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Crosby's Dime Museum
224 Main St., Memphis.
..Sol Proprietor
EOSE, Ibn Wild Hirl or Yucatan.
BtMBRES. Th Miracle Monger
EMMA LYNDON The Bird Quean
CAPT KIS-tKLL The Zouave
LITT1.K TOT The Child Fairy
OSMAX TIAROFF Circassian thief
W.M. IS. ..And his Educated guadruped
Twelve Pautomiine Artist in
llumpty m XDixixifty I
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 4-5-4.
Matine Saturday.
America's. Representative Comedian,
Thursday and Friday Evenlon and Satur
day fcatinet, Mr. A. W. Pinero iftim.
Saturday Night, enl time of the poetical
March 8-9 10 lANAUtCHEK.
March ll-M-IS-VY. J. SCANLAN.
"Will be (iron ly the BIJOV CLCB, at the
Comer Fourth and Jefferson s'reete,
Monday Evening, March 8th.
Best of Music will be in attendance, and
rood order preserved.
FARMS Several line farmi in Arkansas
and Mississippi on very easy terms and
lowwi.es. Address
H..1. MAHTTN. Memphis. Tenn.
CISTEiiMS Built and repaired and war
ranted. Inventor a' the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone b"S. lima. uuhmihh.
. LAW, Varine and Commercial Notary
Public, Commissioner of Deeds and y . fj.
Commissioner, at the old office. No. 8 Madi
..YONE Wishing the services of Todd's
Band should arpiy ar. i v act ut ?i
C10W AND CALF One rouley ctw and
J Cf.lf; color, red brindlo with white back
nd bollr KeturntotuS Second street and
be rewarded. E. KECK.
2 WHITE C0W8-One with rope around
head. reward for thtir return to R.
B. BARTON, near Curve, Herrando roal.
BROWN MARE MULE About ten years
old : lone hair. Strayed on n ight of le
eemb r 2ith, from Beniestown. Liberal re
ward tor her return to W. M. KELLY.
J 117 COL'RT ST.
00M Nicely furnished, on f.rst floor.
A pnly ia door on 'oft sine iz joneron.
JTABLE Apply at 71 corner Fifth and
Oreenlnw itreets. Chelsea-
OOMS-Tbree, np-stairs,
at 34 Alabama
street. Apply on premres.
At IHi Couat street.
ROOMS Suite of two rooms, unfurnished,
or one furnished room; will board par
ties if desired. Location best in the eity.
Family private. Address, with reference,
B. C. A ppeal oflioe.
URN 1 311 ED R00MS-
t211 Mniri s'ree.
COTTAOF Of three rooms at the termi
nin of Elmwood atrost car line. Apply
at 36 V nion streei.
BP1CK HOUSE Three stories, mod resi
dence end store, or store an boarding
honse, wth cistern, water work", gas, eto.
Apply on prei-iaaa ot'i'U Washing'on street.
S ation, fifteen uiiles from Memphis, on
the L. and N. H. R , a stare and neat resi
dence. Addross
EPMUSP 0RCILL.Bind'8.Tein.
10TTAOE Three rooms, cistern, at 257
Ueoriria ftrcet. A-p'y next 'oom.
CIOTTAGB-No. 414 Lsu lerdale, 7 rooms
? in ood repair, good cistern; $25 per
month. Apply to No. 394 Main street.
2 -STORY Lrlck Residence, 8. W. corner
Second and Exchange st. ; in first-class
repair; eight roorus.Apply on premises.
2 ROOM-: En suite, Lee Block, third floor
front. Apply t No. 4 Madison St.
DESIRABLE OFKlCES-Store-roora uu
der Tennessee Club on South Court rt.,
and four officos on Second street opposite the
Cotton Kxchanare. Apply to
,T. L. OOODLOK. S8 Mnrlison st.
MULES Four or" five fine, Inrao mules,
guaranteed sound and all riuht in eery
respent. ST. CARNES.
TjlURNITURE Completi set of household
-F fufniture, almost new, at a bnrgain.to
cash purchaser; must be fold at onre. Apply
to .1. K. HAI.1)1S. 24 Main f.
OKSKS AND MULES A lot of fino
horses and mules, cheap, at
W WELLMAN'tS Slublo, l'!4 Main st.
LOTS 37 and 3S Peyton subdivision, north
side (ireenlaw s'rfC for mlo chenp for
ca. Apnly toT. B. MIC'U. 310 Second st.
PLAN I'ATIOS One ol tho most highly
improved and richest plantations in
Phillips county, Ark , on rnlrnnd, 9 miles
west of lie ena; 3(10 acres of high table land,
275 acres cultivated, will l e sold with a larire
amount ol persnnlty. For terras apply to
or A. J. MARTIN, 2fi Main st.
pieces of property for sale 452 and 454
"jfr.ntotoo street extended. Apply to Rer. J.
W V1""1, c 'rner of Murley avenue an I the
New i'ial,,'h OKd. This property will be
enia enea ji
1(i,itqu .at llelena. Ark. The reason
for selHnt, alh-ff interests require his attco
tion. Forlurthe:' "fr'ttnoall or write to
11. IVRUNfcR, He ena. Ark.
LOT AND HOUSE t 244 Madison at.j
7 rooms, fine eond.S"'" ! will be old
Tory low V
rrn barrels Irish potatoes-
OU ply at 278 Main street,V Ue
irom city, en old knHIg..
uated in one of the livtst towns la IIM
South. Does a business of over flUOu per
month. Bar can be added to the business,
if desired. For te'ms, address
J. 8. M., Box 1U2, Meridian, Miss.
MULKS Some first-class mo'es for sale.
before purchasing elsewhere.
SFtfs finn BONDS FOR SALE Th'8
JU,UUU Bank will sell at PUBi.10
AUCTION, to the bifbe-t b dder, lor ash,
at southwest corner of Main and Madison
streets, on Wednesday, March 10, 1W, at 12
m., S'i many ot t50.(K0 Pioneer Mill Mort
gage Bondj and past-due Coupons as may be
necessary to py the debt tor which they are
pledged. These Bonds are due Nove ber 1.
1S9I, and are in aenouiinations t.f SfkTO and
Huts), and have aemt-annuHl coupons at
tached, at the rate of ti per cent, per annum.
AT NEWPORT NEWS.VA.-1000 lota, 501
fet water fro t, 41 tret deep. For lull
inlormation address WM. A. DEAN,
.47 Lexington street, Baltimore, Md.
jtj essb. or payable September 15, 1886,
with good security.
Raleigh P ke, !S miles fr m Brick Church,
Chelsea: 9 acres No. 1 land, house 6 rooms,
servants' houtes. stables, barns, cribs, dairy
house, well and cistern: clso, 3j0 bushels
com, hay and fodder, seed potaioes, turnips,
asparaus beds, hot beds and sash, agricul
tural implements, household and kitchen
furniture, cows, calves, hotaes, mules,
wagons and harness. Apply on premisea.
HORSE A sate, reliable tamily buggy
hoise one well known to ihecitiaer.s
of Memphis. Apply at the liwT stable of
I. A. JUtS v'J
tpHK OLD HEN ISLAND in sight ol
I M.mnhi.. 1MI0 acres, of which about 300
eleared and very rich land. A bargain can
be secured by application 10
;b;ssl eiATit CKriTinicAiiiB-
i ke eeirsi-i and all f to tlie
French Ollo, Oil Falatlaie;,
33 L'nton Stroet,
Eacb Daj This Week tt 11 and 3 o'cl'k.
Now on exhibition. Don't fail to see
Sale) Without Resrrvs,
Ladleei Bperlatlly In tiled.
A. M. STODDARD. Auctioneer.
DOoM-Desirable furn'shed room, with
board, at 72 Madison street.
BOARD With excellent room,
5 NICE Rooms, furnished or unfurnished,
with or without board, at 137 Madiaon St.
TWO large unturnifhed rooms, with or
without board, at 69 Madison street, cor
ner third,
ST. JAMES UOUSE-Cor. Second and Ad
ams su, Room and board 15 per week;
darhosrd. IS SO.
SITUATION By a thnrouah youncdruf
(iet, 24 yaarsold; single; icaistered; 9
jeers' l raeiical experience in both city and
oountry; reference first-class. Address
DRUU CLERK, care Appeal office.
dry goods and millinery merchant near
Memphis. Apply at Woman's Exctinnge.
SITUATION As honsekeeper or governess
for sma 1 chl'dren.hv a widow; no objec
tion to the countrv. Address
M. J., care 32 Union St.. Memphis, Tenn.
lilvi. a I, AM II,
Tnnica. Miss., L., N. O. A T. R. R.
ROOMS Two nicely furnished rooms fur 1
light housekeeping; refareuce ex- i
changed. Address W. II. B.. Appeal nlire, ;
WHITE WOMAN-To do general house
work in family of two persons; none
but a good cook need apply; a penna cent
situation for the right party. Anplynt
$15 to 120 per work selling M. Quad's
book, "Field, Fort and Fleet." or the Illus
trated Edition of "Tho Household." 7K col
ored Illustrations DEtfOIT FREE PRESS
PUBLlBllING CO.. Detroit. Mich.
SITUATION By a young man who has
had expert noe in g-ocery businoss; ,od
reference given. Address
W. W. W.. Apnea' nice.
manent posit on, with an oldestablished
firm, as their representive. in his own State.
Salary to begin, 170 ner monlh. References
14 Barclay st-eet, N. V.
At 91 Madison st.
LADY AGENTS For Mrs. Campbell's
New "Tilter" a Tiltor, Bustle, Hoop
skirt and Underskirt combined. Honns can
be removed and skirt laundrkd. Adjusta
ble to any sisa. Ve 'y fashionable, and sells
for $2 to every well-dressed lady as soon as
shown. Agents double thoir money. Also,
a full line of new furniihing goods for ladies
and children. Address, with stamn,
m West Randolph st., Chicago. 111.
TUDENTS To learn telegraoVy, at Tele
graph pchool, er. Main ana Fopiarsts.
spondents for new business.. Positions
permanent. Salary or ooinmission. Write
to-diy. Address
few hours spare time sach day, and wish
ing to earn inocey, can have work at their
homes in: an entirely new business, strictly
honorable and genuine in every respect. The
rules are simple and work easily Oone We
furnish all materials and send them carriage
preptid. We give constant employment t'
those who wish it. Good prices paid frr
work. No canvassing or pe ldlinir Aillresa
at, once tor partiouln-a. PURITY M.tli -FACTORING
CO., 12 Howard street, Bos
ton. Mas.
PARTIES having live Pigeons for sale will
I'ltu.-e call on or address
JOHN L. t-NEED, S Promenadu.
BOARD By two respectable ycung men
in a private f .mily, within five squares '
of the Milbnru Works; relsrences ,-ivuu. i
AddresA. B. C lMilhnrn r an JM.ile.
"7 and 39 Union street, Memphis, Tenn. i
SITUATION As mnnater of a stock or
cotton farm; twenty years' oxrerience;
satisfactory reference. Addres- II., care1
Union Stock-Vnrd and Fcrulizer Co., corner
McLemore avenue nnd Horn Like road. j
AGENTS For the best article ever pre- i
duued; costly outfit free: no peddling
and no money required until sales are made
and goods delivered. For particulars nnd
terms address X. M. Friedman & Co., Mar- '
tinshurg. Wo,
FEATHERS Ten thousand pounds, old ;
or new, by SAMUKL UAUAY, Agent
and Commission Meichant. 4(i9 Shelby St.
bend for pric-hst.
AGENTS In every section ot'the country
fortwo New Books, just ready. Si'ttciAi.
TkKuato men of experience capable of fill
ing a large territory. Stato experience, nge
and territory wantod. CASSELL Ac CO.
(limited), 8i2 Broadway, N. Y., and 4ti Dear-borns!re'-t,
CSALESMEN In cverv State in the " inn
O toroprosert a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
Spttcui.-riKS tlcitare popular and easy tell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connCti n
with other goods. Addie.-sTUE W M. B.
IflAfl MEN Young nnd old, to bring
LUUU their Old Clothes to Rosonstein A
Bro. and have them renovated. 2iS Main
nnd lrt .lotTcrson.
s-:.- t a;.
? vi ft, ;-.:l .
V I! l!i li ?',!
iWJiiijuui rt
hi w fi'ii.i
AsiV'?t tnT Wemplils, teen,
js iwiH, iiiusiirai a cotalOK iw.
Jt liniwpit evflrpriniil, now mi'ly,
' MpmwiitH over MO Nw. OriuU
"nal Strltwof Oflioe 4c Llhrhrj
TH.lr. er-l.t a-iA. . :
- Acn.D, ,BU1CT, VUOJXB,
L,attr Presiea, Cabinets
Lmfiet' Fancy DeBki,&o
KinfMtt Goods and Lowest
Priow U.'jarbnteevl. flataloff
free. RmUi4I4c. No potitalt.
- I
!. Ifil
in it i
No. 52!1. R. D. Chancery Court of Shelby
County Sin e of Tennessee vs. W. A. Col-lie-etal.
BY virtue of an interlocutory decree for
sale, entered in tho above cause on the
12th day of Janury, ltton, M. B. 51, pave 3t.
I will sell, at public auction, to the highest
bidder, in front of the f lerk and Mu-ter's
office. Court-house of Shelby county, Mem
phis, Tenn , on
NMtardny, tlnrch 13, 11i,
within legal hours, the following deecribed
proiierty, situated in Shelby county, lenn.,
The west part of lot 219. fronting 24 feet 4'.
inches on the north side ot Madison st.ejt,
northeast corner ol alley east of Main street,
and running back 744 feet. Soli as prop
erty ot H. L. Brinkley and o'hers.
Lot5ti3and part of 5"4, in lot 479, fronting
AO feet on the no-lb side of Court street and
running back 14SS feet in dtpth. Sold as
property of same parties.
lirttis of Sale On a credit of six months,
noto bearing interest, with security, re
quired; lien retained; redeaption barred,
'this February 17, lWi. ,
S. 1. McDOWKLL, Clerk and Master.
Tir -I. M. Brd!cy. Deputy C. and M.
F. H. A C. W. Heisksl!, sols. th
lie Exonerates His St. LouU toui
mltwlon Hoase from Bad
The Freed failure, which created to
much excitement in financial circles
here end elsewhere, and came very
near causing a panic, is still diacuseed
on 'Change. The follow irg, from the
Little Rock Denuxrat ot yetturday,
will be found interesting:
Yesterday a Clateite reporter ascer
tained that Mr. C. M. Freed of Dardu
di lie was in the city, and called oa
him. Bis failure on Satnrday was tha
business senta ion of the season in
Aikunsas, and public attent.oa has
been directed to it all the more partic
ularly from the causes that led to it.
Mr. Freed was found looking quite
laggard and worn. He nevertheless
khowed that he was possessed of the
grit that causes a man t) rise nnder
ditliculties. Almost the first words he
laid to the reporter were:
"I do not wiah newspaper notoriety ;
but I do want to say that I expect to
pay dollar for dollar for every cent
that I owe. I am not as o'd a man as
I look ami Lave got lots of work left
in me yet. I have children growing
up, and for their sakcr, if Lothingelee,
I will never rest until I havu paid
ever? dollar."
"Mr. Freed, tliwe has not et been
pnhlinhed an accurate account of your
liabilities; will you give them to mjV'
"Yee, sir. I notiued in a papar that
I owed some ladies about three or four
times wtat I do, and hare is a lift of
the j'ltlgajents and attachments up to
the preett time."
.1 1 ' I M K NTS ( ' l X K Kss nil.
A. Carpoiilcr l.MX) (Ml
,1. L. I 'avis 1',4L'1 40
A. ti. Illicit (),'! 00
Mrs. A. Miinn ,".:'.S 15
K ti. Collier til 5 25
K. Timer r l,S7(i (Mi
.Airs. K. CowtfiT '.'1(1 (Ml
11. Klein 12(1 10
II. Klein, administrator 7:!0 44
li. Yenzey 225 00
.Joint McCiuy 2:) 00
Jacob ISiittRiiii 225 00
liosenlivrtr, Flexner it Co... (i,04:! (!:!
Ilenrv I'lexner .' 2,1X10 (Ml
Maek", Stailler A Co 12,104 (Ml
Kminit i'.loek 7,IIS HO
Cnruthiv liyriicita llarilware
Company 525 00
Merchants' National Rank
of "itlle Kock 4,000 00
J. L. Sousmiooil & Co..,
1.8! Ml IMl
Total 42,2IK s:i
IVuler it Sraenie $ !1,(KM) 00
liice, Stix Co 11,140 (M)
F. Cupides & Co 028 l!)
Uryan-lirownSlioeCoinpany SOU (Ml
Levy, !aer & l'tice '.. I, I40 00
Schaler, Sehwarti! & Co .'1,250 IM)
I!. Lowcnstein it Jlros 2,MM) 00
Schmidt .vZeigler 1,010 (M)
Samuel C. J)avis ,t C 2,107 (Ml
A.ller, Goldtiuin A: Co 2H,0K0 (Ml
Flash, 1 'rest i hi &Co 772 IMI
Total 5,s,lill2 !l!l
Tins jndgmertg aLd at anh 'rente,
Mr. Freed said, holed up J100.SIU.8i;
but tbers wero some other debts
which would swell the liabilities to
$110,000. In rej?a-d to his assets he
could tot say Jt finitely how much
they were, but he said if his creditors
would not crowd loi hard he be
lieved he would be a'jle tj pay what
he owed.
When questioned iu reiid (o the
causes tv His failure, Mr. Freed said
ho had nr.t noticed Ihtt his commis
stoi hoitne in St. Liuis, Messrs.
Adler, tit Kliiian Co , lad been re
ported ai holding his ext. on conttay
to his wishes. Ho did not wiih an
injustice coje to this hoceo. He
c.iul 5 not say that they had advised
him to hold-t'ie cotton shipped to
them. Th way fie who's uia'ter
tamo a'xiut wis thtough the cirt u'a's
sent out by St. Louis ctttm houses
Me8t8. Adler, GoMojaa it Co. did not
een't Buch ciiculars advising every
body to held their cotton fur
higner prices. Hia section of
the rt-ts was flooJod with these
circulars and they fell into the
hands of the farmers. They would
come into his business house with
those circulars in their hands. A
g'eatmany wero icdebled tj hiai.
Tuey would give him their cotton and
intist that he should hold it, showing
the St. Louis circulais as proof thi-t
co!ton would aivaucs. OonciJe:a )le
to ton ho could not obtain without
promising to hold it in acc mlnnce
with tho advice in these citcultrn.
lis had handled over ;!0(K) hales of
cottoa this year. He never did ship
as much to St. Lduh es has been
Btattd, ttnd tad now in H. Louis :'id
balee, whila ho had l.O'.'O bales in
New Orleans.
Mr. Freed siid that he had paid out
money oa his debts up to the time of
the failure, and mentioned several
small debts that amounted to several
thousand do'Lirs. He said that he
wett ahead as long as he (ojlJ, but
when bis creditors began to press him
he felt that he had tone to tbe end
and could ib nothing more.
Last night Mr. J. D. Goldman of St.
Louis, of the firm cf Messrs. Adler,
Goldman & Co. of St. Liuis and New
Orleans, the commission house with
which Mr. Freed did business, called
at the Uatelle cilice. In conversation
with a representative of the paper he
said that tbe f lilure of Mr. Freed wai
very unexpected to his house.
lie wished to say that hia housa had
not advised Mr. Freed to bold his cot
ton, because that had net been their
policy. Charley Freed bad had
credit ot $250,000, and it was like a
thunderbolt when a telegtatn was re
ceived announcing bis failure.
When asked about the cow famous
St. Louis crt on circultr, Mr. Gold
man said that it was true that a mis
take had been made by some, bit all
St. Louis merer .tutu should net be in
cluded, and inju-tiie done to firms
which had pursued a different policy.
John M. Thompson to John Over
ton jr., part of lot 2, Overloa'a subdi
vision, south side Calhoun street, for
John Overton, jr., lo John M.
Thompson, tart of lot 1, Overton's
cnbdivision, for $10.
George F. McXally to James G.
Henning, 137 acres about three miles
southwest of Arlington, for $500.
U. K. Andrews to J. G. Kenning,
lots 33, 24, 35, 37, 08 and 39, Wood
ruff's subdivision ot country lot No.
5; 8, Ninth ward, for J318 25.
K. A. Snead to C. B. English et al, 1
acre in Eighth Civil District, near
Brunswick, for $10,
J. B McBride to Lidy P. McBride,
lot 8, Fits teraid subdivision, for love
and g (feci on.
R. W. Lightbnrne and wife lo H. C.
Warinner, trustee, to secure R. A.
Speed sad John M, Peteja as accom
modation indorse in the sum cf
flSOO. lota 44 and 45, north tide cf
Adatus ttreet.
Benjamin R. ElUs, gift, 1o A. B.
Kllis and others, 000 acres of land in
Eleventh Civil Dietric.
K. E. Kllis to A. B. Ellis, lot S, B R.
Kllis subdivision, in Kleventh Dis
trict, containing 100 acres; gift.
tkaii; u:ptRTMt:vr
By Jobsa V, Letteywo ( ChlragoaiKt
Ueort a.trrlj er Wbllr
whist. Wis.
Preparations for tbe opening of the
Le Moyne Normal Training School
re stadily progressing under the di
rection of Prof. Steele, who Is indefat
igable in his efforts make the estab
lishment as complete as possible, and
ample for the purposes for which it
was founded. lathis last, beet of ail
his good work, be baa received a great
dral of encouragement from philan
thropic people, among the number be
ing the son cf Dr. LeMoyne, the
f mnder of the inttitnt, who recently
sent his check for (150, witi the f jl
lowing sympathetic letter:
CmcKai, III., Februa-y 2, bsii.
Mr. A. .1 Steele, I'-inoipel LeMoyne lusti-
tu'e, Memphis, Tcnu.t
Dbar Sir On 'my return fton a
trip to the South I find your leit'rof
January 2ot'l.
lam glad t learn that you have
succeeded in gtt ing your indos'tial
department tinder way, and I iucljsn
dtuft f Jr $;50 to help this branch cf
tbe school.
I trust this department will he of
substantial benefit to the scholars, for
1 believe it to be one of the most im
portance; not because your pupils are
colored, but because in this these to ars
will acquire t'ie knowledge and
skill most in demand, regard
less cf robr. In your iclo d,
as iu nearly all schools, a
laiRB majority, no doubt, expect at
most lo speed a few years in getting
that I it rt of their education aciiuired
at school, and the question should be,
what can be done in that time to best
and mrst certainly secure a comforta
ble living and g iod positio l ?
1 have been afraid that tbe colored
people would ba prejudiced ajainst
this kind rf education; that they
might consider educatioi only to ba
u: quired from books and its chief ob
ject an escape from manual labor, and
1 think it quite natural tlat they
ahnuld have Buch a prejudice. A race
that has been denied education and
compelled to wort, readily concludes
that idleness and education a -e both
blessings; and tie question is, have
they the intelligence to determine
what is the object and end to be se
cured by an education ?
If they have it not now I bolieve
they will fain it, and I believe they
will find that the education and skill
nowmott in den aid Is iutellig-nt
manual ability, and the youog people
of the North are now being guided by
thi demand.
With groat interest in the success
of your ecto ;l, balieve me very truly
yours, J. V. LbMoynu.
Besides the above kind lit er aid
intlosure, Prof, Steele received by
freight yesterday four complete laiher,
with all the requisit.3 gearing and at
tachment, fjr una iu the toys' iuilus
tr al department of tho institution.
The dor o-, George E terly of Whiti
wut.'r, Wis, is very e x.ensivuly en
gaged in ria"iufu tiring, and takes
great interest in manual training, and
eepecia ly in the wok being under
taken at LbMovuu Institute, in this
The iuadtinery received tca'tes a
very complete outfit fcr a l sorts of
turning, and would cost not less than
f250, weighiuc about 3000 pounds.
Theii.t-mt iiAen by these Noi th
em gsntlemen in such work as this in
our midbt should not, and it does not.
fail t f receiving full appreciation by
the peopla of Memphis and cf Ten
thank al a jrnlcral People le Ihn
( Ulceus or Mriniihie.
Murch 2, lH.ni. )
ToMcsm J T. Knrgason A Co., Thomas T.
A. Lyon, l'resiilent of the M. .1 N. W. R.
K Cii.; Lee Line Steamers. Lnnirst-ff 3t
Co., Orgill Bros. ,tt Co., nilerson Hat
Company. J, f. LaPrade ,V t.'o., W. S
Brnco A Co., J. A. An tin A Co., Win,
Jack A Sons, R. G. Craig A Co., Leminoo
A lialc. 0. R. Ryan A Co., Friedman
J!r,is , II, G. Buckingham, jr., (ioodhar
4 Co. :
Gkntlvmbn S ver,tl ladies of Lroa
aod neignborhosd, members ol tbe
Simfbwer B.tpiist church, and others,
citiz ns of this place and surionnding
neighbothood, many of them compet
ing the Masonic Lodge No i'8(i, A F.
A A. M , tika pleasure in infjrmiug
ou that the church and lo3gsbave
been successfully moved from Shu
fordsville, and the building perma
nently loea'cd at Lyon, acd they feel
trnt a great measure of the success
that has attended their labois may be
a'tributed to the very liberal manner
in which you responded to their ap
peal for ad. As tbe builJing now
stands it is ai ornament to our town.
Some of joa are in the habit of visit
ing Lyon ; most cf you have repre
sent ives who are frequently among
ns; a constant ittsrehauge of business
is going on between ns; Memphis is
our market, and this, another evi
dence of your good feeling toward us,
will cement the existing relations be
tween ns and add much to tbe happi
ness of all concerned.
We live in a lovely part of the great
and grand Mississippi Valley, have an
excellent business location, are sur
rounded by large and magnificent
plantations, a refined community,
good schools and all the aprurtenances
necessary lo onr growth and i ttbilily.
Two tailroads run through tbe heart
of oar' village. We have telegraph,
express and poBtoffi ze3 ; are in com
munication with alt pnrts f the
world; are admirers and readers of
the Appkal, and put sue the quiet dig
nity of oar daily commercial and farm
life free from envy of our larger and
more ptetetitious sister cities.
Accept tbe assurance of onr grati
tude, our inteit'it in your personal
welfare, and our desire thai your
home, the Bluff City, may grow to
such magnificent proportions as shall
meet your mrs fervent e xoectations.
Prompt ailenllnai lo II" work or
der lj Kulwfb stoss. Telephone st
Dyeing unci C'lciiuiiig.
Ladies' and gents' clothes, cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich featbe'S and lace curtains by
Louis Heigel, 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods rcsceirpj by express.
I.enhy roofa r-palrwl h. K abac Is
dr Mud. 20 and S3 Bestir lrl.
And it stimulates and promotes the
growth of tbe hair.
BornU' Flavoring Fx'tt are tbe
MARCH 4, 1SS6.
What Supt. Collier Thinks or (he
Matter .Sketch of the Va
rious rboK
A few days aince the Appeal gave
thedetiilaof the confiscation nf tbe
library lot, on the corner of Jefl'ertoa
and Toird streets, tithe publ cscbojls,
and a reporter yesterday called upon
Saptrintendeut Collier lo know what
tbe prospects were for erecting a build
ing there.
"That I cannot lay," Capt, Collier
replied; "but I do know that Mem
phis ia very much in need of a school
in the central poit:on f the city. The
location is an admirable one and the
lot, though not very large, is autliciect
ly spacious to accommodate a gcucl
si nd building. There would not ba
much left for a play-ground, however,
And that is a consideration too often
"Ia the pressure on the schools
eufliidemly relieved by tbe erection of
the; new buildings on Auction and
Geomia streets."
"Considerably. But there are a
number of applications now on file
that we can not grant, and probably
there would be more except that it is
pre tty well knowa that the schools
are pretty well fliled. However, we
might manage well enough with the
number of u' 'tools we no n have f r a
lit le while) if they ware relm;lt-not
npaired but replit'ied bv new
and more commodious structures,
especially designed fir the purpose. If
the boird had tbe money they would
no doubt know wba. to do with it.
I he Linden street building might be
torn down for instance, aad two build
ings, one for boys and one for gitls,
erected instead. The lot ia sulllciently
la-ge. While the numbe- nf pupils in
attendance is very large, 3767 this year,
it might be larger if we ta t better
echo i) houses. It is one of the first
things of which a stranger inquires
when be visits a city with a view nf
suttling. In the live West the neces
sity fir schools, and good ones, has
long been rccngniz id. Its rapid growth
may be in a large measure atcrtbtd to
tha giod sense of tbe pioneers. In
nearly every Kcttlemeut the stoue or
brick facade ot a echool-houi is reared
through the very smoke which ruilt
upward (torn the log-heap made n
clearing the town ait ;."
There is no city iu the United States
in which so much attention has of
late been given to sunitwjy at lira and
so thoionghly ai in Memphis; and,
even though there are slul outlying
portions of the city in which tbe
work is incomplete, toe public mind
bai been so thotoughlv aroused to the
importance of the subject Unit consid
erations cf hygiene enter into e-ery
thing that is done. I a no department
of municipal ailairs l;a pubiio opin
ion acted more eir)ctually in this
direction than in the management of
the public BchooN, which in this re
spect, witn one or two exceptions in
the remtts eubmbs, tike the lent
uuong the schools of Tenneaees. But
more is to he dona yet, as w 11 be seen
from the fjllowing sketch of t'io
vafio ts schools:
The Pope Schooljis a two-story frame
building, origiually a private rasicence.
The up htairB to una, are about l(lx:il)
f ;er, ceiling eikht feet high.
Too Catharine t-Veet S.jhool was an
old church, about. 50x30 feet, built of
wo.id, ai.d is divided by a ruuioveable
The Meni',1 School on Alabamt
street, is a long one-story frame build
in; with a passage running through it
Tne JtlLtrson Street School was
or g nally built for a boarding-Iionae;
it inasisis of I wo long, narrow rooms
oncathtbor. The ventilation might
be improved at a very small expense.
The Winchester Street Sthoil is a
two-Htory f Bine, long and narrow,
with four room, the? largest 42x18
feet no playground j.
Tt.e Smith School is a three-story
briik buildinar, four rco.ua on each
fiaor, nSont 3:!x27 feet; the windows
well placed for cci'iir hygiene; wa'lt
c, bred a coul gray; vmitila ion by
(bos in 'the walls, but iii9uflic!ei;t
without opening the windows; heated
by stoves; privies ropt clean bv a
stream of watir running through, dis
charging intJ the public sewer. Aver
age attendance, about lo'ty pupils to
a room. A very eat ihfiut iry building.
The Gworgia and Auction St'eet
schools are new and very satisfactory.
They are 90x00 feet, and have six
rii nns each.
Tho Mouroe Street Schot I is a one
story fra-ne bit ldimr, with ground
plan of about O.ixoO feet and
a passage rutiniug firouph longi
tudinally. Two god tOoms on
ach eidu uf the pahaage, .well placed
for light and ventilation. Good sized
play-grounds. A good building in all
ref pects, but much ctowded for rcon.
The Lsa'h Schcol, Linden street, is
a one-story frame building, about 105
x50 feet, With ' ceilirg 12 feet
high, and an addidOLrt1 ce 'ached
building 30x24 feet. longitudinal
ta-eage through" main building,
which contain bight rooms, each
25x27 feet. Play-g ounds ample;
would be much imptoved by ahale
trees all atoned them.
The Kortrecbt School, on Clay
street, ia a two-story brick building,
exterior dimensions 75x02 .feet: four
rooms on a fl :or. Average attendance,
650. Water connection with sewers.
An excellent bniluiog.
The Peabody Satoil, Webster ttreet,
near Main, is a two-story brick, seventy-two
feet square outside, with wide
najRaaire through and broad staircase.
Excellent internal arransem nt; venti
lators. in tbe wall. Pliy-grounds of
fair sin, and surrov.n ling commons
sullbiently open to be available for
Tbe Seventh Street School is a one
story frame building, with two rooms
of fair s'zs, temporarily used ai a pri
mary school for colored children; not
calling for separate description.
I nabls) to Accept BeaelU ml tbe
Presses t Time.
Some time siace ato.it 300 cit sms
joined in a movement to give a ccm
pliment uy benefit to. Mr. Jos. Brooks,
of the Memphis. Theatre. Tbe proffer,
formally drawn np and signed, was
forwarded to Mr. Brooks, from whom
the following reply was received yes
terday. 11. Furstenheim and others:
Gentlemen- Your esteemed letter
tendering me a complimentary benefit
at such time as I may name, and with
sucb an attraction as 1 might select,
received. I deferred replying in the
hope that I might be enabled to avail
inye-elf of yonr kind offer, but sucb
ate my enagementa that I find it im
possible to be in our city at any time
dui og the present season to make ar
rangements for the attractions, etc. I
am therefore constra'ned to postpone
the date for tvie benefi'. 1 cauntt,
however, al ow lb a opportunity to
pass without expressing lo my manv
friends the earnett desire I feel ti
grasp the band of each of them, and
assure them that it shall ever be my
endeavor to deserve the kiodnesi I
have already experienced at their
bauds. I hope, however, that in a
short time I may be enabled t i accept
the kind cuVr you make me, and
with thauks tooneand al", I am vonre.
The scores of Mr. Brooks's friends
join the Aiteal in regretting that the
opportunity to attest the esteem in
which he is held is deferred, and it is
to be honed that the compliment,
when paid, will be doubly ttlt-itive.
sr. brig"d's fair.
Attractive Esslertstlsimesst nt the
KBlerhta of iBBiafall Hall.
The entertainment and fair now in
progress at the KnigMi of Innisfail
Hall .'for the benefit of St. Brigid's
church, increases in attractiveness
every night, and is visited by thtongs
cf ladies and gentlemen, who express
themselves highly plrawd with Prof.
Woodruff's illustrated lectures and
the volunteer contributions to the pro
gramme furnished by local amateuis.
The subject nf last night's lectuie wat
the career of Gen. Grant in petes atid
in war, embracing over 100 inbred
-views npnn a screen about filteen f is t
iqnare. All the pictutet wore ex
cellent in design mil coloring, and
some of them so pleasing to the eyi
thttt an irreoitissihle "ah" of admira
tion pat-sed from mouth to
mouth in the audience. The
lecture for lo-night will be
"Sceues in the Wild Want," and
those who desire to see life pictiitp.i i f
that lively country should not f til to
attend. Among ether features of the
programme announced for tomorrow
night are an acrobatic song and dance
by Houlihan and Ward, an Irish j g
by Jerry Sullivan, and selections tut
tbe guitar by Sol Ward.
In com tent attendance at the vari
ous bcoths of the fair are some of I tie
handsomest young ladies in the city,
who poweea the rare viitue on occa
sions of this kind of not ItnpottuEing
visitors to take chances A visit r
may take a chance if be pleases, but
is not pressed to do so. If this foature
of the St. Brigid fair were more gen
erally observed fairs would bn more
popular than they have hitherto t ern.
The bur, ir table, a collection of vit1
uabb donations in tbe way of obj xts
o' a t, fancy work, needlework, silver
ware and brie a-brac, which wi l be
disposed of by iiilll, is presided over
gracefully bv Miss Maggie Holleran,
assisted by tne following charming
tor ns of young Jadies: Misses Annie
Hollorno, C'elia Winters, Mary O'Neil,
'iirie O'Moara, Mary Murray, Katie
Markey. Annie Ryan, .limine Coyne,
Lizzie Markey, Ljretta Byrnes, Maggie
Not the least of tho many inviting
features of the fair ia the refreshment
booth, tinder the supervision nf Mrs.
M. Millii'd, who, with the assistance
ot the fjllowing-named polite and
hospitably-minded ladies, nut rage
to give royal entertainment to all com
ers: Mrs. A. Ca'tnichiml,' Mrs. 1).
Harvey, Mrs. T. Stanton, Mrs, Kate
Seaman, Miss Mary Mackin and Mihs
Mary Dwyer.
The U r wiil be kept up during th
entire week, concluding Saint day
night. The Mlttr: Si mm I is tho name
of a newspauer puhliehed by the Kn
tartainmerl committee and eirnibted
among the patrons of the fair, it is a
breezy ard spicy little sheet, nnder
the editorial charge of John J. Maeon
and Joseph Filzgerld.
The ExKcutive Cnmnilitee of St.
Bridgid a Fair have tliicided to pur
chase a diamond pin t be vo'ed to
the most popular candidate forCmt ty
Trust. Votes 50 cents each. Votes
thus far: A, J II h r rip, 10; A, J.
Vaughan, 6; John M. Braiil'y, 20.
A I -to decided to oll'tir a gultl-huailiid
cane to the most popular candidate
for Attorney-GenerHl. Vot 50 cents
each. The vcta now standi: Geo. li.
IVtere, 15; G. P. M. Turner, 10; Jus.
M. Greer, 5.
linrkral ty r'asti-rn I npllal, smlrt to
Hate Berts t'orstieil.
Another gas company Is talked cf.
and will unfurl its etandard to the
breezM to morrow. It is rumored thnt
Kwtorn capitalieti are inteiested in
the e cbeme, and that they are in a po
sition to deliver gun at 1 25 per 101 0
cubic feet and tusks all the money
they want. It hsM long been a mat tor
of siirpiifs that Memphis gas cm
eumernare onterit to pay exorbitant
prices for gas when a general reduc
tion in the price bus been for months
going nn in Nu'thern citivs. In Bdtl
m oro a liitht btt aeen rival companies
has resulted in a reduction to r(J cents.
Whiln a similar result is m t to tie
hoped for here, yet it. is laf i to pre
dict that 13 or $2 for 1000 cubic f 'i t of
gas in .Memphis will coin he atbong
the things toat were.
8 Irmly Inert no Iu the Allentlauoe
stt That lantltnlloa.
Tbe following figures, taken from
the connpeitiia of medical colleges, a-o
Interesting, showing as they do the
flattering increase in the attendance at
the Memphis Medical College:
First Session, Dr. W. K. Rogers,
dean Students, 52: graduates, 18.
Second Session, Dr. W. K. Rogers,
dean Students, 70; graduate, 111).
Third Session. Dr. W. K, Kogars,
dean Undents, 73; graduates, 31.
Fourth Session, Dr. W. K. Rogers,
dean Students, 68; gradust es. 22.
Fifth Session, Dr. A. ti. Sinclair,
dean Students, 71; gradua'es. 31.
Sixth Session, Dr. A. U. Sinclair,
dean Btudents, 9t); graduates, 37,
4'lrrttlt f oort Pleree, Jntlge.
Tbe taw of Do'an vs. the Louisville
and Nbbhville Hail road Company is
still on trit I, and the jurors not of the
panel in said care are excuaed until VI
o'clock to-lav.
H. C. TOO P.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayret Block).
Xew and Latest Styles Stock. Sew
Type, Sew Machinery.
Prices as low a Anywhere, Nortli
or East.
Mraea, Ft., September SU, lSiC.
Fi.BuiMi Rao.
It affords tus ptea.nre to assnre you that
after ui-iini Ur. 0. M Lane's Celebrated Liver
Pills orniore'l'an twenty years In ny taea
il), thtt 1 rt'gurd th-'ta an being superior tn
any I have efi r atcJ or have teen used. I
have not had them constantly, and had to
tr others. t,rj,i I havetriida od variety.
( but I bate never bad any to act so promptly.
used 'h'ui on mysi-if, wife and children,
with the uio.t nrt tying resulu. For chil
dren, having ui-ed them on uiyown with such
easy aad h.ippy effect, I would recotamentf
them to one and all. That pills do th
wotk-do it promptly, do i w.ll.iinJ lere
noilletlectt behiod. Asa biie re-u-.-ter. u
a liver oo-rr. t ir, a lorerunner priarln
the system tor quinine, t ere is ao yill er
medicine equal to llr- C. Mrl.aue's Cele
brated Liter Pills. I expect to use them
Ion as 1 lie, it fiie continue at vi vj
they have been in the past. ionr truly,
K 11. tilLKs,
Pastor nf M. K Church, South Myars Sra
lion. Tern pa Pislrict, Florida Coniereao.
A V III l H r Vitrei TO! Send us 2S.
and o will send you br return mail a
box of the irentiine Or. l Mcl.ane's C
brnted L vi-r I'nUand eight han.tsoiue cartia.
(Iver tifiy miilir.n boe have been used by
the psopla of the II. 8. What Uetlcr ert.ti
rute could thev have?
FLEMISH ItHtiS.. Pittsbu-ah. P.
Don't buy any McLsee's Pill. nntete th-y
are made by Fi.tatao Bitrm , Pittsourh, Pa.
The counterfeits are made in St. Loiua, Y ).
proiiTHt.-iy, ana nic-iy as t Lane s i ua
Ho you wiuit u )uro, Moom- m
in Coitij'loxion If so, a
ItMr iipiiliciitiiins of lingua's
M.Us'NOLl.l AL.UwiU!,'iat
ify you Ut your lit'iirt's foti
U'til. It ilot's awiiy with Sul
Iowiipsn, !!(mIiicss, I'initlc.
l.lofclics, mid till (liseuM'sninl
linpprfoctioiis oft lie skin. It
overcomes tlnlliislu(liipwnr
unco of Jionf , liif lijtio null ox
I'ifi'ini'iif. 1 1 miikos it I.mIv of
Till. tTY appear but TWEN
TY ; and no uiitiinil, grniluid
and iKM-ft'i't an Us cll'tHJls,
Hint II 1m i in possible to dotwct
its npplii'iitioii.
Ol'PK'K Il'lt I'lUH AX l 101.11 V. CdMUlrs'iLl. I
Tamsi. 1)imii:ii'T( fultruttiy , liwi. (
SKAliKI) proiH-a.li will be rt-r: v J by un
until ThurMliiy, Mnroh 4t 1mi. t 12
o'clock ni'ii, l.r tho fu lowlnir woi k to bv
ilnnt', foiiffi to ho rantloTrtl mu nuit-rit
tit n lurni lit?. I to the Tn.viiu -Iilrit-t of
hr!by t nty, Tenn. fr tlin ynr indfnn
l-t'.otiilicr :.. lH'l. Tin' hmml rr.tvpi th
r'Kht to rt i not iiny r u I bitttt. Auy in
forjuntion nuntud will be turnivhaU on p
lic I'iiif. :
I' or ifnlinit I'l iAontr nt iStntion-IIouit.
For luriiilunif fuel to VHriotm dvut-im-nts-.
For ih cinst hroa frr vurioua Jtt;irt
liirnti. For furni-hinif frch mini to IiM'itl-
r lnrnii-hinir frrli brciui to HifMt I.
For Miilijii ivi jx Mil uniiiirH.ct.1, itnivrn, nj-
Upef, t'te., art tbey muy by or r
All biiU miint ho lii'nclt' l, Uid tor
m hn v or m hi) on), Kuh utid ovef bid
miint bo tni,ianittl with a irliljctl r hoc It;
on miirt fclvcnt biu for 51) n?i a forfeit,
whit'h chi'k will ht Toturnnil 10 iiiiMiopem
fill liil.hr :it oiiti ttnd to cum-aiiftlul oi ion on
tho r-Miciitton of pnn er citniit ft Bit boo X
hm ri'jinry.t hjr luw,
ltyttfli-r (if (h hti-iril.
h.Wilt 1'. II a llKNt Proi.id:ist.
Atltut: 0. Is. ruui.Ktv t;flttry.
i7 uiui sin yfST LOUIS
wood-working MACHINERY
(H I'M'' H'i FiHr axii iVi.irR Commisn'rh,
Tammi UiMiitii x. Kobruary l8Hti,
SKA I.K! projio'uU nlll b rcrivH ' by a
llnlil Thiidity, M&rvU 4. isstj, at 12
o'rtni-k oiMin , ttir the tTlowinti w:l; tn bo
floiin, fiTvlf-o to b rnntlr l nnd Biu.orlal to
b tnrnhud the TusiiiKs UU t riot of Shelby
county, 'J Vnu. :
I. kr linhtinto fnlh.wmi: Ilmil with
iriiK: Thu territory houudi'd ly Aut'tinn
ntrnttt nn tho mint), Uetilo atroot on th
fouili, Misr)iH4ii,i rivnrin tho tvuit, ud
fofor t p.i'wi on tho cumiJ mlufiirnf thu in
Uor fi'li' of fll A fltrun'S DMHt'tJ.
1! For llafbtioff th ttlurriiid liw.U with
1 . For linMihi with g i oil tat rart of th
torrKory uf tho biotrict xV,'that l oundi'd
bv yin'tlo i nirnnl nn tbo ntril.v Uiui etroet
on ttio south, MiMitiijpl rtvjr n ttia went,
nnd hcoond ntreot ou th 'tiM, ftcludini
Irom the terrl ory to be iMit -iiuo north
niito of A u el ion turret, thaliotlli sul of
Boiilc itrfo', Hnd tbe wft vldoiof iSoond
t. ft dUjotniuv the torritiiry tvbov x-
ciii.ipd. y
I,'.- i:..V.tfte lis. at..., A tnv.lf'atrir WitK
' .Mriji. ,..t..
r o hijH mutt no -or so ruura per litem vr
month. The Board reserves tbe rkht to lo
cate .11 lights, also th. privlloieot IncreaJ-ina-
or decreasing the uutnber of lights at
the rates contracted for at its pleasure.
The Honrd r..prvus tbe riuht to releet anr
or all bid. . ,, .
UAV1U r. llMiLturs. rretiaent.
Attest : 0. L. PtttLas, riocretarr.
J. F. ilOLST&BRO.,
Funeral Directors,
AFi; LL and complete ttoelt of Wood and
st-tUUio Cases and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets snd Jlorial Robes alaay. oa
ht,d. 4rUrters br telernh promptly
fileld . .
. i'J , 1
US Mnsllitoia Street. Jfemsthla, Teatax
A FULL stock of Wooden and Vttallla
Cams and Caskets, burial Kobe-, t'o.,
always on nand. Orders by Telegraph or Xel-er-Hooa
Promrt-ly attended to.
KMU0hTaT8 TO T H K RONT-T) tt)
lrrtMua seeking Uovernmest Km
ployment in any ot the department .1
Wash'.naton, or any other positions aodat
tbedovernutent.I willtend lull instruction
ae to how to oeeeil to ohtaln ttie.au.,
and Blank t'nrtua or Altrnian on
rsceM't o- On Pollar. Aanwns JOHN
1. lil'itUII, Latvli-ltoa tMi, e iiisM..
tain or
,4;, .ry&&5W0M

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