only question now remaining is
why tbe President should put bis pri
vate, confidential papers upon the
files of tbe Department of Jubtxe?"
Has Ceo fnem Forty Years.
8. Day of Watsonville, Santa
CrnacbVinty.Cal., writes February s,
1885: "lichen my wife was seventy
three yearsold she was troubled with
a very bad rtoogh, and it looked as if
she would d&witb. consumption. She
would not ealJ in a doctor, but eon
rsenced taking srandreth's Pills, two
and three ever . night. In three
weeks she was completely cured, and
her health is now very good, and I am
sure the pills have prolonged her life
as well as my own, for ' I have used
them forty years, and am now eighty
four years old. They have been my
only medicine."
Arrhhfsbop CerrlarY! PalUam.
Niw York, March 3. The steamer
Gallia of the Cunard line reached her
dock in the North river thie morning.
Among her passengers waa the Rt.
Rsv. Dr. Elder, who brought the pal
lium from Pope Leo to Archt isbop
Corrigan. He was met at the dock by
a clergyman, who escorted him to the J
archiepiscopal residence.
Tab finest and beet selected stock
of gas fixtures in tbe city, at bottom
prices. J. a. bailit co.
Occasion for the Fonading of a Vac
cinal Establishment Against
Pabis, March 1. M. Pasteur this
atterroan, at the Acadt-m'e des Sci
ence?, rnd bis psner oa "The Preven
t.onof Rabies by Inoculation." M.I'a
teur, after reUting his methods rf
tnatmeut, ta d that :S50 persona bad
b.H'n icoculaied, ainncg ihcra twelve
Americans. In all these cases th
treatment bad proved successful, wi h
one exception namely, the eve cf
Liuioo lVUetier, a girl tea years old,
who was bit'en October 31 and bio rgl.t
ti the labora'ory November 9:h, thir
ty seven days after ths bite, 'foe child
was bitten moet terribly in tbe bead
me ooj's teeth having penetmted at
mnsi to me gin s Drain. M. rasteu
said : ' In the scientific interest of tb
method I ought to have refused lo
treat this case, and only consented to
do so oa account ct tbe anguish of tb
parent, and after having been urged
to do so by lit. alpian and other
members ot the medical ficulty of
raris. ai. rasteur then related
his experiments, by which be
demonstrated that the death cf
Louise rellttier was caused by tbe
virus from tbe dog's bite, and not
Iron, tbe virus of inoculation. "An
other ease," coatinued M. Pasteur
"caused me vry gat anxiety that
of a boy named Jullion, eight years
old, who was bitten on November
30th by a dog subsequently proved to
have been mad. Jullion was brought
to me three weeks alter he was bit tan
His wounds were almost as had
those of tbe Pelletier girl. Jullion,
when be saw the mad dog bounding
at bim, opened bis mouth and cried
ine dog new at mm, biting bim six
times in the head and neck. One cf
the wounds was terrible; tbe large
ist mot tnn aoit a tower jaw bat cu
through Julliuu a lip and penetrated
di'ep into the palate. The teeth of
the dog's upper jaw that remained out
side the child s mouth penetrated b
iween ine cniid e right eye and nose,
The wound was so dnngaiousthatcai'
terization was impossible. The boy is
now doing well.
M. Pasteur here gsve ttitittics of
the last six years in tbe Deparimsn
cf tbe Seine, showing that in 1878, of
ivi persons bitten by dogs supposed
to be mad, 24 died of rabies. In 1870
76 were bitten and 12 died of rabies,
In 1880, 68 were bitten and 5 died,
In 1881, 156 were bitten and 23 died
In 1&82, 67 were bitten and 11 diod
In 1883, 45 were bitten en J 6 died
Tbe average for tbe six years was 1
death out of the 6 bitten. M. Pasteur
concluded with statistics showing tea
rabies usually manifests melt in
period varying from forty to sixty
days after the bite, and said: "Of tbe
J)U cases treated by tbe new method
100 were bitten before December 15th
that is to eay, over two and a hHlf
months ago; the second 101 were
treated from between six weeks and
two months after they were bitten,
as to the remaining J K) persons
treated or under treatment, everything
continues up to the present the same
as with tbe brstZUU. It can thus be
seen how many persons have thus fir
been caved trom death. Prophylactic
treatment lor madness alter being bit
tsn is founded. There is occasion for
founding a vaccinal establishment
at must madness."
When M. Partenr took his seat on
the bench of tbe institute, a'ter read
ing bib report, Admiral Julien de la
Traviere, president of the Academic
des Sciences, thanked M. Pasteur in
the name of the academy and of France
for tbe discovery, and proposed that
an international establishment (or in
oculation should, as soon as practi
cable, be created in Paris, and tbat
voluntary subscriptions should be
opened for the purpose. M. De Frey
cinet, Prime Minister to France, who
was also present, shook M. Pasteur
warmly by the hand, and stated tbat
the government would do all that it
could to carry out the projected estab
lishment for inoculation, aud tbat the
Minutry of Finance would rec ive and
ho'.d at the dispotal of a committee to
bs appointed by the Academie des
Sciences, funds for tbe erection of tbe
proposed establishment. M. Pasteur
was most warmly congratulated by all
the members of the academy upon the
spendid success oi his discovery.
KeecnedFrom Death.
William J. Coughlin of Somerville.
Mass., tays : In the fall of 1876 I was
taken with bleeding of lungs, fol
lowed by a severe cough. I lost my
appetite and uesn, and was ennned
to my bed. In 1877 I was admitted to
tbe hospital. The doctors (aid I bad
a hole in my lung as big as a half dol
lar. At one time a report went around
tbat I was dead. I gave up hope, but
a friend told me of Dr. William Hall's
Balsam for the Lungs. I got a bottle,
when, to my surprise, I commenced
to feel better, and to-day I feel better
tnan lor three years past.
Ballroad Franchisee In Hew York.
Nkw York, March 3. In spite of
Billy Maloney's absence, a well or
ganised majority of the board of alder
men voted the consent cf the city yes
terday to the franchise for building a
variety of railroads to run through
nearly all tbe unoccupied streets of
the city. The work was put through
with a system and a persistence tbat
Indicated preconcert, and with a
dogged obstinacy against which the
minority of the board could make no
headway. President Mooney aBd
Alderman Van Rensselaer led the op
position and sought in vain, by va
rious parliamentary devices, to post
pone action. In this they were aided
by Alderman O'Neil. A vain effort
was made ti secure for the city a sale
of some of the franchises at public
auction or the imposition of a larger
price than the statutory minimum of
-one per cent, on the receipts for the
nrst three years.
A Card From Cntbbert, Urn.
Thii ! to cartifr that I used Dr. Mozlar'a
Lemon Elixir .or neuraliim of tb head and
yea with the most marked beeaDt to my
snneral bealtb. 1 would gladly Have paid
frou for the relief it haa given me at a eott of
2orU. II. A. BK ALL,
Cleric cup. court, Randolph Co.
Lrnion Hot Dnae
Cure all Coufrhn, Colds, HoaroeneM, Bore
Throat, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and all
Throat and Luna Diteaaea, except Consump
tion, which di le it palliatea and greatly
relieve. Price 25 cent'.
Lemon K iiir and Lemon Hot Drops fold
brail leadinc drunists. Prepared by II.
Motlcr, M.i., Atlnnta.Oa.
Notice to Tax-Payers.
TAXING DISTRICT taaea for I8M, also
Ui on mer-hunte capital, will be de
linquent March 12tb. Come up and pay and
saveeosu. A. J. HABKia. Trust-
'VCAFNKMN Its CAU6KS and Cl. HK.tr
c who waa deaf twentr-eiuht rear.
''. r;n'eil I tmoitof the noted (racialists of
the d witho benefit. Ccaio HiMsiLf in
there months, an.l since tben hundreds of
others by ame prose A plain, simple and
uoe.ssful home treatment, addreae T. ti.
J PAU1!, 129 at 261b. bt..New Ycri C.tr.f
The First Sign
Of falling health, wbethrr In tbe form cf
Nibt SwcjiU aud Nt-ru.uMii iw, or in a
K-M of General Arin' nJ lxu of
ApiM-tlte, should suggest tbe uw of Ayer'i
Sarsaparilli. Tills preparation is inott
effective for giving tone nd ttrcngth
to the enfeebled system, promoting the
digestion aud aliuilatiou uf food, retor
tng the nervous forvet to their normal
condition, aud for piirifvinj.-, eurhhing,
and vitalizing tbe blood.
Failing Health.
Ten year a?o my heslth tn-pan to fall.
1 ai trouliled with a liireinir ouch.
Night Sweat. Weakness uml Nenoua
neon. I tried various n in, iln preM-riUcd
by different plinleiann. ImiI liecume. so
weak Unit t could not f.o up Hairs with-
out Stl
it atop
ping to rest, Jly Irit mU reoom-
liK'Udrd me to tl'V AVer's Siirsanarilla,
w liii li I diil, :uid 1 mil liow n heiilihv nud i
lining ever. Jin. I.. .. Willum,
Alexandria, .Minn.
I have ued Aver' S:ir:ipm-ia. In inv
family, for t-.-roiula, and know, it U
taken fuithfully. Hint it will ilioroiiKblv
eradicate thin terrible disrate. 1 have al'o
preierilied it at a tonic, an well an an alter
ative, and imixl lay that I bouevtlv believe
It to be the bet blood medicine ever
compounded. y. Fowler, D. D. s.,
M. ll., Urevnville, Teuu.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would bo tinpotfciblc for me to de
scribe what I itincred from ludi;e(ion
and Headache up to the time 1 lietran
taking Ayer'i f-ursaparilla. I wan under
the rare of various pliyi lans nj tried
a great many kluds of medicines, but
never obtained more than temporary re
lief. After taking Ayer'i Saraparilla for
a abort time, my headache diniimiearod,
and my stomach performed it dutiei more
ierfectly. To-dav my health is com
pletely restored. Mary liurlcv, Spring
Held, Mas.
I have been greatlv benefited by the
prompt use of AyerS iNiiNiipurllla. H
tones and InvL'oratei tlieaj stem, rt'irulntci
the action of the digestive and assimilative,
orpins, and vitaliei the blood. It is,
without doubt, the moit reliable blood
jnirilior yet discovered. H. I). Johnson,
Jt3 Atluutic sve, Hrookh ii, N. Y.
Ayers Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Ti . ,T. C. A yer ft CV, Lowell, (,
'rice l; si I ImiIIIc, .v
Flcsli Producer & Tonic !
Hear the lVltuosaoa !
10 TO orOUNDSl
A Man of HIily-Elght Winter.
am 68 yean of aire, and retard Ou'nn s
rioneer a una ionic lor tbe teeble. liy
use my strength has been restored and
weight increased ten nannds.
I! J iti
A V. (1. CAM 1'IIKLL, Cotton Oin Maker.
Mkoou, Ua., I'obruary 18, 1H80. '
A Crippled Confederate Naja:
I on'y weighed 128 pounds when I nom
mencea Quinn's Finn r, and now weigh 147
pounds. I eould hardly walk with a stick to
supoort me and cku now walk loin distance!
wluout help. Its bensfit to me is b-yond
calculation. R. KUilJri U'UsTrOK.
Macon, Oa. Cotton Duyer.
Mr. A. II ttramblett, ltnrdware Mer
eliaur, of I'orsjlh, Us , Wrlteai
It acted like a charm on myxensrul heslth.
I consider it a fine tunio. 1 weigh more than
1 have lor 2 yens. Kespei-tlully,
Mr. W, r. Jones, Mneon, Nnya i
My wife has regained her strength and in
eresed ten pounds in weight. We reooia-
llHlnn'. o - i. .....
Dr. . W. llnrlrte, of Atlanta. Ua.,
n rltea or llulna'i rioneer t
Ouinn'i Pionetr Blood Reoewerhu been
used for jeers with unprecedented succost.
It is entirely vegetable and does the system
no harm. It improves the appetite, diges
tion and blood niakiur, stimulating, invig
orating and toning up all the functions snd
tissues uf the ivstem, and tbus becomes the
great blood rentwer and health restorer.
cures all Blood and 8kln Diseases, Rheuma
tism, S -rolula. Old Sores. A perloot Spring
11 not in your market it will ba forwarded
on reoeipt on rriee. Hniall bottles, ll.UU;
large bottles, II. 75.
ftbssay on iilood and bkin Disease! mailed
Manhood Restored
HlMkUT h BJCK. Avictimof joullifnl lomrndenoe
causing Premature lleeay, Nsrsous Debility. Lost
Manhood, Ac, having tried in vain every known
remedy,ttaadisooverea a simple meansof self-en re,
which be w,ll sur j KUKK loins fellow-enflerara,
AddrMi.J.H.Kii;aVKa,43 Ohataem BUJsew Korfc
DR. D. S. JOlLNMhVrt
Ko. 1? Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Frnnt.) MEMPHIS.
I Established in 18110.1
DR.J0HN80N is acknowledged by all par
ties interested as by fur tbe most suc
cessful physician in tbe treatment of private
or seeret disease!. Quick, permanent eurel
guaranteed in every ease, male or feirale.
Recent easel of Gonorrhea and Smhilia
eured in a f w days without the us of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
ness. becondsrv brihilis. tha last Tee-
tile eradicated without the use of meroury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in a short
time. Sufferer! from impotency er lot! ol
exual power! restored to free rigor in a few
weeki. Victim! of self-abuse and excessive
venery, sufleriog from spermatorrhea and
lossof nhysioal snd mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paia to ine diseases ol women, and
uret guaranteed. Piles and old sores eared
withoutthe use of oausticor tha knife. All
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cine! lent by eipress to all parti of the
orkingmen cured at half tha usual
Omo boun from o clock a.m
o clock p.m
Trnnte's Hale.
N and by virtue of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted by Pallia and J. F. Ilnnton the
24th day of February. 1H81, and recorded tbe
12th day of March, 1881. in book 136, page
Mt, Register's office of Shelby county, Ten
nessee, the not i therein not baring been
pjid at maturity, I will proceed to sell, for
cash, at public outcry, to the highest bidder,
In frontof my office, No. 22 Madison street,
Memphis, Tennessee, on
Tlmradaf. Mitrrh Is). 1SH6.
the following described real estate, situate
and being in Shelby county, Tennessee, and
more particularly described as follows : Do
ing the eastern naif of a 4.174-anre tract of
land near Withe Depot, said eastern half
thus described: Beginning at a stake in the
north line ef said tract, tbe northeast corner
of tint part set off to Unity 11, Kvans;
thence ea.t 140 Doles to a stake, tha north
east eorner of said trao'i thence south 2S0
poles to tbe southeast corner of said tract;
thence west with south line of laid tract 140
Doles to a etake. tha sontheaat eorner of a
part set apart to G. U. hvans) thence north
2.V) poles to the beginning, lieing lame traot
let apart to Mrs. Bal ie K. Hunt, by partition
deed, reoorded book 134. naae 4o0. Register's
office of Kbelby county, Tennessee, to which
reference is here made.
This land will be sold as a whole er In
several traeti, ai may appear most advan
tageous on the day of sale.
ii. ii. Bint AKLA.-VD, trustee.
M organ k McKarlan 1 Attorneys.
wetmlisliy nronaenl
Kuf CI a, tti e lt tstseoy
om n to us lot Goeut lataa
an4 Oleet.
i hire eoM cosshlaa.
11 1-, and Ie every case a
rkskaavn. f.
Notice of Dissolution.
TIIE firm of R. E. LEE CO., composed
of H. K. Lee and John Reid. has this
ay been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr.
obn Keid retiring from the budness. ihe
usiness of raid firm will be eoniinned
nder the same name bv Mr. R. K. Let.
who succeeds to tbe same, snd assumes ail
nihilities and ii authorised to eellect all
debt! due said lata firm.
Memehit, Fib.'17, 188C. R. . LEE.
ftsrcsle I
g VOsesselssl mi su
ss airtsesft. W
I I Mrie.tr ay ike
V IvuiCkimIailCa.' .
iw mm firm !
HAVING withdrawn from the Woodruff Olier Carriage and Hardware Ouipiny we
have aecepied tbe Agency of loiue of the Hrat nfselnrer isi the- I'nitrsl
Wtatea.and are now re-eiving a full issorcinent of CA RRl AGKrt. HlliKJl NN, W AUONS,
II ARNKSa and SAUDLe:R ; elsn, a Isrg. stock of the improved TENNKSSKK WAUoNS.
A It goods are new. and built expressly lor this market, arid will be sold at very low prices.
Onie nud ?aIeKnHim, .. 205) Mulu htrert. Wurelioann, o, utf Front (.treet.
s (innm If J, K nutu v . e ! Miff
ESstlola.sli.oi 1865.
-ATM 13
25G anil 258 Front
PuImer.Thorntoii & Co
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
No. 3Qtt Front wlrtpet. : loinplilN. Temi.
SLEIMJE BROS., of Cfltno, Miss,
No. SOSTVnTit Strtsot
llllntl IlrldleM,
llametil rings,
1 B b B us. Ih9 AT MvS a fl 6f B I? fc B
Truce Chains),
ISIIk1 Troon,
Double Troon,
Cnrry C'oinbn, Home IlruHhfH.
A Complete Uue or (lie above soolsi at liowewt I'rloon.
J". T. La Jb-lrt tSs CO
.101 Hnil 3(M Ufa I ii hirool, Woubl. Toim.
a. ii, mm & a.
Lnmber M and P laii Mill.
Doom, Saftb, BlIndM, Mouldlugn, all kludn
Wlndo Fraiuen, IJraokotst, Noroll-Work,
Dretwed Lnmber, NulUKles Iaatlim Water Tankn.
All kinds of Wood Work Executed at Short Notice,
Noa. 157 to 173 Washington St. Memphfu. Tfinn.
toil Bant
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000.
JT. K. GODWIN, Fra't, J. M. (JOODBAU, Vlte-rrea't, C. H. KilNE, Cubler.
Hom.rA of Dlreotorss.
W. B. liRUCB. M. OAV1N.
WA Dopoaltory f I be Rtate) of TeuneaMHMV, TtiuiwmUi St Clairal Banklaif;
IsiaiBMa nnaf vItsmi MsmwIsiI Alntln fat dolltri.1a1
osanxrixrE dss
V(tti ,:
tw m I
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Xo. ata Ufalii Wtreet. Wwyono Itlook.
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Wo. 11 Union Street. : : Memphln, Tenr.
W. C, Fearce & Co
Cotto; Factors & Commission Hlerch'ts
iCottoa Wakrtiaaa-Ha. S8 and 90, tJalon Mtroeil.
H h TIT h 1TT1TI .Ho vSI
IV tV 111 lil m. III vs .
St.. Momplits, Tcnn.
F. M. NOIU'LEtT, Krsl.lfnt Tartnor.
'VToTnIlh', Tni ,
IaSl I.lllliN,
l.U IUiikm,
Iteptklr Link
Coilou Itopf,
ol IMr Hnd
Hough aud
of ills,
Lamp Stock.
Coal Oil.
" j Fisher Ranges,
Illostrated Catalogues
Klalled free.
257 Main St.
HI em phi.
at rue nEvmiH
Medical & Surgical Institute
Drs. Heery, Furse &. Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Hive PKRMAN'KNTLY loestej in MEM
I'lllS, Th.N.N., anil have u".niJ a
Modii al and Sursrical Institute
In lliesayoHo Hotel,
Entranreon Mnln street, FlrsCFIaor, First
Iloortn the Kiiibl, where we will treat bOI
KNTIr'lCALLV the lo'lowin- diieaar: All
Jliseases rsruliar to Women; also, treat
Rhsuiuatlsin, euralftia, Sciatica, Liver and
viune iiiaeisei, surh as I'hrume l.traiiita-
tioii. lliliuusnisf . Hirk Hi sl.ohes. Rectal
Diseases, such as Hies, Fissure et tue Kee-
uiu, Kistula in Anu. Blood Diseases, sura
Nyi'hil'S, S-rotula. While Kwel!in. Vene
real Dl esie, suoh as Uonnrtasa. Iinro
tonfe, Sterility an Nervous and tf unl De
bility. lisea.'S of the Kye, Ksr an I 'I'br.mt.
0ium and M achine ll.ilii s cured with
out siitVrina or detention trom Itusin-ss.
cured by us.
We Cure MuiiiiiiitIiis hj an Art
no Medicine or lnstriitiioiiN :ih'1.
W Kilrurt Ciincira Willi a Vt'sfttU
blo I'lastiT, w llliimt perCm tiling iiny
Hiirgleal (iM i atlt)ii nud without ur.icli
We trent Ktrli'ture by Klrctrolysis, whii'U
Is painless : I .ui mi in il ion. Asthma and Dis
eses o' the lloart, ll.vsieisia and all r-er-vouj
Disos.rs. All Skin Disoa.'el, suoli ai
Ki'xeuia, Tetter, Ktc, treated.
tur Cirrcsondence solicited.
OIHI It 1IOI HN-rrwra mil. It I
ji.ii., nnil from a p. in Si m m.
For l ymr al i? Curt Placs, ni it
Met. Thiril snd Kourth,
Stmi iui'siful, hU tiifMUo will i(r.
EASES. . .
fcporiuatorrhoa mna impoMncy,
b rMU of mir-Kiiara in rauth, Minkl ti 'wi i voi
.ntn Tsejt. or 'tUiaf nuiitif, bih) jirolurl im ill II
iuwirH i'H';l Nrr)mni'M. 8ilnl
4I.111H Vv iliini, lilmii-i at IMihl, Uifr'vi Mm i:ir
M. 'kllrv, Fluii'Uioli Asvniioa littWmr t Vnv,t,
lnnril.in cf ,'il'"1 ( tiMil powior. tta., ruilclof
it. h . ! tmini r nf imhKtipr, or tt.vubli m4 pmis
.' h it .-itn-i SYPIiXlilS M-"i't)' )arru 4tMlus
"if th GoBorrfaea.
(IJiEET, Hui.-iur. Uf tt uli, Bmilt, vm UuduT
i ft. i.ii).iit rpr.vfttftillMiM qutokly euivd.
). l -ir I I -'til thtt rfi)r lolftDWlin Mli-viilHMwatM
(A M tVrUlO Olfl Of ill'XIMI, till trMtillff teVMiMUtll Kntllts
llf, ni'uin inki iklll. rhjiiinw titn4tsla imt ifw
rffiit,ii,riiil ri.itit to ntf ur Whe Ii u Inmavwilnn 14
tiin fltv roiatmniit, wodt.lr.oti wa wob jrualf
tuJ by bihII or vipraH Anyvbtrt.
tPnAoti Onara&teed in all &
fiiiiiiuti'Hit iwroonkiiT or h totir tr-t Mi InvtiiA,
!bnifji nouobi uii oormvoiiilawioa Ms-uU nfiiil-iUHrtt.
Of WU pifii, fol to toy -Mimr mm, itr thirtf
W) rmil. Hlmuld to r4 bv ML Addr u 1w
VttiM Uiturt from n k. M. lef t. M. ItohUyg, j to 4 f rf
iVkc'ki v KirTi f f iv k
Exchnngo National Bank
PROPOSALS will be received at this offi.-e
until Nnturday, March !I7, IKWi, for tha
lurchae of the hsrsinafUr Ua.btioned prop
erly In iti entirety, and also for pieces or
parcels of the saiue refcrenre keiui had to
descriptive lists of laid property which
lists, stating termi of sale, will be furnished
upon application to the undnrsixnad. The
right to reject any and all bids is reserved:
Tha extensive and valuable pr.iiert lo
cated in Norfolk and Portsmouth, V..
known as the "Seaboard Cotton Oompreai
Company of Norfolk. Va.," consisting of:
1. riiermirata, which, ainonir other prlv
lleies, authorises the storage of ootton and
other merchandise, and tha Usui of negoti
able receipts therefor.
a. Its plW, which coniista of thro CI)
first-class improvoi ootton compresses; two
iteaui tiiis; three (t transHirtatia
barges. All the adjunotsieessary te a well
riuippeis esiaonsiiment 01 mis ouaraour.
u fire proof warehouses, saves (7) in nun
er. of oauaoity for atoraaa of 24.QUO hales
uncompressed cotton.
Its four (4) frame warehouses (metal roofs)
capacity, many thousand! tool of fortlli
rri, lalt, ato.
Iti wharves and docki, which afford ample
room for berthing at the lame time tea Hea
golni, steam or sailing vessels. The area ot
tbe warehouse and dock property In 1'orta
mouth is about o aoios. together with all its
o'her nroperty. which
is lu
lly deeoribod io
the lists above referred to.
II. l'KTKRS, Pacelver.
A Valuable Paten
Danaj'n (Hens) ( era nud Pen 1P an
tes .
RAVIMfl perfected myinventia. I wish
:o ui nee it before the nubliri. enieciail j
m irufnolorers. As a Corn Planter, it is a
perfect .ui oeuopeni the drill, distribatei
the seed aoc-raieiy, uniuiered, and ooveri
tha same, thereby one man performing tha
work ol three. Ttio. have beoo used in
this section tor over a doteu years with per
foot satisfaction. Can give rasuor. nblo tonti
nionlals, address
JUUN U. DANCY, Daneytllfl,
llavwood eounty. TnflH.
Wist'. Nivr ikd UasiM 1 krithrmt.
guaranteed siecino for liysterlt, Diaii
ness. Convulf ion's. Fits, Nervus ulourtl
gia, lleldaohe, Nerves Prustruti m. "ausei
by the use ol alcohol or t.'baoo: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, So!tir lig of tba
Brain, resulting in insanity and I.h Ing to
misery,, decay and death; Preai it jrn )
Age, Itarrennoss, Loss ot Powsr in either
si1 involuntary Lmsies ana aiHinnntor
rhea. osuv i by over-exertion ot tjn brnnB
lelf-abuse or ovorindulnenca. Ka?h liot oon
tains one monti. treatment. U a boa, or
alx boxes for f, 'eni ov mail prpAid, on
receipt of price. We nuan nt'e bit lioxna
to oure any cine. With each orJ'ir mooived
by us for six boxes, accnmpauiel wtt.n i,
we will lend the purchaser our written
gusrartee to refund the money If '.'io rrou
nient do 'Ot effect a oure. isuitrantnoa
Isriued only b A KKNKtltl CO , Drqg-
tst. Wtn.hs. T
TruHtee'o Mule.
UNDER and by virtue of a -erf ain dwl
ol trust execute! October'). 1-f't. I' T.
II. Mnuee and M irr K MnireeJ if m nl in
he Rosiiier's otlice of Shelby county, Tcun .
In Book No. lul. ou tome aod ii order
of tbe Chanuery Court of Siielby oonuty,
lenn , entered Uctolier I'.i, 1 (M Ii. si,
page ill), in cause uf tian. U Duncan vs. T .
U. Mmee ot nl., So , R. L.. ilcl'au t
hnving been made in the paymont if the in
d.btcJuess se.'iired thereunder, anil at tho
rmueit of the benociury, I will, on
TbnrMlay, IHb day of BareO. JNHH,
at VI in., sell to the highest bidder, tor ossh.
at publie outcry, in lront of any or&ce, No
Vi Madison s real, Mejiphls, Tena. , tlic fol
lowing described real estate situated in Shel
by county, Tenn . to-wit: Being part, of lot
No. 4, of the subdivision of tbe lands of tha
estate f Beniuiniu Duncan, dtk-eaaod. and
bounded as follows: Uocinnina at .isiako in
the south line of the original Ua-t S'. v'li.uns
4;i links east from tne southwest coruur o(
said tract; thiuie east S chains 3 links to a
stake: thencs north W.'.t) chain! tsaxt ike;
theDce vhH 15 Ul chains to a stake, 'honoe
south chains to the beginning, courain- -ing
fifty (M) acres, except about lie acres ot
the above tract conveyed by Dunoan to
Henry Williams by died dated June I,
to which roforence is made lor fill descrip
tion by motes and bounds , leaving about 2 .
acres to be sold. Tbe equity of tedorciition
and right of repurchase waived. Tbe title to
said land is supposed to ba good, but I shall ;
ell and convev only aa trustee wilhtut war
ranty. Th.l February 24, IKsti.
J. M. COLKMAN, TiuMie.
Taylor k Carroll, Attorney).

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