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Great Difficulty la JIotIbj Freight
Trilfti-ilarmliiff Bamon 1!
frdinf the Strikers.
X 8ifBl0ct Iciaet-Lbor Trot
Met at Yrioaa roluU
Coal Strike.
8t.' litnf. Mo , March 8. Grain re
ceiver, here are very much alarmed
boot the railroad aimalioo, and fear
ehuttlnfroffof receipt, that will pr
aljM boaioraa, Conaiderable corn baa
been purchased along the Gould linea
forabipment thia week, bat the pur
chasers say they do not believe they
will be able to move it. On the pres
ent argent demand lor export corn,
they aay tbia will make a hardship
that cannot be eatinoa.ed.
oiiibbal iuspebiiow or wobk.
The atrike of a part cf the Kniihta
of Labor on the Uoald Southwestern
aystem ot railways Saturday waa fol
lowed yreterday at various points
alone the linea by a general tnspenalon
of work of all tbe Knights employed
in any position by the railroads until
the nam her n ached between 0000
and 10,010 men, and included shop
men, switchmen, trainmen, brakemen
and tiremen. The engineer., none of
whom have joined tbe strike formally,
are prevented from workiog by lack
of strikers' assistance upon their en
gines, asd are counted in among them
selves by the Knighti so far as their
value to the loids is concerned. An
other general order is expected from
tbe Executive Bowl in Marehall.
Tex., to day, which, it is expected, will
ca'l from their work all the Knights
now left on the reals, and will still
further cripple them. In 8t. Louis all
the Missouri 1'acilla employes who are
Kuiiclits of Labor have struck, and a
number of them who were not Knighti
have jo'ned the order and left their
wo k. No freight trains and no pas
senger trains wei.t out of Kt. Louis on
the Missnori Pacific raod yesterday,
and its buioesa ia every department
is at a complete standstill. The
Knights have been holding quiet and
orderly meetings in their hall, while
their Executive Committee is in ses
sion sr.d is waiting to bear from tbe
railroad authorities, from whom they
are looking for a proposition for a con
ference at which their differences msy
be arranged. It la probable that unless
some preposition of this kind is made
to-day the strike will sssume greater
proportions and will injure the road
more than it haa already. The strik
ers exercise great care that the delay
of the mails shall not bs attributed to
them. They have appointed delega
tions from their number ti prepare
tbe mail cars for their trips, switch
them into position and attach them tc
the engines. This precaution makes
it impossible for tbe Unit'd (States
. government to prtfar charges against
them for delaying the malls, and thus
tbe government can find no pretext
for interference nnlees violence pre
It was with the greatest difficulty
that any ot the Missouri Pacitlo trains
eould be moved this morning from the
union depot, ss the officials of the road
could persna le none of the strikers to
assist in making them np. Assistant
Superintendent Silllwell of the union
depot, awis'ed by three yardmasters,
howewr, eurcfttded in starting all the
passenger trains on time, the strikers
offering no reeiatauce to their efforts.
Not a freight car on the Missouri Pa
cific haa been moved from this city
since Saturday' night, and tbe proba
bility is that none can be moved until
the present difficulty has been settled,
or nnle-e tbe railroad company fill the
placet of the striking Kuigbts of Ltbor
by non-members of t'ls organization.
The members of the lizard of Directors
of the read have arrived in this city,
but whether they came to asnlst in set
tling the ttrike, or simply Dattend the
annual meeting of the board, set for
next Wednesday, is not known.
of the UenerHl ExRcutive Committee
of the Knights of Labor, is txpectad
tt arrive here at any hour, aud tbe
Knights 'eel confident that his efforts
to adjust affairs will result in a settle
ment of the iMilsul ties. Theoflkials
of the rsi read are as reticent ss ever
and no hint of their future policy in
regard to tlio ' Mrike bis been dis
closed. The Brakemeo's Brother
hood met yesterday afternoon in
Thiol's Hall, on South Fourth street.
As near at could be learned, their
grievance is that their wages are too
small. Thev receive $i(0 per month,
but want (70, or Chicago prices, to
gether with extra pay for extra work.
A committee f the Knights of Labor
called on the brakemen yesterday af
ternoon and conferred with their com
' mittee but no result was obtained, and
the meeting adj earned until last night
when another conference was held.
Tbe outcome of it all seemed to be
that a oommiitee of the brakemen
will call upon Mr. A. W. Dickinson
this afternoon and notify him that
after 6 o'clock no Missouri Pacific or
Bridge and Tunnel Company's cars
will be bandied until the present
strike is over.
Alarming rumors are ahroai this
morning regarding the contemplated
action by the Kniishls of Labor to
force the railn a Is of the Gould Sou th
. matt system t accede to their de
. msnd. It is s ated that at 12 o'clock
all the Knights o! Labor employed bv
. the St. Louis Bridge Company will
strike in enpfort of their already
striking brtthren This will cause a
total stoppage nf all railroad connec
tion between the Union Dupot in this
city snd the R.lay depot in East St.
Louis, and no passenge.s nor freight
can be transferred bv rail across the
river. To avoid tbe nossibilitv of the
railroads using tbe ferres for trans-
. portation purposes the Central Com
mittee has, it is stated, ordered out all
the men engaged by these companies,
and tbia will sever all connection
with tbe east side of the river. Tbe
Knights of Labor are dumb when
questioned concerning these rumors,
and ntuss to either deny or affirm
tbem. Tbe officials cf the ra lrosds.
the bridge company and tbe ferries
re equally dumb, and nothing can be
poiitively known in regtrd to tbe fat
are policy nf either side. The strike
upon tbe Missouri PdCiflo railroad has
had the effect of rendering it impossi
ble for the St. 1, -mis and han Francisco
railroad to handle any freight deliv
ered at the Unirn Depot, as the latter
company uses the tracks o! the foimcr
from tin depot t) Grand avenue,
distance of t bint two miles, and no
men can be found to atst in making
up freight trains intended to pass over
these tracks.
AboEt 7 ;30 o'clock p.m. Saturday
Jim Judge, a moulder by trade, who
has lately returned to Belleville after
an absence of over a year, became
noisy on High street nesr the Thomas
House and proposed to some comrades
that they move np the street and clean
out the Hinckley House, but City
Marshsl Williams appeared and
ordered tbe men to be quiet and move
on. Judge refused and the Marshal
arrested him and attempted to take
him to jail. A crewd quickly gathered
at tbe scene and grew until its num
bers rescbed full? m Among tbem
the rumor started that Judge was one
of tbe striking Knights of Labor, who
was being arrested without cause, and
tbia so angered the crowd that they
rushed upon tbe Marshal, who drew
his revolver and threatened to shoot
sny one that iiiteifred with him in
the performance of his duty. The
threat had little effect upon the crowd
nf ie enaed workingmen and citizens.
Tbey in hed, furiously wfld with ex
citement, upon the Marshsl and res
cued the prisoner, and the Marshal
waa obliged to makes hasty retreat for
his life.
Contrary to expectation the Knights
of Labor employed by tbe St. Louis
Bridge Company are ttill at work, and
trains to and from East St. Louis are
running regularly. It is confidently
stated, however, by the Knights of
Labor that this will bs the next move
ordered by the strikers. All through
passenger and mail tiains have left np
to this honr(l:60 o'clock p.m.) on
time, and no serious delay along their
routes is anticipated.
It is learned from a railroad oflicial
that there will probably be no farther
trouble in making np passenger trains
at this point, and that every efloit will
bo made to keep tbe passenger traffic
of the entire system moving regularly
and fromptly.
A snecial from Marshall, Tex., to the
1'iutl-Oitjmlch states that no work Ts
being dune by the mechanics of the
Texas Pdciflo railroad in the shops at
that point. A special guard bin been
appointed by the Knights of Labor to
guard the company's property from
acti of violence. Tbe flht at this
point now conniBts of the demand by
tbe Knights of Labor that the organi
zation be recognized by the railroad
officials. All other grievances bave
been prac icsDy sottli-d A rumor is
current here that 10.000 additional
Knights of Lnvor will be ordered out
to morrow, and this will absolutely
stop all passenger and freight tratlio
on tbe Gould Southwestern system.
No U.aeral Mlrtke at Ualvealors.
Galvkston, Tax., March 8. Up lo
noon to-day no general strike of tbe
Knights of Labor has taken place here,
but there la no knowing what an hoar
may bring forth. Tbe Knights admit
that a general ttrike haa been ordered
by the Executive Committee. Work
on tbe Mai lory wharf and about the
railroads is pioressingss usual.
Tbe New Political Parly.
Decatur, III., March 8. The action
of the Knights of Labor at Decatur in
forming a new political party, is at
tracting much attention In this section.
They declare in their platform : "We
have formed a new national political
party, to be known as the Unit'd
Labor Party of America for the pur
pose of organizing and directing the
great political power of tbe industrial
masses at political organ iiition ; and
we will caet our ballots for none who
will not pledge himself to stand firmly
by our principles." All voters are
called upon to emancipate tbe wage
workers of the country from the "iron
hand of the capitalist." They declare
that the alarming development and
aggressiveness of great capitalists and
corpoiations, unless checked, will ine
vitably lead to the pauperization and
hopeless degradation of the toiling
masses. t
Carpenter on k trlke at New York.
Niw York, March 8. Four thou
sand members of the United Order of
Ameiican Joiners and the Amalga
mated Sjclety cf Carpenters and
Joiners stopped work here to-day.
The journeymen complain of low
wages raid, at the rate cf 13 per day
of ten hours, the rate of first-clabs
workmen being $3 60. which very fdw
receive, on the plea that they am not
first-class. The strikers now demand
that the average WRires paid to jour
neymen shall be :i 50 per day of nine
hours each for five days, aud eight
hours on Saturday. Six hundred
shops are a fleeted by this movement,
and at m on eighty-six bosses had
agreed to the demands as present 'd.
Men in these shops will at oace re
sume work. The men are coutlJent
of carrying their points, as nearly all
the larger shops bave given in. Aoout
1200 nun will resume work to-day.
apcachmfint ot lslatrlft Master
Workman Ualtlras.
Dallas. Tkx as. March 8. District
Master Workman Golden of Galves
ton, who was impeached yesterday by
the assembly composing district 78
Knights cf Labor, waa found on the
street in the morning iutoxicated, and
was arrested and Hoed by the mayor.
Golden was sddicted tj liquor tome
years sgo, but reformed. By his pres
ent tooduct he loses the highest gift
in the Texas Knighti of Labor. -
It is Itarned that tbe Knights have
formulated a circular asking the busi
ness men to sign an agreement not to '
buy or handle the golds manufac
tured by Stetson A Co., and to allow
the Knights of Ltbor to examine their
stock of goods ; also that their goods
be shipped by other than by tbe Mai
1 ry Steamship line. It is under
stood that this agreement will be
presented to all tbe business
houses here and elsewhere in Texas.
B.jr.ttloer Non-Union 'lara.
8t. Loui, Mo., March 8 As a re
sult of the boyco'.t againitt noa-un on
made cigarr.the wholdeala grccars and
dealers of this city are receiving lots
of cigars, returned from their custom
ers, with word that tbey cannot sell
them. Tbe retail dealers say that a
very large number of their customers,
on asking for cigars, lift the box and
look on the bottom, and if they are
not labeled they baud them back, say
ing they will not (moke them. The
J ibbers say they cannot sell the non
union cigars to the city trade or on
railroada, and their oaly recourse will
be to dispose of them at interior
points where the Knights of Labor
do not penetrate
PromteM to Be Loaf rontlnnod, '
SPaiNoriiLn, U , Match? Toe con
flict between the Knighti of La'iorand
their lt employers, thepropiie'orsnt
the Etat Street Ktaper Work,
promises to be long continued. Wm.
N. Wbiteley, who L at the head of th
works, ssys he wants no employe who
cannot testify t) and sign the follow
ing: 'This is lo certify that I I avs
withdrawn from the Knights of Ltbnr
or associations of like kind, and am no
longer uuder their direction, having
restored ixyself to manhood and inde
pendence aa a fren Ame-ican tit sen."
Tke Boieait at Vbtrafte.
Chicago. March 8. The Trades As
sembly at a meeting to-day ordered a
ooycor. against Maxwell tfto., cox
manufacturers, whose men struck two
month agar on account of tbe intro
duction of labor-saxfng machinery
Maxwell Bros, filled the places of the
striken with non-onion men, which is
the direct cause of the boycott.
A communication from tbe Typo
graphical Union of Atlanta, asking
Chicago compositors to boycott sll
firms who advertise in tbe Atlanta Con
afituiicn, which employs non-union
men, wai also, read.
Katoaalvo Slrlko at Fltlabarej.
Pittsbcbo, Pa., Msrch 8, An ex
tensive strike of tbe coal miners of
Federation No. 3, comprising the soft
coal districts of the Eas', wss inaugu
rated to day for the uniform scale ol
wages which was adopted at the con
vention at Cumberland on February
Coal Minora OrgaalaJaa;.
Ccmhbblabd, Md., March 8. In
compliance with the order of tbe
Executive Committee of the Federa
tion of Miners and Mine Laborers,
which organization includes all the
employes in the several bituminous
coal regions, tiie 6000 miners and la
borers in the Cumber aud region
struck to-day for an advance Loin
40 to 50 cents per ton.
The Plaht aaralaai Ooavlet Laaarla
Lot'isviLl.i, Kv., March 8 The
five comi aniea of State militia sent by
Gov. Knott to protect tbe convicts
and State property at tbe Greenwood
mines, near the Cincinnati Southern
read in Pulaski county, Ky.. arrived
there early yesterday morning and
took tbe -'00 free miners and citizens
entirely by surprise. The free miners
had ordered the lessees to remove tbe
convicts and were waiting f jr the ex
piration of the two days of grace
granted before they resorted to tbe
threatened violence. Tbe mob ia or
derly and not disposed to resort to vi
olence, but they Insist on tbe removal
of the convict). They say that, of
course, they can 'do nothing, and will
do nothing as long as the troops remain,
but say the convicts must and shall
go just so soon as tbe soldiers are or
deiod away.' They cay tbey blame no
one but .the Legislature, and insint
that it is the duty cf that body to re
peal the law which allows convicts to
be leafed and worked to the detriment
of free labor. The soldiers are in
charge, and no trouble is anticipated
while they remain, but it is the opin
ion that when they go the citizens will
force the convicts to so. Tbe ques
tion is, then, will tbe State keep the
militia on guard continually or will
the convicts be removed. Convicts
are worked in several other mines in
the State and the same trouble is
likely to snrinii p any day.
Later Four out of the five com
panies of soldiers who are at the
Greenwood mines in Pulaski county,
Ky., to protect State pmpeity and tbe
convicts against the threatened on
slaught of the free miners, left for
home to-day. Tbe Lexington com
pany and the Gatling gun still re
main, but it 1b thought they will be
ordered home in a few days. The free
miners bsve promised not to molest
the co ivicti for two weeks, stating that
tbey would give tbe Legislature that
time to pass laws removing the con
victs from tbe mines. Tbe free miners
are orderly but determined, as tbe
question is one of bread to them.
r$5007600 FIKE.
I be Oeeaa Kteamtir S aypllan Mon
arch fcDrord-Other J.xea.
Nbw York, March 8 When the
fl imes on the Monarch Line 'dock
were discovered at'2o'cl ck this morn
ing a 1 the firemen in Jereey City and
Hoboken were summoned to the
scene. Itton beiame evident that
tbey could net handle the fire, so as
sistance was asked for from this city.
Tbe large iron steamer Egyptian Mon
arch was on fire before the tugs conld
get bet gwav from the burning dock.
The throes burned ro furiously that
tbe firemen had no chance cf subdu
ing tbem. The heat, too, was so in
tense that the workers could get nc
wbere near her, and after her masts
snd spars were consumed the flames
made their wsy into her cabins first,
then to her hold, where it caught what
was there of her cargo, and in a shoit
while she wai a raging furnace ef
flame, that soon heated her sides fo a
white heat and made her hu 1 tt the
water line throw off clouds nf steam
caus'd by the beat within. There will
be a los on the ship nf about $100,000,
and later erttimates place the l s on
the freight, which is to a', at about
$250,000. The superintendent of the
M Larch Line docks said that just be
fore tbe fire started an explosion w s
heard, and it was his opinion that the
shock was among the freight that had
been discharged from the Egyp
t an Monaicb, It is supposed to l ave
heen caused by dynamite or an in-1
f irnal machine, which the superin
tendent said was possibly placed
among the freight while tbe steamer
wee lying at her dock in London pre
vious to sailing for this country. The
Lydtan Monarch also took fire, but
waa hauled out into the stream before
much damage was done. The milk
depot of the Erie rond was a'ro de
stroyed, entailing a loaa of about 125.
000 on that company. The Monarch
Line docks were entirely consumed.
The total loes is now estimated at
$500,000. The dam sue to the eteamer
E.-yptian Monarch is now found to be
not a great aa wai at fiftt supposed.
The agents of the Monarch Line now
p'a the damage to that vessel st (20,
000, and to her cargo at $75,000. Thio
will reduce the total loaa by the nre to
about $300,000.
A rave Fnll orprnirle Wolves.
Lawrrncb, Kan , a vu 8. A day
or two since a farmer 1'ving in the
southern part of this county, came
into thecitf with the teport ton ne
had discovered a are on his farm that
wai inhabited by prairie wolves, aud
(torn what he conld find out, tbey
amounted to about 300. He had
killed a few, but they would not com
out, snd be was afraid to enter the
cave. Preparations were at once made
to raid tbe den. A large party a'rmd
at tbe place yesterday morning
and turning the dogs loose, one or two
of them rushed into the cave and
were at once torn lo pieces. A
f 'ce ot men then commenced ope
rations, and in a short time bad a hole
int ) the cave back of the wolves. Two
men entered and all the dogs that
could be found, and then advanced en
the rear of the mass of animals, who
had by this time assembled in the
trout pert of tbe cave. The dogs be
came frightened and beat a retreat,
and tbe men, a tar firing a few shots,
sun got oat. After an all day's skir
mish, the hunters decidtd to make a
dash and drive out their prey and
kill at many as possible. All drew
back out of sight from the front and
two men again ei.tered in the rear.
T.iis time they succeeded in CAnslng a
stamp.de, and in a short t. me li e
cave waa empty. The snorters did
some gocd wo. k, snd by the time they
were through, about 100 dead wolvts
etrewed the ground. The othere es
caped, snd the party returned minus
f ur doin, but covered with glory. A
grand bunt is proposed. It is snp
po ed that the animals wintered in
the cave.
Suicide or a WelHaowB Prtkter at
Jiashvllle Doable Harder
In Oreron.
El Paso, Tax., March 8. A special
to the Timet from Chippua, Mex.,
says a duel with pistols, between
Trinidad Alveres and Senor Parades,
has just been fought in tbe suburbs
of this city. Pa'adea received three
wounds, and it is believed will die
front his it juries. Tbe first two shots
fiied at Alvanz misd him, but the
third struck him in the forehead, kill
ing him instantly Both were promi
nent mi n here. The duel was'caused
by a quarrel between tbe families of
the two men, in which they becsms
involved. Parades was tbe challeng
ing party.
Two Hen Mnrdered.
PobtlInd, Ori, March 8 J. M.
Coleman and Wilbur Patton, promi
nent citizens of Seattle, disappeared
about a month ago and were be
lieved to have 'been murdered. The
fact tbat Coleman was foreman of tbe
grand j try that indicted those who
were arrested oa a charge of having
participated in tbe recent riot at Sf t
tle, ami who also bad shot and killed
several Chinamen at tbe Newcastle
mines, lent additional Interest to the
affair. Search waa made for the men
f r days without success. Yetterday
the bodies of both were found in Lake
Washington, near Seattle. There is
every iudickt on that Coleman and
Pation were first shot and the bodies
then caet into tbewa'er. The iden
tity of the esagssins remains a pro
found myrtny despite tbe efforts of
the detectives.
Kniclde of a Hrll-ltuown Printer.
Nash villi, Tknn , March 8. Everett
S. Smith, a well-known compuaitjr and
secrernry rl the Nashville Typograph
ical Union, committed suicide i t
Spring Park tbia city, Saturday night,
aud was found dead with abulNt
through bis heart hid morning. He
left a letter ascribing his wen to
whiff y, and confeeaii g that he was
behind with the fund.4 of the union of
which be was secretary. Daring tbe
early pait of the ff'ernoon Saturday
he mixed freelv with his Mends, and,
it is sii , drank heait ly, though not
insufficient qisntity to make him
drunk. Ltir in the evening lie dis
appeared fioai the streets and was
r-een no more by bis acquaintances
until his remains were brought into
the nndprtakir's
Day and Night
During an acute attack of Bronchltia, a
ceaseless ticking In the throat, and an
exhausting, dry, hack lug cough, afflict
the sufferer. Sleep Is banished, aud great
prostration follows. Thia disunite is also
attended with Hoarseucss, and sometimes
Loss of Yolce. It ts liable to become
chrouic, Involve the lungs, and terminate
fatally. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral affords
speedy relief and euro In cases of Bron
chltia. It controls the disposition to
cough, and Induces refreshing slcepi
I bav been a practicing physician for
twenty-four years, and, for the past
twelve, have sutTi'ml from annual attacks
of Bruucbltls. After exhaubling all tbe
usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayea Cherry Pectoral. It helped
me Immediately, and effected a speedy
cure. Q.StoveaJl,M.D.,t'arrolllou,Mii.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral Is decidedly the
best remedy, within my knowledge, for
chronic Kroucliltis, end all lung diseases
M. A. Bust, Jl. V., boulli Paris, Ho, j
; I was attacked, lust winter, with a severe
Cold, which, from exposure, grew worn
and Dually settled on my Lungs. By)
night sweats 1 was reduced almost to a
skeleton. My Couth wun incessant, ami II
frequently spit blood. My physician told
me to give up business, or 1 would iiotj
lire a month. After taking various reiucJ
dies without relief, I was dually j
Cured By Using i
two bottles of Ayer'a Cherry Peciornl. I
ara now in perfect health, und able to
resume huslucoM, after having been roj
nou need incurable with Consumption.
8. P. Iicmlcrs.011, Saulsburgh, lYun. t
For years I was in a decline. I had
weak lungs, and suffered from lirourbltiH
and Catarrh. Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral re
stored me to health, and 1 have been for n
long time comparatively vigorous. ii
case of a sudden cold I ulwav resort to'
the lVctoral, and find speedy relief.
Edward E. Curtis, Itutluml, Vt. ,
Two vears fi','0 I suffered from a aeverrj
Bronchitis. The plivsiclan attending mo
became fearful that the disease would ter
minate In Pneumonia. After trying vari
ous medicines, without benefit, he tlnallv
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. 1 continued to take
this medicine a short time, aud was cured.
Ernest Colton, Logansport, Ind.
Prprt by rr. J. O. Ayr Ik Co., Ixwll, Km.
(old by all bruggUu. Prloa Si; aU boitiM, fa.
TsN-BTtoo, Canada West, Oct.
Haass. Pl.tMiNO Bo. I
r-ina Yonr pills eameall rWht, and I can
lar they r a rnnd hilions pill. I hava 0"ru
treat many pil s, but f ran av Dr. 0. Mo
Ltna'a HII, maou sutured by Hemlnf
Bros., are tannine. And, gentlemen, you
hT my thanks in tefillnf. I gave some of
those pills to my nelihb'.ra for a tril. On;
of my n-lirhhors got ihrao pitta. II laid
they dll help him. He foltthe next day !
anew man. He winhea m to send for Sny
cents' worth for him. So, gent'einen, I will
rfo all I ran ti introdu-e Dr. O. Mcl ana's
l.irer I'lllf.inaouUmure'l by rienung Broth
era. Your., wit j respect DU'iAN.
Fl.KMtNa Rtos.!
Data Siaa Inclosed you will And one
dollar, for ahirh you will plee sen niy
more of yonr Dr. 0. Mobna's Liver I'llla- 1
trust you hveteoived the pay tor th lest
two box's 1 nrdeiedand received. I would
only ey. they have dona me more good thn
I eould eiiTt ss, I feel much "elter now than
laave lortw, .kVu.
West rtandlake, N. Y.
tioin rorxttarMisi Kend at
2rie,and we will tend ru by return nail
a boa ot the genuine Dr C. Mo lane a Cele
brated Mier I'iH. nd eith' han'aomecarda.
KLKMING BKOi., Pitt.-bn gh, Pa.
For tale h rauil dru?gisU. Ba tur tha
MoLanr't Pi'ls yo I u are made at Pitts
burgh. Pa, The connter'eiU ara made at
t?t l.nnis, Mo .and Wiling, W Va.
The New York Week y Star
Ths Memphis Weekly Appeal
will be faralaheal t aatrlbra al
1 SO per year. The RTAK Is pmh.
lltiMt la Dalljr.aaadajr a ad Weekly
editiana, by Vt ta. Parahrlnaer. The
Aerltly la a ti rlixii klxl.ra-pa;
Torre Art) a l'ruarle
Who oare more t.i i ake a lirge p-o6t on a
worthiest artie'e 'run to ws t lot toe proa
perilT tbil utui.s,ly rrtults lrom noneit
di'hlin'. The e a- tht men who, when
KUKo.l fur H n.on't t-npoiu Hnaier, will
roi-oiniuend some oteP '', tra-hy tuba i
tine or iiniia'inn.ts'.-ing f as wood.
Nom-ir.i i- Ihry i I (o upudJ n II ih - tn a
er.he I in tmioa i:h"U remark., ullciwii a
the cutomr ! fu. .me he n I ens. n if
Ih. alueivss platier i returned L-h.ap Job a
will tsyhenisde a Uii'ts: t r"'- baa
done a rood Hr, k. f husinesa. T lie i u lio
are ctutionrd aR.uunt John, end a. his Ilk.
ltuy of ri'siwel.v. ie druit nly. ma
genuine tonrun'e nlater a tre nree
ceaU" tra.l.-mrku t" "ur" apoiae
out in the center.
And Commission merchants,
2G and SG2 Front HU. Memphis. Tenia.
YhoIcsalo Grocers & Cotton Factors.
169 Front Street. Memphis, Tensu
Cotton eoasif ned ts ni will have our esreful attention. We carry at all times a well-
aeleotad stuck o
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Uqucrsjob&cco & Cigars
4aS will axil aa Low aa the Iawaat.
Jos. Schlitz Brewing Gompanv,
Hf TWDIIIU T!l A "VfltT t alffleeand Bottling Works, A 10 Unfe
illlj ill rUlO It 11 AjS Kjllf f UeiotandlwhouM,eor..ialn4cAa.M n
K. ROESCHK.R. Agent, Memphis, Tenn.
Halm In IM83, 1190,000 Barrels Snleu of Ntmphls Branob, 100,000 Kec
Haloa In BMMMMI Harrplt.
U. !. HERttKHS,
G.H. Berbers &Co.
. ar (ATboleaaale On.l'v.-v
Pield Peas Wanted
Farming Tools, Grass Seed, Garden Seed, Onion
Sets, Millet,
JN0. t). T00J.
B. h. MoQOWAN.
tout, ran i co
Wholesale Grocers, Cotton Factors,
And Dealers In Levee and Railroad Supplies,
No. 274 TVrvnt Stret -WawaMa, Tmrn
Newlv Constructed and Elaborately Furnished, Con
tali, ine 225 .Large and Elegant Rooms.
BarThs If out. has Perfect Ventilation and Natural Light, Steam heating, Electric Belli,
and two c. Bale'l Elevators. All street-earl pass Main itreet entrance.
RJlTE.H 0'J.SO to M per day, acoording to lise and elevation of rooms, Special
rae' romrr-frnlsl Trawlers. Al.pn.tnnt snrrlT ofPtlBK CTFTERN AND WELt. WATKH
aw amd rut.Hisa.iaix, hatt.ta.kd.
Boors, Sash. Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts.
a7ftji7RASO-HS2.a84-3S6 Second street, south ot Garoso.
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Shingles,
Yico-PreBldeut ;
tUI Ann AMrl A A
MAHrACaxaas or ihi ciubbatcv
Pilsener Beer in Kegs and Bottles.
Oalj Pure GhrjsUl Well Water Used for Brwlns Purposes.
S. W. Corner Butler and Tennessee Ste,
c w. caowitt.
And tmml88io MercliaBtB. IfeaJaCona 0tg,BraB, Chop Peed, OU-Meal,
Hw. , Cement, PUster, BuildlBg' and Tire Brick, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Row, Memphis.
i. H. McTIQUK.
K. K. LKH.
Sec' aad Treu
rlttAnTin fD A
Medical & Surgical Institute
f; "
wm.mmm ...in. . .. ImubMK....
Drs. Heery, Furse & Lewis,
Practical Specialists
Have PERMANENTLY loealed ia MEM
PHIS, liNN., and hare opened a
Medical and Sureical Institute
In the Gayoso Uotel,
Entrance on Main afreet, FiratFloor, Firtt
Door to the Riitht, where we will treat SCI
ENTIFICALLY the foUowin-diaeaaeat All
Piaeasea peculiar to Women ; also, treat
Rhramatltm, NenraUia, Sciatica, Liver and
kidne- Diaeiei, anch aa Chronic Copatipa
tion, Bilioaaneaa, Sick Headaches. Rectal
Diaeuea, auch aa Piles, Fiarnro ot the Rec
tum, Vistula in Anu. Ulood l)iaeaae. such
Byphil s, Sctofula, White Swollinx. Vene
real Di ewe, such aa Gonorrhea. Impo
tence, Storility aoi Nervoua and Sexual De
bility. Iireac of tbe Eye, har aod Throat.
Opium ami M'rphine 11 n ti a cured with
out rufffrinf or Hclcnt on tnni rimiD'ur.
cured by us.
We Cnrc Slammeriitg bj nn Art
no Medicine or Iostnimnitn naei.
We Extrnet 0nc rs nilu u Vegeta
ble Plaster, wilhout jk rfortttiujf any
surgical ojitratlon ana without ninth
We treat Stricture by Electrolysis which
IspainloHHi Consumption, Asthma rtl Dib
eascso' the Heart, Dyspepsia and all cr
voui Di?cars All Skin Diseahes, such an
Ecioma, Tetter, Etc., treated.
M" Correspondence solicited,
OFFICE HOVBB-rrom 9 a.m. to 1
p.m., aad from 8 p in la H p.m.
Foi is years at 37 Court 1'Iace, now At
322 Market Street,
Vet, Third and Fourth,
a wemlarl ftrisMtml ItlA IfaTallf aUlllHSrl DkTlilTU KOf) thai
3kttt uoow'tlal, a Hi prmatko wiii prore.
Cure, all foinfPRTOATi;
EASES. - .
aVrmatorrhea and Impotency,
as the irao'.i tr Klf-abuft In youth, ivnal tvxxnt it Bav
.urer rearm, or otheT oaueea, aud prrdiKinf woaeiuh. iai
:owmi flyCi: Ncitouiqvm, StmlDal Kmi. .t, '.-LUiitav
l'oi v drraiui), Dlmui of liiht, Ucfeaive Mrtt.-riiy-avraUhwm.r,
FlUii)c)oa Faoa. Aenioo tobootetT c:rTDi)a,
CvpfuKltiti or (ItLf, Iota of Brxual Power, Ac.. retdlng
tnarmjri' tmjrc"" jnhnTT, r tborou,bi and ptrrutv
n-ntij i-urwl. jgVPWlX. IS P11''! eani iaI
Onir pmitUd from tUa tnunn; CrOIIOrrll ea
OLEHT. &'rictar, OntliitU, Hernia, vx a.ut;un,
yilfadncloiiiT prtrldirimjf quickly eurvd.
It Uaeir-avhleiit tbat a phy alctaD wtio pay ipeHal atta?mt
to ecralD cUu of dl.'oaae, aul tnuttcg UvuamndJ aijio
ally, acqatre freat akllL Phyai liana ktxrwlui Uiii tact ofva
,-r orj.mmt pertooa t 107 ar. W hem It If iDCOHTenlem (
fHitthecity to-tmuDont, meJlrtoet oaB Iw aM prtTaiej
and "atvly by t.il or axpraaa anywbm,
tv9 Guaranteed in all Cases
Dnariakcn ...
Ooiixi.taiittut iwraonally or by VtMT rr- im (Tit1a
"hatfu maaooaUa and cttrreflpobdcooa titctaf ixnUMaUai.
Of SUU t nrea, awnt to any aM-r aMortlr aad, IW tinrtp
'SO) pjU. Should b red br ail, Addrau ai abora,
bunt uoura from G A,MaotP.M- Jatadatfay 8 to P f
Exchange National Bank
NORFOLK, VA., Feb. 16, 18&6.
PROPOSALS will be received at this office
until Saturday. Maroh 27, 1B8K, for the
purchas, of the hereinafter mentioned prop
erty in its entirety, and aiso for pieces or
parcels of tbe same reference beini had to
descriptive lista of said property which
lists, stating tarma of sale, will be furnished
upon application to the undersigned. The
right to reject any and all bids ia referred :
The extensive and valuable property lo
cated in Norfolk and Pnrtsmouth, Va.,
known as tbe "8cbon-d Cotton Compress
Company of Norfolk. Va.," consisting of :
1. Therancnc, which, among other priv
ileges, authorizes the storage of cotton aid
other merchandise, and the issue of negoti
able receipts therefor.
2. Its plant, which consists of throe (3)
first-class improve't cotton compresses; two
(2) steam tugs; three (3) transportation
barges. AM tbe adjuncts necessary to a well
0'iuipped establishment of thia character.
Its fire prouf warehouse), seven 17) in num
ber, of capacity for storage of 24,000 bale!
unoompresscd cotton.
Its four (4 frame warehouses 'metal rooft)
oipacity, many thousands tone of fertili
a rs, salt, ete-
Its wharves and docks, which afford ample
room for berthing at the aame time ten aea
going, steam or sailing vessels. Tbe area of
the warehouse and dock property in Ports
mouth ia about6 aoie. tone' her with all
o her property, which is fully described in
the lists above refe-md to.
WM. U PETERS. Beoeiver.
UANTm AQENTS.Venand Women,
W All I til to sell "THE CHILD'S
BIBLE " Introduction by Rev. J. II. Vin
eent, D.X. One agent haa sold 65 in a town
of 674 people; onu 73 in a village ol 704; one
new agent 85 in 10 days; one AJ in 4 succes
sive weeks; one 40 In 8 days at two diCerent
times, fiiperience not necessary address
CASWELL 4 CO. Lt'd).
it liesrborn street, '"clcago
WacT'. Naava ikd Batm TaaiTMisT,
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dissi
ness, ConvuIstons , Fits, Nervus Neural
gia, Headache, Nervc- Prostration, caused
By th. use of aloobol or t'baooo; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Beltnning of tb.
Brain, resulting in insanity and leading to,
misery, , decay and death; Premature ,io
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power In either
a: InvolunUry Losses and bpermator
rhea, eauu I by over-exertion of the brain,
aelf-abus. or overindulgence. Kaoh box eoi
taina on. monti, treatment. II a box, ot
aix boxea for $5, aent mail prepaid, on
receipt of prloe. We guar. nt . Six Boxes
te eur. any case. With esch order received
by us for six boxea, accompanied with Hi.
w will Bend th. purchaser our written
iusra"e to refund the money if the treat
ment doe ol aftect a cure. Ouaranteea
Isroed onlybv A HBNKKRT C0.. rg
rit. MmnK. T-.
AdmlnlHtrator's Notice.
Eenruary 27, 1HK6. I
HAVING been appointed and qualified aa
administrate of the estate of Patrick
Roper, deceased, all parlies iudehtod to said
state are requested to erne forward and
aettle, and all parties to whom said estate ia
indebted are requested to file their claims
with me, duly prohited In accordance with
law. JOHN 10AULE. Pnblio Adm'r.
, Trustee' Sale.
IN and by virtu, of a certain trust deed ex
ecuted bySatli. and J. jr. Hunton tb.
24th day of February, 18al, and reoorded th.
12th day ef March, 1881, in book 135. rage
847, Register's office of Shelby eounty, Ten
nessee, th. note therein not having been
p. id at maturity, I will proceed to sell, for
cash, at public outory. to the highest bidder,
in front of my office. No. 22 Madison street,
M.aaphia, Tenneasee. on
Tkanday, Marcta IH, 18S8,
th. following deeoi ibed real .state, situate
and being in Shelby eoun'y, Tennessee, and
more particularly described as f .Hows: Ue
ing the eastern half of a 437-aore tract of
land near With. Depot, aaid .astern half
thus described: Beginn'ng at a stake in th.
north line ef said tract, the northeast corner
of that part set ofl to Gritty 11. fcvane;
theno. at 140 pnles to a stake, the north
east corner of said Irac ; thence south 250
poles to the southeast corner of said tract ;
thence west with south line of said tract 140
polea to a stake, th" suutt.tst corner of a
part set apart to O. 11 Kv.nsi thenoe north
250 poles to the b-giiin o.-. eing aame tract
set apart to Mrs. Sal - E. Hunt, by partition
d ed, recorded book 134. page4o0, Register's
ofnoeof bhelbyoounty, Tennessee, to which
reference is here made.
Ibia land will bo aold aa a whole or in
several traota, aa n ay appear most advan
tageous on th. day ot sale.
L. B. MoFARLAKD, Trustee.
Morgan k McJT arlan t Attorneys.

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