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The Effect of the UonM SfriSe-
Prelght Traffic Coinplrldj Mint
Off-Labor Xutes.
fr. mmx, mo., Man-ii 10. jSot a
itonnd of freight has posctl over the
j;reat bridgo into or out of St. Louis
Hiiicc the cmployi-a of the Bridge and
Tunnel tympany struck at the com
mand of the Kmuhte of Labor, except
over the HI. Ixuin and San Franciwo
line, anil its trains ran penetrate the
rity only an far a the Grand Avenue
IVpot, for from thence to the Union
JViHit, a distance of about two miles,
they are obi itfed to use the Missouri
l'acitic tracks, if any, and this the
strikers will not allow. Outside
nierrliiintunir now beginning to under
stand the seriousness of the situation,
and at points all along the tiould sys
tem giiipiiirriia nave entirely eiosoa or,
in very urgent cases, the orders are
filled by express. All through freight
irom the West and South in also
diverted from the city, for it is impos
sible to transfer any of it from this to
the east side of the river, or vice versa.
The effect of all this upon the business
interests lias already become apparent,
and many prominent business men
express the opinion that the diverting
of trade from this city on account of
the strike is not only temporary, but
will ne permanent, me grocers com
iiHiii inai nicy are unaoie to nil one
half of their orders, and fear that if
the striko continues much longer their
eustomei-H will seek other markets, and
wuen once turned away from St.
Louis the majority of them will
stay away on account of their unwil
lingness to transfer their patronage so
often. Thcso same statements are
made by nearly all whoktsal odealers,
ami their estimates of the disastrous
ellects of this strike varies in Dronoi-'
tion as their customers are situated on
the Gould or ot her roads entering this
city, riuisenger tnillic has not been
interfered with, except the suburban
travel, which lias been almost entirely
suspended. All through passenger
trains are made up by the otlicials of
the dillerent roads end those of the
Jlndgo and Tunnel Company. The
Knights of Labor have oll'ered to fur-
jiisii men 10 uo mis worK, but their
oilers have been refused on account of
the unwillingness of the companies to
trust their property in. the hands of
green men.
Perfect ord r and quiet reigns at all
the yards and depots owned bv the
roads whose employes have struck.
All passenger trains left from their ae-
customed positions at the Union I).
pot this morning and most of them
on time. At the Iron Mountain vardH.
to force is on duty except that sulti-
cient to mane up the passenger trains.
All the engines there have lieen placed
in me. rouim-noiM except one which
is used for switching purposes. No
disturbance of any kihtf has occurred
at that place. At the Missouri Pari He
yards tho same quietness nrevails
Small groups of strikers assembled ear
ly this morning and these, together
with those guarding the property of
the company and the few yard masters
now employed as switchmen, are the
only ones to be seen there. Both sides
seem to bo waiting for the other to
show its hand and the situation is one
of expectancy, neither having made a
proposition to the other as yet and
in fact, have made no statements what
ever, except to give their versions of
now the present troubles irose, which
are diametrically opposite and flatly
contradictory one to the other. No
conference between the strikers and
their employers as far as known, has
as yet been proposed, and tho future
policy of neither side is knowu.
xuo situation remains about nn
changed in Kast St. Louis this morn
ing. I he Knights of Labor there
have not struck as vet. but lurw num
hers of that organization from this city
are there attempting, it is supposed, to
persuaou uiera to join ino movement.
The effect of the strike in East St.
Jxmis upon the cattle trade is esne
eially severe. No stock cars can crass
the bridge, and therefore the receipts
are materially lessened as tho strike
of the Missouri l'acitic railway this
morning issued an order expelling
irom mo Missouri j'acihc yards a 1
1'.. I . - t . 1 m,
jwiiguiri oi ljioor. this order in
cludes tho delegation of men appoint
ed by tho Knights to guard tho com
pany 8 property. 'J. lie circular issued
to the strikers ordering them off the
company s premises is as follows:
mil i are hereby notilied that your
action in withdrawing from the em
ployment of the Missouri Pacific Rail
way Company was a voluntary aban
donment of the service of the com
pany, and that you are no loni?er in
its employment, and that your names
nave ucmi sincaen irom its rolls. AH
such who are mow about the com
pany a premises are hereby notilied
that they must immediately leave the
same, to tho end that the company
they first ceased work. The railroad
I officials at different points are reticent,
but seem as confident and determined
as their striking employes.
4gaifl at JIare.hu I, Tea
Galvkktov, Trt., March 10. A sjio
cial from Marshall, Tex., to the Aim
says: Quiet prevails anions; the strikers
here. Kxtra police are detailed about
the yards. A report is current here
that all trains, freight and passenger,
are to bo stopped after to-day. The
Knights of Labor declare that if the
passenger trains are stopped it is no
fault of theirs. The Knights have sent
out circulars asking that lalsiring men
are not to go to any point on the Texas
I'acilic railway in search of employ
ment until the strike shall have been
ended. They have also k-ued a cir
cular to the laboring men of all classes
asking them to fall into line, stating
that the .Missouri Purine leased and
operated lines and the Texas Pacific
are now employing convict and Chi
nese labor to the detriment of honor
able labor, asserting that the said rail
ways are constantly violating their
contract of March 15, 18M, and declar
ing that thev are resolved to come to
the rescue of their down-trodden breth
ren. The Knights call upon all em
ployes connected with the railroads
mentioned to lenl their aid in driving
convict and Chinese labor from the
hlmco Herrhaaia Nat t AUreted
CmcAoo, In.., March 10. The
wholesale merchants here state that
the Southwestern railway strike lias
not had, as yet, any perceptible eflect
upon tho shipment of goods from this
city. 1 he wholesale grocery houses
state that the territory allected is
almost entirely included in that cov
ered by St. Louis firms, but the Chi
cago dry goods and boot and bIioc
bouses have a large trade in the af
fected district. As the latter ship
ments are not what are termed as
"perishable property," all orders have
been filled and forwarded by the Chi
cago roads thus far to St. Louis and
Kansas Citv and no refusal to accent
f'figlit have yet been made bv the
Chicago roads.
miners still working, but likely to
strike at any moment fur the advance.
The Cumberland, Irwin, Clearfield
and Huntingdon miners are nearly all
idle. As the Clearfield dicgors have
divided in favor of arbitration it is
thought the strike will lie settled in
that way.
Will Tlrld Iwlhrli DfawA,
PirrsBi mi, Pa., March 10. The in
dications are that there will be no
strike among the street-car company's
employes. The men, who are thor
oughly organized, are now engaged in
formulating their demands uiHin the
different companies, which will em
brace twelve hours jmt day and 12 for
wages. It is generally 'understood
that the directors will yield to these
demands but cannot do anything until
formally notilied.
Arched by n'ghl't glittering dome, the street
oainn me a lesiui nan,
from where above the rain part wall,
Byrutbing waltre beat.
The sparkling boats He (movant, totted
On warei that Uaih and flow,
To where, tn one resplendent row,
Converging lights are lost.
Like hanging garden!, balconiei
The ban i.f beauty bear;
Like foliage plant the ladiei there
In gorgeous draperiei.
Tho oi en wlndowt, all aglow,
frame pictures rare and bright.
And eyes aaiiat the lamp to-night
To dazzle ejei below.
Whore it in the vast ei pedant throng
that iwaizus and hums like bees.
Kron wall to wall, Irom ground to trees.
i nations uko waves along.
As tlirou h it ranks outriders go .
The man-walled way to clear
For the grand pageant ol the year,
Ilia Carnival'! gay ahow.
It comet, It cornea with stitely I re id,
V. it h measured march and alow ;
Concealed by blood-red domino
Each mute aiienuam's head ;
Has AvoTVtdly a Pol. 'leal M
chine Under tha Republican
Labor Leglxlntton in Ohio.
CoM' Mill's, O., March 10. The prom
inence the labor problem has attained
by the strikes now in progress at
Springfield and numerous other points
in the country is evinced in the pro
ceedings of the Ohio legislature, the
whole ot tuesday being taken mi in
the discussion of bills in the interest
of toilers. Iloth bills had been intro
duced by the Hon. John McPride,
president of the Ohio Miners' Union.
The first provided against the pay
ment of wages of workmen in scno
orders payable otherwise, than iu
money, and requiring tho prosecuting
attorney to enforce the sane. After
long debate it was defeated, but after
ward reconsidered and nostnoned
until next Tuesday. The second pro
vided that it shall be unlawful for any
person firm, company or corpora
tion doing business in this State to
extort from any person seeking cm-
filoyment any contract or contracts
or labor, containing any pledge, stip
ulation or agreement other than stipu
lations and agreements in reference to
kind of work to bo performed, the
price and times of payment therefor,
tin; place and manner of performing
said labor and the term of employ
ment. Any jierson, firm, company
or corporation who shall require any
person seeking employment to enter
into any contract containing any
agreement or stipulation not herein
authorized shall be guilty of misde-
nicHiior, una upon conviction snail DO
fined not less than $100 nor more than
100, and be imprisoned not less than
twenty nor more than sixty days in
It is understood that the bill had
especial reference to the action of the
Champion Machine Company at
Springfield which, it is alleged.' is re
(inirincr those desiring emnlovinent tn
absolve themselves from all allegi
ance to tno Knights of J-abor. The
consideration of the measure brought
on a bitter debate, resulting in its
postponement until March lNih.
may resume me trnmc of the country
Although the officials will make no
statement concerning the aflair, it is
; generally believed that Uiey are now
employing new men to take the places
of the strikers, and that the movement
of freight trams will be attempted to
night, (should tlus prove true the
Knighte of labor will undoubtedly
oner resistance.
It 's now authoritatively stated that
the Missouri Pacific liuilroad Company
will attempt to-morrow instead of to
night, as stated in a previous dispatch,
to resume freight trallic upon its road.
The order issued this morning by Sup
.erintendent Kerrigan applies not only
-to the men formerly in its employ in
this city, but to all the strikers oh the
.system, and they have all i-long .the
line of .tho road witbdrawu quiotly
from the company's premises.
A special from Fort Worth, Tex., to
the foU-Dufxitrh states tbat the first
trouble there between the Knijthts of
1 .1 I . 1 . . . .
jwui ami j.oii-xviiignts oi iabvr oc
curred this morning when the new
mea employed by the railroad to run
the engines were attacked while per
forming their duty and forced to va
cate their cab. The strikers then
"killed" the engines. Quiet now pre
vails, but it is thought there that (kit
is the beginning of serious trouble.
Dispatches received in this city this
afternoon from point on the Missouri
and Kansas are to the effect that the
striking Knightsof Labor are observing
periect quiet, and no disturbances
have occurred. They remain firm in
their determination to force the rail
road company to accept their de
mands, but as the strike proceeds do
not express mich great confidence that
Jhia will be tlie rcnult as .they did when
7 be t'lilrngo Hhnn Bnyeelt.
Chicago, III., March 10. Mr. M
Farland of M. I). Wells A Co., boot
anu shoe manufacturers, wiia asked
what action his house would ta- e in
view of the raising of the boycott
against the three firms mentioned in
these dispatches last evening. He said
he was greatly surprised at the turn
matters had taken. He was not Pre
pared to express an opinion on the
matter, or to say what bis house would
do. No one had approached him on
the subject, and he had, threfore, no
uppuriuniiy to agree or uisagree Wllu
the Kingliis.
Mr. C M. Henderson of Henderson
& Co. said: "We would willingly
have gone in with the others in this
thing, but nothing wits said to us
about it. We were not invited to the
conference. I do not know the reason.
We always had a prejudice against
convict labor, and diet not beirin to
employ it until about three years ago.
One of our convict lalwr contracts
expires in a year and a half, and we
have ne intention of renewing it. We
cannot throw up our contracts at once
without tho consent of the Pennsyl
vania and Missouri State authorities,
with whom they are made. If we can
cancel them before they expire we are
willing to do so.",
Oeorge Kodgers, chairman of the
Knights of Labor Executive Com
mittee, y. hich took part in the same.
said that a circular to all the assemblies
in the country would bo is.ed, niisiug
the boycott on the firms that sinned
the agreement, and seeking in every
way to ii li do w lint had been done. To
that circular wo dd be added a post
script asking that all efforts bo con
centrated pgainst tlie firms, tiiat hold
out. "When these firms which are
holding out are ready to treat," sai J
he, "we will .treat with them like mn-
Ueneral Nirlka at Coho, W. Y
Thoy, N. Y Marti'i 10. The sniii-
ners in the knitting mills at Cohoes
were ordered out this morning by the
Ksk'hts of Lalior. causinir a creneral
shut-dow n. The spinners claim that
iij tjie recentadjustmcnt of wages they
were not given a bur consideration. It
looe like a long lock-out. About
5,000 operators are interested.
Pi I tartar; Cnal Miners
PiTMmiRO, Pa., March 10. A con
ventioB of the Miners' and Laborer'
Amalgamated Association of ihe fourth
district is now in session at Dubois,
Pa., considering a proposal to demand
an advance in wages of 12J cents per
ton, and to adopt measures to intro-duc-j
the eight hour ier day system.
The delegates generally favor nuking
the demand, and assert that if it is re
fused they wilf'strike. They w ill iisa
every means in their power, however,
before resorting to this method, and
have addressed a circular to tho oper
ators, inviting them to meet the Ex
ecutive Committee of the miners at
Dubois on the 18th instant, to arrange
nutters satisfactorily to all parties.
About 4000 miners are employed in
the fourth district. A telegram from
the Meyeradalo district reports tlie
Lett (how we morta'a nay not tell),
Without this wUe device.
To biarda uivn, the tuulea to mioe,
Might caun.e by couoter-atell;
For Fairy-godmother to-night
Dota moment rovol hold,
lot grate and gay, for young and old,
A ma(iue of rare dolight;
And gnome, and tpritra, and civet, and
Pursue thoir tricksy aport;
The Winter-king, hi a trilliant court
In lewelod pomp displavB;
In mine, and cave, and fountain rprny,
In glade where wild-dowera spring;
Uo rainbow ring, with rainbow wing.
They fly, or delve, or play.
The fiaupy childron clap their hands,
Not exile- o' are ihoy
In a dull world without a fay;
At hoine in k uirylands.
As ro.iy flames the bright air fill
And dazzling luster add,
Home faded evea look still more tad,
Some tad lips sterner stilt.
For some who gaze must tee a ghost
Oft laid, but bunting olt,
Hear iu the march as echo loft,
Tiamp of an armed host;
Bee by loch flames, but biasing higher,
Kedd-ning the wintryeky.
Widows and helpless orpnani By
From ravaged homes afire.
Hear borne upon the breete that tends
Above the ooitr street
The far-off notes so clear and sweet,
The means of dyiug friends.
Oh, sad eves I seek your children's eyes.
See in their widet ing scope
And youthful fire, yoor long-lost hope,
Like radiant Phoenix rise,
0b, sad herrts I bind your wounds anow
And for your count-y live,
As yon bad died, W you eou'd give
Leaa than she asks of you.
Here Peace abides the World's your guest.
f no. Diazonea mere aoove,
Your emblem bird, ith mother's love
Her brood foeds at hor brcatt.
Not nartiiil blnatt are tho'e that ring
Adown the eohoing treet,
But peaceful 'train that soft and sweot
Tour w.ves and daughters sing.
And never yet wa musis set
lo wordt tnat spoke more plain,
Than speaks to me their glad refrain
Forget I forget 1 forget 1
Forget the loss, forget the pain,
At Rex's suaye command ;
Ketura to-night 'o fairyland,
A happy ohild again.
F. V. in Ntw Orlenn Picayune,
Washington, Marth 10.-- The Sen
ate Committee on Expend tares of
Public Money ltcgan the investigation
ol te charge brotightby Commission'
er ltlack, in his report that the office
under his predecessor was avowedly a
political machine, and of the manner
iu which the Pension Ofhce has been
conducted ami admitiisten d bv the
present ConiniisMciner. tien. lilnek
was present ami reiiiifted that he be
IK'rniitted to give the! committee the
names of witnesses vthoin fe desired
to have examined before htvinadc his
own statement.
Senator Kenna embodied the re
quest in a motion. ,
Senator Harrison argued that inas
much as (len. 1 thick hail made the
statement in his annual reports uhiii
w hich the investigation was based, the
usual and customary course of pro
cedure would lead first to the exam
ination of the Commissioner himself.
After some debate, Mr. Kenua's nu
tion was lost.
(jien. Pluck, in reply" to inquiries by
Senator Harrison, described theorgaii
ization of the Pension Office and esne.
cially the functions of tho Hoard of Re
view, and the usual course of a claim
through the ollice, from the hands of
the r.xanuners to the hands of the
Hoard of Kvvicw and thence to the
Mr. Harrison-Now Mr. Commis
sioner, U you have any instance in
which an application was in-anted or
rejected by the lioard of Kcview,
the Commissioner on account of tl
politics of the applicant or the person
applying win you please give tin
names and the numbers of these cases
Answer- I shall be pleased to fn
nish the information from the files of
the oilice.
uueslioii Are vou able to i ve t
me cwiumuiee mo name or me mini
tier of any case? Answer-1 think I
shall be able to furnish vou such case:
liuestinn Are you able to do
now .' Answer I have no memoraiid;
with me now?
Jlr. Keck ) on will furnish them
Answer 1 will furnish such cases
In reply to further iiinuiries bv Sir.
Harrison, the Commissioner proposed
to ftirhish at another session of the
committee the number of employes i
the olhce on the day ho took control
together with detailed information as
to tho duties of those whom he hud
appointed and their politics, ami how
many had been appointed under civil
service rules. In a general way he
could say that ho had made from 1"5
to 100 appointments, of which iiunibi
1-12 were Democrats.
Tho commissioner then described
tlie work of the Hoard of Review and
re-reyicw and said that as it was
pnvNici iiii iossiouiiy ior the coinmis
Burner to examine tho testimony in
but few cases, the acts of the bonrd
remained the acts of tho office. On
member of the board with or without
the connivance of his chief ininht ire
a cast; through, tien, lllack said he
reorganized the medical boards of the
ollice because he found them iiicom
Detent to do the work.
Ihe examination will be continued
Ofltj twittd. hoi witcm twmt. iMV-flj! b Um- ft mmmAj known In th
rwpnYHl with aiioclnl nyiird to heultu.
Ni Ammonia, Umu or Alum
rcm. RT.tmn
Flesh Producer & Tonic !
Hear the WUneMaes!
A uctbworthy sonnet by Mrp.
Lottife Chandler Moalton appears as
an original contribution in the March
volume of Through the Yeir With the
Potts, which D. Lctbtop & Go. have
jimt issued.
Mccn attention is attracted by the
series ot Une historical drawing by
Howard Pyle, which are appearing in
thisyeei'a H'ide Awake, la company
witu tj. . JtJrooKtra nistorlcel ttoner.
Studies so conscitrntious cf time, cos
tume and portraiture ennoble the il
lustrator's calling.
Thk proper pane cf the ascent in
the word "atbutus" has excited much
discussion. A rare instanca of its
proper accentuation in poetry may be
found in "The Gilt of Spring," a
graceful bit of VRrse by Charles Miner
Thompson, which appears in March,
which D. Lothrop & (Jo. publish,
Fbancjs Turnkh Pai GitAvg hat been
elected to the Oxford Chair cf Poitry.
His tatt and critical discrimination
bave long influenced literature. His
selection cf standard poetry. 27i
Golden Treasury, published in this
country by D. Lo'hrop &Oc, occupies
the place of a clashic among collec-li.ns.
Lawbknck Skvkrx, an Enulish
writer, is bringing out a novel en
titled Heaven' Gate; A Story the
Forrtt of Dean, cf which the scenes am
laid in and about Chepstow Cattle acd
Tintern Abbey. The i rit.'cs who have
been permitted to read this in manu
script are enthusiastic in pronouncing
it a etory oi great strengtti and ex
quisite s'yle. D. Lothrop & Co, au
n ounce it for March.
A forecast iA early death peema to
have been lorg lingnring about the
young poe, James Kerry Beimel, who
has just died. Jn relation to bis vol
ume of poemj la tlie King' Gairdtm,
which D. Lothrop & Co , recently
published, he si tl in a kttr to a
friend: ' I doubt often that I shall
live ti Be my poems BRfcly between
covers, but I still wish that I mav. I
tbould then kavs some sense of work
completed, finiihed."
Baptlat v. lirUllatl.
KBwnKR.v, Tenx., March 10. The
ilebate betwinui Rev. J. N. Hall, Bap
tist, and lie v. Itriney, a Christian
preacher, was deferred tint 1 this
liKM-nhtg on account of the sickness of
Hall. Arranuementti have now been
made lor Kev. v. v. lay lor to supply
the place of Hall and .the debate will
commence this juornu'g at 10 o'clock.
The town is thronged with visitors
from all parts of Tennctsce and Ken
tucky auid great smthuaiasm prevaik.
O. W.B.
lift fernl Than Forlj Yoari.
R. 8. l)y of Wat3onvilie, Kimta
Cm i county, Ca I., writes February 3,
1835: "When my wife Was seventy
three jetxt o'id are wis trnabled with
a eery bad cough, acid it looked as if
phe wonld die whh cons.nmpUon. tirje
would not call in a c'octor, Itit ot
iMKCoed taking BrindretU's Piii'a, tno
aiid three eveiy night. In lure
weeks lw was toxplerely cured, and
her health in now very good, and I nm
sure the pills hay) pr. longed her life
as well ab bit own, f r I have up.' 1
them forty yeirf, ana am now eighty
fojr yesrs old. Tbey have been my
only nedicioe."
Pbyalrlana Have ronnil (in I
That a contaminating ami foreign element
in the blood, developed by Indigestion, 1
the cause of rheumatism. This Ee ties unon
the sensitive aubeutaneous covering of the
murolesand ligaments of the joints, oauilng
constant and shirting pain, nnd aagregating
as a oa rnrcout, onniay appoair wtnoli pro-
uuuos atiuuoKB anu aiaioroon oi me jointa.
ISo fact, whirh exoarinnoe im demnnornikd
in regard to Hoatetter's titmnaoh Kilters, has
niroi gor evuenoe to tuiport man this,
nainelr. thai this maiiicinn nl nnm itrAliMn.
siye uses ohecks the loruiiduhle and atrocious
O'teare, nor Is It lers poaitively eatabhshe l
that it it preferable to the immins often used
to nrresl it, since the medioine cntainsonly
salutary ingiedienta. It is aNo a signal
remedy for malarial fevers constitution,
uy-UBiisin. K.unnv ini itinnii r Biim.ni.
dibility and otaor dtsirdera. coo that you
got me genuine.
Wti-ra I'ul .u litvlileid.
New Yohk, Maich 10. At the niecf-
irg of the Weslern Un'on Tehg aoh
i;ompcny io uav the l lljwing re-olu-
U n wasniop'ed
Het Iml, That a diviib n 1 of 1 ner
cent, he t'edired on the capital ttick
of the ccnipnny, to be is nsd on and
af:er the bjih of Apr 1 proximo, to the
stockholders of record at the close of
the books of trg infer on the 20;h of
March ins'snt, in cettiliculfsof imlebt
edness payable in the capital stock cf
the company at pur within twelve
months, or when the company shall
have attained autheri'y to iacresse its
capital stoeir, and nntil to naid the
iftid certHcaies to bear interest at the
flume rate and payable at the name
tuna or times and in the fame manner
as the company shall Day dividends
on the capital stock; stici certificates
to be transferable on the books of the
drains upon
cured. Large book giving particular".
10 cents in (damps. Address World's
Dispensary Mdical Assntvation, 6113
Himn irict,, rtnnno, N Y
8cret, InTOlnn'ary
tho system promptly
MVEBH. Fl.l.. KttiimliMv 9J1 IfUO
Flruino IikllS.
It afiords me iteanre to sttnre you that
after uxing Dr. C. Mchane's Celebrated Liver
run 'or more tnan twenty jears in my fam
ily, that I renard thorn as being superior to
any I have ever nrod or have enn uhmI X
nave not bail them constantly, and bad to
trv others, and I hnr triml & vnml vnviitf.
uui i Dare never nau anv roanio nrnmutiv
profllahly, and nicely as M Line's. I liavi
uscu ntm on myselt, wile and children,
wuu lue mon aramying retuiis. forcnil
dren. havina used them on mv own with aiih
easy and happy eflect, I would reivimmend
them to one and all. Tbeie pills do the
ork uo it nroinnt v. do It well, and lnv
no ill elocts behind. At a bile remover, aa
a livor corrector, na a forerunner preparing
the ayttem lor quinine, tlere it no pill or
meaioine equal te vr. v. Mcijane a Cele
brated Liver lills. I eipent to ue them as
long as I live, it they continue a good as
they have been in the paat. Yourt truly,
K II, (JJLKi,,
Pastor of M. R. Church, South Myers Sta
tion, Tempa Dittriot, florida Con fere noe.
B VOID 4 riTF.Kri:ITNlBend as ton,
and we will sesd you by return audi a
box of the genuine Dr. C. VuLane'a Cele
brated L'ver Pidd and eight handtomeearda.
Over fifty million bogot have been aed by
the peoplo of the U. H. Want better eartin
cate eouM ther havef
FU..M I Nl it KOS. , Pi ttsborgh. Pa.
Don't buy anv Mcbane's PilKnnlesa tbey
are made by t l.smao Buna , Pitleourgh, Pa.
The counterfeits are made in H'. Lonia, Mo.
cs Irnitcrncve
FOR al! tat cotMnmed on t'i I ftet the lit
f Apri, prngiuio, by cu ' tnrs ef this
i'oiiii any. ike p. ic" will be T ' llnllare and
riity Cents prr thousand nni feet, but
where the bills are paid wi'hi . tha tret fire
business "lays of each month liuoant ol
F.'ty Uents ter ihouaan' fee' "i'l be male,
maHoga n. t pr.ee of TWO I'JLbAKS ir
thousan 1 cub o feet.
MKMPHiK tti f iir ra.
, IlyK. ENSLEi.Prgsldent.
Jog. rtita, Peeretaiy.
Memphis, Tenu., Manb 4, 1
A Man af Bis ty-Elgbt vVlalrra.
t am 68 years of are. and rwvaril Dnlnii'i
Pioneer a fine tonic for the feeble, lly ill
are my tirengin naa been restored and my
weight inoraad tan peundt.
a r. u. uami'ukll, notion Uin ataker.
Macon, Ua February 111, 1886.
A Crippled rafrdrafe Rayai
I on'y welched 128 nonnria when T nm.
menoed Uuino'a Finn r, and now weigh 147
pound'. 1 could hardly walk with a etiok to
upnort me and can aow walk long diataneea
rtlhout helu. lta benefit to m la h-.in.l
calculation. K. KUH'S BllSTICK.
Macon, Ua. Cuttoa Buyer.
Mr. A. II Hramalrtl. Ilardwaro Mrr-
rliaai.of I'oraylh, Ua , Hrllrai
It acted lke a charm on my general health.
I consider it a tinetonic. 1 weigh mora tbaa
1 have for yeais. Kespectfullv,
A. ll. illtAMULKTT.
Mr. W. F. Joiiok, Macon, Nayai
My wife has regained her ttrength and In
created ton pounds in weiidit. vi e recom
mend Uuiun s Pioneer as tli.i bct ton in.
Irr. 4J.W. Drlbrlilar. or Atluntn.Ua ,
Hrllra ol' WiiIiih' Floueert
Ouinn't Pionoer Illnod Itcnewerhaa tocn
used for years aith u a precede n tail auccear.
It la entirely vegetable and doea the sytem
no harm, It Imprnvos the appetite, tinea,
tion and blond making, stimulating, invig
orating and toning up all tha funotiona and
titauea of the avalaui, end Unit becomes the
great blood rt newer and health restorer.
4111 INN '4
cures all Blood and PVln Dheatet, Bheuma
tiam, H-rolula.Old Korea. A period c'priua
It not in your market it will be forwarded
on receipt on price, (small bottles, ll.uui
large bottles, tl. 75.
kaaay on iilood and Skin Diseases mailed
(sucoaesoRa to o. b. hout a bko.)
at. ss.it 1: " ft iv."i;,if
JCeoeT trhmt am miaral ttAytirUn AJ la mh unM. .hl,
. . 7 ' nrtmM punerer man thw rtlarw. who bad I
Milium otnetwnreia amuiit nr am aauatlUy auflerliwa lua.ion ami twaa mmt aulaf acavnry. ll r
TrT"' w mm im trat burn dmeomutorv I eenld mmnmma
ethmr laminrn ot'a aunilar rnaractat. but tha a a moiaraalile uuw " r t FKaaaMa. M.
A. A. MELL1ER, Sole PropV,709'.
PJ ool lric4'M for MOTION, fits FAM..N aul
TKiIIV f OITO. of Mil ilPMorlptloiiH. Son.l lor Iroulitr
HU4l lrtl'4'm I'tllil.
SPEERS, 0"x-.
75 Vance Street. MemDhls. 1 enn.
MemplilN, Tenu.
IW ChmIi AdTHncea lo Myreltmila itnd IMttnOrw.
L. D. MULL1NS, of late J. B. Uodwln A Co. JAP. VONOK, late of J. VT. Caldw.ll A Co
Cotton Factors&Commission iiflercnants
Ni. 1 Hotranl'H Kovy. (V)r. Vrtmt nml Tnioii. Wpmiihl.
Gotion Factors and Wholesale Grocers
fSSiG-aftg Front St., Sfeniplil. Team,
Wk FOFITffil & 80,
Cottos) r actors, Commission Serchassfi,
Funeral Directors,
PULIj and complete stnok of H'nod and
Metallic Caaaa and Caaketa. ninth-lln.
ered Caskets and Burial Hobea always no
hand, mar Orders by telecranh promptly
an Ulsxllaosi Strcl. Jfemnbla, Tena
A FULL stock of Wooden and MaUllio
Casts and Caskets. Burial Hohaa. eie..
always on naod. Orders by telegraph or Tel
eohone I'romntly attended tn.
Ornos or JOHN MANOHIIK, MsurHts, Tasv., Vebrtary 14, IWt.
1 have this day agreed with
for tho ale of my entire stack of Wrought Iron, Nutt, Washers and Heavy Hardware, tho
same to take effect March 1. InM. In retiring Iro n the businasa in this I'll". I desire to re
turn thanks to my friends and euatomers lor their llb. ral pa'rouage auilng a period of
twenty years, land alto to assure them tnal the buainrsa will be turned over tn nellalle
and retponaiule pirtiea whom 1 have known intnna'eiy lor many years, 1 ean safely aasura
my friends and eustomers that their orders, undi r the new uianagoiutnt, wi'l have the best
care and attentioo, and I ask tor your com I inn A patronage. JOHN MANOUUK.
Referring tn above very flattcrlna notice, we take nieaaiire In announcing the fi, llnwlnv ne.
ganiation and management fur lhi additional lpartmtut the aauia. to take efleot Maroh
i, .
A, N. I.lvt.RIIORiT, rrealrtxnl.
II. A. TATI'M. Nr'y aatd Trtn. '
The Livermore Foundry & Machina Co.
jpi i ifipin ii
22tl and 22N Norund Mrt'4-I, MemnlilH, Tenn.
Dealers in Bilt, Uftivu AND IIIMip lltO!, Boiler, Pirehot and Shoe Iron, Nuts,
nasners, niveu, nans, ueavy Hardware ana
in ISrimrlnn im U 174 Adams street
In connection with our ronntlry and Marhlna Itrtmrlnii ml. im ba 174 A dams street.
we believe wo are in the beat pixithm to supply any and all demands for every oh.iraoUir ol
Wrought or Cast Ironwork, Machinery, lleavr Uardwaro and Railway bapplies. Your
orders sl'nited. and we promise our hewt wteiitlon
TrnNtcc'fl Nule.
H AVING been appointed trustee ondcr
. the eowera contained in the trust deed
made bv baran L. Uent and Ueorae . Dent.
securing the payment of a nolo fair $I.V)0 by
them made Heptember 14, lHfli, due ins yenr
after date, default having been made li the
lr nnilk IUBIDUI i a, UIB 1 VI U1V UVlUOr
ol saia no e, 1 will, oa
Monday. Agtrll 5. 1RN8.
at 12 o'clock in., at tha southwest corner of
Main and Madiinn streets, tn tho Taxing
Dirtrlot of Shelhr eountv. Tenn.. sell the
following detoribed tracts of land i 1 he first
beg nnmg at Varr and McLemoro oorner
nn tireer s line; thence east II 40 chains to
(ireer'a 8 K corner thenoe aorta lOehaint to
tlreor's NE onruer: thenoe east 8 chains to
Ilradshaw s KK nnrneri ihnnce snu'h 8.711
chains to AlcLemore and Carr's W corner
of l.i-scre entry i thence east 13 chains:
hence north 10 chains ta Wm. and tlideon
I'HIow s linet thence eat 1H.S0: tlimoa aouth
nuchaina: toence weat 47 911 fthiina tn (Irpf
ana McLemoro s line; thence north 18 7
nains loine negmning. contain n lnu acres.
more or lets, it being tno same tract of land
conveyed to Daniel Hughes bv James H
Kelts by deed of August U, l!'tt, recorded in
book 2ti. naae :V.
Also, lot lo of tho Borland suhdivialon of
lota, ironting Ul loot on the east aide or nor
land avenue, and running hack between
parallel linen 170 fee, to an allev.
Alan. Hart of Iritfl of aame anhdl vletnn . nn
the sootn boundary line ol lot 10, eighty feet
rom me eoumweai cornor or sains, ana run
ling south at right amies with laid hnnnil-
ary lino nine feet and sig Inches; tbnco at
right angles east siitaan (eot so as tn ran il,.
reotly over tho center of tbo mouth of the
ciatern t thence at right angles nine foot end
six inches tn tho routh boundary I no of said
4iroperr, with all imrrovemen't tboroon,
and being the same property conveyed to J.
K. Dillar t. tru-tce. bv 8. L and M. (. n.nt
recorded in book 146, page 12, of tho records
of rihelhy eoonty. - i ',
Terms of bale Caah. Title haKJ Ia k
food, but I Sal' only aa tru' tee.
1. II. KaTKH, Jg., Trustee.
iM-raoua seeking floverntaont Em
rloyment in any of tho departments ,i
Washington, or any other pnaiUoae and
thotiovernuient. I willanntl lull u.irt.i..
aa to how to lel io obtain (ho soma,
and Blank remsor Appllnatloa n
receipt ot On Dollar J A l areata JHM
f mr" ' ilrt titer to eon-
f-m 1 lt ooniains litis of
newi papers and estimates o the oott of ad
vertising. The advertiser who wani to spend
one dollar, flnds In it toe inforrattion hr ra
qmrea, while for him who will Invest ono
bin drod thousand dollars In advertising, a
fcheu.a fs indieated which wfll meet ais
every reijaiirment, or ean bo msdo to do so
by slight chana easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and nltr-three
editions have been ltsued. Sent, postpaid,
to any addressior ten wntM. Apply to UhV).
VHHTWl.Nil BURKAU.lOe-praeott, (Print
iniiloaoo ttvaaro.1 Now Yoik.
a. ll. ti";inn, y. u. aiii.iiuiin, .iiaair.n a. livillf.HU,
-Deposits received In sums of $1 and upaard, and Interest allowed on lume Semi
-We buy and sell local Investment Pond" aril Hecuritlet generally, pay tales, act ag
trustees, and, in general, eieoute any financial burinws rmuiring a safe and responslb.o
or tv a Inane draOs, In sums to suit purchasers, nn all parte of Europe.
erWt have a eommodioua Vault for tho deposit o; Valuables, which Is at the servlos ol
our oustomors, free of 4 bara".
D. P. IIADDEN, rrenWcat. EH l. (,().)sMiril, Vlrorrc.-IOi nt
JAVFH HATIMN. I n lil.r.
hoi ntoii ;
Cotton Factors, 7holesale Grocers,
Bfo. 30ft front alrcil. : We mplila. Tenu.
JlrlnkU'y, Arb., ItlniiiiiiH luri-rH ol
AMD t.l.t:tt 1.1
Door, SuhIi, Illlndf, JIuhupiI FKmilnv, f.llnp-, Wenllicr-Ilinrillii?,
(rt'MH Mi I nr. I h, I iiIIim, h'.ic.
er Our facilities are nnsnrpatted by any aAti II In the 'on'h for (11 Ing orders prompt'y.
tlnoring, Ceiling, Hidiiir, Step Luniberand c,raas bhin. les a tp oialt-1 bIjo, Kr ming
L umbel of all dimensions. Wu uiako the Wtmli nule lluaiuert a tpeo al feature- Orders
solicited and proiupuy filled.
EO. 1MY9I I lldlaiEU, AfiEST,
"No. 124 JefferHOTi Street MeTnPhit '"tmTicssee.
Jakat H.Ralliwita.
rnoB. Clark.
M. riaya
BSZ. Z3-J&TW13 I CS,Og,
Wholesale Grocer, Cotton Factor
. And Commission Merchants.
232 and 234 Front St., Llempliis, Tern
Mr.X N. RALNKY davntes hUholo time to the weighing and aa e ot all Cotton entnunt
tortuehara, l:otn w r' m .a
ah, rr ,n a'l
ternb?r fe Son,
(BBlTWJf4 Tt T(llir
a IjKK)
336 Front St., Cor. Unloo, Memphis, Tenn,

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