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Cotton Active sad Firm- hldlln;,
H 5 8c- Sales 4 $00
Money continues in good demand at
S per cent. Local securities steady
with the rxeeption of gas stock, which
was ortVred yesterday at 73. There is
an active demand (or American cot
ton oil trusts, which are freely taken
in at 25c. The local cotton market
closed firm, middling 8c; sales, 4SO0
hales; receipts, 2691 bales; stock, 138,
Till hales. At New York spots closed
linn, middling 9 3-lfic; futures firm
ami " to 8 points higher than last
Saturday; March, H 21!.2:5. At
New Orleans spots closed irregular
and 1-1 tic higher; middling, 8 ll-llic;
futures steady and 2 to 5 points
hiither; March, 8.75; nominal. At
ljverHiol spot- were in good demand
and 1-lCd liigher; middling, 4 IVlOd;
futures firm at 7-i4d advance; March,
4 i;2-t4d. Receij)ts at all United
States ports yesterday, 13141 bales,
againxt 1, 52" bales same time last
There is no change to report in the
general market except a decline of 1c
in hides in all grades and varieties.
I me hundred and seventv-nine hrls
apples, -4 hrls beans and peas, 31!
iikgs butu.-r, 12(1 pkgs bacon, UHpkgs
boots and shoes, 2(i,5Go hu corn, 173
pkgs cheese, ltd sks cotl'ee, ! cftrs
cotton-seed, ""il S sks cotton-seed, "UIO
brls cot ton-seed oil, 270 pkgs dry goods,
(i." kgs eggs, 2700 brln Hour, iki bales
hay, 37 pkgs hats, 8o hd hogs, 30 lid
cattl", 322 hd horses and mules, 5'j,'
nkgs lard, 219,000 ft. lumber, 115 pkgs
litior, 127 brls meal, 50 brls molasses,
114 kegs of nails, SMOO bu oats, (i cars
Kirk sides, 75 brls jKirk, 251 brls
sugar, 'M'i pkgs tobacco and 1O00 bu
9 .Vadlxon St., Memphis, Tenn.,
-.'orrstoiidruee toiirl(e(J. tutor
nntloat ebefrfuUr rnrulalirff.-
Money in gond demand at 8 percent.
The Cloaring House report is ai fol
lows :
Monday, March 8 h. 1204,631 66;
fame day last week, $3011,81 S) 47; fame
c'av 1SS5, EC1.508 00; si me day 1884,
$203,037 30.
Monday, March 8 h, $73,182 91;
same day iat week, $11, OHO 04; same
day 188 JC0.7G7 00; same day 1884,
$30,012 21.
New York sight on all point', J dis
count buying, j premium selling; New
England demand, discount buying;
New Jinl;iad sight, i dircount; New
OrleaLB, discoutt buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce... 148 bid, 150 asked
Fir,t Natioia! 138 bid, 142 afked
German Bank 192J bid, 00 asked
State National 137 bid, 140 asked
Union and Planterc.148 bid, 160 asked
Bluff City
Memphis City..,
Factor ', ....
70 bid, 75 atked
100 bid, ... asked
80 bid, 85 asked
.... 101 bid, lOoaeked
98 bid, 100 afked
....102 bid, 104 asked
20 bid, 2U asked
100 bid, ... asked
25 bid, ... aiked
Tenn.ceitf, D and E..83J bid, 871 asked
Tenn. wte. er. C 97 bid, 99 asked
Mielbv Co. bondf..l04J bid, 10ft ai-keo
Shelby Co. wU !S bid, W'J asked
Tax. Diit. 4, 6 92 bid, 02J aiked
Tax. Dist.Gs UM' bid, 101 $ asked
Meta Stor. Com. Co..'05 bid, 110 n'ked
Mem. Gas it5ck ..73 bid, 75 asked
Mem. Gas bond ICS bid, ... aektd
Mem. Water roide OS bid, ... iked
Hanauer Oil Vr'orks bid, 50 asked
City Oil Work; bid, 45 arksd
Pioneer Cotton Midi ..12 bid,
Am. Co'.. Oil trusts 25 bid,
Mem. City Ry. bond..i02 bid, 1C3 atked
New Yokk, March X. Money on
call easy nt 1(" 2 ier cent. Prime
mercantile paper 45. Sterling ex
change dull at 487 for (10 days, and
4S'.l for demi.nd.
ISonds-Government bonds were dull
and firm. State bonds active ami
steady. Railway bonds less active.
Sales V2,"2l),000, of which Erie second
consols $41'.),000. Some activity in
Port Worth and Denver lsts and Gulf,
Colorado and Santa l"e ti's. Closing
prices irregular, and most active issues
Stocks Lail, except Rending, of
which sales were $109,300, closing after
fluctuations of 1 at same figure as
Saturday. Tiie remainder of the mar
ket opened (irregularly, but was firm
during the forenoon, resulting in slight
gains, yielded slowly after midday,
somewhat, more decidedly in the last
hours, and closed firm on small reac
tion, generally to J lietter than
lowest figures, Ixwisville ami Nash
ville being the exception, opening up
jr. The remainder were steady dur
ing the day, with net advance of jj.
Next to Ketuhng Lackawanna ft as most
active, and contributed 38,730 shares;
after tluctuatioiis within a range of 1 J,
it dosed j- lower. Delaware and Hudson
wa down j. lite in the afternoon
the report was current in the board
that the emc'oves on the Krie railway
(truck, and vie stock, especially pre
ferred, beouiue weak, but closed bet
ter with a net loss of I, while common
was dow n J. The report w as Inter de
nied. Western Union continued weak,
selling low astiSJ, closing i higher,
with a net loss of lj. New York Cen
tral was also notably weak, yielding
1 1. and closing better. Lake Short
was down !,at 87J. The remainder of
the active list shows a decline of J to
.1. except Pacific Mail, which was
strong, selhng high as 52,1, closing j
lower, with a net advance of J. News
circulated on the street is iinitniMir
tant. except from the West whiting to
the troul Us of (be (build system w ith
its employes.
Total sules of stoi ks to-day were
330.S70 slum s, including . Delaware,
ji(-kawani;; and Western. 3s, 730;
IVlaware and Hudson, I!".'!; Krie,
I4,x;!5; K;.ns:is ami Texas, 21HW: Ijike
Shore, 10,(iM(; Louisville nnd Nash
ville, 10,rM); Northwestern. 37S1 ;
New Jor--y (Vntrnl, .r5,l5ii; New
York Central, 34; ra ific Mail. 13,
530; R-ading. 109,300; St. Paul, 21,
435; Union Pacific, (1S50; Western
Union, 31,935; Northern Pacific pre
ferred, 4370.
IT. S. 3. innf
New 4f. 1?TV;.
Pucilic t e( 1S&5. V?i
C. P. 8rt. Kxi. T.P. Und rrtnt.. 3i".
Eri netindt. lur. T. P. Kiu O. 1iv., 53.
l'h A Wilki., 115. I.. P. fir.t., 117S.
Louiaian con",, Ii5a l . P. land rriint. 116.
Missouri u, llf i. V. P. . fund, lis1,,
bt. Jo-eili. Vircinik 6a, i3.
ht.P..C. tiriiU, liS.Vi. eon., x-n. c, 60.
Tenn. 6a, old, 54. V. con. dcf.,
lena. 6a, new, 59.
Admi Bxpretf, 145. Nuhrille k C, 4TV.
AlleaheeT Cen , N. J. Central, 54.'i.
Alton!. 11, 43 Nor. M W.. pfd. 'J.
A. . T. II.. pfd.Wi.Northern Pu.,
American Kx 106. Northern P.,ptd, 5S'a.
B. .C. R. AN..65. N. y.C. A St.
tannd. Pee., 65V,. N.Y. C. St L . p., IS.
Cane.de. Ciou-.ij,. C. N. W., 1(9',.
Central Peeie.4S. CAN. W., ptd, 141.
Cheer peake AO., lO'-i.N. t. Central, m.
C. k O.. lit fd, 1S. Ohio Central, 1",.
C. k U., 2d fd. 13. - Ohio i Miat.,
C. k A., 142. . O. k Mir.,., pfd, V0.
C. A..pld, l'-S. Ontario Weat.. IV.
C , B. k 137'. Oregon Nay., 101H.
C.,8t. L. AN. O.. Orefon Tren.,3l?i;
C, (t. L. A P., 124. Oregon Imp., aa.
C..BI.L. A P.. p.,3.Pacifio Mail, M';.
C, S. A C . M. Panama, w.
C. AC..t2H. Peoria, 1. A K , 20',.
Del. A Hud,, lfffi. PitUbur. 152.
l)el., L. A V ., 12U. Pullman P. CIS'..
Den. A Rio Q., 16. Readme, 30Vi.
Krie, 27'4. Kork Island, W.
Erie, pfd, Wi. ft L. A S. F., 21.
Kaat Teun., St. L. A S. P., p., U'i.
Kat Tenn. pii. Fi. Hi. b.A S.t. lt p., 1U2.
fort Wayne, m'. CM. A St. P-.W1-.
llannioal ASt. Jo. r- 0 M. A St. r-.,p.,li!V
H. A St. Jo pfd, - St. P. II. A M.. 117.
Harlem, 217. ft P. A Omaha, :"
Hooetop A f. , 28'. Rt. P. A 0.. pfd, lllj.
lllinoia Cen., 111. Tm Purine, 11 V
lnd. 11. AW., l7!-4. l'moe Pafifie, 4'.
knniaa A T , 28' . V. S. Expreaa. 64'.
Lake E A V.. 12. W., St. L. P., trn.
bake.Sh'Te, 87!i W.,Sl. L. A P. p.,h:,'-M.
. ou. A Naah , 43!. M' A F. Ex . 123.
Lou. A N. A., 36. W? L'. iil-.O"1-,.
M. A lt pid, Colorado Coal. 20K.
M. A C, 2d pld, llumei-Uke, 17.
Mem. A Chnr., .".". Iron Silver, 243.
Mich. Central, 73! j. Ontario. -J.
Min. A St. L., 1H',- OuickaiUer, fiS.
M. A -t. L., pfd. 4SH.liuick Iter pll, 22.
Mite. Pa . It) . South. 1'aciflo,
Mob lu A 0..14. euuo, 19.
MurriaAK.,o0l. 136'i.
ISokton', March 8. The follow inn
table, compiled from special dispatch
es to the 1'urt front nianup-rs of the
lemlini; clearing-houses in the I nited
Stntes,show s thc(ss bank exchaniten
at each point for the week ending
March 0th, in comparison with the
corresponding week in 1KS5:
New York, 674,U,07,(HX); inc.,31.l.
Poston, H3,SL'3,K42; inc., 21.5.
Philailelihia, J?(i,3,(H5,i5!l; inc., 51.4.
Chicago, $49,458,000; inc., 17.3.
St. Louis, $ Hi,Mi2,!i3ii; inc., 33.2.
' JJaltimore, $12,201,807; dec, O.ii.
Cincinnati, $13,100,000; inc., 43.9.
Sun Francisco, $13,4(13,0-15; inc., 9.5.
Pittsburg, S, 482,4, 8; inc., 20.5.
Louisville, $5,970,058; inc., 25.1.
Milwaukee, $3,781,000; inc., 11.2.
Kansas City, $4,93i,l 19; inc., 83.9.
Providence, 14,105.700; inc., 1U.
New Orleans, 8,559,!i3!i; inc., 5.9.
Minneapolis, $2,531,5:!ii; inc., 55.1.
Denver, 3,8(!3,7iil.
Omaha, $2,(181,801 : inc., 37.7.
Detroit, $3,232,159; inc., 25.2.
(ialveston, $1,327,190.
Cleveland, f 2,34(i,2mi; inc., 24.9.
Indianapolis, $1,121,885; inc., 3.0.
Columbus, $1, 94!i,7r.4 ; inc., 44.
Mem nil is, 2.037,357; inc., O.S.
Hartford, $1,880,541 ; inc., 22.4.
New Haven, $1,100,200 ; dee., l.l.
Peoria, S81(i,878; dee., 14.4.
Portland, 849,822; inc., 3.1.
Worcester, $.824,722; inc., 30.9.
St. Joseph $759,000 ; dec, 7.2.
Springfield, $080,290; dec, 7.7.
Syracuse, $447,832; dec, 5.9.
iJowell, $533,830; inc., 49.1.
Total, i9!Hl,935,541 ; inc., 29.5.
Outside New York, $310,720,541;
inc., 25.4.
Denver and (ialveston not included
in totals.
London-, March 8. Consols, 101 1
10 for both money ami the ac
count. United States bonds 's, 129J.
The amount of bullion withdrawn
from the Pank of Kngland on balance
to-day is 20,000.
Pakis, March H. Three per cent,
rentes, 82f. 55c. for the account.
New Orleans, March 8. Clearings
of tho banks, $1,937,590.
New York, March 8. Kxchanges,
$1 15,814,821 ; balances, $4,826,900.
Philadelphia, Pa.. March 8. Bank
clearings, 8,129,278; balances, $1,150,
302. Baltimore, Mn., March 8. Bank
clearances, $2,259,700; balances, $244,
023. St. 1u'is, Mo., March S. Bank
clearings, $3,005,507; balances, $240,
510. Kxcbange on New York easy at
Ciiic.Mio, III., March s. The
Chicago bank dealings to-day were
$7,9S4,IHH), against $7,104,000 on Sat
urday. ItosTox, M vss., March 8. Kx
changes, 13,7s2,iiO;5; balances, $1, 510,
s:;o. .Money, 112 per cent. Ex
change on New York, 5010c pre
mium. ' 1
The local cotton market opened
linn, and closed firm; middling, Sjc.
Sales, 4.800 bales, including 14G0 Satur
day evening, of which 4200 to export
ers and 600 to spinners.
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary ii
Good ordinary 7,"
x middling 81
(iootl middling..
Middling fair
( i(n S
Stains and tinges.
MmrttiH, March 8, I860,
Stock Sept. 1,1885 1,392
Kece'ved to-.lay 2,0!ll
Heceived previously. ..497,31 7
Sh'pped to-day 2,349
Shipped previously.... :UW,255
f 01 ,400
Slock, running a'coant
Thus far this week P,il9
Thus far last week 4,751
Since Septcmlicr 1st 5iX),00S
M. and C. H. I; 432
M. iin.lT. K. It 204
L.an4N. U. If 242
M.and L. K. U. il 218
C, O.amlS.W. !!. I! 9i
L., N. (). ami T. I'. K 57
K.C.fi.and M. M. l 309
M., S. and B. K. H. 44
Steamers , 929
Wagons ami other sources 100
Total 2,091
Thus far this week 4,:!53
Thus far bust week 3,891
Since September 1st :O2,0O4
M. and C. I!. 1! 572
M. and T. 15. U 049
L.a .1 N. P. It 310
('., O. and S. W MO
U, N.O.andT. It. It 272
1 Total 2,349
I New York spots opened firm, and
closed firm. Sales, 937 bale. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterdav. Saturday.
Ordinary- 7-10 7 io
(ioodordinary... 7 15-10 7 15 10
Ixtw middling... 8 t
Middling (i 3-10 3 16
(iood miildliug. S P
Middling fair....U) 5-10 10 5H
Fair 10 15-10 10 15-i0
New York future opened unsettled,
and closei tlrnj, and 5 to 8 points
hiut-cr. Sales, PM.lOO bales. The
closing quotations were as follows,
as compared with Saturday:
Yesterdav. Saturday.
March 9 21 9 23 9.1(X 9 18
April tJ.:W 9 31 8 24( 9 25
May 9 4 4 9.42 9 3,5(5 9 36
June 9.51 9 52 9 V(S) 9.40
July 9 59 9ti0 93(4 9 54
August - 9 07 (U18 9.61(3 9 62
September... 9 50 4 9 51 9.4 9.45
( tobcr 9 33 9.35 9.28 9.29
November... 9 28 9.29 21 9 22
December... 9.31 9.23 -"
January 9 30 9 40 ...
The New Orleans spot market opened
tuiet, and closed irregular anil 1-16
higher. Sale. 13,0X0 bule.
Yesterdav. Saturday.
Ordinary. 7 3 16 71
(Iood ordinary... 7 13-10 7
Ixiw middling.... 8 3-10 81
Middling 8 11-10 8J
( rood middling 9J 9 7-10
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed steady asd
2 to 5 points " liigher than Saturday.
Sales, 07,100 bales. The closing quota
tions were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
March 8 75 noin. 875 bid. '
April .8.80 8 SH 8 82 8.84
Muv 8.99 9.01 8.90 8.97
June 9 13Vi) 9.14 9 I'M 9 fit
Julv 9 26 9 27 9.22 9 23
August 9.27 9 31 9 20 9.27
September.... 9.04 9.05 9.00(o 9.01
OcUiber 8 91 8 90 8 9J(a 8 91
November.... 8.91V 8 9 2 8 88 8 89
December ... 8 92 8 92 8 89 8 91
Tone.l Kec. I Prices I SUick
ti mi.
1,009 8J
1,1(H S
9 9 3-1,!)30!I5-0(J
315 8
N Orleans.
New York
Boston .
St. Louis..
Augusta. .
Iteceipts at ports,
Heceipts at ports,
this day
tins day
K'ts U. S.
ports, 3 d's 19,433
Kx. Cit. l!r 14,809
Stock 980,441
6,204 10,211
777,504 895,044
4,425,704 4,430,197
Increase of reeeijits this year... 109,099
The Liverpool spot market at noon
w as reported business good at liaril
ening rates. Sales, 12,000 bales, of
which American 10,500 bales. Receipts,
5000 bales, of which American 49(H)
bales. At 2 o'clock p.m. tho price of
mnUlling mm advanced to 4 15 1
The following are tho closing quota
tions: Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary,
4 Id; low miauling, 4 ll-10d; good
middling, 5d; middling uplands,
4 l )-10d: middling Orleans, 5d.
The prico are girrn in prwe nnd 64lm,
i7iiw 4 63 mnua i 63 Old., and 5 01
mean 5 1-64 3
At noon : Liverpool futures were
firm at 5-04d advance. Quotations were
as follows: March, ; March
April, 4 58d; April-May, 4 OOd; Mav
June, 4 014 02d ; June-July, 5 05d ;
July-August, 5 035 Old; August-September,
5 005 07d ; SejiUunber
October, ; September, .
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
firm; March, 4 OOd sellers; March
April, 4 00d sellers; April-May, 4 62d
sellers; May -June, ; June
July, 5 02d buyers ; July-August, 5 05d
buyers; August-September, 5 08d
sellers; September-October, 5 07d
sellers; September 5 OOd sellers.
At 5 p.m.: Liverpool futures closed
firm nnd 7-64d higher than Saturday;
March, 4 62d sellers; March-April,
4 02d sellers; April-May, 5d sellers;
May-June, 5 02d sellers; June-July,
5 05d sellers; July-August, 5 07(1
buyers; August-September, 5 lOd sell
ers; September-October, B 08 buyers.
11 intK uctL:,
The following is the record of the
bids and oilers at the Call Board of
the Merchants' Exchange yesterday:
Xo. 2, white, spot, 41e bid, 42c asked ;
March, 41c bid, 41 jc asked; April, 42c
bid, 42c asked; May, 44c asked. No.
2, spot, 38o bid, 39 Je asked ; April, 39c
o. t. bid ; May, 42c asked.
No. 2, spot, 34c 0. t. bid, .14 Je reg.
asked; March, 34 je o. t. bid, 35c o. t.
asked; April, 35c asked; May, 34 Jc
bid, 35Jc asked.
Spot, $14 50 0. t. bid, $15 asked;
March, $14 25 bid, $15 asked.
March, $1 95 bid, $2 asked ; April, $2
bid ; May, $2 15 bid, $2 30 asked.
Corn White, 47c; mixed, 45c, from
store; from levee or depot, white, 44c;
mixed, 42c.
Hay Choice, from store, Sic; prime,
75SOc; ptairia, 50o; round lots from
ievee or depot, choice, $1414 00;
prime, $1313 50; prairie,$s8 50.
Oats Wnile, 40; mixed, 3SJo,
from atore: round lots fi on levee on
track white, sacked, 36 Jc; mixed,
sacked, 35Jc.
Bran Froaa store, &?. per cwt ;
round loti from levee, $1515 25 per
Beans Nvy, $1 752; medium,
$1 601 75.
Rick Louiaaoa, 45,c; Carolina,
7f8 1.
Oatmeal In half-barrel?, $33 25
from store.
Cornmkal-S andarrf, $2 152 25;
pearl, J33 25 from store; 5c cheaper
from mill, lvee or track.
Floc b From store, doable extra, ;
triple extra. ; family, $14 25;
choice, $4 254 40; fancy, $4 7o5;
ext a fancy, $5 25()5 75; patents $0
dU 25; round lots from levee or track,
10c cheaper; cur let choice, $4 25
4 40; family,!3 60(2,3 95; fincy, $4 60
(j,4 75; ext'a fincy, ft 80 a 5 05; pat
ents, Jo 45) 70.
Hominy asu Grits Fiom store,
V 753.
Criceed Wheat In half-barrels,
$3 50 from store.
Crack rs Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble fxt-, 4Jc; lemon cream crack
eis, extra, 7c; lemon cream crackers,
treble extra, 7Jc; ginger snaps, extra,
5c; ginger snaps, treble extra, 0c; as
sorted j ambits, 9c.
Nkw m.Kast, March 8. The bread-
etufl'd markets arc quiet and un
Kansas City. Mo., March 8. Whst
stroniter; No. 2 red, cph,7:M; biJ, 74?
asked; April, 7!Jc bid, 75 asked:
May, 78Jc. Corn weaker; No, 2,
ciflti, 28lc; Apiil, t9bid,29jaked.
St. Lons. Mo.. March 8. Flonr
steady and unchacged. Wheat a-tive
and lower; the ui.vket nimned firm
and c higher, but wiakeurd aid
cbsed lrT7 i lower than yrsr.tT: No.
2 red, cum, 91 Jc; March, 92(.i 9'Jc b'd,
cUsilR st 92 Jc bid; U. (MJrtOjJj,
closing at 94Jc; June, Clj" l clos
iug91js. Corn firm and huher; the
market opened strong, acid advanced
lir. but later eased off atritU, and
closed l(a jc higher than Saturday ; No
2 mixedcasb, S5i30c: March, 3 Jc
afked: April, t0j' 3ojc,cloeinB at 3t-Ju;
May, 30f 37c, closing at 3tc 0ts
very duh but Arm and higher; No. 2
mixed, caib, S0i3(lc; March, 30o
bid; May, 31 Je. Kre firmer, 61c,
Barley, no market. Hay easy: prairie,
to 505 75e: timothy,$U0t)12 75. Flax-
seed, $ I 10. Bran firm, 62c. Cornmeal
steady, $1 95'J. Keeeipta Mour, soou
brls; wheal, 11,000 ba; corn, 249,000
ba; oats, 20,000 ba; rye, 1000 ba; bar
ley ,8000 ba. Shipments-Flour, 14,000
brls; wheat. 2000; corn. PtO.OOO ba;
cats, 17,000 bu j rye, 20tX bu ; bailey,
1000 ba.
Afternoon Buurd. W heat eaiy. Corn
io lower. Oats la lower.
Chicago. III.. March 8 There wa
a fair degree of activity and firmness
in wheat at the opening, and prices
were higher, but the advance was
more than lost at the close. The cold
weather and strong dvic63 from Eng
land and New York, coupled with an
export movement at the la'.tar point,
early bronght "shorts" to thefioat,
but as soon as their wants were sup
plied sellers outnumbered buyers.
May opened at 85 jc, sold up to 86 s,
but afterward fell, and closed at
83JO at 1 o'clock. In the afterncoi
Mar dropped on to 4jc and closed at
8113-16. At 11 o'clock the receipt!
were 321,000 bushels, and the ship
ments 276.000 bushels. Last week the
stock in New York decrruled 439,850
bushels, and the estimate cf the d?
cress in the visible sunplv was all the
way from 735,000 to 900,000 baBhelp.
(kirn was moderately active and a
fraction higher early in sympathy
with wheat, and firm cables and a good
demand from shippers to load In ves
sels. Offering were not large until
about midday. After that time the
speculative baying fell off and soiling
became more numerous and was In
creased by a break in Mew York, and
a (c decline in May resulted here, and
bt sales tt 1 o'clock were Jc below
Saturday's close. Wheat, strong early,
advancing iic. but weakened and
clo3ed io under 8atiirdsy'a. Sales
ranged: March, SOjlajSljo. ooieilat
802c: May, 851(186 Ac, eloBed at 85ic;
June, 8087jc, closed at 80ic; No. 2
spring. b0j82o, No. 3 spring, 72
73o. Cjrn firm early, but closed
weaker and Jo lower; cash, 37J38b;
March, 37Jc, May, 40J40Sj, closed
at 40 c. Oats quiet and firm; casb,
29Jc; March, 29c; May, 32J32j3,
cloned at 321 1. live quiet; No. 2, 69 a.
Barley dull ; No. 2, 60c. Flaxseed firm
er, 2c higher; No. 1, $1 20J. Receipts
Flour. 10,000 brls; wheat, 27,000 bu;
corn, 213,000 hn ; oats. 110,000 but rye,
4000 bu; barley, 3;00J bu. Sine
ments Flour, 10,000 hrls; wheat, it,
COO bu; corn, 113,000 bu; onU 33,000
bu ; rye, 1000 bu ; bailey, 17,000 bu.
Afternoon Hoard. Wheat JJc low
er. Corn easy and J3 lower. The
other markets showed no changes.
Itt'TTKR-Creamery, 3337c; dairy,
22a20c; biitteriue, I4M0c; country,
Vlymw, According to condition.
Ciikesk 1'rime flats, 7(a8c; New
York factory, 8c; full cream, 1212Jr;
Y. A., 12l"2e.
Muss I'ork Old, $10 5010 75 per
barrel; new $11 75 per barrel; BUgar
cured "hams, packed, 10c; breakfast
bacon,7J10c ; clear rib bacon, 6i6c.
Bt'LK 1'oiik Clear sides, 6c; clear
rib sides, filfSoJc; long clear, 5j;e;
shoulders, 3J4Jc.
Lard Tierces, 0JtlJe ; half-barrels,
6Jtie; kegs, Ojlilijc; buckets, 6,'
Ojic; half-buckets, 77Je; 50-lb tins,
6JJc; 20-lb tins, 6(Jc; 10-lb tins,
6i7c ; 5-lb tins, (ijc ; 3-lb tins, 67c ;
clioice kettle, tierces, Ofc.
Frksii Meats Ueef (livxl Kansas
City steers, heavy, 8c; light, 77Jc;
cows and heifers, 6c; mutton, 7c;
lambs, ; pork tic.
I'KiH-FKRT Itrls, $88130; luill'-bils,
$33 25.
Cincinnati, 0., March 8 Pork
quiet at $10 75. I-ard quiet; prime
steam 6 02c; current make, 5 95
6 97J. Bulk meats firmer; shoulders,
3 87J3; short lib, 5.60j. lUcon scn-ce
and firm; shoulders, 4Jc; short rib,
0.10c; sho-t cienr, 0 35s. Butter quiet,
steady; No-thweftern extra creamery,
3334c; gnod to prima creamery,
2030j; choice roli, 1218c. Eggs
heavy and lower at 11c. CheieBe
quiet and it5adv : gcol t j piirno cured
Ohio factory, 9g,9Jo.
Chicago, III., March 8. Provisions
were quiet all I'ay. At the opening
ttrength prevailed, but at the cloie
weakness set in, and at the arljiurn
mnt prices, as compared with those
of Saturday, showed a decline of 10
12Jc on mess pork and 2Jcon lard and
short riba. Mess pork prices ad
vanced 5 7 Jc, sit tied back 1&17J',
closing steady; casb, $10 23i0 25;
March, $10 2010 25, closed at $10 20;
May, $10 32J10 52J, closed at $10 32J
10 45 ; June, $10 42 J!0 60. closed at
$10 4010 42J. Lard steady; cash,
0.05c; March, 6 05c; May, 6.0"JoJc,
closed at 6X7J6.10c. Boxed meats
steady ; dry salted shoulders, 3.904c ;
short rib sides, 625.40c; short clear
sides, 5 705jc. Batter raled firm;
creamery, i731c; daiiy, 2024c.
Eggs easier, llj12Jo.
Ssap 3J5Jc per pound.
Cckkee Common, 7J7jc; ordina
ry, 99Jc; prime Rio, 910c; choice
to fancy, llj13ic; old government,
2325 ; Ceylon, 2c.
Sugar Ewtesa yellow, 6J62c;
pnre w. c. white, 6c; off white, 6J
t; jc ; yellow clarified, fl,i6jc; open ket
ile, 65Jc; refined A, 77Jc; granu
lated, 77Jc; powdered, 7; cut loaf,
Molas'es Louisiana, common to
fair, 2327c: prime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 20i0c; common to fair, 23
28c ; prime to choice, 3033c.
Tobaccj Common, 11-icch, 27
30c; other grades and styles, 2E28c
Snuff-Garrttt's, $10 8) per case;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. 11, $9 50.
CandiesI ticks, sll sizes, in boxer,
pails and barrel, 7j8Jc.
Candles Full weight. 10Jllc.
Canned Goons. Etc. Prices per doz
en: Pineapples. $1 351 65; peaches,
2 lb. standard, $1 3:1 50; seconds,
$1 151 25; tmatoes, 2-lb, standard,
$1 10; 3 lb,$l 3j; strawberriee, $1 40
1 60; raspherriee,$l 15(ail 2-j; black
berries, $11 15: greeDgages, $1 60
1 75; pears, $-'2 25; plumB, $1 60(
1 70; asparagus, $2 604; green corn,
$11 33; green peas, $12 25; cove
oysters, full weight, Mb, $11 10;
cove oyster', f ill weight, 2-lb, $1 75
1 85; cove oysters, light weight, 1-lb,
65c; cove oystsrs, light weight, 2-lb,
$1 ; condetsed milk Crown, $5 90;
Eagle, $7 75; 8i s, $0.
Rio ok Janeiro, March 6. Cuff.,
regn ar fin-t, 4300 reie per 10 kilos;
iood eofonds, S00 reis. Rx-eipti dur
ing the ra'tt wtrek, fil ('00 bacs: pur
chases for the United Mat-s, 30.0(0
has. Clearances for the United States.
32,000 bags; stock, 181,000 bairs.
Saktcs, March 6. CoTre Good
average, 3950 reis per 10 kilos. Re
ceipt! during the week, 33,000 bans;
purchases lor the I n.ted S.aies, 4000
baits; clearances for the United Mite,
10.0U) bags; ttock, 260,000 tajra.
Nfw Yobk, March 8 Spot fair Rio
firmer. 8Sc: options higher and active;
falee. 28,000 rn; March, April, May
and Jane, 7(u U c: Julv, 7057.10c;
September, 7.107.15c; October, 7.15c;
December, t.Mc. suirar q'l et: cabee.
66Jc. Molasses weaker ; sales, 19Jc
lor 60 test. Kice steady.
Havana. March 8 The susar mar
ket during the week has been inact
ive, owing- to the ditferemes between
buyers and sellers, the latter expecting
better price, while the former isar a
continuation of the unfavorable news
from abroad. Tlia weather is warm
and dry. Stocka in wa ehouse at Ha
vana and Matarzis, 125,000 boxes,
3,215,000 bags and 86,000 hogsheads.
Receipts for the week. 2500 boxes, 65,-
838 bags and 1300 hogsheads. Exports
during the week, 1000 bags nod 1200
hogsheads, all ol which t: the United
States. Molasses sngar, regular o
uojd po'arixalon, $2 18iti 2 311, gold,
per quintal ; Muscovado, common to
fair, 218j2 31J ; centrifugal sugar,
92 to 96" polartzttfnn, in hogsheads,
bags and boxee, $2 803.
Aitiks Apples, $2 50 3 from
store; $2 2 25 per car-load from levee
or depot. Pried apples, 34e l'r
pound from stort. Pried peaches, 3
4c from store.
Potatoks Potatoes, $2 2,V-iN2 50 from
store; $22 25 ier car-loadfroin levee
or depot.
VKGKTAni.KN Onions, 2 i,:tf,t iroin
store; $2 502 00 from levee or depot.
Cabbage, $1 50.' 3 50 per crate. Kraut,
barrels, J. :! ; balt-lmrrels, $2 2.-l .0.
(iurlic, 40(0c kt 100.
Frcit Oianges, Louisiana, none;
Florid, none; Messina. $33 50 per
box. Lumons, $33 50 per bo. Ba
nanai. $12 100 per bunch. Cocoa
nuts, $4 per 100. Peanuts Virginia,
0c ; Tennessee, farmer's Mock. 34.i;
roasted, JJc higher; shelled, 10c. Al
monds, 1820o.
Raisins London layers, $3 40; lav
ers, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504.
PicKLKS-In jars, pir.ti, 90c; qnartp,
$1 50; half-aallons, $2 50; gallons,
$3 75; loise, bands, $0; hdl-barrele,
$3 50; mixed, barrels, $10 60; mixed,
hall-barrels. $0.
Walnuts trench, 12c; Naples, lac;
Grenobles, 15c. Filbirts, 12c.
Cipkr Missouri, $"0i",7 CO per bar
rel and $44 50 per half barrel; Vius
gar, ll16s per ga Icn.
Poultry Turkevs, perdozm, $7 50
9; geese, $34: ducks, $2 50;'chick
ens, good demand. )23; dressed tur
keys, scarce, 10(i)12c psr pound.
Pecans Texas, 810c for imsllto
medium, 1014c for large; Arkaasas,
Fish Mackerel, half-barn 1, No. 1,
$5; No. ?, 13 25; No. 3, $2 75; 10 lb
kit. No. 1, 80c; No. 2, 70c: 15-lb, No.
3, 00c. Di ? herrings, family, 33c pet
Game Venison, whole, 3(n 5c, sad
dles, 68c; boar, 083; wild turkeys,
5075a; ducks, $1 602 fiO ; squirrels,
75c; quails, 75: 1 1 ; prairie chickens,
$5; game fish, li8c.
E(i(i3 lOfatlln.
Baouiku Jute, 9Jllc; llix, 10
101c, BCCDi'ding to weight. Ties, $1 20
1 25.
Nail-$2 452 70.
IfniKs-Pry flint, icai7c; dry salt,
HX" l-c; green salt, 78c; green, 5
Ocjdeer skins, 10IHc; liiiiiter-hau-dled
cism skins, each, 2(K'i'50c; country
coon skins, KXi 30c; mink, 10('30c';
muskrat, 5 10c; otter, $1(35; jiear,
$1 5; beaver, 5(k'f4; wildcat, 20
40c; fox, 2575c; skunk, 2575c.
Beeswax, 1821c; tallow, 45c.
wiiinky, wim;n, i.ihlohn, r.rv.
Whisky Straight Iventiickv Bour
bon, $1 O00; ms$l 75(; domestic,
90c'i$l 50.
WiNfa American extra, qts, $7;
pts, $8; Piper lleidsieck, (ps, $25; pts,
27;Mumm'H extra dry, qts, $28 50;
pts, $30 50; Koederer, (ts, $29; pts,
$31 ; Veuve f'liqiiot, qts, $31 ; pts, $33;
claret, (ts, $.1 50 1 2 50; $1 extra for
pints; imported Rhine wine, $78,
qfs; Cataw ba, sweet, !lcl 25 per gal
lon ; Cutnwhii, dry, I1 25 pergallim ;
Ciilawbii, sweet, $3 505 per case;
Catawba, dry, $ l(' 5 per case; Califor
nia wines, j I til' I 50 per gallon; im
ported port, $ I 500; unpolled sherry,
$1 ailVi ii; iiiipoiteil ale ( Burke's hot
tleryl, pts, l 85; ijts, $3; Angostura
bittei-s, pis, $10 50; cliHinpiigne cider,
qts, 3 25 3 50.
Sr. Loris, Maivh 8. Whisky sleidv
$1 10.
CiiicAoo, March 8, Whisky steady,
$1 10.
Cincinnati, Manh 8. Whisky quiet
at $1 10. Sales of 702 barrels finished
goods on this basis.
Apolliiiaris, qts, $7 508 ; pts, $ 1 1 50;
seltzer water, qts, 100 50.
The following are the wholesale
prices of lumber in this market:
Laths Poplar, $1 50; cypress,
$12 50.
Poi-lar 1 in., 1st and second clear,
$25; 1 J and 2 in. 1st and second clear,
$25; common board, $1012 50; sid
ing strips, lJxO, face mtaiure, 1st and
2d, $22; dressed, 1,1) and 2 in , 1st
and 2d, $31(35; common dressed,.)
TiMiuB Poplar, $59 ; cyprear, $5
9; Cottonwood, $2(-) J; gum, $33 50;
onk,$.18; ash, 08; black walnut,
Cotton wood 1 to 3 in., mill run,
cull! out. $1011.
Run GcMS-2ds, $18 19, nominal:
common, $810.
Yki.i.ow 1'ink 1, lj nnd 2 in., 1st
and 2d, $2024 ; dressed, $:0; flooring,
5 and 8 in., $25; flooring, 3 and 4 in.,
$27 50; 2d flooring, $22 50; heart step
liimls-r, $3040; i ceiling, $25; J ceil
ing, $22 50; .) ceiling, $20.
Ash 1st nnd 2d clear, 1 to 3 in.,
$20(:23; common, $1113 50.
Cvi-iikss 1,1 and 2 in., 1st and 2d
clear, '$23 25 ; common, $15; fencing,
Ixll, 10 ft., $15.
Siiinoi.ks No. I, sawed or shaved,
$4 25; sawed or shaved saps, $3.
Black Wai.nct 1st and 2d clear, 1J
and 2 in., $0575; common, $35 60
40; culls, $1825.
Oak 1 te 4 in., 1st and 2d;$2022;
common, I and 2 in., $S12.
Sekii Delivered at depot and wharf,
$8 per ton; on bank of river (f. o. b.
boil), $0; wagon at milU, $8 Mkal
Prime (f. o. b.,) $I515 25 per ton.
Less thai car-load lota, $15 60 16,
From store, 00c per eack. Cake
Nominal ; $16 per ton. Oil In car
load lota, prime, crude C. 8. oil, 22
23: ; prime summer yellow 20j27c ;
r.ff -summer yellow, 526;; minr-r',
2730c : choice ecoking summer yel
low, 282ito.
rctaoLiiia makkef.
Coal Oil Irime white, wholesale
lots, lie per gallon.
Ci.evki.am, O., Man h '8. lVtru
leum weaker; s. w., 110, 7Jc.
IIorsks-GothI driving. $150225;
pvt.! Kiddle,! lOSiiOOiplugs.lllMVSd;
gisxl mares, $85' 10.
Mn.KN-14.. to 15, $110135; 15 to
I5J, $12V'f 140; 15J to 10, JU(H175.
(iHid demand; supply fair.
Catti.i! Choice to extra corn-fed.
1KW to 1050 pounds, 44Jc; gKsl, 3J
4c; choice graas-led, J Ua'.ilc; good, .i
3Jc; fair to medium, 2J2jc; com-
inon, lj(.r.'c. . ,
lbxis 4Jhoice, 3J4c; good, 3J
3Jc; common, :!(;3Jc.
Shrkh Choice, 4(e?4.Jc; iiiedium, 3
3Je; eominon, $I1 50.
Kansas City, Mo., March 8 The
Lire Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
Receipts, 443 head; shipments, none ;
shipping and batchers slow and 5
lOe lower; feeders steady; choice to
fancy, $5 15; medium to (rood,
$! 604 9.); common to medium, $4
4 fO; Blockers and feeders. $3 30
4 20; cows, $2 403 30. Hogi Re
ceipt', 1728 head; shipments, none;
strong and Be liigher; good to choice,
$14 25; common to medium, $3 75
3 90; skips and pim, $23 65. Sheep
Receipt, 12 U head; shipments, 101
head; sUaly; gaol to choice, $l'4
4 80; common t9 medium, $2 OX'43 75
Chicago, III., March 8. The Dro
wn' Journal reports: Cattle receipts,
7000 head ; shipments, 2000 head; mar
ket a shade lower; shipping steers, 950
to 1500 pounds, $3 905 70; dockers
and feeders, $34 ; cows, bulls and
mixed, $1 75(.A4 ; bulk, $3(44. llovn
receipt), 15,000 head; shipment, rHK)
head; market otrong, but not qnntably
higher; rough and mixed, $3 904 25;
f lacking and shipping, $4 25 4 50;
ight, $3 70 12.-: skips, $.13 75.
Sheep receipts, 3000 head; ship
ments lO.'O he lit; market steady;
natives, S35 80; Texans, $2 50 4 25.
The Ihvivr' Jumud'i special cable
gram from Liverpool indicates a etrong
cattle market; best grades showing
lo advance over la-t week, selling
at 14c per pound f.ir dressed. The ad
vance in prices is due to the light sup
ply. Receipts of American cattle are
reported light, and the supply dom
other points has lately been moder
Nl. I.ohU nnd Ni-w Orlmnii Anrlior
l.liie-l'. M. Mnll-CAIUO A LT. LOUIS,
City of Vicksburg, ?Tt
Henry Keith maater. Tt53a,
Will leave the Klev.tor TUEtiUAY , AUrch
Dili, al t p.m. Fur freight or iiaaaaee eei'l
O. L 11 Paeu. Agt. Al) STQHM. Wiip't.
Nf.l.onla niMl Ntnr 4rlrnna Acliorn
Llnei-U. H. MkII-FOHNKW 0B1.KAN8.
City of St. Louis, lSk-
Jai. O'Neal. ..mnter, wtW.w
Will leave Klevatur XtiKSDAY, March 1Mb,
at 4 p.m. For frelxht or peaaaee apply to
0. 1.. Ilat.t,, l'aaa. Aet. A II STOW M, hnp't,
Soulhem Tranaiiortatlon Co. O. Llno-For
Oniro, Uouiavillo nnd Cincinnati .Str.
Paris C. Brown,
J. 8. Petteraon matter.
Will leave Til 18 DA V, Alamh Vth, at n i-.m.
Fr Ireight or paniaae apply to 0. 11. KUH
KKLL, Akont, 12 Madiaon at. Telephone W.
Jbkh 11. FRANKLIN, l'aaaenver Agent-
Mcniph'g nnd Cincinnati Packet Co
Jaiaos WeCJairtiSfi
John V. .lonea... matter,
Will leave TUKSDAY.Marnh th, at fln.m.
For freight or ramige apply to I). U. KU8
Ku''L, Agent, No. 12 Madiaon at. Telephone
Ho. 27. alOUN CAKH, Pataonger Agent.
titeaoier Oil 10 followa, leaving Friday,
Mnrrh l'ith.
For Oioeola, Ilalea Point. L'erntheravllle,
Uayoao and Tlptonvllle The new ateamei
W. P. Ball matter J. D. FafTer......olerk,
will leave ai above, and all way polnta,
p.m. For freight or faaaaee annlv on Hoard
aa,ilulH,t nan a-meit etna neaeaaaaae
anil Onortolit PiMikait Company.
For Helena. Olandale, Friara Point and al)
way uanaingt oteamor
K. T, Cleiett... matter I Piatt Rhoua.uu rk
Will leave an above on every MUNO'Y,
WED.NKSDAYand FHIDAY, at 6 o'oloik.
Far Randolph, Falton. ntaeola and Way
Landlm a Steamer
J. II. Cooler, matter.. ..J. W. rimltheri.dork
Leai-a aaevnr.v MONDAY. WKDJVttMAY
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boata of in a
line ramrve lbs right to pull all landinia
the "i'ii n mtyteem UDHiife, OSlco, No. 3
Moi.n.t .lAMy I.KK. .In Hmi1-
Mdtiiplils and Vlcknlnirir I'lickot t'oni
putiT L.!S..1Ina Line.
For Helena, ''onoorilia, Terrene and Arkan
ai City The elegant paaaenger ateau er
M . K. Cheek. ..matter I W. C. Dlauaer...olerk
Leavoa Merophit
p.m.,reaerving the right to iaat all landinga
the captain may deem unaafe. For general
Information apply at office. No, 4 Madiaon
itreet. K. WALWUKTU. Agent.
JOHN CARR. Paaa'r Aeent. Telephone
Memphis White Hiver 1'kt.Oo
I. 0. Poital...metter I 0. M.cotul...o)ert
OlarOBidoai, Deealle HlniT, lM Are,
, vetgoala, JarUeonptirland KHrry.
at 5 p.m. Through ratea to all pointi.
Freight eonilgned to " Memphli andWal a
viver Paoket Ucmpany" MI befnrwardid
premptly. u. U LOW E, Agent, M
-. 9 Mxdlann at. Telenho-e No. W.
The Ht.FranciH RlTerlYannportJitlM
Co.'i Vine HMe-W heel TT. B. Mail fjteatnei
Rene Macready,
0. K. Joplln... ....,.... matter,
at B o'alook, for Marianne, the Cat-Off. and
Intermediate landing! on tit. Franott river
The oai taln reaervet the right to rail all
landing! ha deeini nntafe. JAS. LICE, Jr.,
Bnr(wt-ntwt. Otfle. No. Madlann at.
Arkansas lUvcr Pk't Co.
B. B. 'Smith.... matter. QSaerA
Leave! Mouphii Every TUESDAY, at o p.m
Str, E. W. COLE,
nj ' , i . ,
.11 iowiaim.- uiaatnr, - j-m
Leave! Mouiphit Every 8ATUKU A V, at 0 p. in
For freight or pattage apply to
U. C. LOWE, Agent,
Offii, No. S Madiaon at. Telynhnne No. r'J.
Mciaplils.lVklte & Ulnck Rlrer rack d
For llelena, DeValli BlulT, Dot Df Arv
guaU, Newport and Batoaville. lho net
and elegant elHewbeel paaaenger ie;u
Mitt I1a.rrv iu"iir
WUl leave EVERY SATURDAY at f. o'olcj:
p.m. Through rule" to a 1 polnta.
Sonaigned to Mill Harry Line, IMeror. na.wd
he promptly forwarded. VV.J. P 10L
OffloeHAlailitonat Telephone!!.
Jeeaa H. KaiaMi. fasten gr AaenU Tel
ephone XI7.
srrrAHrMs) ivaiih
Cincinnati Janaji V. Uarr.ip.ia.
Arkanaia Kiner.Joa Pities. S p.m.
St. Franei. Hirer R Machadt,5 D m
Sew Orleen CiTt or St. Louis, 4 p.m.
St. Loan Citt or Vicaaat au. 4 p.m.
friera PniDt..Coa aim a, S p.m.
White River.. .C.casa, S p.m.
Oioeola .. Di Aoavs, i p.m
Arkena., City. -Kara Aoahs, p.m.
liptonTille... Qatoso 6 p.m.
v4rrirna. Rolle MompliiH.St. Louie;
City of Huton Koiikc, K. lxuis;tiay
oo, Tiptonville: lH-an Adame, Osce
ola; City of Cairo, Vickaburjr; Kate
AdnniH, 'ArkaiiiutM City; Joe Petem,
Arkiinsas river; Coahoma, Friars
Point; Annie P. Silver, New Orleans;
t'unilH'rlund, Ited river.
!7arri!a City of Itaton Ronire,
New Orleana; Kelle Meiiiphla, Vickn
liurut; Kate Adame, Arkaueae ('ity;
CiMilioma, Friunt Point; City of Cairo,
St. looin; Annie, P. Silver, St. IiOiiiii;
Ohvoho, TipUmvillo; I Van Adania,
Boat in Port. Joe IVtera and Rena
Boatt Ihtt Down. JiimeH . Gaff,
Charles Murpiii, Arkunxiui City mid
t'ilv of Huton liotire.
limit Due I p. City of Vickwhinx
iiml t'liii kiiKiiw.
Kerrlple Trelrrday.
Annie I'. Silver :15 ska salt.
Ilelle Memphis-K( tons tnereliiin
disc. lican Ailitiiis M ImleH eiitton, 2:t
hp seed ciiltun, 712 sks seed.
Kiite Ailains -2.M lulled cotton, ;$7
lp seed entton, S78 kn seed, 3',t pkgs
Joe Peter lirouithtmtt of ,-riiins:i)4
river ISO hides cotton, 2l0 sk seed, 2S
pliers sundries.
Ciah(iina ll:t hales cotton, 27 lipi
seed cotton, 20," sks seed, 3 hd stock,
ItH) ft luiuher, 1:1 pkirs sundries.
tiiiyoso i'lHI hales cotton, ." hpi
seed cotton, 1:10 ks seed, f7 sks cot-tou-seed
meal, lli-" sks corn, 55 lul
hmrs, SI pkjpt nierchandise.
I.kk line packets to-ninrnivt evening
are Coahoma for Friars Point ami I 'rail
Adiiins for Osceola.
Tim Uene Macreiidv. Cant. O. K.
loidiii, is the packet this, evening at h
o'clock fur St. Francis river.
Tiik hiy lli'leiia, Cnpl. Alf. (iriswiui,
is the next rcuulnr packet for New Or
leuiiM, leavinir hero the last of the
Tiik Chickasaw, dipt. K. C. Postal,
is the packet to-morrow evening at ')
o'clock fur all points on While river.
('. M. PuNlal is in her olliee.
'I'iik City of Yickshunr, dipt. Henry
Keith, is the Anchor Line packet, thirt
evening at ti o'clock lor Cairo and St.
Louis. Ueore Walton is her clerk.
Tiik (iayoso, Capt. W. P. I1all,isthi)
inicket Thursday eveitinu at 5 o'clock
for Hale's Point, Tintouville and nil
way landing. J, V. Walt is ut clerk,
TfiK Anchor Line steamer Cily of
St. fuiis, dipt. Jaines O'Neal, will
pass down tbis evening at 1 o'clock for
New Urleans and all intermediuto
points: Owen i. Cutea in her clerk.,
Tiik Joe Peters, Cnptuin M 11. Smith,
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for all points on Arkansas river, (roinir
through to Pino Hliitt'. Clius. Mussel
iiiiiii anil Hillv Johnson are her clerks.
Tin: Kato Ailains, dipt. Mark R.
Check, is the- United States mail
packet Thursday evening at 5 o'clock
mr Helena, Aj'knnsas City and till
way landings. W. C. lllanker is in
her olllce,
Tiik James W. (.iutl', Captain John S.
Jones, is the packet this eveniiiir at 5
o'clock for Cuiro.loulhvillo, Cincinnati
and till way IniidiiiRH on the Ohio
river. II. C. Hrnce uml Lew. Urifi
are her clerks. Th (iatr will irivo
cheap rates to all poind North and
lti siNKss fnir.
Fink weather.
Tiik U'O Line pallets cleared yes
terdav eveniiiK wltli (rood trips.
Rkiikiith hy rivn- Yesterday: 8."t
liales cotton, ua seeil-eottou nnd
21114 wicks seed.
Tiik little stem whicI strainer Ctiui
herlmid arrived yesterday niorninjr
from Ked River hoiind for ('iiniiuiati.
Tiik river 'at thp 'point vesterdnv
n'Kistered 2:1 feet apl 2 tenths on tho
pniKC, ii ilci'line
I M tenths in 24
Tint Citv'of IliJ
in Houk'c I'UHseil
down Sinuhiy even jiK lor New ( Irleaim
loaded flat. She in
led here 40 tons of
sundries. '
Tiik ISelh Mem
his piiKHcd down
Sunday iiiomiiiK V' N'icushurir. Shu
ilischaied lere 7"luiMof freight and
added 40 tons.
TiiiOiiviso arrii'il Suiidav from
the upper" lends wlh 1002 packiiK'eri
of miscellaicoiis frcht and returned
iiKiiin last (VcniiiK'
Tiik Citvof Cairo imssed no at Bit
i urlv hour Sdndaj morning for St.
Loins. Sle ndde hero 711 hales
eastern hotnd cottoli.
Tii Knrt- Adaiiw arrived Sunday
inorniiiK fnni Arknlsits City with 2.M
bales of cton, :!7 bkn of secd-cottou
and H7H sii'ks of seeM. Sho departed
apain last iveniiii? with u Rood show
ing of freijit and pa.4senKers.
Tiik Jik Peters alfiived yesterday V
niornimt fum ArkatHis river with 227 x
hales of co ton, '-'! sai ks of need am!
2S packaietof siindrick Sho reshiptR'd
at Terrene 2.VS hales for New Orleans,
and returni ainiin thwVveninr.
KvANeviiLB, March 8. Noon River
fallioK, witti 15 feet 7 inches oa tho
n VfV, U Vnnn !
fallinn. witji 10 (t on the gaug
Weattier cloudy ; thermometer 4 V.
Wukkmkc, Murch 8. Noon-River
5 feet 11 intuea on the gaune and sta
tionary. Wtatber cold and snowy.
Pittoiidbo. March 8 -Noon River
3 feetiiirchag on thwcauisa and sta
tionary. W eatber cloudy and waran.
Ixirisvn.L, March s.-Npou-River
fallini!, with 7 ft'-t 10 inches
canal and 5 feet 8 inches on the falls.
RiiKiiifpa pood. Weather cloudy and
mild. IVpartod: J. A. Wood and tow,
Pitteburx, last night; Golden CrowD,
New Orleans.
CAino, March 8 Noon River 2S
fet 3 inches on the gauge and falling.
Weather clear and cool. Arrived: An
nie I. Silver, New Orleans, 8 a.m.;
City of ft. Louis, St. lonis, i) a.m. De
parted: James W. G, Memphis, 8
p.m. ; Buckeye 8 at, Cincinnati, mid
niKht; Arkansas City. Vicksburg,-2
a uj.; Sidney Dillion and tw, 5 a.m.;
Annie P. Silver, St. Louis, 8 a.m.
movement of Oceau (inaere).
Naw Yobk, March 8 Arrived: De
vonia, Glasgow; E.ijpt, Liverpocl.

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