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flow Senator V4 Beraais a Slock
bolder Considered it a Sf re
Jpecululiou. -
AVAfiiiimiTON. March 10. Mortars,
Haloand Hilliurd, dcsignatod for the
Burnoso bv the House special com'
mittce to invcstiinte and riort the
fHcta concerning the ownership of Tan
Electric telephone utock by rertiiin
public oflicers, took the deitosition of
JSenntor Vent at his ro iuenee this
afternoon. Tlie Senator stated that he
tiixt heard of the I'an-Electric Tele
phone Company through a printed
circular Rent to him through the mails
Home time in April. 1KH4. lhe circu
lar gave the names of the officers if
the company and the purposes for
which it wan organized. He noticed
that the name of Henntor Harris of
Tennessee was mentioned in the cir
cular an connected with the enterprise,
lie fculli'd on Senator Harris and bv
him was referred to Senator Uarland,
wlio, it was represented, was well ac
quainted with the status of the com
pany and its relations to the Com
pany. After obtaining Mr. Garland's
opinion, the Senator wild lieconcluded
to take and did take UH) shares of
Tan-Klectric stock, for which be cave
his iheck for l(K)0 on the Metropoli
tan Jliink of Wasluncton. which was
paid on the following dav, and for
which ho received a contract, showing
that he was entitled to 1(H) shares of
stock, which, ow ing to the incomplete
organization of the company, it was
not at that time ready to issue. "That
stock was issued to me," said the
Senator, "about one year ago,
mat is, ninety Niiares 01 n
tno oilier ten shares were
retained by the company as an assess
ment to lelrav the expenses ol expect
ed litkation with the Bell Company."
"A fter this matter got into the papers,"
continued Senator Vest, "Mr. Stilson
Hutchins of this city ollored to take
my stock off my hands, and pay me
what it cost. This offer 1 refused, as
it might look like a retreat under lire
I considered it a mere speculation, but
waswilling to take my chances. I nave
received a dividend of tl2 or $15 since
I have owned the stock." Continuing
he said : "I have had no conversations
with Mr. Casey Young, the secretary
of the Pan-Electric Company, and I
never met and do not know Mr. Rogers,
wno, 11 appears, was prominent in tlie
organization of the company. Mr.
Garland represented to me that, in his
opinion, the Hell patent was illegally
obtained, and that the I'an-Electric
tock might be worth some money. At
mat tune Mr. tjievelanrt had not been
nominated to the Presidency, and of
course Air. Garland was unthought of
in connection with the Attorney
(cnoinpllou Md Dlalrlbnttoa of
me urnln rp.
WAsiiiNOTON.March 10. The March
report of the Department of Agricul
ture on tho consumption and distribu
tion ol l e grain crops makes the pro-
' portion of corn still in tho hands of
f farmers 40 per cent, of the lust crop,
" ' One year atfo'tho "proportion of the
crop on nana was ii.ti per cent. The
proportion is lowest in the West,
wnere heavy winter lecding is re-
quirea, averaging ;i per cent, in
twelve States. . It is 40 per cent, in the
South. 1 he proportion merchantable
is 82.6 per cent., which is slightly
above me average ot a series of years.
The stock of wheat in the hands of
farmers is 30.1 per cnt of tho crop.
It was 33.1 one year ago and 28.4 two
years ago. It amounts to 107,000,000
Imshels, against i i!,000,000 last March
and 119,000,000 two years ago. It is
only D.OO.'.OOO bushels more than in
March, 1882, the shortest in visible
supply in recent years.
Tlie visible and invisible supply
March 1 was therefore 15!l,(HK),00b
bushels.against 212,000,000 last March.
Tho proportion of the crop estim ated
for consumption within tlie country
where grown is 41.8 per cent.
Th Aalveraat Keport on that Repeal
I Ike Civil ft r t ier Law.
Wasiiin!ton, March 10. The ses
sion of tho House Committee on Civil
Service Reform to-day was principally
consumed in a discussion of tho report
prepared by Mr. Pulitzer, adverse to
the repeal of the civil service law.
Mr. Stone of Missouri said that
while he believed tho law should not
be repealed, he could not agree with
Mr. Pulitzer's reasoning. He will file
a minority report expressing his own
views on the subject.
The report was agreed to by all the
other members, and was subsequently
' laid before the House. It is as follows:
Your committee find that this bill,
instead of either improving or enlarg
ing the scope of the present law, sim
ply provides for the unconditional and
absolute repeal. They report adverse
ly, and ask that the bill be upon the
table for the following further reasons:
First - the principle of divorcing the
subordinate ollicera of the government
from politics and elections, and mak
ing the term of oflice depend, not upon
party Berviee, but upon moral and
good behavior, is a good one. So far
as this principle is sustained bv the
present law, the committee thiuk
there should be no change.
necoiKi- the pr-Hnt law has not
lieen on the statute books longenougli
to have had a full and complete triuL
If for no other reason than this, the
committee will oppsxc any meaure
providing for an absolute repeal.
Third No reason or information has
lwn presented to this committee jus
tifying an unconditional reHal of the
present law. It mav perhaps need
improvement, but the remedy is
amendable, not total repeal.
Kelaetlor (be Pwfellc Debt.
YT ABHiNC.TOK, f. C., March 10. Tho
jfJecretary of tho Treasury sent to tho
iSenate to-day his reply to its resolu
tipn of tho Sd instant, directing him to
inform the Senate how muck if any
tho actual payments and purchases of
the principal of the public -debt since
July 1st, 1877, have been in exeess of
the requirements of the laws regulat
ing the sinking fluid and how the ex
isting laws ran bcurricd out in rela
tion to said fund (rem this time until the
H.r0,0h0,0i0 of 4J per cent. Imnds ma
ture. The Secretary says that the reduc
tion the pub'ic debt from July 1st,
1S77, t July lft, ISMS, has exceeded
the requirements of tlie sinking fund
by J.112,47,S 1. The amount of 3 per
cents, outstanding is l4,ti83,2.,)0 and
these are the only bonds now out
standing redeemable at the option of
tlie government. A these bonds may
he absorlicd before the maturi y of the
4J per cnt. bomLj of lH'll, which
come next Iu order for redemption,
.further addition to the fund can only
be mare by purchase A bonds in open
market. ' .
Mosey for l be I tea.
Wahwnuton, March 10. The Presi
dent to-day stmt to the Senate a mes
sage Enclosing a letter from tho Secre
tary of theMnterior submitting a bill
to pay the' tH tribe of Indians in
Nebraska 190,000 due them under the
treaty with tlie United State, m two
yearly infetalliiiPiito of I4i,000, instead
of nine installments of f 10.0(H) a year.
CleBterally Dleeredlteel br Railway
Officials, Hba Mepert Every
tblnff HovlKBailta jr.
CiucAciO, Iia , March 10. A dis-
pateh from St. I)uis announced that
the employes of the Chicago and
Northwestern and other Chicago rail
roads would strike at IS oVlock this af
ternoon. Mr. C. C. Wheeler, the gen
eral superintendent of the Chicago
and Northwestern road, said that aa
far as be knew there was no trouble
between the company and the em
ployes, and thut he was sure there
would be no strike at 6 oVlock as he
was that the sun would not set at that
hour. A switchman said dial tho em
ployes bad some little grievances
against the company, out that they
bad all Vteen sjitislactoril : settled, and
as far as he knew there would lie no
strike. One of the engineers said he
was sure that the engineers and fire
men would not leave their work before
the usunl hour to-day, ai d be did not
think there was any strike inn inent.
I he St. liOtns dispatch was irenernllv
discredited in railway circles, it
served, however, to create a stir on
the Hoard of Trade for u little while,
but tho excitement soou died away,
the improbability apparent in the
news being accepted by tearly every
body iw proof that it was I canard.
At tho principal down town railway
ollices a similar feeling prevailed. At
none of those places was it known that
there was anyth ng of 4 misunder
standing between any r.ilway com
pany here and its employes.
Mr. Wellington, assistant general
freight agent of the Wiliash road,
said: "There is not an; trouble at
this point that we have htard of, and
w e do not expect any. We are send
ing out our freight and passenger
trains the same aa it no strike was in
existence . anywhere, the inily differ
ence being that we are not accepting
any freight to points on the Missouri
Pacific road. We have no Knights of
labor connected with the road here
that we know of. Wo got rid of
them about a year ago.
I ho managers of the Chicago and
Alton and Chicago. Burlington and
tjuincy railroads stated that there was
no foundation for reports of a strike
here, and that nothing of the kind was
Commissioner Wicker of the Chi
cago freight bureau, when asked if the
strike on the Gould system had af
fected the freight business of Chicago.
replied that it had not materially as
yet. He said that there was a belt of
country in. Missouri. Arkansas and
Texas where, if the strike run along
nntil the middle of next week it will
make trouble. Frcigbt shippers can
reach points in Texas by the Illinois
Central and by the Atchison, Topeka
and Santa Fe roads. It is not mer
chants but manufacturers who will
feel the effects of the strike. The
manufacturers of plows and similar
implements are the ones who will feel
the effect most seriously.
Excavating for Ibe IilnFuiir
bpiciil to tbi irrHL.l
Birmikoham, Ala., March 10. Ex
cavating for the Union Passenger
Depot was begun to day. Two of the
projectors of the Curry Cotton Com
press for this place, left to-dav to con
sult the Queen and Crescent and
Louisville and Nashville mil road
authorities at Cincinnati and lxiuis-
Mr. J. P. Witberow of Pittsburg, the
well-known builderof hot blast steves.
went up from here to Sheffield to con
fer with the projectors of a furnace
there, with a view to bidding on their
stoves. He will go thence to Nash
ville to figure on an extensive steel
plant and nail works which Cai. E.
W. Cole and other local capitalists
purpose building. He has been study
ing the Clapp-Griilith steel process,
and sjteaks confidently of its thor
ough adaptability to Southern ores,
and the especially bright promise it
holds out for nail-making.
Excitement Over tb '
Rhaotlnir, at Cobwajr,
fgriciiLTOTn Arrtiu.1
West Point. Miss.. March 10. The
news of the shooting of T. J. Witt, at
Conway, Ark., by J. H. Williams has
created a ripple of excitement in our
'. J. H. Williams, the accused, is
a native Mississippian. A special from
-it tie Kik-K statimr that he tied from
the State for having killed a negro is
as base and false an accusation as was
ever perpetrated on an innocent man.
tie sm'ciiU to the St. lxum Rtnubltcan
was read on our streets to-night, and
the article v. as condemned aa a lie bv
t!.ose who have known him since child
hood. The latest from Conway states
that the shooting was justifiable.
Havk used Tongaline with satis
factory results, and recommend it as a
valuable rem lial agent in neuralgia
and chronic rheumatism
G. W JyflNSTrW, M.P.,
ifairmouat, Nb.
Harder mt New Orlenna.
Sew Ori.va.ns, La., March 10. This
afternoon, in tbe, hallway of the
United Suites Cocrt, Capt. J. E. Eraw
and M. A. Gra ibecame involved in
a quarrel. Pistols were drawn and
Grace was killed and llraw wounded,
receiving1 four bullets in his bodv.
The cause of the difUciiHy was a wut
in the United States Court in which
Grace wa proctor for the plaintiffs.
Salvatiow Oil, the celebrated
American remedy for cuts, bruises,
sprains, bnrns, scalds, chilblains, ete.,
can be bad of .ill druggists. It kills
pain. Price 23 centa a bottle.
Rmallpox In Smpmm.
Sax Francisco, Cal., March 10.
The City of Sydney arrived to-dav
from Hong Kong. Smallpox is still
prevalent in Japan. It is also reported
to be very bad in Seoul, Corea. The
Coreaus have no knowledge of the
means to prevent the spread of the
disease, and it fe), therefore, allowed to i
take its course unobstructed. j
Th5flnrl(7 H3ort Fully Sns
taioed The Levee Bill Amend
ed aud Parsed.
Jackson, Miss., March 10. Snatt.
Bills pased last night: Amending the
act passed at this session relative to
tho stock law of lienton county;
House bill in relation to the State
Female college. Senate bil's: To
amend tho charter of the city railroad
in Columbus: to incorporate" the tow n
of Herman ville; to authorize the sale
of Hinds countv stock in the fuuWie,
Jackson and Columbus railroad; to
incorporate the Trenton camp grounds.
The levee bill was taken up again
and discussed at length and amended
and passed; also House bills granting
relief to merchants and others who
have not paid a sufficient privilege
tax, affected by recent decit-ion of the
Supreme tJourt in the Insurance com
pany vs. Pollard, and to repeal sec
tions 590, 593 and 594 of the Code rel
ative to some delays of business in
Auditor's otlice.
The Senate considered in committee
of the whole the House educational
bill, but did not finish w ith it.
The secial committeo to whom was
referred the majority anil minority
reports of the Committee on the Peni
tentiary, to reconcile the differences
between them, made a lengthy report
to-day. 'I his report argues at length
the legal propositions involved, ami
fully sustains tho minority reoit
thereon, that contracts for repairs and
improvements charged for were made
by the Superintendent of the Peni
tentiary with the lessees with the ap
proval of tho Governor, and that the
same were authorized by law. This
committee sustains tbemaioriiy report
as to excessive charges in the aggregate
for work, for which tho lessees re
ceived credit in their settlement with
the State. This committee procurred
other architects to measure and
estimate the value of the work done,
and they differ with Scully's stiite-
ment.upon whose estimates tne major
ity report was based as to these facts,
some 135 being in excess of Scully's
said amount, and being ii excess of
the estimates of Taylor and others,
upon which credit was given to tho
leseos of some 20,700.
Senate bill amending lhe stock law
of Benton; in relation to public
revenue; to secure the payment of
delinquent poll taxes; to incorporate
tho town of Hermanville; to author-
lie the sale of stock by Hinds county
in the Natchez, Jackson and Colum
bus railroad.
Regulation Adapted at the Meeting
at l luclnnatl.
Cincinnati, 0. March 10. A meet
ing of the Western Nail Association
was held hero to-dav, with all the
members present. After a two hours'
hession the followIngM as unanimously
adopted: . .
Hemmt, That we reathrm our ad
herence to the manufacturers' scale,
believing it to bo fair and enuitahlo to
the workmen and essential to the suc
cess of the nail business of the West.
llctolwd, That we renew our assur
ances to tlie workmen now working
or who may hereafter work under the
manufacturers scale tnat they shall
retain their positions undisturbed by
either compromises or coiubinatiions.
WiiKHEA", J he conterence commit
tee appointed at a meeting of the as
sociation held in Pittsburg, February
10th, has presented a report of its pro
ceedings at a conference held with a
committee of tho United Nailers,
Heaters and Hollers' Association in
Wheeling, February 24th ; therefore
bo it
Jtstnlmt. That tho report bo accepted
and the action of our committee be
unanimously indorsed and ratified.
and the committee continued ; and
Whereas, The committee from the
United Nailers, Heaters and Rollers'
Association, during the deliberations
of the conference took occasion to say
repeatedly that our present workmen
have taken up their places in order to
convince them that they were in error
in this particular; therefore be it
Jiinolrett, that tlie workmen in our
employ prior to tho 1st of June, 1885,
forfeited all claims they had upon
said places when they removed their
tools trom our lactones; that lrom the
date of said removal we have consid
ered the situations at our disposal and
that we so consider tho situations yet
remaining vacant in our nulls, and
again extend our invitation to feeders
and others to take employment with
us. and more csnecia v ttie ieeilcrs m
tf,ose mills where nailers aro ftVding
the machines to the detriment of their
former feeders. Adjourned.
Bappone He la Marderer.
New Yoiik, March 10. Geo. W. Cur-
tin, a peddler of cheap jewelry, sur
rendered himself to the police to-day
as the murderer of the barkeeper Mal
lory, who was shot in bis saloon on
South Fifth avenue yesterday. Curtin
alleges, ami tho allegation has been
verified, that Mallory and others some
time ago robbed him of a portion of
his stoc ; that he went to the saloon
yesterday to demand restitution, and
that Mallorv ordered him out. threat
ening to kill him ami muLing a motion
as if to draw a revolver. Curtin says
he does not i-ememlior what followed,
but. supposes he shot Mallory. Ho
did not know the barkeeper was dead
until ho read of it in the newspapers
to-day. He says his family is starving
in Brooklyn.
Tiie Bl llnrd Tournament.
New York, March 10 Play in tho
8000-pr int fourteen-inch balk-line bil
liard match between Schacfer and
Yignaux was resumed this evening.
The audience was larger Aliuri that of
last night Schaefer was in excellent
trial, while his opponent seemed dis
couraged and entirely unequal to the
brilliant execution for witch he is
famous. The story of the night is
plainly told in the soore:
Sclwefer 77, 17, 0, 1, 1, 0, 8, 0, 25,
8, 38, 0, 7. 77, 0, 50. 0, 1, 73, 1, , 4, (l,
", 73 - 600; average, 24. Vignaux 0,
10, 0, 29, 1, 39, 2, 1, 15, 1i, 0, d,i3, 48,
5, 0, 7, 2, 0, 0, 0, 11 , 22, 2 ; average,
0 23-24. Time of game, 2 hours 15
minutes. Total for two nights' games:
Schaefer 1200, Yignaux 741.
Another Addition to t'anadlaa
New Yobx, March 10. In 1873.
GusUv George Wnlfram came to this
city from Cincinnati and opened a
railroad and steamship tic ket office
and collecting ageicy. He made
money rapidlv, till he formed the
acquaintance of Gustav Nilherherg,
who induced him to invest between
$.U),(HKi and J 10,000 ill the Ihks sign
liusiuess. in "accom notation notes
and Wall street sperulatum. These
ventures proved disastrous, and Si'ber-
lerg committed suiciile a short time
ago. On Sat unlay Waifraui absconded,
and is now suposcd to be in Canada.
ins iianihiies are aioi f io,(KHiaiid Ins
assets $3000 or $ IdOi). I It is snmiosed
that he took about f''K) in cash with
him. His two chiof clerks have
arranged to go into hiKincs lor them
selves, and hoie to lie able to reduce
the loss to Wolfram's creditors.
Boston, March 10. -C'luflin, Allison
V t o., one ot the ollc wholesale tea
and coffee firms m lloaton have failed.
Inabilities 75,O0O; assets f Vl.OOU.
Wheeling, W. Vu., March 10.
Thomas Hughes, one of the oldest
merchants in tins city died at an early
hour this morning, aged (14 years. He
was in business in Baltimore for sev
eral years.
Cumberland, Md., .March 10. Thir
teen miners who have been working
in the New Hampshire mine since
the strike commenced, to-day were in
duced to stoiij inus making tlie sus
pension in this region complete.
Milwaukee, Wis.. March 10. A
prominent Wisconsin politician who
has just returned from Washington
expresses the belief that I.. M. lav,
proprietor of the Madison (Wis'.)
Dimormt, is to Ik- mimed as successor
to S. P. Kim in Ik as Public Printer.
Toledo, ()., March 10.-The Consoli
dated Street Railroad Company an
nounced to-day that it would advance
the wages of the employes mid reduce
the hours of work. Tliey now work
sixteen hours. This action is entirely
voluntary on the part of the company.
IWashington, March 10,-Mr. Addi
son Caminack, the New York million
aire, was married yesterday afternoon
to Miss Mary llildrcth, wlio is said to
be tho most beautiful woman in Wash.
ington. Tho ceremony Was performed
at the residence of the bride s mother,
only relatives being present. Th-ir
honeymoon will be paised at Fort
finlride of HaJ. Jonea-Jaclge. Tar.
tbel'a Vial.
Bbownsvill, Tnn , March 8. At
Tihbs, twelve miles noith of Browns
ville, on Sunday evening, Mnj. Fiank
Jones committed suicide by taking
twenty grains of morphine. Deceased,
who waB about sixty years old, was
in town Saturday, bringing lumber,
and seemed in his usual - g ind health
and spirits. No reason (or his act is
Judge John T. Cirthel csme down
from Trenton yesterday to si, n a bill
of exceptions in the 'cafe cf Mary
Marbury agaimt tho Louisville and
Nashville Kailrcad Company. Judgo
Carl li el is considered a strong candi
date for Congress, and is liked by the
people here; but Hayw'oi county is
solid for her own candidate, the Hon.
Frank P. Bond.
Our mtrohants s?ein to fp.al a littls
better over the price of cotton. Mo t
cf them hold large quantities in Mem
phis, one firm as many ai 120) bales.
fcapeUentl Hanrrd,
LivisviLLi, Ky., March 10. A
special to tlie Courur-Journal says:
Last night twenty-five masked men
quietly took Harry Woodward, col
ored, oit of juil at Kiissellville, Ky.,
and hunghimtothesamelimb that tbe
notorious Snmbo Bjdley wai hung two
years ago. Woodward whs identified
as the man who attempted to outrage
the twelve-year-old daughter of Chas.
Johnson, the itation agent at Red
Oak, on Motidiy.
Lnndborg's perfume, Marchal Niel
Lcncbobq's perfume, Kdenis.
Lundborif's perfume, alpine Viola".
Luudboig's perfume, Lily of the
"Th Ilyxpeptlr' Kern."
"I am thiity-five yenrs old," writes
Mr. Charles H. Waits of West Soraorp,
Putnam county, N. Y., "snd had suf
fered from dyspepsia for fifteen years.
Tbe current treatment did me no good.
Listlessly, and without hope, I gave
Parker's Tonic a trial. I enn give the
result in three words it cured me." It
will cure you."
When 'Tried Always Preferred.
VUR At retldenoe No. 42 Winch.r
treat. W1neFdtr morning, Mtrch 111, IhhiI,
at 3 o'clock, Kmncci K. V uti, mJ filtr
year. ln Fnnciaeo paperi pit me copy I.
F literal will take place from her la'e real
denoa thin (TUURSDAY) afternoon it 2
o'clock. Friends of the family are invited
to attend.
FARQA80N Wedned mnrninir. M.ir-h
1C, I8i. at 3:30 o'olnck, ut lhe rxmilence of
her parent, on Walker avenue, Mint, ared
'waive Tean and lour monlhi, dauiiliter ol
David B. and Alioe Pil.ow Farrannn.
Funeral from retidonoe thii (THURSDAY)
morning at 10:30 o'olook. Frlenilt of the
family art Invited to attond.
DAVI-Io Ihit city, Wednrday, Murfb
10, lKilt, C. Ai wmr DiviR, younreat eon of
the late Key. C. A. Davia, in the twenty- firat
Tear of bis ace.
Funeral from the reaidenoa of hia mniher,
No. 307 Adatua itreet, thia (THURSDAY)
afterno n at 3:30 o'clock. Frienda ol th
family are invited to attend. Servicea by
tbe Rev. U A. Jonea.
B6T Holders of Mfstlwlppl No. 1
Leree Bonds, Act 1K71, who desire
to collect same, will do well to ad
dress at once,
W. H. II. HKRV. Iirknon, MIm.
No. B14 XaXaalzx mi.,
Hal juat revived a lre itock of th
laUxt air lea of
for Pantf, wh'eh wewil' make to order at
much lees than the ueu1 pneea. Ha will
make a red all wool ran (or ''nil
andexamme our fund.. Al.n, artmplete
line ot UKNIs' 1 1, K Ijlit.MI OODL'H
for the eoiuint re"on at our usual low
I ricei.
(Jeruian-Amcrlcan II. and L. Ass'n.
THK monthly meeting f thia uaonatun
will beheld at their ofliea, M. 16 Mnia- n
treet, tbia (1UDR-SUAVI, Marrh llih, at
7:30 o'clock p.m. Ixieo" can be effected.
JOHN SClitilBLKK, Preaident.
a. B3B!ot, bwetaxy.
Ladles Phaetons,
Doctors' Phaetons,
Top Bungles,
Open Buggies,
Speeding Buggies,
Farm Wagons,
Road Carts, Etc., Etc., Etc.
IlrlnirdfNlronN of rioMlng Out thin branch of onr IhiOiioh, coni. Iiil- of VrliU lcof all
MtrlonRiidqiinlllicH, we will otlW them for tU !SeU OO Iii)m hi liltM t osr. rlltair
lluad CartM J eiioli. all curly and make your Holorlion.
. -A WrTllri I. a ee. AnttaeM
Intended for Oar Opening, bat
dy too late, will be ihown
and sold. Suitable, Seasonable,
and at Ureal Ilargalnfi.
JuHt Received and Will Be Shown
Dress Materials
Crab Orchard
WA I tK. I A
r t
Lthi; htiiacm
fTHK llOWlilf.
Sick Headache. W
11... . fttiA n I.A tMUHKMinflllH.
Oiiiilun ' (IK. IIARU Hl.T In
iirali'd iwrkailH. at Mk'. anil i'K. Hu
Kt-uutov oalia mm iu uui.
Crab Orchard Water Co., Prop rt.
S. N l()NI:S. Mnif". LmiUvHW, K
( or. Nocond and Monroe Stx,,
Would eall attention of hia frienda
and pat.-ona to bia
Comrriaini tSe chi-lro.t and lateat ile
aivna of Knreiirn Uooda in the market,
tiavinic takcu aiecUI ear in their aeleo
tion, I am plxaaeil to ear to my euatotnera
and aMift who fTor me with a oall, to
how them inea o. looda only foooj in
leading h"uet.
No. SUM, R.D Chinoery Coart of S elby
county State ot Tenneaaa it. T 11. C'ar
ann et al.
BV yirtue of an interlocutory dearea for
ale entered in th abore caune on the
4th day of January, 18;, M. U. 61, par 4, 1
will a.'ll, at public aurtion, to the hightat
bidder, in Iront of the Clerk and Maarar'a
oil.ee, coarthouae of Kbeiby county, Alcim
pbia, Tein., on
Halaarditr, Mareh 13, IHHt,
within local bourn, tbe following described
p-opartia. t'tuaud la Shelby eeunty, Ttn
Dftaaee. To-wit:
tioutb half of lot I.Frater'a aubdiviion,
40 feet front by 1M f-et deep, on the weat
aide ol Laoderdala etreet Ho leet north of
raaer itreet.
North half of lot 211 Iron int OTS (aet
on the weat aide of Hiith atreat, 37 S leet
north ot Bafarana atraet, 1Kb ward, aid
running back feet, bold aa property ot
Kmina and Jobo Caeew.
Part of rounirr lot 4rt8 ; 30 feet front en
aouthaideof Auction itreet. eaatof arid ad
iiii lot bayou Uayoco, by a dafth of 110 feet,
th aard.
1 eroie of gale On a credit of e x montha:
note with eecurity bearing intareal required;
lien retained ; reaeiaplioo Bartou. lDia
February 17, l.
8. I. MrbOWEI.t.. Clerk and Vaer
By J. M. Bi-xdley, Daputy Hark Ma-t-r.
. II. AC. W. Uni.keli, Holi. ait
100 Men Wanted.
nnii niu uddd ri.ii
n . 1 1 v l ,
XL ro-d.
weat eid ol n a to . Irer. Uix u
dry Uti u w rk ndday labor. Pricta rood.
For full inloru ation apply tn H. R. UAH
HY, Cap'aiu ateamar loSoiet, Satu-day,
Varok iJth.
j.. Jt"" .
aWVui-n:ii -.1 nlx'f.luti'ly puro
town, ftu:-i will, h (NtM''fM f
Mlh 1 1 br, n r. in'i'.il. It it,'rr
v. Ill) I- hitrh, A rri)',vr'i ii nrH.iLj.ir,
n:nl l. Hut. fore fi.r n:' - nM-i'txioin-
ti,. U In il.'ltlvim. iitH.rlr.lih:-,
trt-nit: hrtilmt, tt'il .'ifc'U.l
I r.iliulfi.tily r.il.wit.iil for Lmil
v-tSaaWL.'SiB - 1
x4" Sold lijr tlrm i-ni r i crjnlirrc
1 1 1 -.. .... i .... . . , i.. i. ...i. i.
bit. )?. L. LASKI, "
1'by, Iti.i r, Snrireon and Aeennchrr,
313 3Ii- I- -. !., l iiloti.
Tc1. ,n. .. v an.
3& Try Zcllner'a
A 7.V.I
.I.NKIl'S ! eniK'
buLN K K B
IJ CO, fji with ilkwuri-ted butt n h'dea, are the greateal bar
saM"' anina ymi bar arer aeen.
evi-'ond your order or come and tiim ne their r'.nd aa-ortment ol FINS D00TS,
. SUOKa ANO ril.H'1'KHd - t .
Si&TlXjXTSfWF. cV OO UOO 2kXe.30J' 1IIBBT .
iarfPufrfd Catalcgoe. Pen Kre on A'-pliontlon.;
IEU0I & SiilLS
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery,
Nos. 326 and 328 Main St.,JRf emphis, Tenn.
4eftN, wSiiih wh offer In the Tr.nL umin fie tti . t fa irhle 'erma Our prioea
will comitate favorably with thnae of any market iu the aj.uiled ctatee. We are Agentf for
TcHDCKHCrj MuiMiliKturfuir t.'ot) I'liililn, OrlllM, Miecllii'j, Mi'rtliig-, Etc
1 .n viTvrrTr r ATjn.
Boots and Shoes!
Ko :tH Niliu Nlrcct, liCcuiplils.
Pianos and Organs
Sheet Music and Books. New Tinnos for I?ent
CSottoio. Factor
Aiid (Vmimtston Merchants
Nos.StHiidSO TlailNon irt. FT7nipl.fK,
P. meVftUllHA. W. r.DVRlHr. MAaCTlJI MaU.1.. J. K.MANH.
JVo. 3C8 I'eat street, ieia)li!. Tenn.
lir .i
Y E hareadsltudJUUN
MASK aa a uae
Our MR. MASK will aire hia ipaeial
,anH llilauaeawii iipa,raja)lii . a
Honey to Loan
hi Improved plitiilntlianH In
.I1msIhh,pI mill ArknitMiw.
Iiilnlliuia( plain - 3, 3 or lO
ynirx. Aiinu I liilprMl, ut
111 HlUlllK'O. o t'O III III l.k ton.
oll(ii IiIiiiciim. C'kiM
Mt loan odtrtMl.
Frar c;s Smith Caldwell & Co.
25(1 Kocoiiil St., Mom pli Is.
W Into no agouti.
IHrcTl Iruiu f itemry to Pitrrhna.
era, ana Iiik a.t pt-r cent. Wrlla
IHonto IMelionB & Co., Memphis.
Kn - Usli VTalkiitgfrtst Shoos
aiiMPH. In all e'rlea. are the beat In tho olty.
.ti..e, in all ahana and atrial, are th Bea
nie t nnu in.-1 it, tne I nue'i nimca.
7.Kl,l,NKIt'i ItHia' Nlioea are the heat that art made.
7.KI.1.N KH'1 lillilrrai'M Nutiea will anve yi u money.
ZKLl.Ni-ICS l."lle' Miie and Mli .er are the hand
'ouicut, aliapnlle.tand diimI aiyllrh.ard are nhoaperthan any
nihe-a f eiUl Rrada
Latest Novelties in Footwear
ELr.uAKT iriim
m rrnioK Moituw AMinr
LOWiar rKltHNI
W. I. Doiiffla- 8100 Calf Shoon
In DulloD.'Laee and Connreaa.
BIT I l"lrnfcil Ci nl
M m 1 1 il r'r-i' nn
aue and P loe - Liat
n ., Ilo lnn
v Lerol our Crm, to date 'mi March 1, lS6d.
atuotlon to all Cotton ooualn4 U u.
a -i i u ri'i C--Z

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