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Commnnlcetlons tor fuhlleatlon Bart be
written one (ids of the page onlv. and,
with all other natters connected with the
editorial department, should bo ad dressed t
To tii Editubof ArniL, Memphis!
We cannot, h a wle..nderiese t Ftri
extioi.s ot found suitable for publication.
0r mail book! are kopt by postoffioee. end
boi Individual iiDH.
tv'.solieit letters end oorBsaunleatlons upon
lab sets of general Interest, bat such must
always M aooompaaled by the name ana
addrtra of the rriur, ej a leereatee of hit
good faith and retponslbility. No notice
eaa bo taken ol antBf moui oommenloe-
! oVderlni papori changed from i one post
offloo to another, tho names of both post
offioee should bo siven.
FpoolmoB copies wot froo or energe.
Sasiness letters ibonld bo addressed t
M. C. niM.wit,l Second "tree.
J; M. Khitk'i. 1 Memphis. Tenn.
KilUBIIAT, : t XAKdI6.1880
Day by day accounts come of the
strikes cf the workiognieu. Cnpiln'
ista have at all limps contendtd tbut
their buiineHi was their own, in which
their workmen have no right lo inter
fere, for they bay their labor accord
ing to tupply and demand, as they
bay the materials on which the labor
is employed. Labor is engaged in up
letting this venerable c'aiuj, and the
public lanctions the eflbit. The toll
ers contend they have mutual inter
est with the emp'c-yer, f jr when he
reduces wages he alleges it is
because his business has lo be
done at lower prices. When prices go
np, labor says, the improved condition
of yonr business juHtilles a demand for
improvement in the price of labor.
The action of both employer and labor
in lhe66 cases proves that labor has a
joint interest in the business wherein
labor is a component pirt. At this
moment this claim is urged energeli
ca'ly from the AtlaLtic to the Pacific,
and the workingmen protest that they
have no right, nor their families, to be
deprived of just part at the wealth
thoir skill and toil have produced.
Borne, the more ignorant, at times no-
company their demands with violence,
and io forfeit popular support and
often sucw m with it. The bettor in
formed go io work more tfltictually.
They keep their tempera, urge their
demands with a calmness that leaves
no opening for opponents to in
tercom police or ro'diers; and
with a firmness and a fertility
of resources that often reduces the
ttubbornest to tubmlBslon. But the
possession of this power tj overcome
and subdue, In the hands of the class
that forms the mass o! the. communi
ty, is a signal of an important coming
revolution when the wealth producer
will refuse to sulTur hunger and pen
ury when he is ready and desirous to
work but is 111. to tUrve. Tho times
are ominous, and those who insult,
oppress or cheat labor are heaping up
wrath for the day of wrath. Better to
render justice than be driven to do so
by such events a; are now taking
place, for strikes are becoming formid
able affairs.
In reply to questions from the 1 louse
of Representatives, Mr. Manning, Sec
retary of the Treasury, has responded
in his reply especially as to whether
bia policy lu the future, with respect
to silver, will be the same as in the
pait with direct, clear anl simple
etraightf jrwardneea. It is in etrong
contrast with die confusing of the sil
ver qucst'on with other to nes as seen
in the late speech of Mr. Heck. Dis
tinctly and unanswerably it isshoxrn
that the only way to bimetallism ie in
an unconditional suspension of the
silver coinagn. The unnatuiul nietu
ods by which silver is bought, and
coined at an artificial value, reduces
the dollar to a mera subsidiary coin
The attempt to accomplish the impos
Bible wnrkof putting all the silver now
coined into circulation would end in
introducing a single metallic standard
into! the country, and that a silver
one. The result would be that gold
would ciaw to circulate and be trans
ferred to European cofldra. The
Bland silver law was adopted
only ai a supposed means of establish'
ing the bimetallic system elsewhere.
It has failed to do so, and the coinage
is now carried on without its original
ing object. Coining only to accumu
late, and forcing an unwilling circula
tion, only diminishes respect for the
coin and tends to lower its circulating
value. A forced circulation leads ti
the silver dollar being taken "not for
the silver that ia in it, but for the gold
that is behind it." When there is int
gold enough to give in exchange tor it,
it will circulate for only the value of
the silver thst is in it. The Treasury
has tried by every means authorised
to get tho dollars coined int circula
tion, short cf f jrcing a receipt of them
to aa it disparage them. Notwith
standing the prominence silver has
ociupied in recent controversy, the
United States law gives to the gold
djllaronly the function of a "cnit of
v-1 lie." The act of February 1 2, 1 873,
declares the gold dollar of the United
States the nnit of value. No other
law baa changed that function of
the gold dollar, or to-day endows sny
other dollar with the 6ame attriba!e.
Its value is ths unit of value, its meas
ure is made the only measure, aad to
that measure every other dollar must
conform. Dispute nporj this, says the
Secretary, is impoeeible, "it bni roe
my duty clear." He declares.Jthere
forc, that, conforming to the spirit
aadlettwof the law's p'a'n require
ments, he will proceed in the future
as in the past.' The Secretary's paper
also shows the hopeless condition ol
silver aa things stand. Silver mono
metallism In the United S'a'.es could
not restore it; a long trial in coining
silver here has in no way bettered its
Minding. No mint in the world
which gives free coinage to gold now
does the same to silver, except our
own. The European governments
will adopt no step toward rrHtoring
silver while we continue to coin it in
a way that is leading to silver becom
ing onr sole standard, when onr gold
wonld flow into their treasuries. Con
tinned silver coinage in the United
States is an inducement to other gov
ernments to discountenance it, as it
will end in increasing their own stocks
of gold. The Secretary emphatically
iiys: "What silver monometallism
in the United States would at last
come to, undeniably, is tbe exchange
of Karopean silver againtt American
gold, and even that wonld not rule
the alue of silver to the gold level,
but wonld fatten it down finally." It
is to be wished every citizen could
read Mr. Manning's paper. It demol"
i-bes many assumptions, and estab
lishes some valuable truths.
li Lesieps is meeting with an ovi-
tion on thelathmns.but notwithttand.
ing the prevalent opinion Is that the
canal affair is in a very precarious con
dition. There is manifestly too little
work done for tbe money spent. It Is
now said that a new scheme is on
hand. The cutting so far has been of
soft earth, but there is a formidable
auount of haul rock to be excavated,
the cost of which will be very great,
Tbe new scheme said to be in contem
plation is to abandon altogether tbe
idea of digging a level canal from
ocean to ocean, and to save a large
auount ol rock cultiog by going less
deep than wis intended, and Intro
ducing locks enough to keep the water
op to the necessary bight. This would
be giving up the pre-eminent quality
of the Panama canal, would be a com
plete cjlipse of tbe fame of I3 Les
seps, and the canal would be no
better at Panama than .at Nica
ragua. Probably worse, for, though
rock tutting were saved, the
tremendous contingencies arising from
tho Cba;res river would still remain.
The idea of a grand wetarway, level
from the Atlantio to tbe Pacific, was a
grand one, and the world will cot
readily be willing to", give it up, and
De Leaser' g'orv with it.
mi kii:k iok tiii; ri kponk op
The Kdllor of tli "Hornet"
Trouble-Tho l'nriona Slur
tier '.
IsrtouL to tub irriiL.I
lliitMiNiiiiAM, Ai.A., March C. A
horriM murder whh ooinmiltiMl last
night at. Scott'H Station, thirty niili'H
went of N'Iiiim. mi tho imuMtimiu,
Hidiiia and Mobile railroad. When
the midnight jinHscngcr train Ktojipcd
the conductor ntartcd into tho depot
but found tho door locked, biispect
ing, after repealed unanswered
knocks, that Houicthing must be
wrong, he broke open the door and
went into the otlicc. lhero lie found
the agent, Frank (locke, in bed, and
striking a light, discovered that
Iiih head had been split open
with an ax. Oocko was alive, but
too far gone to give any account of the
assault, and died shortly afterward.
The depot had Wen rilled of every
thing worth having, ami it is sup
posed roblicrv was the incentive to
the murder. A few years ago the
agent at Newborn, twelve miles from
Scott h, on tho same railroad, was
killed w th a crowbar in the night,
and the depot, robbed and burned.
( ocke wits about twenty-eight years
old ami unmarried, llo lived here
some two years ago.
editor and proprietor of the Huntft,
thi sensational weekly paper now
only four issues old, was arrested ti
day on a m;ihi from tho United States
I oiirt lor seiu imr ins paper inroiign
the mails, the grand jury having de
cided it is obscene matter. I'.llis gave
bond, and savs he will continue the
publication of his paper.
The case of Nancy and Josephini
Parsons, accused of the murder of
Bennett Parsons, their husband and
father, respectively, at the southern
end of this county sonio thirteen
months ago, was taken up in the city
court to day ami the jury empanelled.
There are eighty-five witnesses alto
The Watta Coal, Coke and Iron
Company, near Warrior, is the latest
coaj concern to announce that they
will build coke ovens tins summer
HOLLANirit'tlTlTTED. The Mlaycr of Tom Davla Acala a
a rc Maa.
Nw York, March 6. The trial of
James T. Holland for killing lorn
Davis, the confidence man, was re
sumed this morning and the entire
dav was ransomed in hearing argu
nients. Wlieu Ueu. Pryor concluded
a tellini addrws in bbalf of the pns
oner, the crowd in the court Uiily
male the building tremble with
stamping cf feet and dapping of
hancie. The case went to the jiry at
7:'!0 o'clock, and it was uftsr U
o'clock whenlhi judge returned t J the
ciuit-rooin and read the Jury's ver
dict of "not guilty." Holland grasped
the Land of each jurymau with
warmth, aud alter receiving an ova
tion of the peoi 1 preatnt, talked out
afreerxan. He will return to Texts
in a few days. The jury agreed to a
veid ct of arquitUl within teu minutes
after retiring.
Hraraetl rrom Wvatfe.
William J. Coughbu of Somerville,
Mass., fays: In the fall oi 1S70 I was
taken with bleeding of lungs, fol
lowed by a severe cough. I lott my
appetite and flesh, and was c d fined
to my bed. In 177 I was admitted to
the hospital. The doctors f aid I bad
a hcla in my lung as bite ns a half dol
lar. At one time a report went around
ttiat I wai dead. I gave up hope, hot
a friend told me of Dr. William Hall's
Balsam for the Lungs. I got a bottle,
when, to my surprise, I commenced
to feel better, and to-day I feel better
than f r three years past.
Ills Attempt to Purchase a Promi
nent Democrat by a Direct
Offer of Money.
Cincihiuti, O., March B. Mr. Isaac
J. Miller, a prominent Democrat of
this dtv, and ex preeident of the
Board cf Conncilmen, was called be
fore tbe Senate Election Investigation
Committee this afternoon, and offered
some startling testimony. He swore
that jnst before the last Ohio Legisla
ture passed tbe law taking away the
police from tbe mayor and giving the
control of the Police Department to a
Board of Police Commissioner,
john a. m'liait
came ti his office on Third street and
offered him tint $1000, then f 2000 and
finally f 3000 to say that he believed
police commlaeioneis would appoint
better men on the police force than
the mayor wonld. lie also offered,
on condition that he made this state
ment, t) support him heartily for
mayor and to give more money to
elect him mayor tbaa he (Milter)
would himself. These propositions
Mr. Miller is tbe most active mem
bers of the Committee cf One Hundred,
a non-partisan organiz ilinn founded f jr
the purpose of securing a fai r election in
this city last lu'l. This is the liret
Intimation of such charges against Mr,
McLean, and Mr. Miller's testimony
bai created a sensation. Miller was
chairman cf the Democratic committee
of this county during the llayes-Tilden
KSNIIIKU. Aa Kralrl Father aad Ron le
voled to tho slutly of aoleaco,
Electricity Particularly.
Washington special to the New
York World: Dr. J. W. Rogers, the
hero of the Pan-Electric Telephone
Company, bas been described by many
newspaper writers as an Ignorant maa
and a crank. He is an educated man,
and comes from aa good family ai any
one in the South. Dr. Rogers i a
fiaiuate ol Princeton College. lie
wai graduated in the r.lan with Frauk
Blair. He is very eccentric and per
haps visionary in his financial ideas,
but npou general topics he is us inter
esting a talker as any cf his Southern
associates. He keeps up with a'l the
modern newspaper literature, and.
aside from his wtakness for writing
poetry, is very coherent and logic J
minded. He is a man in the neigh
borhood of fifty years of eg. He has
a large head, set off by a thick mais of
long, carelessly-combed hair and a
heavy, brownish black mustache and
beurd, slightly sprinkled with cray.
The doctor's firehend is high and
broad, his nose is straight, and bis
complexion that of a man who lives
well. His eyes aro very dark and glow
with an intense light when he is
excited. Each eye has the appearance
of a stur against a gleaming back
ground of black velvet. Tho doctor is
expansive, fond of gocd fellowship,
and, as he himself tnye, occasionally
Ukes a drop too much. There is one
tlunu about the doctor which should
stand to his everlasting credit, and
mat is mat ne tens no iib. JNot a
Bingle tUtement of his made concern
ing the tan-hectrio company has
been denied. The doctor U a man of
great iniaginction. He has lived a lifo
of dreams. When he found that he
had in bis cwn family an inventor and
a child of rare gift, be natnrally was
inclined to make tbe most ol him.
J. Harris Rigers, tbe inventor, is in
the neighborhood of tenty-eight or
thirty ytars of age. He is tall and
slim, with a large head, something the
shape and type ol I'ce s. It's lore
ht-ad is vory broad and high, h'u eyes
are deep set, bis nose is straight, wliile
his thin-lipped mouth is shaded by a
light brown mustache. The lower
part of bia angular face is smooth
shaven. J. Harris Rigers was edu
cated in Loudon and Paris, lie has a
good reputation as an eUctrieal expert,
and was tho special protegof l'rof.
Henry of the Smithsonian In'etitutinn.
Young Rogers hm a peif.'ct dignity
of manner, and o:;o of the most
musical of voices. He la the very
opr outn cf his father. He is ps ro
reserved and cool as his fither in ex
pansive and excitable. He in one f
those types of young men who a'enot
found outsido of the South. He is
mild mannered, quiet, almost meek in
appearance. A man who would never
provoke a quarrel, but who wonld uot
walk one inch out of bis way to avoid
one. In peace he is dove-ike; in
Quarrel he ia tigerish. His devotion
to bis father is one of the most marked
traits of his character. The two are
almoit inseparable. They never act
withont consulting each other, and if
they ever want to have a jolly time
they go ont together instead of hunt
ing np strangers. J. Harris Rogers
has undoubted talents, and if his
father bad placed him in the hands of
Northern business men instead of
Southern ttatesmen, he wonld have
undoubtedly real:a:d much more sat
Isfactory results.
The National Improved Telephone
Company bought some of Rogers's
first inventions and paid him JiiO.OOO
or $70,000. This was not all paid in
cash. A poition of it was in Arkan
sas land, but enough was realizad out
of the sale to place the Rogerses upon
a comparatively independent basts,
Their share frem the sale of State
rights under the Pan-Klectrio Com
pan) has also amounted to $10,000 or
f 12.000. They live out at JiiauenS'
burg, some four miles from Washing.
ton. in an old colonial house which
was built in 17t9. It was a house
once occupied by Lafiyelte. Several
colonial receptions have been held in
this quaint old place, when Bladens-
bura was a shipping port, Sailing ves
els used to come up the eastern
branch of the Potomac as far as B'a
densburs for tobacco. To-day it
one of the sleepiest and most tuuibla
down cf places. It lives entirely upon
its traditions. Parthenoi Heights,
where the Rogerses house now stand.
is upon a line of hills that overlook
Washing n. The house is in re
markably gf od order considering the
time it bs been built, uere air,
Rogers, the inventor, bos his labora
tory and conducts bis experiments.
The Kogers family is a large one,
There are two grown-np daughters,
and tiro sons beside the inventor. The
daughters are all straight, hand'
ame-loDking young laliee, who have
the appearance of people who have
lived in good society and who are well
educated. The next to the oldest boy
is a law itudent in Washington. The
various members of the family go in
and out of Washington every day with
the exception of the doctor and tbe in
vectsr. They rartly come to town.
The walla of the house at Parthenon
Heights are covered with picture,
mainly representing portrait of tbe
ancettirs of the Regies family. One
of tbe best picture in the house is by
a relebrated Dutch painter, represent-
as a stout country lover witn bis
sweetheart on his back, crossing a
brook. The look of rapture upon the
faces of the two as he treads light as a
feather with bis momtainous bnt
precions bnrden npon bis broad shoul
ders makes the pictnre stand out
among the grim-viaaged Rogerses con
ventional faces of the family portraits,
as did the Winters Smith letter of per
fect joy among the Rogerses album of
The Rogerses are constant subjects
of wonderment to the Bladensbnrg
people. Bladenabur, although it is
only four miles from Washington, is
as remote in reality from tbe circle of
what is going on as n it were in tne
mo3t extreme aonthwet of Texas.
Few of the residents of Bladensbnrg
ever go to Washington, and not over
half a dozen of them read tbe newt-
papers. Tbey understand generally
that the Rogerses are very smart peo
ple, and have done something by
which lightning can be harnessed np
and made useful. But just what it is
none of them appear to know. Dar-
kif s, geese, dogs and cows wander up
and down the streets of Bladensburg
in close intimacy. It is a sort of a
colored citizen's paiadise. No one
ever beard of any one doing any work
in Bladensburg. The degp, the geese
and the darkies just loaf up and down
and gabble ana barx at eacn other.
There uwd to be a little hotel here,
which bore the ambitious name of tbe
Spa House. Its spa was a beer keg
where thirttv drivers out from Wash
ington could get a drink. Near tbe
house was a spring which was sun
posed to have great medicinal quali
ties, but within the laet two or three
weeks tbe proprietor of the Spa'.House
bas died, tbe bouse is now closed.
Only one or two saloons are left open
to give evidence cf any commercial
life in this once bustling tobacco port.
The old swinging sign ol tbe Spa
House, bearing on one side a portrait
of Washington, the same colonial sign
which was put over it when tbe house
was built, is still there. It is possible
that the house may be opened again
some day, but when no Bladensbnrg
man would presume to say, l'errbed
np above this sleepy hamlet the Rog
ers are camped, and in the old house
of Ls Ma-quis de l.alayttte studying
tbe cipital which lies in front of them
occasionally throwing int) the Pan
Electric official circles taper bomb'
shells. They will be very interesting
figures before the IIoue Investigating
Committee. Those who expect any
thing foolish or illogical from either
one of them' will be mistaken. When
tbey come to tell the bisiory ol this
company and Its rami ncatlons tbey
will tell a plain connected etory, and
will be able to substantiate every part
thereof. T. C. CRAwroBD.
Blelnlla BefoaUd by Znkertort la
ElRbty.Hlx Hovel.
New Oblbakh. La.. March 5. The
chess tournament was resumed this
afternoon at the rooms of the Chess,
Checker and Whist Club, about thirty
members being present. Dr. Zuker
tort played with the white and Steinitz
with tbe b!ack. The opening was the
queen's gambit declined. The first
nine moves were made in aoout nit sen
minutes. Thereafter the play was
more leisurely and was stretched to a
far greater number of moves tban any
previous one in the contest. After
thirty-eix moves bed been made a
rocees was taken till 7 :150 o'clock, when
play was resumed and cortinued until
the eighty-sixth move, when Steinitz
resigned, me next game win oe
played Thursday, March 11th. This
is regarded as by far the best game of
the tournament. Znkertort's playing
time was 3 hours 10 minutas; hieia
i'z, 4 hours "," minutes.
I'l A TIAMSftCK HAll.nOAl.
4'nlllna'a lirniid Excoralon to Sew
Orlran on Wedneadny,
Mnreh 17ih.
Arrangements havo been made with
Mr. Kimpnto sell round-trip tickets
at reduced rates from stations on the
Mississippi and Tennessee railroad, to
connect with tins cheap and delight
ful exclusion at Grenada thus mak
ing the following extremely low rates.
namelv: Krom Coldwatcr to New Or
leans and return, only $iil"; from
Senntobia.fd; I mm Oomo.f ")85; Sardis,
$.""; llntesville, Jo .'!); Court land
f.'tL'O; Pope, $' ti; Harrison, J4 !K)
Oakland, 1 1 7"; Tillatoba, ft .r5; Gar
nor, f4 4 "; Hardy, $4 25, anil all tickets
rood to return on regular trains for
TEy DA l'.S, and even these low rates
include tickets of admission to tho
great American Kxposition.
Tickets for sale at the above statioim
by the regular ticket agents of the
For further information, address
General Manager of Exonnion, Milan, Tenn
Or ticket agents at the above stations.
Cblacie Drlvea Ontfof Oregon by
Portland, Obi., March 5. About 2
o'clock this morning 125 Chinese at
work as wood-choppers and grubbers,
near Mount Tabor, three miles east of
here, were driven out by a mob of
between sixty and eighty white men
most of them masked, who marched
them to the ferry where they were
conveyed to this side, it was an cx
act repetition of the outrage com
mit'ed last Sunday night in tbe out
skirts 01 AlDlna.
Whoa Tried Always Preferred.
When thpy once become acquainted
with it. ladies invariably preier rar
ker's Hair Balsam to any similar prep
aration. It makes the hair soft and
glossy, arrests its falling off, promotes
new erowth. restores theonginalroior,
and bas no rival as a dressing. Not a
dye, not oily, highly perfumed. Only
60c at druggists.
Fire at Montgomery, Ala.
Montgomery. Ala., March 6. A
fire broke out in the Alabama ware
hense, in this city, this afterncon and
destroyed the northern half of the
warehouses, covering a block, and be
tween 3000 and SbOO bales of cotton
The building belonged to Lehman
Durr A. Co. of this city, and the cotton
to various owners. 'Ihe total loss is
fully $160,000, all of which is covered
by insurance.
Hcotta Kmnlaion af Pais
CnA l.ltrar Oil. vllh H vnnnhojnhitwi.
in Pulmonary Affections and Scrofu
lous Diseases. Dr.ira m. Lng, ssem
York, says: "I have prescribed Scott's
EmuUion and used it in my family
n.l o.v. nMatl nloaafld With it- H 1V3
uw mtAM . v ,j . v w ' " -
found it very serviceable in Scrofulous
diseases aud rnlmonary auecuons.
Sensation Caused by a Crank In tbe
Paris Bourse Loudon Riot
ers Sentenced.
London, March 5. It is authorits-
tively stated that Mr. Gladstone bas
neither directly or indirectly consult
ed Mr. Parnell on the subject of home
rnle for Ireland. Mr. Parnell, in an
interview this afternoon, declared that
tbe statement was trne.
Tb Trafalgar Wqnare Rlotera.
Trunin. Marrh K Ftioht rr,an wVin
have been convicted of taking a prom
inent pan in toe recent .Trafalgar
llarA .nil 1 1 n ft a P..L IaI
to-day sentenced at the Middlesex ees-
ah ,
Biuuc. ah were conaemnea to penai
servitude for terms ranging from one
to five year?. Tbe judge justified tbe
sentences byldenouncirjgtne "so-called
popumr attuionetra ions ol working
men." "ft i WHll.knnmn " oqwI Km
honor, "(hat these demonstrations n t-
niiy iena io mm n r. and disorder.
Sensation at Dublin.
Dublin, March 6. A sensation has
been created in Kilkenny by tn Amer
ican brirg ng an action at law to dis
possess William ikot from his pos
session ( f the property known as tbe
JMl&enny estates. William flood has
been known as the owner of these ta-
titesforthe past thirty-seven years.
ine manwno sow disputes tbe tit e
and seeks possession is named Frank
Flood. He has jutt arrived from
America, and claims to be tbe lineal
descendant and heir of the celebrated
Henry Flood. The American not ol 1
claims tbe estates but has also insti
tuted tuit to recover from William
Fl od tbe sum of 1500.00. which tbe
plaintiffaveisisthe amout of profits
the delendant has realized from the
estates during the period of posses
sion. KnllKbary'a Health.
London, March 6. The Marauis of
Salisbury bas gone to Cannes, France,
for his healtej
Demobilization of tbe Bnlcarlau
ScPlA. March 5. Prince Alexander
has ifrmied a darren n-ihirir.ir t'ia
mobilization of the Bulgarian army.
Tbe Limerick Aaaiaea.
Lim brick, March 5. In opening
the Limerick Assiz?s t-day tie judge
made lue following Btatomect: (Jrinia
is not on the increase In tbe country.
although agrarian and social disorders
exist to an alarming extent. Nobody
is able ti predict how this eta:e of at-
fairs will end."
The grand jury, eighteen to two, to
day adopted resolutions in favor of
home rnle for Ireland and the imme
diate settlement of the land que tion,
and expressing cotfidence in Glad
stone and Parne 11.
Senaatioa on the Pai la Bourse.
Paris, March 5. Peronnier, the
soldier who by firing his revolver in
the Chamber cf Deputies on tbe zotl
of February forced the S a'e to take
notice of him and his grievances, has
already had an imitator. Wbi;e bu i
ness was at its height this afternoon in
tbe I'aris .Bourse, a strange man in the
gallery drew attention by making ap
parently aimless demonstration?. Sub
sequently he tcoi a bolt'e containing
an explotivj liquid from a pccr.et and
cost it down among the brokers upon
tho tl lor of the exchange, crying out
as he did so "Vive anarchiel'' The
bcttle (truck no one, remained intact
and made no epieo.le. A few specu
lators who were interrupted in their
observations by the man's conduct
swore at him and aiked why the
pol es did not remove him. The men
then drew a revolver and shot three
time down toward te man floor. He
soon bad the gallery to himself and
continued to brandwb his revolver and
yell "Vive anarchie !" Tremendous ex
citement reigned for a while in the
Kxchango and all business was sub
The disturber was soon seiz?d and
hurried from the place, but none tco
soon, as the ciowd, when they re.
covered from their fright, became
furious and sought the offender with
cries of "Lynch !" The prisoner is a
man belonging evidently to the work'
ing class.
I.ahonrlirre After the Lords.
London, March 5. Henry Libon-
chere, Radical, moved in the House cf
Commons this evening that the House
resolve that hereditary chambers if
legislation are "inconsistent with tbe
principles of representative govern
ment." The motion was rfjectjd-'
202 to 1G0. '"
KoclallNt Meeting; at Jf anchcaler.
Manchester, March 5. The Social
ist Federation convened a monMer
meeting for Sunday next. Its object
is to foimulate a demand that the
government find work lit the unem
ployed. Cholera at Venice.
Vknicb, March 5. Cholera has been
discovered on board a Greek brigan
tine, which has been ordered quaiaa
tined. Bismarrk'a Hbeumatlsna.
Berlin, March 5. Bismarck, who
expected to attend the afternoon see
sion of the Reichstag, was compelled
to remain at home by a severe attack
of muscular rheumatism in his chest
and shoulders. The debate on the
spirit monopoly bill was continued in
the Reichstag. The National Liberals
opposed the measure. The debate was
adjourned until to morrow.
Nkw Obleass, "March 5. Night
Arrived: City of New Orleanr, 8t
Louis. Departed: City of New Or
leans and Fort Etds and bargee, St.
St. Louis, March 6. Night River
etatlonary, and now elands 16 feet 8
inches on the gauge. Weather mild
and wot. Arrived: City of t. Louis,
New Orleans. No departures.
Cincinnati, March ."..Night River
21 feet 10 inches on the gauge and fell
ing. Weather cloudy and mild.
Locisvilib, Marrh 5. Night Rivet
filling, with 8 feet 8 inches in the canal
and 6 feet ti inches on the falls. Busi
ness lair. Weather cloudy and warmer,
indicating rain.
Cairo, March 5. Night River 28
feet 10 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather cloudy and cold. No arrivals.
Departed : City cf Baton Rouge, New
Orleans, 5 p.m.
EvA!sviLL,March 5. Night River
about stationary, with 17 feet 3 inches
on the gauge. Weather cloudy and
damp; thermometer M) to 46. The
James W.Gaft and Charles Morgan
wiU arrive to-night
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchitis, a
eeaaek'ss tickling in the throat, and an
exhaust trig, dry, hacking coub, afflict
the mflcrer. Sleep is banished, and great
prostration follow. Tuia disease fa also
attended with Hoarsciicta, aud sometimes
Loss of Voice. It Is liublc to become
chronic, involve tbe lungs, aud termiuate
fatally. Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral affords
speedy relief aad cure in cases of Bron
chitis. It controls the disposition to
cough, and induces refreshing sleep.
I litre been a practicing physician fof
twenty-four years, and, for the past
twelve, have suffered from annual attacks
of Brouchitis. After exhausting all the
nsuul remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral. It helped
me iniuiediatelv, and effected a aiieedy
cure. U. Stovi-ull.M. D.,C'arrollton, iliss.
Aver's Cherry Pectoral is decidedly ttie
best reumlr, within my knowledge, for
curome ttroneiiuis, anu an mug uiseaacs,
M.A.Hust,Jl. D., South Pails, Me. ,
I was idtoeked, last winter, with a severe
Cold, which, from exposure, grew wors
and finully settled on my Lungs. Byi
night sweats 1 was reduced ulmost to a
skeleton. Mv Cough was Incessant, and II
frequently spit blood, ily physician told
me to give up business, or 1 would net
live a month. After taking various reuie.
dies without relief, I was liuully ;
Cured By Using '
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I
am now in periect neniiii, and auie i
resume liusiness, nfter having been pro
liouuced incurable with Consumption.
8. P. Henderson, Saulsbuiyh, I'cuu.
For venrs I was In a decline. I had
weak luiifrs, aud suffered from KrouebiiU
and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral re
stored mo to health, and 1 have been for a
ion time comuaralivclv viirorous. in
case of a sudden cold 1 ulways resort to'
the Pectoral, and find iecdy relief.
Edward K. Curtis, Rutland, V t.
Two ve&ra flpo T Buffered from a aevora
Bronchitis. The physician attending me
became fearful that the disease would ter
minate in Pneumonia. After tryiug vari
ous medicines, without benefit, lie tlmillv
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. I continued to take
this medicine a short time, and was cured.
Ernest Cotton, Logauport, Ind.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
prepared ty Dr. J.C. Aver & Co., towell, llui.
(old by all Druwlils. l'ries 1 1 ; ill twlt.e., X
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
A Jinn or Sixty-Eight Winters.
I am 68 years of ass. and retard Guinn's
Pionetr a line tonio lor the feeble. By its
ufo my etrongth has been reftored and my
eight mcreftffd ten peond.
A K. il. CAAIlUKI.L,lViton Gin Maker.
Maonn, Us,, February Is, lsoti.
Airiild . onlederale Mays:
I on'y weighed 128 pounds when I eom-
rccDrM damn's Pinn r, and now weiuh 147
poui.d'. 1 could hardly wait w.th a stick to
sunoortme and ran now walk long distances
thout ho;p. Its bniiMi'- t uie ts h .yonu
cal-ulnt on. It. UUibJ IiuSTJCh.,
Macon. Ha. tot'un liuyer.
nr. A. II ilrarablett. Hardware Mer
chant, of Foray III, On , Writeei
It acted 1 ko a charm on my general health.
I eonsidor i a li'io tonio. I woigh mora tban
I havo Kr i yeais. Keppofttully.
A. 11. UtlAilObtll.
Hfr. W, V, Jone, Jlacon, Say at
My wiTo bas regained her strength and in-
ero'Sfli ton pounds in weipnr. wo recoin-
uund Uuniii s l . oncer as tho bcsv ton in.
Dr. . W. DidbridK. of Atlanta, On.,
Wrltra of fitun Pinnfer t
fluinn's PioncfT Blood lte-iewer hs heon
u'ed lor yc:trs lift u.ipictd'jactjJ succosh.
It ia ent'.n ly vegetable rnd does Ihs sy'tem
no harm. It improves the nppeti:e, diges
tion ii nd Mood nullum-, stimulating, invig
orating nnd toningupall tha lunotioni nud
li-so'.s of the svst.ni. nn.l thus bccotnoi tho
gri-ut blood rtntwer wnd health restorer.
r:n.v.i: iii. urn nws.K
urcs nil Blood a:i 1 Skin Di enFes. I'.heuma
tisin, 8 ToItla.Uid Eores. A perlcot bpring
11 not. in your I'-nrket It will be forwarded
on receipt on iriie. auiail bottles, jl.W);
large botile", J1.7i.
Essay on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed
frt,MACON MFDIOtNR CO.. Mnoon. .
Gcntlemoa'B r.
SELT. Vtt V Suspensory.
1 1
To the sick and dcliilltiitd who ennnot flnd i
lief in the old wny iu KWiillowing nnueooa drngw'
WHwinh to imorexrt Hie fiict tlwtl tlirw i o for lH)t
tr mid plwiKautrr n"mH.ly, I'I K'TItH'll J ".no
whli h iloex llio work KIl.KNTLVIiut fll'KKLl 1 ni
ahove cut shows tlie Intent invention in en Klecino
Itvlt. and a vat improvement on iinylhing in the
wityof a belt now matte. It is tn fuct. the crown
Int: triumph in Ihe wonderful Kliclrlc Bcienc
Boon as Bi.lt Is chanted, the enrnmt ia iuHtiintiy
felt by weiirer. Thi Electric Welt ia nnl'llc.1 in a
new and scientific manner, inftifdiia the eleclrio
current into the spinal column.whicH is the center
of all the nervnsof the ent I ro system, and wittioa
pole on the abdomen or other weak part of boo v.
and theotheron tlie back, passing the Klectrlcitr
through the body, iwrraeuting every nerve, tissue
and muscle in it, sharpening the apiietiteaststirul
digestion, purifying the blood, equalising the cir
culation, in fact, remvigoratlng the entire system
toa healthy, normal condition physically, nientHr'
ly, c. It will positively cure nervous Debility.
Pains In the back, hips or limbs, Lumbago, Kheu
matlsni, Neuraliria,tictatlcn.Kiitney.l,iver or Blad
der Complaint, I'yapepsia, Heiual H eakness, i'l it-am.
Ao. Klttctric Suspensory for men free with every
Blt. Price ordinary Belt, 10; Double Power, tlfil
Whole family can war same bait. Thai are fully
warranted. Note a few late cures
O. S. Porter, St. Louis, Mo., any I
"I anffared a number of years with partialParalr
is. Genera! Debility, 4o.. and could hardly draa
myself along. Your Belt curod roe. 1 feel HO years
ronorer. Iregard your It.' It as the greatest oora
tlT.ml.ut in the world. 'H. D. I'UHl tll.TA) Finest,
Nervoua Debility Cured.
"For yeers have been tronhled with Nervous De
bility. Pains in Hm'k. Malaria, to. Ibooghtone
of your Kelts several montlis two, and am now
about as strong and healthy as evar,aud cheerfully
recommend your appliances."
JAMEU SVAMIOKY.WO Morgan 8C St, Loula,
N. T. Plummer, Elgin, III. eayei
"VonrBelt not only rvatored heAlth to my kid
neys. but grenttr bAiielltod my health generally,"
B. T.PLUMMKK, Carriage Manufacturer,
J. P. Strong, Brighton. Ill.eayai
"Money would not buy my Belt."
J. VV. Jeffry, Cnahler N. uudlnnton Co.
246 S. Water street , Chicago sayei
"I was delightfully surprised witli the perf one
anre of the Bvlt. After four wanks I was entirely
relieved of a wvere attack of Peretonitis. and as
tribute the complete cure to the Belt."
It should be remembered that the curee onr
wondsrful B-'lls iwrform Is after everything alas
has failnd. Overwhelming reffrence furnished oa
application. Pamphlet by mail He to pay postada
AitElUt'AN OALVANI00O.3UN.8h st.t
HAS delcrminetl to give to Popils and
Ktodentj of Music, on end after Ma-ch
1, 18S6, tho fame discount claimed by Teacn-
OIL,'iebert Sturk's Piano Method, Pooks 1
nH 2 itetnil nrico. 3: Tciehsrs' price, t2.
Kicharilson'a w Method for Pi inof rte
Retail price, (25i teachers price, fci :t.
Petcrs's L'c'octic Pinno Method he tail
. TAnhpri1 rtrica. lt!2 25
Cramer's' Piano Studies, edited by Hans
w. i . -1 : 1 Cii . 1n.AriAva'
von umow ivoian priuwt olJ 'w1-'"18
ISe Plu Ultr Retail price, fl: Teachen'
Pretcltis Voonligei, Book 1 Uetail price,
"AllfcheMuiic ONE-HALF OFF marked
2S Main St.. Morphis, Tenn . ,
And 7 Vain st., Little Rock. Ark
Ta all wno are snffering from tho errors and
tn-iiscreuuuB ui yumu. ..it. " , ;i
early decay, loss of manhood, etc., I; will
send a reoiie mat win cure yo, n&n w
CH AKGK. This great remedy was discover
ed by a missionary in South Amorioa. Send
self-addressed envelope to the Rev. J jn
1. luaiv, Station V, Asa tork
f."l--- .iectrio
ytfV ?&J -L 01
For BfteDTar they bsTa steadily (alnsd
Ib laror, and with sates constantly inoraas
Int have become tha most popular CorssU
throughout tha United amies.
The quality Is wiaaiTaDTOwAaTWic
as utna as ordinary Corsits. W bars
lately introduced the ti and at II grades
with EiTaa Long Waist, and oan tarnish
them when preferred.
liifbest awards from all the World's
sreat Fairs. The last medal received Is lor
Fiasr DmRii or Mkkit, from Ihe late Expo
sition held at New Orleans. While scores of
patents have been fennd worthless, the prin
ciple, of the Uluve-Fitting Dave proved in
valuable. Ketailers are authorised to refund money.
If, on examination, thee Corsets do not
prove aa represented, tor auie every
Catalocnea free on amplication.
Thomson. I.angrton & Co.. Mew York
Manhood Restored
cauHioji Premavtnr Decay, IServouiDebilitv, Ixwk
Mtnhood. Ae., bavins tried io rain evory known
rmedj,haudiacovra simple meaneofseif-ouraj.
whlt-h ha w.l! j.r ; KRKK to his fellow-sufferers.
.dorca, J.11.B1; t: VEri. 43 Ohatham Sk.Nw Vurk.
Trustee's Safe.
A VINO been appointed trustee under
the rowers contuined in Ine trust deed
made Dy Surah L. Utnt.nnd tieorgo U. Dent,
securing tbe payment ol a note lor a.oou Dy
them made September 14, K&i, duo one year
after date, delault having been made in tho
payment thereof, at tho request of the holder
ol said no e. 1 will, on
Monday, April B. ItiSfl,
at 12o'o!ock m.. at the southwest corner of
Main and Miidison streets, in tha laxlng
District of Shelby county, Tonn., sell the
following described tracts of land: Tho first
hrr nninir at Carr and McLemore's corner
on Greer's line; theneo east II. 4(1 chains to
(Jreer's SK corner, theoco north 10 chains to
freer s NE corner: thence east 8 chains to
Hrailahaw'a SK corner: ihenca rouh 3.79
chains to AIcLemore and Carr'aSW corner
of 13-acre entry: thence east 13 chains ;
thence north io cnaiua to um. ana uiueon
Pillow's line: thence east 18.50: thencs south
5U chains; tbonce west 47 W chains to Carr
and ici.emore s line; tnenco nortn is.ty
chains to tho beginning, containing U9 acres,
more or less, it being fie same tract of land
conveyed to Diniel iluihcs l.y James K.
FelU by deed of August I'i, H', recorded in
book iM, page 35.
Also, lot In of the Borhnd subdivision of
lott, fronting 60 loot on the east side of tor
land avenue, and running back between
parallel lines 170 leet to an allev.
Also, part of lot U of same sub division, on
the south boundary lioe ot lot 10, eighty leet
from tbe southwest corcor ot same, and run
ning south at right angles with raid bound
ary line nine foot and six inches-, thnco at
right angles east sixteen leet so as to run di
reotly over tho oonter cf tho mouth of th
cistern ; thence at right angles nine leet and
six inches to the routh be undnry 1 ne of said
proper", with all imiToveinonts thereon,
and being the same property convoyed to J.
E. Dillnrd, trustee, by 8. L and H. G. Dent,
rernrded in book 145, page2i, of the rooords
of Shelby county. . . ,
Terms of Sale Cash. Title believed to be
good, but I sell only as tru'tcn.
L. II. KSTKS.Jb.. Trustee.
ArxentN or MemfMn. Te.
Ko. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established ia 1H-1
DR.JOTINbON is aolinowleditcd by all par
ties in torrstcd a by fur the most suc
cessful physician in the tro itmont of private
or recret diseases. Quick, permanent oureS
guaranteed in every case, main or ionaie.
Hocent cares of Oonorrhoa and Syphilis
cured in a t'.w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary SyrhilB, the Inst ves
tise eradicated without tbo use ofuiorcury.
Involunsory loss of i-emon stopped in a short
time, tiufi'ercrs from impotoiicy or loss of
sexual powers restored to irco vior in a few
woeks. Victims of self-ubuso and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
loss of physical and mental power, sjioedily
and permanently cu-d. Particular atten
tion paid to tho Diseases of Women, and
euref guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured
without the uso of cnuiticor lUo knile. All
c-insultations strictly coutilontial. Medi
cines sent by express to ail parts of the
""stw-orkingmen cured at half tho usual
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to l
"clock p.m. D. B. JOHNSON. M.D.
Trustee's Sale.
IN and by virtue of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted by rJailie and J. F. Uunton the
24th day of February. 1881, and recorded the
12th day of March, 1881. In book 136, page
347, Register's office of 6holby couoty, Ten
nessee, the not, therein not having been
p.tid at maturity, I will proceed to sell, for
cash, at pub io outcry, to the highest bidder.
In front of my office, Ko.22 Madison street.
Memphis, Tennessee, on
Thursday-, March 1st, 1886.
the following described real estate, situate
and being in Shelby eonnty, Tennessee, and
more particularly described as follows: Be
ing the eastern half of a 437K-aore tract of
land near Withe Depot, said eastern half
thus described : Beginning at a stake in tho
north lino of said tract, tho northeast corner
of thst part sot off to Orissy H. ovens;
thenoe eat 140 poles to a stake, tbe north
east oornor of said tract; thenoe south 250
poles to the southeast oorner or said traot ;
thence west with south lino of said tract 140
poles to a stake, the soutbesst corner or a
part set apart to U. H. Kvans; thence north
2f0 poles to the beginn'ni, ueing same tract
set apart to Mrs. Sal ie K. Hunt, by partition
deed, recorded book 134. psgo4b0. Register's
odice of bhelby county, Tennessee, to which
reference is here made.
This land will be sold as a whole or tn
several tracts, as may aapear moat advan
tageous on the diy ot sale.
L B. MoFAKLAND, Trustee.
Morgan k McFarlan ' Attorneys.
""chancery sale
No. 343, R. Chancery Coortof Shelbycoun
tyM. (savin et at vs. Fatrit k Mart not al.
Bl virtue of an interl' cotory decree for
sale, entered in the ahovo cause on the
ltfth day of December, ISM, renewing order
ot May 18. 1S81, andagtiin ronewed January
18, M. B. 51, p. 103, 1 will sell at public
auction, to the highest bidder, in Iront of
tho t'lerk and Master's office, oourthouse of
Shelby county. .Memphis,. Tenn.. on
patnrriay, March 6, ISKfl,
with n legal boars, the following described
property, situated In bbelby county, lenn.,
to-wit: The equitable interest of Patrick
and Julia Mar in in lots 7 and 8 of A.
Wright's subiivislon, said lots having a
front each of 30 leet on the east lino of
Wright avt nue andrnn back between paral
lel 1 nis 180 feet to a 20-foot allay.
Also, their interest in lot ono(l), of block
2, ot A. Wright's subdivision, South Mam
phis, fronting 30 feet on tho south si Jo of
Georgia street aid running back between
parallel lines l.V? foot.
Terms o- Sale On a credit of seven (7)
months; purchaser to execute note w to ap
proved ecurity. bearing interest from date,
and lien U'nen to secure payment. This
Februaiy 10, IsSn.
. McDOWEIL, Clerk and Master.
I'v J M. Bradley. Deputy Clrk ft Master.
II. C. W ar inner end tlippin AFIlppin, So
licitors, sat
s mm i 9

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